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Best Song

Blaine et al – Friday Night

Sophy says: Well. Things have come to a pretty pass when I’m voting Katy Perry best song. But there it is; that’s how much ass every other song sucked.

Leprechaun kid? I don’t care. I may have been able to tolerate him for one song, but two? Overkill. Not only is it a waste to give that amount screentime to a guest character, but it really draws you out of the fiction, being so obviously a special treat for a good little Glee Project puppy.

Also, just FYI, during ‘Bein’ Green’, all I could think was “Lorne did it better.”

Candyman? Eh… I didn’t really like it when Christina Aguilera did it, so Mercedes and her co-assholes were never going to make it any better.

Puck’s baby/baby mama serenade was just a whole load of overkill gross.

So… Katy Perry it is.

It helps that it was sung by Blaine and Blaine is awesome with his cheese-tastic inspirational speeches and his gesticulatey arms and his ~passionate faces and his getting his butt smacked by Rachel and his spinning Kurt around all I’m under your spell.

Oh yeah, and the Faberry.

Always the Faberry.

Rin says: I couldn’t have said it better myself if I tried.

They danced on top of a table together. That has to make you gay married in at least 45 states.

Also… I like this song. Because of this. I’m not ashamed/I am ashamed.

But I have to disagree with you Rachel. You SHOULD NOT do that song for sectionals. What even… OOC BERRY.


Biggest LOL

“Baby sacrifice makes me sad.”

Sophy says: JUST. I CAN’T. The hilarity of the unfit mother props really helped to undercut the general sadness/creepiness of Quinn’s mission.


Rin says: Those books are hilarious, just as good as the INCEST: A FRANK DISCUSSION. However, I don’t even think the ones Quinn planted are the funniest on that shelf.. ‘COOKING FOR ONE’ really stands out for me.

And yes. The labels. 8-.

Sophy says: Although if I’m completely honest, this was the biggest lol by far for me:


Rin says: ….I feel like we almost need a new category just for this special moment. So, so, so special.


Best Scene

“Do you know how hard it is to do something perfectly?”

Sophy says: Okay wow. This is Glee doing what it sometimes does best: squeezing the poignancy out of an absurd plotline. Up until this point, Quinn’s quest to get her baby back looked like a bit of character assassination in service of lols, but this scene really brought the whole thing back to being all about who she is. And who Quinn is is a lonely girl, floundering in the depths of the rest of her life.

I love that we got some real character continuity from the last season, with her reference to everybody else (read: Rachel Berry) having college and New York, and the general crippling fear of being nothing at all without her pedestal. Well, to that I say, you can’t use a baby as a pedestal, Quinn. They squash too easy. And boy did I get chills when she said that Beth was “something even I can’t screw up.”

Let’s just tick the ‘not ready to be a parent’ box and move on, shall we?

I have to say I was really impressed with Dianna’s acting in this scene. I think it’s some of the best work we’ve seen from her so far. The tense, prim hand gesture, the brittle “She’s my perfect thing,” the look in her eyes in that third cap… it all tells me she has a bigger future in Hollywood than I previously thought.



Yeah, I loved this scene. It definitely helped in making Quinn’s plans less ‘WAIT WTF?’ and more, oh right, this is Quinn Fabray we’re dealing with. Sometimes I think we forget that she’s not okay with swaying in the background, no matter how much season 2 tried to put her there. I like that we’re still getting the remnants of the pressure her parents put on her to be perfect. And I say remnants because I feel like Quinn has given up her quest to be perfect, and now it’s all about just having something to call her own and leave behind. And I’m all like, QUINN YOU’RE ONLY 17.. but like Sophy said. Baby pedestals.

ALSO. CAN I JUST CUT IN AND ADD, COLLEGE/NEW YORK. OH QUINN. You pay more attention than you’d like to admit, don’t you?



Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“I want to talk about, um, you know, that thing that we never talk about…”
“What, that sour patch kids are just gummi bears that turned to drugs?”


And I love the idea that they have whole conversations about this kind of thing when we’re not looking.

Rin says: This is the kind of Brittany humour that I enjoy the most. The type where it’s all, ‘dolphins are just gay sharks’ and My Headband being her favourite song. With things like this, there’s at least some method to her madness.. but when it comes to leprechauns and cats pooing chocolate bars? No.


