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Best Song

Rachel & Tina – Flashdance (What A Feeling)

Rin says: OH MY GOOD GOD this was adorable. In the way where, HOW HAVE THEY NOT HAD A DUET BEFORE NOW? Ridiculous!

What I hadn’t noticed until this episode is how Tina is shorter than Rachel. Or maybe they just put Lea in heels or whatever, but oh my god, they’re so cute and short. I love them. Love them so much.

And what I really love about Rachel dueting with someone other than Finn, is how playful she gets. It’s so NICE to see her jumping around and pointing and clapping and having a quinnball in general. Makes a change, and I really wish she’d get to perform with each and every one of the Glee club members. Cause they’re always so memorable! So Emotional, Take Me Or Leave Me, Happy Days/Be Happy, I FEEL PRETTY AND UNPRETTY. Ya know. I’d really love to see a Puck/Rachel. So, make it happen Glee, thanks.


Um. Back to this song, perhaps?

It’s such a CLASSIC, and they nailed it. And I was very much head in hands over Lea and Jenna getting to have actual scenes and a song together. They’ve known each other for so long, and I’m sure it must have been really fun for them, and you can see that translate onscreen.

And they skipped around holding hands, and Rachel made Tina have her moment and take a bow and Rachel clapped and AWAWAW. So cute.

And then they ran down the hall and RACHEL FOR NO GOOD REASON just pushes up against a locker and my first coherent thought was, THAT’S QUINN’S LOCKER OMDSAGOMAROHJG!

It wasn’t. I checked. It’s on the opposite side. :(

Just really, the perfect way to tail off a really fun episode. ESPECIALLY when they walked out of school and it cut to them getting on the bus. I LOVED that so much, it was a really great cut and just went with the whole feel of the episode and the song and it was like, ‘THEY’RE READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD!!!’ 8-.

And all the kids on the bus being excited and cheering and dancing and that very specific way that Quinn puts her hand in the air to the beat of the song. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Like. She raves with grace. You know it’s true.


And I don’t know, maybe I’m getting nostalgic with the final around the corner..

But this cast. They really are one of a kind.

You can literally see how much they love each other, and they exude joy. And sometimes I think about how much more they have to work than any other cast on TV and how talented each and every one of them are, and god I don’t say it enough because we get so caught up in the plot and how this and that and nonono, but really. They’re the most amazing cast on TV when you think about it.

….You’d think they’re all going off to war after the finale with the way I’m talking.

By the way. All the regulars are confirmed for Season 4. I cannot tell you what a relief that is to hear. WE GET ANOTHER YEAR WITH OUR BABIES! I’m so excited by the idea of Quinn and Rachel being 1.5hr away from each other in New York. And just. Faberry in New York, ’cause Quinn is going to visit and oh my god.

Glee 4: The Farewell Faberry Season

Sophy says: THEY ARE ALL AMAZING. Cory, Kevin, with all the bitching we’ve been doing about your characters lately, we hope you know we love you. And crickets for Samuel.

Sorry guy, it’s just, we’ve only just met, and your dreads king is already stepping on our toes.

Anyway. This duet was so fun and so special too, because really – REALLY – THIS IS REALLY THE FIRST TIME WE’VE HAD A TINABERRY DUET?

It’s one of those things you look back on and think “How?” Because it seems like by now there’ve been so many performances that surely every possibly combination has happened at one time or another. And then I remember that despite having basically parallel lives and being the pair whose arcs have most consistently revolved around one another, Faberry have only ever had the one duet. But that’s okay. I kind of like it that way. There’s a certain amount of restraint in the way Faberry is developed, and who knows, maybe if the show had decided that since they’re “kind of friends” now they should sing sixtybajillion duets to try and catch up with Finchel… well, they might have ended up feeling like Finchel – yesterday’s scraps, refried and served up over and over again with different condiments, none of which are a decent mustard.

Okay, no, Faberry would never end up that way, no matter how many times they performed together. But I do like that they’re rare – special – that they only get to be quite that close and that open every once in a while – turning and returning to some secret place inside. That’s my girls.

Anyway, back to Tina and Rachel and ‘What a Feeling’ and all the ways it rocked my world. I love that their performance stood for exactly everything Sue was standing against in this episode and everything the New Directions are really about. It was completely propless, free, young and alive and spontaneous. Basically it felt like the girls had come back to school and nudged their way down the hallway until Rachel had said ‘You know how you mentioned earlier that you’d like to sing together…’ and then they’d basically had a race to the auditorium and Rachel won, because Rachel always wins, but maybe also Tina let her, because Tina is a Rachel Berry fangirl.

Anyway, like Rin said, it was probably a heap of fun for Lea and Jenna to get to do this together, and it was nice to see what the two characters think of each other, given that they’ve had so little meaningful screentime. I loved Tina’s little meltdown, and the way it was heralded with the hilarity in the opening credits. And even though I was bothered by nobody mentioning the elephant in the room – ie. that Tina had a major solo part at the most recent competition – I was there with the sentiment. She has been underused, generally – and Jenna has been underused, generally. So it was nice to see that acknowledged in such a funny, sweet way.

Also it just warms my heart that Tina wanted to sing with Rachel before she left. How cute is that?

Meltdown notwithstanding, ultimately Tina understood Rachel better than most of her friends and cared more than any of them too – enough to find out where Whoopi was and drive Rachel to her. It is a tad contrived though, that Tina would think of it and Kurt and Blaine wouldn’t. They’re totally Rachel’s cheerleaders, and Kurt has a lot invested in having his friend to share the NYADA journey with.

