314 — On My Way

Best Song

New Directions – Here’s To Us

Rin says: Like there was even a question about which song would make it here.

I pretty much didn’t care for any of the other songs, except for the other ND performance because oh my god, THE RAPPING. SANTANA AND BLAINE RAPPING WILL FOREVER BE IN MY HEART. They’re just so precious.

But ‘Here’s To Us’ takes the cake for me, and I hadn’t even heard of the song prior to this. I can only explain my instant love for this performance by saying: Lea freaking Michele. I’m sorry, but if  the moment at 31.13 didn’t give you chills and have you gaping in awe, then you’re simply not human.

I also kind of freaked out a whole bunch when it was just the girls on stage, because oh my gosh, it’s like the inverse of ‘Man In The Mirror’ (especially with the end shot of them standing together in the lights) and I love that we just got to see the girls perform together on stage, because I don’t even know if they’ve done that before. I also thought it was adorable that the guys were up in the boxes doing backup. Very cute.

The Daddy Berry’s were also ADORABLE as they watched Rachel perform. It makes me lol that this is the first time they’ve come to see Rachel perform. Yeah right 8-) If your daughter was Rachel Berry you’d be at every god damn performance. Such is Glee. I’m glad they were adequately teary-eyed and beaming with pride though. 8-.

Sophy says: OH LEA MICHELE.

I won’t deny that Santana and Blaine rapping will always hold a special place in my heart.


To be fair it is completely plausible that her dads would be in tearful, open-mouthed awe every time they saw their daughter perform. They’re only human, after all.

And yes, sometimes I like it when the boys are in boxes. Packed away. Like unwanted lunches.


Biggest LOL

“…and confusing.”

Rin says: I got SO much joy out of seeing Sue and Quinn together in a scene again. It was a glorious throwback, and one I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed until we were given it again.

“Wow. Um, that’s amazing and confusing.”

Was PERFECTLY delivered and full of lols and it’s not often that I’m laughing at Quinn that doesn’t have to do with ‘LOL QUINN Y U SO INSANE/AND OR GAY?’ or her dancing. So, props! Sue was also pulling out all the stops with curry/hug from Principal Figgins and “Well, thank you, Q, for that condescending tone and barely helpful advice.”

And as for Quinn wanting to be back on the Cheerios, I’m all for it. Because she’s not just a stereotype — Cheerio Quinn does not automatically mean she goes back to HBIC Quinn/Blonde-little-miss-perfect. Not any more anyway, and I would have loved to have seen her back on the squad, but we’re probably never going to see that now. I do like the acknowledgement of  it being a part of who Quinn is, and that she’s had all of this self-discovery, gotten into Yale, and still wants to be on the squad. If only for her own enjoyment and the possibility of winning a national championship, nothing more.

Plus, Quinn/Cheerio uniform.


I also have to say I found Meerkat pretty hilarious at the start of the episode. Gay Cyclops. Tina Blowing-Wang.

p.s. Those last two caps aren’t particularly relevant to Biggest LOL. But if you think we need a reason to put in extra cute Quinn caps for this gleecap, you are very wrong.

Sophy says: “AND CONFUSING.” Oh gosh, I burst out laughing. There was just something about her face and the delivery that was lolforever. And like Rin says, that’s fairly rare with Quinn, so it was a bit of a treat.

I also really enjoyed her scenes with Sue generally – their relationship is a very interesting one that has been oft ignored and honestly, I felt such pangs of nostalgia every time she called her Q. So even though it was laid on a little Gonna get hit by a truck thick, it was still very welcome.

And I have to admit that Meerkat was funny. Before he was neutered by the power of Karofsky’s pain.


Best Scene

“I’m not gonna stand around and watch you ruin your life by marrying Finn Hudson.”

Sophy says: I really loved this scene, for so many reasons.

First, I loved it because amid all the support of Rachel and Finn’s teen wedding, and the cute, comical disapproval, which amounted to tacit support of Rachel and Finn’s teen wedding, we got to at least have one scene where the rational position of “What the fuck, no” was put forward and hashed out properly.

Secondly, I loved it because one of my favourite characters got to stand up for what she believes in and make her point clear to someone she cares about, before ultimately taking the tacit support route, and getting hit by a truck.

Thirdly, I loved it because it meant that my favourite relationship on the show, got the respect it deserved in an episode in which one half of it ultimately got hit by a truck. So, you know, I got a solid character-driven scene between the two of them before having to spend a seven week hiatus wondering whether one of them is dead or not.

This scene also reflected how carefully the episode was plotted, in that without it, Quinn’s ultimate support of Rachel and Finn’s teen wedding would just feel like a glib, unearned capitulation to the Finchel, yay, attitude that the narrative is pushing. With this scene however, it’s made clear that Quinn is not realizing the error of her ways in objecting to the wedding, but is simply putting aside her objections because Rachel has made up her mind and she doesn’t want to be a source of unhappiness for her. It also makes sense of Rachel’s fervent desire not to start the wedding without Quinn – because she knows that Quinn has chosen to compromise what she so passionately believes in in order to support her friend no matter what.

So even though the writers ultimately offended me on so many levels, at least they gave me this wonderful, meaningful scene to treasure.

Oh wait.

In all seriousness, I think it was a big mistake to leave this scene out, and an even bigger mistake to make it such a feature of the promo thereby getting so many people’s hopes up. Glee has done this before, and it sucked then too – most recently the axing of Santa Baby and the Kurt/Blaine gift scene. But it’s different here. Because, you know, at the end of the Christmas episode, neither Kurt, Blaine, Santana nor Brittany GOT HIT BY A TRUCK.

Which I suppose brings me to a point of hope. I decided pretty quickly after finishing the episode that Quinn was unlikely to be dead. And the main reason for that was that if they were going to kill her off, they surely wouldn’t have been so cruel as to deny Faberry fans their scene. And you’d think they might have given us a Quinn/Santana/Britt scene too before we had to say goodbye. So I guess even though the Sue/Quinn scenes screamed ‘DANGER DANGER’ the callous removal of the Faberry scene and the lack of any friendship scenes between the ‘Unholy trinity’, or any Quinn/Puck interaction for that matter, kind of whispered ‘It’ll be okay.’

Rin says: Okay. Do you want to know what happened last week after Heart aired? We were absolutely furious after the episode because once again Rachel was being moronic and the poster child for ‘Idiotic Things Teens Do.’ And no progress was being made, and it seemed like Quinn had given up on trying to make Rachel see some sense, because she happily joined in to serenade Rachel, on Finn’s behalf. And that made me very angry, because NO. She wouldn’t just give up that easily.

So I was stewing in my rage bath, whilst Sophy quietly went off and watched the promo for this episode. She tells me she knows we usually don’t watch the promos, but thinks I should watch it, and casually sends me the link. I go into it thinking ‘great, probably more things to anger me.’ And then. The Faberry scene.

With Quinn fired up, fighting for Rachel’s future. SHE. WASN’T. GOING. TO. JUST. STAND. AROUND.

And my anger dissipated just like that. Because THANK GOD, Glee weren’t dropping the ball for once! They were actually going to come through for us!

I was on freaking cloud nine for days, and had never been more excited for a Glee episode!

And then I was told the scene was cut from the episode.

The night before the news of it being cut, I replied to a comment on our last recap that mentioned Brittana scenes being cut, and I said:

“As for deleted scenes, and how the end result appears on screen. It happens to every character on every television show, and we just have to take the end result for what it is. Even if stuff was already filmed and 95% of its way into the final cut, only to be cut last minute, we can only take into account what we see on screen.”

Which… is hilariously ironic and upsetting now.

Am I now being a huge hypocrite by having this as best scene? Yes. Do I care? Not really.

I mean, apart from being the painfully obvious stan that I am, I do believe this scene served a purpose other than that of Faberry/Quinn/Rachel. Because there really wasn’t enough opposition to Finchel’s decision to get married. The way I’ve always felt about it is that they’re simply too young to be able to make a decision like this. They haven’t lived in the real world. Everyone thinks they know everything whilst in high school, and then you leave and everything just gets bigger. Everything opens up and new experiences and opportunities and things you never knew you wanted are laid out before you. It’s hard enough to go through all of that in a normal relationship, so why on earth would you want the added pressure of being married?

And it’s not like I’m some old-wise-adult-person-thing, but I really appreciated the sentiment of Hold On To Sixteen, that your youth is something to be treasured and valued. Yet that got thrown out the window because Finchel! They can do anything! The rules don’t apply to them! 8-)

Also I’m pretty upset over Will having nothing to say about this. It’s not like he got married to his high school sweetheart which ended disastrously, fake baby and all. He’s the freaking CAUTIONARY TALE for this exact situation, but nada. 8-)

So yes. I needed this scene for my Faberry heart, and for there to actually be a god-damn reality check for the stupidity that is Finchel Teen Wedding!

And look how much Quinn cares you guys. She fucking cares.

Have we lost some credibility by making a deleted scene our best scene? Maybe. But Glee lost theirs first. Plus, when have we ever really been credible? :-j We use emoticons and put questions marks when we’re not even asking questions???

Sophy says: I don’t know what you mean? I thought all the cool kids were doing it???

Oh god, the whole ‘the rules don’t apply to Finchel’ thing really bothers me. In the way where I need it to come crashing down, and the longer they wait, the harder the fall is going to need to be. Because Glee is not Twilight, okay? And Finchel are not Edward/Bella? Please tell me they are not, show. Because I really, really don’t want to hate them. And the longer you keep shoving them down my throat as this one in a million, sparkly-arsed, better than you and you and you and you “perfect” couple, the harder it is not to hate them. So stop, show. Just stop. Give me back the ship I used to know and actually sort of love, which, to jog your memory, was a charmingly, disarmingly ordinary high-school romance, meant for the kind of bittersweet ending that leaves a smile on people’s faces and a nostalgic mark on their hearts. That is the truth of Finchel for me. I will accept no bullshit OTP substitutes.

Also, until Rin mentioned it just now, I hadn’t really hooked into the fact that Will is the cautionary tale for Finchel. I’d been railing on and on to her since 313 about how disgusted I was that Will, as an authority figure and as a friend, failed to say anything to either Finn or Rachel. And so I railed in this episode, when he failed in his duty again… but I hadn’t even gotten to the cautionary tale place. And now that I have I honestly just feel disturbed by how careless the writers are being with this plotline, and how careless they so consistently are with Will as a character. I know a lot of people hate Will and the sad thing is that I completely understand why. But 90% of the douche-ness is down to mistakes. As in the writers fucked up and didn’t realize how his behaviour would come across. And that makes me unbearably sad.

Judging by the lack of gormless yay, Finchel grin on his face whenever the wedding is mentioned, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that there’s a scene of Will talking seriously to Finn and Rachel somewhere on the cutting room floor. And that, my friends, is why it’s important to plan your episode coherently and strictly, and to have editors who understand how things are working thematically and character-wise – not just on a basic plot level.

IN CONCLUSION. It’s a real shame this scene was cut, because, in my view, it was crucial to the episode overall. Whereas certain other things that will go unwarblered were not crucial to the episode overall. More on that later.

PS. I love that Rachel chose pink bridesmaids’ dresses. I really, really do.

“How do I look? ;;)”

Rin says: This is a tricky one. A very very tricky one.

