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Best Song

Brittany & The Girls – Run The World

Sophy says: Heather Morris may not have the most interesting voice in the Glee cast, but damn the girl has energy, which is why she is so good at pulling this sort of stuff off, and why you could sort of believe, in Glee-terms at least, that Brittany would run for class president and win. Sorry, “whimsically hop and skip nearby” for class president and win. 8-.

Frankly I love seeing Brittany be the best unicorn she can be.

And also I love seeing Quinn do all those dance moves in her Sunday best. I mean. What? 8-.

Rin says: I accidentally spoiled myself for this song/performance by excessively refreshing the ‘faberry’ tag on tumblr. I’m a tumblr spy. Six seater table.

When it started I started ‘OMG-ing’ repeatedly and saying ‘IT’S HAPPENING.’ BECAUSE I SAW THE DANCING QUINN GIFS YOU GUYS AND OH MY GOD. <3 I just wish she’d dance in sunday dresses, cardigans (that had to be pinned) and boots forever! ‘Cause it’s just incredibly adorable.

I loved this performance. It was fun, full of spirit and just a balls-to-the-wall awesome routine? Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of girl power? They were totally all channeling Beyonce during this number.


Biggest LOL

“She was better than me.”


Champagne comedy.

Rin says: Such a great one-liner. Honestly.


Best Scene

“I don’t have any clue what I’m doing down here, but I’m willing to learn.”

Sophy says: Alright. So having struggled my way through this episode, I looked upon this scene with wide-eyed and trembling joy, because it was so moving and relatively subtle, hey, at least there was one part of the episode that worked… and then Will started singing and it was all downhill from there. Like. 90 degree angle nose-dive. Black run. Really it just fell out of the sky like bird poo and splattered into my unsuspecting hair.

You guys, I’m not even a Will-hater and I hated him in this moment. Because it came off as so fucking pompous to sing a song like that at such a moment. Not to mention ridiculous. But then I don’t even know if it was really happening or supposed to be ~all a dream or some shit, because that creepy business with everyone singing in the white shirts and the jeans at the end and Will standing up the front singing at nothing, I don’t?


It was so unfortunate too, because they were just beginning to redeem themselves from the season opener, where they treated Emma’s illness like an exclamation point on a sad, old joke about blue-balls. I mean, I hated that Will was insensitive and invasive enough to invite Emma’s parents for dinner without asking or even telling her. But I get it, this is Glee, and characters are routinely sacrificed to the plot. So I moved on. I was less than impressed with the Ginger racism stuff, because, well, it was just a bit stupid at the end of the day. But then it got poignant and interesting when we saw the truly nasty side of her parents, nestled like a blade in frothy silliness. In that moment I felt for Emma, for her whole little life spent dealing with anxiety the only way she could figure out how. And when she knelt down to pray and Will knelt down with her and admitted he didn’t know what he was doing but he wanted to learn? It was gorgeous.

So why oh why, did Coldplay have to go ahead and ruin it by turning it into this massively overblown, epic, Will-is-Jesus moment? Just. No.

Rin says: I like Coldplay. I love ‘Fix You.’ I DID NOT LOVE FIX YOU IN GLEE. AT ALL. IT WASN’T WORTH THE GWYNETH. IT REALLY WASN’T. It was really the worst possible way to use this song, because Emma’s illness isn’t something that Will can FIX. Maybe if the lyrics were, ‘I willllllll tryyyyy to….love and support you and help you through this,’ it’d work. But as is? No. I mean, I know songs can be interpreted in a lot of ways and can mean different things to different people, but COME ON.


Although I did enjoy our kids reactions to seeing their names listed in the play. That was pretty darn cute. Really sad though when Rachel had to find out by herself with no one hugging or congratulating her. SHE DIDN’T EVEN DO ANYTHING WRONG.

Um. This best scene is so a Rophy says No in disguise. :)

OKAY. But I did really love the Will/Emma scene prior to Fix You, because it was touching and showed the genuine love and care Will has for Emma. And this is the kind of stuff that made us all love Will/Emma at the start. I just wish they stopped it there. Glee doesn’t always have to end on a song you guys. It just doesn’t.

