309 — Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Best Song

Kurt & Blaine – Let It Snow

Sophy says: This is one of my favourite performances in all of Glee, and not just because I’m a Klaine shipper – although I do become more and more and more of a Klaine shipper with every passing episode, I can’t deny. But I think I would have been head-in-handsing all over this stuff regardless, because it was just so clever and so beautifully executed and so hilarious and sweet and black and white and gay and all the good things?

I mean look at those caps above. Just look at them and tell me you don’t feel better about yourself and the world. I dare you.

I loved how the whole piece was just brimming with repressed gay googly-eyes, along the lines of “Oh, it’s the 50s, so we just happen to be singing about keeping each other warm with our mouths and stuff, but really, we’re “best friends and holiday roommates,” honest to goodness we are.” So adorable. I also thought it was one of the most brilliantly executed routines the show has given us. I think Darren and Chris’ voices blend beautifully, and whilst the choreography was snappy, the dancing itself was very relaxed – both of them seemed completely physically loose and natural, very at home, it you will. It was sort of like the whole routine was sort of just happening to them, rather than having a ‘Here’s something we prepared earlier’ vibe. No stress, no drama, just a little effortless sparkle, because basically the two of them together are living, breathing Christmas lights.

And Kurt’s little kick on ‘And I’ve brought some corn for poppin”? Blaine’s smile at the camera right after? The way they looked out the window and saw us and came to the door all bashful-eager apologies and introductions? These are a few of my –

More on that later :)

Anyway. Completely witty and completely wonderful. And so perfect for Kurt and Blaine – I guess the writers loved ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ as much as I did, because this definitely felt like a throwback to that performance. And I wouldn’t mind being thrown back to that more often to be honest. I love Blaine so much more when he’s never ever singing Pink again.

Rin says: Whenever I’m watching Glee I’m always choosing categories in the back of my mind, (unless you’re 308 and there was too much amazing to have any coherent thoughts..) and when this song started I definitely got the ‘OMFG BEST SONG’ vibe. These two always sound amazing together, to the point where I can even listen to Perfect nowadays and not want to stuff my ears full of clay.

And yes, it was a total ode to Baby It’s Cold Outside with their prancing about. Except this time they’re together and even more adorable and dancing around their own ~home. It was gorgeous.

You know what else is awesome? That Blaine pretty much didn’t have to put on a show to be lame and cheesy because he already is all the time. It was wonderful.

Sophy says: SEE THAT’S THE THING. Being this lame and adorable was effortless for Blaine, because it’s so close to the person he actually is on a day-to-day basis. And I feel like you could say the same for Rachel Berry, and I think that might be why I adore it when they perform together. They are both intrinsically, unashamedly ironic human beings. In the sense of being made of irony because they are entirely without irony. It’s a paradox that makes perfect sense in my head.

Rachel & Mercedes – My Favorite Things

Sophy says: Pretty much from the moment I was introduced to Rachel Berry it has been a dream of mine to see her sing ‘My Favourite Things’ in black and white.

She did not disappoint. No. She went and fucking added white gloves into the mix. Because she is fucking amazing.


Honestly, after ‘Let It Snow’ I didn’t think they could possibly make this whole high camp 1950s TV special deal any better. IT’S LIKE I FORGOT THAT RACHEL BERRY EXISTS?

I swear when she and Mercedes came in the door I literally wanted to jump up and down (I couldn’t, I was on a plane, I am small, but it still would have been awkward.)

Perhaps I should have clutched like Rachel. Or swung my fist adorably like Mercedes. I DON’T KNOW, SO MANY OPTIONS.

But yes, as far as I’m concerned everything about this was perfect, right down to the fact that Mercedes was a little less of a natural at the corny retro vibe than the other three, because, well, she would be. And you know, I’ve heard some people saying it’s ridiculous that she’s there, because she’s not friends with Kurt and Rachel anymore and she was never friends with Blaine or something etcetera. Well a) this is a choreographed piece, and it’s up to Artie who’s in it. And b) She is friends with Rachel and Kurt and Blaine. This is Glee okay? We’re never going to get long subtle arcs building deep and nuanced friendships unless it’s Faberry, okay?

But really, a lot of the time these kids just sing it out and you kind of have to go with it. I went with it. I fully buy that Mercedes’ relationship with the New Directions has been mended by a combination of song and a mutual leap of faith. And you know, the fact that the relationship between has been damaged, is precisely why I love that she’s at the door with Rachel. It seems like the kids have already worked out their differences, but I feel like I needed this Kurt/Rachel/Mercedes rebonding time as a viewer. 

