408 — Thanksgiving

Best Song

Quinn, Puck, Mike, Santana, Mercedes & Finn – Homeward Bound/Home

Rin says: …………………………………………………………………………

WHAt. WHY. WHY!!!#$!@$!!

Okay. Look. What am I supposed to say?

Holy fuck Glee, this was the perfect way to start the episode? BECAUSE YES, YES IT REALLY WAS. It was like the Christmas episode had come early or something and I was receiving the most wondrous gift in the world and all my life this is all I’ve ever wanted. If my screaming and welling tears of joy weren’t enough to convey my love for this performance, than I don’t know what else I can do!

When I eventually rewatched, because I couldn’t hear a single thing the first time around, I … I….

The wedges. The Quinn Wedges. They just fucking knew, didn’t they? They knew that opening in on the wedges would be the ULTIMATE way to reintroduce Quinn to us.. and then she started singing. And I was so fucking thrilled because YES, that is how you show your characters respect on a show like Glee. YOU LET THEM OPEN A SONG, YOU LET THEM BE THE FIRST THING THE AUDIENCE SEES. YOU MAKE THEM OUT TO BE A BIG FUCKING DEAL, BECAUSE THEY ARE!!!

And then she started singing about sitting in a railway station and having a ticket for ‘my destination’.

‘My Destination’? Huh? Is that Rachel’s new nickname?

And just that opening line makes me think, really think, Glee couldn’t possibly give such a lyric to Quinn, the same Quinn who bought herself and Rachel a metro north pass, and expect us to just overlook it and forget about it. THEY HAVE TO KNOW that we would cling to that and have a bit of renewed hope that they’re not simply going to ignore everything they’ve built up between Quinn and Rachel? SURELY?! But, um, more on that later.

I absolutely loved what Quinn was wearing too, the blue and yellow combo is a killer, along with one of her many Quinnish skirts and yes, again, her wedges.

I absolutely adored the way the other kids piled in one by one, and my smile was just getting bigger and bigger as each new person walked in. PUCK! MIKE!!! SANTANA!!!! MERCEDES!!!!!!!! FINN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … Yes, really. I think by the time Finn walked in was when I really started to well up because it seriously felt like a coming home of sorts. And then Quinn bounded across to Finn and wrapped her arms around him and their size difference and the way they both BEAMED with happiness. I also loved how it was like, Quinn and her boys — the ones she could say goodbye to but would always have a place for.

AND THEY STOOD ACROSS FROM EACH OTHER, AND SUNG TO EACH OTHER. And it had a feeling of ‘We Are Young’ to it because they were singing about making this place their home and and carry me home tonight.. and and :-. I just love these kids so freaking much, and it’s so nice to see them back together and their shiny faces!

I hadn’t heard of these songs before, but they were the perfect choice for this moment. I adore the way all of their voices come together, and the way Santana and Mercedes take turns with the harmonising/runs. It was really gorgeous, and it’s definitely a keeper for my Glee playlist. Except that 9/10 whenever I listen to it I get really sad and mourn the loss of Old Glee… Hmm….

Something that also stands out for me is how it contrasts to these guys making this place their home, whilst Rachel and Kurt ran away from this place saying it was no longer home to them.

ALL IN ALL, honestly? This was the best thing Glee could do in my eyes, for the start of this episode to welcome back Quinn Fabray. I really feel like they gave her the centre stage like she deserved, and I’m really happy/relieved. Plus, her face? It had been missing from my screen for FAR TOO LONG, and it was so nice to have it back, to stroke and caress with tenderness.

Sophy says: Oh my god, you cannot make jokes about Rachel’s nickname being “My Destination”. All it does is make me imagine Quinn taking Rachel to a tattoo parlour on her birthday and getting it branded on her ass. God.

But yes. I don’t… I don’t think we can really explain to you in actual words the level of emotion we felt at having Quinn Fabray on our screens again. If you want to get some kind of idea how it felt you should just go and check out the video. And I’d recommend not wearing headphones because Rin does a lot of screaming and it’s not like I can blame her for it, but nobody wants a perforated ear-drum.

Speaking of which, I’m not sure whether it was Rin’s screaming or just my body going haywire, but I couldn’t hear much of the first song when we were watching either. Or any of the conversations that followed. I had this ringing in my ears and this weird floaty sensation going on LIKE I WAS HAVING SOME KIND OF OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE, and I guess that’s just what Quinn Fabray does to me AND I’M NOT ASHAMED TO ADMIT IT.

But yeah. It was kind of hilarious, because Rin and I had planned to just stay in the google hang-out up until Quinn appeared and then clear out and watch the episode in private… but then Quinn was there. IMMEDIATELY.


And how brilliant is it that wedges have become such a Quinn trademark that we all immediately knew?

I was pretty much tearing up the moment she foottranced. And then her gorgeous, shiny face was on the screen and it was just too much, and her hair was so long and silky, LIKE A BEAUTIFUL LABRADOR, and she had this blue and yellow going on, and a little ladylike scarf, and have I ever told you how much I love Quinn’s ladylike little outfits? Because I really, really do.

But seriously, even the second (third, fourth, fifth…) time around watching this I was a mess. And it only got worse when all the other Original Gleeks started pouring into the auditorium, and I thought to myself how this was the real callback to ‘Don’t Stop Believin”, Marley and her red shirt and her stupid face be damned. And Rin is right. It definitely had a ‘We Are Young’ kind of vibe to it as well, especially with the group hug at the end. Except it was more like our friendships are old and precious. And.


WHY WHY WHY? I’m convinced Kurt would have come too if she had. Not fair.

Rin makes a really good point about the juxtaposition of this song with Rachel raving on in New York about how Lima really isn’t home anymore (to the point where she’s questioning her attachment to her own family traditions, I mean WHAT?). And that makes me terribly sad… but at the same time it does give me hope that Rachel is just working through things. And that one day, say maybe in the season 4 finale, Quinn will be the one to carry her home. The others can follow throwing rose petals.

But enough fantasizing. For now I’ll just say that when I could finally focus enough to actually listen to the song I found it beautiful, and beautifully sung by all. And I want all of their faces to marry each other. And then I will marry the married faces.

Quinn, Santana & Brittany – Come See About Me

Rin says: When this first started, I’m pretty sure all I was saying was ‘NO’ over and over again because oh my god. WHAT. Thank god my heart is relatively young and healthy, otherwise I would have been in trouble. They got up, and the music started.. and it was I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER ALL OVER AGAIN AND WHAT?! THAT WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST GLEE PERFORMANCES AND??! IT WAS HAPPENING ALL OVER AGAIN.

They really couldn’t have picked a more perfect song for Dianna to sing lead on, because seriously? She suits these ‘oldie’ songs more than anything and I love that Glee acknowledge that and continue to give her material that she excels at. Also, I had seen that promo picture of Quinn with Finn and Puck on stage, so I knew that she would be singing, but it was such a nice surprise that they gave her another big number all to her lonesome — and that it included so much DANCING in an amazing synchronised performance with Britt and Santana. It was just.. the best homage they ever could have done to how these three started on the show. I will never not love Glee for giving us this, is what I’m saying.

AND THERE WERE SO MANY QUINN HANDS. YOU KNOW THE ONES. And and..and.. Quinn spins. :-. Oh man. I had missed this so fucking much, a lot more than I had realised. It was also really….silky.

Now? Shall we get into it? As in, the lyrics? Have you guys actually listened to the lyrics? Because honestly, only one thought can spring to your minds.


It’s so fucking Faberry.

To quote Sophy, Quinn is always singing a little bit to Rachel. And I would just go ahead and add this song to the list, because jesus. She probably has some pathetic hope that Tina will email Rachel and tell her that Quinn sang this song, and that Rachel would just know. PATHETIC. You need to stop being so subtle Quinn. JUST GO TO FUCKING NEW YORK ALREADY. THANK YOU! :)

I was basically Kitty throughout this entire performance. Except curled up in a ball on the floor.

Also? Santana looked amazing.

Finally? Hello new ringtone that I probably won’t be able to bring myself to change for a few years.

Sophy says: Fucking hell. This was just amazing. I mean it was seriously AMAZING. I never would have dreamed that we’d get Quinn singing not once but twice in her very first episode back, and it does go some way towards mitigating her absence in the previous seven episodes, and what I fear will be her absence in many episodes to follow.

But just wow. This was the sweetest callback to ‘Say A Little Prayer’, wasn’t it? And somehow it was made all the more adorable that Quinn was wearing her little lady outfit, and Santana was in her sexy dress with her rocking hair-do, and Britt was still in her Cheerios uniform just like back in the day.

And God, yes, the lyrics. I mean. HOW. I’m serious.

I’ve been crying cos I’m lonely for you
Smiles have all turned to tears
But tears won’t wash away the fears
That you’re never ever gonna return
To ease the fire that within me burns


She covers it well in this episode, but I really do believe she’s just a little bit heartbroken that Rachel didn’t show up. Oh Quinn, always trying to play it cool, always looking like a fool.

She is the best thing in the world. And the DANCING. I actually thought this was an extremely successful dance routine. There was nothing particularly flashy about it, but it had style and precision and a logic to it, and it just really worked. Plus, like, LOOK AT THEM JUST LOOK AT THEM OH MY GOD.

I must have stared at these caps for, like, an hour when I was trying to write commentary. This is how recaps never get done. When there is this much Quinn around to distract you.

Also Kitty’s face should get a trophy. Seriously she looks like one of those girls in the footage of the Beatles’ performances in the 60’s. Just. Manic and crazy for her idol. And I’m pretty pleased because this was exactly what I wanted. I remember telling Rin that I hoped that when Quinn showed up, Kitty would turn out to be a raging stan. And well, WISH GRANTED.

And Becca really couldn’t have done a better job with it.


Biggest LOL

“Hang with the new chumps and see if some of our sheer awesomeness doesn’t rub off on you. It will.”

Rin says: It’s a serious joke that any of the newbies could ever hope to be as awesome as any one of these wonderfully talented, hilarious, special special special people.

Sophy says: Biggest LOL in a looooong time.


Best Scene

“But… it’s Thanksgiving, and it’s sectionals, and… I miss you like crazy.”

Rin says: Let it be noted that the two Best Songs are also very much in this category.

I really liked the scene prior to this with Kurt and Isabelle in the office, because the advice she gave Kurt really was great advice and it was nice to see some actual mature talk going on.

“In my experience, it’s always easier for me to move on if I’ve either had my apology accepted, or in your case, accepted an apology. You know, sometimes it’s the not forgiving that holds us back.”

This was so on point and I’m glad Kurt had someone give him such crucial advice that will allow him to move on. Whether it be with closure, or finding a way to forgive Blaine. It’s strange that Glee still has the ability to have scenes like that, like they used to ALWAYS have — as in I don’t remember strongly objecting to these moments of reflection early on in the show. Whereas now I recoil from about 99% of bullshit Rachel says, and 100% of what Brody says.