Because raging. MASSIVE raging that Quinn is suddenly a-okay with Rachel marrying Finn. Like, what the fuck? Especially because we didn’t have the previous scene to counter-balance this sudden epiphany. Because even the dialogue here feels a little out of context. Why is Rachel so passive aggressive with her ‘Everyone deserves to be happy,’ and why does Quinn immediately go into questioning who Rachel was singing about. If there wasn’t some prior confrontation, it doesn’t exactly add up. The last we heard from Quinn on the subject is that she didn’t think either of them were mature enough, but now it’s all, I SUPPORT YOU, YAY FINCHEL!!! Just, no.

But on the positives?


Lesbian Cheerleader Quinn Fabray is now her full name. (Unless we have to change it to Lesbian Ghost Quinn Fabray?)

I adored the previous scene with Sue/Quinn, even though it was extremely heavy handed and by that point I was absolutely certain that Quinn was going to meet a horrible fate. I mean, I love Quinn Fabray, but if you’re just going to smother her with compliments, then obviously she’s not coming out the other side unscathed. It’s classic ‘happy happy happy lovey, HA CAR CRASH! SUCK IT!’ It’s almost like we’ve seen it happen on another TV show that’s currently airing.. but I can’t quite place my finger on what…

But Quinn back in a Cheerio uniform is quite the sight for sore eyes. And I had some really sore Warbler eyes.

Is it really just my desire for Quinn to be gay for Rachel that makes her look like a big lesbian in the uniform though? She didn’t use to. But now all I see is Lesbian Cheerleader??? I don’t know. Or maybe it’s because before she didn’t just go around asking girls how she looks. Not to mention she asks the girl who has repeatedly told her to her face how beautiful she thinks she is. So. Shooting fish in a barrel, much?

And can I just say Quinn’s ‘Hey,’ is the softest and sweetest tone I’ve ever heard from the girl?

Okay, and now to the deliciously chunky meaty part of the scene.

“When you were singing that song, you were singing it to Finn and only Finn. Right?”

When I first heard her ask that (I’ve since watched it 20 times, just to see what else she could possibly mean), I thought I misheard. Cause, wow, really Quinn? Did you really just ask that? Because I have thought and thought and thought about it as objectively as I can, which is extremely hard when you’ve fallen as far as I have, but I can’t see any other explanation. Quinn has feelings for Rachel. And this is her way of checking to see if Rachel has any feelings for her.

Cause she’s fucking hopelessly hopeful you guys. When she says, ‘right?’ at the end, she knows she’s being ridiculous because Rachel is straight and in love with Finn and wanting to marry him. She’s trying to make light of a heavy question, to which the answer is obviously important to her, as evidenced by the way she pauses, speaks slowly and stares intently.

And Rachel BARELY answers, or even finds the question in the least bit confusing. Shouldn’t she be all, ‘Well of course silly! Who else would I be singing it to?’ Because the way Quinn phrases it is just odd. What does, ‘and only Finn’ even mean? Quinn certainly isn’t referencing any other love interest she’s had in the past, Puck is ancient history and Jesse is definitely out of the picture. And Rachel hasn’t had anyone else on her radar all year. If Quinn was only looking for confirmation that Rachel is indeed in love with Finn, it would have been something more along the lines of, ‘When you were singing, I could see how much you love Finn.’ NOT ASK ALL COYLY IF THAT SONG WAS ABOUT FINN AND ONLY FINN.

Part of me thinks Quinn is so quick to support Rachel, so that Quinn is in the audiences good books, so later on when she gets hit by a truck we all feel appropriately sad. N.B. She could be the biggest villain and I would still feel shattered by her getting hit by a truck.

And on the other hand…. in my perfectly sculpted Faberry haven, it’s all to do with Quinn not properly recognising what her exact feelings for Rachel are. Do I think Quinn loves Rachel? Yes. Do I think Quinn knows that? No. I’m not saying it’s the kind of love of epic proportions, but I do believe it’s the kind of love that could lead to that. Which has been shown in the way that Rachel has been able to get through to Quinn when no one else could, even when they didn’t even consider themselves friends. How often do you listen to, or take advice from, people that you don’t like? Or think about their future and care about them achieving it to the point of frustration? The point is, is that they’ve always meant something to each other. And we all have that one person in our lives who will always just be important to us, no matter what. That’s the best way I can describe what I see Quinn and Rachel being to each other. And because I have trouble defining what they are, I can see why Quinn has trouble with it too. So when she doesn’t get any sort of indication that Rachel could possibly feel something more for her, she let’s it go immediately and resigns herself to the fact that her feelings must just be friendly. And as a friend, if Rachel isn’t going to change her mind, all she can do is support her and hope for the best.

I honestly don’t feel like Quinn would have been as opposed to any of the others if they announced they were getting married, as she has showed towards Rachel.

Also, despite Finn being the one she was friends with first, and dated twice, she never once went to Finn and talked about what this meant for his future. Nope. It was all about Rachel for Quinn.

The hug was gorgeous, and I loved that it was a mirror image of their previous hug in the fabathroom, because this time we got to see Quinn’s face! And I just adore how Rachel should be the lower hugging participant due to her shorter stature, but she just has to scoot on up there and wrap her arms around Quinn’s neck. And. Quinn’s face.

And I really do mean it when I say it won’t bother me if they never take the romantic route with Faberry. First and foremost I ship their friendship, because I think it’s beautiful and perhaps the only relationship on the show that has been handled with care for the entirety of the 3 seasons.

They just happen to fit really well together though, and I would hate to see that go to waste…

And QuinnTears/RachelsPresence is happening again.

Sophy says: Quinn always fucking cries. I bet she’d cry when they made love. And then cry while she wrote a poem about it. And cry while she read it aloud to the Glee club but really only to Rachel. Etc.

When I first watched this scene, I didn’t appreciate it properly. That is because I was actually screaming at Rin about all the angry things inside me whilst Quinn was saying things that are basically code for Take care of my heart, won’t you please.

But on eleventh or twelfth rewatch and after a good night’s sleep, well… I’m still angry. But I’m also horribly in love.

Basically if this scene and I were TV characters, people would post lots of mildly pornographic manips of us on tumblr and say we should have “hate sex”.

I guess the big issue for me is that the bridal shop scene was cut from the episode. With the bridal shop scene included, I suspect I would feel only love (and some fear) during this scene. Because as I mentioned above, alone this scene feels dangerously close to a flat-out sanctioning of the teen wedding, and that is just not okay with me. However, if I remind myself that there was supposed to be a scene in there where Quinn objected vigorously, just as she objected vigorously when first told about the proposal, then I see this scene not as a sanctioning, but as an act of kindness – and act of love.

Never have I been more convinced that Quinn Fabray loves Rachel Berry as I am whilst watching this scene. Except perhaps whilst watching that scene in 311 in which she told her all the opposite things. Because Quinn cares enough – deeply – to go out on a limb and tell unpopular truths. And that is not something that many people do in these situations. When I saw the promo with the bridal shop scene in it, I was reminded of how I had this whole conversation with a friend of mine – no, multiple conversations – about her relationship with her husband, during which I concluded that he was absolutely, without doubt, an abusive fuck that she should get away from. But I knew that if I said that out loud, things would get messy – she might be angry – I might be embarrassed – the whole me-and-her-and-everyone-we-have-in-common thing might go to awkward shit. So I made a few halfheartedly leading comments about getting couples counseling and left it at that. I’m not a bad person. And I do care about my friend. But I wasn’t willing to go to that scary place, the way Quinn was for Rachel. And, you know, that, to me, means two things: Quinn is a better person than I am. Or Quinn loves Rachel as more than just a friend.

I think it’s likely to be a combination of both.

(Please note, I’m not trying to insinuate that Finn is an abusive fuck to Rachel. It was an analogy, pure and simple. Having said that, I did want to kick him in the balls in this episode. More on that later.)

Anyway, so. We’ve established that Quinn loves Rachel enough to risk Rachel loving her less. Which is a big damn selfless kind of deal. But with this scene we also see that Quinn loves Rachel enough to know that when her mind is made up, her mind is made up – and even if she can’t respect the decision, she has to respect the human being Rachel is. And she has to be a hand for her to hold – no matter what – through anything – always.

I guess it just dazzles me to see that Quinn cares more about Rachel’s future than her own dads and yet at the same time respects her more than they do too. Because she didn’t try to play games. Like Rachel said, she could depend on Quinn for a straightforward answer when she went to her for advice and that was precisely what she got. She got Quinn’s honest opinion, straight from her heart, no filter, no treating her like a child who needs to be manipulated rather than communicated with. And when Rachel didn’t budge? Quinn conceded. She respected her enough to trust that she had listened and understood. And that was enough – or at least, it was all she could hope for.

Basically Quinn and Rachel love and respect each other more than anyone loves or respects anyone else on this whole damn show. I mean that. I stand by that. Thank you and goodnight.

Except wait. I just realized I’ve spent so much time discussing the Faberry friendship that I have completely by-passed the Faberry GAY.



I completely agree with Rin that the phrasing of the question about who Rachel was singing to was way, way off base if they want me to believe that Quinn has platonic-only feelings for Rachel. It’s not something you ask in the first place, and you certainly don’t pause about it and gaze meaningfully about it and have your eyes fill with tears about it and all that. I also loved how beautifully Quinn asking that question jives with the number of times that I’ve watched her singing and thought ‘Wow. Way too much of this is with, for, about Rachel Berry.’ Quinn just barely lets herself wonder whether Rachel might possibly, impossibly be singing a little bit to her… because she is always singing a little bit to Rachel.

Or, you know, sometimes it’s a lot bit. To Rachel.

So there’s that gay.

And then, you know, just the fact that Quinn stalks out in her cheerleader outfit, immediately finds Rachel in the Faballway, and poses, hands on hips, asks her how she looks.

I mean, I’m not saying no female friend has ever innocently asked another female friend how they look. That happens all the time. But it was the way she asked it. It was so freaking coy, you guys. And just look at her face. No really, scroll up, and go look at her face when Rachel turns to look at her. Tell me that is the look of pure friendship. Tell me she is not flirting her fucking face off despite herself like she always does with Rachel Berry.


I dare you.

In conclusion, Quinn ‘Oh I guarantee you have’ Fabray looked awfully thoughtful when told that Karofsky tried to kill himself because he couldn’t handle being outed.

Just saying.

And while we’re on that subject. I would be happy with Faberry remaining a special kind of friendship. But I would also be happy with Quinn revealing that she’s GAY AS A WINDOW.

And you know what the worst argument in the world is? “They already have enough lesbians.” Because you know what, even if there were more than one lesbian on the show, that would still be bullshit. What is there a quota? It’s the same argument people made about Minky, as though just by virtue of it involving two females, it was somehow a repeat of Naomily. Glee, I have to say, is the one show that I would hope would never buy into the ‘We have enough lesbians’ argument. So if they never go there with Quinn, I really hope it’s for completely other reasons.

And meanwhile, we have only one lesbian and one bisexual female, versus four gay male characters. I think we could balance that out a little and nobody would mind.

Well… I wouldn’t mind.



Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“I want Lord Tubbington to kick his Ecstasy addiction.”

Rin says: Oh Britts. Love. Just love.

And while we’re at it, I really really loved Santana’s answer about looking forward to when her grandmother loves her again. Which, is completely unresolved and I would love to revisit that again. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening with all of this Karofsky stuff taking precedence, so we can probably assume Santana is now completely fine and dandy with her sexuality and has no further struggles! Cause it’s Karofsky’s turn! And this conveniently leads us into the next category…

Sophy says: OH BRITTANY. Lord Tubbington is the best TV cat since that angry, stuffed one on Sabrina.

