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Best Song

Mercedes – I Will Always Love You

Rin says: Talk about surreal. I don’t think there needs to be much said about the circumstances this performance found itself in this week. Whitney Houston, without a doubt, was a music legend, who passed way before anyone should. It pretty much goes without saying. Having said that though, I would like to talk about Amber’s performance and the scene in the context of the show.

Amber nailed it. As in, she took out her hammer from her utility belt, knocked on the wall to find a stud, placed the song against it and nailed it. And I’m so happy that Glee is giving Amber more to work with, other than her usual runs or powerhouse vocals. I mean, of course I Will Always Love You is a powerhouse ballad, but there is always that incredible softness and gentleness that it requires. And I absolutely adored hearing Amber sing those parts. I don’t think we talked enough about how happy we were when Amber sang Human Nature in the Michael episode, but it showed a completely different shade of her voice and I really enjoyed it. And that’s what happened again this week.

It also allowed Amber to work more with Mercedes as a character, seeing as Samcedes is probably the longest plot-line she’s been given thus far. Which is incredibly sad, but hey, at least she’s getting it. That much can’t be said for all the characters on Glee. Anyway. I really liked the lead-in scene to the song, with Mercedes owning up to wronging Shane. Because as ADORABLE CUTE AND SWEET AND AWWW SAMCEDES is, she was still seeing Shane at the time, so it is cheating. And I think it was really great of Glee to take this route with Mercedes, and not make light of her relationship with Shane, despite how much of a sham it was to us, if they’re going to treat it as Mercedes seriously debating between the two, then she has to seriously deal with the consequences too. I also loved how Mercedes took on board what Quinn said re: Christianity, and applied it to her situation. And how that lead to a very mature outcome. Whereas last week we had Rachel talking about how the scary part was ‘choosing to know it blahblahetc’ and it lead to more of a mess. JUST, YA KNOW, FURTHER PROOF THAT EVERYBODY SHOULD JUST LISTEN TO QUINN. For fucks sake. (ESPECIALLY NEXT WEEK?????)


I also have to say that I really loved Chord throughout, because oh my god, his cry faces were the best cry faces. They were so genuine and it really helps to elevate the material when the actors get it so right. So major props.

Speaking of cry faces. Look okay, I don’t want to be mean. But my personal biggest lol was during this song… when they showed Shane crying. Even looking at the cap now makes me laugh, and I’m not even sure what it is. I just find it incredibly hilarious? I’m a bitch?

Also Amber in that red dress with the lighting was oh my god amazing. Gorgeous is the only word that comes to mind.

Sophy says: Cosign?

Was there really another choice? This would have been my number #1 regardless of the tragic circumstances in which the episode aired, but it did make it that much more of a punch in the emotions knowing that we’ll never hear Whitney Houston sing again.

But moving on from the sad things, Amber really did do a tremendous job with a challenging song, and like Rin says, it’s great to see her getting to explore the softer side of her voice. It’s also nice to see her getting an actual plotline of her own, beyond “I want to be the star” and even beyond ‘gets love interest’. I think it’s great that the show has abandoned the stale kind of ‘will they, won’t they’ formula here, and actually brought a new element to the love triangle: Mercedes and her personal relationship with right and wrong. I love that “I’m not a two timing ho” really carried over from last week, and that she had the guts to stand up for her values, instead of being all about her feelings for the boy – or the boys – either one. Mercedes showed tremendous strength and decency this week, and she also seemed to have a good grip on the idea that she needs to find herself first, before she thinks about diving into this whole you-and-me thing with Sam. And even though it’s obvious I’ll say it: Rachel and Finn could really take a leaf out of her excellent book.

Shane’s cry-face and why-hands are the funniest things I’ve ever seen. And I firmly believe that they were meant to be funny so I don’t even feel bad.

Chord’s cry-faces were just pure cuddle-bait. And you know, I think the emotion with which Amber sang and the emotion with which Chord responded to her singing is why this whole thing worked, even though it was so completely overblown, because come on, they are a couple of kids in high school who will not be exchanging candy hearts this year and that is the theme from the bodyguard, a movie that pretty much defined schmaltz when I was a kid. So A+s and gold stars to them both for making it real.

And finally, that red dress on Amber was a knockout in that dress – and it was the perfect dress too – totally gorgeous and totally 1990s corny at the same time.


Biggest LOL

“Oh, I guarantee you have.”

Rin says: How are we supposed to interpret this as anything other than what it sounds like? The smile and enthusiasm. Oh Quinn Fabray.

I also have to throw out a mention to what followed this with Mercedes saying, “Yeah, they say that one out of every ten people are gay. And if that’s true, that means one of the 12 apostles might have been gay. And my guess is Simon because that name’s the gayest.” The way she says that last part? HAHA. Hilarious. It’s very rare that Mercedes ever gets to comedy that doesn’t have to do with sass, so a big A+.

I didn’t mind Joe as much as I usually do when they bring in new people. He was pretty funny, and if he continues to stay on the sidelines where he belongs I won’t be placing him in my Rophy Says No any time soon. But I swear to fucking god teen jesus, make a single move on Quinn Fabray and I will shave your fucking head. Asshole.

Sophy says:  I don’t even see how this is really a lol. She was just stating a fact.

The single best fact in the world.


Best Scene

“Believe me, I’d much rather see you and Santana kiss than that so-called Finchel.”

Rin says: This is more to do with the whole set up of Brittana and all of the drama that surrounded them in regards to their on-screen kiss. I thought it was very cheeky and cute of Glee to handle it this way. It was like they were nudging and winking at fandom when they moved in for the kiss all slow-mo-ey, and then they pulled the rug out from under their feet in the last minute. And when Figgins just said, ‘TEEN LESBIANS’ out loud like that. I cannot. I died.

I love Santana standing up for her and Brittany, because it is clearly a very bullshit situation.

Another biggest lol was definitely Finn and Rachel’s faces. Died.

Sophy says: OH GOD. WHEN HE SAID. “THAT SO-CALLED FINCHEL” I LEGITIMATELY SCREAMED. It was only a little scream. But still. And Santana’s disgusted face at the Finchel. Just. Amazing.

I loved how this whole scene was a clear and open shout-out to fandom and the frustration the Brittana fans have felt at not being allowed to see their kids make out till now. I have to say though that I was a bit disappointed by the Brittana action in this episode, and okay, maybe that’s because I will inevitably always compare all lesbian-first-on-screen-kisses with the swift, shrugged genius of Willow/Tara or the pounding, bone-melty-ness of Naomi/Emily… but I felt like we could have gotten more with these two. It didn’t really feel like an organic, romantic plotline, so much as ‘Santana gets on her soapbox, everyone agrees gay is awesome, they kiss’. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy Brittana in this episode, because I did… I just think that there can be a danger in making fans wait and wait and wait for the moment, because the longer you draw it out, the bigger they expect the pay-off to be.

At this point I kind of expected them to kiss whilst tenderly anointing each other with oils in a hot air balloon under a rainbow with sixteen pots of gold under it that Rory was crying over.

Rachel and Finn’s stupid faces were nearly as amazing as this:

(Thanks to fuckyeahkathandkim)


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“I wanted to make you a CD for Valentine’s Day, but this is as far as I got without any help, so…”

Rin says: Oh sweet Brittany.

And I have this image of her walking to school with her laptop open all the way. It’s marvellous.




Rophy Says No!

“We just decided that, you know, since it’s gonna take us a little while to get used to one another, that we might as well just, you know, get started.”

