316 — Saturday Night Glee-ver

Best Song

Mercedes – Disco Inferno

Rin says: I love love loved this performance because it was so incredibly fun and upbeat, and just had a lot more oomph in it than the other disco numbers. It was also nice to see Mercedes, Brittany and Santana get down and boogie, without the need for random Cheerios backing them up. ;) The whole red/black colouring thing was gorgeous too! It was also kinda sad because that final shot? What does it remind you of? SAY A LITTLE PRAYER, perhaps? :-.

I’d have to say my runners up in terms of performances was Boogie Shoes. What can I say man? Vocal Adrenaline, they’re gonna be tough to beat. AND ON THAT NOTE. JESSE ST JAMES I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU BACK AND BEING AS BEAUTIFUL AND STUPID AS EVER. 8-.

Sophy says: There’s probably nothing I enjoy more than when they do that thing where they’re walking through the halls in their school clothes, and one of them bursts into song like you do because why not and also it’s Glee, and then the others start getting all synchronized and back-uppy, and then suddenly there’s lights and an audience and it’s all BAM I HAVE A SLINKY RED DRESS ON AND I AM ROCKING YOUR WORLDS, HELLO.

Sudden costume changes are to me what mobiles are to babies.

For me this was definitely the stand-out performance of the episode. Amber nailed it, and like Rin said, it was great to see Mercedes, Britt and Santana being Mercedes, Britt and Santana. Not the ~Troubletones. And yes, my first thought was ‘Omg it’s so cute how Brittana are backing Mercedes up just like they used to back Quinn up’ and then my second thought hot on its heels was ‘Unholy trinity :-.’

Because there should be more of those three. There really, really should be.

But enough of that, let’s focus on how brilliant this was. So much energy, so much fire, and so much adorableness to boot.

And I agree with Rin, the only other performance that was a contender was the Vocal Adrenaline one. Unique was a fabulous performer, but unfortunately my overall enjoyment of the character was slightly diminished by the fact that from where I was sitting Alex Newell really could not act. At all. And by the fact that I’m not interested in seeing Jesse St James wasted all over again as the nasty mean coach who has no significant emotional ties to anyone like oh say Rachel Berry?

Fuck that.

We all know that in the real world he would be breaking up Finchel like some kind of real-world-saving human being.

As for the rest of the performances? Yeah, you did good kids. But you will never be this:

SO STOP TRYING. Disco is not your friend. Didn’t we learn this in episode 102?

Rin says: LOLOLOL I know right. Didn’t we learn anything from 102 when they spent the whole episode going over how Will shouldn’t be forcing the kids to do things. Cause it leads to things like them defying him and doing ‘Push It’ in front of the entire school? Granted that was one of the best performances in Glee history… but still. It was pretty established that DISCO WAS LAME.


Biggest LOL

“Maybe you can get a business degree; open up a taco truck. I’m still somewhat confused about your ethnicity.”

Rin says: Classic Sue Sylvester. Classic Jane Lynch.

Sophy says: I just.


Rin says: Best.


Best Scene

“I don’t know if this is 100% the answer for me, but just to know that I have somebody who believes in me as much as you do. I love you so much.”
“I love you, too.”

Rin says: AW AW AW. Cause! AW AW AW.

I guess what I liked most about this scene was how simple it was. No bells, no whistles, just Brittana and Sue being the kind of coach we’ve seen her be in the past. And they do have a special kind of bond that I love seeing played out on screen, much like the one between Quinn/Sue. And I love that it wasn’t something ridiculous e.g. I WANT TO BE AN ACTOR (MORE ON THAT LATER), because it is completely feasible that Santana could get into college via a cheerleading scholarship. The Cheerios are a Nationals winning team afterall.

And I did have major issues with this episode because of the finchel stuff, but I really did enjoy the focus on Mercedes and Santana and their futures. It’s about damn time.

I’m still really wondering how the hell they’re going to keep these kids around though. With Santana now going off to Louisville as well.. IS IT GONNA BE LIKE, HALF THE KIDS ABROAD AND THEN THE OTHERS LEFT OVER IN LIMA? I just don’t know. It’s gonna be weird.

Sophy says: Okay this was both wonderful and depressing. Wonderful because wonderful. Depressing because ‘Dear Finchel, this is how it’s supposed to be’. I mean really, this is what you want a teenage love affair to be, and I say that as someone who has not always been supportive of the directions Brittana has taken. But my previous gripes were forgotten in this moment, because this? This is what it’s all about.

Loving someone is doing what you can to make their dreams come true, and knowing that they will do all they can in return when you need it. All they can. Not everything. We’re not talking about either girl giving anything up here, and we shouldn’t be. There’s a question mark over whether a fully grown human being in a long-term committed relationship should sacrifice important parts of themselves for their partner. That’s an issue that was explored with Will and Terri, but never fully resolved on account of how the crazy fake baby plot took over and made things simple.

But with teenagers? There is no question mark. It’s just a no. It should be about support, not sacrifice – or at least nothing beyond ‘I’ll miss the football this friday because you’re broken-hearted over your hamster’.

What I love here is the effort Brittany made for Santana. Some of her ideas were horrific, some of them were silly, some of them were sensible – and maybe none of them are what Santana really needs. But the point is that she cared – she really cared a whole damn lot. And that’s what makes Santana get that soft-centered look on her face – the one where she knows, once and for all, that she is as special to Brittany as Brittany has always been to her.

The thing with these two is that they’re on the same page. And maybe it’s a really simple page with simple words on it – short sentences, metaphors to a minimum all that… but maybe that’s okay. Maybe that’s kind of lovely.

Maybe “I love you so much,” and “I love you too,” said with such sincerity, are worth more than all the songs Finn and Rachel will ever sing at each other.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“No, I know, but I spliced it together with a video of Lord Tubbington performing everyday household chores.”


Amazing. Simply, amazing.


Sophy says: I honestly think this is one of the most magical things the show has ever done. And not just because it made me flash back to ‘Getting Things Done With Delores’.

I just.

I am starting to side with those people who think Brittany may be a secret genius.

“You know, it came with a pair, but I got hungry on the way home, so… it tastes just like a chicken testicle.”

Rin says: I’m so glad Brittany got more to do than just say one throwaway line which is usually not up to par. BUT SHE WAS OUT IN FULL FORCE this episode.



I mean, really.

Sophy says: SHE. JUST. GOT. HUNGRY.


Oh Britt.


Rophy Says No!

“If you don’t want to go to New York, then we don’t have to.”

