314 — Bridesmaids Scene

Best Song

Quinn Fabray is best song. Shhh. Don’t question it.

Rin says: Here we go guys. Here we fucking go.

First up, I know we shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds us, but JFC COULDN’T THEY HAVE UPLOADED IT AT A HIGHER RESOLUTION? The low quality makes me want to weep.

Second up, my thoughts exactly Quinn. MTE.

Except I don’t think any of us were nearly as sick to our stomachs as Quinn was feeling right here. And I love it. I absolutely love it because it’s so telling. To me, Quinn’s heart is racing, and her mind is running over the massive list of pros and cons she has been putting together ever since Rachel told her Finn asked her to marry him. And the list isn’t about whether Rachel should marry Finn, no no, there was never a doubt in Quinn’s mind that Rachel shouldn’t marry Finn. It’s about whether or not she should confront Rachel. And not in the way she has done in the past, in a, ‘it’s me or him’ kind of way. And GOD. We’ll talk more about that later, but right now this is Quinn psyching herself up for battle. That she has to say something or else she’d regret it.

So she takes a deep breath in.

And decides Rachel is worth the risk.




I’m calm. I’m caaaaaaaalm.

Seriously though, you guys. In all fake calmness. This is my favourite thing about Faberry. This thing where Quinn is billed as “the most selfish person I’ve ever met,” as this uptight, stuck up, broken up princess who doesn’t understand what love is at all… and yet she loves Rachel so right. She loves Rachel so selflessly.

Loving someone means wanting their happiness. Really fucking loving someone means wanting their happiness even if it’s at the expense of yours. It would be so much easier for Quinn to just let this go. Kurt did. All the other girls are. Not one of them cares enough about Rachel to go out on a limb here. But Quinn does. Quinn cares so damn much about Rachel Berry and her beautiful future that she will stand up in front of everyone and tell her what she thinks – honestly – no hiding – no holding back. And she’ll take the consequences.

It’s a fine line: it’s selfless to speak up when keeping quiet would be so much more pleasant. But it’s selfish to try to control someone – it’s selfish to withhold friendship because you don’t agree with a friend’s choices. Quinn knows that. And she so deftly makes the transition later in the episode in the faballway. This scene proves that I was right in my interpretation of that scene – that Quinn’s disapproval of the Finchel wedding was deeply rooted and that the only reason she was telling Rachel she wanted to support her in it was because she had exhausted every avenue to dissuade her from it. At that point it was just petty and unkind to hold out any longer.

And excuse me while I go into some raptures about how proud I am of Quinn Fabray and how far she’s come. This is really difficult emotional terrain: someone she cares about is making a huge mistake and asking her to be a part of it. It’s a minefield. And Quinn handles it masterfully – perfectly – right down to getting hit by a truck before anyone could say I do.


By the way I’ve just realised how similar this whole plot is to Edward, Bella and Jacob’s shenanigans in Eclipse. Quinn should have tried threatening suicide if Rachel wouldn’t kiss her. It would have been the best.

(Finn could stay in the tent and cry.)

Rin says: BTW. My head canon for this moment is that Quinn can’t even bring herself to look at Rachel walking out in her bridal gown, but right at the last second she can’t help herself and takes a peek. Seriously, go back and watch it again you guys.



Biggest LOL

“I think I found it…I think I found the one!”
“Finn better be the one, ’cause I’m not doing this twice.”
“No, no, not Finn. The dress!”

Rin says: I’m sorry, but if there isn’t a bigger indication than this right here, that the whole Finchel wedding was a huge mistake, than I don’t know what is.

It just goes to show how Rachel was wanting to marry Finn for all the wrong reasons. And that more and more it was becoming less about Finn, and more about the idea of it all. That somehow marrying Finn would give her an identity, a purpose, something to hold onto. So it’s no surprise that she completely dismisses Finn and focuses on the dress. The aesthetics. Because it’s mostly all for show anyway, right?

Sophy says: Quinn nailed Rachel. Um. She nailed her psychology, I mean. Rachel said yes to Finn because she thought NYADA said no to her. She did it out of fear. And then the moment she did get the letter she went into overdrive convincing herself and the whole world that she would never make such a big decision for such weak, childish, silly reasons. She had to insist.

“I’ve never been more certain about anything my entire life.”

That’s bullshit. Says the Freudian slip above. Says Rachel’s whole narrative arc. But she has to say it, because if she doesn’t she’ll be showing weakness and Quinn will pounce.

And if Quinn pounces…

Okay wow, I’m just going to take a moment to enjoy the mental image of Quinn running up and pouncing on Rachel in her wedding dress.

It’s the best.

Oh god.



I’m back.

Ironically, I think if Rachel hadn’t gotten a NYADA letter she would have found it much easier to call off the engagement herself instead of waiting for Finn to do it. That is, once that initial shock of being rejected had subsided – once she’d realised her dreams weren’t dead just because some jerk in some office somewhere read over her CV and decided she couldn’t sing. It would have been simpler that way. Because it wouldn’t have made her wrong, selfish, not-because-of-Finn reasons for saying yes in the first place so clear.

Rin says: There are drawings of Quinn pouncing on Rachel. I’ve seen them. They’re good.


