319 — Prom-asaurus

Best Song

Quinn and Sanatana – Take My Breath Away

Rin says: Remember last Prom how Finn and Quinn danced together and Rachel sung to them? Something about jars and Quinn going around and collecting hearts. :-j ANYWAY. PARALLEL.

I’ll definitely be talking more about parallels and everything later on when the time comes (OH STOP ACTING SURPRISED. YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT WE’VE PICKED FOR LATER CATEGORIES.), so I’ll just focus on the song for now.

I won’t mention how Santana is the new faberry-cockblocker by now having done a duet with Rachel and Quinn within 3 episodes.. but I will mention how I adored Quinn and Santana in this. Take My Breath Away is SUCH a prom song, with all of its 80s glory. When it started I squeed and laughed and swooned when Santana got Quinn’s mic for her.


And then turning and returning into secret places inside. Like. This song. Cannot.

AND THE PHOTOS. The fucking prom photos on the dinosaurs. THEY WERE ALL, SANS FINCHEL, FREAKING ADORABLE! I loved them so much. My favourites are probably Brittana and Klaine. <3 SPEAKING OF BRITTANA. I cannot with the I HEART YOU, and with the wink. And Brittany doing the heart shape ALL OVER HER FACE. What even. Best.

And then. Quinn Fabray.. stood up. She stood up. On stage. In front of everybody. And as soon as Santana saw her, she swooped in to support her and oh my god, Quinntana, you beautiful ladies. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They’re one of the friendships I really wanted explored, because for as much as we all know how they’ve been ‘best friends’ over the years, we never actually got to see a lot of them. Most of it is head canon, so this was a really nice change. More on that later.

And you know what’s nice? How when Quinn stood, no one else tried to yell at her about how selfish she is, and how she’s such a bad person and the SAME OLD QUINN. AND THEN TRY TO FORCE HER TO GET OUT OF HER CHAIR. They were all just in shocked-awe and proud of her. LIKE QUINN WANTED. She wanted it to be a proper moment, to get it right.


Can we just with how one of Quinn’s big song moments has to do with Rachel yet again? Always singing a little bit to Rachel…

Sophy says: I’m slightly disappointed Rin felt the need to include Finchel’s prom photo.

And slightly gloriously, righteously heartbroken now that I’ve realized that there is no photo of Quinn at prom.

Because that’s my darling. That’s been who Quinn is for so long. A forgotten girl – left out, lost – long before she was hit by a truck and even after she was hit by a truck. So many people have overlooked and underloved her, so many times – everyone from her own mother, to the father of her child, to the writers of this show, and to the whole Glee club lately because of said writers. And this was it – this was her time to shine exactly the way she always used to assume she would. That tiara was her destiny from day one, and she gave it away, and there isn’t even a photo of Quinn at prom.

And isn’t that just so damn liberating? Quinn is not being overlooked or underloved anymore. Because it doesn’t matter to her to be looked at anymore, and she doesn’t need a prom king to make her feel special. All she needs are some sweet sidelines and a friend to lean on, a reason to haul herself up and sing her heart out. A reason to be hopeful. Yes, for the millionth time, Quinn Fabray has come out the other side decent and kind and hopeful.

And this time she’s a secret benefactor. That’s right, you guys, she’s freaking Magwitch, only a lot younger, cleaner and prettier, and with a much brighter future of her own to look forward to.

And that’s where I’m going to stop talking about what this moment means for Quinn and for Rachel, because there will be plenty of room for it below in those chosen best scene that will in no way surprise you.For now I’ll just say that every single thing about this performance was flawless, from Quinn and Santana’s voices, to the way Santana was helping her to stand, to Britt’s heart/face, to Santana’s wink back, to all the photos of the kids especially Mike and Tina’s except Finn and Rachel’s, to Mercedes’ “Praise!”, to the choice of song, which, as Rin says, is just fabulously prom-ish and shabbily epic, to the fact that Quinn is singing for Rachel while she dances with Finn just as last year Rachel sang for Quinn while she danced with Finn. Just so you know I struggled not to substitute ‘Who Cares’ for ‘Finn’ in that sentence. I really did.

So basically what I’m saying is this whole performance was perfect except for Finn.

Are you sensing a shift in my feelings on Finn, Rophydoes readers?

If so, you aint sensed nothing yet.


Biggest LOL

“First, you declared war on xylophones. Then, you ransacked the cafeteria line.”



God I love Becky. And the voiceovers were spectacular once again.

Sophy says: Becky is amazing. When she smashed Sue’s new mini xylophone? I just.

Also, probably my favourite line of the episode was Sue’s “Becky, you’re a bitch.” Followed by her equally frank admission that the sympathy vote was split. Honestly, Sue does not need to be having this creepy, ridiculous baby plot. She and Becky are where it’s at.

Rin says: Oh my god YES. WHEN SHE JUST FLAT OUT CALLS HER A BITCH =)) :X I cannot.

You’re right too. We don’t freaking need another ridiculous baby plotline, especially where Sue is concerned. Sue being Sue is more than enough for me. Having said that, where the fuck are our Sue/Quinn scenes? Honestly. HER FAVOURITE CHEERIO ALMOST DIED.


Best Scene

“When I look back on my high school career the one thing, the one accomplishment that I’m gonna be so proud of is that I found a way to be your friend.”

Rin says: Get the fuck out.

I just didn’t expect this. I was pretty angry around about the time Finn tried to get Quinn to stand up, and in my actual notes I wrote, “BUT THERE ISN’T GOING TO BE ANY FABERRY IS THERE. I FUCKING HATE THEM.” =)) Thank god I was wrong. So very very wrong.

This episode couldn’t have been any more about Faberry than what it was. Because, like last year, Prom was ALL about them. And only them. ‘Cause everything else was pretty much a sub-plot, wasn’t it? The main plot is this: Rachel is annoyed about Quinn/Finn campaigning together, so she tries to make anti-prom. She soon realises her mistake and apologises to Quinn, which in turn makes Quinn rig the votes and make Rachel prom queen. THAT’S THE MAIN PLOT. FABERRY: THE MAIN PLOT. GLEE: FABERRY. Basically.

Guh. I cannot with the FABOLUTION you guys. They continue to surprise us with just how far they have come, and I LOVE IT. Because at this point in the season, I had lost a little bit of faith. YOU GUYS. I admit it, I was weak. I thought it was over. Because they are so freaking gung-ho with their precious “otp” Finchel, that everything else seemed to get dragged through the mud with it, resulting in a huge character assassination of Rachel. And I’ve been really annoyed at how after ‘Big Brother’ Rachel seemed to really not give a fuck about Quinn and her therapy and how she was missing a lot of the time. And Quinndependence was simultaneously taking a massive blow to the gut, as Joe seemed to be the only one who cared about Quinn and her health. WHICH IS JUST, GRRRRR. So all of these No’s were lowering and lowering and lowering my expectations of Glee. And then this episode.

They brought it back, the Quinndependence and the Rachel Berry who wants everything too much. And even if we only ever get this glimpse, I feel like it’s enough, because they can never take this away from us.

Because Rachel treats Quinn with so much respect that she felt the need to apologise to her, even though Quinn knew NOTHING of it. She had no idea Rachel was basically going insane behind the scenes because she was jealous of Quinn. Rachel basically thought she betrayed Quinn by even thinking bad thoughts about her, and had to confront and apologise to Quinn because of it. Whilst also letting her know how much she means to her.

“Do you not understand what you mean to me?”

Oh my fucking god. At that point I think I stopped breathing. Just like Quinn stopped breathing. Because look at her face. LOOK AT IT. She’s almost afraid of what Rachel’s going to say. Like Rachel was finally going to answer her question…when you were singing that song….

And I died. Because Faberry were getting real. Rachel talks about ‘When we first met..’ and that in of itself is pretty romantic. Romantic in the sense that it’s nostalgic, because Rachel has been thinking about them and when they first met and how far they’ve come and how she used to think of Quinn. About how she used to want to be her, and oh my god. We all knew that, but Rachel is actually saying it and confirming that there has always been a part of Rachel that has always been about Quinn. And only Quinn.

And Quinn’s response is so Quinn. The Quinn that Rachel has always seen. The self-deprecating, deflect-y Quinn.

“How the mighty have fallen.”

Rachel almost has a coronary because QUINN DOESN’T UNDERSTAND!!! ;)) She goes on to explain how she still sees Quinn as that girl, the one everybody else sees. Little miss blonde..perfect. Not the one she’s always been able to see when nobody else could.

“The still-beautiful, but humbled and inspiring Quinn.”

And at this point? Rachel is rivalling Leslie with the amount of times she calls Ann beautiful. It literally seems like every other word Rachel says to Quinn is beautiful or pretty. WE GET IT RACHEL. YOUR LOINS BURN FOR HER. WE GET IT.

And here comes the kicker. Rachel goes the full distance and really lets know Quinn how much she means to her. Because out of everything that’s ever happened to her in high school, the one accomplishment that she’s going to be so proud of is that she found a way to be Quinn’s friend. I’m sorry but, what? THE ONE THING? Not like, everything you’ve ever achieved in Glee, or the fact that you’re, you know, engaged to be married to the ‘love of your life’. Nope. The one accomplishment she’s taking with her from high school is that she became friends with Quinn Fabray.

Just. WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THAT INFORMATION? Not freak out?!?! NOT jump for joy about how right we were that all Rachel ever wanted, besides New York, is Quinn’s friendship? Because, Christ. And this is why I roll my eyes when people say they feel sorry for us Faberry shippers because Glee will never go there romantically. Because that has never been the reason that I ship Faberry. I don’t think Glee will ever go there and it will take a freaking miracle and a ‘well we’re getting cancelled anyway let’s just go nuts!’ circumstance for it to even be thought of as a possibility. I know it’s not ever going to happen romantically, and I’ve always been at peace with that. The big draw for Faberry is friendship, and it always will be. They continue to show us how far they’ve come, and how they’ve always known exactly who the other is and been supportive of their respective dreams/futures. They make each other better, they make each other honest, and they go out of their way to make the other happy and realise how special they are.

Even when they weren’t friends, Rachel always knew Quinn wasn’t the bitch everyone thought she was, and Quinn knew that Rachel was destined for bigger things.

And you know what I especially love in this episode? How Finn explicitly says that Quinn hasn’t changed, and she’s still the same old Quinn.

Whilst Rachel explicitly says that Quinn isn’t the same old Quinn.

Sophy says: Okay, I’m just going to say it. I honestly think a part of Rachel honestly thought that Quinn would be hurt she wasn’t at prom with her. And I honestly think that Quinn didn’t care at all.

Why? Because basically Quinn’s entire personality was switched off. This girl has been struggling for so long with so many things, and she had just gotten a handle on it all when, you know, that truck hit her. And then it felt like she might never really be strong again – never really be safe again. And judging by what we’ve seen on our screens, Quinn might also have been thinking that there aren’t a whole lot of people who love her. Joe’s the only one who wants to help with her physical therapy and that’s only because he wants to get into her pants slash loves Jesus a whole lot slash a combination of the two. Artie wanted to be friends for about .02 seconds till he realised she wasn’t interested in full-time wheelchairing. Rachel cried – Rachel needed a hug – Rachel said it wasn’t right…

But then Rachel got caught up in her own whirlwind – Six Flags, her teen fiance, the audition, both the anticipation and the angst of it. She basically took her eye off the ball, and Rachel Berry’s ball is Quinn Fabray, in case you weren’t clear on that.