Sophy says: I should have known Gwyneth was behind this. Typical.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“Where has that patriarchy gotten us? Double digit inflation, economic free fall, oil spills, war in Afghanistan.”

Sophy says: I like it when Brittany is stupid-smart.

Rin says: I just get the impression she thinks she’s running for the President of the United States. And it’s the best.


Rophy Says No!

All of it. All. Of. It.

Sophy says: Okay I’m just going to take a deep breath right here and try to calm myself down before I begin.


What was this even? We were doing so well this season and then it was like Glee just completely reverted to being that show that ignores all previous episodes when writing new ones. I mean.

We did this already. We did this and we kissed and made up and moved on.

Does no one remember that episode last season where Rachel and Mercedes hashed out this exact issue and came to a place where they could love and support each other without petty jealousy getting in the way? A place where Rachel encouraged Mercedes to shine and Mercedes dropped the whiny, insecure, diva crap she had been pushed into by Lauren Zizes?


So why are we doing the exact same thing, except that this time it’s her boyfriend pushing her into her whiny, insecure, diva crap? Oh yeah and this time she’s not dropping it? Instead she’s flouncing off like a spoilt child when given a wonderful opportunity by people who are being more than fair to her??? Oh and she’s joining the rival team. Because Mercedes is a self-absorbed bitch of a baby these days. Sorry if you didn’t get the memo. It’s Glee, after all.

And from Rachel’s point of view, please. We had a great moment in the season premiere in which she was shown to learn that even though she was the biggest fish in her small pond, there was some scary-ass competition out there in the real world of professional performing arts. Isn’t that enough of an ‘I’m not the best’ storyline for her? Especially because she is the best where McKinley is concerned.

Mercedes has a fantastic voice, and she does what she does and she does it well. Rachel is someone who has been blessed with immense natural talent and has honed the fuck out of it with hard work. She has way more levels she can go to as a performer than Mercedes does, because she has striven for those levels, and the fact is that she is far better suited to Maria. To pretend Mercedes is better than Rachel is a joke. To have Rachel pretend Mercedes is better than her… that’s just a joke that isn’t funny. The lol’ing above was fake and tinged with bitterness in case you hadn’t noticed.

Also since when is Mercedes being glamorous something to gasp in shocked delight over? Because…


And all little black and blue dresses aside, when has she not been a strong and glamorous, performance-wise? It’s what she does? I would have been gasping in shocked delight if Mercedes had come out and sung something fragile and homey. With a tambourine. As it was she just did what she does and she did it well. This was not epiphanic stuff.

Rin says: I don’t know how to deal with this. The way they’re dragging Mercedes through the mud and having Rachel getting caught up in it too is INFURIATING. Like Sophy said, we’ve BEEN there. NUMEROUS times. And there has been hugging and love and understanding over and over again and it’s been lovely (TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME is another example). Now? I can’t for the life of me understand why they’re trying to go there again by making Mercedes look like an even BIGGER and UNGRATEFUL bitch than anyone has ever before. And why were they pairing her quest for dominance with her constantly not committing to the booty camp? She’s late, she’s sick, she’s got a sore ankle. What was that even? If she complains and under-commits enough she’ll get the role? Uh? No?

And don’t even try to bring up that bullshit about them not wanting to ever hurt Rachel’s feelings. That was pure bullshit, because Rachel has paid her dues many times over, as well as being the main target of abuse and insults throughout the history of Glee. And a lot of that has come from Mercedes herself. So, I don’t quite understand what they were trying to say with that. And acting like Rachel gets handed everything isn’t going to get her anywhere, because we all know Rachel lives and breathes musicals and Broadway. Is Broadway even Mercedes dream? Do we even know? Is she putting herself out there trying to get into NYADA?

I don’t know. All of it is ridiculous to me. I hate that this is what they’re choosing to do with Mercedes. I was all for more of the secondary characters, because they deserve it. But if they’re just going to be downright unpleasant then I’m not really a fan.


