322 — Goodbye

Best Song

Rachel – Roots Before Branches

Sophy says: This is our choice for four principal reasons.

1) Rachel Berry alone in New York is the perfect ending to this season. 2) Lea’s voice is doing incredible things, even for her. 3) The whole montage was beautifully put together. 4) The pink suitcase.


I can’t even deal with how well this was done. From Finn taking her to the station and having all her friends be there to see her off, to the fact that when the song started she was singing it, even as she walked the plank of adulthood, wept, and clung all the way, Rachel Berry was singing – that’s what got her through, that’s what got her to New York. And she didn’t stop singing till she’d made it all the way there. How perfectly symbolic is that?

Seriously my heart was skipping around all over the place in my chest when her voice carried on without her like magic as she took in the sights of her future, the reality of the journey she’d just made, when all of New York swirled around her, the original dream brought to her feet.

I also thought it was truly gorgeous that Finn was providing the backing “Oh, oh, ohs” as they went – gently supporting her till she got on that train – left him behind where he belongs – where he chooses to be, for her.

And the tippy-toe kiss goodbye, omg. :(

And one last thing. See how happy Quinn looks as she gives Rachel the thumbs up and Finn stops running and the train keeps chugging and Rachel Berry is finally on her way? I think that says it all for Faberry.

Except no it doesn’t. Because when Rachel looks around her with a mixture of trepidation and excitement in New York and sings the line “I’ll still be standing… I’m standing…” all I can think about is Quinn Fabray and I’m still standing, and that time she hauled herself up by her microphone and sang her song to her queen.

Oh my girls, living their whole lives in parallel.

And a quick shout-out to Puck’s ‘Love You’. Slim pickings, Puckleberries, but it was damn cute, so I hope you enjoyed it all the same.

Rin says: Let me get the Faberry out of the way first. Like it’s such a chore.

Quinn’s continual waving, going from a casual normal wave to big full arm waves, and ending on a thumbs up, is the greatest thing. I can’t express how much I love her thumbs up. I really can’t. It’s just something about it. And I’m reading into a thumbs up, I am. But it’s like Sophy said, it’s Rachel finally on her way. It’s, if you truly want to be happy you’re going to have to say goodbye. And, if you keep looking for that happy ending then you are never going to get it right. It’s all the things that Quinn has known Rachel is going to do, and in more recent times it’s everything that Quinn has wanted for Rachel. So yes, a picture says a thousand words, and a thumbs up spawns a paragraph on Faberry.



One of the things I really love about this scene/song is that Rachel is probably the most devastated she’s ever been, as she walks into the train station. But perhaps the most comforting thing is that the entire Glee club is there to see her off. But they’re not there as the Glee club, they’re there as her friends. I have no doubt in my mind that every single person there (crickets for Joe) wanted to be there to see her off, not because they had to. And maybe it’s a bit of a consolation that even though Rachel has lost Finn (for now), she still has all of these people to fall back on. When at the very start of all this madness Rachel didn’t have friends, and half of them actually used to bully her. So. I mean, I know that I was so happy for Rachel and felt relief when I saw all of their happy shiny faces excited/proud/happy for her.

And it’s not just me who finds Quinn waiting at the top of the stairs with a huge smile on her face, crazy romantic. Right? RIGHT?!??!


So the song. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

And if you pay attention to the lyrics it really is the best song for Rachel in this moment, but also kind of applicable to all these kids who are going out into the world.

I gotta have roots before branches
To know who I am
Before I know who I wanna be

And nothing makes me happier than Rachel letting go of the happy ending, and singing about finding herself and her place in the world. She spent a lot of the season losing sight of her dreams, the big picture and everything she’s ever wanted. And I’m pretty sure every single time Rachel has been ‘un-Rachel-like’ we’ve put it as Rophy Says No. Because Rachel is our hero, and we hate to see her stumble. But what better place for her to get back her self belief and unwavering drive than New York itself?

I know we were all like, A MILLION EGOT’S FOR LEA MICHELE!! last week.. but dear lord. This week she sure showed us that she needs ONE BILLION. You know I read a lot about how people get cranky over Lea’s twitter and how much she uses it for PR because she’s always tweeting about Glee and how much she loves it, and omg watch glee etc. etc. But I have to say, when you see Lea put so much of herself into Rachel, you can’t blame her for being excited about her job. I would get exhausted after one take with the intensity Lea shows in her performances, and she has to do it day in and day out. And I must insist we all bow down before her when she’s singing on the train whilst dying inside. I just. So many bows and slow claps.

And then I adore the way she starts to open up when she’s actually in New York. She starts to remember why she has Broadway as her dream in the first place, and just being there is comforting for her. I love that.



And I think Rin hit the nail on the head as to why Lea’s voice was so especially breathtaking in this song. It wasn’t necessarily that she was doing anything more technically brilliant than usual… it’s just that her heart was literally BREAKING ALL OVER THE MUSIC. Intensity, thy name is Rachel Berry. And the character would never have been what she is today if Lea Michele hadn’t been willing to put all her heart and soul into her – day in day out.

Seniors – You Get What You Give

Sophy says: This is here for two main reasons. 1) It was like they were actually trying to murder us with cute. 2) This should have been a Nationals song. Why, why, why, show?

It had exactly the right plucky, adorable vibe, all about being grateful and giving back and never giving up and how the music is everything and it is in you. It would have been the New Directions choice.

But enough whining about what’s past. Let’s talk about how fucking cute these kids are? Mercedes and Quinn dancing nearly made me fall out of my chair, because it took me right back to ‘We Are Young’ and I just. Can’t. Also Rachel cupping Artie’s chin was just obscenely sweet. And then Quinn went up and kind of copied it and I just.

Let’s be clear, Quartie the friendship never went anywhere near the Wheelchair Love place. I hated it only for what I feared it would be. For what it is I kind of love it to pieces.

And just.

Santana ruffling Will’s hair and dancing with her girl. Will getting another Quinn kiss, the lucky bastard. Mike and Tina being fucking gorgeous and adorable. And I will never get over that look Kurt and Blaine gave each other. I know people are pissed that they didn’t get to kiss, just like they didn’t get to kiss last week, and okay, I am too. But that look? It honestly wipes the floor with most people’s kisses as far as I’m concerned. So there’s that.

And one last thing – the best thing – Puck pretending to pull his mohawk off. Seriously I wanted to give him a Cutest Human Ever award on the spot just for that.

Rin says: It also took you back to ‘We Are Young’ because Finn’s pretty much dressed the exact same way.

When this song started with Finn, something funny happened. Unlike the previous few episodes, we didn’t want to stab his face. We were actually LOVING IT like we used to, and loved his unabashed energy when he was telling the juniors to take care of the Glee club and it’ll take care of you. I mean. Cute. AND THEN HE STARTED SINGING AND I STILL DIDN’T WANT TO PUNCH HIM, AND I DON’T KNOW? I guess that’s what happens when Glee is good. You start to remember that you haven’t always hated people that you hate, and whilst there’s still a lot of no to Finn, there was also some yeses to him, and that’s what we’ve been missing for so long now. It was nice to see a glimpse of the Finn we liked, and here’s to hoping that guy sticks around, and not the one that goes around calling people selfish and trying to de-wheelchair girls.

This routine. All of the things that were going on. It was like Rophynip, for serious. I think this was one of their last days on set for the season? And you can really tell how they were all just having a lot of fun together, but also you could feel the emotion of the cast saying goodbye to one another, as if it was a last hurrah. And I adore that to pieces. How can you not, when Santana runs across the room and sways arms with Brittany, when Mike sings ‘one last dance’ to Tina and bows before her offering his hand, when Rachel and Tina hold hands after their recent bonding session, when Quinn is Quinn, when the juniors stand in a circle as the seniors dance around them, and then stand opposite each other.. singing to them. And then the song ends with the seniors sitting down, and the juniors standing up because the torch has been handed over and now it’s their turn. I just. This fucking glee club is going to be the end of me.

And this whole episode gave me vivid flashbacks to my last day at high school. ALL THOSE YEARS AGO. But after the ceremony and all that, the year 12’s sing to the rest of the school, and then the yr 11’s sing to us. And Glee club isn’t even a thing here. Anyway, we sang Wonderwall and Lean On Me, except with a lot of the words changed. Oh to be young.

One more thing.

Sam’s a junior?!?!?! LOLOLOLOL.

One more thing.

I definitely loved Will’s song to the kids. It was very nicely done, and the perfect song for him to sing to his babies.

Sophy says: We sang ‘Tonight, Tonight’ by the Smashing Pumpkins. We thought we were super cool.



Biggest LOL

Single. Ladies.

Sophy says: Literally one of the most perfect things I have ever seen in my life. Kurt and Burt’s relationship is really the only parent/child relationship that has been developed throughout the show’s run, and on one level it’s a shame that the writers limited themselves there… but on the other hand, maybe if they’d spread themselves more thinly this most perfect father/son relationship would never have been what it was.

Also this is biggest lol in the way where I was literally tearfully giggling the whole way through it, from the moment I realized we were taking a trip down memory lane to one of my favourite Glee performances. And just. Best dad ever, beyond a shadow of a doubt. And Kurt’s little faces? How do I even?


It was at this point that I actually had the thought: ‘It doesn’t matter what they throw at me, the first 15 minutes or so of this episode are so perfect that I could never be mad at Glee.’

I was wrong. But that doesn’t change the fact that this was flawless.

Rin says: I was dying from the amount of SURPRISING AWESOME Glee was giving us. I’m a complete sucker for flashbacks when done right, and this along with the start of the episode, was definitely doing it right. And this being Burt’s graduation present to Kurt is pure genius. Honestly, it was inspired.

Major props to O’Malley, he nailed it.


I loved the flashbacks so much. To be honest, as much as I adore the ending of this episode… I think it might have been even more amazing to weave the flashbacks through the whole thing.

Oh Rachel.

Sophy says: I was kind of rage elephanting around the place the first time I saw this scene, so I didn’t pick up on this detail right away. But then when I went back in a better frame of mind and watched I literally squealed out loud when I realized that Rachel was trying to get Puck’s test paper before him.

She would.

And that is one of the many reasons why I love her.

Oh, and one last thing. There is another biggest lol for me and it probably would have nudged its way into getting actual screen caps if they’d gone the extra mile with it and included a visual. Mini-Santana as Uncle Jesse. I just. I will never. Why couldn’t they do Klaine-style cut to an adorable little Naya look-a-like with a mullet? I WOULD HAVE DIED.

Also, I wonder who played Uncle Jesse in Santana’s world? I’m sure it wasn’t Britt’s dentist… :-S

Rin says: HAHA Alternate Gleeverse Uncle Jesse. 8-.

It’s things like this where I wish I knew who’s idea it was. Was it Lea’s, or the directors or was it in the script? Because it’s these little details that show us how well they know their characters.

The teacher’s face is amazing too.


Best Scene

“I want my last week here to be about giving back a little of what I got.”

Sophy says: Yeah, I don’t even know where to start.

How about… can someone please explain to me how those faces right around when Quinn gives Rachel the rail pass are the faces of two friends looking at each other? Can someone please explain to me how they’re not the faces of people experiencing worryingly out of control more-than-friends feelings?


But okay, let’s get the ‘No’ part of this scene over with before I go the flailing place.

There is one little line in this scene that threatened to entirely ruin this episode for me. And ultimately, it didn’t. Because I searched my soul and realized that the only reason I was so angry was that this episode came so close to being exactly what I wanted it to be and let itself down in such small and unnecessary ways. Glee frustrates me that way. So often they’re this close to perfection and then, well, sloppy, sloppy babies.

It’s a shame, but it really shouldn’t take away from what was wonderful about this scene and this episode.

Anyway, I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. Yes, that’s right. That time Quinn Fabray told Rachel Berry she was reeeeeally happy she was with Finn Hudson.

No. Just. NO. I JUST.

The reason why this bothers me is that it seems like a continuation from ‘On My Way’ – little by little Quinn is not simply softening on the teen wedding issue because there’s nothing she can to stop it… she’s learning to accept Finchel as her lord and saviour.

And there is nothing, NOTHING, that irritates me more than when a show tries to prop up its teacher’s pet ship by having a character who has previously objected to said ship inexplicably begin singing its praises.

‘See, viewers? Even Quinn knows Finchel is destiny now.’

It’s just fucking gross and tacky and condescending and I don’t like it.

And then it bothers me on another level too, where it feels worryingly like the writers are purposely trying to stamp out the ambiguity that underpins the Quinn-Rachel relationship.

Quinn’s instinctive and fierce disapproval of Finn and Rachel being together is a staple of the show, and is one of the many reasons some of us speculate that her own feelings for Rachel go beyond friendship. To have her go back on that? It just feels like some lesbian subtext damage control, and I really don’t appreciate it. Newsflash, show. We like the ambiguity. And I promise, us being left in peace to speculate that Quinn is really in love with Rachel? It’s not going to hurt a fly. You don’t need to crush it, and frankly, you’ll never be able to anyway. So stop trying.

By the way, do you know how I know they’ll never be able to crush it? Because Rin and I have immediately formulated our own Faberry-friendly theories as to why Quinn said what she said.

For example. Quinn was testing Rachel again, in the same vein as ‘When you were singing that song… you were singing it Finn… and only Finn… right?’ She was essentially dangling the ‘Is this really what you want’ carrot, in a reverse-psychology kind of ‘Well clearly you want this so very much’ way. And Rachel’s response? Well, it was pretty much the same as last time, wasn’t it? Distinctly underwhelming.