So once again, Quinn was at sea. Lonely, afraid, and back in that place where she thinks she can only be worth something to people she doesn’t know. That’s why she wants the crown. It’s not the kind of love she’d come to wish for or deserve, but it’s something – it’s some, small, stupid way of telling yourself you matter.

Except then the big, brilliant way of being told you matter stole the show at the last second.

“Do you not understand what you mean to me?”

That’s when Quinn’s personality switched back on.

Basically Rachel reminded her of who she is – who she really is – not the cold, glamorous icon some of the students voted for, not the wheelchair some of the other students voted for – and certainly not the horrible things that Finn was busy calling her earlier in the night.

I have to say I was pretty angry by the time I got to this point in this episode. And I’m not ashamed to say that my frown turned upside-down pretty quickly.

Faberry calls, I come. I’m easy like that.

I’ll admit I was irritated by Rachel listing Finn as a reason why Quinn was so special back in the day, because Rachel, good lord girl, have you heard nothing she’s been trying to teach you? You fail at Quinndependence 101 oh my fucking god.

But then I found myself somewhat comforted by the thought that as Rin says, Quinn was never just about Finn for Rachel. In fact, for Rachel, Finn was just something on a list of things that made Quinn special.

And no one is ever going to convince me that what Rachel and Finn have now is healthy and beautiful and should in any way be sanctioned by any sane person ever. I don’t care what the writers tell me. I don’t care if they have them get married and wind up featured on the cover of TIME magazine for ‘Best Couple Ever’. No one is ever going to convince me that a lot of Rachel’s Finn Finn Finn, isn’t just about her own insecurities. Because it’s been escalating rapidly – this obsession with my fiance this, my fiance that. And nothing is ever going to cause me to forget that Rachel only accepted his proposal of marriage as a consolation prize when she thought she wasn’t getting an audition with NYADA.

Yeah, I said it. Quinn said it. Finn is the extra-curricular activity Rachel doesn’t need to be engaging in. And deep down inside she has to know that. She has to. She’s Rachel Berry. It’s just that somehow Quinn snuck a little further ahead on the road than her. It’s a whole tortoise/hare deal.

But can we just talk about a few things here? Like say for example the way that Rachel cannot let Quinn go? The way that Quinn cannot shake Rachel – not even when she’s shaken everything and everyone else.

It’s always Rachel that gets through to Quinn. And it always seems to be Quinn that Rachel goes to, for so many rich and varied reasons.

This time it’s to apologize, ostensibly for being unsupportive of her prom queen campaign. In reality it’s to apologize for all Six Flags, Finn and NYADA. It’s to apologize for taking her eye off the Quinn-ball right when Quinn needed her most. And so she pushes like only Rachel can push – she runs around the wheelchair and makes Quinn stop and listen. She tells her things like how special she was – always – how special she is – always will be. She tells her the single best thing about her whole high school experience was getting to be her friend. And I just?

Could she have said anything more beautiful?

Could Rachel’s whole speech have been any more sensitive, thoughtful, specific and downright romantic as fuck?

I mean, okay, I’m right there with Rin. Faberry is a friendship first and foremost, and I’m sure that’s the only place canon will ever really take it. And that’s the only place I need it to be taken because it is THE BEST PLACE IN THE KNOWN WORLD.

But then at the same time there are so many ways in which Quinn and Rachel are romantically framed – and this stuff – the hallway – the texts – the ‘You have three minutes’ – the turning away and the turning back… all of this and everything Rachel says… if it were being said by a guy to a girl or vice versa we’d all be assuming the two of them would be endgame. SEX ENDGAME.

And that’s kind of what I love about Faberry – it’s very much a romantic friendship, in the sense that whilst there may be nothing sexual between them, there is a TON of romantic tension – because they mean too many things to each other, you know? They mean too many things to each other to be just friends. It can never be that simple. And it’s all those layers that create confusion and tingliness regardless of sexual orientation.

Also, can we thank Santana for “Stop making out with Berry”? She knows.

And if she didn’t know then she certainly did by the end of the night. Because what comes next is basically the ultimate romance plot trope and it’s being used for Faberry. The guy does something amazing and noble and self-sacrificing for the girl that would totally make her fall into his arms – only it would ruin it if she knew – so he doesn’t say a word – and sits in the corner while her skeevy, lunkhead jock boyfriend laps up all the kisses and hugs and warm fuzzy feelings that he deserves.

Because he loves her that much. Way too much to worry about what he could get out of it.

But Quinn is a girl and Rachel is a girl, so remember… you’re not supposed to swoon…

I’d also like to talk about Quinn’s shut-down passive aggressiveness before Rachel cuts through all her bullshit with her declaration about what she means. And even after Rachel says that first part, Rin is right, it is as though she’s scared of what Rachel’s going to say – or not say – and she stiffens, keeps her face a mask, and offers up a glib, sarcastic ‘How the mighty are fallen’. She’s basically in full sarcastic, snarky, self-protective mode. She’s a total Damon Salvatore, you guys – or since she existed before he did, he’s a total Quinn Fabray.

And Rachel is her Elena. Rachel is the one who inspires Quinn – who basically makes her want to be a better man, um, woman. And now that one girl, that ultimate, eternal source of inspiration, is turning all that around and calling her inspiring? This is a huge moment. This is the moment when Quinn realises that she has become Rachel, in the sense that she’s become all the things she was secretly as jealous of about Rachel, just as Rachel was jealous of her. Quinn is the strong one now – the independent, fierce one, ready to forge her path in the world, intent on excellence and everything else comes second, no matter how much she might ache…

Quinn is now where Rachel was when we started.

And maybe that’s the point of this bullshit with Finchel. Maybe the point all along has been Faberry. Maybe the point is to bring Rachel to a place where Quinn used to need to be – prom queen, tiaras and the handsome boy, a dance, a ring on her finger, a baby, maybe? No need for any dreams bigger than that…

And maybe the whole point is for Quinn to show Rachel that she doesn’t need any of that – but while it’s hers to give she can have it nonetheless.

Rin says: If that’s their plan? I might actually forgive Glee for everything. I’m already halfway there to be honest, with what they gave us in this episode. =)) I’m just as easy as Sophy :-j We’re so faberreasy.


I have to second my SANTANA GETS AWARDS for her comment. Because hahaahha. And look at Quinn’s stupid face. She’s half rolling her eyes and half saying ‘shuttuupppp’ like a child. BECAUSE THEY WERE HAVING A MOMENT, AND MAYBE ONE DAY SHE WOULD ACTUALLY LIKE TO MAKE OUT WITH BERRY. YOU DON’T KNOW. [-(


But also, Brittana knows. I feel like they have conversations about it behind the scenes pretty often. Like Santana rambles on and on about how Quinn has got it bad for Rachel, which is why Brittany assumed that Joe must be a girl. Good times.

And just everything. I honestly feel like we could talk about Faberry and all the things forever. AND WE HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN FANWANKING.


Oh yeah, and one last thing. I love how last year they were pink and blue, and this year Rachel’s pink is faded and Quinn has become purple. As in she’s added some pink to her blue.

Yes, I’m going to take it as a metaphor for how Quinn has become more like Rachel and Rachel has become less like… Rachel.

You can’t stop me.

You can point and laugh, but you can’t stop me.


Rin says: Afterall. Metaphors are important.

Sophy says: Except sports metaphors :-j We hate them :-j Unless they’re about the Quinn-ball :-j

“Don’t you want to leave this place having made a difference?”

Sophy says: So pretty much the moment Rachel walked away and Quinn did that thing she often likes to do where she gazed after her, I put that together with the fact that Quinn and Santana were hilariously, implausibly going to be counting the votes alone together, and I knew. I KNEW.


And frankly I was near passing out point, because I’d said to Rin earlier in the week that in my wildest dreams Quinn would win prom queen and in a cute little throwaway moment put the tiara on Rachel’s head. Never in a million years did I think we would get what we did get, which was essentially Quinn crowning Rachel her queen.

Because yes, Rachel, she does understand what you mean to her, and finally she actually believes it. And you will never know just how much you mean to her.

I also have to mention that I really adored the parallel to Hold Onto Sixteen here. In that episode Quinn asked Rachel to do something for Santana – not make a fuss about the Trouble Tones getting a number in each competition performance – and in this episode Quinn asks Santana to do something for Rachel – let the whole school think she won that crown fair and square.

This episode isn’t all about Faberry’s deep and abiding love for one another. It’s 99% about that, sure. But it’s also about how far Santana and Rachel have come, and this moment is a nice nod to the set-up of their quasi-friendship in the previous episode. Santana cares now – and she isn’t afraid to show it, at least to Quinn.

And she doesn’t care that she didn’t win. Because it was one vote, you know?

It was RACHEL’S VOTE. Rachel crowned Quinn. Then Quinn crowned Rachel. My Brain. I don’t even. How.


But back to Santana. Like Quinn, she doesn’t really care about this stuff anymore. Win or lose, neither of them are crying to their other halves this year, because both of them have so much more now than they did then. Quinn has her Quinndependence, peace about the situation with Beth, the knowledge that speeding trucks can’t stop her, Yale, and the fact that she inspires Rachel Berry. Santana is all around a much happier person at this prom than she was at the last, and I think that’s down partly to being able to be honest about herself. And I don’t just mean about her sexuality. It’s more that in unlocking that door she was able to start unlocking all the amazing doors behind it. She’s not afraid now to let people see the softer side of her. Nor is she afraid to start thinking about what she wants out of life – what she truly wants – not just what other people might expect from her. She’s still able to stand up for herself when it counts, still hilarious… but she’s not hiding herself behind harshness anymore. And a part of why she’s so zen? This year she doesn’t just adore Brittany and hate the way things are between them. This year Brittany is her date. This year she knows that Brittany adores her right back in that way where she wants her to be the best, brightest, most brilliant version possible of herself.

“Screw this. I don’t wanna be queen if Britt isn’t king.”


Rin says: First and foremost. How awesome are those leaf pens?

And secondly:


And could I love the Pezberry parallel any more than I do? No. I love that Quinn and Santana have both come around on the Rachel Berry front, and love her adequately. Some more than others. I love that our Rachel, the one that was a little crazy but always determined eventually won them over. Because there was never anything wrong with Rachel. NEVER. Whenever I talk to people outside of fandom, and I tell them how Rachel is my favourite they always look at me weird and say, ‘really? But she’s so annoying!’ … and I don’t know why. I really don’t. She has quirks, but oh my god she has the biggest heart out of all of them, and time and time again she’s proven that she just wants to be a good friend and team mate to all of them. She has drive and ambition, but most importantly she has the talent to back that up with. And I think Rachel is inspiring. She never changed to fit the mould, because she shouldn’t have to. She is who she is, and honestly with the way she came around and apologised to Quinn without Quinn knowing there was anything that needed apologising for? And that moment in the peanut butter circle when Rachel said she’s most looking forward to spending the rest of her life with her friends. Just. I would love a friend like Rachel Berry. And I love that Santana and Quinn both realise that, and that they were the ones that were wrong.

I think that’s a pretty cool message. And it’s one that Glee probably never even realised they were giving, because it’s not preachy and it’s something that just organically happened.

Be who you are. And if people don’t like it, it’s their issue. Eventually they may even be smart enough to realise they were in the wrong and become your lesbian lover.


….I don’t know how I got from this Quinntana scene to where we ended up. But let’s just run with it, okay?

