407 — Dynamic Duets

Best Song

Sam & Blaine – Heroes

Rin says: Ahhhhh this was just the cutest thing. As soon as Blaine started considering going back to the Warblers the one thing I wanted was for the kids at McKinley to band together and show that he already was where he was supposed to be. Similar to how they all tried to help Brittany find herself again, earlier this season. And it was so great to see that they followed through and had it not only just be about all Blaine Blaine Blaine, but all of these kids as an entire unit and how they are all part of something bigger. HOW BEING PART OF SOMETHING SPECIAL MAKES YOU SPECIAL. And that’s how they got through to Blaine in the end. And the entire message of this song, and how it fits into the bigger theme of this episode of ‘Heroes’, worked really well. This worked 10x better than that time they tried to make a whole big hoo-haa last Christmas with Rachel/Presents, because it was so simple and without INYOFACE commentary. And equating being a hero to helping out your local community? I loved it.


Kitty checking her phone. Slaine’s lame high five. PAINTING ARTIE’S BACK. SUGAR/BRITT :X:X:X:X ALL OF THEM GANGING UP ON TINA, and Sam just using a ROLLER on her back. SARTIE?!??!? THEY’RE STILL DOING THAT?! ADORABLE?? YES I WANT IT?!!!

And then Britt/Blaine. Oh my goodness. Yes. If they give us more of that, I will love them forever and ever.

It was also really lovely that Sam sung this song with Blaine to show his support. I love it when friends on this show, romantic or not, sing duets with each other as a sign of love. Whether it be showing them where they belong, or simply letting them know they can have your nose. Either way, I adore it to bits.



So why wasn’t this the big finish? I’m wondering whether part of the reason the ‘Fun’ song didn’t really work for me is because it came after this. I mean, it’s Bowie. And it grew organically from the plot. And the kids were painting each other. And there were kisses and adorableness and it was all about the warm glowiness, visually and thematically. It was the perfect episode ender, and I really don’t understand why they didn’t just stick the Finn/kids scene before it and bring everybody on stage to finish the song with Sam and Blaine. And then they could have ended the episode with the epic stealing back of the trophy. PERFECT.

Speaking of Sam and Blaine, how cute are they? I don’t even. Just. There’s something wonderful about how their clothes contrast. Sam is basically a sexy lumberjack and Blaine is all buttoned up to his chin. I love them so much.

And Sartie! And Britt and Blaine! And Tina/everybody! Sometimes this show really is the best one.


Biggest LOL

“I can’t do a duet with you.”
“Because my singing voice is crystal-clear and you sort of sound like you’ve got a snot bubble stuck in the back of your throat?”
“What? No.”
“I don’t think that… that’s just what everyone’s saying.”

Rin says: Kitty is the best fake-best-friend you never had.

Sophy says: I want her to be my fake-best-friend tbh.


Best Scene

“The Secret Society of Superheroes Club is now in session.”


Up until the day of this episode, we were convinced that this was going to be the Thanksgiving episode and it was time for the ever-holy Quinn Fabray to make her long overdue return to Lima. SO WE WERE PRETTY JAZZED. And then we found out it wasn’t the Thanksgiving episode at all, nevermind that it was actually Thanksgiving, cause as if Glee would ever do something that logical!

SO WE WERE PRETTY FUCKING PISSED. TO SAY THE LEAST. I had spent the entire week.. well actually, weeks, looking forward to this episode and having built it all up in my head about how Quinn was finally going to save the day and make things right. And now it wasn’t even happening? It was 314 and the Faberry scene being cut ALL OVER AGAIN. Needless to say, I was very much going into this episode with my arms firmly crossed and I was convinced I wouldn’t like it.

And then the episode started and everyone was in ridiculous costumes and being hilarious and cute and…

I forgave them everything. :-.

Blaine in his costume was almost enough, but then he shouted for ROLL CALL. And. OH MY GOD I WAS NOT PREPARED.

Asian. Persuasion. By now I’m kind of over all of the asian jokes with Tina, BUT THEY DID IT SO PERFECTLY HERE. I MEAN, “My superpower is being the mistress of manipulation.” Christ on a bike, yes please.


And oh lord, even Teen Jesus was amusing with the way he whipped his dreds around.

And then the best one. Ever.

SUGAR AS SWEET ‘N” SPICY. And her superpower being money. I almost thought I was going to die with the way she said it. It was everything that is good about Sugar, in that one little line. I think that was the exact moment where I had forgiven Glee for deceiving us. I really love Vanessa, and I hope they bring Sugar, even if it’s Sugar/Artie into the spotlight more. I could get behind that pretty strongly. She deserves the screentime more than say, ALL OF THE NEWBIES?!??! K THANK YOU!??!

And then the rest of the crew rolled in, and ARTIE HAS A FRIGGEN BALD CAP WHICH IS BOTH TERRIFYING AND HILARIOUS. And DR Y. WHEELIES. AND BECKY!!!! The greatest. Being Queen Bee, which in itself was really great, but then her power was that she can sting like a bitch. Amazing. I love their characterisation of Becky more than most things on this show. And then the kicker. Brittany, sweet sweet Brittany. The human brain. AND THEN SHE JUST SMIZES. Dead. dead. dead.


And it’s Asian Persuasion. Once again showing why Tina needs a more prominent role, if only for the way her smile turns into a scowl after Blaine tells her to stop trying to use her powers of manipulation to coax him to getting back with Kurt. Just, genius.


Talk about a very minor character outshining any one of the other new additions this year. Dottie and Kitty need to stay and continue to be over-the-top ridiculously wonderful, and kind of in awe of Tina. AS THEY SHOULD BE. (more on that later)

And then probably one of the better setups of an episode this season, their Nationals trophy has been STOLEN by a blurred face Warbler. AND I CANNOT. So perfect. Like most of this episode with its Superhero theme, I love that they really pushed the satire to the extremes, in all of the exaggeration in the acting and the camera work. It was really well done and made it all the more funny.

AND I HAD TO BUNDLE IN THAT LITTLE TIDBIT SCENE OF TINA STICKING IT TO FINN. Because I love her, and I love that Glee aren’t letting her forget that she was seriously shafted with the whole Rizzo debacle. It foolishly gives me hope that by Glee not letting it go, they are setting up Tina for a big solo/part in Sectionals. At least that’s the vibe I get from all of this, because if they weren’t I imagine they’d just try to shove Tina into the background again and have her forget all about it.

And maybe I just really wanted to include that last cap of Jenna’s face because it is adorable?

Sophy says: I don’t even think there’s any point in me talking about this because Rin has basically covered everything. And, really, it was everything. I just couldn’t stop giggling and squealing and seriously actually bouncing up and down from the very beginning of the episode all the way through to… I don’t know. Probably whenever Marley showed up.

I will just say this whole opening scene was basically as funny as Glee has ever been, and that the emergence of Blaine Warbler as a mega-nerd is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. (The emergence of Slightly-Deranged-Tina is a close second).

I know Rin’s said it before but…





Like Rin said, for reasons of being falsely promised Quinn Fabray for Thanksgiving, we were ready to refuse to be thankful for a single thing this episode had to offer. But then from the very second Blaine banged his darling little mallet… we were goners.

Something I’m especially thankful for: Brittany as the human brain.

“You’re one of the good guys.”

Rin says: I am thrilled that they’re continuing the friendship between these two. And what’s really nice and refreshing about it, is that it’s playing out exactly like Sam said a few episode ago. They can openly talk about Blaine’s relationship with Kurt and not have it be a big deal. Sam treats it with as much care and thoughtfulness as he would any other relationship, and it’s really no big deal. And just by being good friends to each other, they’re breaking down some misconceptions within the walls of McKinley.

As for the scene itself, I really appreciated the further insight into Blaine’s remorse and all of his feeeeelings about what happened. I’m still baffled as to how Darren Criss haters exist, because surely even if you don’t like Blaine, you can appreciate his acting from an objective standpoint? Maybe? No? You will never be convinced that he’s not the scum of the earth? :( Okay then. :-.

I FOR ONE THINK HE IS EXCEPTIONALLY LOVELY. Especially when he’s telling Sam about how he was feeling like him and Kurt maybe weren’t meant to be together, but right after he cheated he realised they were. Oh my heart, it clenched for Blaine right then. It should go without saying that I don’t approve of cheating, not in the slightest…WHO DOES REALLY? But I also don’t think it’s as simple as cheating = you’re a bad person. It’s probably one of the worst things you could ever do to a loved one, and if I was in Kurt’s position I may never forgive Blaine. Having said that, I’m also a strong believer that people do indeed make horrible decisions and deserve a second chance to earn back your trust. So it’s a tricky situation that can’t really be handled with a blanket-approach, because every situation is different.