Rophy Says No!

Too far.

Sophy says: Okay, you should never, ever eat candy that came out of your cat’s litter tray. Let alone if you think it actually came out of your cat.

Let’s face it, Brittany doesn’t just need help crossing the street. She needs help not getting E. coli.

Rin says: :(

I hated all of the leprechaun stuff. :)

And the leprechaun.

Oh yeah, and.

Sophy says: REALLY?

What the fuck is up with this shit? Is this an after school special on turning the other cheek when people treat you like crap? Because that’s what Mercedes, Santana and Brittany have done, okay? They have treated their friends like crap, and no, none of their excuses hold up. At the end of the day they are just selfish, spoiled brats, who do not deserve shiny, happy waves.

Meanwhile ‘The Trouble-Tones”? Excuse me while I barf up my colon.

Rin says: Seriously. You just got deserted because they all think they’re too good for New Directions, so you go and WATCH ON HAPPILY WITH BRIGHT SMILES AND CUTE LITTLE WAVES? NO? NEVER??? STOP, PUT YOUR WAVE DOWN?!



Head In Hands

“That special place where she lives – yeah, it’s beautiful but… someone’s gotta help her cross the street.”


So yes, these were super adorable little moments. Holding hands under the napkin? I can’t. I love how Brittany looks on fondly as Santana adjusts their little red love-cape. Um. AND BRITTANY ASKING WHETHER TAKING A BATH TOGETHER IS A DATE. LOLFOREVER. 8-.

I like that the picture in Santana’s locker gave us a glimpse of what it is that she loves so much about Brittany, behind all the Leprechaun-made-poo-candy-nom-nom.

She supports her. It’s that simple, really. Brittany supports Santana wholeheartedly and easily, and it’s that neverending supply of childlike affection that makes her so valuable to Santana. (That and the whimsy.)

And hey, wait a minute. I’m seeing a nice parallel here, between Santana and Brittany and Quinn and her baby.

Hear me out.

Santana and Quinn are both insecure, pretty girls, with nowhere in particular to go. They both feel adrift as the world opens up before them, and so they both want something they can hold onto – someone who’s emphatically theirs. They’re eager to shoulder the responsibility of caring for that person, in the expectation that that person will fall in line with their wants and needs. Beth will do as Quinn says because mother-knows-best, and Brittany will do what Santana wants, because she’s so phenomenally naive she can manipulate her like she paints her nails.

That’s not to say there isn’t love in the mix. But it isn’t what you’d call pure and free of self-interest.

Poor old Finn gets flogged for using a bad word again, but really, Santana is the one who’s treating Brittany badly here. Sure, she’s not calling Brittany an idiot, but what she is doing is a lot more insidious. Santana plays on Brittany’s stupidity in this episode, using her belief in leprechauns to get her to do something pretty big that she really doesn’t want to do. And that’s why, once you put it into context, her indignation at Finn before gaily skipping off with Santana is kind of heartbreaking to watch.

But hopefully interesting? Would it be silly to assume that the Glee writers actually mean to tell us a tale of dysfunctional, co-dependent love, rather than dumping a clumsy lesbian fairytale on us?

Yes? It would be? Akin to believing in leprechaun poo-candy?


Rin says: We’ll just have to sit back and wait. I don’t really want to get my hopes up.. look where that got us after 302. ASIAN F IS WHERE.


But I do sincerely hope there’s more than meets the eye to Brittana. Because I want to like them a lot you guys. And it’s not like I dislike them, it’s just that I don’t feel invested because there wasn’t any steppage.. it was just a giant leap from sweet lady kisses to YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I WANT. But if they continue down the path of Brittana thinking Santana is purrrrfect and red love-capes then they have the potential to really win me over.


Most Rophy

You know what has no expiration date, Rophites? Our rage.


Rin says: I actually thought that woman was incredibly funny. I was watching this episode with some of my family, and I usually try to downplay my reactions but here I couldn’t help myself. I laughed and laughed. THE WAY SHE JUST STALKED BACK INTO THE FRAME IN THE BACKGROUND.