Rin says: Rachel. Fucking. Berry. You’re really driving me up the wall these days, you know that? It’s a very unpleasant feeling to have to hate your favourite character, but this is what it’s come to. Please stop being so utterly blind and irrational… and very un-Rachel like. I know it’s all for the sake of having the big drama for the ~winter finale next week but come on. I don’t want to have to feel like punching Rachel every time she’s on screen. It’s all very unnatural.

This shouldn’t be under this category, but this is where there’s a cap for them. I’m so happy we finally got to meet Mr. and Mr. Berry. AND THEY WERE NAMED HIRAM AND LEROY YOU GUYS. I’m sure most of you are aware already, but Hiram and Leroy are the names fanfiction writers have used for Rachel’s dads for a very long time — and eventually it just becomes their names in your mind. So I’m kind of relieved that I won’t have to get mind fucked over that, and it’s kind of neat that fandom basically named them. On the characters themselves? Actors were great, except I always see Goldblum in Jurassic Park in my mind. I’m not in love with the Berry’s .. Berries? .. quite yet, but they were enjoyable enough. I’m just really glad they didn’t call Rachel, ‘baby girl.’ You know what I’m talking about fandom.


Don’t even try to go there Glee. Stop hinting and fuck off. There’s only one person for Quinn Fabray and it’s the other person in the frame.

But in all seriousness. I can’t have Quinn paired with anyone. I’m not sure what it is.. but I just feel like everything that’s happened with her this season has lead her to this place of focus and independence. And I would hate to see all of that development thrown out the window for teen jesus. I just have very strong feelings about Quinn ending the season single. I liken it to my inability to ever see Angel with anyone who isn’t Buffy. Like, he can just brood and be incredibly lonely for the rest of his immortal life, thank you very much.

Sophy says: I’ve never read any Glee fanfic, so I never really had any expectations re: Rachel’s dads apart from, you know, them being a little more overtly interracial, but whatever, I know we have to let go of those locker photos. These two worked really well for me – that is they worked really well for me once I realized the entire ‘Yay teen wedding’ bit was an act and stopped clutching the sides of my chair in abject panic. Still, I couldn’t help but feel about the Mr Berrys the way I felt about Brittana’s first kiss. It’s been such a long time coming, that it needed to be bigger than this. And by that I mean: I wanted Rachel and her dads to be a plotline all of its own, not consumed by all this Finchel wedding bullshit. I mean really you guys, we’ve seen Rachel go through so much, including getting suspended, winning regionals with her original song, meeting her birth mother for the first time… and her parents have been nowhere in that. To the point where it’s almost been comical. And okay, I’m not saying Rachel trying to marry Finn isn’t the greatest crisis she has ever faced, because it fucking is, but I just… I wanted Rachel and her dads to be about Rachel and her dads.

Meanwhile, that’s not even what I’m saying no to here. What I’m saying no to is the absolute sheer idiocy of Rachel Berry in this episode. Honestly guys, so incensed was I by her behaviour in this episode that I actually said she could go die in a hole at one point. Really, Rin and yahoo can testify.




But honestly the levels of bus she is being thrown under in service of this plot are just… high. We were special and you’ve ruined it high.

Because really and truly, this logic? This ‘We fought within four minutes of living together, because I am a fucking idiot who can’t handle you using the toilet, so I think we should get married more quickly because marriage grows children into adults and makes people better at allowing toilet use’? THIS LOGIC DOES NOT RESEMBLE OUR EARTH LOGIC.

And as flighty and funny and generally high maintenance and ridiculous as she can be… none of this resembles Rachel Berry.

And okay, just. I really hope the show makes it clear that all the kids in the Glee club who supported Rachel and Finn’s decision, did so because they couldn’t give a fuck about Rachel and Finn. When people go out of their way to point out harsh truths to you, it’s because they love you. I’m looking at Quinn and Kurt. When people shrug and smile and say ‘Follow your heart’ it’s because they don’t love you. I’m looking at you, Artie, and I’m looking with huge big exploding eyeballs of rage at YOU, WILL SCHUSTER.





Okay, I’m back. Jesus boy better keep his octopussy dreads off Quinn Fabray.

PS. I kind of shipped Angel/Nina.

Especially when he was a puppet.


Head In Hands

Cherish is the word I use to describe all the feeling that I have hiding here for you inside…


Cause Quinn Fabray fucking would. She just would.

Sophy says: Quinn is holding Rachel’s hand like it’s her job and her job is one of those job’s that’s really your passion and you always take your work home with you.

“The world is a very dirty place.”

Rin says: I hate Rachel for making me head in hands her when I’m also fuming at raging simultaneously.

But she’s so adoraaaaaaaaaable. LOOK AT HER PSYCHOTIC SMILE AS SHE MOISTURISES. WHO DOES THAT???? I also felt like this was some vintage Rachel Berry for sure.

Sophy says: Which of the following two women looks more likely to knife you while you sleep:

It really is a contest.

Rophy says: And so you don’t maul us.


Sophy says: And so I don’t maul myself.



Most Rophy

“I love the sound of applause, even if I have to buy it.”

Rin says: My friends always joke that my mum pays them to hang out with me.

I should get my mum to pay them more so they start applauding too.

Sophy says: Sugar was kind of all around amazing in this episode. I like the bow. I choose to believe she is Emily Fitch’s biggest, most attention-seeking fan.


Quinn Glory Shot

Those outfits though.

Rin says: The denim shirt.

That is all.

Sophy says: I love how last week someone commented that it was better when we just had one or two Quinn glory shots rather than a whole wall of them. And Rin just got out her bricklayer’s trowel and laid the Quinns.


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  1. Snicky / ixke
    Snicky / ixke at · Reply

    oh, that Brittana kiss .. <3

    I'm sorry, I'm still too high from that smooch at the end to see anything else happening in that episode … maybe I'll come back and comment in a year or 5 …

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      AHAHAH SNICKY. Will you be busy wallpapering your home with printed caps of the kiss? :)

      1. Snicky / ixke
        Snicky / ixke at · Reply

        You mean you haven’t done that already? But … why?

  2. Annie
    Annie at · Reply

    “Okay, I’m back. Jesus boy better keep his octopussy dreads off Quinn Fabray.”

    I want a banner that says this, that I can take with me wherever I go & pin it up.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  3. Elaine
    Elaine at · Reply

    I was watching Glee with my family (which I don’t normally do) and I laughed so loud at “TEEN LESBIANS” and “Oh, I guarantee you have” that they now think I’m unstable.

    Also every episode is making me love Sam and Blaine more. They are just so adorable.

    …Quinn me?

    1. Nemesis
      Nemesis at · Reply

      It was awesome. Though … a principal who admits he’d like to watch two female teenage students kissing? Perv!

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I haven’t checked to see which Quinn you got, but I hope you got a good one for showing Blaine some love. HE IS MY DARLING AND ALL THE HATE MAKES MY HEART BLEED.

  4. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    That recap was bullshit. Total bullshit. There’s never mention of anything else that’s not centered around Faberry, or Quinn. And just like the Glee writers, you go “Ugh, okay here have some Brittana and shut the fuck up”. If Faberry would’ve kissed, there’d be a billion caps on here, gifs and fucking keyboard smashing essays about it.

