406 — Glease

Best Song

New Directions – You’re The One That I Want

Sophy says: This kick to my heart hurt so badly it’s like I have testicles there or something.

Seriously, I started watching this doing my best to ignore Marley and Ryder, enjoying Sugar, Tina and Kitty’s cuteness, and wondering how long it was going to take them to cut to Rachel and Finn in the audience… and then suddenly I was hearing Cory’s voice and thinking “Huh?” and before I could even process that it was like some fairy godmother had come along and waved her wand and Marley and Ryder were gone and in their place were Finn and Rachel with bright shiny season one faces, and then their actual season one faces were on the screen and it was too much, I was gone, my testicle-heart would never make babies, and it was all thanks to Glee.


I mean, you guys. Rachel and Finn singing ‘You’re The One That I Want’ is one of season 1’s finest moments, and harks back to a time when Rachel was sweet and bright and a little bit crazy and Finn was adorable and out of his depth and had no idea how much he was going to love this girl, and the two of them together was something special and we were a part of it. How dare they suddenly take me back to that. HOW DARE THEY. After they spent most of season three, and let’s face it, most of season two as well running Finn slowly and painfully into the ground. After they lobotomized Rachel Berry in the space of one episode in season 4. How dare they turn around and present me with exactly what’s missing from this show now, with exactly the reason why it will never be the same.

I mean, they even cleaned up Rachel’s raccoon eyes for the performance, and I could see her, and she was beautiful, and surely, you guys, surely the irony of Rachel having once upon a time way back in season 1 dressed up as Spandex Sandy was not lost on the writers. Surely they remember that Finn told her in his own clumsy, cringe-worthy way that she was better before, when she was herself. Surely they know that Rachel’s new… I wanted to say new look, but I can’t, because it’s not just about the way she looks. Rachel’s new Rachel. Surely the writers know that Rachel’s new Rachel is ten times more fake than any hysterical sexpot conversion Grease ever served up.

But enough. Let me bask. Because it only got better when the writers just decided to have a hallucination free-for-all, and put Artie and Mercedes and Mike and Kurt up there too, and Kurt and Blaine were happy and together, and Santana and Britt were making the most darling little faces, and Tina and Mike were doing the most ridiculous dance moves, and there was not a NEWBIE IN SIGHT. And it was too much.

Dear friends, it was too much.

I may never recover.

Rin says: Me neither.

I’ve watched this NUMEROUS times by now, and every time I still get that tingling feeling behind my eyes and inside my chest. Not so much in my phantom testicles.

On first watch I actually missed Finn popping out from behind the ride because I was still caught up on Rachel’s face when she started to feel things, because then I WAS STARTING TO FEEL THINGS. And that face she makes? That’s RACHEL. That’s the Rachel we’ve been missing and I felt like.. we were getting her back. Also when this song started Sophy was pretty much saying, BORING, WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO FLASHBACK TO FINCHEL AND THAT PERFORMANCE. So it got me all being annoyed that Marley and Ryder were on my screen doing none of it justice, and I wanted this to be about Rachel….and Finn.




It’s honestly moments like this that remind me of why I love Glee, and why I will probably just keep on watching. Forever. Because sometimes they just fucking get you, when you don’t expect them to. They can still surprise us, EVEN WHEN WE WANT EXACTLY WHAT THEY GIVE US.

And then yeah. The fucking flashbacks. Again. With that utterly perfect CRAZY RACHEL and the FREAKED OUT FINN. I love them so much, oh my god, our babies. And of course it hurts all the more because, like Sophy said, it just showcases how much we’ve lost, and how it’ll never be the same. And so much of season 4’s downfalls is to do with Rachel, and also the newbies — but I’m hoping that something like this, something that pretty much without a doubt proves that Rachel and the original cast is the most successful part of the show, opens up the writers eyes. And yeah, how raccoon eyes aren’t the answer. ALSO FOREHEAD! That wonderful, wonderful, forehead.

I almost feel kind of bad for Marley, LOL JOKE, because they keep having her in direct competition with Rachel in songs and.. look. No one is going to be able to compare when it comes to Rachel, okay? It’s really just not doing Marley any favours to keep having her singing within the same vicinity as Rachel and being so — straightforward. And I’m once again reminded of how Rachel hasn’t even had a solo yet and jesus fucking christ that is horrifying. SHE’S AT A SCHOOL FOR PERFORMING ARTS, AND NOTHING?! She’s not at a dance-only school, and yet it constantly feels like that. AND WOW, this is turning into a No again. BUT if we don’t see Whoopi pretty soon, and them working on Rachel’s voice and actually having lessons etc, I am going to rage. I’M MORE INTERESTED IN THAT, OKAY?! And how much Rachel > Brody in every way.

And this performance is one of the bests this season, for sure, right up there in terms of feels with Teenage Dream and The Scientist. And I just rewatched The Scientist to make sure that it still made me feel quite upset, and it did. Bloody flashbacks. The thing about flashbacks is that it shows how much we have come to care about these characters over the years. And also highlights how, even if they spent (even more) time on the newbies, it still wouldn’t matter. Because there is just no way that they can measure up to the 3 years we’ve invested into these characters and into this show. My point being…. STOP TRYING GLEE. Stop trying to make the newbies happen. And just follow the originals, wherever they are in the world and go from there. Is there really anything that wrong with that? It’d be different, that’s for sure.

At any rate. You’re The One That I Want was spectacular, and I loved it. I kind of wished it went on for longer though!

Blaine – Beauty School Dropout

Sophy says: Darren is a dish. There, I said it. And now I’m picturing him actually shaped like a dish and running away with a spoon and the spoon is Chris Colfer and it’s weird. Anyway, he did a superb job on this song in all the ways, but the really big deal about it for me was the acting. Not Blaine’s acting – Darren’s. When he wavered for just a moment as Kurt caught his eye, the look on his face was just heartbreaking, and it was so perfect that it coincided with these lyrics: ‘Baby don’t blow it, don’t put my good advice to shame.’ It made me think of the Disney Alice in Wonderland when she’s sitting there weeping and singing about how she gives herself such very good advice but she very seldom follows it. That’s kind of perfect for Blaine, considering the hoo-ha he made about cheating last season, and then, well… he Britta’d it. Sigh.

In other news, Sugar is the most perfect Frenchie since the Frenchie in the Grease movie. Okay, that’s the only other Frenchie I’ve ever seen, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m actually bitterly disappointed we didn’t get to see more of her, and hoping there will be outtakes on the DVD.


Rin says: This was amazing. And although I’ll never forgive them for not giving Blaine the part of Danny, he was perfect for this. Blaine just suits cheese really well.

I was also impressed with how gorgeous the set/lighting/direction was, with its all whites and then the bright pink of Frenchy. It was very cool and pretty, and I love that when you look back on the screencaps it’s made all the more apparent when contrasted against the shots of Rachel and Kurt. Darren was also per-per-perfect for when Blaine spots Kurt in the audience. It was indeed heartbreaking, and I love how for that moment he was lost, but then gets back into the performance with a bit of dramatic pointing.

If I’m nitpicking, I’m with Sophy, I really wished we had seen more of Sugar. ‘Cause even though she was amazing and a perfect-fit, we never really got to see her actually play the part, or speak or sing. And she would have nailed it and brought the funnies for sure, so that really was a wasted opportunity. I also wish we had seen more of the girls during this performance. They’re all dressed up in crazy outfits!! I wanted to see some hilarious close-ups.


Biggest LOL

“But Glee Club is your life.”

Sophy says: I was actually giggling hysterically all the way through this scene, so it was a good start to the episode. Kevin’s deadpan delivery was superb, and I loved how everyone was so sad that Mr Shue was leaving for their sake and he totally had the wrong – or right – end of the stick, assuming the sadness was all about the loss Will would suffer. The writers don’t throw Artie many bones, but there’s often a sharp edge to him that I enjoy and would love to see worked into an actual arc.

And then there was Tina’s whole outburst which had me in stitches, start to finish. They need to use Jenna comedically more often. She is brilliant. “Well I’ll be dead by then!” was fucking glorious, and her delivery of “He doesn’t know what he’s doing SORRY FINN!” was, well, fucking glorious. There are no other words for it.

And Unique gets all the awards for pointing out that it’s not like they know Will that well or anything, because it was marvelously inappropriate in the moment, but also an excellent way to take a dig at the newbies for… well, basically for existing.


Rin says: I’m pretty sure it was Sue who drove the bus to Nationals. And I just went to check the Props episode and oh god, the feelings. What a feeling… actually. But it also reminded me that Bieste went along to Nationals, so I’m hoping that her and Emma are like Finn’s guardian angels for when he tries to take these guys to Sectionals. AH, that would actually be kind of amazing. And be a really good way to include Bieste and Emma.. and their adorable friendship. Grrr, now Glee better do that, or I will be frowning so hard.

BUT THIS SCENE. Oh my god, I thought I would die. Tina was being so FUNNY — and this is where they should keep her. In this fierce, unapologetic role who has ambition of her own. And I like to think she learnt a little of that from Rachel — especially after the way they bonded in 320.



And also Brittany’s disgusted face when Will tells them Finn is taking over the club.

I also really love the shots of Tina making a grab for Artie when Will breaks the news. And then at the end Artie is holding on to Tina to calm her down. Best.


Best Scene

“Especially on Fridays, ’cause that was our date night.”

