312 — The Spanish Teacher

Best Song

ND & Ricky Martin – Sexy And I Know It

Sophy says: Okay, to be frank, this is more of a best/worst kind of thing, as in the song is awful… but it was just too damn hilarious and squeeful, and, well, considering that all the other performances in this ep were either completely absurd or dull as something that has never been shiny, this one gets the spot.

Performance-wise I felt like Ricky was kind of on mute in this episode, but this one did have energy, and all the kids were so adorable at all points during. Yes, even Rory and Sugar. Come into my arms, newbies.

PS. What happened to Tina? Seriously?


Also Mercedes why did you not partake in this gloriousness???


Rin says: The song was terrible, but all of the dancing and the faces?? PURE BLISS.

It’s funny to go from one week of OMFG ALL THE SONGS WERE AMAZING AND I CANNOT CHOOOOOOSE to.. this. But ya know. They can’t just do amazing MJ numbers every week. But really.. LMFAO?? :-.

Rachel was making THE BEST faces in the entire universe throughout this song, and Quinn? Quinn should forever be dancing. And everyone was just being ridiculous and adorable with each other, that it seemed much more like the cast were just having fun during this number.. and that’s adorable enough for me.

BUT WHERE THE FUCK IS TINA? FIRST NO BLACK AND WHITE AND NOW, NOT EVEN IN THE EPISODE??? I’d be a bit pissed if I was Jenna.. cause Darren gets this whole storyline about getting slushied in the eye and needing surgery to cover for his broadway stint, and Jenna isn’t around for a week and THERE IS NO EXPLANATION FOR TINA MISSING. They just assume people won’t realise =))

Sophy says: I’m surprised they didn’t try just putting another Asian female up the back to be honest.

Rin says: OOH ME! PICK ME!

Sophy says: Shameless.


Biggest LOL

The swim coach. Seriously.

Sophy says: Oh god, the swim coach’s entire rant was just perfection, and then to have “With whose vagina?!!” echoed by Santana?


Rin says: I was so happy when she turned up again. It’s like having a Sue 2.0 without all the trying to make her a person stuff. Everything from ATE NOODLES WITH THE PRESIDENT to SAND COMING OUT OF OLD WRINKLY BOOBS. I just.

And Santana/Sue’s face forever. I love these two together.. needs moar.

There were a lot of lols throughout actually, and it probably saved the episode from being a complete failure.

Another bit I died at was when Ricky Martin (DO WE REALLY NEED TO LEARN THE CHARACTERS NAME?) entered the choir room and they go, ‘Cutest smile ever’ AND IT’S ARTIE WHO SAYS EVER. Hilarious. 8-.

“I realised I was spending so much time flossing, I was missing my life.”

Sophy says: TOOTH MODEL. BEST. And then when he was late because of flossing. Can’t.

Whilst I may not have been as dazzled by the Ricky performances as I was expecting to be, I did think his character worked really well. To the point where I wouldn’t mind him popping up every now and then at the school.

>>>>>>>> Holly Holiday, that’s for sure.

Rin says: HE WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN HOLLY HOLIDAY. In the way where he was actually funny and not OTT in trying to be cool and one of the kids. Like, you didn’t see him wearing a beret and an ascot, going around fist bumping kids, did you?

The whole flossing thing was the best.

OH and as a final Biggest LOL, can we talk about how amusing it is when they try to make Quinn seem interested in a man?



Best Scene

“And I can’t see this proposal thing as anything else but you giving up on yourself.”


Okay, this is inevitably going to stray into ‘Rophy says no’ territory, just a warning. Because you can imagine that I was less than thrilled with Rachel’s confession to Kurt and Mercedes and how it did not include anything along the lines of “But now I’ve realised I was being an idiot and need to take it back”.

But you know, at least this scene indicated that the writers do on some level know how wrong the whole idea is, and Kurt said a lot of the things I wanted to say myself. eg. that the proposal amounts to Finn giving up on himself and he should care more about his own future as an actual human being in the world, rather than just pinning himself to Rachel so he doesn’t feel so hopeless and afraid. And that if it’s something he can’t tell the people he loves maybe he shouldn’t be doing it? Ding, ding, ding we have a winner?

