411 — Sadie Hawkins

Best Song

Tina – I Don’t Know How To Love Him

Rin says: This could have easily been Biggest LOL and Best Scene too.. but we didn’t want to be greedy.

To be honest it’s just really refreshing to see Tina getting some screentime and an actual storyline? Am I sad that it has to do with another romance and not say, what her future holds? Yes. But I’m pleased nonetheless that they let her carry an episode, and gave her an incredible solo. THE BALLAD SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO SING AT SECTIONALS. Which, let’s address this shall we?

Tina Cohen-Chang is the new Rachel. More than Rachel is Rachel. Especially in the opening scene where she’s talking about the Sadie Hawkins dance, and taking control of the meeting and overriding Blaine and Sam. I LOVED IT so much. And yeah, even her performance reminded me of Props, when she actually WAS Rachel Berry… and it makes me both happy and sad. Cause at least someone is being a little Rachel.

The song itself was gorgeous and the more we get to hear Jenna, and only Jenna, the more I appreciate it.

AND CAN WE JUST, WITH THE FLASHBACKS? AND TINA STARING AT BLAINE’S ASS? I died. Absolutely died. Also doodling in your notebook? How Susie Pepper of you. How..Quinn Fabray of you. :)

And the real kicker throughout this performance? BLAINE’S FACE. The way he genuinely adores Tina and is completely OBLIVIOUS to what’s happening — oh my god. I laughed so much. And then when she asks him to the dance, they couldn’t have done it more perfectly. I was so happy they didn’t take the nice way out. I can buy that Tina would develop a crush on Blaine — it makes sense, I just wish they would have had Tina address the fact that Blaine is GAY AS A WINDOW. Why did that never come up?? Maybe in the upcoming episodes.

AT ANY RATE. I love these two and am enjoying seeing them share the screen together. MORE PLEASE. I don’t care how ridiculous it gets, tbh.

Sophy says: I’m not sad that Tina’s storyline involves another romance, because to be honest, if she got an actual romance right about now it would be the first one she’s had since… ever. There were some nice elements to Mike/Tina and especially to Tina/Artie, but the latter was unceremoniously discarded and the former dragged on in the background doing nothing for either character for way too long. An actual front and centre romantic plot for Tina would be amazing. But, you know, um, she can’t really have that with a gay dude now can she?

Still, I love that she tried. Yes, it’s ridiculous and made all the more so by the way she completely refused at various points to address the fact that he’s gay. Like, really Tina? You just now realized that of course he’d be weird about going to the Sadie Hawkins dance with you on account of how this one time he got bullied at one of them? Lol forever.

And I know there have been a lot of complaints about this being a rehash of Mercedes/Kurt back in the day… but it’s really not. Mercedes was technically unaware that Kurt was gay, as he was still in the closet, and she was manipulated by Quinn and Santana into thinking that maybe he just liked nice things or whatever. And then she threw a rock at his car. Was it silly? Sure. But it wasn’t half as silly as this. And I think that’s kind of what makes this work a little better in comparison. Tina knows Blaine is gay. I mean, this is a guy who has questioned his sexuality and answered it with a firm ‘I want the boys’. Tina bore witness to that along with everyone else. She gets it. Blaine is gay as a window. She just… doesn’t care? And that really requires a level of deliciously absurd blind beautiful narcissism that was previously reserved for… Rachel Berry.

Like Rin says, Tina is more Rachel than Rachel is these days. And this whole plotline is kind of a case in point. Because who else decided to fall head over heels for a day for dishy diva Blaine Anderson however homosexual he may be? That’s right. One Rachel Berry. I love that Tina is following in her footsteps. I just hope she doesn’t follow her all the way to the suck that is bearing her name in New York.

And yes, Blaine himself was so glorious. He was pulling all of these adorably oblivious admiring little faces and I just wanted to basically marry them. The faces. My favourite thing was that when he appeared to notice she was singing to him (and only him), he was just kind of like ‘Oh this is nice. I’ll go with it. Isn’t Tina great? How awesome of her to sing this lovely song to me.’ Because as much as he was feeling the awkwardness rising around him, he just didn’t get until the end of it when she asked him to the dance that that was seriously what it was all about. And I love how into the performance he was. Because he and Tina may not have matching sexualities, but Blaine is so into her in all the other ways – and why wouldn’t he be? She’s the new Rachel, after all. I fully expect them to do an absolutely terrible and adorable duet at Christmas time. There is no other way.

