311 — Michael

Best Song

New Directions & The Warblers – Bad


But let’s be serious. This category could have ANY of the songs.. well, not the Finchel one. More on that later. Because, WOW. Glee, you outdid yourself with your MJ tribute because damn. They did a really great job in providing a mix of copies e.g. Scream and completely new interpretations, e.g. Human Nature.

What I really loved about Bad was that it was very much a nod to the original music video, but the vocals were pretty different. What with the Warblers throwing in their signature WAH-WAHS to replace the bass, and then SANTANA’S VOICE I CANNOT? Naya suits MJ so ridiculously well and I loved that she was showcased heavily throughout the episode. But I can’t talk about Naya without mentioning Kevin and Darren, who are shaping up to be the perfect little MJs. After their amazing job on Control, they really pulled it off again in Bad. Love love love.

Oh and can I just say that I just about died when they included the little pitter patters of their footsteps just like the music video? Adorable.

Also, I cannot with Blaine being ‘bad’. He’s SO LAME and when he tries to be badass I just giggle and giggle and giggle. And then pat his head. I mean, when he gave the intro to the song by saying MJ would ‘take it to the streets’ I JUST COULD NOT. Oh Blaine. You nerd.

AND THEN SANTANA AND BLAINE WERE IN THE PARKING LOT WITH HOODIES MEETING UP WITH THE WARBLERS. And then the rest of the Glee club show up clad in leather jackets? Oh my babies. Please never stop being you.


The faces Mark Salling pulls might be my new favourite thing.

I need to mention how much I freaking loved Black And White too. That is my favourite MJ song, in the way where there’s a home video of me and my brother performing this song when I was about 5. I honestly would have loved it a whole lot more if I wasn’t already trapped in a cloud of rage at what happened just before that performance and unable to fully appreciate it. But after I had calmed down I rewatched it and there’s so many great things about it. Quinn turning into Artie is not one of the great things about it.

And can we just kill the Meerkat now? Please and thank you?

Sophy says: OKAY YOU GUYS. Do you have any idea how hard it is to pick a ‘best song’ for an episode like this? I pretty much loved each and every one of them for reasons ranging from ‘Goddamn Artie can dance when it’s all in his head’ to ‘Oh my fucking god, Ben,‘ to ‘Samcedes stop stealing all the CHEs, Emily is pissed’ to ‘Santana/fedora OTP’ to ‘FACE. FREAKING. MORPHING.’ to ‘EXCEPT THE FINCHEL ONE.’


But ultimately Bad is just too much of a classic to be ignored. I mean, this song. I did a choreographed dance routine to it with my best friend at my eleventh birthday party. I remember it being pretty awesome. But it probably wasn’t quite as awesome as this.

You guys, let’s just start with Santana and Blaine in their hoodies in the parking lot, okay, and how they are the absolute epitome of odd couple amazing and should have more scenes (and songs) together. And just. THE WAY SANTANA IS STANDING. WITH HER LITTLE CHEERIOS UNIFORM POKING OUT OF HER BADASS LEATHER BUSINESS. I JUST. It’s honestly one of the cutest images Glee has ever given me?

And then, you know, the Warblers providing the backing was just outstanding. And the punching and the kicking, just. And then Artie comes in and he’s so perfectly Michael and just the most necessary choice for this song, but then Santana comes in on “I’m bad” and there are ways in which it is not the obvious choice at all and yet ways in which thematically it is so obvious and overall it is just damn magic.

And okay, this performance did get several bonus points on account of having an excessive amount of BLAINE FACES.

Seriously I don’t understand Blaine haters. Don’t they like lame?

Anyway, those are the reasons I chose Bad, but there are also a few reasons why I didn’t choose some of the other performances despite loving them to bits. ‘Smooth Criminal’ was a real showstopper and pretty much perfect in every way, except for Meerkat Face and the amount of shots there were of him when we could have been admiring Santana/Fedora instead. I mean, I get it. It made sense. And I know it wouldn’t have made sense if it had been, say, a Santana/Puck duet. But it probably would have made my top spot anyway?

And just on that, why did Mark Salling not get more to do in this episode? Of all the delightful MJ-ing that was going on in Sixteen, his probably delighted me the most, and he is long overdue for a solo that does not involve serenading a baby or a baby mama or singing about the size of his girlfriend’s arse. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just cranky at the treatment Puck’s character has had over the whole Shelby thing, but it feels like he hasn’t had a seriously memorable performance in… forever.

Anyway. Black and White was tremendous, but I couldn’t even enjoy it at all the first time around because, like Rin, I was still, shall we say, processing what had just happened with Finn and Rachel. And even when I watched it again later it still sort of felt tainted. By the Finn and Rachel. Regardless, as much as I love the song, I didn’t think it was the strongest performance of the episode. I’d be inclined to rank the opening number above it, actually, which… more on that later.


Biggest LOL

“In any case, I taped it to my underboob…”
“Why? Kurt, this isn’t violent. This is clever. I taped it to my underboob.”

Rin says: I think so much of what is great about the writing for Santana is that they’re always coming up with these words that you never hear. Or at least, never expect to hear. I mean, ‘underboob’????? I was already laughing like a fool when she first said it, AND THEN WHEN SHE REPEATED IT AS IF EVERYONE’S ARGUMENT BUT HERS WAS INVALID, I found myself falling in love.

Sophy says: FUCKING HELL. JUST. Those caps are special enough even if you’re not hearing the word ‘underboob’ in your head as you look upon them. But if you are, they’re just even more special.

I agree with Rin, it was hilarious the first time but it was the repetition that really tipped it over the edge into a biggest lol kind of lol. And then she went ahead and said that if Kurt had taped it to his junk we would have had songs about it for a week.

And I didn’t just laugh out loud. I squealed out loud.

SOL. Let’s make it happen.

Also I need to say how much I love that Santana is the one being so pro-active about things when Blaine gets hurt. It’s such a lovely contrast to the dodgeball incident and really shows how far she has come. Santana isn’t a bully anymore, by anybody’s standards. She is now able to embrace the caring side of her nature along with the badass side, and you know what that makes her?



Rin says: I hope this actually happens during their senior prom. And that Jonathan presents it.

Sophy says: Omg, I’m having this fantasy where someone suggests Santana should take poor Rory to prom and she’s all ‘What am I Saint Santana? He’s like three feet tall!’


Best Scene

“Well, you can’t.”

Rin says: Um.

Sophy says: Okay, before I dive in, how many people agree that that second cap is a contender for best cap ever in the history of caps?

Say aye?

Oh Quinn. So fabulously blunt. First with the “You can’t,” then with the too quick, too smooth, too eager “You have to break up with him,” like she’s rehearsed it in front of her mirror a thousand times or something. And okay, all Faberry goggles off, Quinn pretty much has rehearsed this – maybe not in bed at night, clutching a pillow and biting her lip and putting on a slightly higher pitched, deliciously grating voice to reply with “I know. And those things I dream about? They’re all you, Quinn Fabray.”


None of that ever happened, except on fanfiction.net, like, 6000 times.