Quinn rigging the votes, and giving up her crown, and giving it to Rachel.

They will never take that away from us. It’s fact, it’s canon. Faberry is canon.

And can I say how much I love that Quinn says, “It’s everything I’ve ever wanted and I don’t feel any different.” It just goes to show how much Quinn isn’t that girl any more and how right Rachel was. Last prom she needed the crown because she thought it would mean something, that she would at least have that moment to show that she mattered. If only for a night. And Rachel told her she didn’t need to be afraid, because she’s very pretty (PRETTIEST I’VE EVER MET), but she’s a lot more than that. And it took another few times of Rachel complimenting her looks and telling her how special she was for Quinn to truly see that maybe she was. That she had a future, just like Rachel. AND SHE MADE IT ALL FOR HERSELF. With Rachel’s support. She made a future for herself and it was Yale.

And then she got hit by a truck.

And everything got thrown for a loop. Because now she’s paralysed and in a wheelchair and physical therapy is frustrating and not moving as fast as she wanted. That’s bound to screw with your self-confidence, after you finally thought you got it right. So she fell off the wagon a bit, and reverted to the Quinn who wanted the crown. To show that she still had it.. had something, some pull or power over McKinley. And when she won it, it didn’t matter, because she’s already tasted her future, and this doesn’t even compare. It’s nothing to Yale and snow-falling in New Haven and that feeling of being able to achieve anything when Rachel looked at her and told her she was better than she knew.

And maybe this is where the whole Joe thing slowly starts to sink into the background. Hopefully, maybe. She may have enjoyed the attention, and at least he was turning up to physical therapy, when no one else was. But I feel like we have Quinn Fabray back.. QUINNDEPENDENCE is back. So she’ll realise that Joe is a sophmore (or something? JUNIOR? IDK? JUST NOT A SENIOR), and that there really is nothing there for her. She’s starting to walk again, and she’s remembering what it’s like to have Rachel and performing on stage, and she doesn’t need any anchors. She’s on her way.

Sophy says: If anyone ever told me outside fandom that Rachel was annoying I’d look askance at them. Rachel is Glee. If you think Rachel is annoying you think Glee is annoying. In which case, why are you watching it? I’ll give you a pass if you do it just to tweet violently whilst watching.

I would really love it if Joe would just sort of slink away now. But that solo shot of him during ‘Take My Breath Away’ was foreboding. :-.

Rin says: WHATEVER. Joe spent more time at the prom with Artie and Rory. They should form their own ship. OT3 and whatnot.

ALSO I’ve been thinking about where along the lines did the thought occur to Quinn to give the crown to Rachel. Apart from the fact that Rachel is always on Quinn’s mind, it just doesn’t seem like the first thing that really pops into a persons head. So maybe it was around the time that Finn was yelling at her about how Rachel has nothing, and Quinn has kept Finn from Rachel yet again. Except now she’s only feeling bad because Rachel has had a rough couple of weeks and Quinn hasn’t been there for her either. BUT YA KNOW, neither has Rachel and Quinn’s been relearning how to walk — so it’s only fair that she’s been a bit busy.
And then there’s the one accomplishment. And Rachel voting for her.

And winning by one vote.

And maybe that’s where it all fell into place. As Quinn talks about how they’ve had the dream high school careers with Santana. Whilst not saying how Rachel hasn’t, and that a large part of that was due to Quinn. Quinn doesn’t believe she deserves it, because she has always known which person does deserve it. Who her choice of Prom Queen would be.

So she rigs the votes.

And chooses Rachel.

Sophy says: She will always. Choose. Rachel.

“Students, for the second year in a row, we have prom anarchy. Receiving the majority of write-in votes, I would like to welcome on the stage… Miss Rachel Berry.”


Prom basically plays out the same way.

Rachel does something for Quinn, and it is for Quinn because she thinks about her eyes and what will match. So she does the uber romantic thing of picking out a corsage that Quinn would LOVE, and Quinn does love it immediately and says the one thing that lets us know that Rachel’s thoughtfulness doesn’t go unnoticed. “It matches my eyes.” And she SMILES that smile that is as rare as a rainbow but a million times more precious??? shows how much she appreciates it.

And this is where Quinn returns the favour.

Because Rachel, more than anyone else, has always seen Quinn for who she really is. And Rachel is the one who has given her the strength to be brave enough to realise that that’s more than enough. When Quinn was on the precipice of giving up and throwing away her future (3×08), Rachel wouldn’t let her. Time and time again, just like she has in the past, she steered Quinn in the right direction and reminded her of the person she saw when she looked at Quinn. And that lead to things like Yale and looking forward and feeling inspired about her future. That’s the gift that Rachel gave to Quinn, simply by believing in her.

So now when it’s Rachel who has lost sight of herself, who’s the one who sets her back on track? Not her ~fiance, that’s for sure. Because he’s back to being, as Sophy so aptly named him, the useless part of the group!

It’s Quinn. And this isn’t just about a crown. This is about Quinn giving away, “everything I’ve ever wanted,” to Rachel because she saw a chance to make a difference. To make a difference in Rachel’s life by giving her a boost of confidence and a night that she’ll remember for the rest of her life. Quinn gave her the high school dream that Quinn has always wanted, because Rachel needed it. Rachel needed to be reminded of just how special she is, and how she is just as beautiful and inspiring as Rachel thinks Quinn is. Because the truth is… Rachel Berry is Quinn Fabray’s strength.

AND GOD. RACHEL AND QUINN. Could you love each other any more? I THINK NOT. All they ever want to do is prove to the other how special they are. I just. Quite simply put, they are the romance of Glee. Long after the show is over, it’s going to be their story that I remember, and I think a lot of people feel the same way. And that’s pretty awesome.

And I keep thinking of that meme where Rachel asks for Quinn to do things, like come back to Glee, give her her nose, etc, and Quinn is always just saying ‘okay’. She never says no to Rachel and gives her what she wants. Because she’s whipped like that. BUT WHO KNEW that there could be a whole ‘nother level to that? Quinn is now giving things to Rachel that she didn’t even ask for. Waattscccchhhh. :-j

Also, Quinn does not take her eyes off Rachel the moment that Figgins starts to announce Prom Queen. I cannot. And that face? The one where she’s watching Rachel as she walks to the stage? The one full of pride and happiness and knowing she did a good thing? I think it’s one of my favourite Quinn moments. Ever.

And perhaps the greatest, and most romantic thing about all of this is that Rachel will never know.

It’s perhaps the most selfless thing anyone has ever done on this show.

And it was done by Quinn Fabray.

In my head canon, Quinn has grown up being told who she is. Her identity has always been manufactured for her, and if we take into account Lucy, which.. I really side-eye, but if we do. She’s been told that she’s not good enough, or pretty enough, and she’s been told what things she should want. If she had proper loving parents, she would never have asked for a nose job, and her parents never would have given it to her. Not at her age, anyway. So the bitch we see in the super early episodes, you can kind of understand why she’s the way she is. And then Beth, etc etc, and Glee and slowly finding herself, but still being afraid of what the future brings. And of course there’s normal growing pains to add to that. Except when someone like Rachel Berry comes along. And if there is anyone who has always known who she was, it’s Rachel. And how is that not attractive to someone like Quinn, someone who has never really known who she is and has always been a little lost. And I don’t mean attraction as in, ooooh pretty, I mean in the way where Rachel was a target. So that’s why the first thing we ever see from Quinn Fabray, is her leaving harsh comments on Rachel’s MySpace. On Rachel’s talent. Rachel has always been a point of focus for Quinn, way before Finn came on the scene.

So Quinn has always been susceptible to being told who she is. She’s the head cheerleader, she’s the most popular girl in school, she’s the girl who got pregnant, she’s nobody. She’s a Lima loser. You get the picture. Now add on top of that, the things she’s been told this year. Will told her she only cared about herself. Puck told her she was the most selfish person he’s ever met. Finn just told her that all that matters to her, is her.

If you’re repeatedly told something, it is so easy to start believing it. And given Quinn’s history, who could blame her? But that is why Quinn is amazing, and why she’s fast becoming one of my favourite characters ever. She doesn’t yield to what they make her out to be. She goes against the grain and proves them all wrong…AND DOESN’T EVEN LET THEM KNOW. No one but her and Santana will ever know, and it doesn’t matter to Quinn. Everyone can think she’s selfish, but what people think of her seems like the farthest thing on her mind when she’s watching Rachel walk up on stage in disbelief as people applaud her. It’s worth it for Quinn.


I’m caaaalm. I’m caaaaaaaaaaaaalm.

Okay, what can I even say about this? Nothing because it’s that special? A lot because I will never not talk about Faberry?


I just have to say that this is easily the most romantic thing that has ever happened on Glee, including the synchronized swimming proposal, including Kurt and Blaine’s prom dance last year, including “I won’t stop until it’s trending”. Definitely including that time Finn named a star after himself. At the time I bought his talk about watching over Rachel – sorry, looking down on her – but now I’m thinking it must have just been a matter of him subconsciously presaging his own imminent stardom. Because of, you know, how Finn always wanted to be an actor?


But really, you guys, Faberry are 100% written as a romance. And I can’t decide whether it’s even more brilliant to have them not actually be a romance and yet still be written as a romance. Or whether I just want them to have sex. Dilemma.

You know, I firmly believe that Quinn Fabray is gay. Sure, she’s ostensibly straight, but then Santana was ostensibly straight for a while, wasn’t she, and we all know how that turned out. Basically being “straight” doesn’t mean you couldn’t ever turn out to be gay. So until I hear Quinn explicitly stating that she’s not into girls, I’m going to go ahead and stay in my bubble in which she’s gay as a window for one Rachel Berry. In fact, even if she said she wasn’t into girls, I’d probably just assume she was in denial. So throw whatever you want at me, show. No amount of Quinn/random dude in the world is going to shake my faith.

Having said that, even if Quinn’s not even just a little bit gay for Rachel Berry, this gesture proved how much she loves her. Yes, loves her. There is no other word for it at this point. This is not something you do purely to be a good person – Quinn may be a Christian, but she’s not like Dreads, running around fondling pretty girls because God made him do it. This is also not something you do just because you like someone, or care about them, or feel bad for them. This is the sort of thing you do out of love. Whether that love is supposed to be platonic or a little something more, it’s all good with me. Faberry are magical on all the levels.

And can we take a moment to enjoy the little smile Quinn has going on when Rachel steps up and smooths that tiara down into her hair the exact same way Quinn smoothed her tiara down into her hair before prom last year? That smile says it all – it’s wry, sweet, amused and deeply affectionate. It’s proud. It’s love.

And no one is ever going to tell me otherwise.

Quinn and Rachel are really different people. Quinn is cool, composed and fits the whole world like a glove -when she’s not going crazy that is. Rachel is bright and ridiculous and pretty much like a pair of the most awesome, stupid mittens ever knitted. They are polar opposites. And yet they are mirrors of one another. Every secret thing one has felt about the other over the years the other has been feeling, secretly, right back. And it’s important for them to understand that. Seeing each other and being seen by each other is a big deal for these two. They started out tearing each other down – Quinn bullying Rachel, Rachel desperate to steal Quinn’s tall, lunking security blanket – intentionally, unintentionally, they hurt each other. And it was target practice. Like Rin says. They were all about each other then, and they are all about each other now. Except that these days they are each other’s most significant source of self-esteem.

