405 — The Role You Were Born To Play

Best Song

Blaine – Hopelessly Devoted To You

Sophy says: The moment I realised what Blaine was going to sing I squealed, because I had a childhood obsession with this song. I used to belt it out in the bath whilst waving a washcloth around in the water like it was a sheet of Sandy’s lovelorn letter paper. Yes, really.

But then the very next moment I groaned, because I could already hear the legions of Blaine-haters crucifying him for singing the song of the jilted lover when he was the one who did the jilting. And honestly, I would take issue with it too, if it weren’t for the fact that Blaine clearly states after singing the song that he can’t portray a love affair because he’s ruined his. He places the fault pretty squarely on his shoulders, and as long as he’s doing that, he’s allowed to be as sappy and as whiny as he likes as far as I’m concerned. Especially since sappy, whiny Blaine is possibly my favourite Blaine ever.

Wait, sorry, Masterpiece Theater Blaine. Oh Artie. Spot on. The way Blaine got more and more over the top with his emoting throughout the performance had me in stitches, and I absolutely loved his Rachel-esque inability to completely disengage with his ambition, even when he’s supposed to be doing exactly that. “Teen Angel, maybe.” BLAINE, YOU ARE THE CUTEST. NEVER STOP.

I thought Darren did a lovely job with the vocals, and whilst he may not be the Sandy in this situation, I do think the sentiment applies. He knows it’s over. Kurt is making that clear. No amount of Gilmore Girls boxsets are going to be able to make this right, and what a smart kid would do is process that, suck it up, learn from his mistakes and try not to make them in the next relationship he has. But the trouble is that Kurt was more than just a bump on the road for Blaine. He was the destination – or at least that’s the way it feels right now – like he’s gotten himself expelled from the one place he felt he truly belonged.

Blaine brought all this on himself, sure. But that’s no reason he can’t be devastated about it. It is possible to break your own heart, after all.

(Call, break it off.
Call, break my own heart.)

Rin says: Before this episode I knew that they were going to use this song, but I instantly assumed that it would of course go to Marley. SO I WAS SO RELIEVED AND FILLED WITH UTTER JOY when the music started up and it was Blaine’s doughy face and only his doughy face. 8-. Thank god.

Darren did a great job, and I always like when Glee mix it up and have guys do girls songs and vice versa. It always brings a new and interesting take on a song, and it works especially well on a classic such as Hopelessly. I do kind of wish he went the whole nine yards and put on a white nightie though.

And yeah, I don’t think it should be an issue that Blaine brought all this heartache on himself, so therefore he’s not allowed to be sad. Of course he’s allowed to be sad. I’m glad he’s taking full responsibility for what he did, as he should, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to hurt any less. And as much as I was giggling at Blaine’s little melt down, it made me angry that it was such a convenient way to leave the role of Danny Zuko up for grabs.


Biggest LOL

“And that Gilmore Girls box set I sent him was returned to me, unopened.”

Sophy says: THE DELIVERY. SO SULKY AND DEADPAN. BEST. And I actually clutched my heart when he rattled off their fabulously detailed soulmates for life type thing plans, including buying a lighthouse together. And I loved that Sam understood everything except the lighthouse.

Kudos on the show for actually following through on the Sam/Blaine friendship, by the way.

Rin says: THE WAY HE SAID, ‘UNOPENED’ it had the same sort of effect as underboob. For reals.

ALSO WHEN HE SAID HE DOESN’T EVEN GEL ON WEEKENDS. Oh god. Blaine, I love it when you’re so pathetic. And totally on board for loving the continuation of the Sam/Blaine friendship. I am still so happy with how much they’re mixing up the relationships of our kids, in a way that haven’t been explored in the past. It’s nice, and makes a change. It kind of sucks though that literally none of them are getting to bond over the fact that they all lost their significant others to graduation.. like? SHOULDN’T THEY SOMEHOW TALK ABOUT THIS? Klaine, Brittana, Samcedes, Tike. NO??

“Sue, I don’t understand. Unique Adams is nothing more than an attractive, buxom young woman who’s got it going on in all the right places.”

Sophy says: It’s funny because it’s true? ♥

Rin says: Figgins, you never let us down.

The way it kept cutting to his perplexed expressions after he found out Unique was a guy.



Best Scene

“Dreams aren’t free.”

Sophy says: Unique, Unique, Unique. Look at you, stealing my heart away. This is one of the most impressive scenes Glee has turned out in quite some time, in that it sold its message in a way that was just upfront enough to be true to the show’s earnestness, but just subtle enough not to feel like part of a public service announcement.

And boy, has Alex been bringing it in season 4. The comic timing, the magnetism in performances, and the genuine emotion in a dramatic scene – it’s all there. And it means that instead of feeling like a token gender queer character, Unique actually feels like a well-rounded and worthwhile addition to this show.

Just as long as she doesn’t start lounging around in a bikini and being a raging bitch. Or, you know, wearing a letter sweater and being a raging asshole? I don’t even know. Basically, I’m just hoping she never turns out anything like Franky Fitzgerald. And that goes for the rest of humanity, too.

I have to give kudos to the writers for tying Unique’s struggle to find her place to Finn’s struggles in this episode. Okay, sure, what Wade/Unique has had to contend with all his/her life is a lot heavier than anything Finn’s dealing with, but I think they got that across too. I think Finn found contentment in being back at the school partly because he was able to get his mind off his own troubles and focus on people who could use his help. I really liked their shared smile at the end when they realised that in that moment at least, they both felt like they belonged somewhere. That’s the essence of Glee: acceptance and belonging. And this scene really brought it back to the fore.

Cory also had a lovely chemistry with Alex, and I found that the characters connected in a way that was much more natural than the connection between Finn and Finn 2.0. But then again, a 25 year old tin of spam from outer space is more natural than that. So.

Oh, and “Dreams aren’t free,” was frankly glorious. Glee hasn’t had a line that strong since “Being a part of something special makes you special.”


Rin says: I can’t believe how much I’m loving Unique, like in all the ways. I was pretty sure I was just going to be angry with the character for trying to muscle in on the screentime and they were just bring her back to be all ~NOW WE’RE EVEN MORE DIVERSE! But it really looks like they’ve seriously sat down and spent some time on the character and how to make the development as organic as possible. I agree with Sophy, Unique is very much a worthwhile addition to the show.

This was the stand-out scene of the episode, and it was super sweet and incredibly heartfelt, you’d have to be a robot to not get a tingle from it.

When Unique first walks into the choir room at the start of the season she says, “I wanted to be somewhere, where different was celebrated.” And it’s so nice to feel like she maybe has finally found her place and feels like she belongs. And I love that our kids are the ones who are making her feel safe and wanted.. because they should! It’s like from the get-go Mr Schue and the original gleeks created an environment that was all about being open, and protecting each other like a family. And even though half the club is gone, the new seniors have carried on that feeling and it’ll just keep on going. It’s nice, it’s sweet.

Both Alex and Cory were wonderful in this scene too. Nothing was overplayed, or overly dramatic. It was like Unique and Finn just understood each other completely in that moment, and were thankful for that. I sincerely hope this isn’t the end for these two and we get at least a few more scenes with them together. It’s also really fucking nice to see Finn not getting bogged down with all the Rachel stuff and slowly, but surely, finding a purpose and figuring out what makes him happy.

Which. Just quickly on the whole, Finn will take over Glee club while Will is away. Surprisingly I don’t have too many gripes with it, even if it is an easy way to keep Finn on the show — it doesn’t seem that implausible to me. Obviously running the Glee Club isn’t a feasible career choice, but I see it more like Finn will get a chance to really throw himself into something that he enjoys. And if anything, I see it more like he’s getting an internship. I would actually quite happily get behind a story where Finn decides to go to college to become a teacher — that’d be quite nice actually. It makes more sense than anything they’ve tried to do with Finn in the past.

Also, we’ve always said that the problem with Finchel is that it allowed neither of them to grow, and we were always wanting Finn to be able to find where he belongs too. But who’d have thought that out of Finn and Rachel, we’d be more happy with the direction they’re taking Finn. And just scowling forever at Rachel?