Rin says: Okay. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever screamed out louder at the screen than I did at this moment. Because. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? When those words are coming out of Rachel Berry’s mouth something is deeply wrong. DEEPLY. And it just reiterates everything that we’ve been saying over and over again about why Rachel can’t marry Finn Hudson. BECAUSE LOOK WHAT HAPPENS. She puts herself on the back burner, and Finn first. And that? That’s really not the way that it should be. And you can say how relationships are all about compromise BLAH BLAH (and this is a whole ‘nother argument), but I think what we’re forgetting here is that Rachel is a TEENAGE GIRL. That is not the age to already be putting others NON-EXISTENT PLANS before your own. Especially when you have been dreaming about the stages of New York since you were a small child.

I honestly haven’t disliked Finchel before, even with the wedding stuff. I thought it was really drawn out, sure, but I was mostly just uninterested and could overlook it all because I eventually thought there was no way they were ever going to see them through. I expected them to break up pretty damn soon, and they were just holding off because of ratings etc. BUT NOW? Now I feel like they don’t even see ALL THE WRONGS that they’re doing. They don’t see that they’ve completely screwed Rachel Berry up and are continuing to drag her through the Finnmud over and over again. So when I asked Sophy with all the desperation in the world about how they’re going to ‘fix it’ she said that Glee doesn’t think anything needs fixing. AND I CANNOT. I CANNOT!

Since episode 1 Rachel has been my favourite character, easy. And probably one of my favourite characters on TV. Her ambition and dreams and drive were something that were really not common on TV. Especially for a young girl. So she really was a breath of fresh air. But now? Now we’re being told that Rachel doesn’t really have to go to New York if Finn doesn’t want to. BECAUSE HIS DREAMS MIGHT BE BIGGER THAN HERS.

…excuse me? CAN WE PLEASE? JUST?

AND EVEN IF HE DID. Which, no. BUT EVEN IF HE DID. It shouldn’t fucking matter. Rachel should not compromise on this, because this isn’t something small and unimportant in the bigger scheme of things. Broadway isn’t something fickle, it’s a part of WHO RACHEL IS.

I used to admire Rachel Berry, and I will always still love her.. but I can’t handle what Glee are doing to her right now. I’m scared that even if they do break up Finchel, it will be too little too late and Rachel will still be a shell of her former self. I’m hoping they prove me wrong, god I hope they prove me wrong.

Sophy says: This was the worst moment ever in Glee. Actually I’ll go further than that, this was probably on a level with that time everyone hugged it out in that magic church in LOST and they called it a night. It was that disappointing.

How do I even put into words what’s wrong with this? Should I even have to?

Here’s the thing. I find it impossible to believe that Ryan Murphy and co. actually don’t know how awful this is, and therefore I can’t help telling myself that they actually intend us to be gnashing our teeth and making Finchel dolls out of toilet rolls and sticking pins into the place where we’ve joined their pipecleaner hands with bluetack.

And yet… I’m getting a little tired of giving the writers the benefit of the doubt on that. Because up to now, sure, there have been a lot of worrying signs about the direction Rachel’s character was taking in terms of her relationship with Finn. But never had it been so explicitly stated that she has fundamentally changed – and never had it seemed so worryingly like the show might think that’s a good thing.

When the ‘previously on’ told me that Finn thinks Rachel only thinks about herself and that’s kind of true, my feathers were ruffled. But I reminded myself that I’d said more or less the same thing in the recap for the previous episode. And I reminded myself that I’d wished for exactly what happens in this episode – that Rachel would consider Finn’s future along with her own and put some effort into helping him find his path – the way Brittany put effort into helping Santana find hers.






Really. What happened to my icon of female ambition? What happened to the best one? The one who knew, no matter how much anyone tried to take her down a peg, that she was special? That she was meant for something big and she was on her way?

I guess I just feel kind of tricked by the show. Because all the way through this season and even in the last it’s been clear to me that Quinn’s perspective was the right perspective – that it was Rachel’s own perspective from day one of the show up until that season 2 finale where she sadly told Finn that if they got back together it would have to be a temporary deal because she couldn’t compromise her dream. All along I’ve been absolutely sure that the message was that Rachel Berry had lost her way, but by the end of the season, with a little help from Quinndependence Fabray, she would very much have found it again.

But now it seems like the message is that Quinn was just being a spoil sport. And Rachel just needs to go shopping for some frilly aprons over the summer.

And it doesn’t matter that she’ll be going to New York anyway. Because it doesn’t fucking count when it’s because Finn wants to.

I just.

I don’t even.

I’ll keep watching the show, because let’s face it, it’s the gay cowboy to my gay cowboy. But I do feel that with this moment a part of me died along with a part of Rachel Berry along with a part of what made the show special.

So. RIP, Rachel. Or, you know, claw your way out of your coffin? Please?

“I want to be an actor.”


We have defended Finn a lot of times. Even when he was copping the most shit i.e. Mash Off. But now I have to say that I really dislike Finn’s character at the moment, and how Glee are writing him. Apart from the obvious, RACHEL IS ONLY GOING TO NEW YORK BECAUSE NOW FINN IS LETTING HER. I have to say this whole acting thing came out of LEFT FIELD. And Glee has pulled a lot of things out of its ass in the past, but this has to take the cake. Magic legs and all.

At least with Quinn and Yale, it was a drama program — but that’s not necessarily what she’d end up graduating with. I feel like there’d be space to manoeuvre and take on other electives and such. She would end up with more qualifications, is what I’m poking at. BUT FINN ATTENDING AN ACTING SCHOOL. AND PLAINLY STATING HE WANTS TO BE AN ACTOR. I just. It felt completely unbelievable and you didn’t feel like it was anywhere in Finn’s wheelhouse.

I feel like it’s important that Finn have goals an ambition, but this just seemed absurd. And this is why I loved how they handled Santana — because it wasn’t show business orientated and that was COMPLETELY OKAY. Not everyone has to be a freaking star, okay? Finn is great..but he’s mediocre at best. I just don’t see how they expect us to believe that he’d have any sort of shot at getting into James Lipton’s acting school. Which btw, is it really just a coincidence that they had a Glee Inside The Actor’s Studio that aired a week before? Really.

Sophy says: My response to this was pretty much the following:



This is Glee falling prey to two things: 1. We will shoe-horn cow-shit into baby Jesus’ crib in order to keep our OTP together, and 2. All the tough choices went away when you weren’t looking because see 1.