And Rin, you speak the truth, Santana’s happy shiny future moment really touched my heart, and made me hope we get to see it on screen. But you know, we might be too busy watching Karofsky and his grandmother work on their relationship, I don’t know.


Rophy Says No!

“Quinn, please. Sure, you had a baby when you were 16 and you had a bad dye job for two weeks, but seriously? The world never stopped loving you. And you’re going to Yale. You have no idea what Karofsky was struggling with.”

Rin says: There’s been a few times when Kurt has rubbed me the wrong way, but on the whole I love him dearly. But right now? I want to rip him to fucking shreds. I will take one of your stylish boots mister, and beat you to death with it.

Cause, wow. Fucking out of line, much??

I get that Quinn has harsh opinions on suicide. And considering her upbringing, I can see why. But she was expressing her opinions in a safe environment where they could talk things out without judgement or ridicule.

It was incredibly rude of Kurt to barge in and trivialise everything that Quinn has gone through.

My reaction was very much similar to Quinn’s.. utter disbelief that Kurt was trying to compare. But I was seeing a lot more RED. Put in Quinn’s shoes I wouldn’t have been able to let it go as easily as she did.

Cause fuck you Kurt. You say that Quinn has no idea what Karofsky was struggling with, but you don’t realise that YOU have no idea what QUINN was struggling with. It works both fucking ways.

And I’m pretty sure we discussed this in our Mash-Off recap, because it’s utterly mind-blowing that Glee is adamant about homosexuality being the ‘hardest’ thing that someone has to deal with. That nothing could ever compare, and how dare you try?

My views on pain and hardship is that it’s all relatively the same. Pain is pain. And everyone has their own thing. And don’t be silly, I’m not saying being called stupid is the same as being subjected to homophobia.

To be honest, this ‘being a gay teen is the hardest and you couldn’t possibly understand because you’re straight!’ frustrates me. And if I’m speaking candidly, it frustrates me because it’s myopic and backwards. And I’m fully aware that a lot of you reading this right now are more than likely gay, and I hope you’re not taking this as some kind of commentary on you. Because it’s really not, and I hope you can at least try to see what I’m saying. Because we’re all equal, right? We’re all human. I don’t think being gay makes you anything. And we’re constantly battling for gay rights and equality. And yet somehow when it comes to the struggles of gay teens, we’re no longer equal. Kurt is allowed to get on his high-unicorn and talk about how nothing Quinn’s had to deal with in the past will ever allow her to understand what it could be like to struggle with your sexuality and the stigma’s that come with that.

“Despair. Self-loathing.” I’m sorry, you think Quinn didn’t feel those things? Ya know, like when she gave up her child? I mean, is there anyone who hasn’t felt despair or self-loathing? There aren’t a special set of emotions for different sexualities. Just like love is love, despair is despair.

The more we let ourselves think that we’re misunderstood and alone, the more we’re going to continue to be misunderstood and alone. There’s no room for progress. Don’t just say ‘you have no idea’ .. it’s beyond condescending and implies that you’ll never be able to grasp and understand. Which then leads to, ‘so don’t even try.’ Which, on the one hand you’re saying, ‘there’s nothing wrong with being gay, it doesn’t make me any different from you,’ and on the other it’s, ‘but you’ll never understand what it’s like.’ They’re conflicting ideas.

I just feel like Kurt went about it in the wrong way. I mean, he’s the guest here, and it’d be nice if he didn’t just start attacking his friend when it could have been dealt in a more mature and compassionate way.

And what the fuck does, ‘And you’re going to Yale’ even mean?? Oh right, cause she worked hard throughout high school and got into a good college, she has no right to ever feel bad about anything ever.

Screw you Kurt.

Sophy says: Remember how pissed I was at Sam for his throwaway ‘Rich white girl problems’ comment in 308?

Multiply that by a thousand.

Just watching this scene a second time in order to write about it was tough for me. Because there’s nothing I hate more than when a favourite character of mine starts spewing vile, pompous, idiotic shit at another favourite character of mine.

I’m not going to lie. Kurt’s whole overblown cry-faced sympathy hard-on for Karofsky really rubbed me the wrong way in this episode. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be sad for him, but quite frankly, all the trite I feel responsible stuff coming out of his mouth was just nauseating. In fact, Karofsky really did a number on everyone in this episode – there was a whole wave of OOC going on and it all seemed to stem from him. And no, I’m not saying that something as shocking and tragic as a young man trying to kill himself due to homophobic cruelty wouldn’t or shouldn’t bring out the best in people. But come on. Sue Sylvester was practically getting the hairshirt out, and Meerkat face went from evil smirks to fond smiles in 3, 2, 1. It was too much, and it felt manipulative and preachy to me.

But that is neither here nor there. Regardless of Kurt’s general response to Karofsky’s situation, what I’m specifically unhappy about is his tirade against Quinn.

His whole speech is condescending, arrogant and short-sighted, and actually, you know what? It was mostly just “harsh and reductive”. But I think the real kicker is throwing in that she had a bad dye job for two weeks. Because really, Kurt? Mocking people’s pain is your thing now? Oh no wait. Only some people’s pain. Karofsky’s gets all the respect in the world because… what? He bullied you? He thinks he’s in love with you? He’s gay? He considers suicide an option in a way Quinn doesn’t?

I honestly don’t know which of those is supposed to be Kurt’s motivation, or whether it’s a mixture of all four.

But let me say this: a suicide attempt is not the ultimate benchmark for misery. By which I mean simply that people who don’t attempt suicide don’t necessarily do so because they are suffering less than people who do. For some people, as for Quinn, there is an ideological impediment that doesn’t allow them to see it as an option. She thinks it’s selfish. She thinks it’s punitive. She thinks it’s wrong.

Now I don’t necessarily agree with her. I think suicide is one of those things that can be x and can be y. It all comes down to the particular circumstances, and you know what, I can actually fully understand why Karofsky tried to go there given the velocity with which his world was falling apart. If he were a character I’d known and loved since day one, I’d probably have been clutching my heart all the way through this episode. As it is, I feel bad for him.

Like Quinn feels bad for him. The thing is that she was not attacking anyone here. She was just trying to work through her own feelings about something as huge and controversial as the rights and wrongs of taking your own life. And like Rin says, she was doing it in a safe place.

I think it’s great that Teen Jesus invited an atheist like Kurt to the meeting. But I think that if Kurt can’t respect that many Christians believe suicide is wrong, and at least be something approaching polite, then he should get the fuck out.

Bottom line: what he said was stupid and rude, but it was also just plain fucking mean. And I was honestly shocked at the maturity Quinn showed in not responding to it when Rin and I would be pulling his boots off and clubbing.

And okay I’m going to weigh in on the tricky issue of the whole ‘gay pain > your other inferior pain’ vibe that’s going on.

I really want to interpret this scene differently. I really want to say to myself that Kurt just thinks Quinn couldn’t possibly understand Karofsky’s suffering because she’s never tried to kill herself. Now that would be flat-out wrong in my view… but it would be less gross than saying Quinn couldn’t possibly understand Karofsky’s suffering because she hasn’t been bullied due to her sexuality. And unfortunately, given that Kurt appears to think he could understand, and as far as we know, has never considered suicide, but has been bullied due to his sexuality, that is the vibe that comes across.
I think it was pretty well established that Quinn was bullied at school prior to coming to McKinley and changing her image. And even if she hadn’t been, she’s been through a range of painful experiences in the time we’ve known her that, as Rin points out, would most certainly amount to despair, self-loathing. I’ve seen that despair and self-loathing, you guys. It’s been a pretty big theme of Quinn’s whole journey, so much so that it’s been almost weird to see her happy and confident over these last few episodes. Because it’s only when she came up for air that you realized how deep down in depression she has been for pretty much ever. She has suffered. A lot. And it makes me sick when people try to diminish that because she’s pretty or because she’s white or because she comes from a wealthy family or because she’s straight or whatever.

I’m very much with Quinn – when it comes to emotional distress, comparing is just stupid and petty. And saying that one is worse than the other because it has to do with sexuality… I think that’s just arbitrary and divisive.

Everyone’s experience is different. As in every single person in the whole world experiences that world differently from every single other person. We can never know how much something hurts, just as we can never know that what we are both pointing to and calling green is actually green. It’s not something we can quantify or contrast. All we can do is be open to understanding other people’s experiences and try to draw on our own to do so. And you know what? It seems to me that Quinn’s the one who’s making the effort to do that here. Whereas Kurt? He’s just idealizing his what he sees as his own special kind of pain – and dismissing someone else’s out of hand.

It’s horrible.

The end.

Warblers x 2

Rin says: I could maybe have dealt with one Warbler song, I mean they are the competition so we have to see them perform. But TWO songs? In an episode where a pivotal scene, pivotal enough to include in the episode promo, gets cut due to time restraints? And they give us TWO SONGS? One of them could have easily been cut and no one would have noticed or missed it. I mean, the Trouble Tones didn’t even get two songs when they performed at Sectionals. And it’s not like we haven’t seen the Warblers/Meerkat perform this season, so yeah, it wasn’t necessary. Especially when it’s a song performance that has no importance to the plot and could have been uploaded afterwards for the zero people who want to watch it. I mean, I got sick of the Warblers when Blaine was still their captain, so.

When so much is happening in an episode, because it was the penultimate episode for a 5-6 episode arc, I just don’t have the patience for there to be filler. We’ve had to put up with the ridiculous Finchel engagement and I would have liked to have seen more of a resolution — or at least the working towards that resolution — for that, than watch a performance by a bunch of unknowns and a character who got introduced 9 episodes ago. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK? TO HAVE PROGRESSION FOR OUR MAIN CHARACTERS?

And whilst I’m harping on about how they wasted a lot of time, I wish they pushed back the Karofsky storyline. Because whilst I thought it was pretty heavy-handed, I honestly wouldn’t have minded it as much if it had its own episode. I mean, I can see how there’s a place for his story in the Glee-verse. So I figured they would always go there eventually, but did it have to be now? Because to me, the episode was a scattered mess. I was constantly checking how much time was left, because they couldn’t possibly fit everything in under 10 minutes, could they? But that’s apparently what they did!

I felt as much sympathy for Karofsky as you’re supposed to for a television character you don’t particularly like. I probably would have felt more if I wasn’t wondering what everyone else was up to. And if Kurt wasn’t in a constant state of ‘BUT IT WAS ALL MY FAULT! :(

Sophy says: By the time we got to the Warblers’ second song I started assuming they must be going to win, because why the hell else would we have to see so much of their set? And then I started wondering just how artificially dull and charmless they were going to have to make the New Directions performances to make that stick. Because.

Basically this was a big waste of time, in an episode that really couldn’t afford to be wasting time. I can deal with things getting cut, when I can see how it was necessary. It wasn’t necessary in this episode. That bugs.

Like Rin said, even the Trouble Tones didn’t get this much screentime at sectionals, and okay, I may not have been that enamored of that whole plotline, but the group was still partially comprised of main character that we know and love. They certainly deserved more respect than the Warblers minus Blaine plus Meerkat?

And just on the Trouble Tones. I was honestly confused for the longest time during that second New Directions song, before I worked out that… it wasn’t the New Directions. It was the Trouble Tones. And really? Since the hell when was that part of the deal? I would have been fine with Mercedes and Santana getting a song on which they sang lead and were backed up by their female New Directions members, but why the hell did all the randoms have to be their back up instead? It was just weird and doubtless contrary to the spirit of the competition having what was essentially another group performing one of the songs. Plus it had this unpleasant vibe of ‘Hey thanks for letting us sing in your group, no you cannot sing in ours.’

