307 — I Kissed A Girl

Best Song

Finn – Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Rin says: The main reason this wins? Santana. And Naya’s face. And the thanking. And the hug.

Cause christ it was a sweet moment between the two of them. And what I really loved about it was the intimacy of Finn sitting right in front of Santana and singing it directly to her. Making it pretty hard for Santana to wriggle herself out of this one. The song obviously struck a chord with Santana, and honestly, I felt a bit teary over it. Cause it’s nice, it really is, that Santana was finally able to feel comfortable with herself amongst her friends, in a completely open and vulnerable way. This was ‘Songbird’ Santana, except with a room full of people.

I’m not that opposed to this slowed down arrangement of the Cyndi Lauper classic. At first I didn’t even recognise the song! And I was also a bit off-put by Cory singing a great deal lower than what he usually does, but all in all, I’m a fan of it now that I’ve heard it a few times. And it just.. NAYA’S FACE?!?!

Sophy says: Yes, Naya’s face is definitely the best song in this episode.

I have to admit, I am kind of choosing this song by default, because 1) I say no to Pink 2) I say no to Puck/Shelby serenades 3) Joelene belongs elsewhere in this recap 4) I’ve never been fond of the song ‘Constant Craving’ (AND ALSO I SAY NO TO PUCK/SHELBY SERENADES). So. What’s left?

Oh right. I Kissed A Girl.

More on that later.

Anyway. I’ve always liked this song, and it was cool that they chose to do the slow version that has such a different vibe from the original. It was interesting to hear Cory sing in a much lower register and with such gentleness and restraint, and the soft harmonies coming in at the end there from the rest of the guys were just gorgeous. And they kind of reminded me of Life Support from RENT. AND IT WAS JUST SO EMOTIONAL, YOU GUYS.


I mean, yes, the whole Finn/Santana thing was laid on as thick and as sweet as an icecream sandwich made for a greedy giant, but it’s Glee, you know? Do not expect subtlety. You will be disappointed.

And yes, I’m aware that a lot of people are disappointed with the episode in general, but this time I’m just not feeling the lack of love. This episode left me with a smile on my face, because it was all about the kids loving each other and sticking up for each other, and keeping on keeping on against all odds – and that’s what I watch Glee for. That and lols. Which.

More on that later.

I was quite anxious as to how the fallout from the Finn/Santana drama would be handled, but overall, as Glee goes, I’m quite pleased with it. I’m not going to deny that I would have liked to see Finn apologise for his part in what happened, but the trouble is that if he had, I would absolutely have needed Santana to make a reciprocal apology for being so cruel to him. And the trouble with that is that it might have started to look like his foolishness and her bullying were linked in some insidious way – like the show was trying to say ‘Outing is good for teaching mean gay people a lesson’ or something vile like that. But the show was smarter than that and I for one was pleasantly surprised. Because Santana doesn’t learn a lesson from the wrong and undeserved experience of being outed against her will. She does learns a lesson from the love and support she receives from her friends in the midst of that crisis.

Yeah, Finn never apologized for his mistake. Yeah, Santana never apologized for her, um, “apology,” or for the slap. But what they both did do was show an awareness of each others’ needs, and at the end of the day, that is so much more important than the words “I’m sorry”.

Finn knew that Santana needed to feel accepted and loved, even if she couldn’t quite admit that herself. And Santana knew that Finn – everyone, actually – needed her to show a little bit less of Snicks and a little bit more of herself to them. And you know, even then, neither of them was perfect about it. Finn was manipulative in getting her into the choir room, downright cruel in subjecting her to Kurt and Blaine’s Pink song, and a little free and easy with his ‘tender’ faces whilst singing. Santana still made her jabs at people, she still struggled with taking responsibility for her actions – but she came through when it counted. She tried. And she let other people see her trying. And that’s a huge step for someone as angry and insecure as she is.

The wonderful thing about this song, or rather this scene, is the way these two are getting each other. And why wouldn’t they? They do have a history after all, and however fraught it may have been, I don’t see why it would have been all bad. Bottom line, they know each other. Finn knows Santana is a good person who just has a lot of pain and anxiety going on that she doesn’t know how to handle. And Santana knows that Finn is a doofus, but he’s a doofus who cares about people, and even if he fucks up their lives from time to time, he’s going to try his hardest to put them back together. And that’s why she thanks him.


And you know, I meant it when I said the best song is Naya’s face. She’s an equal part of this performance, just as an actress rather than a singer, and it’s her little downward smile, her tears, her smacketly lips, her quick hand on his arm, her quiet “Thank you”… it’s all those things that make this pack such an emotional punch.

And you know, the more I think about it the more I think the song choice was kind of genius. Because it’s such a simple song, you know? And at the end of the day it’s such a simple thing that Santana wants – to be in the sun, having fun, not hiding any part of herself, and not feeling so damn angry all the time and so damn afraid. So when Finn sings all those happy-go-lucky, light-hearted things to her in such a solemn way… it makes sense that it touches a nerve – no, not just a nerve – the very innermost part of who she is and who she wants to be.

Naya sold that to me, absolutely. And quite frankly, I was fucking impressed with the show.

And to all those who are outraged that Santana’s coming out story didn’t star Brittany? Don’t be outraged. Be upset. Because you would have liked to see it star Brittany. And that’s completely cool and understandable – you’re a Brittana fan, why wouldn’t you want to see the story be about Brittana? But it’s not the way it necessarily should be. There is no reason why Santana’s sexuality should be all about her girlfriend. Personally I like that Santana has a plotline that’s about her as a human being, separate from her romance. And of course, the thing is that we all know Brittany already supports and loves her. Lord Tubbington thinks you’re purrrfect, anyone? That’s not what this episode was about. It was about the knowledge that her friends would support and love her too. And that’s why Brit had to take a back seat.

Having said that I loved all the small touches in the episode that showed that Brittany does care – she was stroking her back in the choir-room, making cute faces with her at the polling booths, dancing with her in IKAG, and gazing adoringly when she sang her final song. It was understated and sweet and holy crap did Glee actually give me subtle there? I THINK IT DID.

A final note to fandom: Finn was not pressuring Santana to come out in this episode. If you think he was, you’re having a failure of viewing comprehension. Santana has already been/is already being outed. All Finn was trying to do is get her defenses down enough to get a message through: there’s a group of people who care about you and respect who you are. I don’t see how that can possibly be interpreted as a negative.

Rin says: ‘Whoa, you went on for a while there! But it’s nowhere near as much as that time you wrote the MASH-OFF rant!’


Biggest LOL

“I’m trying, but your hideous bow ties are provoking me.”
“What is that animal you appear to be so noisily enjoying?”
Bieste. Singing. In shorts. And those socks.

Rin says: This episode had funny from start to finish, in the way where I kept wanting to say ‘THIS IS DEFINITELY BIGGEST LOL’ only to change my mind 2 minutes later. I definitely had that ‘feel-good’ feeling after the episode was over.

Santana being provoked by bow ties is perhaps, the best ever?

And EMMA. I need so much more Emma than what they’ve been giving us, cause I miss her! She’s so adorable and sweet and please don’t drop the ball with her, okay Glee? AND. BIESTE/CHICKEN. I thought they’d squeezed all the lols they could have out of that one, but as it turns out, you make a turducken and describe the whole thing as an animal she’s noisily enjoying? Comedy gold.

BIESTE SINGING. I never saw that one coming, mostly because I thought she was going to be thrown into the box with Sue labelled ‘never allowed to sing’. But I’m so happy they gave her a song because it was freakin’ hilarious. Dot Marie Jones, you win at life. You really do. Especially in your coaching uniform because jfc. Those shorts and the knee-high socks. I CANNOT. And then in the girls bathroom with Sue and Quinn =)) I COMPLETELY SUPPORT YOUR DECISION TO THROW IN RANDOM QUINN BECAUSE OF ‘EYES OF EMERALD GREEN.’ There is always room for random Quinn in my book.