But Quinn does know how this conversation goes – because she and Rachel have had it before. If Quinn thought Rachel was frustrating last season with her failure to see how little Finn matters in the grand scheme of her glorious lime-lit life, she must be about ready to throttle her in this scene. And you can see that alongside the obvious affection there is a degree of impatience. She dispenses her advice swiftly and bluntly, in pure black and white – her response to Rachel’s handwringing re: Finn being the love of her life is to hand her the acceptance letter from Yale, and tell her that she thought she was in love this one time too – and then she grew up. Because Quinn has tunnel vision right now – and the light at the end is a bright future.

I have to say, there are ways in which Quinn is very cynical in this scene, and there’s a part of me that feels like a real stick in the mud for agreeing so wholeheartedly with her. Because it sucks to say that just because someone is a teenager their love doesn’t count – or worse – that it shouldn’t count. But there it is. I’m a great big realist or a great big jerk, whichever you want to call it, and I’d say the chances are you’ll never meet ‘the one’ and you certainly aren’t likely to meet even one of the ones in high school.

I’m 100% with Quinn. Rachel needs to let go.

And yet letting go is something I’m so very, very bad at. And so I do sympathize with Rachel in her struggle to come to terms with hurting someone she does care about so much and who has meant so much to her. I don’t know if I could do it, to be honest. But I do know it’s the smart thing to do. It’s the brave thing to do.

And as much as I love this scene – and I love it a lot… in the back of my mind I’m just the tiniest bit disappointed that Rachel Berry even needs Quinn Fabray to tell her this stuff.





Look, okay. The thing is. Is that I remember not too long ago when we used to have to preface our Faberry love with ‘WE DON’T THINK IT’LL EVER REALLY HAPPEN LOL DON’T WORRY WE’RE NOT DELUSIONAL, WE ONLY SHIP THEM AS REALLY REALLY REALLY CLOSE FRIENDS :-j ‘ And now? Practically everything we hoped for has happened, and honestly at this point I’m happy. OR maybe that’s just a bit of crazy self-preservation talk coming from me because I’m already starting to mourn what looks to be the end of Quinn Fabray on Glee. As in. Yale = No season 4. Which. I can’t even voice how much this upsets me. Because yes Glee is very much about Rachel Berry for me, but the other chunk of that is Quinn Fabray. It’s like.. if you’re going to rip my heart out, at least take the whole bloody thing out instead of leaving like, the left ventricle. (Rachel is the ventricle.) But now all I see is a ticking clock over Quinn’s pretty blonde head and it makes me sad. And I still don’t understand how they’re going to keep Rachel (and the other seniors) in the show, ’cause she can’t stay back in Lima because Rachel Berry, but if they do some kind of liaison thing with her then CAN’T THEY DO THAT WITH QUINN TOO? And didn’t this rant start off by saying how happy I am, but now I’m just spiralling into a pit of despair?

I’m sorry. My emotions. They’re all over the place. I’m just really happy that Quinn and Rachel have gotten to this place of real actual friendship, with all the fixings that come with it. Respect, support, trust, eyesex, etc. So in that regard I’m happy. Because this is what we saw from the start, that these two weren’t just your run of the mill high school enemies. There was always more to it. And if we want to get all subtext-y, I still think there’s more to it now. And that’s probably about half of where the sadness comes from if Quinn isn’t around, because no Quinn = no more Faberry. And it’s going to take me a while to be able to get past that. (I may never get past it.)

OKAY. SO NOW THAT I’VE VENTED SOME OF MY FEELINGS. Maybe I can actually talk a bit about the scene? Yes?

I can’t.

Actually. “Well, you can’t.” I love how she doesn’t even ask Rachel how she feels about the situation, and just tells her immediately that she can’t accept. Because, well. Because Quinn has a brain. ANY person that isn’t Rachel right now can see that she can’t get married before her life even begins. And the thing is… we can talk about how marriage can work at that age, and how there’s plenty of people, and why can’t she have it all? Yadda, yadda. But we’re dealing with Rachel Berry here. And Rachel Berry isn’t just people. I mean, yes, she’s “just a girl” (“That’s what I keep saying.”) but she’s also a girl who has had the same dream since before she could remember, as well as working towards that dream every day since. And if you think she’s going to find any kind of real happiness that doesn’t involve that dream coming true, you’re fooling yourself. And that’s something that Quinn has always known about Rachel, and why she tells her she can’t marry Finn.

“Rachel, you have an amazing life ahead of you. As hard as it may be, if you want everything that you’ve ever dreamed of, you’re going to have to break up with him.”

And isn’t it funny how it is like Groundhog Day with Rachel. Once again she’s telling her that she doesn’t need Finn because she doesn’t belong here. Except this time they’re actually friends and Quinn doesn’t have to hide behind subtext and can say outright how she feels. And I have to agree 100% with what she says. ‘Cause as much as I believe in fairytales, I also know they’re not real. And I’m the really optimistic part of Rophy. And I should probably stop this portion of the rant here, before I tread too heavily into ‘Rophy Says No!’ territory.

They hugged.

It was glorious.

Also I love that Rachel goes to Quinn because she trusts her to be straightforward and thoughtful. And Quinn responds by letting her know she can keep a secret, which.. now they’re each others secret keepers you guys. YOU GUYYSSS. And the face Quinn has when she hands over her acceptance letter? I can’t. And I think that even if Rachel hadn’t found Quinn first, Quinn would have found Rachel and told her before the others anyway. Because it’s like this has been between them the whole time, Quinn dreaming of a bigger future, and after everything it’s only right if Rachel was the one to know first. AND LATER RACHEL’S FACE AS QUINN TELLS THE REST OF THE GROUP. OH WORLD. :-. Also this scene mirrors that first scene in Sixteen when Quinn goes to Rachel, telling her all about her plans to tell Figgins about Shelby and Puck. And we talked about how Quinn went to Rachel because she knew she’d tell her she can’t, because it’d ruin Beth’s future and in turn ruin Quinn’s. So here we are with Rachel, going to Quinn, and she has to know that there is no way Quinn would encourage Rachel to marry Finn. Apart from the obvious, this is Quinn I-Grew-Up-Too-Fast Fabray, she’s never going to agree to something like marriage at 18.

Lea Michele’s face does some amazing things during the hug too. At first she is genuinely happy for Quinn, and then there’s a moment where she has all this uncertainty and you start to see Rachel unravel because ‘WHERE’S MY LETTER, WHY WHY WHY :(

The number of times Rachel and Quinn watch each other leave is ridiculous. And in matching outfits nonetheless.

And can I just say that I wasn’t even expecting a Faberry scene in this episode? I had no idea. Usually I accidentally (really, accidental!!) get spoiled that there will be Faberry, but this time I was completely BLIND SIDED. And I went into some kind of mini-hyperventilation. Actual shaking and screaming out might also have occurred.

Because this is the kind of stuff that Sophy and I daydream about when we talk about Glee and what we want to see happen. I think Sophy actually said at one point that this should happen. Rachel seeking advice from Quinn. And then this. And then the music started for Quinn’s song and we both had to pause to process.

I mean. Rachel didn’t even go to her dads.

Sophy says: And by “accidentally” Rin means she has such an addiction to the Faberry tag on tumblr that sometimes she doesn’t think and it’s just too late.

