317 — Dance With Somebody

Best Song

Mercedes, Santana, Kurt, Rachel – How Will I Know

Sophy says: One of the best performances on Glee, to be honest. The four vocalists sounded wonderful together, and the a capella, the staging and lighting and the sudden costume changes, the spotlight and ‘Glee’ and just. Perfect. And I can’t get over how inspired the colouring of their outfits is. It’s not the most obvious colour combination – the soft gold, the muted purple, the smooth silver-grey and the stark white… and yet it works like nobody’s business. Inspired.

This number made a really effective start to the episode, swiftly and unequivocally introducing the themes: Whitney, and doubt. Normally these tribute episodes don’t work so well, but I feel like this was nicely set up and Emma’s explanation of the Princess Di effect, and the way we sometimes grieve for the things that are far enough away not to hurt so much instead of looking at what’s actually tearing us up? Pretty clever way of giving Whitney a Glee send-off and not having it be entirely gratuitous.

PS. Emma’s singular “my friend” was the cutest thing.

I have to say though, I really enjoyed all the performances in this episode. Except the one with dread-locks. Because.

But yeah, Blaine’s, Kurt’s and Brittana’s performances in particular were all superb in every way.

Rin says: This was. Breathtaking.

BECAUSE. I MEAN. ‘How Will I Know’ is one of my favourite Whitney songs, and this interpretation of it was just stellar. You get four of the most amazing voices that Glee has, and they basically just let the voices speak for themselves. As strange as that sounds.. voices speaking for themselves… BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. No over-production, just beautiful beautiful voices. The harmonies, the simple choreography. All brilliant and wonderful and subtle and such a good opening for the show.

And when the beat eventually kicks in, I cannot. I just.. it gives me chills and makes me want to achieve things. Or something.

Also I have to say that I might still be smarting from that time Blaine had 3 major songs in Big Brother, and then opened Saturday Night Glee-ver.. so when It’s Not Right started, I was like… okay… BUT THEN. THEY HAD THE REST OF THE GLEE CLUB BACKING HIM UP IN BOTH THE CHOIR ROOM AND THE DREAMY MUSIC VIDEO AND OH MY FAR GO. I love it so much =))

BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL GLOWING WITH THAT MAGICAL 80s GLOW AND HAHAA. It’s so cuuuuuuute. And I love how they’re all pissed off and accusatory of Kurt and banding together and awww <3 My babies <3

So I have to include a cap.


Also, when Dianna sings and puts her hand out, it’s one of the best things in this world. It just is.

Oh and I really like ‘My Love Is Your Love’ too. Because.. the kids. Singing stuff like, ‘My love is your love, and your love is my love. It would take an eternity to break us.’ Is.. well. It’s my kids, and friendship and and.. donuts.

Sophy says: All Blaine overkill aside, you can’t resent that number. Resenting it is NOT RIGHT AND NOT OKAY EITHER.



Biggest LOL


Sophy says: Oh god, I SQUEALED it was so cute. Just. Vintage Emma.

Rin says: EMMA. You are a prince among men.


Sophy says: Oh please. We all know that in the real world Rachel fixes Quinn’s makeup for her in the fabathroom.

I also loved how Quinn spilled her emotional guts in this scene and everyone kind of looked on and Santana especially looked like she was plotting a good old fashioned Quinntana heart to heart and then… they just left it all up to that guy with the dreadlocks. :-j

Just like everyone left her senior ditch day up to Artie. :-j

So. Much. Fail.

Rin says: I love that you just turned this into another No.

BUT HAHAAH. I don’t know. It’s just a funny image with all the girls looking one way and Quinn off by herself, using the shiny hand dryer. It’s an adorable detail that I didn’t want to go unnoticed.


Best Scene

“Yeah, but these kids changed my life.”

Sophy says: See this is one of those times where I forget everything douchey or ridiculous that Will Schuster has ever done or failed to do and I just look at him and it’s like we’re meeting for the very first time all over again and oh.

Basically the whole ‘let’s put the wedding forward’ plotline was flawless in every way, from Don from Big Love making a cameo as Mr Lavender, to Will actually being the neurotic one in the relationship, to Emma’s face in that final cap? All of it, perfect. And that moment when Emma tells him that he’ll get a new group of kids next year, and he’s all BUT THESE KIDS CHANGED MY LIFE. I just. I FUCKING JUST.

Rin says: THIS SCENE MAKES ME TEAR UP, OKAY? It really does.

Because this is that moment in Don’t Stop Believin’ and it’s that moment when Will is off stage watching his Glee kids perform in competition for the first time… and it’s that moment when he’s on the phone listening to them sing ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’. It’s everything that I love about Will and his relationship with these kids and how they really did change his life for the better.

So as much as they try to turn Will into a joke, or whatever, I will still love him.

Also, I have to say I was completely caught off-guard as to why he was being such a prick about not postponing the wedding. Maybe cause I’m not that familiar with the American school year, or what kind of timeline Glee runs on.. but yeah. When Emma knew that Will wanted the wedding earlier so the Glee kids would attend.. I just. It was like a slap in the face because AW OMG WILL THAT’S SO ENDEARING AND SWEET AND AW I WISH GLEE WOULD STOP MAKING YOU DO STUPID THINGS BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME AND AMAZING AND AND AND. :-.

