321 — Nationals

Best Song

New Directions – We Are The Champions

Sophy says: Unfortunately Rophy were not overly fond of any of the performances in this episode. Or, you know, of any of the scenes. See below.

However, there will always be a place in our hearts for Glee kids hugging Will. If we squint, we can pretend he’s still the same plucky, salt of the earth guy he was back in season 1, and let the warm fuzzies roll.

It is a shame though that they dropped the ball on Will/the kids over the last couple of seasons, because if those relationships had been more layered and more present this whole number would have packed so much more punch.

If wishes were horses. There’s a lot of that going on in this episode.

Anyway, I can’t say I was all that dazzled by the kids’ rendition of ‘We Are The Champions’, nor by their most obvious of obvious choices of song to sing in the first place. And, you know, it felt kind of ironic to me that they were singing Queen to Will. Because maybe it should have been taking me back to ‘Somebody To Love’. But it wasn’t. It was taking me back to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ Basically it just hammered home exactly what my problem with the whole Nationals set was.

The New Directions finally won Nationals. By being more like Vocal Adrenaline.

Really, long before they broke out the Queen I had that thought. The New Directions have always stood out for me by being fresh, quirky, and more than anything by having a whole load of feeling and a whole load of truth going on. Generally speaking, and certainly when they’re at their best, the only stories the New Directions tell up on that stage are their own, real stories. Their performances are all about who they are and what they’ve been through and where they’re headed. The only time they’ve strayed from that was arguably with ‘Valerie’, though even that competition had a bit of what they stand for going on with ‘I’ve Had The Time Of My Life’. At Nationals? You could argue that singing about being on the edge of glory is partly them singing their story… but it’s a little less plucky and adorable and a little more, well, vain and presumptuous. As for the other two songs I don’t see what remotest meaning they have to the group. I don’t see how they are in any way telling the story of the New Directions. And on a narrative level, it kills me that they won with songs like that.

I always knew Glee were going to come up against a problem when they introduced the concept of the kids writing their own songs in season 2. Because really, how on earth do you top that? How on earth is any Nationals-winning set going to be as exciting as that time Rachel belted out ‘Get It Right’ and all the kids burst onto the stage singing ‘Loser Like Me’. You can’t go up from there. Even the second lot of original songs kind of felt like a let-down after the sheer joy of the first.

So it was always going to be tough to hit a high note after that. But they succeeded. And you know how? Via the means of Michael Jackson. Because Michael Jackson is how you top the untoppable. Not Meatloaf, not Celine, and certainly not Lady Freaking Gaga. I mean really, if there was ever a time to play the Beatles card it was now.

Or even the U2 card? Or how about the freaking ABBA card?

Could there have been anything more adorable than this group of kids singing ‘Thank You For The Music’ to each other? MY CRYING WOULD HAVE BEEN OBSCENE.

Because it pretty much would have been the performance version of “Being a part of something special makes you special.”

And oh my god, can you imagine Quinn singing the “I’ve been so lucky, I’m the girl with the golden hair” verse. I just. I cannot.

I want to have obscene crying just thinking about it.

And meanwhile, let’s talk about the fail of Nationals being the Finchel show. Rachel being the star I will always understand. She’s their MVP and she’s their MVP for a reason – or a whole damn lot of reasons, actually. If there needed to be a big solo ballad (which I question) then unquestionably it should have gone to her. But it still grated on me how little Mercedes had to do. That girl is the ace up their sleeve for god’s sake. Why was she not belting out some amazing high notes? Was that the point of her being sick? Except even if it was I”m confused because she was magically cured? I don’t even understand.

I understand even less how the hell Finn was the unequivocal male lead. On a narrative level, yeah, I get it, this is the Finchel show, and we’re going obviously to go back to our Finchelliest roots for this performance. But in the real world? No way Finn would have been lead. Not when you have Artie, who has a much stronger voice, and Blaine who has a stronger voice and also would have killed the acting side of things.


Oh wait.

Finn is fine, you know. He hits the notes, pretty much, he scrunches up his face to show much he’s feeling it, he scampers around the stage and doesn’t fall over. It’s all good. But Blaine is an actual performer. And don’t give me ‘He’s a junior’ as an excuse. Glee has never made out that prominence was supposed to be based on seniority until last week with Rachel and Tina and the whole ‘Your turn next’ bullshit. This has never been about how old you are or even how long you’ve been at it. It’s about who has the chops, end of story. And Blaine has more chops than Finn, performance-wise. In fact, I’d say that Puck might even have more chops than him performance-wise, but he’s so rarely given any kind of chance to show it.

And then we come to the really naff part. The part where Kurt Hummel, despite recently wowing Whoopi such that he was a shoo-in for NYADA on the spot, was not featured in this competition. I mean, he may have had a line or something, sure, but he was not featured, in any way. He’s not a junior. Why the hell wasn’t it his ~turn?

His performance for Whoopi and her response basically established him as officially the strongest performer in the group. And yet, after three years of bugger-all, all he gets at Nationals is still bugger-all. It’s depressing that the only school Kurt could get to give him a real part at a Glee competition was Dalton Academy. AKA the school for gay kids.

Wrong move, show. Really, really wrong move.

So at the end of the day, this didn’t feel like the New Directions performing as the New Directions. It felt like the New Directions performing as Vocal Adrenaline. And I don’t know if that’s down to the way it was filmed to seem like Finchel were basically the only two people in the room after the first number, I don’t know if it’s down to the song choices that had nothing to do with who they are and the struggle to get on that stage, I don’t know if it’s down to the costumes that were eerily reminiscent of those blue numbers the VA kids wore way back in season 1… but there you have it. The New Directions finally won Nationals by being more like Vocal Adrenaline and frankly not doing it half as well.

I’m talking about Jesse-era Vocal Adrenaline here, but if I’m honest, I could be talking about Unique-era Vocal Adrenaline too. I really feel that their performances were similar and better. And it’s sad that I have to feel that way when my kids finally beat them.

Meanwhile what on earth was going on with Finn and Rachel singing Paradise By The Dashboard Light. Was it a sign that the show know how stupid and awful their teen wedding plotline is? Or was it just a further sign that they are blind as hell to it?

I want answers and I only have one episode left to get them. Here’s hoping they’re not the horribly wrong ones.

Rin says: PRAISE.

I kind of want to leave it at that. But I won’t.