Sophy says no to that.


Head In Hands

“I’m looking forward to graduating from Yale at the top of my class.”
“I’m looking forward to being friends with all of you for the rest of my life.”

Rin says: Now I feel like Glee is just teasing us. And I’m okay with that as long as they keep giving us looks like this.

I loved how Quinn’s answer wasn’t just, graduating from Yale, it was graduating from Yale at the top of my class. Like the baller she is. AND YOU WILL QUINN. I’ll be damned if a little truck is going to stop you. And Rachel’s face! Full of pride and happiness for Quinn’s excitement about her future. I don’t think anyone saw just how frightened of the future Quinn was other than Rachel. It was a nice acknowledgement of how far they’ve come, and how Rachel has played a major part in that.

AND RACHEL’S ANSWER. OH MY HEART. So adorable. That’s the thing about Rachel, I’ve always seen her as being a pretty lonely kid growing up, and the Glee Club are the only real friends she’s ever had. And she’s not afraid to show them how much they all mean to her, even if they think she might be lame or overly dramatic by saying so. And then the small smiles Rachel and Quinn share? Sweet. So sweet.

I quite enjoyed this moment between the Glee Club and Mr Shue. I thought it was a nice touch, and not too overboard. I like that Will emphasised how everyone has something that might take them to the edge, and that he showed his genuine love for these kids. And I absolutely love any moment that brings all of these kids together in a moment of humility, reiterating how much of a family they’ve all become for each other.


Wasn’t it in this episode that there was one of those hinty spoilers that said Quinn would find out who she wanted to spend the ‘rest of her life’ with? Hmmm. Intriguing.

Also, Chord and Dianna could easily play siblings in the future. They could even play twins ffs.

Sophy says: You know there are ways in which this is the worst episode ever, and then there are ways in which this is the best episode ever. This is one of the latter ways.

Quinn’s confidence and ambition was beautiful to see. And Rachel’s obvious pride in that confidence and ambition? That just pretty much makes me want to run around the room screaming. But if I’d done that I would have missed Rachel saying the sweetest thing ever and proving what I’d always believed – that Rachel’s journey is not about being a star and falling in love with Finn Hudson – it is about being a star and falling in love with the whole Glee club. They are more and better friends than she would ever have hoped to call hers in that pilot episode. And it feels completely right to hear her say she’s excited about spending the rest of her life with them, in an episode where anyone would expect her to be crooning about spending the rest of her life with the man she’s going to marry.

And you know, looking back, I wonder if this is where the maybe popped into Quinn’s head. I wonder if this is the moment when she thought perhaps, if she talked to Rachel, she could change her mind. I wonder if the rest of my life and all of you… was the tiny spark from which It’s only him… right? flamed.

You know, I have to say that I also liked Will’s speech about the day he felt close to suicide. It’s so easy for people to mock it, because cheating on a test seems like such a trivial thing. But the problem is that it’s not just the cheating on the test. It’s the particular relationship a person has with their father – it’s whatever just happens to be the wagon to which they’ve hooked This is who I am.

It doesn’t matter how trivial it might seem to someone like Puck. It was a big deal for Will. And I really like that this scene gave us some insight into the whole ‘pain is relative’ deal.

“And for those of you who maybe weren’t the biggest fans of our impending nuptials, we thank you also.”

Rin says: Um. That last Quinn sparked something deep within us. In the way where one day we’re totally going to have a Top Ten Quinn Glory Shots and that is going to make it to NUMBER ONE. With a million trophies etched in its honour.

It’s just, the epitome of glory shot ffs.

I love how whenever they mention the wedding, it always cuts to a shot of Quinn looking on forlornly. It’s like ‘wedding’ ‘OH MY GOD, IS QUINN OKAY?!??!?!!’ =))

Honestly at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere down the track it’s revealed that Quinn loves Rachel.

Sophy says: You know how I said it’s been weird to see Quinn so confident and happy? It’s even weirder to see her get that miserable, faraway look in her eyes again suddenly. Gosh, I wonder what spurred that. I might have to go back and watch this scene again to check.


Christ Quinn. be more obvious.

Also that cap. I don’t.

And you know how I said earlier that there wasn’t enough Santana/Quinn for Quinn to be dead? This still isn’t anywhere near enough, but holy god is it adorable…





Rin says: Quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.

To be honest I didn’t even notice Santana was clapping Quinn’s hand until Sophy pointed it out, and I die.


Most Rophy

This would be our engagement present to that so-called Finchel.

Rin says: Although, we’d most definitely give him man-boobs.


Also, I’ve seen what Sophy can do to people in photoshop. And let’s just say, it was horrific and I wish I had never seen such a thing in my life. You won’t even be able to imagine what it could have been.

Sophy says: I’ve done some bad, bad things.

I’d have to dig deep to top my personal worst, but I would. Just for Finchel.


Quinn Glory Shot

Going to the chapel and we’re…

Rin says: Lol. They hit my baby Quinn with a truck.


You do realise, with Rachel being a moron for the past few episodes, Quinn has been my favourite one?

And they hit her with a truck.

Cause you know, it’s not like she went through all this crap and managed to turn her life around and was finally starting to become the person she always wanted to be. Nope. Might as well hit her with a truck!

Oh and! Let’s have it be because she was TEXTING WHILST DRIVING! Yay!

Oh come on Glee! It’s bad enough you wanted to truck her, but did you really have to have it be because she wasn’t paying attention cause she was texting? That’s just cruel.

Like. I just. She’s like a freaking Labrador puppy.. AND GLEE KICKED THE PUPPY YOU GUYS. THEY KICKED. THE PUPPY. :(

I mean, I don’t need to tell you guys how upsetting this is. You know how deep my love runs.

So let’s talk about the scene as a whole.

I LAUGH at how it starts with Finn being all mushy saying, “I just want to take a second just to remember this. Us.” AND RACHEL IS JUST LIKE, SHUTUP FINN, QUINN’S MESSAGING ME. SHE’S GONNA BE HERE SOON 8-.

And then The Dixie Cups – Chapel of Love starts playing, and honestly I kind of love everything that follows. If I forget about everything that angered me about this episode, and just watch this scene for what it is, I have to applaud Glee because it’s so nicely put together. I loved that as soon as the song started play, my heart dropped and I was filled with a sense of dread. And as soon as you saw Quinn driving in the car — you knew. And the juxtaposition of the incredibly joyful and bouncy tune, against feeling sick to your stomach works really well.

Rachel is beyond frantic as she stalls her WEDDING for Quinn Fabray. Do we even need to talk about the subtext? It’s probably not even subtext, because it’s a fact. Rachel doesn’t want to get married without Quinn there. When Finn tells her “It’s now or never.” (WHICH, WTF DO YOU MEAN NEVER? You can postpone you know) she doesn’t turn around and pick up her bouquet of flowers, she turns around and picks up her phone and texts Quinn again. She needs Quinn Fabray at her wedding. And I think probably my favourite thing is how there’s a room full of people, 17 other people, and they’re all just standing there as if Rachel wanting to wait for Quinn is the most normal thing in the world. “What’s going on?” “Rachel won’t get married until Quinn’s here.” “Oh okay. Let’s go get some coffee.”

The fanwanky part of me can boil it down to Rachel needing Quinn to be okay with her decision. Because she can’t imagine ever doing something without Quinn’s support. If she’s going to be friends with her for the rest of her life then she needs to be at her freaking wedding! And if I get even fanwankier (which believe me, there are many levels), I can talk about how Rachel wants Quinn there to be given one last chance to talk her out of it.

Which BY THE WAY. I feel like this is My Best Friend’s Wedding. Quinn is Julia Roberts and Rachel is Dermot Mulroney, and Finn is Cameron Diaz and it’s all just a mess! I mean, what’s the iconic scene from that movie? I say a little prayer….. :)


A dreamy, dreamy tangent. 8-.

I love how Rachel’s texts are similar to that of Lea’s tweets with the superfluous use of punctuation marks. I bet it wasn’t even in the script to put any question marks. And let’s try to overlook the major flaw that on Quinn’s phone it says that she receives Rachel’s first message at 4.14pm. And I love how they use stickers to cover up the network provider information on their phones. ;)) But I love it when shows use actual phones with real messages — one of my biggest pet peeves is when shows use phones that have an incredibly fake display. It just annoys me.

I think it’s a bit of genius how Quinn texts ‘ON MY WAY’ and it’s the last line of the episode, that is so aptly named. I kind of love how it’s in all caps too, like she’s just shouting back at Rachel.

And I’m usually not a fan of major accidents for the sake of drama, but I have thought a lot about it. And if they play their cards right, this could lead to a potentially heart-fulfilling end of season. I can’t believe we have to wait 7 weeks to see how it all plays out. Ghost Quinn? Coma Quinn? Because I refuse to believe that Dianna Agron has been written out of the show. It simply isn’t an option.

And whether you’re aware of Quinn’s fate or not, please try not to spoil it for others in the comments. :)

Sophy says: Yeah.


If Quinn Fabray is dead or in a wheelchair for the rest of her life, I’m going to be very, very angry.

With that out of the way, there are a lot of reasons I love this ending.

Basically the whole entire thing reeks of Rachel the distressed bride and… Quinn the missing groom. I mean. Come on. Going to the Chapel starts playing for Finn and Rachel, but quickly cuts to Quinn in the car. On her way. To get married. With those lyrics. Except the people who are getting married are already there. OR ARE THEY?

Basically the whole thing is just a brilliant subliminal mindfuck of gay, gay, gay, and okay, maybe the writers’ tongues are firmly in their cheeks, maybe they’re just trolling the hell out of us with all this, but even if they are…


Let me just say this. Rachel wants to marry Finn. She is, in fact, utterly determined to marry Finn, as soon as possible. Quinn thinks this is a bad idea – in fact, she appears to personally hate this idea – but she comes through for Rachel and offers her support. Because she cannot change her mind.

But then something ironic happens. We’re at the registry office, and Finn is saying “Now or never,” and Rachel? Rachel is seriously considering never.


Because of Quinn Fabray.

How poetic is that?

And yes, I know that Finn’s ‘never’ is a load of rubbish, and that Rachel waiting for Quinn will not prevent her from marrying Finn in five minutes, ten minutes, an hour, the next day if need be. But it’s the symbolism that is so beautiful.

And such a fucking tease.

Unless of course they’re actually going to follow through and have the fact that Rachel turned away from Finn and started texting Quinn mean she chose never and never is a real thing that means I never ever have to see Finchel going to the chapel again?


Meanwhile, I need to talk about Finn. Because the way he was pressuring Rachel to hurry up and get hitched when she was clearly unhappy and wanted to wait? That was just not okay and spoke volumes about why they should not be doing this at all. Here is what someone who should be marrying Rachel Berry would say: “Rachel, I know we booked the justice of the peace, but you seem uncomfortable doing this without your friend. We can wait as long as you like – don’t rush yourself – I want you to feel 100% happy in all of this.”




And don’t even get me started on his utter fuckery earlier in the episode. He honestly thinks Rachel should consider not singing at Regionals so some jerk doesn’t post a manip of him on the internet? I just… I’m not saying it’s nice to have people post things like that, but at the same time, it’s very clear that the image is not real, and Meerkat face would be very sue-able if he decided to go through with it. There are a number of other ways to try to prevent or resolve the situation, and the idea that he wants Rachel not performing to be on the table?

