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Best Song

Rachel Berry – Without You

Rin says: I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually love this rendition of Without You. I don’t mind the original, but somehow Lea Michele (WITH HER MAGIC WAYS) + piano just makes it DAOBJPWIHRSJIPBJMIAEWAEGOJWP-worthy. I’m so happy that Rachel is getting solos again, cause seriously, I’ve missed them. And I think Glee has missed them too.

Also, that dress in the spotlight makes me head in hands like I’ve never head in hands before. And also her face/expression as she’s first starting the song.

Oh Lea Michele, why oh WHY didn’t you get a Golden Globe nomination?


Sophy says: I am also holding a sign but mine is covered in the blood of orphaned puppies.

When I first heard that Rachel would be doing a song called ‘Without You’ I died all over the place because a part of me went ahead and assumed it would be that song from that musical that Rophy have that obsession with. And then it turned out it was an Usher song, and I don’t know anything about Usher and I don’t care and boo! hiss! Goodnight!

But you know what? I absolutely loved it. I think it’s one of the strongest solos Rachel’s ever had and it might even go on my ipod alongside ‘Songbird’ ‘Pretty/Unpretty’ and ‘We Are Young’. So. There’s that.

I also really appreciated the sentiment behind it and the way it grew out of the scene in which Finn is so profoundly depressed and lost and Rachel is just watching him with this calm and this love and Kurt is watching Rachel watching him and oh. So beautiful.

I feel like Finchel has been floundering for so long, in that the writers haven’t been able to find them an emotional arc beyond ‘but Quinn’. I think in the last few episodes though, they’ve been crafting one that could really work for me. However, it will only work if Rachel says no.

Because here’s the story: Finn/Rachel is beer/champagne, to paraphrase Brad Pitt re: some blonde woman he dated for a while who is not Jennifer Aniston. Rachel Berry is way, way, way too good for Finn Hudson. And I say that with love. I’m not on the side of fandom where Finn is a horrible person, or a fool, or a Lima loser. But I do think that Rachel is just bigger than him – not physically, obviously, she’s a tiny person and he is all kinds of towering. And yet, she does take up more of the universe than he does – she will take up more of the universe than he will.

She’s bigger and better. And he knows it. And I think that’s why he was ready to let her go at Christmas time. Why do I say that? Because a star that will watch over you is a goodbye present. And you know there’s the little matter of them agreeing at the end of last season that if they embarked on a relationship again it would be an ‘until’ kind of a deal.

Finn’s not usually a perfectionist, but if there’s one thing he wants to do well, it’s loving Rachel Berry. And I think he knows that to get a top score, he really has to let her go.

So what changed? Why is he clinging on with all his might now when he was letting go last year?

Well there’s the simple fact that when things get real they get scary. That’s why we all go through life pretending like we’re okay with dying at the end of it, but when the time comes, we rarely are. But then there’s also the more specific reason he’s hanging on: she’s the one special thing he has left.

Finn may not have had a football scholarship, he may not have had a voice that would give him a career. But he had what he’d found through the misty, watercolour memory of his dad – a sense of purpose. And now not only is that sense of purpose ripped away, but the memory of his father, the most perfect, shining, protected thing in his world has been taken away. He’s completely lost.

And Rachel? She’s a star, yes. But right now she’s his star. And she knows that. And that’s why she sings to him. And that’s why he proposes to her.

Basically I don’t see the proposal scene as some big hilarious facepalm of a travesty. I see it as a really sad and desperate character moment for Finn, and one of the most poignant scenes in the show’s run.So I loved it. I love Finchel.

As long as Rachel says no.

And here are the reasons why she has to say no: one, the proposal represents an unhealthy and doomed attempt by Finn to define himself in terms of his love for his girlfriend. Two, this show cannot, and I mean it cannot, give Rachel Berry a teenage wedding. I don’t think I should have to tell anyone all the reasons why that would be the most wrong thing ever and cannot happen, but let me just say this: Rachel Berry is me first and that’s okay. Rachel Berry is faith in yourself against all odds. Rachel Berry is female ambition, you guys. And female ambition and teen weddings? Unmixy things.