Everything is so backwards.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

At least background Brittany is still 10x better than most things.

Sophy says: The first time I watched this, I didn’t even realise Heather was there. Rin had to point her out to me. That is wrong.

Nevertheless, she continues to be amazing, even on mute.


Don’t you dare.


The OG’s (Original Gleeks)


Sophy says: Rin and I both hyperventilated and keyboardmashed at each other when these two appeared. It feels like so long since we’ve seen our babies AND LOOK AT THEIR BEAUTIFUL SHINY SMILEY FACES. SLOW MOTION WELL DESERVED.

Having said that, both of them were wasted. Mike and Tina’s interaction was thin to the point of being laughable, and, well, Mercedes and Sam seem to be determined to pretend they were never a thing. It’s so frustrating! /Quinn.

I also thought they could have showcased Amber’s vocals a little better. Like maybe they could have found the screentime by cutting out Marley forever?

Rin says: I CRIED AGAIN. JUST LIKE I DID WITH PUCK. I mean, it’s not like I sit there bawling, but my eyes just WELL UP at the sight of original characters. IS THAT SO WRONG?! I really miss them, okay?

I’m still foolishly hoping that they’ll use Mercedes and Mike properly in the next episode, and whatever else they’ve got coming up. BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO, DON’T THEY?! They won’t completely waste our babies? (They will.) It is kind of hilarious though, that they brought in Mike for his dancing skills when they pretty much have their best dancer Brittany — sitting around and doing nothing. That’s probably why they didn’t have her in the episode much, because they didn’t want to make it GLARINGLY obvious that they just wanted Mike back. It would have been nice if we got some Mike/Brittany togetherness though. Those two are always cute together.

MAN, WE WOULD HAVE LIKE, FIFTEEN MINUTES MORE OF OUR KIDS IF THEY CUT OUT MARLEY FOREVER. Isn’t that the worst kind of rage-blackout inducing?


Rophy Says No!

This guy.

Sophy says: So there’s another new guy and I hate him even more than the first new guy, though not as much as Brody and not as much as Marley, but those two are just special, you know?

Ryder is pretty much all round awful. No charisma, no particular vocal talent, no dance talent that I could see, and completely humourless. I know everybody is pretty anti-Finn these days, but honestly, would anyone say Ryder even compares to Finn when he was first introduced? Sure, Cory wasn’t the best singer back then, and hey, he still can’t really dance, but the guy has natural charm. And the character was written with a sense of humour.

The only ways in which Ryder is funny are the unintentional ways. Like how he zeroes in on Marley as though she’s the only cute girl in the school. Like how he opens with an anecdote about how awesome her mum is (PLEASE.). Like how he goes from not wanting to sing to being a Glee-a-holic in 0.2 seconds of imaginary crowd-surfing. Like how his his face is stupid.

Yeah, really not a fan. No apologies.

Rin says: I freaking hate The Glee Project.

Honestly, what is the point? They bring in these kids who really.. shouldn’t be on the show, give them ALL OF THIS BORING-ASS SCREENTIME and then they fall away to the sidelines when they’ve had their 5 minutes of fame. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. Why do they keep bringing all these new people in, who bring absolutely nothing, to the table.. and we end up with a million people on the cast of Glee. And then the people we actually care about? NOWHERE IN SIGHT.

And this guy? HONESTLY? Go fuck yourselves.

There couldn’t be anything more embarrassing than that rock concert montage thing. Really. Just get out. And never come back.


And the fact that he had ~never sung and danced before now. WORST.


I honestly don’t think I’ve ever watched a show, and loved it as much as I do.. but at the same time also hated SO MANY CHARACTERS ON IT. I don’t understand, it’s confusing. But yeah, as Sophy said — freaking humourless, man. When brainstorming this character, with the all of 5 seconds they took because it’s not even a proper role, did they just think of the second most boring character in the world? If so, congratulations? You succeeded?

Go to hell?

Worst. Castings. Ever.

Sophy says: You know, I spent weeks preparing myself to seethe quietly when Tina was somehow overlooked for the role of Sandy in favour of Marley. I saw it coming a mile off, even though Tina have made a terrific Sandy, with her ability to be sweet and fragile and her equal ability to be strong and sexy, and, you know, with her ability to act and dance. Stuff like that.

So I was raging throughout the episode about that. But I was also raging on behalf of a couple of newbies and that fairly took my breath away. I, Sophy of Rophy, was outraged on behalf of Kitty and Jake.

Okay, wait, let’s back up. Blaine should have been cast as Danny and Tina should have been Sandy. But of course every member of the Glee club who should have had the lead was going to have some ludicrously implausible reason why they didn’t want it – Blaine’s too broken-hearted – that I can almost buy. But when you factor in that Brittany doesn’t even try out, and neither does the once comically assertive Sugar, and Sam would turn down the lead because he happens to want to be another character, how convenient! And most of all, Tina won’t audition because she won’t be in the same room as Mike… Come on, show. Tina has been pretty consistently built up over the past season or so as someone with some serious burgeoning ambition. The idea that she would let Mike get in the way of her shot at the lead in the school musical is just silly. So when you put together all the contrivances that were required to even get Marley and Ryder in the running, it’s just embarrassing.

And then, even if we accept all of that contrivance, we’re still left agape. I’m sure we all are, right? It can’t just be me. Surely everybody with ears and eyes agrees that Kitty and Jake’s audition was leagues ahead of both Marley’s and Ryder’s, to the point where it was ludicrous that there would even be call-backs. And maybe I can buy Finn casting Ryder over Jake as an ego-trip, but there is simply no excuse for casting Marley. Kitty exhibited that she could sing competently and dance very well, had high energy, stage presence, and the dedication to put together a slick routine at short notice. Marley exhibited that she could sing, like, on the radio, and likes jaunty hats. Maybe she has that naive shy-girl gooey thing going on, but honestly, for modern audiences, you want to tone down those qualities in Sandy, not play them up to nauseating effect.

And a final note. It pissed me off to no end that Jake appeared to fluff the call-back on purpose to give his true love Marley-Sue a leg up. Go fuck yourself, Jake. You’re the worst.

Okay, no. Brody, Marley and Ryder are the worst. Carry on.


I just don’t understand.

Why do the Glee writers hate their own cast? Why are they so unfair?

It’s getting to the point where it is downright disrespectful. I don’t venture out much into the general Glee fandom (my brain would probably explode), but as far as I know people like Tina. She may not be anyone’s favourite character, but that is mostly because they never give her the opportunity to shine. And when they do people LOVE Tina and get behind her, and there’s always a lot of rooting going on for her. But they seem to have it in their head that they can just treat her like a background character, and only give her 5 minutes of real screentime and that will suffice. I JUST? SHE’S ONE OF THE FUCKING ORIGINALS. They should start treating her like one. And I’m pretty sure they made it clear that once she was a senior, she was going to get her time. It started off really well with the first two episodes, but we should have known that it wouldn’t last. And it makes me SO FUCKING ANGRY, because it’s like they don’t have any faith in her to be able to take on a more prominent role. Which is bullshit, because she holds her own really well, whenever she has the chance.

And I hate it when they fucking brush her off, and give these INCREDIBLY flimsy and embarrassing excuses as to why she can’t be front and centre. She wouldn’t be in the same room as Mike? Are you fucking kidding?

AND THEN. THEY DIDN’T EVEN FREAKING GIVE US A RESOLUTION AS TO WHY SHE ENDED UP AUDITIONING IN THE END. Unless she didn’t even audition and she just got given the part? I don’t even know. But like, they left it as YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO DO WITHOUT MY TALENT! TINA COHEN-CHANG AS “JAN” :D


Deep breaths.

I just don’t understand.

Also completely on board with Sophy. Jake and Kitty showcased everything that should have gotten them the parts in a heartbeat, no questions asked. They were the complete package.



The return of punching-bag Finn.

