301 — The Purple Piano Project

Best Song

New Directions – You Can’t Stop The Beat

Rin says: The first verse sung by Rachel in that arrangement? Dear lord in heaven. GORGEOUS. It’s not like we really need a reminder of just how beautiful her voice is, but you know. I’ll take it. ALSO, her little face when she’s singing the last bits to the club. <3333

And then it just gets ramped up and they’re all in purple and GROUP PERFORMANCE!!! (excl. Quinn and Santana)

This performance is just hands down pure joy. Which is kind of what the whole show is based on, no? I adored it — and it was the perfect end to a great episode that pretty much re-instilled why I loved this show in the first place. It also showcased all of the singers of the group, Rachel, Kurt, Artie, Mercedes and Tina. Needs moar.

And then there’s Quinn waiting in the wings, being all lip smacketly. Missing the club, but never wanting to admit it.

I am so excited for this season you guys. Glee has been on my brain ever since it aired.. and I accidentally saw some gifs/caps from next weeks and oh my god i cannot.

Oh and! I just wanted to say that I utterly adored and was slightly gob-smacked at the performance at the mixer. That was really impressive, and deserves a mention. I didn’t watch the Glee Project because, no, but I understand the Rachel-lookalike was the winner? She was really great, I loved her. The choreography was really lovely too, I felt like I was watching a proper Broadway show.

Sophy says: Right. Well. There’s no denying the final performance was fun and refreshing and a perfect end to a great episode. Rachel starting us off in the rehearsal room gave me goosebumps, because, you know, Lea Michele’s voice is the bringer of goosebumps, always. And then they’re all spilling into the auditorium in their purple outfits and there’s the fun and the happiness and the what-Glee-is-all-about of it all, and there’s QUINN LURKING IN THE SHADOWS AND RACHEL POINTING, BECAUSE SHE WAS TOTALLY POINTING AT HER, OKAY? OKAY.

I loved all of that like crazy… but I’m going to have to disagree. Whilst it was a tough call, my favourite musical number from this ep was BLAINE/TOM JONES/FLAMING PIANO OMFG.

Everything about it was perfect. From the joy and conviction of Darren Criss’ performance, to the excellent choice of TOM JONES, to Santana’s cute little face, to the Kurt/Blaine dancing towards the end, to :O-Rachel, doofus-Finn, background-Quinn and the flick of her wrists that made it all go up in flames. UNF.


Like Rin I’d also like to say how dazzling the mixer performance was. I can understand why Rachel and Kurt got all vomitty jealous over it, that’s for sure.


Biggest LOL

Rachel standing still and crying.


Lea Michele you’re a delight. A pure delight.

Sophy says: SHE IS. SHE’S A FUCKING DELIGHT. And that would so be me in the event of a surprise food fight. Or, you know, any form of attack. My general response to crisis is ‘stand still, cry fast’.


Best Scene

“Nobody wants it more than you. Nobody. And you’re not giving up on this. ‘Cause I’m not gonna let you. You are getting into that school.”
“You make me want to be your boyfriend. You’re getting in, too. I know it.”

Rin says: I felt teary at this part you guys. Rachel and Kurt were easily one of the best things to come out of the previous season, and I love that they’re keeping in line with that. And following through with their big NY dreams, and this was the perfect progression in my eyes. They are young and naive, and it completely makes sense to me to exploit that and expose them to the reality of the situation. There are always going to be people ‘better’ than you at what you do, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to them being more successful. Talent is one thing, but as Kurt points out — ambition and drive is what’s going to get you there.

I love how these two have become each others anchors, because only they can understand just how badly the other wants it. And sometimes you just need to hear it from somebody else that you are good enough and they believe in you. These two have come so far from where they began and they’re definitely one of my favourite relationships and things-hands-down on the show.