Now I guess you could say ‘Oh Sophy, don’t rain on the Finchel parade, why can’t they just have a very, very, very long engagement.’ Well, the reason they can’t do that is because if they do, it’s a cop-out. Because engagements are not meant to very, very, very long, and when they are they are essentially meaningless. Unless you’re actually vowing to go through with the marriage part no matter what happens in the time that elapses, in which case it may as well be a marriage? So.

The bottom line for me is: Rachel can’t marry or even pseudo-marry Finn, because she is 18 years old and about to start a whole new life in New York if she has any say in it, and as such she simply cannot promise Finn, in good faith, that it will always be the two of them. Nor should she. Finn can’t marry or even pseudo-marry Rachel, because looking to your girlfriend to give you a sense of purpose and meaning in life is just about as dangerous as looking to the stories your mother always told you about your dad. Finn needs to find himself, finally. And finding yourself and teen marriages? Unmixy things.

But back to the song and how wonderful the use of the spotlight was and simple but effective it was when everyone else disappeared. And Cory’s faces. And how he is so small and weak in that moment and Rachel is so big and strong. And just. The little look between Kurt and Blaine? Brittana’s clasped hands? Santana’s teary eyes and her sincere smile and the obvious fact that “The assignment wasn’t make everything about Rachel Berry and force everyone to watch, was it?” was a sweet, snarky cover for the fact that she’d been moved.

Pezberry forever.

Rin says: Oh totally agree with how the Finchel went down. Finn’s speech was all kinds of lovely, and you know what really allowed me to enjoy it is the fact that there is no way in hell Rachel is going to say yes. And it’s always nice to hear about the ways Rachel is appreciated cause we DON’T NEARLY HEAR IT ENOUGH.

And for anyone rolling their eyes at Finn proposing to Rachel can I just say that I’ve probably proposed to Rachel in my head a million times over by now. Anyone would be crazy not to propose to Rachel Berry.


Biggest LOL

“You may be wondering why I sound like the Queen of England, it’s simple, in my mind I can sound like whomever I want. So lay off haters.”

Rin says: I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this touch of genius. I mean, SHE SOUNDS LIKE THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND IN HER HEAD. It’s perfect, and a really nice unexpected touch of whimsy. I also like how they’re really introducing Becky as a character and less of a Sue’s-evil-little-sidekick. She also keeps an Instax camera in her backpack, which, hollaaaaaa. :)

Her scenes with Sue are the loveliest and I applaud Glee for really staying on point with Sue’s attitude/outlook on (Get) Down Syndrome. It’s something they have never wavered on, or simply forgotten about. So in that regard it makes their message less of a ‘message’ and more of an example.

Also whilst under this category I cannot for the life of me NOT mention Santana’s ‘I know that girl. That girl’s a sly, conniving bitch.’ Oh Santana. Let me hold you tightly to my chest and love you forever?

Sophy says: Santana was so glorious in this episode.

Case in point:

“I mean, what was your big move then? A Jumbotron that said ‘Hey, Terri, I Want To Make a Fake Baby With You’?”

Fff. But yes, Becky’s voiceovers are unbeatable for lols – with a side of head in hands. And you know, Glee sails close to the wind with a lot of this stuff, but I feel it’s always handled the Downs Syndrome characters really nicely and has kept a core of consistency with Sue in that area. I actually enjoyed Artie’s scenes with Becky, and felt the storyline resolved beautifully with Sue busting out the icecream – like anybody else would with anybody else – but like Sue probably never would with anyone Becky.

Perfect irony is perfect.

“I’ve never seen lips like that on a white child, and one of your nipples is higher than the other. I bet you’ve had to overcome a lot with those crooked nipples.”

Rin says: I heard that Nene Leaks was going to guest on Glee and was floored by how well she did! I mean.. she’s a reality TV star, not an actress, but she did really well. I was pretty much in stitches throughout her scene and I hope she makes a return in the future. I would much rather see her than this other ‘oscar-winning’ guest star they love to bring back.


Sophy says: I have no idea who this woman is but she was freaking hilarious.

I also want to give all the awards to “Would trouty mouth work?”



Best Scene

“This is what you get..you know..this incomplete person with toothbrushes and rubber gloves and.. with so much love for you.”

Rin says: Oh my gosh. Wemma? Welcome back.

