402 — Britney 2.0


Best Song

Teen Jesus, Tina and Sam – 3

Sophy says: I. Loved. This. I loved this. I mean, this was one of the rare Glee performances that I actually enjoyed in a way that surprised me. I mean, by now it’s a given that if Lea Michele gets tears in her eyes and belts out a high note, I will squeal. But here I was squealing for the beautiful harmonies and the new sounds these voices made when they blended and the flamenco-ish percussion and specifically the way Tina was slapping her thigh and being all cute WITH HER CUTE FACE, and just. All of it.

I don’t even care that it’s about threesomes. It’s going on my ipod.

And I just… you guys? I had such a meltdown last week because I was so sure Marley would be taking everything over and Tina would be shunted to the background again, and whilst I do feel Marley was too prominent in this episode, she wasn’t so prominent that it actually hurt. By which I mean there was still room for Tina.


I mean, I’ve always liked her, don’t get me wrong, but it’s sort of as though I’ve elevated my liking of her to project status. Project Tina Fangirling, I call it.

But for real, this performance was so pretty that I couldn’t even resent Teen Jesus being a part of it. Like, I was honestly looking fondly at Teen Jesus. He may have even copped some head in hands when the camera angle changed a couple of times.


Marvelously done. The cutting from the performance to Britt was perfect, and the kids did such a lovely job with their reactions.


Rin says: You know what was the biggest surprise of all when this song started? That it had gone from Tina having a major part in Womanizer, to Tina now having a huge part in this song. BACK. TO. BACK.

HAS THAT EVER FUCKING HAPPENED? Especially in an ep that wasn’t a ‘Tina’ ep e.g. Props. I JUST. WOW. I was so pleasantly surprised because, like Sophy, I was terrified that they would think they already gave us enough Tina in the premiere, so they could pull it back a bit and just give us small bursts of Tina every fifth episode. But! They didn’t! GLEE CARED. And… it’s so strange and new and oh think of the possibilities! Except no, let’s not. Put the heart condoms back on you guys, because last time we got burned.

I don’t know this Britney song… I don’t know any of her new songs, I’m not exactly a huge fan. AND GOING BY THIS SONG AND ITS CONTENT, I’M STILL NOT GOING TO BE A HUGE FAN.


I fucking love what Glee did here. It’s the only song so far that I’ve added to my ‘glee’ playlist from this season, simply because of their voices, the harmonies and the beat. And you know what I especially love? That Tina has the lower harmony, and SAM has the really high falsetto part. I LOVE IT. It’s so cute.

And remember when we liked Teen Jesus when he first appeared, because he was actually hilarious with his jesus sandals and his naive ways? It felt like they were bringing that back.. MORE TEEN JESUS, less Joe. :) I mean, his big downfall was getting a boner while helping Quinn with physio… maybe now that they so hilariously made all of that pointless, we can begin to like Teen Jesus again. Not that I won’t still be thinking somewhere in the back of my head that whenever he says anything it’s always a nothing the line that anyone could be saying, but they give it to him just so he’ll have something to do.

I’m going to request more Tina/Sam. I actually really want Tina to sing with EVERYONE. Actually? She’s already sung with everyone in Glee except for Artie, (and Jake) at this point. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS GLEE =)) Okay, well, whenever the ‘glee reunion’ will be, I need Tina singing with the oldies. OMFG, I’m dying just thinking about all of the ~Old Directions singing together again. I’ll probably cry, let’s be honest.

And the Brittany parts during this song? I die.


Because I had no fucking idea what she was going to do, and then she put the towel around her neck and pulled out the shaver, and jesus christ. I died laughing. HILARIOUSSSS.

Having said all that. I have got to stop singing this song at the top of my lungs when my family are around. The other day I was singing it, and then my brother started singing it. It was weird.



Rin says: Is it weird that I can see that so vividly in my head?


Biggest LOL

“First and foremost, I wish to address the rumor that I like to be milked like a cow because my breasts are filled with delicious, wholesome milk. That rumor is untrue.”

Sophy says: LOL OMG HIS DELIVERY. Even just “And now a performance of music to be enjoyed by all,” was effing hilarious.


Rin says: Figgins is the character that Glee is so lucky to have. Sure they only have to give him a few lines every other episode, but he’s also probably the only character they haven’t butchered at some point. ;))

“In the 58-year history of the William McKinley High School Glee Club, there has never been such a debacle!”



Rin says: I COULDN’T HELP BUT LAUGH SO MUCH THROUGHOUT THE DURATION OF THIS. And I’m sure that was the point of it, right? It was meant to be ridiculously over the top, yes?

BECAUSE =)) HE TOOK IT SO SERIOUSLY. And ’58 year history’ =)) DEBACLE. =)) =))

Oh Will. You’re such a loser. :X


Best Scene

All of it. All of Brittany’s plan. Genius.

Sophy says:  EMMA!!!!!!!!!! This is the scrunchy face I was referencing above.

OKAY. So I wouldn’t even know how in the world to start singling things out. Every little thing Brittany did was magic. And Brittany/enormous coffee cup is my new OTP. Seriously could that have been more gloriously Alice in Wonderlandy? NO IT COULD NOT.

And ‘Leave Brittany alone’ was one of the greatest random-character moments in Glee history. And just. Tina. “You have cheeto hands. And cheeto mouth.” I laughed SO HARD. And the way Brittany keeps stuffing more and more of the cheetos in her mouth so that somebody will freaking notice that she’s lip-syncing already. GENIUS.


I can’t.

I also nearly had a heart attack over the picture she drew of her and Santana, mostly because Santana looks so feisty in it she’s basically an evil Muppet in crayon, and because she’s really made an effort with her boobs. And then Rachel and Kurt in heaven.I don’t? HOW? HOW SHOW? HIS SCARF? AND THE WAY RACHEL IS LEANING INTO HIM ADORINGLY WITH THAT STUPID EXPRESSION ON HER FACE?

AND LORD TUBBINGTON JOINED A GANG. Seriously, I wish Lord Tubbington had been made a regular instead of Marley. He has so much more personality.

Okay, those are just some of the things I screamed with delight at, but on a broader level I thought the whole Brittany/Britney plotline was genius, and that’s coming from someone who initially thought it was stupid to do another Brittany/Britney episode. I was well and truly won over. Brittany’s intentional trainwreck was one of the cleverest plots Glee has come up with in quite some time. I think it’s the self-consciousness of it that really gets me – the reveal that Brittany is doing all of this on purpose when all the way through the episode I’m thinking it’s just your standard downward spiral being made to fit with the week’s theme by the writers. I mean, it was a downward spiral – quite a genuine one, really – and it was being made to fit with the week’s theme… but by Brittany herself. It was the character shaping her life to her pop idol, and that was kind of amazing.

I read somewhere that Britney’s people are really unhappy with the episode because it mocks a difficult time in her life… honestly, I’m not going to tell Britney Spears or her nearest and dearest how to feel or anything, but I really, truly don’t think that it was a mean-spirited episode in any way. I felt it really honoured Britney as a pop star and as a resilient human being. I mean, Brittany said as much in her scene with Sam: she admires Britney because no matter what, she always picked herself up and came back better than ever. Yes, they poke fun at things like the head-shave and the umbrella-whack and the less than elegant lip-syncing performance that really took Britney to rock bottom. But they poke fun at them in the gentlest possible way. And those things happened. They did. Everybody knows it, nobody’s forgetting it – ever. But I think we’re at a safe enough distance from them now, and Britney is in a great enough place, to make it fair game to look back and have a bit of a laugh.

If you’re going to make a career out of celebrity, this is what you get, bottom line. In fact, a lot of the time you get much, much worse than this.