Sophy says: I don’t understand how I’m supposed to choose a biggest lol from this episode. I mean, I was just loling all over the place. I was one big lol. I just.

Dot Marie Jones are you magic. And you/shorts honestly nearly rivals a certain special someone/shorts. Like.

I loved that they chose to have Quinn involved in that song, as the archetype of the gorgeous woman, because let’s face it, she really is. And it kind of made a nice parallel between Faberry and Bieste/Sue, with the whole Pretty/Unpretty vibe of it all. Although with less of the burning underlying sexual tension. :-j


But I also like regular bitchy Santana sometimes. Like when she tells it like it is about Pink. Because. Also her entire explanation at the start of the ep about her alter-ego Snicks and how she can’t be held responsible for anything Snicks does? And then how Figgins says he’s suspending her and this Snicks? And I die of lols? AND ‘WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF FETUS FACE’??? I CANNOT???

And meanwhile can we just talk about how amazing Rachel was in her opening monologue? “They’re all so lost in their own worlds that they can’t see how important this is to me!” + her face = my head in my hands. Oh and when she asked Kurt if he was going to shoot Brittany. I just.


And just one last thing.

“Kurt and I have a song we like to sing to each other in the car.”

I nearly died.

And it just goes to the point I always make about Blaine. He is so fucking lame. And I cannot not love somebody that is so fucking lame. I just can’t.


Best Scene

“I’ve tried so hard to push this feeling away, and keep it locked inside…but every day just feels like a war. I walk around so mad at the world, but I’m really just fighting with myself. I don’t want to fight anymore. I’m just too tired. I have to just be me.”

Rin says: Like there was any other choice?

I really enjoyed the opportunity to see Santana outside of school. In a way it really helps to round out her character, as they’ve rushed in the last couple of eps to create her family and give some insight into her home life. So when we came to this scene, it didn’t feel out of place, and it felt inherently like Santana. As in, yes, I can see how this is her grandma and someone who has been there for Santana her whole life and is important to her.

Which makes what happens all the more hurtful. But I think it was really important to have her grandmother reject her. Because according to her, telling her parents went pretty smoothly and the Glee club (i.e. her friends) have always been accepting of her. So there had to be someone in her life, who is important to her, that wasn’t opening up their arms to her. I think there is probably very little that is scarier than having a loved one reject you for being who you are, and I think Glee did well to choose to show this pain. I cannot imagine how many people went through what Santana went through right here.

I don’t want this to be the last we see from grandma. It’d be lovely to see some development between these two where it doesn’t heal overnight, but they give us some sliver of hope that she could turn around and be more understanding and loving.

Also Naya should look into becoming a carpenter because she NAILED IIIITTTTTTT.

Sophy says: Now I’m picturing her just running around everywhere with a nail gun flailing her arms and screaming about thinking she’s Jesus. I don’t know.

But yeah, seriously. It’s so impressive to me how every time they raise the bar for Naya as a performer, she jumps over it like it’s still a tiny bar made for a tiny person. The development of her character has been bumpy on a writing level, but on an acting level it’s been gorgeously smooth.

And this scene. This scene. In the brief glance I had at fandom, I saw that a few people feel the speech was too Dr Phil, and that it’s unrealistic that she was able to be so open with her grandmother when it is such a huge part of her character to be closed. But you see it’s all about context. First of all, I like to think that Santana wrote and rehearsed that speech. Because you would, wouldn’t you? You’d want to get it all out and get it all out right. I find it so endearing that she obviously worked on it beforehand, and you know, I’m cool with the cliches, because a) they’re cliches for a reason, and b) Santana’s not supposed to be a poet, is she? If she’d started digging around in the depths of her soul and coming up with all sorts of original and emotive ways of expressing what she was going through… I’d call bullshit on that.

And as for her uncharacteristic openness… Yes, Santana is harsh and tightly bound when it comes to the kids at school, with the exception of when it all comes down to Brittany (see Landslide). But I always assumed she would be quite different with her family. How many kids do you know who are the exactly same with their families as they are with their friends? I didn’t know many people like that growing up, and the few I did know… to be honest, their level of integration and self-possession kind of scared me. I think Santana would be different with her family. And I think she would be more open with her grandmother. Most open, in fact.

Because really, who’s the family member we immediately associate with unconditional love? It’s always gotta be the grandparents. Because they have a similar kind of love for you to your parents, which is huge and all-encompassing, and you-are-part-of-me. But then they don’t have to get cross, you know? They don’t have to do the disciplining, and if they spoil you a little, well, so be it, they’re your grandparents, that’s how they’re supposed to roll.

And I think that’s what makes this scene so agonising to watch. Because Santana’s abuela is probably the one person in all the world she expected to be loved by no matter what.

No matter what.

What she gets is the opposite. What she gets is someone who stops loving her right when she’s at her very best – brave, and beautiful, and wearing her heart on her sleeve.

And you know, this really touched a nerve for me personally. It was in a different context from Santana’s situation, but I do unfortunately know what it’s like to be suddenly and brutally rejected by a grandparent, for no other reason you can point to than being who you are. And sure, I told myself ‘She’s old, she doesn’t know what she’s doing, it’s not me it’s her.’ But that really didn’t help much with the crushing hurt and inside out of it all. Likewise, Santana can say to herself ‘She’s old, she’s bigoted, it’s not me it’s her.’ And she should say those things, and I trust that she will. But it’s not good enough. It’s really just fucking not good enough, and my heart absolutely breaks for her when she breaks down and cries at the table.

What is good enough is the love and support of her parents and her friends and her girlfriend. Hopefully that will be enough to get her through. And hopefully, please show, please, this isn’t he last we’ll see of Santana’s abuela.

I know people like her usually have great difficulty with the whole change thing, on account of having such great difficulty with the whole shame thing. But it’s not unheard of. Even people as screwed up as that can see the light.

So can we get an arc here, please?

With a happy ending?


Either way, I feel that Glee have handled the coming out plot line responsibly. They’ve shown that yes, there can be serious pain involved in being outed, from Santana’s right to choose being violated, to that monstrous ad campaign, to the horror of her beloved grandmother’s reaction. But they’ve also shown that on balance, in our growing world, it is a positive thing for a young gay person to be out of the closet and living proud in the sun – because Santana’s parents support her, and her friends do too, and maybe, on some level, she’s free. It’s a nice balance. Kudos to the writers.



“I let you down. We all did. You just spent a whole week helping Santana with a secret everybody already knows, and not one person took ten seconds to help you. And you’re a frickin’ mess. You have been for three years. Ever since I knocked you up.”

Rin says: I love LOVE LOVE LVOELVEOVELVEO what they’re doing with Quinn. I really do.

She’s just leaping from life raft to life raft, trying to stay afloat. And failing miserably.

I loved her earlier scene with Puck at school where she tries to get him to get into her pants. Because oh my god, it was so desperately pathetic and sad — which is everything that Quinn has become. And you know, I was kind of surprised that she was legitimately offering sex, because somewhere along the way I had made up some head canon that she would never make the same mistake again. Or at least not regard it with such frivolity. And maybe for a while it was like that — but now with this Quinn? She’s scraping the bottom of the barrel (and we thought we couldn’t get any lower than trying to steal Beth!) and now all she has left to offer, in her mind, is her body. Which. Again. So sad.

ALSO. It’s that thing again where whenever Dianna tries to be sexy it just makes me cover my face and giggle. QUINN USING LINES LIKE, ‘RENT A MOVIE AND NOT WATCH IT??’ is just. =))

And can I just say that I loved the continuation? Not only about the time Puck said he loved her, but also reiterating how much Quinn just wants someone to love her.

