404 — The Break-up

Best Song

Blaine – Teenage Dream

Rin says: This is easily my favourite performance of the season so far, and will probably stay as one of my most favourite performances on Glee, ever.

I feel like it’s pretty obvious, and you all understand why. I kind of haven’t stopped listening to it since the episode aired, even putting it on my ipad immediately so it was portable and I could take the song with me. Even if it was just to go into another room.

There’s something so undeniably honest and pure about the way Darren delivered this, the way Blaine delivered it. It felt like he was literally bearing his soul whilst singing a Katy Perry song, and that is just not something that happens. It’s not. But that’s what an amazing vision can create, to have Blaine perform this song again and have it completely reworked for their current situation? It was honestly one of the more perfect things I’ve seen on tv. And I’m not even trying to be dramatic about it.

My approach to the relationships on Glee is pretty relaxed. I’m obviously excluding Faberry out of this, so in comparison, I’ve really never been that invested in any of them. Not that I don’t care or enjoy any of them, I do, I very much do, but I can’t say I’d be crushed if any of them didn’t end up being endgame. I don’t think it would change much of my watching experience.

Having said that, I feel like this episode, and particularly this performance, has shown me two ships that I might start to care about more than I ever thought I would. Which I’m really quite happy and excited about. Those two being Klaine and Brittana. I’ll speak about Brittana later, because right now I’m still trying to process Teenage Dream.

This is the part of the episode where I started getting pretty emotional. For me this performance was like Blaine mourning the inevitable end of his relationship with Kurt. And it hits hard, because he’s doing it with the song he sang when he first met Kurt. The layers that this performance gives, the stark contrast between then and now, wanting to go back, wanting to take back what he did, wanting life to be simpler, wanting to go back to being in love — there are so many things it represents, and so many levels on which it works. Which is why I think it’s so emotional. Aside from the fact that the performance itself was incredibly emotional. Again, I have to give props to Darren Criss for how much of himself he put into this performance, and how much he revealed. Also if I’m not mistaken, it sounds like he did this version live? Which is just plain ridiculous. I loved how towards the end of the song he starts to lose control of it, and the tempo jumps around and his voice cracks. It made it all the more real for me.

I don’t really know what else to say, or even think I’ve properly worded the reasons why I love this performance so much. Truth be told, I’ve been listening to the song whilst looking at the caps, and I’ve had a lot of trouble trying to keep my emotions in check.

The first time Blaine performed Teenage Dream, it was all for fun. It was all about being cheeky, carefree and celebrating your youth. This time around it just highlighted the fact that they’ve lost that. And that’s probably the thing that makes me incredibly sad. Blaine fucked up, he fucked up big time, and in the way where he’ll probably never be the same. He’ll probably never forgive himself. It’s needless to say that I’m strongly against cheating irl, and that there is no excuse for what Blaine did. But in tv world.. well, I can’t bring myself to condemn Blaine to a life where he is defined by the stupidest decision he’s ever made. I guess what I’m trying to say is that yes, what Blaine did was a scumbag move, but Blaine himself isn’t a scumbag, as in there’s room for him to make things right. Which is what this performance showed to me.

To be honest, I really hate that they made Blaine cheat. I really don’t think it was necessary or even within the realm of his character — especially after what they recently went through with Kurt texting that ridiculous excuse for a human being. But mostly? I hate that this seems to be the only way that Glee knows how to break up couples. Actually, it seems to be the go to reason for most shows to break up any couple, and I’m kind of sick of it, you know? I feel like the way Klaine was going, it would have been more impactful and also just more realistic to have their relationship fail over the fact that they were growing apart. It just seems that much sadder when two people who obviously do love each other, but can’t get it to work because it’s just not the best situation — you know that’s something that I would have loved to have seen with Klaine. But WHATEVER. It’s happened, I’ve accepted it.

OH AND OFC MY PANTS WERE OFF. THE COLOURED LIGHTS. Tears. Pants around my ankles. What a mess.

I’m looking forward to how they move forward from here.

What a fucking Naomi.



As soon as “I was with someone,” came out of Blaine’s mouth I was sure that our Rophy Says No would be Blaine cheating. And we still are saying a thoughtful, sorrowful kind of No to it, but it seemed wrong to put it in the same category as our actual No. Which is the Huddled-in-a-corner-screaming-and-clawing-at-the-floorboards kind of No.

Let me just say this: cheating is douchey. I like Blaine. I sympathized greatly with him in the last episode. But it doesn’t matter how insensitive or selfish Kurt was, it did not license Blaine to cheat on him. And cheating is douchey.

Having said that, in light of what I said about Rachel last week, I have to cut Blaine a little slack here. This situation has some pretty heavy parallels to the time Rachel cheated on Finn with Puck – Kurt and Finn both made their partners feel alone, the cheating was borne out of genuine suffering and confusion, not callous pleasure-seeking, Blaine is just a kid in high school like Rachel was, and both Rachel and Blaine owned up to their transgression and apologized, instead of continuing to lie. Those are all reasons I gave Rachel a pass. So I guess they’re reasons I’ll be able to love Blaine through his douchery.

But it still makes me unbearably sad that he had to go and be a douche in the first place. I don’t expect these kids to be perfect. Blaine certainly isn’t perfect. He’s the lamest kid at McKinley bar none, he’s kind of an attention whore, he can be bitchy when he’s feeling low – and he has a tendency to feel low, he bottles things up and then pops the cork, he’s needy, he’s whiney, and can be a major drama queen. And, you know, I’m not even sure that cheating is completely out of character for a guy like that. I don’t see why the fact that he showed he had a low threshold for what constitutes cheating in ‘Dance With Somebody’ means he’d never actually cheat himself. And he’s an emotional mess, you know? He doesn’t have the self-esteem to be his own best friend about things. I can see why Blaine would deal with rejection and loneliness by allowing some dick to emptily fawn all over him. But it felt kind of disrespectful to the character and to the relationship to have his hook-up with Eli C be so laughably sudden. I mean, really, show? He hops on facebook during a musical montage and bam, they’ve ruined Klaine, they don’t want anyone to care? That’s all the build up we need? I’m sure this wasn’t the intention, but it kind of makes Blaine look easy. No need for him to have a Brody wearing him down for three episodes, right?

For one thing I am grateful: Blaine definitely recognized the seriousness of what he’d done, both in terms of how at fault he was, and the extent of the damage he’d done to his relationship with Kurt.

Yes, he tried to make excuses in the moment. And I thought it was gross and immature and idiotic. But we all do it, right? How many of us have the guts to own up to a wrong-doing and lay ourselves completely bare about it? I know I always have to go through the stage of ‘But you said this,’ and ‘I didn’t realize that,’ and ‘Maybe if x, y, z and an elephant,’ before I get the point of saying, ‘No, you know what, I fucked up, and it’s nobody’s fault but my own.’ I’ve actually gotten a little better at getting to that place quicker over the years, but you guys I’m old! It takes time. And yes, the ‘In the doghouse’ card was probably a little on the cute side, but I really don’t think a misguided charm offensive can outweigh the look on Blaine’s face or the emotion in his voice while he was singing Teenage Dream at the club. He was manifestly devastated by his own actions and by the idea that he’d thrown away something so precious to him, that he’d betrayed someone he loved so much.

And you know, he did ultimately admit to Finn that there was no excuse for what he did. I just wish we got to see him explicitly admit that to Kurt too.

And here’s where we arrive at the messier end of my ‘No’. I hate that Blaine cheated because it means I have to feel sorry for Kurt.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kurt. And I love Chris Colfer’s darling face – the way it went from loved-up to doubtful to agonized to emotionally depleted to resigned and aching and oh?  I think he’s amazing, and I really felt for the character through all this.

But what bothers me is that Blaine cheating means that Kurt is the victim in their break-up – and Blaine is the villain. End of story. And that’s so damn reductive and boring. And like Rin, I don’t understand why they had to go there. The break-up between Kurt and Blaine was already perfectly set up. It felt like we were teetering on the brink of it last week, to the point where it would have felt organic to me if Blaine had shown up without roses and without a bright, faked smile, without kisses, and without any confessions… to simply tell Kurt that he couldn’t take it anymore, that he felt like he’d lost who he was, and that clinging onto someone who wasn’t really there anymore was only making him feel more alone.

And it would be devastating because it would be so real – because it would be all about Kurt’s carelessness and Blaine’s neediness – it would be all about who they are and how they are with each other. Two people with so much love for one another who can’t make it work.

Now it’s just one person being a dickhead. And it has to be that way, because if, as of Blaine’s transgression, Kurt is shown to reflect on his shortcomings as a boyfriend or confront the things he could have or should have done differently, there’s a danger it will seem like he is taking responsibility for Blaine’s actions. And the show really did seem to start as it means to go on, given that Kurt even got to deliver the smackdown to Blaine’s excuses, saying that he’d been lonely too, and that he’d had temptations too, but he didn’t go there because, well, he’s better than Blaine?

And to that I say: bullshit. Maybe Kurt is superior to nearly every person on this show. Maybe he would never cheat, regardless of the circumstances. Who knows. We haven’t seen him have any temptations while he’s been in New York. And for him to say he’s been lonely is laughable. He’s been having the time of his life in the greatest city in the world, living with his best friend, working at vogue.com with a boss who adores him. It’s been all onward and upward for him. The fact is that Kurt’s experience of the long distance relationship doesn’t remotely line up with Blaine’s. But I can get why in the heat of the moment, and stung by Blaine’s attempts to make excuses for something that really isn’t excusable, Kurt would want to stretch the truth there. I don’t have a problem with that.

My problem is that I’m pretty sure the smackdown will have to be the final word on the matter. And that means what could have been a really interesting opportunity for insight and character growth for Kurt is dashed.

And maybe Klaine is pretty much dashed too. Because without addressing the ways Kurt failed Blaine as well as the ways Blaine failed Kurt, the two of them are never going to get to a better place. I do believe a relationship can, in some cases, withstand cheating, or rather, can be rebuilt in the aftermath of cheating, but I’m not sure Glee have the consistency and dedication to write that story. I mean, I trusted Skins to do it, and they failed. I won’t make that mistake with a show that is famous for simply snipping off its loose ends.


Having said that, this episode really threw into relief the stark contrast between who Kurt is and who Blaine is. Mostly because hey! We’re already finding out who Blaine is. Kudos, show. I think it’s really interesting that they’re such opposites, and that for all Blaine has the ‘alpha gay’ tag, for all he fits in better with the boys… he’s actually a heck of a lot girlier than Kurt on an emotional level. Kurt can cry with the best of them, sure, but he’s always had a steeliness and a strength that Blaine really doesn’t have. As he says at the end of the episode, he’ll be okay. Because he’s the kind of person who gets on with things. He’s the kind of person who embraces tomorrow. Blaine is the kind of person who’s always looking over his shoulder. Blaine is the kind of person who always feels like second best, except in that split second when someone’s slapped on a ribbon on him that says ‘First place’.

He has always been the most comically joyous person in Glee club, and yet over the seasons I’m starting to put together a profile of a boy who is profoundly, structurally… sad. Which actually makes a lot of sense. Sometimes when people are that happy it’s to try to stop being so sad. When we met Blaine he seemed pretty together, his history with being bullied notwithstanding. But I think that’s because at Dalton Blaine was the centre of attention at all times, and then Kurt put him up on a pedestal for all to see… That’s how Blaine likes himself, I think – by being wanted. He’s quick to feel rejected when Kurt’s paying attention to other things – or other people, and he’s quick to feel excluded and overshadowed – see the debacle with Finn and Sam, see his life-long struggle with his brother.

And now? Now he’s just one kid amid many at a school that doesn’t think he’s particularly remarkable. Sure they elected him Class President, but who was he up against? The girl who wanted to ban not-School? That kind of shrugging approval was never going to fill the void for Blaine. Just like finding a friend in Sam wasn’t going to fill the void. Because his void is just so big and voidy and never-to-be-filled.

The way I see it, Blaine is emerging as possibly the most screwed up person on this show since Quinn Fabray. If the writers actually follow through on that, the cheating might turn from a random plot-sausage into a wonderful characterization-casserole. Um. It might turn from a No into a Yes. We shall see.

And now to actually discuss the song? Yeah, like Rin I am somewhat obsessed with Darren’s Teenage Dream. I’ve been listening to it pretty much exclusively since the episode aired. Really, I try to put on other songs, but they just seem like filler??? That’s how beautiful I think this is. That’s how tightly this has a hold of my heart. I’d say the last time I was this obsessed with a Glee track was way back in 308 with ‘We Are Young,’ and it’s not like there haven’t been some goodies since then.

On first watch this was already completely devastating, and made perfect sense. This despite the fact that I did not imagine even for a second that Blaine had cheated. Really, that business with Eli C was so throwaway that it didn’t even cross my mind that that was what this was all about. I thought Blaine was cracking up because he’d come here not knowing whether he was going to get a fix of being close and try to live off that for another few months, or whether he’d really come here to tell Kurt it wasn’t working and actually let go of something he’d been holding onto so hard for so long. That’s how I felt watching this performance – as though Blaine was coming more and more emotionally unglued as he became more and more aware that however sweet this weekend might be, it was not going to solve their problems.

And his face. And his voice. Like Rin said the fact that it was live made it all the more visceral, and I was really glad Darren didn’t fret about being as perfect as he is on the studio version, because this wasn’t a time when Blaine would care about keeping time or hitting notes cleanly.

And you know, watching this again after knowing about the cheating? It was just devastating on a whole other level. Obviously the lyrics already had a certain bittersweetness to them, partly because of the carefree back to the start context in which Blaine had sung them previously, but also just in and of themselves – a teenage dream was something the two of them were living together in season 2. Now it’s something they’re looking back on. But in the context of the cheating it’s even more specifically heartbreaking. Now you know why Blaine chokes so much over the words “Let you put your hands on me.” Because they’re not just an ode to the times he and Kurt “messed around,” they’re a self-flagellating reference to the time he let some other person do the same things.

And you know, what really hurts me the most about this is that Blaine has always been one for grand musical gestures. Nobody is as obnoxiously fond as he is of telling people things via song. Kurt needs to go to New York? Blaine will sing it. It’s Valentine’s Day. Blaine bursts in with a song. Blaine has a crush on a boy he barely knows? SERENADE HIM AT WORK. Santana just got outed? Maybe Blaine should sing?! Brittany’s having a break down? Blaine sings y/y…?! Blaine’s saying goodbye? Here’s a song! Blaine’s saying hello – HAVE A SONG! Seriously, he never stops.

And I feel like he was trying to do that here. To sing his feelings. To show off for his guy the way he always used to. And it’s just not working. It’s just never going to be the same again.


But yeah. Superb. One of Glee’s greatest musical moments, hands down.

Rin says: I only have one more thing to add.

Sophy says: Shane understands my pain.