And Emma is the best.

And does this mean that their wedding is going to be a S4 thing? I’m really happy they’re putting it off because as much as I look forward to it, these last few episodes should be all about the kids that are graduating.

Sophy says: Yeah, I didn’t pick that it was about Will wanting to do it before Graduation either, and so I spent the whole episode in a state of cat-like readiness in case it was just plain old douchebag Will rushing things to get some season-ending nuptials. But then it wasn’t. It wasn’t douchebag Will. It was weak Will. It was frightened, small Will, who needs Emma to sort him out and set him straight – and who knows it, and appreciates it. And I like that Will a lot.

And really my heart totally broke when I realized that he thinks maybe the kids don’t love him like he loves them… or they don’t need him like he needs them – not anymore – because he will be left behind – because they are on their way.

LOL well except Quinn. She’s sitting in a wheelchair worrying about how no boy could want her.

And there I go, turning it into a no again.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“And Quinn, you’re still dancing in my dreams. And you can fly and breathe fire.”

Sophy says: Honestly one of my favourite random Brittany’s ever. It was just the sweetest, cutest, most hilarious thing. And Quinn’s darling face when she said it. Perfect moment.

Also it immediately made me think of one thing and one thing only. And then Rin went ahead and made all my dreams come true as usual. See below.


p.s. Dianna Agron acts the pants off that reaction shot. Stunning.

Sophy says: Just like how she “acts” the pants off you.

Also, I’d like to congratulate Brittany for knowing Quinn is a big gay. She thinks Joe’s a girl. She thinks it’s perfectly normal for Quinn to be into her. Kudos, Britt. Now I’m definitely siding with the people who think she’s a secret genius.

Rin says: HAHA that line from Brittany was pretty genius. And ALSO. WE FORGOT TO MENTION LAST WEEK.





Rophy Says No!

Quinndependence? Where art thou?

Sophy says: No. Just no.

And not because I want Quinn to be gay. Sorry, not because I firmly believe Quinn is gay, and the googly eyes are and “something new” are merely her enjoying the attention from dreads in a Look, don’t touch way.



Anyway, let me explain the real reason why I hate this so very much. It’s because it’s a repeat of what happened in that episode in which everyone went to Six Flags and left Quinn to chill with that other guy who never gave a crap about her previously. Because, you know, Teen Jesus is Quinn’s best friend these days. He’s the only person at the school who would offer to help her with her physical therapy, let alone insist on helping. Santana, Brittany, Rachel, Puck and Mercedes apparently all do not care.

And that is probably the most offensively OOC place this show has ever gone to. And okay, I know it’s all just sloppy, lazy writing, and we’re supposed to believe they’re really still Quinn’s friends, it’s just they’re busy with other plotlines and the show really needs to find a cheap and cheerful way to shove Teen Jesus into Quinn’s path. But if anything that makes me resent it more. Because it’s like they just don’t care. It’s like they think this miserable contrivance is good enough for Quinn Fabray.

And it’s not.

Quinn Fabray deserves better than this.

And yeah, I’ll say it. My beloved Faberry deserves better than this.



Anyway, let’s take a trip into the whacked out minds of the Glee writers in which she’s apparently supposed to be straight these days. Wouldn’t she vastly prefer not to have a horny teenage boy she barely knows fondling her limbs? Because sure, Quinn’s a trooper and all, but physio-boners are not okay. They’re really fucking not okay, oh my god.

If I were her, I would sure rather have, oh, I don’t know, my close friends,or maybe that family I’m supposed to have tucked away somewhere, doing this for me than some random who may or may not have the hots for me?


And another thing, Teen Jesus’ reason for helping, aside from the fact that Quinn is pretty and vulnerable and if he helps get her parts working again he might get to use them someday –




Um. So Teen Jesus’ reason for helping Quinn is that he cares about her and is a Christian who believes in taking action to help people when they need it.

You know who else fills all of those criteria and actually Quinn’s friend?









I’ll be licking my wounds for a while on this one. Mostly because I made the mistake of imagining how fucking adorable it would have been to see the whole Glee club taking turns helping Quinn with her therapy, and all the laughing and singing and loving that would have gone on with it.

There will always be a hole in my heart where that montage should have been.


And can I just mention how fucking depressing it was to see Quinn saying things like how nobody would be into her and it doesn’t matter what she wants and she’s said goodbye to that part of her life? Can I even express how gross it was to watch her singing about how her friends tell her she needs a boy of her own but she just cries and ends up alone? Worst song choice ever? Can I get an amen to that?

And then, insult to injury, salt in wound, when she starts to turn her frown upside down it is all about a boy and the fact that he valiantly finds her attractive despite how “grossed out” he should naturally be by her and her chair.


What happened to the Quinndependence, show? Did you hate it that much? What do you hate more, Glee? Quinn being an emancipated awesome female or Rachel being an emancipated awesome female? Maybe that should be the subject of our next poll here at rophydoes.


Rin says: Yeah. I have to say, the most frustrating thing about this is how they’re backpeddaling. They’re taking everything that they’ve spent this season building upon, Quinn going crazy as a result of her lack of a future and pretty much having very little self-worth — to eventually turning around and finally finally finally believing in herself. She was standing tall and had come to a place where she was finally accepting herself for who she is, owning it, and actually liking it. Quinn Fabray was LIKING the person she was.