I also loved this scene on a level beyond the satisfaction at someone airing my grievances with the plotline. I thought it was wonderful to see that Finn has someone who will be for him what Quinn is for Rachel – who sincerely, deeply cares about him and his future. And to be honest, I was kind of blindsided by it, in that way where I was remembering everything these two have meant to each other and going Oh. There’s been so much focus on Kurt and Rachel and their shared dream that I kind of expected Kurt to be all about her side of things – and okay maybe that’s partly because I always have my own Rachel goggles on and assume everyone else is wearing them. Because I should have known that as special as Rachel and Kurt’s friendship is, Kurt would also care so much about Finn in all of this madness – enough to bring him the pamphlets, enough to lie and tell him he’s special, enough to speak up even though he was sworn to secrecy. I thought it was brilliant that far from shuffling uselessly on the sidelines with zipped lips, Kurt’s attitude was that Finn damn well should have told him about the proposal in the first place – because he’s his brother.

What Kurt did in this scene was really bold and motivated in equal parts by common sense and an abiding love for both Finn and Rachel.

Huge bravo to him.

Also how cute was it when Finn asked if Kurt wanted to lift some weights? It was a total flashback to the early development of their relationship.

And um. Speaking of the early development of their relationship. Remember how Kurt was desperately in love with Finn at one point? Okay, now let’s put that together with how he’s being what Quinn is to Rachel. Kurt, Finn. Quinn, Rachel. Desperately, in love.


Okay, I have brought things around to Faberry when it seemed impossible. And on that note, thank you and goodnight. 

Rin says: YAY! THIS FRIENDSHIP/BROTHERSHIP ISN’T DEAD!! I was so glad to see these two get some screen time again, and it was much needed screen time at that. At this point, Kurt is his best friend and the one who has his back and Finn probably needed a good reminder of that. (Finn needs reminders of everything.) And you know, Kurt has also been caught up with Blaine and NYADA and his future that he hasn’t been there for his brother either. But finally, a wake up call for everyone!

I loved that we started to see Finn question his reasoning for wanting to marry Rachel, and ultimately he’s going to figure it out.

And just. This Kurt is the best kind of Kurt.

And a whole world of yes to the parallel friendships here.

All roads lead to Faberry. Eventually.

Sophy says: I really, really believe that.

Which is why I don’t think the show can survive without it.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

She’s. A. Bull.


And Santana, Rachel, Quinn, and Finn’s reaction shots are all priceless.


Because jesus fucking christ. =)) LIKE, THE WAY SHE NEVER EXTENDED HER ARMS AND JUST KEPT RUNNING AROUND PULLING FACES? Priceless. Mike did an awesome job of it too.

But just. Brittany. Amazing.


Sophy says: She’s offended and turned on at the same time. Confusing.


Rophy Says No!

“Look, I know that I have the right person. The scary part was just…choosing to know it.”

Sophy says: There is not enough No in the world. I actually resent Lea Michele for being so adorable in this scene and making me head in hands awkwardly whilst trying to throw things.


And I also resent the proposal for taking over a scene that initially had me squealing all over the place because our kids and their sleepovers I can’t.

But yeah. I really hated that apparently the worried look at the end of the last episode didn’t mean much, and Rachel still has her head in the clouds over this whole thing. I loved that both Kurt and Mercedes reacted negatively, but hated that they both seemed to be talked around by Rachel’s absolute bullshit talking that should never talk anyone around ever, seriously not even Quinn would spin.

I mean, I cringed when she asked Kurt what he would do if Blaine proposed and Kurt actually looked like she had a point. Please. The Kurt I know is not a woolly-headed romantic. I mean, that’s not to say he doesn’t believe in love. He totally does. But he has also always been written with a healthy dose of cynicism – or sense, whatever you want to call it. And that’s why I was absolutely expecting him to shoot back “Uh, I would say no. Obviously.”

Or better yet, what he really should have said: “Blaine would never put that kind of pressure on me.”

I also hated how we segwayed into Mercedes’ song right after Rachel said that she was sure she had the right person – the hard part had just been choosing to know it. Because it looked like that glitter-eyed Bella Swan garbage was being validated in some way. Like, you know, maybe Mercedes should take a leaf out of her book? And I get that all they were going for was that Mercedes should look into her heart and realise that she obviously wants to be with Sam not that other asshole, but still… they sailed perilously close to holding Rachel up as an example in this whole situation.

And just.

Not enough No in the world.

Rin says: God I was so annoyed that they ruined this ADORABLE moment between these three (WHO SHOULD HAVE SLEEPOVERS ALWAYS BECAUSE CUUUUTE), with more TOGETHER FOREVERRRR Rachel crap. I just. How long do we have to wait until this is over? I don’t think my mind can take any more of the imagining Rachel in a wedding dress and how awful awful awful that image is right now and they would probably dance down the aisles like at Burt and Carol’s wedding and DO NOT WANT. And then she’d say no at the last minute and DUNDUNDUN. I just. I won’t like that one bit Glee, so please do not even go there.

