403 – Makeover

Best Song

Isabelle, Kurt & Rachel – The Way You Look Tonight/You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Sophy says: This was so cute! I mean, it’s somewhat marred by the fact that it led to Rachel throwing out her reindeer sweater, which is the cruelest thing this show has ever done to me. But. It was still an adorable sequence, and I loved watching Lea twirl around in those dresses. And, and, and I liked the mash-up. And although you can tell that one of these three people is not a professional singer, Sarah Jessica Parker still held her own, and her character was sweet enough that I’d forgive her anything.

Yes, even muscling in on my Hummelberry.

More on that disturbing lack of resentment later, but for now let me just note that Rachel Berry hasn’t had a solo yet.

Rachel Berry hasn’t had a solo yet.

Yes, I am deliberately pretending the grope-fest never happened.

I gotta say though, whilst I normally love a makeover, I’m going to say no to the end result of this one. The movie star highlights are just… no. I feel like the highlighting and tousling and fringing is all just too much, to the point where this hairstyle very much obscures Lea’s beauty rather than showing it off. And, you know, it’s just not Rachel. But there’ll be more on that later.


Rin says: Agreed. Makeover’s are my favourite episodes of ANTM, for the love of god. But this one, whilst making Lea Michele look absolutely stunning, just doesn’t work for me in terms of Rachel’s character. I was about to burst into a Rophy Says No! rant, when I realised there’s a whole new postcode for that later on. You’ll see.

This song though? I loved it. I thought it was completely charming, and if you told me before the season started that we would be putting SJP in the Best Song category I would have died laughing and then slapped you on the face.

But we were wrong. Yes, SJP isn’t a big belt-out-voice kind of singer, but she’s playing a role where she isn’t supposed to be. It’s like how we can still very much appreciate Bieste singing, because it’s different. (OR SMG IN THE BUFFY MUSICAL. BUT THAT’S A WHOLE ‘NOTHER THING.) Not everyone can be a Lea Michele, or a Chris Colfer. BUT SJP REALLY DOES LIKE TO PERFORM.


I loved the start of this and looking at the caps before Rachel gets made over, you can actually see Rachel faces. You know? And the dancing with Kurt was the cutest ever, and I adore Rachel’s harmonies in this song. They’re gorgeous.

I also love that Kurt just popped up in a ridiculous suit, like he helped himself to the Vogue closet too. <3

Sophy says: SMG in the Buffy musical is the cutest thing. Life’s a show, you don’t get to reheeeearse!



Biggest LOL

“This is what you have to look forward to. In a few short years, you’ll either be an alcoholic…morbidly obese…or both.”



But possibly the best part was “And of course your complete lack of adult friends means you’re well on your way to a career as a pedophile birthday clown.”


Rin says: AND WHEN SHE STROLLED IN AND CASUALLY SAID, “Hey buttchin,” but it was almost affectionate?


But the guy with the vodka on the cracker. I just. Amazing.

“I panicked.”

Sophy says: OH MY GOD IT WAS SO CUTE. Chord is really good at bashful.

Rin says: I just. ‘The straight vote.’


Best Scene

“We’d be like Wolverine and Cyclops, you know, show people how we’re cool with each other. And you know, if you ask me, that’s what matters.”

Sophy says: Darren Criss is wonderful. Shall I say for the billionth, pointless time that I don’t understand the hate a fraction of fandom has for him? Looks like I just did. Really though, I think he’s a lovely actor, very natural and endearing. And I was really touched by this scene. I especially loved the way he said he felt really alone all of a sudden and the delivery of “I did all this for him – I did all this for him.” Because it had such a gently incredulous tone to it and it really made me think of how sometimes when we’re kids, especially when we’re kids in love for the first time, we can live whole sections of our lives for the wrong reasons and then wake up one day and think What?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying what Blaine and Kurt have – or I’m sensing a ‘had’ on the horizon – isn’t real or special or something to be chased. It’s just that it shouldn’t have taken over all of Blaine’s life the way it did. And that’s something he’ll have to face now, and deal with; whether he’ll have to split up with Kurt to find himself remains to be seen. (I’m guessing yes.)

I thought it was a really clever scene too, in that it allowed the writers to address the fact that Blaine’s characterisation has been messy –  in part because of the backflip he did when he stopped being King of Dalton and became a (this just in) junior at McKinley. This scene was the writers saying, ‘Yes, we know, you still don’t know who Blaine is outside of being Kurt’s boyfriend – and you know what, he doesn’t know either anymore. So let’s find out.’

I felt the Klaine was handled extremely well in this episode – in stark contrast to the set-up for Finchel’s (likely) split. Kurt was self-involved and Blaine felt left behind. It made sense. It felt natural. Kurt has a tendency to get carried away with his own perspective, and to be insensitive to the needs and experiences of others without actually intending to offend or hurt anybody. It’s the one real character flaw that saves him from being a Mary Sue. Blaine has a tendency to smile and smile and smile… and then end up with a whole lot of repressed hurt and aggression that maybe he wouldn’t have had in the first place if he’d just been able to say “Hey, this is me, this is who I am, and this is what I would like from you.”

And so these two problematic character traits came together in this episode, and maybe the consequences will be dire. But I’m pretty sure they’ll be interesting, and that’s what counts.

I’m going to need to get on my soapbox in anticipation of comments that may be coming our way. Yes, I firmly believe that Kurt was insensitive in this episode. I think that was the heavily telegraphed intention of the skype scene and the unanswered phone call.

All the wank I’ve seen around the place about how Kurt couldn’t take the call because he was at work is just wank. He may have been at work, but he was not working. It was an unequivocally social interaction, had after work hours. It’s possible that the fact that Kurt’s phone says it’s after midnight when Blaine calls is just a bit of prop fail, but the Breadstix celebration was certainly after school hours, and at Vogue they were talking movies and drinking wine. Regardless, the whole argument that Kurt’s new and at the bottom of the food chain so couldn’t risk being disrespectful by taking a call? Oh please. Yes he’s new, yes that means he probably should be at the food chain, but you know what? He’s not. He’s really, really not. He’s pretty much the boss’s new BFF, actually. She’s a sweet, insecure woman who is keen to mentor him however she can, and frankly, quite ready to let him mentor her.

Isabelle would not have minded if Kurt took Blaine’s call. She wouldn’t even have noticed if he’d taken 30 seconds to text him saying ‘Call u soon luv u’. The reality is that Kurt wasn’t answering Blaine’s call because he felt like what he was doing was more exciting and/or more important than talking to Blaine about his election – the same way he felt his video was more exciting and/or more important than Blaine’s election in the skype call. And that’s rough, given how important the very same election was to Kurt only a year before. It’s rough considering how unswervingly supportive Blaine has to him then – and how unswervingly supportive he has been of his new life. And you know, when you actually put it into context it gets even rougher. Because either Kurt was so unable to listen to a word Blaine was saying that he wasn’t even aware that it was election day… or he didn’t care that it was election day. As in, he wasn’t interested in finding out whether his boyfriend won or lost, in congratulating him or being a shoulder to cry on.

My heart absolutely broke for Blaine when he realized that Kurt wasn’t going to take his call. When he realized that he could no longer turn to him for the kind of unflagging support and intimacy some of us need in a relationship. I really felt terrible for him. And I do think Kurt was in the wrong if either of them was. But I didn’t want to point bread at Kurt about it, you know? Because I get it. I get being carried away with his vogue fairytale. I get being selfish sometimes. We all are.

What I’m saying is, Kurt wasn’t a good boyfriend in this episode. But he wasn’t a bad person. Glee nailed the balance.

And you know a little thing I thought was genius? Kurt’s fancy, bright, new New York boss introduces herself with an anecdote about how ugh Breadstix is… and when Blaine’s call gets declined he is celebrating at none other than Breadstix. It really hammered home that stomach-achey feeling that Kurt was upgrading, for better or worse.

And okay now I’m going to talk about the actual Sam/Blaine part of this scene. I thought it was really sweet. I thought it was really sweet that Blaine felt comfortable sitting down and talking openly with Sam about his relationship with Kurt, in a way he didn’t with Artie. That was a sure sign that their time together working on the campaign has bonded them, and it was also a testament to the open spirit Sam has, harking back to that time he insisted on singing his duet with Kurt no matter what people thought. Not that Artie would have been all ‘Ew, gay germs,’ or anything, but I thought it was nice that Blaine could talk to Sam about his boyfriend in just the same way that any of the guys would talk to him about their girlfriends. It was easy. It was natural. It was one of those times that you’re struck by how gay/straight really is just person/person after all.

And then Sam came out with the line that I know a lot of people were upset by – the bit about how Kurt’s the first gay guy Sam’s been friends with but Blaine’s the first gay guy who’s been his bro. As I understand it, people are upset because they see Blaine as significantly less gay than Kurt, and Sam as confirming that gay male/straight male friendships are only successful where the gay male is not, you know, too gay. I can see where people are coming from, but at the same time I really don’t think that was the intention here. I think Sam just wanted to say that he happens to have more interests in common with Blaine than he ever did with Kurt, not that he likes or respects Kurt any less because of that. And honestly, to me it’s always been a matter of Kurt defining himself as not-one of the guys, rather than him being rejected by them. Whereas Blaine very much wants to be one of the guys, like he was at Dalton. And Sam is letting him have that. Sam is consciously and cutely letting him have it, as a way to say ‘You’re something more than just Kurt’s boyfriend, you are not just Gay Boy #2’.