Which is why when Blaine says he wants to stop feeling like a bad person, I was happy that Sam pointed out that he wasn’t a bad person and that he was one of the good guys. I think I’ve already touched on that in the past.

They’re also doing really well in keeping Sam as Sam, even when he’s trying to be serious. The ‘villainise’ line was perfect.

Sophy says: You guys! Glee is actually following through on this Sam/Blaine friendship. As in there have been multiple episodes containing multiple friendship scenes between them. I’m floored by this continuity! Now I just wish they’d do this with other combinations. In this episode they had that adorable little text exchange between Tina and Blaine, in which it was implied that they’ve had conversations off-screen about his relationship with Kurt – and who knows, maybe they’ve even had conversations about her relationship with Mike! Gasp!

I’d love to see Tina/Blaine explored, as well as Tina/well… someone else. What I’d like most is for Tina to have either a meaningfully depicted romance or just a solid friendship, as in, not just someone she’s friendly with, but the person you always see whenever Tina’s around and vice versa. She seems like a lonely character to me, and she really shouldn’t be.

But enough about Tina. I’m supposed to be talking about Sam and how sweet he is to Blaine and how it doesn’t matter that he’s lost for words he knows exactly what to say. Poor old Blaine is having a serious case of the Naomis in this episode (“I feel shit and all I can do is feel it.”) He really is big on dwelling and the wringing of hands. Sam, on the other hand, is not. So he just by-passes the rights and wrongs of the situation and goes straight to what Blaine should do next. I loved it when he told Blaine that even if Kurt never forgives him, he needs to forgive himself, because it acknowledged the enormity of what he’d done and the seriousness of the situation by admitting there was a possibility he might never redeem himself in Kurt’s eyes, but then at the same time it gave him permission to start redeeming himself in his own eyes – by seeing himself the way all his friends see him. There is no point in going through life defining ourselves by our least shining moments. And Blaine has beaten himself up enough. I’m sure he’s nowhere near over Kurt. But he needs to get over himself and get out there and live his life.

And yeah, like Rin said, Darren Criss is just a wonderful thing. And I’m glad they chose not to shy away from the cheating by retconning it into a simple kiss, or worse, a misunderstanding. It feels more authentic to just follow through with Blaine’s crippling guilt, no matter how painful it would be.



Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“You’re welcome.”

Rin says: There was a lot of great Brittany this episode, which I’m so-velly pleased about. :X BUT THIS HAD TO TAKE THE CAKE. ALL THE CAKES. ALL THE CAKES IN THE WORLD!!! I think the best part is that as soon as Finn pulled out the barbie head, you knew it was from Brittany….and yet? STILL DIED WHEN SHE SAYS ‘YOU’RE WELCOME’ and you’re left in a state of wonderment at how random Brittany is the best. SHE’S JUST SO HAPPY AND PLEASED WITH HERSELF.

I should mention that KIKI/BRITT was also very much appreciated.


Also, I wouldn’t say it was strictly random so much as just adorable, but “You guys, I don’t smell raspberry hair-gel. Does anybody know where Blaine Warbler is?”



The OG’s (Original Gleeks)

“Merci, suckers.”

Rin says: “Trust me. That’s how I bagged Teri Hatcher.”

Can we just? I will always have a weird soft spot for Teri Hatcher after all she did for Lois & Clark 8-. I TRIED TO WATCH DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES FOR HER, FTLOG!!! And it made me giggle when Puck said that.

PLUS HE’S THE PUCKERMAN SUPERHERO. And it was nice that they actually showed some of LA, considering that it’s just down the road for them.. and it makes perfect sense that Puck would spend his time ripping off tourists to make some cash.

I’m not going to bother going into the actual call itself. :)


Puck is the best. The phonecall, however, was not the best. I remember after season 3 ended there was much fanfare about how Glee was coming up with this super interesting way to keep all the Original Gleeks around. Well being randomly telephoned for dating advice by a half brother he has had half a conversation with so far is about the least interesting way of “keeping” Puck in the show. In fact, all of the guest spots by the OG’s have been downright lazy in terms of set-up.

But I’ll take it. I’ll take my crumbs. I’ll sit in the corner and eat them. One by one.



Rophy Says No!






His face is so stupid.

But come on now. I don’t want to go into too much depth, because I don’t think this plotline deserves it. NOR THE AMOUNT OF BORING-ASS SCREENTIME THEY GAVE HIM WHILE WITH THE TEACHER.

The biggest problem I have with this is that I really don’t care about Ryder. This is his third episode and suddenly we’re supposed to care because woe, he has dyslexia? Talk about a cheap grab for the audience. Plus, I’m sorry boy from Glee Project, and I imagine it’d be hard for anyone being thrust onto a show and expected to pull this shit off, but it just doesn’t work. None of it does, and it just reads as some lame sob story — and I like to think I’m a pretty compassionate person. BUT GOD. WE DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU AND WE DON’T WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU.

And Ryder and Marley both having disorders? Really?




Rin, sometimes you are just glorious.

But seriously, this was the worst. I mean, it was the actual worst. I may hate this guy even more than Marley, and believe me, that is nothing for Marley to get excited about.

I don’t think there’s much point in my even discussing this shit – that’s how strongly I feel. Really, I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about it, but they’re thoughts I’d like to forget and feelings I never want to feel again.

So I’ll just say that Ryder’s face is even stupider than usual when it’s all cry-faced. And that Sam called and he wants his plotline back.



Rin says: Okay. I’m not quite sure what they were trying to achieve with this? Except for making Marley out to be some kind of floozy?

Even if I don’t care about his dyslexia, if the person I liked and had made plans with told me they had to reschedule because they’re having their first big dyslexia specialist appointment… WELL I WOULDN’T BE ALL, ‘AWWW BUT I WANTED TO GO OUT WITH YOU :( :( :(‘ … you would perhaps be a little supportive? MAYBE?!

God, Marley can’t even get Marley-Sue part of her character right.

She’s way too stupid? And not even in a remotely cute floppy way?

Sophy says: I believe I mentioned last week that Marley was the stupidest person alive. In case there was any doubt, I was right. This was honestly one of the most laughably poorly written and acted scenes in Glee history. It made Mercedes throwing the rock through Kurt’s windshield look organic and poignant.

And I’m sure Marley doesn’t mean to be a totally self-absorbed user bitch, because let’s face it, she’s ~Maaaaarley, but unless that was her express intention in this scene, then there is no other alternative but for everybody on this show and all viewers to sing it with me right now: She is the stupidest person alive.

Meanwhile I’m going to say it again. I find it ludicrous that Ryder and Jake are both head over heels for this mousy little twit. Okay, Ryder I can understand, just because he is the lamest douchebag to ever lame, douche or bag, but Jake? There is actually hope for him. If the show starts transferring his affections to someone – ANYONE – else. And soon.

He also needs to never speak to her mum again, because the faux-compliment on her looks bordered on the insulting.

And my heart really was not warmed by the Jake/Ryder interaction. Ryder is about as bad for Jake as Marley is. He needs to get away from them both immediately. And I’m not saying he has to spend all his time with that (fabulous) headcase Kitty! He could actually bond with the other Glee club members. I don’t remember the juniors and the seniors being this segregated in seasons 1 – 3, and okay, that’s because they hadn’t decided who was a junior and who was a senior yet, but STILL.


Red shirts.

Rin says: Yes, we feel that strongly about it that it deserved it’s own special mention. Seriously though, Glee, what the fuck? How dare you?! Nothing will ever compare? May you burn in hell for even implying it?

And I hated how our kids didn’t even get moments to shine, i.e. Artie, Brittany, Tina (barely), Sam.. LIKE HOW DARE THEY. ARTIE AND TINA WERE IN THE ORIGINAL DON’T STOP BELIEVING, AND THEY GET NEXT TO NOTHING HERE? GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

Also, they shouldn’t have attempted Fun again without all of the old cast. They were never going to get anywhere close with Ryder and Marley involved.

And no. This isn’t a NEW New Directions. It’s a Shell-Of-Its-Former-Self-Directions.