Honestly if they wanted to go down this route with Mercedes they should have thought of that before they resolved everything so neatly for her last season. I’m just so disappointed that they finally start giving Mercedes an overarching storyline and it’s this.

Sophy says: Sigh. Way to ruin a story line that had potential by rushing the fuck out of it, Glee. This plotline should have commenced in this episode and progressed through to at least mid-season. As it was, all the gooey dancing with his mum and creepy Dexter-ish apparitions from his father, and the imaginary angsty head-in-handsing from Tina? None of it was earned. The entirety of Mike’s backstory was introduced in this episode. If you want people to care you need to build these things up? As it was I was just kind of laughing and cringeing and watching through my hands, and it’s a real shame, because when Mike’s father first appeared I felt so pleased that a minor character was getting developed and really excited to see where it would go.

Unfortunately it went in a rocket, straight to MASSIVE CLICHE TOWN. I just. The whole thing was too much. There’s the repressive parent who wants to kill the kid’s dream,  and then there’s the permissive parent who had their dream killed and blah blah same mistake I made blah blah. Glee really missed an opportunity to do a storyline with substance here about parents who wish the best for their children but don’t quite know what the best is. Or maybe they do know, sort of, somewhat. Because maybe it’s a grey area that should be so glibly and dully resolved with ‘Follow your heart’?

Meanwhile, kudos to Harry for learning to sing. Or for his skill in singing badly previously?

Rin says: I’m kind of annoyed how this episode is named Asian F, and Mike Chang’s story was resolved in a total of like, 5 minutes. OH HERE’S HIS DAD! OH MIKE STRUGGLES A BIT. DANCES. SINGS. OH HIS MUM! OH DANCING, OKAY WE’RE ALL HAPPY NOW.

I just can’t get behind it, because I see what it could have been — a pretty moving and actually quite relatable story line. I mean, I would have been shedding tears if it was done properly, but I wasn’t. I was left feeling like I wanted more than that, because I can relate to everything else on this show, but it’s more in a vicarious manner. This was something I could actually see as having gone through in my own life, and it’s not often that I feel like I see my own experience presented on TV. I don’t sing or dance (I mean, I do, but not well), but I was always more creative than academic — and if you want to choose the creative path you always have to excel at it. I was blessed in that my parents weren’t the stereotypical Asian parents locking me in my room until I got into medical or law school. The pressure was there though, constantly. And it wasn’t until I graduated in the top percentile of my class with my degree that I felt like some of that was alleviated. And that’s still kind of an academic achievement.

I just wish it was handled better. The moment when Mike dances with his mum was cute, but not enough. If it has been further down the road and a resolution to at least a few episodes of conflict the impact would have been much greater. Sigh.

Sophy says: In an episode that contained a pleasing ode to girl power courtesy of Brittany S Pierce, it was extra depressing to see Mercedes, and to a lesser extent Rachel, relying on their boyfriends to guide them. The image of both girls looking anxiously up at the boys in the wings was a bit nauseating, frankly.

Also Mercedes’ boyfriend is a little bit smarmy and a lot pointless so far. They should have just recast Sam.

Rin says: THIS WAS SO URGH. She’s Rachel Fucking Berry. Stop making her into a damsel in distress.

Sophy says: RIGHT. Rachel has had some damselly tendencies in the past, but not with respect to her talent. I mean, come on. And anyway she’s been growing and evolving. Can’t you let her grow and evolve Glee? :( No? :( Of course not. :(

Also this is probably more of a Sophy says no, but whatever…

This sort of thing is the reason I spent a good portion of my life thinking I hated musicals and kind of side-eyed opera for that matter. The old sing-talk. When it goes on too long it just makes me cringe. And also it’s really dull musically. So. Ner.


Head In Hands

“You always zig when I think you’re about to zag. And I just, I love that about you.”

Sophy says: OH THEY ARE SO CUTE. I CANNOT. The flowers! And the zigzag quote! 8-.