Plus Chris and Lea together is something special. They’re both incredible actors (probably the 2 best?) and when they have scenes like this they really elevate each other. It’s a pleasure to watch. And my favourite moment from Lea is after she tells Kurt he makes her want to be his boyfriend, it goes straight into, ‘You’re getting in too.’ It makes me want to see Lea in LOTS of other things, and also get nominated for more awards, ffs.




Sophy says: Okay the only two relationships that have been done well enough to remain interesting on this show are Rachel/Quinn and Rachel/Kurt. Kurt/Blaine doesn’t count, because it’s all so recent. But yeah, no other relationships on the show have stood the test of time and sometimes awful writing, like those two have.

And this scene. As Rin says, Lea and Chris are two of the best actors on the show, and that is never more apparent than in emotional scenes like this with just the two of them, centre-stage. Absolutely impeccable. I was quite moved.

And you know, this felt so right – the two of them coming up against big, big reality in this season premiere, having come up against their big, big dream in last season’s finale. Because okay, the New Directions didn’t get a trophy, and that sucked, but I think Kurt and Rachel’s little Broadway interlude had already left them feeling somewhat about all the Glee club stuff. Not that they didn’t love it, still, not that they didn’t care. Because oh my god, can you imagine Rachel Berry not caring about a trophy? It’s a world gone mad, and I don’t even want to think about it.

But they had bigger things to care about. It felt like the season finale was when they both really committed to doing the musical theatre thing, not just as an extra-curricular activity in high school, but as a career in the rest of their lives.

And that’s when it gets serious and you wind up crying at the wheel in a dark parking lot, because there’s this whole other world out there full of people like you, and suddenly being the best isn’t obvious, it’s Everest.

But you just know these two have the best possible shot of making it. Because they have guts, and because – aww – they have each other. I’m really glad to see that what I said about Kurt and Rachel in the recap for last season finale is being borne out. Sometimes friendship is the fuel.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

Spinning on the filthy floor.

Rin says: There was a lot of good Brittany in the ep actually! But this moment stood out because it really is so random.

Twirl Brittany! Twirl for me! 8-.



Rophy Says No!

“Guess who woke up right before I did.”

Rin says: GROSS GROSS GROSS NO NO NO NO. /covers ears.

Why do they always have to make Will really queasy whenever he’s around women?

Also. Some may call my cap of Will with Dianna’s name on it lazy. I call it necessary.

Sophy says: YUCK. Will. Yuck.


Head In Hands

“I’m sorry you’re so sad, Quinn. And… maybe you’re not going to believe me because we were never really close, but I’m sad not seeing you in the choir room.”


Rachel wants to do West Side Story.

Rin says: Ok. So. Can you say ‘not fully recovered’? If this is how this season is going to go down (I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much) then jfc, I’m excited. Thrilled, grateful and surprised was my reaction to the Faberry scene because it was so natural. The continuation of a few things was actually impressive, because Glee tends to not follow through with these things, but they absolutely did here.

Does anybody remember the scene way back in 1×06 between these two? Quinn is ~dropping glee club (cheerios, friends, pregnancy yadda yadda), but Rachel takes it upon herself to try and get Quinn back. She talks about how she doesn’t hate her, she’s a good singer and how she needs glee club. And then there’s an exchange with Quinn (WHO HAS TEARS IN HER EYES??) saying how if the roles were reversed she would have tortured her, and Rachel says she knows. And then Rachel walks past Quinn and QUINN LOOKS OVER HER SHOULDER TO WATCH RACHEL LEAVE. I can’t? And the piano music swelled.

This scene is a complete mirror to that. And let’s not forget that just before this happened, Santana and Brittany failed to get through to Quinn. All they got was a, “I’m not interested in the boys or the makeup or the polyester outfits,” which in itself is lol, but Quinn didn’t let her guard down for a second. And suddenly Rachel shows up and it’s all small smiles, stares and lip licking? Okaaaaay then. Rachel’s the one who gets through to Quinn and that’s just the way it is.