So this conversation Klaine had was so lovely and refreshing, as I had already written off the rest of the episode before this scene. Both Darren and Chris were WONDERFUL, especially since they were acting with a phone and not each other. I also loved that it was during the party-that-shall-not-be-named when Kurt felt the need to call Blaine.

I really like the way they’re handling the Klaine breakup, in the way that neither of them have stopped loving each other. Not at all, it’s just that Kurt (and rightly so) can’t bring himself to forgive Blaine for what he did. It was heartbreaking when Kurt admitted he can’t stand not talking to Blaine, even though he’s mad at him because he’s still his best friend. I just. My babies. It’s also kind of nice to have a cheating storyline play out in an uncommon way. It reminds me of Naomily, and the way they stayed together after Naomi cheated because Emily couldn’t let her go. And although they got pretty toxic, it was still different from the norm, and I appreciated that about it. The same thing is going on here, in that Kurt can’t just be done with Blaine because he hurt him in an unspeakable way, he can’t just stop loving him.  I liked how they made the distinction between Kurt being able to believe that Blaine was sorry for what he had done, but Kurt was still unable to forgive Blaine.

AND THEN THE MOMENT THAT REALLY GOT ME WAS WHEN KURT MADE A CUTE LITTLE REMARK ABOUT SEEING A MOUSE AT THE LIMA BEAN — and Blaine laughed in the way where everything might suddenly be okay. Like he had renewed hope and maybe all was not lost. It was gorgeous.

I can’t wait for Klaine at Christmas.


Sophy says: Yeah, I really didn’t expect anything but Quinn to be getting the Best Scene honour, but this was too perfect to be denied.

I continue to really like Isabelle, party-that-shall-not-be-named nothwithstanding, and I agree with Rin that her advice to Kurt and her support of him afterwards was perfect. Of course, Rachel could have been advising him and supporting him once upon a time, but these days she’s too busy being a completely different person. More on that later.

I really, really like the way they’re handling the Klaine break-up (???), and I agree that it’s refreshing in the same way Naomily was. I just hope it follows through to a plausible and satisfying resolution. No eleventh hour True Love speeches that Fix Everything, please?

But yes, so far, so good. I was quite upset when Kurt was playing games with Blaine’s head by showing up at school and then leaving and refusing to take his calls and returning all gifts and generally punishing him as hard as he could. Not because Kurt didn’t have a right to behave that way – he did, and it was totally understandable. But because it was just fucking sad to see two people who had meant so much to each other be at a place where they couldn’t even communicate like friends. And I was so proud of Kurt for being brave enough to reach out like this, and to understand that it didn’t make him weak to still care, and that he could be kind to Blaine without making what he did okay. That it would actually free him… one way or another.

And god, how cute was it that he was out on the stairs like that all small and vulnerable in the night air? And Blaine’s face. Darren Criss really outdid himself in this scene, to the point where I wanted to laugh with joy and relief and gratitude and cry with all the same things along with him.

He was perfect. Chris was perfect. Scene was perfect.

Now if only they could have Rachel show the same maturity, decency, and self-respect that Kurt showed in this scene. Or, you know, if only they could just let Rachel go back to being Rachel. MORE ON THAT LATER.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“I knew it. Mercedes was cloned.”

Rin says: The way it has just continued to be a thing with Brittany is the best, and made all the better when she says ‘I knew it,’ as if she had been seriously thinking about this for ages. She probably keeps an observation diary just for Unique.

Sophy says: BAHAHAAHHAHA Britt’s ongoing facial recognition difficulties and her fascination with Mercedes’ various metamorphoses is just. THE BEST. And it’s like she’s totally been mulling them over since Mercedes showed up in town and everyone was hugging her like she’d been away and Britt was all ‘whaaaat? MUST INVESTIGATE.’


The OG’s (Original Gleeks)

“Well, I think that it’s sweet that you and Rachel keep in touch, Quinn.”

Rin says: You know what’s one of the nicest parts about this? The fact that we get to see Mike outside of Tina. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WISHED FOR TINA, so I’m still clinging onto hope that we’ll get that too. I WANT MORE MIKE/SANTANA.. and MIKE/QUINN. AND AGAIN, SEND MIKE TO NEW YORK SO HE CAN KILL BRODY AND TAKE OVER HER DANCE TUTORING. I still think it’s the best idea ever. It would be so freaking cute. AND UNEXPECTED BUT GLORIOUS. Mike, you don’t need the dance school :-j Not when we’re never ever going to see you there :-j

SO BREADSTIX! Adorable. It’s so nice to have the gang back together and catching up — even the opening with Puck telling a story about god-knows-what and all of them laughing. I JUST. IT WAS THE BEST FAKE LAUGHTER EVER FROM THE CAST. And I think of how nice it must be for the cast to get to reunite like this, even if it’s just for a little while. YOU’RE STILL THE BEST CAST, NO MATTER WHAT. <333

Um. And when they cheers they said, ‘Here’s to us,’ and I kind of swoon.


Santana asked the golden question, “Has anybody heard from Rachel or Kurt?” ..and I got the tingles. You know the ones. The ones where you know the thing that you’ve been waiting for, for MONTHS was about to go down. All I ever wanted was for them not to ignore Rachel/Quinn, and to at least acknowledge it in SOME WAY. Because if they ignored it, then that pretty much meant they were trying to squash it.




“Well, Rachel e-mailed me. She said she’s not really sure what she’s doing for the holidays yet.”

AND OH MY GOD. I’m not even like, of the position that they would email too much, but this felt canon enough in the way that it wasn’t them being BFF and skyping every night. This was more a hint of the Rachel we know, the Rachel who was over-zealous in her relationship with Quinn… and Quinn would just side eye each email a bit, BUT AT THE SAME TIME THINK IT WAS ADORABLY CUTE. You know it’s true. And then she’d print out the emails and add them to her scrapbook of Rachel, which she reads over every night and keeps under her pillow. To be ~closer to Rachel.


And then Quinn tells Finn that she’s sorry about their breakup… which is kind of ironic considering she spent most of her high school life trying to keep them apart. But it was nice because she kind of knows that all of that is behind them now. But I really doubt that Quinn knows the full story, and that Rachel probably didn’t tell Quinn too much about Brody. Or that she violated the Fabathroom by crying over someone that wasn’t her.


Because it’s working.

But now we kind of need to get into something. Don’t we?

Because. There was an error.

“Well, she basically e-mails me every other week to remind me that I still haven’t used the train ticket that she gave me.”

That she gave me. What. WHAT. WHAT?!?!?!?!? Is this a straight up MISTAKE? It seems like such an obvious, glaring, error.. that maybe it’s not an error at all? I mean, wouldn’t someone point that out? It was a pretty pivotal scene, and it was clear who gave what. It surely isn’t something that say, Dianna would forget either. So, is there another possibility?

Yes. As Sophy pointed out.

It is ENTIRELY possibly that Quinn could just be blatantly lying. Quinn has already revealed that she and Rachel keep in touch, and that she’s the one out of all of them who is the most up-to-date with Rachel’s life. And then Mercedes pretty much SHINES A BIG BEAMING LIGHT on that, and calls it sweet and Quinn? Well Quinn has never really been one to openly admit when she wants something. She gave the tickets to Rachel in private, and I feel like she intends to keep it that way. Especially when she’s at a table of everyone else she went to highschool with, and.. where are their tickets? Quinn? How come you didn’t buy ME a $400 ticket to see you? Santana is basically your ‘best friend’ and she didn’t get SQUAT.

For Quinn it’s suspicious if she lets everybody else know that she bought Rachel a ticket.. but it’s not if it’s the other way around. It’s actually expected. It’s also why both times she says, Rachel emailed me, and she emails me. She’s putting all the ownership onto Rachel, and making it seem like she doesn’t really care and is aloof and cool. We all know Quinn likes to seem a lot more suave than she really is.

I mean, I’m pretty sure in one of Quinn’s reply emails she “casually” asked what Rachel was doing for the holidays while mentioning that she was going back to Lima. Quinn wanted to know if Rachel was going to be back in Lima too. I’m sure of it.

Is it really such a stretch when 90% of Rachel and Quinn’s interactions have been between just the two of them? They’ve always been a bit ‘behind closed doors’ and Quinn isn’t going to go around spilling her Rachel beans if she doesn’t have to.

Also lol. Faberry Heaven. Lols.

Sophy says: No, okay. Just. NO.

And I’m not actually saying no to the potential script error here. I’m just saying a general hysterical, hyperventilatey no to all the feelings I cannot deal with. Because QUINN. TALKED. ABOUT. RACHEL.

This was the one thing Rin and I wanted most from this episode, given that we knew Rachel was unlikely to actually be making an appearance in Lima, and we got it. WE GOT IT. SERIOUSLY I FEEL LIKE WE JUST WON THE FABERRY SECTIONALS OR SOMETHING. I’M HUGGING THE TROPHY AND THERE’S CONFETTI AND SLOW-MO AND I JUST DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH ALL THE FEELINGS I AM FEELING HELP ME.

And Rin is so right. I do have misgivings about the two of them emailing, because I live in fear of the writers deciding to give into what seems to be the majority Faberry fantasy: that the two of them are BFFs who skype at the end of the day and whatnot. That’s not how I see them at all. There are way too many complex emotional layers there (and way too much sexual tension!!!!!!) for them to be BFF-y in any way. I like my Faberry with a side of awkward and I want it to stay that way, until they finally kiss, date, get married, have turkey-baster babies, and live happily ever after.


But yeah, though I was a little concerned about the idea that they’re emailing back and forth, Rin is so right when she says it fits with the overzealousness with which Rachel has always pursued a relationship with Quinn. I mean, I love the idea that Rachel keeps shooting Quinn these badgering emails nagging her to come to New York and filling her in on what’s going on in her life like she’s determined that Quinn will care. I love it so much I could PASS OUT FROM IT AND HIT MY HEAD ON THE TABLE AND ALMOST DIE AND STILL WANT MORE. And meanwhile Quinn is just sitting there loving it every bit as much as I do but making less of a fuss about it, because she doesn’t do fuss, but at the same time, every time an unnecessary missive from Rachel arrives in her inbox, she takes a fluttery little breath, smiles, shakes her head, clicks, and reads and rereads until she’s forgotten where she is and what she was doing and what her name is and HOW TO INHALE AND EXHALE.

And yeah, that’s basically how I arrived at my fanwank of the error, as Rin outlined above. It is perfectly in character for Quinn to be guarded about her relationship with Rachel, for her to guard it, actually, you know the way famous people never talk about their romantic entanglements in interviews because they don’t want them to become a subject of tabloid gossip? LIKE THAT?

I think it makes total sense that Quinn would lie about the tickets and make out like it was 50/50. She doesn’t want everyone to know she’s the dude, after all. Like, if other people are around she has to stop herself from opening doors for Rachel and pulling out her chair. Or it’d all just get too obvious, wouldn’t it?


UM. But yeah, Mercedes, you are right, it really is fucking sweet that Quinn and Rachel keep in touch, and I can’t tell you how much I love that that heavily implies that neither Quinn nor Rachel really keep in touch with the rest of them. Guh.