One thing I disagree with completely is the notion that Brittany faking her downward spiral so she can have her big comeback is an implicit accusation that Britney faked her downward spiral so she could have her big comeback. Exactly where is the logic to that? I don’t see it. For a start Brittany acting out scenes from Britney’s life doesn’t make those scenes inauthentic in their original context. But more than that, Britt wasn’t faking. She was… but she wasn’t. That’s what makes this episode so kick-ass – the fact that it has an actual nuanced plot that can’t just be boiled down to a cliche. Yes, Brittany was putting on the shaving attempt, the umbrella beating, the lip-syncing… but she was putting them on because she really was suffering. Brittany wasn’t looking to make a comeback in her career – she doesn’t have a career. She was looking to make a comeback in her life. Because she’s lonely and lost. Because she doesn’t know where to go next.

She saw Britney Spears feel that way. She saw her fix it. She thinks the meltdown was the how – and maybe she’s right, you know? Maybe we all need to go a little crazy sometimes to get back to where we want to be.

I guess what I’m driving at is that Brittany’s Britney-spiral was planned, sure, but it wasn’t cynical. And there was nothing cynical about the show’s portrayal of Britney Spears either.

Whether they should have done her the courtesy of discussing the content with her, given that she appeared on their show last time, and given that she’s allowed them to use her songs? That’s a different issue. And yes, they definitely should have, in my view, whether it would have made any practical difference to anything or not. They owed her the courtesy of a warning.

But I’m glad they didn’t hold back and give us an artificially “appropriate” Britney episode. I wouldn’t trade this adorable trainwreck for the world.


And “Tough love feels a lot like mean.”

All the awards. All of them.

Rin says: Let’s make it clear. All of this was biggest LOL. But it was also easily the best.

I don’t really need to go into details about which parts I liked, because honestly you guys, I thought all of it was equally hilarious and well done. I was laughing throughout all of the Brittany scenes, no lie. BUT I really do need to mention how much more I like Brittany, and how I feel like I’m much more invested in her as a character than I was before. Apart from this episode, the only other episode that really worked for me Brittany-wise was I Am Unicorn. Where they kept the silly Brittany, but also made sure to give it story and heart. And not to the extent that included cat-poo-candy.

This is Brittany finding herself without Santana, and I love that. I love getting to know all of these kids all over again, without their significant others, and the focus is much more on their friendships with each other. It’s a nice change of pace than what we’ve come to know Glee to be in seasons 2 and 3.

I’m also not really going to touch on the whole Britney  X-( issue, cause I haven’t read any of the comments about that. In my opinion, they didn’t do Britney a disservice. And I feel like they did it all within the means of respect to Britney. They never said anything untoward about her, and the clear message from Brittany’s point of view (which is the whole point of the episode) is that Britney is a true idol to her, and she admires her for pulling herself back together. To me, none of it came with any sort of malice or cruelty. They poked fun at events that actually happened in a parody. That’s what comedy is most of the time, especially from shows that are often self-aware and love to make pop culture references. There has been so much worse done on shows like SNL, 30 Rock etc. They didn’t cross the line, is what I’m trying to say. Crossing the line would have involved them making some sort of commentary on the whole K-fed thing, and her kids. Or having Brittany snort coke or something. They didn’t. Glee know where to draw the line.

Plus come on. Leave Britney Alone is one of those vids that invented the concept of viral videos.

FINALLY. One thing I really really loved and appreciated is that they’re actually getting Brittany some academic help! Thank god. And it’s all that much better when it’s in the form of Will and Emma tutoring her.

Brittany/Sam forever.

Sophy says: I DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW. I mean, have I ever even thought of Sam and Brittany before? Like as in Sam/Brittany? In a platonic way, settle down Brittana stans.

What I mean is they’re such ADORABLE friends, when we actually get to see them being friends. That’s one of my favourite things about this season – the way it’s throwing new people together. And I really loved that in this episode we saw not only Sam care about Brittany, but all of the kids. I mean, okay, not so much Marley, but she doesn’t count. There were times when the group’s heart felt a little shrivelled last season (Hey Quinn! You’re not dead! Brb six flags!), so it’s nice to see them focusing on all the ways these kids actually love each other. They could all see that Brittany was suffering in this episode, and even though not all of them understood her as well as Sam did, they all cared enough to try to understand her. It’s a really small thing, but one of my favourite parts of this episode is just Tina, Blaine and Artie watching Brittany beat Jacob with her umbrella, and discussing amongst each other that singing at her isn’t making her feel better, and maybe they need to try harder to make her feel like she’s in the spotlight because maybe that’s what she needs. Just. Those are my kids right there. Being good friends to each other when it counts.

But yeah, so much crazy love for this particular new friendship.

SAM DREW HER A MAP. AND NORMALLY HE TOO USES A COMPASS? Dippy Sam is by far the best version of Sam. They deviated from him a bit too much when they were making him Poor Sam. Glad to see he’s back, and less judgmental street urchin, more loveable blonde puppy.

I’ve seen it said that this is the beginning of Sam/Brittany as a romance, but I honestly think that’s jumping the gun. I mean, I hope it’s jumping the gun. Not because I’m opposed to the idea of the two of them together on any fundamental level, just because it would be so nice to have a solid guy/girl friendship, where the two of them totally could be into each other romantically, but just aren’t.

We’ll see where it goes – if anywhere – maybe it’s just a lovely isolated little moment that reflects how well these kids have come to know and love each other when we’re not looking.

AND AND. The very cutest part was probably Brittany saying how she misses Santana AND HOW SHE SAID SANTANA WOULD HAVE USED MEAN WORDS AGAINST ANYONE WHO GOT DOWN ON HER. Just. “Used mean words against”. I mean.

Pure magic.

And can I just say how much Heather has improved with her acting? Obviously she’s always been great at her random one-liners, but she had to carry this episode, and not just on a comedic level – emotionally. And you know, I really think she did a great job. When she said Santana was also her best friend… when she lay on her bed gazing at her ‘unavailable’ status. I really felt things. Sad, achey, sweet things. :(

I think my favourite line though was “Thank you, Kiki, you’re the only one that I can trust now that Santana’s too busy for me,” just because of the matter of fact way she said it. It somehow made it all the more poignant that she just rattled it off alongside her ridiculousness, like it was nothing, when obviously it really, really wasn’t nothing to her.



Rin says: FUCKING HELL. THAT VOICEOVER MOMENT WAS THE GREATEST. It was underboob all over again.

I die for these two. Like Sophy said, I’d never even thought about Sam/Brittany, but now that we’ve had it? I want it. AS FRIENDS. Settle settle.

And yeah, I would love for them to remain platonic too. BECAUSE Glee really hasn’t had many long lasting girl/guy friendships that haven’t been about romance at some point (KURT/GIRLS DOESN’T COUNT), so I’d love for these two to be that. Especially now that Brittany really needs a good friend, after all her closest friends have left.

THE COMPASS THING. I LOVED THAT THEY CONNECTED BRITTANY AND SAM TOGETHER IN SUCH A SIMPLE WAY. It was adorable and such a Glee way to go about forming a new friendship.

I was also scared that I wouldn’t like Sam as much as I did when they were doing Samcedes, and that when he wasn’t with Mercedes we’d just go back to not caring about him. SO WRONG. I loved him in this episode, and in particular this scene. One thing that has always been apparent about Sam, is that he would be a really good friend to have. Apart from that one time he told somebody that they had rich white girl problems, he seems like the kind of guy who would always have your back. And yeah, I just really love good friends? It’s the heart of Glee? Welcome to the club, Sam/Brittany?

And totally agreed that Heather has improved. The ‘serious’ Brittany moments are something I’ve struggled to connect with in the past, but in this episode? OH MY STARS. When she delivered that line about Santana also being her best friend, my heart just about imploded. It was so SWEET and SMALL, and touching, and not only for Brittany, but for Brittana.

I’m really loving this whole distance thing with Brittana. Yes, it causes angst and heartache, and they might even break-up over it. IDK. But I’m interested to see how it all pans out.