It just shows how very right and reasonable it is for people to say that being in a relationship with Finn – especially a marriage – has the potential to hold Rachel back in her career. Because there it is. Case in point. And okay, Finn comes to talk to Rachel about it later and appears to realize the error of his ways, but by that time he has already guilt-tripped her into giving up, and I swear you guys, when the words “So I’m not going to perform at Regionals” came out of Rachel’s mouth I thought I was going to vomit up the universe.

It doesn’t matter that she did end up performing. The words alone are enough to be serious cause for concern. It doesn’t matter that Finn ended up seeing sense – the fact that it took somebody’s suicide attempt to get him there is serious cause for concern.

And let’s please note that things are equally shitty on Finn’s end of the deal. I can’t be the only one who literally cringed when Rachel said she had to sing at Regionals because their future depended on it. She basically identified herself as the breadwinner and Finn as the useless part of the group – and that fell right in behind her awkward pause in the last episode when trying to identify what Finn might be doing while she was becoming a star. As much as I think Finn has the potential to wind up being really bad for Rachel, I also think Rachel has the potential to be really bad for Finn.

If this episode showed me anything about Finchel, it showed me that they should not be getting married. Because they’re too young. But not just because they’re too young.

Given some of their interaction in this episode, I wouldn’t be supporting this union if they were 40.


You knew I was thinking it.


256 Responses

  1. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    Huge rant coming your way and I hope Rophy dont mind that I’m ranting, raging and giving away a ton of “Fuck yous” to everyone who deserves it. My tits are most certainly not calm.

    “What doesn’t kill you (stronger)” was the best song of the ep. For me. Also, I just wish there could be a way to sit the writers down and tell them that we are fucking tired of Finchel, it’s gross and nobody likes it. I want to claw my eyes out every time they kiss which is like a billion times per fucking episode, fuck you Finchel, no one wants to see that shit.

    The fact that they had The new directions sing 3 songs back to back was a total drag, like literally it made that whole scene drag, couldn’t you do a little something in between? come on!
    And don’t even get me started on the fact that those damn prancing pansies with blazers got 2 songs and the Troubletones got one, I wouldn’t be upset if it had been 1 and 1 but NO, fuck you Glee.

    As touching as Karofsky’s outing and suicide attempt story-line was, I can’t help but feel so fucking angry that they portrayed it relatively well, whereas Santana’s storyline was hijacked by none other than moronic Finn Hudson.

    Karofsky gets outed = Have the entire regional’s competition setlists dedicated to him. Have a lot of touching scenes for him and about him, we even got to see his future partner and son!

    Santana gets outed state-wide = Force her to sit down and watch klaine sing P!nk to eachother, Finn sing “girls just wanna have fun” to her and have him become the hero of her story even though he’s the one who outed her and called her a fucking coward for not being ready to come out.
    The resolution to her storyline? Have her sing “I kissed a girl”. I wanna fucking murder someone, preferably the fucking piece of shit scumbag that wrote that episode.

    Bullshit double-standards indeed. Fuck Klaine, Fuck Finn and I’m sorry for Karofsky but Fuck him too. Santana’s character deserved better than the steaming pile of shit she got.
    If her storyline had been written properly, Naya would have won a fucking Emmy by now.

    I couldn’t enjoy this episode because it all just reminded me of how disgusting it was to witness the build-up of her story get butchered by that awful misogynistic piece of shit writer that wrote the supposed climax of it.
    I’m just so fucking pissed that I can’t even.

    And Rachel?! I seriously fucking hate Rachel now and it’s all because of Finn! Mercedes wears a necklace that says “Foxy” and it reflects her personality, Rachel wears one that says “Finn” and it reflects her personality. GLEE, DO YOU SEE WHAT’S WRONG?! NO?! FUCK YOU!

    That is NOT Rachel Berry! Rachel Berry would be ashamed of this girl, bring back the real Broadway loving, Barbara idolizing, big-dreaming, Career-driven Rachel back!

    Brittany needs to start talking and she needs to get songs. Brittana need an actual storyline and I’d appreciate it a lot if it were from Britt’s side of things this time around.

    Her funny one-liners are cute but seriously Glee? Fucking give her something real to say instead of just jokes. You can’t have a one dimensional character paired up with one that has so much more depth, it feels really unbalanced and it’s sooo frustrating.

    A gargantuan FUCK YOU goes out to Miss Kurt Hummel for belittling Quinn’s feelings and troubles and for being an over-all condescending little shit.

    The fact that they had Tina Blowing-Wang say “I just want a song” is not only not funny but it’s fucking disrespectful to Jenna because it’s actually Jenna who doesn’t get jack shit when Darren gets a solo almost every single episode. And then to top it off and have Blaine laughing like “lol Tina! U so fuhnee1! look guys, she wants a song, that’s so cute lol txt it!”

    I want to throw up in Will Schuester’s face! What kind of fucking moron compares his “I wanted to kill myself because I cheated on a math exam” with:

    -I got pregnant at 16, disowned by my father, thrown out of my house, had to give up my baby, had a mental breakdown, tried to steal the baby back, etc.

    -I got Bullied so badly for my sexual orientation that I had to leave my school and all my friends behind.

    -I got outed at school, then on national television for the sake of a political campaign and got disowned by my grandmother.

    Schue compared his guilt of cheating on a math test to all of this… I FUCKING HATE HIM. Fuck you, Will! You fucking enema!

    The moment that Finn told Rachel that he found out about what Karofsky did and MADE THE WHOLE SITUATION ABOUT HIM… I seriously fucking lost it. Like, instead of “I feel bad for him blablabla” he said some shit like… “me me me me me”. Fuck you Finn! He’s the one who should’ve been hit by a truck! Hell, if he were trying to hang himself I’d kick the chair from underneath him and use him as a punching bag while he flails (I’m sorry but I’m not sorry).

    I’m gonna take advantage of the fact that I’ve probably offended someone already and overstepped a ton of lines so I’m just gonna let it all out and I’m going to be full on blasphemous and say that I wish Brittany and Santana would’ve been in the car with Quinn when she got hit by that truck, cause if the three of them died I could stop watching this horrible horrible show. I’ve only kept watching because I fucking adore the unholy trinity and Brittana with all my heart but I can only stand so much fuckery.

    Also, you bump up the rating to Pg 14+ when Klaine cuddles on a bed like 5 feet away from eachother and when a same sex female couple kiss but you don’t find it necessary to do so when a kid wraps a belt around his neck and tries to hang himself?! Fuck you Glee, fuck you Fox and fuck you America!



    *Disclaimer: I don’t know what happens to Quinn so when I said that they “killed her off” it’s just me speculating.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I think, unfortunately, people do still like Finchel. I’ve had my ups and downs with that ship, but they really are taking them past the point of no return with this wedding fuckery. I wish they would split up. Pretty much right now. But I don’t think it will happen as long as they have a strong fanbase.

      I can see how you’d be frustrated by Karofsky essentially getting a more dramatic and universally cry-faced do-over of Santana’s plotline. I really, really can. And if he keeps getting screentime, which I suspect he will, I’m going to be mighty pissed. Enough already.

      And Rachel?! I seriously fucking hate Rachel now and it’s all because of Finn! Mercedes wears a necklace that says “Foxy” and it reflects her personality, Rachel wears one that says “Finn” and it reflects her personality. GLEE, DO YOU SEE WHAT’S WRONG?! NO?! FUCK YOU!

      Oh god, I hadn’t noticed that. Brb cringeing.

      Brittany needs to start talking and she needs to get songs. Brittana need an actual storyline and I’d appreciate it a lot if it were from Britt’s side of things this time around.

      Totally agree. To hook me more fully into Brittana the show needs to give me more Brittany. I love a lot of what they’ve done with Santana but Britt’s side of things has been kept remote and vague for too long.

      I wouldn’t blame Blaine for Tina’s lack of songs. I’d blame Will. But then you know how much I adore Blaine, so.

      To be honest I found that whole “I just want a song!” gag kind of awkward. Tina did have a song at the last show choir competition, and just last week she sang a duet with Mike. I’m not saying that she gets as much as Rachel or Santana or Blaine or even that she gets her fair share necessarily… but it still felt like a weird comment given her solo at Sectionals and her song in the last ep. To me it felt like less of a natural observation by her character and more of a real-world in-joke about the way Jenna has been absent in recent eps and the way her character hasn’t had a damn storyline of her own in pretty much ever.

      I’m not with you re: Will’s story. On paper it looks like it was less than what Kurt, Santana, Quinn and Karofsky have been through, but that’s probably only because we’ve followed their teenage journeys in a way that we did not follow Will’s. When it comes to suffering and suicide, the devil is very much in the details. Obviously most kids would not consider suicide just because their parent found out they’d cheated on a test. So you have to assume that Will had a very particular and very fraught relationship with his father for it to have that effect on him. Given how confident and independent Will seems now, and how humdrum and cheerful his relationship with his dad seemed when we met him in S1… it doesn’t really fit with his character. But given the right circumstances, I can 100% understand why a kid would be suicidal because he cheated on a test and his dad found out. I mean, a few years ago a kid in my town killed himself because he was worried he didn’t do well enough on an exam and his dad would be disappointed. That’s all I was ever told about it. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Well it wasn’t. It was very serious and he was very dead. So… details, devil, etc.

      Also, you bump up the rating to Pg 14+ when Klaine cuddles on a bed like 5 feet away from eachother and when a same sex female couple kiss but you don’t find it necessary to do so when a kid wraps a belt around his neck and tries to hang himself?! Fuck you Glee, fuck you Fox and fuck you America!

      Fucking sad.

      We totally sympathize with your rage. I can only hope for your sake that Quinn doesn’t die, that Finn and Rachel break the fuck up, and that we get loads of Brittany and Brittana.


  2. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    OK, so I actually read this recap last night, right after it went up, but I just couldn’t comment yet. The episode filled me up with way too many feelings (mostly rage, but also some love) and then your recap gave me even more feelings, and I just couldn’t form coherent thoughts…

    I’m still not sure if I’m going to make much sense, and a lot of it is just going to be thoughts and feelings that have been reiterated by both you and a lot of the other posters, but I feel the need to rant, anyways. That being said, I totally understand if you skim through this fucking tome I’m about to write, and just “Quinn” me kindly, instead.

    First, I’ll address all the things that I disliked about the episode:

    1. The bullying/suicide storyline: I get that “Glee” has sort of taken it upon itself to point out the true hideousness of bullying in high school, specifically with regards to LGBT youth, and I respect what they’ve done in terms of promoting tolerance and offering support to kids who are being bullied or ostracized for their sexuality. I think Max Adler (Karofsky) gave a pretty strong performance, and that brief scene where his father finds him hanging and tries to revive him was intense and really quite heartbreaking. All that being said however, I was gritting my teeth and shaking my head during the majority of this storyline because it was just so, so preachy and heavy-handed. At times, the episode just felt like a really well-produced after school special, and as is often the case with Glee, I just wish they could’ve handled it all with a little bit (maybe a lot bit?) more subtlety and nuance. And like you said, not jam it into an episode that was already filled to the brim with other, competing story lines.

    2. Kurt was such a self-righteous asshole! Normally, he is one of my favorite characters (and I always think Chris Colfer is nothing short of fantastic) but every now and then he can be horribly judgmental, and his response to what Quinn has been through was so unbelievably dismissive, and frankly disgusting. She was kicked out of her parent’s house for fuck’s sake! She gave up her own daughter, who she probably loved more than anyone else in the entire world (besides Rachel???)