AND YOU KNOW. I thought Quinn and Rachel might interact over the proposal, but honestly I expected us to have to claw subtexty goodness out of Quinn being all nostalgically sad/possessive/jealous… over Finn. But no. The proposal is actually just all about Rachel for Quinn. Because the truth is that so very much is all about Rachel for Quinn. And I’m pretty sure that by the time the snow falls in New Haven next winter she will still know why.

Quinn – Never Can Say Goodbye

Sophy says: Probably the best thing about the whole Faberrypalooza is how closely it mirrors that time in season one when Rachel and Quinn had a rather passionate discussion which caused Quinn to burst directly into self-analysis via the means of song… except this time it’s part self-analysis, part Rachel-analysis, and the two go together like freaking peas and carrots.

But seriously, the whole set up from scene to song, coupled with that uniquely Dianna way Dianna has of singing the word ‘Baby’… I was flashing back to You Keep Me Hangin’ On like crazy.

Except no, you guys. The best thing about the whole Faberrypalooza is probably the way it goes into slow-motion to bring us into the song. Because, like. Quinn is walking away. And Rachel is gazing after her. And it’s slow-motion. And it’s stuff like that that makes Faberry a legitimate ship whether they will admit it or not.


Did we talk about it?

Are we done?


The strangest thing about the fantasy sequence was that there were no lesbian football players in it how well it put into relief the fact that Quinn has moved on from all three of these boys – despite the fact that she’s fondly dancing with all of them in her mind’s eye. I never really got on board with Sam/Quinn – to be frank, I’d nearly forgotten they were an actual couple – so it felt strange to me to have him alongside the other two. Her moment with Puck was really the only one that got me emotionally, because they still have – will always have – a profound connection, on account of Beth. He’s the only one Quinn will never truly be able to say goodbye to. But the others… the others are a study in how hard it is to let go, but how simple it is too. And how you just have to damn well do it – and keep on dancing.

Because this song isn’t really about Quinn’s feelings for Sam or Finn or even Puck. It’s about Rachel Berry, you guys.

What’s that? You think I’m a delusional Faberry stan? Yes, yes. I have a plaque on my door and everything. But that’s not the point.

The point is that this song was very clearly specifically chosen and sung by Quinn as a message to Rachel and that quite frankly turns me into a mess every time I try to wrap my mind around it. So.

Rin can wrap hers around it for a while instead.


Now we’re done.

You know? I’d rather wrap my mind around a pole than try to wrap my mind around how Quinn basically sings this song for Rachel. I mean, why did they even bother changing the noun? LET’S CALL A SPADE A SPADE AND BE DONE WITH IT! 8-. Never can say goodbye girl….  /dreamy sigh.


Let’s talk about the locker. I know I already mentioned the SECRET LOVE CORSAGE, but there’s other pictures too! I loved that they included Head Cheerio Quinn, because I love that baby-faced, high pony-tailed girl. And it was nice to have that reminder of where this all started for Quinn. And then there was the photos of the 3 guys of Quinn’s life in a row at the bottom with a magnet over Rachel’s face — which okay, fine. It was just a quick shot, it’s not like they lingered. And then we got Pink Quinn! Which, yayyaayy. I can never have too much Pink Quinn. More development = lovely.

AND THEN THEY FUCKING LINGERED. THEY LINGERED HARD. And it was on the photo of Finn and Magnet-Faced-Rachel. And the whole point of that shot was not Finn. Because WHY on earth would it be? If they’re not going to show Puck or Sam, there’s no reason to show Finn. So the only other conclusion is that it was for magnet-face. WHICH. HELLO. The worst way to not show that you care is by CARING. This is that drawing of Rachel with the BAJILLION HEARTS all over again.

I can’t with how much these two are all about each other. Like, honestly, I’m starting to think Quinn’s got a bit of Sophia in her. Not literally, cause Sophia’s dead. Come on you guys, don’t be silly.


I LOVED IT. A LOT. And I think this is the first time Quinn has performed by herself in front of the club, which makes complete sense, given that this is the most confident Quinn has ever been.

And I say this everytime, only because I MEAN IT EVERYTIME. Quinn/Dancing is the ship to end all ships.

And Rachel is sitting in the middle of the 3 guys. Again. So at this point it’s basically math and only a matter of time.

AND AND AND. When the song was over and Quinn looks up? We all know where she was looking, and it made us all feel things.


Sophy says: Yes. A+ to Quinn’s performance. It really was kind of new for her in the sense that she was confident in such a relaxed way, and just so herself. She really did seem much more herself than she ever has. And that’s why it felt so genuine when Finn said it was incredible – because after everything Quinn Fabray has been through – after everything Quinn Fabray has done – it was kind of incredible to see her standing there, bright-eyed and shiny, singing her heart out for all to see.

And the magnet on the face is just the greatest thing ever. Because no matter how much she loves Rachel now, she’s never going to be at peace with everything she means to her – not the way she’s at peace with oh, say, those three boys she’s so quick to shrug off.




“You can’t change your past…but you can let go and start your future.”

Sophy says: OH DIANNA AGRON, THAT DELIVERY. She really, really nailed that moment as an actress – and Quinn really, really nailed it as a person who so desperately wants her friend to see how important it is to be free – and also how very allowed it is. It’s so allowed it’s a freaking order, okay?


Can she make it any clearer?

Rin says: I keep tossing up which part of the Faberrypalooza is my favourite, and I keep going back to this moment. Because dear lord in heaven. I just. There’s something about how Quinn speaks directly at Rachel, in front of everybody else that makes me shake my head in wonderment over how these two aren’t the big love of Glee. Well they are in my mind, but for some reason not everyone agrees with my mind. :(

Cause she didn’t need to add on that last bit. She could have easily stopped at ‘I never would have dreamed this to be my future,’ and leave it at that — because she was just thanking everyone for being supportive over the years. BUT NO. RACHEL’S IN THE VICINITY, AND THAT MEANS QUINN CAN NEVER FUCKING HELP HERSELF.

And I’m sorry, but is Quinn physically unable to not tear up when she speaks with Rachel? SERIOUSLY.

And Rachel? Rachel can’t even look her in the eye!

The thing about what she says, about not being able to change her past? Sure, it directly applies to Rachel and her situation with Finn. But I can’t help feeling like there is a strong undertone of Quinn acknowledging all the ways she treated Rachel wrongly, and vice versa. She knows she can’t change that, but she can make up for it by changing the way she treats Rachel now. Which is exactly what Quinn has been doing ever since they became kind of friends.

That’s why she speaks with such weight, and why I feel like Rachel’s happiness is so important to Quinn. No matter how hard Quinn pushed her away, Rachel kept coming back. In a way Quinn’s returning the favour for all the times Rachel pulled her away from the edge. Yes, all these guys helped Quinn find her way home, but who was the one that kept telling Quinn that she’s “a lot more than that,” that she, just like Rachel, can have that bright future too.

Honestly. If Kurt’s cape won’t kill me, then Faberry will.

Sophy says: Oh my god, you’re so right about the undertone. Because isn’t it funny how unintentionally close these two are? For all the friends and boyfriends they have and have had, nobody has been more invested in Quinn learning to love herself than Rachel… and  nobody is more invested in Rachel’s bright future than Quinn.