Best Scene

“I’m not gonna stand around and watch you ruin your life by marrying Finn Hudson.”

Rin says: Where to. What. Where. Air. Words. Sun. Bright. Pink.

How do I begin.

Okay, first, the music. Just ’cause I’ve seen a lot of people being all ‘WTF IS WITH THE MUSIC’. It’s ‘Going to the chapel’ for those that didn’t pick up on it, and to be honest I don’t like it playing here. Or it should have at least stopped playing when Quinn gets up. Because god damn, that moment needs silence because it’s such a huge moment! Having said that, we don’t know whether or not this would have been the original music they would have used in the episode. They could have chosen something else, or maybe they added it in after.. etc. I also think it’s entirely possible they cut the scene because they didn’t want to repeat the song, so that it’d have more impact later on. :-?? WHO KNOWS WHAT KIND OF LOGIC THEY USE. I can’t find any other reason why they wouldn’t keep this scene in the original episode, do you?! It’s only 1.43 minutes. THAT’S THE SECOND WARBLER SONG. Don’t tell me there was time restraints.

Okay and. The scene.

When I first watched, it was before 8am, I was bleary eyed and still in bed, and I was kind of under whelmed. Maybe because I always thought it was just Rachel and Quinn, and that WHY ARE THE OTHERS TALKING WHERE’S FABERRY and maybe it wasn’t as dramatic as I’d envisioned for so long. And then I watched it again, and again, and again, and Quinn was saying all of these beautiful things, and I realised that this is fucking huge. And then I watched it again, and felt like crying.

When Quinn says she tried to reason with her, and even tried being nice about it, whilst getting up from her chair, it made me think about how parents talk to their kids when they’re misbehaving at the shopping centre. And I thought Quinn was going to drag Rachel (or carry) right out of the store and go straight home. And she will get no dessert!

But honestly, Quinn has exhausted all other methods and she hates that it’s had to come to this, that she’ll have to get angry and tell it like it is. And the thing I noticed straightaway is that they used a different take as the one we saw in the original promo. In the promo she was angrier, her voice was raised and she looked just about ready to throw down. Here Quinn is less angry, and more sounding out a desperate plea. Because to put it simply, she can’t. She can’t accept that Rachel, the Rachel she knows, is going to throw her life away by making such a stupid mistake. She knows she’s better than this, knows it in her gut, that Rachel is destined for greater things, and more than anything Quinn wants Rachel to rediscover that. So I like that they used this take (still love the other one! I LOVE THEM ALL!!), because if anything it’s gone beyond anger for Quinn.

All she has left is her belief in Rachel.

And that’s what she uses. Well that, and her balls.

“Rachel, the thing that I admire most about you, is you are a girl that has never apologized for your ambition. You’re the shining star of all of us, like it or not, it’s true. And as we get closer and closer to graduation you keep hiding your life behind this stupid Finn wedding thing? I never pegged Rachel Berry as the girl who’d be too scared to take on the world.”

She called it ‘this stupid Finn wedding thing’ you guysssss. Quinn Fabray, let me marry you. She completely dismisses the wedding as something entirely frivolous and meaningless and 8-. Quinn 8-. She’s like a kid that can’t find the right words to be insulting.

And now the juice. OH THE JUICE.

I guess what really gets me is that the words that Quinn says is what we’ve always believed Quinn to feel about Rachel. And she said them out loud and suddenly it’s not just a whole bunch of head canon. It’s real.

Quinn admires Rachel. That she’s a girl that never apologises for her ambition — and yet? — not the only thing Quinn admires about Rachel. It’s just the thing she admires most. Which kill me now, because what’s the thing that EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the show tears Rachel down for? Her ambition. And here is Quinn, standing up in front of the others telling Rachel that she’s just a girl, standing in front of another girl, asking her to love her it’s the one thing she admires most about her. This is why I ship Faberry. RIGHT. THERE.

Everything that everyone else sees, is not what they see in each other. Because there’s the version of ourselves that we show the world, the person we try to be, who we think we should be etc. and then there’s just us. Who we really are. And Quinn and Rachel have always been able to see each other for who they really are. Then they go beyond that and let each other know that they see them, everything that they are, the good and the bad, and like each other all the more for it. That is love.

And you can decide what kind of love you think it is on your own, and I’ll tell you what kind of love it is according to how it’s represented on the show. It’s a love based on respect, honesty, trust, and a determination to do everything in your power to see the other be happy.

Oh and, if you think Quinn skipping out on the wedding isn’t conducive to Rachel’s happiness, you’re forgetting one thing.

She came back. Even after strongly disagreeing with the choice Rachel was making, she put aside her own feelings because Rachel wasn’t going to budge. If this is what Rachel really thinks she wants, then all that Quinn has left is to show her support.

Now please. Tell me. How am I supposed to take any other relationship on the show as a better representation of love, than what these two have for each other?

And, whether you agree or not, that’s okay.

But I’m saying it.

Now, more than ever before, I believe Quinn is in love with Rachel.

The scary, big love kind. The type where she’ll never really feel the same again.

And I haven’t even finished what I want to say.

