413 — Diva

Best Song

Kurt & Rachel – Bring Him Home

Rin says: Um. Lol.

They filmed it exactly like Defying Gravity.

Kurt is even wearing another ascot/scarf thingy!

It was too much, and now I feel like crying because I looked at caps from Defying Gravity and they are both so YOUNG and TINY and adorable and oh my goodness they’ve come so far. That’s kind of what stood out most to me during this performance, how far Rachel and Kurt have both come as individuals and as friends. As well as how they’ve matured as performers. It made me so incredibly happy to see them get a chance to do another epic duet together, and have it be a complete throwback while they’re at it.

I have yet to see Les Miserables because I’m a terrible human being and every night I cry about it. But I love that they picked this song and I don’t think they could have chosen something more appropriate for the two of them to destroy. I especially hope they keep making Lea sing all the songs from Les Mis just to rub it in the faces of all the nay-sayers who said she wouldn’t have done a good job as Eponine. LEA COULD HAVE PLAYED ALL THE PARTS. ALL OF THEM. SHE’D BE THE EDDIE MURPHY OF MUSICAL FILMS.

I have spent a good amount of time basking in the glory of this performance and how beautiful it was. Even the way Rachel sung was more Rachel Berry with her hands and her faces, and isn’t it funny how the moment she becomes a little more like her old self is the moment she starts really blowing us away?

And they both had watery eyes? And it made me have watery eyes? And Kurt was in a little man suit?! That one reaction shot of the girl head in handsing was basically how I was the entire time. 8-.

GUH. Our babies. Oh Hummelberry, may you never stop being in competition with one another.

Sophy says: What’s the most epic thing this show could do right after bringing the actual Rachel Berry back to us? How about a flashback-inducing parallel to season 1?

Really, we were already having palpitations over how damn Rachel Rachel was being and then this happened, and we were remembering Kurt and Rachel’s squishy little junior year faces belting out Defying Gravity before either of them had any idea they would become soulmates. I loved that the show brought up the fact that Kurt threw that note, loved how they had him gloss over the somewhat implausible reasons for it, and loved that they didn’t just have Rachel return the favour here. I was totally expecting them to balance things out that way and whilst it would have been very sweet it also would have been a touch corny. And a touch out of character for Rachel. Let’s face it, Rachel has always wanted to win, and whether people were being jerks to Kurt or not, finding out that she didn’t win properly all those years ago, would only make her more determined to do so now. Do I think Rachel would have thrown the high note now if she believed Kurt’s psychological well-being hinged on it? Sure. But anything less than that and she was going to fight him, to the end.

And you know, they were both perfect. Their little outfits, their little faces… the emotion in their voices. I couldn’t fault either of them so it was totally believable that the victory was Kurt’s but only by a hair. And you know what I kind of loved? Back in season 1 the two of them were singing a song written for a female. Now the two of them are singing a song written for a male. Symmetry.

I HAVE SEEN LES MIS. And it was good. And I cried and stuff. But I also agree that it would have been that much better if Lea Michele had Eddie Murphy’d its ass.

Santana – Girl On Fire

Rin says: As much as I loved the Hummelberry duet, it’s been Santana’s ‘Girl On Fire’ that I’ve been listening to on repeat (when I’m not listening to Heartthrob). Just…wow. Not only was I rendered speechless with how amazing she sounded, I was really impressed with the amount of conviction, angst and fierceness she sang with. This is by far a standout performance from Naya, and I am so glad she got the chance to do another song in this episode after Nutbush which I found underwhelming. This was right on par with Songbird in terms of emotional punch.

I know I’m not the only one and I’m sure Sophy will say the same, but Naya was looking especially beautiful this episode wasn’t she? I think it was during the Santana/Sam duet where all I could say was something along the lines of, ‘She’s really…pretty…’ and that was it. AND THEN THIS PERFORMANCE CAME ALONG AND JUST SWEPT ME OFF MY FEET. Obviously she’s always had an outstanding face and congratulations should be given daily, but there was just something especially gorgeous about it in this episode. :-?? The great mysteries of life.

I’ve always been a liker of Alicia Keys, but when I first heard this song I wasn’t that excited about it. Then Santana sung it AND SUDDENLY I’M ALL HEAD IN HANDSING AND OMG THIS SONG IS AMAZING AND BELLOWING IT OUT WAY OFF-KEY RIGHT ALONGSIDE HER. It really is an epic song and suits Naya’s voice so well. I love the ambiguity of it too, because we’re unsure if she’s singing about herself or singing about Brittany. I probably think it’s a little bit of both. Like at first it seems to be about Brittany and how she appears to have it all together and is happy etc. etc. but then it shifts to being about herself as she stuts off the stage, down the hall and out the door.

WHICH BY THE WAY. I FUCKING ADORED. It was such an awesome sequence, and maybe not the cleverest of metaphors but it was really well done with the slow-mo and leaving behind her past. And heading into the bright lights of her future.

LOL. Kill me :-j

Honestly, it’s the best thing they could have done for Santana at this point, and I’m in love with the idea that this is basically her version of Roots Before Branches. I honestly can’t with how happy she looks once she arrives in New York, looks around and realises that she made it. I’m so happy for Santana because she’s gotten a lot of shit thrown at her, and no one can really blame her for having taken the safe option of college instead of moving to NY straight after high school. Now that she’s finally gotten some closure from Brittany she feels like she can let go.. at least a tiny bit, which enables her to follow her dreams and move to New York. With all of my heart I know that Brittana isn’t over and the scene they shared just proved that to me. It felt very bittersweet, but it’s the kind of scene that OTPs get. Really, I wouldn’t worry you guys. When they called each other their best friends, it was so clearly not meant in a ‘and that’s all we ever were and ever will be’ way. It also kind of reveals why Heather got it so wrong when she made those comments about Brittana.. she straight-up missed the point of that scene and took it as face value. But it really isn’t over between the two of them. Lol, later in the recap you’ll see me saying that I wouldn’t really talk about the Brittana of this episode, but apparently I can’t stick to my own word. I just wanted to make sure you guys knew that we know how some of you feel and that you’re angry. But I truly believe they weren’t trying to put an end to Brittana in any way. They’re just shifting them into something else.. and that’s pretty exciting. Change can be so good.


She’s moving in.

She’s fucking moving in.

Kurt/Rachel/Santana in New York! IN THE SAME APARTMENT!

We’re 3/4 of the way there.

Sophy says: Like Rin I was more consumed by the Hummelberry duet than this performance whilst watching the episode, but like Rin I found myself listening to this over and over rather than the Hummelberry track. So they really are both ‘Best song’ to us.

Naya always sings with passion, but I felt like this was one of her most arresting performances to date. I felt like she laid herself as bare here as she did with Songbird, only in a really different way. This episode sort of marked a point at which Santana decided to give up and just go be who she is and do what she does. She’s not going to try to hold on so hard to what she thinks she should do or what other people want for her – or to what she thought Brittany would always want from her. She’s kind of done, and there’s a sadness to that, but there’s also a freedom in it. I thought the transition from pain to pride to giddy joy was extremely well done, as Santana stepped out of the auditorium, then out of the school, then out of the subway in a whole new world. Like Rin said, it was so amazing to see her get her Rachel Berry moment, and it really showed how much the writers love her and her character – because she gets the big song moment to take her into the new chapter of her life. I only wish they loved Quinn this much grumble grumble.

But really, I am so excited for the Hummelberrytana dynamic, you guys. I was bouncing off the walls so much at the idea that she was going to be there with them that just the way she knocked on their door made me want to clap my hands. And it’s the perfect time for her to show up and move herself in, isn’t it? Because in the last episode Rachel became Rachel again, in this episode she and Kurt found their equilibrium again… it’s time for someone to come in and shake things up, and who is better at shaking things up than Santana Lopez?

I’ve already started imagining things like Kurt and Rachel huddled in the bathroom eating soup quietly and peeping out the door every few minutes to see if the coast is clear. And it never is. Santana is always lounged over their sofa buffing her nails and blowing on them, and eventually she raises an eyebrow and teases them because my god, they actually do go to the bathroom together.


I also have to agree with Rin that Naya looked particularly beautiful in this episode. I mean, she’s always gorgeous and all, but for some reason in this episode I was noticing it in every scene, to the point where I had to comment on it. Really every time she changed her outfit I was like, “WOW, NAYA LOOKS REALLY PRETTY.”

And yeah, Nutbush really didn’t work for me, because it’s just a god-awful song and the performance wasn’t camp enough to carry it. But I loved seeing Santana with her cheerleaders, since this was the last chance we were going to get. And I love that she bribed a girl to pose as her girlfriend. Oh Santana. You are such a compelling mixture of fierce and needy. I love it.

And Rizzoli and Isles. Lol.

Rin says: Oh my god. Yes, lol. Rissoles and AfterEllen.

Sophy says: They should have given a personal shout-out to Heather Anne Hogan. Next time.


Biggest LOL

Rachel Berry.

Rin says: IS SHE LIKE, ACTUALLY BACK? There wasn’t a single part of this episode where I didn’t feel like our girl was missing. Even the parts where she was being especially lame and lapping up the adoration of those two dumb dumbs, I LOVED IT because it was pretty clear we were supposed to be laughing at her being pathetic. The way this episode opened was BEYOND my wildest dreams. And I love that they wasted no time in setting up the premise for the episode, and that like last episode it was Kurt who was going to be taking matters into his own hands to bring the real Rachel back. More on that later..

But for now can we just talk about how Rachel just being Rachel is the best thing in existence? And that it is everything. It was such a relief to once again be laughing at/with her instead of crying over the loss of Rachel Berry.

My absolute favourite part of the Rachel-bonanza this week was her reaction to Kurt saying he threw the Defying Gravity sing off.

“I don’t believe you, take that back.”

The way she said it so quickly and with so much hurt. AND WANTING KURT TO TAKE IT BACK. Like they were 5 years old and Kurt had just told her she wasn’t his best friend any more.