Rachel Berry is not one to hold back, about anything, ever. She doesn’t do subtle, certainly not when it comes to all the FEELINGS she is FEELING. And yet when Quinn tells her she’s reeeeeally happy that she and Finn are together, what does she get back? Nothing. Rachel’s lips are pressed together. If anything she kind of looks like she wants Quinn to cut the crap. And then when Quinn tells her that she and Finn are meant to be? Rachel says thank you. For the tickets.

Basically she could not be less interested in discussing her epic love for Finn with Quinn. I noticed this in their ‘On My Way’ scene together and I noticed it again here. I’m very glad to see that it was going somewhere – ie. to a place where Rachel is in fact not 100% sure that the wedding is what she wants. And I think Quinn saw that – the flicker of hesitation, the desire to move on swiftly from the subject. I think when she said Finn and Rachel were meant to be what she meant was ‘Nothing can stop you apparently – your dads can’t, Burt and Kurt Hummel can’t, I can’t, the truck that hit me can’t, New York can’t… Finchel is the unstoppable force. I surrender.’ And then Rachel’s non-response came along and made her think “Oh…”

In my head canon that was the point at which Quinn went to Finn and quietly, kindly appealed to his better nature to stop this madness.

You know she would.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Okay moving on to the other comment that threatened to upend this episode for me. Rachel saying that she always thought Puck and Quinn were meant to be. What was that? JUST. WHAT. WAS. THAT?

I mean, I know what it is. It’s sloppy writing. As in its the writers having Rachel randomly say something that has no canon backing and makes absolutely no sense in order to provide an entree into the Quinn/Puck scene. That’s all it is. And I’m going to take it with the enormous grain of salt I know it’s seasoned with.

But really.

A show that cares will at least try to have its clunky segue-ways make some kind of sense.

Also it really grossed me out that Rachel explained Quinn/Puck being destiny by saying that Puck was at his best when he was with Quinn. Did no one working on this show realize how off that was going to sound? And can any of them tell me how many frilly aprons does Rachel now owns? Because that statement flatly implies that a woman’s role in life is to prop up her man. That Quinn Fabray’s role in life is to prop up Noah Puckerman. And I just.

I will never.

I frankly think it would have made a lot of sense for Quinn to give Rachel another good fabathroom slap at that point.

Anyway. Moving onto the things that matter most. Like how Quinn, not content with giving Rachel her Prom Queen dream complete with tiara, had to go out and spend what is undoubtedly hundreds of dollars on rail passes to ensure that the two of them get to spend time together next year.

I just.


I nearly blacked out.

You guys, Rin actually accidentally spoiled herself for this episode, so she knew that Quinn was supposed to give Rachel something. But that’s all she knew. Something. God knows what.

Naturally we went mental on yahoo at each other, partly trying to work out what the something might actually be, mostly fantasizing about all the things it totally wouldn’t be but totally should.

And during that fantasizing I’m pretty sure that Rin suggested something like this. And I head-in-handsed and scoffed. Because it would be the greatest thing in the Faberry world, but Glee would never. :-j



I remember saying to Rin that maybe Quinn would casually mention that New Haven was only a couple of hours from New York and that I would die all over the place… but I didn’t actually think we’d get even that.



Let’s take a moment to think about this, shall we. Let’s take a moment to put into perspective what has happened here.

The season ends with Finn and Rachel breaking up. Because he finally got Quinn’s message somehow and he knows that Rachel needs to do this without him. He’s setting her free. He’s sending her on her way and going where she can’t follow to boot. The two of them are surrendering together. They are making a conscious choice to let go of one another, and we see them kiss one last time at the station, right before the close-up of their hands as they part.

Let’s contrast that to what’s going on with Faberry. Faberry are very much in the business of holding on – tighter than they ever have before, to be honest. And I’m not just talking about that hug.

I’m talking about the fact that Quinn came to Rachel. She openly came to Rachel and said all the special things Rachel has said to her – that they are friends, that that is the reason she knows change is good, that she wants her in her life, no matter what. Quinn makes it clear that she is strong enough and solid enough to say goodbye to everybody in her life… but she never can say goodbye to Rachel Berry. And I love how just moments after boldly telling us she didn’t feel tearful about any of this, she’s looking at Rachel with a tell-tale twinkle in her eyes.

Look. Here’s the thing. This is really rare for Quinn. This is her honestly and nakedly putting herself out there. It’s not depressing like that time she offered to sleep with Puck or that time she told Sam he could help her raise her baby if he liked. It’s real. It’s pure. And that’s why she’s so damn shy about it. Honestly, do you see her, you guys? Do you see her looking down at the envelope in her hands.


And oh god, I just realized what her little smile as she looks down reminds me of. It reminds me of that time she looked down at the gardenia corsage and realized it had a green ribbon to match her eyes.


DO YOU SEE?????????!!!!!!!!!!1

That’s it.

I’m out.

I cannot go on.


Okay, I lied. I will never stop.

Anyway. This is new territory, and not just for these two, for Quinn, generally.

And here’s where I start looking back at Faberry’s arc this season and wondering how the hell the writers who specialize in bumps produced something this smooth. Because there is an actual progression in the way Quinn engages Rachel, from ‘Hold Onto Sixteen’ to the finale – from “kind of friends” to the kind of friends you can’t say goodbye to.

In 308 Quinn seeks out Rachel. Rachel has sought Quinn out plenty already, but this time it’s Quinn making her first real foray into their friendship. She does so under the guise of conveying information about Shelby, then she thanks Rachel for her advice, and begins, tentatively, to open her inner life up to her. “For me” was the first time Quinn truly let Rachel get close. And it was magical.

311. Rachel comes to Quinn and spills her guts, and Quinn isn’t terribly interested in her guts, only in the fact that she absolutely must not under any circumstances marry Finn Hudson. She feels so strongly about this that she bursts into song, and at the end of the song, she gives a little speech that everybody hears, but nobody knows that it’s all about Rachel – for Rachel – directly at Rachel. This time Quinn’s not thanking Rachel for her advice – she’s giving her her own.

Moving on to 314. Quinn comes to Rachel again, this time to a) ask her to check her out in her cheerios uniform, b) show her that she supports her no matter what – even when she doesn’t approve of her choices, and c) find out how she truly feels about those choices. Quinn gives more of herself than she has before; the love she has for this “frustrating” girl is acknowledged as unconditional. And most importantly this marks the first time Quinn tries to actively engage with Rachel‘s inner life – to find out who she really is, and what she really wants. And to be her friend no matter what the answers are.

You couldn’t really say that Quinn seeks Rachel out in 319, but that’s only because it’s a stealth maneuver. Rachel may have made the first move between them that night, but there is no doubt about it – Quinn was coming for her in that final scene when she crowned her her queen and sang Take My Breath Away. This is the first time Quinn was brave enough to give something to Rachel, and maybe it helped with the jitters that she had to do it in secret.

And now 322. The gift that wasn’t secret. The time Quinn did something for Rachel – and for herself – that I never thought she’d have the guts to do.

Because this is Quinn actually coming out and asking for something – something she really wants. This is her wanting it enough to let the other person know how much. Because Rachel knows the moment she hands the envelope over – she knows that Quinn Fabray has spent money to ensure that she is in her life. That is a huge deal, and probably a bit terrifying for Quinn, and that’s why I was so proud of her, and also kind of dizzy with shipper joy, when she went the extra mile and told Rachel she’d bought one for herself to come to New York too.

Because it was the ultimate in putting herself out there – in asking – in giving – in letting Rachel have some of her power. That’s not an easy thing for a girl like Quinn to do. But after all, she’s come so far hasn’t she? And Rachel is the way she learned to start giving in the first place, so it’s only fitting that she should be the one to receive the most precious and dangerous gift of all – the undeniable knowledge that she cares, very much, what Rachel thinks of her – whether Rachel likes her or not – whether Rachel wants her in her life.

Trust doesn’t come easy for Quinn. And I think that’s why it’s been so hard for her to believe that Rachel really, truly, honestly thinks she’s special. But this is where she’s starting to hope.

Because she asks Rachel to prove it. She asks her to let her come see her in New York. And she asks her to come to New Haven to see her. She asks to matter that much to her. She asks for that level of closeness.

Because at the point at which Quinn gave Rachel the pass it looked like Rachel absolutely would be accompanied by Kurt and Finn if she went to New York. Kurt because he was a shoo-in for NYADA, and Finn because although he would never in a million years get into any acting school it was hard to see how he wouldn’t be going where Rachel was, given that they were still determined to get hitched.

So Quinn would be thinking “I’ll go to New York to visit Rachel… and Finn and Kurt.” And then she would be thinking “I wonder if Rachel would care enough to come see me in my new place… without Finn and Kurt.”


And the moment we made that realization was precisely the moment Rin told me I had to write her fanfiction over the hiatus involving Rachel sleeping on Quinn’s dorm room floor.

One final thing. I’m going to ask you all the examine the above caps carefully an see if you can see what Rophy sees. Rin will be rinscoping the answer for you below.

Rin says: I’m going to follow suit and start with the bad.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so quickly ENRAGED as I was when Quinn said that Finn and Rachel were meant to be. It was then when I was saying things like I wish Glee was cancelled and that I wouldn’t be watching next season because they had taken the thing I enjoyed most on TV away from me. YES, I MAKE RASH DECISIONS WHEN THINGS I REALLY LOVE GET FUCKED AROUND WITH. Because on first viewing it really seems like the writers were doing everything in their power to squash out all possibilities that Quinn could feel something other than friendship for Rachel. And frankly, for me, that’s unforgivable because it goes against one of the major draws this show has going for it. They beauty of Faberry is that yes, they are friends, but they’re also not just friends. And even if they never really go there, I always assumed it would be left open and we’d never really know. And I love the idea of that. What I don’t need is a show that is clearly aware of its fanbase, actively going out to stop it. And I’m afraid that’s what they were trying to do with this whole Quinn condoning that so-called Finchel.


One of my theories is that Quinn was very much aware of what she was doing, in the sense that it was pure reverse psychology. Because it seems like every time Quinn says something about Finchel to Rachel, the opposite happens. She told her to not sleep with Finn, she sleeps with Finn. She told her not to accept his proposal, she accepts his proposal. She says she wants to support Finn and Rachel at their wedding, the wedding doesn’t happen. And now? She says Finn and Rachel were meant to be, they break up.

She’s starting to use her powers for good you guys.

After a bit of time I have very much settled down on the fury-front because I realised that Quinn saying what she said doesn’t really change a thing. It doesn’t change the fact that Quinn Fabray bought Rachel Berry a metro pass for her and herself so they could keep in touch. And in the literal sense. As in, come to New Haven so I can physically have you here with me, because the phone and Skype wouldn’t be enough.

I just.

The week before this episode aired, our chats consisted of us starting every sentence with ‘What if..’ and then naming something Quinn could be giving Rachel. Everything from a gardenia, to a pink scarf that Rachel would wear at all times in NY. Even in the summer and to bed.

And when I thought of train tickets, I didn’t really believe it would happen. BECAUSE YOU GUYS. It was definitely too much to ask for, because Quinn would never. As Sophy has pointed out, Quinn doesn’t go out on a limb for people. She just doesn’t. She needs to know exactly where she stands, what she would get from it, and construct a pie-chart with all the possible beneficial outcomes.

Unless you’re Rachel Berry.

And perhaps that’s where all of Quinn’s fascination, and it is a fascination, with Rachel comes from. The fact that she never really understood her place when it came to Rachel. It was simple when she was the Head Cheerio who bullied the Glee geek, because it was a role she played in order to stay on top. It’s what was expected of her. But the moment that Rachel sought Quinn out to tell her to come back to Glee, that no one would judge her for getting pregnant, the lines blurred. Here was the girl she tortured on a daily basis, rising above it all and offering her a place where she would feel safe when the rest of the school wasn’t. She didn’t understand why Rachel would ever go out of her way for her, when she knows she wouldn’t do the same. Rachel’s a puzzle that Quinn doesn’t have a solution for. (I do, it’s sex.)

And just as a sidenote about that scene, all that time ago. If Rachel had never convinced Quinn to come back to Glee, Quinn may have never discovered her love for performing. And maybe that’s why when Quinn wants to give back what she’s gotten, the first person she goes to is Rachel. I don’t feel like I’m exaggerating when I say that Rachel changed Quinn’s life.

There is no other way around it. Just like becoming Quinn’s friend is Rachel’s proudest accomplishment, Quinn knows that without Rachel she wouldn’t be getting out of Lima and going to the ‘school of her dreams’. And I have no doubts that Rachel is the most important person in Quinn’s life because of it. (Okay, there’s Beth.. but no one can really compete with Beth.) Quinn knows that Rachel makes her a better person, or at least, want to be a better person. So there was absolutely no way that Quinn was letting a friend like Rachel go.

So she fucking bought her tickets. And when I think about this being Quinn asking for something, my mind tries to process this and it replies with, ‘I CAN’T!!!’

Quinn is kind of passive when it comes to these sorts of things, because she’s used to being given things and being the one who gets pursued. She’s Quinn Fabray for gods sake, people parted like the red sea!! But do you know what happened? Rachel happened. Rachel made Quinn start to question things, because Rachel always represented something bigger, she was going to be a star and get out of Lima and it was everything that Quinn wanted, but didn’t believe was possible. I always go back to 216 Original Song, when Quinn talks about sending Rachel on her way while she stays in Lima, marries Finn and becomes a real estate agent. Not that aspiring to become a real estate agent is a bad thing, but because it was so clearly what Quinn didn’t want, but the only thing she saw herself amounting to. This is a girl who figured the highlight of her life would be Prom Queen, and forever looking back on her glory days. Quinn sold herself short, and that is sad.