In short, he wants Blaine to feel like it matters that he’s at this school, and the best way to do that is to say that it matters to him – that he’s his friend, and in a different way from Kurt. As a separate thing from Kurt.

I thought it was really rather lovely?


And I love that this is a theme of Glee. Yes, sometimes they get it way wrong and I get angry at Kurt, etc. etc. But in hindsight, it’s all good because I do firmly believe that Glee has been a great platform to open up discussion on LGBT topics. And the way Sam said that his friendship with Blaine, that it matters just because they’re them and people might see that and think differently, was really sweet. And it’s a really simple idea, and to all of us on here it seems small, but I feel like it is the small things like this that make a difference to the general public.

In general this is a really nice transition into friendship for Sam and Blaine, ’cause remember in 308 where they had that kerfuffle? And there was that compromise where Sam got to do his sexy dance in a lols way, and they had their ‘top dogs!’ moment after their performance. This feels like a continuation from that. It’s like, all of their closest friends have gone and graduated, and now these kids are left to form new close friendships. It’s interesting, and I love that Glee are exploring a lot of that with the leftovers at McKinley. Ha, leftovers. I really like what Sophy said too, about how Blaine felt like he could go to Sam with his problems, that he wouldn’t be placing Sam in an uncomfortable position by discussing Kurt, and it shows a nice level of trust. I kind of wish Sam would discuss Mercedes though, could Glee be trying any harder to shove all of that under the rug? BRING SAMCERDES BACK DAMNIT, WE LIKED IT.

Not going to address the whole Sam/Kurt thing, because anyone who is trying to frame it in a way that is ~sexist is purposely trying to find flaws where there are none.

I don’t have much to add to the whole Klaine thing. Except that I really like what they’re doing, no matter the heartache it causes, because it’s also just a really good reflection on long-distance relationships. Yes, we’re in an age where we are more connected than ever, but it still doesn’t make it any easier. It’s like, yeah, we have 6 different ways to contact each other, but that doesn’t mean we can communicate any better. Not everyone can be as awesome as Rophy and Yahoo. I’m really looking forward to where they’re going with Klaine, as long as it has nothing to do with a third party. I WILL NOT HANDLE ANOTHER LOSER FUCKTARD LIKE THAT ONE WHOSE NAME I CAN’T REMEMBER AND WHOSE FACE WAS STUPID, WHO KURT MET AND SMS’D WITH. If they do that again, there will be so many elephant stampedes.

Sophy says: Yeah, I’ve read and reread and then reread again the argument that it’s sexist for Sam to say he gets on better with a person who likes some stereotypically masculine things than a person who likes mostly stereotypically feminine things, and I cannot follow the logic at all. It’s like, if two little boys bond over their trucks are they being sexist? Is it sexist if a woman likes shopping with her girlfriends better than watching the footy with her guys friends?

I’d be singing a whole other tune about this scene if I felt Sam was even remotely trying to say that he didn’t like or care about Kurt as much, because they didn’t share as many interests, or that the kindness and support Kurt showed him last year didn’t mean as much as being able to chat about comic books… I’d be really fucking pissed if I thought that was the case. But I really don’t think it is. And even then it wouldn’t be sexist.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“What is your favorite color?”
“Filipino. They’re very hard workers, and family is very important to them.”

Sophy says: HAHAHAHAHAHAH OH MY GOD. I nearly choked. Oh Brittany.

Rin says: I love her. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

I might go as far to say that S4 Brittany has been my favourite Brittany so far. I wouldn’t say that she was in Santana’s shadow, but it’s just been really nice to get to know Brittany outside of her otp. Brittana have always been sort of a package deal from day one, and even all of that Bartie stuff was just a means to an end for Brittana. So it’s nice that we’re just getting Brittany being awesome, and that also Heather gets a chance to shine. Remember when she was the only reason we could get through some episodes in Season 2? 8-.

“And then they’ll probably start burning people, too.”
“That’s a lie.”

Sophy says: I JUST. The delivery was spot-on.

Rin says: I loved how they all looked so grown up during this campaign. The whole thing was absurd and spectacular.


Sophy says: I LOVED THE CONTINUITY. He’s still pissed about the hair gel ban. Lol, oh Blaine. Time to move on.


The OG’s (Original Gleeks)

BECKY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ALL.

Sophy says: BECKY. Holy fucking shit. I was starting to worry she wasn’t going to be on the show anymore, and to be honest, that’s a solid 45% of why Kitty’s scene with Sue in 401 made me so angry: because it looked like she was going to replace Becky as Sue’s right-hand woman. So relieved to find that that’s not the case.

And GOD, just the way Sue is smiling at Becky. And she’s all “Not feeling it?” AND BECKY JUST SHAKES HER HEAD.


Rin says: Literally one of the best moments in Glee, ever. BECAUSE SUE JUST KEPT STARING WITH THAT SMILE ON HER FACE, AND THESE TWO ARE SUCH A GREAT COMEDIC DUO. I am so so so happy that they’re still going to be around, and I hope Becky never graduates, or even if she does, she better get hired by Sue in some absurd made-up job position as Sue’s Little Helper. Or something. BECAUSE SHE JUST NEEDS TO BE ON THE SHOW FOREVER.

Not that I think Glee will get another season, but we’ll see.

Becky/Xylophones. ONE. TRUE. PAIR.

Scarlet fever!


Rin says: That’s quite an intense love you have for such a minor character.

Are you perhaps projecting?

Is this going to be another Sophy/Dudley thing?

Sophy says: DUDDERS :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


Rophy Says No!

All of Brody/Rachel, but we just didn’t want to have that many screencaps..otherwise we’d have nightmares.

Rin says: Bestiality. Not a fan.

Sophy says: Oh god. Can someone please wave some magic flowers over Rachel’s eyes, stat?

Dear everybody who likes Brody/Rachel, stop. Please stop. Please stop liking them immediately, you are breaking my heart.

I am not a Finchel shipper, okay. Stop looking at me like that, I’m not. Just because I don’t indiscriminately loathe Finn, doesn’t make me a Finchel shipper. In fact, just because I don’t indiscriminately loathe Finchel? Still doesn’t make me a FInchel shipper. What I’m saying is, I’m in no way judging Brody or Brody/Rachel harshly because I have a pre-existing loyalty to Finn or Finn/Rachel. I’ll admit that I’m probably somewhat biased against Rachel/AnybodyButQuinn, but I have enjoyed alternative Rachel ships before: I really wanted Puck/Rachel to be more than it was, and I’m still yearning to this day for them to bring Jesse/Rachel back.

I wanted Rachel to be single this season. But not to the point where I was going to be incapable of enjoying or at least respecting a well written romantic storyline for her. I wanted Rachel to break up with Finn this season. But not like this.

I’m just going to get this out of the way. I consider what Rachel did in this episode to be cheating (yes, my threshold is low). I consider cheating to be dickish, in 90% of cases. In this case I consider it pretty much unforgivable, from Finn’s perspective, and yes, it does diminish my respect for the character of Rachel Berry.

My problem is that Finn and Rachel did not simply split up. Those saying it’s that cut-and-dried and that therefore Rachel is completely within her rights to move on like any other single gal are just being wilfully obtuse. Whether you approved of it or not, and, as is well-documented in these recaps, I most certainly did not approve of it, Rachel and Finn were engaged. As in they had come to an agreement that they loved each other on a forever level. On a level where they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with each other and only each other. And then at the eleventh hour, Finn realized a teen wedding was not what Rachel needed – that a ring on her finger was not going to enhance her life – that as her husband he in fact would be likely to hold her back from pursuing her dreams.

So he sent her off to New York. He gave her permission to leave him behind the only way he knew how – by not giving her permission to do otherwise.

Maybe you hate Finn. I get that. Sometimes I hate him a whole fucking lot myself. But this was clearly a selfless choice, made at great personal cost to himself, so that Rachel could personally benefit.


Now, do I think that should make her beholden to him? Do I think the fact that he set her free means she shouldn’t actually be free? No. But she owes him the respect of at least letting him know she’s ready to move on, before she actually gets to the face-sucking stage.

And believe me, she knew she was getting to the face-sucking stage that night. Quite apart from the fact that ‘Let me cook you dinner’ is pretty much a polite way of saying ‘Let’s have sex,’ she was flirting aggressively with Brody all night. With wine. With full knowledge of the fact that he is constantly thinking about kissing her and thinks she’s really, really, really…. sexy, yes, thank you Brody, we got the memo, you can shut up now.

I mean, if it wasn’t clear to Rachel that she and Finn had broken up in 401, I highly doubt that it’s clear to Finn in 403. I’ve gone back and checked as best I can all the references to Finn, and I don’t recall Rachel saying she was continually trying to communicate with him and being rebuffed. What I’m saying is, people need to stop putting this spin on the situation of ‘Oh, Finn dumped Rachel and then wouldn’t talk to her for months, so it’s A-OK for her to move on without further reference to him.’ He didn’t dump Rachel. And it’s repeatedly acknowledged by Rachel that any lack of him reaching out to contact her has nothing to do with not wanting to talk to her and everything to do with giving her space to live her New York dream. And. Even if they are ‘on a break’ that doesn’t mean Rachel has no responsibility to fucking be kind to someone she professes to love. Seriously.

A simple email might have sufficed, if she really felt the guy she wanted to marry a few months ago wasn’t worth more than that. I mean, at least just drop a quick line to finn.hudson@yahoo.com and let him know you’re cooking dinner for the guy who grabbed your vagina in dance class last week.

The bottom line? What Rachel did in this episode was tacky as fuck. And it’s only made worse by the fact that it’s a rehash of that time she cheated on Finn with Puck.