I always knew Rachel would be the only thing Quinn would try to hold onto. But it’s nice to know that the same is true for Rachel, even if I have to vigorously repress the fact that that’s probably just down to the fact that she’s too busy BEING A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON MORE ON THAT LATER.

And of course Santana would ask about Rachel. Of course she would. And she totally knew Quinn would do the answering. Gayberry. Making out.


“Quinn always was a genius slapper.”

Rin says: Honestly? There is very little I like about this scene.

If anything at all.

I have no idea what the point of this scene was, and I have a feeling it’s going to have a follow-up in the next episode. Or well, it better have a follow-up because none of this made much sense. So I can’t really comment too much on it without knowing where it’s heading.

Except that I will say, Quinn… she was pretty much treading the line of OOC for me. It was funny to me when she started talking about psych, because it did sound like how uni students get a little snobby when they start to think they know more than everybody else. BUT THEN WHAT THE FUCK. Where the hell did this you’re jealous of me shit come from? Literally out of nowhere, and I side with Santana on that one.

And I’m not even going to touch how disturbing it is that Quinn was basically beaming with some kind of pride over the fact that she’s dating a 35 year old professor. The divorcing his wife who hasn’t touched him in three years comment left me dry retching too. But then, the comment from Santana about letting another guy define her life was so ABSURD because Quinn has never let that happen. It literally didn’t make sense.

And you know what it sounded more of? That fakedependence crap that Rachel likes to spew-forth.

And then the real kicker.

Santana very much crossed the line when she brought Beth into it. Honestly, you can’t say “who barely visit their kid” and not expect a slap in the face.

Sigh, the scene just as a whole felt off to me. They’re probably going to use it as a means to get Santana to realise that she just wants to head to New York and join Rachel/Kurt.

Also lol. ‘BIG PLANS FOR QUINN’. Lols.

Sophy says: I’m not even sure what to say about this scene. I feel as though I don’t even understand it enough yet to comment on it. Everything about it felt out of left-field and stilted, and I have to admit that it did take me some time to get over the fact that Santana was stealing Rachel’s rightful place at the Faberry piano and receiving a slap that should have been Rachel’s and Rachel’s alone. Um. When I ship I ship hard. I want it all. Even the physical abuse.

But yeah, this just felt really strange to me. As Rin mentioned it really was at odds with Quinn’s newfound peace, self-respect and, well, general Quinndependence that she would start fucking her Professor like some kind of newbie idiot. And then it was more upsetting still that he was a married man and she seemed chuffed about it, because really, I thought Quinn had left that kind of attention-seeking, self-loathing-masquerading-as-preening behaviour behind. I really, really did. And I have to say that it does look a whole lot like they’re butchering Quinn just like they butchered Rachel. (Though in an entirely different way. At least Quinn is still recognizably Quinn, even if she’s Quinn acting like the last three years never happened.)

And… maybe that almost makes me feel a little better. Like I said when I ship I ship hard. If one of my girls is going to go down I want the other to go down on her. Sorry, with her. And then maybe they can lift each other up where they belong again? Please?


Oh, and another thing that made no sense to me: since when has Santana been ~jealous of Quinn? I never really saw that in their interactions throughout seasons 1 – 3. But then again, it’s not like they had all that many interactions. Sigh.


Rophy Says No!

Everything else.

Rin says: I literally hated every other scene that didn’t contain Quinn, or the Klaine scene.

Most of it is pretty self-explanatory.. but I’ll just touch on the rage highlights.

Marley’s hat. And her belief that EVERYONE IS DEPENDING ON HER. Leave. Now. And never come back.



OH MY GODFATHER. BRODY. AND RACHEL. AND THE WAY IN WHICH RACHEL ACCEPTS BRODY’S “WE’RE ALL ADULTS” I FUCKING HATE WHEN PEOPLE SAY THAT. LIKE BEING AN ADULT IS A DECENT EXCUSE FOR BEING A DICK OF A PERSON. SERIOUSLY. And Rachel swooned. She fucking swooned and let it go SO EASILY. EVEN LAUGHED WHEN HE JOKED ABOUT TAKING CASSIE. Just, urgh. Fucking hell Rachel. Do you not think you deserve to be treated like an amazingly special lady any more or? Standards? Or? No? NO? Nothing? YOU DON’T CARE? You’re just a bad romcom extra anyway?


And guys. I don’t think you understand. THEY RUINED TURKEY. THEY RUINED. TURKEY. Turkey has been the most beloved food of Rophy for.. IDEK 7 YEARS OR SOMETHING. It’s all we ever feed our wives, ffs. So how else are we supposed to react when they do the LAMEST MOST CLICHE THING IN THE BOOK and get all disgusting and gross with the turkey? Seriously? It was the worst. It was COSMOS AND PENISES ALL OVER AGAIN. Christ. Why do Glee insist on ruining everything that was good and holy with Rachel Berry and turning her into the swoony doe-eyed, WHY I JUST FALL TO PIECES WHEN THE SUN SHINES ON MY HAIR’D.


Marley and the tic tac just makes me fucking laugh. Honestly. Sad. Pathetic shot at making something dramatic.

I mean. The tic tac was just left there on the basin.



Two Warbler songs? Please refer back to my anger over the Warbler’s getting two songs back in 314. And even then, at least the songs weren’t offensively bad. BUT SINGING WHISTLE? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? That’s almost one of the worst songs of the year. And oh god, I just learned the second song they sung was One Direction. Seriously? Why.

AND THEN RACHEL SAID SHE’S SCARED THAT THE PART OF HER LIFE WITH HAVING FAMILY HOLIDAYS IS OVER. LIKE A MORON. This combined with her earlier scene with Kurt and saying how being home just makes her feel sad and like she’s not moving forward? It just makes me think Rachel doesn’t even really care about her dads. =)) She’s all, go home for thanksgiving and see my family? NAHHHHH. NOT IMPORTANT :-j STAYING IN NEW YORK AND RUBBING TURKEY WITH BRODY IS THOUGH! 8-. It’s like she has become too cool to spend time with her family during the holidays. AND IT JUST DOESN’T SIT RIGHT WITH ME.

And multiple people asked me whether or not I loved the ‘kiki’ scene.

I didn’t. I hated it. I was not amused. It actually made no sense, seeing as Isabelle was going to spend Thanksgiving at home by herself watching tv, and generally being sad. And I expected them to have a cute little do where they could be orphans together… and then it just turned into one of the worst things ever. I’m all for crack, especially in Gleeverse. But this was just plain stupid.

Now I’ve told you, now you know.

Now this brings me to my final, and perhaps biggest, NO.

Gangam style. And Tina singing the lead, and how now Glee are going to point at this and say, ‘WE GAVE TINA THE SPOTLIGHT! SEE! SHE’S SINGING LEAD!!’ … and honestly? Go fuck yourselves. It’s actually quite disturbing how Tina couldn’t just go out and have an amazing ballad — like Rachel would, and instead her role is to sing lead on a lolsy song. She couldn’t have an actual serious, moving, wonderful, poignant, bold, tear-jerkingly beautiful moment like Rachel had so many times in the past. Nope. GIVE TINA, THE ASIAN, THE ASIAN SONG.

Honestly. All I’m going to say is that if Glee were just as serious about casting any of the other kids in the lead role, then that’d be okay. But I just feel like they went, LOL GANGAM, THIS WILL BE TINA’S SONG. And I just, cannot. Plus, it’s a stupid fucking song and I am not amused, and any show choir who did it wouldn’t have a shot of winning.

It’s fucking shameful.

Let’s go from Streisand’s “Don’t Rain On My Parade” to a song that noone will care about next year.

Yeah. Great work Glee. GREAT WORK.

Sophy says: Yeah. There really are no words. This episode was one hell of a best/worst, in that the first 15 minutes or so were sheer Quinn Fabray heaven, and then as soon as Quinn Fabray started getting limited to reaction shots only… it nosedived. Or is that nosedove?

Obviously you all know how I feel about Marley by now. But that single tic-tac? It was so earth-shatteringly awful that is actually made me laugh. Out loud. I mean, it should probably have been Biggest LOL but in all the wrong ways. And I called it. I called it right from the start when she’s whining about how much people depend on her because she’s such a star you guys, and moping about her shrinking dresses and whatnot. I called that she would pass out on stage. And I could not have been more bored about it.

I also called everything about Jake and Ryder’s plot. Also boring. The only part I liked was Jacob breaking out the ballet. I could do with more of that. And as much as I hate Marley, it was kind of gross to see the boys trading her for parts like she was some kind of mindless drip who couldn’t make her own decisions. Except she kind of is. Everybody gets a free pass on misogyny when it comes to Marley! :)

Next big problem: the music. Aside from Quinn’s songs the music in this episode was honestly some of the worst I have ever heard in my life. I mean, it was like an education in truly awful… noise.

Both the Warblers’ songs were unbearable, and one of them certainly would have gotten them disqualified from any show choir competition due to its being openly pornographic. But seriously, it was a terrible shame that they were given such execrable material, because those boys are really good performers, and Hunter is wonderful. Why shoot them in the foot, show? And why shoot US in the foot by subjecting us to more than thirty seconds of it?

And then there’s that ridiculous Kiki/Turkey song business, which, yeah, like Rin said, sorry any and all Rophites who may have enjoyed it, but we really thought it was one of the worst things we have ever seen.


I’ve actually been really liking Sarah Jessica Parker on Glee, despite decidedly not being a fan of hers previously… and yet her involvement in that one extremely embarrassing performance threatened to undo all her hard work being subtle and likable. Plus the song was just awful. I looked it up afterwards and found that one half of it was a Scissor Sisters song and I was all “Oh.” Because the Scissor Sisters are the worst. Sorry, I know a lot of you probably like them, but I’ve always been baffled by their popularity. Their cover of Comfortably Numb scarred me for life, and this, whilst not desecrating one of the finest tracks of the 20th Century, was even harder on the ears.

And then, finally, there’s Gangam style. I won’t go into it too much as Rin has already said everything I needed to say. But I really wanted to fucking beat someone to death during it and for several minutes afterwards. For all the reasons she mentioned.

But the worst thing, the very worst thing of all the things, was hands-down Rachel Berry fondling dead animals with Brody. I felt physically sick watching her, and I’m not even kidding. Having said that, the OOC was so extreme in this episode that I really started to wonder if the show might be aware of it, and there might be hope for the real Rachel Berry after all.

Please, show. Please.


Congratulations! We didn’t hate you?

The easiest way into our hearts is to worship Quinn…


I am very much in awe over Kitty’s fangirling of Quinn. She has showed me that I need to try harder.






Head In Hands

“Try to make eye contact with the judges, and don’t be afraid to give them a flirty little smile or maybe even a wink.”

Rin says: Was anybody else getting some serious NDS feelings, because of the bright red? I WAS. And then it just made me think of how Dianna Agron is here to ruin all of our lives with her face. I keep scrolling back up to try and formulate some words about this scene, but then I’m met with half a dozen Quinn’s staring into my soul, and one of them is winking at me. I don’t know how to deal.