    You know why the Brittana kiss can’t be like Naomily kisses? Because the double standard is an actual thing in real life not just in Glee. They bumped up the rating from PG-13 to PG-14+ because Brittana was going to kiss.
    Some of us have been waiting 3 years for that kiss to happen and I know you’d wait just as long for Faberry to happen if it could. So why brush it off like it’s nothing special? To me it was very special. Not only because they kissed but because it’s one teeny tiny step closer for the lesbian couple to be equal to the straight couples and their gay male cash-cow couple.

    Not to mention the fact that Santana spoke up about the injustice and the double standard but Brittany was practically paying homage to Rosie the Riveter.

    I don’t know why I still anxiously wait for these every week just to be dissapointed. It’s like watching Glee. (I know, I know no1curr and that you do what you want. I just needed to say something)

    You may now proceed to be rude as fuck just like these past weeks and answer with a smart ass Quinn Fabray gif.

    1. Mayon
      Mayon at · Reply

      I don’t know why you’re so angry but you’re the rude one here.
      It’s one thing to say that you don’t agree with Rophy on the contents of the recap, it’s another one to, completely disrespectfully, call the whole thing bullshit.
      For your information, when you read a recap, you read somebody’s point of view of the episode. Not your own. So obviously, you can’t always agree on everything. And you can say so in the comments. But insulting someone or someone’s work because they don’t agree with you is not and nevel will be ok.
      You’re reacting as if Rophy have been the ones writing Brittana and making you wait for three years. They’re not. And I’m sure they’re as pissed as you about the double standards.
      But maybe they ship Faberry more. So what? They don’t hide it. They’ve said it and proven it since the beginning. And it’s their right. And this is their website. The can damn well write what they want on it. And it’s your right to ship Brittana. But you’re being rude (to stay polite) because they don’t ship the same ship as you. You realize how petty is that?

      So go on and post your anger somewhere else. And don’t insult Rophy. You’re gonna have a lot of people on your back otherwise.

      PS : Oh and for your information, Santana speaking up about injustice was Rophy’s Best Scene.

      1. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply

        AW, MAYON. ♥

        1. Mayon
          Mayon at · Reply

    2. Mayon
      Mayon at · Reply

      And I personnaly LOVE the smart ass Quinn Fabray gif.
      Everyone does.

      1. Sanji
        Sanji at · Reply

        I eagerly await every week for my Quinn “what the fuck are you talking about” Fabray. I don’t see how anyone could be offended by that or consider it rude.

        1. Mayon
          Mayon at · Reply

          And I have a new game watching Glee : spotting all the Quinns that Rin could come up with.

        2. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

          Quinn loves side-eyeing you Sanji. It’s another one of her jobs that’s her passion etc.

    3. Nemesis
      Nemesis at · Reply

      Look, I get that you’re disappointed, I thought it would be a bigger deal too and you’re right that there is a double standard. BUT these recappers have no obligation to fulfill your wishes, they’re just stating their opinion of the episode. You’re the one who’s being rude. If you don’t like it, if it doesn’t have enough Brittana in it, why don’t you go watch the episode again? It has plenty of Brittana!

      1. buchai
        buchai at · Reply

        Preach it Nemesis! And if ‘Emily’ doesn’t like the recap she could always go and read something else right?

        What’s wrong with the Quinns anyway? I love the Quinns. Rophy could just post Quinns with no words as recap, still I’ll be bookmarking it. Bookmarking it, right click, save all Quinns on my Quinn folder labeled ‘perfect-and-outstandingly-heterosexual-character’.

        1. Nemesis
          Nemesis at · Reply

          I hope they don’t ever do that! That would just tumblr with less colouring! And I love tumblr for the overdone colouring! (Also, if you love Quinn/Rachel, they have AMAZING photomontages and gifs of this imaginary couple kissing!)

        2. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

      2. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply

        I still think it could have had more Brittana. SERIOUSLY THAT’S ALL I’M SAYING. IT. COULD. HAVE. HAD. MORE.

    4. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      We can’t help it if Quinn Fabray is a smart ass.

      Seriously though, it’s not our job to agree with you about Glee. It’s not even our job to say things about Glee at all. This is just us having fun and never ever intending to hurt or offend people – least of all Brittana lovers, so many of whom are our friends.

      Also what are you saying with Klaine being a “cash-cow”? I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean? They’re popular? Either way, Blaine’s patch is a heart.

      ANYWAY. You’re entitled to your opinion and all. But the opinion where we’re “rude as fuck”? That one hurts. And is unfair IMO.

    5. BelieveInFinn
      BelieveInFinn at · Reply

      Well said Emily. However didn’t you see this reaction coming from miles away? These are the same two who put down the Someone Like You/Rumor Has It mashoff which was just as predictable. Sadly they don’t review what they see or hear but by the ships and characters they like.

    6. Beth
      Beth at · Reply

      Emily’s post doesn’t deserve a Quinn. Emily’s post deserves this:

      1. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply


  5. ruthio
    ruthio at · Reply

    just…I cannot…the joy of the gay Simon disciple/“Oh, I guarantee you have” scene was doubled in awesome by the shirt.
    I loved the Carriage Awaits bit! <3
    Oh Quinn…I think it's thanks to Rophy I love her so much. So, Thank You both so much *head in hands + single/creamy*
    Also…wall of Quinn Glory Shots ALWAYS

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      Awww and I’m so glad we’ve contributed to Quinn love in any way. IT JUST WARMS THE COCKLES OF OUR HEARTS TO KNOW THAT.

  6. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Ok…..this was the best Faberry-tines day EVER! I liked the episode for what it was. I especially liked Quinn and the “I can guarantee you have.” (Hi. my name is Quinn) hahahah.

    Quinn singing? = YES forever YES.

    The Brittana kiss was lovely and I enjoyed the way they approached it, but natural please?

    FABERRY WON BITCHES! YES! The story is there writing itself and I have no brain power left after pollgate 2012

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I liked the Brittana kiss, I just wish it had had a bit more of a Brittana-plotline to go with it, rather than a gay rights plotline. AND YES. FABERRY. ALWAYS.

  7. Sanji
    Sanji at · Reply

    Eh, I was actually going to watch Brittana because despite everything I still like Brittany, but as soon as the Jesus club was involved and Santana started the whole “being gay is ok” I just skipped everything because it felt too afterschool special. Willow/Tara is my OTP of all the OTPs, I love that you mentioned it, it was so unexpected and special. I’m very biased when it comes to Willow/Tara, but still, blaming Fox or whoever doesn’t change the fact that you don’t need a kiss to write a great couple, and they are the perfect example.

    Rachel dads were a disappointment too unfortunately, and I had been waiting to meet them since the pilot. I get that they HAVE to be like that because how else could Rachel’s parents be, but too over the top for me with a couple of cring-y moments. The scene when they’re singing to the Hummel-Hudson was all kind of awkward and perfect though.

    Biggest lol was probably the biggest lol ever. I just can’t. Her face when she says it is perfect. Despite my love for Finchel I DO ship Faberry, I just don’t take it as seriously as you do and I don’t believe either Rachel or Quinn is actually gay (nor I’d want that to happen for real), but after this scene… I don’t know what to think anymore. Big NO to Quinn/Jesus guy. I have nothing against him but… no. I’m kinda with you on the whole Quinn/Singel thing at the moment, but mostly because I don’t see anyone right now she could be with. I liked her with Puck but after what’s happened that ship has already sinked, and the same goes for Sam.