This bit also had me squeeing a bit.

“You’re higher maintenance than Berry..”

Because I can’t even with how much Glee is intertwining these two. No matter where she goes, she can’t seem to escape comparisons to Rachel, whether it was back when she was with Finn, or recently with Shelby and Beth, and now from Puck. Sure it was probably a light joke, but if I was Quinn I’d be starting to get a Jan Brady complex.. ‘RACHEL, RACHEL, RACHEL!

Ok so! This scene!

Um. Amazing? Exactly what we wanted?

Because we were upset with Puck, and kind of everybody, for failing to see Quinn and her major cries for help. And they seriously hit the nail on the head when it came to Puck telling her how much they let her down. And you could tell how much he was getting through to her because good lord the amount of kicked puppy that came across her face is enough to make me want to kill everyone who ever hurt Quinn.

“Fine! You don’t want this? There’s 20 other guys at this school who would kill to give me what I want; they would kill to love me.”

I adored that line from Quinn. It just spoke to me of how incredibly lonely and lost she is. And also helpless. She seems to constantly be chasing after something, without really knowing what it is she’s chasing, or how to get it. She wants love, and yet, she hasn’t got the slightest clue as to what love is. She showed that with the way she casually told Puck they could ‘get that back’, and now by saying how any guy at school would kill to love her. And for someone who has lived through some things that were way beyond her years, she is emotionally immature. Which yeah, she’s 17, so that’s kind of normal. But I’d say even more so than expected. But maybe it’s because of the fact that she simply lived through the pregnancy and the adoption, that she’s the way she is. She’s never dealt with having to give up her daughter, so it makes sense that she hasn’t really developed, or learnt anything from it. I mean, she had her baby and then went straight back to being Head Cheerio Quinn. You’d think there’d be a bit of a mellowing period. Alas.

I’m really happy that Puck/Quinn is back to being something I can get on board with. “No funny business” was perhaps, one of the cutest things. Ever.

And I know this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Quinn’s bedroom, but I don’t think we’ve seen it whilst we’ve been recapping. So, I just wanted to say it’s pretty. And pink. If not a little grandma-ish. And pink.

Sophy says: Finally. I’ve been waiting for Puck to show some decency when it comes to Quinn all season, and I swear to god you guys, I was about ready to tear his stupid, fucking hair off after that earlier scene in which he went way further than he needed to when rejecting her advances. “You’re the most selfish person I know”? Really? You just don’t say that kind of shit to people you’re supposed to care about. Ever. For any reason. Least of all when it should be bleeding obvious to you that she’s having some kind of a breakdown. Ugh, ugh.

But enough raging. He redeemed himself. That’s what’s important.

And when he finally said what somebody so badly needed to say – basically a version of what I said in last week’s recap – I breathed a sigh of full-bodied relief.

Everyone is letting Quinn Fabray down. Her little world is falling apart in a big way, and nobody has been reaching out to help her, not even the people who happen to be up close and see it all first-hand.

(Well, nobody except Rachel Berry that is. And if that is not addressed at some point why I’ll. And stuff.)

But yeah, watching this scene I was struck by how much some of Finn’s over-earnest psychobabble to Santana applied to Quinn’s situation. Santana isn’t going to commit suicide – she’d miss herself too much (which, by the way, is the greatest response possible and I am still in awe). Not that it was a stupid thing for Finn to fear, quite the opposite – it was good to see that he understood how damaging the situation could potentially be for Santana. And you know if things had been different – if her parents had rejected her as brutally as her grandmother, if nobody from the Glee club had gotten the ‘We care’ message through? Who knows what could have happened ultimately? Sure, Santana seems like a pretty tough person, but there really is no suicidal ‘type’. Sometimes the people with the biggest smiles on their faces wind up taking MDMA and throwing themselves off a balcony. Um.

What I mean is, you really, really can’t say, from the outside looking in, that someone’s definitely not going to take the extra step when circumstances push them to the edge.

But sometimes you really can say when they might take that step. Quinn, to me, is exhibiting plenty of signs of being suicidal. Her self-esteem reserves appear to be completely depleted, she’s willing to do crazy things she would never have considered before just to feel better – steal a baby? Sure! Make a baby? Good plan! She feels completely worthless and futureless and also completely overlooked by everyone around her. It’s a recipe for disaster, and quite frankly I’m getting scared for her.

There was a moment there with Puck when I thought she might have turned a corner. She seemed to accept his kind words and his happier vision of the rest of her life. She reached out. She asked him to hold her. Things were looking good. But then, you know, he had to go and tell her how he had sex with the woman who has their baby. Spanner/works.

And boy, did you guys see the way Quinn was looking at Shelby and the world in general in that final scene? I sense more drama to come.

And another shout-out to Dianna Agron who continues to surprise me with her acting. Did she take a whole lot of acting classes over the summer or is it just that this material is really letting her shine? Either way, I was so impressed with all of her choices in this scene.

And, you know, with her face.

And on that note, exactly how is Quinn not the closet lesbian on the show? “I’m voting for the one who’s most girl?” Of course you are. :-j

I don’t mean to denigrate Santana as our most precious resident recently decloseted gay cheerleader, but couldn’t we just have two?

I mean, obviously:

But also?




Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“I will make sure to have sugary treats available at all times. It helps the concentration. That’s what George Washington said.”

Rin says: I won’t lie. A big part of wanting this scene for this category was Rachel’s face.

Sophy says: MADAM PRESIDENT. Priceless.


Rophy Says No!


Rin says: I just. Don’t. Understand. What Glee. Is trying to do.

It’s so incredibly inappropriate on more than one level. But what I’m most pissed off about is that they’re ruining Shelby by doing this.

And also. Puck had a thing with Rachel.

So. Let’s all think about that.

Sophy says: I cannot tell you all the ways I hate this.

But I can try.

I hate it in the way where it’s just yucky, obviously. And then I hate it in the way where it’s possibly illegal and certainly immoral. And then I hate it in the way where it is so fucking hurtful to Quinn that I can’t even. And then I hate it in the way where it will be so fucking hurtful to Rachel, too, if and when she finds out. But most of all I hate it in the way where it prevents me having any respect for Shelby as a woman or as a mother. I’m sorry, but just no. No. NO. There is no excuse for this shit. None for you, Shelby.

I mean, she gets on her high horse with Quinn about putting Beth first, which, okay, great. But how is this putting Beth first exactly? How is it putting anyone but herself first? Shelby’s weak and selfish behaviour has the very real possibility of ruining any healthy relationship Beth may have been able to have with her biological father and mother. It also has the very real possibility of hurting and confusing the fuck out of Shelby’s own biological daughter. Not to mention the damage it could do to Puck, who for all he is played by someone pushing 30, is not, himself, pushing 30. He is a high school student, and Shelby is his teacher, and if it had stopped at that kiss last week I might have been able to look past it. But this?

Beth cuts her lip and Shelby has to call Puck because she’s too weak to deal with it on her own? I mean, even if it had been that she felt Puck had a right to know, I might have let it slide. But no. It’s for purely selfish and pathetic reasons. Oh and also the reasons where she needs an emotionally overinvested teenage boy to fuck and dump. Because she’s like that, apparently.

Honestly, they have a long way back if they ever want me to respect Shelby again. And to all you people out there you feel that the Glee writers suck at women? In this case, I 100% agree with you.


This Cooter asshole whom Beiste has to ‘fight’ for.

Rin says: SO ANGRY. This Cooter guy is obviously a douche-bag who deserves numerous punches in the face, and yet? No fists in sight.