Quinn… it makes sense that it wasn’t Quinn. She’d think of something like this, because she is a smarty-pants and has lots of experience with plotting and I suspect she keeps a Rachel Berry dream journal of some kind. So she’d think of it. But she wouldn’t act. It’s all about staying on the sidelines, watching from afar. If she started openly doing this kind of thing for Rachel all her emotions would fall out. Turning and returning, you know? Secret place, my girls.

As for Finn, he is a foam doorstopper.

So yeah, a little contrived, but nowhere near as contrived as ‘Joe is the only one who offers to help with Quinn’s physio’ so I’ll take it. I’d take pretty much anything for the adorableness of these two running around curtseying and pushing themselves up against lockers like amazing freaks.

And I agree with Rin, them dancing their way to the Nationals bus is one of my favourite shots the show has ever done.


I hope and trust this is not the last of this new bond between these two. Next year I expect Rachel to be in the front row at Regionals, cheering Tina through her power ballad.

Which rocked, by the way.

Rachel – I Won’t Give Up

Rin says: Rachel Berry..singing about not giving up on herself. And her dream. And being all Rachel/Rachel = MY FAVOURITE.

This was like Fireworks all over again, except less about the way it feels to kiss Quinn, and more about Rachel getting back her drive. Which, thank god.

Also, I’ve had this song as part of my ‘Faberrry’ playlist since the start of hiatus and so it’s a very Faberry-esque song for me. And Rachel sung it. 8-. I MEAN, THAT LITERALLY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING, but I thought I should just let you guys know. That I’m a bit pathetic. :)

Lea’s voice is quite different, especially noticeable in the chorus, and I love that. I love that she’s still playing with her voice and finding new and interesting tones. She has so many layers and nuances and I hope they continue to give her songs that aren’t just power ballads next season, and give her some more interesting stuff musically. Not that I’m ever opposed to sitting in awe over her killing a ballad, but ya know, it’s been a while since she’s rapped. Just saying.

Sophy says: Rachel Berry sang a love song to herself and it felt like coming home.

How were we supposed to choose between these two numbers? It was hard enough cutting the Tina-as-Rachel Celine Dion, and even then we’ve just kind of sandwiched it into a certain category below…

Sigh. Spoiled Glee Girl Problems.

Anyway, just. There is absolutely no way this could be left out. In fact it should be in everything ever. They should just randomly insert it into the start of each episode from now on, like a prayer.

I swear, when she was singing about looking into eyes and night skies and all that nonsense, I was facepalming preemptively and thinking ‘Another Finchel love song? SERIOUSLY?’ I was so sure she’d be singing to a big picture of them from prom or something and somewhere Quinn Fabray would sit bolt upright in her sleep and know and shake her head.

But then the camera panned around and it was a mirror. A FREAKING MIRROR.

Rachel Barbra Berry. Singing a song about gazing into her own eyes, not giving up because she’s worth it, and how she’s going to give herself all her love.

You hear that Finn? All of it. Now get out.

(It’s okay, Quinn already stole a piece of Rachel’s love and has it stored away against hard times like a squirrel stores nuts for winter.)


Biggest LOL

“I’m Rachel Berry.”

Rin says: I have never laughed so hard at a Glee episode before. Never. In the way where I had to pause as each of them came on screen in their new personas and I laughed so loud each time that I worried the other people in my house.

They were ALL fantastic and spot on, but I have to say my favourites were definitely Naya as Artie, Dianna as Sugar, Chris as Finn, and Matt as Sue. These guys really nailed it and oh my god, just thinking about that bit when they’re watching in the auditorium and Naya does the Artie ‘PREACH’ hand movement, with the pouty frown face. That’s just pure genius.

I think Matt as Sue was probably the best imitation. EVERYTHING he did was so Jane Lynch that I couldn’t. The way he talked, walked, what he did with his hands, the way he paused and delivered the lines. SO SPOT ON.

And can I just with the HAIR? Puck and Blaine?!?! HOW?! They performed a miracle with that shit.



I literally couldn’t stop laughing throughout it all, and I was quite sad that it didn’t go on for longer. It was just pure bliss to watch.

Jenna really nailed the way Rachel performs on stage too. With the hands over her abdomen and when they both stick out <33 It really looked like a proper Rachel solo, right down to the way it was filmed.

AND LEA AS TINA was perfect too. The way she slouched and ducked her head and was all shy-like. Ahhhhh. 8-. Plus. Eyeliner.

OH AND. THE WAY VANESSA PLAYED QUINN WAS AS IF QUINN WAS A ROBOT. AND IT WORKED. I wonder if Vanessa asked for any tips from Dianna, and all she said was, ‘Just look at Rachel like you’re in love with her.’ I’m pretty sure that’s what went down. AND THE WIG. AND THE YELLOW HEADBAND, AND THE WHITE LACE.

And I love that she doesn’t clap for ‘Rachel’ like all the others when she’s done. She just stands up clutching her folder. =))

I will never get over how adorable Dianna as Sugar was. Never.

And the way she barked after ‘Sue’ says her native american name was ‘Cheerleads with Wolves’. Never.

Special shout out to the ‘Here’s what you missed on Glee’ Tina intro. It was the best.

Sophy says: Honestly one of the most ridiculous and amazing things the show has ever done. Everyone was wonderful as everyone else. Special props to Kevin as Santana and Naya as Artie. And oh God, Chris’ Finn imitation made me flail. AND MARK AS BLAINE. CHRIST. AND PUCK’S HAIR ON DARREN. And Mercedes and Kevin doing the Brittana pinky kissing. Okay these special mentions are getting out of hand and I’m nowhere near done.