ALSO A MAJOR NO: Where was Unique? :-w


And yeah, the red shirts were a bridge too far. Nothing compares to that original performance, and it was really silly to try.


Congratulations! We didn’t hate you?

“I’m Hunter Clarington, I am the new captain of the Warblers, and I’m not even remotely bi-curious.”

Rin says: Now see? This is how you bring in a new character. You have them be HILARIOUS and oozing with charisma, and play the role they were given to a tee and own it. This guy clearly knew who he was supposed to be, the villain and the hammiest of villains at that. HE TURNED AROUND IN HIS LEATHER CHAIR WHILE STROKING A CAT. Greatest.

And then the LAUGH HE DOES. Oh my god, it was fantastic. I love that he’s the new captain too, and I was also kind of happy to see Sebastian back?

As well as the Warblers? And considering how I was angry at them forever since 314, and their screenhogging ways, it was quite the surprise. With the shitstorm of Marley and Ryder, and to an extent Jake, the Warblers felt like…. home? =))

IDEK. BUT I WAS HAPPY TO SEE THEM AND THEN WHEN BLAINE COULDN’T RESIST SINGING WITH THEM AND JUST BURST INTO SONG. And they had their lamest of lame dance moves and AHAHAH. I definitely had missed them. Which is saying something about the current state of the Glee.

ALSO. “I hear they even call you Blaine Warbler.”


Sophy says: OH MY GOD THIS GUY IS WONDERFUL. More of him please.

“And I’m not even remotely bi-curious.” LOL. So much better than Brody’s “I’m straight, by the way.”

Everything about him was perfect, right down to his Doctor Claw cat. And his delivery of “I hear they even call you Blaine Warbler,” was phenomenal.

This guy is all the reasons Marley and Ryder should not be on the show.


Head In Hands


Rin says: I spent this entire scene giggling with delight, and I adore Glee for being extra cheeky with their BLAM! and SLAINE! titles.

But the most adorable part wasn’t even the running away in costumes with the trophy. It was afterwards when Sam is recounting the story to the Glee club with..

“Guys, it was epic. Dalton was like Death Star meets Mordor meets Temple of Doom. I mean, I might be exaggerating, but probably not.”

‘Probably not,’ was the cutest of cute. Ah Sam, I am loving you so much this season.

Sophy says: I didn’t even realize until now that “SLAINE!” was a play on the fact that “BLAM!” just happens to be their shipper name round the other way. Like, I thought they were just randomly putting their shipper name up there with a Blam sound before it. And it was already awesome enough, but now it’s just… pure genius.


“It’s a superhero utility belt cleverly disguised as a fanny pack.”

Rin says: This was really sweet, and the reason why I can’t hate Finn as the leader of Glee Club. It is so refreshing to see him throw himself into something that makes some sense, and to see that he’s trying really hard to make it work. He is showing his commitment to these kids, even if he’s not really excelling at it right now, but the fact that he’s trying is enough. And the kids show him that by giving him a SUPERHERO UTILITY BELT THAT IS A FANNYPACK (READ: BUMBAG) THAT IS SO LAME AND AMAZING AND I CAN’T. <3

And can we spend a little time admiring how Tina disappears when she goes to clip on the bag for Finn? SO TINY.

I guess what I like about the whole thing is that it’s so appropriately high school. The gifts themselves are a bit lame and cheesy, but it really is the thought that counts — made all the more apparent when Finn has new confidence and promises to never let them down. And I’m sure Finn-haters hated all of this and are once again rolling their eyes at how every episode is about boosting Finn up as the hero. But I just don’t see it that way, because we’ve had our major problems with the character over the years. That’s for sure. But to me this was as simple as a bunch of friends looking out for another friend and showing their support. And I don’t feel like they’re purposely trying to tug at our heartstrings… if it wasn’t for the fact that they had spent the majority of last season showing us that Finn had no direction in life and couldn’t find his place? Sure, maybe this would be over the top and contrived. But this has been developing.. and when he finally finds his place you see him apply himself and it’s great, but he still struggles because it’s new (and because he’s Finn), and in the end it’s his friends and their encouragement which makes him feel at ease. I’m all for it. :-j

I just wished they took such care as they’re doing with Finn, Sam, Blaine and Britt, and do the same unto Tina and Artie. I’m sure there is a lot of time we can take away from the newbies and apply it to them. Maybe all of Marley and Ryder’s time? Perhaps?

Sophy says: I really loved this… but I do feel that the gang should have taken a moment to remember Ken Tanaka.


I think the great thing about this scene is that it’s so clearly about the kids giving Finn a boost rather than them fawning over him. He’s been kind of a mess this week and they definitely noticed – the markers are proof of that – as was the healthy amount of fun they were all making of him throughout the episode. But I loved the irony of the students showing the teacher the way forward, rather than the other way around. I mean, a few months ago half of these kids were Finn’s classmates, so it was always bound to be an unconventional leadership.

So they gave Finn his utility belt and the knowledge along with it that they were still his friends and that they had confidence in him as a teacher. And then Blaine looked around the room and saw all of these amazing people that he’s staying at McKinley about, and that’s what he was talking about when he reminded Finn that he was a uniter of friends. Not that Finn had helped them all to bond or fixed his life or anything like that. But simply that in Will’s absence Finn is the official figurehead of a group that he has discovered means more to him than just high notes and jazz hands.

And when Finn said he would never let them down, it was because he was grateful for being allowed to represent that for them.



Rin says: I am shipping it.

For reals.

LOOK AT KITTY GENUINELY SMILING AT TINA. If they explore a fierce friendship between these two, I will be forever grateful. It would be magical. I’m really not kidding though. Tina needs to develop some actual friendships, and so does Kitty. They would contrast each other so well, and make a nice pair of unlikely friendship friends. WHICH IS MUCH MORE INTERESTING THAN KITTY/MARLEY. It’d also be really fucking nice for Tina to get some bonding screentime with someone other than Mike, you know?

Sophy says: You know how I mentioned that Tina needs a BFF? I was penciling in Unique for that role, but then I saw this and decided Kitty/Tina would be kind of the best. Think about it. The two of them could bond together over their mutual hatred of Marley Sue for taking all the parts and all the men. And then they could fight over who gets Dottie on weekends.


Sweet ‘n’ Spicy twirls

Rin says: We couldn’t do this gleecap without mentioning this little bit of background magic from Sugar. One twirl would of gained her a brief mention.

It was the second twirl in the opposing direction that got her screencaps.


When Quinn comes back they can twirl together. :-.


Most Rophy

Punching 8-.

Rin says: This is exactly what I want to do every single time Ryder’s face is onscreen.

Sometimes when he’s offscreen too?

Sophy says: The moment Jake’s fist collided with Ryder’s face was the only good thing about this nightmare of a performance.

Marley 8-)

Rin says: AND TO MAKE IT EVEN, and prove how much Jake/Kitty > Marley/Ryder.

I like that Kitty’s entire ‘friendship’ with Marley is fake. But I’m pretty sure they’re going to turn it all around and have Kitty start singing Marley praises about how much of a better person she is than her.

Oh god, that’ll be the day that I won’t be able to keep my lunch down.

Sophy says: If the show never ever has Kitty like Marley, I will be so impressed. But I fear that she will eventually be forced to, along with everybody else.

And, like, even if Kitty was redeemed, why on earth would she like Marley? This bitch picked ‘Wall Flower’ as her superhero name because that’s what she sees when she looks in the mirror. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

Whereas Kitty does stuff like this:


Quinn Glory Shot

New Haven Union Station

Rin says: Ridiculous right?

As if Quinn would ever wait an entire week before contacting the authorities and demanding a helicopter escort.

Sophy says: She would have sent up a flare after 48 hours.

49 Responses

  1. Lisa
    Lisa at · Reply

    I cannot stop giggling at Quinn. I imagine she’s still in her same outfit because she hasn’t left the platform once this week, not even to pee, because of course the train would show up the moment she leaves.

  2. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    I really enjoyed this episode. I think it’s my least-worst of the season. Amazing what a bunch of ’60s Batman references can do. (And the absence of irritating Sue, and Cassie, and Brody, and, yes, Rachel. Turns out Glee without Rachel is a good thing after all? The Rachel haters were right all along? I’m confused and sad.)