    I’ll stop now because I’ve already written too much, but I had one last question, and it’s really serious. What time do Americans eat? How can Rachel entertain her guests, have dinner, a really long bath routine (which include taking a shower and shaving), fight with Finn, make up, make out, go to bed, and realize it’s 7:15? I don’t even THINK about dinner before 7:30 and if I have guest we don’t start before 8:30 and finish before 9:30-10:00 so… did they have dinner at 4? It’s not the first time I’ve noticed it in American shows. It’s like when they go to bed and the sun hasn’t even set yet.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I know what you mean Sanji. It’s partly the after school special aspect that put me off – I wanted the Brittana to be more truly about Brittana. And yeah, highfive to you for the W/T loving, they still have a special place in my heart. And also a them-shaped HOLE.

      You get a gold star from me for having a side of Faberry with your Finchel. And you know, I don’t think Rachel is gay… and I don’t think the show will ever write Quinn as gay… but I do think Quinn could be gay. As in it would not be ridiculous and OOC if they went there, because there is enough subtext over the years to make it believable, if done right. But yeah, they never will. And that’s fine with us. WE HAVE OUR DREAMS.

      Quinn/Single for the win. She needs to practice what she preaches, you know? If she’s all about the woman-power independence, she should walk the walk. And yeah, there was potential with Puck but they never developed it and now it feels pretty dead. Sam/Quinn never really worked for me, not sure why.

      HAHAHHHA THE TIME THING. I totally noticed that and was like… what? Do the Berrys run on a nursing home schedule???

  8. octopuscard
    octopuscard at · Reply

    Wow. This episode gave me so many Brittana feelings that I’m still reeling from the overdose today (Thursday!!!!). I’d prefer it, too, if Ali Adler (the writer this episode) didn’t make the Brittana kiss such a big deal – but the writers were SUCH dicks about it in the beginning. Ugh. So many Brittana feels. I can’t fathom how anyone would ever think that Naya/Heather do not have natural chemistry – they’re just two of the best woobies out there!

    Also, Quinn singing the lead to a song that’s dedicated to her two lady-lovin’ BFFs? GAYEST. THING. EVER.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Seriously, Quinn serenading her ladyfriend ladies was so much more true to her character than her serenading that so-called Finchel.

  9. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Loved this over-the-top cheesey awesomeness of an episode! It was awesome and so is your recap! I totally had to think of you guys when Rachel was serenaded by Quinn. I KNEW you’d be all over this! *lol* IIt was very cute, though.

    My biggest “No” Factor for this though is that Mercedes boyfriend and Dave look like they’re Mercedes and Kurts dads… not as in like they’re a couple, but, you know, age-wise. It’s so creepy. So pedo-like.

    The whole Christian debate was sickening to me. I guess American Christians are like this (are they? I only judge from seeing the news) but seriously… that they even have to DISCUSS this! And it’s so on the nose, and so, so wrong: “People should be allowed to be bigoted, if they want.” From Mercedes! I don’t mean to be mean, but if you had put biracial marriage to the vote, or, let’s say the civil rights movement, it would have lost. In a landslide. I’m just saying. Same goes for women’s rights. And Mercedes’ church… I’m sorry, but why is she in that church? Are all churches anti-gay in America? Can’t she find another one that doesn’t think her friends’ love is an abomination?
    I did love the whole running gag about Simon though. haha, gay Simon totally makes me think of the awesome Simon from Firefly :)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I guess the thing is that religion is sometimes something you’re brought up with and it can be pretty close to your heart and inform everything that you believe in… so I get why it’s a struggle for Mercedes. I mean, I’m not religious, nor have I ever really been, so it’s hard for me to understand that kind of faith. But yeah… I actually have thought for a long time that it would be interesting to put Mercedes’ struggle to reconcile her religion with her love for her gay friends (notably Kurt initially) front and centre.

      I 100% get what you mean. It’s really hard to understand how it can even be an issue. IT’S LOVE. LIKE. IT’S JUST LOVE. WHAT’S SO SCARY?

      1. Nemesis
        Nemesis at · Reply

        The problem isn’t just the fake-scariness of it. It’s also the big majority of people who just don’t give a shit and live in their complacent “What? Everything’s good with me, I’m straight… let’s talk about something else.” And those are the people who believe they’re “non judgemental” which to me is like saying you’re not racist but don’t want biracial marriage to be legal.
        I guess it goes without saying that I have made a lot of conservative people (extended family included) sulk and change topics. They’re just cowards, all of them. Any healthy love between two consenting adults or teens (meaning non-related, non-abusive) is beautiful. Ignorance and bigotry/homophobia is not. It’s as simple as that.

  10. buchai
    buchai at · Reply

    The conclusion I got from this episode is that Ali Adler reads fanfiction and watches SIMGM Glee Spoofs. The gorilla-suit you guys.

    Teen Jesus is just not working for me(never ever will).

    I’m loving it that Glee is now sort off “The Quinn Show”. I resent it when they do furniture!Quinn.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I wish I had Quinn furniture.

      1. Annie
        Annie at · Reply


    2. Nemesis
      Nemesis at · Reply

      But… but… Quinn furniture would be pretty and pink and Ive League material!

  11. mandorla
    mandorla at · Reply

    ok today I just found out a truth about myself: the only reason I watch glee is Naya Rivera.

    having said that, nice gleecap, I pretty much agree on everything. love you guys.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Well Naya is a good reason to watch anything. And we love you too ♥

  12. laurenmadis0n
    laurenmadis0n at · Reply

    “… because it is clearly a very bullshit situation.”
    Um, ALL THE YES.

    Glee is so over-the-top ridiculous, but then they have the TEEN LESBIANS scene and I just. Guys, this actually happened to me and my girlfriend. The conversation in Figgins’ office? Pretty well identical to what I heard in my last year of high school from a teacher. “Insane double standard” indeed.
    What I want to knows how that actually gets resolved because yeah, all the students and even teen Jesus turned out to be fine with Brittana at the end. But who complained? My girlfriend and I were clearly targeted by one of the teachers in our school (all of whom outwardly seemed to love us), but we still had to walk around feeling guilty and scared and playing “just friends” for three months until we could get out of there, not knowing who was making up this stuff about us being “all over each other.” I mean, sorry I offended someone for holding my girlfriend’s hand? But straight girls are allowed to do that and do hug and to make out with their boyfriends in the hallways?

    It’s sad that life is actually that ridiculous. I mean, it was everything short of screaming TEEN LESBIANS in the hall—and maybe only because we never even tried to kiss at school where anyone could see us.
    And there was no getting up on soap boxes for us either. Our school board never approved a GSA, and the rationale the chair used was, “We don’t have Nazi groups either.” (That is seriously a direct quote. I invite you to Google it and BE APPALLED.)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Lauren, thanks so much for commenting and sharing your awful story that I want to kick in the shins. I’m so sorry there were no soapboxes for you, and god okay I just read the Nazi comment again and I can’t even.

      Anger levels rising.

      Anyway thanks for commenting and you know, I’m sad it wasn’t as easily resolved for you as it was on Glee. Though in a way I’m glad it was easily resolved on Glee, because if it wasn’t I’d just be angry every time I watched Glee and I’m so tired of being angry.

      You actually made me remember my high school ball, when two of my friends who were gay wanted to go together and were told they had to bring boys. I remember being sad about that… but I also remember that I didn’t do anything and neither did any of our other friends. So… it’s unnerving when you look back and see how not-brave you once were. I regret that, but I’m glad that with or without me things moved on ultimately and my old school doesn’t have that policy anymore.