Ever since we saw Emma talking to the therapist about her OCD, I haven’t felt like Glee has treated her illness seriously. I mean, do we even need to mention ‘Fix You’? But that seems to have all changed because of this moment, and what eventually follows.

I know that the way Will acted was maybe a bit harsher than need be, but the tone that I got from their conversation is that it was two adults who clearly love each other, speak openly and honestly about their situation. Which isn’t all sunshine and daises, and more importantly they’re thinking about marriage and not at all taking that lightly. Everything was pretty much put out on the table (whilst sitting at the table!), and Emma stands up for herself which THANK GOD, because she’s not the damsel that needs to be saved by Will. She’s an amazing person who comes with a lot of baggage, but she loves Will and that should be the more important factor.

And my gosh Jayma, it’s not often you get the chance to shine on Glee, but when you do it’s brilliant.

Sophy says: Jayma. Was. Outstanding.

I am very conflicted about Wemma. I mean, they were pretty much the most perfect thing right up until that first kiss, and then the writers decided to give us slut!Will and it was all downhill from there. Throughout most of season two they were just an unpleasant mess I preferred not to think about, and then were was ‘Fix You’, and I really thought that had officially killed them dead for me, because it was embarrassing and offensive and all around wrong.

And now it seems like they’re actually trying to do it properly. And okay, I’m fully aware that it’s a rush job, what with it all being in service of the big engagement scene at the end of the episode… but it’s still really surprisingly beautifully done. Because this was the only way, you know? Emma’s illness had to be addressed, but it could not be cured. The only way for the writers to have Wemma’s issues be resolved was to have both of them recognize that they most likely never will be – and decide that what they have is worth it anyway.

So yeah, Will was harsh, and you can tell from Jayma’s magnificent reaction to the word hopeless just how much of a blow that is for someone suffering from the kind of illness Emma suffers from. But you know, you have to look at it from Will’s perspective too. To say that it’s not easy loving someone with mental illness is an understatement. And okay, the show has failed to adequately represent Will as suffering because of it, and that does make him seem like a jerk in this scene. But if we factor in the reality that he must have suffered from the effects of her illness, that he should be genuinely daunted by the prospect of starting a family with her… then it seems reasonable to cut him some slack.

But really, Jayma. Jayma. Hearts in my eyes.

And an A+ to Glee for finally handling this issue with sensitivity and maturity.

The proposal. All of it.

Rin says: At the start of the episode I was very much aware that this is the episode with the swimming, and when Sam joined the swim team I was like, ahhh so that’s what happens! …and then so many wonderful and funny things happened and I completely forgot about it. EVEN when Sam comes up to Will and tells him he has an idea, I was still all :-?? I wonder what it could be?!?! ;)) AND THEN. AND THEN!!!

THE HALLWAY OF ROSES? CAN I JUST?! It was beautiful. Especially when Bieste gave her one, AND THEN ESPECIALLY WHEN SUE GAVE HER ONE. Cause oh my gosh, Sue you have a huge heart under all of that polyester.

Having said that, how did she end up with a whole bunch of roses if she was only given 4? Unless there were more miscellaneous students along the way who gave her more. I guess that hallway doesn’t lead directly into the aquatic centre. WHICH. McKinley you’re a lot more loaded than you make yourselves out to be. Srsly.

And you know, when the song started I face palmed a little. Because I thought, ‘Oh no.. Glee is doing that thing where they’re trying to use a dance song for a big emotional moment and it’s going to fail.’ BUT THEN. IT WAS FOR A FUCKING SYNCHRONISED SWIMMING ROUTINE WHICH WAS BEYOND ANYTHING I HAD EVER IMAGINED. It was fucking over the top and ridiculous and AMAZING. And I have to give major props to the Glee cast because christ. I don’t know if TV has ever seen an entire cast of 20-somethings be as talented as these bunch of kids across the board. Acting, singing, dancing and now…synchronised swimming. Just. My babies. 8-.

And Will went away to change into a freaking ridiculous white tuxedo completely with top hat. And WILL. You’re so lame and dorky and I love you forever? I don’t care what anyone says.

And the proposal was SO good. I mean, how many times have you seen proposals on television and they ALWAYS SAY THE SAME DAMN THING? I’m not trying to say it was the most beautiful, original thing I’ve ever heard in my life, but it was completely Will and more importantly it was completely Will/Emma.