Meanwhile can I say again how everything about Lea Michele was perfect? From the way she looked dead at the camera with her very best startled expression, to her adorable ‘Hello’ to television, to the the amazing cheesy goodness of her “We’re not prepared! We’re not prepared!” Lea really nailed Rachel really nailing the self-conscious repetition, faux-humility and unbridled camera-gazing. It was amazing to watch.

Also there was something especially adorable about the way Blaine sang the line about liking snow on his eyelashes. I don’t even know.

Rin says: Just. The whole intro to this song was FREAKING AMAZING and HILARIOUS. “We’re not prepared, we’re not prepared!” and then, “Well there is a little something that we’ve been working on.” So perfect.

And then when she just segways perfectly from speech into song. Glorious.

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT RACHEL BERRY CANNOT DO. And I’m still really really REALLY angry that Lea Michele didn’t get nominated for a Golden Globe. Those fuckers. She better get nominated for an Emmy.. but I doubt it. If Zooey gets nominated for an Emmy and Lea doesn’t, then I don’t even know.


This song was perfect, and I LOVED Mercedes in it too. She was hilarious, and it’s very rare that Mercedes/Amber gets to do comedy that isn’t throwing insults or ‘hell, no!’  So I was really happy to see Amber get a chance to do something that Mercedes usually never does. PLUS, I THINK SHE’S STOPPED BEING A BITCH. SO, WIN/WIN???

Also, her final fist pump had me GASPING FOR AIR. It’s just, the best, ever. Just looking at the cap brings a :D to my face.

Sophy says: YES. You see this is what I’ve wanted for Amber for some time now: a real challenge. We already know what she does sassy and strong brilliantly, now I want to see what else she can do. And I’m talking in terms of Mercedes’ performances, but also in terms of Amber’s – and that’s where I think her first real romance on the show will be so great to watch. I have a feeling Sam will get us to see the softer side of Mercedes, and I’ll be right here, waiting, with my corn for poppin’.


Biggest LOL

“Can I be honest with you, Stumbles, Gelfling, young Burt Reynolds?”

Sophy says: Okay so ‘Wheels, Porcelain, Other Gay’ was awesome enough, and such a great throwback to ‘Other Asian’ in season one… but then she had to follow it up with Stumbles, Gelfling, young Burt Reynolds… and I couldn’t.

Blaine’s face was comedy gold. His bewildered/hurt expression and then the little smile when he decides he’s actually getting a compliment? I had to cover my mouth with my hand for fear of embarrassing myself with too much giggle in a confined space.


I JUST. He’s so pleased =)) =))

Also another thing I absolutely died at was this:

“Last Christmas was super sad. Kurt was at another school, Coach Sylvester trashed everything, and Artie got a pair of magic legs that broke the next day.”


I JUST. I CAN’T. =))

Tina has never made me laugh so hard before. And the best thing about it is that as soon as she said that, this popped into my head.


Sophy says: OH CHRIST. THAT WAS SO HILARIOUS I DON’T. I love that they can poke fun at themselves when they know they’ve been fucking stupid.

And oh my god Brittany/Artie was the worst thing apart from Puck/Lauren and Holliday.

Also, it’s a tiny thing but I absolutely loved “Who told you? Kurt?” “No!” “Yes.” The rapid-fire delivery was spectacular.

Oh and:

“Are you saying I’m not invited to Kurt and Blaine’s for Christmas?”

That’s exactly how we would have felt. In fact we do feel that way. Where’s our invitation, guys? What’s that? You’re fictional characters?! We’re fucking cartoons!! Grow up!!


Best Scene

The Glee Holiday Spectacular

Sophy says: You didn’t think we’d stop at doubling up on best song did you? No. We have to give love to all the parts of the black and white giddy Christmas wonder. I only wish it could have been longer. Really, as far as I’m concerned, a whole episode of this would be awesome.



Oh and while we’re on the subject, I’ve heard that some people are upset about Jesus muscling in on the episode, because Rachel and Puck are Jewish and Kurt’s an atheist and they don’t like religion on their TV and whatever. But here’s the thing. It’s a Christmas episode. I don’t care how many times you want to tell me that Christmas is about candy canes to you, it’s never going to make it okay to hijack what was, is, and always will be a Christian holiday. That’s not to say I disapprove of non-believers celebrating Christmas. If I did there’d be no presents under the tree for me and I would be so angry. But I think if you’re going to play with the tinsel, you should at least be able to be benign about a very brief, very pertinent Christian message getting through in the meantime.