Hurry up and make Finchel realise they can’t get married because I don’t know how much more of this I can put up with.

After this scene Sophy told me she couldn’t even look at Rachel.

We cannot have this going on in the Rophy household.



“…he’s always risen up and met me with kindness.”

Sophy says: Okay, there was so much I did not appreciate about the Sue/Baby plotline. But let’s start with how nauseating it is that she actually seriously, legitimately wanted Will’s sperm. And then let’s move to how it is made a million times worse that her reason is that he’s the most caring, loving, sparkly, cherub-spewing, good and pure human being on the earth. And then let’s put that in the context of an episode where he is a bitchy, self-absorbed asshole to the woman he’s supposed to love so much that he just proposed to her. Honestly, show, you’re doing Will way more harm than good with this shit. There’s only one thing worse than having your good-guy character act like a dick, and that’s shoving his goodness down people’s throats in the very same episode.

Bad, bad move. I suspect the hater ranks have only swelled where Will is concerned.


What the fuck was up with Emma telling Sue she should have a child? Because it would be really good for her?

Did we seriously have the school counselor telling a woman for whom child abuse is a way of life that she should have a baby to fix herself?

Wow. Lovely.


What is the deal with Emma getting tenure? Does she even teach? Or am I expected to believe that school counselor is a full-time position? I’m just? Her pamphlets are lovely and all and it worked well to give Will a kick in his stupid balls, but it doesn’t seem to actually make much, you know, sense.

Nor does it make sense that Will seriously knew that little Spanish. I know it was all meant to be played for laughs, but it did make him come across as a pretty shitty human being, to have spent this long as a Spanish teacher without taking the initiative to bone up on it till now. I mean, when Santana said her education wasn’t a joke? I honestly just wanted to co-sign. Because.

Rin says: I don’t know when Glee is going to realise that Sue is way too much of a caricature to be able to just dump a ‘SHE WANTS A BABY NOW :D’ storyline on her, and expect it to just work in a matter of minutes. If it stayed in the arena of lols it would have gone down a treat, but now suddenly it’s like, OKAY? Everyone can have a baby! Why not! We’re all fit parents!

Did we not just spend half a season going over what it means to be a loving parent with Quinn/Beth/Shelby/Rachel?

And yeah, they treated Will as a bit of a ragdoll this episode. I generally like Will, but there was too much OTT praise, OTT asshole and OTT useless spanish teacher. Way too extreme for my liking, which just gives a whole array of new fodder for the haters. :(

Madonna being ‘authentic’

Sophy says: Please note, I am not saying no to Naya and the outfit. In fact, including caps for this no is my way of saying yes to Naya and the outfit.

But. I have to tell you guys something. I’m a dancer, okay. More specifically I’m a Spanish dancer. Flamenco is a huge part of my life, and it irked me beyond belief that in an episode that was dedicated to Spanish performance, the above is what was held up as “authentic”.

Look, I get it okay? It’s Glee club, not Culture club. Um. By which I mean that you’re never going to see anyone dancing Odette/Odile or caring about Wagner. It’s pop classics, radio trash and show tunes for these kids, and that’s fair enough. I also get that it’s the Ricky Martin episode and that neither he nor his character nor Naya nor Santana are actually Spanish. But I just can’t watch a whole episode about Spanishness that does not reference flamenco at any point in any way. It’s just wrong and I won’t stand for it. And also, it’s not like this was even authentic Puerto Rican or Cuban stuff, if we’re looking at it from Santana’s perspective. It was a freaking Madonna song. And you don’t start throwing words like ‘authentic’ around when you’re singing Madonna songs, okay?




Head In Hands

“I won’t stop ’til it’s trending.”

Sophy says: SHE SMELLS NICE.

Seriously one of the cutest moments ever. I just.

These two need to stop with the bullshit angst and get on with being full-time adorable.

Rin says: HAHAHA. So adorable.

This was also up for Most Rophy on account of us frequently shouting at things on twitter…but I think it works just fine here. 8-.





Rin says: Literally the best thing I have ever seen in my life.


Most Rophy


Sophy says: I love how Quinn looks mildly accusatory about the twinsiness. CHILL OUT, QUINN. IF YOU AND RACHEL WERE TWINS YOU COULD NEVER HAVE SEX? ILLEGAL?

Rin says: =)) =)) =)) =))

You becoming the one who turns everything into a Faberry moment just proves how ‘Twinsies’ is indeed Most Rophy.