I mean that. It should be obvious by now that Rachel is the biggest piece of the pie after Quinn herself in the Quinndepence chart, so I won’t go into detail on that. Let’s talk about what Quinn does for Rachel. Kurt and Blaine’s sing-a-long, whilst sweet as hell, didn’t do a thing to lift Rachel’s spirits. Finn is about as useful as a foam door-stopper in these situations. Rachel’s dads obviously haven’t been able to make inroads with her, and Shelby is off somewhere busily not caring. Same goes for Will, though I do find that horribly out of character. Anyway, the point is, it’s Quinn who gets her girl back on track. It’s Quinn who gives Rachel the courage to pick up where she left off – to start believing again when she had stopped.

And I just. I JUST.

You guys. YOU GUYS.



I will admit that my favourite part of everything in the world is when Finn gives his gross speech about how Rachel is sexy, first and foremost, and you know, it’s amazing how much more worthy she’s made herself over the years, and Rachel looks up and him and smiles and says if her friends see as in inspiration then maybe she can try to as well?

Because suck it, Finn. Her head my be on your shoulder, but you are not the most important person in the room to her right now – whether she knows it or not.

And like Rin says, it’s the parallels Faberry have going on that are so killer. Series-spanning parallels are a sure sign of OTP, and Faberry have them in spades. So whilst I’m aware that it’s never ever going to get sexual with these two, it is romantic, and they are the one true pairing of Glee.



And I’m just going to say one more thing, because I am a Faberry machine I cannot be stopped don’t even try. Quinn looks proud when Rachel steps up on that stage. She’s proud of Rachel, and she’s proud of herself. And that goes right back to what Rachel said earlier about how finding a way to be Quinn’s friend was an accomplishment she was proud of. Quinn and Rachel’s relationship is something they’ve both really had to work hard at over the years, and that makes its ultimate success that much sweeter for them both. Every time they make each other smile? That’s when they know best how far they’ve come themselves.



Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“By the power vested in me as president, you are all fired. Sorry, Rachel, that includes you. But I guess I’ll see you in Glee Club, so…”

Rin says: Brittany was fucking hands-down fantastic in this episode. EVERYTHING she said was hilarious and perfect and so Brittany.


And I also loved that one throwaway line where she said she stopped talking for a while. =)) =)) =)) Oh Glee. You cheeky bastards.

Sophy says: Oh my god she was on fire in this episode. All of it. I mean “I seriously think the three of you should be put in jail.” Just.


(I meant in the way where she wasn’t talking. Not in a way where she’s always losing the gayest race and crying very blue tears.)

Also is “Rachel” actually 45? Or did she just get advance warning about the dinosaur theme?

Rin says: You talking about age.



Rophy Says No!

“I-I-I thought going through all that terrible stuff this year made you cooler, but no, you’re still the same old Quinn. All that matters is you.”

Sophy says: This was the point where I tweeted and said that this episode had already earned itself the biggest Rophy says no in Rophy history. I tweeted in anger, I won’t deny. And I was really, really, really angry. I still don’t quite understand how this episode turned it around. Oh wait. I think it had something to do with Faberry.

Here’s the thing. The first wave of rage was all about Quinn. Because I just could not believe that the writers had really decided to take her back to that place where she was petty, scheming, insecure, alone and miserable – not again – not after everything she’d been through and all the steps she’d taken to become a better person. I could not believe that the pay-off from “I got hit by a truck” was honestly going to be “It made me into a jerk – so it’s okay that nobody’s been feeling sorry for me this whole time – really – they were right to neglect me – lesson learned.”

Honestly, my blood was boiling. Because we got laughably short-changed in terms of Quinn’s accident, we really did. No aftermath scene. No hospital. Rachel’s upset for half an episode. Then it was all just Artie and Joe. And the idea that we were back to Quinn being able to walk again without ever actually seeing her friends care that she couldn’t? It tore me up. It tore me up even worse that her character was going to be trashed along with it.

But then… the trashing wasn’t so bad. Or rather it was so very, very bad, but I was able to shift all of my rage to another focal point.

The Finn focal point.

Because okay, first of all, let’s talk about how what Quinn did in this episode was really not that bad. It’s not as though she was using her wheelchair to wage a war on babies, or, you know, blackmail her way into a job or something. It’s not as though she hasn’t been paralysed. It’s not as though she hasn’t had to struggle like hell to get to where she is now. Does working hard to recover after an accident suddenly become less inspiring or worthy just because you actually start to succeed?

All Quinn did was keep her private and doubtless highly emotional business to herself and take advantage of some kid who isn’t smart enough to know that you don’t vote for someone based on whether they’re paralysed or not unless you’re voting in the ‘Most Paralysed’ competition. Which is a competition Artie would win. And nobody wants to see him in a tiara.

Speaking of which, the other reason why what Quinn did in this episode was really not that bad is that it’s just a stupid crown. Not baby-war. It means little to nothing in the grand scheme of things – or it can mean a great deal if you really need it to. And Quinn really needed it to mean something for her – or at least she thought she did.

It was depressing as hell to see her so unhappy and insecure – to hear her talking bullshit about how she needs Finn Hudson of all people. But at the same time, is it really reasonable to expect her to suffer the whole experience of being hit by a truck, paralysed, and abandoned by basically everyone about it, without going just a little crazy?

No, it’s not. So I can deal with the way Quinn is written in this episode.

But Finn?

I just cannot.

When the episode was over and I’d recovered somewhat from my Faberry feelings, I realised, with bewildered awe, that Finn had actually managed to abandon and insult both Rachel and Quinn in the space of one episode. You can’t do that and get away with it. Not on my watch. I have cut Finn a lot of slack in the past, putting his dick moves down to him being a stupid kid or to sloppy writing… but I think I’m just about ready to come out and say it. I don’t like Finn Hudson anymore.

Because first of all how fucking dare he run for Prom King with Quinn of all people without discussing it let alone even mentioning it to Rachel. She had to find out from a fucking poster that her fiance was taking his ex to prom – yeah, the one he went to prom with last year while Rachel’s heart broke all over the place in front of him. The idea that he thinks he doesn’t need to tell her this stuff is mind-boggling. And if he does know he’s supposed to tell her this stuff well then he didn’t and that means he’s fucking immature, which makes sense, since he’s pretty much a child and this teen wedding stuff is so wrong I keep wanting to call the TV cops.

Um. So there’s lying to Rachel about something that even a foam door-stopper would know would be hurtful to her. Then there’s the fact that when she got upset about it, he called her crazy and selfish. Yes. Really. Because that appears to be Finn’s favourite hobby – telling his woman how selfish she is – putting her back in her box, all that.

Anyway so then he pisses off with his ex to prom, finds her in the bathroom and realises she can walk. Turns out she’s allowed a few people to vote for her based on the fact that she’s in a wheelchair when strictly speaking she might actually be able to walk using crutches for short periods each day now. Ooooh. How evil of her.

It really warranted the torrent of abuse he laid out on her.

Extreme sarcasm voice.


I mean, sure, what Quinn did was a little off. That’s all – a little off. But if he really felt so strongly about it and considered it some massive breach of senior prom ethics or what the fuck ever, then he should have made his decision to pull out and told her so, instead of getting her out on the dance floor where he could humiliate her in front of everyone. Or, you know, he could have actually been a decent human being and tried being kind and gentle with her. Actually taken into account what she’s been through and how no one’s fucking been there for her with any of it. Something like that. Maybe he could have tried talking to her and telling her she’s amazing and doesn’t need a stupid tiara. But no. Finn has to tell her this one little incident in a time when she’s been hugely traumstised means she hasn’t changed at all.

And then on the dance floor…? What was the exact quote? I’m not even sure I can bear to rewatch.

All I know is that just like with Rachel, Finn wasted no time going to the unkind, judgmental, hypocritical place. Because yeah, I may not care to remember exactly what he said, but the gist was the same as he said to his fiancee.

Crazy. Selfish.

And I like how he threw in that Quinn has everything and should be grateful for it and quit complaining. That old ‘rich white girl problems’ chestnut again, huh show?

I’ve had enough of this. I’ve had enough of Finn generally ruining Rachel. And I’ve had enough of all the males on the show putting Quinn Fabray down. Like Rin mentioned above, in the space of one season, her ex-boyfriend, the father of her child, and her teacher have all called her selfish, and not in a civilized way. Even Sam and Kurt have belittled her and discounted her experience. Artie turned on her the moment she dared to want things he couldn’t have. Joe gets boners whilst giving her physio. Let’s face it, the only males who haven’t been pricks of some kind to Quinn at this point are Mike and Blaine, which, taken, and gay and taken.

Oh wait. I guess there’s Rory.


Think about it.

And just briefly, when Finn attempted to pull her out of that chair I physically recoiled. Because who on earth does he think he is assaulting her? And does he have any idea how dangerous it could be to yank her up like that?



Because for fucks sake. In the past we’ve defended you Finn, because you legitimately got the raw end of the deal. I still believe in the past you have, on more than one occasion, been used as a punching bag.

BUT NOW IT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING ABOUT THAT. Now you’re just a self-righteous ass who is constantly bringing out the worst in Rachel, and the worst in himself. And Finn hasn’t even been an issue for us until recently. Until they started to try and make this engagement thing anything other than two kids who clung to each other because they lost sight of their futures and themselves. Finn has gone from being the likeable goof who said stupid things to, OH MY GOD HE CAN NEVER GET ANYTHING RIGHT. JUST GET OUT YOU JUDGEMENTAL PRICK.

Obviously I’m a Quinn stan and I always seem to have an answer and reason for everything she does. But come on. She really did only want to tell people she was starting to walk when she could do it properly. And not show how broken she truly was. I see no problem in that. AND SHE STILL DOES NEED THE CHAIR. She’s not completely healed. So she played it up to a moron who was willing to vote sympathetically in the first place. Big deal.

And we can’t try and pretend that Santana or that other girl were completely playing fair either. I mean.. Santana.

Plus, has anyone ever watched that Buffy episode Homecoming? COME ON. :-j

Plus I thought Quinn commenting on the girls beautiful healthy legs was hilarious.


Just. How dare he lay a hand on Quinn. In what world is that okay? Just because you saw Quinn standing in the bathroom (WHICH, GET OUT OF THE FUCKING FABATHROOM, YOU’RE INFECTING IT), it doesn’t mean she can merrily skip about town. If you’d just talked to her, instead of launching into a rant about how she’s made you feel stupid, then she probably would have told you how she wanted it to be a surprise. And all the reasons she wanted the stupid crown in the first place. Anyone with a heart would probably understand. Just because she didn’t tell you about her progress, it doesn’t mean the trauma she went through is any less real, or less important.

And I honestly can not with him telling Quinn how she has ‘everything’ and she’s going to Yale.

Finn really has never had a clue who Quinn Fabray is, has he?

And Finn calling Rachel selfish, and telling Quinn that all that matters to her is herself.

Go fuck yourself Finn. Rachel and Quinn really need to cut him out and just get down to business.

Sophy says: AMEN ALSO.

And one last thing. I find it kind of hilarious that when Quinn tells Finn she needs him, he answers with “You don’t need me! I thought going through all that terrible stuff this year made you cooler, but no, you’re still the same old Quinn. All that matters is you.” Like. There’s the ‘You haven’t changed yourself enough, woman’ vibes that tie right in with his unintentionally patronizing speech to Rachel during their slow-dance. Then there’s the ‘I thought being hit by a truck would teach you a lesson’ vibes which I don’t even want to think about beyond this sentence. But on top of that, the way it’s phrased, it really does come across as a Finn Says No to Quinndependence. Seriously. Let’s break it down. ‘You don’t need me. You only need yourself. That makes you uncool and unworthy.’