It really didn’t sit right with me, and I was happily shipping these two until this came along. And I kind of thought they weren’t really going to go there with, ‘but oh my god I like Sue too! And now I can’t choose :( Mummy don’t make me choose :( ‘ I JUST CANNOT. It’s deeply upsetting that they’re making Bieste practically grovel for this guy. [-(

And let’s not forget that any guy who could like Sue Sylvester is probably someone you really DON’T want to be with?

Sophy says: I was so profoundly disgusted with this. Initially I wanted to give biggest lol to ‘I tried to hold your hand and you punched me’, because honestly, I laughed and laughed. But then I just wound up hating this man and this whole plotline too much and I couldn’t. Shannon Bieste is better than this, and I hate the show for subjecting her to it.

Dear feminists, me again. If you think this ‘Fight for your man’ stuff fucking bites, we are on the same page.

The only reason I will condone this storyline is for the brilliant Sue it gave us. Jane Lynch playing a straight woman who gets annoyed at being taken for a lesbian is the best thing.



Sophy says: This is us not surrendering.

This was such a tiny moment but it had the might of a thousand moments when it came to making me angry. Kurt who is a) Mercedes’ close friend, b) the only one with a campaign that isn’t ridiculous, and c) the person who really needs the win to help secure his future happiness… and Mercedes’ reason for voting for him is… SANTANA WILL BE REALLY ANNOYING IF BRITTANY WINS.

It made me sick that she thinks she needs to vote for Brittany because she’s her “Troubletones Homegirl”. Even if she’s angry with Will for not making her the star of New Directions, what the fuck did Kurt ever do to her except be her friend? Like?

And this on top of the fact that she’s probably killed his dream of performing at Sectionals on account of the whole 12 person rule?

Oh except now the 12 person rule doesn’t exist? Or something? I DON’T KNOW?

I don’t know whether I should be angry with Mercedes for being a horrible person, or the show for choosing to write her as a horrible person.

Rin says: Agreed. Whatever happened to Mercedes/Kurt being best friends? I mostly want to blame the writers for this one, but then again they made Mercedes into the horrible Trouble Tone woman that she is today.. so.. I guess it’s on par with her character at the moment. Petty-ness > Any development she ever had.


Head In Hands

“Come here.”

Rin says: QUINNTANA HUG! I love that after the song Quinn just opens her arms and pulls Santana in. AND HER FACE SQUISHES AGAINST SANTANA’S HEAD AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING CUTER IN MY LIFE??!!

I think last recap we mentioned how we were sad that we hadn’t seen more of these two because, hello, supposed best friends? So it was nice that we got this moment between them after the girls rallied together in support. It leaves me wanting more.. preferably with words next time. They can hug after. :-j

ALSO. I CANNOT WITH JENNA IN THE BACK. Oh sure, be in the back all smiley. But if this was a Faberry moment, she’d be sandwiched between them in a heartbeat. X-(

Sophy says: THIS. WAS. SO. WONDERFUL. And if Santana doesn’t get to be involved in Quinn’s story at some point I’m going to get nowhere near as angry as if Rachel doesn’t get to be. But I’m still going to get fucking angry.

Rin says: And we have to mention,


Sophy says: FSDH;LKSLKH. Giddy Santana is my favourite Santana, I think.

Lea Michele. For being Lea Michele.

Rin says: It kind of seems appropriate that this episode really showcased the female talent on this show. Naya, Lea and Dianna all killed it this week, and I really just wanted to give props to them for that. So this is kind of a head in hands for all three of them. (And we couldn’t not include these caps of Rachel? Cause???)

Also, do you think we can deem this the Faberry hat from now on?

Sophy says: YES, YES WE CAN. I hear she even wears it in bed.

And yeah, a lot of the singing was done by the guys, but the big acting moments were all woman. Naya, Dianna and Lea all shone this week and it was so satisfying to watch. And seriously, Lea’s face when we found Rachel again in the hallway after wondering where the hell she was and what the hell she was doing? Absolutely breathtaking.

And I’ve got to say, isn’t Miss Berry the most wonderful? Yes, she’s ridiculous, with the reckless overstuffing of the ballot, but she’s damn fabulous too and has the biggest heart. I applaud her for wanting to help her friend, and I applaud her for standing up and taking the blame. Also I find it ironic that I’ve seen so many people complaining about Figgins/Will/Shelby wanting to suspend Santana for slapping Finn, but very little about how horrifically disproportionate the punishment is for Rachel’s crime, given as wrong as her actions were, she was trying to do a kindness.

I also want to put a little shout out here for Kurt’s face when he’s sitting in the office failing to celebrate with his dad and Finn. I’ve seen people criticise him for being self-involved, but really, wouldn’t you find it a little hard not to be dejected? It’s his whole future on the line, or down the toilet as he sees it right now. And yes, what his father has done is great, and I’m sure he’s very proud, because one of the things about Glee that I will never question is how much Kurt Hummel loves Burt Hummel and vice versa… but it is kind of salt in the wound, isn’t it? His dad succeeds so gloriously at the very thing he’s just failed at. That’s gotta hurt. And the way the song broke and slowed at that point worked so stunningly with the moment. A+++


Most Rophy

“Where’s Rachel? She never misses applause.”

Rin says: Wait. Let’s be clear. We’re not Artie in this situation, we’re Rachel. Otherwise that would have made it twice that we chose Artie as Most Rophy, and that, would not be okay.

So yes. We’re Rachel/Tinkerbell.

And speaking of applause… ♥

Sophy says: Oh my god she is so cute. I feel like Rophy should probably imitate this. In cartoon form.

Rin says: … and I’m just going to leave this here. For no reason at all.

Sophy says: :-?




We needed more gay?

Rin says: I’m still not over those two seconds. And don’t think I ever will be.




Sophy says: I will never. Two gay cheerleaders. Give it to me.

(Brittany is bisexual, okay? It’s different. It doesn’t count towards the quota. WE CAN HAVE MORE. SAY WE CAN???)

And here’s where I get on my soapbox and talk about I Kissed A Girl. I hate that song, okay? I really hate it. I feel that it glorifies faux lesbianism as a means of titillating your boyfriend and that is just a bit obscene and will never be okay with me.

But Glee handled it so damn well! Throughout the song Rin and I were sitting there dreading the oh la la kiss that was going to come at the end, and… well okay, sort of hoping it would be Faberry because we’re shameless like that. But. We were so pleasantly surprised when nobody kissed anybody and it was all hugging and fun and fun-poking and not that kind of fun-poking and oh. Yeah.

It was such love. They really looked upon it as an opportunity for some tongue-in-cheek fun rather than some tongue-on-tongue exploitative ratings-grabbing grossness. And I applaud them for that.


Quinn Glory Shot

Or maybe it’s.. the more Quinn the better?

Rin says: This is exactly how I like my Glee.

And can I just say that someone really got into the IKAG performance a little more enthusiastically than the others? (refer to group shot above)

Sophy says: Dear Quinn you are ridiculous I love you Goodbye never.

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  1. Rin
    Rin at · Reply

    I made too many gifs for me to post them all. So if you comment, I’ll reply with a Quinn.

  2. Annie
    Annie at · Reply

    The 4th & 8th caps in the Quinn glory shot have ruined me forever more. FOREVER. MORE.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  3. Michelle
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    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      What does ‘NO QUINN!’ even mean? We’re confused! But we Quinn’d you anyway.

      1. Michelle
        Michelle at · Reply

        I wanted to see if Rin would still post a Quinn shot. Rin, your love is true.

  4. Lisa
    Lisa at · Reply

    HAHAHAHAHA THE FIRST FABERRY CAP. I can’t even. You two are silly.

    1. Rin
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      1. JellyManKelly
        JellyManKelly at · Reply

        O, that I were a glove upon that hand…

  5. juli3
    juli3 at · Reply

    i don’t know what to say but i want a quinn!
    i agree with everything. i’m glad there was no kiss in i kissed a girl, and i really hate that song too.
    i think they need a kiss eventually though. i’m a little surprised there hasn’t been one yet, despite plenty of subtle adorableness.
    most rophy is definitely right.
    quinn me please?