But yeah. More Blaine/Tina, no matter how ridiculous it is. I’ll take it.

And finally, Jenna sounded superb. And her feelings-faces were the best. And this was so unequivocally and easily the best performance of the episode. And I’m not just saying that because all the others were painful.

(They were painful.)


Biggest LOL

“Years of honorable melodies and harmonies, all forgotten.”

Rin says: I think this is an awfully transparent and flimsy way to get the Warblers disqualified so the New Directions can compete again. It’s silly.

BUT THIS SCENE. THIS SCENE. AND ROUNDFACE WARBLER. Oh my god. I knew there was a reason you were my favourite Warbler.

And Hunter. With the syringe in his mouth. Amazing.

Sophy says: On a plot level, this is the absolute fucking worst. On a LOL level? It’s king.

I just. HONOURABLE MELODIES AND HARMONIES. AND THE WAY HE WAS JUST WAITING AROUND THE CORNER TO COME OUT AND TELL HIS TALE. And then Finn smiled his dopey little smile and said he was the sunshine of the group. Priceless.


Best Scene

“Have you heard of spell check?”

Rin says: What a surprise, eh? I never saw something like this coming, and can I say that I was pleasantly enjoying every bit of it? They work so well together, and have a chemistry that is seriously charming. More than anything, I love that it brings out different qualities from Kitty and Puck. Puck’s never really had any serious romances on the show, but I feel like this has a lot of potential. They both have a lot of bite and I love that snarky back and forth dynamic, but they also threw a little sweetness in there. And I think that’s what people are going to respond to most. Especially when it might be the first time we’re really seeing beneath the façade of Kitty Wilde.

I think Kitty getting through anything that Puck has written, let alone a screenplay, is pretty telling as it is! But when she said that Puck had promise I actually “Awwww”ed a bit. Puck deserves someone who believes in him.

They’re really fun together, and when we look at all the other current relationships on the show? Glee could do with a bit of fun. I’m excited to see where they go with it, and I hope they don’t just write it off as a LOLationship.

Sophy says: I was totally blindsided by this, but it was much appreciated. For me, Puck works best in tandem with other silly characters. This is why Puck/Rachel was such a blast back in the day. And Kitty, having a certain amount of Original Vintage Rachel Berry in her make-up is just the girl for him now. She’s bitchy enough to keep up with his badass side, but at the same time she’s willing to be cute and frothy with him in a way that, say, Quinn never was. The two of them simply have excellent chemistry, and I actually thought Glee did a good job setting up a plausible reason why Puck would accept her invitation to the dance.

Plus it was really interesting to see Kitty be something bordering on sweet. When they were dancing there and she was telling him he had potential, there were a few seconds where her guard was dropped and she just seemed like a cute little Legally Blonde Reese Witherspoon, rather than a scary, older-man-seducing Election Reese Witherspoon, you know?

I hope this was not a one-off. Puck, like Tina, always got the shaft in terms of romantic relationships, because Rachel belonged to Finn, Santana was gay, and Quinn was secretly gay all along also. So it’s nice to see them trying something new with him, and I hope it sticks.


The OG’s (Original Gleeks)

“We’re like chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven. Sure you know we’re not good for you, but one whiff of our fresh-baked goodness, and the next thing you know, you’re lying in bed, covered in crumbs, crying.”

Rin says: HEHE! Again! Both of their scenes were really well done and in a world where good Glee scenes are rare, you have to honour what you can. And this goes under the OG’s category because Puck was ON FIRE.

I’m pretty much done with Jake, because it was rather fucking embarrassing that he had to even think about whether to go with Marley or Kitty. You all know I’m not a fan of Marley, but what kind of guy even questions whether or not to go with Marley or Kitty, if he’s actually supposed to like Marley? This is why Jarley is such a joke. Both of them… suck. Haha okay, I’ll expand. They suck hard.

Having said all that though, if it was just an elaborate round-a-bout way to get to Puck/Kitty? I’ll take it.

And then fucking laugh when Jake gets angry at Puck for dating Kitty.