“The first time I held this hand, it felt like I’d held it a million times before. Like somehow, it’s always been here. Life is messy. It just is. And I… I know that’s hard for you, but that’s why you have me… to balance things out. But you have to realize, you do that for me, too. Every day. Loving you and being loved by you makes everything better.”

Probably my favourite part is when Will talks about how much Emma does for him. Which is why I hated ‘Fix You’ so much, because it just felt like Will was the saviour (REMEMBER WHEN THEY WERE ALL DRESSED IN WHITE?? D: ) and Emma was just some damsel in distress, like they weren’t on an equal playing field. But that’s never been what Wemma has been about, so I’m really happy they touched on that in his speech.

And their shiny bright happy faces? And all of the kids, Will’s family, watching along, and the red box and she’s sitting in the lifeguard chair and he jumped into the water fully clothed and and and she said yes and he held up her hand like a boxer who had just won a fight and Rachel throws her fist up in the background?

This show. Is amazing.

Sophy says: Way to make up for being a jerk! I mean as epic proposals go, this was pretty darn epic.

I love that everybody is giving Emma a rose, because it seems like a kind of shout it from the rooftops thing, and creates this feeling of acceptance and approval from her peers – OCD does not define her, she is a beautiful, wonderful woman and everyone in this school is going to smile on her as a wife, as a mother, as a woman.

(And Bieste and Sue should totally be her bridesmaids on the actual day, I’m just saying.)

I’d actually never heard the song before, because I try to avoid listening to the radio at all costs in case I end up like an Enrique Iglesias song or something like that. But I, like Rin, was side-eyeing the boppy dance vibe a bit, until BAM. SYNCHRONISED SWIMMING. LIKE. IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO BE PROPOSED TO? SUITORS TAKE NOTE?

And I can see why they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get that refrain happening – we found love in a hopeless place. It really does make the point, doesn’t it?

And I agree wholeheartedly with Rin, the real kicker for me was when Will said you do that for me too. Because Emma’s illness may cause pain and angst, but Emma the person causes the opposite, always, religiously and relentlessly. She has been there for Will through so much, has talked him down from the edge so many times, has been the voice of reason and all the love and support he needs to keep forging ahead. Everything he has been for her – she’s been for him twofold. And it’s nice to see that acknowledged.

Just as it’s nice to have the Glee kids involved. Often New Directions are shoe-horned into scenes where they really don’t belong – eg. Finn and Kurt’s parents’ wedding. But here it felt organic. So much of why and how and when Will and Emma love each other is about loving these kids. It’s only fitting that they should be there for the big moment.

I may recover from Will in a white suit and top hat walking on water, by the way. It’s everything that’s wrong with him and everything that’s right with him at the same time.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

We just. Kurt/Rachel. 8-.

Rin says: They’re rivalling my love for favourite friendship on the show right now.

Sophy says: Well… what happens if Faberry decide to bounce?

Rin says: Well as it stands, they better hope they bounce together whilst clutching hands and wearing swimsuits.

Sophy says: Perve.


Rophy Says No!

Let’s stop pretending there’s even a choice Mercedes.

Rin says: Maybe Shane is an outstanding guy, I don’t know, we don’t see much of him. But this thing with Sam is so clearly not over yet in the way Mercedes keeps saying, no..no..YES :*)

So let’s not delay this any longer, okay Glee? Mercedes/Sam now please.

Sophy says: IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. But I can barely even get that angry because I know that it will :)

Shane is not an outstanding guy. Shane has been given no personality outside of turning Mercedes against her friends. There’s nothing worse than being relegated to the ‘character we don’t know and never will’ place in terms of your ship, and I was really sad when they seemed to be doing that to Amber. So I’m thrilled that Sam is back and intent in his pursuit of his lady love. NOW CAN WE JUST HURRY UP AND GET TO THE SMOOCHIES AND STOP PRETENDING THIS IS EVEN A CONTEST?


Head In Hands

New Directions – Summer Nights

Rin says: OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I cannot. In Australia, you grow up with Grease or you don’t grow up at all. So. This was was just plain amazing. The guys were phenomenal on the bleachers, as were the girls in the cafeteria. This brought back that feeling from the very first episode when they did You’re The One That I Want, but when they replicated the extremely cheesy overlay at the end my heart exploded. Simply wonderful.