Really. This stuff is worthy of Stephenie Meyer. Edward doesn’t want Bella to become a vampire? Oops, he knocked her up, now she has to become a vampire. Newborn vampires can’t help eating people? Bella can. Don’t ask why or she’ll tell you about her love shield. Meanwhile, Jacob is a bit upset about the way that love triangle turned out. Don’t worry though. He will shortly be breaking all previously established rules of werewolf nature by falling in love with the magic vampire baby. Solved.

‘Finn always wanted to be an actor’ would fit in nicely on that list. Because it is that much of a fucking ridiculous out-of-nowhere conflict-avoiding cop-out.

Let’s talk about why it’s ridiculous. Finn has never shown any interest in acting. At all. Ever. And this is at a school where he would have had multiple opportunities to act, including that whole West Side Story thing he sat in the audience gazing at Rachel for. The only time we have ever seen Finn attempt acting was when he was made to do so for the Christmas commercial. And he was terrible. It was a comedic plot-point, you know? Just how much talent Finn Hudson lacked as an actor?

Remember that lols?

So no interest in acting, check. No talent for acting, check. And whilst Cory is a handsome guy, he’s not exactly the type of look that is going to have casting agents making grabby hands.

Dianna on the other hand. Quinn is precisely the type of girl who would have a good shot of making it as an actor based purely on her exceptional good looks. And then there’s the fact that at the very least we’ve never seen her be proven to be bad at acting. What we have seen is a girl who has had an absolute ton of big emotional experiences over the past three years – the kind of experiences that make you grow as a person and better understand yourself and the people around you. And more than anything in the world, that’s what’s going to make you a good actor. Empathy, insight, intelligence. Quinn has all of those things in spades. Finn, not so much.

And meanwhile, Quinn’s actually talking about going to an Ivy League university and doing a degree and including drama in it. Not about putting all her eggs in that basket.

You know why? Because she’s a smart girl. And because Quinn/Acting wasn’t about trying to shoe-horn cow-shit into baby Jesus’ crib.

And let the record show that a few recaps back I said I had my eye on Finn because he looked like he might be thinking of stealing Quinn’s plotline with Rachel. Well, I guess he’s trying. But really it’s such a pale, pitiful imitation that I almost just feel sorry for him.

Meanwhile, let’s face it, Finn is never going to be a thespian. The really hilarious thing is that if he wanted to be an actor he would be better off trying his luck in some sun-tanned trash in LOS ANGELES.

But Finchel are our OTP. So let’s just ignore that.

Just like we’ll ignore that it hasn’t even been a year since Finn was taking Quinn to prom and telling her she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen and slow-dancing with her while Rachel spilled her wounded guts out all over his Don’t care.

OTP, you guys.



And re: Finn stealing Quinn’s plotline. I guess that’s the only way to keep Rachel interested in this guy. By slowly turning him into Quinn.

Missing: Quinn Fabray

Rin says: Infuriating.

I don’t expect Quinn to be the star of every episode, I wouldn’t object, but I’m really not that unreasonable.

I DO however, expect her to be included in every performance that is a GROUP number. ESPECIALLY NOW — since they hit her with a truck and paralysed her. If Quinn wasn’t in a wheelchair, she would be in the two group performances without question. And maybe I’d be able to let it go if Artie, for some unknown reason too, wasn’t included in the performances, but he was RIGHT THERE. AS PER USUAL. And Quinn wasn’t.

So please, someone, explain. And I don’t think this is something along the lines of when Darren was excused to go on Broadway, because that’s a really special case. This is their job and they’re not allowed to just take off whenever they want, and I don’t think Dianna had any other important commitments, so I don’t think it’s that.

I feel like it’s Glee being assholes. Plain and simple. Quinn was in the room for Night Fever when Will said, ‘EVERYONE HAS TO PARTICIPATE!!!’ and she didn’t get up on that floor and roll like a boss. And she didn’t put on a white suit (WHICH GODDDDD WHY GLEE WHY), and roll-strut like a boss. So I don’t know. I hated them for doing this, I really did.

By the way, I kind of roughly know how much screen time Quinn gets each week because of the gifs I make, and this week? She got 21 seconds of being in the background.

On what fucking ensemble show is this okay?

Sophy says: Okay, I was already pretty angry by the final performance so I didn’t think there was anywhere to go in terms of rage. But there was. I broke another ceiling. Thanks Glee.

Seriously, I had to pause to make sure I wasn’t seeing things – that Artie really was there in his wheelchair and that Quinn was not. Because it was just unfathomable to me that that could be the case.

I mean, I’m absolutely sure that this was simply the result of scheduling issues and that Dianna wasn’t available when they were filming. But this is not the time for her to pull a Tina. If there was ever a time when it was crucial for a character to be there, included in the group, it was now and it was Quinn Fabray.



Oh. I am pretty unreasonable afterall. :)

“Santana, watching ‘Two Girls One Cat’ was like staring into the face of God. Thank you. New favorite movie.”

Rin says: Shut the fuck up Artie.

Sophy says: Ugh.

(Also, if you don’t know what ‘Two Girls One Cat’ is a reference to, do not look it up. I repeat do not look it up.)


Head In Hands

Black and white stripes.
And Will choreographing Faberry.

Rin says: I don’t even know. It’s like they knew Quinn had a) No lines, and b) No involvement in anything anywhere, so they had to just have them in matching clothes. Again.

And Rachel “talking to Blaine” as she spots Quinn and eyes her as she rolls across the choir room. Imagining what it’d be like to be wheeled to class by her.

And look at the dolls 8-. They’re basically reflecting what just happened, with Rachel watching Quinn as she rolls by. 8-.


Sophy says: The matching black and white stripes was the highlight of the episode for me.

And lol, Will. What are you, Franky Fitzgerald when she was awesome?


Most Rophy

Kurt doing a pretty good imitation of Rophy when they fangirl.

Rin says: 8-. 8-. 8-.

Sophy says: CUTEST.


Quinn Glory Shot

One of the highlights of the episode.

Rin says: Nobody puts Quinn Fabray in a corner.


Sophy says: She rocks all the corners. Even the ones she’s never been in.

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  1. Cat
    Cat at · Reply

    Dianna was in Paris when they shot most of the episode, and I wanna believe she saw the script and said she didn’t wanna be a part of it anyway ;)

    But yeah, they invented a ridiculous eye injury for Darren’s absence and can’t be bothered to explain Quinn’s. Assholes.

    TBH, I didn’t even watched this episode but I did wanna addressed something. While I don’t actually like the idea of Quinn studying acting (I love she’s going to Yale but I actually like the usual fic approach that actress!Quinn happens by chance) she’s actually been doing it most of her high school life. She becomes what she needs to be and acts the part. Perfect daughter, HBIC , rebel girl, and then back to being perfect girl. Granted, some of it is thanks to the bipolar writing but a lot of it is a genuine character trait.