      Ah world. You’re such a mess sometimes.

  13. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    They aren’t even pretending that Quinn isn’t gay these days. The noise I made when she said “Oh, I guarantee you have”. LOL. I really do not want any more love storylines for Quinn. She is in love with Rachel, everyone just accept it :D (YOU GUYS THE CLIP FOR NEXT WEEK THOUGH, Quinn wants Rachel to elope with her, is what I’m gathering)

    Mercedes I think is the first person on Glee to feel bad about cheating! And Sam’s cry faces oh god! ;__;

    One thing I did enjoy about this continued farce of a teen marriage was Rachel throwing her hairbrush at Finn. But seriously it is so goddamn dumb I can’t handle it. STOP RUINING RACHEL, WRITERS. Her dads were funny though I agree, it seems like too little too late. Like where were they the last three seasons. I think Ryan Murphy said he’s written scenes for them before but it never worked out, but yeah, it just seems kind of weird now. I like how their motto was “HONESTY, RESPECT AND DANCE” though. LOL.

    Because it’s freaking Fox, whenever a gay couple kisses on Glee it has to be some big EVENT. I mean yes, they’re in Ohio, but seriously there are many scenes when both Kurt/Blaine and Santana/Brittany are alone but they barely show physical affection. For this I pretty much blame Fox and puritans. Because you KNOW after this episode Santana and Brittany will probably never kiss again, so the message is probably empty. How many episodes have Kurt and Blaine kissed in this entire season? One? And it was because it was the VIRGINITY EPISODE, even though that was a great episode. I think this was basically the best the writers were able to do, it was sort of a calling out of the network, even though they know there will not really be much more physical affection between either gay couple for the rest of the season. I think they try to get away with as much as possible, but yeah, network TV sucks hard.

    Also, can I just say that I vomited in my mouth when Karofsky took off the mask? The fuck was that creepy stalker shit? Ugh. I really wish they had just finished his storyline with the First Time episode instead of trotting out this contrived nonsense. MADELEINE SAYS NO TO ANY MORE KAROFSKY. JUST LET KURT MOVE THE FUCK ON BE HAPPY WITH HIS PIRATE.

    Thank goodness Pirate Blaine came swashbuckling in with his Love Shack and HEART EYE.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I just basically want to give all the awards to this comment. I hope Rin gave you an adequately splendid Quinn.

      I didn’t really want to comment too much on the Karofsky plot in this recap because I’m… waiting to see how it all pans out. But I was not swooning.

      1. Mad
        Mad at · Reply


        Yeah, I’m still waiting too. But yeah, pretty much not impressed. I really don’t want them turning Karofsky into the victim (suicide? gay bashing? argh) and have Kurt and Blaine have to help him some more but it is kind of seeming like they might do that. AGGGGHHHHH.

  14. Scattered Letters
    Scattered Letters at · Reply

    I have to agree that Rachel as she is being written now seems so counter to the Rachel that has been the heart and soul of this show. However, Rachel Berry has always been defined as much by the doubt and put downs and disrespect of her and her talents by the people around her as her Big Dreams. When we first meet Rachel you have her signing up for Glee, talking about metaphors and putting a gold star by her name followed immediately by a slushie facial. The next scene is her singing then uploading her performances followed by Quinn’s cutting insults and comments. Her struggle, ironically, made it easier for her to keep her big dreams in sight. Kind of like bumper bowling. All those bumps keep you on the path to hit those pins.

    Quinn has played (and continues to play) such a big part of her struggle. She represents that which Rachel simultaneously wishes to belong to and conquer/master (not in an S&M way, pervs!). She reaches out to Quinn partly because she does care about people but also a lost Quinn means a lost Rachel. It is interesting that as much as Rachel has reached out to Quinn and wanted to be her friend she has also used her opposition of Quinn (or proving Quinn wrong) to reach heights she was having difficulty scaling (eg original song). Now her boyfriend asks her to marry him, she doesn’t have her NYADA letter, nobody is telling her that she can’t succeed or putting her down, she goes to Quinn like a captain consulting her compass and when said compass says, “you can’t marry him!” she ups and agrees to marry her boyfriend after a pretty meh song performance. Although this change in the situation has never been explored before, I think it is actually still quite in line with their dynamic. I mean she said yes after Quinn told her not to. This just goes to show how much Quinn really does matter to Rachel. I think the converse of my earlier statement is true too. A lost Rachel will mean a lost Quinn. (People have mentioned this idea as: one of the few constants in Quinn’s life is Rachel Berry and her talent and her dreams and she will do anything in her power to make sure that Rachel reaches her dreams) This probably explains the urgency and passionate certainty behind her resounding “don’t marry him!” (aside from the obvious, “marry me instead” pssh)
    My reaction to this is that Rachel should be with Quinn. And it’s not even a “go lesbians” thing or a “chemistry exploding my TV” thing. It’s a people who would be lost without each other, should be together. Quinn understands Rachel’s struggles (she was a part of it) but she is also able to see Rachel’s dreams with much more clarity than even Rachel herself because in a way they are her dreams too (and and if you switched the names it in my last statement, it would be true too). How the writers of glee were able to weave these layers and subtle character nuances into this relationship, I have no clue? It has to be fate, even if they are just fictional. People (as evidenced by the poll results) intuitively sense that these two belong to each other. They are soul mates in every sense of the word. Hopefully, the actually writers of glee can see this and let them be together as they were meant to be. Anything less than that would be a Wuthering Heights and Romeo and Juliet level tragedy to me. When they take away Faberry I truly believe the show will slowly fail. Not because of any arrogant “my ship is what’s keeping this show afloat” belief but because although there are many good things in glee like the talented cast and great production numbers. I truly believe that this “fated” relationship of Rachel and Quinn is able to add a running consistency to Glee and without it all of the faults will be even more obvious because there will be nothing to counterbalance it.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      This comment. 8-.

      1. Scattered Letters
        Scattered Letters at · Reply

        Thanks! I apologize for all the grammatical errors. I was rushing and didn’t get a chance to edit the post. Let me add that the stylists/costume staff on the show obviously ship Faberry as well. Rachel and Quinn almost always complement each other costume-wise. Even in the stereo song you have the blue and red jackets with Quinn wearing the same red scarf that she has on in the Quinn that you Quinned me with to complement Rachel’s red jacket. (It is my firm belief that you can never have too many Quinns in life … er, in a sentence.) :)

  15. Annie
    Annie at · Reply

    I honestly don’t understand why people have to get all up in your grill and be so rude!

    I may not always agree with you but I enjoy the way you write & also the joy of the re-watch with the Rophy slant. You two could so easily just do this privately, but you generously share it. There have been many times when I’ve needed a giggle & I can ALWAYS find one here. It is the height of foolishness to demand that someone else get the same thing from a story that you do, and worse to ball them out for it. It’s just Glee, after all.

    Disagree? Fine. Rudeness? Completely unnecessary.