Rin says: I was so relieved that Kurt was going to be supportive and loving to Blaine, despite what the end of the last episode suggested. I feared that they were going to go on a huge wave of jealousy and petty petty bickering, but they didn’t! It was Naomily flowers and cuteness instead! Yay!

Sadly everyone else seems to have gotten on the jealousy train. 8-)

BUT BUT BUT. LOOK! Rachel and her big gay rainbow flag are on display. <3


And also Rachel/pink seems to have become a thing. Interesting.

Rin says: OMG YES. Rachel has such an affinity for pink now. It’s kind of amazing.


I only have one thing to say to that.

Sophy says: That is literally the best thing I’ve ever seen.


Most Rophy

“My son got an A minus on his chemistry test. An A minus is an Asian F.”


Rin says: So true :-j You’re way more azn than me.

Sophy says: Much, much more azn. /Giles


Quinn Glory Shot

Since she was mostly lobby art, we figured we were allowed more than one shot.


Rin says: :D


Rin says: It also rhymes with Rin. :*)

Sophy says: :-j

35 Responses

  1. Anna
    Anna at · Reply

    And here I was thinking you meant Quinn rhymed with “win”. Er. Whoops. My bad.

  2. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    I need november 1st like I need air.

  3. Sanji
    Sanji at · Reply

    I think you said pretty much everything. I do disagree on Rachel and Mercedes with their boyfriends though. They didn’t seem too insicure to me, they just wanted somebody by their side because they were nervous and that’s what they’re there for. I don’t want to get into a debate or anything, but it bugs me a little when strong woman = no need of a boyfriend. Rachel is talented, we all know that, just because she’s there with Finn it doesn’t make her any less strong.

    Run the world was amazing. Did Hemo take singing lesson? I wasn’t impressed one bit by her singing in Britney/Brittany – I thought she was rather bad actually, but this was good!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      You know what Sanji, I’m 100% with you. I hate the overreaction you sometimes see from the feminist corner re: SHE HAS A MAN! SHE LOVES HIM! SHE’S WEAK AND TRAGIC! But that’s not what I was talking about here. I mentioned Rachel, but only to a lesser extent, and mostly for the image of the two of them looking up to their boyfriends in the wings. The real problem I had was with Mercedes and her boyfriend, because she was allowing him to manipulate her based on her insecurities. He got her to turn against a good friend, and I thought that was really gross.

      1. Sanji
        Sanji at · Reply

        Thanks for clearing that up, I’m 100% with you on Mercedes, it was mostly Rachel I had a problem with because she didn’t seem like a damsel in distress at all to me. I ship Finchel like fierce though, it’s hard to be objective.

  4. Nicky
    Nicky at · Reply

    Haha, i actually lol’ed when I read that bit about ‘Fix You’.
    Because … accurate Rophy are accurate. I was basically cringing my way through the entire episode and while I loved their little moment there, it was INSTANTLY ruined by Will singing. I wouldn’t even have minded that much if the song had started playing with them still sitting there but it was just ridiculous that he started actually MOUTHING THE WORDS the instant they stopped talking. Just. No. The whole thing was just bleh.
    Not sure whether to look forward to November now. I mean. The only thing that could atone for this would be some hardcore Brittana.

  5. tuesdaymoon
    tuesdaymoon at · Reply

    I personally think that they (at least will) have always been cautious about hurting rachel’s feelings, not because she’s the best, but just because they know they’ll never hear the end of it. I don’t, however, think that reluctance ever got her to places she didn’t deserve, i just think that (back in season one at least) they were more careful about telling her no, and that there would be other singers than her, etc. But it never guaranteed her anything except letting her down a little easier when they had to, and that was so not what mercedes meant.

  6. Kerry
    Kerry at · Reply

    Gotta agree that the Mike Chang stuff got resolved too soon. He has such a lovely mum and an interesting dad and his family could have been presented less cliched, had they taken the time.