    Anyway, thank you for the recap. Great as always.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Dianna’s absence in the group scene might have been okay if it weren’t for that whole thing where last week the whole Glee club left Quinn to Artie on ditch day and next week the whole Glee club leave Quinn to Dreads for physical therapy. Just. More on that later.

      TBH, I didn’t even watched this episode but I did wanna addressed something. While I don’t actually like the idea of Quinn studying acting (I love she’s going to Yale but I actually like the usual fic approach that actress!Quinn happens by chance) she’s actually been doing it most of her high school life. She becomes what she needs to be and acts the part. Perfect daughter, HBIC , rebel girl, and then back to being perfect girl. Granted, some of it is thanks to the bipolar writing but a lot of it is a genuine character trait.

      This is an excellent point. ♥

  2. mandorla
    mandorla at · Reply

    favourite episode moment:
    every single thing Brit Brit said (plus a part I made up in my mind where we got 100% confirmation that the video tape just showed them making out and nothing more after all).
    I was so happy she was back from oblivion. I totally think she is a secret genius.

    favourite rophycap moment:
    ‘Dear Finchel, this is how it’s supposed to be’ (minus showing private sex tapes).

    maybe genius Brit will find a way to help Quin out of the oblivion too. I have faith in her.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      every single thing Brit Brit said (plus a part I made up in my mind where we got 100% confirmation that the video tape just showed them making out and nothing more after all).

      LOL agreed. I doubt it was all that pornographic, or Santana might have been a little more upset about it. If it was totally pornographic… that’s… obviously not the best choice Brittany could have made. But it was totally motivated by love and support, so I’ll let it pass.

  3. Viscosity
    Viscosity at · Reply

    Rin caps lock raging on Twitter might have been the best thing about this episode. And Lord Tubbington.

    Finchel /sighhhh

    Just. Jump. Ship. Now Rachel! Serenade some gay sharks to safety will you? And Finn? I really hate your face. F*cken clownshoes.

    Oh Quinn :(

    Anyway thanks for the recap ladies!~

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Rin caps lock raging on Twitter is always the best thing. And thank you! :)

  4. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    I think they are taking Rachel to Stupidtown for a reason, although that doesn’t make it less painful to watch. In my head Glee is The Rachel Berry Show (at least in the beginning), and the problem she’s always faced is something like “how do I get out of high school with my dreams intact?” And now she’s having to work out whether Finchel has become a part of her dream, or just something to make the most of along the way, and she’s doing a poor job of solving this.

    Monteith has done a superb job, IMO, of showing Finn as Mr. Mediocre. I seriously wonder if they went with actor!Finn simply because at least Monteith can do acting?

    As for Quinn, either she’s spending every available minute at physical therapy, or she’s helpfully giving Artie some space… Kudos on finding 21 seconds of her: it felt like less.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I spent so long thinking they were going somewhere smart with Rachel’s stupid… but now I’m just very, very worried that I’m being overly trusting. I just don’t know Ned. I just. Don’t. Know.

      I actually like Monteith as an actor, but the character he’s playing is a terrible actor, that’s why I can’t get behind it. Anyway, thanks for commenting!

  5. Ruben
    Ruben at · Reply

    The last two episodes of Glee seriously bummed me out… I mean ugh, I don’t wanna think about it. I’ll just go and read some Faberry fanfiction, maybe even Pezberry…hell, I’ll just go read a Faberrittana one!!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I feel like the world needs more Quinntana fanfic. Is there a lot of Quinntana fanfic? Because there should be.

      1. Mia
        Mia at · Reply

        I don’t know how to insert gifs on this site but http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m38fza4n3c1r4iw92o1_r1_500.gif

  6. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    I’m sorry but I have to veto the “funniest comment.” Racism is funny now? They make such a big deal out of how noone can say anything homophobic ever, but you can tell a latina to open a “taco truck”? This is just as disgusting as Santana’s bs about Rachel’s “Jewish nose.” What’s next, are we expected to applaud Emma’s parents when they’ll join the Birther Movement?

    Totally agree on the Quinn absence. I thought they might set up an angsty storyline for her, where she gets isolated while dealing with physical therapy, but I’ve seen the next episode and I take it all back. If this is Quinn’s last storyline, I’d rather not see her at all. Yuck! Just yuck! Poor girl! And really, I don’t even dislike Jesushippie much, but REALLY???

    Also, how is it not a major no that Brit published a sex-tape of her gf online? Everyone would lynch the one of the guys if they ever came up with such horrific, insane bs! And your whole reaction is “look what Artie said, ew” and “Brit might be a genius”? Well, she might be, but seriously, that’s PORN online! And Santana could get into massive trouble, if, say, her family found this. Or they could get kicked out of school. And she sells it as “Look what I did for you!” If Brit was not so dimwitted, this would be downright sociopath behaviour. She always gets so much credit for being emotionally smart, but if someone is deeply shocked, embarrassed and begs you to take a video down and you don’t even notice… That’s just… no! But yeah, let’s focus on how Artie said something disgusting to Santana, rather than WHY

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Sue says loads of homophobic stuff! Sue says everything in the world that is bad and wrong and completely hilarious in a blackly comedic way. To me, that is. It’s a matter of personal opinion whether horrible things on TV are funny or just as horrible as they would be in real life. As someone who was raised on Blackadder… I will laugh. Out loud. It’s inevitable.

      I guess the point is that like Edmund Blackadder, Sue Sylvester is, for the most part, a comedic antagonist. She’s basically there to say abusive things in a funny way. This was a classic, though nowhere near as harsh as many of her previous remarks have been. In fact, I almost found it sort of cute – like she and Santana both knew she was just throwing a little asshole in there because she was uncomfortable with how proud and loving she was feeling.

      By the way, Rin chose that biggest lol. One of her favourite moments on the show is ‘Asian. Other asian.’ So.

      And the reason why it’s not a ‘No’ that Brittany posted the sex tape is that a) She was 100% motivated by love and support of Santana, b) Judging by the general lack of consequences you describe I’m going to assume the footage she used wasn’t actually all that graphic, and c) It’s Glee. One time Rachel sent a girl to a crack den because she could sing.

      As for Artie being a ‘No’, I’ll just point out that he was not motivated by love and support of Santana or anybody. He was motivated by being a perve. It was gross. We said no to it.