Sophy says: Don’t even talk to me about Samcedes. I’m still bitter, to be honest. I’m not saying they had to keep them together or anything, but the ship was just begging to sail somewhere awesome and it feels like they just decided not to bother and I RESENT THAT. I just hope they’re not going to pair Sam up with somebody else and pretend like Samcedes never happened, the way they did with Tina and Artie. I’ll settle for some butterflies/flirtation/angst/closure/sweetness when Mercedes comes back to town. If they give me that I guess we’ll be square.

Rin says: Oh yeah, I hate that they split them up without so much as a … WELL THEY DIDN’T EVEN MENTION IT. They’re doing what they did at the start of s3 again, where they’re just like, ONE THROWAWAY LINE, okay! DEALT WITH! :)



Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“Meep-zorp flurm-gloob.”

Sophy says: I wonder if Katie and Emily would have needed subtitles?

Rin says: EMSY SHUM.

Oh god. Subtitles are literally the best thing in the world. I always think of the twins now….

….and Mrs Thomas.

Sophy says: Mrs Thomas should be on this show. Dispensing chapstick to Santana, Brittany and Quinn. Quinn can share hers with Rachel. That’s all I’m going to say.


The OG’s (Original Gleeks)


Sophy says: I actually sort of jumped out of my seat and knocked the headphones out of the jack. Because.

SANTANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Return to me in full body form. Immediately.

Rin says: I would actually love to see a bit of full body Santana in her new place. And also delve a bit into why she chose to take the cheerleading scholarship over her chance to be in NY. Maybe they just didn’t want everybody in NY at once.

BUT UM. This scene was both adorable and heartbreaking. The whole distance thing is making me like Brittana more, and I completely sympathised with Brittany. It’s always ridiculously hard being the one left behind, and I love that they used this early on to help explain why Brittany was feeling so lost.


Sophy says: Both having a threesome at seven and beating up a police horse are two of the most heinous mental images that have ever been planted in my head… and yet I was giggling and sighing. That’s how great Mark is, and that’s why I really hope his relationship with Jake isn’t going to consist of, well, this. He really, really needs to come back to Lima and get to know his baby bro! And okay, maybe some of the dialogue here wasn’t the best – eg. can we stop going on about how Will and Finn make people into men, already? – and maybe the direction was a little frenetic – and maybe it was a bit ludicrous that he just dropped in and out of the story like that all the way from LA… but I was too excited to see Puck to care. And “One thing – whether you join Glee club or not – you’re my brother.” PERFEEEEECT.

Now let’s see the show follow through on the sentiment.

Rin says: I’m not even going to lie. As soon as his face was on my screen, I burst into tears.

I have no idea why. It’s not like Puck is even my favourite character, and IT’S ONLY THE SECOND EPISODE FOR CHRIST’S SAKE. But I just… I’ve always loved Puck, Lauren notwithstanding, and seeing his big gooey face complete with mohawk, brought forth ALL the love I feel for the entire cast. I’m a big feelings drama queen is what I’m saying.

As hokey as it might be to suddenly bring in a new character and claim half-siblingship, I honestly don’t mind it at all. Jake is interesting, when he’s not with Marley, and I have no problems delving into Puck/Jake. NOT IN AN INCEST WAY. HAVE WE LEARNT NOTHING FROM SKINS??

Because in Glee, there really isn’t any sort of sibling love, and that’s something that they’ve lacked.

And if anyone needs a bit of family, it’s Puck. Beth and Jake might be ‘mistakes’ but they’re his family.


Rophy Says No!


Sophy says: Seriously, Brody, get out. I quite literally dislike everything about this guy. I mean, I know some of you are going to disagree passionately, but I HONESTLY PREFER FINN? At least Finn started out a loveable dork dressed up as a jock. This guy is just a cliche from the word Go, and smarmy as hell to boot.

I’ve gotta say, if that ominous shot of the orchid is anything to go by, there is nothing that Brody is going to do except piss me off even further. Because is this show really trying to tell me, via the means of plant, that Rachel moving on from one male is supposed to be symbolically tied to her moving on to another male? I just.


Why couldn’t Rachel just be single this season? Why couldn’t she at least have had a few episodes in which she was Finn-free and ANYBODYELSE-free? Was that really so much to ask? And why does she have to be interested in Brody romantically, as we all know she eventually will be (just like we all know she’ll ultimately choose Finn)? Just because he’s conventionally physically attractive and likes her? Just because he officially has a major interest in common with her?

It’s just about as artificial as Jake and Marley zeroing in on each other. Okay, it’s not. Nothing is as artificial as that. But still.

Look, okay, Brody’s not a horrible person or anything, but he is a horrible, horrible character. For a start there’s the fact that he pulled the whole ‘Oh we’re not allowed to do that… WHICH IS WHY IT’LL BE SO MUCH FUN’ line, which has been done so many times by now that I think if anyone ever did it to me in real life I would consider punching them in the face. And then he writhed around with Rachel and literally grabbed her crotch, and okay, I would definitely punch someone in the face if they did that to me, and dance alone forever. And then he showed up at her apartment to tell her she’s “sexy” for the way-too-manyth time that day, with a “sexy” orchid to give her, and tells her how he’s super duper respectful of her boundaries because crotch-grabbing is such a routine part of any choreography and I always lean in and try and kiss people when I’m giving them space. I mean, seriously. The guy barely knows her. He knows very, very little about Rachel Berry. One thing he does know? SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND.

You know why she’s still hung up on her boyfriend, Brody? BECAUSE HE’S HER BOYFRIEND.

You know what you don’t do if you want to respectful, Brody? TRY TO KISS GIRLS YOU KNOW HAVE BOYFRIENDS. Not to mention tell them you’re going to be thinking about kissing them every time they see you from now on. That’s not smarmy and gross at all.

I just. Stop trying to make Chivalrous Brody happen, show. First because he’s not actually chivalrous. Second because Quinn is the chivalrous one around here, GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT.


Meanwhile, if Quinn shows up and starts approving all over Brody the way Kurt is, there’ll be trouble. Okay, well, there won’t be, because I’ll immediately just fanwank that any and all approval on Quinn’s part is 100% a matter of Anyone but Finn.

I mean, Brody’s one redeeming feature is that at least he’s not going to freaking propose.

PS. When I say I prefer Finn, I don’t mean I wasn’t jumping for joy when Rachel painted over him. The joy was just a little undercut by the immediate pan to the damn orchid. I DON’T CARE HOW PRETTY IT IS, IT NEEDS TO GET OUT AND LEAVE RACHEL ALONE.

Also Lea Michele’s face is too perfect.

I’d be lying if I said Brody was the only no, though he is the biggest one in this episode. Other no’s include Rachel’s awful, awful “sexy” performance. Seriously, it’s a dance class you guys. Why did she not actually dance? Lying on tables and being sexually assaulted is not dancing. No matter how much you mess with your hair.

On the plus side though, I didn’t mind Cassandra so much in this episode. I mean, she’s still way, way, way out of line with her bullshit about refusing to teach a student because she thinks she’s not sexy… but Kate Hudson did a better job of charming me than she did last week. Maybe it helps when she doesn’t dance? I did feel a flicker of irritation when she was stretching, because she can’t point her toes. IF YOU CAN’T POINT YOUR TOES DON’T TRY TO POINT YOUR TOES? YOU’LL GET A BETTER STRETCH WITH A FLEXED FOOT ANYWAY?


And obviously Jake/Marley is a no. Is there a viewer on the planet who thought that was well-handled? Seriously, all they’ve done is look at each other lingeringly a couple of times, and she’s psychoanalyzing him? His jacket shows how he’s been hurt or what the fuck ever? His hair? What is that about? His hair is perfectly normal? I just? Shut up, Marley?

And since the fuck when is he an ~artist?