And Rachel’s faces.

Always Rachel’s faces.

Sophy says: Just when I thought I couldn’t approve of Samcedes more they go and do this. Like Rin said, you just don’t make it through a childhood round these parts without Grease, and if you’re me, you don’t make it through a childhood without many, many hours spent wearing a dressing gown, floating sheets of paper in water, and belting out Hopelessly Devoted just loud enough for the kids next door to laugh at you.

So. There’s that. Then there’s Rachel’s faces. Then there’s the fact that I’m not even one of those people who thinks Sugar is awesome, because I don’t really think much about Sugar at all… but even I loved her Like does he have a car? And also Rachel’s faces. And Santana kicking people off benches. And Quinn’s yellow coat. And Brittany’s epic thrust. And Rachel and the faces :-j

Meanwhile can we talk about the sheer genius of explaining away your giant whole-relationship-sized plothole with a sneaky-adorable homage to one of the greatest musicals of all time, in which Over the summer…

In conclusion, Sam and Mercedes are the cutest, shiniest and generally best Danny and Sandy since Olivia and John.

(And Rachel’s faces are the best faces since Rachel’s faces.)

Rin says: Grease 8-.

Did you always have the Grease megamix play at dances/formals? And everyone’s favourite part is the end, niiiiiiiiiighhhhhtttssssssssss.

Good times 8-.

Sophy says: I hope one day Glee classics will play with obnoxious frequency at all school balls.


Rin says: I can’t with how gorgeous this was.

I am such a sucker for a good flashback, and this completely worked for me. I blew up like Aunt Marge when they showed Brittana’s because it was so understated and beautiful and oh my god I loved it so much. And for some reason it really touched me because it was this moment of, Rachel’s is a guy, Tina’s is a guy, Santana’s is a girl, and it was just.. you don’t blink an eye. You see Santana and you see Brittany and things couldn’t be more normal.

When they first showed Rachel’s I just about broke my keyboard because I thought it was an actual scene from 101, but it was just that they dressed Rachel in the same clothes she wore in the first episode. And it’s this kind of attention to detail that makes me die a little on the inside.

Sophy says: This song was absolutely a;sdkfj;lsdkgj beautiful and in most other episodes it would have been best song. Because. God it’s a lovely song, and god it was wonderful hearing all four girls’ voices blending together like that at the endand seeing them all perched there, gorgeous and spotlit and sleek-black-dressed. Perfect.

I loved all the parts. ALL OF THEM. But I think my favourite was Santana’s, partly because I think these luxuriant, emotional numbers showcase Naya’s voice so beautifully, and also because that flashback was oh my god adorable. It’s something about the simplicity of it, you know? Just that moment, when you know this person is going to be important, and the only thing you can’t quite put your finger on is how… yet. And to be honest that’s why Tina and Mike’s flashback was the one that worked the least well, in my opinion – because it wasn’t anything resembling a first time – unless they were out jogging and ran into each other and fell onto that picnic rug and they thought it was really funny so they were laughing and meanwhile whose picnic are they crashing, and is there turkey in the hamper?

Come to think of it, they probably should have done a switcheroo on the flashbacks and had Brittana be the ones on that rug, seeing as Santana sings The first time ever I laid with you… but whatever, okay. I wouldn’t give up that little locker moment for the world. Because the expression on Naya’s face takes my breath away, and it’s also probably my favourite non-random Brittany moment ever. Because she’s just perfectly mischievous and innocent at the same time, and Santana is just as perfectly unsettled and peaceful at the same time.


Also Lea Michele’s tears make me want to run around the room screaming, which, in case it’s unclear, is a good thing.


Most Rophy

“It’s because I’m white, right?”

Rin says: 9 times out of 10 I always feel like it’s because I’m white. :(

Sophy says: And the other time out of ten it’s because I’m not white enough.


Quinn Glory Shot




Sophy says: We’ll have to go into hibernation.

Can you plan murders whilst in hibernation?

Rin says: Speaking of murder. Can I just say how much I loved hearing that Rachel Berry will continue to be on Glee? I’m just really not ready to say goodbye to her just yet, so that was some very good news to hear. I’m just hoping they don’t do some elaborate hammy-plot in doing so.