“Aren’t you underage?”
“I have a fake ID.”
“Good enough for me.”

Sophy says: Seriously they were fantastic. And Rin is right, Puck was on fire in this episode. Kitty really lights him up, you know? And as sweet as it is that he has a new brother and all, he needs to spend less time around him and more around Kitty, because Jake is seriously failing to ignite. And the more time he spends with damp dishcloth Marley the less ignitey he’s going to get.

Jarley really is a joke. It is such a fucking joke that I’m not even bothering to say no to it in the appropriate category. Suffice to say Jake is tacky as fuck, Marley is needy as fuck, neither of them would be into each other in real life, and I am into neither of them in any life ever. When Jake started saying how amazing she was at the dance? I was just covering my face with my hands and rocking back and forth and then I was typing “WHY? WHY THOUGH? SERIOUSLY WHY?” to Rin on yahoo.

Marley, Jake and Ryder need to go off anD play One Tree Hills elsewhere. Kitty and Puck can stay and be awesome.

And yeah. GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME. Fucking gold.


Rophy Says No!


Rin says: I hate them for ruining everything that was great about Blam.

And the one good thing that was left about Sam.

But suddenly making everyone in love with Sam?

Can we not?

Especially when every time he’s onscreen I want to punch his face because they’ve taken it too far and he’s no longer the cute adorable puppy that he once was. He’s just plain annoying.



Sophy says: Sam is officially dead to me. I kept wanting to look away every time he was on-screen in this episode, and when he did an impression to say he’d go to the dance with Brittany? I almost tried to punch my laptop. It’s not fair! My laptop did nothing to deserve this shit.

But seriously, I am so over his face that I thanked Rin profusely for illustrating ‘Blam’ with caps of Blaine telling Tina about his crush, rather than actual pictures of Blam trying to happen.

Because Blam, my friends, is the worst. No okay, Bram is the worst. But Blam is a close second. Because seriously, we can’t have a single fucking friendship that isn’t really a crush? We had high hopes for Brittany/Sam managing to actually be platonic… but no. And now in this episode not only is Tina crushing on Blaine, but Blaine is crushing on Sam? Sigh.

And you know, Blaine/Tina gets away with it, just, because they are both so effing adorable. But Blaine/Sam ceased being adorable the minute they started having Sam try 568 times harder than anyone should to be cute n’ quirky in every single scene.

I also feel that it’s OOC for Blaine to be crushing on Sam. But you know, what do I know? The truth is probably that Blaine has been into Sam all this time, you guys. That’s why he was always so mean to Santana. Or something.


Look. I get that Blaine is someone very insecure and needy, who seeks validation from other boys when he can’t get it from Kurt. I do. But at the same time, I feel like the cheating incident was a big deal for him. I feel like losing Kurt over it was a big deal for him too. I just can’t see him crushing on someone else when I believe he would very much be pining after what he’s lost. Having him be willing to move on so fast just makes him seem shallow. But then, that seems to be the name of the game this season, doesn’t it? I mean, look how fast Brittany realized her dream was always to be a straight white female in a straight white relationship with a straight white male? (Yeah, still not over that one.) Kurt’s asking out Blaine 2.0 based on a British accent and a truly horrible rendition of Baby Got Back. Quinn’s shagging her professor off screen. And Rachel is making it her mission in life to show us just how interchangeable Finn and Donkey Face are for her.

Rin says: Oh yeah totally. It didn’t make any sense for Blaine to move on so quickly. I’m pretty sure Blaine would give anything to take back what he’d done and be with Kurt again. Surely that much time hasn’t passed when he admitted to Sam that Kurt is the love of his life. It felt really off for him to suddenly be all googly eyed again.


Rin says: Honestly? It’s like a virus has taken over Rachel’s body, and episode by episode she’s getting further and further away from the utterly beautiful and perfect person she once was. And instead what we get is… this very empty shell that I seem to care very little about. Her outburst at Brody was cringe-worthy because I knew it wasn’t going to get any traction. It wasn’t going to mean a single god damn thing because yep, here comes Brody with his bullshit about a late train and waiting for the train forever blahlablahl and Rachel goes all doe-eyed again and there’s no problem at all! :)

Urgh. I’m sick of the Brochel show because it’s just… pointless. It’s a pointless plot that doesn’t advance the story or build and character for Rachel. If anything it has ruined her for me. I can only hope that she’s not ruined forever.