Sophy says: Oh god. :(

I was a little bit baffled at first by how casually cheerful the two of them were with each other given that they had a pretty painful break-up-via-Taylor-Swift not long ago… but then I realized that I can’t imagine a world in which Brittany and Santana actually maintained any kind of anger or bitterness toward one another – they couldn’t even if they tried, because the two of them mean so much more to each other than just girlfriend/girlfriend. And it’s an interesting contrast, isn’t it, to Finn and Rachel in their re-break-up scene in this episode. Rachel can’t even be kind to Finn anymore, and Finn thinks it’s best if they cut each other out of their lives completely. Brittany and Santana can’t do that – or they refuse to do that – and I think that says a lot about the respective long-term viability of those relationships. If you’re friends first, then friendship will remain when all else is lost, and it will be a thread to hold onto, it will be a way back to each other. But Rachel and Finn never had that, because Rachel had put Finn up on the Singing Jock of my Dreams pedestal before the two of them had even had a meaningful conversation.

And then I realized another thing: neither of them were actually casual. Both of them were pretending to be, because everything that hurts is too heavy, and what else can they really do that this point?

Actually Brittany had something else to do: manipulate the hell out of Santana’s emotions. Brittany may believe in leprechauns and write in crayon, but there are ways in which she is really not stupid. Nobody stupid could have run the kind of rings around Santana that she did in this scene, and yet, at the same time, it’s the brutal simplicity of her approach that really hit home. She started out by being candid and sweet, saying she missed Santana and informing her that she’s not dating anyone, wink, wink! And Santana initially seemed like she was shutting her down by saying they talked about this, and it would be fine if she was dating someone, but then she couldn’t quite resist telling her that she was glad that she wasn’t. And that was the chink in the cheerful armour that Brittany was looking for. That’s when she went in for the kill with: “You have to think of something really sad, like how we’re not together anymore, and it’s okay, but it still hurts a little bit, especially on Fridays because that was our date night.”

And it was clearly something she was saying to get a reaction out of Santana but that didn’t make it any less heartfelt, and you guys, you guys. There’s something about Brittany’s complete lack of melodrama that just made it all the more poignant. It still hurts a little bit? Come now. We both know it hurts a lot more than that.

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what Santana is thinking when she says it: “Oh shit. It really does hurt. Especially on Fridays and also every other day of the week and every week of the rest of my life.”

And then Brittany, her job done, said a quiet good luck and sashayed away so that Santana could pine better (you can’t pine when somebody’s right there saying they miss you).

When Brittany showed up at Santana’s mirror Santana was all smiles and busily applying make up. By the time she left Santana looked as wrecked as anyone who was about to go on stage would allow themselves to be, and as though she was having serious yearning for what they used to share.

And along the way there I noted another direct parallel to the Finchel scene. Brittany, the non-melodrama queen, and pretty much the anti-Rachel, tells Santana that it’s okay that they’re not together but it still hurts a little bit. Whereas Rachel blubbers around the place and then tells Finn that the it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Again, one of these couples would have a shot of making it in the real world. The other, not so much.

Of course, this is Glee, not the real world, so I expect Finchel to come back to each other whether it makes sense or not. And I expect Brittany to start dating Sam forthwith, what with that anvil being dropped about not dating anyone boy or girl.

I see what you did there show. And I’ll be watching with narrowed eyes.

(Note: I don’t mind Brittany dating a guy. I do mind her being all “I’m cured! I want the boys!”)

Rin says: “(you can’t pine when somebody’s right there saying they miss you)”

You were saying? ;;)

Sophy says: Holy crap. That’s Faberry for you. They exceed even my expectations. And I’m fucking obsessed with them.

Rin says: Quinn Forever-Pining Fabray. Always ready to go the extra mile.


First of all, I have to give the Glee writers kudos for really putting their best foot forward when it comes to Brittany and Santana. They’re definitely giving them the attention they deserve, and also giving them a lot of decent dialogue that the ship can be proud of. Where Finchel is the louder, yelling, sort of ship. Brittana is the calmer, ‘hey let’s speak like two people who still very much care and respect each other’ type of ship. And it works so well for the two of them, because it really does bode well for their future. As long as they don’t try and pretend that anything other than Brittana is otp, I don’t have too many issues if either of them want to see other people. They’re young. They have time.

And again, I’m really liking the way they’re handling Brittany and keeping things in the realm of her character, and also bit by bit, showing us that she does have strong feelings and opinions when it comes to the two of them. She’s not just in it for the ride, you know?


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“You can eat Kleenex. They taste like clouds.”


Now I’m just picturing Brittany trying to wind the window down in an airplane to check that she’s right. It’s the best.

Rin says: Glee’s just lucky they didn’t set Brittany on mute again this week, or there would have been hell to pay. Just look at her speaking with her mouth full. 8-. (I would never usually find that endearing, so don’t even.)

I’m glad this wasn’t the only moment where she was kind of amazing too. I also enjoyed, ‘I promise not to pee in it.’



The OG’s (Original Gleeks)

Happy, shiny, faces.

Sophy says: SCREAMING. That second-to-last cap of Mercedes reaching out to hug them is the best thing I’ve seen in a very long time. Like, I saw colour TV for the first time and it was pretty awesome. And then there was that cap.

I will say though that it still bothers me that we’re not actually getting to see Mercedes be Mercedes, instead of just Guest Star Amber Riley. I mean, she hasn’t been allowed to have a single meaningful scene in two episodes of precious Original Gleek time.

I’d be happy for her to simply update people on her actual life, but why oh why can’t she even have a chat to Sam? The thing is, by not having them included in any of the couple drama, it’s as though they’re saying they were never really a thing so there’s no drama for them to hash out… well if that’s the case why aren’t we seeing some sweet drama-free scenes with them? Why aren’t they hugging in hallways and stuff?

Actually, where was Sam? He was there in the garage, but was he even on stage for the musical? WHAT GIVES? MAYBE HE CAN’T BE IN THE SAME ROOM WITH MERCEDES BECAUSE HE NEEDS TO BE IN LOVE WITH BRITTANY IN THE NEXT TEN MINUTES? YOU THINK???


Anyway, at least I’m pretty sure Mercedes’ actual personality is still there if they ever chose to bring it out. Rachel’s? I’m not so sure. We’ll be discussing Rachel in detail below, but let me just say that this scene, on reflection, was probably the most painful thing for me. It may not seem like a big deal, but I was just struck by how un-Rachel even her most trivial interactions are. This was Lea Michele hugging Amber Riley. There was nothing Rachel about it, and I miss Rachel. I miss her mannerisms, her way of speaking, her crazy faces and her inappropriate remarks

And I don’t mean inappropriate and completely contrived remarks to her dance teacher about how she should get back in the game. There was nothing Rachel about that either.

Rin says: I know right, I mean, LEA IS FUCKING LOVELY AND THE BEST ONE, but can we please just have Rachel back? PLEASE? What if we ask really nicely?

And this was mostly put here because the caps alone are really really pretty. Without the dialogue. :)

We can’t just not include happy smiling faces and adorable hugging and Aw aw aw.


Rophy Says No!

“And the worst part is is that doesn’t even really feel that bad anymore.”

Sophy says: Yeah, so, I kind of hated this a lot. And I think I hated it all the more because it started out so well. For the first brief segment of this scene Rachel actually resembled her old self, and it was almost cruel how specifically she resembled her old self. When she told Finn she had a couple of notes and corrected him on the pronunciation of ‘Muse,’ she was being that girl she told Brody she was so glad to be rid of – the one who corrected the grammar on the first love letter she ever received. And it was such a relief to see her letting herself be, well, herself instead of this mind-numbingly appropriate and “attractive” person she is forcing herself to be in New York.

But it was all downhill from there. Now, I know a lot of Finn-haters will be outraged that he asked if she was crying over him – isn’t he arrogant?! Doesn’t he have tickets on himself?! Well, okay. Maybe. But also, wouldn’t it be fair for him to assume that she was crying over him, given that they broke up a couple of weeks ago and she’s just been watching the kids sing a song that they once sang together back when they were shiny and new and getting ready to mean everything to one another? It wouldn’t exactly spring to mind that she might be crying over something else entirely, or someone else entirely, so I can’t blame him for making that assumption. Especially since that assumption was actually correct.

Rachel was crying over Finn. And she tried to dry her tears on Brody, and wound up being humiliated by Cassandra, which only made her more upset. And isn’t that depressing you guys? So much for Rachel being liberated. I told you all, didn’t I? I told you all that her feminist platitudes in the break-up scene with Finn needed to be taken with a bucket of salt. These days Rachel is less independent and less strong than she has ever been. She’s crying over one boy and running into the fabathroom to call another, then she’s crying over that boy, and playing head-games with the first one. She’s a mess of boys, boys, boys, and it’s fucking depressing.

And then on top of that she had to go and be mean. She wasn’t just upset about Brody, but even if she’d convinced herself that she was, that was no reason to tell Finn the truth about it. She could have said she was emotional over the musical and the memories it brought up, but it didn’t change anything – that would have been telling the truth. And it would have been kind and mature. Or she could have just said that she was upset over something else and refused to tell him what. She could have shaken her head when he mentioned Brody and said it had nothing to do with him. That would have been lying, sure, but sometimes it’s better to tell a white lie than to be an asshole.

And then Finn was hurt and got a bit snippy about not seeing each other anymore, and sure, maybe he was trying to get back at her, but maybe he was also making sense. I mean, I can hardly blame him for not wanting to see her if she’s going to be making out with Brody or crying over Brody, or, what next, knitting Brody’s dance shorts? De-boning his ducks?

And then it got worse. Then Rachel was more unkind that I think she has ever been, to the point where my eyes were bulging and I was wondering who the hell she was supposed to be. Sure, Rachel has been comically awful before – eg. Sunshine/crackden – but she’s never been nasty. The Rachel I knew and loved didn’t really have a nasty bone in her body, and I’d say the closest she’s come to lashing out was when she told Quinn she didn’t want her to come to the wedding. That is nothing in comparison to what she says to Finn here, which pretty much amounts to: ‘I don’t love you anymore and it doesn’t even hurt – that’s how little I care about you and me and everything we went through together.’