But Rachel never gave up on Quinn. She’s the reason Quinn started to ask for things for herself, that she was a lot more than what she was settling for. Thus, Yale. And ironically, just as Quinn is starting to realise she can ask for things and not be afraid to show the world what she wants… she asks for Rachel. For her to be in her life. That out of everyone, she wants to make sure they keep in touch. As in, ‘there is no way you can get out of this Rachel, because I have a pass and you have a pass, and we can catch up whenever we want!’ Just. How is that not one of the most beautiful things ever?

I’ve also read that the tickets would have cost hundreds of dollars, which. Finn was ready to gamble away his savings with Rachel. Quinn used hers to ensure Rachel would still be in her life.

Do I need to talk about the details of this scene? Yes, I really really do.

The way Quinn walks in, peeping around the corner looking for Rachel and smiling when she sees that Rachel is there. Which, of course, it’s their Fabathroom.

The way Quinn tells Rachel to think about their journey, how fare they’ve come, the way they’ve changed and become friends, as if Quinn has already done so.

The way this is the first time Quinn mentions they are friends.

The way Rachel lights up and is flustered when Quinn does exactly that.

THE WAY Quinn looks down at her envelope, all shy smiles and turning the envelope around in her hands, as if plucking up the courage to give it to Rachel.

The way Rachel is genuinely surprised by the fact that Quinn is giving her anything at all.

The way Rachel immediately sobers when Quinn tells her what it is. Because it’s that big of a deal.

The way there is absolutely nothing ambiguous about the way Quinn looks at Rachel when she says, ‘I want to make sure that we do.’

The way Rachel looks down when she tells Quinn ‘thank you’ and keeps her eyes closed when they hug and continues to tell her it’s so sweet.

The way Rachel is smiling when they hug, as seen in the reflection.

The way they continue to embrace as Quinn talks.

The way Rachel has no response when Quinn tells her that she’s really happy her and Finn are together.

The way Rachel doesn’t smile, but almost looks apologetic.

The way Quinn leans against the sink and flirts like a bastard with her eyes after she says Finn and Rachel are meant to be.

The way Rachel replies with a thank you for the passes instead of replying to what Quinn’s saying.

The way Quinn is smiling to herself after Rachel says thank you and looks away.

The way Quinn very much dismisses the idea of her and Puck in a serious way.

The way Rachel plays with her hair as she talks about Puck with Quinn.

The way Rachel leaves Quinn in a state of thought, as per usual.

Yeah. It’s all in the details.

This season has been epic for Faberry. Especially from 308 onwards, as Sophy so aptly summarised for us all. And what better way for their season to end, then with the promise of more to come? This was them basically setting up next season, so when we see Quinn and Rachel together we won’t question why. They just used their metro passes, duh :-j And I get giddy about the idea of Quinn visiting Rachel and Santana in New York, but I utterly die when I think of Rachel in New Haven. And yes, Sophy, I’m going to need that fanfiction soon. I need Rachel to insist that she sleep on Quinn’s dorm room floor because Quinn needs the bed because of her back.

Also Sophy pointed this out to me and it’s the greatest thing ever. When Santana is cleaning out her locker, her mother asks her why she doesn’t want to keep any of her stuff. To which Santana replies, “Nope. I don’t want to be one of those people who thinks that if they have a keepsake of someone they care about they don’t have to actually see them.” Which is why it’s so amazing that Quinn didn’t just give Rachel something to remember her by. She gave her something that would mean they would have a future together.

Oh Faberry. This is where we leave you for now. May you come back to us, stronger than ever. I’m sure you won’t disappoint.

Oh and, the answer to Sophy’s question?

Now we don’t have to look at those manips (despite how amazing that one is..you know which one) to imagine what it would look like.

Sophy says: I’m so pleased they took my suggestion for fabathroom use to heart. 8-.

And you know, I’ve got a few things to say. That’s right. Rin’s Faberry feelings spawned further Faberry feelings in me. She put the spark in me and now all it does is burn. :-.

First of all I’d like to say that I could die from the way Quinn is all cute and shy with her rail passes and then she looks at Rachel and delivers the bombshell about wanting to make sure we stay in touch, with the emphasis on that word as heavy as if she’d touched Rachel right then with her mouth, and, you know, suddenly she’s not shy anymore, because she’s staring straight at Rachel all EYE-FUCK MODE ENGAGED.



Taking a breath.

I’d also like to say that when Rachel gets all blushy and says it’s still so weird having Quinn call her a friend? All I can think of is that cliche in which the guy is all ‘What’s for dinner, Mrs Fabray,‘ and the girl is all ‘Omg it’s still so weird having you call me that *fondles wedding ring lovingly*.


AND ONE MORE THING. When Rin was talking about how Quinn used to think all she was worth was a life she didn’t really want for herself? And how Rachel made her see she could have more than Finn, real estate and Lima forever? I realized that Faberry are paralleling each other again.

See Rachel is Will’s counterpart among the kids. Will/Finn have the closest relationship, sure, and there are ways in which they are parallel characters too. But the big thing Will and Rachel share is the big dream… and the possibility of wasting it. The possibility of thinking you don’t need it, because your high-school sweetheart means more, and maybe if you just marry them everything will work out the way it’s supposed to because you’re meant to be… and then you wake up one day and realize you were an idiot – because you do need the dream – you need it like you need applause to live – and now it’s too late.

And that’s not to say Will isn’t happy now. That’s not to say it wasn’t all worth it to him to take these kids to Nationals and marry Emma. But if he had the chance to go back in time and not marry Terri? Take the trip to New York when he was still young? I’m pretty sure he’d take it.

And so Rachel is Will, gone right. And Quinn, my friends, is Terri gone right.

The writers never really took the golden opportunity to fully humanize Terri and take a look at what really makes her tick when she’s not going crazy over fake babies. I’m pretty sure there’s a story there. I’m pretty sure she has her own regrets about the teen wedding and winding up at Sheets and Things. I’m pretty sure that she wishes she’d had a friend who’d shown her she could have more – do more – be more.

Quinn and Rachel are Terri and Will. Only instead of destroying each other, they helped save each other.

Rin says: Every night they saved each other. :-.

I simply cannot with all of the parallels and mirrors and that no matter how much we think we’ve picked apart a Faberry scene, there is always more on offer. And that in itself is a sign of a well developed relationship.

That and the fact that we wrote 5100 words about a scene that lasted less than a minute.

“You know what we’re gonna do? Surrender. I know how hard that is for you because of how hard you hold on to stuff. But-but we’re just gonna, we’re gonna sit here and we’re just gonna let go.”

Sophy says: I can’t even deal with how brilliant and amazing this scene was. It was everything I’ve ever wanted from Finchel, and since this is them breaking up that might sound like I’m being a huge Faberry jerk, but hear me out, that really isn’t my intention.

I haven’t been bitching about Finchel for half a season because I hate them. I’ve started to hate them because I’ve had to bitch about them for half a season. I didn’t want them to suck. And honestly I’ve felt like a lot of their suck has been out of character at worst or at best out of the ordinary.

For example. This guy in this car telling Rachel that he is 100% sure that she is something special? That she needs to go and become a star without him? That that’s how much he loves her? This is the Finn Hudson I used to love. This is the guy who as recently as last Christmas bought a star and named it after himself in a clumsy but sweet gesture that showed that he knew how much bigger than him Rachel was. He knew, in the back of his mind, that this was her extraordinary journey, to make on her own, and that he would never, ever want to get in the way of it. It’s like all the wedding crazy snatched that guy away from us and replaced him with this… well… this mess. I don’t even know quite who Finn’s been supposed to be over the last few episodes. All I can say is thank God he is back to his old self.

So with this scene the dreaded teen wedding was averted, and Rachel was on her way. Basically Quinn’s message won out in the end. And yes, I was a little bitter initially that they seemed to be purposely having Quinn drop her quest so that Finn could be the one to save Rachel by saying exactly the same things to her that she was saying from day one.

But let’s not quibble.

I’ve been saying for a long time that Finchel needed to break up, and not because I’m a Faberryface asshole. The opposite. Because it’s the best thing for them as a ship.

I’m considerably more confident after this season’s ending that Finchel will wind up being endgame when the series comes to a close. And that’s because a) both characters now have room to breathe and develop, and b) they actually have somewhere to go.

If they’d gotten married the only place they would have been able to go is the divorce courts. And no love, no matter how “epic” or “meant to be” is going to withstand that kind of over and come out the other side endgameworthy. And if they’d just stayed married and been Finchel in that little shoebox apartment in New York? The lack of implosion would have been so dull and so unrealistic that their characters would have had to have suffered – or should I say continue to suffer. Finchel has been operating at the expense of Finn and Rachel pretty much since the day they got engaged.

So they needed this. And honestly, the Finchel shipper buried deep inside of me is thrilled for them.

But maybe that’s just me. After all, I always wanted them to be bittersweet. And now here they are getting all Buffy/Angel on me like it’s their mission in life to make me cry?

Yeah, I cried. How could I not? Lea’s faces and little hurt shocked vomitty noises she makes just do things to me – and she really unleashed in this scene. And I need to say that Cory was wonderful too. He was a lot more subtle with his angst, but he would be – it’s who he is. Rachel is huge and everything at once. Finn is quiet and sweet and kind of inherently sad. Or that’s the way I see him when he’s at his best.

He was definitely at his best in this scene. And maybe looking back, his worst actually sort of makes sense?

One of my favourite things about this scene is when he let slip that he’d cried over this many times, because it indicated to me that what I’d hoped, first fervently, then faintly, was going on behind the Finchel scenes, had in fact been going on all along.

These kids were in denial. They knew they were going to have to separate, and for so many reasons including the fact that they really do love each other, they couldn’t face it. And that’s what the entire wedding delusion was about.

Think about it. We know that they entered into this engagement thing for all the wrong reasons. That’s canon, clear as day. Finn proposed because he was devastated by finding out the truth about his father and felt like his whole world was falling apart, Rachel accepted because she was scared about not getting into NYADA – and felt like her whole world was falling apart. So they started to cling to each other, much more than they ever had before. And that is right and wrong and natural and sad and inevitable and needed to stop.

Early on I had faith that this was where the writers were headed, but then I got a little scared on account of just how many times they missed an opportunity to pull over, just how many times they had these two reaffirm that the teen wedding was what they truly wanted. I started to think they actually meant it. Suddenly we’d come to this place where Rachel was saying the creepiest Stepfordy things and giving up on the dreams that always defined her character. And Finn? I think the low point for me was when they had the opportunity to have him claim his independence and want something more than Rachel for himself… and then they had him conveniently decide he always wanted to be an actor in New York.

That was when I really started to lose hope for this whole storyline.

And that’s why it’s so important that Finn didn’t just not get into drama school, but that he was already questioning his desire to go even before the letter came.

It was all a smokescreen, see. His Inside The Actors’ Studio dreams were as fake as Rachel’s I Don’t Really Need Broadway crap. Both of them were defense mechanisms – desperate attempts to rationalize and justify their need to cling to one another.

And now? They’ve finally seen things clearly. Finn is doing what he really wanted to do, which is establish a posthumous relationship with his father and figure out what kind of man he is in the process. And Rachel is doing what she really wanted to do – going to New York City to be brilliant and bold and bright.

These are the things the teen wedding was really about.

And maybe I would have loved Rachel to be the one to come to her senses. Maybe I would have liked her to actually listen to Quinn one of these days and make the choice for herself. But on the other hand I’m really proud of Finn for being the one to stop the madness – because he loves her that much, yes… and maybe also because he’s decided to have a shot at the Finndepdence thing after all.

And you know, it makes sense that to me now that Rachel only became more and more “sure” that the wedding was what she wanted, right up until the moment Finn forced her to be honest about it by playing the ‘If you love me’ card. She was never going to be able to end this once she’d started it up again, and I think she knew that deep down, even last year when she was telling him they would be a temporary deal. Rachel was  never going to be able to let go of Finn as long as he was holding onto her – never ever ever – no matter how obvious it was that she needed to. Because it’s like Finn says – and this is one of the most poignant lines in the show’s run – it’s hard for Rachel to surrender, because of how hard she holds onto stuff.

The thing with Rachel is that she’s driven and determined and focused as hell. And I think what Finn understands about her now – what the show is telling us about her in this scene – is that these great strengths can also be weaknesses, depending on the context. In the context of her first love, for instance, all they do is make it that much harder for her to let go and move on than it is for other kids.

Because it is just not in her nature to take no for an answer.

That’s why she’s going to be a star. It’s also why she’s never ever going to stop wanting things too much – things like Broadway, and things like Finn Hudson too.

I get it now, show. I still don’t think you had to be quite so gross about it along the way, but I see where you were going and I approve it. Kudos.

Rin says: Um, I don’t know how to add anything else on that hasn’t already been said and my thoughts exactly on all of this.

Except that this is why it’d only been a recent development that we disliked Finn and Finchel. Because this is what we’ve always wanted, as it seemed like the only real resolution and development that could happen between these two. Finn can’t go to New York with Rachel, because it’s never really been his thing. And you know, I do feel like it’s the same thing for Finn, in that we were all furious with Rachel for sacrificing her dreams when it came to Finn. But Finn was doing the exact same thing when it came to Rachel. His dream was never to become an actor and go to New York. And now that he’s let go of that too, he’s moving on to continue finding what he really wants to do with his life, and that starts with Fort Benning.