And I just realised that her sign has a border of balloons and confetti. It’s the minor details that count.

Sophy says: She’s up there with Dancing Quinn to be honest.


Quinn Glory Shot

And you imagine…






She really has become a master of flipping her hair.

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    1. kthrace
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      Every single one of those gifs was absolutely essential.

  6. Sanji
    Sanji at · Reply

    That first gif <3 Barf up my colon is my new favourite expression.

    Onto more serious things now: how many more Glee project kids do we have to tolerate exactly? I can't stand them already, especially if everything's gonna gravitate around them just to be forgotten the next ep. Like, I didn't even notice green kid was still there the next ep until my 4th rewatch of America, when I tried to look away from Santana and Puck being awesome and see if there was anything else worth watching.

    I'd care a lot more about Quinn and her storyline if it happened last year. S2 was a mess and nothing will ever change that, but it's hard to believe she'd ever give a damn about her kid after having completely ignored her a whole year. And it makes me angry because I truly liked all the Puck/Quinn scenes, and I love when they have this dramatic moments in the middle of a crazy storyline. They always manage to do them well so why not have them last year instead? I know, it's Glee and I shouldn't expect it to make sense, but Quinn's pregnancy is the one thing they did magnificently and they managed to fucked it up completely. There's still a slight chance that Puck will achieve something, but it's not like he was so worried about Beth too.

    Also, Finn. Now I know I'm in the 1% of the fandom who likes him, but I'm sick of people (and writers) treating him like the ultimate racist/homophobe/bad guy because he's not, he's never been, he's probably the most kind-hearted character in the show. Has he ever gone to juvie, sent anyone to a crackhouse, or ditched New Directions because he thought he was better than anyone? His phrasing and choice of words is always terrible, but his intentions aren't. He called Brittany stupid, but guess what? She is. And that's the writers fault for having her character going too far sometimes, because it's all fun and games and no serious business when she thinks dolphins are gay sharks – it's funny, it's light hearted and no one would ever think she's mental, but if you still believe that Santa exists, or that cats poop candy bars, someone should tell you that there's something wrong, unless your parents are willing to have an unmployed daughter living in her house until the day they die. I don't see how pretending everything is fine like everybody but Finn is doing is gonna help her. I can't take Santana's side, but even more than that, i can't believe that she truly cares about Brittany. All I saw is a horny girl trying to get into her pants as quickly as possible. Sorry for the vent.

    1. Mia
      Mia at · Reply

      Finn HAS ditched the new directions several times for football and for his reputation. And he still had the nerve to give Quinn crap about quitting glee club to stay in the cheerios, he’s a huge hypocrite. I can’t remember if he’s done it 2 or 3 times, for example, that one time when he bailed on Rachel when they were gonna take the glee club picture together for the thunderclap.

      Also, how does Santana not care about Brittany?
      She’s just taking baby steps towards being out with her.

      “All I saw is a horny girl trying to get into her pants as quickly as possible.”

      …Right, as opposed to Finn, who prayed to a cheese sandwich for a chance to touch Rachel’s boobs even though (in his words) “her boobs aren’t that great, but they’re still girl boobs” instead of praying for Kurt’s dad who was dying in the hospital.

      Santana and Brittany have been sleeping together since glee started, Santana doesn’t even have to “try” to get into Britt’s pants. They’ve been mutually getting into each other’s red spanx since their freshman year.

      She’s done everything Brittany has asked of her even though she didn’t feel comfortable doing any of those things and she finds ways to make Britt feel good about herself.

      1. (Born this way) “You’d put the shirt on and you’d dance with me.” She put the shirt on even though she wasn’t ready for everyone to see her in it.

      2. (Sexy) “I think we should talk to somebody, like an adult” They talk to Holly and “landslide” happens.

      3. (Sexy) Brittany: I wanna talk to you about something, our relationship is confusing for me, with feelings it’s better.

      Santana: *Panic panic panic / gives up* I have feelings for you that I’m afraid of dealing with cause I’m afraid of dealing with the consequences… I love you. I want you and I don’t wanna be with Sam or Finn or any of those other guys, I just want you. Please say you love me back, please.

      4. (Rumours)
      Brittany: I’m sad, like a sad little panda.
      Santana: Well that’s why I brought you here, to cheer you up.