    I even enjoyed the overload of irony/meta; hopefully they won’t go quite that far again for a few weeks? (Hollow laughter.) The new Warbler’s intro in particular – oh, you’re wondering who on earth I am, how I’m suddenly Captain of the Warblers, why, let me explain… Having him be a supervillain was a really good way to play that. I actually found a way to enjoy Ryder/dyslexia, too, in that his battery of tests felt so much like a classic training montage. Given it’s Glee, I thought that was quite a deft way to go about it. (And I’d rather Finn get his Alpha Male quota looking after a character I’m less invested in, than, say, Sam.)

    A couple of details: OMG the gavel block says “Society of Superheroes”. Is there a cupboard shelf somewhere with dozens of gavels, one for each club? Or did Asian Persuasion just make her assistant label it? And I love the note/blazer/book combo left in the Warblers’ trophy closet. The note must be Blaine, and the weighty book is Sam copying Raiders of the Lost Ark, right?

    I’m inclined to be charitable re redshirts/Fun. They had a lot to get through, they need to put the musical and “The Break-Up” behind them, and presumably they have to fit in sectionals before Christmas. So they needed a group number, all twelve of them on stage in harmony, and riffing on both “Don’t Stop Believin'” and “We Are Young” is a shortcutty way of doing that without wasting time on dialogue. (That said, it’s not even all twelve of them, because Unique’s absent. Hmm. Ignore my dumb idea!)

    Is Quinn really going to be in 408? Really??? Do we believe? Couldn’t we just have more ASWD instead? :)

  3. proud faberry fan
    proud faberry fan at · Reply

    stealing this glory shot too. (it’s your fault ok?)

    let me see if i got it right: you don’t like the newbies in general, but you like kitty the best if you had to choose? (not including unique because she was in season 3)

    ps: guys, there was no rachel berry in this ep? i never imagined that not one, but two episodes of glee, would not have my star in it. i don’t know if i’m in the mood for you to rachel me.

  4. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    GLEE 4×07: Dynamic Duets REVIEW
    Okay. I didn’t actually hate the episode. I kind of enjoyed it actually, but I feel like it was another unnecessary episode.

    Let’s start at the beginning:
    Superhero theme? Whoa, I used to be a big superhero fan, even as a girl. I loved Batman & Spiderman & X-men, but seeing them in their uniforms? Running through that hallway? It’s sooooo ridiculous that it’s funny :D
    Brittany, my dear, precious, lovely, Brittany: “I am the Human Brain”. YES, YOU ARE ! YOU ARE ! I LOVE YOU ! That serious face when she says it !

    Jake/Ryder’s first fight (I’ll get back at this one) and what do we see? Finn didn’t only get Will’s job, no, he got his wardrobe, too!
    QB ? Becky? EPIC!

    The trophy gets stolen … Seriously, guys, don’t you lock your doors?
    Finn as a teacher … Authority is what? Yeah, I’m not buying it, so sure, even the Glee club in superhero outfits makes fun of you.
    His great idea: Foreigner songs? You’re a loser, Finn. A loser.
    Brittany asking for help ==> asking Kiki. WELCOME BACK, KIKI ! I missed you!

    Beiste is the best. See her working that uniform. It’s amazing. Sadly, Finn actually needs a superhero costume to man up and stand in front of some kids (some of them are his friends, actually) and give a lecture like he did a THOUSAND BORING AND UNINTERESTING times before when he was still a student. Loser.
    Blaine going back to Dalton Academy and runs into Sebastian. Hi, little gay Warbler! Your hair got so long! So glad to see his face again: weird feeling!
    The new captain of the Warblers … ANOTHER new face we don’t care about. ANOTHER scene that was unnecessary. What’s his name? Don’t know. Don’t care.
    When he announces that the “Blaine Warbler” nickname got viral. That’s my Brittany, bitches!
    The whole Warblers scene was over the top. Even for a superhero episode. And it sucked. Kelly Clarkson’s Dark Side didn’t get a good cover. I mean, I usually like Blaine’s COUNTLESS solo’s, but this one didn’t work for me.
    When Captain Warbler (what’s his name) told Blaine he shouldn’t feel sidelined, I was like …. BLAINE WARBLER BEING SIDELINED? Blaine-I-get-a-freaking-solo-ever-fucking-episode shouldn’t feel sidelined? HAVE YOU EVER MET TINA COHEN-CHANG?
    Basically, the Warblers kinda lost their magic touch.
    I see a trend here: Blaine cheats on Kurt. Blaine cheats on the New Directions. Shouldn’t he be in therapy or something?
    When Finn admits he had a bad idea. “Worse than Night of Neglect”, epic comments by Artie & Tina. I would’ve said “Worse than I Hugged A Girl”, but that’s just me, because in Night Of Neglect, we at least got that AWESOME Santana Lopez’ “Back to Black”.
    Ryder’s face when Finn’s talking. He’s Finn 2.0, in love with Will 2.0 (being Finn 1.0)
    Kitty/Marley scene in the bathroom gives me SO MANY FABERRY FEELINGS. I mean: JUST KISS ALREADY !!!

    Sugar picking up that hat and putting it on when Jake/Ryder sang that terrible song … She’s so cute! She gets that from her mom (Brittany)
    MS being called a disease by Artie. Yes, those men are in fact diseases, you’re right, Wheels!
    Here was my biggest issue with the episode: Ryder & Jake and their fighting scenes. Finn’s all “hey break it up, beautiful, lovely puppies”. Then, they start fighting AGAIN during Glee Club. And I mean: bashing at each other’s face and stuff. Next: Finn’s all: “But why do you do that, my precious, little puppies?” Santana Lopez slapped Finn in the face last season because he outed her in front of the entire school: “Santana, you’re expelled.” So basically: Santana slaps Finn in the face = almost kicked out of school. Ryder & Jake BOXING = Finn gives a lecture.
    Finn’s lecture all being about “If we don’t get our act together” IN TIGHT SUPERHERO PANTS …
    Blaine’s “I belong with the Warblers”. WTF? Did you not pay attention the last two season? They almost blinded you, they blackmailed Finn & Rachel, they slushied the one and only Santana Lopez, etc … Are you getting more stupid with every episode that goes by? Or do the writers really don’t have ideas anymore?
    Marley admitting she’s been puking. Really, Glee, and the point of last week’s episode was …?

    Puck Jr. = poor cute guy with great singing voice. Poor half-this, half-that … Yeah, I feel SO sorry for you … NOT!
    Sam with that thing on his face … PRICELESS

    Kitty as Catwoman? Na-ah, that was supposed to be Santana in a sexual RP with Wonderwoman-Brittany on one of their Friday night date nights. Just saying …
    Brittany teasing Sam during “Holding out for a hero” ———— oh, my heart. This must be what a heart attack feels like.

    The song was good. The song was really good, actually. Kitty/Marley dancing around each other, using a whip and all, it was kinda a turn-on. I approve!

    “I don’t smell raspberry hairgel. Does anybody know where Blaine Warbler is?” Brittany, never stop! You were on fire this episode!
    Blaine transfers back to Dalton Academy. Really, I don’t understand that American school system? And how are Blaine’s parents okay with this? I must cost them a fortune, right? And how can that be arranged in like 1 hour?
    After Ryder’s tests with that teacher. “It’s not a brain tumor, is it?” Finn, this might be one of the rare times I thought you were funny. That is disturbing. Also, where the hell has this woman been? Like, Brittany got held back and nobody helped her all those years? Sam’s dyslectic, too, but nobody cares. Puck barely graduated and he had to do it on his own …
    Ryder, stop crying like a little baby. I know being dyslectic isn’t great. It sucks, sure. But you’re not dying. You have a learning disability. Get over it.

    ALSO: Neck brace Cheerio! I SPOTTED YOU ! (1st time!)
    Jake being nice to Marley’s mom in the cafeteria is actually sweet. He means it. Then he sticks up for her. And Ryder’s there to help. Nice one, Glee. Gives me utter Glee-feelings!
    PUCK ON THE PHONE. No, wait. What? PUCK AS A SUPERHERO ON THE PHONE!? Epic one! Look at his hair!