And look, I gave her a pass there, for multiple reasons – she had genuine cause to be upset about Finn lying to her re: sex and Santana, she came clean which took balls and showed she understood what she’d done was wrong, and most importantly, she was a kid in high school. So whilst it was wrong of her to cheat and particularly insensitive of her to cheat with Puck, of all people, I still felt that on balance Finn was unduly harsh in dumping her over it, and a major dick for hooking up with Quinn – of all people. I was pretty much on Rachel’s side. Because, you know, being a huge Rachel stan, I generally like to be on her side. But I just can’t, objectively, not see Rachel as the douche in this situation. And the way I see it, if you don’t think she’s the douche in this situation, it’s not because what she’s doing is cool beans on an objective level, it’s just because you hate Finn Hudson so much that you’ve decided he’s no longer a human being worthy to be treated with any respect or consideration. If you really think he’s that much of a monster, then sure, Rachel can pull this shit on him with impunity. Heck, if he’s that much of a monster she should feel free to tie him to a post and throw fruit at him.

You know who I wish she would tie to a post and throw fruit at?


God, the sleaze-factor was through the roof in this episode. I mean, he’s been a smarmy little bitch from day 1, let’s face it, but he really took it to the next level in this episode. I can’t be the only one who laughed out loud when he said he was going to keep his hands to himself and be Rachel’s friend… and then immediately got down to business. And by business I mean face-sucking. I’m not saying Rachel didn’t send him every possible ‘Kiss me’ signal, but still. He really needs to stop saying “I’m super noble,” whilst really, really not being noble. At all.

Maybe I’m alone in this, but a guy is just never going to be attractive to me if he’ll actively pursue another guy’s girlfriend. Especially when he’ll do it based solely on an initial attraction. Like, it’s different if you meet a girl and get to know her and fall in love and then realize she has a boyfriend. And then it turns out the boyfriend is kind of a jack-ass and she’s not really happy with him but she doesn’t have the guts to break up with him. And so you keep, like, trying to be close to her, because by now you’ve become such good friends, and you honestly think she’d be happier with you and you love her so much. And then one day you tell her how you feel, because you can’t stand it anymore, and she looks at you all wide-eyed and lovely and you can’t help yourself – you lean in to kiss her…

That scenario is very different from this scenario. This scenario is: Big Man On Campus sees hot, vulnerable girl, makes a pass at her. She says she has a boyfriend. He continues to make passes at her wherever possible. The boyfriend could literally be the nicest guy in the world and and also have puppy-cancer, Big Man On Campus does not care, because the girl is hot and vulnerable and eventually he will wear her down.


Brody needs to get off my screen, yesterday. He has reached the turning point. There is no coming back from this. Even if they actually gave him a personality (seriously? Your big secret you’d never tell anyone is that you liked Ace of Base?), or even if, heaven forbid, they gave him a personality that actually meshed with Rachel’s… I don’t like slimeballs. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s what he is.

Finn > Brody. I almost wish they’d gone through with the wedding.

Now you may think I’m winding down. You may think I’m done being angry. But I’m actually just getting to the crux of what bothered me about this scene. And you guys, it bothered me to the point where it ruined an otherwise extremely enjoyable episode. It bothered me to the point where I nearly wanted to cry. It bothered me to the point where in an episode that guest-starred Sarah Jessica Parker, I was saying No to Rachel Berry.

Let me rephrase that. I was saying No to this impostor played by Lea Michele – this coy, sassy, tousle-haired, smokey-eyed, champagne-swigging Let me fail to cook you dinner replacement for Rachel Berry.

I can’t stress this enough. The biggest problem I have with Rachel/Brody is not actually Brody. And I despise Brody.

The biggest problem is the fact that Rachel is no longer Rachel.

I commented on this in the first episode of the season – this niggling sensation that I was watching a new, unnervingly normal character in the New York scenes, one who was simply being played by the same lovely woman who played Rachel for the first three seasons of the show. There was nothing of the ridiculous in her, and it bothered me a great deal. But I kept thinking Kurt would bring the real Rachel back. Or maybe I was just blowing things out of proportion, and she would be back to her old self as she acclimatised to her new environment.

Now I’m starting to think my first instincts were right. I’m starting to think this Rachel is a new character, and that it’s a conscious decision on the part of the writers to make her so. Because it’s just so darned extreme how not extreme Rachel is this season. It’s just so painfully clear that she’s turned into a real girl overnight. She remains adorable, sure, but she’s adorable in a Lea Michele way, not in a Rachel Berry way. And this episode, with its emphasis on Rachel being made over, on her throwing out her reindeer sweater and having extremely poorly written conversations with Brody about changing on the outside and changing on the inside… this episode seems to be saying “Yes, we intend this change, no, it will not be going away.”

And if that’s the case, it’s easily the worst decision the showrunners have ever made.


First because you don’t change a character that fast. It doesn’t work. Glee does this all the time, and it’s annoying, but you kind of give them a pass on it, because it usually happens with minor characters, or characters who had not previously been strongly established. It’s easy to forgive them when Tina’s not a Goth anymore, or when the dynamic between Kurt and Blaine is upended to suit their agenda, or when Sugar goes from being a comically overbearing plot device to someone happy to sway in the background. It’s less easy to forgive them when their lead character, and the primary reason why I fell in love with this show, simply ceases to exist.

And yes, I do feel that the change is that dramatic. It’s fucking Skins 6 dramatic, you guys. If this girl were being played by someone other than Lea Michele, I would have no idea she was supposed to be Rachel Berry. She could be, like, Marley, the college years – you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference based on the writing.

Scratch that – you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference based on the acting. It seems plain to me that somebody has told Lea to stop playing Rachel so Rachel. There is no other explanation for the change in all of her body language and even the tone of her voice. It’s all different. Down to the cute, helpless, girly-girl whining noises she was making when her pan caught fire.

Speaking of which, why am I watching Clueless? Why is Lea Michele playing Cher Horowitz? I seriously expected Brody to come out with “Aw, honey, you baked.” But I guess then he would have missed another golden opportunity to tell Rachel how sexy she is via double entendres about the smoke.

Insert MASSIVE Quinn eyeroll here.

Quite apart from how gross it was that Rachel wanted to cook him dinner in the first place, if she had decided to do it she would have damn well done it well. Rachel is not an adorably incompetent sexpot who wears shorts when she cooks and sets fire to things and laughs at herself later. She’s an over-achieving, over-zealous, pint-sized perfectionist. She would have had an apron on for sure. And she would have had a table set with candles and cutlery. And she would have produced a decent meal, come hell or high water. And if everything really did go wrong? She would certainly struggle to find it funny.

She’s just not the kind of girl who shakes failure off and drinks wine and teases men effortlessly and laughs at herself.


And I think that was the kicker for me. The bit where Rachel shared something secret about herself and it was a scene from her childhood that was so gloriously Rachel… and she looked back on it and laughed and said how embarrassing it was.

That’s the character this season, in a nutshell.

‘I used to be Rachel Berry. Now I’m someone new and improved.’

One of my biggest Glee No’s has always been the intermittent implication that Rachel Berry needed to change in order to be awesome. When Finn made all those vomitty comments at the last prom about how amazing it was that she was so new and improved, I told myself It’s okay. The show doesn’t endorse that point of view. It could never, it would never. I’m caaaaaaalm, I’m caaaaaalm.

And then in the very first episode of this season, we had Rachel’s new love interest telling her pretty much the same thing. Embrace the new you, Rachel! My penis likes her! A change would do you good, get it? GET IT?


The biggest problem for me is that Brody doesn’t even know Rachel. For a start the Rachel he met this season is the new one, you know, now with less actual Rachel! And beyond that, he sexualized their relationship the first time they met, and has continued to sexualize it wherever possible since then. Brody might be a less revolting character if he’d actually made some attempt to be a friend to Rachel without pushing his romantic agenda. But he hasn’t. We’ve barely seen them have a single conversation that didn’t include how sexually attractive he finds her or how she needs to change boyfriends to find her place in New York.

And really, that’s what it all boils down to. That’s the bit that really stings. Brody is Rachel’s place in New York. Brody is NYADA. Have we even seen Rachel in a class other than Crotch Grabbing 101? Have we even seen her practicing till all hours at the loft, or heard her telling Kurt every detail of her curriculum? Has Rachel even met a single other student than Brody? Has she even made a single attempt to make an actual friend?

The only interaction we’ve seen her have with another student was that time those two mean ballet girls provided the segway into the makeover. And even that interaction was idiotic. Those girls treated Rachel like she was, well, the Rachel we all know and love. The one who alienates people with her eagerness. The one who sometimes makes questionable (BUT ADORABLE) fashion choices. That’s the girl who used to get bullied. The new Rachel doesn’t stand out enough to get bullied. And the weirdness of that whole scene was driven home by the fact that I kept waiting for them to pan down to the lower half of Rachel’s body to reveal, like, I don’t know, bunny-print tights or something. But, they didn’t! They expected us to believe that an ordinary and in fact rather attractive leotard is the object of those girls’ derision.

Please. That whole sequence, coupled with the way Brody is all over Rachel… it screamed fanfic. You know, where the protagonist is really pretty and sweet and humourless? And gets attacked by the mean girls for no good reason? But it’s okay because the hottest boy in school likes her?


And does anyone remember what happened last time Rachel drank alcohol? She jumped around in a green dress that looked like a nightie screaming about pink and made out messily with a gay man. Am I really supposed to swallow that in the space of a year, with no practice in between, Rachel has become a grown woman who can hold her liquor? The kind of grown woman who can sip sparkling wine all evening and remain appropriate, charming, and above all, completely normal? Please.