This episode left a bad taste in my mouth. But for now that bad taste has been quarantined to the Finn area of my mouth.

I hate that last sentence.

Here’s something to fix it: Let’s all focus on how amazing Dianna’s delivery was for “We’re a shoo-in. I need you.”

I got chills.

“I’m surprisingly okay with it all. That dream was just a favorite old sweater that I kept around even though it didn’t fit anymore. I can grieve it and move on. I may have lost NYADA, but I still have Finn. So I’m not going to get everything I thought I ever wanted. Doesn’t make me a loser.”

Sophy says: Basically this is just like the whole ‘Revert to Scheming Quinn’ deal. Was it worth the ending? Yes.

Was it nearly unbearable while it was happening? Yes.

Rin says: Yeah. Where the Rachel monologue last episode was one of the best things ever? This one failed.






Head In Hands

“Becky Jackson… I crown you the Queen of the anti-prom.”


And Puck and Becky being adorable, and Puck being a gentlemen and MAKESHIFT CROWNS. Some of the best moments ever are always makeshift, and this worked on so many head-in-hands levels.

I love that Becky made Puck stop feeling sorry for himself and put an end to the little pity party he was throwing for himself. And that Puck gave Becky the crown she wanted, and that moment of ‘And for once in my life, I don’t mind everybody staring at me.’ Gorgeous.

Sophy says: Oh my god this was so cute. I don’t even know how anyone could watch this and not love it. It was right before the Faberry started if I remember correctly so I still would have been rage elephanting all over the place at this point, and even I couldn’t help but be charmed into submission by Puck, Becky, and their carton-crowns.

Gorgeous .

Blaine/Hair Gel

Rin says: HIS LITTLE DISBELIEVING LAUGH WHEN BRITTANY BANS HAIR GEL. Hahahahahhahaha. And I love how this is actually something they BUILT UP in the previous episode. =)) Like, Glee can’t keep up with their characters, BUT THEY CAN PROGRESS THE HAIR GEL PLOT. So many wrong priorities 8-.

Sophy says: OH MY GOD CUTEST. Just. I cannot.


I think my favourite part was when he just raised his hand as the scene ended. Like. They didn’t need him to actually speak. The hand in the air said it all.



Most Rophy

“It won’t be when we’re standing up on that stage soaking up the applause.”

Rin says: GOOD GRIEF COULD SHE GET ANY MORE ADORABLE? Just, where have those crinkly eyes been all our Glee lives? Best.

Also, I really did feel like this was a Rachel-line. And maybe it’s appropriate that it was, because Quinn has become more like Rachel.

Just look at her headband.

Sophy says: Oh gosh it was totally Rachel. And then later “The crowd will go wild.”

But more importantly THE FACE.


“This is awesome. I actually really love dinosaurs.”


And I love dinosaurs.


Sophy says:  :*)

And just because that bizarre, awful, amazing song that reminded me of “I’m Britney, fucker!” from Bandwagon was so special, I feel we should have a couple of caps…

It’s like Britt planned the whole prom just for me. 8-.


Quinn Glory Shot

Quinn showing how “All that matters is you”

Rin says: There didn’t need to be any more than this.

This is all any of us will ever need from now on.

Sophy says: The Quinn smile.

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  1. Ruben
    Ruben at · Reply

    It seems I’ve been waiting for the recap since forever…
    Anyway, I don’t really know how to comment without repeating almost everything you said, so I’ll just say that this episode confirmed to me that it’s ok to hate Finn to the point of wanting kill him, or at least beat him up pretty badly, because seriously, how can someone do the things he does, specially in this episode, and ALWAYS, end up like the golden boy who does everything right and everybody loves… I just can’t (Going to FF.net in a minute…)

    Anyway, I’ll ask you a simple favor. Quinn me??^^

  2. Char
    Char at · Reply

    I totally called your ‘No’ category, both of them. Agreed 100%.

    You can go shave your back now, bye Finn.

    Faberry. <3

  3. Frenchie
    Frenchie at · Reply

    Rachel ready to giving up her dream so easily was frustrating. In 1×19, I remember Jesse telling her that her being a star was not a dream it was an inevitabilty, and this year Finn tries to make her giving up her greatest dream… I so want Season 1 Rachel back
    Lucky she has Quinn, to make her awesome again while Finn is sucking the life out of her!
    I want a Quinn for myself :D!

  4. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Yes, to everything you said. Thank goodness I had water on hand. I was mad and then instantly so Fabhappy! I love all of what you said. And agree…….now, please…QUINN me!!!! For the love of all that is good and wonderful in the world, QUIN ME!!!

    Ps. I LOVE you guys!

  5. KC
    KC at · Reply

    This may have been asked before, but is “It tastes like pink” the new “Six-seater table”?

  6. Spain
    Spain at · Reply

    I still can’t believe Finn tried to manhandle a girl out of a wheelchair — a girl half his size, and who has recovered from a spinal injury only to the point of being able to take three steps before falling over — one week after Glee featured a domestic violence plot. Who approves these scripts, ad why has Glee turned its so-called “hero” into the poster boy for Future Wife-Beaters of America? And let him suffer no consequences whatsoever for his indefensible behaviour?

    On another note, I share your love for the Quinntana performance of Take My Breath Away, but I’m really vexed we didn’t get to see and hear more of it because of all the cuts to conversations between Mike and Tina; Sam and Mercedes; and Rachel and Angry Boy.

    I could go on and on about this episode — the good, the bad and the ugly, but I think I’ll just stop here and eagerly await being Quinned. :-)

    P.S. I am now authorised to state that France and Italy join Spain and Portugal in hating Finn.

    1. proud faberry fan
      proud faberry fan at · Reply

      also Greece and Cyprus. we spread like plague in europe. :p

    2. Mayon
      Mayon at · Reply

      As a humble french citizen, I can garantee that France wholeheartedly ship Faberry and hates Finn’s guts.

    3. Annie H
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      And the UK! Finn-hate crosses channels and oceans! The hate is as vast as these oceans are deep!

      1. Emily
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        and Ireland!! the Finn hate is very large over here- mostly all of it from me!!!!!!!!!! FABERRYFOREVER!!!!!! ;)

        1. Ylva
          Ylva at · Reply

          and Sweden! He really really crossed the line to asshole in this ep. All the girls were awesome though, love and lols all around!

  7. proud faberry fan
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    the “because of rachel” quinn smile. ALL THE AWARDS!

  8. Farah
    Farah at · Reply

    Wow. You guys pretty much summed up everything I was thinking when watching this episode. Except for the current-ness of your Finn Hudson hate. I’ve been hating him for a while. A long long while. I remember Season 1 when he was tolerable, and actually the nice guy that he now pretends to be. Weird thing is, I don’t get what Glee is trying to say about him. I mean, I can’t believe anyone would think his behaviour in this episode ISN’T morally reprehensible. HE TRIED TO FORCE HER OUT OF HER CHAIR!! THAT IS NEVER OKAY, OKAY??!!! But is he going to face any consequences? I don’t think so. He was called out on his shit when he called Kurt a “fag”. So, why not now? Are we supposed to think that his behaviour is understandable given that Quinn hadn’t told him about her ability to stand? I just don’t understand Glee anymore.

    And this is kinda off topic, but you guys were talking about parallels. And Faberry parallels are the best. But it just made me think about how Rachel and Quinn’s relationship dynamic is so similar to Elphaba and Glinda (from the book, not the musical). There are uncanny parallels between these two friendships. Funnily, when Gregory Maguire was asked about the subtext (which was pretty heavy and just maintext in many places) between the two characters, he said that it was entirely possible that they had romantic feelings for each other without knowing it themselves. Which is pretty much what I think is going on between Quinn and Rachel too.

    And while I love the Faberry friendship, I’m not confused about what I want from them, as Sophy is. I want them to have sex. In fabathroom, the faballway, and against the fablocker.

    1. Ned
      Ned at · Reply

      Musical Glinda absolutely ships it. It’s more subtle in the book, like Maguire says, but when I read it I felt Elphaba was pretty oblivious.

      Having tiny-Idina-like Lea as Rachel is too much. It’s probably for the best that we didn’t get much Quinn and April bonding on screen!

      1. Farah
        Farah at · Reply

        Damn, I wish I’d seen the musical. But you’re right. What with the Idina/Lea we already have, Quinn/April bonding would have been too much!

        If this had been a better show, with more coherent writing, I could almost believe it had been an intentional homage to the musical, and just to the pairing of Elphaba and Glinda.

  9. fiona grapple
    fiona grapple at · Reply

    I liked that Quinn gave up the crown for Rachel, but the one thing I did not like is how both she and Santana reminisced about having the perfect high school experiences.

    Arguably, these two characters have had the roughest time out of all of the Glee characters: unwanted teen pregnancy, forced outing, being disowned by family members and a tragic car accident.

    Don’t you think it was a bit dismissive in favor of Rachel’s story?

    1. Char
      Char at · Reply

      THIS. Four for you. That whole speech was trite and rang false.

  10. Let
    Let at · Reply

    OH MY GOD. I just changed this page as my homepage. Simple as that. It’s that genius you guys. It was the best episode in a long time. Faberry is the best and nobody can take that away from us. Quinn & Rachel are always there for each other, it’s the best relationship on this flop show, seriously. Quinn’s face while watching Rachel’s reaction on the Queen announcement. LOVE.

    I was wondering if you two would still watch/recap even if Dianna doesn’t come back for season 4? ‘Cause I love all the other characters (except you Finn), but I don’t know if I can take it.

  11. ruth
    ruth at · Reply

    I JUST. OK

  12. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    Thank you Rophy. I had an enjoyable time spent reading and nodding at the recap; much more enjoyable than watching the first half of the episode, which I spent mostly coaxing the rage elephant back to the stable, only to despair at it trumping off yet again.

    +1s, in no particular order, to Quory, Artie/tiara, the Finn-infected fabathroom, Quinn/headband, Mike/dinosaurs (Tina’s face says +1 too).

    Brit was amazing, which was great – I was worried they’d make a huge mess of upgrading her from one-liners to actual conversations, but it didn’t feel clunky. Especially her Figgins scene (and how great is Figgins? I love Figgins. Seems like the actor is enjoying the hell out of every single scene).

    I love your suggestion of Brittana comparing Faberry notes. Every Sunday morning, Santana makes them breakfast, and Brittany takes her eags faberreasy. :D

    Parallels? Puck has had a rough time lately. He’s given up hope and he’s miserable and he’s having a lousy prom night. But he sees Becky having a lousy night too, and he figures out how to make it better, and selflessly crowns her his queen. “Thanks for making my dream come true.” Also, how about Rachel and rigged elections?

    1. Ned
      Ned at · Reply

      I also had some overthinking-the-writing ideas.

      I have this idea about Finn that he often gets lumbered as the Audience Identification Character (for those not watching with Faberry goggles). So, in this ep, we’re supposed to be angry at Rachel and Quinn for their crazy, so we get to see Finn being angry at them. (I’m definitely not trying to excuse him and his violence, and it is crappy writing.)

      Second, what’s with Rachel saying how great it is that Quinn’s been humbled? That jarred the first time I heard it. Made me wonder if they were yet again trying to teach Rachel some humility in getting past her audition choke. She’s Rachel Berry, guys, it’s wrong and it won’t work.