Also after Rachel had lost to Kurt and was down the hall looking like she’d just been told that somebody died? I was laughing and laughing and laughing. I love it when she’s a sore loser and wallowing in her own self-pity. It’s the literal best. LITERAL BEST.


Last week Rin and I hoped (with some trepidation) that the episode wasn’t just a one-off and that the real Rachel Berry was in fact back. And you guys, she is. She’s not quite as Rachel as she was in season 1, but then she wasn’t quite as Rachel as she was in season 1 in season 3 either. There was ample Rachel to go around, that’s what matters. I mean, her hair was all glossy and natural? And her eyes were 100% visible? And you guys she looked so pretty I could cry. BECAUSE LEA’S PRETTY PRETTY NAKED FACE. OH GOD.

And then her mannerisms were just noticeably Rachellier all the way through and the faces she was making and her general be-the-best ridiculousness? IT WAS BACK. She wasn’t hiding her light under a bushel of appropriate anymore and it was such a fucking relief to see that. There was only one point at which her Rachelness began to slip a little, and that was when she was walking down the hall with Brody. For a split second I thought Rachel was fading away and then I told myself No, it would just be that she wasn’t herself around Brody, and I could deal with that, but then even around Brody the Rachel couldn’t quite help coming out. Because those sad, sweet, guilty little kicked puppy faces she was making when people were picking on Kurt? Those were Rachel faces.

AND IT JUST. I JUST. PLEASE LET HER STAY FOREVER? I don’t even care if she keeps dating Brody. I don’t even care if she marries both Brody and Finn this season. I can even cope with the idea that we’ll only get a couple more episodes with Faberry in them this season. I can take Marley existing. I can shoulder all of these burdens as long as Rachel Berry is there to make me laugh and smile and just about want to cry with every glorious little thing that she does.

I swear, this Rachel? She probably could have made me head-in-hands my way through the turkey-fondling.

What’s that? I’m clearly delirious from the sudden overdose of Rachel? You might be right. But boy does it feel good. And I just want to mention that when the episode opened with Rachel opera-singing and Kurt making a crack about her being a second-rate Maria Callas? I nearly passed out. Because that was pretty much in a draft for a future ASWD chapter. Well okay I picked Joan Sutherland and Artie, but it was basically the same thing. And it was the best.

Oh and when I first looked through the caps I was really annoyed at Rin for failing to include Rachel/blanket/window, because Rachel/blanket/window is one of my all-time OTPs, but, well… see below.

A final thought: let’s all take a moment to bask in the fact that Rachel Berry is back because of Quinn Fabray. I mean, okay, sure, it was a team effort with Santana and Kurt. But I firmly believe Quinn’s presence and her please is what tipped the scales. She is definitely the straw on Rachel’s camel back is what I’m saying.


Best Scene

“And the biggest thing is that they’re brutally honest. And if I’m… going to be a diva, then… I have to be honest, too.”

Rin says: I had tears in my eyes during this scene. This is exactly what I hoped would come of the Tina/Blaine they were setting up in previous episodes.

When Tina started with her little speech, Sophy said to me that this is the first time that Jenna has been given a scene like this to do. And I realised all in that moment how robbed she has been in the past, but how thankful I was that they’re finally giving her a chance to do SOMETHING MEANINGFUL on Glee. I am so happy and proud and oh my god she was incredible. I think the beauty of the moment is that you always knew Blaine was going to be asleep for her confession, but that only made it more heartbreaking as she had finally gotten the courage to pour her heart out and it wasn’t going to be heard.

Sophy says: I am honestly stunned by how much I liked this. Look, I was on board with the Tina/Blaine ridiculousness in the episode before last, because I love Blaine and any time Tina gets to have actual screentime I basically want to take my pants off immediately because TINA COHEN-CHANG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

But I acknowledge that it was ridiculousness. And yet now I find that ridiculousness being played out as an actual meaningful storyline and I’m just kind of in awe of that fact. I actually think this has the potential, please note, the potential, to be one of the best things Glee has ever done. Because the way they’re going right now, Tina/Blaine is becoming something that it’s impossible. It’s a friendship, and it’s 100% friendship – with the nicknames and the chicken soup and the cheering each other on and the openness and the everyday. And yet at the same time it’s not easy. It’s not quite natural. Because it’s a romance that wants to be even though it can’t ever quite. And that’s an interesting thing to explore. It’s actually something I’ve wanted to see explored for a long time in a TV show I love, and for a long time I dreamed a dream that it would be Faberry. But you know, I have to admit that I would wind up feeling pretty dissatisfied if Faberry didn’t have sex at least once. So, there’s that.

And you know, Tina and Blaine aren’t gonna have sex and that’s painfully clear, right from the start, even if Tina’s still in a place where she’d like to pretend it isn’t. Because Blaine isn’t even remotely conflicted, that’s the truth. That’s what he says in this episode, and that’s what was made canon when he didn’t really go straight for Rachel after all. He is not going to go straight for Tina.

But he does appear to like her. A lot. And he actually seems to understand the way she likes him too, which I think is important. I was going to be so bored slash irritated slash offended on Tina’s behalf if this storyline had turned out to be a Tina-stalks-the-gay-boy thing. But it’s not. They talk openly about the fact that Blaine isn’t into girls that way, and though Tina makes a crack about being young and having time to find themselves, she’s not flat-out delusional or aggressive about her attraction to him and the ways it must be reciprocated or else. I was terrified for a second when he fell asleep and she straddled him. I thought, ‘Holy crap, here goes Glee assassinating Tina’s character completely in the name of not-funny LOLs’. Because I really thought they might be going to have her essentially roofie him with the cold and flu meds and then try to make out with him while he was sick and passed out. And that would have just been the most cruel and humiliating thing they could have done to Tina’s character. But they didn’t go there. At all. Yes Tina was kinda yearning for his boyish yet masculine flesh. But all she was doing about it was caring for him. All she was doing was rubbing Vicks into his chest, you guys, and it was the sweetest thing in the world.

And the funniest thing about Tina’s freakout over not being appreciated is that she was being appreciated. Blaine’s not an insensitive oaf. He would never not be grateful to a friend for doing the stuff Tina did for him. So it was kind of hilarious when she flounced on him while he was trying to express his gratitude. But the thing is that from Tina’s perspective… she needed more. And I get that. Think of it this way: it’s like if you give a present to someone you don’t really care about that much, and maybe they email you to say thank you, and you read it and you’re like ‘Oh that’s nice,’ but then you’ve already forgotten it ever happened because you clicked onto the Faberry tag tumblr tab you constantly have open to distract you. On the other hand, imagine you’re giving a gift to someone you’re really invested in. You know you’d be sitting there tapping your toes and wiggling your fingers, waiting for them to open it and getting yourself all keyed up for the look on their face. When they thanked you you’d want it to be good, right? You’d want it to be as special as the gift you gave? And that’s how Tina feels about Blaine.

She wants to mean more to him than friends mean to friends. She wants the way she feels about him to matter as much as it can, basically. And even if Blaine was too asleep to hear her little speech, he gets it in the end – he gets her. He knows what she wants from him and he wants to give it. And that’s why he asks her to be his date to the wedding – because she wants to be, because she’s fabulous, because why the hell not?

And this shit has the potential to get both gloriously adorable and gloriously messy. Seriously you guys I already want to write fanfic for them. In said fanfic they become closer than close, inseparable, all but dating and the butt of everybody’s sexless marriage jokes. They know and love just about everything about each other. They are as close as Blaine and Kurt were or Tina and Mike were, minus only the open-mouthed kisses and the naked touching. And then one of them gets a new love interest and the emotional shit hits the fan.

Seriously, how amazing would that be? Specifically I’m thinking of a scenario in which Tina/Blaine are married, basically, and prom comes around and Blaine is assuming they’re going together, and then some hot piece of ass notices Tina (gasp) and he asks her to go with him and she wants to because, you know, she might get to have everything with him – even the kissing and the naked stuff that is not at the end of the rainbow for these two, no matter how much they may wish it could be.

I can see Blaine being jealous and hating himself for it. I can see Tina crying and apologizing and smiling sadly at him while he wallflowers it and she dances with her jock. Because wouldn’t that just be the very most of painful? It’s hard enough when your friend gets a boyfriend or girlfriend and stops being all the things they were to you all of the time. It’d be even worse if you’d essentially turned that friendship into a relationship. Imagine having that rug pulled out from under you?

And okay, I may be getting a lot ahead of myself with this stuff. Maybe Glee is going to forget about Tina/Blaine altogether in a couple of episodes. Maybe Blaine appreciating Tina is supposed to be the end of their arc altogether. Maybe next week they’ll be chums and Tina will be calling Mike and that will be an end to it.

But I reserve the right to hope not, for now.

And you know, Jenna really did kill her big emotional scene. HER LITTLE FACE. AND THE TEARS. AND THE ADORABLE STRADDLING. AND JUST. It was such a first for her, and you know, it wasn’t the only Tina-first in this episode.  I mean, first big emotional scene, first trophy, first voiceover, first lead in a spontaneous big group number with dancing and costume changes and and general flat-out Glee craziness.

It was just great to get to see her do so much. And Jenna being funny is something the show needs to run with more often. Because it works. SO DOES JENNA BEING SAD. Both are excellent.

Rin says: Yes yes yes! They have a huge opportunity to do something pretty spectacular with these two. Some of the most brilliant and unforgettable relationships on TV are the ones that don’t end well and are bittersweet. They resonate with us (especially us) because well, we’re suckers for a bit of heartache, but they’re also more interesting. And even though the whole mismatched sexualties thing isn’t particularly new, I do enjoy that they’re taking their time to properly explore whatever it is between Blaine and Tina. And I like how non-judgemental they’re being in regards to Tina’s feelings for Blaine. No one is laughing at her, or telling her she’s silly/stupid for falling for a gay guy. They’re portraying Tina’s feelings for Blaine as completely valid and I love Glee for it. Afterall just because someone is gay, it doesn’t automatically mean they become less attractive to the opposite sex.