Of course we the audience know it’s not true, but Finn doesn’t. And frankly, the fact that it’s a lie just makes it even worse. Because it’s pathetic. Because if she does actually love him, then exactly what is Rachel Berry’s love worth these days?

I don’t know, you guys. If I were a Finchel shipper I would probably stop being a Finchel shipper over this scene. Barring an outright apology and retraction from Rachel, which I doubt we would ever see, I don’t think this kind of callousness is something you can come back from, not when it goes against everything the ship used to stand for back in the day. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on what Finn saw in Rachel, but I do think that at worst he loved that she hero-worshipped him, and at best he loved that she was always kind. Either way, I think they’d have to assassinate his character just as much as hers to keep him wanting her back for long.

Finn needs to move on. I’ve said this before, but now I am even more convinced of it. I want to see him find a girl who really jives with his personality and just be himself and be happy. Rachel? This Rachel? Eh, she can go fuck Cassandra’s leftovers till they rot for all I care.

As for Cassandra/Brody, I wouldn’t be surprised if Glee were doing the lamest of paint by numbers fakeouts and revealing that Brody didn’t really sleep with her. I was suspicious of this when he wasn’t present when Rachel called, and I was even more suspicious when all we saw was a shadow and he didn’t actually come back into the room in a towel or whatever. It would be a stretch to suppose that he was at Cassandra’s place having a shower for some other reason, or that Cassandra had his phone and had slept with someone else entirely, but I still wouldn’t be surprised if Glee stretched. I can totally see them flashing back to the kiss and having him break away and say in a pained voice ‘I can’t do this, Cassandra. I love Rachel too much because she is really, really sexy and stuff.’

Which… I would be enraged.

I’ll be even more enraged, though, if Brody did sleep with Cassandra, and Rachel takes it in her stride and continues to pursue him. I can imagine a conversation where Brody’s all ‘Well, she was sexy so I sexed her, sorry but you weren’t sexing me so I had to sex, by the way you’re sexy and I’d rather sex you next time.’

And if Rachel responds to that with anything other than ‘Okay, call me never,’ I’ll be disgusted. Call me old-fashioned, but if a guy is into me I need him to be into me enough to not fuck the dance teacher who hates me because I might need 0.2 seconds to deal with my messy breakup with my ex-fiance. Sheesh.

Rin says: I want to throw up everywhere after reading your last bits. I will definitely lose a lot of respect for Rachel if she continues to pursue Brody. And I’m sure she will, because this New Rachel is ~liberated and cosmos and.. and.. :-. Honestly, if she is still foolish enough to buy into Brody being anything other than a sleaze, it’ll be pretty damn pathetic on her part. By the way, I shouldn’t even need to mention this, but this situation is completely different to when Finn/Santana happened.

There are parts of this scene that I really liked, and then everything else I HATED with a fiery passion.

While this scene was happening, we were rendered quiet with disbelief that OUR RACHEL??! What?! She’s BACK?! The notes she had, the moose/muse (WHICH WAS FUCKING ADORABLE). It was RACHEL RACHEL and I was just.. I was so happy.

And then they threw a tonne of bricks on all of our heads and jesus christ why did we even start to believe in the first place.

Unless next episode they’re going to give us Rachel realising how stupid she was to play into this Brody guy, and how that Rachel isn’t who she really is (which will never happen), we probably have to start facing facts that Rachel is really gone.

The Rachel we knew would never intentionally lash out and go for the jugular the way she did. Rachel always rose above everything bad that came her way, and that was one of her strongest attributes. She’s had a lifetime of shit to deal with, but has always taken it in stride and come out of the other side smiling and being the better person for it. But also one of the best things about her, is that being the better person was never easy for her. She has struggled with that a lot, because she wants everything too much. As much as she won’t let anything stand in her way, she also really fucking wants friends. And I’m reminded of the peanut butter circle and how when she thought about her future she said, “I’m really looking forward to being friends with all of you for the rest of my life.” And can we just? That’s our Rachel.

And I miss her so fucking much, you guys. It hurts.

And no, I won’t cut her any slack, because maybe she’s just hurting Finn because she can’t handle it all. No, I don’t buy that, and I won’t have any of it.

Rachel is the heart of Glee. And as much as the other kids try to paint her as the annoying one, I don’t think any of them would disagree that she was always the one who pulled them together. Even if they couldn’t see it at the time, Rachel was a team player and in the end — she wanted nothing more than for them to succeed as a group and win. She’s still that girl who gave up her role in the school play because she knew it wasn’t as important as being their friend.

That’s why I can’t get behind this Rachel, and very much found myself on the side of Finn throughout this scene. And I’m guessing that’s what Glee’s intentions are in the first place. Before this season started, I already knew they would bring in Brody to form a wedge between Finchel, and that his main purpose was to get people rooting for Finchel again.

It never occurred to me that maybe Rachel would be ruined in the process, and maybe in the end Finn was better off without Rachel?

I just.

In what world.

Sometimes I can’t even be angry anymore.

I’m like a parent. I’m just really disappointed in her.

And finally, I loved when Finn said, “And whatever happened with this Brody guy made you cry, and…this doesn’t.” Because right on Finn. Right on. I also loved the way Cory delivered it. PROPS!

“And if you played Rizzo, then we wouldn’t have a Jan.”

Sophy says: This actually made me really angry. It made me so angry it seriously diminished by enjoyment of ‘There Are Worse Things I Could Do.’ Of all the contrivances to get people in the “right” parts last week, this was even worse. Much worse. Much much MUCH worse.

I love Santana, okay. I thought Naya did a kick-ass job with the song. I can see how it might fit her character better than Jenna’s character. I can even agree that it worked better in the context of Brittany and Santana’s relationship than in the context of Mike and Tina’s. But I just don’t fucking care okay. If they wanted Santana singing the song, they should have had the decency to at least give Tina laryngitis about it.

It’s ludicrous that Finn and Artie would cast someone who isn’t even a student when they had a ready, willing and able student available to play the role. And beyond being ludicrous it’s just wrong. It’s actually a severe dereliction of both their duties, and if I were Tina I would go to Figgins about it. Seriously, fuck them. Tina is an excellent performer, and it was already egregious to cast her as Jan in the first place. Now that she’s offering to fill in and do Rizzo they tell her Santana gets to do it? It was such utter bullshit. And I hated that it forced Santana to be out of character. I really believe that she would have insisted Tina have the part if the writers hadn’t been fucking with things. I mean, any decent human being would have insisted Tina have the part. And that means I just wanted to punch this OOC Santana in the face.

I’m telling you, Tina had better get a major competition solo at sectionals, regionals and nationals to make up for this shit.

And at this point I’m going to quote myself from a yahoo conversation with Rin:

Rin says: Oh my god, I would be pretty damn surprised if you get away with the ‘wha whaaaa vomit vomit’ comment. :) I am completely on board though, especially because it should be TINA that everyone is impressed with. For fucks sake.

And as much as Naya is amazing, and I’m glad they’re trying to integrate her into the show as much as possible… wasn’t one of the big things about why Brittana wasn’t working, because she couldn’t get back to Lima often enough to make the long-distance thing work? And that she was always really busy and couldn’t be the best girlfriend to Brittany? Who knew that all it took was a phone call for a part in school play to get her back to Lima in a jiffy. Just. Glee. I know she said her main reason for coming back was Brittany, but god. She very much didn’t want to give up the role of Rizzo when Tina walked in, did she?

I JUST. Santana should have at least offered, and yeah, I feel like Santana actually would have. All things considered.

But of course, Tina has to get shoved aside, once again, and have all the other flimsy excuses in the world as to why she can’t shine. If they didn’t make such a big stink about it last season, in 320, I probably wouldn’t be as upset as I am now. BUT GLEE, if you’re going to say these things, and give out these promises, then you have to fucking follow through. Yes, I agree that Tina has been way more prominent this season than the second or third, but she hasn’t had her chance to shine yet. And I really need her to, okay?! SO MAY I REITERATE THAT IF TINA DOESN’T GET A SOLO (or at least a major role) AT SECTIONALS, EVERYONE CAN JUST GO FUCK THEMSELVES?

Sophy says I’LL MAKE FUN OF MARLEY’S VOMIT VOMIT ALL I LIKE. I’ll be respectful when Glee actually starts writing her bulimia respectfully.

“But I miss you, too, so… we can talk about it.”

Sophy says: You know how I mentioned above that Tina needs to get solos and have boys be into her? She also needs to get a storyline. I have been in no way satisfied by her interactions with Mike this season. They’ve always been thinly written, but now they’re being treated like the jingle version of a relationship. I was therefore hoping that at the very least they would allow Tina to end it once and for all now, thereby giving me hope that she might get an actual romance this season that is actually built up and given screentime and good writing and songs and all that jazz. But now I’m just agape, because I think they’re actually going to shove her back under the Mike rug. And they’ll get even less attention on account of being conveniently long distance.


Someone make me a shirt that says ‘Angry Tina Stan,’ because I’m starting to think I need it.

Rin says: They really suck at Tike. I mean, really.