Sophy says: UGH. Are we really going to have Finn be demonized for saying a bad word again? And in this situation it’s even clearer that Sue was the antagonist and Finn’s accidental use of the word ‘retarded’ is just being used to deflect from that. Finn was right, Sue was wrong. I don’t care whether Sue finds the word ‘retarded’ offensive. It was very clear to me that Finn had no intention of offending when he said it, only of pointing out that he thought motherhood, and being a mother to a child with special needs, would have made Sue more compassionate. And when he realised he might have said something that hurt Sue he froze and apologised for it. So I don’t want anybody pretending that Sue has any kind of excuse whatsoever to shit all over him. If Finn/Sue is going to be Will/Sue back at square one, then that’s Sue’s choice and Sue’s problem.

Let’s hope nobody so much as suggests that Finn needs to learn a lesson about how words hurt and should go volunteer with kids with Downs Syndrome at Thanksgiving.


Rin says: This was completely unnecessary? And came out of nowhere? And why?

Let’s be clear. This isn’t the same as when he told Quinn when she went through all that stuff he thought it would have made her cooler. That was completely different and Finn was WAY OUT OF LINE and omg I still rage over that. He was clearly wrong in that instance.

It’s just way off base that he wasn’t allowed to defend his choice without saying a bad word. I have no idea why they felt the need to undercut him in this situation, when Sue was clearly in the wrong.


Congratulations! We didn’t hate you?

Jake & Kitty – Everybody Talks

Sophy says: This was pretty close to being best song for me, to be honest. Yes, I think it was that good. These two could work for me long-term, as long as they stay away from Marley. Or stay close to Marley and point and laugh and mock.

Rin says: Honestly? They’re actually kind of cute together? Way cuter than anything involving Marley? I think I like Kitty the most out of all the new kids, because she owns who she is and is FUNNY. She has a quality that is likeable because she’s unlikeable.

I was a little worried that her singing was kind of sounding a bit like this other blonde cheerio who is my favourite forever and ever.. but it’s okay. It was different enough :-j

But yeah, this routine was perfect for a Grease audition and I loved their dancing. Good job kids.

I’m sure Jake will continue to ruin everything with his unjustified infatuation with Marley.


Head In Hands

Bieste needs to be in everything, forever. In Jesus Christ’s name, amen.

Sophy says: I started doing a little dance in my chair when we saw that it was Bieste. I want to get married and have my marriage fall apart so she can be my counsellor.



I love that they’ve just taken her absurd metaphors and have continued to run with it, and make them even more ridiculous and confusing. I’m hoping now that she’s more involved with Wemma, that she’ll stick around for future episodes. She’s really one of my favourite secondary characters. And now that Emma is staying back, I hope that her and Bieste end up spending a lot of screentime together.

Also, can I just.

Why did they position that ornament right there? Someone was playing a joke.


Most Rophy

Blanking on Marley.

Sophy says: I love that Sue implicitly acknowledged the writing fail with Marley by calling her “absolutely stunning kind-faced blue-eyed girl”. It’s not enough to make Marley funny, but at least Sue was funny, at Marley’s expense.

Rin says: I wish Sue set her fucking jaunty hat on fire.

Whilst it was still on her head.


Quinn Glory Shot

“You know, I’d think twice about calling someone a bigot who’s had gay Cheerios, both male and female on her squad.”

Sophy says: HOLY HOMO.

Rin says: Still the most homosexual thing Glee has ever done.

94 Responses

  1. Andrea
    Andrea at · Reply

    I have to say that I was getting really pissed off with this episode, mainly because it was ANOTHER “Hey everyone, let’s get together and try to convince Finn that he’s so much better than he knows!”

    And then it just made me feel sicker and sicker with each consecutive person validating Finn’s existence, and by the time they got to Bieste I wanted to stop watching.

    Maybe I’m just so annoyed because they went on hiatus and then gave us THIS when I think they could have done a lot more with this episode rather than focus on Finn “The Hero” Hudson (SEE: TIKE AND SAMCEDES?) but really I could have done without this episode entirely.

    (And how gross was that scene with Ryder and Marley and “Your mum is awesome!”)

    But now I’m just holding out for Quinn. Please, Glee, do not ruin our Quinn ; – ;

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      ROFL, whilst the Finn-love is a little bit vomit, at least it’s consistent, I guess? I don’t know. I feel vaguely bad for him at the moment due to the whole Not!Rachel/Brody debacle, so it didn’t bother me as much as it otherwise would. But yes, I would gladly have sacrificed Finn-palooza for some Tike and Samcedes. Ffs.

      Ryder and Marley are the grossest thing ever. I thought Jarley was the worst. Turns out Rarley takes it to new levels.

  2. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    I was sooo looking forward to this Gleecap, because I knew you’d be rage elephants, and I really wanted to rage right along with you. This was seriously one of my least favorite Glee episodes of all time. The levels of lazy writing and character inconsistencies were astonishing……even for Glee. I don’t even quite know where to begin, so I’ll just start listing off things I hated. (Warning: This will be long.)

    1. Why has Glee ruined Finn? I seriously cannot tell if the show loves him or hates him. Maybe both, in equally absurd measures? I used to really like Finn, and even when they turned him into a complete asshole for much of season 3, there was a part of me that still rooted for him. Part of it is that I really like Cory, and I think he’s sort of taken an unfair beating in fandom just for playing a character everyone seems to hate. But also, it’s Finn. He was pretty lovely in season 1. A bit of a doofus, yes, but still an overall good guy. Now though, the writers spent 80% of this episode having other characters tell Finn how he is probably the greatest human being that has ever walked the face of this Earth, and somehow has a magical ability to inspire talent in people he’s known for .05 seconds. Then (I guess just to balance shit out) they have him randomly and implausibly call Sue’s baby “retarded” so we can learn about diversity some more?

    This is worse than his confrontation in S1 with Kurt. In both cases, we have Finn say something offensive, in a way where it tries to negate the other person’s bad behavior, but at least in his argument with Kurt, his use of the word “faggy” made sense from a character perspective. Finn was uncomfortable with Kurt’s advances/having to share a room with him, and he was being mocked by his jock friends for being involved in a club they thought was “gay.” I’m not saying it was right or OK that Finn said what he said to Kurt, just that it was plausible that an uncomfortable 16 year-old boy might lash out in that way. But in this instance? It just seemed like a wildly heavy-handed way to remind the audience that calling people bad names is well, bad. Finn isn’t the brightest bulb in the world, but he is smart enough and sensitive enough to use words like “special needs” or “Downs Syndrome.” It was just such a PSA moment, and I hate it so hard when Glee does that. (In that same vein, I don’t believe Sue would be as transphobic as she was being. Yes, she says offensive, bigoted things, but she was also the one that tried to convince Kurt to wear a dress at Nationals last year, AND as she pointed out, she doesn’t actually have a problem with LGBT students. It just seemed like a reach….)

    2. Ryder. What in the hell? So, Finn saw him do some stupid dance moves on the field and he just instantly realized they were kindred spirits/ this kid must be able to sing???? When Will recruited Finn for Glee it was because he HEARD him sing in the shower, and realized he had some potential. He didn’t just randomly pick him out of a fucking crowd. Sense, Glee. You need to make it.

    3. The new kids. I mean, I get that the show has to make room for them, and start giving them plot lines and everything, but apart from Finn, this episode was basically ALL about them. Not only that, but it was all about them in an episode that had just followed one where three of the shows main couples ended their relationships AND in an episode in which we had two original cast members come back for the first time this season. Maybe it would’ve been nice to see Sam and Mercedes have a chat? Or get a bit more background on why exactly Mike and Tina ended things/what he’s up to now/ how they’re both feeling? Or I don’t’ know CHECK IN ON KURT HUMMEL AND RACHEL BERRY FOR AT LEAST A FEW MINUTES????? MAYBE SANTANA, TOO???

    4. A continuation from #3. A Glee episode without Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel just feels wrong. Even though Rachel is being not so Rachel-y right now, I’d still take Lea Michele on my screen doing pretty much anything over Ryder flirting with Marley any day of the week.