Faberry. Their story is the best story.



Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

Just. Please put your legs together.

Sophy says: 99% of my brain was busy swooning over Rachel’s reaction shots as Quinn sang to her, but I still managed to register the extreme lols of this.



Rin says: Oh Hemo. /shakes head.


Rophy Says No!


Sophy says: Hi I’m Sophy of Rophy, you may remember me from previously Gleecaps, like that one where I said emphatically that I really liked the proposal scene as long as Rachel said no? And that she absolutely had to say no? And I shouldn’t have to list all the tentybajillion reasons why but then I sort of did anyway?

Yeah. You can imagine how pissed I was when the above happened. But ironically, it wasn’t so much for the reasons I thought I would be pissed. Because you see, the episode made it very clear that she was saying yes to Finn because she had convinced herself the future she really wanted was saying no to her, and that meant the engagement was always going to be on shaky ground – hell, she’s practically going back on it already by the end of the episode.

But see that pisses me off too. Because last time I checked Rachel Berry was not this fucking stupid and insecure, nor was she this much of a jerk.

Basically she used Finn just the same way as he was using her by proposing in the first place. And I blame her a lot more – or rather I blame the writers a lot more – because it just doesn’t make sense.

I gave Finn a pass last week when he proposed, because he was in a seriously fucked up emotional state, and I felt he couldn’t be held accountable for trying to cling on to the one thing that made him feel okay. I can’t give Rachel a pass the same way though, because quite frankly, possibly not getting in to a university is not on a level with finding out everything you treasured about your long-dead father was a lie. One somewhat excuses having messed-up priorities and treating the people you love badly, the other really, really doesn’t.

Further to that, it was just ridiculous for Rachel to go from ‘I haven’t received a letter yet and two of my friends have’ to ‘I didn’t get in my life is over all I have is my boyfriend wah wah I’d better get married.’


Honestly it would be stupid for anybody to react so hysterically, but Rachel Berry? Well… yes, she would probably react hysterically. But in the totally opposite way. The Rachel Berry I know and love would have been on the phone to NYADA administration the moment Kurt got his letter, informing them with a brittle pleasantness that they must have overlooked hers. The Rachel Berry I know and love would never assume that she’s down and out – certainly not with such paltry evidence.

And I guess that’s kind of what I meant when I said I wish Rachel didn’t need Quinn to tell her this stuff. Because really, it’s not who she is to be lost and confused and have difficulty finding her focus. We all know what Rachel Berry’s focus is, and as much as she adores Finn, it’s not him. It’s that gold star! Always has been, always will be.

I guess I could understand it better if the narrative was clearly pointing to Rachel having trouble saying no to Finn because she didn’t want to hurt him… but you know, this wasn’t about that. This was about Rachel being obnoxiously, absurdly ‘Me me me!’ to the point where she’s not even thinking about the consequences her actions may have for Finn at all. And that’s just sad. Yes, Rachel can be selfish. But not this selfish. And I don’t appreciate the writers throwing her under the bus to prop up their contrived storyline.

And now I need to talk a little about Finn. Like I said, I gave him a pass last week, because he was under extreme emotional pressure as far as I’m concerned. But this week… I was pretty seriously pissed at him for busting out that song. Rachel needed time and he didn’t care and that kind of pushes all the wrong buttons for me. Because it was already selfish, stupid and unkind of him to put her in this position where she has to give him an answer on the rest of her life at 18. But to then start using Michael Jackson to pressure her? It was… gross. And honestly, it was kind of gross that it was even a small part of what motivated her to say yes.


Rachel has always been a peculiar mix of feminist icon and needy little girl… and I dig that about her as a character. She’s not just one way or the other – she’s a lot of things. And so maybe I can see her reacting this way. She is a romantic. She does love Finn. And I will admit that she isn’t the most self-aware when it comes to being emotionally manipulated.

But even if I try as hard as I possibly can to make it work with her character, it still grates on me that she responds with stars in her eyes to a scene that would have made me give a guy a piece of my mind, followed by ‘It’s a no,’ and me leaving the room.


The bottom line is that I’m never going to be okay with Rachel Berry/Teen Wedding. She needs to retract her acceptance and she needs to do it quickly – any further dithering and angsting is just going to tarnish her more and more and they need to stop tarnishing my favourite character, okay? STOP TARNISHING, START POLISHING.

And when she does retract her acceptance, it has to mean the end of Finchel, at least for the foreseeable future. Because if they just revert to being a couple, then it’s all been drama for the sake of drama, and Glee has far too much of that as it is.

SO IN CONCLUSION. I will only be okay with this plotline if: The yes turns into a no, and Finchel turn into Finn and Rachel.

Thank you and good night.

Rin says: Yeah, I kind of already talked about how Rachel can’t marry Finn above in the Faberry/Bathroom.

But now I can vent some anger along with Sophy about how I’m really angry at the writing. Because Rachel never gives up, and suddenly all it takes is her letter to be a day late and she’s MARRYING PEOPLE?! Like, what?! Okay, so they’re not actually married, and she’ll probably go back on it next episode, but you know what I mean.

I just. Do we really need to add on MORE drama? Now Rachel just comes off as the villain, because she obviously didn’t say yes for any of the right reasons. And now we’re going to have to sit through a bunch of Rachel feeling extremely guilty and sorry, when it could have all been avoided. Weren’t we just having the awesome Rachel a few episodes ago that ‘got a taste of what it’s like to do the wrong thing’ and being wise and talking about what the ‘adult thing to do’ would be? Like?? 360??? No???

This hat???


Sophy says: Kurt please turn around and ask Mercedes to help you with hats.

Or, you know, ask this fabulousness:


Head In Hands

Blaine – Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’


Let’s just add that to the list of places Faberry hang out in school together. Bathrooms. Under the bleachers. Libraries.

This song was the perfect intro for the Michael episode. It was full of energy and got everybody involved and blinged-out on stage.

And it was so great giving them all their solo moment in front of that AMAZING light wall. Besides my obvious love for spinning Quinn (WHICH THERE WAS SO MUCH SPINNING THIS EPISODE I THOUGHT MY EYES WOULD FALL OUT), I really fucking loved Rory’s. =)) It’s just so fucking cute.

Wait. I’m just realising that Finn and Puck didn’t have one. Whichhhhhhhhhh. What the fuck Glee??? I know you had room because there was double Brittany and Blaine.. so. CARE TO EXPLAIN? I don’t think I missed it…

And while we’ve all got our heads in our hands, let’s not forget this guy. Just, wow.

Sophy says: AHAHAHAHAHAH OH MY GOD THAT WARBLER IS MY FAVOURITE. Honestly, he was the best thing about Black Or White, and I really, really enjoyed Black Or White, so.

But yes, what a cracking opener ‘Wanna be startin’ somethin” was. I swear you guys, we really did head in hands over it, we’re not just using it to get Faberry/Library in there without looking any more desperate and obsessive than we already do.

Sort of.


And I also have to point out this epicness:

I don’t even care whether you generally like Blaine or not. You liked this. And if you tell me  you didn’t head in hands over it, I’m going to assume it’s a filthy lie.

Rin says: He looks exactly like Number 2 from Austin Powers.