    What a boring world it would be where we all agreed – unless it’s about Quinn, because we all know what’s right in that equation!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Thanks Annie! Thankfully it’s not a lot of people, usually just one or two. I mean, I’m sure there are lots of people who find us incredibly annoying and all, but mostly they don’t tell us that to our faces so it’s all good ;)


  16. Amy
    Amy at · Reply

    I will admit to wishing you guys were on board the good ship Brittana, simply because you guys are hilarious and i want recaps as funny as yours dedicated to Brittana.
    HOWEVER, i am not like that crazy emily (tarnishing the good name) chick and i don’t think your recaps are bullshit.
    I love your recaps even though i disagree with you on alot of things. Thats the beauty of having free will and being different and loving what you want to love. I still read them everytime because we ship nearly everything else the same… almost. Well i’m with Rin on Buffy/Angel but i may get my gay card revoked but i never got into Willow/Tara i know i know it’s like against the lesbian law or something, but i hardcore shipped Willow/OZ and i find it incredibly difficult to ship someone with multiple people. Thats probably why i could never get on board Buffy/Spike.
    Anyway way off topic there, but i just wanted to say that i never got Faberry, i mean i heard about people shipping them but i never saw anything romantic, i wished they would have become freinds after season 1, i was so sure that’s what they were doing, but my point is after reading your recaps all the time i kinda see quinn and rachel with faberry goggle. You succeeded lol
    I mean they don’t hold a candle to my Brittana love, but i now appreciate their scenes in a way i didn’t before, so congratulations. slowly turning the fandom 1 girl/boy at a time lol
    Also i nearly choked when i saw the Kath & Kim gif LMAO

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Haha, glad to have a K&K lover around, that show is the best. And thanks so much for loving us even if we don’t give your ship the attention you feel it deserves. And so excited that you have some affection for Faberry even if Brittana is your #1.

      I don’t know. I feel like if Rin and I can be Rophy when I ship Buffy/Spike like burning, we should all be able to get along?

      1. Amy
        Amy at · Reply

        I didn’t mean to imply i think i deserve you writing Brittana. Sorry if thats how it came across, and if thats not what you were saying in your reply than i’m sorry again … i really hate writing sometimes and wish i could actually talk to people instead …
        I actually don’t mind reading an opinion different to mine … that’s why i come lol if i wanna flail and gush (which i did) over Brittana i have other places i go for that.

        I admit when i rewatch Buffy now i dont get as starry eyed about buffy/angel as i did when i was 14, and on rewatches as an adult i don’t actually have a blinding hatred for spike like i did the first time around lol but my heart just wont let me let go of the first love you know. I’m a sucker for that first love, no matter how unrealistic it might be for first loves to stay together. I really wish i loved Willow/Tara, Buffy is my all time favourite show, and always will be and i’m sad that i don’t love one of the most important couples in the show.

        But anyway on Glee, i think if people have not caught on that you guys wanna flail over Faberry and not so much Brittana than i think they need to go back and re read your recaps. I don’t actully understand when people come here expecting you to be gushing about it, particularly this week after the Faberry poll win and everything.

        1. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

          No, no! That’s not how I took it. I just meant that you obviously think Brittana is the best thing since rainbows and buttered toast like we think Faberry is the best thing since rainbows and buttered toast. Your comment was ace, not offended in the least :)

          I totally know what you mean – Rin is a sucker for first loves as well and I actually can sometimes be too. I have to say that even though I loved Willow/Tara I also did love Willow/Oz, and even though Buffy/Spike is my OTP to end all OTPs Buffy/Angel is truly special to me as well. And even Buffy/Riley actually.

      2. Sanji
        Sanji at · Reply

        Buffy season 9 is very Spuffy :) Are you ever gonna write about it? Season 8 was quite a disaster, but S9 reads so much like the TV show that it feels like it never ended. Willow is amazing this year. Angel & Faith is also a great comic.

        1. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

          I tried reading the comics and got too annoyed with them for reasons I can’t recall. I should find the time to give it a go again.

          1. Sanji
            Sanji at · Reply

            Season 8 is bad. It starts great but it doesn’t feel like the TV show at all. Fortunately Whedon understood that and in the final issue apologized for going too over the top at times. Season 9 is just like the show, with Buffy with a job, roomates and back on the streets going vampire hunting. The last 2-3 arcs of S8 are just terrible though. If you can get past that, you won’t regret it.

  17. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    Damn. I kind of want to change my name for commenting purposes now….

    I just wanted to say that some Emilys (like me!) revel in Rophy’s Faberry obsession, and look forward to being “Quinned” (and sometimes “Berried”) after every Gleecap.

    That is all.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      ROFL. ♥

  18. Jessica
    Jessica at · Reply

    Whilst faffing about on tumblr I came across a screencap that immediately made me think of Rophy, and Rin in particular. Posted by “teammoonjelly,” it’s a shot of the glee club reacting as Rachel announces her engagement. Quinn is looking at Rachel with an expression of deep distress, AND Santana is looking at Quinn with an expression of deep concern. The photo has been captioned “Santana knows Quinn loves Rachel.” Coincidence? You be the judge. In any event, I’m allowed to post a link here, but if so, consider this me Quinning you back! “http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_lzfes3VC5K1r7m3tfo1_1280.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ6IHWSU3BX3X7X3Q&Expires=1329579212&Signature=kZomdaexNRjrnZUUxl9%2FUYkTu5s%3D “

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Omg amazing. She. Totally. Knows.

  19. Jessica
    Jessica at · Reply

    Oy. That was supposed to say “I have no idea if I’m allowed to post a link here,” and I have no idea how or why I managed to include those quotation marks around the one I did post. #muppet

  20. Beth
    Beth at · Reply

    I really enjoyed this episode and this recap. I just wanted to add that, although I don’t typically find Tina and Mike all that interesting, I thought their duet on “L-O-V-E” was adorable!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Mike and Tina’s duet was adorable! I actually really loved it, even if it wasn’t my #1. Sugar/Rory/Artie going on in it was actually hilarious as well.

  21. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    I loved this episode!!! The song choices were A+ after last weeks debacle! Kurt and his TIN ROOF! DIED. As much as I ADORED Blaine and his heart-patch, I kind of wish they’d let some else sing the majority of Love Shack because for one, it’s not a hard song to sing, and Darren is uber-talented, maybe leave some of the harder stuff for him, two it felt a bit like “Let’s trot him out quickly before the end!” and three I just didn’t like his take on it.

    Sams teary little face in his buttoned-up Dexter Morgan shirt? :( This is good Glee, I really thought they’d just shove them together and that would be the end of any Samcedes cuteness, or interaction full stop. It make me sad…. just like how Rachel hasn’t really sung in the last two episodes, (singing with her dads was UBER CUTE THOUGH!) upsetting, but hopefully this is because Regionals is all about her? (sometimes I feel I whine way too much on here about how this isn’t the RACHEL BERRY SHOW!!!! I want it to be so I tried to be sneaky here and parallel them… I’m a tricky genius you guys!)

    Rachel has been kind of headed this way all season you two, don’t worry though, I hit that bump a few episodes ago, you just push past it and try and redevelop her character as best you can in your head, and then she makes cute faces and you realise you’re shallow and you love her anyway and then blindly emphasis “EVENTUALLY SHE WILL BE WITH QUINN IN NEW YORK AND EVERYTHING WILL BE OK. IT WILL BE OK. IT WILL.” to yourself until she’s super lovable again.

    Mercedes upset me a bit with her “comfortable” speech. I get what Glee were going for but, seriously, it might as well have said “Is homophobia ok?” (Did you see the secretly baptise people bullet point? nice glee) The God Squad is just the chastity club rejigged, do you think Quinn still wears her nipple ring as she sits there smirking about when it was just her and Rachel? Sometimes with Quinn I really cant tell if she’s just being written as having ridiculous moments/lines for lols or if she’s sarcastic as fuck and it goes completely over the heads of everyone around her. The former from the writers and the latter from Dianna perhaps?