    Also: “Hi, half-bro with the afro!”
    Sam/Blaine locker scene = “villainize” haha, classic Sam. That’s what you call a bromance, though!
    The flashback of Blaine cheating cleared a lot of things out. He did actually sleep with that Eli C. guy, it wasn’t just kissing or something. Blaine’s face was too sad to look at, really. He felt bad, but hey, that’s the price you pay when you sleep with another guy.
    “Is it because I don’t look like my profile pic?” Really, stranger? Really? Blaine should’ve been all “YES, BECAUSE I EXPECTED LIGHT SHINING OUT OF YOUR PENIS JUST LIKE THAT LIGHTHOUSE!” ???
    Again, in that scene: hi, neck brace Cheerio! (SECOND TIME!)
    Sam finally gets a solo. Wait … I don’t like this version of the song. I like the Moulin Rouge version better. WAIT, it’s not a solo, somebody’s joining him … It’s .. It’s … BLAINE WARBLER, surprise!
    Seriously, Blaine sings TOO much!
    Sugar/Artie kissing during the song was soooooo cute! FINALLY ! Also, why the hell were they painting a wall? Is that a new kind of teambuilding thing to do?

    Brittany kisses Blaine on the cheek. It was sweet … but – I mean, that kinda felt wrong. Finally, two gay people get to kiss each other again on Glee and it’s the bisexual Cheerio and the gay my-pants-are-too-short-guy? They have a nice friendship, though, this season.

    The “NO THANKS” note when Blaine and Sam get the trophy back. Really, stealing is so allowed in these schools … Also: BLAM & SLAINE signs! Those things make me love Glee.

    NECK BRACE CHEERIO during the Ryder/Marley scene … 3 TIMES THIS EPISODE! She gets more screen time than the original members of Glee!
    Okay, this was way OOC: Marley’s not supportive of Ryder when he gives her a really decent excuse to cancel their date, which really didn’t sound like a fun date to begin with. Then, Kitty comes along, starts that boring, sad storyline about puking again (Really, Glee, not even funny anymore. I don’t buy it.) and then she decides to walk over to Jake and ask him out on a date? Not even Rachel would do that, and she DID kiss Puck when she heard about Santana sleeping with Finn.
    Last time they brought a trophy home, Brittana kissed in the hallway of their high school, in front of everybody and there was joy and laughter and Santana dipping Brittany, the girl that was always going to be her girlfriend … So, no, Glee, I didn’t appreciate that scene. My Brittana feelings took over ……..

    The little Barbie head that Finn got out of his ridiculous fanny pack … “That’s from me. You’re welcome!” And that dorky smile. Oh, Brittany S. Pierce. Why so cute!? You’ve been nothing but perfect this episode! Except, Finn didn’t really get it, I guess. That was Brittany giving a head’s up (get it!?) that she’ll brutally kill Finn in his sleep someday because he hurt Santana’s feelings …

    Finn, the “hero” again … Admired by all of his kids … Go fuck yourself, please. You didn’t do anything this episode, except pick out the worst costume ever …
    Fun.’s “Some nights”. I liked the performance. A solid group number. I liked it, but it’s sad that now they are not only re-enacting the storylines from season 1, but they’ve also stared recycling the outfits … Red shirts, Don’t Stop Believing, much?

    Kitty faking the being nice act. I dig it!
    Finally, another thing that really bothers me lately: the originals being the background players during the entire episode AND EVEN DURING THE SONGS … That’s so wrong. I mean, that’s the reason why ratings are dropping. We. Don’t. Care. About. The. Newbies! Sure, they can have a storyline. But please, you have all those ADORED characters you’ve had years already. USE THEM! You have Santana Freaking Lopez at your service. Give her a decent college storyline. Ship her to New York city to bring that Rachel Berry/Santana Lopez chemistry back to life. Make her say funny, insulting things to Kurt again. Give us a Faberry scene! And show us what Mercedes and Puck are going through in LA. But quit forging the newbies on us.

    And then, when we least expect it, Tina gets to sing a WHOLE LINE and about twenty “oooooooeh” and “aaaaahs” at the end of a song …. It’s a Thanksgiving miracle ….

    1. Ned
      Ned at · Reply

      Neck brace Cheerio. GOOD POINT.

    2. LauryeMal
      LauryeMal at · Reply

      NECK BRACE CHEERIOS! You’re absolutely right about the screen time she gets… but I rather have her than any other Glee Project kids any giving day…

      Kitty as Catwoman? Na-ah, that was supposed to be Santana in a sexual RP with Wonderwoman-Brittany on one of their Friday night date nights. Just saying …

      Thank you for the image…I’ll save it for later :P

      1. Snicky
        Snicky at · Reply

        very happy to have been of any use ;)

  5. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    This episode was pretty cute, if not mostly filler (Willow :) )

    I do really like the continuation of the Blam friendship, and how the show’s dealing with Blaine’s guilt. I also agree with you guys and I’m glad they aren’t shying away from Blaine’s cheating, or minimizing it by just being a kiss or something. Pretty clear from this episode that he just full on had sex with a random guy he met on Facebook, and there’s no excusing it… but he’s still a really good guy. And I’m hoping for an eventual Klaine reunion, as long as they let both Kurt and Blaine authentically process their feelings, and don’t just sweep all of the infidelity stuff under the rug just in time for a holiday reunion or something…

    Ryder and Marley are the worst. They are stupid and have no personalities and Glee can’t make me care about them by giving them eating disorders and dyslexia. If anything it makes me hate them more, because the show is going about it in such an inauthentic, after school special kind of way. What’s next? Will we find out Kitty has a caffeine pill addiction a la Jessie Spano?? I was also confused about that last scene with Marley. I mean, was it supposed to be empowering? Taking charge of her own life by… being kind of terrible to Ryder (which, I don’t mind on principle, but still..?) Or is it a reflection of her ridiculous insecurities that have just come about because one dress out of all her other clothes didn’t fit, and now she thinks she’s full on obese, presumably without ever once stepping on a scale to confirm she hasn’t, in fact, gained any weight? Either way, it was dumb.

    Connecting with the new kids in general is still just a struggle for me. I mean, Kitty is funny, but she’s also a really, really horrible person. Jake has his charm, but also he loves Marley and now it looks like he and Ryder are bffs for life or whatever… so meh. I also noticed something during the last “Fun” performance, and there’s not a particularly nice way to say this, but the new kids just aren’t quite as compelling on stage as the old kids. They can all sing and dance and everything (Jake is probably the best out of the four, followed by Kitty, Marely……………Ryder) but they aren’t Rachel, Santana, Mercedes, or Kurt. I don’t feel things like I did when I first watched the old gang in group performances. Part of it could be because I’m not emotionally invested in them, but also I think it’s just, none of those four is ever gonna be Lea Michele or Amber Riley, you know? I’m not sure they can ever really blow me away, vocally.

    OK, I was not meaning for this reply to be all long and crazy like they usually are, but alas. I guess you guys are just my outlet for all my Glee feelings? Fingers crossed next episode doesn’t disappoint and you guys won’t have to give up on Glee altogether. Otherwise, I’ll just be ranting to myself like a crazy person…

    Oh, one more thing. There was another awesome Sugar moment during Jake and Ryder’s performance when she just got up out of her chair and grabbed one of the hats they’d discarded, put it on, and walked back to her seat. I really hope Vanessa just does these things without any direction. It’d make it all the more awesome :)

  6. LauryeMal
    LauryeMal at · Reply

    I’ve started watching this episode half-heartedly because of the No-Quinn-Yet factor thinking that it was going to be another crap fest… and instead I’ve found myself laughing and giggling like an idiot for the cuteness and dorkyness of it.

    Kudos Glee, you didn’t exactly suck this time.

    Do you realize we were actually treated with more of a glimpse of continuity??? The Super-Hero Club, Dottie (OMG the cuteness), The Warblers, Tina still mad for the Rizzo’s snub …even Kitty fake-friendship!! See Glee??? IT CAN BE MADE! 8->

    Sam is becoming the glue that stick the Glee club together, first Britt and now with Blaine, and I have to say that I ship this kind of bromance. I love to see this straight/gay male teen friendship developing, it’s so refreshing! Yes, Kurt was part of the Glee club but his interaction were more with the girls than with the guys…and the fact that Sam gives Blaine relationship advice like he would do to any of his buddies is amazingly forward in its simplicity. Well Done Glee. =D>


    OMG. SO.RIGHT. GLORIOUS. ROFL ^^… Glee can be so lame sometimes…

    …and speaking of disorder… isn’t it time to pull the plug with the Glee Project? Has that show produced anything worth it except “Rophy Says No” material?

    Kitty will probably soon deserve a personalized section in your recap “Kitty Evilism” or something…with Dottie she’s by far the best addition to this season. (I know some people will say that she’s evil and manipulative, but she’s so over the top that it’s actually becoming fun to watch …so fun that I’m almost over the fact that she keeps violating the Fabathroom amazingness with Meh-rley. Almost.)