It’s a really nice change of pace, and a departure from the usual OTP couples that Glee has stuck with for… years. I can definitely see something along the lines of what Sophy described happening between the two. And it’d be all kinds of glorious.

“You don’t need any of that. Your work speaks for itself.”

Rin says: When a scene opens with Rachel and a big soft blanket wrapped around her looking out the window you know it’s already going to make Best Scene. It probably wasn’t even cold, but she needed the blanket to complete the whole moping package.

What I really love about this scene though, is that these are the simple, meaty, heartfelt scenes of true friendship that I yearn for. I love the maturity they both show here, and this is definitely Kurt at his best. I think he’s happy that he beat Rachel, but that doesn’t mean he’s happy that Rachel’s hurting because of it. He did start off wanting to knock her down a few pegs, though there was no malice behind his motives. Sometimes we have to rely on our friends to keep us grounded, and Kurt went about it the only way he knew would get through to Rachel. He’s not going to go around gloating and telling Rachel that he’s better than her because he knows that’s not true. And more and more both of them are beginning to understand that they are both unique and special in their own ways — it doesn’t make either of them more talented than the either.

Plus Kurt went down to get Rachel an audition for FUNNY FACE because he not only knew that Rachel would regret it if she didn’t try out, but he also knows that she’s good enough for it.

Just so we’re clear, this knocking Rachel down a peg or two is only allowed when there’s a valid reason. The way she was acting, and has been acting in the past definitely warranted some action. THE RACHEL BACK IN SEASON 1 DIDN’T NEED ANY OF IT. That Rachel was a kitten.

Which brings me to… her face in this scene. Oh my god. All I can says is, welcome back Rachel Berry. Look at her tiny sulky face! Her eyes! YOU CAN SEE HER EYES! Her big beautiful brown eyes. It’s amazing how much more beautiful Rachel looks with nearly nothing on. Um, ON HER FACE. Nearly nothing on her face.


Quinn wishes Rachel always had nearly nothing on for her.

She looks so young and innocent and like the girl we all fell in love with all those years ago. The one who wanted everything too much.

And although this isn’t the first time Rachel’s heard this, Kurt tells her anyway. That that girl? The one with all the ambition? That’s what makes her special and she doesn’t need to let go of that. She just needs to forget about all the things she thinks she wants and focus on what she really wants. And guh, Hummelberry. You’re so wonderful and kind and loving. I could stare at those last 2 caps for an eternity 8-.

Sophy says: As mentioned above, Rachel/blanket/window OTP.

But you know, Hummelberry are pretty awesome too. You know something I love about Kurt? How easily and naturally he has matured over the course of the show. Perhaps it’s easier for him to grow up without downsizing his personality, because he’s never been as ridiculous a character as Rachel. Most of his over-the-top came from his outfits, but the reality is that a brief period of Finn-crazy aside, Kurt has always been pretty sane. I think that’s part of why he and Rachel work so well together – when Rachel is Rachel. Because they balance each other, you know? Rachel’s ridiculousness keeps Kurt from feeling too much like something out of the real world, and Kurt’s groundedness and good sense stops Rachel from just flat-out spinning out of control.

And god they are just so sweet sitting on that bed together having blanket-hugs. I love that Kurt didn’t crow about his victory because you know what? He really doesn’t need to. Kurt is something who is actually pretty secure in his own worth these days, and that showed in how quickly and easily he dispensed with the bullies-turned-sycophants. He doesn’t need that shit in his life and he wants Rachel to know that she doesn’t either. In some respects Rachel is this feminist icon who wears her ambition on her sleeve and won’t apologize for it. In other respects she’s kind of a mess of a lonely little girl who goes around craving approval from her peers. And I think what Kurt’s saying is that she’s better than that. I think what he’s saying is she needs to keep her eyes on the prize and the prize is not Brody, it is not fawning it losers, it is not winning silly little NYADA sing-offs. The prize is working on Broadway. That’s what she really wants and that’s what he really wants her to get.

I love that these two can get competitive with each other, but at the end of the day they have each other’s best interests at heart, always.

But the fact that Rachel flat-out sulked about not winning? Priceless.


The OG’s (Original Gleeks)

“Everyone thought that I was being a bitch when all I was doing was being brutally honest with people.”

Rin says: SUE/SANTANA? YES PLEASE. MOAR PLEASE. They have such a different dynamic than Quinn/Sue, because whilst both have a weird estranged mother/daughter vibe, the way Santana/Sue works is almost like two evil geniuses who sit around relishing their own greatness and talking about how much other people suck. I also like that they got another scene together as a follow-up because I like to imagine that Sue keeps tabs on Santana and Quinn.

I liked how this scene opened with Sue calling out the Glee Club ex-pats on how they must have teleporters because they’re always showing up. This is the kind of meta I like and enjoy Glee doing, because they’re poking fun at themselves by exposing these obvious logistic errors but also not really apologising for them because it’s also TV, so does it realllly matter?

AND AYAYYAAYYAYA!! Santana is no longer banished to pretending to be going to college somewhere that isn’t on Glee! AND I LAUGHED so hard at her reason of people thinking she was a bitch because she was being brutally honest with them. It took me right back to that time in Silly Love Songs when she was crying in the hallway with Brittany trying to tell her that it’s not her fault people suck. <333 It’s also pretty amazing how being ‘brutally honest’ ties in with what Tina was saying about divas.

Last thing.

“Look, please don’t tell my mom.”
“Oh, I can’t. I don’t speak Spanish.”

OH MY GOD. =))

Sophy says: OH SUE. Never stop being racist.

I love these two together and I think it’s like Rin said: there’s this understanding between them that in some ways they are the same. Like, maybe if Santana had never had Glee club and Brittany and all of these oddball friends who came to matter to her, she would have ended up a bitter, angry, tyrannical cheerleading coach or something.

But now she’s breaking free, you know? Now she’s off to create her own destiny. And I think a part of Sue would have been kind of proud of that deep down even if she did reject her offer to be the Finn to her Will.



Rophy Says No!

This guy still exists.

Rin says: Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I’m getting pretty sick and tired of seeing his face on my screen. STOP VIOLATING MY SCREEN. When will it end?????? What does he actually DO? Does he bring anything to the table?? NO. JUST GET OUT!

Okay, I know you guys probably expected a few other things to crop up in this category, like say…brittana/bram, finn/emma things. But you know what? We didn’t have any MAJOR quarrels with either of what happened, and both of them don’t feel in the least bit wrapped up. It kind of feels like the calm before the storm. So if the storm hits and we don’t like it?

All I can say is, batten down the hatches.

Here comes hurricane Rophy.

Sophy says: Ugh, just. Does he run everything at NYADA? I swear it’ll turn out he’s secretly in charge of that awful Glee club that British kid Kurt’s going to date runs.

On the subject of Bram, I must admit that I wanted to punch Sam in the face a couple of times in the lead-in to ‘Make No Mistake,’ but then I just kind of felt sorry for him because of the way Santana so clearly dominated his lame ass during the song. Sure Brittany wants to be with Sam, but nobody is ever going to convince me that’s how she would feel if Santana hadn’t been the one to let her go in the first place. And now Brittany knows that if Santana comes back to Lima and hangs around like a big useless Finn-lump it’ll only be because she’s jealous of seeing her with someone else – not because it’s what she really wants. So Brittany tells her to follow her dreams, to go be somewhere as big and as hot as she is. And when Santana objects to that plan it’s not because she’d rather be living in a two-bit town doing nothing with her life than be away from Brittany. It’s because she’s scared. So Brittany helps her to be less scared and sends her on her way, and it’s a lot like what Blaine did for Kurt and what Finn did for Rachel and Faberry and all in all it works for me.

The bit about them being best friends rubbed me the wrong way in the moment, but later I realized that that was purely because of the ways Heather Morris reduced their relationship to that. If I’d never read the quotes from Heather I’d be awwing all over the place at the idea that the two of them will continue mattering to each other as best friends no matter what happens with them romantically. And Santana did get to kiss her goodbye, and I’m glad of that.

I might be a little less confident than Rin is though about Brittana definitely not being over. The writers have been pushing Bram pretty hard and I suspect they’re testing the waters to see if they can win fandom over to it. They’ll probably give Santana a new love interest pretty soon and try to do the same there. And if enough people jump on those bandwagons they may very well never bring Brittany and Santana back to each other romantically. I’m not trying to be a downer here, I’m just telling people to be on their guard about this. I mean, when Juliet and Sawyer suddenly shacked up on LOST I would never have dreamed that they would be endgame, Sawyer/Kate be damned. And I don’t think that’s what the writers thought was going to happen either. They were testing the waters, just like they did with Jack/Juliet. And the thing is that a whole lot of people jumped on that bandwagon and then the writers felt confident to sweep everything Sawyer and Kate had meant to each other under the rug and just get on with things. And I’d hate for the Brittana fans to be betrayed that way, but I’d also hate for them to be lulled into a false sense of security about it.

We shall see.

On the Femma, I’ll just say that whilst Rin and I were screaming “No!” at each other and covering our eyes when the kiss happened, we didn’t feel comfortable actually making it a No. First, because we have no idea where the writers are going with it. And second because it was just so well acted. It would feel kind of mean to stomp all over it just because it squicked us out so much.

But seriously, did anyone else get the worst Terri/Finn flashbacks?

And did anyone else just wonder whether Terri will be in the wedding episode and hope against hope that she will be? Because.

But yeah, Brody’s continued presence on our show was our only real complaint about this episode. Though I’ll admit I did laugh my ass off as Marley being sexy in the opening number.

I should clarify that I also laughed my ass off at Blaine being sexy in the opening number. But in a good way.


Congratulations! We didn’t hate you?

“She never wins anything!”