I also think it helps that Rachel keeps telling Quinn how pretty and talented and more-than-that she thinks she is.

“Prettiest girl I’ve ever met.”
“Tremulous alto and your Belinda Carlisle glamour.”

I don’t even care. This friendship is my favourite thing about Glee. Quinn is constantly pushing everyone away, but most of all Rachel. No matter how much of an enemy Quinn wants Rachel to be, it never works out because Rachel’s always like, :-? .:D. And also whilst everyone was all, ‘Where’s Quinn/Haven’t heard from her all summer’ throughout this ep, Rachel knew exactly where to find Quinn and knew what she had been up to during summer, with Sophia-like accuracy.

AND LET’S NOT FORGET about the whole ‘get it right’ echo. I can’t? Too lovely? Too much? My heart?

“Rachel, if you keep looking for that happy ending then you are never gonna get it right.”
“This is our year to get it right.” 

It was enough that those words inspired Rachel to write an original song, but then to go and repeat those words right back at Quinn. Oh Glee. When did you start being smart? 8-.

Also West Side Story? Wow. Be more obvious Rachel.

Sophy says: It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Rin in such a shipping frenzy as she has been over Faberry since this episode aired, and I can hardly say I blame her. I mean, I know it’s never ever going to happen, right? Because Brittany/Santana is the big lesbifriends thing, right? I made peace with that a long time ago, and yet… this episode rekindled things. It stoked the Faberry Fire, if you will, and I just can’t bear the thought of them wasting all the insane chemistry that Lea and Dianna have as actors and that Rachel and Quinn have as characters.

I mean, personally I think the show should go to the Faberry place, sexytime and all, but all that is good and holy knows they must at least let Rachel and Quinn’s stories be all about each other. Because they already are all about each other, without even trying. Let’s face it, the Glee writers aren’t the most careful or long-sighted with their characters, but somehow these two keep coming together in this wonderful heart-felt, continuity-having way.

Also the way Quinn looks at Rachel is ridiculous. I mean, okay, the fact that she listens to Rachel rather than Santana or Brittany, that makes sense in a friendship context, because for all Rachel’s shy “we’ve never been close,” they have been close. Rachel is one of the few people Quinn has ever actually been emotionally close with over the course of this show. Rachel is one of the few people who has always mattered to Quinn, from way back when she was drawing Nazi-propaganda-style cartoons of her and garnishing them with love-hearts.

Rachel matters. Rachel’s opinion matters. Rachel’s opinion of her matters, perhaps more than anything. And that’s because these two have gotten so good at defining themselves in terms of each other over the years that it’s second-nature.

And it’s not just the fact that Quinn responds to Rachel. It’s the fact that Rachel comes to Quinn. Because she can’t help herself – she never has been able to help herself wanting to help Quinn Fabray, has she?

Quinn/Rachel is all about the place where admiration meets jealousy. They can be angry with one another. They can plead with one another. They can be spiteful and petty or they can be gloriously magnanimous. The point is that it’s always coming from the same place. Rachel and Quinn are each other’s hero; one is everything the other would like to be.


But back to the way Quinn looks at Rachel… that’s coming from a place in her pants.

Scroll up again, if you don’t believe me.

Meanwhile, whilst nothing could even dream of topping the Faberry in this episode when it comes to head-in-hands… I do feel that the following deserves to be honoured also…


Most Rophy

“Just ’cause they look like us and act like us doesn’t mean they’re better than us.”

Rin says: Ignorance is bliss.

Sophy says: I eat ignorance for breakfast!


Quinn Glory Shot

There isn’t enough time in the world..

Rin says: It’s a shame I could only fit one gif into this recap. :-.

Sophy says: Yeah, I was a bit sad about the lack of gifs in this recap, but what can you do? You certainly can’t just randomly sprinkle gifs everywhere. :-.

Rophy says: Oh and we figured we should bring this to your attention.