Because I feel exactly like Sophy. Ticked off that in order for our kids, our babies, to win Nationals.. they had to become more like Vocal Adrenaline. And that’s always what they weren’t. They were the misfits, cobbled together by their mutual love and respect for each other. They were in Glee because they enjoyed it, and it was their safe haven within a school that wasn’t always so accommodating. I’m not saying they didn’t want to win more than anything, but I feel like their performances as a whole would have really struck a chord with me had they kept to their own style with songs that described their journey and how far they’ve come. And the idea that they would win on account of just having all the heart in the world and the energy and feel of the performance being entirely them had the potential to move me to tears. But it didn’t, and that’s pretty frustrating to me. The fact that we’ve watched these kids grow from strength to strength over the years, working towards that goal of winning Nationals.

Le sigh.

And I really have to concur with the whole, where the fuck was Kurt and why was he not featured heavily? I mean, he had that moment where the gay alliance (excl. Quinn) stood front and centre for like, 10 seconds and that was cute. But there needed to be more. He’s an original, one of a kind for sure, and it would have been nice to see a moment where he shone and was himself (and not in a dress) and just NAILED IT. LIKE THAT TIME HE VAULTED MIKE.


And then I imagine a bit in their song where all of the originals stand front and centre and have their moment and they hold hands and the song swells and oh my heart.


What we got was the Finchel Show, and I can’t stand for that. The best part about New Directions was the way they weren’t like VA, in that it wasn’t just a one man (or two man) show. It was ALL of them. They all have their own unique (LOL PARDON THE PUN??) voice and place within the group, and they’re just.. THEY’RE OUR RAG-TAG BUNCH OF KIDS. And to me that’s very appealing, because I have no doubt in my mind that an audience would connect with that.

Also Sophy said this earlier to me, about how they essentially lost last year because they made it the Finchel show.


And I think the whole thing with Mercedes was supposed to be a way for Quinn and Tina to be included in the Trouble Tones performance. Which is such a weak and flimsy way to do that. Honestly, if they just said, ‘we need more singers for our performance’ that would have been 100x more acceptable and believable. Stop making a huge fuss over Mercedes being sick and then miraculously cured. That time could have been better spent elsewhere, that’s for sure.

And I still hate all the randoms in the Trouble Tones. WE DON’T WANT OR NEED YOU. GO AWAY. I JUST WANT TO SEE OUR GIRLS. AND OUR GIRLS ONLY.

I guess nothing will ever top their sectionals performance from this year. When it felt like everybody really got a turn to shine. Tina, Mike, Kurt and Quinn in ABC. Quinn, Blaine and Artie in Control. Puck, Finn, Sam, Artie and Blaine in Man In The Mirror. And the Trouble Tones. And it’s ridiculously easy to just throw Rachel in wherever, so that’s not an excuse.


And I haven’t even said a word about We Are The Champions yet.

It’s only here because of the hugging line. Which was adorable and Will’s face, because this is the start of the farewell to these kids and oh my gosh.

And Quinn kissed his cheek instead of hugging him and HE HAS HER LIPSTICK ON HER CHEEK OMG. 8-.

And I didn’t even really like this as a song because it was a bit off for me. Yes they won, but it seems like singing about being champions and having no time for losers is NOT them. HELLO? Did we forget that they once wrote a song called Loser Like Me?? It just felt a bit elitist and exclusive, when that’s entirely what Glee club is against.

And yeah yeah I know it’s just a fun victory song :-j It was just jarring. They deserve all the rights to gloat and be happy and celebrate their win. I’m not trying to take that away from them. I promise.

Oh and. Can we please please please get MORE Kurt/Quinn? The type where they sing arm in arm and not the type where Kurt belittles everything about Quinn’s experience? Thank you.


And yeah, it’s like they all sat down and brainstormed and Finn was all ‘Hey guys, I was thinking, last year we lost because Rachel and I made out on stage – maybe this year we should sing about our teen wedding! :D’ And nobody told him Spain hated him.

Meanwhile, I know exactly what you mean about ‘We Are The Champions’ feeling a little bombastic and kind of not-my-kids. I would have preferred something more gracious and sweet, but maybe that’s just me.

And yes, the show really needs more Quinn and Kurt interaction in a positive way. I’d love to see them have scenes in New York when Quinn visits Rachel for those weekend sex romps she’s been dream journalling about.


Rin says: Oh my god. If I had Quinn’s lipstick on my cheek I would never wash my face again. It’d be like that episode of The Simpsons when Bart’s babysitter spat on his hand and he never washed it and it got ridiculously gross. I’d have gummy bears stuck to my face, just like he had 8-.


Biggest LOL

“Most people don’t realize I lost ten pounds during that performance.”

Sophy says: I almost couldn’t LOL at this because I was too busy being sad about the lack of these two rekindling. They need to rekindle damnit.

And I don’t just mean that in an ‘Anything but Finchel’ way.

Although… anything but Finchel. Including Rachel/Teen Jesus.

Rin says: I just really love his hair and his smarmy face.


Best Scene

School Spirit.


As mentioned above, it was slim pickings for best scene. Pretty much everything either had us yawning or growling. This, however, was too gorgeous to be denied.

I mean sure, it was kind of sad that I couldn’t enjoy it the way I might have if I’d felt their win was magical and deserved at the same time and was basically on the kind of giddy high I was feeling post Man In The Mirror. But at the same time Rachel Berry signed her first autograph and had that look on her face, and Santana and Becky were giving each other the thumbs up, and confetti-slushies were thrown and there was trophy-gazing and Brittany kissage and okay, Joe was next to Quinn way too much of all the fucking time, but I’m not going to let that ruin her face for me.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Rin for not including the Finchel kiss in the above caps. She treats me well.

Meanwhile I have become oddly fond of Rory and Sugar. Perhaps they can develop that hilarious and adorable Rory/Sugar/Artie triangle further next season. I’m in.

Rin says: The thing about this episode is that no matter how adorable and cute something was, it always felt a little tainted by something else that was occurring.

Such as this scene.. there is SO MUCH adorable and omg the school is celebrating THEM and omgomgomg. And then they had a huge big NO within all of it that had to do with Wemma and D:

So we’ll just have to take the cute of it all and celebrate that.

It probably has more to do with the cast being extremely adorable more than anything and having their faces and spraying champagne and such.

And Quinn blowing kisses.


I have to say I really did enjoy the editing of when the kids first enter the school. The lack of sound and how they were all together and it being slightly slowed down. I did like that. And the confetti of it all reminded me of the Glee Live tour, and that is always something to smile about.

And Quinn recording the others, while standing on a chair. And having an iPhone now because her old phone got ruined in the crash…..

AND LEA MICHELE. You seriously deserve way more recognition for your acting than you get. You shouldn’t be nominated for trash like the Teen Choice Awards. You deserve EMMYS for goodness sake. Because her face as she signs her first autograph (although let’s be honest, there’s a pair of Quinn’s panties that say otherwise) is utterly gorgeous and conveys everything that Rachel is feeling in that moment.