PS. Did it make anyone else laugh that Brody shows up at the bar and proceeds to sit behind Kurt all night. The guy has no friends?

Finchel, Klaine, Brittana & Wemma – The Scientist

Rin says: Like I said, I had started crying during Teenage Dream, and from then on it was like I was on the verge of tears for the rest of the episode. And then the flashbacks started.

I haven’t cried this hard over tv for a while. I would compare it to when I watched the Angel episode, ‘A Hole In The World’ for the first time. The type of crying where it’s actually uncontrolable, and there’s yelling and you’re really glad no one is around to see you because there is no reasonable explanation.

The flashbacks hit me like a tonne of fucking bricks. The emotions had been building throughout the episode, and then OH HEY? WAS ALL OF THAT NOT ENOUGH? OKAY THEN.. HERE! And I’m trying really hard to not just say, ‘I died.’ But. I died. I can’t even really recall what happened because it’s all a blur.. but lots of pausing, lots of yelling, lots of looking around and wondering if this was the way I was going to go.





That moment worked especially well. Just, the swell of the music.. and yeah. It really hit close to home.


AND WEMMA. I don’t even really think they should have been included because they only had a fight ffs, BUT THEN THEY HAD THEIR FLASHBACK WHICH IS LIKE. THE FUCKING BEST OF GLEE. AND.


It felt like I was in the future or something, and watching a Glee tribute after the show is over and I would never get these lovely faces on my screen again. It felt like the way I sometimes watch ‘making of’ HP clips and weep over how it’s really over. That’s the kind of emotion I felt.

It was nostalgia city, and I never handle any sort of nostalgia well. I crumble.

So yeah. I really loved the ending. I thought it was a great way to sum up the episode.

Change can be so good?

Go fuck yourself.


Sophy says: This was just sort of cruel, really. CRUEL.

I mean just. Flashbacks are just mean??? Flashbacks are things you use when you’re just trying to hurt people???

All of them really, really got to me, even the Finchel, though probably more for Rachel reasons than for Finn/Rachel reasons… and the Wemma because even though, as Rin says, they weren’t anywhere near broken enough to really belong on this stage, that kiss represents everything that was perfect about Glee in those first 13 episodes, which makes it generalized nostalgia-city. And the Brittana was so perfectly chosen, too, because of how Brittany is giving Santana one of those smiles she counted, because of how they look thick as thieves, because of how they look so close in that ‘We were special’ way.


Probably the highlight, though, was the Klaine. That hit me like a fucking troll hammer. Just. I mean part of it was Lea Michele swerving up to that glorious high note, just as the two of them came running around the corner… but part of it is just how simple the moment was, how pure. Part of it was how awkwardly Blaine had hold of Kurt, how he has just grabbed hold of him without fear, without the slightest idea that this kind of pain will ever be waiting for them. In that moment he is leading Kurt into a brave new world. He’s saving him from sorrow and leading him into love.

And I can’t deal with how sad that is in the context of his actions in this episode.


By the way, did anyone notice that the flowers Blaine sent Kurt at the end were exactly the same as the ones Kurt gave Blaine back in season 2?


Rin says: The red and yellow Naomily flowers :((


Biggest LOL

“I just heard there’s an elderly Japanese woman who fell down in the bathroom. She doesn’t speak English, and she needs your help.”
“I’ll be right back.”

Rin says: I thought the whole Left Behind meeting was a bit stupid among everything else that was going on.

BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. Because at least we got some comic relief from all of the ‘my eyes are leaking :( ‘ feelings.

Dottie is easily the best new character this season. Everything about her.



And Kitty dramatically pointed again. She heard us. Good girl. Keep listening to us. We will never lead you astray.

Just fucking stay away from the train wreck that is the ship that must not be named.

Sophy says: AHHHHHHH OH GOD. I totally disagree. I thought the Left Behind thing was genius in the context of the episode, for two reasons. First because it reminded us just how trivial and ridiculous things used to be on this show, second because it went straight to the heart of what was wrong with Blaine, Finn, and Brittany. It provided the comical set-up for the intensity that was “You left me behind and it hurt – that’s exactly what it felt like.”

I swear my heart was in my throat when Brittany pointed at Dottie. And I mean, Dottie was wheezing like the hilarious motherfucker that she is, and a second ago I had been so busy giggling to myself… but then suddenly it was all so appallingly sad.


And I totally agree. My feeling on Kitty is that I kind of like her, when she’s being as ridiculous as possible. When she is not anywhere near those two no-names. Really, she has no chemistry with either of them. Which is understandable.


Meanwhile, I’m really hoping for a scene at some point in which Tina gets all up in Kitty’s face and informs her that she has no right to treat her staff this way.


Rin says: I guess I was more in the mind frame of not caring about anything any more and wanting to trash everything in this room because GLEE YOU BASTARDS. Stop ruining everything. But I also love you for ruining everything (Rachel’s not included) so.. idk. And there I go making it sound like Glee and us are in an abusive relationship, again.

Sophy says: We should start some kind of Battered Gleeks Hotline.


Best Scene

“You know I will always love you the most.”

Rin says: Let me get my one main grievance out of the way first, and then we’ll get to the gooey centre.

I’m not sure if you guys feel it, maybe not, but Santana doesn’t completely feel like Santana to me. I chalk most of it up to the fact that she just hasn’t been around in the previous episodes, and then suddenly she’s BACK and having to carry out this really heavy scene. It was like a drive-by! I really wish there was more Santana before we got this episode, but maybe that’s just more that I missed her than anything else.



It was really well done. I mean, really.

After the episode, someone anonymously sent me a friend-threat over Brittana, telling me that we better make Mine ‘best everything’ or else we can’t be friends. They also said Brittana was just a ‘poor mans’ Faberry to us, but I hope that’s not how you guys think we feel about Brittana. First off, Brittana are nothing like Faberry. It doesn’t even occur to me to compare the two because they’re so incredibly different. The thing with Brittana for me, is that they started off as such a throwaway thing. It was more of a fun background thing, you know? It was cute, but with where they started it was hard for them to get me to take them seriously. And then little by little they delved into them more, and it was like, okay.. I can totally see why they have such a strong following. I get it. But they’re still not my otp.

I hope you guys know that just because I ship Faberry, as wholly and as fiercely as I do, that isn’t the reason I’m not fierce about Brittana. I don’t have some kind of lesbiship quota, is what I’m trying to say. I’ve always wanted Brittana to forge a strong path of their own, and honestly I think they’re definitely heading in that direction of being a ship that has the potential to ruin lives.

Which are the best kind of ships.


Yeah. This was just… well… I’m still struggling with this to be honest. I cried. I mean I was already fucking crying by the time Blaine was singing Teenage Dream, but this was the other point where I really just couldn’t handle things. And, you know, I’ve always liked Klaine and Brittana, but I never thought I would be this… at sea… over them.


For me it was less the performance, here, than the scene surrounding it. Naya did a beautiful job, as always, and I really did like the ‘You are the best thing that has ever been mine’ lyric, but other than that I felt the song was a little dull and meandering, and I couldn’t stop thinking while watching how vastly superior Songbird was.

But the scene. The scene was superb, and Brittana got by far the best break up out of the three couples. I’m not saying this because Santana didn’t cheat. Frankly, the fact that she is choosing to end things cleanly with Brittany is possibly even more painful to me than if she’d just made a mistake out of loneliness and frustration. But you know, it was a good kind of painful. It was a well-written kind of painful. And you guys, I nearly had to curl into a ball and wait for my life to be over when Santana said that she counted the number of times Brittany smiled at her and died on days that she didn’t. SHE FLIPPING WOULD HAVE OH GOD MY HEART.

(Spoiler alert for A Spoonful Won’t Do: that line is scarily close to something Quinn thinks about Rachel in like, chapter 38594.)

And you know, Santana harking back to that time in her life really brought home the role-reversal that’s going on here. And when you think about it, that’s kind of the same for all three couples. When they got together Rachel, Kurt and Santana were the ones who were wanting Finn, Blaine and Brittany so badly. And now it’s pretty much the other way around. Kurt was too busy for Blaine and now he’s so hurt it doesn’t matter that he’s “the cutest”. Rachel is… I’m not even going to discuss Rachel here. But yeah. She doesn’t need Finn anymore. And Santana… I used to feel so badly for Santana because I was convinced that Brittany didn’t feel half as much for her as she felt for Brittany. But it’s actually been pretty gradually and believably established over season three and into season four that Brittany needs Santana a lot more than she lets on. That she can love a lot more seriously than I might once have thought she was capable of. Santana used to be so afraid of losing Brittany. She used to be so consumed by the fact that she never quite had all of her to herself. And now that she does… she’s letting go.

Honestly, Brittany kind of broke my heart in this scene. A lot. I’ve been feeling a lot closer to her emotionally this season, and I think part of that is down to her getting some screentime that isn’t about comic relief, and part of it is down to a dramatic improvement in Heather’s acting. I mean, back when Santana was emoting all over the place I remember feeling like Heather’s woodenness was single-handedly preventing me from really shipping the two of them. But now? Look at the faces she’s making, you guys. LOOK. AT. THE. FACES.

I think part of the reason I feel so heartbroken for Brittany, and for Blaine even though he’s a douche, is that for them… their girlfriend/boyfriend is their best friend. With Blaine that’s because he gave up all his friends at Dalton to pour his whole life into Kurt. With Brittany, though, it’s because the two of them have been together since day one and who knows how long before that. It’s because nobody has ever gotten Brittany the way Santana does. And sure, I can see that they’re setting up Sam as someone who gets her too, just like they’re setting Sam up as a friend for Blaine to turn to. But it’ll never be the same. I have a feeling Brittany is never going to feel as special and as safe with anybody as she did with Santana. Now she has loved and lost.

And you guys, she has lost.

This breakup isn’t any less painful or serious than Klaine’s, just because Santana had the maturity not to go flirty fishing on facebook when she felt down. Brittany’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer most days of the week, but she’s not an emotional imbecile. She knows she’s been cut loose. And she knows it means that nothing she had with Santana is quite as special and as safe as it used to be.

When Brittany, with all the matter-of-fact fervor in the world, says that she would never cheat on Santana, Santana says she knows, and is quick to say that she would never cheat on her either. But it’s little comfort. If it was really that simple she wouldn’t be concerned about winding up cheating on her in the first place. And beyond that… breaking up so you don’t cheat is better than actually cheating, but only on a moral level. What I mean is, yes, it means Santana respects herself and her partner more than Blaine respects himself and his partner. More than Rachel respects herself and her partner, too. But it doesn’t mean she loves her any more. It still translates to: a lot of someone else is greater than a little of you. And that fucking hurts.

So, Santana is not a douche. But I’d bet Brittany is in just as much pain as Kurt.

I do think this scene was really nicely done, but part of me wishes they’d just left the cheating concept out of it altogether. As with Klaine, it really wasn’t necessary. During this episode you could see things ticking over in Santana’s mind, and when Brittany finally snapped and told her she felt left behind… I thought that was going to be the catalyst. I don’t know. I just think it would have been enough to have Santana tearfully tell Brittany that she hasn’t been able to give her what she needs over the past couple of months and it’s not going to get any better. And she can’t bear to let her down like that, you know? Because I really do think that is at the core of why Santana chose to let her go.



I may have slight abandonment/guilt issues. But everything to do with the leaving behind going on in this episode really fucking devastates me. :(

And what the fuck was up with this:

“You know I will always love you the most.”



Rin says: That was one of my favourite parts. This scene actually gave me flashbacks to that scene in Lost and Delirious when Tori is breaking up with Paulie.

Okay, fuck, I just went to look up the exact quote and it gave me so many feelings and I really have to rewatch that movie soon, because…

“I will never love anyone the way that I love you. Never. You know that, and I know that, and I will die knowing that, ok?”

Yeah, so those are the kind of feelings Santana gave me when she told Brittany she will always love her the most. It hurts. And I’m totally on board with wishing that the cheating thing was completely left out of the Klaine and Brittana break ups. It’s jarring when Santana says they should just do the mature thing and break up because oh my god, she had an attraction (TO THAT GIRL? REALLY, SANTANA? HER??????) and she doesn’t know if in the future she’ll be able to keep it in her pants. It just seems like you’re wanting to be mature about possibly being really immature in the future. With the whole ‘cheating’ thing involved it just seems more selfish than sacrificial, you know? But if they’d just taken that out, it would be all about Santana feeling like she just wasn’t good enough for Brittany and the whole thing was being unfair to both of them. Which as Sophy says, was probably the main reasoning behind Santana’s decision. The cheating thing was probably more to do with Glee wanting to be clever and trying to make everything connected.

I also have to strongly agree with Glee being way more successful in allowing us into Brittany’s head in terms of her feelings towards Santana. They’ve always felt a little unbalanced in that respect, especially when they made Brittany kind of mute in parts of S3 when we really would have benefited from hearing from Britt. ie. 3×13 Heart, with the whole kissing debacle. I’m glad that they managed to pull all of it together in time for the big emotional punch in the gut, cause it worked really well. And both of their faces, but a special shout out to Hemo for really bringing it in this scene, like she’d never brought it before. I also think they’re getting better at the whole making Brittany more serious thing, without losing the essence of who Brittany is — like when Santana finished her song and her response was, “Wow. Sad songs make me really sad, and I don’t want to be sad.” It was simple and direct and sweet, which works for Brittany.

And there’s probably a whole bunch of you who might be angry at Glee for breaking up Brittana when you know that long-distance relationships can work and they’re just adding in unnecessary drama to them. And whilst I totally believe that long-distance relationships can definitely work, even though I’m someone who couldn’t handle it, I see this break-up as being a good thing for Brittana. And we’re talking about TV, okay? Not real life. In TV, break-ups can be a good thing because it gives them a chance to explore these two characters as individuals, and also gives them an opportunity to fight for each other. All of the stuff that happened in the past with Bartie and when Santana used to be in the closet? ALL OF THAT STUFF WILL BE CHILDS PLAY IN COMPARISON TO WHAT BRITTANA COULD BE IN THE FUTURE. And I’m really excited about that.


And okay, you guys, if Britt is going to be paired up with Sam, I sincerely fucking hope there’s a Brittana-related reasons for it. Because exes dating exes is just upsetting and weird. It’s like, what if now that Rachel and Finn have broken up, she starts dating his other ex-girlfriend!!! How weird would that be!!!!!!! Poor Finn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“I was up late last night, reading…”

Sophy says: Just the matter of fact way she delivered it. And the detail. Glorious.

Rin says: I didn’t know you could read. /malfoy


The OG’s (Original Gleeks)


Sophy says: HER OUTFIT. She looked like the saucy washer woman from a telenovela.

Rin says: I LOVE HER LITTLE BANDANA. It’s the best.

Like how this one was the best too:

AHah, that was a bit mean. Was that a bit mean? IDC.

Sophy says: Too soon.