Rin says: =)) =)) THIS WAS ACTUALLY THE BEST THING EVER. I sort of.. snorted with laughter because I wasn’t expecting it at all and it was literally the best thing anyone could have said at that moment. It was just so TRUTHFULLY MEAN but also not at all because the way Brittany said it with such enthusiasm and genuine happiness for Tina.

It was such a great moment that I was laughing my head off and telling Sophy that Brittany pretty much won me back with that line alone.

Sophy says: I think we have to face facts. Brittany just isn’t random the way she used to be. And that makes me very sad. However it is nice to be able to appreciate her in moments like this. BECAUSE HEATHER’S FACE WAS JUST. SHE WAS SO EXCITED, YOU GUYS. AND WOW.

So were we, Brittany. So were we.


Head In Hands

“The First Annual William McKinley High School Diva Award goes to…”

Rin says: ‘ABOUT TIME’ can’t be said enough.


I could be bitter and say this moment probably should have happened WAY BACK in season 2 or something, and that this is long overdue. But you know what? I’m just so darn happy and filled with joy that she finally got her moment, her sparkly confetti moment, that I can’t even take the time to nitpick. Tina killed this episode, like in the way that Brittany killed Britney. She just owned the characteristics of a diva and became this powerful force to be reckoned with. TINA COHEN-CHANG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE 8-.

Her outfits. Her hair. HER PINK LEOTARD THING.

I don’t even like Hung Up, in fact I kind of hate it. BUT I COULD STILL REALLY ENJOY THE PERFORMANCE FOR THE TINA OF IT ALL. And it was the first time she got given the chance to really show a different side of herself, a side that so many of the other girls on Glee have gotten to do numerous times in the past. She was a little bit sexy and filled to the brim with attitude, strength and confidence. The quick costume change behind the cardboard screens was THE BEST. And then when she ended the performance and suddenly had a towel in her hand and used THE WHOLE THING ON HER FACE, omg I died from the cute. She’s amazing.


Kitty was also amazing in that performance because she did the worm and was doing some break dancey stuff in the background. Who knew? And can we please have more? Thanks!

AND FINALLY. I always love a good trophy-giving because trophy’s are the best, but this has to be one of the best they’ve done. Okay, it wasn’t quite the same tingly feelings I got when they first gave Rachel the MVP award, but this was still pretty damn great. AGAIN, CONFETTI. AND FINN’S FACE. AND THE LITTLE CURTSEY.

Goodness, this was such a fantastic episode.


I think I’ve expressed most of my feelings about this above, but I thought it was a very neat parallel between Rachel and Tina, and a real shout-out to their eleventh hour relationship last season. Because Rachel needed to be taken down a peg and Tina needed a boost and it was all very symmetrical.

And I love that Tina earned this, you know? Because of what we saw, there really wasn’t any competition (I do wonder how she would have fared if Unique had had her own Marley-less number though). Tina was the stand-out by a mile and it was nice to see her get rewarded for that.

AND THE PINK LEOTARD. I JUST. Did anyone flash back to her in the leotard in Single Ladies? 8-.

And Kitty is always amazing and can stay forever. But I admit I didn’t even notice her amazingness in this performance until Rin pointed it out because Tina was just absorbing all of my attention with her amazingness. Oh and…

“That seems a little crazy.”

“No. That seems a little Tina Cohen-Chang. Respect.”

I was SQUEALING, you guys.


Most Rophy

His faces are Rophy’s faces.

Rin says: I don’t even know which one to pick as my favourite.

I love that his face stayed in the same open-mouthed awe position throughout Tina’s performance. And yet we needed to include all of them because each one is as special as the next.

Oh Darren Criss, you beautiful naive sophisticated newborn baby.


This is making me remember that time we imitated the Freddie faces for skins-bamfs. I am so tempted. I am so tempted.

Rin says: Oh my god, and he has even greasier hair than Freds. You’ll have to use twice the amount of body lotion this time.


Quinn Glory Shot

She leaves charcoal drawings every morning.


Rin says: Quinn’s in every episode.

You have to know what to see.


Rin says: Now I just feel like life is one big game of hide and seek with her.

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  1. Allison
    Allison at · Reply

    Best scene? Really guys? I’m a little disappointed to be honest. It’s cool that you think the Blaine/Tina this is hilarious and ridiculous. And it totally was for a while. And it’s great that Tina is FIIIIINALLY getting something to do, and I am as on bored with Jenna having as many lines as possible as you are.

    But that scene? That was straight up sexual assault. And there is nothing remotely humorous about that.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Hi Allison. I’m sorry you were disappointed in us for liking the scene. We’ll have to agree to disagree on what constitutes sexual assault.

  2. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    You guys. So good. This episode and your recap. It’s been two weeks in a row! Oh Glee, I just love you so much. And I will forgive you pretty much ANYTHING when you give us real Rachel back. She is the best thing, Glee. Please don’t forget that.

    Best song – yes to both accounts. I had tears during both of them. Lea/Chris/duets is one of my favorite things about this show. This wasn’t as good as For Good. It certainly wasn’t as good as Happy Days/Come On Get Happy. But it was still epically glorious and I just love them both so much. And, tangent, when Rachel Berry sings LIKE THIS, where my whole body just crumples up and I want to wrap myself up in the music, HOW is it that she needs anyone (i.e. Finn or Brody) to validate who she is? GUH. (Though I did really love her cute little Rachel sulking, upset she lost, because how could she possibly lose ever, and window/blanket was so damn cute. And Hummelberry own my heart.)

    Girl on Fire…just. When she started running, and leaving Sam and Sue and BRITTANY behind, and it was so very Roots Before Branches, my heart was pounding and I was crying and I was just so damn proud of her. I wanted to fist pump. Fist pump, you guys. And I really can’t pull that move off, I’m not cool enough. But fist pumping is what needed to happen because THIS is what needed to happen for Santana. I don’t know if Brittana is endgame, either for this show or for my heart. But I do know that they can’t be until Santana finds out who she is outside of a tiny town in Ohio, where she is still just a little bit scared to be an out and proud lesbian. She needs to come into her own before she finds “the one.” Whether that one be a new person, or Brittany. I’m very excited for Santana in NY. And I’m very excited to see Santana go all Snixx on Brody’s lame ass. (Please, please, PLEASE let this happen.)

    Best scene…Tina/Blaine…I don’t….agree. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with you more? And I feel really awkward right now? :( BUT I will say that the way you described how you see their interaction is a beautiful thing. If that’s what Glee was intending to do, develop this relationship that could never happen, and yet they are still going to be the closest that two people can be, and it’s so tragically beautiful, it just gets you in the feels….THAT I can get behind. It’s just, that’s not how I read it at all. I did read it as Tina was a bit psycho, and not at all concerned with the fact that Blaine is gay, or at least not subconsciously admitting to herself what that means. And when she straddled him? It was all very awkward for me. But I shall watch again (hands over eyes, peeking through my fingers) to see if I can get a sense of where you guys are coming from.

    The Finn/Emma thing. I have to say, this is kind of what proved to me that S4 has really made me like Finn again. Because I didn’t rage at him for doing something so stupid, or for blundering around ruining things like I always used to think he did. My heart broke for him. He was SUCH a 19 year old boy in that situation. He had no idea what to do, and he just reacted, and Emma was so manic. God, they were both so good in that scene. Now, like you guys, my ultimate reaction to this will depend on where the writers take it. But first instinct…poor Finn. He’s so lost, and I thought he had started to find himself a bit with the Glee club, but he is still just a boy.

    I’m still so overjoyed about Rachel. She’s back, you guys! She can still be one of my all time favorite female characters! And I might not have to add an asterisk next to her name!! :D

    (Biggest LOL…Marley trying to act like a diva. Just…as if, you know? =)) )

    THANKS YOU GUYS! You know how much I love your recaps, and I will never stop thanking you for them.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      TAMMY! What a great comment. I can understand how you found Tina/Blaine awkward because it IS awkward. I would never want to pretend that it was the most appropriate appropriateness to ever appropriate. But I did find it beautiful.

      So happy that you’re liking Finn again in season 4. He really has been more likeable the more he’s been away from Rachel, hasn’t he? And I don’t even dislike Finchel, exactly. I just feel like the two of them need to be away from each other right now. And I still really want Finn to get a new love interest (who isn’t Emma).

      GIRL ON FIRE WAS SO. LIKE. JUST. WOW. It’s on my abridged Glee car CD. I have several long ones with loads of stuff on them, but every now and then I make one with only core tracks. For me this is: Pretty/Unpretty, Songbird, Rain On My Parade, My Life Would Suck Without You, Happy Days/Get Happy, Roots Before Branches, Teenage Dream 2 etc… and now the glorious GIRL ON FIRE. Just. Sigh.

      1. Tammy
        Tammy at · Reply

        I have a “diva” play list on my ipod of Glee songs that I particularly like to belt out at the top of my lungs. Usually as I am driving to choir rehearsal, and I’m trying to warm up. :) They are mostly Rachel solos or Rachel duets, but Girl On Fire will DEFINITELY be added to that play list.

        And I agree with you guys. I generally appreciate Alicia Keys, and when I first heard this song I thought it was okay. NOW. Glorious. And it will always bring to mind this moment of elevation, and a picture of Santana running down the hall. I love when Glee takes songs and makes them so very emotional, in such a way that I can never hear them without thinking of that particular moment on Glee.

        OH, and I forgot to mention in my first comment that I actually liked Nutbush City Limits. Mainly because I really like it when Naya dances around like Tina Turner, though. It brings to mind River Deep, Mountain High. Naya and Amber. Perfection.

    2. Tammy
      Tammy at · Reply

      Okay, this is way too much of me commenting on one single recap, but I rewatched the episode, and I have some thoughts about Tina and Blaine.

      The thing is, Tina totally respects what homosexuality is. She’s got several gay friends. Geez, she was Blaine’s best support system when he and Kurt initially broke up. So, I think any argument about Tina being disrespectful of Blaine and who he is by liking him even though he is gay is invalid. That’s not who Tina is. So, I do ultimately think that her intentions here are honorable.