Sophy says: If I were a soldier I would like to come home to Brittana kissing.

Lea Michele always deserves more recognition. Like, if she got the Emmy, the Oscar, the Tony and the Grammy, all in the same year, I’d still be there saying she needed more recognition.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“And plus my pillow and my blanket fell into the pool. Disaster!”

Sophy says: JUST.

The way she said it.




Rophy Says No!

Stop. Wasting. Mr. St. James. FFS.

Sophy says: What was even the point of this? I was so sure that it had to be leading somewhere juicy, but… nothing. Jesse says some nice things about Rachel to Whoopi, and Finn continues being Finn. SO WHAT WAS THIS?

Was it supposed to be Jesse actually sanctioning the teen wedding and semi-reluctantly validating Finn as a life partner for Rachel Fucking Berry?

I feel like my head’s going to explode.

Please show, never ever waste precious Jesse St James screentime on Finn again. Not if it’s going to go nowhere after the handshake of doom.

Rin says: URGH. Why do they continue to waste Jonathan Groff’s time? HE DIDN’T EVEN SING THIS TIME AROUND. Like. WHY.

I don’t understand. Is this supposed to be Jesse becoming a “better person” because he’s not objecting to this unholy union?! I DON’T? LIKE HE’D HAVE NOTHING SNARKY TO SAY? I DON’T????

I’m going to take a nap and don’t wake me until you’re sure the pain will stop.


Sophy says: So Finn bet all of their honeymoon money which was $500 which is so depressing, and Rachel gets to be concerned for all of 0.2 seconds before finding it charming. And then.


Finn’s idiocy and immaturity are validated by him winning big and collecting for their Niagara Falls teen wedding boobathon.

I cannot even.

This was the moment I was sure of two things. 1) The show was going to surprise us all by having the New Directions actually lose again, and 2) It would spell the end of Finchel’s wedding plans.

Because you look at this and you think they can’t possibly be showing teen gambling as an adorable precursor to teen marrying. And yet, they appear to be.

Rin says: Finn’s a fucking moron who shouldn’t be rewarded for when he makes INCREDIBLY DUMB decisions like this.

Rachel argued for about a second, and then Finn smiled or some stupid shit, and she was back to not giving a fuck that he’s always ruining her/their life. I don’t understand. Why do they continually make Finn a jackass and then just have Rachel forgive him, or swoon lovingly, or tell him how sexy he is?

AND HALF OF IT WAS RACHEL’S MONEY. And he didn’t tell her until after he made the bet?

It’s like we’re getting a glimpse into their financial future, and how Finn will take their life savings and bet it all on black. Because all I get from this whole thing is that they’re saying Finn will be able to provide for them in the future because see!!! He doubled their savings!!! …. I don’t.

Do you notice how every week our fury burns that much brighter?



Sophy says: It really, really upset me that Finn referred so dismissively to Quinn Fabray as “the head cheerleader”, basically writing her whole existence as a human being in his world off as an accessory he had to learn not to value. I mean, she’s standing right there.


While we’re on the speeches, it bothered me that Rachel said she was just an annoying Jewish girl with two dads before she met Will. Bullshit. Rachel was the impetus for the New Directions being what they are today just as much as Will Schuster was. And she was much more than an annoying Jewish girl with two dads. She was the same talented, driven and inspiring young woman she is today.

Only less weighed down by her collection of bridal magazines.

Rin says: DIE DIE DIE.



Let’s be honest. He probably thinks sound can’t travel through a curtain, so Quinn wouldn’t be able to hear him.

But honestly. What a fucking asshole.

And while we’re on the subject on OMG STOP DISMISSING QUINN YOU ASSHOLES, I have to say I was quite disappointed last episode during the Rachel/Tina car scene where Rachel was going on about how her and Finn will have a little church wedding after graduation and, “Hopefully nobody will get tragically injured this time.” Oh right, the one accomplishment you’re most proud of nearly died, but it was more of a nuisance than anything. What a Mrs Hudson thing to say.

Sophy says: What a gross parallel. Typical.


Sophy says: What. The fuck. Was this.

It feels like just yesterday I was praising this show for finally finding their footing with this whole Emma/OCD/Will plotline and oh would you look at that, it’s gone and fallen flat on its face again. I usually find Emma’s wildly inappropriate pamphlets wildly hilarious, but this one just made me feel mildly ill. And it really didn’t matter that she said it was for her as much as for him. Once that vile stuff about her man being a winner and her wanting to treat him like one by getting over her chronic psychological problems and satisfying him had come out of her mouth it was all over. You can’t come back from that, no matter how much “Oh but it’s not demeaning because she loved it” you pour on top.

Basically if you invited all your black friends over and put shoe polish all over your face and starting calling everyone the N-word, you would not be able to turn around and say ‘It was only meant to be partially racist.’


I’ve been struggling to hold on with Will/Emma, you guys. Just like I struggled to hold on to the hope that Finchel could be redeemed. Because they’re the ships, you know? You don’t want to be hating the ships, because it’s just exhausting and not fun to have to gag every time they touch mouths.

And there’s going to be a wedding one way or another – even if the show does the right thing and pulls the plug on Finchel before they get anywhere near an aisle… Will/Emma will be going ahead with their plans. And I don’t want to be sitting there feeling nauseating and bitter about it.

But I worry – after this – is it too late?


Rin says: Like I was saying earlier, this stuff was tainting the ND celebration.

The whole thing just read as if Will was now worthy of the sex. And Emma had just been waiting on account of that.. or like, some crap about how Will being successful was enough to overcome all of Emma’s intimacy issues. I just. It felt so wrong and completely NOT the right moment for this to happen. Emma’s OCD has always been about Emma, not Will. Will is a great source of support for her (LET’S JUST WRITE OFF ‘FIX YOU’ OKAY?), but ultimately it’s Emma who has to deal with Emma. So I would have liked to have seen her working through that a bit more…and are we really never going to see her talking to her therapist again? That was one of the most heartbreaking/truthful/honest scenes Glee has ever done, and really helped to open Emma up as a character, whilst adding more depth. It’s a pity that has fallen off the face of the earth where all good Glee plots go to die.

Also. The candle on Will’s cake. With the flower that opens up.

Rophy. Says. No.


Head In Hands


Sophy says: LOL OH MY GOD, OKAY. Those back-bends? They’re painful. For me. At the best of times. I have never been hit by a truck.

The idea that Quinn can even remotely do them at this stage is ridiculous. The idea that a doctor would not have sternly lectured her on not even trying that shit is ridiculous. The idea that a woman as smart and level-headed as Quinn has turned out to be would not listen to that after everything she’s been through is ridiculous.