Fucking atrocious writing, and the actors did not have the charm to make it fly. I laughed out loud at Marley’s face when it was revealed that Jake was dating Kitty (worst “plot twist” ever? Yes/yes?), and I straight up spluttered at the end of the episode when Marley sang a song that is essentially about deep depression and suicidal thoughts to express her feelings about a boy SHE DOES NOT ACTUALLY KNOW. AT ALL. Quite frankly it just made her come off as some sort of hysterical creeper. And not in an awesome Rachel-with-the-rubber-gloves way. Because she’s not that kind of character! This level of melodrama totally could have worked for Rachel Berry, yes even in episode 2, yes even having known Finn for ten minutes. Because she is sixty times larger than life. Marley is slightly smaller than life. Like a poorly manipped head on an ill-fitting body.

And a final no to any and all Justin Bieber. LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE, BIEBER. Seriously, the whole way through that song I was distracted from Artie and Blaine’s adorablness by how awful the song was.

Rin says: lol oh god, ‘Everytime’ is probably my favourite Britney song, if I had to choose a favourite, and yeah. I KNEW THEY WOULD GIVE IT TO MARLEY =)) Ofc, give her the one song that people actually like and enjoy, so we can all like and enjoy Marley too! No. No. No.

And guys. There isn’t a single thing that Brody has done that has seemed okay to me. ALL THE OTHER NEW CHARACTERS HAVE HAD MOMENTS THAT HAVE BEEN OKAY FOR ME. EVEN HUDSON. SJP, PROBABLY NOT, BUT THAT’S JUMPING THE GUN.

Brody is just one big NO. I feel like he should just have a permanent big red NO symbol across his face the entire time he’s onscreen.

The worst thing about his character, is that he’s so clearly being ‘groomed’ to be the perfect-not-perfect ~boyfriend for one Rachel Berry. Even before the show started, everyone was looking at pictures and saying they already preferred him to Finn, because he’s ‘hot’ and.. what? WHAT? Right, cause the number one thing that Rachel should care about is ‘hotness’ you guys. Yeah. Disregarding the fact that he’s actually not that ‘hot’ when you take into account his actual personality.

PLUS, HOW HILARIOUSLY BAD AND PATHETIC WAS IT WHEN HE GOES, ‘Rachel…noooo..’ when she confronts Cassandra? Lol. Can’t.

I JUST HATE HIM. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a character on Glee this much. Yep, he beats out Holly Holiday and Zizes. AND IT’S ONLY BEEN TWO EPISODES, AND I HATE THAT WE HAVE A WAYS TO GO. Oh god, I just thought about him turning up at Thanksgiving, WHICH YOU KNOW HE WILL BECAUSE HIS FAMILY LIVES OUT OF TOWN, AND HE HAS NOWHERE ELSE TO GO! :(


Just get out and stay out and I really hope Quinn rips off his penis.

And he dies.

Sophy says: HE’S NOT EVEN THAT HOT WHEN YOU TAKE INTO ACCOUNT HIS ACTUAL FACE? I mean, no disrespect to the actor, he’s a good-looking guy and all, but it’s not like he’s hotter than Mark Salling. And if Rachel was going to be swooning over people based on physical hotness she should have been sending Tina to crack dens and scrubbing Mike Chang’s toilet a long time ago. Let’s be real.


Congratulations! We didn’t hate you?

“They’re lip-syncing!!”

Sophy says: Way to go with the dramatic pointing, Kitty! I straight up laughed out loud, and not in the embarrassed angry way I laugh out loud at Marley. So Kitty, we create this new category in honour of your little outburst. Any and all newbies can apply, but we don’t expect it to be filled with much other than Random Rachels from week to week.


(Did Kitty really remind anyone else of Reese Witherspoon this week? She definitely seemed more Rachel-ish than Quinn-ish, and I liked it. Less slinky bitchiness and more hysteria, Kitty! More pointing and gasping! More cheese. It suits you.)


And we both absolutely died at this part. It was so ridiculous and well done that we couldn’t resist. And hey, we’re not scared to admit when we’re wrong and actually enjoyed something a character did, so well done Kitty. You spawned a new category!

I like that she has a bit of cheese to her. Quinn Fabray was anything but cheesy, in fact she was the complete opposite. WAIT, I’m talking about early Quinn. S1 Quinn. THESE DAYS QUINN FABRAY IS THE CHEESIEST GIRL IN OHIO NEW HAVEN. I mean, when she’s not forlornly staring out of a window on a rainy day, thinking about what the weather’s like in New York, she’s reminiscing about bathrooms and how they changed.

I was shouting abuse at Kitty in episode one, and in this episode she left me in a fit of giggles here. So.

I think I’ve come to realise that they’re really trying not to make Quinn 2.0 because quite honestly it’d be embarrassing to even try. They picked a very basic body double (LIKE AS IN, WHITE BLONDE FEMALE), and are very much steering clear of Quinnville (population: Rachel).

Why does this sound so defensive? IDEK. Who cares about Kitty, really.

(I do. If she keeps pointing and being lame.)

Sophy says: HAHAHA See, I think Quinn was extremely cheesy in early season 1, just in a really different way from, say, Rachel. She was like… head cheerleader with a cross round her neck, president of the freaking celibacy club, and she choreographed ludicrously minxy, coy routines to things like I Say A Little Prayer… but the way she was really not cheesy, was in terms of being in control. The Quinn we met in season 1 was always in control – of herself and just about everyone around her. If she was ever going to be ridiculous, it would most definitely be a careful and conscious choice connected to some higher purpose. That girl would never have busted out the dramatic pointing at a pep assembly. She might have snickered. She might have raised a well-manicured eyebrow. But this? This is not her style at all.

It’s Rachel’s style.




Head In Hands

“Living here with you instead of those dorms? It’s heaven!”

Sophy says: See I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to squee that much whilst riding a bike. Like, surely at some point you’d just keel over. Oh Rachel. Love these two together. Love their bikes and their wine and candles and their unrealistically awesome and artsy loft. Love it all.

(Except the hints at Kurt/Fashion. Did not love them at all. Sigh.)



Ahhhh I love it.

Only Hummelberry can pull this shit off.


Sophy says: This was freaking hilarious and adorable. Loved hearing both Tina and Unique sing, and thought whole the routine was cute as hell.


A quick note on Unique’s outfits. I’ve seen people saying how awful they are and I’m just??? I think she looks really nice. And classy. I could actually see Quinn wearing some of the stuff she wears, though maybe in different colours. I can’t disapprove of something Quinn might wear?

And I actually like that they’re not putting Unique in super sexy, trendy, campy outfits, because they’d run the risk of turning her into a punchline. I like her nice, ordinary, ladylike outfits.

The only downside to this routine was that it was setting up Marley/Jake. And it would have been nice to have it even remotely established in the first episode that Jake was, you know, a womanizer… prior to the song Womanizer being busted out.

BUT WHATEVER. CUTE TO THE MAX. And I’ll take Jake/Unique over Jake/Marley, please. Or Jake/Tina. Jake/Ann-hog?

Rin says: Jake/Ann-hog ftw.

I also loved this whole performance, it was just adorable, and I liked how much of the actual school/classes they crammed into it. I don’t know? It felt like these guys were actually students, maybe? Unique sitting on top of the library trolley while they pushed her across screen was the best thing ever.


And you guys, I thought the redhead in the library was Emma, and it creeped me out. And then I thought about how Emma should have totally been in it, AND THEN I THOUGHT ABOUT HOW BIESTE SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN IT.

And I die. It would have won all the awards if Bieste was at the front of the tug-of-war pulling Jake to her. It wouldn’t have made much sense, but it would have been fucking hilarious as hell.


“The only cure to loneliness is cake.”


Although I have to lol at how lax they are with Rachel’s supposed veganism. Pizza and cake? Cheese and eggs, anyone?

Rin says: You can get vegan ANYTHING Sophy. VEGAN ANYTHING. Remember when Lea was hardcore vegan but then admitted to slowly dipping back into cheese…but don’t tell her roommate? :-.