They were heading in the right direction when Tina was getting all Tinapendence on Mike, but then they pretty much stomped on that and had her wanting to maybe chat about things. LET’S HOPE THAT CHATTING LEADS TO, DEFINITELY BROKEN UP. As much as the Mike rug would be a nice thing to be under, it’s not fair! And if this is the way the show is going to try to keep Mike on the show? URGH. Yuck. Can we not follow him and his danceventures?? Or just fucking put him in New York with the others =)) SRSLY, WHY NOT. Have him dance up a storm with Rachel. At least that would be something new. One of the better parts of this season has been all about new interactions with these kids, and if they just return to Tina/Mike I’m afraid all we’re going to lose that in a big way. Especially when Tina was just starting to become her own character out from under Mike’s shadow. And she was being awesome with the other girls!


We may need to think about that shirt.

Sophy says: Seriously I would wear the shirt. Also, Mike and Rachel in New York would have been awesome – unexpected yet making total sense. Why the hell didn’t Mike apply to NYADA anyway? He’s as good a singer as Rachel is a dancer to be honest. And anyway, it seems like NYADA is really just a dance school. Where all they ever do is dance. All the time. Semi-naked. Mike would have fit in great!

Too far.

Sophy says: Well, this was pretty much the worst thing that has ever happened. Just FYI I decided last week that I really like Kitty. Becca is by far the most all-around talented of the four McKinley newbies, and she makes me laugh on what is becoming a regular basis. But then this had to go and happen.

I’m not really sure that any character can come back from this. I mean, yes, Santana and Quinn bullied people, and probably caused a whole lot of no-names some serious emotional trauma, but we never really got to see it, so it’s easily shrugged off. Whereas here we’re seeing Kitty outright encouraging a life-threatening illness in Marley and it’s just way too disgusting to be ~worked through. I’m not naive enough to believe that this sort of thing doesn’t happen. Kids can be cruel, and they can also be vicious. But it is rare. And does someone who can stoop to these levels ever really grow up to be a good-hearted person?

I enjoy evil Kitty, I really do. But I’m not into one-dimensional characters unless they’re on the sidelines, and, well I wanted Becca to be front and centre. Simply because she’s better than the others. Now I’m really not sure that she can be, without massive retconning, and that stinks.

In other news Marley is the worst and this whole eating disorder plotline was embarrassing. Can somebody please tell Ryan Murphy to crack a psychology textbook? Eating disorders are not caused by mean girls sewing at night. And they’re not resolved by quarterback kisses.

Having said that, maybe it’s not going away so fast, given the mother’s highly inappropriate and disturbing response to her daughter’s burgeoning mental illness was to tell her they’ll go on a strict diet together. “You’re thin and beautiful, but you won’t stay that way unless you fight for it.” I covered my face. It was horrendous. It was possibly the most irresponsible thing a parent has ever said in the history of parents. I sincerely hope that the awesome fat lunch lady is being given some layers here, and the show is aware that they are bad layers.

Either way, this is a transparent grab for sympathy for Marley and I hate it with every fibre of my being. And I can’t feel sorry for her, I just can’t. She’s the dumbest thing alive if she’s going to listen to Kitty about anything let alone how bulimia is awesome and she should try it. Not to mention failing to realize that every other item of clothing continued to fit her the same and get or that it’s literally impossible for her to put on 2 inches in a day even if she ate a stick of butter about it or that maybe she should get on a scale and check whether she’s actually gaining weight. DUMBEST. THING. ALIVE.

Rin says: Wow show. Way to ruin your best newbie.

They were already pushing it when they were seriously laying it on thick with the insults. But then to pretty much blow everything to hell and do the one thing that a character really can’t come back from? Just, wow.

Because this is something that we can’t forgive. Kitty was always fun in an evil kind of way, that was her character and it was within the realms of Glee so it’s okay to like her for that. But when you go this far and yeah, outright encourage bulimia? No. This can’t be played off for laughs. I’m pretty sure no one found this funny or amusing. As they shouldn’t.

And on the other hand, I’m really hoping people weren’t actually feeling sorry for Marley throughout this ordeal.

Ugh, I just. Glee. Sometimes you’re just so STUPID.

And having said all that.

“I had to accept how I am. I spend almost every weekend alone because everyone just assumes that the popular girl’s busy.”


Sophy says: OMG THAT WAS THE BEST. THE BEST. Becca 8-.

Also, I’m thinking that the show might have one way out of this for Kitty – and only one. It might actually make for interesting TV if Marley’s non-eating-disorder was resolved, and then somewhere down the track it turned out that Kitty was the one who was actually sick with it. That might be the only excuse for trying to force something so horrible on your high school rival – if your judgment was impaired by the fact that you were secretly suffering from it yourself.

That might work. But, for example ‘My parents are really strict and I was bullied in primary school’ isn’t going to cut it. And God forbid they start treating her like Sue and basically removing 90% of her personality where necessary.


PS. Let the ‘NO’ record show, there simply isn’t any point talking about Ryder.


Congratulations! We didn’t hate you?


Sophy says: Kate Hudson, getting a Rophy award. I never thought I’d see the day.

I liked her nonchalant tummy-tap. It was awesome.

Rin says: I don’t know. No one else was really doing anything that great, and you know, she stayed away from the horse dancing, so that was okay?

And the abbreviation of Rachel’s nickname made it worthwhile.


Head In Hands


Sophy says: OH MY STARS.

Rin says: If Hummelberry spent their whole time in New York stretching I would have no problems with that at all.


Most Rophy

Look at me, I’m Marley Sue.

Sophy says: BAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH. The hat was the best part. I sort of wish they’d changed all the lyrics to fit Marley more specifically though. Then it would have been best song for sure.

Rin says: The hat was definitely the best part. AND THEN TINA’S PANDA HAT. With her braided pigtails. I can’t say no to that. (I know, I know, I’ve changed. Then again if Marley ever braids her hair, I’ll be chopping her head off so it’ll never happen again.) I loved this so much, and I think Becca did an amazing job with it. And all of the girls were so ADORABLE and sweet and sleepovers are the best.

And in pretty much every single cap for this song, there is an amazing facial expression.

Except for Marley.

8-) Always same old blandy face.

Sophy says: Maybe we should have a bland-off. Marley, Ann-Hogg, and Blandy from Skins US.

Also YES to Tina’s panda hat, especially in the cap where she’s sitting next to an enormous stuffed panda. Best.



Quinn Glory Shot

The call.

Rin says: She would get all Matrix about it.


61 Responses

  1. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    “That’s kind of perfect for Blaine, considering the hoo-ha he made about cheating last season, and then, well… he Britta’d it. Sigh.”

    -So you’re saying Blaine cheating was just a small mistake? ;)

    I definitely had some mixed feelings about this episode, because, as you mentioned there were some high highs and low lows. “You’re The One That I Want” was amazing and wonderful and just Baby Finchel for forever! I used to really like them, damn it. (Never more than Faberry, though.. just so we’re clear.) I also loved Blaine’s “Beauty School Dropout” and thought the Brittana scene really delivered a swift kick to the heart/phantom testicles.

    My heart practically skipped a beat when Rachel and Finn first started talking in the hallways because, frankly, they were pretty adorable and I LOVED Rachel’s “couple of notes” line. Crazy, perfectionist Rachel is the best Rachel. But then, yeah, the scene took a turn…. I’m not quite as depressed/hopeless about Rachel as you guys are just yet. That might be me being wildly naive, but I believe her character can be salvaged and that the show will get her back to her roots at some point. I think it’s sort of going to be like the whole Finchel wedding thing, in that it’ll likely get worse before it gets better, and obviously it seems clear that the show isn’t done with Brody yet, so we’ll have to endure that horribleness for a while… but, I think/hope/pray eventually Rachel will be wonderful again. And I suppose I just know myself well enough to know that, even if they do drag her character through the mud (more so), I’ll likely welcome her back with open arms the second she starts acting like herself again. I guess I’m just a Rachel Berry Doormat in that way… :(

    “She’s the dumbest thing alive if she’s going to listen to Kitty about anything let alone how bulimia is awesome and she should try it. Not to mention failing to realize that every other item of clothing continued to fit her the same and get or that it’s literally impossible for her to put on 2 inches in a day even if she ate a stick of butter about it or that maybe she should get on a scale and check whether she’s actually gaining weight. DUMBEST. THING. ALIVE.”

    -The Marley/Kitty eating disorder thing was the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. Not only was I disappointed with Marley for being so stupid, and Kitty for being so horrible, why did NO ONE ELSE, like Tina maybe, since she was in charge of costumes, comment on the fact that it doesn’t make sense that her dress doesn’t fit but all the rest of her clothes do?? Wouldn’t Tina measure the dress multiple times and notice that it was getting smaller??? Like. Come on, Glee. Try and make your characters seem like they have at least a few synapses firing up there.

    One other little thing that sort of bothered me was that Kurt was hellbent on going back to Lima because he couldn’t sleep and really needed to have a talk with Blaine, but when he gets there he’s all like “OMFG I CAN’T SEE BLAINE!” and storms off instead of having the conversation he flew out there for. I mean, I can understand it on some levels, because distance might’ve softened Kurt’s heart a bit, but once he actually saw Blaine’s face all the hurt and anger probably came rushing back, but he made the comment about not wanting to run into him before he even saw him, soooo… it just was kind of odd and unsatisfying, and I wanted a bit more interaction between the two of them. Alas, maybe that’s what the Christmas episode is for…..

    OK, well I’ve rambled enough. I’m gonna go now and stare at those last few pictures of Dianna for the next 45 minutes or so because DEAR. LORD. How???

  2. proud faberry fan
    proud faberry fan at · Reply

    i’m not watching glee this season (can’t watch my little star fading, but i read every rophy recap), so i’m not gonna comment on the ep, but … can i steal the quinn glory shot? i want a copy in my faberry folder and this is for keeps!