      Third, despite the separate votes, I think couples for prom royalty is a big deal. They established Santana as a natural candidate for prom queen – I don’t see why Brittany would be prom king, other than because she makes up the other half of Brittana. I think this is how anyone (including Rachel) could believe that dozens of people had written in her name – because they’re Finchel.

      I was a teensy bit irritated that while Quinn gives Rachel “everything she ever wanted”, she doesn’t hand it over till after she’s decided she doesn’t want it. Ditto Santana. It cheapens it? (I was also irritated that we might have got that Pezberry locker scene as a way of selling this plot to us, but I prefer your parallel with Quinn getting Rachel to do Santana a favor back in 308.)

      After this ep I’m pretty relieved. Nationals will be a breeze and they can’t find time for the ridiculous wedding. All I want is for them to give the kids a decent send-off and not ruin it with hooks for next season (which I reserve the right to ignore). And not to make the breakup scenes too heartbreaking.

      Now I’m going to shut up to think about Quinn turning into Rachel… Do you have any more caps of Quinn to share? :)

    2. Ylva
      Ylva at · Reply

      I totally love Figgins to! the actor is so great, he doesn’t even need ridiculous lines to be hilarious, just his intonation and facial expressions are gold! And Brit had me rofling in every scene, I died when she skipped up and addressed the glee club “Hello my fellow Americans”, like she really thinks she is the US president (or at least as important).

  13. Jess
    Jess at · Reply

    Last night I somehow came across the recap for Choke and after reading (and loving) it decided it was time to get my act together and read the others for season 3 (because let’s face it, it’s all about QUINN FABRAY). Next thing I knew it was PAST MIDNIGHT and I was trying to stifle my laughter so hard cos everyone else in the house was asleep but they’re all just so goddamn AMAZING. What with the Quinn, skins references, screen caps, Quinn, tremendous writing full stop. So goddamn amazing that I forced myself to go to bed, got up this morning and while I was at uni ‘working’ spent a good whole day continuing through the recaps.
    I had come to the conclusion that this should actually be called ‘The Quinn Fabray Show’ (or ‘The Quinn Fabray Appreciation Show’ or ‘The Quinn Fabray Show: Faberry Finds A Way’, take your pick) and this recap, all 10,791 words of it, cemented this fact in my brain.
    The recap, like our Quinn, was perfect. The in-jokes, the Quinnpreciation, the being able to step back and say yes Faberry may never be sexually a thing (tear) BUT IT’S ABOUT SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. And that Faberry is Endgame. Because really, how could it not be with THIS much canon?
    So yeah, thanks girls.
    Now excuse me while I scroll back up to stare longingly at all the Quinn gifs (I wouldn’t mind one myself, just sayin’ ;P)

  14. Beatrice
    Beatrice at · Reply

    Hello, episode I actually enjoyed watching.
    I haven’t watched a full Glee ep since.. Well.. since On My Way really.
    This episode was so adorably hilarious and hilariously adorable. And I only wanted to murder Fin for like 5 minutes. Bliss!
    Puck and Becky were the sweetest. I loved them. If it weren’t for the Britanna and the Faberry this episode you would have had my heart completely, Pucky.. Pecky? Buck? I vote for Pucky.
    Speaking of votes … Ah.. I can’t.. It’s too much.
    Oh, and and.. I love Naya. I love love love her. And I’m a bit scared of her. Because of Santana. But the gayberry/stop making out with Rachel comments are pure comedy gold. It’s funny cause it’s true.

    I also succumbed to the complete and utter adoration of Dianna Agron for her crinkly eyes, soft voice, kind heart and general adorableness. Also, You Me and Charlie.

    Let love in.
    (I think there should be at least a macro with that, if not a .gif.
    You’re welcome.)

  15. Annie H
    Annie H at · Reply

    Amazing recap as usual, and JFC – Quinn is Rachel, Rachel is Quinn, full circle, the Fabolution, the Fabcycle (A tentative title).

    You ladies, are super smart and help me process my asdfghjkl feeling i could never put down quite so elegantly on-line. I’m such a big fan of yours :D

    I also agree with you re Faberry as a friendship romance, its pretty amazing and why we go crey crey over it, but i actually dont think anything will happen sexy-time wise, which c’mon – we all want, but like Rin i actually don’t think Rachel is gay. But Fabray…well she’s as gay a repressed christian cheerleader who gets pregnant the first time she has drunken sex with a guy despite being chair of the celebacy club.

    More interestingly though, i get 90% of the Faberry vibe (sexy-romantic and friendly-romantic style) from the facial expressions of Dianna alone, maybe Lea season 1-2 (But last half of season 3 not so much…i wonder why…). Im not going to Achele rant because that gets complicated, all im saying is i think Dianna especially thinks her character is gay and thus adds the depth to the relationship we all go nuts for because only a handful of the lines the pair say to each other are blatant “sexy-romantic faberry” e.g. You were singing that to Finn and only Finn right?

    We have no repercussions of this from the writers (like a locker smash kiss…thatd be so good…) except from things like Quinn’s “Rachel Smile” and the longing glances I SWEAR Dianna does on purpose to enrich the Faberryness.

    I am aware that this comment kinda goes off on a tangent but you get the gist of my feels right? do you agree/know what i’m on about?

    I love you both like I love Dianna Agron. A-FREAKING-LOT!

  16. Paige
    Paige at · Reply

    As horrible as Rachel’s monologue is, I love that at the end of it she’s dressed like Funny Girl era Streisand, essentially contradicting everything she just said about forgetting her dream and moving on.

    I might print that Quinn Glory Shot and keep in my purse for emergencies.

    Also I know I’m incredibly late in saying this but while we’re hating on Finn, in ‘On My Way’ when they’re talking about what they’re looking forward to he says he’s going to get his father’s discharge changed to an honourable one – why? What? How? Didn’t he get dishonourably discharged for a reason? On what grounds can he change that? Maybe he can borrow Brittany/Sugar’s time machine.

    Hilarious recap as always :)

  17. Karen
    Karen at · Reply

    Agree 100% with everything! I’m a huge sucker for parallels so with where these kids were at prom 2011 to where they are now at prom 2012, is just BEAUTIFUL (except for Finn, he’s just the same old brute).

    And yay for Brittany! I loved the whole beginning of the episode width all her deadpan glory! When her eyes go all wide after fake Rachel insults her prom idea and her “BEST. PROM. everrrrrrr.” Cutest.

    I can totally understand how Santana genuinely thought it unfathomable that Brittany only got 4 votes. If you ask me she was the best prom king candidate up there.

  18. Marina
    Marina at · Reply

    I feel like I just read a dissertation on Faberry or something. And ngl, I may have teared up at some parts. They’re just so perfect. And this recap is so perfect. And just, all the Quinn smiles for you guys for doing these recaps.

  19. Juli3
    Juli3 at · Reply


  20. AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish
    AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish at · Reply

    THANKS for the AMAZING recap ladies!!! It was very enjoyable and exactly to the point :)

    Most of all, I want to thank SOPHY for this particularly nuanced and well written bit of analysis:

    “And that’s kind of what I love about Faberry – it’s very much a romantic friendship, in the sense that whilst there may be nothing sexual between them, there is a TON of romantic tension – because they mean too many things to each other, you know? They mean too many things to each other to be just friends. It can never be that simple. And it’s all those layers that create confusion and tingliness regardless of sexual orientation.“

    I love it and I completely agree!

    And thanks RIN for the Leslie-Ann reference. I loved it, obviously ;)

    Concerning the Finn rage, I am all there with you guys. I just couldn’t believe he would try and force Quinn out of the chair. That was just beyond horrible and I am so fed up with the way they’ve been writing Finn lately. He used to be quite a sweet, not the brightest, but a well meaning character, however, now, or better this entire season, they’ve completely destroyed the character for me, which pisses me of.

    And again, I have to refer to DrSheBloggo’s apt analysis of the whole scenario, because my frustration with this whole thing is pretty much summed up perfectly in this part:
    „Are we supposed to believe Finn when he calls Quinn a crazy liar and yells at her about how selfish she is? About how she has everything, and how Rachel has nothing? Last I checked, Quinn Fabray has never had everything. I would love it if other characters would stop negating Quinn’s canon struggles and telling her she has everything she wants. Because even when it looked like she had everything, she really didn’t, which, I repeat for the umpteenth time, was the point of the character. And she certainly doesn’t have everything now, as she’s recovering from a near-death experience and trying to regain her ability to walk. And it’s here where a second layer of insult is added to Quinn’s portrayal in this episode – is Quinn’s status as wheelchair-bound really being wielded to make us suspicious about her intent when it comes to a prom queen vote? It is bad enough that this storyline has thus far been incorporated into the narrative as equal parts non-issue and half-assed romantic storyline with a random. It’s bad enough that the writers are trying to fly the idea that no one is going to physical therapy with Quinn except Teen Jesus. It’s bad enough that Quinn was simply absent for two episodes and seems completely fine when she is present. I’m not sure the fallout from this car accident could have been any more haphazardly handled, unless Quinn died, incorporated as a ghost, and then followed the students of McKinley around, pelting them with wads of chewed gum without any explanation whatsoever.

    Regardless, Quinn had a plan to walk at prom, and Finn thought this was the most nefarious thing ever, and tried to physically force her out of the wheelchair so that the whole school could see what a “crazy liar” she is. (More points against Glee not taking Quinn’s spinal injury seriously – there are no real consequences for Finn potentially jeopardizing her personal health like that? Oh, okay.) He also accused her of being the reason he’s not at the anti-prom with Rachel. Ah, don’t you just love an aggressive and violent Finn Hudson who doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions? I’m so glad he’s around to call Rachel selfish and also to tell her how sexy and beautiful she is! Give that boy a crown!“ (http://www.drshebloggo.com/2012/05/rbi-report-prom-saurus.html)

    I have to say though that a dinosaur themed prom might be the best idea ever in the history of proms on film and television. And Brittany’s face heart sign was maybe one of the most adorable moments in the entire series.

    I am sooooooooooooooooooooo glad QUINNDEPENDENCE is back. Those last few episodes after the crash were causing me physical pain and I am really anxious to see what will happen in the last three episodes and I am already feeling pretty sad about the end of Glee as we know it. I kinda already miss all those wonderful group numbers and it feels like we’re graduating with them and I just wish the entire Glee club could just sing “We are young” or “Don’t stop believing” forever and ever and ever…*sigh*

    Ok, I’ll go now and watch me some AnnIsBeautiful and QuinnIsBeautiful just because I can :)

  21. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    First things first…you two are amazing. I love what you see in these characters and how you express it.

    So, the episode. I don’t think Glee has ever caused me to reach such extremes in emotion all in one hour as they did with this one. First it was the utter disappointment that Quinn was back to wanting Prom Queen at any cost, showing zero emotional growth after ALL the crap she has gone through in the last year. Literally, it was like the Michael Jackson episode never happened. I was devastated. Then I was seething with anger when freaking Finn Hudson swoops in with his white male savior complex and tries to force Quinn out of her chair. What the hell. (I seriously need someone to show Rachel a video of this moment they took on their phone so she can see what a jackass he is.) At that moment I was sure I was going to hate this episode so much. And then the writers decided to completely mess with my mind and give us the best Faberry moment ever. Her greatest accomplishment in high school. Oh my goodness. This show.