But, you know, this Rachel isn’t even vegan anymore, so I guess all bets are off. The moment the word ‘duck’ came out of her mouth I facepalmed. I had been beginning to wonder whether I was wrong to be pedantic about the cake and the pizza last week – whether it was in fact reasonable to expect your audience to just assume it was vegan cake and vegan pizza… but no. I was on the money, unfortunately. They’ve simply forgotten Rachel’s a vegan. And that really grates, when meanwhile I’m spending the better part of an hour educating myself on veganism just to write fanfiction, for the love of god.

And please, don’t anyone try to tell me the writers didn’t make a mistake – that she’s still a vegan and was just cooking the duck for Brody to eat. Because that might be the grossest thing I’ve ever heard.

Okay, I’m just going to say it. I hate Brody/Rachel in ways you wouldn’t believe. I actually find them appalling on every possible level. To the point where if you come on here and tell me they’re kind of cute together though, and Brody is super hot, and remember that time Rachel licked her cone like a 2 dollar whore on vacation, and Brody put icecream on his nose because he wishes she was licking his cone, and it’s okay because actually he really respects her because of how he’s always saying he respects her, and as long as it’s not Finn you’ll settle for any fifth-rate, pot-boiler, tacky-ass love interest for Rachel, I will probably have some kind of hissy fit at you. And then Rin will have to smooth things over.

Or just close the blog.

Rin says: How do these keep getting longer and longer? SCROLLLLL… SCROLLLLLLLL….

I fucking hate Brody. I don’t know how I can express my disgust for him any better. He is perhaps up there with my most hated characters of all time. But I can deal with characters I hate, I can. I survived Juliet Burke and Lisa Cuddy, didn’t I? What I can’t survive, and what I fear for my future relationship with Glee, is what they’re doing to Rachel Berry. MY LOVE. My reason for falling in love with Glee in the first place. It’s times like this where I just want to welcome wedding-crazed Rachel back into my arms and rock her gently to sleep, telling her in hushed tones that I’ll still love her, even as a Hudson.


It’s not that it’s even the new love interest for Rachel aspect. Yes, I wanted her to spend at least a little time on her own trying to rediscover who she is as a person that isn’t all about Finn, and that there was no better time for her to do it than when she starts her new life in New York at NYADA. Wasn’t that the entire point of the S3 finale? ROOTS BEFORE BRANCHES, anyone? ANYONE?!?!?! BUELLER?!?@!?$!?#$!@?

I just. It makes me so fucking angry you guys. Because we’ve just gone through all of this malarkey with Rachel’s character being dragged through the mud in the second half of s3, but somehow we’ve learned absolutely nothing. And now it seems like they’re just changing Rachel completely, and all of the aspects of Rachel that made us love her? Yeah. They’re gone. None of those qualities are actually something to be proud of, and none of them even made Rachel who she is. In fact, they were embarrassing, is what I’m getting from Glee this season.

So the whole makeover thing? Yeah, like I said, I’m not some kind of ‘NO! MAKEOVERS ARE HORRIBLE, EVERYONE SHOULD EMBRACE WHO THEY AREEEEEE,’ person. I’m not. I get the idea of makeovers, and understand why some people feel the need to have them.

What I don’t understand is why Glee thinks Rachel needed one, because she didn’t. It’s not like the Rachel today is the same girl from season 1 who made some, maybe, unfashionable choices. Especially in s3 when suddenly Rachel was wearing a new vintage dress every episode, and looking plenty confident whilst doing so. Even in the previous 2 episodes she was really fashionable! I JUST DON’T GET IT. I understand Kurt wanting to give Rachel a makeover when Rachel was in that blue pan… WAIT, LET ME REPHRASE. I understand Kurt agreeing with Quinn that Rachel needed a makeover because of that blue pant-suit. I don’t understand Kurt wanting to give Rachel one now, because please stop trying to pretend that she’s unfashionable and wouldn’t fit in, in New York.

Oh god Rachel, stop. You’re hideous. My eyes, my eyes.

All of it just reads as some ridiculous ploy to try and get us onboard with this new glam-sex-kitten Rachel, which I hate. I hate it.

Lea Michele, yes, you are a sex kitten. No one is denying that you are.

But Rachel, is not a sex kitten.

Rachel is this.

AND I REFUSE TO TAKE ANY SUBSTITUTES. Because more and more Rachel Berry is just becoming Lea Michele, and I love Lea and adore everything that she does, but it’s really disheartening to feel like you can’t even recognise Rachel anymore. Which is why I agree with Sophy when she says that someone must have told Lea to approach Rachel in a different way. Lea is a great actress who knows Rachel inside out, and we often say that she deserves all the awards in the world. But there’s a very noticeable change in her demeanour as Rachel, in fact when they had that amazingly lame montage of Rachel/Brody prancing about New York (ALTHOUGH I LOVE THE CHELSEA HIGH LINE AND WANT TO GO BACK) and there’s that shot of Rachel eating ice cream? I actually thought it felt like I was watching a commercial with Lea Michele in it. IT WAS ABSURD.

And we really fucking love lame, okay? It’s almost a theme with us. But that seriously was one of the worst montages I’ve ever seen in my life. When Brody did the ice cream on the nose thing I wanted to trash my monitor. I couldn’t even bring myself to cap it because I never want that shit anywhere near our blog. There’s only one person in the history of the world who has successfully done that ice cream nose thing, and it’s Willow Rosenberg. Everyone else can go to hell.

The worst part of all? The whole idea that Rachel needs to be more normal, or sexy, or whatthefuckever, anything but what she is at the moment. Pretty much anything that makes her an interesting character and human being? Take it away! SHE DOESN’T NEED IT! She just needs to look hot, and giggle, and she’ll be fine! LOOK AT THE HOT GUY WHO IS CONSTANTLY ALL OVER HER! IT’S ALL GOOD!

I just don’t understand why they’re trying to sex Rachel up. It’s kind of disturbing actually. Are they trying to make Glee into Gossip Girl in order to get more viewers? Was Glee not sexy enough before? It honestly feels like some kind of ratings grab, when they could have easily fixed that by just having Brittana make out some more. WHAT. YOU KNOW IT WOULD WORK. I DON’T EVEN CARE. WHORE OUT THE LESBIANS INSTEAD OF MAKING RACHEL INTO A NOT-RACHEL. It’d make everyone feel a lot better.

Before this season aired, I always thought of this new Brody guy as a way to get Finchel back together. I saw SOOO many people being all over Brochel because they had the ‘anyone but Finn’ mentality, and I’m honestly worried if people still feel the same way. Brody is disgusting you guys, he is not someone you should wish Rachel to be with. What kind of guy keeps claiming to be a really good guy who respects your boundaries, and knows you have a boyfriend (who he’s never met), and still makes a pass at Rachel at every chance he gets? He’s a DOUCHE who doesn’t respect Rachel at all, and continually encourages her to keep changing and embrace the new her, when he doesn’t even KNOW her. He literally went from a 5 second meeting in the bathroom, to telling her that she should create new memories and taking pictures of himself with her on her phone. Who the fuck. What the fuck. Why the fuck.

The only hope I have left is that they’re playing for this sleazy character who only wants to get Rachel into his pants. But it honestly doesn’t read that way. They’re portraying Brody as a really good alternative for Finn, when he really isn’t.

You’ve read our recaps, you know we’ve been anti-Finchel for most of season 3, but I’m really starting to prefer them over this trainwreck of a story. And maybe that’s Brody’s not so secret purpose, to make us like Finchel again. But I don’t know. It’s all a mess and I don’t know how to make sense of it all. It just BAFFLES me that Glee can literally get everything else so right, and this so wrong. That they could get RACHEL so wrong. When thinking about the worst that Glee could do, I never imagined that we would have to worry about what they would do to Rachel, because even through all of that wedding-drama… it was still Rachel. You know? Not once did I think, “THAT’S LEA MICHELE! IMPOSTOR!!!!!!’

I don’t know you guys. It’s hard. I guess all we can do is see what happens.

Sophy says: You’re so right about Rachel really not needing a makeover. Her outfits have been within the range of normal for a long time now. And that one on the bench? Like? How in God’s name is that anything but sophisticated-yet-youthful and completely gorgeous?



But more than anything I want her personality to come back. She can wear whatever the hell she likes okay?



Congratulations! We didn’t hate you?

We’re just as confused as you are.

Sophy says: I don’t even know what the fuck is happening here. I didn’t mind Sarah Jessica Parker. No, wait, let’s call a spade a spade. I liked Sarah Jessica Parker.

Something about me that’s been true as long as Sex and the City has been on the air: I hate Sex and the City. I think it is trite and vapid and pretty much represents everything that is wrong with the places the feminist movement went in the noughties. On the occasions that I’ve happened to be watching it I’ve consistently wanted to punch all of those women in the face, except for the redhead, who was mysteriously bearable. Years ago, when Sarah Michelle Gellar guested on the show, I had a tantrum about it. Months ago, when I heard that SJP was going to guest on Glee, I had a similar tantrum.

And yet. And yet.

She was just kind of lovely?

I mean, I wasn’t even angry when she sang. What.

I think SJP did a really nice job with the character, especially in that she didn’t try to hard to make her funny – the exact problem Gwyneth had with Holly – and that’s kind of what made her funny. And adorable.