      Then songbird happens.

      I seriously don’t know how anyone could watch Santana sing “Songbird” to Brittany and think that she doesn’t care about her and just wants to get into her pants.

      5. “You are the unicorn” Santana giving Brittany the encouragement and support she needs to run for class president, I doubt she would’ve done it otherwise… “I’m not smart enough / You’re a genius, Brittany”.

      The only thing Santana couldn’t do for her was show up on fondue for two when Britt wanted to ask her out to prom because that would basically be her coming out and she’s just not ready yet.

      It’s been slow but progress has been made since “Sex is not dating” to “Are we dating?” and from 2×04 where Brittany goes to breadstix by herself after Santana tells her “I’m not making out with you because I’m on love with you and wanna sing about making lady babies with you” to 3×04 where Brittana go on a date to breadstix and hold hands through a catflap under a napkin.

      So yeah I’d say Santana cares a lot about Brittany which is more than I can say for Finn who fed meat to his vegan girlfriend and knew that Rachel wanted to wait “until she was 25 or had won a Tony” to have sex but was saving up for a hotel anyways.

      You might be cool with Finn calling Brittany an idiot (which was uncalled for, if she wants to believe in what ever the hell she believes him, who the hell is he to tell her otherwise?), but can you defend him for saying that “Brittany is like Rainman with boobs”? I can’t even with that line.

      Finn’s the kind of guy that’d call Becky a retard.
      Santana insults him by calling him “Fatty gassy Mcgravy pants” and making fun of his weird puffy pyramid nipples.

      I am the 99% of the fandom who hates Finn Hudson

      Just sayin’.

      1. Mia
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        I fucked up the strike thingy :/ Rophy, y u no let me edit my posts? I always ruin them.

        1. Sanji
          Sanji at · Reply

          I’m not gonna fuel this since ship wars are not my thing and I find them quite stupid. It’s obvious you like Brittana and you’re gonna defend it so there’s really no point discussing it. I’ve never brought up Finchel in my comment but apparently you have to talk about it anyway just because you don’t like it. Whatever. Feel free to ship whatever you like, just like I do.

          I just wanted to clarify some things:
          -He never ditched ND because he thought he was better than other people. That’s what I meant (and wrote). I know he has, basically everybody has at one point, but he didn’t act all superior like Mercedes/Kurt/Quinn. I value humility a lot and he’s one of the few.
          -As I said, Finn doesn’t know how to talk. So yeah, he’s gonna call people retards, faggots and probably even niggers, but the thing is that he never uses those words to hurt intentionally. To me, it’s much worse Santana making fun of people for the heck of it using politically correct terms than Finn calling Brittany an idiot NOT because he wants to make fun of her (like Santana does when she calls people names just because she’s bitchy) but to tell her that something’s not right. And guess what? It totally is not. And Santana giving her the unicorn speech is the worst thing that you could do to a person like Brittany. It probably comes down to the fact the the message that Glee is trying to give to blindly accept who you are is totally wrong.
          – I won’t even comment on Grill Cheesus because it’s ridiculous. I really hope you weren’t serious and that you don’t judge people by what the pray for. Seriously.I can’t even.
          -Same goes for the hotel room. I actually don’t even know what you’re trying to say there, it doesn’t make any sense. He was saving money for a hotel room… so?

  7. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Great recap!

    The Santana/Brittany story is so adorable! It’s weird though that they’ve been not-so-secretly sleeping together for years and we’ve never seen them kiss.

    While I admire Quinn’s creativity in finding the most horrifying/awesome books and printing labels, I call bullshit on her mission. She wants to get her baby back from a loving mom who has the means to look after the kid. Not because she loves her that much, but because once again she whines over having nothing else than her looks. Which a) isn’t true. She also has her charms, athletic talent, a great talent for singing and performing and most of the times a brain and b) the things she doesn’t get is because she puts no effort into them whatsoever. She just whines about being pretty. Poor girl. It’s been three seasons and it’s just getting annoying.

  8. Mia
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    Have you ever told someone something you really want and they say they’ll think about it and after a while you wanna bring it up again but you don’t wanna seem desperate or needy? I think It’s pretty much what Santana did here when she told the “leprechaun” that her wish was for Britt to be in the Troubletones.