AND THAT is huge. It’s everything for the character. She was proud and was starting to ask for things that she wanted for herself. Quinn Fabray never did anything for just her. You can argue that all the boys and scheming and all of that was for her, but it wasn’t. It was for someone she thought she should be. But as she went through hell etc, she grew up and started to be okay with just being her.

And that’s what Quinn’s entire story has pretty much been for me. Take away everything and she’s just a girl really. She never had the big broadway dreams, or the talent like Rachel. But then to see her grow and realise she could be so much more, maybe not BROADWAY more, but just.. someone who would succeed in whatever she set her mind to, and finding her drive and her passion and setting goals.. that THAT can be just as big as broadway in its own way. Her dream is Yale and NOT-LIMA, and that’s beautiful.


And now we have this.

Quinn Fabray with none of her Glee club family supporting her through her recovery because they’re apparently too busy or something to care. How is it that Brittana aren’t there with her every step of the way? That Rachel isn’t? That Judy or even her sister isn’t? Seriously? The only person who wanted to go to physio with Quinn was a guy who turned up a few episodes ago????


That really pisses me off because, ok, if you’re going to skip all of the hospital stuff where we would have seen the Glee club in agony over Quinn’s accident, then you better give it to us later. And instead we get a WHOLE LOT of fucking off from the Glee club.


There was ONE moment from Rachel, in a total of 3 episodes, that showed that ANYONE was even upset that Quinn almost died. SHE. ALMOST. DIED.



I just. I don’t want it. I really don’t.

Is it really such a big ask to want Quinn’s storyline to be about QUINN and not QUINN AND JOE? IS IT?

Quinndependence. It’s a beautiful thing.

Also, I would have absolutely died if we got that montage of all the other kids helping out and taking turns supporting Quinn through physio. And that Rachel would have drawn up a roster so that Quinn was never alone. I just. I will always have a heart-hole too. :(

p.s. There is something so ridiculously cute about her little feet in sneakers. I cannot. And her physio outfit in general.


“Finn sends me cutesie text messages all the time. Usually, they’re puns about my boobs, but I still appreciate the effort.”

Rin says: Wow. Really?

Quick. Marry him. Wouldn’t want that one to get away.


Sophy says: This is even less cute or acceptable than physio boners.

I would urge anybody whose boyfriend thinks it’s sweet to send them text messages sexually objectifying them to break up with said boyfriend. And if they think it’s sweet I would urge them to seek professional help.

“Blaine and I are on the rocks. I honestly don’t know what’s up with him.”

Sophy says: Wow, Glee, you’ve really been making me put my angry-pants on a lot these days, haven’t you?

Okay, let’s talk about the bullshit that was happening with Kurt Hummel in this episode. I should preface this rant by saying that I consider what he was doing to be cheating. A guy flirted overtly with Kurt and asked for his number. Kurt gave him his number. Kurt then proceeded to greatly enjoy the overtly flirtatious texts he was sent. In secret. As far as I’m concerned physical contact isn’t necessary in order to cheat. Nor is a sexual element. The worst kind of betrayal, to my mind, is an emotional one. And that’s what Kurt did here – he was selfish, and callous, and he betrayed Blaine emotionally.

And maybe that’s okay, because last season there was a time when Blaine was selfish and callous and betrayed Kurt emotionally. But the difference is that Blaine got it – he understood what he’d done wrong, and he apologized for it unreservedly.

But somehow Kurt doesn’t get it. Or he just pretends not to get it. He’s a pretty smart guy, so I tend to think it has to be the latter.

And you know, I’m a big Kurt fan, because he’s hilarious and brilliant and adorable and Chris Colfer is a perfect individual etc etc. But it really is starting to rub me the wrong way that he never ever has to get off his high horse about anything. There have been so many times when I’ve felt Kurt has owed people apologies and the show has not had him make them – and this one takes the cake, perhaps because I expected it to be different when it came to Blaine. I spent all episode waiting for that magic moment when Kurt would have to explicitly recognise how wrong what he’d done was and actually apologise out loud.


Instead we got a cop-out of the ‘it was both of our faults slash neither of our faults’ variety. And you know, maybe it’s nice for Blaine to try and be a little more romantic with the texting and whatnot. There’s nothing wrong with that. But it kind of clouded the fact that Kurt was 100% the one at fault here – from the oblivious gushing about NYADA, to giving a guy who obviously liked him his number, to the secret messages, to treating Blaine’s pain so casually and dismissively.

‘I Have Nothing’ was amazing. The scene in Emma’s office was amazing. But if I were Blaine, Kurt would not have gotten back into my heart that easily.

Also can I say major kudos to Darren Criss for this episode. I really felt everything Blaine felt, every step of the way, and ‘It’s Not Right (But It’s Okay)’ was the most glorious mix of Blaine-lame and big flamey righteous gay fire.




But for real. Kurt never had to say ‘I’m sorry.’ Not once. And it seems like he never has to. WOULD IT BE SO BAD IF KURT HAD TO ADMIT HE WAS WRONG? ESPECIALLY WHEN HE IS? Ffs.

The song was beautiful and glorious and Chris Colfer you are sublime, but you can’t just sing a song as an apology. No matter how many phamplets there are about it. You have to at least tell Blaine that you were wrong for engaging with that dickface because there was nothing innocent about it at all.