But, you know, who cares. Quinn’s plotline was a bust, let’s face it. It was a dramatic wasteland – and if I didn’t have other things to be saying no to, I’d probably be saying no to that unfortunate fact.





Rin says: WHO CARES IS RIGHT. Although I’m extremely annoyed that they put Quinn through that for absolutely no reason at all.

But, you know how we’re Faberreasy? Well I’m even easier when it comes to my true otp, Quinn/Dancing.

I’d really missed it you guys. Not saying that I didn’t appreciate the short detour we took to Quinn/Wheels, because that was new levels of AKAKAK cute, but nothing can beat the original flavoured two-feet-standing Quinn/Dancing. LOOK AT HER.

“I really do like to perform.”

Yes you do, bb. May you continue to for the rest of your life, for the good of humanity.

And. Those guns. It’s like, you know how actors beef up for roles if they’re going to play a fighter or something? It’s like Dianna did that, because after months in a wheelchair you’re bound to get some guns. (UNLESS YOU’RE LITTLE KEVIN <3)


I may be slightly delirious from that last cap and how that tongue is always sticking out.

And um. I feel like I should mention.

Did anyone else notice Quinn during Rachel’s solo? I’m sorry but, for 90% of the time she’s just STARING and STARING and STARING. Everyone else glances occasionally, but NOT QUINN.

I almost thought we’d have another scene afterwards where Quinn hunts Rachel down and asks who she was singing that song to. Oh Quinn. Never give up on your dream.

We knew you’d kill us if we left this out?

Sophy says: Okay, so I’m conflicted about this. On the one hand this moment was really forced and really cheesy and just all around a lazy attempt to make up for the lack of actual organic Holy Trinity bonding time since, you know, Santana got publicly outed, since, you know, Quinn got hit by a truck, since, you know, Brittany tried to eat her cat’s poo. Um.

But really, this was badly done, Glee.

And then on the other hand… THEIR LITTLE FACES? AND THE HAND-CLASPING?


Meanwhile Sugar meditating in the background is one of the best things I have ever seen.

Rin says: Yeah, this was totally them throwing us a bone. THAT SAME BONE THAT THE DOG LOOKS AT AND TURNS UP HIS NOSE.

But then eventually comes back to eat because LOOK AT THEIR FACES AND CLUTCHING HANDS.

God damnit.

But we should always demand more. Because this is not a real scene. It’s a glimpse at all the amazing Glee hasn’t given us in regards to these three. Seriously. We’ve had maybe TWO scenes in three seasons? Not okay.

Sugar meditating is very okay though. VERY VERY OKAY.


Most Rophy

“I know. I’m sorry. I always go to the yelling place. I have rage.”


Rin says: Watching this scene was like looking into a mirror.

And I liked what I saw.

You know what’s also the best?

That Santana and Brittany are still wearing their Cheerios uniform, despite not being in school. You girls have other clothes, I’ve seen them. If there was ever a time when they could have worn them, it’d be now! By the way, did the Cheerios compete at Nationals? Are we ever going to know about that? And how Quinn probably went along to watch and be Sue’s right-hand girl? Oh the pretty we could have.


Quinn Glory Shot


Sophy says: You just know that everyone was looking at the trophy except Quinn who was looking at the reflection of Rachel’s face in the cabinet.

Rin says: You are most definitely correct.

Just like the way Rachel put Quinn’s hair in pigtails for her.

And then proceeded to give her a back massage.

With you know.


And stuff.

Sophy says: OILSZZZZ.

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  1. Char
    Char at · Reply

    I kinda liked this episode? Well. Apart from the numerous vomit-inducing pep talks from Finn throughout the episode. NO.

    And oh good god, so much no to Emma/Will/sex trophy. NO, GLEE. NO NO NO.

    And lol at Will winning best teacher when he couldn’t even speak Spanish and now is a history teacher or something even though he doesn’t know how to teach that either???? HONESTLY.

    Yes to Quinn’s smiling face and kiss blowing. A thousand times yes.

    Yes to Rachel singing Celine Dion because I cannot and will not ever say no to that.

    (And yes to the cute little moment between Rachel and the pretty brunette cheerleader, which has already spawned a thousand gifsets and fanfics on Tumblr. Oh fandom.)

    1. Andrea
      Andrea at · Reply


  2. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    I thought a lot of this episode was as good as far as it went. Some of the choices are fine in themselves; it’s only when you ask what they could have done instead that it falls down. At leaast the songs work together; it was Finn’s least worst performance to date; Rachel was sublime; etc.

    Biggest problem for me is how it’s not a proper episode, even by Glee standards. It’s like the rubbish middle of a trilogy. (I wonder how early in production they knew they’d be screening it the same day as “Props”?) I think they hinted at the win-by-any-means-necessary approach with Will’s “yeah, Sue’s nuts, but I wanna win!” (in “Props”) and Will’s odd moaning to Emma in the hallway. As expository as it is wrong, you might say.

    My gut says Finchel doesn’t end well in the finale. Rachel at the moment feels like the brittle Quinn we got in “Big Brother” – I Am Going To Make This Work. I suppose it depends on how much time they want to spend on Finchel in S4. :(

    A couple of things I spotted with Rophite goggles: Tina’s “and you’re better than you know!” to Quinn. Is she that much of a Rachel fangirl, or still concussed? And I’m pretty sure there’s a painting of Three Pink Quinns in the background when Will is about to enter the green room for his last pep talk. Thanks for the recap; looking forward to the last one!

    1. Mayon
      Mayon at · Reply

      I thought a lot of this episode was as good as far as it went. Some of the choices are fine in themselves; it’s only when you ask what they could have done instead that it falls down.

      Exactly what I thought !

  3. Alex
    Alex at · Reply

    This. because continuity to Glee is like Quinn to being straight – they like to pretend its true but we all know that it’s one big.fat.lie. So big and fat of a lie that even Finn “i need to be rolled back into the sea before a releif effort film is made abiout my struggle” Hudson would look marginally smaller when stood next to it.

    – Also,the lack of Faberry? Obscene. If i wanted to watch the Finchel show i’d locate 4 pints of arsenic and procede to IV them straight into my flesh because i’d have to be fucking crazy to do either.

    Rophy – as always, thanks for the recap, Muchos <3 to you guys x

  4. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Oh, so much agreeing and shaking my head with you. But for me all I saw was Quinn. Quinn the light in the dark. I just was agog by the dancing and the arms and the happiness that is Quinn/dancing.

    Le Sigh….. one more……

  5. Spain
    Spain at · Reply

    On the topic of seeing Faberry whether it’s there or not, can I just point out:

    The first time Rachel had a chance to impress Carmen Tibideaux, Quinn was nowhere to be found, and Rachel choked (not that I’ve watched that episode, mind you, because I won’t watch episodes with no Quinn as a matter of principle).