      Look, we can’t help who we are attracted to, right? Show me a gay girl who hasn’t had a crush on a straight girl and thought, maybe, just maybe, it’ll happen. Is this any different? We can’t be comfortable with only one or the other. That’s a type of discrimination that is just wrong.

      I think I figured out what is making me so uncomfortable. Blaine needs to acknowledge SOMETHING. His affable, aww shucks naivete is adorable, and very much in character. But Tina’s so obvious with her overtures, and he just keeps rolling along as if they are the best friends in the world and nothing else. So it’s actually BLAINE’S actions that are making Tina look a tiny bit off her rocker. If he would just acknowledge, and they could have an honest conversation where all feelings (both sides) were laid out, I think I would feel better.

      I wouldn’t have pondered any of this if you guys hadn’t made it best scene, so thank you. I still just wish she hadn’t straddled him though. *shudder*

  3. Lisa
    Lisa at · Reply


    I actually have a bunch of thoughts about this episode other than “that line was funny!” or “that line was offensive!” and I’m so pleased to have this forum to write them!

    re: Brittana, here’s why I don’t think it makes sense for them to argue they were always better/just as great as bffls. when have we ever seen them be friends? like, have real friend conversations, goof around, talk about anything other than their feelings for each other for more than ten seconds?

    there is just no denying that Brittany and Santana would never have been fleshed out the way they were had the raging fandom not made such a deal over that line in 1.13. that’s NOT to say, since the fandom made them, the fandom should dictate what happens to them – at ALL. but all of their character development occurred when they were hooking up, or dating, or not dating, or secretly in love, or out and in love. the show never put the effort in to draw a line where they worked as just friends without at least one having unrequited feelings at the same time.

    take Finn and Rachel – who I didn’t at all like as a couple or as friends, really – they at least had random scenes over the years that sold me on the fact that they get along. their debate about “doping” in Vitamin D, or even in line at concessions in the pilot, or their argument about the bathroom when they had the stupid premarital sleepover, or their plot to make Sam win a duet with the most wonderfully offensive religious ditty. even when they had crushes on each other or were together, they interacted like normal human beings.

    I get that if Britt and Santana care about each other immensely but can’t be dating then, sure, they should keep in touch. but it really just felt fake to me to argue it’s actually better for them to be friends when the show isolated them as this super intense couple that can’t really do much without it going back to THEIR LOVE AND FEELINGSSSSS.

    Shorter things!

    -hooray, Rachel is baaacck! it’s nice when she’s awful. remember when she had to see a literal teenage quadriplegic to gain the slightest bit of perspective?

    -I’m starting to love Finn now? I just think it makes so much sense that he’s still 90-95% as much a dumbass as he always was, but in his time out of high school has gotten a lot more self aware about it. he called himself a man-boy!

    -the AV Club review said the following about Brody that actually made me smile: “…the Midnight “Madness” sing-off, which Brody thinks is a blood-sport because he’s more of a quiet beauty…”

    1. Lisa
      Lisa at · Reply

      oh but also in “this line was funny!” territory, Emma’s entire diva explanation/cheesecake factory line for SURE tied biggest LOL for me

  4. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    Ha! I read another recap that mostly points out all the ways the episode could be even greater, especially with the characters being empowered, but then you guys point out all the super cute stuff to put my head in my hands about, and I…aww. The sing off was all right for me. I like this Rachel a lot more. But I don’t get why you can’t talk to her like she’s a wonderful person who should never actually change versus taking her down a peg in public and attacking all her crippling insecurities. The same ones that almost made her marry Finn AND stay in Lima.

    But I can see the symmetry you guys point out, and that’s why I love your perspective so much. And Rachel/pouting/blanket was darling. It’s something I would not have wanted to miss. I just wish we could see her start to overcome her self-doubt. Kurt is centered and feeling good. She’s been horribly lost. I mean, maybe Kurt has been trying, and these last episodes are the desperate measures. That would be appropriate given that she thought asking Brody to move in was a positive. If you have to destroy her to destroy that…maybe I’m ok. Because of the cute. Though I thought she’d join Kurt’s glee club to make up for her behavior.

    I don’t have much else to say. Britannia has never been my OTP because though they work really well in some ways, in others Santana is just too awesome. I’m very, very pleased with her NY arrival. And that she got a Rachel moment. :) I would watch the heck out of Glee in the City. But who is who? I mean, is Santana Samantha? Is Quinn Charlotte or Miranda? Does Rachel have to be Carrie by default so they mostly revolve around her? Leaving Kurt as Charlotte? It’s an uncomfortable fit (though part of me really delights in the thought of Quinn the debutante as a gay Charlotte, all refined on the surface).

    Ok. I do go on. I was a little creeped out by Tina rubbing Blaines’s chest. But I am amused by their relationship. And happy that she’s getting well-deserved screen time.

    Also, Emma killed this episode. Ams I’m more amused by the Femma than anything, at this moment. Haha. Mostly because I don’t believe they’ll make it continue…but would I prefer that to Finchel? Does more Finchel mean less Quinn? :( Is that still better than Brochel? Glee, why do you give me so many unanswerable questions? Glietzsche

    1. Caroline
      Caroline at · Reply

      Kurt is Carrie.

  5. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    OMg! You guys kill me! Too funny that Quinn glory shot. LOL…. I was so in love with Santana in this episode. She was just wonderful. Girl on Fire was tremendous! The Brittana story, there is more to it, but I am kinda glad that Santana is finding her own way. In NEW YORK!!!

    Also, the Tina/Blaine…. NO. NO. So much NO. I just hate that it’s a stupid straight girl falling for an obvs gay boy. Why can’t they just be friends? Seriously? It makes Tina look like a moron and she’s not. She’s just not. That’s not how I ever saw her. Fooey.

    Also….not to mention the F word…but WTF?!?!?!?!? I yelled at the television. I actually yelled : “WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?!?!? SERIOUSLY! WHAT. DID. YOU. JUST. DO?!?!?” I laughed at myself. But it made me realize I still care about this damn show. Dammit! I feel like an addict in need of rehab.

    Also, I am starting to totally like Kitty and I DO NOT WANT!

    What is happening to me? Help?

    Quinn me? or Santana me??? Rin? Sophy? Help?

  6. Caroline
    Caroline at · Reply

    “I’ve always wanted Brittana to forge a strong path of their own, and honestly I think they’re definitely heading in that direction of being a ship that has the potential to ruin lives.” –Rin. They fucking better be!!! I think this episode helps more than hurts the cause.

    IMPORTANT. Brad Falchuk wrote this episode. Brad is my favorite of the three core writers because he consistently GETS IT RIGHT with the characters. Well, 90% of the time anyway. He’s written some of my favorite episodes (Sexy, Special Education, Ballad, Yes/No, Journey, Born This Way, New York, I Am Unicorn, Sectionals, Purple Piano Project, etc). I’ve read all of Rophy’s Glee recaps multiple times so I know how you guys feel about all of them. And I remember that you guys SPECIFICALLY CALLED OUT THE WRITING for “I Am Unicorn.” You said “The unicorn storyline had tentacles, you know? It meant something for Kurt and for Kurt/Blaine and for Brittany herself and for Brittany/Santana. That’s domino-writing right there, and I like it very much!” That’s the thing about Brad. He’s not as heavy-handed as his cohorts, he understands symmetry and how to apply it to stories, and he has pretty much single-handedly written every Kurt/Burt and Brittana serious heart-tuggy scene and/or episode in the show’s run.

    So I had fun this weekend picking out Rophy quotes that show you guys dissecting Brittana. And I wanted to use them to show some the symmetry that this episode provided for both girls. And let’s never mention Heather’s comments about the scene, please. Thanks. I’m just going to ignore those comments forever because wtf HeMo? I was disappointed in you.
    Also, this comment is not going to flow very well. It’s somewhat all over the place.

    “Santana was hiding the fact that she’s gay under aggressive heterosexual activities with all and sundry. She was also hiding the fact that she’s a solid, beautiful woman who cares about people behind a wall of bitch.” –Sophy. The bitch-wall and the using of sex and/or disingenuous relationships are character traits and coping mechanisms that I felt were appropriately continued in this episode, and I am grateful for that continuity. I also am grateful that Santana got some organic and well-written character growth because that is something so rarely afforded Glee characters that are not Kurt Hummel. Santana is flawed (all worthwhile characters are). But beautiful character moments occur when the character is aware of their flaws…and then overcomes them.
    “Make No Mistake, She’s Mine” duet. Even though they cut out half the damn song, it’s awesomesauce. Listen to the whole thing. When Naya and Chord sing the “when she needs me / oh how she needs me” it’s so indicative of the relationship I’ve always pictured for Britt and Santana. Rophy has said that “Santana and Quinn are both insecure, pretty girls, with nowhere in particular to go. They both feel adrift as the world opens up before them, and so they both want something they can hold onto – someone who’s emphatically theirs. They’re eager to shoulder the responsibility of caring for that person, in the expectation that that person will fall in line with their wants and needs.” The only way Brittana are going to be allowed to be OTP is if they allow Santana to grow out of NEEDING Brittany to need her. And I WILL die if Brittana are not OTP because I feel like Brad is actually writing them to a point where they could be. Although…weren’t there rumors prior to the Break-Up episode that one of the couples wasn’t going to get back together at all?? And we know Klaine and Finchel are getting back together. I will never forgive Glee if they fail that hard.