Sophy says: Oh Finn. The show really took a dump on you this week, didn’t it? Turns out you weren’t in the army/gallant/in danger/anything but this. You were just being a coward. And childish. And shot yourself in the leg.

At least this episode should satisfy those fans who complain that the writers treat Finn too kindly? Because. Wow.

To be honest, it was kind of boring seeing Finn. Maybe because Rachel’s such a bore now. And Brody’s a bore. And so the three of them are just kind of boring together. But I can’t deny the sweetness of this callback to the hug between Will and Finn in season 1, when Finn found out Quinn was pregnant.

Rin says: I love Cory’s face.

That’s it. That’s my comment.


Rophy Says No!

“Rachel Berry.”

Sophy says: Next thing you know she’ll be roasting a pig on a spit.

So. I’m at the point where I look at caps of “Rachel,” and feel angry. It’s a really horrible point to be at, you guys. I actually had to make a solemn vow to Rin after this episode aired that I still love Lea Michele and always will, no matter how much I bitch about her beautiful, wonderful, Lea Michele face.


If anything this episode has made everything worse – and I had thought that it might make things a little better. I didn’t expect Rachel to just snap back to being Rachel or anything, but I did have high hopes that Oops-Finn’s-at-the-door might be some kind of watershed moment for the character.

You know why? Because I naively thought she might feel bad about the whole Brody thing.

Because I naively thought there was still enough Rachel left in her for that.

She didn’t, there wasn’t.

Let me just say again for the record that I do think Rachel should feel bad. I do consider what she did to be cheating, but, you know, that’s a definitional issue. I’m happy to not call it cheating, if you’d rather I just called it being a tacky asshole? Either way, yes, I think she should feel bad, yes, I’m disappointed that she didn’t.

I’m not exactly sure what Glee was trying to achieve this week, but it seemed like they knew they painted both Rachel and Kurt as insensitive, selfish jerks in the last episode, and then decided they needed to counter-balance that in this episode… and they did a really, really shitty job of it. With respect to Kurt and Blaine they did a shitty job of it because they chose to counter-balance with a boulder. Thereby simply squashing instead of balancing. With respect to Rachel and Finn they did a shitty job because they counter-balanced with stuff that didn’t make sense.

In previous episodes Rachel has bemoaned the fact that Finn hasn’t contacted her on account of him trying to give her her freedom slash him being in the army. But when she and Finn are discussing her frenching session with Brody, she tells him – and us – that she’s in fact been trying to make contact with him all this time and he’s been ignoring her calls and texts – to the point where she didn’t know where he was or even if he was okay! :O :O

And if Finn could think on his feet this would have been his response: ‘Right! Good to know how much you cared.’

In fact, good to know how much Kurt cares. Good to know how much Will cares. Good to know how much Finn’s own mother cares.

Am I really supposed to believe that Finn’s mum, Finn’s brother, his father-figure teacher, his step-father, and this girl who calls him the love of her life, all spent four months not being able to get in touch with him, not knowing where he was, not knowing if he was even okay… and just got on with their lives like they misplaced their favourite slippers?

Rachel was not, as Will puts it in this episode, “worried sick,” about Finn. She wasn’t worried about Finn at all. She was lonely. She felt out of place at her new school because her dance teacher was mean and she didn’t have any friends. But never at any point did she seem afraid for Finn – or hurt by Finn for that matter.

So Rachel’s justifications for making out with Brody just don’t make sense on a narrative level. And even if they did, they wouldn’t absolve her from leaving a voice mail on his phone to say she was moving on. This means that she comes across as disingenuous in raising them – especially since it’s only when she’s backed into a corner that she bothers to do so at all. She showed no relief at seeing Finn (because she wasn’t actually worried). She showed no resentment either (because she hadn’t actually been feeling any). Funny how all those feelings only came up when she was called out on her lie about Brody just being her friend.

And hey, if Rachel really believed kissing Brody was either a core component of the freedom Finn said he wanted her to have, or so trivial as to be irrelevant to their relationship, she wouldn’t have been lying about it in the first place.

Rachel behaved like a douche and won’t admit it. And you know, I could be okay with that. As I mentioned with respect to Blaine, we all try to unfairly justify our actions in the heat of the moment. It’s human nature. But the problem is that Rachel’s justifications are the show’s justifications. As in the show wants us to pretend that she’s making sense when she’s not.

And this is my big problem with the Finchel break-up generally. Rachel is being false in order to move on from Finn without really moving on from Finn. The show is letting her be false because that is its goal too.

And that’s why Finchel-haters are in a fool’s paradise right now.

That final scene, in which the writers had not-Rachel throw a whole lot of woman-power around? It was completely shallow and contrived, and not worth any kind of victory dancing, you guys.

Glee sucked all of the fun and all of the pathos out of Rachel by reducing her to a feminist cliché, but they did not alter her overriding worship of Finn, nor did they even touch her commitment to the two of them as endgame. Maybe Rachel’s a bossy, humourless “grown woman” these days, but she hasn’t moved on from Finchel one bit. The only reason they are “done” is so that the writers can have fun shipping her around for a while.

For a while.


And that’s why that whole final scene is the pits and it’s a miracle that I was able to enjoy The Scientist the way I did.

Because, you guys! This wasn’t Rachdependence! This was just ham-fisted fan-service. It felt like the writers had a look around fandom and saw all of us Rachel fans saying how we’d like her to grow up some and put herself and her ambition first, and they thought they’d play up to that in a really glib way. Basically it was a case of let’s have Rachel say ~all the right things, at the expense of her actual personality, in order to further Rachel/Brody, without damaging Finchel.

If Rachel actually concentrates on her studies now instead of Brody’s pants, and doesn’t ultimately end up going back to Finn with bells on, I’ll eat my hat.

In fact, I’ll eat ALL THE HATS IN THE WORLD.

And “I don’t need you to give me my freedom!” was probably the most embarrassing part of it. Because Rachel doesn’t need Finn to give her her freedom? Really?



Look, a lot of us would have liked Rachel to make the choice to go to New York and pursue her dream instead of staying in Lima and pursuing her relationship with Finn. A lot of us would have liked that to be her decision. But it wasn’t. And that fact isn’t going to be altered by Rachel throwing Finn’s gesture back in his face like it was some kind of faintly misogynistic irrelevance to her. If Rachel doesn’t need Finn’s help to be free, it’s only because Finn has successfully helped her to be free. Pretending otherwise doesn’t make her look strong. It just makes her look deluded and kind of mean.

And I think it’s the meanness that really gets me here. Finn has behaved like an idiot, no doubt about it. But he also went through something that, all tasteless lols aside, would have been pretty fucking traumatic and humiliating and tough for him to deal with on multiple levels. And then he showed up in New York and found that the girl who says all these fancy things to him all the time, like how he’s the best one and she loves him and Finn/infinity and all that jazz… she was ready to move on to the next guy while he was licking his wounds. And so he runs away, back to where he feels safe, and he doesn’t really feel like taking Rachel’s calls, because from his perspective, why would he? He’s hurt and embarrassed and hiding, and it’s kind of pathetic but it’s kind of understandable too. And all he gets for it is Rachel showing up to chew him out for being immature about things. And okay, yes, it’s immature to just leave without talking to her. Yes, it’s immature to not take her calls. But Rachel really didn’t need to get on a plane about it. That was her choice! Except, well, no, it wasn’t. It was the writers’ choice. Because they couldn’t just have her send an email like a normal person. They needed to contrive the fuck out of everything and throw Finn under the bus in the process in order to give Rachel a reason to “dump” him – and more importantly in order to get her back to McKinley and on that stage for the big old singalong.


I also hated that she said “I didn’t do Brody – and don’t you think that I would have rathered be with you!” because it really highlighted one of the core concepts in this episode, namely that long distance relationships are impossible to maintain. Glee would have us believe that Rachel, Blaine and Santana, are all people who can’t keep it in their pants. All three of them are saying to the supposed loves of their lives that if they can’t be physically close to them, they’ll have to be physically close to someone else. It’s a case of ‘I love you, but I love having someone to snuggle more.’

Now I’m not saying that Rachel should have been faithful to the memory of Finn for the next three years or anything, but it really unsettles me that she’s suddenly seeing love so practically. First because seeing love practically is not just not-Rachel… it’s anti-Rachel. And second because it’s just cold. For Rachel – for this new and improved Rachel – the love of your life is someone you trade for a warm body if you get lonely. And that’s okay with her. It’s totally okay with her to tearfully declare that what she wants more than anything is for Finn to be her last love… it’s just that she doesn’t want him right now.

I’ve been told I’m cynical about love – by someone I loved. But this shit is too unromantic, even for me. As far as I’m concerned, if you ever arrive at the point where you’re telling the person you love that you want to see other people, that person has ceased to be the person you love. I know Ross and Rachel were everyone’s OTP and all, and I know that they suffered from sitcomitis more than anything else, but as far as I’m concerned, if you go “on a break”, it’s either a way of cheating without admitting it or breaking up without admitting it – or it’s just general passive aggressive fuckery. All I’m saying is, if anyone ever tried to put me on ice? They’d be dumped, in the permanent way.

Because it’s cold. And Rachel Berry is not cold. She’s not practical, either. She’s not sensible. Not about much and certainly not about love.

But “Rachel Berry” certainly is. I mean, my eyes were like dinner plates when she sang a love song with Brody as though absolutely nothing had passed between them, or as though what had passed between them didn’t matter a jot. She gazed easily and unnecessarily into his eyes as she sang, and pranced merrily back to Finn afterwards… she wasn’t even the slightest bit awkward about it. I’d like to say that goes to how she truly felt she hadn’t done anything wrong, but the fact that she was lying about it kind of rains on that parade, and that meant I was left thinking how this girl is a damn fine actress, and someone with a peculiar degree of control over her emotions. And, yeah. Again. That’s not just not-Rachel. That’s anti-Rachel.

And while we’re at it, she’s not obnoxiously mature either, okay? Christ, in this scene she came off like she was Finn’s haughty Aunt from out of town, who’d just flown into time to teach him how to treat ladies right and, you know, ~be a man.



I think I mentioned something about Skins 6 in the last recap. Well I felt it even more in this episode: that the achingly insecure, fiercely ambitious, unerringly warm little crackpot some of us loved has been sacrificed to make way for something more palatable to people who found her “annoying” or “pathetic” or “over the top”. I feel like they’re pandering to people who never liked Rachel anyway – and screw all of us for whom she was basically the point of Glee. :(

And so that’s why it’s worse this week. Because far from bringing Rachel back, Finn’s presence was used as a means for Rachel to reaffirm her non-Rachel-ness once and for all. I finished the episode with this sinking feeling that it was over. That she was really gone and she was really not coming back.

And then I ventured online and knew that all hope was lost. There are simply too many people cheering this new Rachel. There are too many people seeing character growth where I see character annihilation. If there are people like me out there pleading for the real Rachel Berry to come back, I have a feeling we won’t be heard. I have a feeling there’ll come a day when I’ll have to stop saying ‘No’ to this character, and start, well, ignoring her.


Rin says: Sometimes I feel like the footnotes section of a thesis.

But seriously? Rachel Berry is gone.

I have a lot of issues with Rachel this season, and I don’t even know where to start because there are so many. Which really sucks.

I will always remember the way Sophy first sold Glee to me, when the first promo appeared. She pretty much said, ‘and the main girl is a little Idina Menzel’… and that was all it took. I watched the promo and was like, ‘yes.’ And then when the pilot got released it was instantaneous. I was in love with Rachel Berry. There are VERY few characters where it was as immediate as that, one episode and poof. I knew we would have a long and happy life together. Even with Quinn it took 2.5 seasons to properly fall in love with her. But Glee has always been about Rachel for me, in every way. Rachel was the girl who really would have liked friends, but at the same time it wasn’t something she was willing to sacrifice her personality for. She was just built that way, and she wasn’t going to change for anybody. And what happened over the years is that people came to accept Rachel for all her quirks, and respected her for her talents. NONE MORESO THAN QUINN. She was that funny little kid who was strange, but she was proud of who she is. She loved who she is.

Come season 4, and all we’ve ever heard of is how much Rachel is embarrassed of who she used to be.

Glee is telling us that who Rachel used to be is something no one should ever want to be. Rachel hasn’t shown a single ‘quirk’ the entire time she’s been in New York (LIKE, WAS BEING A VEGAN TOO MUCH FOR NEW RACHEL?). She’s been so ridiculously normal and plain, as if she was the ‘girlfriend’ in a romcom — except the girlfriend who gets cast aside because she’s just so boring and bleugh. The single best thing about Rachel is that she never apologised for who she was. And now all they ever seem to be doing is apologising for who she was, and trying to feed us a Rachel who is less ‘annoying’.

And I hate it so fucking much. I really do.

It’s gotten to the point where I literally see no remnants of the Rachel Berry I love. THE ONLY time I saw Rachel was when she was watching Blaine perform. Even with the ridiculous amount of makeup they now have her wearing (can they please stop?), I can still recognise Rachel faces. I can almost pinpoint where I’ve seen those expressions before. And I’m not trying to say that acting is all about replicating past expressions or whatever, but it has been really bizarre this season feeling like I don’t recognise this character. I keep just seeing New Rachel, played by Lea Michele. I guess the closest thing I can compare it to was what they did with Skins 6, as Sophy so accurately pointed out. It’s so strange to me to be watching the same show, the same character, and yet almost hate everything about her.

And this isn’t just because I disagree with what her character is doing. Remember how furious we got over Rachel and the stupid Finn wedding thing? Even through all of that bullshit, I never once felt like, ‘Whoa, wait a minute. Who is this girl?’ It was still Rachel Berry, just Rachel Berry doing stupid things. I honestly have never felt such a severe case of OOC in my tv watching life, and that’s saying something.

One of the things that stood out for me was Rachel’s complete lack of remorse for what she had done with Brody in regards to Finn. I think the main argument people are using is that Rachel and Finn weren’t even together, so it’s not even considered cheating.

Well actually. In the first episode when Rachel is looking at pictures of Finn on her phone and Brody asks, ‘Is that your boyfriend?’ her reply is ‘Yeah, this is Finn.’

The fact of the matter is, that Rachel still believes Finn to be her boyfriend, and that is what counts. But after kissing Brody it’s suddenly, ‘oh nooooo :-j you were gone :-j how was I supposed to do anything other than fall on Brody’s lips in this completely planned romantic indoors picnic.’ And I get that her painting over Finn’s name was supposed to signify that Rachel was ready to move on, but SORRY. DID I MISS SOMETHING? HAS THAT BECOME THE NEW UNIVERSAL SIGNAL FOR ‘I’M MOVING ON, BYE!’ Like if I wanted to break up with somebody should I just paint over their name, and they’ll ~know? NO. Obviously Rachel didn’t tell Finn about the moving on part, otherwise he wouldn’t have just shown up at her door looking like the happy lost puppy that he did. And if Rachel still felt like Finn was her boyfriend up until then, she would at least have let him known. SHE CAN’T JUST SAY, ‘BUT I PAINTED OVER YOUR NAME FINN. I. PAINTED. OVER. YOUR. NAME.’ Odds are, Finn still wouldn’t understand.