Also Blaine and Meerkat is NOT THE SAME THING WHATSOEVER. Can we just make that clear? Not once did we see Blaine giggle and head in hands over Meerkat. They had a Warbler bond, so it was obvious they would talk, but like Blaine said, he didn’t LIKE the guy. Kurt obviously liked dickface and the attention he was receiving. He basically encouraged it.

BUT YEAH. WHATEVER. I guess they’re all patched up, but I just don’t agree with how Kurt, ONCE AGAIN, didn’t have to pay his dues.

Sophy says: I feel the need to point out that you especially can’t apologise via song when said song contains the lyrics: “Take me for what I am, I’ll never change all my colors for you.” Not that Kurt should change his colours for anyone, but it really reinforced the message of ‘I really love you and need you, please love and need me, and by the way I didn’t really do anything wrong, so stop whining, guy’.


Head In Hands

“Will you do me a favor? Will you put this up in your locker?”
“You want me to put up a picture of you in my locker?”


Harmony/Willow parallel, anyone? “Oh crap, I think I just realised I’m going to miss you. Oh god. Say something irritating so I can get the taste of this out of my head, please,” was the kicker.

At first I was really indignant because this should have been a Faberry scene, but then I remembered that Quinn already has a photo of Rachel in her locker and was somewhat soothed. But then I thought that that would only have made the scene even cuter, because Quinn would have had to blushingly explain to Rachel that she already had a picture and that it had a tack over her face and they would have laughed and hugged and made out and wheeled home in Quinn’s chair and.


Anyway, this scene was completely adorable. I have to admit some of the writing didn’t quite ring true for me. Since when has Santana spent the past three years trying to make Rachel’s life a living hell? She’s been pretty mean sometimes. To everyone. But I would not characterize her as having seriously victimized Rachel. Nor would I exactly say that Rachel is half as feisty as Santana these days. She’s hardly likely to kill her best friend to get to the top if she’ll give up New York for a boy.

But regardless, Pezberry. And I enjoyed this  scene more than their number together, to be honest, just because that seemed so much about their significant others, whereas this was definitely about each other.

And meanwhile it absolutely killed me that despite the fact that they probably have a zillion photos with each other in them given all the performances they’ve done together, Rachel still gives her a headshot. Because she would.

And I think a part of Santana wants to put it in her wallet.

Rin says: Oh gosh, okay.

This was so lovely, and sweet and awww totally something that would happen as the days to graduation count down. I’m hoping there’s more of these reflection scenes between the other kids too!

And agreed about the writing not being completely spot on. I feel like they could have said some more specific things about them that would resonate more, but all in all, it was great. After that moment in ‘We Are Young’ where Rachel takes Santana’s hand in hers and leads her back into the group, this really was an expansion on that. So I appreciate that. <3


I fucking love you Rachel Berry.

Uhm. When you’re not being stupid.

Polkadots and stripes.

Rin says: If you’re not going to give us Faberry, then we’re going to make our own Faberry.

Sophy says: They just match. :-.


Most Rophy

Locker shrines are not a foreign concept to us…

Rin says: That picture of the Glee club from S1 makes me so nostalgic. LOOK AT THEM. SO YOUNG AND FRESH-FACED AND PREGNANT.

I also really like that Kurt has a picture from Last Friday Night with Faberry dancing on the table together.

He ships it.

Sophy says: Of course he ships it. He’s only standing between them in that photo so their loins don’t touch and start a fire.


Quinn Glory Shot

Goodbye forever.

Rin says: Um.

When I showed Sophy these caps she was confused. Because.. like. Does she just get prettier as time goes on or something? We don’t.



Sophy says: Crinkly. Eyes. Smile.

Is it worth this Teen Jesus malarkey?

I think it might be. :-.

66 Responses

  1. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Oh Rophy, my heart hasbeen so brokenabout this show for the past two weeks. I just do not understand what they are doing! Everyone seems so OOC. Except Finn of course. Wth is going on? Why is there no Quinnteraction with her friends?

    Where is Rachel with the sign up sheet to take turns carrying Quinns books? Certainly she can be self-centered but not when it when it comes to Quinn. Do the writers think we won’t notice the insanity?

    How will i know was beautifully done and chill inducing. Everything else just….i couldn’t stomach it. I may have to rewatch after reading this….but my heart hurts. This show does NOT love us back.

    Le Sigh……

  2. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    A hell yes to the No. It’s hardly the first time Quinn’s had her legs kicked out from under her, but the stability she won in 308-314 felt like she’d finally grown up and made it through adolescence. To cast her back to the winds of crappy plot *yet again* feels worse this time.

    Tina & Mike’s crossed arms are lovely! Didn’t spot that. And yes, Darren Criss was great. I found 17-year-old Blaine plausible for the first time?

    And I really liked “So Emotional.” It reminded me of “Take Me or Leave Me” for some reason. Just hoping that “you and me, we’d screw over our best friends if we had to” line wasn’t Horrible Foreshadowing. *nervous*

  3. Ruth
    Ruth at · Reply

    Sooooooo, I’m pretty sure I had a small aneurysm during Saturday Night Glee-ver when they kept calling Mercedes lazy. It just struck me as so racist that it broke my brain. I am now living in a state of bliss where I no longer feel glee rage. Because it broke my brain.