I want to say a big hello to DIANNA AS SUGAR. SERIOUSLY. ONE OF THE CUTEST THINGS EVER. The real Sugar has grown on me a lot over the past season, so I’m not saying I want to replace her or anything but you guys, Dianna Agron as Sugar.

And yes, the bark was the greatest thing in the known universe.

Another special mention goes to Matt Morrison as Sue. Honestly, I was shocked at how great he was. He completely embodied that character and made me believe some actual Freaky Friday stuff had gone down and his own brain had left the flesh building and been replaced by Jane Lynch’s. Seriously, the swagger, the facial expressions, the line readings. All absolutely amazing.

And Rachel as Tina was pretty special too. I love that she picked the Goth look out of all of Tina’s costume changes over the years, because let’s face it, it was the coolest version of Tina. And beyond that it’s kind of interesting that Tina picked that out for not-herself to be wearing – like she was feeling so small compared to Rachel Berry in her mind that she went right back to the beginning of the show. (I also love that as Rachel she put herself in pink. And that her subconscious basically chose Quinn’s ‘We Are Young’ dress. Apt.)

I also thought it was genius to see Tina!Rachel berating herself for not having recognized how wonderful Rachel!Tina is, because it works on two levels. First of all it’s classic wish-fulfillment – your secret real life idol/rival validates you as an important person in her life/the world of Glee generally. This alleviates feelings of being overlooked and irrelevant and helps Tina to frame herself more positively. And then it’s also interesting because ultimately the dream helps Tina to see Rachel more clearly and accept that even if she feels jealous of all the standing ovations, she admires all the work that Rachel puts into getting them. So really, in that same moment, Tina was validating herself, by having Rachel say nice things about her, and also coming to terms with her feelings about Rachel, by saying nice things to a Rachel who was wearing her clothes and her slouch and her general adorable underconfident poutiness.

Also Tina’s sheepish, relieved smile when she sees the real Kurt and Blaine at the end is the cutest.


Best Scene

“You know, you and me, we’re badasses. Nobody thinks anything hurts us, but it does.”

Rin says: Tears. There were tears.

Mostly because Mark and Dot were crazy-good in this scene and my feelings couldn’t handle their cry-faces and oh my gosh my babies.

Mark surprised me. Not that I didn’t think he couldn’t do this sort of stuff, but he never gets to, so I’m really glad he got to show his stuff. Puck gets so shafted on this show, but I’m glad that they’re continuing his story instead of letting it drop off the face of the earth like most other stuff. AND I LOVE HOW THEY SEAMLESSLY INTERTWINED IT WITH BIESTE’S STORY. And that they helped each other without really intending to. It was a bit right time, right place, but more importantly it felt very natural.

And when Puck’s voice broke as he said he was sorry.

I cannot.

Beautiful. Gorgeous. Heart-breaking. All of the above.

And Bieste referring to them as badasses. Perfect.

Sophy says: This is a Glee rarity – when two storylines intersect in a way that actually feels organic and yet catches you unawares with the poignancy.

Bieste as a character is a joy. Dot Marie is a champion.

Puck as a character has been criminally overlooked by the writers. Same goes for Mark Salling, who is far more talented than you’d think based on the screentime and song-time he is allocated.

I was so pleased to find that Puck’s recently developed storyline re: failing at school and having the worst parents ever was not kicked under the carpet, because it would have been another woeful instance of ‘But it’s Puck so it doesn’t matter.’

I loved that Bieste got to explicitly state what I said in the last recap featuring the abuse storyline, because let’s face it, it hasn’t happened on Glee till it’s been explicitly stated. They do not do subtle unless if starts with an F and ends with omfg. 8-.

So it was nice to hear her articulate it for the audience – people think tough types like her and Puck don’t get hurt. And that’s a load of miserable crap. And it’s something the show has engaged in a lot with Puck. As I mentioned above, they’ve pulled ‘It’s Puck so it doesn’t matter’ on us way too many times. As far back as that time he was in love with this girl who had his baby and then he forgot about it because it wasn’t relevant to her arc anymore. Then he hooks up with Lauren because it’s something for him to do. She’s a complete asshole to him for most of their relationship, but it doesn’t matter, because he’s Puck and he likes that about her. Which… wow. How wrong does that whole dynamic feel now in the context of his rejecting and neglecting parents and how they are directly paralleled with the domestic abuse Bieste suffers?

Anyway. To make matters worse, when it stopped being convenient to have them in a relationship, Lauren simply disappeared. Puck didn’t need to be upset about it or anything – because he doesn’t have feelings. He especially doesn’t have feelings when it comes to his baby and the deeply confusing sexual relationship her adoptive mother entered into with him before whisking herself and said baby away. Shelby disappears like Lauren, we don’t need to see him grieve. It’s Puck, so it doesn’t matter.

That’s very much the attitude the show has taken with him over the past few years. He’s just here to be tough and funny, no emotional development needed. It’s nice to see the writers officially chastising themselves for that, via Bieste.


Rin says: Okay. Um.

I really fucking love this.

A lot.

Sophy says: She called him Pumpkin. SHE. CALLED. HIM. PUMPKIN.

Can Bieste just adopt Puck?




I actually really love this song. I don’t care that it’s Taylor Swift. I adore them singing together, and Bieste should sing more often because it’s just.. head in hands. AND PUCK NEEDS TO SING MORE. GOD DAMNIT.

I really need him to duet with EVERYONE. Quinn, Rachel, Tina, Santana, Brittany.. probably not Finn.



The subtitles say she says Punkin.. but.. I don’t know what that is. So I’m pretty sure it’s Pumpkin.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“I couldn’t really figure that out, so I just stopped wearing any at all.”