    Now that we are over with this episode, can we all start hyperventilating for 408 together?
    #408isaroundthecorneromgomgomg ~^o^~

  7. Sekava
    Sekava at · Reply

    I’m slightly disdurbed by the how much I’m starting to like Kitty. Encouraging someone’s eating disorder is pretty much like trying to slowly kill them. But Glee is just so detached from reality that I’m finding it really difficult to take anything seriously. And just … Marley? She really is the stupidest. And Ryder, please just go away forever.

    The boys singing about being a hero and the girls about needing a man to a hero? NO. Not cool. Like at all.

  8. Lexy
    Lexy at · Reply

    Yeah Kitty has rapidly become my favourite newbie and i can’t really pinpoint why. Encouraging an eating disorder is never, ever ok and despite this i still like her more than i like Marley-Sue. I personally think she has a lot of untapped character potential [much like we saw with Quinn] – there is a shot at added depth, but of course that would entail Glee to do something right…
    The rest:

    Brittany – wins the award for everything in the world ever – girl could punch me in the face and i would still want to highfive her at ever given opportunity.
    Tina – If i had my way you would get a solo every episode, a web series and an action figure for your alter-ego.
    Blam – muchos love for you
    Sugar – 4 for you Sugar Motta, you go Sugar Motta!

    and none for Marley,Ryder or Finn [Maryin/Farder/Mafider ? – i feel these guys need their own portmanteau since i’ll probably be hating on them every week. Or maybe just the three stooges? Finn as Larry, Ryder as Curly & Marley as Moe?]

  9. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    The Quinn glory shots remind me of those Hillary Clinton tweets. They should send a helicopter for her. So many issues for her to address!

    I loved this episode. So charming and goofy. I reminded me more of the tone of the first episodes where the show was a comedy with heart, and a little less totally soapy. I enjoyed all the over the top stuff that you did with Kitty and Captain Warbler. But I also actually kind of liked the Ryder/Jake and Kitty/Marley performances. Maybe because I like Jake and Kitty the best of the newbies? Or maybe because of the whips and splits. I don’t know. I knew they were manipulating me, and I really didn’t/don’t care for Ryder and his dyslexia, but I do feel for that kind of situation, so I didn’t hate it, though the training montage was unnecessarily long.

    I was peeved at the red shirts too. Have we really used all of the colors? I liked the performances just fine, but you make some excellent points about how it just missed the bar in some ways.

    I will probably always be annoyed by Finn!YouMadeMeAMan/Heroism, but I do like him as the new Mr. Shu just fine. Cory’s charm probably helps buoy it along for me a lot. I still think he’s kind of a dick, but aren’t we all at times? And now that the Glee club is supporting him, but continuing to give him crap, I’m surprisingly much more ok with it. Maybe it’s better when he’s focusing on saving a character I don’t care about as much (Ryder), versus destroying a character I love (or providing a path for the writers to do so). Not that I can totally blame Finn for the character still known as Rachel for some reason. :(

    Blam! Slaine! Genius. These are the moments why I just can’t quit Glee. This episode overall was charming, goofy, satirical, unashamedly (versus inadvertently?) over the top, and just so cute I want to pinch its cheeks.

  10. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Loved your recap. I still do not get why Marley and Ryder exist. They could have given the eating disorder storyline to Sugar, Jake to Tina and refreshed Sam’s dyslexia story. Done. No need for dumb characters that are just stealing time from Asian Persuasion and Blam/Slaine.

    Why is Ryder front and center again? I like his story about learning disabilities, but I just can’t care for him. Or Finn. Or Marley. They’re all so… bland.

  11. Elysse
    Elysse at · Reply

    I actually mostly enjoyed this episode??? It was pretty funny, and I usually just think Glee only has a couple funny moments per episode.

    Also, Puck totally looked like Rufio from Hook lol

    Also also Blam/Slaine is the best. They are definitely one of the best things about Glee right now. I’m glad that Sam is being such a good friend to Blaine when he’s having a hard time.

    However…Marley is fucking stupid. I don’t understand why she keeps listening to Kitty and thinking that they’re friends. I really don’t see why two boys are fighting over her. Also I was so annoyed with her for saying “Oh Ryder has to go to the doctor so we can’t go on a date? Better find someone new.” Wtf?

    Finally, I was equally misled by the whole Quinn Thanksgiving business. Why would you have your “Thanksgiving” episode the week after, especially when your show is on the actual day of Thanksgiving?!

  12. dani
    dani at · Reply

    how did this happen I don’t know, but I’m having strong good feelings towards Kitty :/ I feel like I cheated on myself lol
    overall this episode was sort of good, tho not seeing Rachel is basically sacrilege imo, it stops being glee without her.

    blam and slaine ♥ it hurts how much I ship them, they would make the perfect couple and it makes sense!!! I’ll never get the klaine thing, to me blaine is out of kurt’s league in, and these two have amazing chemistry. I’ll never get over the fact that Sam was supposed to be gay, I’m that kind of person.

    finn and ryder: …

    also, next episode quinn and santana !!!!!!!!! I’m dying and secretely hoping for faberry, I’ll take anything. tho I know better :c

  13. Caroline
    Caroline at · Reply

    Loved the recap!! Along with the majority of viewers, I too was sad when I realized that we were going to have to wait ANOTHER week for Quinn. I went into this episode knowing that we weren’t going to get her but I’m still peeved about it.

    I actually really disliked this episode. I resent any screen time that any of the newbies get, as it’s taking away from screen time for the characters I actually do care about. And the minute Finn made it clear that the duets were going to Ryder/Jake and Marley/Kitty I was livid and may have viewed the rest of the episode through a rage haze. Also NO RACHEL OR KURT?!?! Excuse me??? Wtf Glee?!?! That’s not allowed. Sorry. And that’s twice in three episodes that it’s happened and I am not ok with it. Brittany, Tina, Sam, and Blaine were awesome in this episode but they always are. Also, I know RM loves his gay boys but I’m actually surprised that the majority of the three episodes since The Break-Up have been rich with Blaine and Kurt’s break-up aftereffects. Finn and Brittany are both doing just fine, except for the five total minutes combined they saw their significant others last week. Really?? No residual effects for either of them?? I’m especially surprised with the lack of exploration of dead Finchel since, you know, RIB usually can’t get them down our throats enough. Also, Ryder being dyslexic?? No. Don’t care. I do seriously detest Ryder with you guys. And Sam got shafted on this one. Thank God there are fans who noticed.

    I do like the Sam and Blaine friendship and, in reference to a comment Sophy made about the Tina/Blaine friendship being explored, I did see a comment made a while ago by Ryan Murphy on Twitter that Jenna is excited about an upcoming storyline she has with Darren. So, hopefully you’ll get your wish on that one!! I do agree with you, btw, that Tina deserves to be a fully round character and has deserved that for, you know, about three and half years now. Sugartie needs to be explored as well. Artie deserves more prominent storylines week in and week out. Randomly rewatching Season 1 episodes makes me remember how much I liked Artie back then. He was definitely a favorite character until he started being written as overly controlling in the director role. Artie’s a more soulful, sweet, and compassionate guy than he’s been written lately. And I honestly can’t remember the last time he got an episode, which is really sad since Kevin is disgustingly talented and can be heartbreakingly precious.

    Okay, I don’t want to be cranky about this show anymore. I always get super frustrated and wonder why people even watch Glee if all they’re going to do is complain. But I am only upset because I know how GOOD Glee can be. And I love the cast. Period. I love the originals+Sam and Blaine. And I miss them so I’m just a pile of withdrawal crankiness.

    Good things in this episode were definitely Brittany and Sugar, Heroes, neckbrace Cheerio, Sam and Blaine friendship, and even Finn’s little “Ignoring you” during his Ryder and Jake lecture.

    Alrighty. I’m done. Rin’s Oprah under the chair/everyone gets a disorder is classic epicness and an exemplification of why I’ll read these recaps. So. Freaking. Good.

  14. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    BLAINE IS SO FUCKING PRECIOUS I CAN’T WITH HIM. ALSO THE PAINTY SCENE. And I totally agree about Some Nights. It felt a little tacked on, and they were trying to manipulate us with the red shirts.