    But I gotta call bullshit on your surprise over the Mercedes Rachel clash. This has been two years in the works, Rachel gets every important solo, despite the fact that she does horrible things like sending people to crackhouses, while everyone else gets kicked out of Glee club for little things (in comparison). And they gave Rachel half the part, because she always gets a solo, even after being her most horrible. Mercedes on the other hand? Everytime the spotlight is on her they spontaneously rewrite her character as a total bitch, for about half an episode. Then she gets grossly punished, “learns her lesson” and Rachel is the star again for the rest of the season, because don’t we all have a girlcrush on her? (Nope, not me. She’s adorable with Kurt, but she just doublecrossed him out of selfishness, like she always does and everyone focuses on Mercedes and ignores what Rachel does.)
    Which leaves the most important factor: They openly admitted casting for looks and racial factors during the WSS casting process, yet noone even considered Santana for the lead part? Come on!

    Right now they’re so token-coupling everyone up – they have the Asians, the Blacks… It’s really getting into offensive 80es territory, when they did this stuff openly on every show. I’m waiting for the Rachel/Puck reunion. Then they’ll find Santana a Latina girl, you just wait.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      A few things:

      – Rachel doesn’t “do horrible things like sending people to crackhouses.” She did that once, and in my opinion it was just one of those comical ‘too-far’ moments on Glee, not an indicator of Rachel’s depraved and cruel character. Generally Rachel is a good person and she certainly works very hard for what she gets. Or that’s how I see her. Obviously you dislike her, which is your prerogative.
      – They didn’t give Rachel half the part. They gave Mercedes and Rachel equal and full seasons as the star.
      – I don’t get why people, including Kurt, think that Rachel double-crossed him. She decided to run against him for school president, just like Brittany did. I don’t see a problem with either girl’s actions.
      – Rachel/Puck was awesome back in the day. And yeah, I am side-eyeing the asian/asian and now black/black for Mercedes a little bit.

      1. Char
        Char at · Reply

        Oh Sophy. This. You. Why should I even bother trying to be articulate when you put into words so wonderfully everything I want to say?

        If someone mentions that crack house thing one. more. time. I swear.

  7. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    Ugh, yeah, I am so disappointed with the Mercedes thing. Really.

    And yeah, Mike’s storyline was a little too quick. I’m guessing that there is going to be more conflict with his father in future though, even though his mom is on his side, so I don’t think it’s COMPLETELY wrapped up yet. I don’t see his father bending right away.

    Also, can I just have like all of Rachel’s dresses from this season? I think the majority of them have been vintage so far, but nggggh they are so fucking cute.


  8. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    SO ACCURATE IN EVERY SENSE. I know it’s awful, but I was really hoping the reason everyone flailed and cried had to do with Mercedes stomach pains, and that maybe she’d die in the end (It’s really funny now, but Ryan is CRAZY and awesome, and there’s all that crazy cast speculation but no one has said anything about Amber, plus we’re only three episodes in. Then I thought, well it’d make everyone depressed, but realistically they’d be sad for half an episode and the Shue would be like
    “IT WAS MERCEDES DREAM TO SEE US WIN NATIONALS! (No it wasn’t) LET’S DO IT FOR HER” and then they’d get over it and never mention her again. Or maybe she’d get a shout out when they won, but only if Amber kissed the writers collective asses.)

    I know I seem dead obsessed now, but did it not seem like Mike’s Mom was dead to anyone else? Maybe Glee are really going for the long haul with this in a different way and we’ll find out in a couple of episodes that she is. They did that sad/sweet sub-concious manifestation of Tina and his Dad and then she got one little sweet scene telling him to follow his dreams. She wasn’t in the office with the Dad and he didn’t talk to her on the phone or anything. Dead. She’s totally dead.
    Does anyone else not find that vampire joke funny? It was ok the first time, but “spicy curry blood”?? REALLY GLEE?? REALLY?

    Em, is it wrong that I found Finn tolerable, maybe even kind of likable in this episode? His little cheer was cute. I really thought the purpose of this episode would be to have Rachel and Mercedes fight again, and the glee club would side with Mercedes, but for once Finn would stand up and defend Rachel, so I was kind of pleased that he did support her, but they didn’t make him out to be a saint for doing it. Puck was also pretty awesome in the background, I’m pretty sure Mark and Heather have some kind of competition going to see who can pull the funniest faces without the director noticing.