Also the whole time Brody was giving his speech I kept feeling like we were in bad romcom land again. It really did reek of it, and I can’t stop feeling annoyed that they’ve reduced Rachel to such a blank, generic character. Rachel Berry was special. She was unique. She was a fucking symbol for everyone who was a little strange and different, but driven and inherently good and kind. She was so many things that I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I was to make a list. And somehow they thought it necessary to make, I don’t know? Rachel more likeable? Which meant stripping away everything that made her… human? Everything that made her a 3-dimensional character that was someone to be admired?

And I hate to sound like a broken record in every recap, but that’s just how much it bothers me and each time I get reminded of the Rachel we’ve lost. I used to think Glee could never be without Rachel Berry, but more recently I’m beginning to think keeping her around for the sake of it is doing a lot more worse than good.

p.s. How dare they ruin THAT SONG.

Sophy says: Yeah, it’s getting so bad that I almost just don’t care anymore. I almost just don’t even care about Rachel Berry. Because she’s not Rachel Berry and that’s a fact. Seriously if you tell me this girl is Rachel Berry all grown up? I will laugh in your face. Because sure, you can toughen up. You can get a little more serious about things. You can learn that it’s okay to move on and let some of your ideals go. All of that is fine. But the thing is that you don’t just drop all of your quirks and mannerisms overnight – you couldn’t even if you tried and you should never try, especially if you have Rachel Berry’s quirks and mannerisms and are basically what made me watch the show in the first place!

Rachel, this season, has simply gone from larger-than-life to one-size-fits-all. I feel like she has morphed, without warning, into Sarah Jessica Parker’s character from Sex And The City. And that is not what I signed on for with this show, Murphy and co. It really fucking is not what I signed on for.

And like Rin, I was frustrated by the hyper-cliched you’re-late-and-dinner’s-cold tantrum she had at Brody, because we all knew it was just the set up for him to say some gooey things to her and for her to melt. This is what gets me. As far back as Rachel’s violently un-Rachel tirade at Finn at the end of 404, people were squealing at how Woman Power she’d gotten… and I was calling it. I was fucking calling it and I have been proven right every step of the way. Rachel may have been soft and needy and easily-stomped-on and too forgiving about it in series 1 – 3. But at least there was never any indication that she wasn’t aware of it. So she wasn’t feisty when it came to matters of the heart. Big deal. Nobody’s perfect. And Rachel had so many other ways of being a hell of a feminist icon.

But now she’s trying to be ~sexy and ~strong and stand up to the men in her life and move on sans sleepless nights and basically be the cliche of the liberated female… except it’s all smoke and mirrors. She’s putty in Brody’s hands every bit as much as she was putty in Finn’s hands. It’s just that Brody’s better at molding her…


This is really how I feel. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and want to cry because of what Glee has done to Rachel Berry. I will never understand it and I will never be okay with it.

And yeah, the murder of ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’ was criminal. Well, all murder is criminal. But this was especially so.


Congratulations! We didn’t hate you?

“All right, let the record state that the ladies of McKinley are grateful to Tina Cohen-Chang.”

Rin says: Don’t look at me like that. I have no idea how it happened either. Maybe because she was being cute and self-deprecating, but won back her groove via the means of TINA COHEN-CHANG.

Yeah. That might have something to do with it.

Sophy says: Lauren is more entertaining than Rachel.




Head In Hands

Dotty. Always Dotty.

Rin says: I literally scream out ‘DOTTY!!!!’ anytime she’s back on our screens. There has never been a misstep.

I think stoner Brett is lame, but I couldn’t help adore her adoring him.

Plus I really loved the whole ‘Too Young To Be Bitter’ club. It was so cute, and again so very Rachel Berry of Tina. And I have to mention that I was insanely happy to see Sugar again. I had missed her greatly.

Sophy says: I could get behind Stoner Brett/Dotty. Or anyone/Dotty. Or just Dotty.

Yeah, more Dotty. That’d be cool.


Most Rophy

“What? You’re not talking about Gay Blaine?”