It annoys me that this Rachel has no respect for Finn, or what they had. Our Rachel Berry is a whole lot fucking more sensitive and caring than what this Rachel did. Because it’s really not about what we think in regards to whether Finn is the right guy for Rachel, it’s not. It’s about the fact that NOT TOO LONG AGO Rachel was ready to MARRY Finn. Rachel loves Finn, truly loves him. That’s something I completely believe to be true of her character, despite me thinking Finn is entirely the wrong person for her. So the fact that Rachel can so easily turn around and pretend she didn’t just piss on Finn and everything they had in a moment, for this fucktard of a guy who spends every waking moment moisturising his stupid face? Then yeah, it fucking annoys me. I am completely in the boat that Rachel DID do something wrong. And it cuts me up inside that Rachel, AND GLEE, are saying she has nothing to be sorry for.

Which brings me to my next point.

The fact that Rachel being a dick, is just her being really ~independent.

It kills me that people are happy with Rachel now. That we finally got what we wanted, Rachel being single and free. If this is the way that Glee is going to go about it? I really don’t want it. If it means losing everything that we held near and dear to our hearts about Rachel? No, it’s not worth it.

Maybe I just have really different ideals about what it means to be a strong independent woman?

To me there is a difference between being independent and getting what you want, and being just plain cruel and trying to write it off as being mature. In my books, I don’t really give a fuck if you’re trying to be independent or not. Being a good person comes first. Which usually means you’re actually being way more mature anyway. I just hate the idea that in order to be considered strong and independent, you also have to act like a bit of a douche. They just shouldn’t have to go hand in hand — you always have the choice to take the high road.

I felt like Rachel was a dick in the way she treated Finn. I think the way they handled where Finn has been was really weak, and a cop-out in order for Rachel to get on her high horse and have an excuse to give us ‘BAD ASS RACHEL’.

Just everything feels like a really convoluted way to try and give us this really thin version of fake-feminist independence. It’s fakedepence to me. OH LOOK AT RACHEL! SHE DON’T NEED NO MAANNNNN!!!

I’m not saying Rachel had to coddle Finn or anything. But she should at least be treating him like he was actually, you know, the love of her life? I’D EXPECT THE SAME IF SHE WAS WITH QUINN, so don’t even try that heterocentric shit on me.

I have real troubles with how often the word ‘sexy’ is getting used too. LIKE IT STARTED WITH FINN, AND I HATED IT THEN. I HATED IT WHEN BRODY USED IT. I HATED IT WHEN RACHEL USED IT. Like, right, all Rachel Berry has ever wanted to feel is sexy. IT’S ALL ANY GIRL HAS EVER WANTED TO FEEL. 8-. Right. Just, that word should not  have been used so many times as it has been, in regards to Rachel. I understand the sentiment behind it, I do, but it’s been freaking nailed into our skulls as if it’s the most important thing. When it’s not. It’s like they’re saying, RACHEL HAS FINALLY MADE IT! She’s in NY! The hottest boy in school finds her sexy. Look at how much Rachel is winning at life!


Also I feel like, “No matter how rich or famous or successful I become,” really missed the mark. Yes, Rachel has always had a lot of confidence in herself as a performer, and rightly so. It’s actually one of my favourite things about her, the ridiculous things she used to say. But this just came off as extremely condescending and obnoxious in context. She’s basically saying, LOOK FINN, I’m going to be huge one day. HUGE! But you’ll probably still be left behind and achieve nothing in life and live in a quaint little house, and we can be quaint together, as soon as I’m finished with my big Broadway show!! It’ll be so cute!


And I’m sorry but, it’s laughable that Rachel thinks she is a grown woman. You’ve been out of highschool for less than a year. You’re in university. You haven’t worked a single day in your life. How do you pay for your apartment? The flight back to Lima? The car you used to drive all around town to try and find Finn? When have you ever had any real responsibility?



p.s. I do not consider myself a grown woman. Not even close.

OH ALSO. I’m just letting you know now, in anticipation of future Faberry. If Quinn swoops in and is all approving of this New Rachel? I will fucking go ape-shit.

Sophy says: Long footnote. Long and painfully accurate.

And if Quinn approves of the new Rachel they’ll just be ruining Quinn too. And ruining Faberry.


Ugh. Too late. Now I’m going to have nightmares about the two of them wearing short shorts and discussing Brody’s penis size over cosmos.

I want to die.


Congratulations! We didn’t hate you?

“I don’t know what there is to be on the fence about, Dottie.”


Rin says: It’s happening.


Head In Hands

“Come on, give me a hug before I go.”

Sophy says: You know how I said it was boring seeing Finn? This was the one exception. I love the chemistry between Cory and Chris, and you know, at this point in the episode I was feeling pretty much like Kurt was, as in, kind of wanting to die, and when Finn said to give him a hug before he went? IT WAS THE MOST COMFORTING AND ALSO THE MOST DEVASTATING THING EVER.

More of these two would be nice.

Rin says: OH MY GOD. This was so sweet and completely what the 8-. category was made for.

I’m so happy they haven’t dropped the ball with Finn/Kurt, and they managed to work it in really well. It wasn’t much, but it was enough, you know? AND LOOK AT HOW SMALL KURT IS WHEN FINN’S HUGGING HIM. Christ. Adorable. And Chris Colfer looked amazing in that scene. Something about his hair…. IDK. IF THINGS WERE DIFFERENT CHRIS. IF THEY. WERE. DIFFERENT.


I also thought it was super cute when Finn called Kurt ‘little brother’ earlier in the episode. Especially because they’re probably around the same age….and Kurt is actually really little.. and. Aw.


Sophy says: CHRIS HAS GOTTEN SO HANDSOME. I’ve been saying this every week since Glee returned, but it was never more apparent than in this episode.


Most Rophy

“Six months ago, did you ever think that things would be like this?”




Quinn Glory Shot


Rin says: Thoughtful! Our Rachel wouldn’t be able to have all of that ice and whipped cream anyway.

Sophy says: She’s so embarrassing.

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  1. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    So. I think having Blaine cheat is a choice to show the gamut of breakups (or ~breakups – lobbing that ridiculous Wemma thing into this mix really didn’t work for me). Blaine straightforwardly cheats, Finchel is Finchel, and Santana is mature. I made myself feel (slightly) better by deciding that it’s all Finn’s fault: if he didn’t tell Kurt he had nothing to say to Rachel, Kurt would have waited for Blaine to wake up and they’d have had an adult conversation and fixed things. But no. Thanks Finn.

    I didn’t particularly enjoy The Scientist, possibly because when I hear Coldplay all the songs start merging into one, including Fix You, and I just hate those lyrics. And the flashbacks felt like cheating (Wemma from 113… not fair at all). Maybe I’m in denial because I hate other people’s breakups? I think Brittana were well served (in that Brittana both get to be pretty classy about it), except that I’m unconvinced they needed to break up at all.

    I love the “I don’t need you to give me my freedom” line, but it doesn’t belong in that conversation, or even this season (was it cut from “Goodbye” for pacing?). That whole conversation is so wrongly awkward, Glee’s discontinuity issues now reaching sentence level. R: “I can’t do this, we’re done.” F: “I am pathetic and I have lost everything.” R: “But you’re the best human being alive!” Me: Er. What?

    And I hate harping on about Sugar, Joe, etc. But. Joe’s interests are (1) Quinn Fabray (like all right-thinking human people) and (2) God. I find it really odd that he and his dreads are sitting there, when the B-plot of the episode is literally
    Tim LaHaye’s Revelation fanfic, and he has no lines? What is the point of him?

    100% Rachel agreement. (I actually skipped your Rachel section on first read, I’m that miserable about her.) This is an empty threat, because I know there’s a month hiatus, but if the next episode was this week, I feel like I wouldn’t watch. Can you imagine a Quinn scene like this? A Faberry scene? I don’t want to.


    P.S. Nice recap. :) The Shane of Pain was a lovely touch.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      I think you’re right. I would have been much happier with the “I don’t need you to give me my freedom,” line if it had been said in the car at the end of s3, before it had been clearly shown that she actually did. AND YEAH, LIKE. The thing that bugs me the MOST about the Finchel scene at the end there is that the break up had everything to do with Finn and nothing to do with Rachel. I think that’s why it was really so Fakedependence. Because it wasn’t about Rachel wanting to focus on herself or her studies or her career or her future… it was about her being exasperated with Finn for not being a committed, communicative boyfriend? Which.


      And lol Joe. I wonder if him being left out of the God plot has anything to do with him not being the best actor around. If he can, like, grow, as an actor though…….. I could be up for some Teen Jesus/Bible Basher Kitty hilarity.


      1. Ned
        Ned at · Reply

        *sings* “The pain of Klaine falls mainly on the Shane! (I think he’s crying! Mercedes, look, he’s crying!)”

        And yes, quite, re ~Rachel. You ought to change at college, yes, but you ought to acknowledge it as well. And the change shouldn’t just stay in your closet. Wardrobe. Whatever.

  2. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    God, I’m still processing …
    You know my fragile – fragile Brittana heart broke a hundred times during that episode … I knew it was coming as soon as Brittany pointed at Dottie & said that was exactly what it felt like.

    My point of view:
    the ONLY positive thing about the Brittana ‘unofficial’ break-up is that it was the most decent one of the episode …

    I mean:

    Klaine: Blaine cheated & broke Kurt’s heart. I mean – that’s hard. And sad. Even though I really thought that was completely OOC for Blaine, I guess anything’s possible when it comes to long distance relationships. Sad to see this relationship take this road, especially after all the previous fights they had about cheating before. Let’s just hope they’ll get back together or at least have a decent conversation about it when they both’ve calmed down a bit. And appreciation for Kurt’s heartbroken face … So sad! You could see Blaine was hurting too. He did a bad bad bad thing, but I still felt kind of sorry for him.

    Finchel: Rachel basically told him to back the fuck up and grow a pair (and she was right!) I mean: he LEFT without letting her know where he was, then he comes back and expects everything to be alright again, gets a little bit jealous over a nice guy who has taken care of his girlfriend and when he gets intimidated by the NYADA kids, he tells Rachel that she should sing a song with Brody AND THEN HE GETS JEALOUS because of it? I mean: you just gave her your permission!? Then, he can’t handle all of it and disappears AGAIN as a thief in the night. That Rachel even bothered to go and find him, I mean … He didn’t even deserve that in my eyes. I’m okay with Finchel being endgame (no, I’m just kidding, just give me Faberry!), but Finn needs to discover who he is first & stop letting Rachel down that often. I mean, at least Quinn has always apologized … That’s so not okay!

    Brittana: Santana wants Brittany to enjoy her high school life and I guess the “unofficial” part means she wants to pick up things as they were after Brittany graduates. (and marry and get her pregnant just like she always intended). In my opinion: drama is a good thing for a TV couple. Drama means you get more screen time & more character development. Let’s just hope that the Glee writers realize that Brittana is and has always been endgame. They were a fucking joke when they started and have grown to become one of the most favorite and adored lesbian characters on TV – might even be the most loved couple on Glee. They broke up and kinda literally said they love each other to death, how can that be a bad thing? There was no fight, no misunderstanding, no cheating or hurting each other’s feelings. They had this wonderful expression of love before, while and after Santana sang Mine (still crying over that kind of “Landslide/Songbird 2.0”) and a sweet kiss which demonstrated utter and utter love … And yes, it breaks my heart to see them apart too, but they have the best shot at getting back together, if you ask me.
    Brittany/HeMo’s face during that scene was gold … Like Emmy nomination stuff … The way they (both Naya/Santana & Brittany/HeMo) were looking at each other, the redness in their eyes, their frozen movements (YAY FOR NAYA’S HAND BACK HERE WHEN SHE SINGS A HIGH NOTE!) and OMG, did you see Brittany’s chin trembling when you forced back her tears? I do that too when I’m about to cry. That was just so beautiful. And the song, even though kinda not really ideal for the situation turns out to be working after all. Santana basically tells her that she’s the love of her life & after that, she reasons why they should break up (at least for a while) so they won’t end up hating each other.
    God, yeah, see: still not over it …

    Just like you guys pointed out, I did feel the same about Santana not entirely being Santana … Sometimes I saw it coming back to her … But I don’t know. It’s because she’s not around the people she can bitch at, I guess … she was in an empty choir room with Brittany, so she couldn’t make fun of Finn or Kurt or anyone else. And when they were in Breadstix (Santana/Breadstix forever!), she didn’t have enough lines. I mean, I could totally predict a Santana/Kitty bitch-off, but they didn’t give it to us. But like you guys said: maybe she’s not been on screen enough this season. I really really miss Santana. Not just as a part of Brittana, but simply as her vicious, emotionally guarded self.

    I do hope that if they do make Brittany/Sam happen (and everything points in that direction), that you’ll find out that Brittany actually still loves Santana a lot more than she’ll ever love Sam. How cool would it be if she literally says that at one point?

    Oh & as my final comment: I thought the songs of this episode were all wonderful (except the first Blaine/Finn duet = couldn’t care less and wtf Finn following Rachel around at school? That’s not even allowed here in Belgium :s )
    But the rest, omg – might be because I have masochistic behavior written all over me – but I listen to them on repeat. Blaine’s Teenage Dream is just WOW & DUH: Santana’s Mine is just spot on … And what not to like about the Scientist?

    I’m an emotional wreck *Sigh*

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Oh Snicky! I knew this would be a tough one for you. Thanks for coming and sharing all of your thoughts. And yes, a Santana/Kitty smackdown would have been gold!

  3. Annie
    Annie at · Reply

    They should be arrested for crimes against Rachel. I fear she’s gone forever.

    Everything’s so fragile.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      They really fucking should be :(

  4. KC
    KC at · Reply

    Except for a few small hiccups (Rachel’s ‘grown woman’ comment, and Santana’s diving right back in to heavy shit territory) I actually liked this episode.

    And I have a few awards to give out for some parts:

    Most Unexpected Badass: Emma Pillsbury
    I loved her line “No, we have talked about it. You just don’t like what I have to say.” Way to stand up for yourself, and to not relegate yourself to the role of doting, obedient fiancee/wife.

    Congratulations! I Didn’t Want to Punch You in the Face: Finn Hudson
    He’s actually a decent character when they don’t make him all preachy.

    Congratulations! You Made Me Feel Less Guilty About Liking a Taylor Swift Song: Santana Lopez
    I might be a closet Taylor Swift fan.
    As out-of-the-blue (see ‘heavy shit’ comment above) as this was, I really loved this version of the song and how they toned it down. Naya Rivera totally killed it. Also, I really appreciated how they changed the pronouns so that she was actually singing about another girl

    You Broke My Grinch-sized Heart: Blaine Anderson
    When his voice started cracking almost immediately, I just…………..le Sigh.