In trying to understand how others interpret Faberry, and Quinn, i.e. non shippers, I’ve read about how some think Quinn interferes, and that it’s not her place to try and stop the wedding. But I think what most fail to see is that Quinn is right in this situation. She’s just the only one brave enough to say it out loud, because everyone else is thinking it. She’s being the voice of reason because she cares that much, about Rachel and her future, that she was honestly willing to lose their friendship over it. And the beauty of it all, is that they proved Quinn right by having Finn and Rachel break up over what Quinn has been saying all along. That Rachel needs to go and follow her dreams, find out who she is and just live, and to do that freely she needs to do it without Finn.

It’s funny, because for so long we’ve seen Quinn be the one who’s lost, and it was always Rachel telling Quinn she sees so much more in her than Quinn sees herself. And when Quinn finally got it together, they switched. Rachel became the one who was drowning, so Quinn put on a cute little swimming costume, grabbed one of those floaty orange things they use in Baywatch, and made it her job to save Rachel. And that’s what they do for each other. No matter what it takes, they’ll be there for each other.

Prom crowns and metro passes.

Affirmations that the one accomplishment they’re most proud of, is you.

No matter what it takes.

Sophy says: AHAHAHAHAHAHHA “THIS STUPID FINN WEDDING THING”. And I thought “that so-called Finchel” was gold. I love how completely disrespectful she is of this ~union. I know you’re meant to respect your friends and all, but sometimes even the ones you actively fangirl do things that deserve all the eyerolls in the world. Quinn is that Rachel fangirl. This is that time.

Remember the last time. “You are so frustrating.

Oh Quinn, you had no idea how dark it was going to get before the dawn.

So. This scene.

I like it when Quinn and Rachel are alone together, I really do. But I also like it when Quinn Fabray declares her love in front of everybody, because that never happens. Seriously, this is so rare. The last time I can remember Quinn showing her hand like this in front of everybody was when she supported Rachel’s idea to do original songs and said they should write one together. And at least then she had the foresight to be “faking”.

Here, she’s basically shouting her Sophia-esque devotion to Rachel’s bright future from the rooftops. It’s glorious.

And now let’s talk about the way she’s saying what I’ve been saying for so long. I mean, the day before this scene was released Rin and I recapped 105, and I went on this huge rant about how much it enraged me that Glee felt Rachel needed to be judged for her ambition and taught to put up with things. And then just when I’m thinking how I’m a broken, angry record on this issue, it’s like somebody was finally listening, and suddenly the show’s releasing a clip of Quinn saying ‘It’s okay, I know, it does suck, we get it.’

And the fact that it’s Quinn. The fact that she’s the only one who has ever acknowledged Rachel’s ambition as a good thing – as a fucking amazing thing. Everybody has put Rachel down on this score – every member of that club, including her fiance. And now here’s Quinn, standing up and speaking up for Rachel – for the Rachel that we first met – the one who wanted everything too much – the one who signed her name with a gold star. Here’s Quinn saying that girl was amazing. It’s such a perfect contrast to Finn on prom night telling Rachel what’s amazing is how different she is from that girl – how much he and the rest of the group have been able to change her. And it’s just so perfectly in tune with the way every boyfriend Quinn’s ever had has told her how selfish and vain she is, in one way or another, and Rachel is the only person who has ever said things to her like “You’re a lot better than you know.”

And you know, what Rin is saying is so true – it was kind of a shock to hear Quinn actually articulate what we’ve hypothesized for so long – that she was always in awe of Rachel, that the friendship may be new, but the deep and troubling admiration is not.

And you guys, ONE OF THE THINGS. ONE OF THE THINGS QUINN ADMIRES MOST. ONE OF. BECAUSE. I DON’T. Hands up if you wish she’d made a list?

(I bet she does have a list, in a little pink notebook that she hides under her mattress and reads from at night like bedtime prayers.)

Now I’m going to tell you what I love most about this scene. I love the way Quinn turns back to the rest of the girls and says that Rachel is the shining star of them all, whether they like it or not. I love it because it’s true. And I love it because she has the balls to say it. But most of all I love it because it’s laced with a kind of gentle warning, like she’s just turning around to let them all know that yeah, I just said that, and if any of you bitches try to object I will cut you (nicely).


And so proud.

Rachel is the best one. There is no room for dissent.

Now I’m going to talk about THE OTHER THING I LOVE MOST ABOUT THIS SCENE. Rachel’s. Sigh. When Quinn leaves she exhales shakily, and you guys, it totally sounds like she’s going to cry. Or be sick. That’s how much Quinn’s opinion matters to her. That’s how much she feels Quinn’s feelings.

I was talking with Rin right after I watched the clip, and saying how much I love that Quinn wishes she was that important to Rachel – how she can’t help pretending that she is – that her feelings on the matter would be relevant one way or another – that if the stupid Finn wedding is something she won’t be a part of, it’s something Rachel would reconsider being a part of too.

And then she wakes up, you know? Rin and I imagined giddily that after Quinn made her way to the door with dignity she basically went running to the car in a sudden downpour for a good old-fashioned sob, because she realised “Hey wait a minute, you idiot, what made you think you matter that much to her? What made you think you had anything to do with her future at all?”