  7. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    I overlooked your Twilight-rant and I would just like to add that I LOVE YOU! That’s be all, bye :)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      haha thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed that part ;)

  8. Amy
    Amy at · Reply

    Well i wish you had have done the recap sooner because i did actually research what ‘two girls one cat’ was in reference to….. i am still vomiting now, like over a week later.
    Why?? why would anyone do that ?
    As for the episode, i try my hardest to like finchel, because they will more than likely be the endgame couple (unfortunately) but they ruin it everytime by making Rachel the complete opposite of what made her so awesome in the first place. It’s very sad that a girl having ambition and a dream is portrayed as being a selfish bitch.

    As for Brittana i was happy when i watched the episode. I went AWW :-) at all the appropriate times, but then someone pointed out aftereards that if it had of been a guy who released a sex tape of his girlfriend to teach her a lesson, people would have been raging. Double standard the other way around for once?
    Also why has Santana twice been publically humiliated with videos to teach her lessons about her bad behaviour?

    Sometimes i think i’ve been so pissed off and offended by Glee in the past that now when i watch episodes i can’t help but look for things that i might find offensive…. it’s ruining my enjoyment of the show.

    1. Amy
      Amy at · Reply

      Although i have to say, some of the 2 girls 1 cup reaction videos on youtube are pretty hilarious lol

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      OH AMY. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to protect you.

      I’ve tried so, so, so hard to like Finchel. I did like Finchel in season 1. But they’ve just ruined them like they specifically got paid to ruin Finchel. I mean.

      It’s very sad that a girl having ambition and a dream is portrayed as being a selfish bitch.

      There is not enough word in the world.

      but then someone pointed out aftereards that if it had of been a guy who released a sex tape of his girlfriend to teach her a lesson, people would have been raging.

      Except she didn’t do it to teach Santana a lesson. She did it to try and help make Santana’s dreams come true. There’s a big difference between those two things, in my opinion. Brittany made a mistake, but she was 100% motivated by love and support of Santana, nothing else, and that’s nothing to rage about as far as I’m concerned. If it were a guy who had released a sex tape in those same circumstances with the same pure motivation, I would feel the same way.


      1. Amy
        Amy at · Reply

        I see your point but i didn’t really see Brittany doing it to help Sanatana’s dreams of fame come true. I got the feeling she was doing it to be like ” oh you want fame at any cost? ok well here you go” Also i don’t if i’m the only one but the conversation in the library to me felt like Brittany was being sarcastic… although now that i think about it i don’t think she has ever been really sarcastic before. So maybe i’m just seeing things.
        But that’s the beauty of fiction, different people interpret things in different ways. I choose to look at all opinions and pick the one i like the best. (only sort of joking)

        Don’t get me wrong i enjoyed the Brittana and the obvious strengths of their relationship… i guess i might be projecting because if anyone ever released a sextape of me (which wouldn’t happen cos i’d never make one) i would stab them in the eyeball.
        Sanatana doesn’t even really strike me as someone who would really care if there was a sextape of her released … in fact she didn’t really care, there was a half-hearted ” Britt take down the tape” but that was it.
        Now i don’t even no why i was complaining in the first place.

  9. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Ok. I have too much Rage for words. I just. No. So much no, that the universe ran out of them. The only saving grace of this episode for me was Background Brittana, the teensy bit of Quinn I did get and Mercedes lookin FIIINNEEE!! But fuck you Glee, FUCK YOU! I’m still little pissed. (ha)

    Seriously, I could watch Brittana during More than a Woman, all day.

    WHERE IS QUINN?!?!?!?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      We were rather angry about the Quinn situation also. We know your pain.

  10. KC
    KC at · Reply

    This episode was such a let down, but then again, all of the theme episodes are.
    However, I did really enjoy Disco Inferno. That was just………..awesome. Nothing less. I’ve been listening to it on repeat.
    And as preposterous as it is that Santana could get accepted to a university that she herself didn’t directly apply, the scene with her, Brittany, and Sue was nice.

    Also, ‘Dead Like Me’ reference FTW!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Disco Inferno was definitely the winner! And yeah, it’s ridiculous that they applied for her, but it’s been done before with Mike and Tina, and eh… it’s Glee. YOu have to try not to read the fine print sometimes.

      I MISS DEAD LIKE ME. I still haven’t seen the movie though. I was told it would just ruin my memories of the show for me. So.

  11. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    * Artie being a complete pig (as per usual with women) – Boo

    * Lack of Quinn Fabray – BOO

    * Rachel Berry somehow suddenly being a character on “Revenge of the Bodysnatchers” or some other ridiculous B-film sci-fi movie where she loses her personality – THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING I HAVE SEEN ON THIS SHOW. (umm…and that’s saying something.)

    I love(d) Rachel Berry. So independent and intelligent and driven. It didn’t matter what people said or did to her, she was going to do something with herself. And now, all she needs is a BOY. And a stupid boy at that. Great message to young girls out there, Glee writers.

    I’m a hopeless romantic. I love a good love story, and I do think that we are all made better people when we find that person. But I am also a firm believer that no one (well really, no woman) should sacrifice who she is for a relationship. Be ambitious AND in love.

    I have developed a habit this year of keeping recorded episodes of Glee and rewatching them on a number of occasions. (Even “On My Way.” EVEN “ASIAN F.”) But I have not been able to bring myself to rewatch this one. It pissed me off that much.

    Oh, and Quinn Fabray is an AMAZING actress. She’s been hiding being in love with Rachel for years now.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I know right, Tammy! I’m a romantic also. I’ve shipped the hell out of dysfunctional, angsty relationships in fact. But that’s not what I want for Rachel Berry. I want Rachel Berry to be awesome and independent and larger than life or any kind of romance she’s having. Just.

      Oh, and Quinn Fabray is an AMAZING actress. She’s been hiding being in love with Rachel for years now.


  12. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    No Santana in a white suit, you said? Well, I can spy one good looking hot Naya in a suit in 2 pictures :-D

    Weird feelings about this episode …

    1 – Why the fuck do we still know nothing about Brittany’s future!?