And so a lot of this was very redeeming for the Finchel relationship, and like Sophy said, for me this really helps their cause. Because instead of it being two very immature kids trying to pretend they can get married and live happily ever after, we have two mature individuals who are facing the reality of love not being enough. And now more than ever I’m more convinced that Finn really does love Rachel in the right ways, because he loves her enough to let go. And if after everything they still want to be together, then I have no doubts that their relationship will be better for it.

Lea and Cory were both outstanding in this scene too. I was absolutely blown away by Lea. It’s not that she hasn’t been incredible in the past, but this was so raw and real and I can’t not mention it. The way she clutched at her chest, and pulled back quickly and covered her mouth after they kiss. OH LEA. You gorgeous actor. I really need you to be in something that isn’t New Year’s Eve. OKAY??? DIANNA CAN CO-STAR. :)

Um yeah.

I wonder if this is surprising to you guys, that… save a few MAJOR NO’s, we actually really loved this as a season finale? I get the feeling that many of you didn’t like this episode as a finale, but I want to remind you guys that it wasn’t a show finale. If it was the end of the show, we would be raging a lot more, but I feel like this served the purpose of what a season finale is supposed to be. Closing the door on the major plots of the season, whilst opening new doors for the next. And we got that. I for one, am VERY excited about next season. I don’t see there being a lot of Finchel, at least not for a little while — because logistically they can’t hop on that train again that quickly.

But you know who can hop on a train quickly?


That’s right.


And yeah, I guess the key for me in terms of being satisfied with this episode was not thinking of it as a show finale. I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about the lack of closure for their favourite characters, and I do get that to an extent. But it’s not really time for closure yet – provided these kids all do actually come back. THEY’D BETTER. ALL OF THEM. CRICKETS FOR SAMUEL.


The only real complaints I had about the episode apart from the No’s below were more complaints about the whole season. For example. Mercedes/Sam had the potential to be super cute… but I can’t be expected to ship it if they’re going to string me along all season and then actually get together off screen. Or are they even together?


THEY WERE JUST THERE DANCING AT PROM AND I WAS ALL WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED? WHEN? DID I MISS AN EPISODE? So whilst I would have liked the finale to fix that, strictly speaking it’s Prom-a-saurus’ fault.

Another No for me was the fact that Kurt/Blaine felt off. You may be confused, seeing as how I was singing their praises above. Bear with me. I love those two kids. I think Chris and Darren have mad chemistry. I even thought the writing in their scene together in this episode was particularly lovely. So what’s my problem?

My problem is this fuckery of making everyone juniors all of a sudden. In my mind Blaine was never younger than Kurt. If anything he was a little older. And ever since they started trying to sell me this switcheroo in which Blaine is all small and insecure and needing Kurt to hold his hand about things… I’ve just felt like the dynamic was off. And that’s not because the guys have done a bad job – in fact they’ve done a superb job. That’s why the dynamic feels off. Because rather than just having Blaine be a junior in name only they really have changed the way they interact. Kurt definitely feels like the grown up in the relationship now. And it’s taking some time for me to adjust to that.

But again – it’s not a finale problem. It’s a whole season problem. Or maybe it’s just my problem. I don’t even know.

I’m going to stop No’ing up the best scene category. Enough already.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“I have a zero point zero grade point average.”

Sophy says: Oh my god this was so adorable. Because. The way she said it like ‘Duh sweetie…’ And exactly zero point zero? I SUSPECT SHE PLANNED IT. SECRET GENIUS BRITT FOR THE WIN.

Rin says: This could go under Biggest LOL too because I cannot with ‘zero point zero’… I just. OFC BRITTANY. Of course.

But what makes it so random is how Brittany is happy that she isn’t graduated and didn’t think to mention it to Santana at all. It’s all just so random Brittany.

Anyhoo, it’ll be very interesting to see how Brittana pan out next season with Brittany still in Lima and Santana out in NY. Or is it going to turn into every fanfiction ever where Brittany is in NY too working as a dance choreographer? And it’s all Faberrittana. YEAH, I KNOW WHAT’S UP.

Sophy says: It will always be the dream. And I’d say we’re pretty close to said dream. I mean… Santana’s New York plans, however sudden, are most welcome. Because. Pezberry. And Quinn is only a train ride away. And Britt is sure to visit. So. Best possible set up for season 4 pretty much?

Thank you, Glee. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Rophy Says No!

“Besides, when did you become the one that I was settling for?”

Sophy says: It’s stuff like this that prompts me to tweet things like ‘I don’t understand you #Glee. I just do not understand you.’

I mean really, I know Rachel is a complex mix of tough and needy, brutally self-confident and critically insecure. I love that ambiguity about her. But this is just taking it too far. It’s just downright depressing to see a young woman as gorgeous and talented and warm and bright as Rachel Berry implying that she is something her fabulous boyfriend would be settling for. Or, you know, it’s depressing to see any young woman talking that kind of crap.

Rin says: OH GOD, I could not with this. At all.

No. You cannot dedicate ‘In My Life’ to Finn Hudson and expect us to be okay with it.

Sophy says: I had to pause after this because the tears of rage building in my bulging eyes were making it impossible for me to pay attention to the Quinn scene that followed.

Let me tell you something about ‘In My Life’. It’s one of my favourite songs. It’s been one of my favourite songs since I was a small child. Let me tell you something else about ‘In My Life’. I recently declared it a Faberry song after using the lyrics on a desktop wallpaper I made, and spent half a day gushing with Rin about how perfect it is for their funny little above and beyond relationship, and how in my dreams Quinn would sing it on the show.

I never expected that to happen, of course, even though I firmly believe that it fits their canon relationship from Quinn’s perspective like a glove.

Anyway. Last week I accidentally spoiled myself re: the fact that they were actually going to be using ‘In My Life’ on Glee in the finale.

My first thought was ‘Whoa, spooky.’ My second thought, hot on its heels, was ‘Oh god, what if they try to pretend it’s a Finchel song?’

I then proceeded to spend all week anxiously theorizing about who could possibly be singing this song to whom and concluded that the only way it could make sense, apart, of course, from Quinn-to-Rachel, would be if Will sang it to the kids. That must be it, I thought. I could like that, I thought. Just as long as Rachel’s not singing it to Finn, because I will honestly be a danger to myself and others if that happens.

I never in a million years dreamed that the song would be sung by misc Glee clubbers… to Finn.

Like. If someone had told me that, I would have laughed in their face, and called them a gullible foiler whore.


This is a song about the most powerful and unique relationship in your life. It’s an intensely personal and potent song about a particular person who has shaped you particularly and personally.

It contains the lyrics “But of all these friends and lovers there is no one compares to you.”

How is it appropriate for Artie to be dedicating that Finn?

Honestly, HOW?

This my be the most baffling and gross decision Glee has ever made in its entire 3 years on the air.

And you know, when I forced myself to rewatch with a vomit bag on hand it seemed pretty clear that the song was meant to simply be from all the juniors to all the seniors, rather than actually to Finn. But that needed to be made a lot more explicit if they wanted to avoid me having the urge to stand in a corner and punch myself in the face for watching this show.



And let me just say that even then. This was not the right song for the juniors to be singing to the seniors. It’s way, way too intimate, and frankly, crickets for Samuel.


And meanwhile let’s talk about the whole issue of dedicating a song to Finn in the first place, because he is just that special to each and every kid in the Glee club. Are you kidding me?

I have recently rewatched season 1 AKA the season in which Finn was a pretty decent guy. And yes, there were times when he came through for the club. But no more than oh, say, Rachel Freaking Berry. Where the hell are her special thanks? The idea of singling Finn out because he had so much to lose is just disgusting and smacks of ‘Oh thank you Mr Super Cool Jock Man for being so brave as to not be ashamed of us lowly loser types over here’.



What in god’s name did Finn actually have to lose anyway? His football career was never going anywhere and he was never going to actually lose the lack of it by being in Glee anyway. Other than that? What? He risked losing the friendship of bullies? Oh wow, let’s make him a trophy to go with his serenade.


Rin says: I can attest to Sophy’s anger over this. I dug up when we first talked about this song, and it was on the 4th of March. So we’ve spent a solid three months listening to it as a Faberry song, and I’m sure we even said at the time that we could see the montage as Quinn sings it after/during graduation and just, oh god can you imagine? It’s such a gorgeous song, and Dianna’s voice would really suit the song but OH WELL. Let’s have the juniors all sing it to the seniors, but to Finn especially.

I cannot.

It just. I don’t understand why they singled out Finn. At all.

There’s a difference between making ‘sacrifices’ and being a decent human being. Finn was a decent human being when he let Artie out of the toilet.

I feel like the only person who has actually made any real sacrifices for Glee is Will. BUT WHATEVS. SING YOUR SONG TO FINN AND EVERYONE ELSE.

We’ll just say a big no to it, and hate you forever. Kthx.


“I would have never given my virginity to this guy. The Puck I fell in love with had swagger.”


Okay, let me clarify. There were aspects to this that I actually really liked. Notably some closure to Puck and Quinn’s often turbulent and often ignored relationship. Notably true love’s kiss breaking the Geography curse and all that. Adorable. I love that Quinn wanted to help him and I love that it meant so much to him that she did.


Here’s the thing.

Quinn never fell in love with Puck.

And she most certainly did not fall in love with Puck and consequently make a gift of her virginity to him.


But just. What in the world possessed the writers to write that line?


Look, I can get that Quinn might want to stretch the truth a little in these circumstances. ‘The guy I let knock me up because I was a confused, repressed, self-loathing, drunk teen’ isn’t the most inspiring thing to hear about yourself from the mother of your child when you’re feeling down. But in the absence of any clear indication to the contrary it looks like Quinn actually means what she’s saying here. Which means that she has serious amnesia from that crash. Not only can she not remember never being in love with Puck back in the day… but she can’t remember telling Rachel just this year that she’d been wrong to think she was in love with any of the guys she’d had relationships with in high school.


I’m going to throw the show a bone and assume Quinn was just sugar-coating. Any further Quinn/Puck retconning and I will not be so kind.

Rin says: Yeah, I really liked this scene, but what we’re saying no to is the ‘fell in love with’ and ‘given my virginity’. BECAUSE NO. BOTH ARE MAJOR NO’S. For the love of god.

The only way I can make peace with the situation is by telling myself that Quinn was really playing it up for Puck to give him the confidence he needed to pass his test. And that Quinn was mostly doing it because Rachel said so. Honestly. This is the sequence of events, Quinn watches Puck struggle with his studies, Quinn talks with Rachel, Rachel says Puck was ‘always at his best’ with Quinn, Quinn strokes Puck’s ego. So for me it’s just a whole ‘nother episode of QUINN NEVER FUCKING SAYS NO TO RACHEL. No matter how absurd the idea.

And you know, afterwards we don’t really get anymore development and it looks more likely that it was some closure for their relationship. I guess we would have been a little up in arms if there wasn’t any Quinn/Puck, so this way we get Quinn doing a good deed, Puck graduating, and Quinn running off to Yale and wearing out her metro passes.

Lastly, to anyone who thinks the Puck/Quinn kiss makes Quinn any less gay, I have one thing to say. Emily and JJ.

Sophy says: LOL. FOR REAL.

Kurt didn’t get into NYADA.

Sophy says: Let me explain why this pissed me off so much. I don’t actually have a problem with a scenario in which Rachel gets into NYADA and Kurt doesn’t get into NYADA. I just have a problem with this scenario.

I actually think that if I really had to pick between them, Rachel is the most likely to succeed in show business, just because she’s the full package and then some – insanely talented, insanely driven, insanely disciplined, insanely marketable. Kurt is very talented and works hard, and in the real world I’m pretty sure any musical theatre school would snap Chris Colfer up in a heartbeat. But I can imagine a situation in which competition is stiff and the judges are thinking ‘Okay, he’s talented, but is he too much of a niche performer?’

Basically I can see a school taking a conservative approach and going with candidates who are going to be suited to a wider variety of roles.

But the problem is Whoopi and all the ways she made it so clear that Kurt was a winner. She specifically said to him that his idol Hugh Jackman had trained with her and that he would be impressed with Kurt’s performance. I don’t know how much more clearly she could have intimated to him that he was in, barring breaching all protocol and outright saying ‘You are in’.

The thing is, there can’t be anything wrong with Kurt’s application, or he would never have gotten to the audition stage. On paper he must be potentially NYADA-worthy, depending on how good his performance is. Thus the audition is key. Selections is not, as it is for many less specialized colleges, a convoluted process. Whoopi is hand-picking the students for her program. Whether she’s impressed with you or not is pretty much the be all and end all.

So either Whoopi is supposed to be the cruelest woman in America and was just toying with Kurt when she gave him that praise… or the show’s going to have to come up with some explanation about how powerless she actually is and make it stick.

Otherwise I’m just going to sit here and roll my eyes because it will be so obvious that it’s just Glee being sloppy babies again. They wanted to make the NYADA race suspenseful so they had Kurt do brilliantly and Rachel choke and then they switched it all around on us again at the last minute. Right. It’s all well and good to want to surprise your audience. But you can’t just not make sense about it.

And I’ll just mention that whilst I adored the way the episode ended, it did grate on me a little that we got no resolution for Kurt. He must have been devastated, given how high his hopes must have been, and I just…

A million gold stars to him for being able to stand on that platform and hug Rachel and smile like he meant it.