    With that said, this episode was just pretty sounds and colours for me *insert yahoo head shake/hand wave that I don’t know how to do*

    Mike Chang’s angry faces and crossed arms during It’s Not Right was my favourite thing ever. I have a theory that Mike really love Blaine like a little brother and is really protective of him so it makes the whole thing even cuter.

    Confession time: I love Pezberry. Like I kind of ship it? Like kind of a lot. A. LOT. So I loved the whole locker scene. A LOT.

    Lucky for me, the whole Quinn/physio thing didn’t bother me because Glee broke my brain. (just ignore my eye twitch. It will go away.)

    1. Tess
      Tess at · Reply

      I loved Mike in this episode actually and I reckon you’re right with the whole little brother angle-just look at the two of them during Kurt’s number! That little ‘what bitch?’ head jut of Blaine’s when Mike turns to look at him? With the eyebrow raise?? I just….so cute!

  4. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Haha, Quinn-Kahleesi made my day! Sadly, GoT never really got good – I enjoy Dany, Tyrion and the occasional familiar face from Skins or HP or Tudors, but that’s it. Too many boring kingdoms, too much blood and boobs without plot relevance!

  5. Valerie "PunkyStarshine"
    Valerie "PunkyStarshine" at · Reply

    Amazing recap.

    I have a lot of feelings.

    One thing, re: the whoel “Rachel will give up her dreams for Finn” and “Quinn all of a sudden needs boners to know her worth” MALARKEY — they BETTER be planning a Faberry scene where they’re both like “What are we DOING?! Where is the Rachel Berry who sent Sunshine Corazon to a crack house because she might be standing in the way of her dreams? Where is the Quinn Fabray who pulled Mercedes aside and told her she had to love herself? Let’s leave Finn and Teen Jesus here to be Lima losers together and head to the east coast and make our dreams come true.”

    That’ll happen right?



    Aside from that though, I really loved this episode. It was actually my favorite they’ve done in so long. And the fact that they changed the words in I Wanna Dance With Somebody to say “woman” and “girl” for Brittana makes my heart swell.

    And I teared up even READING about that Will/Emma scene. “WHAT IF THEY DON’T?!” </3 I agree, this is the Will we used to know, this is the Wemma I once shipped. Not the who-the-hell-let-you-be-a-teacher Will or the cringe-worthy let-me-fix-you Wemma.

    And So Emotional blew my mind. I love when those two sing together. And it was the first time in a long time I didn't want to light Finchel on fire for being in the same room. It was a song about Rachel singing to her boyfriend and Santana singing to her girlfriend while they paid tribute to a great artist. Plus, supervoice + supervoice = songgasm.

    Eh hem. I guess that was more than one thing. YOU GUYS JUST MADE ALL THE POINTS. And just. Feelings.

    How are we going to survive graduation??

  6. Karen
    Karen at · Reply

    So, Santana’s reaction to Quinn’s reaction when Rachel and Finn told the glee club they were getting married + Brittany thinking Joe’s a girl and being all nonchalant about it + Kurt shipping Faberry… they should just join forces in the quest to unite Rachel and Quinn once and for all, thus creating what will be known as The Gay Justice Team! And they would fight off any evil who tries to deviate them from their mission (I’m looking at you Frankentein and Dreadlocks -_-)

    Also in the bathroom scene when Quinn says “I’ve said goodbye to that part of my life” they cut to Rachel. Out of all the girls that were in that bathroom they cut to RACHEL for her reaction! And would you just look at her face all hopeful and what not, probably thinking “The pretending to be straight part???” When Quinn rolls away all sad saying nobody could ever be into her, I thought that was your chance Rachel! Quinn was totally giving you all the signs (in the FABATHROOM!) and you just stood there! This is why The Gay Justice Team is needed!

    I love how when Rachel hugs another one of the glee kids for the first time outside of a performance she gives them this little warning that she’s going to hug them before hand (Kurt, Mercedes, and now Santana), it’s adorable!

  7. KC
    KC at · Reply

    Oh god, I snorted so loud at Quinn-Khaleesi.

    This episode was just all over the place, but that’s Glee for you. While I did really like ‘How Will I Know’, I just couldn’t get behind the tribute as a cover up for their sadness over graduating. But that’s probably just because I couldn’t have been happier to graduate high school and go off to university far far away from everyone.

    Also, I was so glad that they did ‘My Love is Your Love’. It’s just such a great song that can applied to so many different situations. And it’s nice to have at least one song amongst so many sappy & angsty songs that expresses that even though sometimes things maybe be a little crappy, there’s still at least one thing in your life that makes it all worth it. So, yeah. I kind of have a soft spot for ‘My Love is Your Love’.

    One more thing, I suggest that Quinn & Teen Jesus’ portmanteau be Quiesus, because they make me queasy.

    1. Farah
      Farah at · Reply

      I think Fart is more apt.

  8. Car
    Car at · Reply

    The only thing I can get down with about Queen Jesus is the fact that if that’s happening, it means Glee isn’t barking up the Quartie tree. Because, yuck.

    I’m with Rachel on this Pezberry business: “Dear Glee, you only have five episodes left in which to fill my Tuesday nights with adorable Pezberry friendship moments. WHY HAVE YOU WAITED SO LONG FRAAAAAAAACK.”