    2 – The sudden “Santana doesn’t want to go to college”-thing was too random … Santana has always stated that she wanted a great education (after Will’s Spanish Elvis cover, when Kurt wants to take revenge on Sebastian for blinding Blaine with a slushee, … ) And now after 1 lesson with Blaine’s brother she suddenly doesn’t want to make an effort anymore? No …
    On the sidenote: it DID give us the great Brittana scenes …

    3 – Brittany was finally back! I love how she turns out to be the little genius and saves the day everytime (remember the Brainiacs?) Love how she taught Santana a lesson & got her a scholarship at the end of the day! It finally shows how much she cares about her girlfriend <3 and all her lines were just perfection! The testicles: She. Got. Hungry! And "it tastes just like a chicken's testicle!" Of course Brittany knows that :-D
    Did any of you notice how she wrote Whoreders instead of Hoarders when she took out the paper out of her bag full of crayons? Haha …

    4 – Santana is sooooo whipped! Even after she learned that the sextape had been made public (excuse me, it always takes me 5minutes to fangirl after I imagine them making a sextape ……………. * * ) she still can't manage to be really angry at Brit … She says "Listen Brit, I can totally understand how you Could think that you were helping me …" instead of calling her stupid & at Sue's office, she takes the blame for the tape …

    5 – Übercute Brittana scene in Sue's office ("I love you so much!" "I love you too") that shows us how pure their love is & how they're willing to give everything to one another – I mean: FINCHEL – WATCH AND LEARN! This is how it's done! Even characters that aren't allowed to kiss when you can kiss every second without a reason have more chemistry than you do!

    6 – Finn wants to be an actor!? Really? 5 seconds ago Will followed you down the halls because you couldn't convince him you would read 5 brochures!? Good luck, I'd say! And the week before he wanted to go to L.A. to start a business with Puck … And a month before he wanted to join the army!? And before that he wanted to go to college with a football scholarship … Bad writing, Glee … But then again: fucking boring ship!
    Best part about More Than A Woman were the interactions between the other couples (Brittana, yes, please …)

    7 – Lord Tubs … I mean: he's the best actor in this show! How his little Paw put those plates on their places <3 (still, I am waiting for that sextape to turn up on the DVD-set of season 3 …)

    8 – If I Can't Have You <3 this was so very much a LOVE SONG from Santana to Brittany, no matter how the writers wanted to make it all about "the mistress Fame" … Why else would she been pointing and laughing directly at her & giggle like a schoolgirl when Britts smiles back !? (You can tell that Santana was serious because she was pointing her fingers!)

    9 – Rachel was so sad during the first part of the episode because Quinn went missing …. Just saying …

    10 – Best part of the show: I keep repeating: NAYA RIVERA IN A WHITE SUIT … That's all !

    (wow, what a long post :-o sorry guys :-D)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Snicky, what a comment! Definitely one of your longest yet! Thanks so much :) And yeah, I was a bit disappointed that they had Santana not want to go to college because I don’t think it fits her… but at least she ended up realizing she did want to go in the end.


  13. Chloe
    Chloe at · Reply

    Finn’s sudden love for acting reminds me of Thomas’ sudden talent for running and Harvard scholarship that he got in spite of having no A levels/being kicked out of college. -__-

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Except at least Thomas’ ridiculousness wasn’t shamelessly propping up a relationship that was ruining one of the best characters on TV. No, I don’t mean Finn. Sigh.

  14. Tess
    Tess at · Reply

    Why I hated this episode pretty much the whole way through…..

    1-no Quinn
    2-Finn wants to act. I just. Why, Glee, why?
    4-No Quinn
    now I realise this last comment is against the general conensus of opinion, most people feel that Brittana made this episode but everything they did that should have been good the writers totally f***ed up because a) ‘If I Can’t Have You’ should have been the best song but they ruined it by having Santana tell Will it was about Fame not Brittany; b) once again Santana had to have a humiliating tape leaked about her in order for her to have any growth; c) more than a women would have been beautiful (one a side note how cute was disco Klaine?) except it was ruined by having ‘if-we-try-reallyreally-hard-you-can-get-a-high-‘b’-Finn-Hudson attenpting to sing in the stratosphere for many painful minutes d) Brittany getting Sue to apply to colleges for Santana. At first I was awwwwwww how sweet it’s just like what happened in that other show – you know with Mike and Tina? I….no wait, that was in THIS SHOW! Lack of originality much I mean seriously Glee I knew you were running short on ideas when you decided teen wedding was the way to go but this….this is blatant plagarism of your own work. And it cheapens both moments.

    So boo

    also 5- NO QUINN

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Aw, Tess, sorry you disliked the Brittana so much. I can see what you mean on all points, but I still really loved their plotline, mostly for Britt’s hilarity and the sweetness that motivated her. Also I totally agree that Finchel ruined More Than A Woman, though not so much because of Cory’s singing, more because Finchel are the worst and everyone else was so fucking cute and every time it cut to Finchel I was just NO NO NO STOP YOU’RE RUINING IT. We actually wanted to make that head in hands cos the other three couples were so cute. But. Finchel. Ruining it.

      1. Tess
        Tess at · Reply

        I agree with you one hundred percent-Finchel ruin everything! And I will, of course, always love Brittany but what I love is that she is so original and the writers just took that from her this week. Bastards. Rin’s rage elephant should stomp them into little bitty pieces…..

  15. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    “You say the dream and I help build your dream and that’s what a partnership is about, right?”

    This is what a loving and supportive couple should be… and they say Brittany is stupid. Sit the fuck down and take notes from Brittana, Finchel.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      SUCH a cute quote. Loved all the Brittany in this ep, it really was a great one for exploring her side of the Brittana relationship.

  16. Miss Janet
    Miss Janet at · Reply

    Here are my thoughts on Finchel:
    “Rachel, if you keep looking for that happy ending, you are never going to get it right.”

  17. cecilia
    cecilia at · Reply

    Mixed feels for this episode.
    First of all, my Brittana feelings are all over the place. I still think that Santana suddenly dropping the idea of going to college and, generally, caring about her own education was very OOC and due to lazy writing, as per usual. But then it led to Brittany’s efforts to have Santana backtrack and – OH GOD – that scene in Sue’s office. <3 Yes Brittany, that's what a partnership is about.
    And in an episode where both Brittana and Samcedes prove to be good couple specimens, we have Finchel. And I'm going to not say anything else about them right now, because everything regarding Finchel in this ep made me vomit in my mouth.
    On a side note, I'm so happy that, for once, I completely agree with Rophy's picks for "Best song" and "Best scene" :)

    All things considered, I need more Brittany in my life. I also need more Lord Tubbington, because really, look at his tail..

  18. Wlfgrrl
    Wlfgrrl at · Reply

    Fab recap, Rin and Sophy! As always. :)

    Like most folk I was a very sad panda that Quinn was pretty much MIA. But I prefer to believe that she was, perhaps, off on an important mission!

    Possibility 1.