    What really pissed me off was that line “the world still loved you” because, yeah OK, overall you could argue that teen mothers catch less flack from society than gay people do. But when you’re 16 your world is a lot smaller, and basically revolves of your family and friends. And I just think it’s interesting to note that when you compare Kurt and Quinn in this sense, Kurt actually got a hell of a lot more support than Quinn did. Both were supported by the Glee club, but his father loved and supported him through his coming out process. Quinn’s parents set the oven timer for 30 minutes and told her to get out of the house after they found out she was pregnant. To imply that’s nothing compared to what gay kids go through is extremely offensive. Not to mention the blatant hypocrisy of Kurt criticizing Quinn for not being sensitive enough to what Karofsky went through, while being completely dismissive of her own experiences.

    I think the most upsetting part of it all, though is that I got the impression the writer’s were trying to imply that Kurt had a valid point. That the pain of coming out is automatically worse, and that straight, pretty girls just couldn’t understand. Well that’s bullshit. Life is full of struggles, and it’s all hard. We just struggle down different paths. The second we start playing the game of “Who’s Suffering is the Worst?” we start losing our ability to feel compassion for the pain other people go through…and that helps exactly no one. So yeah, I shake my fist at you “Glee”…


    *deep breath* OK, now to what was awesome about this episode: Faberry. I’m going to bypass the whole cut-scene debacle, because you guys covered it pretty awesomely and extensively. In my mind it happened, and no amount of shitty editing or John Fosters can make me think it didn’t.

    I’ve always been a Faberry girl, and for a lot of the same reasons Rophy has mentioned. Individually, they are two of my favorite characters and I think they probably have the most complex, fascinating relationship on the show. I never had any actual expectations or even a real desire for things to turn romantic, though. I was perfectly content to be given a great friendship, with cute actresses who have amazing chemistry, and who every now and then indulge the fans with a few longing looks and bits of subtext. HOWEVER…. this episode may have ruined me forever, because they pushed it just a little too far with Quinn, and now a part of me legitimately believes she has feelings for Rachel.

    I mean, when Quinn first came out dressed in her Cheerios uniform and seductively asked Rachel, “How do I look?” I had a good laugh and thought, “Way to throw Faberry shippers a bone, Glee.” But then…..then shit got real…

    “When you were singing that song, you were singing it to Finn and only Finn. Right”

    Like Rin, I thought I had slipped into some Faberry-induced psychosis, and heard that line as waaay more gay than what Quinn actually said… but NOPE! THOSE WERE HER ACTUAL WORDS. And I mean, come on! If Quinn had been a guy, and said those exact same words in the exact same context to Rachel, everyone in the audience would’ve thought, “Wow, dude’s in love with Rachel.” I just can’t believe that the writers were oblivious the obvious implications behind Quinn’s words. If they just wanted to show that Quinn had come to believe Rachel was truly in love with Finn, they could’ve worded it in a million different ways that wouldn’t have come across as gay at all, but they didn’t. Now, I’m not deluded, and I don’t actually think Glee is going to go down this road. But the difference is, this time, if they did decide to pursue the idea that Quinn had feelings for Rachel, it wouldn’t come across just as fan pandering. It’d actually make a lot of sense given what they’ve shown us so far. And it would be glorious…..

    OK, well…I think I’ve said it all, or at least, I’ve said a lot. Great recap as always. Hopefully, when we are all back here in 7 weeks everything will be Faberry and nothing will hurt? Or at the very least, Quinn will, you know, be alive…

    Quinn me now! I need it…

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Ranting is Rophy’s favourite!

      I totally agree with you re: the after-school special feel of the suicide plotline. That was quite off-putting, and combined with the fact that there was way too much else in the episode that got the shaft, and the fact that Karofsky is not a character I know and love – or even a character any of our characters really know and love… it had a lot less impact for me than it might have had.

      With you on #2 as well. I was really frustrated with Kurt in this episode and it’s not the first time I’ve felt this way. But it’s hard not to adore him when Chris is Chris and my head is in my hands. So.

      I think you make an excellent point about the size of your world being relevant to how things affect you. It’s kind of an eggs/basket thing. Where are all your eggs? Are they in your parents’ approval? Are they in the bursting hearts in your eyes for your boyfriend/girlfriend? Are they in the solid fact that your best friend will always, always be your best friend – right? If your world is just one of those things, as it so often is for kids, it’s so easy to feel like you’ve lost EVERYTHING AT ONCE. I agree with you 100% that the crucial difference in Kurt’s and Quinn’s experience was that Kurt’s dad is Burt fucking Hummell. He is the best rug ever, whereas Quinn’s rugs were all flimsy, shitty little things that were so easily pulled out from underneath her. Except for Glee club (by which I mostly mean except for Rachel). I think they could have made more of a message in this episode about the kids working to be a solid, dependable, forever and always kind of support for each other, instead of just being all about thinking of great things in the future. Rachel, I think, was on the right track – she’s looking forward to being friends with these people for the rest of her life. And I just. Aw. Now why can’t she just be like that all the time?

      Look! Look how your ranting spawned further ranting! Rant-babies!


      this episode may have ruined me forever, because they pushed it just a little too far with Quinn, and now a part of me legitimately believes she has feelings for Rachel.

      This is exactly how I feel. I basically spent all of yesterday morning wailing to Rin about how I’d let myself go to that wanting place with Faberry and now everything hurts. So. I get it.


  3. Emma
    Emma at · Reply

    Well, hello again :D I haven’t commented lately because I didn’t feel the need to add anything, and if you don’t have anything nice to say… Now, this episode was like Glee yelling at me for fortysomething minutes ‘HERE! HAVE AN OPINION. PLEASE. JUST DON’T STOP WATCHING. WE DON’T HAVE ANY ACTUAL PLAN, BUT LOOK HOW PRETTY IS DIANNA WHEN SHE’S NOT GETTING HIT BY A FUCKING TRUCK’.

    Really, I would watch an entire golf competition on ESPN if Quinn was narrating it, but come on. I think that’s the deal with Glee. It’s like a deadly trap that lures you in with a flawless cast and catchy tunes, and you foolishly go along because you think ‘I’m not gonna get invested in this. I’m just along for the pretty and the talent and a few lols’ and then BAM! they actually do something right, then you get intrigued and suddenly you got expectations and an actual emotional attachment , and that’s when the dissapointment rolls in like a fucking tsunami. Because really, blame on me for being a sucker.

    I love faberry, I’m terrified of the possibility of them making it canon. Just, leave them pure, PTW. Don’t mar it. I agree on your comments about Di Agron, she wasn’t that good in s1, she was a happy surprise. Same with Naya, but please baby don’t ever rap again (it was an expected wasted opportunity that Santana had no scene in an issue that’s core to her character, her defining storyline was about outing for crying out loud, but again, the double standard didn’t surprise me). What’s hard for me is that I really like Santana, but couldn’t care less about Brittany. I don’t like the actress, although tbh she worked with what the script gave her.

    Anyway, it felt like two episodes in one, I’m not going to address the Kurt issue because I agree completely with you, and god Rachel Berry going twilight has tainted my love for the show. I feel the need to be clear, I don’t dislike Finn. I just don’t mind him. Because there are a thousand Finn Hudsons in every other teen show across the universe. I don’t find it compelling, if I wanted Finchel I would be watching a variety of other similar shows that actually made a way better storytelling of the cliché relationship. And god, I ended up with a bitter comment again, didn’t mean to. What I do have to say is that reading your recaps always makes me laugh and appreciate the episode from another perspective, so thanks, and keep on Quinning!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Like Rin I do have faith that the Glee writers CAN do Faberry properly, because they have produced some amazing TV in the three years the show has been airing. But like you I fear that they WON’T do Faberry properly, because they have also produced some facepalm. So. I still think it would be worth the risk to have Faberry happen… though I guess we have to check our definitions of ‘happening’. For me it’s all about Quinn having non-friend feelings for Rachel and trying to figure out what they are. Rachel trying to figure out how to be her friend while she does it… That’s the part I’d really be interested in. The gooey lesbian fairytale stuff? Eh, I’ll leave that to fanfiction. And IMAY ♥

      Thanks for your comment! Hope you enjoyed your Quinn :)

  4. Thursday
    Thursday at · Reply

    Thank you Rin and Sophy for helping me to process my feelings on this clusterfuck of an episode. I laughed, I head-in-handsed, I cringed, I raged. And then got stuck on the raging until I read your recap. You have a real gift for seeing beyond the script to the minds and motivations of the characters. You give them more personality and manage to make sense out of them even when continuity seems to go out the window. For instance, I was chatting with a friend who does not read your recaps (the heathen!), and she didn’t even notice that Quinn asking Rachel if the song was just for Finn was weird. It’s so weird! It makes absolutely no sense if one takes Glee at face value. So I gently nudged her your way, because you have managed to make sense of three years of fuckery, and what non-fandom sees as OOC scripting, Rophites are already marking it off as another criteria in their “Quinn is gay as a window” checklist.
    While I like the direction you hope the writers will take Quinn (ending the year as a single, acknowledged-Rachel-lover, ultrafox), I hope Glee doesn’t go there. If you guys wrote the scripts, then hell yeah it’d be great. Unfortunately, Glee writers write Glee, and they would screw it up. You know they would. Faberry is perfect and lovely and one of the most complex, logical, beautiful relationships on the show. And I firmly believe it’s an accident. If they were trying to make Faberry a thing (like they did with Gwyneth Paltrow), we would probably hate it by now (like Gwyneth Paltrow). I’m so sorry I put those two things in the same sentence.
    Thank you so much for continuing to make Glee watchable. I would probably have given up by now if you didn’t take the time to decipher what plot remains and make it bearable.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Glad to be of service :) And thank you for leaving us such a lovely comment!

      I have to say, I both agree and disagree with you. I think Faberry is partly a happy accident, but then I do believe that the overall arc of their friendship has to have been planned. It’s just too perfect. Having said that I see your point – basically all the relationships they’ve sweated over on this show have been trashed at some point, whereas Faberry, which has been more subtexty than overt, has weathered all the plot storms… so… I see what you mean. If they went there with Faberry I would be scared that they would fuck it up. But then when I think of the possibility that they would GET IT RIGHT? I think I’d risk anything for that.

  5. Elaine
    Elaine at · Reply

    I’m a little late to the commenting party here, and pretty much everything has been said re: Quinn and ALL THE FEELINGS and your amazing recap but I have a few things to add!

    When Meerkatface said that Tina Blowin-Wang had bird flu…is that why she was missing for two episodes?

    WHY did the Trouble Tones get to perform a number!? Isn’t that cheating? I thought only Mercedes, Sugar, Santana and Brittany re-joined ND? Not these faceless cheerleader/dancers that had no purpose other than to up the numbers of the useless-plotline-in-so-many-ways rival glee club? THIS ANGERS ME SO MUCH.

    The Karofsky plotline was really out of place for me. I figured something was coming with him after ‘Heart’ but this felt really forced. Kurt’s comments to Quinn were not only offensive, but an example of the writers continually subscribing to the idea that coming out/being gay trumps all other bullying/hardships, which was the exact problem with the Santana and Finn outing storyline (although Santana was portrayed as less of a hero in that one, which was relieving).