Rin says: He’s not the love of your life Tina. Calm down.

(Becky was out of this world amazing in this episode.)

Sophy says: HE’S THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. :-.

And yes, Becky was superb. HER FACE. She’s just ever so amused. But I have to give a runner-up mention to Kitty and “I like bacon too much.”

So do we, Kitty. So do we.


Quinn Glory Shot

She’ll be driving six white horses when she comes.

Rin says: Even if this is the last time we can ever feel happy.

I want to try and remember her face.


Her face.

It’ll be the only light left… in a world without Faberry.

Sophy says: Yeeha. :(

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  1. Caroline
    Caroline at · Reply

    I’ve officially become a Rophystan if I’m the first comment after the last two fucking essays I wrote. That’s cool. I’ll be a Rophystan, if you’ll have me (I live in ‘merica so don’t worry, y’all are a day and airfare I don’t have away. No real Eminem Stanning). I have to note that you got rid of the Best “Brittany is Random” category. No Britt makes me sad. :( I understand it, I really do, but I wanted you to make Brittany telling Marley she can hear her whimpering about Jake the best. Marley’s expression would’ve been the same as…every?…other?…cap you’ve ever had of her?? Sigh. I’m also sad you didn’t like Tell Him, purely because of Heather’s dancing. Ignoring the lyrics and all, Heather dancing? Making happy dancing faces? Not gonna lie, I haven’t screamed in excitement like that since I Wanna Dance W/ Somebody (Who Loves Me). Again, I get your feelings, I truly do. I just miss her.

    Yes to Puck!!! And yes to Puck’s new chin pubes!!!

    I agree with you SO FUCKING MUCH about Jenna’s solo!!!! I listened to it before the ep came out and I was SO HAPPY!! I knew what the plotlines for this ep were going to be so I came into this with zero expectations (it actually makes Glee…kind of enjoyable? when you expect nothing) and I was just so thrilled at Jenna’s performance. But, when I sat down to collect my thoughts so that I could write you guys a coherent comment all I could think was this:

    Someone in the writers’ room is apparently in the Geometry portion of their GED curriculum and they brought their homework into a pre-season brainstorming session. AND LOOK AT ALL THE TRIANGLES, EVERYBODY!!! Scalene, isosceles, equilateral. Hi triangles!! Oh, guess what?!?! I was doodling when I should’ve been taking notes and I just wrote all these character names on the triangle sides!! Finn-Rachel-Brody. Who the fuck is Brody? Ummm…Brittany dated some, like, 7-year-old back in season 1 named Wes Brody…Oooo Brody Weston!!! Let’s make him this new love interest for Rachel!!! ORIGINAL IDEA, YOU GUYS!!! O_o
    Ok, what else did I put down? Brittany-Sam-Santana. Ok, sure! Britt and Sam are kind of siblingesque but WHATEVER!! They were just doodles in class. I’m sure Ryan won’t okay them being real plotlines. Ryder-Marley-Jake. Who are they? Oh, we’re not going to give them characteristics? Just gonna throw them onto the equilateral? Looks good to me!! Tina-Sam-Blaine. Wait, what?? Isn’t Sam being used in one already?? Oh Ryan likes…I mean, Ryan thinks all the girls in the audience live for Sam being shirtless??? Ummm…BRILLIANT!! Let’s put him in as many potential romantic equations as possible cuz then maybe we can take his shirt off!! Hell yeah!! Let’s storyboard from here!!! Go!!

    Seriously. This is what happens in the writers’ room. I’m certain of it. All that this episode made me realize was how much they’ve dropped the ball on all of these characters. I mean, Season 4 could’ve had real character development. We could’ve had storylines like:

    a)Sam and the synchronized swim team (that went the way of Samcedes and Sam’s dyslexia) but it could’ve been a fucking season-long arc and been his ticket to college or something. And he could’ve been in a goddamn Speedo for the half the season so couldn’t we all have been happy? Geez.