And hey, how refreshing is it that the big awe-inspiring fashion boss… is a sweetie? It’s such a fucking cliche to have a preening bitch as a dance teacher. It’s even more of a cliche to have a preening bitch as a vogue boss. That’s part of why I objected so vigorously to Kurt/Fashion – because I was so sure that it would be a painfully dull rehashing of The Devil Wears Prada. Well kudos to Glee for bucking the stereotype, and giving us Isabelle, who is insecure and down to earth and warm and thinks Rachel is super pretty and is totally enamored of Kurt’s hippo brooch, as she should be.

“It should come with a warning.” “Oh, it did!”

So, in conclusion, I loved this… even though I’m still saying no to Kurt/Fashion, because it just feels a little bit like he’s too gay for show-business but just gay enough for fashion. Erg. Stereotypes are damaging, sure, but more importantly they’re effing boring.


Who are we?

When did we become people who like SJP?

Okay, let’s not carried away. We’re still never ever going to have anything to do with Sex and the City, and we will go down as being strongly against that show and everything it stands for, but it’s like she won us over? And created a little compartment for herself in her minds that is separate from that show? How?


What I liked about her character is that it was a really refreshing role to see. Kate Hudson and Whoopi both play the stereotype of the cold, hardass, New Yorker-types.. and now we have this charming character who admits to not fitting in and being unable to live that way? That she can’t even say no to people’s terrible ideas in the workroom? It really was a nice change of pace, and I like that it’s Kurt’s character who she will be interacting the most with. It’s a nice fit.

I dare say I’m even looking forward to more of them? BUT NO SO MUCH WHERE KURT CHANGES HIS DREAM.

Because stop Glee. There is no way that Kurt Hummel, Mister Cellophane, is going to pursue fashion over Broadway. Fuck off.

Sophy says: MISTER CELLOPHANE :(((((((((

I might be able to cope if he combined his talents. And like, got into costume design, alongside pursing performing.


Head In Hands


Sophy says: This whole montage. I just. Wow. Blaine is one of the lamest things the world has ever lamed. And he would sign up for every group, THAT LITTLE RACHEL.


Rin says: The popcorn moment was so completely adorable that I cannot. It was one of those insights into Klaine, like the Halloween costumes, that I so very much appreciate and love.


And then he was Robin. With cat ears.

Sophy says: CATMAN. Best.

Sam & Brittany – Make Me Over

Sophy says: Okay, we couldn’t make this best song, because the actual song is just horrible, but we really, really loved the way the sequence was put together. And Brittany’s patriotic dress is the best. And the handshake. Love, love, love.

Also, did anyone else get the impression that Brittany purposely foisted Sam on Blaine because she knew he’d balance her out in the debate? This is the Britt I love. Smart-stupid. And kind of ruthless. And also, I totally melted when she botched her campaign by promising she’d find a way to keep everyone at school forever even on weekends, because she just seemed so dreamy about her idea, and it made me sad that everyone else had to be so sane about it. :(


Rin says: This whole thing was AMAZING. THE DOUBLES OF THEM? I loved it so much. And the flag waving and the campaign choreography was the best. We don’t have quite the same political campaign culture as that of America, but I could definitely appreciate the way they used that to their advantage in this song. It was really well done. THERE WAS DRAMATIC POINTING, FFS!!!

And that red/white/blue outfit on Brittany might be one of my favourites she’s worn.


Most Rophy

“I am gonna print that and frame it!”

Sophy says: I would send it to Ned and get him to make us a book of it. Like, at least 30 copies. In book form. I would read it proudly on buses.

Rin says: There have been numerous times we’ve actually said this.

Sure most of the time it applies to hate-mail, and framing that up on our walls and reading them at Christmas time, but still.



Quinn Glory Shot

That’ll do, Quinn. That’ll do.

Sophy says: She hit him with her glory shot.

Rin says: FIRE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

73 Responses

  1. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    Love it. The recap. You articulated so well my lingering uneasiness about Glee this season: Where did Rachel go? Sometimes we get little peeks, but even the showering at 3 AM thing was a big old’ set up for Brody.

    While I’m enjoying the leftover (lol) action at WMHS, I just can’t get over he lack of Rachel solos. And while I too was charmed by the make-over+SJP (with a sly nod to her time in Annie), I was confused by it too, because she wasn’t even dressing like Rachel anymore (except kind of like NY Rachel with the hat and such).

    I’m angry about suddenly no vegan. And duck! I love Rachel. The writers and directors are killing me.

    I don’t think I was as angry about the “cheating”, but you guys have convinced me. I can only hope there is some payoff coming, like a character who kind of loses her way because of all the change in her life being snapped back to reality, perhaps in a restroom, by a really good friend who isnt afraid to tell it like it is. Or, you know, something. ;)

    Also, good use of Friends and “the break”. Plus bonus BTVS and Clueless references! :) My heart.

  2. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    “Blaine characterisation has been messy” LOL UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR. He’s been treated so much like a human jukebox, and his age gets randomly retconned, and you’re like BUT WHO IS BLAINE. So I really look forward to finding that out. I think Kurt and Blaine are definitelygetting back together if the break-up happens, but I really am looking forward to like meeting his parents like SERIOUSLY SADIE HAWKINS and HIS DAD AND FIXING THE CAR TO MAKE HIM STRAIGHT and just RYAN MURPHY YOU SET UP THIS GREAT STORYLINES AND LEFT ME HANGING. Also Lea Salonga has to be his mom. She just has to. I’m pretty sure Lea Salonga herself thinks she’s his mom.

    And yes about Kurt and not being a good boyfriend but still being a good person. Just because I don’t like a thing a character does doesn’t mean it’s bad writing. It’s consistent with Kurt’s character. Some people find the need to defend Kurt to a fault and it’s like, no, he’s flawed, and THAT”S OK. (And yes there are times when I feel like the writers make him out to be too saintly, or seem to excuse his actions too much like with the texting thing and how he didn’t ever apologise, but this wasn’t one of these times.) Also, Blaine’s sad faces are like being stabbed in the heart like MY GOD WHAT ARE YOUR EYES DOING THIS HURTS.

    And YES about the Sam and Blaine thing. I know some people complained, for example, when Kurt sang with the girls for Summer Nights, and Chris Colfer was like “uh, Ryan Murphy ASKED me who I wanted to sing with and I said Kurt would want to sing with the girls! He is friends with mostly the girls! That doesn’t mean he is a girl!”

    OH MY GOD BLAINE AND HAIR GEL GOD I CAN’T, I might have screamed a bit at that light. BURNING. PEOPLE. JUST. He is precious.

    I feel like they are trying to give us poor man’s St. Berry but NO ONE WILL EVER BE JESSE ST. JAMES, ESPECIALLY NOT YOU BRODY. JESSE ST. JAMES COME BACK TO ME.

    I think because of the now later air time, they’re making Glee more “sexy”. (Except, you know, not for the gays, because they still aren’t allowed to stand within three feet of each other, or be in a room by themselves unless there’s a warning before the episode.) Like I”m pretty sure Lea and Ryan have talked about them being allowed to be more racy this season. And apparently this means Rachel getting crotch-grabbed. Just. Helpppp what is going on. This is not the Rachel Berry I signed up for. Someone bring her some rubber gloves. I AM WORRIED AS TO WHAT IS GOING ON. Like I know Finchel are getting back together eventually, but does this mean she is going to turn back into actual Rachel? What, what, what are you doing Glee writers.


    I’m just happy that Kurt actually gets to not cry after being thrice burned last season. I did notice that he still mentioned NYADA, like at least he wasn’t considering completely giving it up. In the Brittany episode it sounded like he was giving it up completely but at least here he first said that he was applying again (though don’t think that’s going to happen after what Isabel said).


    THERE’S QUINN STILL KEEPING HER TABS. Vengeance will be swift when Quinn returns to town. Watch yo’ head, Brody.

  3. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    Argh. Where to begin.

    First off, I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said. I loved all the McKinley stuff (no new people! yes!). Blaine was absolutely perfect and his relationship through the episode with Kurt felt real and very relatable. It somewhat boggles my mind that they can make Blaine and Kurt’s relationship so incredibly realistic and give them so much depth and yet…every relationship Rachel has been in has felt so hollow (except for Quinn. Duh).

    I mean, how hard can it be to write a character that actually compliments Rachel in a positive way? Like, even if you take away the fact that Brody is a douche, he certainly doesn’t add anything to Rachel’s plot. He’s definitely not who I see her with in five years (Quinn. Again.)

    I think this is really just a failure of the writers to understand Rachel and what her makes her special. They think that their fan base wants to see Ms. Berry with the quarterback of the football team because it somehow shows that ‘hey! we can be dorky and still get the hot guy and that’s *the most important thing ever*.’ What they fail to realize is that it’s BORING and what makes Rachel great is not her ability to land a hot guy, but her RACHEL. Jesse and Puck were interesting because they challenged Rachel and played off of her quirkiness. Finn – and now Brody to a much greater degree – always seem to want to change her.

    And it worked? I’ve read more than one comment about how Lea Michele Rachel Berry is becoming. The sad thing is…I think this might have been Ryan Murphy’s plan. I think that he saw the evolution of Rachel Berry as the evolution of Lea Michele. Or maybe they’re just trying to get fans. Fuck, I don’t know. But so much of it just seems LAZY.

    The vegan thing. Jesus. Fucking. Christ. I wanted to die. She could still be cool, sex-kitten Rachel and, like, retain her OCD. I just don’t understand why the writers wouldn’t even try to find a way to be like, ‘okay, sure, we want to sex up this show a bit (ala Roswell season 3…and that worked out well), but RETAIN WHAT MAKES THEM THEM!’ Ryan Murphy, you LOVE Rachel Berry! WHAT THE FUCK!?