  3. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    You guys depress me. Rachel. :( you’re so right about how poignant and nostalgic the “one that I want” scenes were. Though I blame Finchel equally for the hallway. I totally agree about Rachel not being Rachel with her lack of kindness. But then, I don’t think Finn has pulled the emotional rug out from under her like that before. I mean, how childish can you be to encourage her to talk, then blow everything up when you don’t like what she has to say? Dickish. But Rachel is the heart, and they’ve loaded her up with high cholesterol and Brody and eye liner and fats and duck. I hear Yale has one or two good heart surgeons, to extend the metaphor.

    Loved Blaine. I too am confused by Kurt needing to go to Lima to talk to Blaine, then refusing to talk to Blaine. Loved he Brittana, though. Just another uneven day in Gleeville.

    You’re brilliant with your saving Kitty idea. I’m sick go the writers and their one consistency: character assassination. Finn (though they don’t always seem to think what he does is bad given how much praise and make-a-man-ness they heap on him), Rachel, etc. It’s like the only way they can think of to manufacture drama? I find it lazy. Possibly due to being ill-informed about their own show? It would be very intriguing to have Kitt with an eating disorder. I would even give the much-maligned writers a well-played nod. Or dramatic point. Or maybe Rophy would get the point? I have two hands, though.

    I was worried that bulimia wouldn’t get a NO. So thank you for being so comprehensive. Even remembering the horribly inappropriate reaction from her mom! Get a scale. Use it. Your other clothes fit. Remember the story in Health class about the girl who died.

  4. Daz
    Daz at · Reply

    When I started watching Glee with my friends, every Saturday after practice, I fell a little bit in love with Rachel Berry. My friends didn’t get it, they thought she was annoying and that her nose was big and dear lord, how does she make her mouth open up so wide, but I liked her. She was unique and different from those typical main character molds on TV and I’ve always liked her, maybe a little less after she lost her quirkiness, but I’ve always been in her corner.

    So maybe I was slightly biased during the hallway scene.

    However, the part that stuck with me and irritated my socks off, was Finn with his speech about being friends and how after two years of being the one who listened to all of her problems, he still wants to be there for her. Here, Rachel, let me comfort you. Wait. Hold on? You’re not crying about me?

    Psh, GTFO.

    Seriously, that’s how I saw the scene. Finn being an immature manchild as always, needing things to be all about him. Reminds me of First Time – how Rachel’s first time (it wasn’t even Finn’s) was all about Finn needing something nice in his life and practically demanding it from Rachel- and then I shudder a little, because Finchel just doesn’t work for me. Or them. Or Quinn, who got hit by a frickin’ car for Finchel.


    And not even an iceberg could sink that dumb ship.

    I might go and cry now. Bye.

    1. Norwestorm
      Norwestorm at · Reply

      That’s totally how I saw the Finchel hallway scene. He encourages her to open up, she does, and he cuts her off, so she lashes out. Immature and bad form on his part.

      In character for new Rachel, though out of character for old, but in character for every Finn. He tries to be good a lot. I still remember him as the goofy kid who befriended Rachel in the beginning. But he’s a lasher, even if Glee uses it to tear his character down and create dramaa.

    2. Mayon
      Mayon at · Reply

      That’s totally how I saw this scene too.
      Cause we saw glimpses of our old Rachel. And then BAM. You hurt me, I hurt you back.

  5. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    I loved this episode, but that might be because of a couple of reasons …

    First of all, I’v been in love with Grease for my entire life. Grease is probably the reason why I like Glee so much. The whole musical thing going on. Grease was my first :D

    Second of all, no surprise of course: the way they handled Brittana with such sweetness.
    I mean … I could die that exact minute I watched the mirror scene. It kind of reminded me of the locker scenes, the good old days where Brittana talked in front of their lockers. Except this time, Santana doesn’t have her locker next to Brittany anymore. This time they’re doing a musical an they talk back stage at their improvised locker.
    Brittany is everything but stupid. She’s special, she’s brave and straightforward. She loves Santana to death. I actually feel like she’s trying to win her back. I wish Glee would go there. After the Santana-chasing-Brittany in season 2, maybe Brittany can be the one who does all the fighting this season. They always kind of made her the mute one of the couple (so some started to believe that Brit wasn’t as much in love with Santana as it was the way around), while Santana kept yelling “MY GIRLFRIEND, MY GIRLFRIEND, MY GIRLFRIEND!” at every scene or opportunity she got.
    Maybe this is a chance to change that now. Like how she doesn’t want to date anymore, boy or girl. (we all knows she will … Bram, you know?) but wouldn’t it be great that at one point, she’s just like: hey, okay, I’m dating you and we’re having fun, but I really love Santana and this is just a thing until she gets her shit back together.
    So, dear Santana, get your shit back together. Brittany’s not just a girl, she’s your soulmate, standing in front of you, asking you to love her.

    Loved the fact that Joe Hart asked Santana why she’s back in town, Brittany (with a smile so big that it must have hurt her face) responds that it doesn’t matter, as long as she’s there, and right before Santana steps on stage, she’s like: I only came back to see you again. …. HEART.ATTACK. !!! Santana, that’s not how you handle break-ups. That just keeping the door open for Brittany and her mastermind to come fuck with your emotions again ….

    There’s nobody that can make it so easy for Santana to be sweet and emotional and look like a puppy that got just hit by a car than Brittany. She just randomly tells her that she misses her and especially those Friday night date nights and look at Naya’s face. Such great actresses. Like she’s ready to burst out in tears right there! That blank stare in the mirror as Brittany gets up and leaves. Yeah, Brittany knows she’s capable of ‘manipulating’ (even though I don’t like to use that word) Santana. It’s not really manipulating, more like slapping Santana in the face with a big bag of reality. Brittany will never apologize for the way she feels about her BBF.
    “There are worse things I could do” song was my absolute favorite, though, because of the looks. They way Brittany was all proud and staring at her ex-girlfriend next to her – out of sight of the audience.. How Santana did that typical head tilting thing while giving it all away in her eyes. YEAH – Rumor Has It feelings here I come! She has so much power in her eyes and the way she can force her face to look all painful.
    They belong together, even if the writers won’t see that. They have chemistry in every little thing they do. They were a couple long before the writers even picked up on it …
    In “You’re the one that I want”, even with so little parts in it, you could see that old Brittana spark again (or was it HeYa?). The dancing, the fun, them being perfect for each other.

    Okay, back to the rest of the Glee world (Brittana rant might be over!)

    I didn’t really like Grease Lightening. The performance was good, but I don’t like Ryder’s singing voice. It was sooooooo un-John Travolta that I rolled my eyes when I first heard it … Nah.
    Also, didn’t April BUY the auditorium so Glee would never be out of use of it again? Did something happen that I don’t know about, because Sue just stole it back again … Maybe it was that thing with the reservation line. Like, if you book it on time, Glee won’t have it. I don’t know, I didn’t like it. Felt like they gave up on continuity, but hey, when haven’t they?

    The rest of them was okay. “You’re the one that I want”, yeah, that was sweet, wasn’t it? I liked the old cast better, not BECAUSE it was the old cast (well, that was a big factor, too) but because their voices were a lot better. I can just pick up on Naya’s voice in every single song she ever did and cheer. She has such a powerful voice. So does Rachel, obviously. The new kids don’t have that. They don’t have that typical ‘omg, it must be a Glee song because listen at those angels singing in my ear’ thing.
    I actually loved the Finchel flashback, which is a weird thing to say.
    Lea’s acting was great too, just sitting in that chair.

    “Beauty school drop out”. Blaine, even though I am disgusted by the amount of solo’s you keep getting, I can’t help but loving every single one of them. This version was just pure gold. I like it better than the original. He was a perfect Teen Angel. And that part where he finds Kurt in the audience? My heart broke …
    And Sugar, ….. I LOVE YOU !

    The fact that Wade wasn’t allowed to be on stage as Rizzo … LAME ! Dear parents, you allow Wade to be Unique when it’s about wining prizes and getting hyped at Nationals and receiving keys to the city, but you won’t allow him/her to be on a stage of a FUN musical, which is just about the same damn thing because you don’t want him to be hurt? That kid’s tormented every second of his life, he doesn’t care about being laughed at because he already feels like a joke when he’s wearing boy’s clothes.

    Finchel .. Yeah, I actually kind of liked their final scene. I felt like after all their break-ups (Really, like 100 or something), this could be a final one. I get where you guys get your idea about it, but Finn asking Rachel if he made her cry did sound rude to me. Like: oh but this Brody does? What? Forget the fact that I just asked you to be friends and that you can tell me everything. Now that you don’t cry yourself to sleep anymore after I’ve been MIA for months, I never want to hear your voice again …
    Nah … That’s not how it works Finn. I guess you said it best yourself: “Maybe I’m not better than I think I am.”
    I don’t know. Frankly, I don’t care if they get back together. Sure, they have a history, but so do Sam & Mercedes and they didn’t even get to talk. Maybe it’s good for them to be apart for a while, that was what the whole season 3 break up was about, right?

    The Cassandra/Brody storyline. I knew it from the second I saw those great, beautiful, hot, sexy …………..*slaps herself in the face* Let’s try that again: I knew it from the second I saw those abs …. *better!*
    I’m a huge Kate Hudson fan. I am, I really am. And I actually enjoy Cassandra. She’s Santana in 20 years if she never gets back together with Brittany.
    The fact that she may or may not have slept with Brody, well, I like to believe that a simple misunderstand was in order too and that they didn’t really had sex. But it’s Glee … And hey, Rachel, for your information. When you kiss a guy, and your boyfriend gets back after 3 months where he didn’t even bother to call you, you take him to your favorite bar where you always hang out with boy #1, kiss him in front of boy #1 and tell #1 how much you love #2 all the time, – well, I guess the guy’s allowed to sleep with whoever he wants then.