This was one of those little perfect nuggets of a scene, that is the right level of absurdity and humour. It’s actually the kind of stuff that Rachel Berry used to do, the whole ‘give a wink’ and the way she did it, and the Kitty with her ‘I’m going to write this down’ was very Berry-esque. All these little funny quirks that Rachel no longer shows any signs of, but the rest of the cast continue to do.

And I DIED …um, even though I was in the middle of a rage blackout, when KITTY WINKED AT THE OLD JUDGE DUDE AND HE LOOKED SO ACCOSTED. AND QUINN SMILING WITH PRIDE. =))

Sophy says: SEE I TOLD YOU. I TOLD YOU ALL. KITTY IS THE RACHEL BERRY CHARACTER, NOT MARLEY. Except for how she’s blonde and evil. But whatever. Her getting out her notebook was the BEST THING and I bet she’s going to get a photo taken of her with Quinn and print it out and put it on the cover. She would. And then she’d get Quinn to sign it. And cry.

I just. Becca did such a magnificent job with this whole Quinn-worship plotline, so much so that it’s taken out several categories in our recap.

And man, Quinn’s wink is just the best thing. THE BEST THING. And I can’t browse the Faberry tag on tumblr for fear of spoilers, but I’m assuming someone out there has made a gifset putting it side by side with Rachel’s at the end of Run Joey Run? PLEASE AND THANK YOU?

“Mr. Shue is here!”

Rin says: The cutest of cute. And how the rest of them reacted to the news by being a bunch of excited little kids? Adorbs.

I’m kind of left wondering now though, what they’re going to do next episode. Like, will Will (heheh) go backstage and be all like, OKAY THE SHOW MUST GO ON. LET’S SEND TINA OUT WITH A BALLAD.

Except they won’t because Tina has already had her ‘solo’ with the worst song possible.



Please let Tina save the day with a ballad. :( I couldn’t even muster all caps and a crying-smiling for that plea. That’s how sure I am that it will fall on deaf ears. SHE’S HAD HER TURN AND IT KILLS ME.


Most Rophy


Rin says: If either one of us still had lockers, I’m pretty sure we would have the very same poster hung up on its doors. With hearts all around it.

Seriously, who doesn’t appreciate a good ol’ fashioned Locker Shrine? 8-.

Also, the halo really was the killer touch. Amazing.

I have to say I was positively thrilled that this was how they were handling the Kitty/Quinn interaction. I LOVE that Kitty basically turns into a giddy little schoolgirl around Quinn, and that she is so incredibly LAME with her adoration. It worked really well. And Becca gets all the awards, ever. She is without a doubt, the newbie with the most potential.

Sophy says: I actually want to get a poster for my room that says WWKD. Because her idolizing of Quinn is fast making her my idol. Yeah.


Quinn Glory Shot

“I don’t believe you.”

Rin says: I don’t have too much to say, because I wish Quinn would just get as far away as possibly from Marley/Jake… but THEY ZOOMED IN ON HER FURROWED BROW, PURSED LIPS AND HER HAND ON HER HIP. THAT TOTALLY MEETS THE CRITERIA FOR BEING INCLUDED IN THE RECAP, WHICH IS: HAVE QUINN’S FACE. So.

I love that she was like an old mother when she strolled up to Jake and just pointed at his chest.

It was also great when she simply said ‘I don’t believe you,’ and walked off. Oh Quinn, you beautiful musk ox.

NOW. LISTEN TO ME. If they just shove Quinn into the background and think that this was service enough for her character, I am going to rip this place apart. Recap to recap. Nothing shall be spared.

Sophy says: And you just know that this plotline is headed to a place where Quinn tells Kitty she needs to stop being so evil and she should love Marley because Marley is the sweetest and Kitty will agree and with that both of their characters will be assassinated, because look, I’m not saying Quinn would ever have the same attitude to Marley as Kitty does… but I will never buy that she would like that whiny, bland-ass little twit.



Focus on the glory shots, Sophy. Just focus on the glory shots.

Everything will be ahhhhhhhh Quinn.

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  1. Elysse
    Elysse at · Reply

    Well I was going to bed, but then I couldn’t leave this until morning obviously.

    But mostly I agree about all of this. The Quinn/Santana scene was so out of place and I am very annoyed with Quinn’s “plot” of sleeping with a married professor. Seriously? *shakes head* Marley is still the worst and I predicted she would pass out from like 2 minutes into the show *yawn* And also I gave zero fucks about her even passing out because she’s just so stupid. But the worst was definitely the songs at sectionals! The Warblers would never ever be able to sing that song (I’ve been to small town American high school, that would be a huge controversy. Plus it’s a terrible song.) and Gangnam Style..ugh. When I heard they were doing that, my first thought was “They’re going to make Tina sing that, aren’t they…” -_- And I already predicted that unfortunately Rachel would just shrug off Brody’s indiscretions, so I wasn’t surprised, but still annoyed. Have some self-respect girl.

    But to end on a positive note, the Klaine scene was really lovely. I like Blaine a lot this season.

    And Quinn was back, duh. Obviously that’s going in the positive column. Now she just needs to stay.

    1. MoshiMoshi
      MoshiMoshi at · Reply

      I think we need Suzy Pepper back to smack some sense into Rachel about this Great-Smarm-that-is-Brody then? Or maybe Quinn, too much to ask?

  2. Me
    Me at · Reply

    One of the things I hate about Glee is that the female characters can rarely have friends. I mean Ryder and Jake have had more interaction in their bromance than any of the girls. (Without it turning sour.) Likewise, Blam is very much a thing. Where is Brittany/Sugar or Tina/anyone?

    Quinn and Santana were never really seen as friends onscreen, and when they were given interaction it was to fight. Rachel/Tina were friends for an episode. The end. Rachel/Quinn lives mostly in subtext, though I’ll accept that. Britt/Quinn was non-existant. Mercedes just said “aw hell to the no” a lot while trying to quit tater tots.

    And then we have Kitty/Marley. Ew. And back to Quinn/Santana/Brittany. The Unholy Trinity who haven’t had a single friendship scene. Even the one sleepover between the ladies this season ends in Kitty mocking Marley and helping her on her way to bulimia. (Compare this to Blam. Seriously.)

    It bugs me. :D

  3. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    When Quinn’s face appeared I pet the screen actually I’m still petting it ngl QUINNNNNNNNNN

    Ugh I hated most of what Rachel was saying to Kurt in the episode, and how it was making him say jerky things, like oh my god Rachel you guys are not dating, and please, stop projecting your insane relationship onto Kurt and Blaine’s because they are not even on the same level. But at the same time it did seem like her “WE’RE NEW YORKERS NOW” spiel was a bit of the protesting too much variety. She was probably feeling Quinn pangs, like Quinn was singing at that very moment and she was like “hark, I pretend to resist but it is all a lie, who is Brody”

    THAT WAS DEFINITELY THE BIGGEST LOL like as if Marley and Ryder you could NEVER

    THANK GOODNESS FOR ISABELLE. Please take advice from her and not from Rachel, Kurt. THE PHONE CALL THOUGH HELP I’M DEAD. I CAN’T WITH THEIR FACES IT HURTS. I had written off the episode as well.

    I loled hard because you know was thinking “OH YES WE KEEP IN TOUCH ALL RIGHT” and then she imagined a camera zooming in on her face and her winking not subtly at the camera. Quinn you are the worst at hiding the gay. That is how I am interpreting the train ticket. She is trying so hard but sorry Quinn you are the gayest.

    Can we please just not have INSANE QUINN anymore? ugh that whole Professor thing, WHY. Hopefully yes, this just means Rachel and Quinn will get out of their insane holes and LOVE EACH OTHER AT LAST.

    Same, I hated all the non-Quinn and non-Klaine. It was STUPID. How do you manage to make me hate you more and more every week Marley?

    I still cannot believe they did Gangnam Style. TINA IS ASIAN I GET IT. God. Poor Jenna. ND deserved that loss.

    Oh lawd. Just watched new episode. Is it bad of me to be sad that Marley isn’t in hospital? (Also, why isn’t she, she should sectioned because she needs her head examined.) Go away, Marley.

    1. Mad
      Mad at · Reply

      (As in I’m sad Marley isn’t in hospital and not gone for several episodes because I’m sick of her. And also from a purely health standpoint, she SHOULD be in the hospital! Like what the fuck?)

  4. Kimberly
    Kimberly at · Reply

    I love the Warblers, and I actually liked their performances. *ducks* I thought it was hilarious to give the Warblers a song about blowjobs. It reminded me of the line wondering whether they were a gay school or just a school that appears gay. (In my slash-y heart they are all gay.) Hunter is awesome and a great Warbler leader. I hope we see more of him.

    As soon as I saw Kitty’s locker shrine, I said to myself “this is going to be the ‘Most Rophy.'” :) The Quinn/Kitty scenes were adorable. Kitty is so much better when she’s not around Marley. Really, all the characters are.

    I was dismayed that Rachel has basically become an asshole since moving to NYC. Not going to see her dads for Thanksgiving? Really? Even if she was too sad to see Finn, etc she could have at least gone to see her family. It seemed especially assholish of her to convince Kurt to stay in NYC when he said he missed his dad. I would much, much, much rather have seen dinner with Kurt and Burt than Rachel molesting a turkey with Brody.

    I totally agree on all of the Quinn scenes. Loved her songs and just her general presence. I’m going to pretend the fight with Santana and the married professor didn’t happen because come on, Glee, Quinn is better than that.

    I realllllllly would love it if Marley’s collapse meant she was dead. If this were Skins or Lost she could be dead. It would be the best.

  5. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    ok, so let me make this clear. The only reason I continue to torture myself with this show is for the times I get to see Quinns face on my screen. This episode was like an oasis in the desert for me. So, yea…my ears are still recovering from the “hangout”. But rin expressed what I felt, for sure. The joy of seeing those damn wedges was just too much and not enough.

    The flawlessness that is Dianna Agron needs to be celebrated daily. PERIOD. lol. I loved the opening number. the song was perfection. I even liked Finn. I loved seeing those sweet faces coming together because they made a promise.

    I really like the realtionship between Kurt and SJP. I surprisingly do not hate her.I also did not mind Kitty and her fangirling over Quinn, because…duh?!?! WWQFD? Gotta have this poster STAT! I just need more Quinn, all the time.

    Ok, the ticket thing.. I knew right away that she was lying abot it intentionally. She is still Quinn Fabray after all and no one really knows the relationship that her and Rachel forged in the last season. I totally agree with Sophys theory. So much of Faberry interaction was in the Fabathroom or empty Faballways. seriously! oh, how I love that face….

    Quinn me Rin!!! I will go down with this ship!!!!

  6. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    I got the same thing as your interpretation of Quinn playing the Rachel cards close to her vest. But your detailed analysis has revived a small kernel of hope that real Rachel may one day return to us. Or better yet, to Quinn. Wherein Quinn can be dressed in her Mash-up of Faberry blue/yellow colors. Sigh.