Sophy says: Oh Britt. And under that skirt?

Rin says: IDEK.


Rophy Says No!

“You’re being selfish.”


I have to say that I really thought this was very out of character for Mike. He’s always been the sweetest and super supportive boyfriend figure, so this just jarred with everything else we’d seen from him till now. He can not agree with Tina’s outburst, but I definitely think he would have just talked to her like a normal person instead of calling her selfish and saying he’s really disappointed in her. THAT’S JUST. SO BAD. =))

I think the majority of people felt like it was OOC and poor writing, especially because it was totally unnecessary for him to be calling her out like that as they didn’t really resolve it between the two. They just did the ol’ smile from the doorway as I just so happen to be passing by.

So yeah, sloppy writing.

But you guys! We only really have this one no.

Are we progressing?

Are we becoming a better show?



Nationals is next. :-j

Sophy says: I like to call this Rophy Says No ‘The time a writer accidentally swapped the Mike character sheet for the Finn one.’

Really, this is a classic Finn Hudson move. Your girlfriend is expressing some inconvenient feelings? Quick, inform of her of her eternal selfishness. And then he capped it off with the “I’m really disappointed in you right now” which… who says that? I mean, really.


If anyone ever spoke to me like that on grounds of anything less than baby-war, they’d be dumped. End of. Honestly, I’m not exaggerating and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to feel that way. You expect the person who loves you to support you, to be there for you, to back you up wherever humanly possible. Finn always goes to the judging place, way before he has any right to. And that’s what Mike’s doing here. “Tina’s upset? LET ME BE THE FIRST TO JUDGE HER FOR IT.” And meanwhile, even if she had actually done something really wrong… “I’m disappointed in you,” is just such a condescending phrase. Like, what does he think he is? Her dad?


And then later he sends the text to her saying how she’s being unreasonable because Rachel is one of a kind. UGH. Sure, we know Rachel’s one of a kind. He speaks the truth. But it’s extremely insensitive.

And ‘extremely insensitive’ is just not Mike Chang to me.

Nationals :-j

Rin says: There will be stampedes.


Head In Hands

Fucking. Hell.

Sophy says: This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Did any Klaine-haters start shipping Klaine purely because of this moment? Because I would not be surprised.


I won’t.

By the way, I’m really glad they made it clear that just because he’s gay, it doesn’t mean he’s happy to wear dresses.

“I mean, I have no idea why you would choose this moment specifically to make a stink about it but I want you to know that you are being heard. Which is why I’m willing to offer you $50 just to let this all go until after Nationals.”

Rin says: She tried. To. Bribe. Tina. With. $50.

Welcome back Rachel Berry.

Sophy says: Oh Rachel. Did you ever know, wind/wings?

Although I will say that I’m still trying to repress “while keeping my boyfriend interested and physically satisfied.”

You know, I’m beginning to think that Finchel is actually one of those Glee jokes that’s going wrong. As in it’s meant to be gross, but funny, and the funny part just isn’t coming through. Kind of like that time Brittany wanted to eat her cat’s feces.

Yeah. Finchel is like people eating feces.

Rin says: Agreed.


Most Rophy

“Rachel is probably practicing her songs right now, over and over again, until her vocal chords bleed. And none of us would be going to Chicago if not for her commitment to Glee Club, so show some respect.”


This was the kind of resolution I wanted earlier in the season with the whole Trouble Tones ordeal.

Sophy says: This just in, houndstooth looks really good on Jenna.

As mentioned above, Tina Cohen-Chang is a Rachel Berry fangirl. That’s what I got from this episode. She’s someone who not only admires Rachel’s talent enough to bashfully ask if she can sing with her, she’s also someone who feels Rachel needs to be on Broadway stages to the point where she’ll drive her to a make-shift make-up audition. And beyond that… Tina just gets it. She may gotten upset about being in the background and that may have even been fair enough. But she can see both sides of the story. She understands that Rachel is special, and she’s special because she works to be special. And she’s as inspired by that as she is frustrated by it.

I love that Tina outright tells Whoopi that Rachel deserves the things she gets. And you know what? I also love that Rachel tells Tina that to start with. The whole bit about how twitter and facebook have been sacrificed to her ambition was not only vintage Rachel, it was also a dose of reality. No one gets to be as brilliant at anything worthwhile as Rachel is at performing by resting on their laurels.

So I love that when all was said and done Tina stood up for her friend to the newbies need to shut their adorable mouths.

Crickets for Samuel.

Rin says: It’s not unusual that I wanted to punch Joe in the face when he was all ‘Quinn said..’ .. SHUTUP THE FUCK UP JOE. STOP MAKING IT OUT LIKE YOU’RE THE BEST OF BUDDIES. JUST. STAY AWAY. OR I WILL PULL YOUR DREADS OUT WITH MY BARE HANDS.


I love that you’re just calling Carmen, Whoopi. I don’t know how to spell her last name, so maybe just calling her Whoopi is the right idea.


Quinn Glory Shot

“I can’t dance with a little person. I can hardly walk.”

Rin says: I love that she didn’t even have a period where she was on crutches.

Straight out of the chair.

And then onto the stage at Nationals.

Oh Glee.

I don’t really care though. I’ll take anything to have Quinn/Dancing back.

Sophy says: Oh Quinn.

Oh Glee.

Still classier than Downton Abbey.

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  1. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    There’s only one thing I have to say about it:

    those kids did an awesome impression of each other …

    Kevin as Santana was PURE GOLD ! The way he played with the ponytail? O.M.G.

    Naya as Artie was the best thing I ever saw! I mean, it’s creepy how Naya in those nerdy clothes kinda turned me on!?