    b) Brittany/Sugar/Tina/Blaine fearsome foursome friendship!! Last season there was a lot of “what are the people graduating gonna do next year?” None of that has been addressed this season except for one throwaway comment by Blaine about applying to NYADA. WTF are the rest of these kids gonna do? And I wanted these four to have some goddamn slumber parties. I wanted to see them in pajamas (I want Britt to have Michelle’s cow pajamas because SHE WOULD and Tina would wear her Panda hat) and they could happen at Brittany’s house so we can meet her Mom (Lisa Kudrow) and her little sister, who’s in Mensa, and it would be fucking glorious. And you could’ve thrown in Marley and Unique to a sleepover if WE HAVE TO FUCKING GET TO LIKE THEM, SHOW!!

    c) Rachel making some weird older girl friend (there’s a space for a reason, Rophy, sit back down) and having this female friendship type thing. Like, having a female best friend who maybe takes Rachel under her wing and shows her the ropes of NY and the college experience and…Idk…just a real Rachel-real friend relationship. I’d even let them keep Brody as a creepin’ smarmfuck as long as Rachel just shuts him down all the time.

    d) Kurt/Rachel college experience. The one they’re not having.

    As far as canon-Rachel is concerned, I don’t understand how one of the NYC taxis didn’t run her over while she spent ten minutes crossing the street and never looking around her. Truly dead Rachel is better than the dead Rachel they’re giving us?? :'( WHY???

    And shut up about a world without Faberry ok? You’re worried about ep. 12? Shit, why don’t we worry about ep. 14? Just go back to Season 1 Rophy…let’s all go back there and join hands and sing kumbayah and forget everything else. Come. Let’s sit down.

    1. Ned
      Ned at · Reply

      Brittany Is Random – “Well, hello, my name’s Brittany!” :)

      1. Caroline
        Caroline at · Reply

        :) Ned, you’re the best. I’m sending you about a thousand hugs right now. I also totally take back the “truly dead Rachel” comment. Can’t believe I said that. I don’t mean it!!! I take it baaaaaaaack!!!

  2. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    ‘Oh this is nice. I’ll go with it. Isn’t Tina great? How awesome of her to sing this lovely song to me.’

    This reminded me so much of the “young Burt Reynolds” thing and how great it is to see Blaine’s thought process mapped on his face. There’s something amiss…wait…I can spin this into a compliment…go Blaine! Who’s the best Anderson? You are!

    Roundface Warbler – funniest Samism all episode for me. There’s a bit of a show/tell problem with Sam being The Funniest Dude Of All Time, and it’s reminding me of Finn being ~heroic. If I don’t buy it, telling me it’s true fifty times doesn’t change my mind.

    Kitty/Puck makes no sense (…but it’s Glee) but could have interesting potential. (I hereby predict it goes nowhere.) The fake ID thing…oh, Puck. Sigh.

    I’m tempted to see Jarley’s “You’re awesome!” “No you’re awesome!” exchange as the show telling us they know perfectly well how lame this is?

    Re your No to Blam, I adore that you managed to say No to almost everything else in one paragraph. Particularly interchangeable Finn and Donkey Face. I think much of the reaction/aftermath to Blaine cheating is pretty plausible, but it all rings false because there wasn’t a valid setup of it. And I think some of that is true for Rachel. I can see some of New Rachel in the same light; I can see someone in her position struggling at NYADA and developing a fake front to deal with it. I can imagine a journey from “there’s nothing ironic about show choir” to “Kurt, you absolutely cannot join show choir”. But there’s absolutely no canon setup for it, there’s just this brand new unexplained character. Sigh. (Also, I’m not sure Rachel would approach things this way, however stressed, because she’s not just any girl, she’s Rachel Berry. Whereas I think I can imagine Blaine being a cheater, if I try hard enough.)

    P.S. Kitty/bacon? Quinn 2.0? Be more obvious, show, I dare you.

  3. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Dotty….too cute and funny. I liked the Too young to be bitter club. Sigh…..not much else. I am so depressed. Boo hiss. Quinn Fabray glory shot….YES. Like air…….oh and round face warbler has always been my favorite.

    “…..where have all the flowers gone….long time passing….” sings wistfully…

  4. Elysse
    Elysse at · Reply

    I am so upset that they’ve ruined Blam because they were so great. And I totally agree about Blaine probably wouldn’t have moved on that easily. Stop ruining all the best platonic relationships Glee!!