    5. Also sort of a continuation from #3….it’d be nice if they explained how Mike and Mercedes can take time out of their new (and presumably busy) lives to help direct a school musical. I mean, I’m no expert on how long it takes to put something like that together, but I’d guess probably a month or so (at least) of rehearsals? Can they really just take a break from their lives for that long? Isn’t Mike in school, or dancing for some academy? And Mercedes is working in LA as a backup singer? I’m guessing she probably hasn’t made enough money to just take off for a month and still afford rent and whatnot. I realize in the overall scheme of things, these are sort of petty complaints, but when also coupled with “Finn is now taking over Glee club without any credentials or experience” and “Tina won’t audition because of Mike, but got a part anyways…” it all comes across as super lazy writing that basically boils down to, “the characters are doing this because the writers want them to” which is probably the best way to take a viewer completely out of the story and irritate them to no end.

    Well, I guess that probably is it on things I hated. I did actually enjoy Blaine’s performance, and like you guys, didn’t really see any conflict in him singing that song even though he caused the breakup. Really, the song is more about not being able to let go, as opposed to being a jilted lover (or at least equally about) so I thought it worked just fine. Anyways, great recap as always, even if this episode was the worst. Hopefully next week’s will be better. Lord knows I’ll keep watching, either way. Damn you, Glee.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I think Rin and I actually didn’t hate the episode all that much, because there were parts of it that we really enjoyed… but we do understand your frustrations.

      I do think it’s a shame that they’ve reduced Finn to someone who is so hateable. He was flawed back in season 1, but he was still loveable, you know? And the writers never seem to know what to do with Sue, so it’s always one step forward and twenty steps back.

      Ryder/Finn is the stupidest thing in the world.

      And I’m going to be really annoyed if not seeing Rachel this week means we’re going to skip any fall-out from the break-up/her make-out session with Brody, and just have her be dancing around NY in her shorts like nothing happened. Erg.


      1. Emily
        Emily at · Reply

        Thanks! You know, I’m not sure what it was about this episode in particular that infuriated me (as opposed to all the other ridiculous shit Glee has pulled over the years) but I just really, really disliked it. I think I’m just side-eying Glee a bit more in general these days, what with its unparalleled ability to be so wonderful and so absurd at the same time. However, I think I’m going to try and watch the Unique/Finn scene again, to see if I can appreciate it a bit more. The first time I watched it, I remember thinking it was sweet, but I was too bored/annoyed with the rest of the episode to really enjoy it.

  3. Smiley
    Smiley at · Reply

    I hate everything about the new glee. The new ones I don’t care for, FINN, the New Rachel, the Brittana break up, the lack of Quinn, Tina being overshadowed by the stupid new gleeks, Finn, Finn and Finn. I hate Finn, he needs to die painfully. I hate him, he’s a horrible person. Calling Sue’s baby retarded? I cried out in anger and ranted out to my mom for hours about how much I hate his existence as a character. He’s not a nice guy, he’s an asshole. I hate him. I even like Brody better than Finn, and that is saying something.


    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      No power on this earth will convince Rophy that Brody > Finn. Or that Brody > a pile of fecal matter on a hot day.

  4. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    Dammit, Rophy, now you’ve made me want to watch the episode. Maybe with a finger hovering over fast-forward.

    Are the casting decisions all Finn? He’s not imagination city, after all, so I like the idea that he’d pick Kitty for Patty, because he can’t see her as anything else. I can’t wait for next week, when Finchel 2.0 sing “I’d better shape up” / “I need a man” at each other, and Finn stares, and slowly the wheels turn in his head, and… “I better shape up! Rachel needs a man!” (Was there no Berrybot in this ep at all, btw?)

    I still think the writers’ ideal Sue doesn’t live in the same universe as most other characters, which for me is why every Sue/glee conflict feels forced since, oh, 113. Or it’s the learning/unlearning/relearning of the same lessons, over and over. Or both.

    Excellent QGS. Of course. Thank you. :)

    1. Ned
      Ned at · Reply

      One more thing: Kitty Wilde. Really?

      1. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply

        LOLOLOLOLOL. Marley Rose is worse though.

    2. Ned
      Ned at · Reply

      So, having bothered to watch it…

      Oh Blaine. I reckon Sam doesn’t get anything after the lighthouse bit either, he just stopped paying attention.

      Finn has heard a lot that he’s “better than he thinks he is.” Has he now. Interesting. (Also: “I’ve spent so long talking about getting married and no time thinking about being a husband and wife means to us.” HELLO TEEN FINCHEL HELLO HOW ARE YOU.)

      Some small things I liked: PUNKINS. That teacher Finn gives the runaround. The Dark Knight Rises thing. The PEP RALLEY sign. Britt at the cast unveiling, doing the thing Rachel did with Puck’s exam. Joe’s line to Kitty (such a Quinn line; if that’s the result of temporary Quoe, then I’m at peace).

      I could be charitable and say they meta-acknowledge the contrived lameness of the casting – car door, Erykah Badu – and the same probably goes for Sue’s failed Marley takedown. But then they attempt the Ryder/singing ~surprise. Glee.

      Finn…still irritating, but, if you insist on having the graduates pollute high school, this kind of finding yourself story isn’t a bad option, and Finn’s not the worst character to land it on. I wonder how much they were setting this up last season: Finn’s obviously Schueish anyway, and all that stuff about teaching = accidental dream sponsoring, and of course the “those who can’t, teach” adage.

      One last thing (sorry, long second third comment): would Rophy hate Marley less if we didn’t have Rachel Berry Classic to compare her to? I wonder if RIB are giving themselves a do-over with the central girl character: audience, you will like her, dammit, and now she’s 100% more blandly inoffensive! (Leaving 1.0 free to get dumbed down and sexed up in NYC.)

      1. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply

        ROFL FINN STOP TRYING TO STEAL FABERRY’S THING. Maybe we should all be shipping Fartie. Lol. Lolol. LOL.

        And actually, my Marley hate has nothing to do with Rachel, mostly because they’re such wholly different characters to me that they don’t even associate them in any way. Literally the only thing they have in common is that they have brown hair and can sing. And it’s a different brown. And a totally different type of singing. So.

        Kitty and Quinn are more alike, superficially at least – mean blonde Cheerios who are into God and whatnot. And yet, as fiercely protective of Quinn as I am, I actually enjoy Kitty.

        So. Idek!

        1. Ned
          Ned at · Reply

          Fair point, they’re very different characters, I’m not about to fall in love with her. I just suspect Marley’s functionally designed to do (part of) what s1 Rachel was designed to do. I’m surprised how quickly I’ve gone from “NO!” to “meh” with her and her hats. (I feel more strongly about Rachel!Rachel, I guess.)

    3. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Sue is the worst best thing ever. Because Jane Lynch is amazing but the writers have no idea what to do with the character.

      Artie is co-director, and I refuse to believe he would cast Marley-Sue in anything. REFUSE!!!

  5. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    I think that was my least favorite episode ever. Right up there with Rocky Horror.

    I’m sick of this storytelling where they spend an entire episode making Finn “Hero of The Glee for Eternity” (even though Rachel is) just to have him say something so stupid and offensive that you want to claw your eyes out. Just pick on or the other already! He can’t be “Hero of The Glee for Eternity” AND “Most Asshole of The Glee”. If you want him to be the hero, just write him like one! I know a hero has struggles and weaknesses, but that is more like a total absence of a brain. I hate him so much! It brings back all of what I hated about him in the past. And that is a lot. It makes me remember all of the times when he was “Most Asshole of The Glee” and forget that he can be a nice guy.

    I don’t care for the new guys. They can’t spend so much time on the new kids and not show us one minute of Rachel and Kurt! First episode ever without Rachel! (I think…). And, oh, there wasn’t enough new blood, let’s add one more! I don’t care!
    I want Rachel & Kurt & Santana & Puck & Mercedes & Mike & Brittany & (even) Artie & Sam & Blaine. I want Quinn to come back from her galaxy far far away and slap some sense into this mess of a show. But I’m not holding my breath. I swear, if they ruin her, I’m done. I’ll be watching on mute to see the pretty faces.

    PS : I’m in the mood for some good Quinning, Punk!Quinning even if you are so inclined Rin :)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      WORSE THAN ASIAN F???????????????????????????????????

      The panting everybody does after Finn is kind of nauseating, but I’m in a place where I feel vaguely bad for Finn at the moment, so it didn’t grate on me as much as it did back in S3. Artie referencing dedicating ‘In My Life’ to him made me want to punch everyone in the face twice though.