    Heather with a wig? The cutest ever – PRAISE !

    Brittana pinky holding and kissing (being played by Amber & Kevin) – okay, double standard much, but I’m gonna let it slip thanks to ep 21!

    Dianna Agron as Sugar …… There is nothing in the world that could make me feel as enthusiastic like that again !


    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Oh Snicky. We always love your upbeat comments. You’re such a little Sugar yourself.

  2. Amy
    Amy at · Reply

    I’m going to first off say I’m a Santana / Naya Stan. Like I would literally watch her sit in a corner and do nothing and I’d be happy. But Glee the show is always at its best when it remembers what it’s about, which is the fabulously wonderful Rachel Berry. This Rachel. Not the crazy I’ll give up my dream for Finn Rachel.

    I was so happy when she was singing that song to herself I lol’ed so hard with pure joy :-) I mean it’s so Rachel, and the offer of $50 to Tina LMAO.

    I think Naya, Kevin and Dianna killed the body switch. They were my favourites. I’m glad it’s not just me who liked Santana as Artie. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just my stan-ish behavior that makes me think everything she does is awesome lol

    Yes I was (still am) a Klaine/Blaine (not Kurt) hater who absolutely loved that scene. I had to rewind it like 10 times. So funny, and I don’t watch jersey shore either.

    Puck was all kinds of awesome too. Glee brought me to actual tears that weren’t born of frustration for the first time in I don’t know how long.

    I can’t believe how enjoyable this whole episode was. Like I don’t Know weather to just enjoy what I get or be annoyed that this is what it could be like all the time. I don’t understand why they can’t do it??? Like why? It can be so so good.
    I mean they have the perfect cast. I don’t remember ever hating characters so much yet loving the actors an equal amount. Like they are wasting so much potential it’s mind boggling. They all have such wonderful natural charisma and chemistry as a group.
    I mean the fact that I love Cory and Kevin as much as i do yet hate Finn and Artie with the fire is a thousand suns is ridiculous.

    Oh Glee.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      So glad we’re not the only ones who loved this ep! And yes, I completely agree on the magnificent natural chemistry this cast has. ♥

    2. Ruth
      Ruth at · Reply

      That whole last paragraph is exactly what I was going to say in my comment. SPOT ON.

  3. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    Tina and Rachel and Rachel!Tina and Tina!Rachel were so amazing. I struggled to pick a favorite line but it might just be, “I can’t believe how supportive you are when I can’t even be bothered to thank you for your tremendous supporting performances!” (That or the whole “here’s what Tina missed on Glee” voiceover.)

    I really can’t pick a best bodyswap pair. They’re all fantastic. This is utter jump-the-shark territory and they just embraced it 100%. Couldn’t stop laughing. Rachel/mirror and Rachel/bribery FTW also.

    Sadly I think the answer to “who says ‘I’m really disappointed in you right now’?” is Mike Chang. Isn’t it a direct quote of 305? or 308 maybe? When the college applications thing isn’t going well. I think it’s meant as a callback to that. (I agree it was the least pleasant line in the episode.)

    The Beiste stuff was good. (I feel like now I can watch “Choke” again?) Her dialogue with Cooter felt spot on, which sorta made up for the lack of dramatic tension in the rest of the ep (and “Nationals” for that matter).

    It’s interesting how they’ve approached continuity this season. Most of what I hate about Glee is pacing-related, but they seem to have adopted a deliberate tactic of maintaining continuity in non-consecutive episodes (e.g. Mike in 303/305/308, and now Beiste and Puck in 318/320). I like it: they can carry things forward, but still indulge that “eleventy million things happening at once!” vibe they can’t quit.

    Sugar me? I mean. Idk.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      You have a point, in that Mike did use the ‘I’m disappointed in you’ phrase in 308… but it was a different kettle of fish for me. Partly because Tina said it right back to him, but mostly because he actually had a reason to go to the antsy, judgmental place. I’m pretty sure I mentioned in the recap for that episode that for me discussing my future behind by back with my extremely strict parent is honestly BABY-WAR when it comes to relationships. I can’t blame him for being a condescending bitch in that moment. Though I do still hate the phrase.

      Loved your comment, and hope you enjoyed your sugaring :)

      1. Ned
        Ned at · Reply

        *rewatches 308* (any excuse)

        Yep, you’re right, it makes way more sense back then. Maybe this is one of those times they’re reusing a line to give the illusion of proper continuity… ah well, no permanent harm done.

        1. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

          308 is the best. And yeh, it’s not even a major no for us, really. It’s just sloppy, not outright offensive.

  4. iruvrophy
    iruvrophy at · Reply

    i just want you to know that I was super bummed out from losing a contest by mere seconds earlier. AND THEN. i came on here to see this recap and basically what i’m saying is you gave me instasmile. :) thanks very much for making this a slightly less unlucky night.

    now on to business.

    this was the first episode that i thoroughly enjoyed in forever. like. forever. the body switching was just the best thing that’s ever happened to this show besides faberry and every single one of them did an amazing job.

    and my god naya as artie. i mean, she’s just so cute. glasses suit her…

    and decidedly, cory as kurt reminded me that i do still very much like cory. it was nice to see him in a light that doesn’t make me want to rip off his head and stuff that potato.

    i can’t even with klaine costumes. i DIED. i seriously haven’t laughed this hard in an episode in ever maybe.

    so so good.

    teen jesus can have all the crickets. i hope they nest in his hair. do crickets nest? whatever, i hope there are cricket eggs sprinkled into joe’s dreads. (i don’t have any serious faberry feelings. none whatsoever. you know who wouldn’t have crickets in her hair? rachel berry. she also wouldn’t shove a boner into someone’s leg)

    i probably shouldn’t be doing this drunk. quinn me?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Best username ever. I’m not too humble to say it.