And I think that’s why she finds Rachel in the faballway and tells her she’ll come to the wedding. As discussed above, it’s a case of ‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,’ but it runs deeper than that. People can tell me Faberry isn’t a thing until they choke on actual real Faberry that’s coming out of their mouths and proving them wrong. The fact is that there’s a reason why Quinn is nearly in tears when she tells Rachel she’ll support the wedding. There’s a reason why she sighs when Rachel hugs her and nuzzles into her neck. There’s a reason why she delivers that jarringly homosexual line “When you were singing that song…”

She’s been chastened. She’s been put in her place. She stalked out of the bridal shop and Rachel’s world didn’t fall apart. Her plans didn’t change. Quinn has realised how irrelevant she is in the scheme of Finchel things.


I wonder if she would have held out a little longer if she’d known it was working – if she’d heard that sickly little sound of despair that Rachel made when she left the room.

And I revel in the fact that in the end she was right the first time – she does matter to Rachel – she matters a lot. Because at the end of the day, when Rachel was told it was “now or never”? She chose never. Because Quinn.

Also, Rin when you were talking about Quinn throwing down, it made me go back to that ‘Quinn pounces on Rachel in her wedding dress’ place. Now I’m going there again. I cannot.

Oh and I know I said I wanted the next Faberry duet to be ‘Touchy’ by AHA… but now I want it to be the Baywatch theme.


It would be the best thing Glee has ever done bar NOTHING.

Rin says: LOL oh my goodness. There’d be slow motion running on the beach. Yes. Want.

There is nothing more genius and otp-delightful than when Sophy contrasted what Finn said during prom to what Quinn has always believed and said here in this scene. Nothing. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING!

And thank god you talked about Quinn being super protective of Rachel. Because again, this is one of those times when she didn’t need to keep talking, but she couldn’t help herself. IT’S LIKE SHE WAS ON STAGE DELIVERING A MONOLOGUE, and then suddenly had to turn to the audience and make sure they realised JUST HOW shiny Rachel was. At the expense of the audience and herself. ‘Cause seriously =)) She’s basically saying, NONE OF US WILL EVER COMPARE TO RACHEL BERRY. IT’S THE TRUTH, DEAL WITH IT.

Like, they could have cut this scene just because of how gay that was.

We don’t know.

And I’m putting all my money on Quinn running from that bridal shop in tears. Because she wasn’t chosen.

But like Sophy said, when it counts…

Rachel chooses Quinn.

End of discussion. Thank you.

We’ll see you next time.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“It feels balanced. Like I’m wearing the same color on the outside as inside.”

Rin says: Thank god Brittany had a line. Otherwise who knows what we would have stuck here. (Probably more caps of Quinn)


Did anyone else think of inside out boy? 8-.

Sophy says: I had to google image search ‘inside out boy’. It was upsetting.

It was sort of wrong of them to leave this amazingness out. Like, I’m not saying it was right of them to leave any of this scene out, but if they really felt they had to, they should have just cut to this line anyway. Extra random Brittany.

Rin says: That’s not what I was talking about. Do not click that link. Everyone look away, and scroll down.


Rophy Says No!

“Besides, you can’t spell infinity without ‘Finn’!”

Sophy says: No, Rachel. If you try to spell infinity with ‘Finn’ you spell it wrong.

Rin says: This just goes to show that Rachel has gotten stupider and stupider as this wedding thing progressed.

Sophy says: Lol, I know right. In a weird way, though, I really like this line. When you have your character offering up glib, tacky, nonsensical cliches as reasons for marrying your other character, you know that the actual wedding is not going to happen. In fact, that’s probably why this whole scene was cut. I’ve always thought it made no sense that it would be cut for time, for reasons Rin has mentioned above. So it’s got to be about content. And I’ll admit that as much as I would have appreciated the relief, it would have made it way too obvious that the stupid Finn wedding would not be happening – not at the end of this episode and not at the end of the season either.


Head In Hands

“If she were a tiny Jewish teenager.”

Rin says: There’s something infinitely cute about the way she refers to Rachel as tiny. Especially when you look at Rachel standing up there on the podium. I just.


‘Cause has Quinn ever really commented on Rachel’s appearance, I mean, apart from when she used to degrade her. :-j

And when you call someone tiny, it’s meant in a ‘small but cuuuute’ way.


I love that Quinn can’t even keep her mouth shut for a second. Like everyone is all, ‘OMFG RACHEL YOU LOOK SO GOOD!!!’ and Quinn just huffs and puffs and objects passive aggressively.

Oh Quinn. One day. One day it’ll all make sense. .:D.


Quinn’s huffing and puffing is my favourite. She can blow my house in any day of the week.


Most Rophy

“Like it or not, it’s true.”

Rin says: Just to reiterate: Quinn Fabray is the biggest Rachel stan out of all of us.

I mean, I feel like we should change the title of this category to, ‘Rophy could only hope to aspire to these levels of fierceness.’

Sophy says: I wonder if her stanning will one day send her round the bend. Like I said, Sophia-esque devotion. The day she’s wearing jean shorts, we’ll worry.

Rin says: The day she turns up in New York on a fine, sunny day wearing jean shorts, will be the day I bid life farewell.