The reason why Rachel, Puck and Kurt all listen to Rory’s story and are moved by it is not because they’re being converted via the means of bible-bashing. It’s because the message matters to them. The bit about baby Jesus and the angels and sheep and whatnot? For a lot of people, including Mercedes and Rory, it’s very real and very meaningful. For other people, it’s just wrapping. You can strip that off and throw it away. It’s what’s inside that counts.

In the immortal words of Bollo the gorilla, it’s not the peel, it’s the ‘nana.

Having said that. Whilst I didn’t mind Jesus being included, I do think it was on the nose that, in contrast, the only concession to Rachel being a Jew was a quick ‘Happy Hanukkah’ at the end. And the only concession to Puck being a Jew was… nothing.

I do believe that Puck would play along, in the halfhearted way he did, in order to be involved in the commercial, so that’s not really a problem for me. He wasn’t really featured in the episode apart from that, so I can just say to myself that he had Chinese on Christmas Day like usual and spent the rest of his time lighting candles. But Rachel… Rachel seriously got into the Christmas spirit. I mean, she was front and center with the whole yuletide storyline. And even that I don’t mind – because I do believe that Rachel would be really into the drama and excitement of it all, and besides, her boyfriend is a Christian. But the thing is, when I think of just how ludicrously easy it would have been to entwine her actual faith into the storyline, I cringe at the fact that they clearly didn’t even bother to try.

On a more positive note, since this isn’t the Rophy says no category, god. I also absolutely loved the credits for the commercial. “Mike Chang and Tina Cohen-Chang no relation!” made me laugh and laugh. And ARTIE’S FACE WHEN HE TURNED AROUND. OMG IT WAS SO LOLS.

Rin says: This whole thing was made exceptionally special for all the Rachel Berry it offered. There wasn’t a single thing she did during the segment that I wasn’t in awe over. Just the way she moved, and reacted and over-dramatised everything was sublime. And again I’m forced to be angry at Lea Michele getting snubbed for a Globe. SERIOUSLY.

I agree with Finn/Lightsaber being hilarious. His stupid face the entire time was gold, and completely Finn — and just, the way he waved the lightsaber around because he had no idea what to do with it. Christ.

The black and white was lovely too. It reminded me of when they did Vogue, and weren’t those some good times? 8-. EVERYBODY ALWAYS LOOKS BETTER IN BLACK AND WHITE 8-.

Sophy says: Lea Michele should get a golden globe nomination every year. No wait, every episode. No wait every face.

Not the best scene, but not the worst either.

Sophy says: Okay, I’m not a Finchel girl. I don’t think I will ever be a Finchel girl. But I still couldn’t help being pleasantly surprised by this scene. I cringed, you guys, when he said he’d gotten her a star. Because it’s so fucking done. As in I literally think I’ve seen it done sometime in the recent past and although I can’t put my finger on which show it was, I do know I wanted to punch it in the face. So I was ready to punch this in the face too.

But then they went and surprised me, with the little switcheroo. I know it’s kind of lols that Finn named the star after himself, and that he used the phrase “looking down on you”. If you’re a Finn hater you can have a field day with both those things and I will always support your right to do so. But the thought behind the lols was terribly sweet and sort of sad.

There is one thing I can confidently say I like about Rachel and Finn’s relationship and that is that he believes in her and the big future she has coming to her. And him saying there was already a star named Rachel Berry and she shone brighter than any of the others? I can’t. It’s syrup, but it’s syrup on pancakes with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. You can’t say no to that.

And then there’s the sad part. Now if I’m wrong about this I’ll be bummed, because I really, really like this scene if it’s what I think it is. And what I think it is is the presaging of the end for Finn and Rachel. Because I got this little pang in my chest when Finn acknowledged that they’d be apart soon – that his role in her life would change from every day smoochy-happy tinsel-wrappy boyfriend, to long-lost observer,  loving everything she will be from afar.

And just. That’s the way it has to end for these two. However sweet they may at times have been, to me they’ve always very clearly been a relationship with an expiration date. And I think there’s such a poignancy in that. So much so that when the end of high school comes and they squeeze each other’s hands and let go for the last time? I might actually start shipping it.

I am a perverse creature.