    Anyways, well done!

    1. KC
      KC at · Reply

      One more thing.

      Now that they’re all broken up, maybe they can finally cover this song:

      I don’t know how to make it clicky! Sorry.

      1. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply


    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I mostly liked the episode too, even though some of the logic left a lot to be desired. I guess what I”m saying is, I probably wouldn’t have made a lot of the plot choices that the writers made…… but they still delivered their nonsense well?

      I didn’t really get into the Emma/Will stuff in the recap, because it just seemed so trivial compared to everything else that was going on, but I actually thought Emma was kind of out of line in that scene. It’s tough for me cos I adore Emma and mostly want to slap Will’s face with a fish, but I did feel that she was inordinately aggressive toward him. Like, the only way I can understand her reaction to what he said and the way he said it is that she has a pre-existing sense that he’s generally disrespectful about her work and her independence as a woman. And if that’s the case, like……. DON’T JUST YELL AT HIM. GET UNENGAGED IMMEDIATELY. I don’t know. I guess I would make the same assumption as Will in his position, and whilst it’s totally fair for Emma to tell him he’s wrong in making it and her work matters to her and he should respect that… she didn’t need to go to the place where she’s basically accusing him of being a patriarchal douchebag. I MEAN, MAYBE HE IS. But if that’s how she thinks of him, like, why does she want to marry him???


      Glee’s writing makes its characters so confusing sometimes.

      I think what Finn needs to do badly, is get away from Rachel. In fact, I’d love to see him get a new love interest at some point. And a real one, who’s actually suited to him, and not just a stop-gap on the way to a Finchel endgame. But of course we all know that won’t happen. Just… the kid has dated two girls, who were both wrong for him in their separate ways. It’s time for him to try to get it right.



      Um yeah, thanks for sharing your thoughts and sorry for the convoluted reply.

  5. Rachel's Defense Counsel
    Rachel's Defense Counsel at · Reply

    It goes without saying that I disapprove, STRONGLY, of Rachel Berry’s morphing into Lea Michele (I love Lea; I just don’t want RACHEL to BE Lea). So on that point I agree with you completely. But I feel compelled to make an effort at fan-wanking for Rachel over your having convicted her of cheating on Finn. So here, for your consideration, is an alternative analysis:

    First and most importantly, what happened at the train station in “Goodbye” really WAS a Finchel breakup. One that left open the possibility of future reconciliation, to be sure, but a breakup nonetheless. Finn told Rachel “I’m setting you free.” AND he said “we’re just gonna let go, and let the universe do its thing. And IF we’re meant to be together, then we’re gonna be together.” That “if” is important, and Finn presented their “being together” as something that MIGHT happen, at some unspecified point in the future.

    Now, I recognize that Rachel still called Finn her “boyfriend” in when she met Brody. In my mind, though, that was Rachel being in denial about what Finn actually said in 3×22. Eventually, though, Finn’s refusing all contact FOR MONTHS, in combination with the opportunity to behave like a single, carefree uni freshman (an opportunity not just knocking but actually banging down Rachel’s door in the form of Brody), led her to abandon her delusion that she and Finn were still “together” as boyfriend and girlfriend. Of course, Glee did a TERRIBLE job of showing this, because Glee never bothered to tell us that Rachel had been trying and failing to contact Finn FOR MONTHS.

    Obviously, had Finn been deployed and killed the Army would have notified his mother, so (while I’m sure Rachel really was worried sick about that happening) when Finn refused all of Rachel’s efforts at communication, I think Rachel had no choice but to conclude “I guess Finn really meant what he said about setting me free, and we’re really not going to revisit the possibility of getting back together until some point in the much more distant future.” And given that situation, I think it’s unfair to conclude that Rachel cheated on Finn by canoodling with Brody. The fact that Rachel immediately backslid into “let’s just pretend we never broke up at all” when Finn appeared out of nowhere can’t be used retroactively to convict Rachel of cheating during a time when, as far as she knew, she might not have been hearing from Finn again for a year or two.

    I wanted to say something about Quinn/Faberry here as well, but I find I’m just too traumatized by what Sophy wrote about cosmos and Brody’s penis size. Maybe next time. In the interim, thanks for another entertaining and thoughtful recap, and Rin, please Quinn me! :-)

    1. Emily
      Emily at · Reply

      Yes to all of this. That’s actually exactly how I interpreted the Rachel/Finn situation. I thought it was pretty clear that Finn had broken up with Rachel in the season finale and she was just in denial. Her comment to Brody about Finn being her boyfriend was her *hoping* that he was, but secretly panicking about his total lack of contact.

      That said, I was pretty disappointed with Rachel not explicitly telling Finn that and not owning up right away to what she did with Brody. I also found it BIZARRE how not-awkward she was around the two of them.

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I think one of the issues with Rachel and Finn and this whole debacle, is that the writing was so messy it’s hard to say who’s right and who’s wrong. And now in episode 404 the writers are just kind of asking us to trust that it was all Finn’s fault, regardless of whether that makes sense………………. and I could do that. Maybe I would do that if this was in any way the old Rachel Berry that I loved and stanned for. But I guess I’m not inclined to fanwank in order to support this girl? I KIND OF DON’T WANT TO GIVE THIS VERSION OF RACHEL ANY HELP???

      Re: Finn being in the army and people knowing where he was, etc… that’s just one of the parts of the show that really doesn’t make sense to me. If Rachel was getting no response from Finn she would definitely have checked in with Kurt or his mum to make sure he was okay, and been told that he was. In which case her whole “I didn’t know where you were or even if you were okay!!!!” bit was unnecessary and manipulative. But then if she didn’t get that information, that would mean no one knew where he was or whether he was okay, and everyone would have been freaking the fuck out for the first three episodes. No way Finn’s mum was going to be chill about him going to the army and her not hearing from him for months, not given how freaked she was just as the prospect of him enlisting. So it just doesn’t add up, you know? (And I do think there’s a lot of other ways Rachel could be worried about Finn that just whether he’s dead or not. She wasn’t worried, but she could have been… if she didn’t actually know he was okay… okay now I’m getting a headache. SHOW GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.)

      I see your point about Rachel being in denial, but, you know, can’t Finn be in denial, then? And was I in denial too even though my dearest wish is for Finchel to be over-over? Because I never interpreted the end of S3 as a genuine end to their relationship, so much as an end to their engagement and the idea of Rachel being tied to Finn and his Lima-life. To me it was a very complex situation and at the core of it was that Finn was letting Rachel go, out of love, so she could pursue her dreams. I’m pretty sure hooking up with a new guy before first term was up wasn’t part of Rachel’s dreams as the two of them understood them. And if she decided it was along the way she should have told him via text or email or voicemail or carrier pigeon or owl or IDEK! But just. Whether it’s strictly cheating or not is a matter of each person to decide according to their own conceptualization of cheating and according to how they analyze the irritatingly contradictory facts the show has given us. So I can see how you could feel that it’s not cheating, I really can. But isn’t it just the least bit mean not to tell him first?

      IDK IDK RDC. IT’S JUST. To me it’s like when married couples split up and they go through the stages of being separated and then finally being divorced and then one of them has a date and they’re excited and kind of sad too and even though it’s not strictly their ex’s business they still love that person, or they at least remember a time when they loved them enough to want to marry them… and they feel they owe them the courtesy of letting them know? THAT’S HOW IT IS TO ME. I firmly believe that my Rachel – the Rachel Berry from S1-3 – would have told Finn she was moving on.

      So I can see your points. And I don’t think this Rachel is a terrible person for what she did. But I do think she behaved like a douche. And I don’t really want to forgive her, not till the real Rachel comes back to say sorry.

      Anyway, thanks so much for pleading Rachel’s case, it was def thought-provoking, and you were so damn civilized about it! .:D.

    3. Ned
      Ned at · Reply

      Please may I play devil’s advocate and nervously suggest that Glee might have deliberately given us something ambiguous? Neither Rachel’s “You’re breaking up with me?” (322) nor Brody’s “That’s your boyfriend?” (401) gets a straight Y/N reply, if my memory serves. It doesn’t matter who’s wrong, or whether we think they broke up in 322, or whether we think Rachel cheated in 403; rather, both Rachel and Finn can construct a story where each of them is in the right; furthermore, both Rachel stans and Finn stans have something to cheer.

      To borrow Ross/Rachel again, it’s not whether They Were On A Break; rather, it’s that the communication/trust breakdown ruined their chance. (Not necessarily their only chance; endgame couples of course get second chances, and third…)

      1. Ned
        Ned at · Reply

        (Not that I have an explanation for incommunicado!Finn, what Carole’s doing about it, etc. etc. Usually when I stop to think about anything for too long, the best remaining explanation is poor writing. Sigh.)

  6. LauryeMal
    LauryeMal at · Reply

    I love that you managed to publish your commentary on Monday.. you are the best! Praise you! :)

    Ok I need to get this weight out of my chest… There’re really people who are rooting for this Rachel?
    I see all you are saying about this poor attempt at “developing” Rachel while actually hijacking completely her personality and basically all the traits that made her a lovable character in the first place.
    I’m glad I do not participate in certain forums or tumblr tread because I would flip at everyone ever assuming we were witnessing some sort of Racheldependence.
    On the contrary!
    RacheLea (I call her this now) is pushing me so far out of love from Glee that I’m not even sure Quinn’s comeback could save me at this point (no ok, Quinn may totally save me from EVERYTHING EVERYTIME).
    RacheLea screaming that she’s a grown woman to Finn’s face for ALL THE WRONG reasons isn’t something anyone who cares about this show should celebrate…and I’m one of those who would have grabbed any chance to throw Finchel under a bus.
    RacheLea doesn’t need Finn to give her freedom? Except for the fact that she totally did need that few months ago?? Let me recap:
    – She would have go on with marry Finster and ruin her life if it wasn’t for Quinn getting hit by the truck even if everyone with common sense (i.e Quinn) was telling her not too;
    – She wouldn’t have come to NY in the first place if not for Finn literally telling her SHE WAS FREE TO GO WITHOUT HIM.

    What hurts me the most is that this new RacheLea concept of freedom isn’t entirely about her dreams, her ambitions her growing as a woman.. It’s about getting her pants on fire for that jackass. Wow..she’s a grown, indipendent woman because she wears makeup at breakfast!! I’m a little heterophobe, I’ve accept it long ago, but a part from my personal preferences I had so many expectation for Rachel in NY by herself (or with Kurt and potentially Santana) I wanted her to make new friends, new enemies, to fight talent competitions over at Nyada.. Instead what I’m left with? A brainwashed bimbo with diva tantrums, who cooks baby ducks and eat eggs for breakfast (I sense a theme here..) as if her vegan lifestyle for the past 18 years was a fad; who dresses like some girl with serious daddy issue and that goes gooey-eyes for the FIRST beefcake that keep telling her she’s sexy.
    I’m not even sure I want this RacheLea even near my Fabray ..poisoning the Quinndependence that is totally happening in New Heaven.

    And you know what the worst part is? That when she sings she is still the best damn singer on the show and I’m sucked back in…

    Is too much to ask for a real effort by the writers to not completely crap all over my beloved? They should ship all the writers down under and make them go to a “Writing TV Shows 101” class held by Sophy.. Seriously take a look at “A Spoonful Won’t Do”… that’s the Rachel we WANT.

    As for the Breakups…
    Breakup has been the most common ploy on scripted tv to shake up couples and dynamics since EVER so I’m not surprised one bit that they went all Couplargeddon on us breaking up EVERYONE in one single episode. And cheating has been the most common narrative vehicle to do so quickly, albeit not painless.
    Tf couples haven’t time to grow apart, discuss what is changing in their life, trying to save what it’s left.. no.. they start having doubts that THEY MUST NOT share with theirs significant others, go on a break and just proceed into finding the next warm bed available. It’s not even the cheating that bothers me..it’s the simplistic way in which everything has been happening.
    Sure the aftermath has been dramatic.. I’ve teared up with Darren’s Teenage Dream and Kurt’s hurt face… I was shaken after “Mine” and I even liked a Coldplay song for once.
    I’ve been in a long distance relationship for the past 3 years so I know what kind of obstacles one have to deal with. Would I have been able to do so as a teenager? Not in a million year.
    Your parallel on how similar the breakups were on the surface (the cheating and the temptation of cheating) while been so profoundly different (Blaine being absolutely devastated about it, RacheLea feeling righteous to do so and Santana trying to be respectful while giving up on Brit) was spot on.
    I really hope all of this will create the much needed space for some improvement in the storytelling. I must admit I’m a little more than sceptic about it :(

    On a lighter note

    – Dottie is clearly BY A GAZILLION MILE, the best added character this season. You made me crack so much with the TOM/JERRY comparison :DD
    – I know I should not expect consistency or realism from Glee but was I the only one bothered by the frequent flyer miles they all got from going Ohio-Nyc back and forth? (the closest airport from Lima is Toledo and the quickest combination has 1 stopover and last 4 hours…)
    – Nyada must have a very permissive policy about non-students lurking in the background during classes…where’s bitchy Cassandra when you need her?
    – Brody is pathetic
    – So Finn comes back and he gets to pick the club’s musical for this year? I was aspecting a little more resilience from Artie-I’m the director- Abrams? Really Shuester you need to do a better job hiding your Finn’s mancrush.
    – The couple “that shall not be named” should deserve a “Fast Forward” category… they’re as flat as the flattest flat-thing you can think about it. If they cut their scenes out would you even notice? I wouldn’t.

    PS. Quinn smugness is embarrassing…but not as much as the amount of whipped cream on her pie (pun only slightly intended)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Laurye I basically have nothing to say except you are awesome and your comment is awesome and high five. You’re right about the couple who shall not be named deserving a fast forward category… except I sort of feel they deserve no category at all. Like, they’re not even relevant enough for us to waste our energy.


  7. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Oh Good Lord!! I had to take notes during this recap! Ok….I haven’t been very expressive because I am just depressed as all get out about “things”.

    As we know, I am not a Blaine fan, but he actually broke my heart during Teenage Dream. Like, right in the feels. It was acheful (my word). The faces, the pain, the angsty ouch! Slow clap for Darren Criss. For real.

    I can’t handle change either Rin. I loathe it, but that’s more down to my aggressive panic disorder and general loonyness. So much change in one episode was just….too….much!

    OH! RIN-ssistant, STAY FOREVER!!! Pls?!?!??! I actually LOL at her, but the Left Behind Thing, OMG NO. I read those books, they are intense and that was mean and uncalled for. Still do NOT like Kitty. No! Whymz says NO! Pointing or not. Put toast in her hand and cutoff shorts and still NO.