      I do with the show would just let Finn be dim and sweet. But it seems like they gave that role to Sam and now Finn has to pretend to be the hero? I don’t even know.

      The newbs are the worst. Kitty and Jake might win me over, but Marley and Ryder are dead in the water.

      1. Mayon
        Mayon at · Reply

        I was blissfully in denial about its existence.
        And now I have horrible flashbacks.

        So not worse than Asian F. Just below.

  6. AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish
    AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish at · Reply

    It’s been a while. I haven’t been here for the last few episodes, but now after the hiatus, I had to come back. What a wreck of an episode. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO bored. I can’t believe that the most excited I got was at 16:01 minutes in, when I thought Quinn would magically appear and make everything better. I MISS HER SO MUCH! And after all they’ve done so far, I’m impatiently waiting for her return and dreading it at the same time.

    I agree with almost all of what you’ve pointed out. I can’t believe that Tina didn’t even audition. It doesn’t make sense. I can’t believe Mike and Mercedes were brought back for this. I mean what was that even for? I love when I see the kids back together but as Emily pointed out above, how could they manage to get away and how are they going to afford the time to work on the school musical. I don’t get it.

    The new characters, let’s not talk about it. And the music, I mean, I love Grease and I LOVE “Hopelessly Devoted To You”. And I also like it when they mix it up genderwise and all, but Blaine singing it, didn’t do it for me. I love Olivia Newton-John’s voice and I think one of my all time favorite adaptations will have to be Kristin Chenoweth’s in Pushing Daisies. I miss Olive…


    Well, this was a huge disappointment, yet again. Coming back after a month’s hiatus with this is just sad. I hope it’ll get better. At the moment I am beginning to drift to an area of “don’t even care anymore”. Dangerous terrain.

    I will just have to go back to Ann and Leslie to make myself feel better. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_md78eaePVF1rv2wxho1_500.gif

    1. AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish
      AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish at · Reply

      I just realized I didn’ t praise FIGGINS at all. I l, so I should do that since he was the best thing about that episode. Love him and will always love him! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV_71VX1m-A

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHA! We weren’t really bored, but we were angry in places. And god knows, Quinn could make all things right.


  7. whymz
    whymz at · Reply

    I just cant. I cannot handle this crap. Hate. Just seething anger. Hate Kitty with a fiery burning rage. Blaine just stoked that fire. Sorry Rophy. Hate that new kid with shoulders. Hate Finn like i hate pouring lemon juice on my papercuts.

    Love Bieste. Love Snarky Sue. Love Figgins.

    Hate the Glee Project for forcing people like that in my.

    The only reason I am watching still is the hope of seeing my glorious Quinn again…. Rin….help?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHA OH WHYMZ. I should warn you that I’m warming to Kitty. Jury’s out on whether the character will develop in an interesting way… but Becca is kind of awesome and Witherspoony and I just can’t help enjoying her.


  8. LauryeMal
    LauryeMal at · Reply

    My goal is to stay positive as much as possible, especially over the internet. Too much angst and negativity is going on.

    (but Rin you’re right… you bring the gas, I’ll bring the matches let’s go “Viking’s pyre” over Marley’s hat)

    Still… Glee isn’t making it easy. The first draft of my comment would not have my Nana proud with all the swearing. So I’ve decided to censor myself, therefore I’ve substitute the word “fuck” with the word “puppy”

    Seriously Glee…what the Pup is going on??

    I’m worried you didn’t get the memo… WE DO NOT GIVE A PUP ABOUT THE NEWBIES, stop shoving them down our pupping throat!
    (With the exception of Unique… you’re great and not a bad actor at all, please stay and be sassy and fabulous…and stay the hell away from any duet with Meh-rley ).

    Do they realize that Rophy is the only reason I can bare to watch an episode where I’m deprived of Quinn, Rachel, Santana and even Kurt?

    I don’t even want to start on the absurdity of having ALL the SENIORS bypassed fo the key roles… what a JOKE!
    Dottie will not be pleased…if I where in Meh-rley I’d watch my back

    New New Guy…please join Meh-rley and Brody on board of the irrelevance train…Destination: far, far away from me, thanks.

    The whole exchange between Finn and Sue seems forceful and unnecessary…and I don’t PUPPING get it, even if Finn is involved and I’ve stopped caring about him somewhere during season 1, it felt like some sort of awkward system to increase the conflict between the 2 characters (which inevitably will led to somehow Finn redeeming himself with some grand gestures….ta-da).

    I’m tired of Glee. Will I keep watching it? PUP yes.. because of Rophy and the Rophites but the patience is getting thinner with each episode and missed opportunity.

    I need some Hero-Quinn to come back and bring a little sense in all this mess
    (btw… the awesomeness of Hero-Quinn—cape and all— omg)

    Also, GAY FEMALE CHEERIOS (we know Sue… WE KNOW)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      LOLOLOLO PUPPING. I love your outrage.

      I have to say though that Rin and I discovered via this episode that we are devastated over Not!Rachel to the point where WE’RE HAPPIER WHEN SHE’S NOT IN THE EPISODE.


  9. A
    A at · Reply

    I forgot all about the recap as soon as I reached the Quinns!! Greatest Quinns ever – keep us hanging on like that! I only saw maybe 2 half episodes ever in my life, partially cause in Belgium the do not air anymore but mostly because I enjoy your recaps more than the actual show! I can’t wait for your recaps when Quinn returns! Keep it up!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  10. Dingo
    Dingo at · Reply

    I am not a fan of the Glee Project the few episodes I watched if it was not fun, it’s just you said ‘Why do they keep bringing all these new people in, who bring absolutely nothing, to the table’ which I agree, Rory was a forget-able character. However, I’m pretty sure Alex is from there. So I wouldn’t discount all of the Glee Project.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I haven’t even watched TGP. Alex is fantastic. Harmony was glorious and should have stayed.

      I don’t mind them casting TGP people necessarily, when they have something to offer. But Joe and Ryder should not be on the show. And Rory probably shouldn’t have been either, even though I did develop a sort of fondness for him in the end.

  11. Elysse
    Elysse at · Reply

    I hate Marley SO FUCKING MUCH that I can’t even articulate it because just seeing her name makes me rage. AHHHH

    But in other news, Blaine was great (except for when his song turned into the exact same scene as I Want To Hold Your Hand in Across the Universe….) and I agree that Jake and Kitty had a cute dance for their audition.

    Also annoyed that Finn ended up saying an inappropriate word to Sue, etc. because it was so unnecessary and really did nothing to the plot at all. But I really really liked his scene with Unique.

    But mostly overwhelming hatred for Marley was my main takeaway from this episode. That and the worst performance of Jukebox Hero ever.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Elysse, your hatred of Marley-Sue warms my heart. She really is the worst one, isn’t she?

  12. dani
    dani at · Reply

    Guys… I was extremely disappointed by this episode, to the point that I almost fell asleep. I don’t understand why Ryder has to exist at all, I hate his face, his “moves”, his fucking essence.
    I don’t understand what Glee is doing nowadays, the only reason I keep coming back is because of brittana (????) and faberry :c it got to the point where I dislike most of the characters.

    I like Jake just because he’s very handsome (sorry)
    Marley, Kitty, RYDER… blah blah please go away forever

    I miss quinn so much ;_;

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I’m afraid I have the same problem: Why is Ryder? Just why????

      I’m terrified for Faberry. Or the lack of Faberry. Or at least the lack of PROPER Faberry. TERRIFIED. However I do think Brittana will be back eventually. So I guess hold on tight?

      I’m becoming quite fond of Kitty, personally. I sort of ship her with Jake? But I’m guessing that will just lead me to more disappointment and rage-elephanting, because I’ll be constantly smacked in the face with how he really likes Marley-Sue, because everyone likes Marley-Sue, and ugh ugh ugh.

      We all miss Quinn, dani. We really, really do.