    And also sadly I don’t even see the point of Rachel being around anymore. She used to be the most driven character on the show, but now all she cares about is Brody Brody Brody. Gross. Also Brody is dumb. He couldn’t send Rachel a text to say “hey my train is running late?” I just can’t deal with either of them anymore, I’ll probably just use their scenes as a snack break or something from now on.

    But I loved the Too Young To Be Bitter Club lolol. I would have been in that club. And also yay for more Tina!

  5. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    You are correct, no to all things Blam. EXCEPT. There was that little high five in the locker room, and Blaine’s pathetic little fist pump and cry of, “Blam!” That was too adorable for words.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Kitty/Puck. And I think it’s because I don’t really like Puck as much as a lot of other people do. I mean, seriously, he did get a girl drunk in order to have sex with her. And he is a completely irresponsible man whore. I see the perspective of how people have turned that into a cute puppy kind of thing, but…I guess I just don’t feel like that. He’s had moments, but he’s just not my favorite.

    I can only think that they must be really pushing this awful Brody/Rachel stuff as a way to make people feel better about Finn/Rachel again. And that kind of pisses me off because it has worked on me. I’d much rather have her back with Finn than be with this dick. BUT I’d much rather her be single, be an actual independent woman, and be actual Rachel Fucking Berry. I’ve stopped holding my breath, though. (I did have a realization this morning that Rachel is basically UHauling It with Brody, as they have only been together since THANKSGIVING and are already talking about moving in together. So, there IS hope that she’s a lesbian after all.)

    The everyone’s in love with Sam/Tina loves Blaine/merry-go-round of crushes is interesting. It actually is a somewhat reality based representation of high school. Everyone likes everyone, and that changes so rapidly. The problem, though, is that in S1-3, they DIDN’T do a reality based version of relationships, and everyone was “in love.” So now it just feels awkward, and like they are doing their characters a disservice.

    I’m confused about the pessimism about the upcoming episode? Did you come across a spoiler of some kind? All I’ve seen is the preview for the ep., and I don’t see it as the end of the world? I have heard rumors of LATER episodes (didn’t want to, but twitter doesn’t really allow you to stay in the dark about anything). Is that the concern? I guess I don’t really want to know because I don’t want spoilers, and I know you guys don’t like talking about them. I was just confused.

    Thanks, Rophy, for the recap. It’s nice every week to have a place to discuss, and vent feelings about this damn show. :)

  6. Kimberly
    Kimberly at · Reply

    Loved the recap! :) Especially the section on Tina’s song.

    At this point I feel like the writers want us to think NY Rachel is lame. Asking Brody to move in? No one could possibly think that’s not lame and pathetic. Right? Right? I’m really hoping here.

    Sadly, I’m finding Kurt just as lame. Hanging out with this new sadsack Rachel Berry? Kurt, you are better than that. I also hate Mr. Adam’s Apples. Too old for Kurt and too dull. There are certainly hotter and more interesting gay men in NY than that.

    I loved all of Blaine’s faces in this episode. I loved him during Tina’s song, and I loved him with his silly crush-faces at Sam. I especially loved his laughing at Sam’s stupid impressions. I can do without Blam, but it does give us Blaine-faces, at least.

    Tina was awesome and adorable in this episode. See, Glee, she can handle a storyline. MOAR TINA PLZ.

  7. Royai
    Royai at · Reply

    I’m going to be honest I only skimmed this because Glee has finally pushed me too my limit. As much as I love your recaps they make me think too much. So I’m going back to my little bubble where I can mindlessly watch TV without trying to overanalyze everything. It’s been fun.

  8. christina
    christina at · Reply

    so i didn’t read every single thing you guys said about this ep, but me and sophy already tweeted about how much i hated it. like “glee” is hanging by a thread and it’s sad that it’s basically jumping the shark by the 4th season. because like sophy pointed out, the main character is being assassinated. rachel is no longer rachel. i know to some people the blaine/sam or blaine/tina stories were entertaining, but to me it’s just poor writing. because in the last episode we had blaine visiting kurt in NYC and saying how he wants to go to NYADA as well and now both him and kurt have crushes on other guys, one of which blaine KNOWS is straight. so no. that storyline was just stupid to me. and don’t even get me started on the rachel and brody debacle. because really!? they’re not even officially together and she’s asking him to move in? what is that bullshit!? i’m sorry but rachel berry, the one we all love, would not just leap at such a drastic step. this is the girl who said she wanted to wait to lose her virginity until she was 25. she especially wouldn’t do this without consulting with her bff kurt who is also her roommate and who she has been neglecting for this donkey. all i have to say is that they better make up for this horrible episode when quinn comes to visit and she better rip rachel a new one and say like “who are you?” but i fear that quinn will be in one scene and i will then have to cry. i’ve been waiting for this faberry reunion for what seems like forever and i’m sure you both feel the same way. let’s hope they haven’t assassinated their awesome dynamic. and if so, we definitely need more ASWD updates like now! lol