    Your Best Scene-= OUCH! Fucking Hell! Naya and her faces and her emotions kill me. Also, Heather where have you been with these faces and expressing and stuff? Kudos. But Naya……my heart I tear up. I cry. I HATE this show. But I love it, don’t leave me.

    Sign Me Up:
    My name is Donna and I am in an abusive relationship with Glee.

    Also, the library girl? NO. She looks like some 80’s Fame castoff. Santana wouldn’t EVEN! No….nononononononononono to infinity an beyond!

    I don’t have words that work together so QUINN me good RIN! Don’t forget me….
    I won’t remember anything else….


    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Aw Whymz! I’m so glad Blaine got a little love from you when he was at his worst slash best.


      And you are so right, Santana deserves better. Like. If they’re going to hook her up with someone, which tbh would be fun even if only in a temporary capcity, SHE HAD BETTER BE THE HOTTEST HOT TO EVER HOT. Lol except I think it would be inappropriate for her to date Quinn at this point so.

  8. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    BTW ….. There needs to be a neck-brace cheerio category! OMG. the ONLY continuity

  9. Ruth
    Ruth at · Reply

    So, I’m kind of exhausted after reading that (in a good way)(as in, ‘coz of the feels’) and don’t really know what to say that you haven’t covered. Just – YES in general. To everything.
    The Rachel speech seemed completely off to me when I was watching. You could tell by the setting and tone that it was supposed to be IMPORTANT-CHARACTER-MOMENT, but it just wasn’t landing for me. I don’t know if it’s because I have lost a lot of my love Glee but it wasn’t until I read this that I realised what wasn’t right with the speech. You got it all spot on.

    Also, do you guys watch Doctor Who?

    “I just hate the idea that in order to be considered strong and independent, you also have to act like a bit of a douche.”

    Basically encompasses every problem I ever had with Amy Pond.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      GOD YES EXHAUSTED IS THE WORD. And no I haven’t watched Dr Who yet, but I always meant to back in the day, because I was a big Eccleston fan and then I grew to love Tennant.

  10. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    Hmm…generally I agree with everything you’ve said.

    I think the biggest problem I’m having with Rachel and her plot-line is that she’s completely ceased to be a college freshman. Her and Kurt are living the lives of the mid-twenty crowd and it’s WEIRD. Show me a college freshmen who spends their Friday nights going to trendy looking bars in suit jackets, ordering cocktails, and then taking leisurely strolls around central park (SOBER). Where are the awkward dorm parties? Where’s the easy mac episode? Or the stressed about all the reading you suddenly have? Where’s the moment when you realize how much you miss your parents? Glee has just skipped all of that.

    Even Kurt and his internship…I mean, is this kid eighteen anymore? No. God no. He’s twenty-six. I know we’re giving Rachel a lot of shit right now for seeming unRachel (and she does), but Kurt also seems a bit off-base. Rachel and Kurt do not seem like teenagers anymore. Like, they’re more mature than many of my friends (I’m 27). I think Ryan Murphy maybe decided to skip the college years? I’m really not sure, but I now think moving Rachel out of the dorms was a mistake. I think this little posh apartment in Brooklyn is turning Kurt and Rachel into pod people.

    I’ll be really curious to see how they make Finchel end game because Finn has said so many times that he just doesn’t love New York the way Rachel does and to me, that’s more than ‘oh, he’s just too immature right now.’ That’s a fundamental difference of opinion, so unless they somehow change that…?

    I really look forward to seeing how Quinn reacts to this new Rachel, and, for that matter, if Rachel would be able to sustain this new personality around Quinn. Only time will tell…

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      You are SO RIGHT Emily. I was so looking forward to Rachel/NYADA and it’s just fucking Rachel/Brody and Rachel/”grown woman”! And I see what you mean about Kurt. When he showed up in New York my headcanon for him was that he’d join a NY community group and like, sing and dance, teaching a group of underprivileged gay kids after school or something. I WOULD HAVE LOVED THAT. AND THEN HE COULD HAVE WORKED PART TIME AT A PIZZA PLACE IDEK. :(

      Also I’m not saying Finchel should be endgame logically. I think they’re profoundly wrong for each other and should have a bittersweet ending where they realize that – even whilst loving each other so much. But I think the writers will force them together :(

  11. Kayla
    Kayla at · Reply

    man i’m so disappointed in this show. like i get that showing a character apart from their significant other can help with showing who that character really is and exploring their personality sans their lover but that doesn’t mean that they have to break up. i hate when people are like “ugh long distance relationships never work out” because that’s not true! you don’t have to be physically close to someone to date them. also ‘college kids can’t keep it in their pants’. no. that is not always true! maybe i’m biased because im kind of going through a long distance-y thing right now but i refuse to believe that it’s impossible to keep a relationship together when you have to be far away from each other.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Kayla, we totally know how you feel. And I agree, long distance relationships can totally work! Especially in this day and age with all the technology and stuff. It makes me sad that the show underestimates these kids :(

  12. Sekava
    Sekava at · Reply

    This episode was too much for my mind to handle. I just kind of sat there staring at my screen all the way through. Then after some processing I watched it again the next day and had all the feelings all over the place.

    But then! Lo and behold! There was a knock on my door and a postman telling me he had a package for me. The Rophydoes t-shirts I had ordered had arrived. All was well again.

    1. Sekava
      Sekava at · Reply

      Oh and by the way


      The story of my life. In all honesty.

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  13. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    I like the breakups for the reasons you stated. I’m interested to see these characters on their own. It’s not really that they were long distance to me. More that they were also at different places. College is a lot different than high school. I don’t think Santana meant she was hot for the girl in the library. Rather she realized that this was a new experience:having a girl come on to her. And also that there will still high school experiences for Brittany that maybe she shouldn’t have to experience through the lens of Brittana. I loved their scenes. And while I agree with Santana being a little off, I maintain that you get that way when you leave the nest. It doesn’t mean you won’t get that back.

    Unless you’re Rachel Berry and Glee hates who they created you to be. Wo we fell in love with. Again, I don’t have much problem with a freshman loss of self. But I’m worried too that they think this is a huge improvement, and that the hope of payoff in my heart is futile.

    I have to give Rachel more of a break than you do, though, separating the issue of the Lea they’re making Rachel be suddenly and the handling of Finchel. You may have abandonment issues, but I have communication issues. Glee is re-writing canon all the time, but despite the not quite congruent character interactions you point out, I just don’t know how worried you can be about a kid in basic training. He’s ostensibly an adult; he’s in the loving hands of the Government (snicker). I wouldn’t worry about a lack of communication in that instance. I’d be upset at it.

    So for me the painting over the name scene was Rachel finally accepting the freedom Finn gave her, after months of fruitlessly fighting it by trying to contact Finn however she could. I agree that she owed him a voicemail or something. But I like that she seems to have no emotion for Brody. On stage performance is just that:performance. And all that aside, even, Finn made the douchiest move by leaving without talking about it in the morning. And Rachel obsessively hunting him down without letting him get away with that is at least a glimpse of Rachel. Do I believe in the robustness of Rachdependence? No. But I do think it was true that she doesn’t need Finn to give her her freedom AGAIN. He already did. And she accepted it. Even though her preferred state of being is for him to grow up so they can be together. He doesn’t need to carry her and give her things like freedom, and she doesn’t need to hold his hand and soothe all his insecurities constantly when they’re the same. Maybe it comes from a pet peeve I developed growing up in a conservative religion where the girls were always importuned to help save the guys, like they were lesser beings who couldn’t help themselves, even though they had all the real power and respect. Vomit. They need to grow up themselves and not be co-dependent.

    To me that’s what Rachel is saying there. I don’t think it’s a huge character step. She still seems to need a guy in the Gleeverse. So whatever. But I think it was a useful break in the Finchel cycle.

    While I mourn the loss of Rachel Barbra Berry. Eggs for breakfast? Really, Kurt? Sigh. At least we got to hear her sing more this episode. Still no solo, but a couple big parts. Sigh. I thought we’d get a lot more singing…or at least some…with Rachel at a MUSICAL THEATER school. Oh, how foolish of me.

    And why can’t Quinn be a gamer? She can’t fool me. A little pink-haired hacker. It’s not that deeply buried.

    You’ve now made me fear the day she returns and accepts the new Rachel as an improvement. :( And they eat duck together and drink those aforementioned cosmos. D:

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Thanks for commenting Norwestorm!

      Yeah, I agree with you that I wouldn’t worry if I were Rachel and knew Finn was in basic training and simply not responding to my calls/texts. But the thing is Rachel said she was worried. She was all “I didn’t know where you were or even if you were okay!!!!!” Which like… tends to imply that she/his family knew he’d left the army… even though it seems like they didn’t. IT JUST DOESN’T MAKE SENSE AND IT’S DOING MY HEAD IN.

      I wouldn’t have had a problem with the freedom line if Rachel had said “I don’t need you to give me my freedom again,” but without the ‘again’ it just seems like she was discounting what he did for her at the end of S3 and trying to make out like she’s always been some kind of tough-boots Miss Independent, who was obviously just bluffing all along about marrying her high school sweetheart and staying in Lima with him. I can get that you don’t want Rachel to be treated like she’s a silly little woman who doesn’t know what’s best for herself, but the bottom line is that they wrote her into a hole of not knowing what’s best for herself in season 3. To pretend she was never in that hole is just irritating to me. If I had to see her fall in, I wanted to see her climb out, you know?

      Trouble is, I don’t think the Finchel cycle is broken at all. One of my biggest problems with that final scene is that Rachel rejecting Finn was all about Finn and not about Rachel. She broke up with him because he wouldn’t commit and communicate. Not because she wanted to focus on herself and her future, not because she’d realized that the two of them were fundamentally unsuited, not because she’d realized she was just trying to hold onto the past by holding onto him, not because she needed to know what it was like to stand on her own two feet again and face the world as a single woman, not even because of any flaws in Finn and in their relationship that existed prior to this season, NOT EVEN BECAUSE SHE WANTED A PIECE OF BRODY’S ASS. The whole basis for their breakup was confected in one episode and it was all about Finn. And that’s why it means little to me in terms of Rachel.

      But yeah, I totally agree with you, I feel so deprived of Rachel singing! :( AND GOD DON’T HAUNT ME WITH MY OWN COSMOS REMARK. THAT’S JUST CRUEL :(

  14. Elysse
    Elysse at · Reply

    I’m so mad at Glee for making me cry because I don’t even like this show that much and especially don’t really care about any of the ships. But it was so sad damn it! But Blaine was super awesome on Teenage Dream. So many ~feelings! I was really impressed with his performance.

    Although I really don’t believe that he would cheat on Kurt, especially with some random guy we’ve never seen. So I’m just going to pretend they broke up because they were growing apart. (I pretend pretty much all of S4 and S6 of Skins didn’t happen, so it’s easy at this point lol). It just seemed really inconsistent with Blaine’s normal characterization, so I’m just putting it down to lazy/bad writing.

    I still can’t decide how I feel about everyone breaking up though. I mean, just from experience, I know that most relationships from high school don’t last in college, even if you go to the same school and are all in love and want to get married, etc. However, all at once and basically because everyone is a cheater is annoying.

    Also, come on TV, long distance is possible. My boyfriend and I used to live in two different countries and we’ve been together for quite a long time. So it can happen if you really want it enough.

    PS-I wish Quinn would come back. Everyone else seems to come back from NY and California, why doesn’t Quinn even seem to exist anymore? Also Mercedes as disappeared into oblivion, but I like Quinn better so I care more. *shrugs*

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I totally agree Elysse, long distance is definitely possible. And I resent Glee a bit for pretending it isn’t. I think it would have been wiser to show one of the relationships work out at least – or AT LEAST work out for longer than one semester???

      I totally wish Quinn would come back too :( And Mercedes :( But moreso Quinn :(

  15. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    “What a fucking Naomi” AHAHA I knew you guys would think of this just like I did. BLAINE Y U DO THIS.

    But yeah, I really hate that they went the cheating route, yet TV seems to think this is the only relationship problem ever. What I am hoping is that they don’t make Blaine and Kurt’s reunion all about Blaine getting Kurt back. I want it to have lots of Blaine development. Like clearly this kid is in a TERRIBLE HEADSPACE and I want that addressed. I’m still mad about how Quinn never got any professional help. I think Blaine probably needs some too, or at least A GROWN-UP TO TALK TO. His codependency manifested itself in the worst way. Also omg I just read the saddest thing ever about how Blaine never had someone to tell him he mattered and not to throw himself around like HELP HOLD ME OH MY GOD.

    Yeah seriously I would like to know what constitutes as cheating in Blaine’s books, like did he accidentally brush up against Lighthouse Eli and come over all faint with the vapours?

    OMG ME TOO ABOUT FEELING SORRY FOR KURT. Like I hope that Kurt actually realises that ignoring Blaine fucking shitty. Even though I STILL LOVE KURT. But remember how shitty he felt when Blaine ignored him? yeah. Like I don’t want the cheating to erase what Kurt did. Except it feels like it will and just argh.

    But yeah I don’t really trust Glee a lot of the time to do this stuff right. UGH.



    “they counter-balanced with stuff that didn’t make sense” AUGH THIS EXACTLY WHY THE FUCK DO YOU DO THESE THINGS TO ME RYAN MURPHY


    But as you guys have realised, QUINN IS COMING FOR YOU RACHEL

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I would LOVE to see Blaine get therapy. I mean like you say, Quinn should have had therapy. Hell, Santana should have had therapy, it’s amazing she’s dealt with everything the way she has without it. And wow, yeah, that hurts, re: Blaine never having someone to tell him not to throw himself around. God. I often think about how Blaine’s parents would be. I have this faint memory that there was some mention of them and it was negative? It certainly doesn’t seem like he has a couple of Burts back home, anyway.


      Yeah seriously I would like to know what constitutes as cheating in Blaine’s books, like did he accidentally brush up against Lighthouse Eli and come over all faint with the vapours?

      ROFL. I kind of hope so. I mean I kind of hope it’s just a kiss or something. Because when Blaine said “It was just a hook-up” my stomach kind of turned. I really hate the stereotype of the gay boy who’s exceptionally sexually precocious and sees it as no big deal and I don’t feel that that fits Blaine at all. I mean, he and Kurt lost their virginities to each other right? I find it hard to imagine Blaine just shagging some random and seeing it as a “hook-up”. He’s just a kid in high school for the love of god!


      1. Mad
        Mad at · Reply

        Yeah, I think the only mention Blaine made of his dad was when he talked to Burt (when he asked Burt to have a sex talk with Kurt) and was like “I would love to have the relationship you have with Kurt, my dad had me restore an old car because he thought getting my hands dirty would make me straight.” LET’S KEEP GOING WITH THAT GLEE.

        Yeah I kind of hate the promiscuous stereotype thing, like what what what are you doing Ryan Murphy. It is making me think of Alex and Skins and NO. If Blaine is doing the actual hook-up thing, in my mind he has to be in a pretty bad place. A place that he can’t get out of just by singing a lot. FIX BLAINE, RYAN.