Rophy says: The highlight being MuppetQuinn saying ‘Gyrate’ to MuppetRachel. Even Sesame Street knows it’s on. SESAME STREET.

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  1. Sanji
    Sanji at · Reply

    I wish I liked it as much as you did, but I thought it sucked. I only watch it for Lea (and Rachel) now because everything else is either horrible or just plain uninteresting.
    Punk Quinn is stupid (and all she does is smoke a cigarette anyway) and, I’m sorry to say this, but I don’t think Dianna can pull a character like this at all.
    Chris running for whatever he wants to run for when they’ve spent the entire episode moaning about how they’re so unpopular makes no sense. I know it’s Glee, but at least try to have a little consistency in the same episode, it’s not asking much. We all know he’s getting elected anyway because Kurt is Ryan’s puppy and nothing bad can ever happen to him (and to Blaine as well).
    I’d have more to tell (like Mercedes getting 2 boyfriends in 3 months) but I think I’ve said enough. I’m not even enjoying the songs anymore, but as long as this will be my only Lea Michele source, I guess I’ll have to stick with it.

  2. dinkypin
    dinkypin at · Reply

    That’s the first time I’ve seen the muppets since I was ten years old. I’m actually crying.

  3. Holly
    Holly at · Reply

    Yay I’ve been waiting for this! First of all – totally agree about being excited for Glee again, I don’t see it ever getting back to it’s best like S1 but it does seem to have improved on the last half of S2 a lot already, I hadn’t even bothered watching the New York ep until a few days ago (that may have had a lot to do with a certain vomit inducing ship, but still).

    Secondly, omg my heart cannot deal with all these Faberry feelings, every.single.scene they have together is just amazing, it’s like tptb can see the potential with them (they’d have to be blind not to) but just can’t go there, well at least not on the show, we all know what happens in the future – “I’ve seen it happen with people I knew growing up that hated each other, and then years later you go home and you see them walking down the street and they have babies.” so ya know, that’s a given.

  4. Miss Erin
    Miss Erin at · Reply

    Um, that Sesame Street video is perhaps the best thing ever? I particularly liked that they even had the old guy-Muppet playing the piano. Such detail.

    So, the actual show… I must agree that this is the first episode in ages that I haven’t felt like giving up on. But is anyone else freaking out that Quinn, Rachel, Santana, Brittany and Kurt are in their senior year?!

    I hope they stretch this school year over like 5 seasons, because I’m not ready for them to go off to the real world yet. :(

    Also, the “Most Rophy” scene was my favourite for the episode. Oh Rachel and Kurt… <3

  5. Jess
    Jess at · Reply

    Thought this episode was excellent.

    Yeah the lack of gifs in this recap was just unacceptable .

  6. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Ok, first of all I am disappointed in the lack of Quinn gifs. (I thought we were soulmates?)

    And b.) YEEEESSSSSSSS!!! So much love for the return of Glee!

  7. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    First of all, I nearly peed my pants laughing reading your recap because while I was watching the episode, Blaine started singing Tom Jones, my thoughts were:
    “Haha, Tom Jones! They’re trying to please the old ladies! I bet poor Darren has had giant white Granny pants thrown at him before… Haha, I bet Sophy loved this too, sitting there in her rocking chair, heading bopping along to it. NAYA DANCE! Oh God, Quinn, how are you so attractive?!?” AND THEN YOU PICKED IT AS YOUR FAVOURITE! Amazing.
    So look-a-like girl (Lindsay,funny,kind of bitchy and very VERY aware of her talent) didn’t win, she was runner up, but she’ll be in at least one more ep. Two boys won it jointly, a sweet, but kind of average, little Northern Irish boy called Damien, and Samuel, a dude with dreadlocks who super chill but emotionally stunted won, and they get seven eps each. Not going to lie, for a second there, I thought when you when head-holding over Kurt/Rachel you were maybe going to not explode into rainbows of homosexuality over the bleachers scene, but then you did, thank jeebus, because THAT WAS AMAZING. Also Dianna Agron is the greatest lesbian troll ever, how on earth did she convince Eric Stoltz that leering at Rachel like that was just a convincing way to look like a bad girl?!?