    Interestingly, the cheating on Finn thing didn’t bother me, like, at all. Does that make me a bad person? Yes, probably. I care…so little about that relationship and while it was wrong, a part of me is like, meh, if this is how it has to end, so be it. As long as she doesn’t stay with Brody, which, unless he grows a personality in the next couple episodes, seems pretty unlikely to me.

    I’m really hoping for the best. Rachel is at least 70% of the reason I watch Glee. At least. Why don’t the writers like her as much as I do?

  4. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    Becky was a junior too?!? And my new favourite character is that teacher. A banana, a hipflask, and chapter 1 of To Kill a Mockingbird. I really hope we get to see her teach.

    Is that Dr. Horrible in the superhero club? I choose to believe it is, and I like it. (I also really like lame wizard Blaine, with his skull, and the fixed-grin witch behind him.)

    SJP I’m not totally shocked by. I gave up on SATC after a while, because, well. But I’ve seen her in things I loved and she didn’t screw them up!

    I had a gut feeling this was going to be an awesome recap, but the Brody caps clinched it. :D And for an episode like this, of all things. Rophy > Glee.

    (I can’t really talk about the whole Brody/Rachel/Glee/tailspin yet, I’m too sad about it all. Sigh.)

    1. Emily
      Emily at · Reply

      Dr. Horrible! I bet it is him, what with Marti Noxon working on the show right now.

      Kudos, Glee!

  5. LauryeMal
    LauryeMal at · Reply

    First and foremost I would like to thank Glee for once again ruins every change I would ever get to get my girlfriend actively involved in this show. (see below) Every time I convince her to watch an episode together it ends up being the crappiest ever. It took me almost 1 year to get over the fact that she didn’t worships Buffy… I can’t stand another tf failure.

    There said… They could have name it the EFF YOU episode. There where small eff you and big EFF YOU (more on this later)

    Small Eff You to who tune in for Glee music talents
    Listen.. I like HeMo for all the good reasons a red blooded human being should, but her singing voice isn’t the top of them. I love that they are giving her more space and more lines but the rendition of Celebrity Skin was painful.
    If you sum it up with the fact that RACHEL BERRY did not have a solo yet (and that the other best voices are still AWOL…pointing at you Naya…) it really hurts my musical heart.
    Blaine’s going All-Berry signing himself on all clubs at WMHS was probably the only salvation point of this mess

    I must say I did appreciate the lack of newbies. I’ve so much appreciate it that I did not even flinch about it while watching it and it took me 2 days to noticing… So..keep up on the good work Glee.

    Slightly bigger Eff you to all Klaine, Britanna and Finchel shippers.
    Sure you can argue that they all know where we were heading since they leaked ep. 4 title “Breakups” so no surprise to anyone. I can distinctively hear the Britanna legions joining forces with Klaine (for once) and head toward Murphy-ville for vengeance.
    I may be a disillusioned adult but I didn’t really aspect for teenager/puppy love who move thousands miles away to held on a long distance relationship…
    I mean is not like they gave each other Metro North passes and are 81 fucking miles apart or anything..

    Much Bigger EFF YOU to Rachel Barbra Berry (rant ahead-apologize in advance for the swearing)

    This conversation actually happened in Italian so imagine a lot more of hands involved
    Me: They fucking changed her. That’s not Rachel! That’s Lea!
    Girlfriend: Well people change when they move so far away. She’s in NY, she wants to feel like a grown up, a woman.
    Me: Rachel Berry is a grown up since 4th grade! She has a fucking morning routine for Christ’s sake! She makes Power Point presentation to make a point!
    Gf: Ok, but that doesn’t change that in a new environment she might want to be different, to feel different.
    Me: ok maybe but even if she wanted to change, will that happen in less then a month? With no self wondering? No inner monologue? Will that happen for a beefy jerk whose thesaurus apparently is entirely composed only by the word “sexy” in every freaking moronic way? Look at her! Am I supposed to believe that the same Rachel Berry who bake perfect vegan cupcake in Lima is now burning a baby duck?!?!
    Gf: We don’t know for sure if it was a baby duck..
    Me: That’s not the point.. the point is that’s not Rachel..That’s a sluttiest version of Rachel Berry and not in a “specific fetish for Japanese business man” kind a way. I swear to god..if she utters the words “That’s Hot” I’m gonna flip badly..
    Gf: ..and since when you have something against slutty outfit?
    Me: since this. I didn’t know tight high waisted hotpants can actually shut the oxygen stream to your brain cells because that’s the only valid explanation… WAIT are they drinking?? She’s underage. She freaked out for a damn wine cooler and now she sips fake champagne?
    Gf: How you know it’s fake?
    Me: No way sleazy Douchy can afford or actually know the real thing…that does not taste like pink for sure
    Gf: you are awfully involved in this…
    Me: FOR CRYING OUT LOUD What’s THAT?? Is that a weird Club Monaco ads? Why the slo-mo?? No….not the vaguely-not so vaguely suggestive ice cream cone eating contest.. I’m gonna barf!
    Gf: Why are we watching this again?
    Me: Do not know anymore…
    Gf: Let’s move one and watch Grey’s Anatomy instead
    Me: …mmm’ ok
    (and we all know how well that went either…)

    PS. LAST GIF <3<3<3 oh Quinn… I'll buy you all the world dodgeballs to behead that jerk

    PS 2. I think you missed Neckbrace Cheerio again in one of the scene from Celebrity Skin (I think) it's like some cute recurring easter eggs they put in every episode this season.. the only thing I'm afraid of is that she will have more consistency than the rest of the cast :S

    1. Ned
      Ned at · Reply

      This conversation actually happened in Italian so imagine a lot more of hands involved

      LOL. Baby duck! LOL.

      Recurring Neck Brace Cheerio is a cute touch. I’m a leetle concerned that she and Stoner Brett are getting more screen time than, say, Sugar, but whatever. It’s time not spent on Jarley.

      1. LauryeMal
        LauryeMal at · Reply

        Time not spent on Jarley is time well spent indeed :D

        1. proud faberry fan
          proud faberry fan at · Reply

          i’m so very interested in the background story of the Neck Brace Cheerio. imagine giving here a random line (like britt s1) in the hallways. but not making her a glee member.

          1. LauryeMal
            LauryeMal at · Reply

            The consinstency troll in me needs to know if at least they had the decency to use the same actress as the Neck Brace Cheerio or if they change extra randomly (hence renforcing the idea that Sue Sylvester is still trying to cannonball her cheerleaders for a win and that causes at least one weekly casuality)

            1. proud faberry fan
              proud faberry fan at · Reply

              every screen cap i’ve seen so far (and i’t actually been in a lot 8-10), it’s the same actress. i’m starting to believe that maybe the person and not the character needs that neck brace.

              you are so naive not believing that sue has already put a cheerio in the canon and sent her to space.

              1. LauryeMal
                LauryeMal at · Reply

                Ok… It’s 2am here and I’m completely sleepless so here’s my Official NeckBrace Cheerio Watch timeline

                9:46 (a flink in the backround of Brittany and Sam approaching Blaine at the lockers).
                36:10 front and center but NOT in a Cheerio’s uniform
                36:29 in the booth behind Artie (and she stays there for all the party..)
                Yup, I’m compulsive this much… :P

    2. Char
      Char at · Reply

      ‘I like HeMo for all the good reasons a red blooded human being should, but her singing voice isn’t the top of them. I love that they are giving her more space and more lines but the rendition of Celebrity Skin was painful.’

      THANK YOU.

      Like let’s call a spade a space, Heather Morris is not a singer. Or an actor. She’s a dancer who was hired to teach choreography and is decent at delivering deadpan dialogue.

  6. Amy
    Amy at · Reply

    I don’t like that they’re trying to turn Rachel Berry into Lea Michele …. even though i love Lea Michele, i want my Rachel Berry.

    Also i’m part of that fraction of the fandom that hates blaine, Sorry. I honestly don’t even know why i do (maybe it’s Darren Criss). Don’t get me wrong, i recognise that he is very talented, great singer, good actor and probably the best non-professional dancer the show has, i just don’t want Blaine stories :-(

    Anyway thanks for the recap. Awesome as always.

    Now i want to watch Once more with feeling ….. thanks

    “Give me something to sing about!!”

  7. A
    A at · Reply

    Oh my god I miss Quinn!

  8. proud faberry fan
    proud faberry fan at · Reply

    Sophy, i’m going correct you on this one: “SHE JUST NEEDS TO BE. RACHEL. BERRY.” and i really really hope Rin will not come at me with a bazooka. She needs to RACHEL.BARBRA.BERRY.

  9. Ruben
    Ruben at · Reply

    I’m not an expert in fashion in any way, but can someone please explain to me what’s so wrong about Rachel’s outfits, not only this season, but the last one too??

    I don’t know, but it seems they are just seeking something to criticize about her just because.

    PD: Loved the Lion!Quinn.^^

  10. KC
    KC at · Reply

    If Rachel doesn’t want her reindeer sweater I’ll take it. Seriously. I’ve been looking an doofy sweater to combat the London weather.

    While I don’t love this season (I guess I’m still jaded from 2 & 3?), I don’t hate it either. So, I can’t really complain, except for the Rachel thing. I completely agree with y’all. Stop trying to turn Rachel into Lea Michele.

    However, this could just be a setup for Quinn to come visit in a few episodes and straighten her out. (<–Did I just make a pun?)