    Because really. Ever since that moment in the “We Are Young” number? Pfft. Also, I think my favorite part of the episode that didn’t involve “How Will I Know” was Santana’s face at the end of “So Emotional.” Rachel is so amped on giving a stellar performance and she goes to give Santana a hug and Santana is all “Ooookay there, tiger. We sounded great but you’re about to overstep all acceptable boundaries,” and kind of pushes her away. Fantastic.

  9. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    First of all, you guys are amazing for getting these two recaps out one right after the other. I know you have a lot going on, so thank you for that. As always, I’m utterly impressed at your creativity and ability to analyze these characters.

    Rachel strutting down the hall singing “How Will I Know” with those other wonderful kids made me fall back in love with her. She’s so freakin’ talented. And then… boob puns. Dammit.

    Oh, and the picture she gave Santana. Students in the U.S. have a tradition of giving friends wallet-sized copies of their school pictures (the ones taken to go in the yearbook). I think that’s what Rachel gave Santana. However, the idea of her giving a head shot is so much more “Rachel Berry” that I am going with your theory. It’s about time she did something in character.

    I’ll be sitting here with the rest of you waiting for the strong, intelligent, independent women that Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray are to show back up again. The women that young girls can look up to and aspire to be like. Let’s hope we are all not waiting in vain.

  10. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Am I the only one who thought that the boob-pun-texts were the first thing ever that made Finn look like a fun boyfriend? So they’re inappropriate and filthy and whatnot, so what? I’m not the church lady, I write dumb texts like that all the time. Sexy texts are fun and noone ever complained when Santana did it.
    Of course, other than that, Finn is a total snooefest and won’t be emotionally ready to become anyone’s hubby in the next ten years.

    Oh, also, I’m totally for Quinndependence and think she should just be friends with that guy whose name I can’t remember, because he is not worthy of her. But I do feel bad for him and his spontaneous boner – I would have reacted like Quinn and laughed. It seems that the internet is… very upset about this? And not about the Brittana sextape that was posted without Santana’s consent? Okaaaaay, I like Brit better than Jesus hippie too, but everyone is too upset about this. Guys get boners all the time, especially super-inexperienced ones. In fact, this is like the first real teen-guy thing to happen since Finn, Quinn and the hot tub. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

  11. Char
    Char at · Reply

    Haha, I hated Will’s storyline this episode. It just cemented my opinion of him as a giant man-baby who really needs to make some adult friends, stat. They’re your STUDENTS, Will! Look at your life! And he was just such as asshole to Emma about the whole thing. Like, when he started sucking her face to make her stop talking? Gross.

    I also didn’t have a major problem with the ‘boob pun texts’ – despite being a militant feminist (and Finn Hudson hater), to me that just came across as Finn trying to be sexy but achieving lame instead.

    But I agree with you re Quinn/Joe. NO. NO, NO, NO. I hate them together a lot less than Quinn/Artie, admittedly, which is the worst thing to happen on Glee ever (let’s date because we’re both in wheelchairs now!), but still no. No to Jesus boners. Poor Quinn. As sad as it makes me, I don’t want her to come back next season, because I want her to go to Yale (BY HERSELF) and escape whatever next gruesome fate Ryan Murphy has designed for her. But then no more Quinn glory shots. So??

    Also to the person who said when they watched Glee as just ‘pretty sounds and colours’. YES. This is the only way to watch it without fits of shouting and rage elephants.

    1. Ruth
      Ruth at · Reply

      I completely agree about the Will scenes. If you are marrying someone you don’t act like a douche to them and then expect them to work out why you’re upset. Even if the reason is valid you don’t get to act like a prick!

      Also, it was me that said I watched it as pretty colours and sounds. It was an epiphany. The way I’m going to do it from now on!

  12. Mad
    Mad at · Reply



    And yes about Kurt. As much as I love him, it’s like they’re afraid to criticise him because of all the shit he’s been through. And yes he’s been through a lot of shit but that doesn’t mean he can’t be wrong every once in a while. The closest thing he’s done to apologising is when he didn’t get the role for Tony and at first was indirectly pressuring Blaine not to try out, and then the whole zig zag with the flowers.
    But yeah, he never says sorry, and that is what bugged me.

    Oh my god I felt personally victimised by Darren Criss’ crying face the whole episode. IT’S LIKE SEEING A BOX OF HOMELESS PUPPIES.

    Also um what even with the latest episode. MORE EMOTIONAL TERRORISM. I CAN’T WITH ALL THESE KIDS’ CRYING FACES.

  13. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    Brittany said “I need a woman who’ll take a chance on a love that burns hot enough to last”.

    She said woman instead of “Man”, you guys. I died a thousand times. Oh and then! and then! “to hold me in her arms”, asdhsdajkjsdn!!!

    But ugh, they got a hug instead of a kiss. Fuck that, if it were a Finchel duet instead they’d be fucking right on stage. Smh.

    1. Ylva
      Ylva at · Reply

      Yes and YES to that comment!

  14. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    You guys are always spot on. Amen to everything you said. And Khaleesi Quinn made me snort at work so kudos.

    What happened to the Quinndependence, show? Did you hate it that much? What do you hate more, Glee? Quinn being an emancipated awesome female or Rachel being an emancipated female? Maybe that should be the subject of our next poll here at rophydoes.