    When the promos for bad, pink-haired Quinn came out everyone went crazy with their flailing, but I was sceptical, as a rule I do not find unwashed-rebel an attractive look, it was a bit like, she’s still pretty, but it’s Dianna Agron, she’s always going to be beautiful, even when her face is all old and wrinkly it’ll be just as breath-taking. Don’t get it. BUT THEN WHEN YOU COMBINE IT WITH THAT VOICE AND THAT SWAGGER AND COMMAND OF HER SURROUNDINGS SHE’S SUDDENLY DEVELOPED!!! And then you get to the end where she’s spying on the Glee club, crying and puffy faced and so sad, but still with this glimmer of hope and love, I seriously think it might be the most perfect and beautiful shot of Quinn we’ve ever seen on Glee. Seriously, all I have to do is look at it and my hands are basically super-glued to my face for the rest of the day.

    Kurt/Rachel is so lovely. At the end of season one, I would have happily pushed every character off a bridge to save Rachel, and the only two I’d have felt bad about were Puck and Quinn. Kurt and Santana have had such lovely development now though, I don’t think I could bear to do it to them either. Which brings me to the bit you guys left out: FUCKING WILL GOING RIGHT BACK TO BEING A SUPER DOUCHE-ASS-BAG. The one thing I REALLY hate about the RIBs is how it’s apparently impossible to reconcile the girls being cheerios and glee clubbers, while the boys can do whatever the fuck they want. Will kicking out Santana was just petty and arrogant. It’s kind of acceptable for Sue to use her against Glee because Sue is meant to be the villain, but Will is supposed to be the guy who sits down with her and tells her she can find a way to make being head-cheerio and a prominent member of the glee club work, he’s supposed to help her. Instead he makes a show of her in front of the rest of the club and basically tells her to fuck off until she’s quit cheerios. Excuse me Mr Bitter, don’t take your personal shit out on the kids! He’s so pathetic, I felt a little sorry for him when glitter-bombing Sue was clearly the highlight of his year, but now I’m right back to just NO. Leave forever and let Jesse coach the kids!

    Also, Sesame Street, it’s cute and funny, but a little part of me always gets so angry when Rachel gets treated like a one-dimensional self-obsessed harpy. BUT I’m also deeply disturbed at the moment because someone reblogged what I’d posted as my favourite Achele (I say it wrong too Rin! Different to yours too though, it rhymes with satchel in my head, I just cant with the shell) picture on tumblr as part of their disgusting Will/Rachel madly in love and she’s pregnant story. EWWWWW so violated!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      IDK I think Will was 100% justified in kicking Santana out. I would have done the same, given what she’d done. HOWEVER, I did side-eye her doing what she did a bit. I think it was a bit OOC for the Santana we got to know last season to be so maliciously destructive of the group.

      1. Rebeccapedia
        Rebeccapedia at · Reply

        IDK, maybe he’s going to clamp down on everyone now, but they’ve pretty much all betrayed Glee club at one point or another, even my beloved Rachel, ESPECIALLY WILL HIMSELF, who has the loyalty of a ferrets fart, and it’s not like Santana was malicious about it this time, she says during the episode she needs the two nationals trophies and then Sue says “Ruin the pianos or I’ll ruin you’re cheerios career” and it’s not like she’s happy about doing it. I think she justifies it by the fact the pianos are all going to get trashed anyway, this time she’s not destroying the club, she’s just speeding up the inevitable, and the glee club will still be left standing at the end. I used to not like Santana, I didn’t think she was a particularly funny or clever character, and she didn’t really do anything except be mean (usually I LOVE bitchy characters) but this episode made me feel sorry for her, she wants to do both, be in Glee and be head cheerio, but Will and Sue seem determined to use her to fight each other. That’s sad. SHOCKINGLY I really loved Sugar’s little speech after Will tells her she can’t join, and her delivery of NOT ASPERGERS! is priceless.
        Also at the end when Will says the pianos are still playable, WHY IS HE PLAYING THE ONE WITH THE STRINGS ALL CUT AND NOT THE ONE THAT JUST HAD SOME FOOD ON IT??!?!