    1. Rin
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  6. Michelle
    Michelle at · Reply

    Oh my gosh, I’m watching Glee now. You guys will have to deal with a lot of things in the next recap.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      You’re killing me.

  7. Sam
    Sam at · Reply

    Personally, I had a lot of issues with this episode. Firstly, for an episode that, as far as I know, was supposed to be centered on Santana coming out, there was a whole lot of Finn, and not a whole lot of Santana’s own struggles. Yeah, there was the scene with her abuela, but that was the only time we got to see her struggle with what she was going through. Meanwhile, the whole storyline was instigated and controlled by Finn, who I saw as telling her, “You should come out. Now. Here, we’re all going to sing you a bunch of songs to make you deal with this so you don’t kill yourself, and we can all sleep better at night.” Plus, when has Santana EVER given the indication that she is suicidal?? Like, what?? Just because Finn heard about one suicide does not mean that every teen struggling with coming out will kill themself. To me, that just screams ignorance.

    I also had a major issue with the lack of a Brittana kiss, or really any scene/dialogue between them. Seriously, they didn’t even talk to each other. I understand this is about Santana’s journey, but it would be great if we could actually see this love that Santana feels…

    I realize this has become quite the rant, and I apologize for that. I do agree, Naya’s acting has been the best part of this storyline, we really have seen her grow as a performer, and it’s been great to watch.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

    2. Nemesis
      Nemesis at · Reply

      Finn is dumb, sure. But he means well, he never intended to hurt Santana with his weird way of… whatever he’s doing instead of thinking. Meanwhile, there’s a grown man outing Santana on TV, teachers who drag her in front of the principal even though they know Finn deserved a slap for outing her and that she was in despair already. There also was a dumb jock citing every stupid anti-lesbian prejudice in the book. Noone cares. Let’s all hate the guy Santana’s forgiven instead! You know, the one who says “I’m sorry” in a serenade. That doesn’t wipe away the emotional struggle she’s going through, but it’s a start.
      This episode wasn’t about Finn. It was about all the Glee club kids and Trouble Tones standing up for Santana and surrounding her with support, which is supposed to set an example for students everywhere. Not enough gay teens have friends who are that strong, sadly. Maybe people should focus on that, instead of hating a fictional character for spilling the beans about something that Santana’s girlfriend already told everyone in season 1. And again last season. On the internet.

      1. ohwowlovely
        ohwowlovely at · Reply

        Ok I’m years late here so dunno if I can still be Quinned!

        Anyway, I just want to say, I think it was a nice thing Finn did in helping Santana know they were all supporting her. So he’s straight but so what? She clearly wasn’t getting there (feeling comfortable) herself. Perhaps it may show more straight people to be alleys and be ok with and encourage gay people to be themselves. It’s like saying someone who hasn’t got depression can’t help someone who has. Well frankly I’d be glad of anyone’s support. And after Santana was downright nasty to Finn. It shouldn’t be a us vs them, I think enough straight people already see it that way without lgbt people doing so. We’re all people, we all like who we like.

        The scene with Santana’s Abuela still breaks my heart (and Rin I’m so sorry you’ve experienced something like that)

        If you want to contrast that to how Finn tried to help Santana…

  8. JellyManKelly
    JellyManKelly at · Reply

    “I’m still not over those two seconds. And don’t think I ever will be.” SECONDED. THOROUGHLY.

    I actually made my brother fall off his chair, he was so startled by the almighty squee I let out during those two seconds. Those two seconds got me through all the other ridiculous shenanigans that happened this episode.

    Because I am not nearly so forgiving as you guys. I was so irritated by the way Glee handled the Finn/Santana fallout that I was a little sick to my stomach by the end of the scene. I get that they were trying to get it across that Santana had somewhere safe to go where she was loved, but the whole time it felt like Finn’s point was, they’ll love and accept her – as long as she’s out and proud. Maybe it’s just me. I mean, he basically blackmailed her into the lesson, and turned it into a SEE HOW MUCH BETTER LIFE IS NOW THAT I’VE OUTED YOU, AREN’T I AMAZING?! type of thing. Which. No. I probably would have been able to stomach it better if there had ANY interaction (except the most superficial of contacts) between Santana and Brittany, the girl who supposedly loves her and is dating her. But no. No talking it out, no lesbian feelings processing, nothing. Nada. Zippo.

    Having said that, I will admit that my perspective is *slightly* skewed by the fact that I cannot stand Finn and have not been able to since Day One. But only slightly.

    Also, THE SMAKETLY QUINN LIPS. hhnnnnnnnnggg…
    (Also also, in the IKAG scene, she is TALL. Has she always been that tall? Or maybe it’s just the presence of of a certain someone in her arm(s) boosting her confidence and posture….Must ponder this further.)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      She is tall, but I think the heels she was wearing compared to everyone else’s flats/sneakers just accentuated the fact. I noticed it too.

      (No matter how background she is, I will never miss a spinning Quinn. =; )

      1. Gold Star Reads
        Gold Star Reads at · Reply

        Rinscope. You amaze.

        1. JellyManKelly
          JellyManKelly at · Reply

          Seriously. I stand in abject awe. With a side of giggly for the spinning.

  9. Gold Star Reads
    Gold Star Reads at · Reply

    Okay… I’ve always seen some sort of correlation between Quinn and Sue, but I’m wondering your thoughts. My friends usually think I’m insane, but here are my arguments:

    Both let down by parents. Both exceptionally terrible on the surface. Both trying to find something/anything to mask the emptiness. etc, etc.

    To me, it was over the top apparent in ‘Jolene’, but I’m not sure the writers actually knew they were doing this. Just wondered your thoughts.

    PS-As always, recap was great. If you really liked Finn’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun, I would check out Greg Laswell, who in my opinion should have been credited for the cover.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      1. Gold Star Reads
        Gold Star Reads at · Reply

        Glad you had that GIF ready :)

        So you agree? I mean I know that was for the “green eyes” line (and I’m surprised Rachel didn’t bust in with a corsage to match her eyes)… But I wish they’d overlap Quinn and Sue’s story lines to show how damaged/lost they both are.

  10. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    I admit I wasn’t sold on Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at first but then I rewatched and now I do like it and yes, basically everything. ESPECIALLY NAYA’S FACE.

    I LOVE THAT YOU ENJOY BLAINE’S LAMENESS AS WELL SOPHY. He is just so endearing. Sometimes I just think about him dancing around to Roxy Music and then I lol forever. What a dork. Also I am glad that Blaine’s need of a gellervention was brought up. I JUST WANT HIS LOVELY CURLS TO FLOW FREE.

    SO MANY SANTANA FEELINGS. Pretty much everything.

    Also ahahahaha excellent sneaking of Sophia in there. SOPHIA WILL ALWAYS BE THERE WITH A PAIR OF JEAN SHORTS TO OFFER TO CLOSET LESBIANS.

    YES YES YES TO QUINN. I am glad they are finally fixing her. More on that when I flail about Hold On To Sixteen in a bit.

    OH MY GOD I DIDN’T EVEN THINK ABOUT HOW PUCK AND RACHEL HAD A THING. OH GOD WHYYYY. I am just glad that this week’s episode happened. SO GLAD.


    YES about I Kissed a Girl. I mean, really, worst song choice but all the lady love and the Faberry and I just loved them so much and the ladies just saved it with their awesomeness.

    And now for a quick comment about the new episode: FABERRY. ALL OVER THE PLACE. EVERYWHERE. AT ALL TIMES. I’M DEAD. Also, angry Blaine in general and angry Kurt when he sees Sebastian in the crowd. AND HE SMELLS LIKE CRAIGSLIST.