    Here’s the thing. Rophy have said repeatedly on previous recaps that they’ve had a hard time embracing Brittana because they started out as a throwaway joke to the writers and didn’t get taken seriously until season 2. I think Heather Hogan said it best when she wrote “what I found was the brightest gem of actual truth in a mountain of surreal absurdity. Nothing makes more sense to me than a teenage girl who doesn’t know she’s gay falling in love with her best friend without knowing she’s in love. Santana’s blossoming confusion, her frustrated realization, her desperate confession, her stubborn hope. It was all so true. And in the end, she got the girl.” I think that the nonchalance with which Brittana was treated initially actually helps the Brittana storyline. That may sound contradictory but think about it. When you’re fifteen years old, you’re the HBIC, you and your bff are fucking each other (because of course you are O_o), and you begin to recognize that you’re liking it more than you’re liking fucking every guy in school?? Your first reaction is going to be to deny that recognition. To couch it in statements like “sex is not dating” to minimize the emotional fulfillment you’re receiving from the sex (and all the friend/love things, too, it’s not just about the sex) because you are denying the significance of it to yourself. So, I think, the Glee writers’ best writing happens inadvertently (HELLO FABERRY!!). And in truth, with both Faberry and Brittana, so much of the relationship is built on the love and chemistry that the actresses already have with each other. No, none of them are gay, and I have never thought that. But I think all four of them have been able to translate the real and platonic love they carry for each as human beings onto the screen. Which takes me to that end Brittana scene and Heather Morris.

    Heather’s biggest performing strength is her timing. Which is unsurprising, as she’s a dancer and a natural comedienne, but it’s been really wonderful this season to watch her put that skill to use in her more dramatic and serious scenes. It has been deservedly acknowledged that Heather more than held her own with Naya in their break-up scene. And a lot of that had to do with when Heather chose to respond to Naya’s words and with what reactions, because Brittany didn’t say too much in that scene. Heather steals that scene from Naya (mostly with the small headshake right after Naya says “Let’s just do the mature thing here”). Actually, interesting character growth Santana moment from back in the Break-Up: Santana started out her character journey by saying that “sex is not dating” but nowadays she’s practically equating smiling to cheating. Oh, Santana. :’)
    ANYWAYS. Heather’s face after Naya says “I’m…I’m taken,” is just spot-on. And she waits for a few beats after Santana says “I just want you to aim higher,” because she’s going to politely ignore that and she’s about to do what she always does; break down the wall of bitch. Break it down calmly and gently and kindly, but irrevocably. And she will force Santana to look at what’s behind that wall and then deal with it. Do you know why? Because she sees Santana. She always has. And let me self-indulge here, shall I? Rophy has stated, on numerous occasions, that one of their favorite Brittana moments is the flashback in “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.” Rin said “it was so understated and beautiful and oh my god I loved it so much,” and Sophy said “Just that moment, when you know this person is going to be important, and the only thing you can’t quite put your finger on is how… yet” and she said it was her favorite non-random Brittany moment “[b]ecause she’s just perfectly mischievous and innocent at the same time, and Santana is just as perfectly unsettled and peaceful at the same time.” Brittany has always seen Santana. And the reason Santana WILL ALWAYS LOVE BRITTANY THE MOST is because “She supports her. It’s that simple, really. Brittany supports Santana wholeheartedly and easily, and it’s that neverending supply of childlike affection that makes her so valuable to Santana,” (Sophy). Yes. And that support was continued here. You guys mentioned the parallel with Finn sending Rachel to New York because he knew, deep down, that’s what she needed. Brad wrote that episode too and I remember he said that it was a really important scene and character moment for both of them because it’s what ADULT love looks like. Adult love is ugly and painful and messy and smelly and it very rarely ends in happily ever after. But adult love also looks at what is BEST for the other person, in addition to what’s best for yourself. And Brittany sending Santana to New York is adult love. I know that Naya has stated that Santana has to feel like there’s nothing left for her in Lima before she goes to New York. And I think the important part of that is that Santana has “to FEEL like there’s nothing left.” The way Brad wrote that scene, with Brittany saying “really like” as opposed to “love,” (which, let’s remember, she used for Artie) and just all the things we know about Brittany and Santana’s character…Brittany knows that Santana loves her more than life itself (perhaps HeMo doesn’t, but I hope Brad sat and had a nice chat w/ her about wtf was going on in the scene). Santana broke up with Brittany because she was failing her. And Santana, despite her jealousy in this ep, would rather live without Brittany, than be the thing that is keeping her from being happy.
    One of you has also said “There’s something about Brittany’s complete lack of melodrama that just made it all the more poignant.” Yes, there is. That something is so beautifully illustrated when Brittany just says “You can’t do that,” to Santana’s mini-Sue idea. The beauty of Brittany is in her understatement.

    I actually had a problem with “Girl on Fire.” I thought the montage was great, and Naya always sounds amazing…but I could HEAR the autotune, Rophy!!! I’m very musically stupid. I can barely find the bass half the time. Look up tone deaf and you will see a picture of me. But I was SO FURIOUS because I could hear the synthy noises and the curbing of Naya’s voice in places and I just can’t get over it. The reason Songbird is the quintessential Naya performance is because it is naked Naya. I listen to the recording and I can HEAR her take breaths before verses. I can HEAR her tongue click ever so faintly after she sings “world.” I hear where she enunciates. I can hear her mouth open after she does the ooooohs. The way her voice hangs on syllables and does the trembly thing sounds so NATURAL. And it is. I was listening to this song really hard in the gym because I wanted to make sure I could hear the difference between this and Girl on Fire and, like, I started tearing up. Not just because of the lyrics, not just because of the arrangement, not just because it is the best song to sing to Brittany because of its delightful simplicity and understatement, but because Naya’s voice is PLEADING. Her voice alone. She can do that. She doesn’t need autotune. And just because “Girl on Fire” is a faster, higher song (and it is hard to sing, I know that) doesn’t mean Naya needs the fucking production people ruining her runs. Lyrically, it was perfect for the end scene. Like, so perfect it was painful. And the montage was magnificent. And Santana’s sassy pony and her bitch boots and her leather jacket and her pants (the girls NEVER wear pants on Glee, true fact) and then the switch to NY and she even has a hat on the way Rachel Berry had a hat on?!?!!? It’s glorious and the perfect end to the episode.

    I am tired now and just want to post this but I have to mention Jayma this episode. I can’t believe you guys didn’t. Emma’s speech for the Diva number? Omg. “Use that finger, use that snap.” How ADORABLE was she during Don’t Stop Me Now?? Hot pink?? And the look on her face?? And her meltdown scene. Oh. My. God. Acting-wise, Jayma was the highlight of the episode for me. She knocked that out of the park so effectively we will never be able to find the ball. Like, I was clutching my hair because I just wanted to like grab and hug her and fix it because it is SO HARD to watch someone you love just break like that. But it’s absolutely what Emma would do. It made sense. Perfect sense. The Finn kissing her pissed me off on a lot of levels but mostly because THAT’S NOT WHAT YOU DO WHEN SOMEONE IS HAVING A PANIC ATTACK!!! Idc what you’re relationship with them is, the formula does not go Panic Attackkiss. It just does not. But Jayma gets a Rachel Berry gold star for that scene. :D

    Also, the piano playing needs to be mentioned. The piano music when Santana walks on stage at that end Brittana scene? Like all dramatic, sweet, serious scene piano-playing? But then it abruptly stops and you realize that really it’s just Brittany playing with some of the keys??? That was the tiny little detail that made that ending Brittana scene Best Scene for me. Idk if it’s a HeMo touch, a Paris Barclay touch, a Brad touch, or a combo of all three of them, but it is details like that that create transcendent brilliance in art.

    And huge points to you two for that Quinn Glory Shot. That might be one of my favorite ones ever.

    1. Caroline
      Caroline at · Reply

      “I’ve read all of Rophy’s Glee recaps multiple times so I know how you guys feel about all of them.” This line is super stalker and kind of obnoxious but I meant I had noticed that you guys usually respond really favorably to Brad-written episodes. Like, on the whole.

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Caroline this comment is a thing of wonder. I shall treasure it always.

      1. Caroline
        Caroline at · Reply

        :”> >:D<

  7. Char
    Char at · Reply

    You guys, I need to talk to you about Tina.

    I get that you both love Tina. I for one don’t get it, but each to their own. Regardless, I sort of feel like you let your Tina-stanning get carried away and for this reason you don’t notice or just don’t point out when she’s being awful. I personally really don’t like Tina, from when her character does get screen time – she’s often really bitchy. I don’t even find it funny in a Santana kind of way, so for me she doesn’t pull it off and I just end up disliking her character. I don’t feel like Tina has grown organically, she’s just there and puts on a different persona each week according to the theme of the ep. So I don’t understand how you can say ‘we know Tina’ – because lol, nobody does?! I remember when she was sort of a goth and now she’s some preppy Rachel Berry clone. And I’m sorry, but Tina is and never will be anywhere near as talented as Rachel Berry. Or Santana or Mercedes. And her personality – meh. When her character isn’t whining or bitching or bossing, she’s dull as dishwater. Not as dull as Marley, but.

    All of that aside – I was fully expecting Tina be this episode’s ‘Rophy Says No’. But . . . best scene? Mind boggling.

    I’ve had my share of unrequited crushes, especially in high school. And I’m gay, so naturally the objects of my affection were always straight girls. So I know all about pining for someone that you will NEVER be able to have. But Tina’s behaviour towards Blaine in this episode was batshit insane and totally inappropriate. It was disrespectful of his (out and proud) sexual orientation and personhood, and downright psychotic.

    So I’m making a ‘Charlotte Says No’ category. Tina: NO.

    Like yeah, I understand you can’t help who you fall for. You can, however, choose NOT to undermine a gay teenager’s sexual orientation and outwardly project your bullshit unrealistic fantasies onto him. You can choose NOT to blow up at him for ‘not appreciating you’ or whatever ridiculous thing she was having a tantrum about in the hall (I have a feeling this was also just bad writing to make way for her ‘Diva’ number, though).