  8. julie
    julie at · Reply

    when i first saw the episode , i was like … this is something that rophy will appreciate , for Dianna agron .
    bet moment , Brittany is Random , always . Is weird how there almost was not one caption of other people than Quinn, Rachel or Kurt , I’m not that amused , cause I think I’m the only person here who doesn’t ship Faberry , seems totally unrealistic to me – I know , glee is not realistic , but still not going to happen – .
    Rachel standing still and crying, best moment agreed .

    glad to read your recaps again !

  9. me
    me at · Reply

    I love everything here. But how can you not mention Vanessa Lengies as Sugar Motta? And I am eagerly awaiting for the day Blaine gets slushied.

    1. Wertyz
      Wertyz at · Reply

      I’m rereading this much later, and may I say how ironic this comment is?

  10. Alguien
    Alguien at · Reply

    OMG,Yes.THIS episode restored my faith that the glee writers COULD write great episodes if they tried every once in a while.It felt like season1!glee again.

    I enjoyed ALL the songs in the episode,which is rare these days,lol….i just hope we get to hear everyone else sing a solo at one point.*cough* Tina & Quinn.

    everyone,except will,were excellent.Sugar already gets brownie points for calling will out and for being awesome.even finn was tolerable in this episode,although that may have to do with the LACK of screentime and finchel,lol.the only downside for ME was the absence of sam*sigh*

    hummelberry car scene was simply exceptional,i actually find them to be the most well done friendship the show has done.

    the big highlight for me was of course,FABERRY.Rachel for me shines the most when she is being a friend and Quinn shines the most when she is letting her guard down.so really the scene was a win-win for me.also,the parallels these two share are incredible,they are essentially two sides of the same coin.this is the one ship where you know they’d be just PERFECT, but you know that they could never be and it just breaks your heart on the wasted potential.however,at this point i’ll settle for friendship,cause even then,they’d have the most interesting/complex friendship on the show.

    anyway,i hope glee can continue with quality episodes such as this one,however, knowing their track record ,i’ll keep my hopes to a minimal.


  11. fives
    fives at · Reply

    I love your recap, especially this line “But back to the way Quinn looks at Rachel… that’s coming from a place in her pants.”


    But anyway, I do hope that they won’t suddenly screw up Quinn’s story line when the season progresses, coz that will be just sad, and the goodness that we’ve seen in the first ep of season 3 would be wasted :s

  12. Alejandra
    Alejandra at · Reply

    God I loved your recap, took me almost an hour to finish reading it (got distracted with all the amazing gifs).
    Please keep randomly sprinkling gifs everywhere!

  13. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    YES, YES TO ALL OF THIS. I thought maybe when I watched it first I was just really excited and was like OMG AMAZING and also, my friend made me smoke some weed with her and that always makes me a bit emotional. Uh. Anyway. It was awesome. I love it. I remember just being floored by those amazing parts.


    Also just reading up above, I do think Will is justified in kicking Santana out because he didn’t know about Sue’s mentioning to her about “playing for both sides”. I think that REALLY scared her. And did you see her face when she was kicked out? Just pure defeat and sad and I LOVE NAYA.

  14. Cindy
    Cindy at · Reply

    OMG! yay :D its like christmas here in Rophy-world..

  15. Cindy
    Cindy at · Reply

    OMG! yay :D its like christmas here in Rophy-world..