      Thanks for your lovely comment, and yeah, I hope the crickets nest in his stupid hair too ♥

  5. Me
    Me at · Reply

    Oh God. I usually have much hatred for Klaine (I want to kick Blaine in the face) but the Jersey Shore cut-away was so inaccurate and so wrong and so HILARIOUS. First time I’ve laughed out loud at Glee pretty much ever.

    This episode was ace. I adored it. 3×21 was a bit bleh, but this was Glee at the best its been since Asian F.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHAHA, I’m glad you enjoyed it even through the Klaine-hate. I can’t say I see eye-to-eye with you on Asian F being a high point though.

  6. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    Forgot to mention, but given this ep is such a bid for a costumes Emmy, how about Rachel’s dress for Flashdance? It’s one of the Rachelest dresses she’s ever worn. Definitely lives in the same closet as that green nightgowny one from last season.

    Also Tina lobbing her phone away from the fountain is ace.

    Also also, that teacher’s, “This is our sacred space…”

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      YES, that dress is fabulously Rachel. ♥

  7. PointMaker
    PointMaker at · Reply

    Just gonna point out that there has been a Puck/Rachel duet, Need You Now? It was cheesy and beautiful (even though it was to get back at Finn).
    But yeah, Puck definitely needs more songs/screentime.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Thanks PointMaker! We are sloppy, sloppy babies. But we probably forgot the duet because we really weren’t fond of it – mostly on account of the song being a bore IMO. We’d love to see them try another one!

  8. BerryBrittana
    BerryBrittana at · Reply

    I MUST mention that when the spoillers for the episode started to come out (mostly because of the characters getting switched) I head a rummor that it was supposed to be Dianna as Britanny and Lea as Santana.

    Ok, maybe I knew this news were fan made but I wanted to believe in it, even if just for a couple of weeks…

    PS. I hold the blaime on you guys for starting me to ship Faberry…


    Faberry on cherrios clothes! Enough said.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHAHAH I don’t know if I could have coped with Faberry as Brittana. I might have literally died.

  9. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Ok, I just have to say, how could you forget Rachel and Puck singing together! I am stunned really. It was a great rendition of that song too! SMH….

    Quinn/sugar = AWESOME! this episode made me laugh and cry and just want to hug everyone. :::sigh:::; Can’t believe it’s almost over…

    Today is my birthday, Quinn me GOOD Rin!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      We weren’t that into that duet, alas :(( But they do sound great together – we’d love to hear another one… Happy Birthday for yesterday, Whymz, and thanks for your comments! :)

  10. KC
    KC at · Reply

    Furrowed-brow Quinn is the best. That’s all.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      That’s all you ever need.

  11. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Loved it! The body switch was so funny! It took me forever to find out who Britt was supposed to be. Quinn though… Quinn as Sugar was so awesome – the only thing better were Puck and Finn as Blaine and Kurt. So adorable! Also, EffeminiteSchueSue! Why did it have to end so fast? Was it the “Tina learned her lesson” bs? This just reaffirmed to me that she’s too good for Mike.

    Loved the Rachel/Tina song. THAT should have been the contest song! Or something with Rachel and Kurt. They gave more solo lines to Puck and Finn in the competition this time than Kurt got.
    What I didn’t like was the “Tina has to learn” story line, because they did this with Mercedes already and it’s disgusting every time. Tina was absolutely right, Mercedes was absolutely right and Mr. Schuster sells out his principles every time to give the competition solo either to Rachel or Rachel/finn (In one case he switched them for the other pretty, skinny, straight white couple, Quinn/Sam) So, Tina can be the diva next year – what about Mercedes, what class is she in?

    Sadly, Rachel is still in that *argh* “engagement.” And Quinn has not yet run from the weirdo boner hippie who is way too dumb to date a Yale girl. But in her defense, she can’t really run yet, so…

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I agree, Rachel and Tina’s duet would have kicked ass at Nationals! Obviously though, I disagree that Tina was 100% right in her initial feelings about Rachel. I’m more with the balanced view she came to at the end. And I think Mercedes was just 100% out of line. I’ve pretty much hashed that out to death in the recaps tho.


  12. Mad
    Mad at · Reply


    So true. I love this cast just so much even when I want to slap some of their characters.

    Omg you have no idea how relieved I was when it turned out Rachel was singing to her reflection, because I think I literally would have vomited if it was Finn’s picture.



    Omg OK in regards to Punkin. In Canada we have this giant department store called The Bay and at least in my city there’s this little restaurant in here, and they have this terrifying bear mascot called “Punkinhead” who has really scary sticky-up hair. My uncle was afraid of it when he was little and my dad sometimes puts pictures of Punkinhead in my uncle’s birthday cards just to freak him out. XD

    UGH SERIOUSLY, I am just going to pretend that Mike moment never happened. MIKE IS NOT FINN, WRITERS.


    Oh my god I almost puked at the “physically satisfied line”. Like hello feminism 101 it goes both ways and just UGH NO NO NO NO BARF.


    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHAHA. I love this whole comment. And thanks for the info on ‘Punkin’. ♥

  13. zeta
    zeta at · Reply

    cory and mark were having way too much fun as klaine. lol.
    i also loved tina’s speech to woopi. “rachel berry is a pain in the ass” etc. rachel’s desperate speech was good too, i was like please give her another chance pleeeeeeeeeeease! even tho it was pretty obvious by then that she would.
    also you were saying i think in the last recap about people saying rachel berry was annoying and that you couldn’t understand it. to me rachel’s extreme annoyingness is the greatest thing about her and what makes her jy fave. but the diva-ish annoyingness of season 1 (“pens pens i need a pen i’m brainstorming!”) where she was more like reese witherspoon in election, not the Finn angst annoyingness. which is actually just a bit annoying. lol.
    also dianna should play sugar every week, while also still playing quinn.