Lea Michele. I love you.

And cake.

Sophy says: FOR FUCK’S SAKE. I want to make some kind of shrine to that face.


I sincerely hope she is softening up on that front, for Kurt’s sake. I’d resent having to get non-cake-cake every time I got cake.



Sophy says: Glorious. Yes, even Teen Jesus.

Rin says: I can’t believe we used to say that these guys wouldn’t be enough.

We need to wash out mouths out with soap, because LOOK AT THEM. ARE YOU LOOKING?

Yes, even Teen Jesus.


Most Rophy

No Marley, no.


And not just because they share my opinion of Marley.

Okay, okay, I know the show’s going to force them to adore her and all, but for now let me just revel in their disapproving headshakes BECAUSE THEY ARE THE CUTEST.

Rin says: Anyone who knows Rophy, knows that we love a good ol’ disapproving headshake.

And Tinique (I’M CALLING IT) didn’t let us down one bit with theirs. I ESPECIALLY LOVE WHEN PEOPLE CLOSE THEIR EYES AND HEADSHAKE, SO WELL DONE TINA. Well done.

And hahaha Marley’s face.


Quinn Glory Shot


Rin says: Always present.

Sophy says: And she framed the prints.

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  1. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    So great to see Figgins again. And Will has been great two episodes in a row now. (And so’s Finn.)

    I think I liked Santana’s “leave Brittany alone!” better, but Stoner Brett yelling “J’ACCUSE!” more than made up for it. J’ACCUSE! I have headcanon now of him slowly, slowly reading Emile Zola on his many smoke breaks.

    Also I really appreciated Brody’s last line…because now I can legitimately dislike him. Last week he was this perfect cardboard construct, popping up out of nowhere to be everything Rachel didn’t know she wanted. Now he’s a jerk, which is much better. “I will respect your boundaries, except, uh, I totally won’t.”

    Cake. J’ACCUSE! Cake. One of these is the new “Spies!” for me. Decisions, decisions. :)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      They should write him some kind of fantasy sequence in which he’s all grubby-faced and waif-like down the coal-mines or something.

      And UGH BRODY. Nothing worse than assholes who think they’re not assholes.

  2. LauryeMal
    LauryeMal at · Reply

    After Marley/Jake duets I may or may not have twitted that the New New Directions will lose this years at Sectionals even if put against the chorus from a nursing home or a pack of crying dingos (I’ll pick the dingos)… I stand by that.

    As always… loved your recap so let me start by quoting:

    I wish Lord Tubbington had been made a regular instead of Marley. He has so much more personality.

    Please YESSS… HE.JOINED.A.GANG plus I’m sure he knows how to wear a hat.
    I think he deserved Most Rophy Honors as well…

    and because she’s really made an effort with her boobs.
    And the Town Where Math Was Never Invented… Who knew I’d ship Brittany and crayons!
    This episode was so much better than the usual one-liners Brittany is relegated too; her delivery, her little faces were sooo cute. And Kiki…and the gargantuan cup of coffee OTP!

    I know I’ve sometime protested on how heavy Glee pressed on the “silly Brittany”; silly without context is pointless and just lazy writing and I never tolerate when they used her only to make some condescending nods and quick laughs. (still cringing about the Christmas episode)
    But I liked how they portrayed her vulnerability now that she’s “alone” and her uncontrolled downward spiral. I don’t see it as diminishing at all. Santana was her rock, her “lady-loving-sweet kisses-mean as hell” rock and she misses her. We all do. WE.ALL.DO
    I want a Lima Highs Adjacent kick ass intervention so bad…but I guess that’s another thing you cannot do over Skype 

    Also…You know Mr.Shue is mad when he forgets to put on his vest…
    And welcome back Emma’s hilarious yet politically uncorrected pamphlet. We missed you!

    Why did she not actually dance? Lying on tables and being sexually assaulted is not dancing. No matter how much you mess with your hair. .

    Thank you Sophy to vocalize all my concerns about the “crotch-grabbing” routine NO.NO.FUCK NO.
    I don’t know.. Lea is foxy sexy we know it, but somehow “sexy Rachel” doesn’t completely works for me. The whole number was a little forced and a lot more inappropriate that I originally expected.
    Speaking of inappropriate.. Cassandra bending right in front of Rachel’s face… I’ve read femslash fanfic based on way less than that…and yes, I do notice this things.

    Just get out and stay out and I really hope Quinn rips off his penis. And he dies. .

    Uhm…Brody you are an empty shell. I’m sorry but I know exactly how he picked up that banal stereotypical orchid…(which btw generically means refinement, beautiful lady, Chinese symbol for many children, mature charm?? WTF! …) it’s not like he picked it up to match her eyes or anything… sigh sob…

    I want Quinn to come visit and dismiss him with snarky remarks and a twirl…also, what Rin said.


    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Also…You know Mr.Shue is mad when he forgets to put on his vest…

      ROFL! Or he was so angry he had to take it off. I can see him just tearing it from his body on his way from the gym. Like.

      LOL REFINEMENT. And he thought it was ~sexy. Get out Brody. And where the fuck is Quinn, indeed. Maybe we never stop asking.

  3. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    Okay, let me just start off by saying Quophia made me laugh so hard I almost choked.

    Now on to the good stuff.

    1. So far with these two episodes, Blaine has been a thousand times less annoying than last season. Lets hope they keep it that way.

    2. I absolutely LOVED Heather in this but then again I love her in anything. Her delivery was flawless in every scene. She was hilarious and heartbreaking and I just need her to see Santana again.

    3. I absolutely loved the Brittany/Sam friendship, I think it has a lot of potential to be funny and awesome but if I hear one more person say that it’s foreshadowing a future relationship I will go fucking hulk and smash everything and everyone.

    “Sophy says: I DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW. I mean, have I ever even thought of Sam and Brittany before? Like as in Sam/Brittany? In a platonic way, settle down Brittana stans.”

    My shirt was seriously ripping already until you said that last line.

    4. I just really need Santana back on my screen, those 5 seconds weren’t nearly enough! Notice how Brittany takes out her Santana angst on Lord Tubbington, “I’m not speaking to you. I know you joined a gang” just how she did when she got stood up for ‘Fondue for two’ in ‘Rumours’, “I know you started smoking again”.

    Also, Britt has a folder called ‘Santana’ on her computer and I just about died? Yes.

    And the drawing of her and Santana adsansdajds omg and the fact that Kurt and Rachel are in heaven? I loled so much. She thinks they’re dead.

    I think the fact that Santana chose Lousville instead of New York is because it’s way closer to Lima and by Lima I mean Brittany.

    I also thought it was super dumb how Puck was supposed to not know about Jake being his brother and Mr. Schue was all “LOL, I TOLD HIM!” and Puck flew/Drove over from L.A. to fucking Ohio (36 hour drive) so he could have a 20 second chat with his half brother but Santana who is 2 hours and 59 minutes away can’t visit. (Yes I looked it up on google maps, don’t pretend you didn’t look up YALE/NYADA distance.)

    5. Normally I don’t agree with everything Rophy say BUT this is an exception. You are right on pretty much everything. 3 was the best song. The ep was flawless even though I was completely opposed to another Britney tribute and… I TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID LAST TIME, OKAY? MARLEY IS SUPER ANNOYING AND SHE’S GOTTA GO. I ONLY LIKED HER CAUSE THE ACTRESS IS SUPER HOT. She can take Jake with her, nobody needs him either… Oh wait, yes, I disagree on Finn being better than Brody because no. *points bread*

    6. Did you notice Brittany’s pop tarts said POP MS? As in PMS? 4 FOR YOU, PROP DEPARTMENT, YOU GO PROP DEPARTMENT!

    7. Also a major “NO!” to the Kitty/Jake/Marley triangle because seriously no1currr about them. And love triangles are fucking stupid to begin with not to mention overused.