    The second time Rachel had a chance to impress Carmen Tibideaux, Quinn was on stage with her, singing harmony vocals.

    In my mind (and perhaps ONLY in my mind), there was nothing coincidental about the foregoing.

  6. and stuff
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    oh god perfect ending. i just. i can’t. too many emotions rn.


  7. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Couldn’t agree more about the Emma thing! She offers herself up as a trophy! It would have been cute with the pamphlet and all, if she had said something about being ready for it now and he had reassured her that they can wait. I mean, it was presented as her decision, without pressure, which I like. But the “winners get sex” of it all is disgusting. That’s like “Your bf repaired your computer, he deserves a bj now” – Disgusting!
    It would have made more sense, had she talked about her feelings for him leading her to this point. And, and this is my main complaint, we did not get to see a major Will-cleaning scene before that. He comes home, they have sex. With Emma’s OCD it would have made more sense to see him in the bathroom, shaving, having just showered, using desinfication spray on his hands and so on. Just because he’s always so careful to be considerate with her clean food issue and all.

    Also, Finchel. Noone complained about the prom-crown Rachel got in a rigged election? Of all the students who didn’t vote for her – noone? And I hate the American idea of “royalty,” especially in High School shows/movies. “Finchel-royalty” – yuck!

  8. Lisa
    Lisa at · Reply

    My biggest “no” for the episode was that I feel like in the performances it made the assumption that the kids who were oldest and most affected by glee club were the ones who deserved to solo, because they need it the most or something. Thus, you have Rachel and Finn and Santana and a bit of Puck because most recently, they helped find some direction in life from glee club and also said out loud how much they care about it.

    See, I was mad that Kurt didn’t perform much because it felt like they were telling us he didn’t need it. Like, getting into college, in a mostly-stable relationship, without anyone gay-bashing you all the time means you don’t need anything from glee like the rest of the kids do. Or Mike – he’s into school for dancing and has Tina and his father’s approval. But both of their lives COMPLETELY TURNED AROUND because they joined New Directions. 100%. Shouldn’t the fact that they’re two of the most stable kids be a sign that they’re glee club’s greatest accomplishments, not just sidelined because they can live without performing and the more confused teens apparently can’t?

    However. Sugar in “Dashboard,” what are you even doing? lolololol http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4br3m3qgr1rs9ca5o1_500.gif

  9. Ashley
    Ashley at · Reply

    oh my gosh. We think so much alike, it’s kind of scary.

    I completely agree about Nationals. I mean, the songs were good, and the kids sounded great, sure. But remember that one competition they did Journey? And the one they did Michael Jackson? AND THE ONE WHERE THEY DID ORIGINAL SONGS?

    I was expecting this to beat all of that. And it didn’t even come close. And honestly, I left the show not sure whether ND should have won it. Which, you know, might be fine if it was any old episode. Or even any old competition. BUT IT’S NOT. Not only is this what the whole SEASON has built up to… it’s what the whole SHOW has built up to. And, honestly, it was disappointing.

    AND THANK YOU FOR AGREEING WITH ME ON WEMMA. As much as a douche as Will has been the last two seasons, I’ve managed to ship them pretty hardcore. But I honestly don’t know if there’s any coming back from this episode. “My man is a winner, and deserves to be treated like one?” Or whatever it was she said? WHAT WAS THAT???


    And while I’m on the subject of Will? We Are the Champions was good. But, honestly, I thought the time ND sung him “My Life Would Suck without You” was better and cuter.

    And, you know, Wemma was better and cuter then, too.

    At least Jesse St. James was back, if only for a few seconds. I really miss him.

    And we have one more episode! Here’s hoping that one leaves us happier and not rage-filled.

    Or I might go to the yelling place.

    Thanks for the great Recap, Rophy. I know you guys must be pretty busy, and you got TWO recaps out in one week.

    You’re awesome.

  10. Janine
    Janine at · Reply

    I whole-heartedly agree about the Wemma. I was sitting there and thinking, “Oh, when was Emma’s OCD cured? Musta missed that.” And Emma said something about him deserving it because he’s a winner and I was sitting there thinking there was smething really wrong about that statement.
    And, I’d like to thank Rophy for pionting out all the little Quinn moments because I didn’t love Quinn half as much until I found your recaps. I was also not a Faberry shipper.

    P.S. NO to everything Finchel.

  11. zeta
    zeta at · Reply

    i’d forgotten / blanked out the wemma sex ridiculousness until reading this. so wrong. i was all, aww, slow-mo nationals-winning adorableness and then that. i have basically hated will with a burning passion since i think the second half of season 1. i pretty much just feel sick whenever he’s on screen.
    and what the titting fuck was the point of hitting quinn with a truck? so we would spend 7 weeks thinking ‘this will lead to great storylines and drama and emotion’ and then nada. no me gusta.

  12. Lina
    Lina at · Reply

    I thought that paradise was one of the most entertaining glee performances ever, I loved it. Cory (you will note that I’m not using the f-word) has never been better imo , he even danced well enough:) AND YAY BRITTANA!!!! <3<3<64567890

  13. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    AGH ALL OF THIS. It almost seemed like that was their intent–New Directions as the new Vocal Adrenaline. Which is so not right at all.

    RACHEL/JESSE YES. FFS. Even when they always try to assassinate his character because Finchel is endgame or whatever they are STILL BETTER TOGETHER.

    Just. Whyyyyyyyy.

    Also seriously what was up with the Wemma. I gagged. SO MUCH NO. Also it kind of feels like Fox is mocking me by now. Sure, let’s have every couple kiss again. Oh wait we can’t have two gay couples kiss in one episode, we’d need to up the rating. So, NONE FOR YOU, KURT AND BLAINE. This is actually getting so ridiculous. Like they are doing it on purpose to annoy me. I hate you Fox, why can’t this show be on ANY OTHER NETWORK.


    And Quinn and Rachel were totally all over those oils. Finn who.

  14. Ruth
    Ruth at · Reply

    spot on once again guys.

    I can’t believe that them finally winning Nationals felt like such a waste of an episode. I COULD NOT have been more dissapointed in the song choices for all the reasons you pointed out. They were completely souless. Even Rachel Berry singing a completely overblown Celine extravaganza (and one of my guilty pleasures that i love so much it’s not even guilty any more) left me completely cold.
    I’m a Troubletones stan but from the first few seconds of Edge of Glory I knew it didn’t work and the whole thing would be a let down. I HATED Regionals with a passion but at least Stronger by Kelly Clarkson had a bit of feeling to it.