    I was pleasantly surprised with Sarah Jessica Parker's character and I was really glad that they didn't make her into a Miranda Priestly type since they're doing that with Kate Hudson.

  11. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    LMAO you seem to hate Brody a lot. I don’t. I don’t watch the scenes he is in. Rachel scenes without Kurt are kinda lame and feel like they belong in a boring rom-com.

    Btw, what’s with the woman-needs-a-man bs? Rachel needs a hot guy the second the new season starts and Kurts boss, who is super successful and an accomplished woman can’t do her job properly without her 18-year-old intern? Yeah, right. Cause he’s a man and she’s just… in charge of Vogue.com. Nothing big, really *eyeroll*

    1. Nemesis
      Nemesis at · Reply

      Oh, pressed sent to fast. I wanted to say “great recap,” especially with the Sam stuff. I do love him a lot ever since he came back. But why is everyone so ok with the fact that he was an underage stripper? This is not Channing Tatum, this was a 16/17-year old. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal and wrong on so many levels.

      And it doesn’t matter that they all look “so grown up” because they’re really, like, 35 (Puck is 40)… I don’t know about the US, but I think there would be something about child porn laws? And shouldn’t a guy who had to strip to make a living at age 16 have some counselling? Or are we ok with that because “it doesn’t matter with guys”? Because I’m pretty sure it does.
      I’m glad he’s happy and ok, but this glosses over a very serious issue, just as it does with Artie and the wheelchair, teen pregnancy, sexism, girl-needs-a-boy-to-be-someone/be-happy etc.

      On a completely different note, is anyone suspecting Tina/Sam?

      1. Ned
        Ned at · Reply

        The more you look at stuff, the more you actually *need* time travel to make everything on Glee work out!

  12. Ylva
    Ylva at · Reply

    Loved the recap, didn’t love the ep. I found it rather boring and the hole make-up thing made no sense, like you said, and Brody made me wanna puke as usual. or you know, sex kitten Rachel with Brody.
    Elections was kinda funny and Klaine was cute and sad but rather predictable.
    I didn’t really like the Kurt/Vouge/SJP part, 1 because I don’t wont Kurt to give up on his broadway dream and 2 because I thought him getting that job so easily and then becoming his boss’s mentor was way to unrealisticly silly. I didn’t mind SJP’s performance, and I do agree it was nice with a less clichéy character, but I would have liked some more bonding before she started ranting to him about losing her job. Curt’s faces in the makeover caps were insanely adorable though!
    This surprised me a bit: “It just BAFFLES me that Glee can literally get everything else so right, and this so wrong.” I agree on the wrong part, but everything else right? as in, on the show in general? I’m confused… none of the many wrong things they do even surprise me any more.
    Quinn’s glorious throw was amazing! AMAZING!

  13. Royai
    Royai at · Reply

    It’s gotten to the point where the only parts of the episodes that I really enjoy are the one’s that take place in Lima. Everything else just gives me anxiety attacks because all the Brochel makes me want to ship Finchel again and that’s just something I can’t do. Times like these I really wish Quinn would show up, drag Rachel into the Fabathroom and talk some sense into her.

  14. zeta
    zeta at · Reply

    you have outdone yourselves with the quinn glory shot this week. bravo. she sure has a lot of rage.
    i miss ridiculous rachel :( but i enjoyed all the election campaign stuff.

  15. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    This episode has me feeling bipolar and schizophrenic all at the same time. I can’t even figure out how I feel about it. So the good is pretty much what they are doing at McKinley. We were all so worried about this transitional period with new characters. But who knew that Glee could do “Glee” so well? These sweet, deep friendships and relationships (i.e. Blaine and Sam), the ultimate cheese (CATMAN!), the underdog truly being an underdog, but embracing themselves and rejoicing in who they are. That’s Glee. And so much of what they are doing with the kids still in high school holds true to that.

    Yet in this episode, they kind of broke Glee form. It’s called Makeover, right? Rachel in NY getting turned into a Lea Michele clone, and Sam and Brittany at McKinley being transformed from their sweet, dopey, naive selves into “legitimate” political candidates. The Glee of years past would have taught us a lesson here. Sam and Brittany are just fine how they are, no need to dress them up in fancy clothes are make the sound “smarter.” Rachel is Rachel Barbra Berry, ffs, and everyone can step back and take notice. But no such lesson was taught. And I don’t know if I’m happy that Glee isn’t trying to educate me or disappointed that they may no longer be the show I love.

    Rachel…ugh, god, it’s all breaking my heart. I’m there with the two of you, she’s the reason I love this show. Rachel Berry OWNS a piece of my heart, like Buffy Summers or Willow Rosenberg or Anne Shirley or Jo March or Veronica Mars does. I adore Rachel Berry. Can you imagine if Veronica Mars decided that she didn’t need to sleuth anymore and just settled down for a nice business degree? Or if Anne Shirley suddenly didn’t need to write another word, she was totally fine with making pies instead? Or Rachel Berry decided that being sexy and having a guy was more important than her ambition? Oh, wait.

    Here’s the hope I’m clinging to. So many of us raged the entire back half of season 3 that the Finchel wedding thing was NOT RACHEL. And we raged and raged. We released elephants. Until that scene in the car when it became so clear that she didn’t want to get married, she was just feeling overwhelmingly insecure about the future and so she was clinging to something familiar and safe. Her relationship with Finn. And though we were pissed at Glee for putting us through that, but we understood that ultimately it (kinda) made sense.

    I HAVE to think (for my own sanity) that something similar is going on here. Everything about Brody reads total player to me. He’s like that guy that every girl meets when she’s first in college and doesn’t know any better. You guys, he’s got to be like Buffy’s Parker Abrams. Some slick guy who’s charming and interested and makes her feel better about being in a place she’s unfamiliar with. And she’s going to find out that he’s not real. And it sucks that yet another guy is going to teach Rachel a lesson, but maybe Brody is what she needs to learn that Rachel should be herself again. Like Buffy can go off and still kick Spike’s ass even though he’s got some ring that makes him immortal.

    This may not happen. It may show that I’m crazy and have way too much faith in Glee and how they can pull it out in the end. But I have to hope because I can’t imagine a Glee where we don’t get to have Rachel Berry anymore.

    Excellent recap as always ladies. Thank you for making it feel okay to get emotionally invested in fictional people projected on an electronic box. :)

  16. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Ok, so I have alot of feelings. None of which make sense in any way. I LOVED Sue and Becky. My happiness at seeing them together again was magic. I also loved the whole teachers lounge thing.

    2. I do NOT love Blaine ( I am so sorry Sophy) I just can’t justify all his dang screen time and storyline to the detriment of Quinns. I just want him to stop.

    C. I miss Quinn so much it physically pains me. I miss my ragtag group of kids that used to sing to each other, I HATE change…HELP!

    Rachel turning into Lea Michele is a whole bunch of NO for me. My love for this show is deep, but this is just not Rachel. This is some crazy alien that took over her body. why can’t the girls ever, EVER just be on their own without a damn guy saving them or validating them?

    I too did not mind SJP. I liked her in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. She was cute and funny in this episode. Even though they sang in the dentists office….check it! Cap the couch….what’s up?

    Ugh I am so tired…sorry for my rant…I need to be Quinn’d STAT!!!!

    1. Norwestorm
      Norwestorm at · Reply

      Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! I didn’t think anyone else would know that movie, so I didn’t bring it up. Oh, Faberry fans, I shouldn’t underestimate you.

      I’m confused, though. Becky seemed really angry last year that she didn’t get nominated for Senior Prom Queen. So I assumed she was a senior…incorrectly? Oh, Norwestorm, there you go expecting continuity. ;) (I’m ignoring it anyway, because that scene with Sue was comic gold).

      1. Whymz
        Whymz at · Reply

        Since I am older than DIRT……I had to bring up Girls Just Wanna HaVe Fun….lol. The hair alone is worth the viewing. But the dancing…..oh the dancing!!!! lol

        1. Norwestorm
          Norwestorm at · Reply

          “I love to dance.” I just love how she delivers that line, and then Helen Hunt mimics her later. So cute.

  17. Spain
    Spain at · Reply

    As you may recall, I won’t watch Glee episodes that have no Quinn. However, you didn’t think that would deter me from commenting on your recaps, did you? As long as there’s Quinning to be had, I’ll be here.

    Sometimes, when you have a nasty bacterial infection, you get rid of it by taking an antibiotic that has nasty side-effects of its own. Eventually, though, the bacterial infection is gone, and you’re finished with the antibiotic, so you feel like yourself again. Finn is Rachel’s nasty bacterial infection. Brody is her antibiotic. Once both have cleared her system, Rachel can be Rachel, and get her cute little a** to New Haven.

    Alternatively, perhaps Rachel, post-Finn, is attracted to Brody because he doesn’t have man-boobs. It just hasn’t occurred to her yet to try getting rid of the “man” part instead of the “boobs” part. Perhaps if she ever gets ’round to using that Metro-North pass…..

    I could go on, but by now you probably get my drift. If you just regard Brody as “generic transitional person,” it’s much easier to avoid caring that he’s a jackass. (Of course, refusing to watch Glee helps with this as well!) And while it goes without saying that a “strong, single and independent” interval for Rachel would be desirable, all roads eventually lead, or in a better world WOULD lead, to Faberry.