    8. I think biggest lol for me was Brittany mistaking George Washington for Glenn Close because omfg, the resemblance is uncanny I just can’t. Brittany is the best, I hope they keep giving her all her much deserved screen time.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Nice parallel to Tubbington/Smoking! I hadn’t caught that. And you’re so right, everything about Heather was perfect. And needs moar Santana. A lot moar.

      LOL IT WAS TOTALLY DUMB HOW PUCK FLEW IN. I mean, not that he flew in, that’s normal if you find out you have a secret brother and all. But the fact that he just left =)) Like, wouldn’t they maybe go for coffee or something???

      Marley is the worst :) I won’t deny Melissa is pretty and I have nothing against her and all… but Marley is the worst.


  4. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    I just was so depressed after this episode. Brittany was a lost puppy who needed a hug. No one hugged her. Where was Santana? I just felt bad and sad during this episode…

    I miss Quinn. Can I have a hug?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      awww! I know nobody hugged her, BUT they did all try their hardest to help at least. It was really sad though, she was so lost without Santana :(


  5. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Can’t believe so many people are hating on Sam! I love him and Britt as friends, they’re SO adorable! I just hope they never date, because I’m against twincest in general. But, yeah, they should be in every scene together. Also Kurt and Rachel and their adorable bikes.

    Marley gets less horrible the less she is in the spotlight. She might make a great character if she got as much screen time as Sugar. Maybe a little less.

    And Brody can just STFU. First of all, he’s just hot and THERE. He’s not a character, just a tool for storytelling. Like everyone on the CW. But he lost me on “Hi girl with the boyfriend she planned to marry just a few weeks ago, I know you’re in a relationship and all, but I’m already spending all my time hitting on you and pretending you’re not, so why not also make a move.” Like… who hits on people in relationships? Who kisses them? Who tells people that you intend to ruin their relationships? Assholes, that’s who.
    And he doesn’t even know Finn’s the worst. Which doesn’t matter in this case.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      WHAT! WHO’S HATING ON SAM? I’ll beat them up.

      Totally agree on Brody. He really has no excuse for his behaviour. I mean, maybe if he was a Finn-hating fangirl I’d cut him some slack, but he doesn’t even know the guy!

      She might make a great character if she got as much screen time as Sugar. Maybe a little less.

      LOL TRUE.

  6. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Your new version of Quinn doesn’t wear jeans shorts by any chance, does she?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  7. Lisa
    Lisa at · Reply


    My issue with the ep was that even though Sam/Brittany was supersuper cute and they seem like they could be great friends (who are running against each other in the election next week??), this is the third time Sam’s been all, “Hey, woman, let me relate to you and show you how to feel better about yourself” – Quinn was half a season ago, but it felt weird to end last week with “I’m poor too! It’s not that bad. I’ll be here for you!” and then “I’m a dumb blonde too! It’s not that bad. I’ll be here for you!” at the end of this week.

    Also I didn’t notice till this recap but they brought back the neck brace Cheerio! lolololol

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      LOL I didn’t even notice that really, which might be because I furiously repress a) Anything to do with Marley, and b) Anything that takes my mind back to ‘Rich, white girl problems’. In order to continue to like Sam, I’ve had to simply snip all of his interactions with Quinn in season 3 out of my brain. Just.

      You’re right it is a little obnoxious… but in and of itself I really liked this scene, and at least for once Sam hit the right note with his ~helping.


  8. dani
    dani at · Reply

    omggg LOL Quinn’s Glory Shot, she seems pleased with what she sees. I liked a lot this episode which is weird because I’m always expecting Glee to go wrong.

    Brittana is just so fucking hard to deal with ;_; I lvoe them so much that I want my bb britt to be happy again with her woman but I’m also a sucker for angst so yea.. I’m not opposed to this storyline because in my world brittana is endgame :D

    and did anyone else had a heart attack when Rachel said “it’s heaven!” or was it just me? how can you be so cute!?!

    jake: no, just no please
    kitty: you make me feel absolutely no-thing, I don’t hate you Idon’t like you I don’t care about you

    and puck! god I miss the original gang

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Quinn will treasure her glory shot always.

      THE ANGST IS THE BEST. Seriously, this episode was so poignant… I probably shipped Brittana in it more than I ever have? But I mean, of course, the whole point of angst is for it to be resolved at some point. So hopefully it’s not all just going to hurt!


  9. Scattered letters
    Scattered letters at · Reply

    Thank God for your recap because I must admit, despite all the great LOL moments in the episode I felt a little let down after watching it. It was a good episode, comedy-wise and exactly what I wanted them to do. The Britney/Brittany stuff were all kinds of awesome.
    There was just something off for me. The songs didn’t seem to fit the message of what they were trying to convey and it was very hard to get past that. They sang them really well but they just didn’t make sense or didn’t advance the narrative, I guess. It was forced. I’m not a big Brittany fan so I don’t know if they could have chosen better songs but in a way their hands were tied because they had to stick with this theme.

    I also see Brody’s character differently. I think he is lame and very obvious about putting the moves on Rachel. He is in NYADA after all so you would expect him to be overly dramatic when it comes to romantic gestures, and very focused when it comes to getting what he wants. (Rachel went after Finn eventhough she knew he had a girlfriend) His sleazy attempts at being Mr Perfect doesn’t strike me as in the same class as too good to be true Marley. Also, let me add that I am 200% behind Rachel without anyone. I think they are making a mistake by setting it up as a love triangle with Brody and Finn (Brody and Quinn on the other hand would make for a better story line. I’ll get to that later). That being said, I am glad that finally there is a man who is romantically interested in Rachel and doesn’t put her down. Finn, Puck, Jesse all put Rachel down. I’m sorry, but, Rachel Berry is awesome and attractive and it is such a stretch to imagine a world where men can’t see that and shout all her virtues from the rooftops (I only said men because we all know of one woman who has been Ra Ra Rachel for a while now). I also think that Brody would have provided such an interesting backdrop to Faberry. Quinn obviously loves Rachel (Duh!) and has been supporting, pushing, admiring her but only from a distance. Just like you said, she is chivalry, not Brody the Upstart. And yet, because he is a man and she a woman, Brody can express his feelings for Rachel openly. He can make these gestures (that are not even up to par with Quinn’s – plant vs prom coronation, hmm) and take credit for them. Oh, the angst, the drama and also the possible laughs (Cyrano, anyone?).
    Lastly, I still can’t work-up much love or even like for Teen Jesus mainly because he isn’t playing Teen Jesus. If they are going for earnest Christian then all they have to do is look at Kirk Cameron. He’s funny just by being himself because he puts so much effort into being kind and giving and noble and good. How hilarious would it be to have that character in the Glee-verse. The opportunity for comedy is wasted on Joe. The vision for the character is so narrow and unimaginative and the actor is subpar.

    Oops, really, truly, lastly… Brit brit’s voice-over that wasn’t was awesome. The glee characters that I love give good voice overs (Rachel Berry, Becky Jackson, Puck, Santana, Britney, Kurt, Sue). Even the minor characters such as Sam and Tina had good voice over moments. None of the new characters can do that. Marley’s voice over would be such a snooze. I wish there a voice-over meter that will rate a characters potential for hilarity via VoiceOver and if they don’t measure up they get kicked out.
    That’s my rant and I’m sorry for being such a Debbie Downer. I really did like your recap because it pointed out all the good parts of the episode and turned my grumpy frown upside down. :)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      You know, Rachel did cheat with Finn, while he was with Quinn, but I really don’t see her as going after him, at least not on the level that Brody is going after her now. I mean, she didn’t tell him he was sexy or take photos of the two of them together or grab his crotch in a dance routine or tell him she’d be thinking about kissing him all the time she was around him or show up at his house with romantic gifts… idk… as strange as it is, despite the fact that Rachel was a camp comedic character, and therefore entitled to be over the top in her affections… she actually wasn’t anywhere near as extreme with Finn as non-comedic character Brody is being with her. And also Quinn was kind of horrible to her, whereas Brody doesn’t even know Finn. He could be the nicest guy on earth, Brody doesn’t care.