    You can choose NOT TO STRADDLE YOUR UNCONSCIOUS GAY FRIEND, UNBUTTON HIS SHIRT AND TOUCH HIM WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION. Non-consensual touching is not okay, and it doesn’t matter the gender of the person. That Blaine doesn’t have boobs, as per Rin’s argument, is so not the point. It wasn’t where she was touching him that was the problem. It was the fact that he was unconscious and couldn’t consent, and if he had been awake I’m pretty sure he would have felt uncomfortable with Tina rubbing Vicks on his chest. So yeah, I felt for Tina up until that part – her love confession was sad and heartfelt – but instead of leaving it there and respectfully leaving, she crossed a major line and abused Blaine’s trust and friendship. I was literally shouting ‘NO’ at my screen and covering my eyes.

    Also: another no for Tina! I’m less surprised that you guys didn’t mention her ‘angry inch’ comment to Unique, as perhaps you’re not familiar with the film ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’. But the writers sure are, and that comment was fucking transphobic as hell. It sucked and NOBODY called her out on it. I’m not the only one to point this out – check out Riese’s recap on Autostraddle, and the comments on Heather’s recap for AfterEllen.

    I love Rophy, and I agree with lots of stuff you guys have to say about TV and storytelling and the like. I think you’re both super intelligent and often I’ve been persuaded around your way of thinking regarding a character or plotline. But recently I’ve found myself vehemently disagreeing with you quite a bit, too, which is why I’ve been commenting less frequently – because I appreciate that these recaps take a lot of time and thought and effort, and also that it’s your site and therefore you’re free to write whatever the hell you want, about Glee or any other thing. And I’d usually rather agree to disagree instead of posting something negative. But in this instance I needed to say something. You guys are on the mark about so many issues, but I do feel like you turn a blind eye towards the behaviour of your favourite characters and repeatedly crucify the ones you hate, and sometimes I feel the commentary comes across a bit ‘off’ – like Brody being in your ‘No’ category. I barely even NOTICED Brody this ep, because he was only in like two brief scenes and was only minimally smarmy/annoying. And Marley Kate does indeed have the personality of a cactus – she is cactus woman – but what Kitty did to her re: taking in her clothes and manipulating her into developing a fully-fledged eating disorder was seriously fucked up, and she STILL hasn’t faced any repercussions for her actions – and I don’t think you guys have even really acknowledged that (apologies if you have and I missed it). Which, again: these are your recaps. Hate on Marley and Brody all you want (and I’m sure you will, lol). I’m just expressing my opinion, and choosing to engage this time instead of staring at my laptop in confusion and scratching my head.

    *backs into corner and waits for Rophy slap*

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Hey Char. I will endeavour to address your concerns.

      First, if you think Tina went from goth to a Rachel clone with nothing in between I suspect you missed her big episode last season. Or maybe you just didn’t pay much attention to it because Jenna doesn’t interest you as a performer. I’ll admit that Tina’s development has been patchy, mostly because she kept being shoved into the background, but it was a lot smoother from her big ‘Closet Rachel Stan’ ep on.

      re: her straddling Blaine and putting Vicks on his chest, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I would be as up in arms as you are about Blaine’s inability to consent if I felt she was doing anything that crossed the line – if I felt she was doing anything Blaine would object to if he was awake or feel violated about. But I really, really don’t. I think Rin’s point about undoing a few buttons and touching a guy’s chest being completely different from doing the same with a woman is valid and relevant. This is because a woman’s chest is highly sexualised, whereas a man’s is only moderately sexualised, in context. So even doing something as innocuous as applying Vicks like this would be a problem for me if Blaine was a woman. But he’s not, so I really don’t have a problem with it. I honestly don’t, Char. Totally independently of any affection I may have for Tina, I do not believe that what she did amounted to sexual assault. I don’t even think it was borderline.

      Believe me, I love Blaine way more than I love Tina. If I felt she’d harmed him in any way I’d be real about it.

      As for being offended by her comments and not finding them funny like you do Santana’s, well it’s pretty clear that that’s because you like Santana and you don’t like Tina. Tina has not, whether qualitatively or quantitatively, said worse things than Santana. You expect us to point it out if she’s being awful because she doesn’t amuse you when she’s being awful. You’ve never complained when we’ve let racist jabs by Santana slide or even applauded them. Yes, we tend to be less morally exacting about characters we like than about characters we dislike. But so are you. So is everybody, really. However what Rin and I pride ourselves on doing is giving solid reasons why we feel the way we do. And we do try to be fair, which is how we managed to call out Rachel on not being Rachel this season, even though it broke our hearts to do it. We would have preferred to just be in biased denial and pretend everything she did was awesome and she hadn’t changed a bit. But that’s just not our way. We call things as we see them, whether we like it or not.

      We did call Kitty on what she did to Marley. We reserve the right to continue to find Kitty brilliant outside of that incident and Marley pointless and embarrassing even if we have sometimes sympathized with her, like eg that time we didn’t hate her for Christmas.

      As for your concern over Brody being our no, you’ll be pleased to know that that was only because there was so little to complain about in this episode. And if you read through our commentary for that section you’ll see that we mainly used it to discuss other potential No’s.

      Honestly, Char, disagreeing with someone’s opinion in a constructive and friendly way is all about recognizing that their opinion could be valid and that yours is not the yardstick by which all others should be measured. You seem to acknowledge that in places, but overall your comment reads as very didactic and derisive. Telling someone their opinion is ‘mind-boggling,’ for instance, is pretty insulting.

      And a final thought. Tina was psychotic in this episode? PSYCHOTIC, CHAR? REALLY? Effy wants to take you out and show you how it’s done.

  8. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    This episode was the most let’s-do-the-old-stuff-again so far, wasn’t it? The Hummelberry duet from “Wheels”…I just don’t care about Les Mis, but I thought about Defying Gravity a lot and it was lovely. Possibly I could complain about girly Rachel being ridic girly until manly Finn Brody Kurt fixes her, again, but it was cute, so. And Rachel’s “SAVING MY VOICE” cards. Best. (Throwback to “Choke”? Getting tenuous now. :))

    And then Santana doing Roots Before Branches, among other things. Very nice indeed. I agree it was better than Nutbush, but I liked that too. I think my subconscious pretended the ghost of Mercedes was there; doing Tina Turner was just very “Duets” of Santana, and I thought it fit because that was the first time she decided to just flat-out impress the Glee club, and she (and Mercedes) killed it. I thought the duet with Sam was worse, but Sam was mostly woeful this ep. And the whole “Sam is Santana’s nemesis” notion needs to die; otherwise, they’re retconning “Hold On to Sixteen”, and that will not stand.

    Oh, Tina. I was so, so sad for her during her monologue, when we can’t see sleepy Blaine’s face, therefore sleepy Blaine is obviously already asleep. And obviously her wanting his vaguely Eurasian babies is a retread of “Blame It on the Alcohol”…but also not quite. I like how they’ve taken a relatively slow path with this. Tina fancying Blaine was ridiculous, then pathetic, now maybe something they can live with? Idk. I feel like the alternative was a big angry scene, all, “I AM GAY! YOU ARE A GIRL! BACK IN YOUR BOX!” And usually we club them to death when they bring out the obvious PSAs, so.

    I also like that they’re throwing up pairings that clearly aren’t going anywhere near OTP-land (though maybe that’s just to protect Finchel? Sigh if so). Anyone remember Puckleberry? That kind of thing.

    I think Finn grabbing Emma, and kissing her, and her then being calm/confused, is meant to evoke the end of “Sectionals”. So I’m itching to hate it, because no comparison, but I guess I’ll reserve judgement to see what comes of it? I guess.

    Finally, props to Blaine. He was never going to win Best Song with Santana Santana-ing all over the place, but. He attempted Freddie Mercury. With some serious manflu going on. And did a fine job. I was impressed.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHAHAHAH BLAINE’S ATTEMPT AT FREDDIE WAS SPECIAL. It really was. Just goes to show how much greatness was in this ep that we didn’t even mention it.

  9. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    Hey Rophy !
    Seeing some of the responses to your recap, I think you guys are gonna receive a lot of angry and unjustified hurtful comments.
    So I’m just gonna go ahead and wrap you up in Rachel Berry’s Blanket of Rophites’s Love.
    There. Hope it helps a bit.

    I’ll come back and comment more later.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Aw, Mayon. People are entitled to their opinions and we don’t resent them sharing those opinions on the blog… but we appreciate your kindness. We are in the blanket. We are warm and safe. We are grateful.

  10. Mo
    Mo at · Reply

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who found Tina/Blaine good in some ways? I don’t know, it was very awkward sure, but so well-acted! Halfway through I was like yes this is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen but it’s horribly sweet? I don’t know, it’s proved to be pretty polarizing, but your comments about it were great.

    And this definitely was one of the best episodes. Because they got the balance just right you know? Good New York stuff (with Rachel back!), McKinley stuff focused on the original kids, and highlighting a graduate. This is how every episode should be. I mean, how cool would be if every week we got snippets of one of the grads’ lives to go along with all the rest? I would love to see that, for every single one of those kids. Sigh. At least this week, we got that.

    Great recap!

  11. christina
    christina at · Reply

    Well firstly let me say that I agree whole-heartedly that Rachel being back is about the best thing since Faberry came into my life. Not quite, but still. It’s fantastical. And I do agree that this episode was better then 412 as a whole, and if I’m being honest, it was the best well-rounded episode for me that they’ve done all season. If only there had been some Faberry DAMMIT! And the fact that Rachel and Kurt had a little bit of their old rivalry and went head-to-head for another diva-off, it’s so great. I love that the writers actually listen. And I did see Les Mis and it was brilliant. I cried, but then again, I’m a sap so that’s a given.

    “I especially hope they keep making Lea sing all the songs from Les Mis just to rub it in the faces of all the nay-sayers who said she wouldn’t have done a good job as Eponine. LEA COULD HAVE PLAYED ALL THE PARTS. ALL OF THEM. SHE’D BE THE EDDIE MURPHY OF MUSICAL FILMS.” While I agree that she could sing anything, the dictionary even, I feel like I would’ve had trouble separating Rachel Berry singing “On My Own” from Lea ACTUALLY playing Eponine and I think that’s why they didn’t cast her. Not because she wouldn’t have blown everyone away because there’s no question there. I actually said once that she’s better then Barbra. THAT’S RIGHT! I SAID IT! But I think that would’ve been hard for me. Because I would’ve been seeing Rachel Berry play Epionine (which is never a bad thing) instead of her just being that role.