Oh and yeah, the murder part comes into play if they don’t keep Dianna Agron (if she still wants the job?) on. I may never stop caps locking on twitter if they let her go.

34 Responses

  1. Anna
    Anna at · Reply

    Santana and Rachel can and should duet forever.
    (…your choice as to whether or not the sexual pun is intended.)

  2. Snicky / ixke
    Snicky / ixke at · Reply

    Okay ! GLAD I’m not the only one that thought the Tina/Mike flashback really didn’t work. As you said: what – they just ran across each other & fell on that blanket?

    They could’ve at least changed the lyrics with Santana’s … Or just give the entire song to Santana <3
    her voice was sooooooo …. excuse me: IS sooooooo epic!
    Who would've thought, at the first season, that Santana would become such a star?

    That Brittana flashback was SO simple that it proved everybody that ships it right. How much does it take for the actresses to get that moment right? Really wonderful!

    Oh – and : where the hell were Quinn & Brittany this episode? I mean: give them at least a line? (that 1 line that Quinn had to say didn't even count)

    One little question for you guys: whyyyyyyy doesn't Rophy have a screencap of Brittana holding hands during Without You? ;)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      As much as I liked the Sugar moment in Summer Nights, I did kind of think that back in the day that would have been Britt’s little moment :(

      AND YOU’LL HAVE TO ASK RIN. At least I mentioned it? Right? That counts for something????

  3. Sanji
    Sanji at · Reply

    I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I think it’s the first one that I’ve truly loved since the first 13. You know the only reason I watch Glee nowdays it’s Finchel (well, Rachel and Finn, seperately is fine too but together it’s 1000x better) but this had so much more!

    I used to love Wemma and then S2 came and I hated them both but their scenes here? They reminded me so much of S1 Wemma and why I loved them and I couldn’t be happier. Jayma was amazing, she’s such an incredible actress.

    I still don’t buy Sam/Mercedes. I’ve always liked Sam, although this season is much better, and I don’t care about Mercedes anymore, but Summer Nights was great. It’s risky to do this numbers because they’re not just singing a song, they’re playing a part too – RHP was awful, but this was amazing. It’s comforting to know that Glee can still nail it if it wants too.

    And now Finchel. I love Rachel, I love Finn and I love them together. I’ll try to be as brief as possible and not get too much into the ship (I hate discussing ships, it’s silly), but I feel like it’s much more about the characters and their journey rather than a beautiful (I loved Finn’s proposal more than Will’s, and if anyone has any doubt about Finn loving Rachel, he just needs to see that) scene.
    I want Rachel to say yes. Rachel is ambition, I agree 110% with you. So why can’t she have both? Finn will follow her wherever she goes and there’s no doubt about it, we’ve seen how supportive he is of her carreer and how much he believes in her. I think Finn rushed to propose in a moment of desperation, but I don’t think he’d never thought about it before. He should have waited and I don’t think they should get married right away, but I’m convinced Finn was already thinking about Rachel as the one she’d grow up with. Is she too big for him? Probably, he’s an average joe and she’s certanly not, but he’s also been her loudest fan and most solid rock. I have no doubt he’ll be no obstacle to her future – so why not walk that path with the one she loves?
    …that and I’m a desperate shipper.

    AND NEXT TIME MORE QUINN. She had, like, one line. That’s just inexcusable.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      aw, Sanji, I sympathise, I do. I can’t agree that they should get married but you know, maybe I’d feel differently if they were my OTP. Whatever happens, they got some beautiful moments in this ep!

  4. Me
    Me at · Reply

    Oh God. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in ages as when Artie tipped into the pool. Oh, Artie. Normally, he annoys me this episode but I hearted him.

    Hell, normally, Will, Finn, and half the cast annoy me but this episode, I hearted them all.

    One of the best Glee episodes ever.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      HAHAHA I KNOW RIGHT. I’m on and off Artie, but I was definitely on him in this ep. And he was adorable in the proposal scene.

  5. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    Yes about Wemma. I was kind of wondering if she was still in therapy or taking medication, so it looks like yes. So that’s good.

    Also I have to wonder, does Will not have adult friends?


    Omg Samcedes stop pretending that Shane is even relevant because he can GTFO

    Also Blainer’s swan queen dive into the pool. YOU’RE SO LAME BLAINERS.