    She found the REAL Rachel being held captive in Finn’s sock drawer (what? She’s tiny!), her only companions, the underpants gnomes (Tho they’re normally not really big on conversation that doesn’t revolve around undie theft and profits, at least she had company! Sadly, they got into a bit of a snit when Rachel pointed out the flaws in their plan for global domination… in a three and a half hour speech. If only she’d had her power point! ). At any rate, it turns out that Finn is a third cousin (twice removed) of Warren Meers. He’s recently constructed a Rachel-bot (actually, he convinced the AV club to assemble the one he’d inherited) that’s been programed to acquiesce to his every demand, (though there are occasional glitches and shades of the real Rachel’s personality has leaked through). At any rate, Quinn, being of large brain and thus, good deductive reasoning (aided by puffing contemplatively on the Holmesian pipe that she’d allegedly smoked corn starch with), had cottoned on and rescued her damsel in distress! They’ve skedaddled off to Paris for a bit in order to both, celebrate their reunion, and devise a suitable plan of revenge for all this fuckery that Finn has put them through.

    Possibility 2.

    Quinn has been recruited by the OSI and is off being fitted with her very own bionic spine. This will not only allow her to walk, run, jump, etc., but also to “QuinnSpin” at a speed just slightly below that of a centrifuge. Granted, she does vaguely resemble the Tasmanian Devil when she does this, however, the resultant vacuum effects can be used to suck Rachel (no pun intended. Honest!) right out of Finn’s awkwardly wooden embrace and into her own ever-lovin’ arms! They will then ride the tornado like effect all the way to New York City… unfortunately side swiping several trailer parks along the way. (The OSI will reimburse and cover up the damage though, so, no worries!)

    Possibility 3.

    The less-than-exciting option: Upon seeing the glee assignment (and, don’t forget, being large of brain) she instantly recalled that disco sucks most mightily and polyester makes her break out in hives. (Nothing but all-natural fibres for this gal. After all, she’s Quinn-fucking-Fabray!). And so, she’s wheeled off to spend her time far more productively at Physical Therapy where she repetitively sings a specific verse of “Rawhide” softly to herself,

    Don’t try to understand ’em
    Just rope, throw, and brand ’em
    Soon we’ll be living high and wide.
    My hearts calculatin’
    My true love will be waitin’,
    Be waitin’ at the end of my ride.
    Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…

    whilst also effusively thanking the PTB that she no longer has to contend with immature, horny, teenaged boys who get off on rubbing their stiffies against her any chance they can get. …Poor dear. If only she knew. ;)

    Hmm… what else? Rachel is in need of a damned intervention and deprogramming of all the “Cult of Finn” brainwashing! Btw, have you heard the Rachel S1 vs Rachel S3 that SIMGM has put up? If not:

    Other thoughts… I think Brittany is some sort of stealth savant and meticulously orchestrated all of the “help” she gave Santana for maximum effect. I don’t believe that there was anything pornographic in that “sex tape”, just some making out. The bulk of it was footage of “Domestic god, Lord Tubbington”. I mean, c’mon, they’re in Lima, Ohio… two girls engaged in a real kissing session is the height of erotica to the average male teenager there.

    Finn wants to be an ACTOR?!? Considering his “range” (let’s see, there’s the “constipated face”, the “gormless face” and the “toddler tantrum” face. I guess he could always do commercials for pharmaceutical companies, hawking the latest laxatives, sedatives, and pills for erectile dysfunction… Or be the “spokes-potato” for the Idaho Potato growers?

    Quinn, however, will undoubtedly win her first Oscar before the age of twenty-five. After all, she is a veritable human chameleon, her range is pretty much limitless.

    Thanks again, Rin and Sophy! Wonderful review and I’m very eager for the next episode’s recaps! Teen Jeebus…ew! ;)

    1. Tammy
      Tammy at · Reply

      Best. Comment. Ever. I now want a short story centered around Possibility 1. You are extraordinary.

    2. Whymz
      Whymz at · Reply

      Oh this comment just made my day! thank you so much!

  19. Mad
    Mad at · Reply


    The first thought I had at the end of this episode was “BUT QUINN GLORY SHOTS.”

    Fucking Finchel. I just can’t with these two anymore. What the fuck is even going on. And it looks like they are still engaged for some stupid reason. Finchel just made me want to punch myself in the face so many fucking times. Finchel is apparently endgame so it’s like the writers are “who cares what kind of bullshit they pull every week because they are apparently meant to be.” Finchel, for god knows what reason, still has fans, and the writers sometimes listen too much to the fandom. Which in the case of Finchel is a terrible idea. I just can’t believe some of the garbage they are pulling with them.

    Like what I’m sorry how is Finn suddenly an actor. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo. That makes no sense. NO SENSE, GLEE.

    WHY can’t he just go off and do the pool cleaning business with Puck. WHY.

    Oh also how are Blaine and Tina juniors, aka the two people in healthy relationships on this show, while Finn and Rachel go off together and we have to put up with them for at least another season? *insert Ron Swanson I HATE EVERYTHING gif*

    I just want Jesse St. James to sweep Rachel away from Finn. JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN. As long as they don’t assassinate his character even further.

    Agreed about Alex Newell. I actually kind of hated him on the Glee Project, and still don’t understand how he managed to hang on every week when he just acted like a dick all the time. I mean obviously it’s edited to create more drama but still, some of the shit he pulled was ridiculous. But I did love the Unique performance. Though I am confused as to whether he is supposed to be trans or a drag queen. There is a fucking difference, Glee.

    Also I am baffled as to why Kurt did not sing on any songs this episode. I mean, hello, he’s the guy with the high voice. WHAT.

    And I am really confused about Sam and Mercedes. I suppose there isn’t much chance for them as I’m pretty sure Sam is a junior and she’s going on to LA. But like, they kissed in this episode and then next week they were still broken up? Or broke up again off screen? What is going on.

  20. AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish
    AnnYouBeautifulTropicalFish at · Reply

    “Maybe “I love you so much,” and “I love you too,” said with such sincerity, are worth more than all the songs Finn and Rachel will ever sing at each other.”



    Breathe, breathe…I mean, I’ve stuck with Glee all this time, always hoping for the best even though they are making it extremely hard to love a show that is so F***ING frustrating!

    I feel like the Glee writers themselves don’t really know how to handle all those characters’ storylines anymore. I mean, no QUINN?!?!?! Really? After all we’ve gone through, the cliffhanger, the hiatus, the not so satisfying return after the “BIG” cliffhanger, all we get is DISCO?!?!?! Really Glee, really? What is wrong with you?