Rin says: You know, I was actually caught COMPLETELY off-guard with this scene. And it was at the ‘I named a star after you!’ bit — because as many times as we’ve seen this and heard about people doing this.. none of it has happened to RACHEL BERRY before. And what is the absolute first thing we ever learned about Rachel? She’s a fucking star, and metaphors are important. So I completely felt the weight of this moment, because I felt it for Rachel. And Rachel Berry is the fucking best, okay?

And then I’m in two minds about Finn naming the star after himself. Because on one-hand it’s sweet that he tried to do something a little different, and on the other hand… he named a star after himself =)) SERIOUSLY FINN HUDSON. ONLY YOU WOULD NAME A STAR AFTER YOURSELF =)) The douche. 8-.

But I totally get what you’re saying Sophy. Because it really did feel like it was the beginning of the end of Finchel. And I agree that if they go down the very bitter sweet path, I might find myself actually caring for them like I remember doing so in season 1.

Plus you know, he ended up getting the expensive earrings after selling his letterman jacket on eBay. The guy cares, okay?


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment


Sophy says: AMAZING. I actually really, really, really enjoyed this number and I can’t quite figure out why. Heather’s voice isn’t that impressive, and I can’t say it’s a song I’d want to put on my ipod… but somehow the performance was just fabulously surreal and it really worked for me.

Plus I could watch this all day:


Rin says: The whole time this routine was going on I was just thinking about how impressed I am with the girls learning how to do the ribbon work. I can hardly imagine any of that is easy to learn, so major props to them. It especially looked awesome in black and white, because it’s all about the movement and synchronisation when you can’t hide behind the pretty colours.

And Heather makes the most hilarious faces.

Sophy says: If this is anything like working with a shawl in flamenco, it’s bloody hard to do this well and with such a large group. Kudos, Santa-cheerios!


Rophy Says No!

“Holy crap, I’m dating Kim Kardashian.”

Sophy says: No, you’re not, Finn. Shut up.

It doesn’t matter how many presents Rachel asks for, or how much sudden interest she may have in spray tans. She is not and will never be Kim Kardashian.

The end thank you.

Okay not the end. I’m going to say a wider no to Rachel’s characterization in this episode. I’m not going to say I got really angry about it, because the episode was too cute for me to be too angry about anything much. But she was out of character. I may be mistaken, but I don’t remember Rachel ever being particularly materialistic – at least not to the extent that it’s frankly nauseating and therefore somewhat hilarious. Rachel is ridiculous about a lot of things, but I would never have thought of “bling” as being one of them – least of all trying to extract it from Finn, who she knows doesn’t have a lot of money. The thing is that there are countless other ways she could have gone over the top in this episode, and the fact that they settled for making her Kim Kardashian, just screams “I AM A LAZY WRITER WHO DOESN’T CARE.”

I mean, it’s all good, I won’t let it touch my feelings for Rachel. I know it’s a one-time glitch. But the bottom line is that characters shouldn’t be abused in service of the plot – and certainly not in service of a lame-ass cliche of a plot about realizing how presents suck and you just want to help the homeless at Christmas.

Come on.

I love this episode. I do. But 95% of that is down the charm of the actors and the flawless way they pulled off the commercial. The plot is a different matter. If I could, I would rewrite pretty much the whole episode, because as it is it is just lop-sided and sloppy, in terms of plot and characterization. I mean, I’m the biggest Rachel fan around, and I’m not a Finchel hater, but even I felt like the whole episode was weighted too heavily towards them. It was like Rachel and Finn were the turkey and the rest of the kids were just stuffing. And that sucks.

And yes, I’ve since found out that what it came down to was that the episode was way overlong and oodles of Christmassy shippy goodness had to be cut. Whatever. One of the major challenges of writing for TV is being able to construct your story to fit an allotted time-frame. “They edited me” is not an excuse. And in fact, knowing that Kurt was supposed to receive a romantic gift from Blaine, that Will and Emma were supposed to share a moment, that Santana was supposed to sing Santa Baby in a shopping mall, no doubt complete with fantasy sequence costume changes and general glorious slinkiness…

It just adds insult to injury to know how close we came to all that awesomeness only to have it snatched away. :(

And you know, it wasn’t just the plot that was Rachel-heavy. The song distribution was lop-sided too. Mercedes got two musical moments, so did Blaine. And I really don’t feel that it was necessary to have Rachel do a solo on top of her duet and her part in the commercial – and I say that as someone who has been frothing at the mouth all season waiting for a fucking Rachel solo. And as a huge fan of Joni Mitchell.