    Tike: too obvious. “I miss you too, let’s give up my entire chance on a character development and get back together.” Sure, … NOT !

    yeah, that’s a hard one, isn’t it. Sure, they are adorable. Sure, they belong together and deserve to spend their entire lives as a cute, gay couple. And getting back together would be AWESOME and my number 1 plan IF Blaine hadn’t cheated. Look at Naomily: Naomi cheated too. Emily couldn’t forgive her that either. It took an entire season to get back together. That’s realistic guys, that’s how it works. Not even in Glee, they’d forget about that after 1 episode. The fact that Kurt couldn’t even talk to him without getting angry, THAT’S REAL. Because no matter how mature and civilized you may WANT to act, you just can’t when the moment is there.
    This will be an interesting storyline throughout this season. Much more interesting than Brittana’s (okay, I’m back!) I think since Santana’s whole “It would be okay if you did” practically was the ‘GO’ sign for Bram and stuff. They won’t need to get back on this and clarify the whole situation once one of them gets a girlfriend/boyfriend … But with Klaine, it’ll stay painful.
    But it’s Blaine fault. He needs to fix it. And if fixing means giving Kurt all the time in the world and maybe even a casual hook-up or two, well, that’s the way he’ll have to handle it …

    Kitty/Marley/throwing up storyline: NO ! It was funny for a second. But how the hell is it realistic that Marley wouldn’t feel that her own clothes are still good enough. How the hell can Kitty edit clothes so well? naaaah, not buying it. And THERE HE COMES: THE PRINCE WHO GETS TO SAVE A GIRL FROM BEING A WRECK IN THE BATHROOM ! *excuse me while I go vomit* that bathroom is for Faberry scenes only, okay …. A little bit of pep talk, an occasional slap in the face and a hug or a train ticket. But no vomiting!

    I’m not a Ryder fan. Not at all. I wish he never even appeared on Glee. His presence is unnecessary. Jake on the other hand, has something I might actually like. I mean, I don’t HATE seeing him on my screen, that says a lot.

    The Tina didn’t get the Rizzo part ……… I think this is an excuse to set her up with the Sectional’s big part. Like they did in Props. Once in a while they remember Tina’s a part of the group and they give her something to enjoy. This will be it. BUT Glee does a wonderful job acknowledging that this year. They even write dialogues about it now where she’s like “wtf, are you fucking kidding me? You call Santana who’s thousands of miles away but you didn’t even think about asking me?”
    but, gotta be said: Tina was a PERFECT JAN ! :D
    And what about the perfect FRENCHIE/SUGAR?
    Those two actresses must be related. That was pure gold. That look on her goofy face. OMG ! Brittana child from the future has it all ! “WHO’S GONNA DRIVE THE BUS?” really, Sugar? REALLY !? hahaha ….

    Funniest parts were for Kitty, Brittany and – like I said just a sec ago – Sugar.
    Kitty with her: “I had to accept how I am. I spend almost every weekend alone because everyone just assumes that the popular girl’s busy.” Yeah, that was GOOD !
    And Brittany’s “I promise I won’t pee in it”. I mean, you don’t even wonder if she did that before. You just KNOW she did that before and you don’t even mind.
    and “You can eat Kleenex. They taste like clouds.” same thing, you know she tried :D That reminds me of season 1 when she tells Mercedes that sometimes she adds sand to the Sue shake to loose some weight.

    Do I need to write something about Will leaving? Nah, nobody cares.

    One last thing: Glee writing their own reviews was kind of lame. And Artie reading it to the group 10 minutes after the show ended made it even worse ….

    wow , thank God I didn’t have any coffee yet. This comment is already starting to become a book!

  6. KC
    KC at · Reply

    “……..phantom testicles.”
    Oh, dear lord. I let out an unreasonably loud, and long, snort at that. Jesus, Rin.

    These past two episodes have just been kind of ‘meh’ for me. I don’t hate them, but at the same time they could have been so much better. And because of that I’ve only half-ass paid attention to them.

    That being said, I actually did hate ‘Greased Lightning’. So much. I’m not even sure why. It may have been Ryder’s stupid ass shaking on that damn chain as the engine was lowered into the car, and him trying too much to act like John Travolta acting like Danny Zuko. Although they also recreated the movie scenes for ‘Sandra Dee’ and ‘Beauty School Dropout’, this one just seemed more contrived and like they were trying too hard. Does that make any sense? I don’t know, I just hated it.

    I did love Brittany and Santana’s scene, as ridiculous that it was that Santana was there in the first place. Considering the little screen time these two are given together and their general lack of couple-y affection, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well the writers have handled their conversations with each other regarding their relationship. It’s really the only mature and somewhat realistic romantic relationship at this point. But, I’m not holding my breath or anything, since they seem to have been setting up a possible Brittany and Sam relationship in the previous episodes.

  7. Lisa
    Lisa at · Reply

    yeah, I think “You’re The One That I Want” is one of the best numbers glee has ever done. I just. feelings.

    it totally outshined “There Are Worse Things I Could Do,” but I thought that was also nice and sad and Unique has a really nice voice too.

    the Cassandra stuff was pretty icky. I feel like the show decided that not being in high school means literally these people can look any age and do anything and that’s just not how college works? like, I’d even follow the whole screwing young man-candy to make oneself feel better about life story, but was that gloating really necessary? there were ten other ways for Rachel to learn that same info at the same time without the show playing like a telenovela.

  8. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    “WE’LL ALL BE DEAD BY THEN!” 8-. Like many Tina moments, it doesn’t make much sense, but I did love it.

    I liked that Kitty has a Marley!hat on standby. Just in case. Odd little thing.

    I also thought the Brittana was really well done.

    I think I hated everything else? (Really. I had a list of things I hated. I abandoned it before halfway, it was already too long.)

    1. Ned
      Ned at · Reply

      (Sugar was fun too, ok. I always want to like Sugar, and occasionally they make it worth my while.)

  9. Spain
    Spain at · Reply

    I don’t watch Glee anymore because I can’t take the misogyny. However, as long as you keep coming up with Quinn Glory Shots LIKE THAT ONE, I will continue to show up for the recaps.!

  10. Elysse
    Elysse at · Reply

    Brittana scene was definitely the best. Although it was such a silly stretch to have Santana come back for the musical when she felt she couldn’t come home enough to be a good girlfriend…

    Also I felt really bad for Finn in that hallway scene because he’s trying to be mature about the situation and actually still cares about Rachel (knowing all the reasons/ways she cries), and she just completely shuts him down. I honestly don’t blame him for saying they should just be cut out of each other’s lives.

    And going along with that. I really think that Rachel is going to continue to pursue Brody for the time being, no matter how stupid that is of her to do. Hopefully I’m wrong though.

    Finally, Marley is really really dumb. Of course being bullied is horrible and could influence her, and I’m not necessarily expecting her to figure out that Kitty was going in at night to change the costume, but if she can’t think “Gee, I should get on a scale to check if I’ve gained weight” or “This costume looks a lot smaller than it did yesterday..hmm..” then she’s stupid. No one in that situation applied any logic at all. Also I’m assuming Kitty will be getting a backstory soon, or else Glee has just made her a ridiculously malicious character with no hope of redemption.

    PS-Honestly, how has Sue not gotten fired yet? Figgins said something in this episode like “You’re a menace to the state of Ohio!” How could you keep a teacher at your school who you consider dangerous to society??? Unless Figgins thinks winning Cheerios trophies is the most important thing in the world…*shakes head*

  11. Maggie
    Maggie at · Reply

    I DIDN’T KNOW YOU GUYS WATCHED COMMUNITY <3 Also Britta is my favourite dork and Blaine is also my favourite dork so that reference made me very happy. And yup Darren was so perfect there, when he lost focus and then had to overact himself back into character. So much love.

    I've totally watched You're The One That I Want (from when Finn comes in, obvs) loooads of times. It's just so cute and right and wonderful and it's just so sad that those people will probably never have a number like that ever again. Unless we get more dream sequences like it, which tbh, I'd be OK with.

    I'm hoping that with Tina being the one to call out Finn, and that it showed that she was ready to take the part and unfairly not chosen, they're actually building up to something big for her. It's better than if they'd brought Santana back and not even touched the "but-why-not-Tina" – they're not straight up ignoring her. Well, hopefully. If it leads anywhere and it isn't just here for a random joke.

    My emotions during the Finchel scene were pretty much like "happy happy aww notes this is a good scene OMG MOOSE/MUSE HOW ADORABLE YAY YOU GUYS I'M LOVING- wait what? don't say that. no. what?? why??? how did this all go so very wrong so quickly argh" and then no time to rest and recover before delving straight into Klaine angst and Blaine's stupid giant sad eyes. You're mean, show. Mean.

    Also it sounds like they put together the whole musical in about a week and the review was out within like 10 minutes of the show ending and Ryder hadn't even seen Marley in costume until they were actually performing, what on earth?? Stretching credibility even by Glee standards. Also Marley's mum called her a star and I was like "but that's Rachel's word you're not allowed :(". On the other hand, the love square continues to be cheesetastic with me immediately calling Jake seeing it the second Ryder and Marley started kissing, just it's so ridiculously obvious that it still amuses me. On the other hand, I just don't get Kitty's motivations for pushing the bulimia thing so hard? I mean she hates Marley, but why is she working so hard to get her bulimic?? I mean exactly, at the moment it's just purely terrible and not backed up by ANYTHING and I don't understaaaand.