      And you know, I agree that both Finn and Jesse (can’t really remember Puck treating Rachel that badly, but since he was never a genuine love interest for her I guess it’s moot) had a habit of putting Rachel down at times, and that sucked. But I don’t think Brody is the answer. Mostly because Brody doesn’t know Rachel. He’s not accepting her for who she is or seeing the positive side to qualities others find grating or celebrating her in all her intense, hyper, ambitious, amazing, ridiculous, above-and-beyond Rachel glory… because he doesn’t know that Rachel. All he’s seen is a sweet, quiet girl who can sing really well and also lie on tables in underwear.

      IDK IDK. I just. I can’t see any positives to the character. At all. Though I will say, if anything, Marley is worse.

      BUT THANK YOU FOR SHARING THOUGHTS. Please never stop ♥

  10. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    Yes I think this brought me back to Brittany. I found she was getting almost a little too mean last season, and her dumbness was kind of more wtf than endearing. But THIS MADE ME LIKE HER AGAIN.

    Seriously though about Samcedes. SO MUCH POTENTIAL WHY DID THEY SQUANDER IT.


    Did you guys yell “PUCK COME BACK RIGHT NOW WAIT WHERE ARE YOU GOING” when he appeared and then disappeared again into the night? I KNOW I DID. P.S.: Incest: A Frank Discussion

    Yeah, I wish we could just have single Rachel this season. I know that Finchel is endgame or whatever, but if it has to happen, please let it happen at the end of the season. JUST HAVE SINGLE RACHEL GAH.

    OK, Lea Michele needs to start singing Broadway songs again. IS THIS REALLY SUPPOSED TO BE A SERIOUS MUSICAL THEATRE SCHOOL? WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON.

    LOL Kitty has been taking Rachel (and Cooper!) lessons. I was really not enamoured with her in the first episode but that was funny. ALSO I LOL’D AT BRETT’S “J’ACCUSE!” IT WAS VERY LISA SIMPSON OF HIM. I hope there is more Brett this season.

    I really hate how Murphy is just shoving the Jarley down our throats. I DON’T WANT IT GET IT AWAY FROM ME. I could not believe HOW BAD that was. And are we REALLY doing that love triangle shit again?


    OMG BIESTE NEEDS TO COME BACK AND MAKE JAKE MORE AWESOME. (I think she is coming back at any rate so YAY FOR THAT!)

    Omg Rachel’s reaction to cake is the same as my reaction to cake. Also, casual reminder that Lea and Dianna were roommates at one point. :D



    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Part of me was bummed that Kurt went to NY straight away and Santana for whatever reason opted for the cheerleading scholarship, because I really wanted Santana to be the person Rachel moved out with. First because Pezberry. Second because I really wanted to see the big move shake things up for Rachel and one way to do that would be to have her actually become close to someone she isn’t already close to, ie. Santana. Thirdly because Pezberry.




      1. Mad
        Mad at · Reply


  11. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    I’ve been waiting for this recap. Your enthusiasm for Glee and your ability to articulate your thoughts and feelings (even if it’s steeped in inability to speak!).

    Also, I’ve been so happy with the Quinning I’ve received in the past, and felt like I wasn’t properly responsive at the time. I even got a twirly, cheerleading Quinn! Sigh.

    I thought this was an amusing episode, and I agree with your perspective on whether or not the Britney camp should actually be upset. Well said.

    I don’t hate Brody, because I figure he’s good fodder for a rebound. Use him. Dump him when you realize that he was just man-candy and your feelings run much deeper. Perhaps after Quinn kills him at Thanksgiving. I’m sure all it would take is an arched eyebrow look and he’d be gone. He’s kind of college-flirty-harmless, and clearly can’t stand up to the real fire she could bring.

    The Brittana was poignant and angsty. I hope we get more with Santana soon.

    I’m resigned to Kurt/fashion, and trying to make my peace with it. At least he’s initially framed it as a stop-gap until he can reapply for NYADA, and not his end goal. We can hope. And meanwhile, I love how cute he and Rachel are! And there’s totally room for Santana to live there too. I feel like she could be a useful grounding influence on them with her loving snark.

    I miss Rachel really singing. And I didn’t find the sexy dance sexy. How do you make Lea unsexy? Well, I guess there’s sad hooker clown…that’s kind of how I felt. Honestly, when she was brought into class at the end and began the tango I found that to be much more sexy than the rolling around and crotch-grabbing. :-/

    I thought the Puck scene was shoe-horned in rather awkwardly. And I’m sick-sick-sick of Glee “making you a man” (paraphrased, despite the quotes). Really?

    Also, as much as I loved the crayon drawing, and the Glenn Close, I don’t know that Wemma tutoring once a week is going to do it if that’s an example of its efficacy. I mean, at least someone is paying attention, but…

    Hurray for your recap. And you categories. Brightened my day.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      And yeah, the only reason I didn’t make Kurt/Fashion an official ‘No’ is because at least it’s only a temporary measure. However, if he ends up seeing that fashion is his true calling I will knife someone. And also, lol Glee, you don’t get jobs at Vogue as temporary measures. You just don’t.

      I totally know what you mean! Rachel was really unsexy in her routine in this episode, despite the fact that Lea knows how to be plenty sexy… not really sure what to make of that.

      And lol yeah, I hope someone teaches Brittany how to like, add and subtract as well as sorting out that Glenn Close issue.

      Hurray for your comment!

  12. Ruben
    Ruben at · Reply

    The only thing left to say is that I miss a couple of gifs of Rachel/Lea’s performance, or stretching her teacher (das gay…)or at least when she is dancing tango and puts her leg around the guys waist….unf…have you seen this womans legs!!!

    I’m sorry, I think I’m spending too much time on tumblr…

    Anyway great recap as always, and I think Rachel’ hot for teacher only because she reminds her of Quinn. At least it’s that way in my head.^^

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      LOL I CAN’T PUT THE STRETCHING IN. Although I admit to being okay with Kate Hudson in this ep, I will never be on team Julyberry. NEVER. I make exceptions to my Faberry rule for Pezberry only k thx. And even then there’s no touching. Um.

      1. Ned
        Ned at · Reply

        If you haven’t yet seen it, here’s a super convoluted way to ship Julyberry. (Warning: fic contains traces of Holly Holliday.)

  13. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    I love this show. This was like first season Glee (or parts of it were…the McKinley parts were) when they embraced their cheese. And it was so glorious.

    I loved 3. I was thinking the whole time that I might actually be able to like Teen Jesus now that he’s not groping Quinn. I mean, his cute little over-exaggerated faces, emphatic gesticulating and pointing, and the way he couldn’t even keep seated on his stool? So cute.

    I did not like the sexy Rachel number. Well, beyond ogling Lea Michele a bit. And that’s why I didn’t like it. It felt much more like Lea than it did Rachel. I see Rachel’s point. She’s trying to prove to someone who doesn’t respect her that she can be what she needs to be for any part. But Rachel is sexy for all the reasons that WEREN’T in this performance.

    I didn’t think you’d be able to do it. I thought I had greater strength of mind. But you poisoned me against Marley. I found her to be so boring, and rather annoying as well in this episode. I hope they do more with her. And I’m starting to be really curious about what they are going to do with Kitty. I want more interesting characters!

    Finally, something happened in this episode and I’m not sure I’ll be able to recover. It’s all Puck’s/Mark Salling’s fault. Take a look at your caps of Puck, in particular the 4th one. That face right there? That’s my twin brother’s face. With a mohawk. And I just can’t. How have I never noticed how his round, smushy little face looks JUST LIKE MY TWIN BROTHER? I won’t be able to look at Puck the same way again. :(

    Great job ladies! Thanks as always. (Side comment, I’m LOVING your Rophy asks vids. Good times.)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      And I know what you mean about Teen Jesus. As a comedic bg character he could actually work pretty well. Just no Quinn-gropes or physio-boners. Ever. EVER.