    Brittany joined the group AFTER she said that she knows leprechauns don’t exist. If she knows leprechauns don’t exist then that would make Santana’s wish void but she joined anyway because:

    a) I don’t think she appreciated the so called “Leader” of the New directions calling her an idiot.

    b) Because she caved to her selfish, needy and insecure girlfriend’s request.

    And calling Brittany and Santana assholes for joining the girl group? They haven’t been all lazy divas in any way like Mercedes has. Santana asked Mr. Shue if they weren’t gonna showcase any other voices this year and he was all “Uh, you got a solo last year”, if he would’ve said that to Rachel she would’ve slapped him across the face, yell “HOW FUCKING DARE YOU?!” to him while roaring like a Jewfasa and then start making out with the Lion Quinn.

    Also, Santana pointed out something the fandom has been upset about “So this year, it’s going to be the Blaine and Rachel show… yay!” I love Rachel and she’s the star and I’m not gonna argue against that but in these past 5 episodes Blaine had 3 solos and 2 duets and 1 warblers performance in which he did not sing but did dance like a fucking pee wee Herman wannabe, I just can’t with Blaine. Since season 2 He’s had more solos than anyone else and he’s been in the show for less time than everyone else.

    Quinn hasn’t had a solo since season 1 and Tina hasn’t had an uninterrupted solo since I don’t know when. My point is that Blaine is to me like Holly Holiday is to you, just a big fucking waste of screen-time and solos, Kurt is so not Kurt anymore and Klaine is so boring I just wanna die.

    Puck / Shelby seems SOOO forced to me, is it my imagination or is Mark Sawling a terrible actor? cause I really can’t tell if I’m just being biased cause I’m hating the “hot for teacher” storyline.

    Needs more Faberry and Brittana, they need to stop shoving Finchel down our fucking throats (seven fucking finchel kisses in ep. 5, guys), stop making Artie into a gigantic fucking douche bag and Sam needs to come back now so there’s at least one guy that is not an asshole on the show. (forgot about “other asian” for a sec there but like, you get it)

    I absolutely hated episode 5, they butchered what would’ve been an amazing Rachel & Santana duet with moronic editing of the new hot warbler and whats his face, I hope they realize that the reason for that episode to flop so hard and being the episode with the lowest ratings in the season so far is that it was full of forced and unnecessary shit.

    Hope they can redeem the awfulness of that episode with episode 6 which looks pretty promising. Sorry for ranting but I hate glee! (even though I can’t stop watching :S ).

    1. kk
      kk at · Reply

      God, I love your last line.
      You know you’re a true gleek when you hate the show.

      1. Mia
        Mia at · Reply

        I know, right? I just can’t help it! I love hating it and I hate loving it in-spite of hating it.

        Episode 6 was fucking epic and all kinds of awesome though (except for those cartoonish campaign adds with Burt Hummel and his baboon heart and his donkey bride, that looked like some shit out of south park, seriously wtf?).
        But the songs were amazing, in particular the one currently sitting on the #1 spot on in the charts right now (Rumor has it / Someone like you).

  9. sansa
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    It really feels like serial!killer Quinn is the only way they can salvage this mess they’ve put her in. It would be glorious too.

  10. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    That last bit about Brittana summed it up perfectly. I WANT to like them and there is a lot of sweetness but also, it’s just so erratic, and Ryan Murphy never makes any sense and…yeah.

    Also, can we please just get poor Quinn some therapy? Or parents who give a shit about her? MY POOR QUINN. I think she needs some Burt Hummel or some Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights.


  11. christina
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    okay so i have to state that i doubt the choreographers included that much faberry flirtation in the dancing, but at that point, i think achele just did what they wanted and were like magnets and everyone knew it. scenes like that are reasons i believe something more went on between them. because they were like that on AND off screen. like there’s so much evidence it’s hard to ignore. and the part where lea and dianna are dancing on the table and lea basically air bites at her…like, you know i’m a faberry shipper, but COME ON! that is so achele blending perfectly with faberry and that to me is just PERFECT!


  12. ohwowlovely
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    That is all 😊😊

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