Most Rophy

“Look, I want to see Sebastian’s head turning on a spit.”

Sophy says: YES.

See now why couldn’t Kurt just leave it at that? Seriously what is the deal with all this high road bullshit? Giving that tape to the cops would not be revenge, okay show? It would be justice.

But also I wouldn’t have a problem with a little revenge on top of it, just so we’re clear.


I’m talking Holly Holiday hate.


Quinn Glory Shot

Now with bonus, ‘lol Dianna, really??’


Rin says: Scottish. Lesbian.

that can’t keep her eyes off Rachel and/or Lea Michele

Rophy says:

She said “You can’t,” bitch.

116 Responses

  1. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    Perfect. As usual. So perfect that you actually said everything I wanted to say about this episode.
    I really didn’t expect to love it that much. All thanks to the awesomeness of Faberry and Quinn Fabray. (Dianna Agron really fucking grew since season one, right?)
    Quinn. The eyes. The dancing. The spinning. The lingering looks. The tears. Perfect Quinn.
    Also, loved Rachel’s “Oh Shit” Face. But not nearly as much as the “Holy crap, you’re pregnant” Face.


    Oh and guys, did you notice that there was no Tina in “Black and White”? Like no Tina in the group dancing and singing and no Tina in the face morphing? Like, where is she?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      OMG. My rage must have clouded my brain too much to not-see Tina. That bites.

    2. Snicky / ixke
      Snicky / ixke at · Reply

      just like there was no Naya in the ‘We found love’ pool scene (and with that I mean in the actual water!)
      She just sits on that floating thing & sings in the beginning at the side of the pool …

  2. Snicky / ixke
    Snicky / ixke at · Reply

    Just to make sure:

    “I taped it to my underboob” is the new “It’s a six-seater table”, right? RIGHT ???

    I mean : UNDERBOOB !

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I plan to say it on a day basis. (Quietly so no one can hear.)

  3. Elaine
    Elaine at · Reply


    Also, have the writers realized how useless the character Sugar was and decided to leave her out of the episodes now? (I’m surprised I actually noticed her absence…)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Well we have to give credit to Kurt for that one ;) But it is really accurate.

  4. Pocketsized
    Pocketsized at · Reply

    I’m surprised you didn’t include kurt getting his nyada letter though. My heart broke into a million pieces when Rachel started crying. I JUST. IT WAS SO SAD. like lost puppy/bambi looking for his mom kind of sad okay :(
    I’M STILL NOT OVER IT. :((((

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Well, we didn’t include Rachel crying because to us it didn’t ring true for her character to get crushed and hopeless so easily. And also because it was just pointless drama so we couldn’t feel that upset about – obviously if Kurt’s a finalist Rachel is going to be. But Lea still did a great job with the scene.

      1. Pocketsized
        Pocketsized at · Reply

        yeah okay I guess you’re right. but her sad little face made my heart hurt :'(

  5. Amy
    Amy at · Reply

    I SOL with that Jonathon/Santana Prom gif :-D

    I really did love this episode. Like alot. I’ll admit to usually watching for Naya Rivera and anything Santana related but i just LOVED everyone in this episode. Everything made me happy (except Finchel which i am ignoring…also Ben).
    I loved Scream and thought Mike and Artie were both really hot lol and did Mike remind anyone else of RUFIO!!!

    Wasn’t looking forward to Samcedes when i first heard about it, but they do deserve the CHE’s … not emily’s you’ll just have to make more.

    Don’t even get me started on the hotness that was Smooth Criminal, but i can’t tell if i really loved it or it’s just the fact that i’m in love with Naya Rivera … it’s getting harder to tell these days.

    I don’t even like Faberry …. like at all, never got it, but that scene in the bathroom gave me lots of feelings. It made me want to read fanfiction lol i mean how far apart are New York and Yale ???

    so i’ll stop the rant now but thank you for the recap i LOl and also SOL also Underboob…..

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      SOL!!!! YOU’RE MAKING IT HAPPEN!! I love you.

      This episode was pretty heavy on the Santana/Naya awesomeness, which was nice.


      But the important thing is that this episode helped you to open your heart to Faberry. I’m going to treasure that. Really.

  6. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Fabathroom. And everything Rin said. You are the voice of my Faberry heart. So much love. Fabathroom all the time. Without Quinn there will be no Glee for me….

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      FABATHROOM <333333333333333333

      And yeah, we really are struggling to cope with the idea of no Quinn. We could live on a decent guest spot? Maybe? BUT NO QUINN AT ALL EVER AGAIN? I DON'T?

      1. Whymz
        Whymz at · Reply

        Right? Right? I just don’t know if Rin has enough gifs to sustain my heart….=( Will you guys hold me? It’s gonna be rough. LOL

  7. Annie
    Annie at · Reply

    “Well, you can’t.”

    Quinn is perfect perfection. WHY DON’T YOU LISTEN RACHEL? God damn!

    I’m so pleased they remembered Quinn is actually in the show. It better not be a swansong!

    Now, FTLOG, Quinn me now and Quinn me good!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      It did have dangerously swansongy vibes. I’m trying not to panic and throw myself off the boat.

  8. Vanilla
    Vanilla at · Reply

    Loving the amount of Quinncaps here!

    Can I ask what you two thought of the Smooth Criminal Santana/Sebastian Duel? If I’m honest, I’m surprised you didn’t talk about it. I was expecting it to get a mention given how much the Glee fandom seems to be loving the song.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I talked about Smooth Criminal! Just do a ctrl find, it’s there :)

  9. Sanji
    Sanji at · Reply

    I’m a Rachel. As in, I understand why MJ is such a big deal (and rightly so), but I don’t get it. So I skipped all the songs apart from Finchel and Quinn because for once they’re letting Diana have more than one line and I am not gonna miss that. Sadly, I didn’t like either but I knew I was gonna hate the soundtrack anyway so I was prepared.

    As for the rest of the episode, I skipped everything but Finchel+Quinn because Santana, Kurt and Blaine are exactly the people I don’t want to see and the episode was pretty much centered around them. And I’m a Rachel here too: she can have it all, she can say yes, get married, go to Broadway, be a big star, have a thousand babies and conquer the universe on a weekend because she’s Rachel Berry and that’s what she does. The whole dynamic of the proposal (and Rachel saying yes) is seriously screwed up. He proposed for the wrong reasons, she said yes for the wrong reasons – I’m 100% convinced of that. But I’m also 100% convinced that they are the love of their life and they’ll manage to work it out and have it all.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      We’ll just have to… agree to disagree ;) I do think people can have it all, but I don’t believe in teen weddings, and I think it’s healthier for young women to spend some time in their twenties single. IT’S JUST HOW I FEEL. I do apologize to your Finchelly heart.

  10. Emma
    Emma at · Reply

    God, as much as I would like to be wrong, I really think there’s gonna be a wedding… I just can’t see a way for the writers to get out of it now, and it’s so depressing. I pretty much accepted that the Rachel I fell in love with has died. And the tears, oh god, the tears. If I cared about Finn, I would be mourning for him too. I mean, it’s tragic.