    But other random things I liked:
    – Finn working the "I'm doing it for free!" angle in the scene with Figgins
    – everyone just joining in with Kitty's Marley mocking in the sleepover – does everyone secretly hate her lol?
    – the wonderfully awkward Finchel/Klaine scene. Although, while I understood Blaine's shocked tunnel-vision in only addressing Kurt when he saw them, Finn coming over and not even acknowledging his stepbrother directly felt a bit weird.
    – There Are Worse Things I Could Do sounded amazing and the lines were divided up really cleverly
    – Sugar and Brittany are cutiepies

    Awesome recap as ever :D

  12. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Rachel needs to go back to her old, natural beautiful make-up instead of these tons of lipgloss, mascara, foundation, eye liner, fake lashes, extensions… Also Tina needs to get tons of solos. They could just have given her the role she wanted. Her story with Mike is basically the straight version of the Brittana show right now and she’s actually IN Glee club. Santana, awesome as she was, isn’t a student and therefore shouldn’t be given roles over students who want them.

    1. Ned
      Ned at · Reply

      I was struck in the hallway scene how New Rachel’s skin tone looked closer to Mercedes’ than to Kurt’s. The pilot flashback reaaaaally didn’t help.

  13. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    HOW HILARIOUS WAS THE FLASHBACK WITHIN A FLASHBACK, see, that’s the crazy Rachel I remember. Seriously though Marley and Ryder get the fuck away from my season 1 memories ugh. (Also oh my god WHY DO THEY PUT SO MUCH MAKE-UP ON RACHEL NOW WHY IT LOOKS TERRIBLE.)

    Omg Blaine’s character break ouch my heart. AND YES TO MORE SUGAR, I needed so much more Frenchie.

    WE’LL ALL BE DEAD BY THEN AHAHAHA seriously why do they waste all this screentime on boring newbs, even the scraps Jenna has been thrown this season have all been PERFECT. WHAT ARE YOU DOING RM. WHY DO YOU NOT REALISE THIS TREASURE THAT IS NAMED JENNA.

    I am actually enjoying Brittana being broken up more because they actually get to talk! And all of it has been golden so far and lovely and bittersweet and just really good all around. And it makes me root for them more.

    OMG I don’t know if you guys watch Little Britain, but there’s Marjorie Dawes from Fat Fighters and that one episode where she suggests everyone eat dust. The Kleenex bit made me think of that.

    That damn Finchel scene. THIS IS LIKE THE THIRD TIME YOU HAVE BROKEN UP, LIKE DID IT NOT TAKE THE FIRST COUPLE TIMES, I FUCKING GET IT ALREADY. Like this is just getting so stupid, and Brody and Cassandra are stupid and I just don’t care. This Rachel sucks. It started off nicely and then just went to shit.

    Also, real talk, IS CASSANDRA AN IDIOT? She does realise that what she did (or didn’t do, I’m betting they’re doing the fake-out) can get her fired? And she’s bragging about it to a student? Cassandra’s character just makes me roll my eyes so hard. You’re not a scary badass. Go away.

    I am so, so offended by that Tina Rizzo thing. First, Tina should have been Sandy, but yeah that Santana stuff was bullshit. Also, the reason I am offended is that they make a fucking joke, constantly, about marginalising her and then continue to marginalise her. ESPECIALY AFTER THE PROPS EPISODE. Like jesus if I was Jenna Ushkowitz I would be so angry. What a bunch of bullshit. TINA’S YEAR. YEAH. GOOD ONE, GLEE. Is Tina going to snap again? Because really.

    Everything about that builimia storyline was offensive. And I KNEW this was going to happen, I KNEW RM would do absolutely no research on eating disorders and make a fucking mess out of it. AND SERIOUSLY GUYS WON’T WANT TO KISS YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR PUKE BREATH. REALLY. FUCK OFF RYDER. And yeah is Marley actually the biggest moron ever? ONLY YOUR STAGE CLOTHES DIDN’T FIT ARE YOU ACTUALLY STUPID. What a stupid, awful storyline. And yes about Kitty. As much as I hate Marley, no way is making someone develop bulimia a thing that I want to forgive a character for. That is not amusing in any way. And it’s just like I said–Glee can never keep anyone evil, they always have to give them some bullshit moment of redemption (Karofsky, Sebastian) and you know they’re going to pull that with Kitty and I just. NO. And jfc Marley’s mom are you serious?


    OMG SHE REALLY IS ANN-HOGG. I bet she eats mayon-eggs. Every time she comes on screen I am going to say “…her?” LOLING FOREVER.

    1. Norwestorm
      Norwestorm at · Reply

      I’m just so confused about the “tons of make-up” thing. Given how critical Ryan Murphy was of the amount of make-up Lea was wearing in the pilot, based on his comments in the “Glee Cast Visual Commentary” that I watched in parts on you tube, it has to be deliberate. But to what end? He didn’t think it looked good before? So will we get some pay-off? Or is he enjoying cutting the character down like this? Because his comments in the same special seem mean spirited at times directed towards the Rachel character, and how he loved showing her repeatedly get violently slushied whilst singing her heart out.

  14. Kayla
    Kayla at · Reply

    Sugar was the cutest her faaaace and that wig guh I love it.
    Tina is the best ever and I want her to do everything ever because she’s perfect.
    I don’t understand how the school was allowed to bring students who don’t even ATTEND this school anymore to be in the musical. Like what. I’m sure there were other kids outside of the Glee club that would have auditioned. If anything they should have given as many main parts as they could to kids who actually GO TO THE SCHOOL? :| It just seems really unfair.
    Marley is an idiot. Honestly the whole storyline is really insensitive and it feels like a ploy to make the viewers feel bad for Marley and like her, and that’s really sad that they know people think she is so boring they had to create ways for them to like her out of pity.

  15. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    As I was scrolling down reading, I started thinking to myself that the “Most Rophy” HAD to be Kitty putting on the Marley hat. I was hoping. It just made perfect sense to me, and then when I was right? *fist pump* I was cracking up during that part of the show, and managed to set aside my annoyance for Try Bulimia!Kitty for that scene. What especially amused me was watching my twitter feed blow up with Marley fans screaming that Kitty best leave sweet, pretty Marley alone. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Marley. (I actually really appreciate her singing, though she is certainly no Rachel/Lea.) I just don’t worship at her altar like a few people seem to be doing.

    The beginning of “You’re the One That I Want” started to annoy me because I felt like Glee was trying to cram it down our throats that Ryder and Marley are the new Finn and Rachel. Hey look audience! They’re even singing the same song Rachel and Finn did! And Marley’s dressed just like Rachel, but we’re not going to let Ryder call her a sad clown hooker. I was frustrated, but then! It all got so much better.

    No way should anyone ever cast a non-student in a high school production. I LOVE Santana. But no.

    Kitty. *Sigh* Here’s the thing that just occurred to me that really annoys me about this whole situation. In order to save Kitty, the writers will probably elevate Marley-Sue to an EVEN HIGHER level of saint-hood. Think about it. In order for the audience to forgive Kitty, we are going to have to feel sorry for her. Like, as you mentioned, if she actually has an eating disorder. Or if she gets pregnant and kicked out by her parents or something. (Ahem.) So, Kitty will have some issue to deal with, and MARLEY will be the sweet, supportive, I’m so freaking perfect it doesn’t matter what you said to me, I will help you anyways person. And this is so very different from Rachel and Quinn and, “All I’ve ever wanted was to be your friend.” This is NOT that. It’s a faded copy of that, and it’s lazy writing, and Marley just needs to have a freaking FLAW! (I really don’t hate her.)

    There were glimmers of the real Rachel Berry in this episode that I appreciated. (5 autograph limit!) I interpreted the Rachel/Finn hallway scene a little differently than you guys did. This was such a different interaction between the two of them than any of the other (three? four?) times they broke up. Every other time, Rachel seemed desperate to get him back, or at the very least, lost without him. The emotions she was showing here are much more true to how one might be feeling after getting out of a relationship that was no longer going forward. It’s easy to turn your hurt and sadness into anger and passive aggressive ambivalence. It’s easy to put on this I just don’t give a shit facade to the other person because you don’t want them to know how much you actually DO give a shit. Is it the right way to handle it? Is it the mature way to handle it? Absolutely not, but I think a lot of people have done this in order to feel like they are protecting themselves. (Okay, maybe I’VE done that in order to feel like I was protecting myself.) And for me, it meant that Rachel was finally ready to grow as a person, without Finn, and therefore maybe become the person she needs to be in order to return to that relationship. These two need to finally understand that the other one isn’t perfect, that unconditional love isn’t a real thing (Sophy!). They are getting a reality check about adult relationships, and I think they will both be better for it. I also think that they are both a LONG way off from actually being ready to be together, and that Finn especially needs to be in a serious relationship with someone else in order to have some growth. (I also think that Rachel should just be with Quinn already, but that goes without saying.)

    All that said, I did agree with your assessment that Rachel being mean is not who Rachel is. And I am irate that she is so upset over Brody because, Jesus, can’t this girl show some actual independence? If she continues chasing Brody after all this I will lose even more respect for her than I already have because she clearly doesn’t respect herself. Brody is no longer a Parker Abrams. Rachel KNOWS now, and if she just glosses over that, ugh. No me gusta.

    Excellent recap. I loved all your screenshots during “You’re the One That I Want.” Those cute little faces! Blaine and Kurt back to back is so freaking adorable. Next week…A Quinn glory shot that actually takes place during that episode? *nail biting*

  16. David
    David at · Reply

    Hahahaaa, oh lord. As someone currently diagnosed with bulimia, I’ve gotta say I am chuffed at the thought of watching this episode. CHUFFED. Don’t know why shows tackle this issue so often without taking a step back and thinkin it through. Skins and, to a far lesser extent, Make it or Break it, are the only ones from memory that have really struck a chord.