    I really think that is one of the major problem of Glee. And I don’t know if it’s because most of the writers are male writers… But you guys, Glee is one of the most misogynistic show ever. At least, it’s how I perceive it.
    The girls/women need a guy every freaking time to help/save them in every freaking situation.
    Rachel is an ambitious girl with lots of talent and a big dream? No, she’s a selfish girlfriend who should put her boyfriend’s needs before hers.
    Quinndepence? No, she just needs the right guy to hump her leg.
    Mercedes don’t know how to make it as a powerful singer? No worries, her sort-of-boyfriend will put her on YouTube.
    Santana is reaaaaally gay but oh so scared of the reactions of the people she loves or how she will be treated in a school known for bullying (gays/Kurt)? Keep calm, Finn (whose step brother suffered from afromentionned bullying) will save her by shoving her out of the closet because he cares about her.
    I’m gonna stop there, I’m getting all worked up again. My little grown-on-Buffy heart does not understand that logic.
    So yeah, even if I would DIE to see the Quinndepence and Rachel being that awesome emancipated female again, I will not hold my breath. And it breaks my little grown-on-Buffy heart.
    I really don’t know how the female writer(s) can work on the show and not strangle somebody each week.

    Okay, my rant is over. I really need some Quinn now, pretty pretty please with a season-1-Rachel on top?

    1. Mayon
      Mayon at · Reply

      Ouch, I messed up my comment…

  15. A
    A at · Reply

    No to Peen Jesus! Really! Is he even trained to give such therapy??

  16. monkeyme80
    monkeyme80 at · Reply

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo Teen Jesus!!!! Back away from the insanely hot girl that’s so way out of your league. Back away before Stalker/Rachel! hits you with a dumbell. You know she’s lurking in the background making sure dreads doesn’t get to familar with her girl. So yeah just no. Also I have an twitch in my eye now. There’s just so many things wrong with Teen Jesus/Quinn worse pairing since Quartie *gag*
    But yes :D to Pezberry it was so beyond cute. Confession :)Pezberry is one of guilty pleasures ships along with Quinntana. I’m not a Britney fan….sorry :/

  17. moarleyne
    moarleyne at · Reply

    I watched this episode and hours after I still was a mess. I consisted of mumbling things like: ‘They don’t know how to write their own characters’, ‘Why?’ or ‘Quinn, your attitude’s not healthy, are you even in therapy over your accident?’, also I nearly started sobbing because I was so depressed.

    I am just happy that Quinn is hopefully gone for good. I can’t bear to watch another 2nd seasonQuinn, who didn’t get help with her post partum depression and was constantly changing moods and never in character… or made sense, Big Plans anyone?

    Even though this show has done much for visibility it enrages me to no end when everytime a straight couple would have kissed, the gay couple hugs. They hug. Nothing against hugging but really? Sometimes I feel offended by this show. (But I forgive them because they changed the lyrics.)

    Also Teen Jesus trying to impregnate Quinn with the saviour is a big no-go. I would say their couple name is definitely Fart.

    To end on a good note, when I saw the pamphlet scene I actually rewinded and looked if I got it right. Adorbs.

    P.S. I wish Glee would have broken me too, seeing cool colours and hearing pretty music sounds good.

  18. Jordan
    Jordan at · Reply

    So, this is the first time I’ve ever commented on one of these recaps, but I feel I must. The Quinn as Dany’s dragon pic is probably the best thing to ever happen to my life. No joke, I think it actually inspired me to finish the neuroanatomy paper I’ve been languishing over the last few days in about 20 minutes. I did however have to carefully go through it and make sure I didn’t accidentally replace”dopamine” with “Quinn” or “Dragon” or “Dragon-Quinn” or ” BEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN”, but it was definitely worth it.

  19. AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish
    AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish at · Reply



    First Quinn disappears completely, then she returns only to be turned into a damsel in distress that has to be rescued by Teenjesus in his shining dreads.

    Yes, there were enjoyable music numbers along the way and some cutesy scenes, but all in all this was yet another disappointment. This is so deja vu: Quinndependence lost, unnecessary overblown Klaine drama, the Glee kids obviously suffering from amnesia since no one bothers to really help Quinn except for Teenjesus.

    I wish we could just watch the Glee kids sing together all the time, because that’s what Glee is about and that’s what makes everyone feel the love and joy. I think, I may just have to watch “My love is your love” and “We are young” for the rest of the day to make me feel better about this utter mess!

    Oh and before I forget: THANKS for the recap ladies ;)

  20. heather anne hogan
    heather anne hogan at · Reply

    “Locker shrines are not a foreign concept to us…”

    Hahaha. I love you guys.

  21. Bekah
    Bekah at · Reply

    I just want to take Emma Pillsbury home and keep her.

    And I gasped out loud when I saw that you gave Schuster ‘Best Scene’, but that’s just because I can’t take anything he says seriously nowadays– no matter how heartfelt and sincere its meant to be.

    Love you guys & thanks for the recap!

  22. viovio
    viovio at · Reply

    have you considered doing some buffy recaps? that would be really good. maybe just your top five episodes or something, since there’s so many.