    “I’ve always been a liker of Alicia Keys, but when I first heard this song I wasn’t that excited about it. Then Santana sung it AND SUDDENLY I’M ALL HEAD IN HANDSING AND OMG THIS SONG IS AMAZING.” UM HELLO! My thoughts exactly. When this song came out, I didn’t even download it, and I friggen download everything. I have every sing that was on Glee for God’s sake on my computer. But she really brought the song to life for me, as Glee has done with so many songs that I wasn’t crazy about before. And I agree. Naya is always pretty, but she was especially pretty in this episode. When Santana said the Rizzoli and Isle’s quote I literally thought of Rophy because even though I don’t watch it, I do read everything you girls recap about Glee because you guys are genius and such dedicated fans.

    “A final thought: let’s all take a moment to bask in the fact that Rachel Berry is back because of Quinn Fabray. I mean, okay, sure, it was a team effort with Santana and Kurt. But I firmly believe Quinn’s presence and her please is what tipped the scales. She is definitely the straw on Rachel’s camel back is what I’m saying.” And that’s all that ever needs to be said. “BECAUSE OF QUINN FABRAY” end quote. And this “But you know, I have to admit that I would wind up feeling pretty dissatisfied if Faberry didn’t have sex at least once. So, there’s that.” I literally LOLed because hello and goodbye.

    “Because I really thought they might be going to have her essentially roofie him with the cold and flu meds and then try to make out with him while he was sick and passed out. And that would have just been the most cruel and humiliating thing they could have done to Tina’s character.” I agree completely. When she was unbuttoning his shirt I was cringing and saying they can’t make her, they just can’t! But thank God. And it was a really heart-felt scene and I do believe I cried again because well as I mentioned before, BIG SAP!

    “She looks so young and innocent and like the girl we all fell in love with all those years ago. The one who wanted everything too much.” Yes. Loved the Kurt/Rachel scenes in this episode and the last one was incredibly them and heartfelt.

    I agree that the Finn/Emma scene was extremely well-acted and she even made me cry because I’ve always loved how well and real she’s played Emma. But they just can’t be, and I don’t think they ever will be, and that’s why I was screaming. Because it was all very incestual to me, even if it isn’t. I just look at Emma and Will as parental figures to these kids so that’s why it freaked me out.

    “She never wins anything” really made me LOL. And your words “about time” in reference to Tina finally getting her moment pretty much sum it up for me. Because FINALLY! I’m not even the biggest Tina fan, but she’s an original and she deserved her moment to win something.

    “Oh Darren Criss, you beautiful naive sophisticated newborn baby.” Me and my friend always call each other new-born babies when we do those kinds of faces, but the fact that you referred to him as a newborn baby? On point.

    Quinn glory shot? FREAKIN HILARIOUS! I still wanna know what your thoughts will be if we potentially see some Quintanna hooking up in this episode since they showed us them drinking and Santana is definitely not going to be happy to see Brittany and Sam together and WE KNOW Quinn won’t be happy to see Rachel with either Finn or Brody…so. If they do it to finally admit to us that yes, Quinn is in fact as gay as they come for Rachel Berry? I won’t have any problems with that. Not at all. Because the possibilities? They’re endless when it comes to Faberry.

  12. AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish
    AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish at · Reply

    You guys!!! Thanks for the lovely recap. I also enjoyed the episode quite a bit and thought the vocal performances were amazing. Tina Fucking Cohen-Chang, FINALLY! I loved Hung Up and everything Jenna did in this episode.

    I thought the rubbing-Blaine’s-chest-scene was meant to be awkward and heartbreaking at the same time and I have to say, for me, it worked. I love that Jenna can finally show all her talent and I really hope we will see so much more of her in the episodes to come.

    I loved Kurt’s voice over intro. I missed Kurt the last few episodes and I am glad Chris Colfer got to sing again :) The duet was great and visually mirroring the Defying gravity performance was a really nice touch.

    I am most excited about Santana moving to New York and that all three of them will be living together. I can’t wait to see what their shared appartment life looks like.

    Most importantly, I want Brody gone, that’s all.


    I want him out of Rachel’s life, we are just getting her back and he needs to go: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdr81uxYZX1qc6k06o2_250.gif

    I don’t know if I agree with you on the meta part though. Don’t get me wrong, I usually love META ;) and intertextual references and all that shiz, but in this episode it felt so forced and lame to me. It feels like Glee writers are reacting to fandom criticism in a rather boring way. I like it when Sue becomes that Meta voice, but Santana and the Rizzles and Afterellen talk felt extremely forced. But maybe that’s just me.

    Anyhoo, you have tons and tons of comments to read through, so I guess, I’ll just finish now. At least it didn’t take me three episodes to get back here again. Thanks for your recap ladies :)

    PS. By the way, how awesome was this? http://media.tumblr.com/905a045cfc9c8e4744925ff0340fdaaa/tumblr_inline_mhwbnvwxDm1qz4rgp.gif


    and maybe this could also be a line for Quinn: “In this case, the body is Rachel’s, and the woman in charge of it is me.” No one’s gonna see Quinn’s baby naked ;)

  13. Trulalah
    Trulalah at · Reply

    I am in agreement of everything in this recap except for Kurt and Rachel Best Scene. I disliked Kurt in this episode. I hated it that he had to cut down Rachel in that way. I wouldn’t do that to my bestfriend, must be due to the fact that I just snort at my ‘Diva’ friend’s antics. I see a bit of ‘jealousy’ there because let’s face it Kurt has reasons to be jealous of Rachel. Finn-crush anyone?

  14. Car
    Car at · Reply

    Being a big fan of Santana anyway, I think what I loved most about “Girl On Fire” was that it was such a Rachel song. And not, like, in a way that Santana was copying Rachel or trying to be her or that Rachel could have done it better. But it was the kind of song that the show usually gives to Rachel (and sometimes Kurt). You guys hit the nail on the head when you mentioned its ambiguity because that’s what makes it work so well. It’s a reflective song that actually means something for Santana the Character, not Santana the Plot Device. Not that songs like “Landslide” or “Songbird” didn’t mean anything for her, but every performance of hers up to this has either been a fierce duet with Mercedes or a song about her sweet lady feelings. And this song was the perfect way to start exploring the other 95% of Santana–you know, the part that doesn’t have anything to do with Brittany or being sassy.

    Also, Tina/Blaine as best scene over Emma’s complete meltdown? I mean, the kiss was ridiculous and I don’t understand why they put it in because Finn and Emma had a lovely dynamic before that. But I thought Jayma’s acting in that scene was perfectly devastating.

  15. j
    j at · Reply

    next time i’m sick i hope someone who loves me rubs vicks on my chest while i’m sleeping

  16. NIA
    NIA at · Reply

    I always love reading your recap every week and i am a massive faberry lover!
    However sometimes i feel like the desperation for faberry makes you ignore the other quality aspects of the episode.
    This episode belonged to santana and i felt the NYADA sing-off was no where near the brilliance of season 1.
    I miss the rachel of old as much as the next person but all three of santana’s songs were of astounding quality.
    The scene with Tina and Blaine i found lovely, but as soon as she climbed upon him i could no longer watch. its a comedy aspect at most and to go that far just ruined it. In relation to the next episode, i look forward to ur, as always hilarious, recap.
    Much love, Nia.

  17. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    I’ve been pondering this…I wonder whether the wildly divergent opinions on the chest-rubbing scene don’t have to do with cultural differences to a degree. In general, in the “western world” anyway (which may or may not include Australia depending on your perspective, I guess) Americans require some of the most personal space, don’t they? I mean, I’m not as well versed with Aussie sensibilities, but there’s a prudery (I may have made up that word) underlying much of what is considered decent in American culture, of a Puritanical origin that isn’t good or bad. It’s just innate. For instance, the personal envelope the average Italian is reportedly comfortable with is 1 foot. For an American it’s reportedly 3 feet. So if you see an Italian and an American speaking at a party, what you might observe is the Italian constantly edging closer for that comfortable conversational distance, and the American constantly edging away to increase the gap. Unconsciously. Just some food for thought as far as interpreting “the scene” as sweet care-taking, or kind of creepy invasion of personal space.

  18. Brooooooke
    Brooooooke at · Reply

    I’ll add my piece about the Blaine/Tina thing. It DID make me uncomfortable and I did think it was borderline. I would feel slightly violated if someone rubbed my chest while I was asleep. And ok I’m a chick, but say it was my lower leg or something, I would be a little creeped out, even if it was my best friend, who I have no complicated sexual feelings about. I’m not up in arms about the scene but I think it should have been done differently. Like maybe she pulls a blankett up over him or something. Unbuttoning someones pyjamas and rubbing them even in an benign way, whilst staddling them, especially while you are attracted to them, is a little inappropriate IMO. Blaine may not have been bothered by it, he may have thought it sweet, but the thing is, we don’t know that, and Tina doesn’t know that, because he is asleep.

    But will agree that it is a difference of opinions. I definitly have a thing with personal space. I used to have a friend who would randomly poke me in the stomach and it honestly made me want to punch him. he found it funny and would laugh at my reactions, but it really bugged me. I also don’t like hugs around 70% of the time that i am sober. I know. I am a freak.

    So I am not angry or dissapointed in your reaction, but I simply dissagree, and the fact that so many people do tells me that the writers did go too far, even if it was slight.

    Aside from that, another fine recap, whats your thoughts on the rumours about next ep??

  19. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Now I really want to read all your Glee recaps, though I have to finish the Skins recaps and then there are the Mmfd and I see you have books and movies too and I need more time!! Why is not possible to read 10 things at once?!

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