    Watching Glee for me has become a task of sifting through the heavy-handed-PSA-ness to get to the storylines I actually enjoy. And if the suicide attempt wasn’t enough, now TEXTING AND DRIVING?! REALLY!? I’m so anxious over what is going to happen to Quinn I just don’t even want to speculate where they are going to go with her storyline because all the options I can think of (death, wheelchair, not going to Yale, being lectured by Kurt for texting and driving) are terrible and this makes my heart hurt and makes me form really long run-on sentences.

    All I can hope for is a swift end to the Finchel wedding business, Quinn recovering and still being able to go to Yale, Quinn and Rachel confessing their feelings to each other and more of Sanatana and Blaine rapping. That’s not too much to ask…right?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I know what you mean Elaine. Rin was having fits about the texting and driving thing after the episode, and I think she will probably suffer some kind of TV-related breakdown if anyone starts preaching at Quinn if she does survive. Because.

      All I can hope for is a swift end to the Finchel wedding business, Quinn recovering and still being able to go to Yale, Quinn and Rachel confessing their feelings to each other and more of Sanatana and Blaine rapping. That’s not too much to ask…right?

      I DON’T THINK SO :((

      1. buchai
        buchai at · Reply

        As for me all I can hope for is a ‘Taylor Swift’ end to that so called Finchel wedding business. Quinn better be doing the Taylor Swifting.

  6. Anna
    Anna at · Reply

    To be honest, it’s taken me a while to see Faberry as a relationshipy-ship. As individuals, I love them, and as a friendship, I just… man, giant hearts exploding everywhere, but as a couple? Notttt so much. Whenever I read posts on Tumblr etc. from the Faberry fandom, I regarded it all as very lovely, but largely tin-hatting. (And hey, what’s the point of being addicted to a TV show if you can’t have a good tin-hat now and then…)

    But after this episode.

    This. Episode.

    The “how do I look?” hallway scene absolutely killed me. Just. The Rachel. And the Quinn. And the emotional eyes. And the EVERYTHING. Hng. That was a moment where I actually thought “woah, Glee might actually pursue this. LEGITIMATELY pursue this.” More than that, for one fleeting second, I kind of thought “how can they even end this any other way THAN Faberry?!” And there was not a tin-hat in sight.

    So yes. I don’t know if I’m setting sail with the Faberry ship juuuust yet, but I’m definitely stepping on board.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  7. monkeyme80
    monkeyme80 at · Reply

    It’s taken me 4 attempts to write this I’ve been in such a rage since watching this ep. I’ve been a Quinn fan since day one (sue me I think bitchy girls are hot). I’ve screaming debates with my sister about the awesomeness that is Faberry.
    I mean come on, Quinn picking on Rachel is like a 5 year old tugging on a girls pigtails on the playground cuz they’re to immature to express or acknowedge or understand their feelings.
    Season 1 Rachel running after Quinn when the truth of her father came out even though she’s the one that said it Quinn blackmailing Sue to giving Glee the yearbook space
    Season 2 Quinn telling Rachel over and over again that she’s bigger then Finn then Lima convincing Rachel she doesn’t need a nose job cuz she’s perfectly beautiful as is Rachel picking out the corsage that perfectly matches Quinn’s eyes Rachel not Finn running after Quinn when the prom queen was announced
    Season 3 Rachel looking for Quinn trying to get her back in glee cuz she misses her. Stopping Quinn from making the mistake of telling on Shelby and possibly hurting Beth in the long run. I can go on and on.
    There is no Quinn without Rachel. Quinn’s world revolves around Rachel. Rachel needs Quinn’s approval. Quinn needs Rachel to tell her ok and not completely broken.
    This being said WTF Glee. Kurt dismissing Quinn’s pain like it was nothing. She was a 16 year old little girl who was pregnant who just wanted her parents to hold her and tell her everything was going to be ok. Instead she she got 30 freaking minutes to pack up and leave. She got kicked out of not one but two homes while pregnant. Had her supposed friends ditch her to rally around an overgrown child that was stupid enough to believe he could get a girl knock up without actually doing it. Gave that child away. A child she carried, nurtured and loved for 9 months basically alone. Trust me as a mother myself its a scary thing even to go through. I had the support of my family Quinn did not. It would be enough pain to last a lifetime to have to give up a child. So for him to dismiss it like his pain and suffuring was worse is like a slap in the face. And she was graceful and took what he said and didn’t call him on his bullshit. All his bullshit.
    WTF! GLEE! WTF! Quinn was finally happy and confident. And so breathtaking beautiful to watch. Even when she looks so heartbroken with the thought of Rachel marrying that douchebag she was still simply beautiful. Is it to much to ask to finally give her that happy ending to get it right? Kicking a puppy? I think the through the freaking puppy off a damn cliff.
    And Rachel???? WTF! How much more obvious can you get? She can’t start the wedding without Quinn. Because in the back of her mind she’s think “was I really singing for Finn and only Finn?” Waiting for Quinn to come strolling in and kiss her until she sees Quinn shaped stars. To rescue her like they always do for each other. But no they hit her with a fucking truck while playing Going to the Chapel. Glee you continually break my heart. Wtf I need a hug :(

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      AWWW. .:D.

      Trust me, we know how you feel. Quinn shaped stars and all.

  8. Lu
    Lu at · Reply

    I love Lord Tubbington but Miss Kitty Fantastico deserves some recognition.

    And your recaps are awesome

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  9. NiQky
    NiQky at · Reply

    so… I’m not a fan of Glee, but i read it all anyway cuz i like all things Rophy :P even the comments section. Some of this stuff is quite amusing >_< hehehe!!
    anyhoooo!! So, on reading Sophy's "YOU SHOULD GET A TWITTER! I made Rin get a twitter and now she tweets more than I do. Nice to know you watch TVD and GG! Both so much fun in rather different ways." … i just LOLed :D :D with all your TVD and GG tweetathons (no… wait… tweetasprints?), you'll catch up to Rin in no time :D

    and i actually went "aww…" when Rin tweeted that this post has more comments than the Naomi's ep recap…
    i know my comment has added to that number… but oh well!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      Thanks for commenting NiQky :)

  10. Royai
    Royai at · Reply

    I for the longest time hated Quinn. Up until recently I actually thought she was bipolar, but as soon as I get past all that negative thinking and finally cross over to the Quinn side what does Glee decide to do? Hit her with a truck. I know in my heart Quinn isn’t dead (even if they have killed her off i’ll go to my grave denying it) but for some reason i’m still overcome with extreme sadness whenever i think about this episode. I honestly don’t think it’s healthy to care about a fictional character’s well being this much, yet i still manage to worry myself into hyperventilating every few moments. There are some things that make me feel better though. Like the other day when I discovered Quinn under a counter, chillin’ with the popcorn. http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/13500000/Drake-Josh-4×06-The-Great-Doheny-dianna-agron-13573869-576-432.jpg

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      I still hope for a happy ending for Quinn. I HAVE TO HOPE FOR A HAPPY ENDING FOR QUINN. :(

  11. moarleyne
    moarleyne at · Reply

    First of all I want to thank Rophy for all the wonderful things they gave to me (the recaps, the breadpointing and the Quinns…).
    Secondly I wanted to say that I was surprised that Glee could do something in canon, what I liked. There were scenes that were utter bullshit (see: Warblers/Meerkat all of it) but all in all. Yeah…

    “It seems Quinn is doing quite well. You know what? Truck.”

    I’m raging, I’m sorry.

    You showed me that Quinn is a loveable character who deserves the greatest fandom she can get.
    I also noticed her great gayness but I don’t really think Rachel is gay too, which makes me sad because I want Quinn to be happy because she’s really going to hurt in the next episodes (she most definitely isn’t DEAD FFS).
    So the last thing I want for her is a broken body and a broken heart, I would feel betrayed if they do some “Rachel’s suddenly gay, kids! Yay!!”, because in my opinion it’s out of character for her.
    So I would like to hear if anyone else thinks that Rachel’s straight.

    PS. I’m hoping for a lovely Quinn to find her way under my comment pretty please. :D

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I think Rachel’s straight.

      (I just think she’s also kind of in love with Quinn.)

  12. Wlfgrrl
    Wlfgrrl at · Reply

    My apologies, I’m a bit late to the party, but I’ve needed some time to recover and process. This is actually my first time posting, you both so perfectly express most of my own opinions of the episodes that I felt anything I added was pretty much redundant. However, THIS episode has elicited so many conflicting emotions that I’m going to join in the conversation… even though some of it is, indeed, redundant. :)

    Firstly, the anger. I can’t EVEN get into the issue of the cut scene. You’ve expressed precisely how I feel about it as well so I’m going to just say “Ditto, Rophy!” on that one and maybe keep my blood pressure down a bit. ;)

    Then there was the “Fuck YOU Kurt Hummel! FUCK YOU and the unicorn you rode in on!” scene. (And I did actually yell that at my TV when I watched it) *big sigh
    As you said,

    As one of your gay readers I must say that I agree with you wholeheartedly. Pain and despair are NOT quantifiable commodities and there is no “priority pyramid” that has “being outed” reining supreme at the pinnacle. Kurt behaving like a self-righteous little shit deeply offended me. (And I was outed, I do know what it feels like) Twisting his own guilty feelings into some penitent attempt to martyr/sanctify Karofsky and all things gay is one of the largest piles of bullshit that this show has ever attempted to shovel at the audience. Just disgusting, irresponsible and it has actually made me dislike the character.

    I shouldn’t be surprised because they’ve also managed to make me loathe Finn Hudson with a fiery passion. He’s become the most selfish, self-centred character on the show… and that’s saying a lot considering some of the past story arcs. Why Rachel stuck around after his whinging and whining, the “why can’t I have something special” while sitting right beside her, is beyond me. This is who she wants to spend her life with?? This clingy man-child who wants to ride her coattails and leach off of her and her dreams? I call HUGE “shenanigans” on this whole thing. The only way I can even begin to reconcile myself to Rachel’s extremely OOC behavior this season is to go with my feeling that she’s settling and over compensating. She’s settling because she’s scared and doesn’t have the ovaries to go for who she really wants. Which leads me to my next point.

    I’m in full agreement, there is no way that Quinn’s behavior in the “Faballway” is anything other than a flirtation and near-confession of romantic interest in Rachel. That was about as subtle as a crowbar to the head. As well, there’s Rachel’s behavior. I’m rather surprised that no one else has mentioned this, but, the expression on Rachel’s face and that barely perceptible nod when Quinn asks if she was singing to Finn only… that’s not the face or gesture of someone who is sure of their decision. That’s an expression of fear… there is a moment there when she looks like the proverbial deer in the headlights. If you watch the scene again, watch her eyes. Fear flashes through them when Quinn asks about the song. Granted, I do look at the world through “Faberry-colored glasses”, but what I saw was a girl who was too scared to believe that her deepest, unexpressed wish is being handed to her on a Quinn-shaped platter. Perhaps a knee jerk denial, possible if you factor in what Quinn’s wearing: the same uniform that she always wore while tormenting Rachel for everything and anything that she wanted or believed in. That’s the thing with “greatest heart’s desire” type situations, it’s just so damned easy to believe that it’s too good to possibly be true. With their history it would be believable that she’d reflexively protect herself from any potential ridicule, and there was a time when Quinn would have joyfully ripped her to shreds for an admission like that. However, times have changed and so has Quinn. Just look at her face when Rachel throws her arms around her neck for that hug. And yeah, it is interesting that Rachel went for the high position on that… the position that ensures maximum, full-body contact. Subtlety is so not their strong suit.