    That new boyfriend is an ass-hat, but Mercedes is 100 times worse for listening to him and his “fight with Rachel!” crap. Just fuck off. Why oh why are all the girls on this show so eager to do what ever crap the boys tell them too? LADY WRITERS YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO HELP STOP THIS. The fact that they allow Kurt & Blaine to just skip past it happily while all the girls have to re-hash it over and over and over and over again upsets me.

    Also, do the RIBs know what they’re doing when they do that anti-supremacist crap? As far as I can see, alongside being the gayest show on TV, they’re also the most bigoted, offensive and stereo-typically racist one too.

    In the end, I just don’t understand the hype over Amber Rileys voice. It’s great, but it’s NOTHING compared to Lea’s, and Naya is without doubt second best. WHY DIDN’T DIANNA GET ONE FUCKING LINE TO SING TONIGHT?!?! IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?

    Also I love that Lea has made such a big thing out of that Finn necklace and how important it is to Rachel, and then after the show a close up of it they cut to her hand AND SORRY WHERE DID YOU GET THAT RING? I love that she’s been allowed to wear it for the last two episodes. I love it and I find it hilarious and super sweet. Also I saw on twitter today that Lea is sick. SICK BECAUSE YESTERDAY SHE WAS LOCKED IN A HOT ROOM WITH OTHER SICK PEOPLE AND FORCED TO TWEET RUBBISH ABOUT HOW AMAZING THE EPISODE WAS? Case closed, Veronica Mars would be proud!

    1. Lucinda
      Lucinda at · Reply

      “know I seem dead obsessed now, but did it not seem like Mike’s Mom was dead to anyone else? Maybe Glee are really going for the long haul with this in a different way and we’ll find out in a couple of episodes that she is. They did that sad/sweet sub-concious manifestation of Tina and his Dad and then she got one little sweet scene telling him to follow his dreams. She wasn’t in the office with the Dad and he didn’t talk to her on the phone or anything. Dead. She’s totally dead.”

      I did not think of this at all but now you have me completely convinced. I think this could be possible and it would be beautiful and heartbreaking.

    2. Char
      Char at · Reply

      “I know it’s awful, but I was really hoping the reason everyone flailed and cried had to do with Mercedes stomach pains, and that maybe she’d die in the end (It’s really funny now, but Ryan is CRAZY and awesome, and there’s all that crazy cast speculation but no one has said anything about Amber, plus we’re only three episodes in. Then I thought, well it’d make everyone depressed, but realistically they’d be sad for half an episode and the Shue would be like “IT WAS MERCEDES DREAM TO SEE US WIN NATIONALS! (No it wasn’t) LET’S DO IT FOR HER” and then they’d get over it and never mention her again.”

      I’m sure RIB had some version of this storyline on the table. Scarily feasible.

      I’m also calling bullshit on Lea etc with the “OMG THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE OF GLEE EVER” Twitter nonsense. Lea, honey, we love you, and know you love and support your co stars, but just stop. This episode was excrement.

  9. Molly
    Molly at · Reply

    My question is, did the writers just decide to shred all remnants of continuety? Santana seems to have miraculously rejoined Glee club without any sort of mention, since now she’s just back in dance rehersal and club meetings.
    Glee may not have the best track record with these kinds of things, but still. Just.. What even-?

    1. Sanji
      Sanji at · Reply

      That doesn’t make sense at all, considering she was expelled from Glee club from Shue. I’d understand if she quit becasue Sue made her and now she decided to come back in secret, but she was kicked out because Will didn’t want her, and now she’s back without even an apology. WTF?

  10. Lucinda
    Lucinda at · Reply

    One part I also LOVED but in a sad way about the Blaine/Kurt cute moment was how it totally looked at first like Blaine was going in for a quick thank you/love you kiss but then there was this look to the side and *shoulder pat* instead. I really think that was intentional and I liked how it was a subtle way of showing the two of them still have to reel in some of their adorableness to avoid bullying etc. Emphasis on the subtle because it made it feel real and also it’s nice when not everything on Glee is thrown in our faces.