We’ve merged.


Quinn Glory Shot

Wow, really? Just the one glory shot?

Sophy says: Just… never change.

Rin says: Oh right. Whenever I’m gawking at a hot guy I always grab on to two girls next to me for ~stability.

Rophy says: So in conclusion, this episode was kind of a mess, but it had its moments.

We’re just going to leave this here. For instance.

77 Responses

  1. heather anne hogan
    heather anne hogan at · Reply

    SOPHY. I was so hoping you were going to talk about the dancing. And you did. 8->

    “I won’t stop until it’s trending” was my absolute favorite. Sam was literal head in hands.

  2. Lisa
    Lisa at · Reply

    re: lols, I actually squealed loudest at Kurt’s “why are you being so serious? Our periods don’t come until the end of the month.” Like, it should have been mildly offensive or just not that funny, but the offhand way he said it was so delightful!

    (To be fair, Dave and I live with three other girls this year and he wouldn’t stop whining a few months ago that living with us started to give him cramps, so it might have just hit close to home for me.)

  3. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    Santana + Maracas = OTP

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention the ridiculousness that was Will Schuester in that Bull-fighter outfit with the stupid mariachi and butchering “A little less conversation”.

    He was such a condescending asshole when he noticed Santana wasn’t clapping at him… “IT WAS YOU! You’re the one who complained to principal Figgins about me!”, “You’re messing with adult things here, Santana! This is my job, this is my life!”

    I was like… omg, someone get this man-baby his bottle and change his diaper!

    I loved how she actually defended herself without insulting him because they always make her out to be the villain.

    All in all I thought it was a mediocre episode but the lols really made up for it.

  4. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    I definitely felt pretty “meh” about this episode. It wasn’t terrible, but not one of their bests, either. I’ve sort of found that when the episodes are less than stellar I tend to be way less forgiving about their ridiculous story lines.

    For example, during the whole “Will sucks as a Spanish teacher” thing, I kept being like, “Um, wasn’t he portrayed as a pretty competent teacher in season 1? Wouldn’t he need to exhibit some kind of proficiency in the language to get the job in the first place??”

    And then when he just offers up his job to Ricky Martin, and decides that he’ll just teach history instead… ?? Because that’s totally how it works here in America. You don’t need to be certified or have prior experience… just pick whatever tickles your fancy from month to month! I was watching with my mom, and finally she just had to be like, “Sweetie, it’s Glee.” But still, when you’re not being wowed by spectacular musical numbers and the general adorableness/talent of the cast, it’s way easier to pick at all the show’s flaws.

    On a positive note, I’m thrilled you guys put that picture of Santana shaking the maracas at the end! I pretty much died of cuteness at that point.

    There were two other really small moments that I quite enjoyed. First, when Brittany proudly announces that she’s bilingual when she was clearly going for bisexual. And second, when Will says that thing about the majority of Americans speaking Spanish by 2030, and you see Rachel in the background just giving this adorable, dismissive little headshake. It’s a completely insignificant moment, but I don’t know… I just find basically everything Lea Michele does awesome and full of magic???

    Anyways, great recap as always. Hopefully the Valentine’s Day episode will give you more to be head in hands about ;)

    1. Nemesis
      Nemesis at · Reply

      I agree with the teacher point! Mr Schue was praised by all his students just last year, including Santana, when Holly Nightmare Holiday almost replaced him! Everyone said he was a great teacher – how can he be a great teacher, if he doesn’t understand basic Spanish?

  5. Sanji
    Sanji at · Reply

    I liked it more than last week’s but not that great.

    I liked Kurt for the first time since season 1, and I was pretty surprised because I never thought it would be possible. The thing is, I think he’s right on some level. I realize that Finn proposed because he was desperate, but at the same time I don’t see why they can’t sort this out (now or in New York, although it would be better not) and then get married. As Rachel said, her dreams haven’t changed a bit, only now Finn is in it, and that’s how I’ve seen it this whole time. I don’t understand (and never will) why people keep talking about Finn “dragging her down”. He’s her number 1 fan, he’d never dream of asking her to stay in Lima so he can work at burt’s shop, he WANTS Rachel to go to New York and be a star. The only thing wrong with the marriage right now is that Finn sees it as a destination and his purpose in life. When he’ll realize that’s not all there is left to him (and seriously, is he ever gonna talk to his girlfriend about it? or his mum?) everything’ll be all right. And mind you, I’m saying yes to a teenage wedding because it’s Glee. I know people who’ve met when they were in high school, got married shortly after and now they’re in their 60 and stil love each other and all, but if they were my friend I’ll probably laugh in their face. It’s their life though, and they’re both sure they want it and that it’s not gonna affect their other dreams, so… it’s up to them.