  13. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    How come nobody points out that Sue is the worst? Bullying students in the bath room, stealing from them, pushing her transphobia on everyone and then hypocritically pretending it’s Ohio that’s bigoted, not her. Finn might have said something she perceived as unforgivable, but he did so as some loser guy who just strolled into the head principal’s office. Sue pushes her bigotry on Unique as a TEACHER. Also, this is irrelevant because everyone has to buy into the narrative of Sue-can’t-be-hated-because-Jany-Lynch. And then the worst thing yet: “I’m not homophobic! I had gay cheerleaders! Also I have a black friend in Canada! I employ women from binders! How dare you *insert bigoted name-calling here* call me a bigot?” This is what is done on Glee and “The New Normal” a lot. All handicapped characters are homophobic, all gay male couples are white and preppy, all minority characters have to be pushed into stereotypes of the grossest kind (the black Republican who held a passionate speech about “voting issues, not race” probably written by Allen West, the fat girl who’s always eating, sassy black girls who are always sassy, Asian F bs… that last one might just be American cause I know tons of Asian-Germans who would never say such stereotypical stuff.)
    Transphobia is NOT homophobia! Let’s bring Quinn back at Christmas to call Sue out on her shit.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I guess no one points it out because it’s so obvious? Sue has been saying offensive things about just about every minority under the sun since the pilot. The things she was saying were awful, but it seems kind of pointless to get in a lather about it, because, well, it’s Sue. It’s what she’s there for (except for those random times when she suddenly becomes caring and progressive because it’s, like, Christmas or something).

  14. Carol
    Carol at · Reply

    I almost never comment. I think I’m shy even when hiding behind a computer. But anyway, I love Rophy’s recaps because they are always spot on and reflects exactly how I feel about the episodes.

    But in this recap I have to comment on a few things that I don’t agree.

    1 – You wrote that “Cory also had a lovely chemistry with Alex”. I don’t really think so because to me Cory was never a really good actor, especially when doing dramatic scenes. He always looks so constipated, which brings me to point nº 2.

    2 – I don’t really hate Ryder but I think that’s bacause I kind of like Blake (the actor). Of all the people on the Glee project he was the one that was more down to earth…idk. But anyway, I agree that he doesn’t really have charisma, but I think he sings, dances and acts better than Cory.

    3 – “I freaking hate The Glee Project”. Aww come on, guys, don’t be so harsh on the Glee Project. It’s really not the best show and the guys they bring to Glee are like space filler, but it also gave us Unique. And you had just given Unique the “Best Scene” of the recap.

    Well, I hope you guys consider what I said and after this I’ll probably comment more. And with compliments =D

    I wanted to give you guys some Quinn gif just in case I was a pain…but I really don’t know how to put it in here

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Carol we appreciate you commenting ! Don’t be shy! We’ll have to agree to disagree on Cory. I have issues with Finn at times, but I’ve always thought Cory was pretty good. As for the Glee Project, I haven’t actually watched it, but I resent people being taken from that show and put into the actual show, even when they aren’t worthy of it. Obviously Rin and I love Alex, but I’m afraid the guy playing Ryder did not impress us, and neither does Samuel. Rory, whilst I wound up being fond of him, should not have been featured so prominently either.

      Having said that Harmony was pretty amazing and I think she was from TPG too, right?

      Anyway, when Rin says she hates the show I think she’s just expressing her frustration at our show being overrun with not-particularly-talented people, some of whom came out of TPG. We’re willing to give the show props for delivering Unique unto us!

  15. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    BLAINE BB. Also omg Across the Universe HE IS PRUDENCE DID U NOTICE, I think they did it on purpose. WHICH IS ALSO COOL BECAUSE KURT SANG THAT VERSION OF THE SONG WHEN HIS DAD WAS SICK. I LOVE SAPPY WHINY BLAINE. His crying face and voice makes want to cry and lol at the same time. BLAINE <3

    AND YES. Seriously he is the only person since Mercedes to actually take the responsibility for having cheated. I wish someone would talk to him though, he needs a Burt, OK.


    I love the continuity, Blaine actually just wants to make art and help people, HE IS SO LAME I LOVE HIM.

    Oh Frankie. WHY. And YES to Unique! I'm glad they've finally made it clear that he's transgender and doesn't just want to be a drag queen, because they really weren't making that clear before.

    FOR REALS, my feelings exploded a bit when the originals came back, even though yeah, they were kind of wasted. BUT EVEN TEPID ORIGINALS ARE BETTER THAN THE NEWBS. Seriously, this episode started off promising with Blaine, and then it was mostly BORING because Marley. I guess Blaine went off to cry. Omg I loled when someone said "I wish for the whole episode they just had Blaine in a corner, crying in every scene." I CAN'T.

    Ugh go away Ryder. It was like Ryan Murphy realised that he didn't have enough white people and then cast a whole bunch and was like "SEE IT'S LIKE A NEW QUINN/FINN/RACHEL/PUCK LOVE QUADRANGLE BECAUSE EVERYONE LOVED THAT RIGHT" no, no we didn't.

    OMG seriously, Blaine not wanting to be in it yes, I can buy, and I've heard Blaine's Beauty School Dropout and he sounds absolutely dreamy, but I'm sorry, TINA? DID THE PROPS EPISODE NOT HAPPEN OR WHAT? Ugh. Fuck that shit. GO AWAY, MARLEY.

    But yeah, if it HAD to be newbs it should have been Kitty and Jake, NOT Marley and Ryder.


    Seriously, Marley's entire purpose is to make us feel bad for her. I'm sorry, but poverty, an overweight mom and an eating disorder do NOT COUNT AS CHARACTER FLAWS. (I'm pretty sure that's where they're going with this, judging by that last scene, ugh, Glee, can you stop with the PSAs, I really don't think they're going to have anything constructive or new to say about eating disorders honestly.) And Kitty's entire purpose is to shit on Marley. And the thing is, they're totally going to have Kitty "redeem" herself somehow in some bullshit way and then she'll be nice, but I kind of wish she would just stay evil, just like how I wish Sebastian stayed evil. The way they're using her is just to show how horrible she is and what a special Bella Swan fucking snowflake Marley is. (ALL THE BOYS LOVE MARLEY! Also, OH MY GOD THIS IS ACTUALLY TWILIGHT BECAUSE JAKE OH GOD HELP CLAWING MY EYES OUT WHY IS THIS HAPPENING.)

    Seriously Glee, stop fucking shafting your old characters. Namely Tina. WHY WOULD THE LEADS IN THE PLAY BE SOPHOMORES, THAT MAKES NO SENSE.

    Omg also the third page of HH's recap, I cannot, it is perfect. http://www.afterellen.com/content/2012/11/glee-recap-405-blow-me?page=0%2C2 "I've never seen a show with a more talented cast and a more passionate fan base, and these writers just squander it, over and over and over." THIS. Seriously, that whole page though.

    Omg Sam, Joe and Blaine's reaction faces when Kitty calls Joe 'Avatar'. THEIR FACES.

    And ugh yes, the Glee Project. At least Unique is something good that has come out of it, but honestly the one other person they really should have kept, aka HARMONY, is not even going to be on it anymore. Seriously I would have enjoyed just seeing her during competitions, remember how she was like an adorable piranha? And she could actually ACT.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I always love your comments. And I especially love you for mentioning Harmony. Harmony was terrific. If she’d been one of the newbs the show might be faring better. And you’re spot-on with Marley. I have heard they may be going down an eating disorder route for her, and the Rophy says No I’m going to write about that is going to be as tall as giants. I find it extremely frustrating that the writers think “I’m scared of getting fat like my mum,” is what eating disorders are about. At least that’s what I’m anticipating. And God.

      HH is always perfect and everything she does is also perfect.

    2. Miscatal
      Miscatal at · Reply

      I also loved the HH review on AfterEllen, because this:

      “But it is a gift, as a writer, to be able to create a character or a couple that comes to life. It’s magic. It really is magic. It’s what writers want. It’s what writers strive for. It’s the actual thing that matters. And so when a writer makes that magic and then turns around and goes, “Ugh, why does the audience care so much? It’s fiction,” it is the most insulting and disingenuous thing, and it really gets my goat.”



  16. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    Oh yeah and ugh I can’t believe they did that with Finn. It’s basically “hmmm, what can we do to get Sue to hate the Glee Club again? Let’s do it in the laziest way possible!”