    Can you guys please explaien why Taylor Swift is Eponine and not Lea Michele? Like my brain is not computing.

    Yes, I liked Without You too, even though it was not the Rent version, and also, I just saw Rent for the first time, I had shamefully never seen the stage version or the movie version, I saw it with my friend on Broadway in NYC this past weekend, and I TOTALLY GET IT NOW AND WHY DID I NEVER WATCH ANY KIND OF RENT BEFORE. (We also saw Mr. Darren Criss in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and that was also just fantastic. It was like an entire musical of Christmas episode Blaine, aka being super lame/awesome. And I think I just want to BE Bud Frump because Christopher Hanke.)

    Also, the drug thing with Finn’s dad is giving me all the tears because of Cory’s real life past drug problems and oh god that must have been a tough storyline and ;__; CORY

    But NO TO RACHEL’S ACCEPTANCE. Them getting married is not OK. I have a feeling she’ll maybe accept and then decline? IDK. I’m interested in what next season will hold because they’re both staying on. Still wondering what their trick for keeping most of the characters on is going to be, they keep calling it “revolutionary”.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


      And I’m so glad you’ve discovered your love for Rent. Omfg.

      And um, as for Rachel and the proposal… if I were writing the show I’d have her say no precisely because she and Finn are staying for s4. They can’t just have them be all ‘la la la happy couple’ for another 1.5 seasons, it’d get beyond stale.

      1. Sanji
        Sanji at · Reply

        I promise that’s the last thing I’ll say about it but whenever people say “la la la happy couple” is stale, I always think of Jim/Pam from the Office. They’ve been together for 4 years now (got together in s4 and married in s6 and now we’re in s8): they’re perfectly happy, no drama whatsoever, and they aren’t boring at all. I’d say if they do it and get the relationship drama out of the way, they’d have more time to develop them as individuals. I’m thinking MerDer too: I hated them for 4 seasons but the moment they got rid ex-wives, cheating, secret boyfriends and got married they finally became interesting. Now I love them.

        All shut it now, for reals.

        1. Mad
          Mad at · Reply

          I love Jim/Pam! Yes, it seems TV writers seem to be bad at keeping couples that stay together interesting, but it can be done! I mean look at Taylors on Friday Night Lights. I LOVE TAMI TAYLOR SO MUUUUCH.

          Seriously though, I’ve been in a relationship for over three years and there are plenty of problems that they rarely cover. And my problems have never included breaking up or cheating or any kind of love triangle. Which seems to often be TV writers’ idea of relationship conflict–“let’s make it a love triangle!”

  6. Vanilla
    Vanilla at · Reply

    All I remember of the Finn proposal scene was me just shouting ‘NO NO, DEAR GOD RACHEL SAY NO.’

    Admittedly, part of that was the Faberry shipper in me, but it just seemed like an awful reason to propose to someone – he has no plans for the future (I’m assuming the revelation about his dad made him reconsider the army) and the one thing he’s held on to all his life (his dad being a hero) was a lie, so now it just seems like he’s just using Rachel as a solution to all this to make the future alright for him again rather than doing it because he loves her.

    Like you guys said, he needs to figure himself and his issues out before he can seriously consider marriage.

    Also, Helen Mirren saying Booyah, I just can’t even. It was brilliant. There were tears of joy.

    Rather than laughing when Artie tipped in the pool though, I was just like ‘Can he swim? Isn’t that dangerous?’ Though many laughs were had when I saw him on the floaty-lounger thing.

    Nene Leaks was love, I agree with you in hoping she comes back.