    My Sanji says no goes to Santana (surprise surprise) because honestly, she gets worse every episode. On some level, she was right: the whole spanish thing with Shue was embarassing and he clearly shouldn’t teach it, but making a scene in front of everyone is not they way to go. I know it’s common for Glee but I hate the way they treat each other like friends. He’s her teacher: if you have a problem with it you can say it in private, or take it someone. I thought the whole “keeping it anonymous” think and then making a scene in fron of everyone was more embarassing for her than for him.

    I agree with everything on Nene Leaks. She was amazing, I want to see more of her.

  6. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    This episode was, like you so acutely pointed out, a real mess. But that’s exactly what I’m expecting of Glee now.
    “Oh, last week episode was good! So we get a crappy one this week.”
    I decided to watch this without my brain, and it actually kinda worked. When you ignore all of this Spanish teacher nonsense and look for Faberry/cute moments/amazing faces, it’s much less painful.

    Loved the Kurt/Finn scene because (like you said) Kurt is being a brother first and thinking about Finn, not just Rachel and he’s basically saying what all of the fandom (except those crazy Finchel fans) is srceaming at their TV since The Tree proposed.
    I really LOLed at Kurt’s period comment, Artie’s “ever”…

    And guys the faces! It’s ALWAYS amazing to see Lea/Rachel faces. She rocks at them. And the Outsanding-Heterosexual that is Quinn! And Sugar and her push ups! And I don’t know what’s up with Puck (was he high during ALL the episode?) but have you seen his faces? During Bamboleo with this big ass smile/cringe? And when he’s like completely amazed by the lights in this non-flamenco number?
    If there was an award or a category in your recap for Faces, I really don’t know who would have won this one. (Well probably Rachel cause, come on…).

    Go! Quinn me good! Or Faberry me? I spotted some, so I know you obviously did too :)

  7. mandorla
    mandorla at · Reply

    I didn’t feel like Rachel’s face at the end of last episode was forgotten, as “the scary part was choosing to know it” sounded a lot like she was just trying to convince herself.

  8. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Wow, you’re getting fast!

    And you’re totally right with Kurt being the voice of reason and Rachel/Finn being insane. Though I have to admit I squeed when I saw Mercedes, Rachel and Kurt having a sleepover in pyjamas. So cute! They should have one once a week!

    Loved Ricky Martin in this, he’s great! Although, why are they always showing “teenage girls” (who are really 20+) drooling over 40something year old men? I get that Stamos and Martin are attractive, but still. There’s gotta be a line, no?

    The Mercedes/Sam thing is too drawn out. It would only work, if we got to see what she loves so much about her bf. So far it’s a mystery, because Sam is gorgeous, sweet to her, shares her passion for Glee and serenades her. Why is the other one so great? And why don’t we get to see what’s keeping her from Sam?
    Also, and this might just be me: how is serenading each other “no communication”? Is it parody? Are they super pacs? Does this mean Stephen Colbert will come in next episode? (If yes, ignore my complaint.)

    Love Emma’s folding thingies. They just make me laugh. Although… some of them are a BIT offensive. Just saying. Why does she need slut shaming to get everyone’s attention? And why does everyone suddenly hate Will so much? I was on Emma’s side in the fight they were having, but I’m bitchy too, when I’m studying on a time limit. The man just got someone else a job, apologized epically to his fiancee and does everything for his students, so he’s an asshole? (I really shouldn’t go on afterellen.com anymore… they have funny recaps, but so much character hate!) And as you brilliantly pointed out, the “authentic” music Santana puts on while practically yelling “Everyone wearing sombreros in a tacky manner is SO RACIST!” Plus, she sexily dances with a man twice her age and sings about how much she loves him in a manner that’s just weird. They can’t have fake-straight Santana who’s pretending to be hot for old guys again, it was weird when she did it with the dentist, it’s even weirder now!

    Also, Quinn and Kurt should team up and plan an intervention for Rachel and Finn. With lots of college options for Finn. And tissues. And songs that fit thematically. I always wanted to see a “What the F are you doing” intervention with songs!

    1. GleekOut
      GleekOut at · Reply

      THIS! As much as I loved, loved, loved Santanas performance with Ricky Martin I don’t like the double standard in there. An authentic spanish performance does not include a song by Madonna.

      And unlike many others, I actually did like the small Will & Emma storyline in there but I was always on Emma’s side ’cause I agree with Emma on the pamplets. Seriously, I wished we had those in school.