  16. dani
    dani at · Reply

    I cried a lot during this episode over brittana, I thought their break up was very realistic because long distance relationships are hard and tbh I’m not sure how they can make it work again, I have no clue what Glee is preparing for them and I’m scared .

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  17. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    Oh my god. So many feelings about this show right now. I don’t think I can have a real relationship of my own right now because two emotional roller coasters going on in my life at once is too much! (Okay, that might be overly dramatic, but it’s Glee. :) )

    I’m angry at the writers for how they make me feel about Finn and Will. These two guys are supposed to be leaders, characters they want us to look up to, ones we look to for guidance. And they give us a guy who is in the Army for 2 weeks and SHOOTS HIMSELF IN THE LEG and a “teacher of the year” who switches from teaching Spanish to History because he can’t actually speak Spanish. I like my characters with flaws, but not flaws that undermine who the character is supposed to be for the show. (Oh, and Finn’s line about Rachel being amazing, EVEN WHEN SHE’S NOT ALL DOLLED UP. I’m still pissed. Because that’s what makes her amazing. FML.)

    With Rachel…I feel like I’m watching my own relationship crumble. Like my girlfriend is changing, and I just love her so fucking much so I am keeping quiet about the changes and I’m letting her go be who she wants to be, even if it’s this “sexy,” insincere, unoriginal girl who is so much LESS than what she was. And I feel a break up on the horizon. I feel like the changes are all going to be too much and I’m going to have to let her go because the girl I so desperately love isn’t there anymore. It’s going to fucking kill me.

    Here’s my….hope. The new “Rachel” is serving two purposes. The first is to set Finn completely free and have him feel utterly alone and lost so that he FINALLY has to figure out who he is on his own. Because let’s face it. As much as we all bitched last season about the wedding not letting Rachel be who she is supposed to be, it did the same to Finn. He needs to figure out who he is, and what he is good at, and what his place in the world is. And he needs to do it without Rachel holding his hand and guiding the way. So, in a really shitty way, the writers are sacrificing Rachel to save Finn. (Although, I have this feeling they are going to have Finn find out that he is Will Jr., and I don’t know if I’m okay with that.)

    But the 2nd reason! (Here’s where I am showing how delusional I am.) We have this new Rachel for a few more episodes. It feels more and more ridiculous as time goes on. And then, the Thanksgiving episode. The Ryan Murphy proclaimed “Faberry heaven” episode. Quinn gets ahold of the new Rachel and loses her shit. Reminds her of who she is and why that person was so glorious, and not another cookie cutter actress type that any other girl could replace. And our Faberry hearts EXPLODE with the overwhelming joy because OF COURSE Quinn is the only one who can remind Rachel that who she is, is precious and to hold on to it. Even though S1 Rachel Berry didn’t need anyone to remind her of this…

    Ahem. I might also be in an abusive relationship with Glee, wherein I always believe they won’t hurt me as much next time. And if I wrote fanfic, I might just have to go write out that Thanksgiving episode for myself.

    Finally, you guys I just have to say how much I really, really, really adore and admire how your recaps aren’t a retelling of the episode, but rather an in depth analysis of who these characters are and why they make the choices that they did. It’s unlike anything else I read on the internet (except Heather Hogan’s writing about one Ms. Paige McCullers on Pretty Little Liars.) I just love what you do. Sophy, what you had to say about Blaine was beautiful and heart breaking and so true. If you go back and look at the Big Brother episode, yes! This boy is not happy unless someone is telling him how amazing he is. Rin, the way you described Rachel in this recap is so exactly how I feel about her, it’s like you had to have crawled into my head. And it makes me feel a bit better that there are other people out their dreading what is going to happen the way that I am. Oh, and Kitty/Dottie as Tom and Jerry. Yesssssssss. :) Thanks bunches ladies.

    (Umm, every week I plan on coming in here and NOT leaving such a long damn comment. And every week I fail. Oops.)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      We love your long comments. I thought Finn’s line about Rachel being amazing even when she’s not all dolled up was just stupid. What he should have been thinking was, “Rachel’s amazing – even when she’s not all dolled up – in fact, especially when she’s not all dolled up. It’s kind of weird seeing her wearing more makeup than she would normally go through in a week.” I really think that would have made more sense.

      But yeah, I’d love to see Finn go it alone. And I’d actually love to see him get a new love interest at some point. But not just a fake-out stop-gap, a real love interest, who is actually suited to him. I won’t hold my breath though. I can see how they’d want him to be Will Jr but that really grates on me. To me it’d be like he’s just falling into something because it’s easy and it’d annoy me if they tried to wank it into being his passion. And like, as far as I know he can’t make a career out of being a high school Glee club coach. It’s something Will does on top of teaching, so.

      Anyway loved all of your comment and you’re such a darling for comparing us to Heather! We blush so! Also, hope you get things sorted out with your gf. I know what it’s like to have people change on you. It’s damn unsettling :(

  18. Nati
    Nati at · Reply

    I agree with you on almost everything, except on one little thing! That’s the reason I decided to write and YES- is about the BRITTANA relationship.

    I really believe that Britt had always loved Santana, even before Santana admitted her love. I always had that feeling that Brittany was waiting for Santana to acknowledge her and because Santana keep pushing her feelings away, she decided to start dating Artie (just out of anger). In that relationship she was able to talk about feelings and accept them, something that she couldn’t do with Santana (because she kept pushing those things away). It was Britt that wanted to talk about their feelings, because she didn’t know what to do with all the love she had for her best friend! At the end when Santana felt like she was losing Britt-Britt she decided to say the magic words “I LOVE YOU.” But at that point Britt was with Artie and she couldn’t just play with his feelings, she had to accept the consequences of dating him. So it was only right for Santana to wait for her, because she was the one that pushed her away at the beginning! And I’m not talking about that she was afraid to come out, I’m talking about the fact that she made out with Britt all the time and then said things like: “I’m not making out with you because I’m in love with you”
    On all of the rest, I agree with this post! Even when I’m still debating with myself, because I feel like sometimes I understand (but definitely don’t agree) with the reasons of why Santana is breaking up with Brittany and others I just don’t get it and it doesn’t feel right. It’s really heartbreaking and I only can hope that this brings something good for one of the best couples that I have ever seen on TV.

    By the way, this is the first time I’m reading a recap from you guys and all I have to say is; “congratulations” because I loved it

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      You know, you might be right about Britt always loving Santana. I really only meant that they never developed her emotionally the way they developed Santana emotionally in S2 so it was kind of hard to feel her side of things. But I’m definitely getting Britt more now… and it hurts :(


  19. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    I can’t hear anything over the loud fact of Brittana being endgame. It doesn’t matter if they do pair up Sam and Brittany, they’ll be so mid-game they’ll be forgotten just as fast as Bartie and Samcedes when Brittana get back together again.

    I just- She used to count her smiles, you guys. AND SHE’D DIE ON DAYS BRITT DIDN’T SMILE AT HER. WHY DOES THIS HURT SO MUCH?!

    I hate that they cut the song so much They left most of the important lyrics out.

    Also, I would have loved that the Brittana flashback moment was them prancing through the hallway in ‘toucha toucha touch me’ but beggars can’t be choosers.

    You know what? I mean, of course I’m devastated, Brittana is my OTP and you probably know that I’m very protective of this ship since I post nonstop about it but I’m not really THAT worried about them breaking up because the way Brittana has been written in glee has set them up to be endgame. I mean, they can’t just NOT get back together.

    They have been yin-yang with pretty much everything from their personalities, the color of their hair/skin, their matching cellphones, backpacks, contrasting bedrooms, the caring/not caring what people think, optimist/pessimist, dreamer/realist, etc.

    And not to mention:

    “So are you two in love? Soul-mates so to speak?”

    They can be paired up with anyone and it wouldn’t matter because they’re soul-mates and that’s enough for me to take whatever crap Ryan Murphy throws our way.

    Also non of this bullshit would be happening if Quinn were there to talk some sense into Santana. Where the fuck is my unholy trinity, Glee?! Would it kill them have Quinntana talk one on one?!

    That said, I do think that a break can be good for them to grow individually.

    Plus, the couple that pukes together stays together, right?

    One of the things that bugged me big-time about this episode is that Kitty and Santana were in the same place at the same time and the throw-down COULD HAVE BEEN EPIC. Huge missed opportunity imo.

    Finchel breaking up didn’t seem poignant AT ALL to me not only because I don’t really care for that ship but also because they’ve broken up so many times this is just like one more, you know? I loved the way Rachel went all Tyra Banks on Finn though.

    Klaine definitely got the short end of the stick in the breakup department and that sucks for them but there are seriously thousands of Klainers saying that Blaine cheating was Kurt’s fault for neglecting him so much and I’m just like “No.” because there is no justifying cheating. Simple as that. If either Brittany or Santana would have cheated on each other, I would be immensely pissed and disappointed at the character. Like, “THIS IS NOT HOW I RAISED YOU!” type of disappointment.

    Jarley/Kitty wasted precious screen-time that could have gone to the couples who actually do have chemistry. That should have gotten a Rophy says no.

    I didn’t like that they Turned Rachel into Lea Michele, I said something like that to my mom and she said “Well, that’s what happens when you grow up!” and I was like, “Well, I’m a grownup and I didn’t turn into Lea Michele”. So I’m pretty sure I won that discussion.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Well…. I’m sure the Klainers defending Blaine are also disappointed in him at the same time. IDK. CUT THEM SOME SLACK, MIA! Their OTP has been bombed! They’re clinging to the rubble! It’s natural! I mean, unless there are people literally saying Blaine cheating is Kurt’s fault, as in he directly caused it, and Blaine did nothing wrong. In which case they need help.

      We try not to say no to Jarley because we like to think if we ignore them altogether they might go away.

      I didn’t like that they Turned Rachel into Lea Michele, I said something like that to my mom and she said “Well, that’s what happens when you grow up!” and I was like, “Well, I’m a grownup and I didn’t turn into Lea Michele”. So I’m pretty sure I won that discussion.

      hahahah amazing ♥

  20. Andrea
    Andrea at · Reply

    There is this amazing fic called ‘Set the world on fire’ that pretty much predicted exactly what’s happening right now on glee. It’s Kurt and Rachel living together in NYC and Santana goes to live with them after that. Brittany stays in Lima cause she didn’t graduate, when Brittana say goodbye to each other their conversation is SO relevant to canon Brittana and why they broke up.

    “I’ve just been thinking about next semester. And, hear me out. I know it’s gonna be so hard for us to be away from each other. But it’s like, when I was four, I decided that strawberries were my favorite fruit, right? So I ate them with everything. I ate them in cereal, I ate them on sandwiches, I put them in Spaghettios… I had to have them with every meal. And one day my mom just lost it, and she said I couldn’t have any more until I ate some other fruit, too. And you know what, I’m glad I did. Because strawberries are totally still my favorite, but… I wouldn’t know that for sure if I hadn’t tried all that other stuff.”

    “Well, strawberries are my favorite too,” Santana said slowly, already unnerved by this speech. She narrowed her eyes, suspicious. “What exactly are you saying?”

    “I’m just saying that… when you’re in New York, if you happen to see a kiwi, or you know, a pineapple or something that looks good… maybe you should try it.” She gave a tiny shrug. “Just to see what it’s like. Because if all you’ve ever had is strawberries… how do you really know you like them best?”

    “And the thought of me… trying other fruit doesn’t bother you at all?”

    “Maybe a little,” she admitted. “But I think it could be good for you. For us.”

    Santana thought about this for a second, her face expressing her misgivings. “What if I don’t want to try anything else? What if the thought of anything besides strawberries makes me get that pre-hurling taste in my mouth? I mean, who knows where some of that stuff even comes from. It could be rotten in the middle. It could be covered in pesticide from some third world country.”

    “Well, I’m not saying buy it off the street,” Brittany said in a reasonable voice.

    Giving her a baffled look, Santana said, “Wait, just so I’m clear, we’re not talking about actual fruit right now, are we?”

    Brittany considered this, seeming uncertain. “I’m not sure anymore. Metaphors are confusing.”

    Though, really that Pineapple Santana smiled to in the Library was fucking gross. They didn’t even try getting her a hot girl, though I doubt they could do better than Hemo.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      That fic is totally adorable! Love the dialogue. And lol Pineapple.

      To be honest it’s probably more in line with my headcanon, which was Brittany being more permissive and Santana being more possessive. But idk.

  21. Nicole
    Nicole at · Reply

    So… I will totally own up to being that anonymous asker. I REALLY didn’t mean for it to sound as confrontational as it did. My apologies. As penance, I will humbly forgo my Quinn this week. Great recap.

  22. Annie H
    Annie H at · Reply

    F****** Hell! meanwhile in new haven, made me laugh SFM loudly you have embarassed me in front of many people right now. But so totally worth it…god i love newhaven!Quinn…pie heh heh good one

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      We enjoy embarrassing you Annie!

  23. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    So, I had absolutely no time to watch the episode until last night. I also can’t survive without twitter or tumblr for more than 12hours, so I was completely spoiled, knew everything that was gonna happen. Didn’t prevent the tears. I completely broke down when Blaine sang. And I didn’t even like Blaine before the last 2 episodes. I might love him now. Even if is a douche sometimes.

    I’m not gonna get too deep into this Rachel Michele thing, but. At this point I don’t know what to think. Did they deliberately tell Lea Michele to play Rachel that way, that just-be-an-horrible-douchey-Lea-Michele way (no offense to Lea, I adore her)? Did they just say “hey, let’s sexify her” cause it sells more? You couldn’t believe the number of people saying online that they never knew Lea Michele was attractive until now. (hey people, do you have eyes???). So that was the goal? To turn your audience of awkward outcast geeks into the 18-35 male demographic? I don’t understand that choice. Cause it is a choice. You can’t turn one of my favourite character on television into that girl by accident, or just because it’s easier, or because you’re too lazy to remember that SHE’S VEGAN. I’m so pissed off!! I don’t know. I don’t even know if I should even care anymore.

    Okay, I’m taking a time out watchnig the Quinn Glory Shot. Again. And again.

    Do you see what you did show? You took 2 of the characters I was so excited about being in NYC and made those 2 people I’ve never seen and that I dislike profoundly out of them. Then you took 2 characters I didn’t really care about and 1 that I hated and made me feel nice things about them. That’s rude!! I just. I don’t know. I’m scared shitless that they’re gonna ruin everything that I still love about this show.
    I really want Quinn to come back. But I am soooo scared. I’m scared because I don’t think that Ryan Murphy’s idea of Faberry heaven is the same as Faberrians. Maybe RM’s idea of Faberry heaven is Faberrians’ idea of Faberry hell. Faberry drinking cosmos and talking about male genitalia. (shiver of disgust)

    Now I’m gonna watch that macro for a while and weep at the fact that Dianna left my country, my CITY, to go back to LA. And I hope, to save us all.