    1. zeta
      zeta at · Reply

      *my fave. and sorry for starting every paragraph with ‘also’.

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Cory and Mark were having more fun than they’ve had in forever, totally.

      The thing is, I can understand people in the SHOW thinking Rachel is annoying. But as a viewer? To me her very “annoying” aspect has always been a complete delight. But I agree, she was way more hilarious and brilliant pre-wedding crap. And good call on the Election comparison :)

      also dianna should play sugar every week, while also still playing quinn.

      EVEN BETTER CALL. Except Vanessa can also stay. Two Sugars, I’m okay with it.

  14. gabirol
    gabirol at · Reply

    As “brittanamyotp” has pointed out, Rachel, before she looks in the mirror, gives a longing little glance to the INSERT that says “dianna agron”. Meta-subtle!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      omfg. I can’t believe Rinscope missed this detail.

  15. Jess
    Jess at · Reply

    “Still classier than Downton Abbey.”
    BAHAHAHA what a perfect line XD
    Also the “and RACHEL FOR NO GOOD REASON just pushes up against a locker and my first coherent thought was, THAT’S QUINN’S LOCKER” I lol’d hard at that one.

    But yeah, awesome recap as always and can’t wait to see caps of Quinn/dancing in the next one ;)

    Sugar!Quinn forever <3

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Oh there will be Quinn/Dancing. Yes. There. Will.

      Thank you for your comment ♥

  16. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    I usually feel compelled to come up with a witty or deeply analytical comment for your recaps just because your writing is so good. I want to rise up to your level and engage in conversation. (Or attempt to get to your level because let’s face it. Rophy’s on their own level.) That being said, many times as I am reading and formulating my comment in my head (because I’m that kind of nerd), I come across exactly what I want to say already written in your recap (i.e. please not a picture of Finn, please no…Oh thank GOD it’s a mirror! Hi Rachel Berry! Welcome back.) This just goes to show how completely thorough you guys are with your analysis. This week is no different. Excellent job ladies.

    (Oh, and “punkin” is the countrified version of pumpkin. And I loved Beiste’s delivery of this line.)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Oh Tammy. You are TOO sweet. And thanks for helping us understand and embrace the Punkin. :)

  17. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    RACHEL BERRY SANG A LOVE SONG TO HERSELF!!! Hands down the greatest TV moment ever!!! PUT THAT UP YOUR NOSE SERENA VAN DER WOODSEN!!! Oh god it was AMAH-ZING! #fiscalyearofPenny

    Also I think the punkin is a Dot in-joke, she calls her twitter followers her little punkins, it’s sweet, BUT SHE ALWAYS TYPES IN CAPITAL LETTERS LIKE SHE’S CONSTANTLY SHOUTING AT YOU AND IT UPSETS ME SO I HAD TO UNFOLLOW HER AFTER LIKE A DAY.

    Holy crap, Lea is so hot dressed up like Tina, I was pleasantly surprised, IN MY PANTS! (just so unnecessary, why, I apologise!) Dianna was soooo cute as Sugar, have you seen the gifs where she slaps Naya/Arties ass? SOOO CUTE! I love that friendship! But I’d have to give best switch to Mark as Blaine, oh my god, he was AMAZING! His little Blaine smirks, just so so so so so so spot-on hilarious. But Darren/Puck didn’t work for me, it was weird.
    I wish Glee wasn’t so wrapped up in it’s ridiculous relationship drama shit, this show is so cute when the kids are friends LIKE HOW IT IS IN REAL LIFE. The kids just aren’t affectionate enough with each other for me like 90% of the time, it’s especially weird because Glee LOVES to steal from around it, (clearly this body-swap came from “LETS HAVE LINDSAY LOHAN ON THE SHOW!” or possibly vice-versa) and the cast all seem so close and so cuddly with each other, so Tina/Rachel being buddies who sing to each other is a joy to watch! A JOY I TELL YOU! (It’s also the reason I kind of like Jersey Shore, when they’re not being drunk butt-heads they have these real cute family dinners together and for the most part they do genuinely love each other)
    Man that Jersey Shore thing was CUTE! Can we have a whole Halloween episode next year where they all dress up and then go round singing instead of trick or treat as the people they’re dressed up?

    I love Glee and I love you guys so much! SO MUCH!

    1. Ruth
      Ruth at · Reply


    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Aww, Rebecca ♥ I totally wish they’d let the kids rip with the affection more often too :)

  18. Ruth
    Ruth at · Reply

    Yeah. Finchel is like people eating feces.

    So, so accurate.

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at an episode of Glee and I definitely haven’t enjoyed an episode of Glee this much in a long long time. It was wonderful. I really didn’t like Nationals so I’m extra glad we got this too.

    I loved the fact that the cast were able to do such great imitations of each other because they obviously know each other really well in real life. So cute. And I agree that it was amazing to see Cory do something else so I could remember I don’t despise him just Finn.

    In my continuing and ever growing love of Sam the epic epic dork. The Star Wars impression with the welder’s hat was AMAZING. He is too cute to handle.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Yeah, this episode > Nationals, for sure. Which… the recap is about to be posted :)

      And yeah, I love it when the Glee cast’s love for each other bleeds into their characters!