    I have to say I was a little annoyed at how they handled the whole Quinn walking again thing. It was VERY CLEAR when she was in therapy w/ Joe that she was not walking well and not ready to show it yet. Not for any selfish reasons, or to sway any sympathy votes. But because she’s not as far as she wants to be yet, so she’ll wait. Then Finn catches her standing (NOT WALKING…STANDING) in the bathroom, and suddenly it’s all because she’s trying to fool people? And they didn’t totally sell me about it being a misinterpretation by Finn. They kind of made it seem like Quinn did that on purpose. I really don’t like that inconsistency, and I’m tired of them assassinating the female characters on this show.

    More reasons to hate Finn:
    1) His BEST FRIEND says he’ll go to Prom next year because he’ll still be there because he failed and all. Finn’s response – smile and walk away. Dude. (Actually, I’m kinda pissed at Rachel for walking away from that one too. OOC.)
    2) His look of utter shock when Rachel is announced Prom Queen. Earlier in the ep, he said he voted for Rachel in the nomination round, but you know he did NOT write her name in for queen at the actual dance. He should have been leading a write in campaign, dammit.
    3) For a long time I thought Ryan Murphy was trying to live out his ideal teenage years as a gay kid through how Kurt was written. Particularly in season 2. This season I’m beginning to wonder which writer wanted to be the golden boy jock who could do no wrong (even when he does SO much wrong) and is in charge of Finn character development.

    And now I feel like this review is too long, and a bit too negative. Because really. Best Faberry moment ever.

    (I am waiting for the next few episodes. Waiting for them to give me my glorious Rachel Berry back. But I’m trying not to hope too much because then I will be so upset with this show. But if they do give her back… And it’s because of what Quinn did for her, and how she sees herself now because of how her friends (Quinn) see her. Oh, that is a story arc I can love and appreciate.)

    1. Tammy
      Tammy at · Reply

      Oh, and I almost forgot. Quinn giving Rachel Prom Queen? Shades of Class Protector Award, I think. Hooray for Buffy feelings.

      1. Wlfgrrl
        Wlfgrrl at · Reply

        Faberry and Buffy feelings are the BEST feelings!

        And if I recall correctly, Buffy’s prom gown and Rachel’s are wonderfully similar. I so need a Tumblr Wizard to create an image of Faberry with the little decorated parasol/umbrella aka “The Class Protector” Award! :)

  22. Ruth
    Ruth at · Reply

    I think this might be a long one, so I want to start with saying that this recap was a joy to read and thank you for continuing to share with all of us.

    Ok. So. I am the proud owner of a kabillion pairs of ship goggles. I have them in all shapes, sizes, styles, colours… I can watch the same scene three times with three different ship goggles and see three different things. I can trawl tumblr looking at photosets and videos and manips and fic and love it all. But… when I actually watch a new episode for the first time, I’m pretty good at putting all that aside and trying to understand what story the show is trying to tell.

    Having said that, I literally have NO IDEA what on earth this episode is supposed to be about if it is not about the fact that Quinn Fabray is 100% completely and totally IN LOVE with Rachel Berry.

    I just.
    I don’t.
    Maybe Glee really did break my brain because THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO VIEW THAT EPISODE OF TELEVISION!

    When Quinn is sat in the hallway looking up at Rachel as she talks about their friendship, I remember clearly thinking, ‘Wait. What? Am I supposed to be getting something else from this’. There was no crack!ship subtext in that scene. There was just text. Like, bold, all caps TEXT.
    No joke. It was cray.

    Even Finn, (who I have full on hated for most of this series) before this, I thought it was obvious how awful he was but I could also see how the idiot writers were trying to justify him. This episode? If I read in a fanfic that he tried to remove a tiny girl with a recent spinal injury from her wheelchair, I would be thinking ‘Well this Finn bashing is a bit OTT!’
    I can’t work out how we’re supposed to take that as Finn being a resonable character. It cannot be interpreted that way.

    This episode could easily stand alone as a film. We start with an injured, insecure girl who overcomes her adversity, does a silly thing in the second act (but in reality it’s harmless because she’s the heroine, duh) and eventually triumphs in finding herself and doing the great selfless act for the person she loves.
    It’s even complete with the love of her life’s current dick of a boyfriend and sassy sidekick who blates knows what’s going on and gives her shit about it whilst still being supportive. All that’s missing is the optional last 15 mins when Rachel decides Quinn is everything she’s looking for and turns up in New Haven with a snappy one-liner before the big kiss finish.

    I honestly think there is an experiment that could be done where you show it to people who have never seen the show before and ask them to tell you what’s going on.
    Just. I’m betting they would even guess it’s about a glee club.

    And I can’t decide whether it’s even more brilliant to have them not actually be a romance and yet still be written as a romance. Or whether I just want them to have sex. Dilemma.
    LOL to this.

    The End.

  23. angelica
    angelica at · Reply

    Everytime I watch glee and Quinn and Rachel are in the same room all I can think is, why aren’t you hugging??? or having some sort of contact? And then I remember their romantic relationship is only in my head haha. I blame ff.net. Anyway I’m glad I have this place to come to because I know tons of glee fans but I’m pretty sure I’m the only faberry shipper.
    Basically I agree with everything, I won’t even waste time talking about what a jerk Finn is and how Rachel deserves infinitely better. Would it be too much to ask for a Quinn of my own?

  24. Jess
    Jess at · Reply

    Ha… so in Best Scene, I misread the first 3 words of Sophy’s comment after the “Don’t you want to leave this place having made a difference?” caps as:

    “So much pretty…”

    Didn’t bat an eyelid, just agreed vehemently and kept reading.

  25. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    You guys win at life.
    This recap was perfect. I agree 100% with you on everything so I’m not gonna ramble :)

    The first half of the episode was anger/torture/WTF/I-want-to-kill-Finn-or-buy-him-a-ticket-on-flight-815-so-the-smoke-monster-can-eat-him.
    Then everything was Faberry, and the Faballway, and the “Stop making out with Berry” (Santana is onto you Quinn!!!) and it (almost) made me forget about all the hate I had in me. I still hate Finn’s guts. But maybe I’ll tolerate him if Rachel breaks up with him. Yeah…

    Love you guys !

  26. Wlfgrrl
    Wlfgrrl at · Reply

    Rin? Sophy?

    I sincerely thank you for that… it was the PERFECT recap. You covered every point and stand-out moment, ones that I hadn’t caught and those that I wanted to talk about as well (even down to the dress colours!) and you did it as eloquently as always. You are superstars! I vote y0u both Queens of the Recap Prom! :) (I shall even craft you both crowns out of the beer crates of your choice!) ;)

    Loved your mention of the shenanigans that can occur when über-competitive ladies are running for Prom/Homecoming crowns (a la Buffy?). What I wouldn’t GIVE for Cordelia Chase to leap out of nowhere with her “spatula of death” and smack Finn Hudson upside the head once, twice… a thousand times! Or could you even imagine how Faith would have responded to his bullshit ‘speechifying’ and man (make that ‘moron’) handling of Quinn? (She always did have a thing for cool, calm and capable blondes!) Scott Hope got off easy, I think Finn Hudson would be in a UNIVERSE of hurt, not just a mere ‘world’. At any rate, it did put into perspective how mild Quinn’s campaign efforts were.

    Finn’s entire reaction to Quinn in this epi just had me even more firmly convinced that he truly believes (on some messed up level) that she purposefully interrupted the wedding with the cunning use of high speed T-boning and near-death experiences. (Is there NO END to her “selfishness”??) His over-the-top reaction to her standing, the “a ha!” aspect of it, like he’d unveiled a machiavelian-esque plot of some sort, was truly gobsmacking. You’ve got to be a very “special” sort of stupid to believe that Quinn was actually entirely healed and capable of more than the most basic (and brief) of vertical, physically exertive movement. (Or perhaps a writer on this show since they also believe that an accident, such as the one shown, resulted in no visible scarring) But then, Finn has evolved into a very “special” boy indeed. (*insert Olympic-level eye rolling here)

    I very much loved that you pointed out:

    “Rachel crowned Quinn. Then Quinn crowned Rachel.”

    When I watched the episode, I thought that immediately, and then promptly thought of this (and it fits from both vantage points):

    I have named you queen.
    There are taller than you, taller.
    There are purer than you, purer.
    There are lovelier than you, lovelier.
    But you are the queen.

    When you go through the streets
    No one recognizes you.
    No one sees your crystal crown, no one looks
    At the carpet of red gold
    That you tread as you pass,
    The nonexistent carpet.

    And when you appear
    All the rivers sound
    In my body, bells
    Shake the sky,
    And a hymn fills the world.

    Only you and I,
    Only you and I, my love,
    Listen to it.

    ~Pablo Neruda, Love Poems

    I highly doubt ANY writer of Glee could have had this intentionally in mind for the Faberry dynamic but again, it fits them perfectly.

    I agree wholeheartedly that they profoundly love each other and it is something that is outside of the sexual aspects. At this point in their lives, it is truly “platonic” and perhaps always will be. (But hey, that’s what fanfiction is for! ;) ) I do think that Quinn is fully aware of her feelings while Rachel, not so much. I fully envision Quinn having a glorious, full-on, “I’m Coming Out” musical montage whilst at Yale. The gaydar doesn’t just “bing” with her, it’s a siren of ‘air raid’ epic proportions. As the joke goes, the definition of “pressed lemon” in the dictionary is a photo of her. ;) I do so want her to have her happy ending with Rachel, because no one understands either one of them like the other does. But again, perhaps that will be in their (untelevised) future… that way the writers couldn’t royally fuck it up and fatally fumble the “Faball” like they so often have in the past.

    Again, thank you for your glorious recap! :)

  27. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    That prom election ruined the whole thing. Quinn might have chosen to step aside for Santana when Rachel made her realize that she didn’t need a dumb crown to feel good about herself, but Santana would never have given up. Plus, it’s not a good thing to ignore an election and hand the prize to your friend, and it’s also not “making a change.” How noone screamed that they didn’t vote for Rachel is weird for Slushie-Central High School. Then again, this is the school who voted for Finn and he’s not … anything. At least Rachel looks the part, which is why it was always riddiculous to act like she was a dorky outsider next to Quinn.

    At least Brittany got to sing a song that was long overdue. Maybe she can repeat it next time Santana acts like she has the hots for a 40-50 year old man despite being gay.