    A thousand times yes to all you said about Mercedes. I could not stand her this episode. I’m an actress and like, no…you would never get the part if you acted the way she did. And she is maybe just as talented as Rachel depending on how you’re viewing it but NOT when it comes to Maria! Her voice is just not the right voice for the part. Silly Glee.

    Also having basically no Quinn makes me so sad. An episode without any Quinn/Puck (I ship them) is bad enough, but no Quinn AT ALL? (I have the biggest crush on her) OMGWHYYY!

  11. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    I totally agree with you. Except for the Wemma parts, not a Wemma fan. Shuester is a big bully with Emma’s OCD, but that’s another topic.

    I seem to have an unhealthy addiction to Glee. Because I love that show so much, but I hate it all the same. When I watched that episode, I hated it. I am so pissed off!
    Like, seriously? Does anyone in Glee Club, including Shuester, ever tried to spare Rachel feelings? Because from my couch, looks like it’s not a real Glee episode if nobody pissed on Rachel. And WTF? Mercedes wasn’t better than Rachel, she didn’t gave me chills, her face wasn’t acting like Rachel’s.
    I understand that the writers want to show Rachel struggle with the realisation that some people may be more talented than her (even if, for me, they’re not), but come on. She’s going from super confident to self-deprecating overnight? I feel like the writers don’t know Rachel like we do. The girl planned her all life when she was a little kid and she didn’t check if Julliard even has musical theater? Come on. Really feels like they don’t know her.

    Either that or I’ve read too many Faberry fanfictions this summer…

    1. Annie
      Annie at · Reply

      “I feel like the writers don’t know Rachel like we do.”

      Took the words right out of my mouth, I actually thought to myself “Yeah the writers don’t seem invested in her as much as the (super) fans. It would possibly benefit them if they read (Faberry :P) fanfiction and saw how the Super Fans see her, get a feel for the depth of her character from their writings. I think the fans know her best because they take the time to find out and stick to what is true about her, like, intrinsically and meticulously.”

      I too have read a shit ton of Faberry Fanfictions this summer, because I had high hopes for this season and I find I enjoy the episodes a lot more now that their is that extra layer I can see, so to speak.
      (Fanfiction is saving Glee? Could totally write an essay on that…)
      But this ep disappointed me, it just wasn’t fun. I want good writing and good song choices (that make sense) to be the reason I watch Glee, not because of Diana Agron (and when is she gonna sing??) and vain hopes of Faberry and Brittana and Brittany is random.
      But! this is only one ~bad ep, I’m still painfully hopeful.

  12. Char
    Char at · Reply


    This episode made me say NO so many times. IMO it was roughly the equivalent of ‘Grilled Cheesus’ in S2. Just…no. So much no.

  13. KC
    KC at · Reply

    I totally agree with everything about this episode. I also struggled through it. Really. I downloaded it because I’m in England and it’s two days after the US; I started it this afternoon, watched 20 minutes, then took a nice 7 or 8 hour break before I finished it 15 minutes ago.
    The whole Rachel/Mercedes rivalry, to me, seems like they’re trying to do something similar like they did in the first half of season 1 with Rachel/Kurt. At first they really didn’t get along, but still, even when they “competed” against each there was a certain amount of respect between the two of them. They somewhat inadvertently pushed each other to become better performers. And at the end of the day they both realized that and respected each other for it, even if they weren’t all chummy with each other like they are now. Whereas, with Rachel/Mercedes they bring out the worst in each other. It brings out Rachel’s insecurities to the point where she can be insufferable to the others, and it just makes Mercedes look like a bitch and a petulant child.
    And a big HELL NO to Fix You. I love Coldplay, about 8-10% of my iPod is filled with their songs and they were one of the first bands that I really loved, but Glee is seriously no place for a Coldplay song. That whole performance just seemed really self-righteous.
    The most ridiculous part about all of it is I have read a few reviews and other recaps of the episode where some people are calling it the best episode of the series? Really? WTF?