  18. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    … I don’t understand my show anymore. I was so happy that Rachel got to be in New York this year. I was so excited that she could work toward her dream. Alone (well not really. North Metro Passes.). Without some boy that isn’t Kurt. Like an independant woman.
    I was all “I don’t really care about what they do with the Juniors, I want to see Rachel, Kurt and Santana in NYC and Quinn on the weekends”. And then… McKinley was the best part of the episode. I don’t even care about Bram, I think they’re cute together. Even if it would be nice to see some honest Boy/Girl friendship without sexual awkardness. But not the point. I loved those moments in Lima. I loved Blaine (that’s a first!). I loved Blaine and Sam. I looooved Sam.
    And I think I screamed at Kurt. A lot. And I’m like 100% behind what you said about his behavior in this episode.

    But my show, it’s like two separate shows now. There’s “Glee (with the characters I care less about but still Glee)” and “The Lea Michele Show set in NYC”. Cause that girl. That’s not Rachel Barbra Berry. That’s Lea Michele. It almost feels like half the lines in NYC (by Lea or Chris) are improv. And I like Lea a freaking lot. But I want to know the story of Rachel. What happened to her when she got off that train? And Lea is cute and all. She has those amazing faces that I adore. She squeals when the not-vegan-substitute-for-duck catch fire. And tries to put off said fire with alcohol. By putting it in a glass first… But I wanna see Rachel!

    And I hope and pray the PTB that, like Tammy said, was just Rachel’s Parker. And that when Quinn comes to visit and see this joke, she’s gonna flip her shit and slap the Lea Michele out of Rachel Berry. I really really really hope that they’re not gonna ruin Quinn and Faberry by having Quinn say something like “I like the New Rachel. I knew you could blossom like this in NYC”. Cause I would have no other option that to consider that Glee just got cancelled after 3 seasons and that season 4 never happened.

  19. dani
    dani at · Reply

    I really loved your insight on Rachel Berry, I agree 100% I miss her old personality, it feels weird to see such a sexual version of rachel :S

    lol donkeybrody (tho I think Dean Geyer is really handsome)

    I had blam feelings the whole episode to the point that I actually want them to happen #sorryimnotsorry I still remember sam was supposed to be gay n_n

    and quinn.. quinn just please come back already I can’t

  20. Juliett
    Juliett at · Reply

    SIGH. That’s all I feel like saying about Glee these days. And that’s sad considering I fell in love with it during S3.
    so yeah.

  21. Scattered letters
    Scattered letters at · Reply

    I know that I defended Brody last time but you were right. I was wrong. Finn is better than Brody (that’s saying a lot because I’ve never been a fan of Finn since he called Rachel a sad clown hooker). I actually chose not too watch the episode because I found out they were going to amp up the sleaze and erase Rachel Berry from spoilers (first time I was actually thankful for the time delay here in the west coast cause I think I would have just screamed and yelled and sobbed if I watched it).
    I LOVE RACHEL BERRY! i loved her from the moment she put that gold star sticker at the end of her name and the paper burst in flames around her adorable face with the crazy eyes. What they are doing to her hurts me. I’m having chest pains thinking about it, dammit! It hurts my heart. WTF! I don’t even have really high standards. i would have been happy with just snippets of Rachel Berry. Like i said after the seasone opener, if they had gone with stalker Rachel in the yellow gloves then i wouldn’t be thinking of Brody as the first donkey of the Glee-pocalypse. We really need a Qinntervention! If there is anybody who can bring back Rachel Berry then it is Quinn Fucking Fabray. Break out the bat signal. Call the Hall of Justice. Round up the scoobies. Activate that freaking Metro Pass!
    I’ve decided to stop watching and subsist only on your recaps until they bring Rachell Berry back. Watching Pod Person Rachel burns my eyeballs and sucks the joy from my soul like some kind of dementor.
    Your recap was great and I enjoyed reading about Sam and Blaine and Sue and Becky. What Sam said about Blaine being his bro did not smack of sexism at all.
    Glad to know that I’m Britt’s favorite color. Hahaha I’m not ashamed to use my sterling work ethic and close-knit village/family if it gets me an in with sexy librarian dominatrix Brittany. ;) I wonder what the “fine” is for late library books?

  22. Elysse
    Elysse at · Reply

    I know that I’m really late on this recap, but I just had to tell someone how much I hate Brody and think he’s pretty much the worst kind of human being without committing an actual crime. (And it’s not because I’m a Finchel shipper or anything)

    No, he’s just super pervy (crotch grabbing anyone?), super pushy about flirting with Rachel despite her repeatedly telling him she has a boyfriend, and just completely treats her like an object that he wants. I mean, when she opened the door at their dinner date, his eyes went straight to her chest. EW. I can’t even with him…he’s just impossibly disgusting and horrible.

    Also, Rachel caught the stove on fire? Is this the Sims?! I don’t think people can actually be THAT incompetent at cooking.

  23. Joey
    Joey at · Reply

    WTF? How can Rachel let hims know it is over IF HERE WILL NOT COMMUNICATE WITH HER?

    He let her know it was over when on their wedding day said no and then did not talk to her for 4 month. Give me a break.

    4 months no communication. 4 freaking months.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Do you have email in wherever you’re from? Or voicemail? Or a postal service? Or carrier pigeons? IDK maybe if she’d just yelled really loud…………… Oh and so sorry to forget to remind you not to read this one. We’ll try to do better in future.

  24. Caroline
    Caroline at · Reply

    Ok I know I’m super late to this episode recap but I somehow missed it during my Thanksgiving break when I was reading every single one. And honestly, I am GOBSMACKED (to use a word I learned from SJP) that no one has mentioned what I’m going to rage about right now. And my excuse is that if Rophy can go to the Faberry place always and everywhere (please do that forever btw, it makes my little soul grow) I am going to go the Brittana place right now.

    Did anyone notice that Brittany conveniently FORGOT that she and Artie dated?!?!??!?!?!!?!?! :-o

    When Brittany forgot that she and Artie dated, I was HORRIFIED. Are you fucking kidding me, Glee?!?! Brittany and Artie, whatever Brittana fans may have felt about the pairing, happened. They happened in YOUR world, Gleeverse, and they MATTERED in your world. Artie was important enough to Brittany for her to point out to Santana that there was a difference between sex and sex with feelings. And then, Artie remained important enough to Brittany for her to NOT break up with him just because Santana did everything that Brittany had asked her to do (dealt with and talked about her feelings, swallowed her pride, her pain, and looked all of the consequences of being with a girl dead in the eye and decided that having Brittany was WORTH all of that). Santana went up to the person she loved more than anyone, despite her own best efforts to NOT love this girl THAT way, and she put her soul on the floor for that girl. No, wait. She put her SOUL on the FLOOR of a BUSY HIGH SCHOOL HALLWAY (which is just about the most dangerous place on planet Earth, besides Uganda, for a homosexual love confession) right in front of Brittany. And she did it as much for Brittany as for herself. And Brittany is many things, but she is no emotional fool. She knew what Santana did, she recognized just how much that took out of Santana and guess what? She STILL didn’t break up with Artie. In fact, she said she LOVED him. So, yeah, having Brittany forget about the fact that she dated Artie is really just cruel. Cruel to Artie, cruel to Brittany’s character, and truly cruel on the part of the writers for, yet again, invalidating their own creation.

    I guess, knowing what we know now about the amount of retconning that was going to happen this season, this interaction between Artie and Brittany was just a sign of things to come. But EVEN SO. That was disgusting. And it was SO FUCKING OOC for Brittany. Truly. It ruined the whole episode for me, despite the fact that Blaine/Darren Criss is one of the three males that I would go straight for and he was out in full force with his lameness (I would just like to add that I didn’t realize just HOW lame Blaine is until I read Rophy’s recaps because, minus the singing/dancing/acting/performing talents, I identify the most with Blaine and how he behaves L-) ).

    Sam was awesome. I won’t apologize for my Sam-love even post-Bram-becoming-canon because they’re lack of romantic couple is laughable. They’re friend chemistry is delightful and I can totally see Sam and Brittany being bff’s in a lot of ways. But Brittana and Faberry are life otps (after real Rachel returns).

    And I agree with everything Rophy has said about Brody/Brochel. I’m actually surprised Kurt hasn’t punched him or something by now. I actually saw an interview where Dean Geyer said something along the lines of Glee had been really missing sex appeal the first three seasons and that it was going to attempt to rectify that in Season 4. ~X( I, uh, am not sure what show he watched but…whatever. That was the end of him for me. And Brody hadn’t even started.

    (As per usual, ignore all emoticon fails. ONE DAY I WILL GET THEM RIGHT!!!!!)

  25. Brooooooke
    Brooooooke at · Reply

    Oh no, I’m heartbroken that you guys don’t like SATC. I hate it when you guys hate stuff I love. SATC was amazing. Yes the movies were terrible, abysmal, ugly blight’s on the show’s legacy, and they changed all the characters, not unlike what they are doing to Rachel, but it used to be so good.

    Anyway I love when you guys get angry.

  26. christina
    christina at · Reply

    believe me, i was very surprised myself by liking SJP. i always kind of disliked her, aside from “hocus pocus” and “footloose.” my friend anthony is absolutely obsessed with her and says she’s his #1 wife. i expected to hate her, but i liked her too. i love kate hudson as well, like i always loved her. i was so excited when i found out she’d be in the show, i’m not gonna lie. what sucks to me is that when i finally caught up on “glee” it’s mostly all about the new characters and the new loves. like for example rachel/brody. i’m sorry, i don’t care. he’s a nice enough guy but no. and sam/brittany. i can’t do it. i miss brittana according to ryan murphy when sanatana finds out she’s gonna be pissed. so who knows where this season is leading. i just know i miss the old glee kids and my beloved faberry. :(

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