    But I really had all the season 1 feelings that episode because it was full of love. And, because it is always worth repeating Faberry.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  11. stephafro
    stephafro at · Reply

    i gotta agree about i kissed a girl… it really was a bad song choice and even though the scenes it gave were just wonderful, the song itself and the context just sucked so badly.
    i can forget about it though seeing as there is yet again infinite quinn caps (i will never complain)
    also, did you all end up flipping over the faberry tonight or are you still in a coma?

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  12. Elaine
    Elaine at · Reply

    The part where the creepy guy in the hallway tried to “straighten out” Santana and then all the girls rallied around her? Love. No silly New Directions versus Troubletones, no acting like they are no longer friends, that scene was simply the glee kids standing up for eachother and supporting eachother against the world. And those moments are why I love this ridiculous show.

    Puck/Shelby needs to stop yesterday. And Puck, CUT YOUR HAIR.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  13. Mac
    Mac at · Reply

    Ahahaha sooo fucking excited for your recap of 308…. SO. MUCH. FABERRY. And Britanna cuteness.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  14. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    So in the last week I’ve read your recap, HH’s recap on AE, and Dorothy Snarker’s post about it (yes, it’s finals week, but one has to have priorities, you know?) Over all, I probably liked this episode a bit more than they did, but not as much as you guys seemed to. What’s awesome about that though, is even though I didn’t always agree with you I can totally understand and appreciate your interpretations. Basically, this is just a shout out to say how much I appreciate the civility and thoughtfulness you guys use when expressing your opinions. I know this particular storyline has gotten people pretty heated, and I really admire that you can express yourselves and listen to the opinions of others without animosity. It’s quite a rarity on the internet, so thanks :)

    OK, I’m ready for my Quinn now.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  15. Eve
    Eve at · Reply

    ‘Sometimes the people with the biggest smiles on their faces wind up taking MDMA and throwing themselves off a balcony.’

    I lol’d and lol’d and lol’d.

    And I totally agree with Emily above. Rophy are the absolute greatest at being themselves in the face of terrifying fandom.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  16. j
    j at · Reply

    Rophy recaps are my favourite because you guys respond to what you see on the screen rather than just react to it. Very cool.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  17. Pocketsized
    Pocketsized at · Reply

    I don’t know what to say other than i loved this episode and especially all the gay. and i also love this recap. and you guys. also, rachel/hats forever.
    can’t wait for the next recap! :D

    may i have a quinn now please? :)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  18. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Lovely recap! I

    agree, the Finn-to-Santana song was the loveliest. So much platonic frienships in this one episode! Finn trying to make the outing up to Santana was adorable, as was his dumb reason to out her in the first place. I know fans will be bitching about it forever, but come on, it was pretty characteristic of him to go from “Gay teens kill themselves” to “‘let’s support all of them as loudly as possible… wait, you didn’t want to come out? But, why?” Because he’s Finn. No one said he was smart, but he has a lot of heart.

    Also loved the Quinn/Puck thing. They should be friends and support each other. Quinn needs friends to point out her crazy and get her down now and then, but mostly to remind her that she still has so much going for her. And, let’s face it, if anyone has an excuse for being insane sometimes, it’s a girl whose life got mixed up by a teen pragnancy and giving up a baby at 16. It’s not easy and I’m glad that haven’t just forgotten.

    I didn’t mind the whole Coach/Sue/Beiste thing. Beiste showed no interest, so the guy went on a date with someone he’s had an interest in for a while. Her feelings and her song about it were pretty powerful. I don’t dislike him, I’m just pretty indifferent about him. Sue on the other hand was just petty in the end, even though she made up for it by being Jane Lynch and complaining about how anyone in the world could think she was gay, like, ever. Funniest scene of the episode!

    One complaint though, WOULD IT HAVE BEEN SO HARD TO LET SANTANA AND BRIT HAVE A QUICK KISS IN THE AUDItORIUM? Maybe in the back, while the others were still cheering after Santana’s song and looking in another direction? They could have placed it right before Rachel’s confession. Look at the episode title, writers. Notice anything? Nothing? Morons!

    Also, I felt a little detached in the abuela-scene. The whole what-will-the-neighbours-think thing came out o nowhere, the abuela came out of nowhere and her sudden disgust was unconvincing and just didn’t do anything for me, emotionally. Not even with Naya’s sad cute face, which usually works in everyone of her emotional scenes. This one just fell flat and seemed displaced.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  19. Emma
    Emma at · Reply

    I’m actually not as annoyed by the Finntana frienship as I thought I would be, I kinda even like it. Of course they were going there, it’s how hummelberry started. They made Kurt such a likable character, that he became the perfect remedy for all the Rachel hate that was going on. ‘If darling Kurt is her friend, then we can forgive her for being such a diva.’ Don’t get me wrong, I worship Rachel, she’s my favorite, and I don’t hate Kurt, but I hate feeling that their friendship was just a gimmick to make her more likeable to the general public that hates an independent woman that knows what she wants and how to get it and arggghh, I don’t think I need to point out the double standar.
    Anyway, what I’m saying, I feel like they’re gonna make Finntana friendship happen and is gonna feel forced and I’m dreading it. I would like for Rachel to have another honest to god FRIEND, the same way I feel like Santana needs a friend. But not Finn, I don’t feel it.

    Also, I love that the ‘we let you down’ speech was finally given to Quinn, but damn, that girl needs therapy. I hope they don’t fix it up all with a song because that’s ‘trying to steal a baby’ kind of crazy. And I hate how they’re setting up Quick, I’m sorry, I don’t care how they try to redeem Puck, I just can’t forgive him. Every time they try to make him look good I just go back to ‘i’m like a shark, i need sex’ and calling the girl he knocked up fat, and sexting, and ‘you are the most selfish person i know’ and… I’m sorry, I can’t see it. Sam was the only boy who treated her right.

    Anyways, great recap, I agree 100% great acting by the girls. Really happy with that, and I would love to see more of Santana’s family.
    Sorry for the akward message, English is not my language, I learned everything I know watching Friends reruns.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  20. Juliett
    Juliett at · Reply

    I don’t watch Glee…but really enjoy your recaps nonetheless. (And, yes I just left this comment to have a Quinn gif :3)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  21. KC
    KC at · Reply

    I could not fully concentrate on this episode because Puck’s off-center/asymmetrical mohawk caused my OCD to flare up.

    But, yeah, those 3 seconds of Quinn and Rachel FTW!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  22. Sanji
    Sanji at · Reply

    This is the first episode of this season I’ve truly liked and I wasn’t sure I was going to, it was such a nice surprise! I agree pretty much on everything you said. I’ve been listening to Girl just wanna have fun since it’s been released and I can’t get enough of it. Finn isn’t the best singer of the group by a long shot but I love his voice and I’m so glad he’s gotten a solo (I think he only had another one in S1?).
    I don’t care enough about Santana to feel anything about her coming out to her abuela but I did like the fact that she was mad at her for telling and not… being. But a big yes to the other best scene because it was about time somebody recognized that nobody’s helping Quinn and she’s suffering as much as Santana is. Now that her problems are resolved (or at least the Glee club’s involvment) I hope they start working on Quinn and show her some support. I loved that it all came from Puck beacause he was the other important person in Quinn’s life with Shelby. Even though I like Quick I don’t think it can happen again anytime soon, but it’s great to see Puck and Quinn being friends again. And Dianna is really great this year, I don’t know if she’s taken some classes but I’m very impressed.