    I just… I think back to season 1 and the feeling of my heart jumping into my chest when Rachel spun around in Somebody To Love or the way I held my breath through the whole of Don’t Rain. My heart breaks for it. They could have done anything. They could have made it the most cheesetastic, ridiculous, sappy, predicatble thing ever but it would have worked if it was really ‘The End’ and finally ‘Their Time’.
    It’s funny because after 3 seasons of rolling my eyes at the idea of them always performing on like, 20 mins rehearsal, suddenly that seemed like such a better idea than what we got.

    In my dreams they start that horrendous mess of Meatloaf with all the over-rehearsed-ness and the running about and someone falls or they end up crashing into each other. There is a horrible pause while they freak out and then they all just burst out laughing. They huddle up and sing something real. Something them. How good would it have been even if it had been something like What a Feeling from the last episode?
    IDK. It just brought it all home how much I still hold out on hpoing for and how far it has really gotten from what the show was about.

    Agree about lack of use of Mercedes, Kurt etc. Also, VA used fancy cheerleading tumbles when ND LITERALLY HAVE MULTIPLE MEMBERS OF A NATIONALLY WINNING SQUAD?!!!

    No, no a thousand times no to Wemma/the sex. Most awfully mysoginistic thing to happen on a show that seems to be running its own competition on that front.
    It’s true what you said about it being exhausting when you hate the show’s main ships and honestly the majority of ships on glee I’ve never liked.
    Sometimes, I feel like we should all get compensation for the stress and emotional turmoil of being Glee fans.

    The only scene worth watching was when they got back to school (minus Wemma) and tbh it would have been better if that was the whole episode and we just got to imagine what the winning performance was.

  15. Elysse
    Elysse at · Reply

    Holy cow, I’m actually caught up enough on Glee to comment without being ridiculously late!

    I quite liked the performance of Paradise by the Dashboard Light even though it was very Finchel-y…I just thought it was fun. Not fun though was VA’s rendition of Pinball Wizard. I had a rage blackout because I”m a massive Who fan and this just upset me.

    As far as actual plot, I really didn’t find VA’s performances that good vocally, although the dancing was cool. I would not have put them in the running really…ha ha

    In other news, I feel like the Will/Emma sex scene was awful as well. “You’re a winner, here’s your prize” is the vibe I got from it. Another NO was Finn’s betting because I feel like not only was it really stupid of him, but also most likely illegal/against the rules. Sports have rules against betting when you’re involved in them, so presumably show choir has something like that. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    Finally, as (unfortunately) lame as We Are the Champions was, I was a little teary when Will was hugging all the kids because it was so sweet. Overall a meh, semi-predictable episode…

  16. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    This past weekend a friend and I had a Glee marathon. She hasn’t seen any of S3, and I *cough* still have all the eps saved on my DVR *cough* (What? That’s normal, right?) We managed to get through the first 8 eps and I had to bite my lip and hide my eyes a bit as they made their way through their Jackson set list (I didn’t want my friend to know what a sap I am!). Because, these kids. Watching all 8 eps in a row like that, and seeing their journey to that point, and everything they had to go through, and then they sing those songs. And they were a family (even though they were missing some). And it was so joyful.

    This compared to the Nationals ep is ridiculous. I sat through their whole performance thinking, Oh my gosh. They’re going to lose again. Really? They’re going to let Rachel Berry graduate high school w/o winning Nationals? Because there is NO WAY that set list was good enough to win Nationals. And it’s a disservice to the story lines of those kids, and to us as fans. Three years of effort and growth and bonding, and they win Nationals with THAT? No. I wanted to be crying and smiling with the pure amazingness of it all and it just fell so flat. Maybe they were saving all the heart strings tugging for the finale???

    Will – I’m sad to say my hatred of Will is near Finn-level high. It kills me. I want these kids’ teacher/leader to be worthy. I want to revel in those relationships. And I know some people can still see Will that way. I’m jealous because I just can’t. He annoys the crap out of me with his inconsistencies with the kids, how he treats them when things don’t go his way, and his savior complex with Emma. Gross.

    Oh, and Quinn kissing Will? That could have been so cute. But all I could think about was how I once found out that there are QUINN/WILL SHIPPERS which totally skeeves me out to no end, and that kiss just made me think about how excited they would be and, EWWW! (I’m sorry if I have ruined that moment for anyone else by sharing this.)

    Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff have ridiculously amazing chemistry together. I don’t think Jesse and Rachel should be together (because Quinn, duh) but I do think these two need MUCH more screen time together.

    Rophy are awesome. That is all.

  17. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    Hey guys! Great recap, cause it made me realize that I didn’t really love that episode. I watched it and I felt mostly good (except that I screamed at my TV because of Wemma), cause you know the kids won and that montage made me feel happy feels. So I thought I loved the episode. But then, reading the recap, I started really thinking about it and god guys, so much wasted opportunities.

    I agree completely with you regarding the New Directions becoming more like Vocal Adrenaline. Wasn’t the point of the show that outcasts could win being themselves? Was that another show? And ND could have won being ND. They could have won last year if FINN didn’t decide to assault Rachel’s mouth with his. Like Sophy said I would have loved a Beatle song, that was a moment calling for a Beatles song. But then I thought, maybe they didn’t because of copyright stuff? But then they already did “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and a lot of Michael so… I don’t know.
    (Oh and I wanna pause a second to say how much I hate the “New Directions” name. It was all right but then I read something on FF.net or on Tumblr and now, the only thing I can think about when people say that name out loud is how it sound soooo much like “Nude Teen-Jesus-Happy”. And that is SO wrong!!)
    So yeah, ND becoming VA… so disappointing. Also, I will never understand why Finn gets all the male solos when Blaine, Kurt, Puck and Sam can sing better than him. And I will be forever grateful for Jesse St. James to have pointed that out in season 2.

    Speaking of JSJ, how gorgeous was Jon Groff? I didn’t know we would see him (and I should have, it’s Nationals…) and when his cute little handsome face came up, I squealed. And then they wasted him. He didn’t even sing!! And he didn’t say anything to Rachel about her stupid teen-wedding, and it was completely OOC for him. Jon Groff is soooo unerused. They should make him come to NYADA or NY. I would watch that!

    Best scene is totally that montage of the kids coming back to school with their trophy and oh their little faces so surprised that nobody threw a slushy on them.
    Rachel little cute face, Quinn blowing kisses, that cheerio soooo in love with Rachel now.
    And Rachel first almost-real autograph. How that girl looked so happy strutting away and Rachel couldn’t really believe it. Head in Hands.