    Also, I’m so glad other people noticed the time thing! Homework, dinner guests, routine, bed by 7.15?!? DOES SHE JUST SPEND HOURS MAKING HER MYSPACE VIDEOS?!?!? (oh pilot Rachel, with your make-up trowel and your literally burning ambition, how I miss you sometimes!)

    ALSO, while I was watching GG this week it occured to me that maybe the reason I love Dan/Blair so much is because it’s kind of like a straight version of Faberry. Blair used to torment and mock Dan, and then she stands there in front of him telling him how she just wants to be happy?!?! DEAD (Blair is awesome, so comparing Blair & Quinn is fine, but don’t even try and go there with Rachel/Dan….)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHAH DEXTER MORGAN SHIRT. I see it. Man, I really need to catch up on that show.

      I get that Glee were asking the question via Mercedes ‘Is homophobia okay?’ but I guess it worked because the answer wound up being ‘Nah, homophobia sucks.’ I think the thing is that in order to change people’s minds you have to show them some respect. If they just had Mercedes laughing off the idea that anyone could feel uncomfortable about it/saying how awful and bigoted it would be… anyone who might feel uncomfortable in the audience would just feel offended and tune out. Whereas if you show some respect and understanding and then say ‘Hey, isn’t it better to just love the love though?’ maybe you’ll actually get people changing their minds. IDK. It was all a bit heavy-handed but I do think they were trying for a positive message there.

      Sometimes with Quinn I really cant tell if she’s just being written as having ridiculous moments/lines for lols or if she’s sarcastic as fuck and it goes completely over the heads of everyone around her. The former from the writers and the latter from Dianna perhaps?

      *throws awards at you*

      OMG DAIR IS TOTALLY A STRAIGHT FABERRY. Except they actually get to kiss and stuff IT’S SO UNFAIR :(( :(( :((

  22. Kacey
    Kacey at · Reply

    I think Shane’s cry face and why hands were funny because that kid is kind of a bad actor and that tear was clearly fake. So, you guys aren’t bitches, they’re just funny. Especially when you contrast it with Chord who did so well with the scene. Oh Shane. I won’t miss you.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHAHA well IDK. I honestly thought the actor was aiming for the lols? Because well… his character is a lol basically. So.

  23. Katie
    Katie at · Reply
    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Yeah, Rin is a spoilerphobe and so she usually doesn’t watch the trailers. But. I made her watch this trailer. Because. I couldn’t deal.

  24. heather hogan
    heather hogan at · Reply

    I wanted to comment something about how my second-favorite thing about this episode — after Mercedes’ “I Will Always Love You” — was speculating about which Quinn parts would make you swoon the most. (The imaginary carriage ride! I was right!) But now I am way too upset by that Emily up there, not only because she was unforgivably rude and unnecessarily aggressive, but also how would Emily Fitch feel seeing her name taken in vain like that!

    1. Valerie "PunkyStarshine"
      Valerie "PunkyStarshine" at · Reply

      Emily Fields would also not be pleased. She might take some of the GLASS out of her hair and give her a piece of her mind.

      And I also find myself thinking about Rophy during Quinn scenes. I knew the “I guarantee you have” thing was going to get them going. :)

      Rophy, never change. As the great teenybopper girl-band 3LW once said, “haters gonna hate”. But don’t worry, us lovers will go right on loving, too. (They also said “shotcallers are gonna call”, in case that wisdom is helpful for you.)

      1. heather hogan
        heather hogan at · Reply

        Gahaha! GLASS IN HER HAIR! V, you never change either!

        1. Valerie "PunkyStarshine"
          Valerie "PunkyStarshine" at · Reply

          Aw, Thanks :”>.

          1. Valerie "PunkyStarshine"
            Valerie "PunkyStarshine" at · Reply

            Welp. Not entirely sure what those random symbols are.

            I believe I was going for: :D

      2. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply


    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HOW AMAZING WAS THE IWALY? LIKE? Such a knock-out. And aw, Emily Fitch would probably just wave her arms and part seas and whatnot and there would be peace?

  25. KC
    KC at · Reply

    I have just finished watching this episode, and the whole time I was making RophyCaps in my mind. I knew y’all would post every single frame of Quinn and Rachel in the school yard.

    Can we take “Oh, I guarantee you have” as Quinn’s coming out speech?

    Oh, and even though he was only in the last 3 minutes of the episode, Blaine totally made the episode for me. He kind of makes me swoon.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Can we take “Oh, I guarantee you have” as Quinn’s coming out speech?

      What do you mean take it that way? :)

      Also Blaine totally makes me swoon too. You are not alone.

  26. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Am I the only one who loves teen Jesus? First of all, he makes me chuckle. 2nd of all, he’s not really homophobic, just clueless and lost since he never experience the real world.
    Also: if Quinn starts to like him, it will be the beginning of her “alternative life style” college experience. First there will be peace rallies, hippie clothes, vegan food and bongos, then she’ll move to Connecticut and get a “roommate” who is the female version of teen Jesus and they will share a cat and a futon. I don’t even care about or believe in the whole Quinn-loves-girls theorie and even I can see that. It’s like the writers are acknowledging the Quinn-should-be-gay fan club without just suddenly making the character gay, which would be overkill.

    I do have a question for the Rachel/Quinn shippers though: Is it because the actresses have great chemistry, or because it will never happen? Because the (fem-)slash ships that will never happen always have the most passionate following, which still surprises me a little.

  27. Bekah
    Bekah at · Reply

    Since Season 1 I have considered myself a Brittana shipper, but I’ve recently come to the realization that I am just a Santana/girlfriend shipper.

    Every episode I catch a glance from Brittany that tells me she’s not as into Santana as Santana is into her. Go back to “Hold On To Sixteen” and tell me that the look after they hold hands in the bathroom isn’t a sad one.

    I fully believe that Santana is truly madly deeply in love with Brittany, and that’s what keeps me invested in the ship, but I could immediately transfer my affections if Santana got another girlfriend. Not to mention that Jane Lynch isn’t into Brittana either: “Well I don’t think Brittany’s in it,” she said. “I don’t think Brittany’s in love with Santana. I think Santana needs a girlfriend. ”

    That said, I sit on the edge of my seat every week for even the smallest bit of Brittana action. It still warms my heart to watch them together. But I’m not at all convinced they’re each others OTP.

    And I just have to thank you guys again for the recaps!!! I love reading your opinions, and I am grateful that you share them with all of us!

    1. Mia
      Mia at · Reply

      Yeah, if you don’t think Britt loves Santana just as much then you’re not a Brittana shipper. The sad look in the bathroom could mean a lot of things to different people. It’s all relative. Quinn was talking about the future and how they will all go separate ways after high school and Brittany was sad about that. I don’t understand how that translates into Brittany doesn’t love Santana.

      Take in mind that glee cuts a shit ton of scenes (a lot of them Brittana scenes) and then when you watch the episode some things don’t add up. Like the fact that Brittany seemed to be Bummed as fuck in the christmas episode. They cut a scene where Brittany tells Santana that she’s not gonna be with her on christmas because she has to go to Santa Fe with her family. And Now it makes sense that she looks miserable but since the glee editors mostly don’t give a crap about anything, they think it’s cool to leave scenes like that one out of the ep.