    I read in tumblr someone saying that it almost feels like Quinn is telling Rachel ‘Look. I have a future, mainly because of you. He doesn’t, despite of you.’ And, god, I would sell a kidney to somehow make Quinn realise the gardenia was Rachel’s idea. All Faberry feelings aside, they really are the most well developed relationship, and every scene they have is organic, enjoyable, and refreshing.

    Anyway, I was surprised by how much I liked the songs considering I don’t really care for MJ. But Bad was awesome, Santana and Blaine in the hoodies was the cutest ever, and the warblers in uniforms reminded me of the hogwarts uniform and it felt kinda like a quidditch game except Malfoy was a gryffindor and ahhhh (sorry, I feel dissapointed if I don’t find at least one HP parallel in everything I see).

    Oh, and Scream was surprisingly amazing. Harry/guyliner is a new OTP. Quinn/dancing is the bestest, still. But god, Santana/hats, and Rachel/stars, and Tina/screentime.. Multishipping all the way!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I don’t think there will be a wedding. I honestly think the Glee writers are better than that (yes, really.) I don’t think they’ll degrade the character of Rachel Berry to that extent. I think there may be a fantasy sequence involving a wedding dress… but no actual wedding. Rachel is not going to be a teen bride, nor is she going to be a runaway bride. One is downright wrong and the other is a cliche that really doesn’t suit her.


  11. Emma
    Emma at · Reply

    And, I don’t mean to be annoying, but I just forgot to mention, have you wondered how finchel would be if Finn was the girl and Rachel the guy? If the girl was the one with no future prospect whatsoever and decided that marriage is her best choice at 18? Every critic would be pointing out the outdated character, how it was a hundred steps back in feminism, how the main heroine was just a girl following the leading man around while he chases his dream of being a star is a terrible role model for little girls, etc.

    I don’t even like Finn, and I feel the need to point out how they are writing him. I just feel like they could be telling such a compelling story with him. I’m sure many people could relate to a young adult who is finishing high school and has no idea where to go from there. But instead of letting them grow as individuals and as a couple, they are giving us a singing Bella/Edward.
    I guess that’s why Santana’s bitchy and completely out of place ‘riding on Rachel’s coat tails’ was so triggering.

    Sorry for the tl;dr, I feel the need to rant every time I start to think about the missed opportunities the show has to tell great stories.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      You are so right. It is actually even more important for Finn’s storyline that the wedding not go ahead. And if I were a big fan of his I’d be seriously freaking out right now.

  12. GleekOut
    GleekOut at · Reply

    I’m with Rachel for this one, I’m also not such a sucker for MJ’s songs. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I DIDN’T ENJOY THE EPISODE!

    Actually, apart from the listen-able songs (sorry fans, just not my kind of music) I was surprised by the strength of the story this week. I feel like Glee’s pulling themselves together again for the nearing end of the Season. So I yeah, I liked every (!) story-telling scene in this episode, both the MJ-plot with the Warbler and the plot with the results from their college applications and Rachels maybe-marriage.

    BTW, BURT / KURT FTW! Also, KURT and RACHEL, such a good friendship. I also like the beginning friendship with Santana.

    Because I’m not such a fan of this epis primary song-source, my personal favorite was Smooth Criminal, also with Santana in super-hot black!

    Also hot: Quinn! But y’all know this, right? :)

    I may only request a litte bit more of Britanny and Tina and maybe even Sugar and the world would be perfect. But I know that will never happen and so this episode will keep a special place in my heart.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      YEAH, Burt and Kurt were amazing. If there hadn’t been, you know, FABERRY, their scene probably would have been best scene. And I greatly enjoyed Santana and Kurt’s scene! I’d love to see her interact more with both Kurt and Blaine.

      Smooth Criminal was epic. Shame about Meerkat Face :(

  13. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply


    There was so much Faberry goodness, I think Ryan is doing his best to give us unspoken Faberry end-game, while still holding on to the Finchel/Fox fanbases. Look at how sad the end of Nip/Tuck was, the core of that weird, crazy show was the family Christian/Sean/Julia made and the end of it is the three of them being completely separated. That shit is sad.
    I wish you guys were right, but to be honest, I didn’t for a second think Rachel would say no, despite everything you guys hoped for, and while I don’t actually think they’ll get married, (TROLL LEA TROLL?!?) I don’t think they’ll break up over it.
    Also I think you’re being a bit harsh on Rachel. At her core level, I’m not sure Rachel has any idea how ridiculously awesome she is, how honestly if she wants to be a star, she doesn’t even have to try, all she has to do is sing.
    Rachel confuses her feelings for Finn and Quinn. As far as I can see, from Finn’s side he’s simple. Rachel is HOT, (duh) and she’s talented (copyright Dianna Agron, Boston, 2009) and she see’s the best in him even when he behaves like the biggest tool on the planet.
    Rachel has been told by her dads, some teachers, people have definitely told her anyway that she’s a star, or at least agreed with her, but just as many, if not many, many more, have told her what an obnoxious loser she is who basically doesn’t deserve friendship or love from anyone other than her parents. That for me is the crux of why Finchel is so unhealthy, basically he loves the ego stroking she gives him, and she loves that someone cool and popular loves her. Here’s the kicker, I really think she’s thinks THAT is the exact reason she’s obsesses over and tries so hard to befriend Quinn, without realising she’s really in love with her. So, she swaps her feelings around, and pushes down all those feelings of being undeserving. For a while, everything works great, Finn clearly doesn’t really love her, so it’s ok to have him, and Quinn still behaves as if Rachel is her worst enemy, so she’ll never have to deal with her feelings for her. But then everything gets really, really confusing this year. Because Finn, while still a jerk, is actually starting to believe Rachel could be a forever type thing for him, and Quinn is maturing, and suddenly telling Rachel they’re maybe friends, and once again, how she’s bound for greatness. To some extent Rachel is slightly aware of her feelings, I really think on some level she knows. Suddenly, Quinn stands in front of her and tells her not to marry Finn, and all this stuff about her future, her own future, and maybe their future. But Rachels not so sure her future is what is should be, and everything is just too much, AND QUINN TOLD HER NOT TO MARRY FINN. Of course the little lesbian in her is going to freak out and say yes.

    Ok I’m just going to stop because obviously I’m just Faberry brain-addled, and hope that I break the three previous comment streak I’m on where I was apparently too late or too bitchy or something to get a Quinn :(

    Also I kind of laughed really hard when Blaine reacted like lava in his face, come on dude, RACHEL HAS HAD HUNDREDS! but then I felt bad about the salt.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Lea’s trolling us. She has to be. I’m putting all my money on a fantasy/dream sequence and that’s it.

      I still think Rachel will say no, actually. I think that was pretty clear at the end of the episode. I mean, they made it obvious that now that she if she was getting into NYADA then she did not want to marry Finn. They can’t possibly have her go through with it in that context, it would be monstrous. The worst case scenario I can see happening is a last-minute runaway bride kind of deal. And that will seriously annoy me so… I’m hoping it doesn’t happen.

      At her core level, I’m not sure Rachel has any idea how ridiculously awesome she is, how honestly if she wants to be a star, she doesn’t even have to try, all she has to do is sing.

      That’s where we differ. For me one of the defining characteristics of Rachel Berry, and a large part of what makes her so special to me, is that she does very much know how awesome she is. Not in terms of romance and popularity… but in terms of her talent? I just can’t buy her being this hysterically insecure about that.