And yet I couldn’t give that performance best song. And that’s not because Lea didn’t do an amazing job, because she did. She did Joni justice in a way that no other cast member would have been able to. But the thing is that the song didn’t fit her character at all. Let’s face it, an in-character Rachel would never have shown up with something so introspective and morose – she would have been on the same page as Artie about the jingle bells angle from the get-go. And then on a thematic level, there is nothing happening in Rachel’s life right now that remotely reflects what she’s singing about. And I mean, I really don’t need the lyrics to match up literally, because I actually find that gross and corny. But I do tend to rate the performances most highly when the vibe of them jives with the character’s situation. Here, the sorrow of the piece was so at odds with Rachel as a person that it was actually jarring to watch. And in fact, when Rachel sang “I wish I had a river I could skate away on” and the camera cut to Quinn, looking on all melancholy, I immediately thought ‘She’s the one who should be singing this song’. And okay, I’m under no illusions about Dianna’s ability as a vocalist compared to Lea’s – I’m sure she wouldn’t have been able to pull it off half as well on a technical level, because it is a tough song to sing. But even if it had been a smaller, more pared-down version of River that she was singing… I think I would have loved it more.

So basically I would have had Quinn sing River. Or I would have had Santana audition with her rendition of Santa Baby. Yes, still bitter as hell that they didn’t get that in there. The mp3 is nice and all but I need a visual! :(

I would have kept the Blaine/Rachel duet, by the way, because as mentioned, they are snowflake/eyelashes for me. But god in heaven I would have had them sing a different song, because Extraordinary Very Merry Christmas or whatever the fuck it was called just about made my ears cry tears of blood.

And on that subject, I would most definitely have swapped the final song for something a little less patronizing and conceited and generally repulsive.

Rin says: Fuck you Finn Hudson.

This was a million times worse than outing Santana.

Too soon?

Sophy says: Do you want everybody to hate us?



Head In Hands

Mercedes – All I Want For Christmas

Sophy says: Gorgeous. This was such a wonderful start to the episode. I loved how we came straight in with the song, no preamble needed.

And I think it was another great instance of the rift between Mercedes and the New Directions being healed via song. Because okay, there’s some serious sweetness with Sam, but I really felt that she was singing this love song to all of them. As in she was basically saying ‘I get it now: you guys matter to me the most.’ At least that’s how I’m going to fanwank it.

And just the adorableness going on in this. I will never. Santana and her halo (take 1), Kurt and his candy cane, Faberry and Brittana with their tinsel-frolicking, Mike bursting through the wrapping paper, Sam and his adoring smiles at Mercedes, Rachel winding herself up, Mercedes dangling the mistletoe…


Rin says: I loved this opening number so much because no matter where you looked, cute was going on.

And those fluffy Cheerio headband things? 8-.

Also I have another 8-. to point out…

At the start of the song they were a respectable distance apart. BY THE END???

Oh Faberry. May you gravitate towards each other, always.


Sophy says: 8-.

It just wouldn’t be Christmas if they weren’t instinctively edging Finn out.

Also, the way things are angled there it kind of looks like Quinn has tied a bow around Rachel. She’s saving her for later. Always.

And meanwhile, the little clap has officially become a Pezberry thing, you guys:



Most Rophy

We will always, always, always. Bring the Turkey.

Sophy says: Feeling kind of nervous about Artie being in Most Rophy again. But it can’t be denied. Rophy/Turkey, always.

Rin says: Well.. it’s not so much Artie as it is the concept of Turkey in general.

Where there’s a Turkey, there’s a way.


Quinn Glory Shot

Let’s all bask in the multiple outfits glory…

Sophy says: Look at her, Rachel-gazing. And also that first cap is so beautiful and elegant and Dianna that I can’t.

Rin says: She’s so seasonal. It’s beautiful :(( :((

Also yeah. That first cap? I will never get over it. It might be one of my favourite Quinns ever.. and WE DIDN’T EVEN GET TO SEE MUCH OF IT. =;=;=;

Sophy says: In my head there was a cut scene and in that cut scene she was wearing that outfit and also exchanging gifts with Rachel.

And also throwing rocks at the Finn Hudson star.