Rin says: HAhaha I know right? It seems like, just like Quinn’s car crash, the whole Choke plotline was pointless. With Kurt taking a risk and being congratulated on it, Rachel choking on a song which she never should have choked on… and eventually Kurt doesn’t get in and Rachel gets in anyway? I just. It doesn’t make sense.

Kurt not getting in sucks. There’s no other way to say it, I mean, WHAT MORE DO YOU HAVE TO DO? He nailed his audition, and Whoopi was obviously impressed. And it’s her call. So. Yeah. It’s strange.

I’ll be holding out for them to make it up to Kurt with an awesome storyline next season. But we’ll see.

“I’m actually thankful for this whole mess. I used to think Broadway was my one and only love, I’m so glad something has made me come to my senses.”

Sophy says: Um. Another instance of ‘I don’t understand you, #Glee’. Because. What. Dear Rachel, until the final scene of this episode, you had been doing the opposite of coming to your senses. You were running away from your senses. You left your senses in a handbag in the cloak-room of one of the larger railway stations in London and you never went back. Just.

Rin says: I’m so glad this will hopefully be the last time we have to hear Rachel saying things like this, now that she’s actually there.


Head In Hands

Sit down.. sit down.. sit down..

Sophy says: The episode began as perfectly as it ended. Screw the bumps in between, this is what it’s all about.

Rin says: I’m so fucking happy that they paid homage to the original 5 with this little flashback. And I just DIE at the adorableness of them 3 years ago and them now. ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat’ has one of my favourite Glee moments ever too, when Mercedes twirls Rachel it is the most amazing thing in the world. I really wish they replicated that.. alas.

Will looking on and remembering his kids and thinking about how far they’ve come is the sweetest. THE SWEETEST. I love his doughy proud face, okay?

“Tadpole gays.”

Sophy says: TADPOLE GAYS. SO CUTE. I CANNOT. It’s nice to know that Kurt’s outfits have made a difference.

Rin says: The term ‘tadpole gays’ is brilliant. And it’s pretty lovely to think that Kurt’s courage to be himself inspired other students at McKinley to be brave, and others to be more accepting. It doesn’t stop me from finding their outfits utterly ridiculous and hilarious though.

These faces.

Sophy says: I will never.

Rin says: I think Lea Michele’s cry-face might be one of my favourite cry-faces ever. It’s just, very special to me.

AND KURT. MR COLFER. COULD YOU BE ANY CUTER? In your little suit and scarf and smiling like that. Christ on a bike.

I also really need more Rachel/Kurt. Do we think Kurt could be in NY next season anyway?

Sophy says: He’d better be. Even if he doesn’t move there he’d better at least visit.

“I’m gonna miss you!”
“I don’t see how that’s possible, but thank you.”

Sophy says: I thought parts of this scene were really heavy-handed and just served to draw attention to the fact that the writers dropped the ball on this relationship and indeed on the entire Cheerios subplot. Having said that, the magic of Jane Lynch cannot be denied. That final line and the hug? Breathtaking.

And “Just as smart, every bit as pretty, only somehow you’re slightly less evil.”


Rin says: Agreed on the heavy-handed. I almost expected her to get hit by a truck again with the way Sue was talking.

But I am super glad that they got a goodbye, because they really deserve something, and at least it ended really well. Jane Lynch KILLS the delivery of the final line. <3

And it was nice to see Quinn’s hair pulled back in a high pony again. It makes her look so grown up 8-.

She’s also wearing a rainbow dress. So.

Sophy says: Effy wants that dress.


Most Rophy

“..We could eat Joe for the food, since she’s been here the shortest, so we know her the least.”


Santana’s face. She’s so proud.

Rin says: Would he taste like crickets?


Quinn Glory Shot

You can’t just… right, okay. You can.

Sophy says: I have never seen anything so lovely as those Lena Headey-esque cry-face shots of Quinn during ‘In My Life’. Did it make me hate the scene any less? No. It just made me focus on how it was Quinn’s song to sing and would have suited Dianna’s voice so perfectly. But nevermind.

I loved that Quinn’s mum actually showed up.

And Quinncedes graduation snuggle FOREVER.

Rin says: It made me SO happy to see Mama Fabray. And that is the beauty of not using high profile actors as parents.. they’re more likely to turn up at say, their kids graduation ceremony, than conveniently away on a secret trip to NY. I also loved that the Chang’s both came back too :X:X

But yes, Sophy insisted that the Lena Headey-esque cry-face made it into the glory shot, so I made four caps. Because.

BUT THEN THERE HAD TO BE SOME GRADUATION GOWN QUINN BECAUSE HOLY MOTHER OF CUTE. Look at her smile. And her balled up fists of excitement. Oh Quinn.

And we all agree that she got Valedictorian, amirite? I mean, Yale.

115 Responses

  1. Isabel
    Isabel at · Reply

    Was stalking Rophydoes for this hehe. c: Can I get quinned?

    I just watched 3×19 and am still mindblown by the Faberbliss / Finn!RAGE. But. But.

    QUINN. c:

    I was really glad that they brought back Quinn/Sue. Sue’s hardly spoken to her favourite cheerleader in ages, and it’s about time.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      FABERBLISS 8-.

  2. Amy
    Amy at · Reply

    I hated this episode. With a fiery vengeance. I mean I enjoyed the totally gay here I bought you a ticket so you can come visit me all day every day forever. But otherwise I hated it. I didn’t feel anything. For anyone. I’m a Santana Stan and I hated the scene with her mother. I mean Santana having that kind of mother makes ZERO sense with her characterization. I hated Brittany not getting a storyline about not graduating, they could of had her do it with puck and then make her fail if that’s what they want, but nothing but a throw away line. And as if Santana wouldn’t know?? I mean seriously?
    And let’s sing a song to Finn cos he is awesome? No lets stab Finn cos he is an asshole.
    Also it was me last week who was happy because it was mostly all about Rachel, but they couldn’t have put a little montage of the rest of the group in the last sequence?? Seriously??
    Sam being a junior? Wasn’t he like 18 at the beginning of the year, I mean I know they don’t want new faces next year but that’s ridiculous. I mean I know that’s why they failed britt too.

    Sometimes I hate this show so much I don’t know why I watch. Then I love it so much and don’t understand why everyone else doesn’t. I’m just so happy it’s over so I can go back to having a heathly and stable emotional level

    1. Ned
      Ned at · Reply

      Sam being a stripper at the start of his junior year is kind of a problem. Hmm.

      1. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply

        LOL TRUE THIS.

    2. Kaye
      Kaye at · Reply

      At this point, I am just going to accept the fact that they will never treat Brittany’s character any seriously and just won’t give her any feelings or reaction to anything ever.

      1. Ned
        Ned at · Reply

        I dunno, if they split up Brittana (geographically anyway) they might give her room to grow? (I’m setting myself up for disappointment, aren’t I? Damn.) The trouble with Brit (and Sue, and Santana) is she’s too useful to the writers as a one-dimensional lol generator, like she was at the beginning. They’ve mostly fixed it with Santana, and sometimes I expect Real Person Sue rather than Cartoon Villain Sue, but they haven’t yet fixed Brit. Maaaaaybe S4? Maybe they’ll give Sugar the dumb lines? Maybe one of the brand new kids will be The New Stupid? *hopes pointlessly*

        1. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

          I do think Brittany is at her best when she’s more dippy than outright idiotic. eg. The cat poo candy was a bridge too far, whereas Lord Tubbington doing household chores in the sex tape was perfection. I’d never ever want them to make Brittany real. I enjoy being a little baffled by her. But I’d love it if they pursued her characterization as basically Abed-from-Community-esque – weird as hell, but not actually so intellectually challenged as to have no future. Basically here’s hoping the 0.0 average was more a matter of choice than of true limitation.

      2. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply

        Don’t stop hoping! This is likely to be her big opportunity to be developed in depth, considering she’ll be one of the few left at school!

        Personally I love Brittany so much as this hilarious, adorable, sometimes scary enigma character that I’m a bit worried they’ll screw her up if they try to make her real. But here’s hoping it works out okay.

        1. Kaye
          Kaye at · Reply

          They did start developing her after Santana’s confession though, the Lebanese shirt scene we actually see Brittany get slightly angry and frustrated, the whole part of the journalism club interrogating Will in Funeral and being a secret genius of cat diseases. I also like her whole arc in I Am Unicorn, helping Kurt in his campaign that a person like him is a unicorn because he is special and not afraid to show it then also having Santana makes her realize that she is too that made her confident to run.

          So I really don’t know what happened and they made her mute all season, I’m guessing the new writers just don’t know how to write her like RIB does. Ton of missed opportunities.

          1. Sophy
            Sophy at · Reply

            I can totally get wanting more for Britt, so I see where you’re coming from. But I can’t agree that she was mute all season. In recent memory, Saturday Night Gleever and Prom-a-saurus both had unusual quantities of Britt being awesome, didn’t they?

            Regardless, I have a feeling the big Brittany stuff is coming. And I also think she’ll be visiting New York before long. S4 should be fun for us :)

    3. Ruth
      Ruth at · Reply

      I agree that Santana’s mum scenes were ridiculous. (Nothing against Gloria Estefan, who I love, and who was super cute). Yes, every fanfic ever has Santana with dysfunctional parents so it is jarring to see her with a nice, supportive mother… But her parents are like that in ff FOR A REASON! Because people do not turn out to be like Santana by accident! DOES NOT COMPUTE!

      1. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply

        I have to disagree here. I think people definitely do become angry, confused teens by accident. Your parents simply are not the only influence in your life, and there are plenty of loving, warm homes with troubled kids living in them. Plus there’s so much that’s great about Santana – underneath the bully layer she’s actually really strong and warm – by your logic that had to come from somewhere – why not her mum?

        I can get that it’s disappointing when your head-canon doesn’t line up with the canon the show throws at you. And sometimes it feels like they just didn’t care enough to get it right. Maybe that’s the case here… IMO it’s not unrealistic that a girl like Santana had a great mum behind the scenes. But I can see how it is a bummer that they didn’t use the opportunity of meeting her parent to tell us more about the struggles she went through.

    4. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Hm… I don’t necessarily agree that Santana having that kind of mother made zero sense, because in my experience people are definitely more complex than ‘good parents, happy kid’, ‘bad parents, screwed up kid’. I’ve known people who went through really insecure, angry phases despite coming from warm, supportive families. Having said that, I was a bit underwhelmed by Mrs Santana. As with pretty much all the Glee parent/child relationships barring Kurt/Burt, they didn’t exactly seem to be shooting for complex.

      In the context of Glee’s surreality, I can buy that Santana wouldn’t know Brittany was failing. I can buy Britt never raising the issue because it’s so utterly irrelevant and pointless to her, and I can buy Santana thinking that meant everything must be okay. But I do think that once she knew it would have been a bigger issue for Santana than it was, even if Brittany didn’t seem to care. They did leave things very open-ended on the Brittana front. But I’m hoping that just means there’s loads of stuff to come for them early next season when Santana’s deciding whether to actually haul ass to NY or not.

      I think they failed Britt so she could stick around… but I think it kind of makes sense too, to be fair. We all have our theories that Brittany is a secret genius, but the bottom line is that the show has not portrayed her as someone who would be likely to get passing grades in high school. They would have had to do more to convince me that Brittany would graduate than they would have had to do to convince me she wouldn’t. And that doesn’t mean Brittany isn’t amazing – and still totally a secret genius. Her grades just don’t know it, because in her mind? They’re not worth it.

      Also it was me last week who was happy because it was mostly all about Rachel, but they couldn’t have put a little montage of the rest of the group in the last sequence?? Seriously??

      I can see where you’re coming from. A montage featuring everybody would have been amazing. Like, even if they’d just inserted an instrumental interlude into the piece to make more time, so they could get a shot of everybody preparing for their future in some way. It could have been really stunning – especially because I feel like the song applied to all the kids, not just Rachel. Alas, missed opportunity!

      1. Amy
        Amy at · Reply

        Totally agree that good parents doesn’t alway equal happy kids. But what kind of parents let a sixteen year old get breast implants. I have nothing against plastic surgery if you are an adult and thats what you want, but she was a child, and the wonderful and supporting parent that Ms Gloria was wouldn’t do that. I know it’s glee and i should be used to it by now, but i can’t because Santana is why i watch it still. I mean people always complain about how bad Quinns parents are for letting her get plastic surgery, it just makes no sense to me. I mean yes i have my head canon for Santana but that never involved awful parents for me. Like Quinns parents are dodgy, but i always thought Santanas would be, i don’t know, indifferent i guess. Maybe a little older than normal and career driven. I never thought she was a bitch becasue of crap parents, she is bitchy and snarky because that’s just who she is, and i love her for it.

        It wasn’t really the fact that Brittany failed that annoyed me the most, it was the lack of a storyline. I mean i wasn’t even asking for as much as puck got, just maybe a little bit. They could have been failing together and he passed and she didn’t, that would have showed both sides of the story. I mean i’ve been resigned to that fact that they were failing her for ages because it was obvious they don’t want to fill the Glee club up with more randoms no one cares about.
        besides as much as it would be cool if she was a secret genius…. she’s not. I don’t think she would have gotten grades anywhere near capable of getting into uni anway. Also annoying was the fact that she was in all these school clubs, went to prom, was the senior class president meant that she should have at least been scraping by with the bare minimum grades, i mean that was a plot point in an episode way back when, you need to be getting certain grades to be in all these school clubs.