  14. MarloweHales
    MarloweHales at · Reply

    Dianna is gorgeous and magnificent and graceful and also a genius. What kind of gif do I get for that? :)
    Srsly, can’t you guys exercise your powers and make sure she stays on the show!? If the rest of the cast stays, she needs to stay and I am having all kinds of bad feelings about it… I need her to stay. Make it be so.
    Also, Sebastian slushied Santana? No me gusta.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Dianna is gorgeous and magnificent and graceful and also a genius.

      TRUE WORDS. And we wish we had those kind of powers. We really really do.

      Sebastian needs to go die in a hole.

  15. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Love this recap and I totally agree with you on Finchel. They can’t. They just… although “You have to break up with him”/”You have to leave your bf when you go to college” is stupid friendship advice. The right way would be “Say no, you don’t want to get married at 18.” But Quinn is still right.
    I’m calling BS on Quinn+Yale though. She’s been whining about having no future whatsoever for years, it was unbearable. How does a girl with an SAT test that qualifies for Yale think she has only her pretty face to live for? How did she have straight A’s during 17 different periods of not giving a shit about school? This would make sense, had it not been Yale, but TV shows always have to pull this Ivy bs.

    Oh, and how is Smooth Criminal not the best song ever?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I don’t think it’s stupid friendship advice. I mean, I can see how you can have other perspectives on it, but I think it’s a valid opinion to think your friend should go off to college standing on her own two feet with all the freedom possible. I really think hauling your boyfriend along to follow your New York dreams when he has no reason of his own for being there is a recipe for a great big emotional mess. JUST MY OPINION AND QUINN’S AND I’LL DEFEND IT TO THE DEATH.

      Also, I don’t agree with you that Quinn has been whining about having no future whatsoever for years. She didn’t seem to me to do so until she became intensely depressed in late season two. And you know, the thing about depression is that it’s not rational. Loads and loads of extremely intelligent and high achieving people suffer from depression, and the whole point is that they are unable to appreciate the value of their own achievements or see the bright possibilities before them.

      I’m not sure it’s fair to say that Quinn went through 17 different periods of not giving a shit about school. I don’t think we’ve seen her care any less about school than pretty much all of the rest of the characters. Glee just makes no attempt to show people in their day-to-day, home environment, so we have to assume that all these kids actually study when they’re not singing and dancing. Since Quinn isn’t a big star in the Glee club, and has spent a lot of time not being a cheerio, she’s probably had more time than most to hit the books.

      As I mentioned in the recap, Smooth Criminal is not the best song ever for me because of the serious excess of Meerkat Face. All the Santana/Fedora in the world cannot overcome.

      1. Nemesis
        Nemesis at · Reply

        That’s not the part I meant by bad friendship advice. It’s the “You have to break up with him” part. And her reasoning behind it is that she’s leaving everyone behind and likes it, so Rachel should, too. Only Quinn is talking about her exes, not her current bf. But it’s nice that she’s grown up and focused on herself instead of on boys. Although Rachel never follows her advice, so… there’s that. At least Quinn follows good advice herself.

  16. heather hogan
    heather hogan at · Reply

    I have been trying to read this forever but it wouldn’t load on my Droid. Now I see why: TWENTY ELEVEN BILLION QUINN SCREENCAPS. (Deserved, of course.)

    Biggest LOL:

    ROPHY SAYS NO: “Yes.”

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  17. Sophie
    Sophie at · Reply

    except the ‘yes’ to the proposal, but in my mind that never happened and this episode was all Faberry.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      This comment. 8-.

  18. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    Best scene: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I wanted it to go on forever. And I am right there in the pit of despair with you contemplating no Quinn in season 4. Ughh, the emotion in Quinn’s eyes talking to Rachel in front of the entire group was overwhelming. Even Finn saw it! There is too much chemistry there to not have it around next season.

    Also – while watching “Never Can Say Goodbye,” especially towards the end when she was singing just in front of the rest of the Glee club, I was struck with the thought that if (IF!) Naomi Campbell sang and danced, she would sing and dance like one Quinn Fabray. Although, it’s probably much more likely that if anyone ever asked Naomi to sing and dance, she would roll her eyes and walk away. But still…

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      Be afraid, Finn.

      I sort of want to agree with you re: Naomi/Quinn. But.

      1. Char
        Char at · Reply

        Lol lol lol.

      2. Tammy
        Tammy at · Reply

        Haha…awesome. And can I just say that I giggled like a little fangirl when I saw you guys replied to me? Even though I’m a high school teacher in my 30’s? But you guys are awesome, so… yeah?

  19. Yougoglenkoko
    Yougoglenkoko at · Reply

    If Rachel marrying Finn is how they keep Rachel in the show for next season I will be pointing all the bread in the Glee writers direction. ALL OF THEM!

    Everything you two said was exactly what I felt when watching this episode. I was equally as blind-sided with all the FABERRY GOODNESS! :D But it was a good blind-sided, not a “What is this fuckery about Rachel saying ‘Yes'” blind-sided. I was so happy to see that Quinn, although quite bluntly, said what was pretty much on all of our minds. Rachel is too special for Lima and Finn is the only one holding her back. Quinn needed to be that blunt to really send the message home for Rachel and I hope now that she is a finalist for NYADA she will reconsider that “Yes”.

    LOL’ed massively at the “Meerkat” because it’s so fucking true! I would’ve been completely content with Santana singing ‘Smooth Criminal’ all by her self with the two guys playing cellos. It would’ve been awesome.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  20. Mad
    Mad at · Reply


    OMG faberry please just be more obvious. I DARE YOU.

    NO NO NO NO NO FINCHEL. YES to everything you said. I have a bad feeling they’re going to draw it out and then she’ll say no eventually but ugh just DNW.

    Blaine is the most adorable pirate that ever pirated. Also I am pretty sure he was supposed to be high on painkillers in that scene which is why he was so hilarious with his yaaaaaaay cheers.

    TRENT IS THE MOST AWESOME OF WARBLERS. Dominic Barnes is adorable, I saw one of his livestream songs and he sang Chains by Ingrid Michaelson with his friend Lauren and it was lovely.

  21. Char
    Char at · Reply

    Faberry. Head in hands. That is all.

    Wait, did Artie’s random rant out of nowhere annoy anyone else though? Like…dude, this isn’t about you. It felt like such an awkward and obvious set-up just so he could perform ‘Scream’. No.

    Can I please have smiling red plaid jacket library Quinn? Then I can pretend the smile is for me? And melt a little?

  22. Anna
    Anna at · Reply

    …I feel like calling Sebastian a meerkat is an insult to meerkats. They’re too cute for such a likeness…

    I loved Bad, but for best song, I seriously can’t get past Smooth Criminal. Just… the cellos… and the Naya… and the Naya with the cellos… AND THE CELLOS. Hng. Love. Maybe lust. Maybe both.

  23. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    As I was sitting there through all of the Faberry in the episode all I was thinking of was “Rophy are gonna die when they see this” and “oh wow, Quinn and Rachel really are totally gay for each other”. I wasn’t 100% convinced about Faberry before but like after this episode… I can agree that it’s totally canon.