    Yes, the Britanna of it was sweet and Lord Tubbington will always be my number one animal actor. And mixing the sex tape with scenes of Lord Tubbington doing house chores is just genius and more than I can take for one day. Although what would be even more genius if my dream ship, BARBRINGTON, Barbra (Rachel’s African sow pig) and Lord Tubbington were to become a thing. Well, one can dream right ;)

    But it seems Barbrington has as much chance to happen as for intstance Quinn or Rachel would have a chance to be given a decent storyline for once without it being screwed up the following epsiode.

    Finchel, no words…ONLY RAGE. Blatant RAGE!

    Disco Inferno was indeed marvellous, but nothing is right when Quinn is completely being ignored as a character. That is just lazy writing. It can’t be too hard to invent some sort of reason for her not to be in one episode. She could have gone to a rehab center to properly work on her physiotherapy or they could have just made up something, but there is NO IGNORING QUINN FABRAY. That is just plain rude!

    Quinndepence seems to be lost for now and it makes me so sad. I don’t even want to get into Rachel’s insanity (and not the good kind) in this episode, ’cause it makes me so mad.

    S, I’ll just leave dreaming of BARBRINGTON for the rest of the day and all the pretty house chores they could do together :)

  21. Karen
    Karen at · Reply

    Oh Glee, why?

    I feel like that mother that yells at another mother for allowing her child to fuck up in life and corrupt my child along the way (the other mother being RIB, their child being the writers, and my child being these characters). Just so much disappointment, so much rage! Who are you Rachel Berry??? I don’t even recognize you anymore!

    Thank God for the Brittana and Mercedes’ Disco Inferno in this episode. Undoubtedly the best parts in an otherwise shit storm of awful writing.

    I will admit, I was bit nervous as to how they were going to play out the whole sex tape thing, but—even though Brittany making Santana think something so private was out there in the blogosphere for all the world to see may not have been the brightest idea—I firmly believe there was nothing really THAT incriminating in that video whatsoever, because sneaky!Brittany is sneaky! I believe she has enough wherewithal to pull this kind of thing off. Where she can get people to follow what she does and believe what she says, no matter how outlandish it could be. I mean in 2×13, all the girls started dressing like Rachel because Brittany started dressing like her (although Quinn might have just used that as an excuse to dress like Rachel herself). And she did win senior class president.

    As for the lack of Quinn… Egregious Glee! EGREGIOUS!

  22. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    I forgot to mention these little gems:

    “Brittany will always be my girlfriend”


    Seriously, best response.


    “Quinn, you’re still dancing in my dreams, and you can fly and breathe fire”

    So fucking cute.

    1. Char
      Char at · Reply

      Brittany’s ‘score’ made me el-oh-el. Was fully expecting that to be the ‘Brittany is random’ moment! Her more subtle moments are her funniest, IMO. Plus I love the way she says everything so quietly.

  23. Lisa
    Lisa at · Reply

    I liked this ep a lot – kinda like last week’s it was a huge mess, but it was entertaining enough in places that I didn’t really mind as much.

    About the main thing you took issue with, namely, Rachel being all “we don’t have to go to New York,” I didn’t think it was too big of a deal. Rachel spent a good number of years seeing Finn as the most magnificent guy in the world – attractive, popular, friendly, charismatic, and supposedly waaaay out of her league. Then, he fell in love with her, and started to think that she’s the most amazing person he’s ever met, and has expressed on multiple occasions that he sees himself as a loser in comparison to all she has the potential to do.

    Having to face that the person you idolized is not only “just a regular person” but also a huge mess, is the worst. You project so many hopes for who you want to be based on what you admire in that person – finding out that they feel the same way about you leaves you feeling super lost. So yeah, if Rachel had given him a contract signed in blood that she’d follow him to LA or had already withdrawn her NYADA application, it’d be very stupid. But a simple “we don’t have to go,” tossed out in an effort to give Finn some of that confidence that can let her admire him again, makes sense to me.

    Also, “whoreders.”

  24. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    We’re not at the end of Glee, we’re somewhere in the middle, and if they can take my precious deity Rachel Berry and 180 her just like that then they can do it again and turn her back around. If the show ended tomorrow I’d be super pissed, but really it doesn’t matter, everyone goes through directionless, insecure, uncertainty in their lives, Rachel is just having hers now, God knows what will happen next year, but if she doesn’t go to New York, if she does something else ridiculous and crazy and un-Rachel like, at the end of the day, she’ll end the show a Broadway star. It will probably be in a totally ridiculous and annoying way, but they’ll get her there in the end so I’ve decided to just ride out the crazy and enjoy how magnificently talented Lea is, because without Glee we wouldn’t get weekly doses of her, I’d imagine Glee has put her off TV forever and I’m not ready to move to New York to see her frequently just yet (BUT I WILL BE!)
    This show is a total train-wreck that produces stunningly perfect bursts of insanity every now and then, but even if they all go away, I’ll neverstop watching something starring Lea Michele, so I have to face facts and accept the shit sandwich they wish to feed me.

  25. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    I don’t have enough NOs in me to talk about this episode and then the next one. So I’m not gonna get into it.
    But your recap was everything I wanted to say, except more eloquently.

    Free Rachel Berry! Viva Quinndependence! And Joss Whedon bless Rophy!

  26. monkeyme80
    monkeyme80 at · Reply

    R.I.P Rachel Berry i miss her. :( The old Broadway sending girls to crackhouses Rachel Berry. Who needs New York and Broadway when you have an overgrown emotionally stunted boyfriend. Who cares nothing of your dreams only he’s lack there of. If he actually knew his fiancee then he would know that Rachel Berry is Broadway not arm candy too a Lima Loser idiot. I miss the Rachel Berry that won a freakin sing competion at 6 months old. I want her back.
    Glee is like a car crash now you know shouldn’t stop and watch but morbid curiosity compels you too. Freakin useless episode. How is that random characters pop up and have more of storyline then Quinn. Quinn gets hit by a car who cares bring Blaine a brother so he can hog more solos and the spot light. Lets bring a random gender confused VA member because seriously how can Quinn dance and sing in a freakin wheelchair not possible. Because you can only pull it off if your a prick (Artie). Glee just slowly killing everything that made it special.

  27. Bekah
    Bekah at · Reply

    There will never come a day when I don’t thank Glee for putting Naya Rivera in that white suit.

    Everything about this show is such a hot mess that I can’t stand getting emotionally invested anymore. It’s like a topsy-turvy-wonderland-funhouse of emotions, and me and my feelings are staying out of it.

    That said, I will continue watching every week. Because I love shiny things.

  28. christina
    christina at · Reply

    i never noticed the stripes before. so awesome and so faberry.

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