  9. gabirol
    gabirol at · Reply

    Guys, why are you getting angry at the show for saying that Rachel loses herself when Quinn is not around? If Faberry is indeed, as Ms. Michele put it, a THING, then we WANT to see that without that thing, Rachel is diminishing into no-thingness. Without even realizing, UNTIL. Eh?

  10. Daz
    Daz at · Reply

    NO. NO. NO. I was good with my silent rage and low expectations, until gabirol’s comment. WHY?! Now I am totally seeing it in my head, how Quinn shows up and asks Rachel what has happened to her and she will sing Torn and then the three of them (Q, S, R) realize they’re not really living their lives while concentrating on stupid romances and so they will sing “Lovesong” together, before happily moving on to self-independent lives with each other as great friends to turn to.

    And I will most likely cry during the next episode during which all my new hopes will be dashed one by one.

    Thanks, gabirol.

    Thanks a bunch. :D

  11. Daz
    Daz at · Reply

    Ah, I feel a bit better now.

    Torn is about whether or not to take her top off in a show.

    Hahaha. My expectations have lowered. Yay.

    1. Caroline
      Caroline at · Reply

      I think you may be pleasantly surprised. :)

  12. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    Thank you for fighting the good fight and continuing to recap. You find the silly cute things. And you help articulate the tragedy that is the assassination of Rachel Berry. And I fear Faberry being collateral damage. Did they really think they needed to make Rachel more likable? Isn’t it every creators dream to have a polarizing figure? I mean apart from the fact that the haters are not people with valid opinions who should be listened to. I think they somehow decided Rachel wasn’t the heart and driving force of the show. That it wasn’t necessarily about a high school glee club (at least it wasn’t to me…that just happened to be the setting).

    They could still recon this and make me believe it was in character. But I’m sick of having whole seasons of them killing us. Of the hard fan work of watching a character being destroyed for what appears to be no reason. Can I quit you, Glee? With all the blatant fan abuse this season, why should we have any trust that you have a brilliant plan?

  13. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    Tina and Blaine were SO GREAT omg zooming on his butt and just lols all around. Blaine/Obliviousness is the best. Everyone else was just like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TINA” and Blaine is just Blaine-ining it up as usual. Also, can you really blame Tina for falling for Blaine? I would totally fall in love with someone who stole tater tots for me, I mean really.

    TRENT WARBLER. ADORABLE. Also how many times did I watch the Hunter/roid rage scene? Too many times. I FREAKING HATE SPLENDA IT TASTES LIKE PENCILS.

    I ALSO ENJOYED KITTY AND PUCK. Seriously they were more interesting than Jarley (ugh) has been all season. Also, I am just about to watch 4×12, but WHY ARE THOSE TWO SINGING A SONG CALLED A THOUSAND YEARS, THEY HAVE ONLY BEEN DATING FOR FIVE SECONDS AND EVERYTHING LEADING UP TO THAT WAS THE STUPIDEST THING EVER. But yeah, obviously Kitty knows that it’s better to go for the original when it comes to Puckermans.

    I don’t think it’s OOC for Blaine to have a crush, but yeah, I wasn’t really down with the Blam in this episode. SIIIIIIIGH.

    Wow. This episode I actually outright HATED Rachel. Good god. That was awful. What the fuck even was that. I saw the Torn clip for Naked so maybe they’re fixing things? IDK. I am just about to watch.

    Can we please replace all the Jarley scenes with Stoner Brett/Dotty? Yes. Let’s do that.

  14. Dingo
    Dingo at · Reply

    Did I miss something, but I thought Tina and Mike got back together ?

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