    But WHY oh WHY (do you wanna say goodbye) did we have to see that Wemma scene in between our kids being happy. That scene was completely wrong by itself. Should never have been written. Or approved by a female writer. How in hell could you still be doing that kind of scene? How is that a good message to give to teenaged girls? “Your man is a winner, you should REWARD him with sex!” But why I am surprised? Rachel lost her virginity for pity sex, because her boyfriend was feeling down… Come on show! You’re better than that! Or are you…? God, I hope so.

    But I want to finish on a positive note. The positive note of Quinn/Dancing. It’s so much of a positive note that it’s a song. The Ode for Dancing Quinn.
    I’m so happy that she did dance, that I really don’t care that just last episode she really could stand without a mic stand and Santana. I know that it’s ridiculous but come on. Look at her go!
    And you just can see that Dianna had ballet training. She’s so graceful. More than every other girl dancing around her (there she is again surrounded by girls!!). She’s beautiful, graceful and seeing her dance is pure joy.

    So thank you Rophy for another amazing recap!


  18. Wlfgrrl
    Wlfgrrl at · Reply

    So well done, Rin and Sophy! Thank-you!

    I was disappointed with quite a lot of this episode as well. ND’s performance simply was not Nationals calibre. I did enjoy the songs, but more casually than I had others in past episodes. Rachel did belt out a great ode to Carla Devito’s original part of “Paradise…” and her Celine was moving… but not as moving as “Get It Right”. Enjoyed “Edge Of Glory” as well… but mostly because of Quinn. (And btw… how did the rest of the Troubletones get to Chicago?? They weren’t shown on the bus with the ND kids. What were they, stacked like cordwood on a roof rack or something? Then left behind? ‘Cos they weren’t part of the triumphant group return. Do they forlornly wander the streets of Chicago, randomly breaking out into “fierce”, muscle-flexing dance moves from time to time… like some sort of derelict flash-mob? ‘Tis a mystery.) During EOG, as I watched Quinn dance, all I could think was, “They must have shot you up with some primo pain meds!” (Or Sue had some sort of “super horse liniment” that would undoubtedly be top secret and highly illegal) There’s no other way she could have conceivably moved like that this soon after the accident. Even if it has been months… no. Just, no. I’ve had a scarily similar injury and…NO. And to cap it all off, when ND win, and she wraps her arms around Santana, arches backward and bodily lifts her off the floor!…then holds that position!! I was waiting for the sound of her spine snapping in two. But then again, as has been noted before, she’s obviously superhuman as she hasn’t a single scar on that lovely expanse of visible flesh. Just porcelain perfection. Not that I want Quinn to be scarred, but it’s beyond unrealistic. Oh…sorry… I forgot. The accident was just a cheap suspense device. It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously… silly me. Sorry! :(

    I also wasn’t that excited by “We Are the Champions”, too obvious and, as Rin said, it seemed elitist. But oh! How I would have LOVED to see them perform, as Sophy suggested, “Thank-you For the Music”!

    **”And oh my god, can you imagine Quinn singing the ‘I’ve been so lucky, I’m the girl with the golden hair’ verse.”**

    That would have been beyond perfect and I would likely still be flailing about it. (Why can’t we have nice things??) I will say, though, the hug line was incredibly sweet and moving. Despite the fact that Will is in no way, shape or form “Teacher Of the Year” material.

    What else? Oh!… How I love you, Jesse St. James, you gloriously smarmy, ever-smirking bastard! I miss you and your perfect snark! Why, oh why didn’t you lock target on Finn and annihilate him?? Would have been a thing of beauty! *sigh Guess we’ll have to hope that the ridiculously sturdy MUG he purchased for the wedding’s ceremonial “breaking of the glass” will prove so durable that he’ll stomp down, it’ll hold and roll, causing his foot to shoot out from beneath him, leading to his toppling out of a very highly placed window and out of Rachel’s life forever. :D

    Wemma sexytimez? I shall borrow from the ever eloquent Xander Harris and Buffy Summers:

    “Can I just say, ‘Yeeegch!’
    “I’ll see your ‘Yeeegch’ and raise you a ‘Nyaangh’.”

    Just, ew! No! Thank-you, writers, for skeeving me the hell out. And again, cheapening something (and another someone) that should have been treated with a damn sight more respect than that.

    At any rate, there were moments that I enjoyed… always Quinn (her hats and her perfect continuity ‘guns’)(Did you notice Rachel’s?? In the “Best Scene” recap pics, left column, fourth down. Yummy!).
    The random, adorable Cheerio who’s eye-sexing Rachel.
    Quinn’s megawatt smile and blown kisses…also the iPhone photography!
    As Rin noted, the Brittana ode to the iconic VJ Day Kiss photograph.
    Jesse’s talk with Carmen Tibideaux.
    Rachel’s first (or second) autograph.
    Santana, the rage elephant’s, “yelling place”.
    “‘Edge of Glory'” is a bitch! I said I’d be dancing by Nationals, I’ll be damned if if don’t.” Salty language Quinn… delicious!

  19. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    lol OILS AND STUFF!! yes im my mind thats exactly what happened! ;)

    yeah i really didnt like this episode at all. i hated pretty much every song they did and felt horrible for doing so but they were so boring! they were not the ND performances we’ve come to know and love. i really hated that i felt for the first time that Vocal Adrenaline should have won! :O Unique was so much better than them and i was so disappointed that they won after having the worst performance ever!

    No to Will in general but especially to him getting teacher of the year?!!!??!!! he didnt deserve it at all and i think either Sue or Bieste or Emma should have won as they actually did thing throughout the year that would have led me to believe that they deserved it. they should have left in the part where the kids gave Will his own reward, thanking him for everything and given the actual award to someone who deserved it!!!!!

    yes can we please get more of Kurt and Quinn singing together! that was absolutely adorable and they definitely should have a song together.

    No to Finchel!!! am so bored with them by now and when Finn said he bet all their money i was hoping Rachel would slap him!! i was also hoping they would lose so they would lose the money and Rachel could see what an idiot Finn is and how he doesnt deserve her and she could go cry on Quinn’s shoulder and… ok im letting my mind run away with me here.

    wish we would have gotten a Faberry scene. they are always the best and this show has to learn that!!!
    am kinda worried about the next episode now as i really want them to do it well but im afraid that theyre gonna disappoint me again! *fingers crossed we get a proper Faberry finale*

  20. Declaration of Quinndependence
    Declaration of Quinndependence at · Reply

    I have decided that my OTP is Myself/Quinn’s tongue is Quinn/Dancing. Having her back on that stage again was enough to make me forgive a lot of things about this episode.

    1. Declaration of Quinndependence
      Declaration of Quinndependence at · Reply

      Oops. I guess I don’t know how to make strike-through work!

    2. Declaration of Quinndependence
      Declaration of Quinndependence at · Reply

      Help me, Rophy! Add that strike-through! Please!!!