        Sorry for grumbling on your site. I really didn’t mean to, it just annoys me and frustrates me so much :-(

        Thank you for the wonderful recap even if i didn’t like the episode, you two are awesome and very funny. You have also made me wacth Glee with Faberry goggles, even though i don’t really care for Faberry lol first thing i thought of during the Faberry scene was you two :-)

        1. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

          I see where you’re coming from, Amy.

          I don’t think Britt is a secret genius in the literal sense, but I do like to think her 0.0 average is partly down to her choosing not to try with schoolwork, not just that she’s honestly that intellectually challenged. So I hope we get some insight into that next season and the conclusion isn’t just ‘Brittany’s a moron with no future’. There are ways in which she’s kind of brilliant – class president, that insane prom, the amazing, hilarious Tubbington sex tape, the fact that she can dance like nobody’s business – and I’d like to see those explored. And I agree that Glee dropped the ball with the grades/school clubs thing, and totally misled Brittany fans to assume she’d be graduating.

          As for Santana, I also get what you mean. Although I never really saw the boob job as much more than a punchline. But perhaps that’s the problem. I don’t know. Maybe you could fanwank that Mrs Santana, who gives her daughter all her savings to skip out on her scholarship and go to New York, is an enabler? Maybe you could theorize that it’s that same enabling spirit that led to her paying for her daughter’s boob job at 16 when she insisted she needed one and knew best? That could be interesting… but unfortunately I don’t think that’s what the show was going for at all. I think it’s just a case of sloppy, sloppy babies :(

          You’re very welcome to grumble on our site! We love you and your grumbling! And we’re pleased you have your Faberry goggles. Everyone should care for Faberry, even if they need a little optical help to do so :)

  3. Beth
    Beth at · Reply

    At the risk of sounding churlish when you’ve written so much that is good and lovely, I feel compelled to point out that you overlooked one really enormous NO! in this recap: Rachel’s plan to defer her NYADA matriculation for a year, which (assuming date restrictions) would have resulted in QUINN’S RAIL PASSES GOING TO WASTE. Maybe your brains blocked out that bit as a self-defence mechanism. I certainly wish mine had. I had no such luck, however, so BETH SAYS NO!

    Obviously I’m relieved that the train station scene made this a moot point, but I could still use a Quinn gif to make me feel better. :-)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      We did note that actually, but declined to mention it, mostly because we felt strongly that Rachel’s ‘I’ll stay in Lima!’ was just a fit of miserable and temporary denial, nothing more – so she wouldn’t have considered the fact that she was wasting Quinn’s gift, because she wasn’t REALLY considering deferring. At least that’s how I rationalize it. So much of what Rachel has said this season was turned on its head in that final conversation with Finn, so I lump her nonsense about deferring in with that.

      Frankly the idea that Rachel would TRULY have decided to defer her NYADA place horrifies me so much, for non-rail-pass reasons, that I can’t even take that line seriously. So.

      1. Beth
        Beth at · Reply

        Thank you for making this a safe place to be churlish about Faberry, Sophy.

        Alas, about that final conversation with Finn, though:

        “You’re on the 4:25 to New York.” “Your dads are gonna meet you there and they’re gonna, they’re gonna help you look at dorms at the new school. You’re gonna spend four years of your life there and you’ve never even set foot in the place, so… ”


        “You’ll go there in the fall. YOU’RE NOT DEFERRING. We’re not gettin’ married.”

        So, the right decision in the end, oh so conveniently made BY Finn, FOR Rachel.

        All of which reinforces my conclusion that YOUR BRAINS REALLY DID BLOCK OUT THAT BIT AS A SELF-DEFENCE MECHANISM!

        I really can’t blame your brains, though. If I could choose to un-hear those lines, I would.

        1. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

          No! We’re fully at peace with Rachel having the decision made for her by Finn. But that decision was them breaking up. During her conversation with Finn she quickly moves from deferring her place to him coming with her to NY, forgetting all nonsense about him being too hurt to do it. I’m convinced that given time she would have wanted him to do that for her – I’m actually convinced that he would have offered. It was all rendered moot though, by the fact that he decided to set her free altogether. And I discussed in the recap the reasons why I think it really did have to be Finn setting Rachel free, rather than Rachel making the choice for herself.

          1. Beth
            Beth at · Reply

            During her conversation with Finn she quickly moves from deferring her place to him coming with her to NY, forgetting all nonsense about him being too hurt to do it.”

            Oooooooh, that’s an EXCELLENT point!!!! Thank you, Sophy, for making me feel SO much better!!!!

            1. Sophy
              Sophy at · Reply

              aww, I’m glad I helped! I’m sure Rin’s Quinn will be even more soothing :D

        2. Ned
          Ned at · Reply

          It’s super plausible to have Rachel not make the decision. It took Quinn’s text-while-driving to stop the first wedding, and then Tina’s text-while-walking to stop the first giving up on NYC. So, for once, Finn stealing everyone else’s agency actually works for the story.

          1. Sophy
            Sophy at · Reply


  4. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    O yeah, another episode, another fabathroom (although I loved Sue and Q’s scene more on first watch… genuine Sue emotion usually feels unearned to me, but this was beautiful). The Metro-North pass was *perfect*. Naturally the “I love Finchel!”/”I love Quick!” exchange is a problem. I usually try to find an explanation other than “this writing sucks!” but this was *so obviously* to set up the next scene that I just sighed and moved on. (And I never had a problem with the Quick scene itself—I can see it only as Quinn doing Puck a favour, and “loving to perform” as she does so. It’s not played straight anyway: Quinn has magic kisses?)

    However, I like your Faberry-friendly rationalisations of the dialogue, and I have contributions: (i) Rachel’s comparison to her epic love for Finn is… Quinn and Puck. I mean, come on. And: (ii) Quinn is thoughtful but disbelieving at being told Puck’s at his best when with her. Quinn’s internal monologue in this moment: is Finn at his best with Rachel, or Rachel at her best with Finn? No, thinks Quinn (and sane people everywhere).

    Because for me eps 310-322 show Finchel!Rachel making poor decisions (or being pushed into poor decisions, or having poor decisions made for her). It was unpleasant to watch; less so on rewatch now we know it ends logically with Finchel breakup, which I never quite trusted them to do, because it’s Glee. I appreciate them giving Finchel *internal* conflict rather than returning to the Jesse or Quinn wells yet again. It’d be nice to think Finn will spend the whole of S4 at Fort Benning, but surely not. He and Kurt will be knocking on the door of the Pezberry shoebox before the end of 401. (Pezberry sharing an apartment could be very, very funny. Make it happen!)

    The breakup scene is amazing, as you said (though I hate that Finn’s now ruined the word “surrender” for Rachel), and “Roots Before Branches” too. Glee handicaps its storytelling with nonsense a lot, but sometimes it makes the most of itself, and going straight to Rachel singing is fantastic. Imagine them getting from the car to the streets of New York with dialogue alone… *shudders*

    I like the parallel with Brittany and Kurt. We think Puck’s not going to graduate, and Rachel’s not going to get in—and then it’s Brittany and Kurt. (Has Rachel “taken Kurt’s place”? Potential S4 drama there I fancy.) They really need to keep HeMo around anyway; I think we’d miss her performances almost as much as Lea Michele’s.

    Thanks Rophy for the thoughts and the lols (Rophynip… hee) and the Faberry. Thanks to your recaps I’ve been enjoying Glee 1000% more than before. Please may I have a final Quinn?

    1. Kaye
      Kaye at · Reply

      The finale was set up just like my favorite fanfic “Set the world on fire”with Pezberry/Kurt sharing apartment in NY and Britt following Santana after she graduates. The pezberry/hummelberry/kurtana dynamic is so well written and hilarious and heartfelt. Ahh if only the show would really go there, but its glee so.. nope.

      1. Amy
        Amy at · Reply

        i know. i was thinking the same thing lol i love that fic so so much and desperatly want that to be canon … never gonna happen. But i can always dream lol

      2. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply

        Oh but they might! I mean it looks like we’ll be getting something pretty close to that. Santana will be in NY with Rachel, and you never know, Kurt might join them, NYADA or no NYADA. Or at the very least I’m sure he’ll be visiting, and Brittany too. At least I hope it works out that way. I’ll cry if they somehow ruin the set-up within like, 2 episodes.

      3. Ned
        Ned at · Reply

        Hey Kaye, thanks for sharing that fic recommendation, I enjoyed it. Some very funny, SOL-worthy lines indeed, and prescient character work too.

        1. Kaye
          Kaye at · Reply

          Glad you liked it. Their funny living arrangement and wacky misadventures are just a joy to read tbh, It felt so real and the author captures the characters so well.

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      The one thing that made the Puck/Quinn okay is that you’re absolutely right – it was just Quinn getting her performance on. Basically she was kind to him, end of story. She meant it when she called what they’d had “ancient history”. And I think you’re right – the fact that it was all fairytalesque with true love’s kiss and all was a clear indicator that we were not supposed to be taking it as meaning anything beyond that scene.

      (Pezberry sharing an apartment could be very, very funny. Make it happen!)

      You know Rachel will end up wanting out of her dorm because she’ll butt heads with some jeans-ironing bitca. And then she’ll move in with Santana in the one-bedroom across the way from that bar Santana works in CALLED COYOTE UGLY.

      I’m just going to leave that there.

      1. Ned
        Ned at · Reply

        I… yeah.

    3. Beth
      Beth at · Reply

      I agree with a lot of this, Ned, but the idea of Quinn’s kisses being magic doesn’t seem implausible to me. ;-)

      1. Ned
        Ned at · Reply

        Fair point, well made. :)

  5. stephafro
    stephafro at · Reply

    oh maaaaaan, what a hell of a season. really though, i think you summed up most of my feelings on everything.
    the whole puck/quinn thing coming back was just so laughable and so sloppy i just
    i think i had to leave the room and sob/sob with laughter over its dumb hilarity for a bit.
    but no matter the amount of dumb things, the fabathroom made up for it.
    i mean really
    two 400$ passes.
    because we all just casually buy that to stay in contact and stay friends after high school nope nope noPE i cant handle it then and it wont be able to handle it now
    but at least this season provided us with enough rophy caps to make it all truly entertaining so AWARDS TO YOU GUYS
    also “And yes, Sophy, I’m going to need that fanfiction soon. I need Rachel to insist that she sleep on Quinn’s dorm room floor because Quinn needs the bed because of her back.”
    there is a fic and it is called Undeniable and it is Faberry in college after everything and it is perfect (like it is just the script Faberry shippers would need for season 4)
    and they sleep together and it is beautiful
    anyhoo y’all are perfect and fabulous \m/

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      It was quite the ride wasn’t it? Some serious ups and downs going on in season 3, But overall I’d say it was worth it. Thanks for reading stephafro, see you in the retro recaps! :)

  6. Ruth
    Ruth at · Reply

    So, this episode was a C+ for me. It was definitely a pass and had a lot of great qualities but it also had downfalls. Needs to Try Harder.

    I’m gonna start with the bad.
    Of all the silly things Glee does to annoy me, If I had to pick one major problem that consistently upsets me the most it is the show’s representation and dealings with its female characters.
    I cannot think of another programme I watch that has more issues with sexism. It is a mess.
    Even other problems I have with Glee; their treatment of minority characters, specific storylines, continuity failings, etc. more often than not are directly related to its problems with women.

    This episode did NOT help with this aspect.
    For example…
    The juniors singling out Finn as the person they’re singing to – because Glee will always be about male heroes and how much better they make the world for eveyone else.
    Mercedes making sure to note that her future sucess is thanks to Sam – I LOVE Samcedes to a crazy degree but its lack of development made this feel really uncomfortable
    Rachel’s decision ultimately being made for her by 1) Finn – I get why this was done/how it relates to their relationship and the scene was well exectued but it sits in the show’s culture of male decision making and highlights the gross unequal aspects their relationship has always had. 2) Her fathers – She has 2 dads so I get that it’s tricky to count them just as male figures but it is still a situation of a group of men planning her future without her involement
    Quinn, arguable the girl with the least input by men into her future/getting into Yale, needing to ‘give back’ by making sure she does sometihng in service of a male character, i.e. Puck
    Santana and Brittany in a relationship with each other, being canonically devoid of male decision makers (except the really gross thing with Mr Shcue in SNG) have the least secure future and are left with quite flighty (read: feminine) futures: running off to NYC and ambling through senoir year again.

    There were honestly a lot of parts of this episode that I really loved but to be honest sometimes I find the gender dynamics on this show so frustating and exhausting that I lose sight of the better parts.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I cannot think of another programme I watch that has more issues with sexism.

      Gossip Girl. Really, Glee doesn’t even hold a candle.

      I wouldn’t say Santana’s plans were necessarily flighty. The show definitely portrayed her as someone strong and forthright, who knew her own mind and wanted to craft her own future, not just fall into something because it’s easy/expected. Santana’s mum trusted her with the decision because she felt she could be trusted with the decision. Unlike, say, Finn, whose parents didn’t trust him to make his own decision re: the army at all.

      Like you said, Quinn was another example of someone with zero male decision making going on, and she’s easily the biggest success story on the show. As for her choosing to help Puck… it’s a bit tricky to say that a woman helping a man is sexist, when you’re also saying a man helping a woman is sexist. Surely if a man helping a woman to find her path (eg. Sam and Mercedes) indicates that the woman is weak and the man is strong, then a woman helping a man to find his path (eg. Quinn and Puck) is an indicates that the man is weak and the woman is strong. So it kind of balances out?