  23. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    Just realised I forgot something. Though yes, what Kurt did was not cool, man, that whole couple fight was like….PAINFULLY REALISTIC. Like I had pains in my chest. I have done that fight before. Not with the cheating, but when you’re doing something that you don’t realise is hurting the other person, and they retaliate by, for example, pulling away, which should not be underestimated–being ignored SUCKS. Really hard. And then there’s just miscommunication, and you start hiding stupid things and start with shit that is little stuff (the bronzer, snapping at waitstaff, etc.) and then you actually get to the root of the problem and it’s like someone’s switched a light on in your head and it all makes sense and you just kind of want to smack your head against the table. Just. Ugh. I’ve been there. And it sucks. But that is how relationships work. It would have been better Kurt had apologised but other than that, that whole fight basically hit me way too close to the relationship bone, lol.

  24. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    Took me a long time to comment on this recap because it took me a long time to recover in hospital from IWDWS by Brittana ….

    I thought the Whitney episode was pretty damn good … Sure, there are a lot of critics that hated the songs … But it’s Glee – it’s not Whitney herself singing it …

    – The opening number: HWIK – omg, how was that not perfect? Acapella, the genius voices of Amber, Naya, Lea and Chris. Who could hate their version? The whole setup was beautiful, like the empty light at the end of the performance … And how HOT does Naya’s abs look in that dress/light?

    – Gotta give credit to the writers that they found a decent way to connect Whitneys death to a storyline … The Dianna background was a very nice touch.

    – Brittany’s the first one to go all happy and loving about the assignment. I don’t care how many people bitch about her voice – that performance was pure gold. I mean: I dare you to dance on high heels like she did – I tried (and almost broke my toes and hand) so let me tell you: it ain’t simple! Naya’s voice helped her through the entire thing and it was pure gold. It’s my favorite Glee performance EVER … Yes – this might be expected. It was fun and bubbly and cute – and so perfect for Brittany to do this. The entire “you can still dance in my dreams” line at the end was just perfection. I looooove that character! And how cute were those bows on the heads of their cutest little faces?

    – Joe & Quinn? I mean: where the hell did that come from? I would’ve given Artie more chance in a romantic development and when that seemed to be happening, they just like – deleted that and thought fans would never notice. Oh – hey – here’s another character we just found, let’s set him up with our troubled Quinn that has gone through a teen pregnancy, a mental breakdown, a kidnapping storyline, a fat childhood and lost of all her popularity & fix her and her wheelchair up with Teen Jesus?

    – Brittany. Thinks. Joe. Is. A. Girl ! And nobody corrects her, so she still believes it (as proven in further conversation)

    – So Emotional – Finn like an incredible imbecile when Rachel points to him & Brittany going through her knees to get a zoomed in shot under Santana’s skirt (just saying) :D
    The Pezberry scenes were cute too though. I love how Rachel hugs Santana at the end of So Emotional and Santana is like: “okay, way too close!” but at the lockers she finally allows herself to like Rachel after she first tries to shoot her down with Snixx Juice.
    Didn’t like one thing though: Santana would NOT kill her best friend to get to the top. She would kill everybody else and drag Brittany WITH her to the top! Damn right, she would!

    – The Klaine storyline was very sweet. They didn’t address the Kurt-Leaving-His-Boo part yet. I felt like the texting thing was very very realistic, so was Blaine’s pulling away from Kurt to avoid missing him too much once he really does leave. The Emma-vention was cute too …
    I wish they would give Brittana this kind of storyline somehow too. I mean, Santana’s leaving and let’s be honest: they’re not gonna let Brittany graduate. I know there was this storyline where Britts got Auntie San her scholarship, but they never talked about the going away part …

    – Blaine singing INRBIO … That was just GOOD! A lot of people didn’t like it and loved Kurt’s version of I Have Nothing, but with me, it’s the opposite. I felt like somehow, Chris’ voice wasn’t used right in that performance. I expected a greater impact of his singing this version. Don’t get me wrong, I still liked it, but something was missing. Blaine’s reason why he sung his song and ALLLLLLL the reactions were the best thing ever. The entire group was like constantly “WTF!?” hahaah. … Santana’s “SNAP” at the end killed it!

    – Your Love Is My Love … I mean, this reminded me sooo much of We Are Young. They are pure magic when they do this kind of songs/scenes. They’re family, they love each other. “Let’s not go to Glee, nobody will be there” turning into EVERYBODY showing up. Even ridiculous Will smiling all teary was cute. I love Glee – despite all the terrible moments, I still love Glee. To say it in Santana’s words: “That special place where (Glee) lives, yeah, it’s beautiful, but somebody’s got to help (it) cross the street. I could never just leave (it)”.
    After all they’ve done wrong, they’ve also done so many things right!
    Also: that final shots in Kurt’s locker. The old pictures. It’s all going back. <3

    – Will's part in this episode was cute … I hate to admit it, but hey, let's be honest about it. He's gonna miss his kids so much. It's so realistic & I'm glad that they gave the character this chance to show his emotional connection to them.

    – Burt & Kurt … How was that not a perfect scene?

    Conclusion: I'm starting to write waaaay too long recaps about your recaps & I thought this episode was pretty pretty sweet .. Next time, kill of Joe, please. I mean: at least 1 character should die every season?

  25. christina
    christina at · Reply

    i was also infuriated by the joe/quinn storyline. thank god it went no further then him helping her with her PT because i would’ve made a trip to LA and had to go on a rant to ryan murphy.

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