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  1. Snicky / ixke
    Snicky / ixke at · Reply

    oh I love this recap !!! wonderfully done, you guys ! Perfect Christmas gift even though I really didn’t like the episode …

    Christmas Wrapping was the best part for me & so was All I Want For Christmas Is You .. (yeah, mainly because of the Brittana adorableness going on )

    But I guess the black / white part is something I don’t quite understand. I understood that it was a reference to an American tradition or a famous episode or something. It was cute, given, but way too long. By the end, I was like: “Wait, what? Only 10 more minutes ’til the end of the episode? Why!?”

    But you guys make it all better ;)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Yay! So happy to patch it up for you. By the way, Snicky, did you feel special when Santana revealed that her alter-ego was called Snicks? Cos that’s kind of amazing.

  2. Snicky / ixke
    Snicky / ixke at · Reply

    OMG, yes, I so did ! I was sitting in my chair & fell off it when she said it …
    it even has armrests …
    it didn’t hurt, though – I fell on a cloud of Santana love !

    So from now on, I like to believe that it was Santana / Naya Rivera ‘s special way to wish me a merry Snixxxmas ;)

  3. anne
    anne at · Reply

    Oh Rophy, how do you this? You make me consider all the good aspects I didn’t think of, of an episode I really didn’t like in the first place. Only you can do that. But really, I like that you have a constructive point of view and that you don’t jump on every bad things a glee episode can bring us. That and Quinn glory shots… 8->

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      aw anne, what an awesome comment. We shall treasure it always!

  4. Sanji
    Sanji at · Reply

    As a Finchel boy, this episode was gold, even though I agree on Rachel’s characterization. It looks like they’re going to brake up but I’m still hoping they’ll pull an Anwar on Finn and have him follow her to New York.

    The rest of the episode put me to sleep though. The b&w part just bored me to death and the Star Wars random things they threw in stopped being funny after 5 seconds. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve never watched anything like that so I didn’t know what it was about or because it mostly involved people I didn’t care about but yeah, not doing it for me.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      You know, I think Finn probably won’t follow her to NY, but only because he wouldn’t want to cramp her style. I think he wants her to spread her wings, and there’s something kind of noble about that.

      Glad you enjoyed the ep, if only for the Finchel cuteness!

  5. Lisa
    Lisa at · Reply

    Yeah, this episode was a snoozer for me. I enjoyed the recap, as per, but this episode…the b&w bit…me and three friends were watching it and it became a fast forward-athon.

    Probably the most boring Glee episode I’ve ever watched?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      You know… I think I probably just loved the black and white segment because I’m so old.


  6. Emma
    Emma at · Reply

    Well, it was a cute filler episode, but I was kinda bored. Like, yawning through most of the songs. I liked the Klaine duet, not as much as Baby It’s Cold Outside, but I loved that one so it’s not a fair judgement.

    A star named Finn Hudson? God, I laughed. But I laughed like I did when Nick pulled the box of condoms out of his pocket and showed it like ‘look how thoutghtful I am Mini!’. God, teenager boys.
    At first I thought it was a douch-y move, but then I realised he sold his letterman, and no matter how stupid it was for me, it was actually a really nice gesture in finchel context. It seems to be my chain of reaction whenever Finn has a scene. I’m never gonna be a finchel shipper, mostly because I find them boring when they are together, except those rare scenes like in ‘Duets’ when they have a sense of, I don’t know, partnership? that’s really enjoyable for me.
    Nevertheless, I will be so dissapointed with the show if they continue to be together after graduation. I like them as high school sweethearts, nothing more.

    About the OOC Rachel, I agree with you. “But the bottom line is that characters shouldn’t be abused in service of the plot” couldn’t have said it better. It throws me back to the heavy ‘Santana is a bully’ in Mash-Off, which as much as I thought it was cool not using the Finn-Kurt dynamic they had already done and decided not to show the gay kid as a defenseless victim, felt out of character for me.
    But we already talked about that. As I said, cute but boring episode. Lea’s face was what saved it for me. And Quinn being all pretty and kind, god, I loved her and Sue being caring and giving. And Sammy boy, I’m starting to love him. And I’m starting to ship him with the Irish kid too, but that’s just my gay wishful thinking.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      You always have to factor in Finn’s immense doofness into any gesture he may make. The doof in him? Always there.

      Hmmmmmmmm yeah I’m still not sure I’m sold on Santana being strictly OOC in that ep. But either way I’m at peace with who she is now. WITH HER HALO ON. CAN’T.