    THEY WERE ALL SO PRECIOUS IN THEIR SUPERHERO COSTUMES. I think I screamed when Sugar said her power was MONEY. NEVER CHANGE SUGAR. Also, I love that Blaine’s version of spiraling is taking the superhero club super seriously and being a tiny winged dictator. HE INSISTED THAT BEISTE WEAR A COSTUME. He is such a cupcake. AND YES TO SUGAR AND ARTIE! Seriously, let’s just take all the newbies’ screentime and give it to them.

    Yeah, I kind of wish they would let Tina be something other than Asian but she was pretty adorable as Asian Persuasion. AND THEN BLAINE IS ALL NO STOP TRYING TO GET ME BACK WITH KURT, THIS PHONE IS FOR SERIOUS SUPERHERO BUSINESS ONLY BAHAHAHA Blaine. BUT REALLY. I’M STILL WAITING FOR IT TO BE TINA’S YEAR, GLEE. Stop joking about it and actually DO IT.

    Let’s just replace Marley with Dottie.

    I loved the Warblers as villains, I screamed when they zoomed in on the cat face. SO MANY KINDS OF PERFECT. And I’m glad Blaine isn’t as OK with Sebastian as they made it seem in 314. Like, he’s forgiven him but he’s not going to be bffs with him.

    I still don’t understand people who hate Blaine and/or Darren Criss. It’s like hating puppies and rainbows and joy. I LOVED WHEN HE SAID VILLAINIZE, that was great. OUCH that flashback hurt though. I’m glad we didn’t really get to see the guy though, that might have hurt EVEN MORE.

    Loved the Blaine and Sam scenes. That is EXACTLY what I was hoping for, someone to finally listen to what Blaine had to say! IT was perfect! I kind of assumed that all of New Directions knew about the cheating, but it seems like only Finn knew (because he was in NYC), it seems like the rest of them just knew that they broke up. But yes, really glad about what Sam said.

    Yeah, this keeping around the Original Gleeks is pretty shoddy so far. BUT OH PUCKERMAN I MISS YOUR FACE AND IT WAS GOOD TO SEE IT.

    Ugh, Ryder. No one cares.

    Ugh, Marley. How on earth am I supposed to like her. I CAN’T. SHE IS AN IDIOT WHO CAN’T FIGURE OUT HOW TO WORK A SCALE.

    I ACTUALLY DIDN’T HATE FINN THIS EPISODE! It works when they’re not talking about what an amazing hero he is all the time. He’s an average dude and THAT’S OK! Also, the Barbie head. BEST.

    I am seriously confused as to what Kitty is trying to do with Marley. Like I feel like she is one second away from dragging her down to her secret lair to perform weird psychological experiments on her. But the fact is that Marley is so boring I am surprised Kitty is still paying attention to her. Marley is so BLAND they can’t make anything she is involved in interesting. She and her stupid Bella Swan self just suck the life out of every scene she is in. As does Ryder.


  15. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    I TRIED TO WATCH DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES FOR TERI HATCHER TOO. Seriously, for years I thought I was in love with Dean Cain, until I realized that I liked Lois a lot more than I liked Clark. :-/

    Cheesy Glee is my favorite. I just can’t help it. That’s one of the things that made me fall in love with it originally. So the first few minutes of this episode were just pure gold! CHAI TEA! =)) And super nerdy Blaine, and Asian Persuasion. And Sam! And then! When Ryder and Jake were arguing in the hall, I caught a glimpse of a “teacher” in the background. I wasn’t really looking, so I thought it was Will, AND THEN IT WAS FINN IN WILL’S SWEATER VEST. I just died. Seriously, this episode. The Ryder/dyslexia storyline tried really hard to drag this episode down but it started off on such a high that I think it turned out okay.

    I have noticed that I think I like Finn sans Rachel? And not just for the obvious Faberry reasons? Like, I feel like I’m kind of invested now in seeing how he does finding himself and his place in the world. I hope they do actually give that thread a chance, and not muck it up by getting Finchel back together too soon.

    So…I have all these feelings lately about the Glee fandom. (And I feel guilty about it because THESE ARE MY PEOPLE.) But, I feel like we are all judging Glee a bit too quickly and a bit too harshly lately. There are two cases in particular that I feel this is so. The first is the Brittana (insert Finchel or Klaine here as you so choose) breakup. People are ravenous to have this couple back together, and all I can think is, why do we not want to see our beloved characters grow a bit? I really think the relationship can be much stronger and more fulfilling for these two people if they are allowed to be apart and explore their lives a bit. I mean, they are all around 18 years old! I think these breakups are much more true to life representations of kids this age then keeping them together as a happy, near perfect couple, which is what it seems fandom wants them to do.

    The other situation where I think we all judge a bit harshly is the new characters. It’s always, why waste time on these people when I could see the characters that I love. And, believe me, I LOVE Quinn, Rachel, Santana and Kurt and could watch an entire show about just them (where a few others come to visit on occasion). But I feel like Glee set us up for this scenario? It’s a high school show, and they aged their characters appropriately as the seasons progressed. The show is about a high school Glee club, and that is going to change all the time.

    (However, I freely admit that the harsh judgement of the newbies is just as much, if not more, about how bad the writing and characterization for them is, not just the fact that they are NEW. And this whole expression of my feelings on this is not directed at YOU GUYS, just at the whole fandom, and everywhere I see people making comments about the show.)

    All that being said, I am now going to hypocritically (I own it) criticize something about the newbies/writing about the newbies. It almost feels as if the Tina/Sam/Artie set of kids are purely being used as a buffer between one set of superstars, and the superstars of the next generation. And that’s NOT FAIR. They are also superstars, dammit.

    Finally, to make a long comment short (TOO LATE), my feelings on “Some Nights.” So, when Glee did “We Are Young,” I loved it. I loved it so much that I looked into Fun.’s music. And I fell in love. I bought their first album and listened to it over and over again for months. And then their second album came out, the one with “We Are Young” on it, and I loved it even more! And “We are Young” wasn’t even my favorite song from the album! (“Carry On”) And from that album, “Some Nights” became this song that just infiltrated my soul. Like, listening to it made me feel as if I imagine standing in the pouring rain, pumping your fist in the air and jumping up and down while yelling must feel. I went to see Fun. in concert in May, and they sang this song as their encore and I CRIED because that’s what music always makes me do.

    And then “Some Nights” started popping up EVERYWHERE. And I get annoyed as we all tend to do when a song we love is overplayed. And then Glee does it, wearing RED, featuring these kids that I haven’t had time to fall in love with yet (though I believe I will). So, yeah. It was good, I appreciated it. But it kind of stung a bit.

    Excellent recap guys. You are glorious at what you do. I can’t watch Glee anymore without wondering what your thoughts are about it. :) Thank you for always elevating the thinking process around this show (and others).

    1. Caroline
      Caroline at · Reply

      You make some really good points about the Glee fandom here but I think you hit the nail on the head when you say that a lot of our frustration with both the flagship breakups and the new characters has to do with the writing. Glee has been introducing new characters forever (Brittany was new in episode 2, Zizes was seen prior to Season 1 in a Cheerios tryout, Jacob Ben Israel is always lurking, etc.) but the way they’ve introduced the newbies as 2.0’s of our favorites sets up the new kids for failure. I truly think it was a really poor choice to set up Marley as “The New Rachel” or set up anyone as the new version of any character. Blaine and Sam were both newbies at one point but they were introduced gradually and they were next to our favorites the whole time. They were and are their own characters and they never tried to be anything besides that. They brought different things to the table. Unique and Dottie do this, as well, and thus are received a little better. (I say “a little” because I’ve definitely seen a lot of mixed reactions in the Glee fandom about Unique). Even Joe and Rory and Sugar have grown on the fandom because they were put in there NEXT to the New Directions and not IN FRONT of them. And I do believe that’s the fundamental problem with the Season 4 new kids. We’re getting them and their storylines AT THE EXPENSE OF the original characters as opposed to IN ADDITION to the originals. And there will (and, I believe, should) be a backlash to that. An Emmy was given to Glee in 2011 for Best Casting because those people are absolutely amazing and irreplaceable. Truly. The truest thing that Brad Falchuk ever said was that “You love these characters because of how awesome these people are.” That original cast is one of the most talented that’s ever been on television and EVEN NOW the cuteness and chemistry between the originals left in the choir room is salvaging the show for a lot of people.