      Also, seems like someone heard my prayers, this epi had way more SUGAR! but now Tina’s missing…well, can’t have all the candies at one, can we?

  9. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    I’m glad you guys found this episode as much of a snooze fest as I did! I have no desire to ever listen to any of those songs ever again!!!
    Also this is one of the best things you’ve ever written “enough to lie and tell him he’s special” Poor Finn, so true. This episode didn’t change my feelings on Will at all, I just rolled my eyes at what I would consider his normal douche bag behaviour, but I did feel sorry for the character that they made him actually incompetent instead of just not very good at Spanish, it was actually so upsetting. And now he’s going to be a history teacher because he watches the history channel?? WTF, I’D RATHER HAVE HOLLY HOLIDAY BACK.

    Sam & Mercedes are kind of cute, but this whole triangle is incredibly boring, however knowing Glee, the second it gets resolved we wont get any more cuteness, so frustrating!

    I’m so glad you included Quinn and her bitches gif, Dianna is a special precious human that can so easily make what is supposed to be a lusting after a dude look into “THESE GIRLS ARE MINE AND YOU MAY NOT HAVE THEM!” Rachel, Quinn and Pucks faces were the only things that got me through this episode though, Lea’s are clearly part of her character, but the shit Dianna and Mark pull is actually incredible, I love it so much, they’re clearly like “Well if you’re not going to give our characters any time we’ll just be ourselves and act like the giant cute dorks we are!”

  10. anaturm
    anaturm at · Reply

    Wow, just yesterday I read the MJ episode recap! I wasn’t expecting to have this one so soon after the ep aired. Bless industrious Rophy!

    I usually don´t leave comments, having nothing much to add, but there’s something that’s a bit confusing for me. When you say “latin” or “hispanic” are you referring to everyone who speaks spanish? Because, and I should probably clarify that I’m Latin American, but whenever I’ve used the term and in the way that it’s widely understood in my country, “latinos/as” are those from South America.

    Something that I noticed on the show was that South American and Spanish cuture where being treated as one and the same, when in reality they are completely different (even accepting the obviously large influence of Spanish culture in SA).

    While I was watching the episode, I percieved that as a glaring mistake (even taking into account that “South American” culture itself isn’t homogenous and that too could be taken as an oversimplification -but that would REALLY be taking things to extremes! :P).

    I’m also aware of the show’s nature and limitations, like you said it’s glee club, not culture club and it’s a tv show, not a documentary, so I’m demanding so much accuracy, but this “merging” of cultures did surprise me.

    I’m not saying one view is correct and the other one isn’t, but I am curious as to whether that is the most widely spread view in the English-speaking (I take such a wide group because you guys are from Australia and seem to agree with that particular perspective of this US show).

    Anyway, if I haven’t bored you completely (or made myself completely impossible to understand!), I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I don’t think Latin culture and Spanish culture are the same thing, I’m sorry if I came across that way in my defense of Spanish culture. Like I said in the recap, my issue with the Madonna song isn’t just that it’s not Spanish, it’s that it’s not Puerto Rican or Cuban either, and yet it’s being labeled ‘authentic’. That really bothered me.

      I don’t think we actually used the words ‘latin’ or ‘hispanic’ in the recap, but I wouldn’t use them to refer to anyone who speaks Spanish. I might use them to refer to Spanish-speaking cultures that are not actually Spanish? Would that be wrong?

      Anyway my point is this: In an episode that takes its jumping off point from the Spanish language, and harps on about cultural sensitivity and authenticity, I think it’s disgraceful not to have Spanish culture reflected in any way.

      1. Emma
        Emma at · Reply

        Well, maybe by authentic they mean that it’s a song that’s actually popular in latin america (somewhere) right now, not just a cultural stereotype based on a traditional dance or sport that is familiar but not actually representative of the culture as a whole? (Though what can be.) Like, if you wanted to represent Russian culture, a yank would have someone slamming vodka and talking about “comrades” which is not historically innaccurate but is such an old cliche that by reinforcing it you narrow the public perception of that culture even further; instead of highlighting what it’s like now (though that would involve playing the music of TaTu or Aria which; ew.) It’s like, I’m Irish, and potatoes are kind of big over here? And Historically there was the famine, which was very significant, halving our population through starvation and scattering the rest across the world? But if you wanted to portrya the actual country as it is, and not a totally ignorant persons view of it, you might talk about the love of Rugby, or modern Trad music, or Fairytale of New York, or dustin the turkey. I don’t know, anything but those same old lame stereotypes. So I’m with Santana, is what I’m saying.