    Not much else to say – I skipped Fucking Perfect because it was hideous, Puck/Shelby doesn’t disgust me but it also makes no sense, and I started paying attention to Quinn dancing (I usually don’t because she never gets to sing anyway) and now I can’t take my eyes off her.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  23. BelieveInFinn
    BelieveInFinn at · Reply

    There are two elements in this week’s review that are intriguing. One is the complete disconnect from the viewpoint of most lesbian viewers of the episode. The other is the seemingly vested interest in defending Finn’s actions. Both are disconcerting and yet, keeping in mind the past reviews, show a consistency with the heterocentric viewpoint of Rophydoes. The episode, one reviled on pretty much every lesbian forum, is loved here and it makes sense. Finn, the straight male, is not punished for his actions and becomes the savior. Santana, against her will, is forced out of the closet and made to know a straight male always knows what is right for her. Episode 7 is a heterosexualization of a lesbian’s coming out experience and, in the end, a negation of the lesbian character and her female lover’s involvement of their own story.

    AfterEllen, Jezebel, Autostraddle, Dorothy Surrenders and other blogs have condemned this episode and condemned the offensiveness of both Finn’s involvement and his song to Santana. They have also condemned the negation of Brittany. The attempt to rationalize the negation of Brittany again shows a lack of respect that RophyDoes has seemingly become immersed in.

    Horribly, things have blown up this morning. Both Dorothy Surrenders and AfterEllen.com have posted articles dealing with the lack of respect and integrity shown by Glee’s writers. Apparently Glee’s writers and many fans of the show have been involved in extremely acrimonious dialogue. Even this recap has found it’s way in to the dialogue (being cited as evidence of the cluelessness and detachment of straight female viewers).

    Yet, it is not that easy. Persons of both genders and all orientations have shown respect to the hurt viewers and expressed indignation at last week’s horrific and rightfully reviled episode.

    In his shredding of episode 7, the straight male critic of The AV Club, Todd VanDerWerff, nails it

    “Why, in fact, does the point-of-view character for this number seemingly become Finn—who sits in the audience with a big ol’ dumb grin on his face and nods his head, as if he’s thinking about how awesome it would be if Rachel started making out with Santana then and there?
    Now, I suppose this could all be excused—not really, but sort of in that “I’m excusing this because it’s Glee” fashion—if the rest of the storyline made any sense at all, but the rest of the storyline, save one scene, seems to be about people trying to make Santana feel better by singing at her. Finn breaks out his concerned face so he can sing a slowed-down, acoustic version of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with the other guys in New Directions. He also writes “Lady Music Week” on the whiteboard (which sort of amused me). Puck goes to the Melissa Etheridge, but that has to do with his own wretched plotline. All throughout, Santana’s attempting to express her own feelings, but the whole thing turns into a vehicle for other people to foist their own concern on her. Santana’s storyline keeps getting hijacked by other people, to the point that when she says her parents were okay with her coming out, it occurs at the end of an offensive number (though it at least explains why she’s so damn happy) but it also occurs off-screen. The Santana storyline has been one of the best things about the back half of season two and this front half of season three, and the scenes that should be its emotional crux are occurring in our imaginations.”

    What Todd understands is to be a strong critic, one needs to come at a review from more than one closed off viewpoint. The continued heterocentric approach has left RophyDoes behind on what has become one of the hot topics of the Glee season, one that has led major lesbian forums and sites to start condemning Glee and many lesbian viewers to stop watching. A few weeks ago, RophyDoes showed the inability to understand from more than a heterocentric view as a full scale defense of Finn’s outing of Santana was offered. I saw it coming. A fan saying they think Finn and Rachel would be a cute couple is not getting it. It is not about offering up interest in same sex pairings. It is understanding the portrayals and knowing which portrayals are presented in ways that negate a character or negate a viewpoint. Other persons come on here and say we can disagree – just keep on being awesome. They do you no favors besides cheap gratification. Maybe it is time to learn a bit more about other’s perspectives. Because right now, your reviews have only one perspective and it is anything but the respectful one you think it is.

    1. BelieveInFinn
      BelieveInFinn at · Reply

      Two corrections –
      A. “made to know a straight male always knows what is right for her” should read
      “made to know the main straight male teen always knows what is right for her”

      B. “A fan saying they think Finn and Rachel would be a cute couple is not getting it.” should read
      “A fan saying they think Quinn and Rachel would be a cute couple is not getting it.”

    2. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

    3. Chloe
      Chloe at · Reply

      The reviews are about offering up THEIR OPINIONS. That’s the whole point. Sure, it’s also to recap the episode, but they don’t have to give a ~balanced view point. IT’S THEIR BLOG. I really don’t see how their viewpoint is ‘hetero-centric’ just because they disagree with the majority of the lesbian fandom; opinions are opinions, and if you don’t enjoy reading their opinions, stop coming here. It’s just a TV show; I wasn’t a huge fan of the episode either, but I really can’t see any reason to get so up in someone’s face over a FREAKIN’ TV SHOW. All you do is whine and it irks me. It irks me to the core.

      Also, I know this is a reply to someone else’s comment so idek if it counts, but I WANT A QUINN.

  24. Bangie McD
    Bangie McD at · Reply

    As someone who absolutely hated the episode, with a fiery passion and is actually still enraged by it, I don’t understand your need to come here and rip apart Rophydoes and their recap.

    This is their blog, their site and they can put on here whatever they want.

    Seriously, if you find this site so offensive and so heterocentric, then don’t come here.

    Anyway, just my two cents. Thanks as always for the hard work that you do Rin and Sophy. Like I said, despite my deep disagreement with your view on last week’s episode, I am a big fan.

    Now, if you could just finish your Skins recaps that would make me even happier :)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

    2. BelieveInFinn
      BelieveInFinn at · Reply

      So you believe no dissent or criticism is allowed. As long as RophyDoes engages in their frankly offensive and patronizing critiques, I will continue to critique their recaps. They can ban me if they wish. Or they can be adults and answer. That such a terrible episode which basically filters the experience of LGBT individuals through a heterosexual character is acclaimed is worthy of criticism. I am not calling the site homophobic. That would be out of line and there is nothing that RophyDoes that is worthy of that kind of critique. However there is clearly a one-sided heterocentric viewpoint which in the end is extremely patronizing and in poor taste. If one can argue that there is not, do so. Meanwhile maybe everything involving Santana from now on can be decided by Finn. The straight male hero teaching the lesbian how to live her life and inspiring her by reminding her, she was the first woman he had sex with.

      1. Lisa
        Lisa at · Reply

        Here’s the thing about this specific plot point (because I see the point of responding to a general criticism of the opinions of this blog): I do think Finn came off as condescending. But he didn’t force Santana out of the closet by coercing her to go to glee that week.

        Santana was outed by a political ad on television, either because Finn yelled at her or because everyone knew about her and Brittany’s relationship already. I think of this week as Finn’s attempt to apologize for that – sure, it was patronizing, but for someone as consistently hostile as Santana it makes sense that you’d need to shove support and acceptance down her throat.

        I think it would be problematic in every way if Finn made her do this because he thought she shouldn’t be so snarky all the time and decided for Santana that her life would be better as an out teen. But this was a lot more about Finn/the club showing her that she can revel in the good parts about being out now that the bad parts are out of her control, and it was a nice gesture, if also rather misguided.