    Following on from all of that, I see Rachel’s desperation to wait for Quinn as: she had time to think about what Quinn said and how she said it. Maybe she’s hoping for a second chance/confirmation that Quinn is interested in her. If Quinn shows up and “Taylor Swifts” the wedding, there’s proof undeniable that something’s going on there that is beyond the bounds of the usual platonic friend behavior! (Yep, Faberry-colored glasses are still firmly in place). But… no resolution because, she gets hit by a FUCKING truck!

    I’ve little faith that the writer’s have thought that deeply about all this Faberry goodness. I’m leaning more toward the feeling that (if she lives) they’ve taken the just plain mean option for “how to keep Quinn in Lima”. Perhaps Rachel, too, if she takes the stance of, “It’s all my fault because I was texting and rushing her! Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa!”… then throws herself into helping Quinn recuperate. I guess we shall see… In seven damned weeks!

    One final thing. Thank you, Rophy, for making “Quinn” into a verb! I’ve lost count of all the lovely dreams I’ve had of being “Quinned”. ;)

    1. Wlfgrrl
      Wlfgrrl at · Reply

      Well, something went horribly wrong there! Needless to say, I did not intend to block quote the bulk of the post. *sigh

      1. Wlfgrrl
        Wlfgrrl at · Reply

        Oh, bother. The bit I DID want to quote is missing! Above the block it should have what you wrote:

        “I’m fully aware that a lot of you reading this right now are more than likely gay, and I hope you’re not taking this as some kind of commentary on you. Because it’s really not, and I hope you can at least try to see what I’m saying. Because we’re all equal, right? We’re all human. I don’t think being gay makes you anything. And we’re constantly battling for gay rights and equality.”

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      What a great comment, formatting issues be damned!

      When Rachel gave Quinn a split second of that deep, dark, troubled look following “And only Finn… right?” I think one of two things was happening. 1) Rachel was realizing fleetingly that she didn’t actually want to marry Finn. 2) Rachel was seeing what we’ve been seeing all this time: Quinn is entirely in love with her. Or it was a combination of both of these terrifying facts.


      Love all of your thoughts on the matter :)

  13. A
    A at · Reply

    Sorry, you won’ t like this, but I think they just meant “And only Finn… right?” it as opposed to the whole group as it was intended to?

  14. sansa
    sansa at · Reply

    After Faberry broke the E! couples poll, and with the way Glee loves to pander to fandom, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more Quinn/Rachel scenes to come.

    Anyway, Quinn + Santana = <3
    I don't even care that my ship puts off ALL the fans.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Although I ship Faberry first and foremost, one of my personal favourite daydreams is Quinn facing the fact that she’s in love with Rachel… and that it will never happen. And then being comforted by Santana. GAY ENSUES.

      1. sansa
        sansa at · Reply

        GAY HAS ALREADY ENSUED, though! Quinn might not be THAT into that with Santana and Brittany, but she’s at least a little bit into it.

        Quinn is the master of subtly gay comments.

  15. bees
    bees at · Reply

    Slightly off topic, but was just wondering what Rophy’s thoughts were on the new series of Skins. Have heard nary a peep from you two except a passing mention of happiness + car crash.. :(

  16. Farah
    Farah at · Reply

    I’d stopped watching glee cuz I think sometimes you just have too…but all this Quinning/Faberrying is to much! I will n0w go and watch all the episodes I missed.

    I watched the scene in the “faballway” (cuz I couldn’t help myself) and I totally agree with you guys.

    I mean, QUINN’S EYES when she said she wanted to support Rachel (and Finn, almost as an afterthought). I mean if she thought of Rachel as a friend, and wanted to support her as a friend, why was she so weepy, like a sad puppy that got kicked??? I’ve always been a Faberry shipper, but I never believed that the show would ever go there. But now if the show doesn’t go there, that scene and the car crash and Quinn/Rachel texting before the car crash and the stalled wedding before the car crash, would make no sense. It would be a letdown of inexpressible proportions. Why intertwine the storylines of the two characters so completely, if you’re not gonna take it to where it needs to go? Also, if this is the last season with this cast, then the show can really do this without the fear of consequences.

    But this being Glee. And Glee being Glee, I will not get my hopes up. No, they’re already up, but I will try to guard my heart against the disappointment!

    On a side note: I read some recaps of this episode that was written for the mainstream (read: straight. cuz I don’t know what else to call it) audience. And none of them seemed to have picked up on this. Is it really that subtle? Quin’s face during the Rachel-Berry-full-body-hug says otherwise.

    And that ends this enormous rant! I swear, all I’d originally wanted to say was that you guys make Glee (and Skins season 4) make sense. :)

  17. Lucinda
    Lucinda at · Reply

    I used to love Glee but I recently just had to stop watching because it always makes me so angry! I still read your recaps though because I love Rophy. THIS kind of shit is exactly what made me mad at Glee! Quinn has been my favorite from the beginning and she gets such a bad lot. I can’t believe Kurt said that to her and the worst part is I feel like Ryan Murphy/Glee writers agree with him and that was the message or something. I’m bisexual and I’m all for LGBT rights and empathy etc but Glee often tries to teach those messages by trivializing all other kinds of struggle. My blood is basically boiling right now…

  18. Car
    Car at · Reply

    I put off reading this recap for so long (what is it now, a month? I think so) because 1) I don’t actually ship Faberry and I knew you guys would be all OH MY GOD FAHALLWAY J;KSADFSHG AND THE WORST KIND OF FABANG ENDING THAT IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT WE WANTED GLEE and also Faberry feelings are a lot of feelings.

    But also because 2) I hate the Glee hiatuses more than everything. It’s like every few months, the Worst Showrunners in the World decide to be extra infuriating by pulling a Dolores Umbridge, and they’re all “Glee and its fandom are not allowed to be within eight inches of either” and then we all explode like a million little James Fitches.

    The one thing I always cannot stand is unresolved feelings. I can take sad endings. I love sad endings. Sad endings are my favorite. But I at least need that ending. And since Glee left me hanging for seven weeks, and since apparently the next episode deals with Blaine’s brother–which: obviously that is the most logical route to take; I know that when Quinn got HIT BY A TRUCK my immediate reaction was, “Oh, I wonder what Blaine’s family is up to? Hmm.” Anyway, since Glee once again proved it hates its fandom the most, I couldn’t even deal with this recap. I’d read it and be all JDKSAFDJLFDA FEELINGS PROCESSING YAAAAY oh god no it’s over oh god the recap is done what do i do now. And then I’d have to let all my feelings and fist-shakes fester.

    Buuuut I caved. And here’s the thing. Faberry fans are intense. I hardcore ship Brittana and Naomily and Bones/Booth, but Faberry shippers are something else. So sometimes I skim the Faberry sections. I adore them as friends–I think they’re my favorite friendship on the show (but man, would I die for some Pezberry).

    That’s why this episode is so conflicting for me, because my brain is saying, “They’re just friends. You’ve known they were friends even before the show did because of that scene in S1’s “Sectionals” where Rachel was awesome and Quinn was real. Just. Friends.”

    And then my heart is like, “I don’t even care. Listen to what Quinn just asked Rachel. Look at her face. That is not a friends face. That is a ‘private feelings’ face. That is Naomi’s ‘Oh-nothing-Ems-I’m-just-watching-you-at-the-lake-and-imagining-every-bit-of-our-future’ face. You can deny Faberry no longer.”

    There are some characters where I don’t ship them with actual people. Sometimes I just ship them with feelings. Like, my biggest ship for Rachel is Rachel/Broadway. I feel the same way about Quinn. I don’t ship her with any of the guys on the show, but I absolutely ship Quinn/Angst.

    Because the girl can angst like no other. I have this thing where all my favorite scenes in anything are the ones that completely shatter my heart because I just like absorbing characters’ feelings. And so I completely flail over Quinn/Getting Kicked Out and Quinn/Pre-Haircut Trinity Yelling and Quinn/Getting Rejected by Shelby.

    And then Quinn hugs Rachel and makes THAT FACE and I just can’t. Like, I don’t even think she’s aware of how much she’s angsting at this point. It’s like how Amy Pond doesn’t realize that she’s sad because of Rory, and the Doctor is all “You’re crying again,” and Amy is like “lolwut.”

    Only this time the fandom is all “QUINN Y U SO GAY” and Quinn is like “What the hell are you guys talking about?”

    But then that hug happens and, in my head, those last five caps go something like this:

    Oh my god Rachel Berry is hugging me
    Rachel bbgurl why does your hair smell so good
    Wait why do I care about Rachel’s hair oh god where did all these Rachel feelings come from where are the lesbians I need to have a chat because my heart is about to explode
    No but seriously is that ambrosia shampoo or something because daaaang
    Fuck it I am enjoying the shit out of this moment Rachel Berry hugs can cure anything

    And I can’t even with that scene. I JUST CANNOT. On a show where gay Kurt and his gay boyfriend have burped tiny gay purses out of their gay mouths, that hug is the gayest thing to ever happen. There is no other explanation but Faberry.

    Oh, and to answer your Troubletones question: when Quinn got Santana et al. to rejoin New Directions, she promised that Troubletones could have a number at Regionals. So then it actually happened.

    (But really, Glee? Out of everything you’ve ever written ever, the Troubletones are the ones who get continuity and attention to detail? Bitch, please).

  19. Car
    Car at · Reply

    There is a slight chance I might be on board the good ship Faberry. Is first mate taken, or do I have to swab the decks as initiation?

  20. christina
    christina at · Reply

    “Just like love is love, despair is despair.” I didn’t even realize how much i disliked that scene with Kurt telling off Quinn until I read the recap of it. Because that was INCREDIBLY fucked up of him. Like you both said, pain is pain. And just because you’re gay it doesn’t mean you have a “I Trump Your Pain Forever” Card. And can I just say how much I love how far Quinn has come AGAIN!? Like she is the Quinn we always knew she was inside, but she’s finally acting like her. Because the old Quinn probably would’ve ripped Kurt apart, but this Quinn? She just declines.

    Okay now to the Faberry because when can I NOT talk about Faberry? I love the scene when Quinn asks Rachel if she was singing to anyone else because there’s no one else she would have cared if she was singing to unless it was her. She knows her and Puck was like a 5 second thing, Jessy doesn’t even go to that school, so it HAD to mean she hoped, with the smallest sliver of her heart that maybe she was singing to her. And I’m sorry, but if I was Rachel, Finn would be a prop to me and I would sing ever single not to Quinn always. Just saying. But I love how selfless Quinn is in this scene. She tried to get Rachel to change her mind, and even though they cut the bridesmaid scene, it still happened in my mind. The point is Quinn tried and it didn’t change Rachel’s mind so she decides to just be there for her, even if she doesn’t support her decision, even if it’ll break her heart. And THAT is what love is ALL about. So Kurt? Don’t you dare tell Quinn she couldn’t possibly understand. This is a girl who was once ridiculed herself for her weight and appearance, who went from the top of the pyramid to the bottom because she made one mistake and was practically disowned. So just, don’t.

    And then the Chapel scene. Of course when I was catching up with the show on Netflix and my friend said “you’re gonna be dead when you see what happens to Quinn” my heart exploded because when I saw her in that car I knew. But the fact that she was texting Rachel right before it happened…it makes it slightly less heart-wrenching for me. Because Rachel was waiting for Quinn and Quinn knows this and she can’t NOT respond to Rachel. She could never ignore this girl and even then when she knows it’s not smart to drive and text, she does it anyway. And I just can’t with how adorable that is. And the fact that it stopped the stupid-Finn wedding? All the more reason to see a silver-lining.

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