Quinn Glory Shot

…and she never did attend the wedding.

Rin says: She would rather get hit by a truck.

Don’t ever say Quinn wasn’t dedicated.

Sophy says: She organized the truck so as not to hurt Rachel’s feelings.


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  1. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    Rophy, your speedy dedication to capping this belongs in the “Most Quinn” category. :)

    I have a hunch that Rachel isn’t really listening to Quinn. She’s hearing the words but they’re not yet hitting home. Otherwise she’d stumble and say, “Wait… Quinn… you… you really think… me… I… help…” and so on.

    I really like how “you’re our shining star” is a callback to Kurt’s “Rachel’s our star” from 113. He was Rachel’s champion in the room back then, but two years and many shades of meaning later, Quinn is here. And that star progression generally: Rachel says she’s a star, Kurt says she’s our star, Finn (not a metaphor expert) takes it literally and finds one to name, Quinn says she’s our shining star.

  2. jock
    jock at · Reply

    This was beautiful (just like Faberry). That is all.

  3. Dan
    Dan at · Reply

    ‘Quinn organized to get hit by a truck’ LOVE LOVE LOVE
    she is now the most selfless character on Glee
    I am now under the impression that Rachel and Quinn should duet “I know him so well (change the him for her) from Chess seriously look it up the lyrics are so beautifully faberry I see them singing it in split screen in their bathrooms at Nyada and Yale and then on opposite trains one heading for New York the other for New Haven and just missing each other (took the midnight train going anywhere).
    This is the love story-even if sex never entered into the equation it’s the story that Rachel Barbra Berry deserved.
    Seeing both of them I’ve just realized how integral these two deleted scenes were to the plot for Act 2 of season 3 and I think the story telling is weaker for having not included them and I feel cheated as a viewer that with all the garbage we’ve had to put up with (Warblers number anyone) these two brilliantly written and acted scenes never made it.
    Adore your recap by the way and it’s true, this was one of the few examples of female comradship and friendship the show has churned out that hasn’t seemed artifical, if you look at the other prime example-‘I kissed a Girl’ the simple choice of song cheapens it purely because of the lyrics ‘I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it’.
    This seemed to be season of degrading women and I’m disgusted about how my favourite characters were treated, Quinn, Emma, Shelby, Rachel; if it had been constructive storytelling fueling their acts I wouldn’t have a problem but having these four beautiful women degraded in such ways-mostly regarding sex wasn’t even good story telling or character development it was at the expense of male ego.
    Hence why this scene had to be cut because it clearly stated that it wasn’t about FINCHEL it was about Rachel and her alone but that can’t happen because when has she ever been allowed to put herself first before all those men putting her down. I would love to hear your impressions in ‘Gives you hell’ when you get round to that recap.
    also the disapointment was Finn got an equivalent scene with Kurt in the ‘Spanish teacher’…gah. I wonder what this show would have been like if it were british or on another network so many possibiliites…

  4. LauryeMal
    LauryeMal at · Reply

    Take a look at Santana’s expression when Quinn storms out of the room… it pratically says “oh no girl you got it bad…lesbian drama”!!

    More proof that Santana knows.. she knows it and ships it!

    The other day, after my twitter feed exploded with faberryness, my gf asked me “What’s Faberry?”(I know.. she’s lucky I already love her) … I think I’m just gonna send her this recap to make her understand :D

  5. Ruben
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    This entire recap just proved again that faberry is the best of glee, and that sometimes people don’t know how to use the strengths of the show. Just give this to us in season 4, throw some Brittana in there too because… how could you not?? And we all be very happy, and have a better Glee because of it.

    (Is it okay to ask you to Quinn just 24 hours later?? I really want to…^^)

  6. anne
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    Is it weird that I was as excited to get this scene as to read your fabulous recap?? :) I have the biggest smile thanks to Faberry and thanks to you. :))

    I don’t know why, for some reason, before we got that scene I only thought ‘Quinn has a big crush on Rachel and Rachel doesn’t see all this because she’s in her little Finn bubble’. But this scene! This scene! It just brought a whole new level of Faberryness to me. It’s like the missing piece of the puzzle and I am now convinced that she is very much in love with Rachel (because wow!!). I don’t think Rachel is because she’s still in her bubble but she cares, like you pointed out, she always has. And maybe she never will love Quinn the way Quinn loves her but I like to think that she will, when her eyes are open. :) (I’m in my Faberry bubble and I’m very happy with that.)

    Thank you for the laughs and the Faberry feels dear Rophy!

    1. anne
      anne at · Reply

      Haha oh God! My laughing smiley makes it seem like I’m a mad woman —which I may be, on second thought. It was supposed to be a big big smile, that’s all, just so you know.

  7. Jess
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    But in all seriousness, this Quinn Fabray appreciation recap was amazing and I even went back to the On My Way recap to compare to what you had written but I couldn’t because of feels. But yes, agree. With ALL of the above written. I’ll go pour my faberry tears into a post on tumblr now before I die of feels but what would we do without your recaps and mental images of Quinn pouncing on Rachel in her wedding dress, I don’t know x

  8. moarleyne
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    I have to thank you for this awesome recap, we can always count on you when Faberry’s the matter.