      But Rachel is sexy for all the reasons that WEREN’T in this performance.

      SO TRUE. I think that’s why the sexy performance bothered me. It was more like Lea being sexy than Rachel being sexy. And that’s why even though I normally find Lea very sexy… I didn’t find her sexy as Rachel because she wasn’t being Rachel? LOL. Hopefully that made some sense.


      And you have no idea how proud we are to have poisoned you against Marley. So very proud. :)

      And thank you for the comment on the vids! How great was Rin/sheets? 8-.

  14. proud faberry fan
    proud faberry fan at · Reply

    i will make a comment that someone else made on tumblr, i just don’t remember who, sorry, and it make me gasp more that lea and cake. it was something like this: “if the writers knew about the orchid symbolism, is safe to assume that they knew about the gardenia too, right?”

    i will agree with you on everything about brody, i really, really don’t like him. and no, i was never ok with the idea everyone but finn. i can’t stand around and watch writers screw with Rachel Berry, the shining star of all of us!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  15. iruvrophy
    iruvrophy at · Reply

    First off let me start by saying I love cheese. the dairy kind and the rachel/quinn/glee kind, but right now we’re talking dairy. I like it more than dianna agron maybe. that’s a lie. But i love cheese AND dianna, and that should hint at a few things. I love meat too. so basically what I’m saying is that veganism is not thing i’ll be doing anytime soon. BUT BUT BUT i have had delicious DELICIOUS vegan pizza AND cake. Not the “this is pretty good for not having any of the right ingredients” type of delicious but the on it’s own, in it’s own right, absolutely craveworthy type of delcious. And two of those times have been in new york, so. it exists i promise :)

    second. I really did lol at so many aspects of this espisode re:brittany/britney. but there was just a slight discomfort for me during parts of it…like an underlying consta-wince throughout some of the parallels that were obviously parodies of britney’s downward spiral (e.g. lackluster performance, papparazzi freakout). I must admit the delivery of the head shave was brilliant, but after i cackle, i slipped right into discomfort. I mean, maybe it’s because I think back to that time and mostly i just felt so sad for her and how it must be X times more awful to go through emotional/mental troubles in such a public light. And the fact that she’s literally not in control of her own life even now…in any way. that she legally and permanently doesn’t have any autonomy; conservatorships are basically unheard of for anyone that doesn’t have serious illness (e.g. alzheimers, vegetative state). it just makes me sad. This covers it pretty well: http://www.autostraddle.com/its-not-britney-bitch-84052/
    So I couldn’t help but laugh and subsequenly wince a little inside because it did feel a little uncomfortable to see those aspects of her life made fun of. Not enough for me to rage about it though because it still didn’t come off mean or malicious. I think mostly the fact that she’s still not in control of her own life is what makes it a little yeesh-worthy for me.

    Regardless, loved the recap as always!

    p.s. artie the ex and blaine the gay singling the beiber song though? no no no. all the bad. no one thought hey, maybe these are the exact people who should not be singing this to britt britt?

    1. Mia
      Mia at · Reply

      Omg. Yes! I was like “WHY ARTIE?!” Blaine not so much because he’s gay but like NO, BARTIE WAS AWFUL ENOUGH WE DON’T NEED A REMINDER OF HOW BAD IT WAS.

      1. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply

        Sometimes I forget Bartie ever happened. Tonight it will probably haunt me in my dreams.

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Pscccccch, the cake, I’ll believe it when I eat it. But to the day I die I’ll be saying, all curmudgeon-like, “Pizza without cheese is just stuff on bread.”

      I feel bad for Britney. I mean, I don’t know the intimate details of her life, and it’s never possible to say from a distance what the actual truth of a celebrity’s situation is, because, you know, there’s so much spin and hyperbole and whatnot. But I do feel bad for what she went through, because she was clearly in pain. And if she genuinely is being controlled now on an insidious, invasive level, beyond keeping her healthy, that’s horrible. I just don’t think any of that makes her public outbursts something we can’t talk about or use in art. I mean… they were public. Britney Spears is a human being, yes, but she’s also a public figure who earns an astronomical salary based on being a public figure. So discussing and/or referencing her public outbursts is fair game in my view, as long as you’re not being flat-out cruel about it. And I don’t think Glee were cruel at all. Cruel would have been, for example, referencing the conservatorship, instead of portraying Britney as a strong woman who reinvented herself. Or like Rin said, cruel would have been bringing her kids or her relationship with Kevin Federline into the mix. They stuck to what was public and they aimed at a positive message. I think that’s acceptable. If Britney’s hurt though, that’s her right. I don’t walk in her shoes, not gonna tell her how to feel.


  16. buchai
    buchai at · Reply

    Get the f*ck out Brody, leave my baby alone! Worst than a dirty old man. He’s like Uriah Heep, I envision him rubbing his palms together every time he’s out of Rachel’s sight.

    Love everything Brittany though. My fave part was ‘Leave Brittany alone’. Gold.

    I died at the last part, Quinn is just so vigilant. She better be with smarms like Brody around, ugh.

  17. Amy
    Amy at · Reply

    Wow! i actually agreed with almost everything you guys said :-0 …. that never happens lol

    Brittany was awesome, i’m loving the Tina/Unique friendship, i even liked Blaine!!!
    I hope the Britt/Sam thing stays a friendship too. Not that i would completely rage if it turned into a romance, even though i’m totally a Brittana stan i’ve been preparing myself for it to happen for months so it would be easier to swallow when/if it does happen, but the rare friendships on tv that have the potential to be romantic but never are, are always my favourite. Like Myka/Pete on Warehouse 13 …. not that anyone on here probably watches that, but anyway.
    I love a platonic love. They never seem to be ruined with crappy writing and ridiculous plots to keep a couple apart.

    Also did anyone else find it weird/wonderful/awesome/scary that Brittany drew a picture of Kurt and Rachel in heaven and then at the end Rachel squeeled she was in heaven?!?!

  18. Amy
    Amy at · Reply

    Also Quophia made laugh so much i hurt myself.

    I’m now going to re-read some of my favourite skins recaps.
    Cos honestly, i know they were a while ago now but they are spme of the funniest things i have ever read :-)
    I had so much fun reading them the first time laughing out loud at 2 in the morning with tears streaming down my face :-/
    ahhh the memories.

  19. Amy
    Amy at · Reply

    Also Rin, I know you love parra but are you going for dogs or storm on Sunday?
    Very important question!

  20. heather anne hogan
    heather anne hogan at · Reply

    “Keep up the not bad work!” is one of my favorite things you’ve ever said.

    Oh, and: EMSY SHUM!

  21. SH
    SH at · Reply

    I’m re-reading this because I’m just after watching the episode and IT HURTS SO MUCH. Bram had such a wonderful potential. IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO POIGNANT. Sam could have been Brittany’s rock and maybe they could have kissed or got together but because it felt convenient and nice to have someone to take away the loneliness of their significant others being so far away but they just took the storyline and demolished every little thing that could have been great about it.

    Heather and Chord exude a chemistry that’s so palpable and could easily be a funny, enjoyable, close knit friendship but also? it could be a romance, a slow budding one that fills the void in their hearts while they’re stuck in McKinley without the people that made them happiest. But now it’s been used as a mouthpiece to degrade lesbians and a character assassination of the two best characters on the show at the moment (excluding the O.G’s who are now simply guest stars). Damn. I should’ve resisted the urge to read this.

  22. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    I don’t think I’ve see this episode, but Brittany threatening to shave her head? Brilliant, because remember that time Britney Spears went a bit mad and did that.

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