  19. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    omg yes!! ive been refreshing this page waiting for your recap!!! i absolutely LOVED this episode (which is why nationals was a big disappointment- more on that later)
    omg Will as Sue and Puck and Finn as Klaine! and Rachel as tina! Lea Michele has never looked hotter!! oh and Mercedes as Brittany with her one line about lord tubbington selling her iphone was absolutely spot on!! and i love love loved the duet with Tina and Rachel!

    i absolutely loved how Puck and Biestes storyline intertwined and their song together was incredible. i also love the scene where Bieste left her husband. it was so incredibly powerful i cant believe you guys didnt mention it! her line about sleeping with the knife under her pillow and “whos gonna love you now?” “ME” and also when she leaves him and tells Sue and she just goes up and gives her a big hug!! i just wanted to hug her she made me so proud! :) so much Bieste love!

    i just wanted to say i love you guys and eagerly wait for your recaps!!! if theres any left will you please Quinn me? :)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Thank you Emily! And yes, we suck for not showing Bieste’s “Me” some love. It was the BEST. On the plus side I did have a tumblr post planned for it. So we’ll see.

  20. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    I loved this episode. It was pure fun. Not even trying to be realistic Glee and that was sooo fun.
    The switches were spot on.
    I love how Chris does the constipated!Finn face so well with his eyes all crunched up.
    Naya as Artie was so good. The Preach hand movement.
    My favorite was obviously Dianna as Sugar. She absolutely nailed the stuff that Vanessa does in the background. I spent my time looking for her and I was laughing every time I spotted her.
    But Lea as Tina actually instilled in me some Pink!Quinn/Goth!Rachel feels. And Tumblr is awesome for that.

    I absolutely love that Rachel Soon-To-Be-Hudson looks and sounds more like Rachel Berry. I need more of that. The world needs more of that.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Omg Goth!Rachel and Pink!Quinn is just………………….. wow. I want to send you a muffin basket for making it happen in my brain.

  21. kat
    kat at · Reply

    lols..i love you rophy!

  22. Wlfgrrl
    Wlfgrrl at · Reply

    Another brilliant recap, Rin & Sophy!

    It’s been a while since I last watched it, but I seem to recall that the film “Flashdance” had Jennifer Beals (ok, her dance double) performing the “press up against the wall/locker & grind a bit” maneuver that Rachel and Tina performed, so there was a bit of context for that. :)

    I loved the “swap” scenes and agree that just about everyone was spot on. I think Blaine!Puck didn’t quite work because, to me at least, he seemed to be doing more a Robert De Niro in “Taxi Driver” rather than Mark Salling. (I honestly expected a, “You talkin’ to me?” every time they panned to him.) Mark does sort of suck in his cheeks and purse his lips in that “Blue Steel” sort of way, but not quite as much as Darren was doing. And Quinn!Sugar for ALL the awards! I absolutely adored her falsetto “Whoo!” after Will!Sue announces her Native American name! Cuteness Supernova! Dianna was simply hysterical and during her choir room ‘raise hands and sway’ it looked very much like Naya was trying desperately NOT to laugh. Also, Rachel needs to go Goth… immediately! She totally rocked that look! Pretty much brilliance all ’round and I was a bit sad that it was so relatively brief. I must also include: I would have loved to see Kevin in the Cheerios pleated skirt! (*Please insert rolling around and laughing icon here)

    Mark and Dot were phenomenal! Such a powerful scene. I thoroughly agree with something I read, I think on Tumblr, that Puck and Bieste need to move in together and spend their nights patrolling the streets of Lima as “dynamic duo”-esque crime fighters! ;) Dot also needs to sing more… so maybe “Dr. Horrible” type crime fighters! (Just not douchey like Capt. Hammer)

    **”I love that you’re just calling Carmen, Whoopi. I don’t know how to spell her last name, so maybe just calling her Whoopi is the right idea.”**

    This made me chuckle, I was so excited that someone on the show actually had a name that would fit right in where I grew up! We’ve loads of Tibideauxs (and Thibideauxs) there abouts. (We’re extremely fond of superfluous letters, it would seem) ;)

    **”Crickets for Samuel.”**

    Heartily agreed! He really needs to shoo, skedaddle and/or vamoose back to the world of “10,000 BC” now.

    One last thought? Quinn definitely needs to swear more. ;)

    Cheers again, Rin and Sophy!

    1. Wlfgrrl
      Wlfgrrl at · Reply

      Damn… I confused the episodes, sorry! Thrown off by the last gif and Joe’s Neanderthal-like, skulking posture!

      Please ignore my “last thought” in the above post. And apply it to the subsequent episode. Thank you! :D

  23. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    Could I belatedly 100% agree with what you (particularly Rin on this occasion) said about “I Won’t Give Up”? On watching I just appreciated Rachel/mirror, especially the visual of it, and moved on, but I’ve listened to it (um… too much) this week, and it’s just about perfect. “‘Cause even the stars they burn/Some even fall to earth” is so, so Rachel at this point in the arc. (And I’m betting, “And when you’re needing your space/To do some navigating/I’ll be here patiently waiting/To see what you find” got it on the Faberry Playlist, yes?)

  24. monkeyme80
    monkeyme80 at · Reply

    omg i love dianna/sugar she was freaking hilarious i died i swear and naya i love you and vanessa as quinn is still eye fucking rachel goes to show no matter what body their in faberry is happening people this episode reminds me why i love glee except mike bad mike and his impression of finn ;p

  25. Ylva
    Ylva at · Reply

    OMG the switcheroo was just pure gold, I died loling! Naya´s Artie was my favourite but they were all awesome! and then the halloween Klaine!! Fuckin amazing!

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