    I’m gonna dive right into the material.

    The ‘Best Song’ caps look like Quinn being all Husband-like. With her exsasperated sigh, she just needs a paper and to say “Yes Honey, you look lovely.” It’s kind of adorable by itself.
    But in context, it just plain hurts. I actually don’t want to know what Quinn is thinking in that moment, the heartbreak could kill.

    Tinas face when Quinn stands up, it’s like “Shit here she goes. Don’t fuck with my OTP!!!”

    I like that they didn’t use the clip from the promo, because like this we got to see all the heartbreak, and it’s right there, right on Quinns face!
    It shows that Faberry has risen from subtext, and is soaring through maintext, like an eagle through the sky. An eagle, tasting like pink.

    Santana sits there like the little Faberry shipper she is, but she doesn’t say anything, because they have to do this by themselves. And later her “Face it. Quinn’s not coming.” Guyssss, she knows!! She feeels it.

    Quinn whenever you hear ‘Going To The Chapel’ again. Run like a motherfucker, cause it could be the end of you.

    She said she wouldn’t attend. And she didn’t. /sobs

    I’m just going to share these. (They fit with Quinn running of to her car) Unrequited Quinn gives me so many feels.

    And this one, you remember this right?
    (Also, the commentary goes right in the feels)

    I’m gonna read some fanfiction and listen to I Feel Pretty/Unpretty AKA. The FaberryNation Anthem some more now.

    Bye guys.

  9. Mayon
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    I don’t even know how you could be so well-spoken, coherent and write so beautifully just hours after watching this scene.
    It happened 17hours ago and I’m still an emotionnal mess. I spoke gibberish to my gf (who knows of and made me read Faberry fics) for hours.
    I’m just Faberry feels today. Well some Olympics feels too but mainly Faberry feels.
    How can anybody not see it? It’s like… RIGHT THERE in front of YOUR EYES! Quinn is so in love with Rachel it hurts (her heart and ours). The only real love story of the show!!

    I love that you made a gif of Quinn standing, that leg placement is so graceful and beautiful and Quinn.
    Tiny jewish teenager. 8-.
    She’s the shining star of all of them. 8-.
    I still cannot…

  10. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    You guys. YOU GUYS. Beautiful. A cloud of Faberry goodness. This reads like an amazing fanfic, except it’s NOT fanfic!! It’s (almost) real life! You two are wonderful.

    Here’s what got me, Quinn saying she never pegged Rachel Berry as being the girl who’d be too scared to take on the world. Because right there, Quinn told us what I didn’t understand until the finale. Rachel was so scared about the future. She was clinging to anything familiar, even if it was freaking Finn Hudson, because she’s just a teenager. And even with all her big dreams and her ambition, her senior year she faced major obstacles that made her future seem uncertain. But of course, with the way the Finn wedding thing (heh) was handled in the writing, it wasn’t totally clear that Rachel was scared until she was sobbing in a car with Finn trying to send her to NY. But Quinn knew. She KNEW. Because she’s the only one who really sees Rachel and understands her. And she’s the one who’s trying to send Rachel ON HER WAY. Geez.

    Last, when Quinn was telling them that Rachel was the best of them all, and they couldn’t argue, the vindictive part of me REALLY wanted her to be looking right at Mercedes. Umm. And for Mercedes to be properly chastised.

    Anyhoo…thanks you guys! Rophy for the win, as always.

  11. A
    A at · Reply

    Loved your analysis! Yeah what do you guys think about Santana in this scene? Quinn me good!

  12. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Le Sigh!!! I loveyou guys!!! I just have so many Fa-feelings…

  13. Elysse
    Elysse at · Reply

    Hmm well I don’t have much to add since a) I’m pretty indifferent to Glee shipping and b) what could I possibly add to this in-depth recap? But ughhh I can’t believe they left this scene out! It’s so important!

    Also, I hate Rachel’s dress (she can do so much better) and the music was so awkward playing in the background of Quinn’s speech. :/

    1. Tammy
      Tammy at · Reply

      I don’t like Rachel’s dress either! And I realized it’s because I think it’s kind of juvenile for a wedding dress. And THEN I realized…fitting.

  14. Farah
    Farah at · Reply

    You guys are the best! Better than all the rest!

    Now I can’t stop thinking about Quinn running slo-mo in a red one-piece toward a drowning Rachel. And giving her CPR. With tongue…I just…I need a moment…

    You guys made me flail, literally, flail my arms and squeal with feelings!!

    I was afraid this scene would be a let down. Cuz there was so much expectation, and I thought it could never live up to my wild fantasies.

    And at first I was pissed cuz Quinn was less angry and passionate than in the promo shot. But then, when I watched it again I thought it was better this way. Maybe. Because Quinn had this conviction when she was talking. And she didn’t need to yell to convey how much she believed in what she was saying.

    IT WAS INTENSE. Even with the crappy background music (which I think is just a filler they would have cut out had this scene made it in). I just have no idea why they would cut this out, and not because I’m a crazy Faberry stan (which I am), but it’s just good TV.