  17. Royai
    Royai at · Reply

    I’m kind of confused about Finn calling Sue’s baby retarded. When he and his mom moved in with Kurt and Burt and he started questioning the sexual orientation of the furniture Burt asked if he would ever call Becky a retard. I’m pretty sure Finn said something like no because she was his friend. You’d think if he knew not to call Becky a retard he would know not to call an infant a retard. Do the Glee writers even want us to see him as a good guy anymore? If they do they seriously need to stop having him make the same mistakes over and over again. Finn’s obviously not the smartest guy but he graduated high school so I think he’s smart enough to realize by now that he needs to think before he speaks. He just seemed out of character in that scene especially with how supportive he was being of Unique.

    On a less irritated note, Jake/Kitty may possibly become my first heterosexual Glee ship. I’m trying to stop it. I already have Faberry, Brittana and Klaine I really don’t need another couple to angst over. There’s just something I like about those two, but hopefully it’s gas and it’ll pass.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Royal, you make an excellent point. I do remember the word ‘retard’ being raised back then. Although I will say that ‘retard’ is different from ‘retarded’ to me. The noun has a much more distinctly pejorative feel from the adjective somehow. Still, the whole thing was idiotic.

      Glad someone else is enjoying the chemistry between Kitty and Jake! I’d sort of like Jake to be a proper bad-boy and then the two of them could just kind of be bad together. At least for a while.

  18. Kimberly
    Kimberly at · Reply

    First time commenting, though I love all the Rophy recaps (especially Skins <3). This episode… Seriously, how can the same people who created Terri Schuester and the thumbless teacher who ate a cake with thumbs on it have created someone like Marley? Marley would only be remotely acceptable if everyone found her annoying and she was comic relief, but every character except Kitty looooooves her, even the ones she's stealing solos from. HATE HER SO MUCH. Her little squeal of excitement when she was cast as Sandy had me longing for the ability to punch her out through my TV screen. If only this were Skins and someone could take a bat to her.

    The writers are doing a terrible job with the new characters. They should just give it up and stick the newbs in the background with Joe and Sugar. If they each only had a line every episode or two, they might be OK.

    Also, I totally agree about Blaine's song. He is always delightful, and I don't know why anyone doesn't like him. <3 Blaine.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      LOL I KNOW RIGHT. The show used to have edge. Marley is all… flatlands? I don’t know. Maybe that’s why I have a fondness for Kitty, beyond Becca’s Witherspooniness – because she has the decency to hate Marley. Still I expect her to be ruined at some point when she’s forced to acknowledge how wonderful Marley really is and how she should really try to be more like her. YUCK.

      Love your Blaine love sooo much ♥

  19. Bekah
    Bekah at · Reply

    Good heavens, this season is TRYING me.

    Alex Newell was the one saving grace this week.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Alex ♥

  20. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    It’s okay, Rin, I welled up as soon as Mike and Mercedes walked down the hall too! Totally acceptable. (And Mercedes kind of pissed me off a lot in the first 3 seasons, but I still loved seeing her big smile. Such great kids!)

    I didn’t hate this episode as much as most people did, apparently. I think it’s because I’m trying really hard not to hate Finn just for being Finn. I’m still not overly pleased with the notion that he can fix anything wrong with Glee, when my personal opinion is that he has less talent and capability than any of the other members. However, when I think of kids, and how they relate to their friends, I can (almost…) see how the other students would look up to him for some reasons. If I squint.

    I was, however, ROYALLY pissed when the r-word came flying out of his mouth. It just doesn’t make sense. This is really poor writing. He either needed to keep on talking, as if he had no idea what he said was offensive, or just not say it at all. I hear teenagers use these words all the time. They don’t say them if they truly believe it’s wrong to say them. They are fairly indifferent to the use of the r-word or the f-word. Finn’s use of this word in this scene is SO inconsistent with his character. I can only think of 2 reasons he might use it. One is that he really doesn’t know any better. In which case, I call foul because a character who is so dim as to not realize how offensive that is, is not a character who is intelligent enough to hold the romantic attention of Rachel Berry for 3 years. An r-word using Finn and an activist, outspoken Rachel do not mesh, and you can’t make me believe they do. So, the only other reason this word could have been used here is because the writers are trying to make a point about this word being bad. So, Finn is the scapegoat again in service of a plot to teach us all morals.

    (Side note…did we know about Sue’s baby? I remember some tests being done last season, but we didn’t get the results at the time, right? Is THIS their exposition of that particular detail? Or did I miss something?)

    Jake was much better than Ryder. Kitty was a better dancer than Marley. I can’t really compare their vocal auditions because I couldn’t hear Marley’s voice over Unique’s. I’m curious to see Unique’s Rizzo next week. At least I can give props to Glee for not going the obvious route of having Kitty play Rizzo to Marley’s Sandy. That would have been a bit too much of an attempt at “life imitating art.” But of course, then Jake would have been Danny, and Ryder would have been that blonde athlete dude from Grease who’s name is escaping me…maybe he didn’t have a name. Maybe he was just blonde athlete dude who Sandy was “supposed” to date.

    Kitty…I need to know more about this character. I feel like I can’t form an opinion about her yet because I just DON’T KNOW. There has to be more to her than just being a meaner Quinn Fabray. Or have I crawled back into that abusive relationship where I expect more from Glee than what they are? :/

    Great job ladies. I don’t hate Marley as much as you do, nor do I hate Ryder as much as you do (Brody can get the fuck out though) but I still love reading how you dissect these characters each week, and their motivation behind each choice.

    1. Tammy
      Tammy at · Reply

      I totally forgot to mention how annoyed I was at them BEANING US OVER THE HEAD with the issues Marley is probably going to have with food and weight. Thanks Kitty for all your pointed comments about how Marley is going to turn out like her Mom. Otherwise we would have no reason for believing that a teenage girl could possibly have body issues, or an eating disorder.

      1. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply

        I am dreading this fuckery. There will be a mansion-sized ‘No’ for precisely that reason.

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Kudos to you for trying not to just blindly hate Finn. I think a lot of people have given into that urge by now. I do agree that he’s less capable in a lot of ways that the other kids, but in some respects I think the showed that. I especially loved that Artie had to prompt him to say something after Blaine auditioned. His stupid doughy face was just like :)

      TBH that’s how I like Finn best. Stupid, doughy and cute.

      I think we did know about the baby having Downs – in the first episode of this season I think Sue said something about her being like her sister, and that was meant to imply it? I can’t quite remember now.

      Jake > Ryder. For sure. Both vocally and obviously with the dancing. Marley might have a better tone than Kitty vocally, but like you say, you couldn’t really hear her in her audition.


  21. Ruben
    Ruben at · Reply

    Sometimes I just ask myself why I still watch this show… and I come up empty, I mean, on top there are the rumors of Quinn’s dating life, because I know they aren’t going to go by logic and for once and for all make Quinn get out of the coset, but is there something wrong for not just her, but for anyone to be single??

    I just can’t understand a show that forgets storylines and make characters act in some REALLY unrealistic ways or introduce new characters that are exact copies of old one, just…SERIOUSLY!!

    And then you have chapters like this one, when you HAVE to ask yourself, “are you sure you haven’t seen this before?? And don’t even get me started on the no-quinn, no-rachel, no-santana and no-brittany.

    Anyway, I’m sure I’ll see the next one, but I sincerly looking forward more to read your recap than the chapter itself… or you know…the vampire diaries(btw, thanks for recaping those too.^^).

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      You watch it so you can rage-elephant with us :D

      Going to go back to working on the TVD recap as soon as I’m done replying to comments!

      1. Ruben
        Ruben at · Reply

        I gess you’re right, but sometimes I think it would be better to just live reading fanfics and not watch the show at all…

  22. Miscatal
    Miscatal at · Reply

    I freely admit that, at this point, I’m watching the show so that I can read your recaps and have context. (Also, Hi! I’m a long-time lurker and you guys are fantastic.)