    PS : that recap was wonderful. You guys are everything that is good about fandom.
    And I’m crying at every chapter of ASWD. Cause that is true Faberry. Real Rachel and Real Quinn. Thank you Sophy.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      OH MAYON. What a lovely comment. My soul cried throughout.

      1. Mayon
        Mayon at · Reply


  24. A
    A at · Reply

    Dianna Agron ‏@DiannaAgron

    Excited to say that after a successful hair test, wardrobe fitting & reunion with the gang yesterday…today is Quinn’s first day back!

    I only have one thing to say about that:
    Oe Yeah!!

    1. Dingo
      Dingo at · Reply
  25. Caroline
    Caroline at · Reply

    Ok, I’ve taken a long time responding to this recap because this episode destroyed me. It’s probably the only episode of Glee that I will never be able to watch more than once. And my poor roommate. I watched it in his room the night it aired (I normally watch it on Hulu the day after ‘cause I don’t have cable…or a tv, but he does and he’s a good man so he let me have his Grey’s Anatomy hour) and I was BAWLING and he had no clue what to do. Poor guy. I still feel a little guilty about making him so uncomfortable. But I needed to watch the episode. The second I could. And I don’t regret it. But I did cry for three hours straight afterward (I understand the absurdity of this but there were real life parallels and all and I’m an award-winning masochist so…yeah…shut up) so I’m not going near the episode in moving form. Gif form is too hard too. Caps I can deal with. Barely. And this is going to be UBER long so…I apologize in advance.

    Alright, on to the recap. I’m going to be dropping in some quotes, from both Rophy and from the comments section because I feel like seriously quality dissection happened in here, and my comments will be a reply to the quotes.

    “Glee sucked all of the fun and all of the pathos out of Rachel by reducing her to a feminist cliché, but they did not alter her overriding worship of Finn, nor did they even touch her commitment to the two of them as endgame.”
    I agree. And I actually don’t think Finchel should be endgame because of their incompatibilities. I, for whatever reason, want Finn to fall in love with one of the musicians who plays during Glee performances (preferably a cellist because I love cellos and I find cello playing an odd aphrodisiac…but I also think it’d be fun to give a non-singing musician a story) because I love Finn on drums and in love with another instrumentalist and…Idk. I just want it, ok? I want there to be a character who doesn’t have to sing over Finn all the time. I want quiet Finn-love. Someone who loves Finn without putting him on a pedestal but for respecting the fact that, at his core, he’s a very kind and caring guy. He has the potential to be a good man.

    “I think the way they handled where Finn has been was really weak, and a cop-out in order for Rachel to get on her high horse and have an excuse to give us ‘BAD ASS RACHEL’” and “If Rachel was getting no response from Finn she would definitely have checked in with Kurt or his mum to make sure he was okay, and been told that he was.”
    I have a brother who’s a Marine. And yes, there are communication difficulties and all but my mom pretty much always knows where he is and what’s going on. I don’t always know because I don’t usually need more details than “your bro’s happy and ok” but if I needed serious info, I could just ask my mom. She would know. And I’m almost positive that Carole and Burt knew where Finn was and what was going on with him. I’d think there would be some kind of “Hey Mom, I shot myself, I’m in the hospital and out of the Army now. My bad.” But I also think it’s very feasible that Finn could’ve told his parents that he wanted them to not tell Kurt and/or Rachel if she asked because he was embarrassed and upset and wanted to be the one to update them on his life in his own time. And I believe Carole and Burt would’ve respected that. And Rachel did check with Kurt in episode 4.02 (what is it about the second episodes of the 4th seasons of these shows we love having all these deep pivotal relationship moments??) about whether he’d heard from Finn. Kurt just shakes his head “no.” And I don’t think Kurt’s lying about not having heard from Finn. But I think he also knows that he would have heard from the ‘rents if Finn was dead or seriously hurt or something (being shot in the leg apparently doesn’t count as seriously hurt but…whatever, just go w/it for Glee’s sake). Kind of like a “no news is good news” thing. There’s also the fact that I bet Burt and Carole witnessed a very broken Finn before he left for bootcamp and they knew that Finn was broken because of Rachel. As parents, their top loyalty is to Finn. Period. And it’s feasible to me that, even if Rachel asked them about Finn, they’d be very tight-lipped about it because they wouldn’t want to say anything Finn didn’t want divulged to Rachel and they may have felt like it wasn’t their place to say anything in the first place. It’s Finn’s relationship. It’s his job to tell Rachel about himself or to not. I never felt like anyone was worried Finn was dead or anything because that kind of information would’ve gotten around pretty quickly so that’s never what I felt Rachel meant when she was worried sick about him for four months. I think Finn needed space and was taking it.

    “for me the S3 “Rachel Hudson” version was at least as infuriating as S4 “New Rachel.” I want a Rachel that has all of her original delightful quirks, but without the Finchel albatross.” This is just here because it’s awesome and I agree. And albatross.

    “Because I never interpreted the end of S3 as a genuine end to their relationship, so much as an end to their engagement and the idea of Rachel being tied to Finn and his Lima-life.” And I think this is why Rachel feels like she’s cheating to you, Sophy. I saw it as an ending to the relationship. Not just the engagement.

    “Neither Rachel’s “You’re breaking up with me?” (322) nor Brody’s “That’s your boyfriend?” (401) gets a straight Y/N reply, if my memory serves. It doesn’t matter who’s wrong, or whether we think they broke up in 322, or whether we think Rachel cheated in 403; rather, both Rachel and Finn can construct a story where each of them is in the right.”
    This is the best interpretation I’ve seen actually. I agree completely with all of this. And the Finchel relationship has too many shades to make either Finn or Rachel a good or bad guy in it. Word to you, Ned.

    “Wow..she’s a grown, independent woman because she wears makeup at breakfast!!” This is fantastic.

    “Her and Kurt are living the lives of the mid-twenty crowd and it’s WEIRD. Show me a college freshman who spends their Friday nights going to trendy looking bars in suit jackets, ordering cocktails, and then taking leisurely strolls around central park (SOBER). Where are the awkward dorm parties? Where’s the easy mac episode? Or the stressed about all the reading you suddenly have? Where’s the moment when you realize how much you miss your parents?” and “When he showed up in New York my headcanon for him was that he’d join a NY community group and like, sing and dance, teaching a group of underprivileged gay kids after school or something. I WOULD HAVE LOVED THAT. AND THEN HE COULD HAVE WORKED PART TIME AT A PIZZA PLACE IDEK.”
    I totally agree with this!! That loft?!?!?! And the way it’s decorated?? I mean, I know we don’t know what Rachel’s dads do and all but…that whole setup is NOT cheap. Also, substitute Ramen for easy Mac. You can get that shit for a quarter yo!! ;) I wish Glee would learn that there are storylines that don’t revolve around love triangles. There are other conflicts out there. And I wanted them to find a reason for singing this during this season. :/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2eqn0MLtk0

    “Also I’m not saying Finchel should be endgame logically. I think they’re profoundly wrong for each other and should have a bittersweet ending where they realize that – even whilst loving each other so much.”
    Ok, I’ve already mentioned and agreed with this somewhat earlier but I want to revisit it. This is EXACTLY what is meant by having a ship that ruins lives. I don’t mean RUIN in the sense that you in any way mess up people’s lives or make them worse. If anything, the story will enrich them in a way that ONLY stories can do. But ruin in the sense that after someone sees this story, after someone takes it in, chews on it for a while, and really UNDERSTANDS it, there will be a huge difference in the way they see the world afterwards. THAT’S what I mean by ruin. That’s what Rophy means by ruin. There’s no going back after you experience a story that holds your heart in its hand and then just absolutely shatters it. That’s what a bittersweet Finchel ending COULD do. I know we’re all “happy endings Glee yay!!” but I think the responsible thing to do with these two characters is NOT have them end up with happily ever after with EACH OTHER. Brad Falchuk said something very poignant about how 322 and Finn’s pushing of Rachel to go to New York WITHOUT him was what adult love looks like. I think he’s right. It was one of the few instances of Glee allowing the characters to write themselves and not sacrificing the characters to bend to the plot-of-the-moment. I wish I believed that Glee would make that happen at the end of it all…but I know they won’t.

    OUCH!! What the fu—?? Oh. Hi Quinn. Yeah, you’re gorgeous, I know. You smell delightful, too. What’s that you say? Faberry is what adult love looks like for Rachel? You think so? Idk, you have to save Rachel an awful lot from doing stupid Finn things… What? She rescues you right back? Like, from ruining Shelby and Beth’s lives? From putting up with an excess of Sue Sylvester’s shit? She helped you realize that you’re more than the most gorgeous human on planet Earth and that you have a brighter future than a real estate agent and Finn’s wife?? You can’t fake it around her and that’s WHY she loves you? Because when she sees past all of your walls and sees the sweet vulnerability that is YOU, she loves it and she tells you and that’s the only time you’ve ever felt totally naked yet totally safe at the same time? Yeah, I guess that’s true and all. And you did stop her wedding the first time—well done btw—and you did that really sweet thing at prom where you crowned her Prom Queen just because you knew it would make her feel good and she really needed that because of how down she was feeling after that fucked up audition…ha funny thing about that. Did you know she told Finn to get you the gardenia with the ribbon that would match your eyes the prom before? Pretty sweet, huh? You guys are like prom soulmates…no, just soulmates really. What? You didn’t know about the gardenia? Oops. Sorry! Wasn’t trying to spill the beans on that one. Hmm?? Train station? The nearest one? I’m not sure…my car keys?? You want my car keys? Well, Idk about that, Quinn. That’s my car and…and…oh my God your face…YES!! TAKE MY CAR!! HERE’S MY CREDIT CARD TOO!! MAX IT OUT!! GET ENOUGH GAS!! GO, QUINN, GO!! SAAAAAAAVE HER!!

    “Blaine never had someone to tell him he mattered and not to throw himself around.” Cheers to whoever came up with this idea. It’s brilliant and, I think, very true and interestingly spot-on for Blaine. He has such potential to be an incredibly complicated character. I want Glee to go there.

    “As much as we all bitched last season about the wedding not letting Rachel be who she is supposed to be, it did the same to Finn.” Yes. Agreed. See above comments for feelings on Finn.

    Ok. So. Brittana.

    “Brittany needs Santana a lot more than she lets on. That she can love a lot more seriously than I might once have thought she was capable of. Santana used to be so afraid of losing Brittany. She used to be so consumed by the fact that she never quite had all of her to herself. And now that she does… she’s letting go.”
    When you guys turn your analysis onto Brittana and give it the dissection it deserves…I’ve never loved you more.

    “I don’t think Santana meant she was hot for the girl in the library. Rather she realized that this was a new experience: having a girl come on to her. And also that there will still high school experiences for Brittany that maybe she shouldn’t have to experience through the lens of Brittana.”

    “I think part of the reason I feel so heartbroken for Brittany is that…[her] girlfriend is [her] best friend. It’s because nobody has ever gotten Brittany the way Santana does. And sure, I can see that they’re setting up Sam as someone who gets her too, just like they’re setting Sam up as a friend for Blaine to turn to. But it’ll never be the same. I have a feeling Brittany is never going to feel as special and as safe with anybody as she did with Santana. Now she has loved and lost.”

    “It still translates to: a lot of someone else is greater than a little of you. And that fucking hurts.”
    This is the best line of the recap for me. It so succinctly sums this all up. And it’s so accurate…it does fucking hurt.

    “I just think it would have been enough to have Santana tearfully tell Brittany that she hasn’t been able to give her what she needs over the past couple of months and it’s not going to get any better. And she can’t bear to let her down like that, you know? Because I really do think that is at the core of why Santana chose to let her go.”
    I think you’re so right about this. The cheating, the attraction, all that. It wasn’t necessary. It detracted from the gooey center. But I also think that an 18-year-old being self-aware enough to say what you’re saying, Sophy…Idk that I’d buy that either. It’s plausible to me that when Santana was thinking about this whole conversation she was looking for every possible reason to justify it. To say that “I love you too much to put myself in a position where I could fail you and I love you too much to see you like this…even if it means that I get some of those parts of you that make my existence worth everything…I can’t do that, Brittany.” Because to even verbalize that in your own head…Gawd. I think Santana went to the place that felt most rational to her (love is not rational) to be able to get to a mentality that would allow her to do what she did. And the writers went there to give her a line where she gives permission for Britt to date other people. So that it can be thrown in her face later. >:( Then Santana goes home and just listens to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cD_hbD8fSU on repeat.

    “You know I will always love you the most.”
    I actually just started crying all over again. This line is one of Glee’s best. It’s right there with “Being a part of something special makes you special” and “Dreams aren’t free.” It’s why we love Glee so hard. Because when it’s good, it’s Michael Jordan good. Peyton Manning good. Serena Williams good. Ronaldinho good. How’s that for some sports references for ya, Rophy? :) When Glee is good, it’s the best. Truly. It’s better than everything else when the writing is right. Because this cast is the best cast. They can pull it off. And when Brittany shakes her head…oh my God. That was when it was all over for me. The little piece of “no” that is coming out of Brittany right then…dear God. HeMo…please…never again. Seeing you broken is actually worse than seeing Santana broken. Idk why…maybe because you’re Brittany? You’re the unicorn. We all want to protect you and keep you safe. Watching you hurt like that…is like watching a puppy being euthanized. (I’m sorry that I went there, I truly am, but IT’S WHAT IT FELT LIKE.)
    Santana WILL always love Brittany the most. We all know that. But that doesn’t mean it’s ENOUGH to keep them together. That first love. There’s no replacement. That first real love TEACHES you what love is. And it’s the bitterest pill in the world to swallow when you have to understand that LOVE DOESN’T CONQUER ALL. And yet, at the same time, it does. It’s horrible having to recognize that something completely paradoxical is simultaneously the truest. I’ve actually been on the verge of saying “I will always love you the most” to someone before in the midst of a break-up. And I thank God that I didn’t. Because it would’ve destroyed both of us, I believe. Because if you SAY it out loud, everything after it is just settling, isn’t it?

    Ok. I feel like the piece of meat that gets beaten with those weird mallets with ridges on the parts where they’re supposed to be flat. I’m so emotionally exhausted. Cheers, Rophy. If you read this whole thing…you’re good people. Or slightly deranged? For hanging with me for all of this? Or both?

    P.S. Quinn just texted (SHE STOPPED FOR GAS, SHE’S NOT DRIVING) and said that she and Rachel are going to duet on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjnugXpSIKE when Glee ends and Faberry are on their honeymoon.

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    i absolutely love your quinn glory caps lol. especially this one because you are determined to keep quinn around and i commend you. because she should be kept around always. my heart aches for more quinn and more faberry.

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