    Also, “New directions” need to change their name to “Ungrateful bitches” because seriously…

    1. Santana saves Klaine from Karofsky and not even a thank you. Just a condescending “we could have handled that” from Blaine.

    2. Santana makes Karofsky apologize and brings Kurt back to Mckinley and starts the anti-bullying club. Nobody thanks her.

    3. Santana talks with Kurt and is an actual friend to him and gets justice for Blaine without being violent about it and instead being clever about it (she taped it to her underboob, okay?) and NOBODY thanked her.


  24. Ashley
    Ashley at · Reply

    Oh my gosh. THIS EPISODE.

    This may be one of my favorite Glee episodes yet, which I totally wasn’t expecting. But everything was just so great, and all the songs were oh so perfect (except for Finchel, of course. Because that was just terrible.)

    I loved Bad a lot, but my favorite by far was Smooth Criminal. Santana has recently become one of my favorite characters, because she is just all kinds of awesome, and this episode really showcased that. SHE TAPED IT TO HER UNDERBOOB, YOU GUYS. And I actually used to love Sebastian because of all the drama he caused, but really? ROCK SALT? IN THE SLUSHEE? AND IT WAS MEANT FOR KURT? THE MEERKAT NEEDS TO DIE!!

    But at least it lead to Blaine wearing an eyepatch, which was pretty much the cutest thing ever :)

  25. Annie
    Annie at · Reply

    No no no no no to Quinn/swansong.

    Yes yes yes to Quinn/tuxedo – though Highland Quinn was 3 types of awesome.

  26. Yougoglenkoko
    Yougoglenkoko at · Reply

    Rophy! If you already haven’t seen this on livejournal or tumblr, Faberry is competing on a Tv’s Top Couple Tournament!!!! :D

    It would be great if you could promote it because the winning couple will apparently be interviewed!! :D

    The website where everyone can vote is http://au.eonline.com/news/watch_with_kristin/tvs_top_couples_tournament_vote_in/291545
    and it ends on 5th February at 7pm P.S.T :)

  27. Vidya
    Vidya at · Reply

    I am just filled with agreement. I also want to mention how ADORABLE Burt was with his “Who’s gonna tell Blaine? Can I??” moment. Best dad ever?

    And not to be a total naysayer/nitpicker, but the chronology of Glee is just off. If Quinn applied EA to Yale, she would have found out on or around December 15 – which is certainly before Homeless/Condescension Christmas, and which puts West Side Story/Sectionals in…..October?! What? Are Ohio public schools in session during the summer? Or has Quinn been cradling the letter possessively to her chest for months? This is one of the (many, many, MANY) reasons that Glee should put some teens in the writing room.

    Loved the Quinn solo; glad I wasn’t spoiled by Tumblr. That resolution for Quinn is definitely a testament to how damn likable Dianna made her (those optimism!faces!!!), no matter what the writers threw her way.

  28. angelica
    angelica at · Reply

    You guys always point out stuff that i completely miss :)
    you know, i’d heard of faberry but i didn’t get it and i didn’t really get onto the faberry train until i started reading your recaps. i look forward to your quinn glory shots because truly her face is just perfection. it rivals lily loveless, that’s not to say that i prefer one over the other, that would be too hard.

    i’m sure i’ve gushed over it before but i love your random buffy references. i was just watching the prom episode this weekend actually and i still have so many feelings. even if you ship buffy/spike forever, if you’re heart doesn’t break even a little when angel shows up, then you’re heartless and i don’t want to know you.

    anyway! great recap as usual. btw have you read autstraddle’s gleecaps? because despite how short they are they are extremely entertaining. and they feel much the same way about finn haha.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Omg I’m the biggest Spuffy fan ever in the world. But I cry at the B/A dance at the end of the prom EVERY TIME.

  29. Valerie "PunkyStarshine"
    Valerie "PunkyStarshine" at · Reply

    I don’t know how it’s possible you had Quinns to give after the 8 bajillion Quinns you posted. But you did. Because you’re amazing like that.

    This Gleecap was also amazing.

    This episode is pretty amazing.

    Santana’s fedora was amazing.

    The fact that you called Sebatian a meerkat was amazing. And accurate.

    Okay, done gushing for now. Until next time. <3

    1. Valerie "PunkyStarshine"
      Valerie "PunkyStarshine" at · Reply

      Damnit. *Sebastian

  30. Rachel
    Rachel at · Reply

    I am convinced that Pirate!Blaine becomes Xander from Buffy when he grows up.

    Also, the amount of Quinn in this episode made me melty. That girl slushifies my head, especially when she’s all hands on Berry. Mind you Naya in a fedora? It may or may not be on my desktop right now.

    Aw hell, we all know I’m a giant perve. Whatever.

  31. Annie
    Annie at · Reply


    This cap was awesome, and the comments; freaking loving Fabathroom!

    I think I actually swore when Quinn finally did a solo and looked absolutely stunning. That dress, and that up do, and the Jaw!Porn, and the eyes and makeup and lipstick and and and and *dead*

  32. christina
    christina at · Reply

    “Well, you can’t.” well she can’t! and she didn’t. thank god! of course i wish rachel would’ve taken quinn’s advice and it wouldn’t have taken quinn getting in a car accident to stop the wedding because she literally sacrificed herself for the girl (unintentionally or not). i still love how quinn couldn’t NOT answer rachel. of course texting and driving is very bad and i don’t ever recommend it, but the fact that quinn couldn’t NOT text rachel…god. and that’s all i can say.

    but back to this ep, i could watch dianna put lipstick on all day and not get bored. the fact that rachel came to quinn first to ask for advice and quinn says “well, you can’t” like rachel should know that because she SHOULD know that equals perfection. as much as i liked finn when i watched the show, he’s not enough for rachel. he’s small town. whereas quinn, she’s going places too. she’s going to make something of herself because of rachel and she landed in one of the country’s more prestigious IV league schools because of all the hard work she put in her whole life. being a fabray paid off in that sense. but in the last few years she lost herself and rachel made her see she would find that girl again and she would get out of lima because she’s so much more then that. finn just isn’t. he’s now the head of the glee club, who by the way, lost sectionals under his leadership. that’s a new low all together…but anyway. i just love how unguarded quinn is in telling rachel what she thinks about the proposal and about her. and i love that quinn tells rachel about her acceptance into yale before anyone as if to say, i let go of my past because of you, now you should too for your good, for your own happiness and bright future. it’s almost like quinn’s trying to repay the favor of telling rachel how great she knows she is. but rachel as it turns out is much more stubborn then quinn and clings to that proposal and doesn’t listen even if she knows quinn’s right. i have to wonder if the roles were reversed if she’d have broken up with finn right then and there just like she went and warned shelby right after rachel said that was the adult thing to do.

    anyway, i love that quinn sing’s “never can say goodbye.” i think that’s the most beautiful i’ve ever seen dianna in the course of the show. in that gown with her green eyes gleaming? she’s flawless (which she is always anyway). i also love that she speaks directly to rachel in front of the glee club in the end, knowing rachel would know it’s directed to her. i love that they know. i hope they always know because i’ll always know faberry is it. i hope the writers didn’t forget the magic that is faberry.

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