    I thought the point of the Santana/Quinn scene was kind of that it was forced. I agree with others that it’s frustrating that we get to see very few female relationships on Glee. Or on TV at all, but that rant would take up too much space. Focus. It’s like they were both spurting off stuff that their old, bitchy,insecure cheer leading sides would have? As kids? But none of it was really true? I mean, the first year of college most kids make missteps. Even the well-adjusted. So I took this as being defensive at themselves, and projecting? I don’t know. I don’t want to break my brain. You’re extremely on point to say that there wasn’t any context for it, but I really don’t think even with this scene as canon that Quinn was actually chuffed, just as Santana may be holding herself back due to uncertainty?

    I liked the Kiki scene, but mostly as a sort of non-Glee amusing performance moment. Crack. I’m not a huge SS fan, but they can entertain, particularly when I’m around big fans of theirs. It was just all so surreal I was able to pretend it was an alternate universe? I mean, we’ve been dealing with Bizarro!Rachel all season. So it’s easy to dissociate. Wo wouldn’t after the nasty turkey scene?

    I love how you loved Kitty’s fangirling. It was the best. The halo! The bulimia was/is unforgivable. But I wonder if she never actually expected Marley to be quite dumb enough to fall for it. She used the results. But couldn’t she be like, huh? That actually worked?

    I liked Santana trying to stand up for Marley because I loved protective Santana. And protective Quinn, but you already covered that. ;) Jake/ballet could be my new OTP (not really, but maybe in the newbie context), since they’ve basically killed my other (Rachel/singing…she’s seemingly determined to be a mediocre dancer instead).

    I like the Warblers just fine. But they should never have two songs. Why?! I was screaming at the TV.

  7. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    This episode was kind of the definition of “mixed bag” huh? The opening was great, the Klaine scene was tender and brilliantly performed, and the Unholy Trinity as well as Kitty’s Quinn obsession earn high marks too, but yeah..everything else? A world of no.

    I totally tweeted the same thing about turkey being ruined forever (I mean, I’ll still eat it because it’s delicious) but Brody and Rachel molesting one together definitely disturbed me to my core. This whole Rachel situation is just breaking my heart (though, I did just get finished watching the latest episode, and I won’t spoil anything, but I really liked it, and came away feeling a bit more optimistic about her character arc, on whole.) Rachel’s always been my favorite, though. It’s actually one of the reasons I fell in love with your recaps in the first place, because you guys always recognized her brilliance and never bitched about how “annoying” she was like basically the rest of the entire internet. And you know, I’ve really tried to rationalize some of her behavior these last few episodes with regards to Brody, and I tell myself I can sort of understand that she’d be attracted to a guy who made her feel sexy, because the show has definitely shown that she’s insecure in that regard. I also get that college is often portrayed as a time where people explore and become more comfortable with their sexuality…. but the way the show is going about it is just gross. Brody is gross. All he EVER does is tell her how hot she is. They don’t have any real connection or intimacy besides that. And the whole “we’re adults” thing is just awful. Obviously Brody knew he and Rachel were sort of starting something, or at least moving in that direction, and she leaves for the weekend so he totally hooks up with a professor he knows for a fact antagonizes Rachel on a regular basis? And this is all totally cool, because of maturity or whatever? No, Rachel. No. Why can’t they have her just be single and awesome and focusing on her music in NY? It’d be nice to see her functioning without some sort of male validation every 5 minutes. But like I said, I still have hope.

    Marley/eating disorder- Too stupid to comment on. I just don’t care.

    Quinn boning a 35 year old married guy is totally something she we do…………like maybe 2 years ago, when she was crazy/thought there would be some status upgrade in it for her. The most annoying part is we’ll likely get no insight/resolution whatsoever, since who knows when Dianna will be filming again (hopefully soon), and even if she is, who knows how much development she’ll actually get…

    Oh well. Excited to read your thoughts on the latest episode. I definitely thought there was a fair amount of goodness (along with some suck…as is Glee’s wont), but maybe I’m in the minority?

    Now please give me all the Quinns you have….

    1. Emily
      Emily at · Reply

      PS- I’m afraid what you read was give me a lot of Quinns. What I said was, give me all the Quinns you have.

      1. LauryeMal
        LauryeMal at · Reply

        OMG!! Perfect Parl&Rec quote!

        kudos :DD

        1. LauryeMal
          LauryeMal at · Reply

          …of course I meant PARKS & REC.. :P

  8. MoshiMoshi
    MoshiMoshi at · Reply

    Haha Finn’s little please-don’t-go-there face when Quinn started Racheling the conversation at Breadstix. Gold.

    I liked let’s have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey because Rachel Berry season1 was there. She burst into a solo in the middle of song and made the guest slightly uncomfortable but they went with it anyway because it’s her house after all. It’s like ‘it taste like pink!’ all over again. My headcannon for this new RobotSex!Rachel is that due to her change in diet, ‘I’m a vegetarian’, she’s consumed some animal by product and it seeped into her brain. This madness seemed to have started after Finn fed her that pity!sex steak. Damn you meat!

    Back to our HBIC, I find Quinn too hammy in this episode. So talkative. Missing the missus? Also, I want to rearrange the Faberry family tree now. I want to kick Harmony out as the Fababy because it just doesn’t make sense. I elect Kitty as the new FababyFromtheFuture. She just misunderstood the stories that her auntie Santana told her about Highschool Quinn.

    Also, Unholy Trinity sigh sigh sigh I say no more.

  9. Yougoglenkoko
    Yougoglenkoko at · Reply

    Awesome recap! I had pretty much the same reaction as you Rin, when I saw those infamous wedges. This recap sums up mostly all of my feelings and I really do hope they follow through on the Metro passes storyline :)

    Also, Kitty is obviously Faberry’s love child from the future, no other explanation.

  10. Smiley
    Smiley at · Reply

    Quinn hooking up with a married professor feels way too out of character. Like maybe she was lying about it, for some reason I can’t really come up with. Maybe Quinn is feeling really lonely at Yale and maybe she’s also the one doing all the emailing (let’s face it, Rachel emailing anyone but Brody now is out of character).
    I feel betrayed. I was scared to see this episode ’cause Quinn is (was) the one good thing left about Glee, what with Rachel not being Rachel anymore, but now I feel like she went back to pre-pregnancy Quinn.
    Also I think Dianna looked bored.

  11. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    Quinn please.

    1. Ned
      Ned at · Reply

      Whaddyaknow, the best thing for me was Quinn’s appearance. Her face and her hair and her face and her outfit and her face. Those opening lines of “Homeward Bound” were delightful; to stretch the point, with all that reading Quinn’s done over the years, maybe she’s come across the sci-fi classic The Star’s My Destination? (I had to sneak in an apostrophe to make that work. I’m not ashamed.)

      One of your caps for “Come See About Me” seems to show Quinn saying, “Talk to the hand, Marley Sue.” I’m sure that’s just a happy coincidence?

      I like your reasoning around the Metro-North passes, and I want to believe Glee’s being clever and setting up something interesting down the line. (And it’s fanon, at the very least, that Quinn can be economical with the truth, so it’s not implausible.) It looks like Santana doesn’t buy Quinn’s line about it, and it’s not like Quinn insisted it was a secret, so surely at least Kurt knows.

      (I have an alternative explanation: Rachel kept bugging Quinn about how guilty she was that Quinn had spent all that money on her, for nothing in return, so Quinn shut her up by making Rachel agree to pretend that they’d bought one for each other, so they’d be on level terms.)

      However, I suspect it’s just a lazy retcon or continuity fail. It’d be hard to believe…but it’s Glee.

      P.S. Not to sound like a broken record, but…

      I like my Faberry with a side of awkward and I want it to stay that way, until they finally kiss, date, get married, have turkey-baster babies, and live happily ever after.

      …~someone should fanfic this. :)

      1. Caroline
        Caroline at · Reply

        YES!!! It’s probably already been done, but I want this to be the little summary thing under the title.

  12. Alveric
    Alveric at · Reply

    I haven’t really watched any of the episodes this season apart from the premiere. Brody made such a horrendous first impression with me that the knowledge he was supposed to be Rachel’s love interest just completely doused any particular enthusiasm I may have had for the season. Also knowing Quinn would have almost no presence whatsoever for most of the season didn’t help as she is my favourite thing about the show. Her and crazy-but-precious!Rachel and random!Brittany. I say random!Brittany but really that’s just normal!Brittany, isn’t it? I do however still catch and read every one of your recaps as they are instant classics of the modern internet fandom milieu.

    My own observations from the coverage I’ve seen about the episode bring up a few of questions for me. Does Finn believe raiding Will Schuester’s wardrobe will make him a better glee club director? Is it possible Quinn is lying about her life in New Haven the way she’s obviously lying about the train tickets? Is she trying to project a ‘perfect’ or ‘stereotypical’ image of her days as a Yalie? Where was Kitty’s stanning of Quinn in the premiere?

    Also, climbing high up my list of things I have desire to ever see on my tv would be Rachel Berry fondling meat. Take that any way you please.

  13. Annie
    Annie at · Reply

    Rophy needs lockers stat! With a fake candle, of course. And some rubbish out of Quinn’s bin. Though it feels weird to say Quinn has a bin because I can’t picture her creating any sort of waste. Oh dear, what happened to me? Quinn & her perfect face.
    I thought I knew how much I missed Quinn spins – BUT I DID NOT KNOW THAT AT ALL. Come See About Me was so very simple & so very good & only heightened the sense of being in an abusive relationship with this show.
    I do so hope that this thing with Rachel is a deliberate arc where she’s lost her way. Feasible for it to happen, though I’m highly suspicious given the writing & lack of continuity for any character, ever.

    P.S. I clapped when I read “Now I’ve told you. Now you know.”

  14. LauryeMal
    LauryeMal at · Reply

    I don’t remember any other show ever giving me such continuous and alternating amount of good/bad as Glee have done in these years (this latest season being the worst possibly).
    Maybe this is the reason why it is so difficult to just plain give up considering the boatload of crap they keep feeding us…or maybe the only true reason is the glorious Quinn Fabray.

    Is true… the only bearable scenes in this episode where the one with Dianna in it (notable exception Klaine, of course)

    I’m not ashamed to admit that I did put my Faberry-goggles on when watching the episode and the reasoning you two found to justify Quinn’s slip about the Metro North pass was exactly what I was thinking.
    Quinn fakes detachment towards Rachel, when they where in the presence of others, were always a theme in their “closeted” friendship. (any reference to gayberry times is entirely NOT casual) Really the only time I remember her being vocal and upfront about Rachel in a positive way, with witnesses, was in the bridal shop scene…and that was cut!
    I mean there are at least a dozen of writers and even more assistants working on Glee, it would be kinda unprofessional to make such a blatant mistake…like forgetting that your protagonist is a raging vegan…oh yeah, right… never mind.