  21. Me
    Me at · Reply

    This episode was OK, bit boring, and largely disappointing. There were some nice little moments (lol @ Sugar meditating – completely missed that in the episode), but Quinn dancing was such a no moment.

    “I can hardly dance” *does 15 minutes of crazy energetic dancing that involves climbing multiple steps*. I can’t even… >_<

    Will/Emma sexytimes were so stupid. If she'd actually got over the OCD I'd have understood, but it was more like: "You're a winner. Ride me."

    1. Rebeccapedia
      Rebeccapedia at · Reply

      “You’re a winner. Ride me” I’m stealing this line, I know you were being serious, but it’s HILARIOUS!

      1. Me
        Me at · Reply

        Nah, only slightly serious. :D

  22. MarloweHales
    MarloweHales at · Reply

    I love you guys. If you asked me to sign your yearbook (Which, would be. Such. An. Honor.) I would write “don’t ever change”. Please forgive my disjointed commenting…

    I was gonna come in and question the “New Directions performing/winning as Vocal Adrenaline” comment because Paradise… was so energetic and random and sassy and while it didn’t feature more than Finchel, several others had their stand out parts, blah blah. But then I got served a serious helping of Sophy Most Certainly Does NOT and my argument balloon has been popped and is now flying all over the room.

    And now I’m sad. Good job, show. Thanks for not listening to Sophy’s mind vibes! I still love every little bit of Rachel’s performance and while It’s All Coming Back… is a little random, Celine is not, especially if she’s trying to impress NYADA. My main issue with that specific song was how short they cut it and where.

    We went from “we can’t win unless Kurt performs in drag” to “Kurt, you, sshh! Swaying in background…” For the show with the most severe continuity issues in the history of most of the shows, ever, probably not the best idea to air two episodes BACK TO BACK. Yikes! Props really had me expecting they would all be featured in a way similar to this year’s sectionals with the “unique factor” talk and Tina taking her stand and Flashdance, but other than giving Quinn and Tina their half lines in Edge of Glory, they really, really failed. I mean. DID THEY NOT TURN RIGHT BACK AROUND AND FORGET TINA’S NAME AGAIN? If Rachel, their STAR, gets that ALL/EACH OF THEM make them THEM, then COME ON!

    How did like, the rest of New Directions INCLUDING RACHEL STANDING RIGHT THERE not kick the ever-loving shit out of Finn when wrote Quinn off like that!? I think that may have been the very worst part of the episode for me. I think seeing Chris Colfer play Finn in the previous episode gained some point back for actual-Finn but I really just hate him now. RACHEL, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? Too right, Rin! Mrs. Hudson lines abound! She never would have said anything as asinine as “just the annoying – REST OF EVERYTHING she says” were she not dating this A-hole. I think Finn is her baby-stealing storyline. Shouldn’t that have wrapped up by now?

    Finally, I had my grandmother over to watch the two eps and was all “husband, meet boyfriend” when Jonathan Groff and Cory Monteith were on screen together. She didn’t get it at first, but she is now on Team Groff. She specifically cited Finn’s overly aggressive face/handshake as inappropriate and then later said something about how what Jesse did for Rachel by talking to Whoopi went way beyond anything Finn’s ever done! Oh and don’t even get her started on the financial frivolity! It was all “if $500 is all you have, why are you getting married in the first place & he did WHAT with it!?” & something about “how dumb is that guy – he’s gonna break his foot on that glass!” Preach, gran. Preach.

    Actually-finally… I must point out that the absolute best part was when Whoopi showed up DURING Rachel’s solo and when Rachel sees her taking her seat, rather than getting distracted and/or “OMG I can’t believe she came” – as almost everyone else one the PLANET would – she started better and harder. THAT IS RACHEL BERRY, FOLKS. All the awards for Lea Michele on that, too. EGOT-ing is inevitable…as another EGOT winner sits in awe. :) AS DAMN WELL SHE SHOULD!

  23. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    I agree with everything except I LOVE Rachel solos, they are the most necessary part of competitions to me, then hopefully we get an awesome group song, and then we’re probably stuck with a horrible couples duet. Also the first songs they wrote were AMAZING, whereas Light Up the World is actually SHITE-TASTIC and Pretending is too Finchel sickening for words. I always think maybe I’ll like it when it shuffles it’s way into my ears, but then I remember the T-Rex eating the Jew and it’s a mixture of nausea and crushing sadness that I just can’t deal with. It literally makes me want to vomit and cry, who knew a song had such power?!? I’m so glad you picked up on the champions lyrics, they’re just so not ND, it’s horrible.

    Also I’m so so so glad you’ve finally joined team me and Spain and see Finn for exactly what he is, a little turd.

    OILS! Best end to a recap ever? I think so!

  24. Quinchberry
    Quinchberry at · Reply

    I am literally vomiting with rage over the Finale. I probably should have waited for that recap to post this, but I desperately need to be Quinned.

    1. Quinchberry
      Quinchberry at · Reply

      Wait, strike that- I was lied to about the final episode. Thank God…

      I still want a Quinning though…

  25. Beth
    Beth at · Reply

    Chris and Dianna are SO cute together!

  26. monkeyme80
    monkeyme80 at · Reply

    oh my i miss quinn dancing i kinda cringed with the back bends dont want my baby to hurt herself again

  27. Ylva
    Ylva at · Reply

    I really agree with you that the performances on nationals were more like VA but a lot less impressive, and that the win would have been a lot more moving and believeble if it had been more Glee-ish, and featured all the regulars more! It’s allmost like, because it was so obvious they would win because its the last chance they didn’t feel need to whoow us whit the actual performance?

    I did enjoy the girls dancing in Edge of glory though, not least the end with that literal head-in-hand(s) Brittana moment :)
    (might Quinn have secret magic healing powers btw? like maybee she´s a reincarnation of that Heroes cheerleader?)

    Rage elephant Santana is the best ever!

    oh and OILZZ !
    fff now I just miss Skins so much more, after all Glee just feels like a tiny bandage on my ever bleeding Naomily wound (excuse the ER ref, that was my firt true fangirl obsession)

  28. Dan
    Dan at · Reply

    You guys rock-how fierce was Rachel in ‘We are the Champions’ I think they should add a surtitle to the show- ‘stop the world Rachel Barbra Berry is singing’

  29. B.
    B. at · Reply

    First comment, just because I have been reading almost all the Skins and Glee recaps for the last two days (as an after-finals gift to myself) and there’s this one thing that has been bothering me ever since I saw this episode.

    Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who saw Dianna disappear from the scene right after Rachel’s solo number/at the beginning of Paradise. Quinn has super-powers, I’m fully convinced of that.

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