  14. Whale
    Whale at · Reply

    oh god, all of this. I tried to be ambivalent about this episode but I agree so much with most of what you’ve written. Mike’s story line was (seemingly?) resolved far too quickly, and meanwhile they’re parading the ‘Mercedes wants to be top diva’ plot like they haven’t done it at least twice already. I guess we’re supposed to feel bad for Mercedes but she came off as really disrespectful and arrogant in this. And poor Emma ended up just book-ending the episode with a problem that was not well addressed. I laughed at the ginger supremacist jokes, but they had the same problem as the Nazi-hunter jokes, which is that the writers tried to use them as a tool for both comedy and serious character development. Emma’s parent issues are an interesting thing to learn about, but backing those issues with semi-serious semi-jokes was the wrong move for the writers to take.
    I’m also marginally offended by how roughly Satana was written back into the plot. Look, it’s a big deal, she’s kicked out! Oh wait, we need her for this, nevermind.

  15. LOVE
    LOVE at · Reply

    NOVEMBER 1ST IS COMING THOUGH <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333


  16. JuneBug
    JuneBug at · Reply

    If a show is consistently bad, then you can just label it as crap and move on. The worst thing about Glee is that it has SO MUCH potential. It could be so many things!

    I haven’t read much Faberry fanfiction, but Rachel and Quinn’s storylines are so intricately connected already. I imagine how exquisitely layered an actual relationship between them could have been, and I feel sad.

    I agree totally with you guys on Mike Chang too. When has a TV show ever given a proper story arc to an Asian character? Never? Not too many? Apart from Lost? I dunno. They could have done that with Mike and Tina. I mean Sam got more screen time than the two of them combined, and he was only there for one season. THESE PEOPLE ARE SERIES REGULARS.

    But no. The writers think it’s a better idea to rehash old stories and focus on petty jealousies and insecurities. When I hear the cast talking about what a groundbreaking show Glee is I feel like laughing. Because no, putting a lot of different looking people in the cast does not make a groundbreaking anything. Not if you’re gonna treat them like they don’t matter.

    The same thing goes for Emma. GOD I love Jayma Mays and how beautifully she portrays Emma. And Will has his best moments when he’s with her. Mostly…sometimes. Would it have been so hard, Glee, to have stopped at them kneeling on the ground? Does everything have to be so over-the-top?!!

    I know I’m not saying anything new. But I just get so frustrated sometimes, thinking about all that this show COULD HAVE BEEN.

  17. monkeyme
    monkeyme at · Reply

    I have to say I never really liked Mercades much. I always thought she was lazy and wanted everything handed to her. Whereas Rachel worked her sometimes annoying but always cute butt off. So far this season I want to punch Mercades in the mouth everytime she speaks. But I do wish they had more punk/Quinn how freakin hot was she :D Punk?Quinn is my new wallpaper AND please Moar Faberry enough said lol

  18. Wlfgrrl
    Wlfgrrl at · Reply

    I’ve just been rereading the past recaps and one thing that really confused me about this episode that I don’t THINK anyone ever explained: Why the hell is Quinn, of all people, in the dance “booty camp”??? Are they actually implying that she’s a bad dancer? Dianna Agron has been dancing since the age of three… it just made no sense. Hmm… that shouldn’t be surprising me should it. Oh, Glee… will the day ever come when you stay true to even one character? :(

  19. Diana
    Diana at · Reply

    Apropo ‘Fix You’ I took away a very different interpretation-I think it was designed to show the hopelessness a partner feels when they’re other half is struggling with mental illness-it would be totally in character for Will to want to ‘Fix’ her because that’s what he does, he’s not a saint he’s just a completely overwhelmed guy-often Glee asks you to listen to what’s going on behind the song. anyway there’s my analysis

  20. christina
    christina at · Reply

    “I just wish she’d dance in sunday dresses, cardigans (that had to be pinned) and boots forever! ‘Cause it’s just incredibly adorable.” hello and goodbye!

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