    Also, “She’s been chastened. She’s been put in her place. She stalked out of the bridal shop and Rachel’s world didn’t fall apart. Her plans didn’t change. Quinn has realised how irrelevant she is in the scheme of Finchel things.”


    Sophy why you do this to me.

    And you’re right, this PLUS the hallway scene. It’s just so GAY. Like this scene would have tripled the gayness of that scene and I didn’t even think that was possible.

    I mean, SHE CAME BACK. Because as much as it angers her to watch Rachel throw away her future like this. She can’t live without Rachel Berry in her life (METRO PASSES). She will swallow her pride (and her hurt) and give Rachel the one thing she has left. Her support. Not only cuz Rachel needs it, but SHE NEEDS RACHEL.


    I need a moment again…

  15. Viscosity
    Viscosity at · Reply

    Gay gay gay Quinn 8->

    I love that with Rophy we get Faberry amplified.

  16. dani
    dani at · Reply

    I played Pretty/Unpretty on repeat while reading this recap. I’m not even sorry

  17. KC
    KC at · Reply

    I haven’t yet read through the other comments, so I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet.

    You know what Quinn’s line ‘this stupid Finn wedding thing’ sounds an awful lot like?

    When Santana pleaded to Brittany to leave Artie, and she said something along the lines of ‘He’s just some stupid boy!’

    Quinn might as well have been barfing up rainbows whilst making that comment.

  18. a.b.
    a.b. at · Reply

    If a friend was marrying someone I thought was a mistake, I would be all, “go nuts – it’s your life and I won’t stop you”. I guess it’s a bit like how friends let friends take drugs or break the speed limit.

    If a friend, that I loved more than as a friend, was marrying someone I thought was a mistake, I would be compelled to stand up.. and add a lot of drama – which looks like what the rest of the girls found themselves in the middle of, relationship drama.

    A Faberry romantic arc in the next season would be the greatest – but also the saddest, as Rophy’s heads would literally explode from watching the promo.

  19. Beatrice
    Beatrice at · Reply

    Don’t worry, Santana, Faberry won’t make you wear pink at their wedding.

  20. Lauren
    Lauren at · Reply

    This scene really solidified it for me. Sure, at the beginning of Glee, it was about Rachel and Finn’s ‘epic-but-super-cliché’ romance between the loser and the (pseudo) star of the school. But really, when you look at it, the show’s basically been about Rachel and Quinn. Almost everything they do revolves around each other, like who they date in order to get back Finn and get back at the other for stealing him, or being the shoulder to lean on when your boyfriend kicks a chair across the room and storms out because the baby isn’t his. They’ve started looking out for each other more and more and here is where Quinn just stands up and goes, “Rachel, you can’t do this. This is total bullshit and everybody here, including you, knows it.” Glee has pretty much been about Quinn and Rachel the entire time and it’s really incredible to watch this scene to see how far they’ve gotten and the huge effect they have on each other’s lives.

  21. proud faberry fan
    proud faberry fan at · Reply

    of course Quinn Fabray is my “Rachel Berry stan” captain. i salute her every morning.

  22. Scattered Letters
    Scattered Letters at · Reply

    Oh my God! I had a busy week so I just saw this and I just about, exploded and imploded like a Faberry blackhole being fed by all the Faberry goodness from that deleted scene. Where to even begin?! Everything you said was just spot on! ‘Tiny…peeking…eye rolling…huffing and puffing Quinn… choose me, choose me.’ That scene has Faberry in every nanosecond. I loved it!!!

    Let me just say that I know a lot of people were upset that nobody responded to Quinn’s call to arms against the “stupid Finn wedding thing” but, honestly I thought it was realistic and shows that Quinn is invested in it not pushing through more than an average “friend” would be. My wife was in a similar situation when her best friend told her she was marrying this woman who wasn’t right for her. She couldn’t (and didn’t) say anything because her friend was so happy and she didn’t want to ruin that and potentially alienate her best friend. Plus she wasn’t in love with her best friend (yay for me!) unlike Ms. Fabray over there. Quinn’s whole speech was almost like professing her love in Faberry code that only the two of them could understand. (I’m paraphrasing so it isn’t too long) “What I admire most about you is your ambition” (I love you Rachel Berry and I love the most Rachel Berry part of you) “You are the shining star out of all of us” (I love you Rachel Berry. I see how special you are. You make us special, not the other way around.) “Like it or not it’s true” (Don’t even try cause Imma cut anybody who says otherwise.) “I can’t watch you ruin your life by marrying Finn Hudson” (the way she put the stress on the words “Finn Hudson” and not on marrying almost sounds like she’s not opposed to her getting married but to her marrying him.) “as we get closer to graduation you are hiding your life behind this SFWT” (as we are getting closer and closer you insist on hiding our love behind this Finn bulls#it) “I never pegged Rachel Berry for a girl too scared to take on the world” (Stop being afraid of what’s going on between us. I crowned you my queen. We can face the world together!) Choose me, choose me! And, Rachel’s face when Quinn expresses her admiration was just perfect. Like she finally became aware that there may be something more to Quinn and Quinn’s reaction to her wedding than just concerned friend but she hasn’t put it all together in her head, yet. Also, when Rachel replied, “I’m not going to…” It almost sounded like she said she wasn’t going to marry Finn. Coupled with her earlier statement that seemed to imply that the dress was what she’s been looking for and not Finn, I am leaning towards your theory that they cut this scene because it gave away that there wasn’t going to be a wedding.