        1. Rin
          Rin at · Reply

          Lisa! <3 Hope you're doing well :D

        2. anat
          anat at · Reply

          That’s very true! I have read the reviews before watching the episode, and ppl were all “Fin is forcing Santana to be out”, so i was already hating when i sat down to watch it… and i tried to keep hating, but.. It was actually a nice episode. I liked most of the songs (which lately I’ve been fast-forwarding, which is a shame cuz they used to why i watched glee. Songs&lols), and yeah as always some parts were off-putting (the one line about how great San’s parents were taking it – WHAT?! that’s all we get? but then they gave us that wonderful scene with her abuela so.. Also, I hated Fin’s song but got emotional nonetheless about Santana’s response).
          In the end all Fin did was to show Santana there are ppl who love and support her no matter what. Yeah, I still agree with those reviewers who got offended that what should have been about Santana turned to be about Fin, and that as her coming out song they used IKAG – which is more offensive than anything anyone could have imagined (but my fangirling heart still squealed in joy + Sugar is a miracle baby!) – but I also enjoyed rophy’s review.
          They have a talent to make me laugh my ass off :D If this was some kind of political site, or social site like AE I might have understood where BelieveInFinn came from, but it’s their own lil kingdom, and they do what they’ve always done best – making ppl laugh. The fact that they also have great insights and made me tear up on more than one occasion is just a bonus!
          Plus, they still gave u a Queen gloryshot, if that’s not showing maturity i don’t know what does.

          1. anat
            anat at · Reply

            Sh*t i wrote Quinn wrong! I blame it on passion of the moment and cuz she is a queen after all… Do i still get a gif??? :p

      2. Lisa
        Lisa at · Reply

        *don’t see the point

      3. Bangie McD
        Bangie McD at · Reply

        I absolutely think that dissent is allowed and I have stated how much I hated the episode. Seriously, I still get angry thinking about it now. My view of “I Kissed A Girl” is polar opposite to Rophydoes, but you seem to believe they like the episode because of some kind of straight agenda.

        There is a way to disagree with someone without attacking them or accusing them of being patronizing.

        Just like you’re allowed your point of view, so am I and so is Rophydoes. If you are so offended by what is being written here, why do you read it? That’s what I don’t understand.

  25. Molly
    Molly at · Reply

    “Oh, I get it. You’re a bunch of lesbos.”
    “So what if we are?”

    I think Rachel’s gay is showing again.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      You get the special non-Quinn gif!

  26. folkpants
    folkpants at · Reply

    I sort of wanted to comment just to get a special, probably Quinn gif from Rin. But that felt rather cheap.

    I still enjoy your recaps even though I don’t enjoy the show as much as I once did. You often seem to have one of the more refreshing views floating around in fandom.


    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      There is nothing cheap about it.

  27. Em Ti
    Em Ti at · Reply

    I am a big fan of Rohpydoes and I always read your recaps head-in-hands all the time but this one is different… I simply agree with everythig you said. It’s… I find it very conforting and a bit weird.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      I’ve run out of Quinn’s.

      So we’re going to have to go vintage.

  28. Bekah
    Bekah at · Reply

    “Sometimes the people with the biggest smiles on their faces wind up taking MDMA and throwing themselves off a balcony.”

    Oh, the lols.

    And, oh, the lesbians. We have so much rage!

    I loved this recap, way more than I loved the ep, so thank you ladies for that! As always, lovely perspectives.

    And I can’t wait for 3.08’s recap. Because I REALLY loved the ep, and I’m hoping to love your recap even more!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  29. I
    I at · Reply

    I find it amusing that all reviews of this episode are kind of making me feel so conflicted.

    Like I read this review and I actually agree with most of the things. I liked that Finn tried to help Santana though I did think it was kind of too much. I mean you see he means well but he still doesn’t really ‘get’ it. But intentions do count as something imo.

    On the other hand you have like the other review Heather Hogan, Dorothy Snarker, etc. and I read them and think what they say is kind of true also. Like I wish Brittany would have been more involved. Some thing that annoyed me was that Finn was just saying exactly what Brittany was saying at the end of season 2. She should have played a bigger role in the coming out of her gf because it was part of their season 2 sl. I also think it would have been better if it would have been more about Santana herself. I felt they made it a bit to much about Finn trying to make up for his mistake.

    Three scenes I really liked were :
    – the abuela scene. Like the things Santana was saying were like really recognizable I think. and it just made me feel really sad for her. To see someone hurt her in that way made me feel sad. I though it was a really good scene , but I do think it needs to be explored further. I mean in the next scene Santana is back to being quiet happy and I want to see how she deals with the fact that someone she obviously cares about rejected her. I also really want to see more of her home life bc she did tell her parents were ok with it. But there is something in the way she is that makes me think there is something wrong at home. It would just be weird if it turns out she has loving , great parents bc it wouldn’t make sense to me. I mean they let their 16 yo daughter have a boob job. There has to be something there and I really wish they would explore it. But it’s glee so I don’t know if I should hope for it.

    – Another scene I really liked was the scene were the girls stood up for her. I think it was great that they all defended her in that way even though she has been mean to most of them a t some point they still care enough about her to help her out. That was really nice. and the IKAG perofrmance was nice. Even though the song is kind of offensive it was just really cool to see all the Pezberry , Faberry, Sugartana, etc. So pretty. and as a big Pezberry shipper it made me really happy. The Quintana hug at the end was also really nice. I really wish they would explore a bit of the Unholy trinity friendship. I feel they don’t explore the girl friendships enough.

    – Santana insulting Blaine and his hideous bowties. I love those Santana insults because I think they are funny. Also loved what she said at the end of it. Like during the performance of ‘perfect’ you saw she kind of liked it but at the end she just can’t admit that and goes to insult it :P I thought Naya’s delivery was perfect.

    So to conclude I still don’t know exactly how I feel about this episode. I feel some of the messages it sends out it wrong but at the same time I did enjoy watching the episode. and I really like that they are featuring Naya more because I really love her singing/acting.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  30. Chloe
    Chloe at · Reply

    Not a big fan of this episode but really enjoyed your recap as always. Besides, it was more than made up for by the flawlessness of 308 <3

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  31. cecilia
    cecilia at · Reply

    (very late to the partay, but IDC)

    I’m very torn by this episode: some parts I really loved, some others I hated furiously. (the first ones mainly involved Naya’s pretty face, I admit. Duh.)
    Probably what enraged me the most was, once again, the use of “I kissed a girl”, which is never never NEVER a good song choice when dealing with such themes. In a second we got from the wonderful scene of the girls having Santana’s back and showing her their support (a thing she needed to see, IMO), to a himn to drunken smooches in front of your voyeur boyfriend. Ugh.
    It’s like going from Lily Allen’s “The fear” to finding “I kissed a girl” on the dvds instead, a thing I will never be okay with. NEVER BE OKAY WITH THAT, YOU HEAR ME SKINS? Ooops, sorry, got a bit carried away.

    Also, I love that “to quinn somebody” has now become an actual verb: I expect it to be on the new edition of my English dictionary. :)

  32. christina
    christina at · Reply

    so there was a lot to love in this episode. in particular i loved the “girls just wanna have fun” scene. i thought it was amazingly sweet and it made me cry the first time i saw it. there’s just so much love in that scene it explodes onto the screen and naya has just made me love her more and more with each episode. like it’s weird because i never liked “the mean girl” characters. and i know to a lot of people that’s what quinn and santana are essentially, but they’re so much more then that. santana has a sharp tongue but she’s not a bad person. and quinn has just been lost for so long and been through so much at a young age that who wouldn’t be a little bitter?

    the scene with santana’s grandmom was another emotional one and i really felt for her in this episode and the one’s before it because she was struggling with her sexuality and dealing with how to approach it with her popularity. it sounds really similar to what quinn would be going through if they actually let the faberry story play out, but worse because of her parents and her religion. i agree that naya and dianna just grew more and more with their amazing performances week after week. and the one with puck in her room was another one that gripped my heart because that’s exactly what dianna does with her doe eyes that scream at you. they scream vulnerability and love me and for an actress with little acting experience, she’s great at making the audience feel with just her eyes.

    and can i just say? the part in “i kissed a girl” where rachel backs up into quinn and quinn wraps her arm around her possessively as if to say “mine” and rachel wraps her arm right back on quinns as if to agree that yes she is quinn’s…LOVE! SO MUCH LOVE!

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