  28. Scattered letters
    Scattered letters at · Reply

    I love this episode and your recap was absolutely perfect! I swear, my whole Glee watching experience is not complete without your recap to serve as the always delicious dessert to Glee’s cafeteria mystery meat (depending on what Glee dishes out, your recap is either the perfect ending or the palate cleanser hehe).
    Parallels galore and I loved it like Quinn loves Rachel. The episode started with Rachel’s monologue about the end of a dream and how this frees you up for other dreams, “smaller” dreams ( I must admit my heart hurt when I heard this from Rachel Barbra Berry). Rachel gave up on her dream but gave Quinn her’s (BY ONE VOTE! -all caps because that’s how it is written in Quinn’s head. Just like RACHEL!). And it ends with Quinn letting go of her dream and giving it to Rachel in the grandest, most epic romantic gesture ever! Reminding Rachel that she is Rachel Barbra Berry and deserves to be on the stage. She might be engaged to Finn and dance with him at prom but SHE IS A LOT MORE THAN THAT!!! I love how as Rachel walks up to the stage, Finn’s face is all “hmm, how did that happen” and Smitten Quitten’s expression is like, “Here you go, Superstar.”
    Faberry is the longest running, most coherent story arc in Glee. They set this up with the Rachel – Santana friendship and Rachel choking during her audition. But even before that, they had last year’s prom. And in season 1 they had SQ giving Rachel that photo in the yearbook that she really, really wanted. Rachel didn’t know about that one either. I agree that if the world wasn’t so heteronormative they would be the penultimate OTP on Glee.
    Quinn is turning out to be one of my favorite romantic teen heroes (Quinnpernova is brilliant!). This is her holding the boom box over her head, waiting for Rachel to climb her (lawn mower) and ride off into the sunset with her. Then Quinn punches her leather clad fist in the air while wearing one of Rachel’s G Clef earrings on her ear with Take my Breath Away playing in the background.*swoon*
    I also love how Quinn can be scheming and manipulative. I like it when my heroes struggle with their dark sides. Dark sides that resulted from not having love and acceptance or understanding in their lives NOT from just being a dick (I’m looking at you Foam Stopper Finn). Heck, I love my romantic heroes to be just a tad bit crazy (Faith, Phantom, Mr Rochester). The fact that Quinn’s moral compass is wobbly but still always manages to find the right direction when in the vicinity of her True North (POLARISRACHEL!). I just. *sigh*
    Lastly, I wish that the next time Finn has a tantrum, Quinn would just give Finn an emphatic and dignified “Good day, Sir!” and walk away like the perfect romantic hero that she is.
    Thanks again for a wonderful recap! :)

  29. Tante
    Tante at · Reply

    I’m pretty good at ignoring all the ridiculous shit that goes on in Glee. Mostly I just focus on Brittana and lately Quinn since Rophy made me realice her gloriousness. But Finn in this episode was just too much for my brain to filter. After that whole trying to force Quinn out of her chair business I had a small rage and/or desperation black out and then everything was Faberry and nothing hurt.

    I honestly need to thank you, Rophy, for my newly awakened appreciation for both Quinn and Dianna. I used to have my Brittana goggles on so firmly that I saw only them when watching Glee. But after reading all these recaps praising Quinn and Faberry I very carefully slid my goggles off and got all kinds of feelings. Me and my new shiny Faberry goggles are grateful.

    1. Tante
      Tante at · Reply

      Oh, and why oh why does Finn’s name have to Finn? I’m from Finland so the fact that the name of that sad sack of potatoes is the same as my nationality is so not cool.

  30. Scattered letters
    Scattered letters at · Reply

    Oh and let me just add how I LOVE the fact that Quinn stood up to sing to Rachel! She stood up to sing to her!!!! Quinn effectively married her big moment to Rachel’s! The night Rachel Berry became Prom Queen was the same one where Quinn Fabray had her Prom Miracle. There are just not enough exclamation points in the world!!!

  31. Lina
    Lina at · Reply

    I would have forgiven Joe everything if he had clocked finn (he doesn’t deserve a capital letter) right there. It’s just mind-boggling how I went from hating him to just be sickened by him. HOW ON EARTH are the writers even concocting these ideas???? And HOW does these things even pass scrutiny? SOMEONE must have thought “Isn’t this character assassination of galactic proportions?” Where on earth are they even planning to go with this???? Because I wont be assuaged with his mere death at this point. My burning HATE can only be stilled by something akin to his death in a meat grinder.

    Last I’d like to point out that I love Cory Monteith.

  32. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    This episode is one of the strangest things ever, because the first half is one of the WORST things I’ve ever seen, JESUS, FINN!!!! Brittany doesn’t always land for me and this was one of those times, Rachels monologue was so very horrible I think I actually stopped breathing, anti-prom, friendships pushed aside, it was all just DO NOT WANT! for me.
    BUT then we roll into Puck making Becky that beer case crown, and suddenly it completely flips. That’s one of the sweetest, loveliest things I’ve ever seen Glee do. There was definitely a little tear in my eye. AND THEN QUINN AND RACHEL HAPPENED. I still can not get over Rachel saying Quinn is her favourite achievement. (Also the line at the beginning where Rachel says to Finn about how he gets all the attention from the blonde cheerleader, not that she’s jealous of Finn fawning over Quinn, she’s jealous of Quinn being into Finn. RYAN MURPHY DOES STUFF LIKE THAT ON PURPOSE YOU GUYS!) And then QUINN FABRAY SILENTLY HANDS RACHEL THE THING SHE’S WANTED MOST SINCE PROBABLY FOREVER.
    AND I didn’t care so much about Quinn’s wheelchair storyline, it was handled horrifically, no one cared, she was getting better, but when Dianna Agron pushes herself out of that chair, I think a little bit of my heart exploded. It was just, like to start with I wanted to laugh because if you have just learned to stand up again what the hell are you doing trying to do it in heels, RIDICULOUS SHOW! But Dianna Agron is just the most beautiful, vunerable, wonderful revelation of perfection, and the way Santana swoops in to help her while she serenades Rachel Berry, THAT IS JUST MORE THAN I EVER EVEN ASKED FOR GLEE?!?! HOW CAN YOU START AN EPISODE WITH SUCH A GIANT MESS AND THEN TURN INTO THAT?!?! I cried my eyes out and I’m not even sorry.
    The actual tragic torture of knowing that Rachel will never know that Quinn did this for her, like how Quinn will never know about the corsage, and all the other tiny little Faberry things we’re supposed to just let lie, the hearts drawing or the stares or the hand-holding, it’s so heart-breaking you guys, I just can’t, I CAN’T

    And can I just say, obviously Lea and Dianna look ridiulously beautiful every episode, but this was just a whole new level. Rachel looks more beautiful, because duh, she just looks like Lea going to something (where she plans to press her magnetic vagina to another one perhaps?!) but Quinn in that dress doesn’t look like Dianna, she just looks breath-taking, like a stunning and perfect version of the Quinn Rachel just told her she’d become. Rin sometimes I just think your purpose in life is to encourage me to give in and create the serial-killer creepy wallpaper of gifs around my room I want to make so bad! QUINN MEEEEEE!!!! :D (And Rachel me too please. I need it. To live. Otherwise I’ll die.)

  33. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    Not gonna lie I was pretty excited for this recap and Y’ALL DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

    Basically Quinn is the gayest thing to ever gay and all is good.

    ANd yes, I am THROUGH with excusing Finn’s behaviour. He is the fucking worst and I just…GOD, if I have to accept that Finchel is fucking endgame or whatever WHY DO THEY KEEP HAVING TO PULL BULLSHIT LIKE THIS.

    AND YES TO THE WHEELCHAIR THING! I was like “OK, YES she can walk, but BARELY! SHE IS STILL HOBBLING! She still needed that wheelchair technically! She definitely would not have been able to stand all night! GOOD LORD FUCK YOU FINN!”

    Also LOLS the hair gel. I am kind of sad though because I think they are using this as an excuse to plaster his hair down, because they’re like “oh look it goes poufy” even though it looks adorbs. BUT DO THEY NOT REALISE THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN “NO HAIR GEL” AND ALL THE HAIR GEL?” Remember in season 2 his hair was all beautifully sculpted and now it’s just FLAT. RELEASE THE CURLS! At least a little bit!

    Also omg did you guys get the Grease reference, when Becky was playing the xylophone and then kept going and then Sue put her hand on her to stop her? WIN.

  34. Valerie "PunkyStarshine"
    Valerie "PunkyStarshine" at · Reply

    Reason #9203482 why I love you guys: You take Glee as seriously as I do.

    I could probably write this much about Santana’s plotline and how far she’s come since last prom (From being afraid they’d be able to sense the gay, “Do I smell like a golf course?” to singing a song on stage and changing the pronoun to make sense for her and her GIRLFRIEND who is her DATE) so I really value reading your in depth analysis on the glory of Faberry.

    And I was with you guys, I gave Finn a break time and time again. He was an idiot, he did really stupid things, but Rachel seems to love him and Quinn thought he did too once and hell even Santana slept with him once so I thought maybe he wasn’t all bad.

    I was wrong. They’re all gay and he’s all wrong. Mean and wrong. And he never gets called out on it. Except a strong stfu from Sue, he never gets scolded or put in his place for MANHANDLING QUINN. Not to mention TALKING OVER SANTANA SINGING.

    I think they need to make him sing What It Feels Like For A Girl again but this time do it while wearing only his boxers and being yelled at, insulted and physically harassed by someone two feet taller than him at the same time.

    Eh hem. Anyway…I guess my point is…

    Rophy? Do you have any idea what you mean to me? <3

    1. Valerie "PunkyStarshine"
      Valerie "PunkyStarshine" at · Reply

      I realize I misquoted Glee, but I did quote my heart properly. I adore you guys so much that my brain was mishmosh by the time I got to the end of the recap and spewed out my feelings. <3

  35. A
    A at · Reply

    Nice recap once again! I just imagine cory reading the script and apologizing to dianna upfront, like “omg i can’t believe it, they put you in a wheelchair and yet again i have to behave like an ass towards you…” and then she would go akakakakaka!
    And loved the cheezy “Take my breath away”! Her voice was perfect for it!

  36. monkeyme80
    monkeyme80 at · Reply

    first i like to say that texas hates finn too in case you didn’t know we all carry guns here :) and i love faberry quinn giving up her crown to her queen love

  37. christina
    christina at · Reply

    “And this isn’t just about a crown. This is about Quinn giving away, “everything I’ve ever wanted,” to Rachel because she saw a chance to make a difference. To make a difference in Rachel’s life by giving her a boost of confidence and a night that she’ll remember for the rest of her life. Quinn gave her the high school dream that Quinn has always wanted, because Rachel needed it. Rachel needed to be reminded of just how special she is, and how she is just as beautiful and inspiring as Rachel thinks Quinn is. Because the truth is… Rachel Berry is Quinn Fabray’s strength. AND GOD. RACHEL AND QUINN. Could you love each other any more? I THINK NOT. All they ever want to do is prove to the other how special they are. I just. Quite simply put, they are the romance of Glee. Long after the show is over, it’s going to be their story that I remember, and I think a lot of people feel the same way. And that’s pretty awesome.”

    AMEN! Like first of all, I hated Finn for trying to hurt Quinn in her chair and humiliate her. Because really who does he think he is!? But I forgot all about that once Faberry happened. And my God. Rachel’s speech and then what Quinn does for Rachel? They are the best romance that never happened. Do I think they should happen? Absolutely, but the reality is that they most likely won’t. That doesn’t change the fact that Quinn gave up her long-time dream of being Prom Queen to crown Rachel and make her feel wanted and special, which is how Quinn sees her. She is the cream of the crop to Quinn, she is the best. And so she does the least selfless thing I’ve ever seen her do and I wish, I SO WISH RACHEL FOUND OUT SO THAT SHE COULD’VE KICKED FINN’S ASS FOR LAYING A HAND ON QUINN. Then she could’ve said BYE FINN, and walked, yes, walked right out of there with Quinn and they could’ve made love all night. But I digress. We may never have a Brittana-like romance on the show, but ya know what? Faberry has been even better. They are better, more real, and more deep then every couple and relationship and how they’ve been executed. Of course I would love to see real Faberry, but I also don’t want it to be ruined. So thank God for fanfiction. At least we’ll always have that.

  38. Fernanda
    Fernanda at · Reply

    loved all you said!!

    just missed this:

    Rachel voted for her!!! and she won by one vote!!

    the writers… they do like to mess with us…

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