      Lea’s face saves all things. Caring Sue melts my heart. Caring Quinn also.


      Oh well.

  7. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Meh. I don’t get why they keep giving Rory a storyline and songs. NOBODY CARES!

    Also, that entire give-me-gifts storyline should have been handed to Brittana.
    1) Rachel is Jewish. Could they please be consistent with this and not just use “Jewish” TV characters to play up the stereotype of nose+dork factor+saying Hanukkah like once a season?
    2) Rachel may annoy me at times, but she’s greedy with solos, not material things. In fact, she can be quite generous and I always thought she’d love charity singing.
    3) Half her lines about expensive gifts and her reactions to the pig seemed like they were written for Santana. Especially the end where she puts it in her locker and puts a bow on it. Santana TOTALLY would have done that. Rachel? Not so much.
    4) Brittany would give people named stars and presents that help charities, because it’s unusual and weird and sweet with the pig especially. Finn? Come on! Never.

    It was sort of dull compared to last year. I liked the b/w, but it went on too long and “Do they know it’s Christmas” always seemed super condescending to me. Like, ignore starving people all year, but then at a holiday they don’t care about (cause they’re, you know, starving) force your religion on them, send in some money that’s a drop on a hot stone.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Rory had a storyline and a song….?

      You know, now that you mention it, the whole list/pig plotline would have been way cuter and made way more sense with Brittana. I do wish we’d gotten to see them exchange gifs. Also Klaine. ALSO FABERRY. :)

  8. zeta
    zeta at · Reply

    feed the world, or whatever the song is actually called, was cringeworthy. the fact that they were singing it to a roomful of homeless people and seemed to think that was appropriate and even moving or something made me want to punch my screen or vomit on my keyboard. but why why why were they so smiley when singing about starving children ?!? So confusing.
    but on the other hand rachel’s facial expressions throughout the xmas special were genius and more than made up for later heinousness. and i loved the brittany / ribbons number.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I KNOW RIGHT. Cringe, cringe, cringe. They should have just sung Jingle Bells. Seriously.

      Yes, Rachel and ribbons are cure-alls. ♥

  9. Eve
    Eve at · Reply


    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply


  10. Ashley
    Ashley at · Reply

    Let me just say… I LOVE all of your recaps. I’ve been reading them for a while now, but this is the first one I’ve commented on. Because these last few episodes have just been so dang good, I can’t keep my opinions to myself any longer. :)

    For some reason, lots of people hated this episode, and I don’t really understand why, because this one is actually one of my favorites. Partly because of Blaine and his adorableness :) I don’t care how lame he is, Blaine will never, EVER do wrong in my book. I mean, HIS LITTLE FACE during the whole Sue scene. I love that this was the first time we really saw the two of them interacting, and Kurt was just brushing off everything she was saying, while Blaine was over in the background so confused and trying to figure her out. ADORABLE.


    To think that there was more Klaine cuteness and it was cut just makes me SO INSANELY ANGRY


    Anger aside, I really loved the whole Christmas special storyline as well. I just fell in love with the over-the-top hilarity of it all. The songs and the acting were just great. And there is ALWAYS room for “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” throwbacks.

    This episode had its, flaws, of course (don’t all Glee episodes?), but overall, it left me feeling really good and cheerful and Christmas-y afterwards.

    Great recap, as always, Rophy. Have a Merry Christmas :)

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Thanks Ashley! Glad to have a Blaine stan round these parts, as I think I am rapidly turning into one. HE’S JUST TOO WONDERFUL IN EVERY WAY? Merry Christmas to you too :)

  11. kthrace
    kthrace at · Reply

    Totally unrelated to this recap (excellent as usual, btdubs), but have you seen this?http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lwiwtnEtOH1qh6u9no1_500.png
    Not sure how recent this interview is, but I pretty much can’t stop flailing. :D

  12. Mad
    Mad at · Reply


    I just loved how explosively gay the special was. I totally would have been happy with the whole episode being the special.

    HAD THE EXACT SAME THOUGHT ABOUT RIVER, Quinn should have sung it.

    I can’t believe we were denied Santa Baby/Santana. REALLY. And also they denied me Blaine being super lame and giving Kurt a gum wrapper ring. A GUM WRAPPER RING. I think it’s supposed to be on the DVD at least. AS IS SANTA BABY! So we will get a visual! I am sure some kind person will rip it once the season 3 volume 1 DVD comes out.


    OH BLAINERS. Just so happy to have a nickname!