      I will agree that there were some really gross quotes in this episode and that Finchel has been riddled with unpleasant misogynistic undertones. But I don’t think it’s fair to say that there was anything sexist in the way Santana or Quinn were portrayed in the finale. And Mercedes/Sam… I think that balances out pretty well with Tina/Mike. It’s not so much that the show wants to say men help women to achieve their dreams, as the show wants to say the kids help each other to achieve their dreams. If Sam is responsible for Mercedes’ success, it’s only to the same extent that Tina is responsible for Mike’s success.

      1. Ruth
        Ruth at · Reply

        Yeah, I get all of what you’re saying. I guess it always just sits differently with me.
        To me the thing difference between Mercedes and Quinn was that the emphasis was not put on Puck thanking Quinn for helping him but on the fact that Quinn was compelled to help him out of a… duty. Whereas Sam’s act was presented as ‘above and beyond’ and the emphasis was put on Mercedes thanking him.
        I think all the incidents on their own aren’t that bad (and I have always really liked the relationship dynamic between Mike and TIna), I just feel like it all adds up to the show having a culture of misogyny.

        Gave up on GG a while ago. From what I hear – and read you tweeting ;) – not too bad a decision!

        I did do that terrible thing of complaining and then ran out of steam to say what I actually loved about the episode, namely Roots Before Branches and the closing and opening sequences. But thanks for letting my rant and taking the time to respond :D

  7. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Ok….ok…i actually had to take a break reading in the middle somewhere.

    1st. You guys give me hope that not all is lost. I may actually be looking forward to season 4 and trains, and metro passes and hugs.

    2nd. I hate the dedicated song to Finn. What the ever-loving FUCK was that about?

    3rd. Faberry/Fabathroom > everything else. Made it all better. Lea and Dianna really have a special chemistry that just….is undeniable.

    :::sigh::: I just want to hug you guys. Thanks for your consistent, objective recaps.

    Quinn me good RIN!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      No, thank YOU Whymz! And yes the dedication to Finn was the absolute worst. I am still elephanting about it.

  8. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Haha, mirror-kissing… didn’t even see that! Are you sure that’s not photoshop? Gonna have to go back and watch the episode all over again!

    I loved the music, loved the red gowns and Rachel’s little pink suitcase. HATED the solutions for Kurt and Santana. Of course, they could have made more of an effort to show Mike’s story or they could have kept Mercedes for a year. After all, it was never her time to shine, which is weird, since she has the second best voice of all the girls.
    But Kurt? Come on! Why wouldn’t he be in? He got the audition, which is a good thing, he was great in the big performance Whoopi saw… this is just another “Rachel is better than all of you” bs storyline. Let’s face it, she could have gotten a second chance based on her application because of all the extra-curriculars, but this? Kurt succeeded in the audition, she failed. But whatever, they always put Kurt behind Rachel and tons of other students when it came to big, real-life things like competition solos and stuff. Finn and Sam got solos, he didn’t. How is that realistic?
    And Santana throws away a scholarship, because she’d rather live in a super expensive city where it’s hard to get a minimum-wage job, even? I get that NY is awesome, but after everything Britt did to get her into college, after how proud her parents were… way to throw away your education!

    And – I guess Quinn is rich again?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      And – I guess Quinn is rich again?

      Not really. Just dedicated.

      1. Nemesis
        Nemesis at · Reply

        I meant because she’s going to Yale, has the private insurance to cover all those medical bills and still has money left over for those train tickets. That is more than most people can afford in a lifetime.

        Another possibility is, of course, that she is secretly related to Joe Biden.

  9. Kaye
    Kaye at · Reply

    Now that the season is over, please tell us you are going to continue the S1 gleecaps!!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      We shall! Fun times ahead :)

  10. Ruben
    Ruben at · Reply

    The best thing about the episode, is that it’s the perfect set up for a Faberry-centric season 4. But we all know the writters are gonna screw that up so…

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      DON’T SAY THAT RUBEN. LET US LIVE IN OUR HAPPY LITTLE FABERRY BUBBLE OVER THE HIATUS. Or at least until discouraging spoilers start leaking.

  11. Elysse
    Elysse at · Reply

    Honestly, I felt this episode was pretty boring until the end with the Finchel and all that. Totally agree with the No’s, because I think Kurt really should have gotten in based on his performance and all of Whoopi’s praise. What more do you want NYADA?!

    I was fairly pleased about the final scene with Rachel and Finn because as you said, teen wedding was never going to work out and was just making both of them worse people/characters. Unfortunately, I think everyone else kind of got the shaft in this episode. No one else’s future was really discussed in depth (Mercedes got like a record deal or something and only Santana knows?!) and there was absolutely no closure for Klaine. I honestly don’t really have any ships for Glee (I know, weird) but it’s still annoying when other couples don’t have to go through any serious problems with being apart. Come on Glee, finish your storylines, or at least make them a little more continuous.

    Also, EVERYONE IS A JUNIOR?! What? Ridiculous. Glee really needed to be more clear before the past few episodes about what grade each student was in, because then it just turned really random and silly at the end. *shakes head*

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      How dare you call Rocking The Boat boring.

      No one else’s future was really discussed in depth (Mercedes got like a record deal or something and only Santana knows?!) and there was absolutely no closure for Klaine.

      I’ll get really angry about this if it turns out that Kurt and Mercedes won’t be back. I’m watching you, Glee.

      Also, EVERYONE IS A JUNIOR?! What? Ridiculous. Glee really needed to be more clear before the past few episodes about what grade each student was in, because then it just turned really random and silly at the end. *shakes head*

      Honestly, the grade-hopping thing was probably my biggest pet peeve with the season. It’s just irritating and takes you out of the fiction.

      1. Elysse
        Elysse at · Reply

        Ok, plot-wise it was a bit boring? I guess I was just expecting more from the season finale where they’re all graduating…:/It was fun musically, and Rocking the Boat will always have a special place in my heart for other reasons besides Glee.

  12. proud faberry fan
    proud faberry fan at · Reply

    GIVE ME ALL THE QUINNS!!!!! (just kidding cause if you do that this page will take 10 years to load).

    as a rachel berry stan, i will say just one thing:


    1. proud faberry fan
      proud faberry fan at · Reply

      forgot to comment on the ep. i actually didn’t like it almost at all. i was so close to crying in the beginning (especially with the flasbacks of sit down and single ladies), but then glee happens. nothing made sense and was really really bad as a finale. you say that it’s not the show finale, just the season finale (a bad season finale – but we got so much faberry-), but it was a gleeduation, we may never see some characters ever again and they may never meet with each other again. so it was a big finale, and writters should have tried a lot more at making it special.

      the only so very awesome thing that i actually believed that they thought about was “root before branches”. i had never heard this song before and it was such a very rachel “gold star” berry song, and with my baby in new york … I CAN’T!!!! and it’s a rachel berry song but also an every kid in glee club song. so precious!

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  13. David
    David at · Reply

    HEY GUYS. My first reply to one of your posts! Gotta’ say I’m a little disappointed you put Faberry in as best scene. I was someone who was apprehensive about the pairing at first, came to respect it through Rophy and then, with this scene, felt as though they did it a massive discredit. It was cold, threw expected, reused dialogue at us (‘never thought you’d be my friend’) aaaand that last line about Quinn and Puck was so OOC even Lea Michelle seemed unsure of how to act it out.

    STILL, you guys do a flawless job and I look forward to your posts each week. ;) I totally suggest watching the Glee Project for shits and giggles because it is STUPIDLY FUN, and sososososo shippable, omg, you have no idea.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Sorry to disappoint you, David! To be fair we did choose Finchel as our co-best-scene. And we did point out the issues in the Faberry scene with a lengthy ‘No’ section. The scene was definitely rushed, but I’d have to disagree violently that it was in any way cold. Also, we very much saw Quinn raising the fact that they’re friends as intentional and effective echoing, given that Rachel has used that word about them over and over throughout the season, but this is the first time we’ve finally heard Quinn use it. We agree with you on that Puck/Quinn fuckery though, as ranted about in the recap. RIDICULOUS.

      Did the Glee project produce Joe? Because.

  14. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    This episode aired on the day I had my very last class with a group of senior students who mean the world to me. I was an emotional wreck, and I was ready to lose it over Glee. They did not disappoint, especially in the first 15 minutes or so. From the original five performance, to Will singing to the kids (even though I really don’t like Will! It was so sweet) to Kurt’s whole scene. The Kurt/Burt All the Single Ladies bit had me cry/laughing in the way I WANTED to be during the Nationals performance.

    For the most part I did enjoy this episode. There were a few issues, the biggest being the dedication of In My Life to Finn. The whole crap before hand about everything he had to give up. Because Quinn/Santana/Brittany had nothing to lose being in Glee. Or Puck and Mike, the other football players. And gosh, Finn was always so proud and open about being in Glee, right? Grr.

    Most of my other issues were the ones you mentioned, and they were small things. There was one other thing, though. Will coming clean to Finn about planting drugs on him to get him into Glee. It wasn’t great when Glee did that in the 1st season, but that’s when they weren’t taking themselves so damn seriously. They were cheesy and they owned it, which was part of the reason I loved it so much. This just felt wrong to me. And I am sure it’s probably the teacher in my reacting. Screw you Will for making teachers look so damn unprofessional. Umm.

    But, like I said, overall good. The Finchel scene at the end broke my heart, and that’s how you can tell good writing because I don’t even like Finchel. But it makes sense that Rachel would break down so much over losing Finn, even to those of us who think she’s really in love with Quinn. As confident as Rachel has always been about being a star, she’s still an 18 year old kid. She’s still staring at an unknown future that is wide open with possibilities. And Finn is a known entity. It’s not what she has always dreamed of, but it’s safe. The 2nd half of this season pissed me off with the domesticated Rachel Berry, but looking back on it all with the perspective of her being a scared kid, it makes sense. I just wish maybe they had done it a little differently.

    And finally…the true Faberry story plays out in those mirror reflections. :) I’m excited to see what they do in season 4, and how they juggle all of these characters. I’m excited to see how they handle this relationship.

    Thank you Rin and Sophy for my Faberry goggles. I think I first got them from you sometime around the Prom episode last year. And it has made my favorite show even more my favorite.

    1. Tammy
      Tammy at · Reply

      Oh and Sophy, when you do get around to writing that fanfic, just a comment for you. Umm…Quinn got to keep her Cheerios uniform. I’m pretty sure Rachel would know what to do with that.

      1. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply


    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      aw, Tammy. I don’t know how our emotions would have coped if our real lives were reflecting what was happening in the ep. CRYFACE OVERLOAD.

      The whole crap before hand about everything he had to give up. Because Quinn/Santana/Brittany had nothing to lose being in Glee. Or Puck and Mike, the other football players. And gosh, Finn was always so proud and open about being in Glee, right? Grr.

      EXACTLY. If Finn gets kudos for hanging out with the losers, so should all the cool kids.

      I kind of couldn’t help loving Finn and Will’s scene, mostly because Matt and Cory were so sweet with their little laughing faces at the end there. But I can see where you’re coming from, especially as a teacher – that kind of thing really shouldn’t be condoned.

      Loved what you said about Rachel/Finn. You’re right, Finn is safe for Rachel, and it’s hard to hate on an 18 year old girl for needing to cling onto that for a while. But there were definitely some ways in which the detail of her frilly apron fuckery could have been improved.

      Can’t wait for season 4, and it was our pleasure, re: the Faberry goggles. You’re a star ♥

      1. Tammy
        Tammy at · Reply

        I agree with you about Cory and Matt. Cory in particular was adorable. You could almost see their friendship shining through more than Will/Finn’s. It was cute.

        It’s not totally fair of me to judge Will’s teaching. I mean, Figgins believes in vampires and Sue is physically and verbally abusive of kids. Yet I have no problem with them. Probably because they are so over the top you know you are not supposed to take them seriously. But Will is on the pedestal as the “good educator.” So, I get my snarky face on with him. :)

        1. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

          HAHAHA yes. They really do have difficulty with Will, because they have him cross the line so often for comic effect and then expect us to believe he’s this wonderful, dedicated teacher. It’s a bit of a mess.

  15. Janine
    Janine at · Reply

    Sometimes I think Rophy is brainwashing me…?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      We probably are…

  16. Su
    Su at · Reply

    You guys. Quinn’s line to Rachel re: Finchel is very simple.

    Have you ever been in unrequited love before? The kind of unrequited love that’s mostly about a straight girl that acts a little gay around you but for the most time has a boyfriend. And that when you guys are together, you mentally list the reasons why you’d be perfect for her and why you’d not. And the way you’d love her more but you’re just not worthy enough, because you just don’t feel that way. Your self confidence isn’t off the roof, and you see her as sort of perfect, but you don’t see yourself like that. And you see her with the boyfriend and there’s many things you don’t like about him, but one of them is probably that even though you try to nitpick silly things, he’s mostly okay, and he treats her right.

    So, you get to that point. That point where you sulk at home but behave like a perfect martyr in front of her, wishing her luck about her relationship, telling her “you guys are great for each other” even if you want to say “BUT I WANT YOU TO WANT ME, DAMMIT”. Because at the end of the day, you’re young, and ridiculously infatuated with this girl, and you’d say anything, anything you’d think she’d want to hear, just to see her smile, just to see her happy, just to see that smile and that happiness projected right at you, because that’s all you’re ever going to have, you convince yourself, even if you still hope for the flowers some days.

    Well, that’s Quinn Fabray.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Awww, that Quinn. Pining away. Nice theory Su!