    I like my Faberry with a side of awkward and I want it to stay that way, until they finally kiss, date, get married, have turkey-baster babies, and live happily ever after.


    Faberry-goggles where also very helpful for the Quinntana bitchslap scene.
    Really Q? you are so doped about your Psyc class but you can’t figure out the most classical signs of a Daddy-issue relationship in your tryst with oldercman/professor/fatherly figure?
    —And if only I think Quinn was the one jealous of Santana.. expecially after her outing :P Com’on….such a pressed lemon!
    Totally out of context, totally inexplicable, totally Glee.
    But don’t worry Santana… Quinn only slaps the one she loves.. ;;)

    <a href= “http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110807165347/glee/images/3/37/Faberry-slap.gif”

    After being faberry deprived for over a decade (exaggeration, I know, but it felt that way…) everything was faberry for me. “Come to See Me” yes the lyrics, yes the unholy trinity, yes it will go straight in my ringtone list…but also Santana’s green and black striped minidress… it was almost identical the one she wore during their stroll in NYC at Nationals.. happy times

    Kitty is definitely one of us! She’s a stan and manic Quinn worshipper ( like early stage Rachel..) a little evil maybe.. but her little crazy faces when she’s listening to Glory Quinn like an Oracle of Infinite Wisdom.. so lame and so cute :)
    I bet she will ships Faberry too if she’ll ever get the change to interact with the real Rachel Berry.. that or she’ll probably go berserk in a jealousy induced rage and kidnap her and throw her away in a basement or something (which, btw, is what I want to do every time this “new” Rachel shows up n my screen)
    She’s definitely cementing her spot as best newbie cast addiction and best newbie addition to Rophycap glory :)

    Really there’s nothing more we can save from this ep…but alas there’s really nothing else that matters with all this Quinn’s glory.
    Now if you excuse me I have 225 screencaps of Quinn to ogle intently (…not that I’ve counted them.. )

    Is too soon to ask for a Strings of colour WWQFD? shirt?? :D :-x

    P.S. 2 the hangout was fun, next time I’ll try to utter a word :P

    1. Norwestorm
      Norwestorm at · Reply

      I just have to say that if the slap scene wasn’t all made up lies o make Yale sound like the best ever (versus lonely due to a certain lack of NY-New Haven travel) then I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with Quinn’s daddy issues. It made me face palm “why didn’t I think of that?” Great observation.

  15. Patamon
    Patamon at · Reply

    Quinn is totally lost without Rachel on her side, poor girl! :( That’s probably why the professor thing has happened and ugh. WE NEED RACHEL BERRY. WE NO NEED TURKEY. (although I must admit that I actually loved the kiki song)

    Oh, and imagining S1 Rachel on Kitty’s place in this ep, gold.

  16. Caroline
    Caroline at · Reply

    I have been waiting for this recap!!! As soon as I saw the episode I was worried we might not get one because the two of you would’ve died with the amount of subtext Faberry fodder and the AMOUNT OF QUINN’S FACE!!! I feel like Dianna Agron dropped into L.A. from Paris to shoot this and Ryan Murphy was like “Ok, so this episode is going to be about your face and we’re going to zoom in on it as much as possible and…oh gosh, Dianna, I just lost my train of thought because your face is the only one that could ever make me straight.” But seriously, I know we’re all mentioning it and I know that Sophy was just crying and saying “her face” during that hangout (I was cheesing during the whole 20 minutes of watching you guys fangirl, it was fantastic) but you just can’t mention something that is perfect too many times. I also remember thinking during this episode that Dianna’s eyes have somehow magically gotten BIGGER and MORE PERFECT and I was ready to just fall into them and…wow, Quinn-love is powerful stuff. When I read Heather Hogan’s recap of this there was a little place that made me just fall out of my seat laughing so hard, then stop laughing and realize that it was totally true.
    “Kitty trails along behind Quinn like a puppy, barking her praises and licking her face. But Quinn is familiar with how she looks, the curve of her hip, the cock of her eyebrow. Strangers prostrate themselves before her in the mall sometimes, for goodness sake.”
    Even if I stop torturing myself with this show, I will continue to read Rophy and Heather Hogan recaps cuz they say things like this and things like wanting your Faberry with a side of awkward. :)
    My one little comment about anything non-Quinn in this episode is just the party-that-shall-not-be-named. Not gonna lie, the amount of gay absurdity happening had me cracking up but my favorite part was Rachel busting out Broadway in the middle of THE MOST RIDICULOUS SONG ON PLANET EARTH!!! Because Rachel WOULD throw down some good old fashioned showtunes and it was, for the first time since the season premiere, Rachel-in-character. But yeah, the Kiki song and the fact that EVERY SINGLE GUEST WAS EITHER GAY OR A DRAG QUEEN?!?! Seriously, too much gay for me to not be laughing my head off with joy. But also, SJP in this episode and the Kurt hug after that conversation outside…oh I was just like CARRIE!!! Cuz that was a TOTAL Carrie/Miranda moment right thur, folks. The Goddess of NY was simply recruited by the Glee gods to usher in the gays to her world. And I am so happy for that. :)

    Ok, now Rin, since you’re getting to make all these new and glorious Quinn gifs, and since this episode was so full of HER PERFECT FUCKING FACE, that is what I want for Christmas. Quinn’s face. And, you know, maybe, if you’re feeling generous, it could be one that is close to that last screenshot under the “Congratulations we didn’t hate you category.” Because THAT FACE IN THAT SCREENSHOT………………..

    1. Caroline
      Caroline at · Reply

      Ahh I had one more thing to say before I got lost drool-er-staring at what I hope heaven looks like. SAM!! in this episode made me so happy!! His little white chocolate reference and bodyroll and Mercedes little reaction to that?? Hahahahahaha too cute. I hope Samcedes shippers took that and ran with it. ALSO, I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention that Sam totally started Sectionals with a little opening dance solo. And Chord+dancing face=PRICELESS!!

  17. KC
    KC at · Reply

    I don’t know how to cohesively express my opinion on this episode so, will a numbered list do?

    1. While I was so very glad to see Quinn (I missed your FACE!), it felt really odd. We haven’t heard anything about her at all so far this season, and then all of sudden she just shows up at the beginning of the episode like “Oh, hey. I’m back.” Again, I was glad to see her and I enjoyed her Quinntrance, but a small build up to her appearance would have been nice as opposed to just “BOOM! QUINN! Now will the fangirls please shut-up?”
    Also, I agree with the theory that Quinn lied about the train tickets because she doesn’t want everyone to know that she’s actually more invested in her relationship with Rachel than she lets on. And I hope (against all hope) that the whole thing with her professor isn’t completely true. Maybe it’s just a flirtation, and she’s making more of it than it really is. I think maybe she’s exaggerating about how well she’s doing at Yale because she thinks she still needs to give off this Queen Bee vibe even though we’ve already seen that played out. I’ve decided that maybe her grades are kind of alright and classes are going well, but she hasn’t really made any friends and is maybe making up all of these great things to cover up the fact that she’s actually really lonely in New Haven all by herself. And the reason that she and Rachel haven’t visited each other is because Rachel’s too preoccupied with Brody and his turkey, and Cassie and her riding crop (At first I wondered why a dance teacher would need a riding crop, but then I remembered the horse dancing. So, that’s sorted.).

    2. I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Come See About Me’. That’s pretty much all that I have to say about that other than I thought Santana was channeling Lydia Deetz with that get-up, and totally rocking it.

    3. Hunter Clarington is the best, even though those songs were horrible and I skipped over them. Though I don’t know if it’s because the character is great or if it’s just because the actor playing him also played Todd, Claudia’s Witness Protection boyfriend, on Warehouse 13, which is one of my favourites. (Though not this season, but I won’t get into that.)

    4. What the hell is a Kiki?!

    5. Gangnam Style. No, just no! That was cringeworthy. Poor Jenna Ushkowitz.

    6. Brody is a fucking idiot. You don’t put a turkey in the oven at 5:00pm on Thanksgiving day unless you plan on eating that for breakfast the next morning. Dumbass.

  18. Maggie
    Maggie at · Reply

    I don’t even really ship Faberry myself and I had to stop and regroup like “WHAT. NO!? LIES! WHAT.” when Quinn said that Rachel bought her the train ticket. Then I decided it had to be a deliberate lie because yeah, that’s too big a thing to get wrong, surely? So yes. That’s what happened. Definitely. And it does make sense that she would, so it’s fine. And I thought of you two with all of Kitty’s reactions to Quinn so you did not disappoint :P

    I’m happy you picked the Klaine scene as Best Scene :)

  19. AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish
    AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish at · Reply

    Honestly, i don’t know what to say. I feel like a raging elephant when I think about all the crap they were throwing at us in this episode. Tina singing “Gangnam Style”?!?!? REALLY GLEE, REALLY? Of all the songs in the entire universe, it had to be the Asian singing this song. Ridiculous and offensive as hell. And Quinn sleeping with a 35 year old married professor, but constantly writing emails with Rachel, yup…sure. Rachel and what’s-his-name abusing the turkey just made me wanna puke.

    After all the waiting Quinndepence seems to have been lost on the way. Not even speaking of Rachel, who has left the building since I can’t find the real Rachel Berry anymore.

    And I am sorry that I have to disagree with you on that opening song. It just felt so extremely forced and didn’t give me all those happy feelings I was hoping for so desperately. It just felt flat. It felt as forced as some of the former guest stars or current ones feel forced. I loved that single shot of Quinn’s shoes and I also loved her beginning the episode with a song, but when all the “gang” started to join in, they lost me. I didn’t feel it at all. Why would Santana dress like Naya Rivera to meet up in the auditorium for Sectionals. I don’t know. It felt nothing like ‘We are young’ which is one of my all time favorite moments on Glee ever.

    And I really didn’t like the fact that sectionals isn’t a big deal anymore. It felt like it had just appeared out of nowhere and everybody seemed to be prepared (thanks to Finn and his extraordinary skills as a fill-in Shue).

    Marley, what can I say. Glee trying to educate is always SHITE! Bulimia, anorexia or dyslexia in just about 3 episodes…WOW…setting a new record….all of this and in the same episode being racist by giving the Asian girl, the ‘Asian’ song. ‘Cause’ Asia is a country now apparently.

    The few things I loved about this episode: the faberry dialog at Breadsticks and KLAINE. They were magic. They were the best and I loved everything about it. The unholy trinity singing together :) Have to say, didn’t hate ‘Kiki’ and SJP. Loved random Brittany as ALWAYS. Really enjoyed Kitty’s fangirling.

    In general I feel like Glee is totally running out of control. They can’t keep up with all those bad choices they are making. I miss Season 1 Glee, with “That’s how Sue cees it” and adorable Will and the awesomest head master of all time, RACHEL FUCKING BERRY, QUINN FUCKING FABRAY and so much more….sigh!

    Ok, rant over. Thanks for the recap ladies :)

    PS: and that WWQFD- shirt, maybe the best idea that could have come from this hot mess of an episode!