    Also when Kurt collapses and says “CHRISTMAS IS RUINED!” AHAHAHAHA I have totally done that several times since the episode.


    I just want all my problems to be mended by song, is that too much too ask? ;__;

    CHRISTMAS WRAPPING. SO MANY LOLS AND MAGIC. That song is just so cracked out and hilarious.

    Also HAHAHA at Blaine and Rachel during that awful song. There is this whole Blainchel siblings thing going around now and it is just magical and hilarious. Even though High School Musical makes me scream internally they were just Ryan and Sharpaying it up and just LOL. I just wanted one of them to hiss to the other one “EVERYONE LOVES A GOOD JAZZ SQUARE” while they both fake grin.

    So basically the actual plot was WTF but CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.


  13. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    Oh also, I would also like to know why I wasn’t invited to Kurt and Blaine’s for Christmas. I WOULD NEVER WANT TO LEAVE.

  14. santa baby
    santa baby at · Reply
    1. Mad
      Mad at · Reply

      I would like to thank god and also jesus for this. SANTANA BABY. Why on earth did they cut this.

  15. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    I’m so glad you made so many caps of Blaine Burt Reynolds face, it was PRICELESS. Also I want to cut you for suggesting Lea/Rachel had enough singing time. JSYK.
    I love that clip of Santa Baby, genuinely when I saw the earrings I thought,
    “Damn, they’re kind of ugly, Quinn did not pick them out!” and I was right, Santana did!!! HEY FINN REMEMBER THE LAST TIME YOU GOT AN EX-GIRLFRIEND TO HELP YOU PICK A GIFT FOR YOUR CURRENT GIRLFRIEND AND THEN A COUPLE OF WEEKS LATER YOU SWITCHED THEIR ROLES??? Foreshadowing you guys, look at all the Finn/Santana shit we’ve had recently, it’s going to happen again (I’m lolsing real hard at this, in a slightly insane way because really, it’s Glee, I don’t think they’d really do it, but maybe we’ll get some stupid storyline where Finn pretends to be her boyfriend or something?)
    Poor sad Quinn. Even if they’d had Rachel sing it and then maybe we’d seen more of Quinn during the performance it would be more apt? Rory’s a treacherous little gay, the scenes with him and Sam were hilariously homosexual, are they just trying to divert the Kum shippers away from Kurt by sticking Sam with a lesser version??
    Why does Cory/Finn look so constipated and like maybe he’s playing a mean joke on Lea/Rachel and he has something disgusting in his mouth when they kiss??? Also the star, most lolsy gift ever. OF COURSE HE WANTS TO LOOK DOWN ON YOU FOREVER.
    Also as an old person too I quite liked the Black & White stuff, Lea is AMAZING, all her little facial expression are to die for! But I wasn’t all that gone on the ribbon spinning.

  16. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    Not gonna lie, I’m still bitter about glee but I still wanna say some things about it.

    -Why the hell would they cut Santa baby? Just why? No.

    – Enough with the Finchel already, we fucking got it they’re “in love”. Let another couple kiss under the mistletoe for once.

    – At this point I’m not sure if they’re making it seem like Finn is the worst boyfriend ever on purpose so we don’t miss Finchel when they go their separate ways.

    – Will they ever not portray Artie as a gigantic douche? He is terribly unlikable.

    – Brittany hasn’t spoken in forever and just…. why?

    I hope the next episode is good, the last one was amazing but this one was just terrible and boring.

  17. christina
    christina at · Reply

    oh and just rewatching the scene in the office when quinn finally gets up to go and rachel’s all “well where are you going?” and rachel tries to drag out their time together as long as possible and asks if quinn needs help with her applications and quinn says no but there is something you could do for me and rachel just looks at her with hopeful doe eyes that scream back “anything!” like…CAN THEY GET ANY MORE ADORABLE!? CAUSE I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE. MY HEART CANNOT TAKE IT! and can i just say that i love that quinn convinced santana, brittany, and mercedes to come back to glee club? like that scene made me love her even more. and don’t get me started on that fact that she already got rachel to agree to let the trouble-tones since one number per competition cause nope…the end. and quinn says “i know i went a little crazy, but i’m here now.” and she’s there now because of one rachel berry, who brought her back to life and saved her from herself. the end.

  18. christina
    christina at · Reply

    sorry for my comment above. that was meant for the previous episode but i had already switched to this one. i re-commented it there.

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