        1. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

          Yeah, okay, but is ‘La Isla Bonita’ big in Latin America right now?

          I see all the things you’re saying and I agree with them and they apply really well in the context of Will’s performance, which was clearly a travesty. But I still can’t see a stale Madonna song as being all about authenticity.

  11. anaturm
    anaturm at · Reply

    ps: any recap with extra BtVS caps gets extra points -and you’re 2 for 2 in this week! ;D

  12. Emma
    Emma at · Reply

    “enough to lie and tell him he’s special” had me spilling my coffee all over my new keyboard, I’m still laughing and it’s been like an hour. I agree with most of the recap, wouldn’t mind Ricky appearing in another episode.

    The music was so lame. Really, lame is the word for it. What I feel the need to point out as an actual latina, is that the episode was about ‘latin music’, not spanish. As much as they failed (Madonna? Really?) Spanish flamenco wouldn’t have been right either in my opinion. I’m from Argentina, I’ve lived in Colombia and I have family in Mexico, and most of the people actually frown upon Spanish being considered as something latin. Like, when they use Penélope Cruz or Antonio Bandera as ‘latinos’. When Schue said to Finn ‘I’m an authentic Spanish Matador’, I laughed ’cause I took it as another ‘I know many latinos. I have many latin friends. Taco bell is great!’ moment.

    Another lol moment was when Rachel actually compared herself to Bella. I was actually being mean when I called them the singing Edward/Bella. It makes me so sad. I love Rachel because she was a Hermione kind of leading lady, I’m so dissapointed lately.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      What I feel the need to point out as an actual latina, is that the episode was about ‘latin music’, not spanish.

      I probably didn’t make my point clear enough in the recap. I do understand the difference between Latin culture and Spanish culture. But my question is why is the episode about Latin performance? I find it offensive that in an episode that’s perched on the top of the ‘cultural sensitivity’ soapbox, we go straight from Spanish language to not-Spain, do not pass go, do not pick up even the tiniest reference to flamenco.

      I guess it rubs me the wrong way partly because in my experience, people are far more poorly educated as to Spanish culture than Latin culture. I can’t count the number of times I’ve told someone I’m a flamenco dancer and they answer with ‘Oh! Like Salsa!’ or ‘Omg with the maracas!’ and I’m all… UGH.

      Not that I have anything against maracas. Especially with Santana attached to them.

      And regardless of the Spanish issue, as I said in the recap, I was also annoyed at a Madonna song being deemed ‘authentic’ from the perspective of a Cuban and a Puerto Rican.

      And yeah the direct Edward/Bella comparison was depressing… except I faintly hope it was meant to be? I DON’T KNOW.

  13. Snicky / ixke
    Snicky / ixke at · Reply

    So … The Spanish Teacher …

    things that made me swoon:

    – Santana shaking her … Maracas(?)
    – Brittany saying: “I’m bilingual!”
    – Brittana holding their heads against each other & hugging during Mercedes’ song ..
    – Santana saying “wanky” again <3
    – Santana laughing at Sue: “With whose vagina?”
    – Her simple saying the word “vagina”
    – La Isla Bonita & Santana's legs <3
    – Santana reporting, challenging & lecturing Will – and being the one who picks him up afterwards
    – Brittany as a bull … I mean … EPIC!
    – Santana SEEING Brittany being a bull & her reaction !
    – The crayon report and Sue saying: “It was either you or Brittany – and you are the better speller!”

    BUT the best part of the night: the promo for next week ! LIP.LOCK !

  14. Lory
    Lory at · Reply

    I actually really liked Ricky (I think his name was Dave???) as a character and performer (even though I wasn’t a huge fan of “Isla Bonita”) (I also may be biased since I’m puertorrican/ When comparing with Holly Holiday anyone shines). I agree on the fact that they made Will WAY too clueless about Spanish to be even slightly believable. Having said that, in high school I did go through a similar situation where I would end up knowing more English (I was raised bilingual) than the teachers. Which made me feel really frustrated about my education sometimes, but obviously it’s nearly impossible for high schools to only have people who specialize in each subject teach it (without being a private institution). Anyway, rant over…


    and Will/Santana-Giles/Buffy – BEST <3

    1. Sanji
      Sanji at · Reply

      “obviously it’s nearly impossible for high schools to only have people who specialize in each subject teach it (without being a private institution)”

      Really? I was so confused when Will changed subject because I thought it was impossible. In my country anyway you have to have a degree on what you’re teaching or something similar to it. For example if you have a degree in Math you can teach physics (and viceversa) because you still study both, although there’s more emphasis on one. But if you don’t have a degree in Spanish, you certanly can’t teach it.