    Lastly, I’m more a Faberry shipper than Britana but I thought that it was so cute that Santana has had standing argument with the color pink since birth and the love of her life is pink on the inside. It is just so them and kind of explains why they work despite the fact that on paper they shouldn’t.

    Great recap!!! It was the perfect chaser for this Faberry tequila shot. :)

    PS Ryan Murphy considers Faberry canon. He released this scene with Klaine and mentioned Faberry with Klaine and Britana. Maybe the idea that this show has always been about Quinn and Rachel and NOT Rachel and Finn has merit. I mean it is the most cohesive, nuanced, mature relationship on the show.

  23. Scattered Letters
    Scattered Letters at · Reply

    PPS Sorry, I just had to add that the last part of the scene killed me. Quinn gazed steadily at Rachel up until her exit almost like she was hoping that Rachel would look back at her (and stop her!) while Rachel couldn’t even lift her eyes (because watching Quinn walk away was too much). Then that deep, deep, dejected sigh.

  24. Pancakeshio
    Pancakeshio at · Reply

    Everything is so perfectly analized I crey like a baby.

    My “Head canon” to what happened after Quinn left will forever be Patronustrip comic “Dream On” when I first saw this I was “OMFG IT FITS SO WELL!!!”

    How do you live with so many Faberry feelings?! I can´t even.

    I love how Rachel is surprised for a second when Quinn says all those nice things about her, it´s like she can´t believe it!

  25. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    I JUST


  26. Sasha
    Sasha at · Reply

    I just noticed how on the gif where they hug, after Quinn agrees to come to the wedding, Rachel adjusts her face to press against Quinn’s, and here I am just like…I DO NOT DO THAT WITH MY BEST FRIENDS. NOPE. I DO NOT PRESS MY HEAD SO CLOSE TO THEIRS THAT MY HAIR IS FLAUNTED IN THEIR FACE AND THEY CAN’T MOVE CAUSE MY ARMS HAVE LOVINGLY ENVELOPED THEIR FACE AND THEIR FACE AND.

    QUINN’S FACE GOOD LORD WHY. Did you notice in the promo she seemed so much more angry, while in this one she just seems to be pleading, as if her whole life depends on it….I mean wow. And of course the whole thing where BLAINE AND KURT JUST TOLD HER “LOOKING GOOD FABRAY” AND SHE JUST CALLS BACK THANKS, IMMEDIATELY FINDS RACHEL (Because she has a Rach-dar) AND GOES “ASDGFGLK ITS RACHEL ACT COOL ACT COOL DON’T SAY ANYTHING “HEY” OH SHIT QUINN DON’T MESS THIS UP “HOW DO I LOOK” MAYBE SHE THINKS I’M PRETTY O PLEASE TELL ME I’M PRETTY WAIT NO DAS GAY’ And so on.

    Sorry, this kind of blended into the actual episode. I love you all. Sorry for all the caps lock ,it’s the Rachel to my Quinn. I used to think I hated it, but was actually repressing the goodness that was Rach-I mean capslock.


    Sorry. So much begging for Quinn in the future. The magical ACHELE magnets cannot let us down!!

  27. Sarah
    Sarah at · Reply

    In all fairness to Rachel, you can’t technically spell infinity without Finn in it. I mean, you can’t spell influenza without Finn either, but I’m sure that doesn’t matter as much to her…

  28. christina
    christina at · Reply

    “And Quinn and Rachel have always been able to see each other for who they really are. Then they go beyond that and let each other know that they see them, everything that they are, the good and the bad, and like each other all the more for it. That is love.”

    I couldn’t have said it any better. I just found out about this scene maybe two weeks ago and can I tell you how excited and yet outraged I was that they cut it out? Like this is SO Faberry and so Quinn declaring her love for Rachel in front of all her friends and not caring what any of them think. I can’t stand that people can’t understand why people ship Faberry. You don’t have to ship it, but UNDERSTAND that it’s been there from that first fucking episode when Quinn was stalking Rachel’s Youtube page, being the ONLY viewer, and commenting it. They have just come so far since then. So far that when you look up pressed lemon on urbandictonary, Quinn Fabray is in there. But in this scene? And the scene where she tells Rachel “Well, you can’t” she’s trying so hard to fight being repressed and Rachel is being SO stubborn about Finn. It really makes me sad because Quinn has come such a long way by this point to let her true feelings about Rachel bleed onto the carpet in front of everyone and Rachel still doesn’t budge. But the sigh…God. And I agree that Quinn probably did cry once she got to her car, if she even made it that far. When she says “Okay, I won’t” my heart crumbled. She sounded so small and defeated. I just love Quinn Fabray SO FUCKING MUCH! Sorry for my use of french, I just can’t with this scene and them ever. As much as my life was over when Quinn got into the accident, I really believe it was for the best in the end. She sacrificed herself for the love of her life being unable to not answer the love of her life’s text message. It doesn’t get any more poetic.

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