    As disappointed as I was to have zero of my favorite characters make an appearance on the show this week, I was also sort of relieved. Because if they’re not on the show, the writers can’t ruin them further, and they live on in much safer headcanon. How sad is that? This show was always campy and silly and overwrought, but that’s not a bad thing, and it used to have such a good heart. It had imperfect, compelling characters who you either loved or hated for their imperfections — as opposed to just reacting to their external interactions with each other. Rachel was deeply annoying sometimes… but in the very best way. Even when I wanted to sew her fucking mouth shut, I still loved her for being so absurdly and wonderfully herself.

    Now? I really don’t want to see Rachel for all of the depressing reasons explored in your earlier S4 recaps. I like Blaine’s singing, but I still think of him as Blaine Warbler, that dude Kurt’s dating. I don’t particularly care about his depression; he’s not interesting or three-dimensional enough for me to care. Finn is his unchanging, boring self. Schue is Finn + 15 years. I’d like more Sam and Tina and even Artie (who I think is boring, too, honestly). The new kids largely feel like a side-show to me, though Kitty and Jake are actually kind of entertaining together so long as dopey Marley is kept away. There’s still a nugget of awesome buried under all of the shit, I think, but I don’t trust the writers to excavate it and shine it up properly and put it on display.

    And I’m terrified of “Faberry Heaven.” At this point it’s probably going to be Quinn receiving a text from Rachel saying “Sry, can’t make it home for tday, staying with my bf and cooking him dead animals! C u xmas tho?! Miss u!”, looking vaguely irritated as she reads it, and then turning back to her conversation with Santana about her Yale prof situation. The end. At least there’d be some Santana?

    God, this show had so much potential. I feel personally betrayed by it and just ENRAGED. And about Marley I could not possibly give less of a fuck.

    Anyway, it’s late, and I’m feeling bitter about this abysmal episode, apparently, so I’ll stop the emo-flail here. Sorry this turned into a bit of a screed. Keep on keeping on — we appreciate the work you guys do more than you know! I’m going to read your S2 recaps now and play pretend.


  23. David
    David at · Reply

    Honestly, The Glee Project in itself is actually a really cute show that I think you guys would enjoy a lot. It’s full of diverse, talented characters who are like, immensely cute and shippable. Where it fails is in Ryan Murphy’s decision-making, which is almost entirely crack-induced. Ryder is awful, I agree, and I’m still confused as to why they show him when he literally adds NOTHING to the show.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv71seG0n4E Flawlessssssss.

    Loving the recaps; I’m finding that with this season especially I share pretty much all your views, which is nice. Loving the turnarounds on Unique and Kitty; they’re the only new characters that feel even a little like classic Glee.

  24. Erin
    Erin at · Reply

    Don’t fret, Rophy, this ep will seem like a breath of fresh air as you slog your way through Skins 603! :D

  25. Maggie
    Maggie at · Reply

    Hi, I can’t remember if I’ve commented before or not (I think I’ve just thought about it) but I just wanted to say how dearly I love your recaps. Even when I don’t agree with absolutely everything, your thoughts are always insightful and interesting and there’s something that makes me laugh out loud pretty much every time :) I really do love Glee and enjoy watching it (despite(/kinda because of?) its insanity) and having these to read as well a few days later is a delightful extra bonus. Thanks so much for writing them! :D

    In terms of this episode, somewhere through the Ryder/Marley/Jake/Kitty corridor scene I just decided to squash away any residual anoyance and just embrace their ridiculous love quadrangle situation (they literally had a chemistry-off!) and from that point I just found them all hilarious. This only works so long as I don’t concentrate too hard on how much better the time could be spent, but it’s progress for them. And though they now entertain me, they definitely would not be able to carry the show on their own if it went that far (please no).

    But agreed on like everything else, and yes definitely needs more Tina, and the lack of even a hint of an explanation for her casting turnaround was quite an extreme “oh lol who cares! :D” moment even for Glee. Sigh. But I had panicked for a second when someone said Tina didn’t want to audition because of Mike because I thought that acknowledgement was all we were going to get about, so I was just happy Tike did get an actual scene, even if er there was then a glaringly missing one after. Samcedes, though. They’re really not going to mention it at all are they? Silly show. And yes to why haven’t they all been bonding more about their old high school relationships, there’s been a teeny bit of that hinted at with Blaine and Brittany, but mainly I just want Blaine and Tina to become the best of friends?! Like why hasn’t this happened? (Sam can come too.)

    Oh and it makes me extra happy when Finn isn’t in your bad books because I love Finn. So yay. :)

  26. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    OMG, I’ve never never never been so disappointed with an episode of Glee like today. Like, really.

    It had its flaws and mediocre episodes and storylines (like how we never talk about 3×22 “Goodbye”) but this was just awful.

    – FIRST: wth, no Brittany S. Pierce in the first 32 minutes (I counted)!? And then she did appear but only in the background to Jive a little while the new, couldn’t-care-less-about-them kids dance IN FRONT OF HER so we can’t see her. I mean, not even a close-up as she gets dragged over the ground?
    – “Here’s what you missed on Glee” …. Mentions every break-up. Doesn’t bother to bring up Brittana … Really?
    – Finn Hudson, with every episode that goes by, you prove to be an even bigger douchebag than before. (can’t wait to comment on the next recap of Glee, you guys!) You are a TERRIBLE idiot, and you are absolutely right to feel bad about yourself, because you are just …. I mean – Jesus Fucking Christ. With your terrible lectures about equality and giving people the opportunity to feel good about themselves, while you shove people out of the closets, call your own step brother a fag, be mean to Blaine, break Rachel’s heart every other episode, call my girl Brittany an idiot, AND SO ON! But calling a little baby retarded? Come on, writers, that’s not even funny anymore. OH AND BY THE WAY, WHAT ABOUT TRYING YOUR BEST TO APOLOGIZE TO SUE? And what’s Will’s reaction? “Here, Finn, you’re a real hero, I’ll let you teach children!”
    – It’s weird, but I don’t like a Glee episode without Rachel … Weirdest realization of my life … And where was my baby Kurt?
    – Beiste, I love you girl! Welcome back! I need you as my therapist!
    – Sue, you’re on fire again … but it felt too forced. They tried too hard.
    – Wade/Unique not allowed to play Rizzo , hello!? Mercedes played a transvestite 2 seasons ago and nobody cared about that ..
    – Mercedes’ and Mike’s return was just too obvious and … Yeah, I didn’t like it. Don’t they have a life? Or school? Or something? I WAS glad to see my babies again, though! <3 But no background story?
    – Mike & Tina got to talk, which is like …. that never happened when they were dating … (Same thing happening to Brittana right now)
    – The whole Kitty/Jake/Marley thing is so boring. And stupid. And so Finn/Quinn/Rachel-ish. Come up with new storylines, Glee, don't just copy them.
    – The different kind of songs in this episode were just – NO ! Like, wtf? They didn’t even try, I guess … Hopelessly Devoted To You was good, that's true, but I liked the Unique/Wade due best … But I do not accept the pinky-hand-holding. That's a Brittana-thing, you hear me? Also, the Jake/Kitty song was cute too … Nicely done. Didn't expect that to happen!
    – Will & Emma fighting for 3 episode to come up with a solution that could’ve been there the first time around. Way to stretch things … Glad they gave Emma a voice, though. She stood up for herself instead of being a helpless puppy that follows Will around.
    – And I’m sorry, I love Klaine, I really do. My OTP is Brittana, but I love Klaine too. But, like, Blaine being depressed and sad and actually wondering WHY KURT WON’T TALK TO HIM AGAIN … No, Blaine, I’m afraid you forgot the fact that you CHEATED on him. You’re acting like a little boy that got dumped for no reason. You kinda had this one coming, don't you think? It's gonna take more than some flowers and a DVD box to convince Kurt that you're sorry.
    – In general, I had a bad feeling the entire episode. At one point I was wondering why I was even watching it … It was bad. It was really really bad and that sucks because after patiently (no, that’s a lie) waiting for 5 agonizing weeks, we at least deserved a killer episode …

    Also, the ONLY good thing about this episode might just be the best moment in television history: Brittany as the camera freezes when she finds out she's Cha Cha …

    That’s all ………. Now give me back Santana !

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