  20. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    You guys. That hangout was the cutest! I love you two and your absolute Quinn/Faberry worship. It’s glorious. Whymz tweeted at me and asked if I was going to join the hangout, but I’m kind of technologically inept in some ways? :( Plus, I was still in the midst of watching the ep. In fact, I think at that time I was trying not to vomit as I realized the Warblers were singing about girls giving them blow jobs. Umm, gross.

    I was so overjoyed at the return of Quinn! But I did feel that some of what she was doing was out of character. Or rather, as you so aptly pointed out, more like sophomore year Quinn. As if the enlightenment she gained over the course of her very, very rough senior year was gone. She had better be back at some point this season, and they had better show the grown up, evolved Quinn that we have grown to love. With Rachel!!

    Brody is disgusting. The whole, we’re all adults crap. So, basically, I want to have sex with as many people as possible, including you. I’m going to play on your insecurities of still being a high school girl, and YOU’RE GOING TO FALL FOR IT. Dammit Rachel.

    There was a glimmer of real Rachel Berry. When Brody says no breaking into song, and she holds up some sort of vegetable, points it at him and says, “What?” I mean, how dare you, Brody? You don’t deserve Rachel if you don’t understand that breaking out in song at any point and time can and should happen.

    Speaking of…if I remove Brody from the scene completely, and block out the fact that it means Rachel isn’t in Lima with Quinn, I found the Let’s Have a Kiki scene kind of amusing. So gay. Though I did want to vomit again when Rachel flashed her “turkey feathers” in Brody’s face. D:

    Marley…is not what should be on television for teenage girls. I just…sometimes there are so many things I had the power to fix. The educational system in the US. World hunger. How teenage girls are represented in the media. (Those three things might not seem like they are all on the same level, and they’re NOT, but they all cause harm in their own ways.) It just infuriates me to look at my students and think that they are supposed to be looking up to a spineless, lack luster girl who relies on others to validate her and can be talked into having an eating disorder. Screw you, Glee writers, for that one.

    Looking forward to your next recap. I have a thought about the “Most Rophy” section, and I wonder if I’m right. :) Great job on this one, and all the Quinn caps! Beautiful.

  21. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    GOTTA BE SAID: the best beginning of a Glee episode EVER …
    Quinn just walks in & starts to sing & I start to cry like a little baby girl … And the next thing you see is her friends walking in and Santana waving at Quinn … and I’m DEAD. The entire song was SO perfect. SO SO SO PERFECT … Dianna’s voice was WOW! And Naya’s voice was WOW! And everybody was WOW!
    Also, just gonna throw it out there: THAT ASS ! THAT NAYA RIVERA ASS! OMG, I couldn’t stop staring at it the whole time. During Homeward Bound/Home, Come See About Me, etc … I love the costume department!
    Also, how cute was it when Santana finally got to hug her old friends again? She nearly jumped up and down like an excited puppy. And Quinn’s all “Just like we promised” and being mysterious about it and then they hug and Puck almost has to cry about it. I absolutely LOVED that scene! Okay … Done crying and fangirling over that first scene.

    The next scene: Marley’s voiceover … And guess what, I didn’t actually listen to it, because her storyline is being ridiculous right now. What I did notice? NECK BRACE CHEERIO! Telling you, that girl has the most scenes this season!
    We see Marley showing off her dress to her mom. And it bugs me, though, that Glee seems to recycle all their outfits from before. I mean, they have never been this successful, but still they pick the same dresses for Sectionals they used in season 1 !
    Greatest part of that scene (probably because I ignore almost all the things the new kids have to say) was Brittany dancing in slow motion on top of that piano (?) … I mean, first of all: what was she doing on top of that piano? and secondly: why tease me with slowmotion dancing!

    We head back to Breadstix, where Santana should feel like home. Except she doesn’t … (probably because they all forget to ask Brittany to come along … I mean, sure, she didn’t graduate, but she’s still part of the group, isn’t she? I like to think that she was waiting at home in some sexy lingerie for Santana to pay her a visit) But anyway, Santana’s being awkward – even though everyone’s figuring out Quinn’s secret LOVE relationship with Rachel and Santana should be happy about the fact that she was right all along – and sadly, even AFTER the episode, I still don’t know why they made her act like that. Was this to lead up to the jealousy part in the slapping scene (rant on that later)?
    But hey, she’s hot – I’ll take whatever I can get. Even when she pouts, she’s sexy.
    The fact that Quinn has all the Rachel updates is priceless. Like, really, Faberry fans were surely pleased by this. In fact, this was done PURELY to please them. RACHEL EMAILS QUINN ! And asks about that unused train ticket … And Quinn just can’t shut up about her.

    In the choir room: when Finn announces the old cast and tells the kids that “Any single one of them could be President” and Artie’s all “Don’t know about that” – that was just epic! Artie seems to have some awesome lines this season … And they’re actually funny :D Never thought I’d get to like him so much after he stuck his tongue down Brittany’s throat and called her stupid. 

    They pair the new kids up with their mentors and there is Mercedes, standing next to Unique/Wade. Brittany S. Pierce was in fact born for her line: “I knew it, Mercedes was cloned!” This was totally pulling me back to the first episode of this season when she was all: “Nice haircut, Mercedes!” … it has been in her mind all along, that’s for sure. She’s been trying to figure this out for so long!
    As soon as Santana sees the opportunity to let it show how concerned she is with Kitty ‘s level of fangirling over Quinn, she finally says what everyone has been waiting for: “WANKY”. And let me tell you, Santana’s gaydar is neverrrr wrong. Look at what she did with Rachel/Quinn. I love how proud Naya is to say that word again. Like she knew the fandom would absolutely love it. But honestly, Kitty was idolizing Quinn like there would be no tomorrow. I bet she even has her picture under her pillow.
    And the WANKY part is just a start … Santana directly targets Finn again, just like we love it (I guess you kinda see that coming when you out Santana Lopez in public: the verbal bitchslapping will never end again)… She actually tells Finn the most wonderful and truthful words in the history of the world of Glee: “You’re still an idiot”. And we’re all like: “AMEN TO THAT !” Nobody even protests.
    Her only soft side rises up when she starts talking about her girl Brittany. “No one in this room can tackle a massive dance number, except for Britt.” And I know that. And you know that. And Brittany knows that the love of her life is telling the truth, but her proud face makes it clear that she can’t brag about herself too much.
    Finally, the best part of the episode surfaces, when Santana talks about the “Hand Jive/Hand Jo-” thingy … It was PERFECTION ! It was spot on and hilarious! I LOVE THIS SANTANA … They had forgotten about her witty and snarky comments every time she got a scene this year. She was great this episode! This is why I love Glee, really! And really, not even Quinn, not even Puck, not even Mercedes makes her stop.

    Sam made me laugh a couple times during this episode. Like he was all: “UH I’M GONNA BE DANCING WITH BRITTANY ! Have you SEEN this WHITE CHOCOLATE?” like it was the meaning of life! And when they are at their dance-off, he has another great line. When he steps on Joe’s foot, he’s like “Wear some shoes”. Like that makes up for the fact that he STEPPED ON JOE’S FOOT! He doesn’t even think about apologizing or something! Hilarious.

    My favorite part: the Unholy Trinity scene: I LOVE HOW BRITTANY INTRODUCES HERSELF AND HER BEST FRIENDS with the following words: “Along with being beautiful, the 3 of us are National Championship goddesses.” Every single person in the world is like: YES !
    After their pep talk, the three of them start singing ‘out of the blue’, like: yeah, AS IF! But I don’t care and I won’t even question it because IT’S THE UNHOLY TRINITY ! They‘re dancing and singing synchronized and let Quinn get all the spotlight she deserves and blablabla .. But ALL I see is Santana (and – yes – her ass in that dress) and Brittany. And the 3 of them are taking me back to season 1 and “Say a little prayer for you”.
    Brittany keeps staring and glancing at Santana during the song and it’s so cute …. What do you mean, “You’re the only one that makes me smile” in that promo for the next episode? Have you seen her smile when she’s looking at Santana? Like, during a random song, while not even trying to be funny and stuff. THAT’S A SMILE ! 
    Quinn was made for this song. I love how she can handle all those old school, classy song like no one else. Her voice is perfect for those. And it’s disturbing how Kitty is so much in love with her. Back off, that seat’s been taken by Rachel Berry! Her fangirling continues as she shows her locker to Quinn. This was simply great. “WWQFD” Priceless, really. “What Would Quinn Fabray Do” –> I immediately imagined Rin or Sophy’s bedroom wall being the exact same!

    Generally, I love that they gave Quinn so many moments this episode. Unlike the rest of the old cast, the writers did a good job offering her all the screen time that was necessary …

    Rachel/Brody scene as he teaches the class – which had an awesome excuse about Cassandra not being able to handle their mediocracy that day … Let me tell you: Brody was right. I said this before: HE HAD THE RIGHT TO SLEEP WITH CASSANDRA. They’re both grown-ups and Rachel blew him off to be with Lima-Loser-Finn, so what? She forgave Brody rather quickly, though. She’s nothing if not enchanted by that dorky smile of his. And also: ”It was amazing. Seen her ass?” great line here, too! I was like: I BET IT WAS! AND YES I HAVE !

    The Santana/Quinn/Slapping scene:
    Santana ‘s first words “THAT BITCH IS PURE EVIL!”. Yes, baby girl, that’s my Santana I’ve been missing! Finally, she’s on fire again and I missed that soooo much !!! She’s not even trying to be gentle about her choice of words. And I mean, of all people, Santana’s probably the best one to judge!
    But then it gets ugly, because Santana takes being a mentor really serious and in that flashback where she finds the pills, we see she quite misinterpreted that definition a little bit, as she actually answers Marley’s question “Why are you going through my bag?” with “It’s all part of being a mentor” It’s not, Santana, but I forgive you. You can always be my mentor!
    Then, there’s a PLL reference. All the fandoms go wild. Pretty Little Liars ! Rophy might not get this, or be crazy about it, but this was just wonderful for us fans.
    Now, my problem with this scene: I JUST DON’T GET why they make Quinn say that Santana is jealous of her. First of all, that’s not a Quinn thing to say and it doesn’t even make sense. It was SO random/
    Santana’s looking at Quinn like: “Are you fucking kidding me? Me, jealous? I’m just heartbroken because I don’t have my shit back together and I’m still not dating Brittany again. There’s a difference.”
    And I don’t get Quinn’s explanation either. Like, Santana’s supposed to be jealous of her dating a 35 year old married professor who smokes a pipe? Let me tell you: Santana smokes CIGARS ! And she’s a LESBIAN. And she has Brittany S. Pierce to marry in a few years from now. And of course she enjoys going to that Cheerleading school. HELLO, 99% of those students are GIRLS ! I love how she’s looking all disgusted as Quinn tells about her new ‘boyfriend’, which BTW: Quinn would NEVER in a million years be proud about dating a married man who smokes a pipe.
    So what do you mean, being jealous? This was bad writing. This was a stupid way to justify the slapping – which I DID appreciate. But it’s not an explanation. Quinn’s comment came out of nowhere and it’s a writer’s mistake. Sure, Santana might not be on her ambitious train to NY yet, but that’ll happen and it won’t be because of that bitchslapping she just received. NEXT: Santana, who just got permission to lash out and get her bitch cap on. She screams a line that will be useful for all Tumblr/Twitter users from now until eternity: “Wow … TWITTER UPDATE” and I almost died laughing. She goes on to saying things that weren’t that nice about Quinn being defined by men and Beth and stuff (which made just as much sense as the jealousy line) … Sure, she was a little bit out of line. So thank God Finn wasn’t around or he may have outed her again in the middle of a hallway if he hadn’t done that already … But that’s the problem during this entire scene: nothing makes any sense.
    NEXT = THE SLAPPING !!! I mean, just look at Naya’s perfect PERFECT face as she knows what’s coming for her character. She blinks a couple of times and is all like: try to look absolutely cute and happy about your comment as you await that slap from Miss Agron herself! It was precious. The slapping was precious. It reminded me soooo much of the last time they had a fight in season 2.
    So NATURALLY, I expect Brittany to show up and be all “STOP THE VIOLENCE!”
    But sadly, it doesn’t happen. What DOES happen is Brittany coming in and being all “What are you guys doing?!” which is pretty much the same thing.