    Sugar looks fantastic, omg.

    1. Mad
      Mad at · Reply

      SERIOUSLY. I have never had an eating disorder but people I know who have express the same sentiment. SERIOUSLY HOW HARD IS IT TO CRACK A FUCKING BOOK SO YOU CAN ACTUALLY MAKE A BIT OF SENSE. Skins clearly did that, where as Ryan Murphy is pretty much basing his on every other crappy ED storyline that has been in TV or movies.

      1. David
        David at · Reply

        LMAO, exactly. I’m definitely not of the belief that one needs to have experienced something in order to write it well; I think the issue at hand is that the Glee writers just aren’t… trying, I guess? The team at Skins obviously cared about Cassie and everything her character stood for, and that showed in their work; her episode in season one is one of the greatest in for a reason, you know? Glee obviously has far less leeway in terms of how they’re allowed to tackle issues — what with ratings, audience and whatnot, but I don’t think that’s much of an excuse.

        1. Mad
          Mad at · Reply

          It definitely isn’t! I keep coming back to the third page of HH’s 4×05 recap, about how the writers on this show are always like “ugh, you all care too much, we can barely even remember what has happened on this show which is why our characters are OOC all the time lol” and it’s like, seriously? They have so many devoted fans and an amazing cast, and it seems like they just don’t care enough to try.

  17. LauryeMal
    LauryeMal at · Reply

    Ok, first and foremost I need to come clean about something… I never liked Grease. Ever.
    Yeah it is a campy fes and has it moments plus Stockard Channing and others 30 something who where supposedly playing teenagers, so Grease has definitely its value on the unintentional comedy scale, but musically and choreographically it never really moved me. But that’s a matter of personal taste.

    What it’s a matter of universal taste and relevance is that after 6 fucking episodes we haven’t SEEN, HEARD or EVEN REMOTEDLY MENTIONED QUINN FUCKING FABRAY!!
    I know Yale must be very intense for an overachieving freshman (I’ve seen Gilmore Girls…) but what the hell!

    Are there any respect left at all for what it’s sacred anymore??? They violated the Fabathroom and FabAlley in the same episode??? HOW COULD THEY??? HOW.COULD

    (I need to stop and go back to the awesome Quinn Glory Shot to soothe my disdain…resolute/CIA agent Quinn with leather jacket and aviator eyeglasses.. YES on so MANY LEVELS…more pls )

    I may be insane to still keep up with Glee after the continuous shitty treatment they are giving all my favourites. Insane or in deep denial (I lean on the latter… otherwise I would not understand how I’ve spent over an hour trying to explain to my non-gleek girlfriend how much better Glease would have been with Skank-Quinn playing a female version on Danny and Rachel as Sandy…YUP..I JUST WENT THERE go on… imagine that and then come back to me )

    Scrunchy Mud-Hat should become Marley’s officially nickname.. Except for the fact than no one should ever care about Marley. Ever. Seriously Glee you have to stop trying to make her so predictably and forcedly likable. It doesn’t work that way!
    And tone down the PSA leit motiv will you? Are we keeping tabs? What it is missing? We have: bullying, gay bashing, outing, teen pregnancies, disability, plastic surgery, alcohol abusing, texting while driving, racism, R word… and now eating disorders. I just picture the Glee writer’s room with a “Wheel of Mis-Fortune” type of game and all of this on, trying to decide what important issue to tackle next.

    In a nutshell

    – Britanna, as always, makes my heart hurt a little…and scream at my tv in rage.
    – Darren Criss is an amazing actor and performer; the side glance to Kurt is something you can’t really teach, so kudos.
    – Kitty isn’t half as bad as I initially suspect but if they limit her to a meaner Sue’s Mini-Me would be a total waste.
    – Speaking of waste… Angry Tina Stan should trend.. I bet Dottie is already working on a kickstarter/flash mob campaign for that.

    As for Cassandra/Brody, I wouldn’t be surprised if Glee were doing the lamest of paint by numbers fakeouts and revealing that Brody didn’t really sleep with her.

    – OMG.. I can totally see it.. and I’m already disgusted

    As always your recaps are the fresh breeze that blows away the stink Glee has been serving us…. Than you so much

  18. AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish
    AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish at · Reply

    I will be dead by the time Glee returns to its original Glee magic. I don’t know what to say. I guess, I am still pretty pissed about this hot mess. I mean, I felt like this episode was all over the place trying to resolve so many issues I couldn’t care less about. I love Grease, always have, always will and the excitement was there, but it didn’t pay off at all.

    The bulimia storyline was just horrible and I was getting dizzy from all my eye rolling. And Tike was just meh and useless appearances from OGs like Mercedes and Santana on top of useless boy drama in NYC made it everything even worse. I don’t get it. This entire episode felt so forced. Thinking back on the West Side Story episode makes it look it even worse. I loved how they incorporated all the songs, but with Grease, it didn’t work for me.

    I wanted to enjoy “You’re the One That I Want” so badly, especially since it takes us back to Glee happy times, but the flashback/hallucination part didn’t quite sit right with me. And it has to do with all that mess that has happened this season. I think I just can’t care for season 1 Finchel anymore since they’ve been ruining that ship for so long. And it saddens me because season 1 “You’re the One That I Want” is one of my alltime favorite moments. Oh Glee, why do you hate your characters so much?

    And I can’t believe they got Santana when Tina was right there. I loved Tina’s, “We’ll all be dead by then”, and I generally love all her rants. I just wish they would give her something. It’s depressing. It really is.

    And I loved hearing Santana sing and the Brittana scene was the sweetest and a little ray of sunshine in the midst of all the chaos, but how on earth can you disrupt Santana’s singing by Cassandra July. It felt so out of place. I can deal with Unique, but Cassandra. I hated it. That entire NYC thing was so boring and I can’t believe how we’re losing our Rachel. Rachel used to fill my heart with so much joy and now I just wish we could go back to …wait…I don’t even know what there is to go back to since McKinley High is not the same anymore…Maybe I just wanna see more of principal Figgins, he never disappoints. I just can’t wait for Quinn to be back.

    And one thing, I wanted to ask you guys, what do you think of the “old-new” “I-hate-the-arts-Sue”? I just can’t follow. I mean, I loved season 1 Sue and sometimes I think they should have kept her that way. Full on crazy. But now it seems like they want her back as enemy number one and I just can’t see it. She changed and I know she’s still crazy, but the “war” on Unique, I didn’t get it. She stood by Kurt and all.

    Blaine’s “Beauty shool dropout” was the sweetest and maybe my vote for “best song” and Sugar…oh Sugar, how I miss thee. Her Frenchie face was the best thing in the entire episode and I wish that instead of bringing in a gazillion new characters they would have started giving Sugar an actual storyline.

    I think, I just may just go now and dream of the fabathroom for a while. As always, a pleasure you two, and Rin, I didn’t take forever to find my way back here. Thanks for your recap passion :)

  19. Eddie
    Eddie at · Reply

    Fabathroom? PLZ ♥

  20. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    Awesome recap guys, thanks!

    I kinda liked the Finchel Break-up 5.0 (or 10.0 I don’t keep tabs anymore) but I totally see why you didn’t. But I could be biased because I don’t like Finn as much as you do.
    And you were completly right about which couple would make it in the real world. Finchel is still a couple of kids who think they grew up cause they graduated High School. Brittana grew up because of life. And they are much more mature with their relationship.

    I’m kinda mad at Rachel. You cannot use the Fabathroom to call Brody-SleazeBall. You just can’t. That’s rude. Somewhere in the world a fairy lost her wings.

    But I liked the episode. Apart for the whole FatGene/ThrowingUp storyline. And didn’t you called it last week Sophy? You should write this show. Both of you.

    PS : Rin, can I have a Quinn for my birthday? (In all discosure, it was yesterday.) I’m getting scarily closer to the big 30 and I need some Quinn love :)

  21. Miscatal
    Miscatal at · Reply

    I’m late getting to this episode, but I loved your recap. My fav was definitely “You’re the one that I want,” in no small part because Original Cast! and Flashback! I was too excited when I realized it was Finn singing and on stage, with Rachel (and I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I used the word “excited” to describe my reaction to Finn doing anything), and that flashback was perfect. They were so cute then.

    Ryder is…mmph. I don’t think he could be less compelling or interesting. Marley enrages me both in principle and in practice, but I wish Jake had at least played Danny; he has actual charisma. But again, they needed Ryder in the role to move their awkward, boring, BS love triangle plot forward. Also, fuck this bulimia plot line. If you can’t do it right, back the fuck off and do not touch. I haven’t watched this week’s ep yet, but I understand this is still a thing and they didn’t drop it and I’m annoyed.

    Finn & Rachel’s fight… Agreed that Rachel should have lied, but Finn shouldn’t have asked if he didn’t want to know the answer.

    And I don’t see the point of Cassandra July. Of all the possible Rachel In New York plots… she fights with her blond bitchy teacher about a stupid boy. IT’S ALL BEEN DONE, GLEE, AND BETTER! NEW DEVICE PLSTHX. The parallels with Quinn are nauseating.

  22. Brooooooke
    Brooooooke at · Reply


    I never liked Rachel liked you guys did, but its sad to see how they’ve changed her. I had handle evolution, especially after a big thing happens in their life, I can even handle a character getting shittier after something big…but to have a character made shitter by the writers, and then for everyone to pretend she’s not worse is just BLAH. Fix it Glee.

  23. christina
    christina at · Reply

    did i mention how much i am in love with dianna agron? that glory cap killed me. she should wear leather jackets and aviators for the rest of her life.

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