      Also, Jane Lynch doesn’t write for the show and she’s not much of a shipper, some people in the cast ship them more than others. I know that Kevin, Iqbal, Jenna and others ship them. Naya ships them hardcore, Heather has also said very lovely things about Brittana. So don’t get it twisted. Brittany was the Brittana relationship instigator. Nevermind the fact that she wanted to sing a majorly lesbian duet with Santana, “come to my window” by Melissa Etheridge. (I mean, c’mon! that’s beyond Ellen and Rosie levels of gay).

      She may not be as vocal about it as Santana but the writers don’t let her be vocal about anything else either. All her lines are getting cut episode after episode. You don’t even have to look at the script like I sometimes get the chance to (Their scene from duets and the hallway scene from “New York” were way longer than what you see in the show).

      You can just look at the things she says in the “next episode” promos and then you watch the episode and her lines are gone or her scenes are cut.

      “I love your sweet lady kisses”

      “I’m mad at you… but you’re still so hot”

      “I really like it when we make out… and stuff”

      “I love you, of course I do… and I’d be with you if it weren’t for him”

      “I DO love you, clearly you don’t love you as much as I do.”

      “No, everybody thinks she’s a bad person but she’s not!”

      “I love you, Santana. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else in this world”

      There are probably more but those are all I can think of right now but god damn it Brittany Pierce is in Love with Santana Lopez. *end rant*

      1. Mia
        Mia at · Reply

        Oh god, I was so about to let this go already but I remembered one more…

        “What if I went first? Come on fondue for two… I’ll ask you out to prom and tell you how I feel and all you have to do is say yes”

        Ooh ooh, also Britt’s gutted look when Jacob Ben Israel asks Santana, “So you two are in love? Soul-mates so to speak?” and she says “Yeah, I’d say that was accurate” while looking at Britt.

        CREYS. She ruined it! She didn’t want anyone to care!

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I know what you mean Bekah. It’s not necessarily that I think Brittany doesn’t love Santana for me though, it’s more that I feel like we just don’t see enough of Brit in the relationship. I feel like I’ve fallen so much in love with Santana over Brittana, but Brit has just been kind of there. Little things like the laptop scene are good – needs more of them.

      I hope they do convince you – via the means of lots more Brittana action!

    3. Marie
      Marie at · Reply
  28. Alma
    Alma at · Reply

    I can totally see how you would use Cherish/Cherish as a Faberry song, the lyrics describe them perfectly and in no way relate to how Santana feels about Brittany.
    Specially since the god squad said “For Brittany from Santana”, they totally meant from Quinn to Rachel, right? You know, Now that I’m thinking about if, Landslide and Songbird were totally meant to be Faberry songs but since it’s all in the subtext most people don’t see it. Just us Faberry fans.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I don’t know, for me Landslide is very much a Holly Holiday song.

  29. Cat
    Cat at · Reply

    Wow, I’m actually way more annoyed at Alma and her passive-aggressive, sarcastic and slightly bitter post than I’m at Emily. Especially after Rin made a huge post explaining how’s this is Rophy’s website and their valid reasons as to how they’re allowed to like and write what they want.

    /sigh/ Only thing that can improve my mood is a Quinn.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Hope you enjoyed your Quinning :) I THINK WE SHOULD ALL JUST QUINN AND LOVE AND LOVE AND QUINN.

  30. Cat
    Cat at · Reply

    :) In honour of Quinn Fabray and Alex Cabot… Hot, smart blondes with frosty exteriors are my weakness.

  31. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    Wow, interesting comments this week. It is always so frustrating to me to see people attack writers on the internet simply because they CAN and they don’t know these people personally, and never have to face them. I felt the same way when Heather Hogan was being attacked on AfterEllen for her U.S. Skins recaps. As a community (by which I mean LGBTQ) we are looking for acceptance and understanding, and yet we don’t necessarily give that same acceptance and understanding back to others.

    I don’t frequently comment on internet posts. I do on occasion, but usually I just read them for my own enjoyment, reveling in other people’s perspective about something I am interested in. But I wanted to comment here and let Rin and Sophy know how much I enjoy your writing. Glee is my favorite show, has been since it came on the air. And Rachel Berry has been my favorite character since day one. I had come across references in other places to “Faberry” but it wasn’t until I started reading your recaps that I began to watch each episode with Faberry goggles. And so, because of you two, my enjoyment of my favorite show has increased dramatically. They are just so damn adorable together. Amazing chemistry and interaction. I love Brittany and Santana (especially Santana) and I am over the moon that there is a same sex female pairing on a popular mainstream show. And I think they are adorable. But they don’t pack the same punch FOR ME that Quinn and Rachel do.

    But here’s the great thing, you guys. There are TWO same sex female pairings (canon or not) on a mainstream television show that we can fight about! How amazing is that! The opportunity to have visibility and conversation like that is unprecedented, and I think we should take a moment to appreciate that. And then tame down our arguments to playful and respectful, because we should all be on the same team. :)

    A few last comments about the direction of the show in general. As mentioned, I adore Rachel Berry. I’m frustrated, as many of you are, with the marriage story line. Rachel Berry is a unique character. She is driven and talented, and has the ability to take herself places without anyone’s help! It’s so rare that a female is portrayed that way, and they saddle her with this anchor known as Finn Hudson, and imply that she will only be complete with her guy by her side. Male characters are so rarely portrayed as incomplete w/o their partner, and it’s frustrating that it’s done with females. And because they have done such a disservice to Rachel with this story line, I’m desperately hoping they don’t do that with Quinn and “Teen Jesus” as Quinn is the only other independent female character on the show. (See! Ironically, their independence makes them perfect for each other. Yay Faberry.) Please, Glee, show me you can respect a female as capable of taking care of herself, and if she has a partner, it’s not because it’s the only thing that will make her complete or successful.

    Whew, long winded ramble. But, thanks Rin and Sophy, for your perspective.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      And yes, this nonsense with Rachel and Finn is one thing, but if they pair Quinn up with some random guy eg. teen Jesus any time soon, it’s going to feel so forced and OOC. SHE’S ALL ABOUT THE INDEPENDENCE. AND THE GAY.

      Also you should know that nothing, nothing makes us happier, than hearing that we helped someone put their Faberry goggles on. For real.

  32. monkey80me
    monkey80me at · Reply

    ok so i work like a crazy 50 to 60 hr weeks with maybe one day off plus i have a demanding lil monkey so im usually wayyyyyyyyy behind on the shows i watch lol but yeah ok i loveeeeeee this ep faberry glasses on and i saw it everywhere cuz we all know finn did not dedicate that song to rachel it was all quinn :D plus when quinn offered rachel her hand i sol *sigh* quinn never can have to much quinn the world needs more quinn and to keep myself sane i picture a faberry wedding and a fincheli think i actually threw my remote at the tv when finn proposed and when rachel said yes lol the barry men! they do exist i thought the were just part of rachel imagination lol
    im not a big brittana shipper mainly cuz i feel that britney doesn’t love santana as much as santana loves britney cuz last year the whole pushing santana to come out of the closet before she’s ready thing was no bueno its a personal choice not an ultimatum so i identify with santana the whole latina teenage lesbian thing(minus the hot cheerio w a hot blonde cheerio gf part though) it gives me nightmares about high school :( that being said i actually loved them this ep they were so freaking cute not nearly as cute as faberry but who is (naomily) and figgins is such a perv lol
    on a side note my lil monkey thinks im crazy cuz yeah mami lol and sol like crazy loudly all by herself in her room even with my crazy work schedule i find time to read rophy cuz its the best part of day ;)

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