    2. Ned
      Ned at · Reply

      I like this. I imagine her practising as she’s doing her morning PT routine.

      “I’m really happy for you and Finn.” Stretch. No, too hostile. “I’m really happy for you and Finn.” Stretch. Too obvious. “I’m really happy for you and Finn.” Stretch. Too sarcastic. Come on, you’re Quinn Fabray, you got this. “I’m really happy for you and Finn.” Stretch. Shrug. It’ll do.

      1. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply

        OH NED. This post. Special.

  17. Jess
    Jess at · Reply

    As soon as I finished watching this episode I went straight to tumblr to relive all the Faberry goodness (Quinn was totally just saying Rachel and Finn belonged together to gauge her reaction/show she supports her no matter what) and this recap helped me do that again *happy sigh*

    Perhaps we’ll get a glimpse of this fanfiction over the break as well? Pretty please? :D

    There are times when I really hate the show cos of the writing but then when they come up with things like this, ways to work in little things that we’d never in a million years imagined possible. Yesterday I read the recap for ‘Born this way’ and when I came to the bit about I feel pretty/unpretty and how back then we thought that that was IT, that was probably all we’d ever get because the show WOULD NEVR GO THERE. EVER. WE KNEW IT. But guys, look how far we’ve come! A metro pass that apparently costs hundreds of dollars! (I’m from oz as well so had no idea til tumblr enlightened me, plus, you know Quinn bought TWO of them) I pretty much died of happiness because THE SHOW WENT THERE. They actually WENT there. And then Quinn and Rachel said some stupid things that grounded me slightly not really but we will explain away that with subtext (and fanfiction) so it’s ok because THEY STILL WENT THERE and season 3 was just the season of faberry and I can’t wait til next season to see the adventures of Rachel and Quinn on a train.

    I could talk about my thoughts on the other characters/things that happened on the show but really I just get too excited about Dianna Agrons face (especially when it’s Quinn’s face staring only friendshiply at Rachel *snorts*).

    Things I especially loved/lol’d at in this recap:

    “Rachel’s a puzzle that Quinn doesn’t have a solution for. (I do, it’s sex.)” IT’S SO TRUE.

    “So yes, a picture says a thousand words, and a thumbs up spawns a paragraph on Faberry.”

    “The way Quinn walks in, peeping around the corner looking for Rachel and smiling when she sees that Rachel is there. Which, of course, it’s their Fabathroom.” As soon as I see one of them enter a bathroom on the show I just assume it’s to see/talk to the other. IT ALWAYS IS.

    “the fact that we wrote 5100 words about a scene that lasted less than a minute” BECAUSE IT WAS LIKE ADDING WOOD AND OIL TO A FIRE. THE FIRE BEING THE FABERRY FANDOM.

    Also – mirror NOT manips.

    Cheers dudes.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      You’re so right. For all our issues with the show, Glee has given us more Faberry joy than I ever thought possible. :((

      Thanks for your lovely comment :)

  18. Sarah
    Sarah at · Reply

    This is my first time posting here, but I have to say that your recaps bring me much joy. Sometimes, I’ve found that they are the only redeeming thing about an episode for me. I laugh (Oh, Rachel, let Puck have his paper), I cry (Quinn+Sue=gold and tears), I cheer (Thank God(!) Glee got something right and Finn didn’t get in. Also, Faberry train tickets.), and I rage (Really, Rachel? “Quinn and Puck?” Since when? Quinn *loved* Puck? Since *WHEN*? What even…??? And HOW did Kurt not get in?! And why the HECK are they singing that song to *FINN*?!!! And…just…a lot of things this episode…) right along with you. And most of the time you balance out my Finn/Finchel hatred and rein me back in when I’m pacing back and forth and shaking my fist at Finn.

    Anyway, the reason I’m posting is because of the whole Sam being a junior thing. I knew when he didn’t show up in the graduation promo stuff that he wasn’t going to walk with the class of 2012 but I could have *sworn* he was 18 (the whole stripping thing, you know… I shudder to think if he’s not…). So my mind took me to the only safe place I could find, that Sam was held back a grade when he was younger because of his dyslexia (which he mentioned way back when we first met him in ‘Audition’). I realize that this makes way too much sense and is too much continuity for Glee, but it is what I will continue to cling to regardless. For the sake of my own comfort and sanity.

    Also, your Quinn glory shots make my entire week. I didn’t think I could love her any more, but you guys might just manage to make it happen.

    That being said…if it’s not too much trouble… Quinn me? Please?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Sarah, what a lovely comment. We want to cuddle it at night and take it out to breakfast.

  19. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    Hey guys! Awesome recap!
    So I watched this episode twice in a week. Once with my friends on wednesday (Glee night for us European people). And I hated it. For all the No’s you mentionned. Because dedicating this song to Finn. Because Quick to make him feel better about himself. Because Rachel even thought about defering. Because Santana didn’t even know that Brittany wasn’t graduating (how much more OOC can you be? Oh right, Rachel Berry) and nobody helped her like they all helped Puck. Maybe because I was in a crappy mood too.
    So I cooled off, thought that they really wanted to keep Brittany in High School cause otherwise Glee Club next year will only have 2 girls: Tina and Sugar. Well Tina would get all the female solos… Rachel was just bullshiting herself. Because it’s Glee and I love it.
    Then I watched it again with my girlfriend on sunday and I absolutely loved it. Cause I choose to ignore the bad and focus on the good. And there was so much good! Because FABATHROOM and METRO PASSES. Because I liked Finchel again and more importantly I liked Finn again. I don’t like that he said what Quinn kept saying all along but I liked that he knew deep down that letting Rachel go was the best graduation gift he could give her (after metro passes). And the break-up scene was heartbreaking. Rachel face. I grabbed a pillow and hugged the hell out of it because I couldn’t hug her little crying face. I love that Lea just went completely with it, she was so into it. So Loved that scene. Loved the Fabathroom. Loved the Quinn/Sue scene. Loved the tearful faces of all the cast/characters. You don’t even know if it’s Rachel or Lea, Quinn or Dianna, Kurt or Chris crying in the choir room.
    And I’m glad that it didn’t feel like a show finale, because it isn’t!

    Some additionnal stuff!
    Just watched Showmance between my two viewing of the episode and just… Rachel’s pink suitcase! It’s the SAME ONE! For a show that’s not big on continuity, they do that stuff pretty well.
    And Quinn standing with her hands in the SECRET POCKETS of her skirt! You guys! Like Rachel!
    And Rachel trying to grab Puck’s test before him :).
    Welcome back Rachel!

  20. A
    A at · Reply

    And again I loved the recap more than i liked the actual episode! Really well written! The interaction of R & Q with the boys, it was all about goodbyes, between our girls, it was all about their future (together!).
    Thanks for doing this and please… Quinn me good!

  21. gabirol
    gabirol at · Reply

    Quinn cannot plead with Finn. He almost got into a fistfight with her, and that was when she was in a wheelchair. He is that jealous.

    But, EVERYBODY ELSE CAN plead with Finn. And sing the Beatles to him, for instance. It’s all one big happy conspiracy.

  22. Viscosity
    Viscosity at · Reply

    Fabathroom Mirror Kiss. As soon as I scrolled past it I was like ‘WOAH pump the breaks, did you just see the best thing in life that happened/didn’t happen?’
    Yes, yes I did and Quinn’s pointing too so you know what that means.

    I’ll go for 1 good, 1 bad off the top of my head:

    – Berry trying to take the exam paper…I found that so funny for some reason, probably because it’s Rachel being so Rachel.
    – No bloody way with ‘In My Life’ sung to Finn. I’m fond of it and we have history. You ruined it Glee. Just…disgusting man.

    Thanks so much for the recaps, it’s a real pleasure.

    p.s Throwing my request in the hat, 402 please~

  23. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    ALL THE FABERRY EVERYWHERE, I nearly screamed when Quinn gave her the tickets, I thought maybe Rophy had snuck in and written that scene because YESSSSSSS. Also Quinn’s hat is just so damn cute in that bathroom scene that I just. GET IN POCKET QUINN, YOU ADORABLE THING.


    THANK GOD for what they did with Finchel this episode, besides some of the gross lines and stuff. But like, I was legit getting worried that they were actually going ahead with the teen wedding bullshit. Like I couldn’t even. LEA MICHELE’S CRYING FACE IS KILLING ME, MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT.

    YES, Quinn totally kissed Puck because of what Rachel said. HEADCANON ACCEPTED.


    The Kurt thing was RIDICULOUS. I can’t believe they set it up all season to make it seem like finally, Kurt would win at something (he was too gay to be Tony, too gay to be president) and then it gets snatched out from under his feet again. This is a horrible message being sent for the sake of drama. I mean what the fuck? It DOESN’T get better? You’re actually too gay to get into NYADA after all? WHAT? It’s just STUPID. I bet they’re going to go the fashion route with Kurt, like maybe he’ll do an internship or something. And yeah, I love how all we got was “I didn’t get in” and lol that’s the end. REALLY.

    Yeah, I will pretty much never get over juniorgate, it really did change their dynamics. I miss season 2 Kurt and Blaine sometimes. Back when they were actually allowed to be within five feet of each other without the PTC going crazy. I’m just hoping that now Glee is going to be a later time again things will be better.

    Also, can we please fire Kevin O’Reilly? Have you guys read this article? I can’t even, who is this moron. http://www.vulture.com/2012/05/ryan-murphy-dissects-american-horror-story.html

    Especially this paragraph: “I don’t think that Kevin was particularly a fan of what I was trying to do with the beginning of this season. We did an episode of all show tunes, we did several of them. There was the West Side Story thing that I loved, but I don’t think the audience did. Kevin wants a Glee that’s about Top 40, pop culture, big stars. So I know that he loved the end of this season, and I went and pitched him the next season and I think he loves it because it’s very pop-culture-based. We’re doing a great tribute right off the bat, another Britney Spears episode. Many of the characters will be starting over as underdogs, which is a good thing for the show. I really made an effort, talking to all the regulars about it.”


    GOD that makes me mad. WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER BRITTANY TRIBUTE, OR A MILLION GUEST STARS, OR A MILLION TOP 40 SONGS. The first half of the season had so much brilliance like TPPP and TFT and the sectionals episode and just yeah, and there was character development and just goodness (and yeah there was bullshit but I mean it’s Glee) and then the second half of the season there was just so much facepalming. And apparently Kevin O’Reilly is to blame. Just. FLAMES! FLAMES AT THE SIDE OF MY FACE!

  24. Sophie
    Sophie at · Reply

    The fact that Quinn was wearing a blue and white dress, and Rachel was wearing a white dress with blue on. I just.
    I feel like they discuss what clothes they’re wearing the night before just so that they can match.

  25. Mac
    Mac at · Reply

    I actually kind of despised this episode with a fiery passion, and I know you guys say you liked the last scene because of it’s ultimate perfect ending, but I can’t abide with the “girl needs boy to tell her what she wants” bullshit. I know it works for Finns character, but this is Rachel Fucking Berry we’re talking about. Never would she have chosen that log over her dream. New dream my ass. That all being said, though, I was a mess this entire episode because my babies are graduating and I’m graduating and it’s all so sad. So my weeping let me enjoy it during round one. . Too many feelings on the first watch to process, but general hatred during the second. Cheer me up with a Quinn? :/

  26. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    Just found these recaps and spent about, oh, 5 hours reading all the ones for season 3. I’ve been stuck on the Television Without Pity boards where pretty much everybody hates Rachel and nobody sees that FABERRY IS REAL AND IS THE BEST SHIP ON THIS SHOW. Needless to say, it’s been a depressing year for me.

    This was pretty much spot-on, although I didn’t like the episode nearly as much as you guys did and, well, I loved Nationals so I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one…

    But man, I understand the reasons WHY Finn and Rachel will be end game, but I’m hoping and praying that over the next year Ryan Murphy comes to his senses and realizes that no, the sun does not shine out of Finn Hudson’s ass. I hate this couple with a fiery vengeance and I will be so disappointed if beautiful and perfect Rachel Berry ends up with him. AND NOT WITH QUINN!

    At the end of the day, I’m not giving up hope. I mean, look back at Dawson’s Creek. Were Joey and Pacey meant to be end game? I don’t think so, but fans embraced that couple so whole heartedly it was impossible to end the show any other way. I suppose the same argument could be made for Buffy and Angel (although let’s face it, Joss was never going to let any couple end happily ever after).

    My biggest hope for next season? Santana and Rachel as roommates. IT WOULD BE HILARIOUS!

  27. christina
    christina at · Reply

    “Rachel’s a puzzle that Quinn doesn’t have a solution for. (I do, it’s sex.)” This made me LOL.

    Okay so I agree with mostly everything you guys wrote, as per usual. I hated that they tarnished the Faberry scene with Quinn saying she was happy about Rachel and Finn and they were meant to be and Rachel replying with I always felt that way about you and Puck. Like it just didn’t belong in that scene at all. But I guess they couldn’t give us a gift as amazing as they did without messing with our heads a little. The fact is Rachel and Finn were pretty much done after this episode. They were letting go of the past like Quinn told Rachel all those episodes ago was the best thing. I didn’t even notice the thumbs up until your caps. Amazingness. And Quinn seems so happy to see Rachel finally doing what she set out to do. I really wish she would’ve hugged her again and whispered a joke in her ear or something, but I think Quinn knew it wasn’t the time or place. We have NYC for that. And the writers better NOT let us down when Quinn visits. But Faberry forever and ever. That’s all.

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