    Why was Brittany coming to the choir room? Was she on her way to talk to Santana? Also, why didn’t they let them have a talk? Like, about the fight, about Quinn, about Kentucky, about their dying love for one another or their Friday night date nights and how much they miss each other and want to fall asleep into each other’s arms every night for the rest of eternity? Oh – wait – that was me getting really emotional over them!
    Might be the best line of the episode/or the season: “Quinn always was a genius slapper!”
    Naya’s perfect here: just look at her face, so very very very deeply thinking about it. Like it’s a revelation. Like it was the hand of God that slapped her in the face (and she might actually be right). She’s not even mad, no, she really impressed! And she’s reminded of the good old days where they APPARENTLY slapped each other quite a lot … WANKY !

    Rachel & Kurt’s Thanksgiving party. Well, I’m depressed I wasn’t invited. I know you guys didn’t like the song, but I never heard any of them and to me, it was great! The part where Brody was like “And no one breaks out into song” before dinner and Rachel and Kurt are actually disgusted by his comment was so funny. I loved the entire “Let’s have a Kiki” scene. Really, it was marvelous! Who would’ve thought!? It was just FUN, you know!

    In the choir room, right before they have to perform, it was obvious that Santana was still very protective over Marley as a mentor. She just drags her away to the other side of the room and I liked that little detail. Man, she could grab me by the arm like that ANY HOUR OF THE DAY ! Like she was going to put her in a corner for punishment and be all Klaus on her ass: “What do you mean, you didn’t eat your veggies!?”

    The Warblers start off the competition and … I ‘kinda’ disliked their songs. Whistle was somehow okay and also a little bit pervy, but how the hell is that foreign? Wasn’t that the theme? I mean, One Direction is UK material, I get that … But I even GOOGLED Flo Rida. He’s from Miami. Gotta be said: without Blaine, the Warblers aren’t that special anymore.
    Will Schuester’s back … I wouldn’t normally even write about him, but I’m just with with Sue on this one: “America is thrilled.” Go Sue!

    Given, I actually kinda liked that song by the other choir :D it felt a little bit like Christmas!

    Sam’s head sticking out from behind that curtain was pretty hilarious. And then he gets all excited and is like “Mr. Schue’s here!” and nobody in the WORLD cares except for the students. I think Finn might actually peed his pants as he heard Will’s name.

    The Klaine moment/call was heartbreakingly beautiful. It’s a little bit like the Brittana scene from Glease, except this one actually gives hope that they’ll be back together again as for Brittany will start dating Sam …. I loved how they spoke to each other with such kind words. And Blaine listens to Kurt and he understands. Kurt says that he’s “Not there yet” and YES – that is so realistic. But the “I miss you” and the “You’re my best friend” and the final “I love you” and “I love you too” are just – ooooooh – it made me tear up. They are so in love with each other and they are meant to be forever. But this takes time. And I love how they take their time.
    My Brittana feelings took over during this scene as I really hope for them to be together again as well. I need a perfect scene like this where they are all like: “I can’t get over you. I can’t stop missing you even though I recycled your ex-boyfriend. I need you to be my girlfriend, even if that means I only get to see you once a month.” So, after that little talk was over, I felt completely ready to start drinking.
    Kurt’s relieved as he hangs up and re-enters the party scene. And there’s CARRIE BRADSHAW – I mean – Isabelle and I like this character. I like how well she played Kurt this episode. She was really really sweet and right and Kurt got the message. How Kurt first told her that he was “DONE”. I mean; wow. That was hard, harsh and heartbreaking …. But it was understandable. I really enjoyed this part after he re-enters the party. She doesn’t ask a thing, she just hugs him and he cries on her shoulder. And I’m happy this wasn’t Rachel, because Isabelle deserves the credit for this.

    Finally, there it is: Gangnam style. I didn’t like it, but gotta be said: I was impressed with the whole Korean learning thing. Jenna was great! She did a GREAT job, even though she deserves better. I don’t really get why Jake or Ryder had to “win” their place to be this IMPORTANT dancer when there wasn’t even an important part to begin with. I saw Brittany dance for like 3 seconds and that was it. They all did the same moves, really. 

    It ends with what I expected: Marley faints. Saw this one coming. Actually, the entire world saw this one coming. Funny thing: my thoughts weren’t “Poor Marley, she fainted”, but they were “Santana’s gonna kick Kitty’s ass for messing with her little protégée”.
    And that’s the thing: that’s where it ended. Suddenly my video player minimized and I was like: “Wait, what? Huh? Did I miss anything? Did I push a button by accident? OH IT’S A CLIFFHANGER ! LIKE THAT TIME THEY GOT QUINN IN A CAR CRASH AND THEY THOUGHT THAT EVERYBODY WOULD BE WONDERING IF SHE WOULD BE DEAD FOR MONTHS (except, no, nobody ever did that, we knew she’d come back) …

  22. Char
    Char at · Reply

    You guys . . . I think Quinn lying about the Metro Pass is a really solid explanation and totally in character for her. But I really worry that we’re giving the writers too much credit. Have you seen that photo gallery of TV writers’ rooms where they all have giant whiteboards with complex character notes and diagrams, and the one in the Glee writers’ room is completely blank? Yeah.

    I enjoyed this recap, and the footage from the hangout. And I loved Quinn, of course, because her face. But yeah…the married professor thing. Ick. Also I want her to call Kitty out on her crap – why didn’t she listen to Santana? And I agree that the slapping scene was forced and ridiculous.

    Hate Brody. Hate Rachel around Brody. YOU DON’T GO TO A VEGAN’S THANKSGIVING WITH A TURKEY ONLY YOU CAN EAT. That’s just fucking ridiculous. Also is she vegan? Vegetarian? With all the pizza and ice cream and duck, who the hell knows anymore. CONTINUITY, SHOW. HAVE IT.

    Lastly, I’m so glad someone else hated Kiki/Turkey Lurkey. What the fuck was that? My ears are still bleeding.

  23. Royai
    Royai at · Reply

    I really loved this episode and I wish I had read this recap before I watched this weeks episode. Now all I can think about this is that it’s the calm before the storm. I’m depressed and hating Glee right now, but if they’re going somewhere with Quinn’s blatant lies I may be persuaded to stick around and see how the rest of this season plays out.

  24. A
    A at · Reply

    What? No comment whatsoever yet on the “Jodie Foster’s clambake” remark? What was that all about? Please enlighten me with your unique Rophy insights on ht matter!

    1. Norwestorm
      Norwestorm at · Reply

      Haha. It’s one of my new favorite euphemisms.

  25. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    2 weeks later and I’m still buzzing on Quinn.
    Best opening scene ever. I missed her so much. Her beautiful face. Her voice…
    So I squealed (not as loudly as Rin but quite loudly).
    And then I groaned. Then squealed again. Then groaned again.
    The famous Glee Rollercoaster of love and hate.

    I don’t know what to think about the Metro Passes. She could be lying. Or the writers could just be lazy (as usual) and not check their old storylines (oh Glee continuity!). But that aknowledgement felt like a little piece of Faberry Heaven right? Or am I too desperate for Faberry?

    I’m not gonna get into the piano/slap scene cause the comment about Santana being jealous of Quinn felt completely off. And the professor thing… argh. But I loved Santana’s comebacks and her genius slapper comment. I also loved Quinn’s face when she leaves the room. Eyeroll and open mouth. She cannot be bothered. All old HBIC. So OOC. But the face was hilarious.

    But Quinn in my episode :)
    The faces. The wink. The furrowed brow. The lips. The hip. The Quinn 8-.

  26. Ruben
    Ruben at · Reply

    (I saw the video of your reaction and I had tears from laughing so much when Quinn showed up…I was in class btw…)

    So the only thing that would made sense is if Quinn is bullshiting all of them because of reasons…

    I mean, the ticket thing is too big to be a writting mistake, and the profesor with a pipe?? SERIOUSLY?!?! How that does make sense with Quinn character? Like, at all.

    There are a few things that I’m wondering, why the only relationship they treat right is the one between Kurt and Blain?? I mean good for them, but all the other ones…they fuck them up one way or another. Another was, why would they make Quinn say so many GAY GAY SO GAY things like the “Jodie Foster’s clambake” remark, or the mention of a exclusive all female secret sorority or something… I mean, they HAVE to now how that sounds…

    The other thing about the professor is that it could be a woman, and she thinks people will give her less shit about it if she sais she’s daiting a dude?? I don’t even know…. But I hope she’s not telling the truth either way.

    About the rest of the episode, it looked like Rachel was vegan again for about 5 inutes, but what I loved was her reaction when Broddy said they couldn’t sing, seriously, all the awards to Lea’s face (although she’ll have to share with Dianna).

    So I wanted to say something else but I don’t remember and I’m hungry so…just the last comment: GREAT review you guys!! And I’m hoping to get a Quinn, I messed her so much.

    PD: Rin, btw, I’m playing with you in the boardquiz app that you made a video about….^^

    PDD: I’m dying here waiting for an update on ASWD!!! Come on it’s painful to do this!!!

  27. christina
    christina at · Reply

    okay so after reading your recaps, i realized that i haven’t downloaded any music from season 4 yet. i had every song from seasons 1-3 because i download everything, even if i don’t listen all of it. so i at least had to download the songs dianna sang in. and omg! the lyrics to “come see about me.” so amazing how they are so faberry. and i loved that there was some faberry in this so we know they’ve stayed in touch, and often enough to know that quinn knew rachel wasn’t sure about what she was doing for the holidays. but i hated that whole professor storyline. i’m going to pretend that was just her making up some lame story to act like she’s still HBIC and she still has it. when really all she wants is rachel berry. two more weeks and faberry will be on our screens. can you even!? because i can’t!

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