      Now, about the break-ups. I agree that these characters all deserve the chance to live and change and grow without being joined at the hip and deriving their main identification from their romantic relationships. Everyone doesn’t marry their high school sweetheart and that’s just a fact. For the show, having the main ships break up was a really smart move because it 1) creates conflict 2) adds depth to all of the characters by allowing them to create a lone self-identity and 3) is the oldest trick used in serials because there is no story if everyone’s all together and content. That’s boring and no one will watch it. To move forward stories require conflict. Breakups provide that and create lots of drama in the interim. Or the potential for it, at least. Although I LOVED the break-up episode, I think it’s really good that people are screaming in frustration about the dissolution of the relationships because it means that people really really really care about these characters. Now, I know you said to insert Finchel or Klaine in place of “Brittana” in that breakup line but I know Brittana fans and I know they’re probably screaming the loudest.

      The Brittana fandom deserves their own paragraph. Brittana fans are die hard. Period. They definitely cross the line sometimes with their zealousness (it occasionally transcends passion and not in a good way) especially when it comes to treating Naya and Hemo poorly whenever they so much as acknowledge that they’re both heterosexual in real life and both in serious relationships with men. The hate that Matt Hodgson receives via Twitter (and I’m sure other means) is inappropriate and absolutely inexcusable. Now, I’m saying all of this as a Brittana fan. I love the couple a lot and definitely waste too much time watching Brittana compilation vids on YouTube. Having said that, the fan reaction and anger is not unwarranted. Brittana fans are trolled and trolled HARD by Ryan Murphy on the regular. AfterEllen.com even did an article about it (http://www.afterellen.com/content/2012/11/ryan-murphy-trolling-glees-lesbian-fandom). Also, Brittana only really exists because the fans were so vocal in support of them before either the writers or the actors took that relationship seriously so there’s an extra element of possession involved. Both Finchel and Klaine were thought up and planned out by the writers all by themselves. As such, both of those couples have received TONS of screen time and development over the previous seasons. So much of Brittana’s development was literally just background awesomesauce by Naya and Heather. Finchel has been around since the show’s conception and Kurt has always been RM’s favorite so he got, you know, his role created by Chris Colfer’s audition and lots and lots and lots of front and center development. Kurt’s father is the only Glee parent the fans REALLY know. Not that I don’t love Rachel and Kurt and want to see both of them be further developed (or, in Rachel’s case, rediscovered) but Brittana is always the big relationship that gets shafted. I’ve read Rophy recaps where both of them are talking about how they just can’t get invested in Brittana because they don’t have enough to go on. And, in all fairness, these are two people who are shipping Faberry (whom I also love, but there is less evidence for them vs Brittana). Another reason Brittana fans are so frustrated lately is because we’ve gotten to see Finn, Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine a HELLUVA lot more than we’ve seen Santana this season!! Quinn and Santana are MIA and EVERYONE is suffering. I definitely approve of Brittany’s character development, though. But Kitty is not a Quinn/Santana replacement. She’s not even a good band-aid. Sorry but HEY the Glee writers set her up to be that through her characterization and Sue’s season opening monologue so IF YOU WANT ME TO COMPARE, I WILL!!!

      Anyways, I do want to say that I appreciate your optimism in regards to the newbies. And I’m also impressed with your reaction to Some Nights, especially as an ardent fan of the original and Fun. The choreography and the newbies getting the solos and red shirts+jeans infuriated me. Blatant recycling of storylines should be beneath Glee writers. Glee was a phenomenon in Season 1, in large part due to the writing and the original-ish characters (you had your high school archetypes in Puck, Finn, and Quinn but overall you hadn’t really ever seen the original 5 before). I have a really hard time swallowing the episodes of today in comparison with vintage Glee, especially when they have really good episodes, or even just musical numbers, that serve to tease me with the potential this show possesses.

      1. Tammy
        Tammy at · Reply

        Thanks for your thoughts on my comment! I LOVE what you have to say about the difference between placing newbies alongside the New Directions as opposed to placing them in front of the New Directions. I think that statement alone resolves the conflict I was feeling in regards to wanting to like the newbies and just not quite being able to do it. I appreciate the clarity you provided for me.

        In terms of Brittana, I do think it is the overzealousness of the fandom that has put me off a bit. I love Brittana, and am always so appreciative of representation of my community on such a big stage. But I do think they need some time to grow. And I know what you are saying about Ryan Murphy and his twitter wars with fans. I read that article on After Ellen when it came out. I had actually seen the “red wine” tweet the night he put it out there, and I don’t think I was nearly as offended (if offended at all) as some people were. I don’t think he handles his interaction with Brittana fans professionally, but I also think in some cases he has been pushed to the limit with the stuff they do say to him. But again, all of that is just MY opinion, and as I mentioned I feel ridiculously guilty even questioning Glee fans because I love this show and its fans so much.

        And the Heather/Naya “shippers” put me off. I actually don’t really understand “shipping” real-life people anyways because I think private lives are private. But that’s just me, other people are totally welcome to it. However, the Heather/Naya thing feels extra weird to me because I know a family member of HeMo’s boyfriend, and it feels like such an invasion of their personal lives.

        Again, thanks for your thoughts. I revel in dissecting this show with other fans. :)

        1. Caroline
          Caroline at · Reply

          Yay glad I provided clarity!! I actually only came up with that “in front of as opposed to next to” thing as I was writing it so I kinda feel better about that whole situation too. I don’t think you should feel guilty about your feelings toward the fandom. I don’t even think you were questioning anything, just stating how some fan reactions had made you feel. It has long been acknowledged by the writers, producers, and cast that Gleeks are a huge part of the show. So definitely have your opinions and put them out there!! It’s good.

          And I can sort of understand the HeYa shipping because of the close friendship but I do think that the fans can go too far. Tumblr and Twitter EXPLODED after those Naya tweets on Halloween where she put up a photo with her bf in it. If these fans really love Naya and Heather the way they say do, they would recognize that these are two women who are incredibly smart and strong, in addition to their epic performing talents. Because of that, there’s a really good chance that the people they’ve chosen to be close with in their lives are good people who love and support them. And shit, both of these girls bf’s are pretty damn cute, too!! I would like Hodgson a lot more if he wasn’t a Patriots and Red Sox fan :). And Heather has spoken positively glowingly about her bf so it’s obvious that he makes her happy. I wish the fans would embrace them a little more if only because it would probably make Naya and Heather happy. But I guess Heather and Naya’s men can bask in the fact that thousands of people are UBER jealous of them. :) I hope that’s how they look at it, anyways. I would.

          I, too, revel in dissecting this show with other fans (as evidenced by the fact that this is my third overlong comment so far today). My friends and family won’t let me anymore so I need an outlet. :D

  16. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Rinsisstant and Quinn glory shot. Love. That’s all I can say right now.

  17. Frenchie
    Frenchie at · Reply

    I’m really disappointed you guys… Kina really? You can do so much better…

    Titty is such a better ship name :p

    1. Whymz
      Whymz at · Reply

      YESSS!!! Love it!!!! Sooo much better!!!! TITTY it is! Make it so!

  18. Jules
    Jules at · Reply

    Has anyone seen the spoilers about the new episode with Quinn? (I don’t know if I can talk spoilers here, if I can’t I’m sorry and feel free to delete my comment) Seems like they have done it AGAIN, Quinn is back being a bitch for the forth time -.-” I’m annoyed and I don’t even watch the show! It’s just that Dianna deserves something better, even Nathan from Misfits had better character development dang it!

    1. Caroline
      Caroline at · Reply

      psssst no spoilers

  19. AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish
    AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish at · Reply

    And again I am late to the party, so I’ll keep it short. I really enjoyed this episode, because it was so much fun. Loved the entire superhero theme and that they were really dedicated to it the entire episode. THIS is the Blaine I love. He was so goofy and nerdy = <3. For the win. But the red shirts at the end: JUST NO!

    I loved the beginning and Brit's "I'm the human brain". One of the best sentences ever. And her gift for Finn was just so random, I loved it. I wish we could have more of this and less of all that other crap they have been showing us so far.

    Oh, and one thing. I absolutely LOVE Lois and Clark. Guess what my current ringtone is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1ZVRm1KcZY

    Thanks for the recap, can't wait to read what you have to say on the return of our most beloved cheerio last week.

  20. Lauren
    Lauren at · Reply

    Meh, I hated this review. I can’t see why you guys would like Kitty, she’s a bitch, is the only thing that she is, a bitch, who isn’t even remotely likable like Quinn was. I’ve read better reviews from you Sophy, where you really write stuff that makes sense other than squeal all over the internet. Disappointed.

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