  7. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    I dunno you guys, part of me wants to shake some bread at you. This episode was a perfect example of how awesome Glee is but how bogged down it gets in it’s need to appeal to tweens and really young kids. Finn is a completely different character from the pilot, I’m not sure there’s anything good left in him, sorry, and he’s turned Rachel Berry into some one completely different too. To be honest, they’ve turned her character into one who would definitely say yes to Finn. HE SAT RIGHT NEXT TO HER AND SAID HE HAD NOTHING SPECIAL IN HIS LIFE. Then he wanted to “recreate” their first date, (WHILE HE WAS STILL WITH QUINN) but was basically too lazy to actually do it (I couldn’t find the cups so I did nothing, it’s just so Finn). THEN he said he doesn’t listen to her, or zones out when she talks AGAIN, and then he proposed to her.
    Part of me actually thinks it sneaky Ryan Murphy genius, Glee was meant to be a show about losers, but then they’ve clearly veered away from that, so maybe he’s trying to steer back to it, good luck Rachel, hahaha?
    I like that you guys are so certain they’ll break up, it’s even funnier to think about what life would be like if when Rachel goes to New York and makes it she stays with Finn. Imagine she gets cast in Spring Awakening, and she has to be half naked with some dude on stage every night, Finn isn’t at all possessive or controlling, it’ll all work out great! Maybe they will find a way to write themselves out of the hole but I don’t really see it happen. Dianna already wrote the ending anyway that time some journalist asked her what she thought about Rachel and Quinn, and she said well you see people like that and then ten years later you see them walking down the street together with babies. (If you haven’t seen it I’ll find it!)

    I did love the Becky stuff, cried at the end of it, and Sugar and her skinny legs thing was so classic Glee, completely inappropriate and hilarious. Poor Will, he really has no friends, the Will/Finn stuff was kind of painful, there’s got to be a part of Ryan Murphy that wants Will and Finn to run off together, and the four adults telling Finn about his Dad in school was really weird. Also, I just love how Finn took it, his Dad was obviously really messed up, but no, he’s just sees a loser and a possible future for him, really nice. (I do feel sorry for Cory though, Lea has said loads of times before that the RIBs will take anything they can from the kids personal lives and turn it into a story, at least they didn’t actually do it to Finn I suppose)

    I think the swim coach has some scenes with Sue, Jane Lynch said they were rivals, but you never know with Glee, sometimes they get ideas but then they forget or get distracted.

  8. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    Oh yeah, and I LOVED the songs, (Calvin Harris & Lea Michele is like DREAM TEAM, one step closer to them working together, I WILL DIE OF HAPPINESS when it happens) I loved the wedding hats, and I LOVED when they read the whiteboard, super lolsy, can’t believe you guys didn’t put that in!

  9. Annie
    Annie at · Reply

    Alert & alarmed about Finn teaching Will how to be a man. Creepy. Love love loved the pool scene, though that’s probably mostly down to those gorgeous togs.
    Have they forgotten Quinn is in the show & not an extra? It pains me.

    Also, as an Australian, I spent 7 seasons of The West Wing waiting for Stockard Channing to starting singing “There are worse things I could do, than go with a boy or two…..” Oh, Rizzo.

  10. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Oh my poor Faberry/Achele shipping heart. I want Dianna to stay so bad just so I can see her every week and yet,… I want her to be free of the insane writers on this show.

    She should just blow something up and laugh maniacally while wearing plaid anything. Yes. More Quinn always more QUINN!!!

    Welcome back!

  11. anon
    anon at · Reply

    The lyrics though! Rachel gets “first time ever I saw your face” so she actually gets the first time seeing e/o. Tina/Mike’s isn’t a first time, but that’s cause the lyrics they correspond to are “and the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave so it has a corresponding moon/stars bit, not a first time. Brittana’s is “first time ever I lay with you” aka sex. :P Not the first time they met. And Samcedes’ is, obviously, first kiss~

    1. anon
      anon at · Reply

      gifts you gave”*

    2. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Where were the moon and the stars? Idk.

  12. sad
    sad at · Reply


    PS SO PSYCHED FOR YOUR CAPS OF TONIGHT’S SHOW oh shit it was so good so many great screen cap / gif potention

  13. christina
    christina at · Reply

    “This is what you get..you know..this incomplete person with toothbrushes and rubber gloves and.. with so much love for you.” can i just say that besides faberry and brittana, wemma was like one of my favorite ships from day one? i absolutely love emma’s character and i hated that it took so long for them to get together, but they’re so good together. like so so good and perfect and love at first sight amazing. and to put my two sense in on achele, if you look at lea’s foot on the raft where she is sitting in front of dianna…and yep, always touching and that translates to perfection with faberry. i have a sinking feeling when we see them in episode 12, there won’t be much touching at all. unless the writers decide to write it in anyway to make them remember why it was they loved touching so much, which will lead to many happy faberry fans.

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