      Is this really what happens in the US?

      1. Lory
        Lory at · Reply

        To teach in college you usually have to have a degree in the subject (or one that’s similar) but I don’t think its the same for high school. Honestly, like I mentioned in the comment I don’t know much about how things work in the US since I did both my middle/high school and undergraduate education in Puerto Rico. It may be different in the States.

      2. Nemesis
        Nemesis at · Reply

        That sounds wrong… I’m studying to be a teacher in Germany, and you need a teaching degree for the exact subject you’d like to teach, with didactic and pedagogic extra qualifications and a teaching internship that lasts one semester. Also, no home schooling, it’s illegal to keep your kids from going to school, even if you’re a religious crazy person. It can’t be that different in the US, can it? Well, maybe in the South.

        1. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

          I was home-schooled :)

  15. KC
    KC at · Reply

    “can we talk about how amusing it is when they try to make Quinn seem interested in a man?”

    I haven’t even finished the episode, I’m about 10 minutes in, and this has already crossed my mind several times.

    Quinn + Rainbows = Simpatico

  16. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Seriousyl? This episode had me in pain. I just wanted to punch Will in the face the WHOLE time. Can we trade him for Ricky Martin please? Santana = awesome and Kurt = voice of the fandom. UGH! I kinda wanted to barf the whole time.

    Quinn just keep dancing…..pls? And make those faces forever.

    RIN ME! lol…..

  17. GleekOut
    GleekOut at · Reply

    Sleeping a night over this episode made me think why they didn’t use a Shakira song at all! It would’ve been the perfect choice since it’s both latein-american and spanish.

    And now, imagine Santan singing a song by Shakira :)

  18. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    Seriously, how did they make most of the songs in a Spanish episode suck so hard. HOW.

    Did anyone else lol really hard at Chris Colfer talking with food in his mouth? “BUT WHAT ABOUT NYAAAGGHDA!” I CAN’T.

    Will just failed all over the place this week. Also, he dissed the pamphlets and PAMPHLETS ARE MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT GLEE, EFF YOU WILL.

    Next weeks episode thankfully looks like it’s going to be LOADS better. And I cheated and listened to the songs and they are awesome.

    I seriously can’t put up with this Finchel marriage crap for much longer. DO. NOT. WANT. I am willing to put up with a lot of nonsense when it comes to Glee, but THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS.

    Can Nene please just STAY FOREVER? Also after this episode, let’s just fire will and have Ricky Martin everywhere. Also I love that the whole cast was clearly not acting about how turned on they were when he danced his sexy self into the room.

    I miss you and your piratey self Blaine, please come back.

  19. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Btw, how was Sue asking students for sperm donations not on your “Rophy says no” list? Grossest moment ever! So inappropriate!

    I like your Quinn glory shot. I alway like them best when you only put up 1 or 2, but I have the same problem. Sometimes, with girls like Freya Mavor or Morena Baccarin, it is virtually impossible to pic the prettiest pic!

  20. I
    I at · Reply

    Best things about the episode for me

    Santana lecturing Will and caring about her education. I really hope they are going to give some insight into her future plans cause I wanna know ^^
    Santana’s reaction Shots. Really all of them
    Santana shaking the Maraca’s and her weird dance during the cheerio routine
    Santana – Sue

    Everything coach Roz did. I want more of her and her awesomeness.

  21. Zombykiss
    Zombykiss at · Reply

    I can’t believe you guys didn’t manip Santana into the Shakey, Scrapey Trio. That’s honestly the first thing I thought of when I saw that.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHAHA. Is it a comfort to know that Rin did scream “SCRAPEY SHAKEY” at me when it happened?

      1. Zombykiss
        Zombykiss at · Reply

        Yes… yes, actually it is.

  22. monkey80me
    monkey80me at · Reply

    i love glee even when it pisses me off (yes/no)but i was actually offended with this ep as a hispanic latina mexican however you wanna say it it was sterotypic and offensive seriously i get its a comedy one liners meant for shits and giggles i completely agree with santanas speechand madona isnt latin what mr shue idek “sexy and i know it” just becuse it had wilmar in the video doesn’t make it latin sams performance was ok the shoes lol ok i seen the shoes some of my cousins wear the those shoes idk nothing about this ep was authenic for me growing up in a house and a family and culture that was fully authenic tejeno i was offended not even britneys adorable bull imitation saved it for me :(

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