  16. A
    A at · Reply

    I love your recaps, I really do. And I totally agree with this one, only… the will-is-a-fucking-creep thing? I didn’t even notice it, or I didn’t hear that sentence, or I didn’t understand it, but now you guys mentioned it – it’s STUCK IN MY HEAD. Aaaaaaargh my mind is now so completely rotten, my good feelings about the episode are forever blemished by the yuckiness that is Will Shuester. (Loathing, unadulterated loathing, for your face, your voice, your clothing, let’s just say, I loathe it all.)
    Anyways, I appreciate this episode because the writing was better. You couldn’t not see it. The dialogue, that thing Sue Sylvester said to Santana (“You like playing for both teams? Which team you on?”), “get it right”, etc., and the fact that they do an effort in terms of characters and continuity (Idiiiiiina!) makes me think this show can actually slightly elevate itself to its original potential.
    But really, I think I watch Glee mostly for the cast(/characters); for example, as you guys said, Lea’s voice and her chemistry with Chris and Dianna is amazing. I hope she gets her Emmy next year, because she absolutely deserves it – she knows exactly what her place is in a scene (comic relief/diva drama/genuine heartbreak/carrying a scene – let’s face it, some other actors on Glee just play off of her) – it’s a thin line sometimes and she handles it with a subtlety that is rare for Broadway actors.
    Thanks for the recap, they make my tv-watching so much better. :)

  17. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    Oh my god I know! I DID hear the line but totally did not connect that he was talking about HIS DICK, I thought he was just talking about Emma. UGGGGH WHY. Like what the fuck, gross. I actually started liking Will again by the end of the season, and I liked the glitterbombing and stuff, and thought he was justified in kicking Santana out since he didn’t know about Sue making those comments to her, but why must they always make his lovelife so creepy. WHY.

  18. Amaranta
    Amaranta at · Reply

    THANK GOD YOU’RE BACK!… Love the first glee recap of the season and the Quinn gifs (all of them totally necessary u_u)

  19. JuneBug
    JuneBug at · Reply


    Ask and you shall receive.

    Is that the motto of Rophy?

    Yay! for pink-haired Quinn gifs!!!

    Great recap to a great episode. I was really apprehensive about the season premiere, cuz its so easy to be disappointed with Glee…but the way they stayed consistent with some of the plot points they set up last season finale was so… un-Glee-like.

    Also, yes, we all need a moment of silence for what will never be…i.e. Faberry. The ship that should have been canon from the very beginning. These two DO have such incredible chemistry, and when you think about all the boring Finchel that we had to sit through. It’s just so WRONG!!! But it looks like they’re (the writers) are gonna try and bring their stories to some kind of (logical) conclusion this season…so that’s good.

    And while Kurt/Rachel was awesome…Kurt/Blaine was SO ADORABLE.

    Also, I’m glad Will is still gross, so I can go on hating him in peace.

  20. Effybean
    Effybean at · Reply

    wait that sesame street thing is real and not a parody? omfg

  21. Effybean
    Effybean at · Reply

    sorry I mean omfGEE

  22. christina
    christina at · Reply

    okay so i’m pretty sure for me it was love at first sight with dianna, but when she had the pink-hair, MY GOD! she was so ridiculously sexy that i can’t even and i’m sure you both know because whew. that’s all.

    https://twitter.com/i/#!/furious_gal/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2FTF75sAfP (that was me dressing up as a pink-haired quinn this past halloween because i haven’t been able to get the image out of my head since i’ve seen it). i loved the scene with rachel and quinn so much in this ep that that’s where my first faberry fanfiction starts off. at THAT scene. because i just love how rachel is always the one to break down quinn’s walls, it’s almost like as soon as she’s around quinn, they just crumble away. and omg, the lip licking…like as if she was staring at piece of meat, well… anyway, i just love the contrast of quinn’s hair and her green eyes. it’s just an amazing color combo.

    also, i looked the sesame street vid up on youtube because it wouldn’t play from the site and i didn’t see the “gyrate” part. but if that really happened between our faberry muppets, that’s amazing.

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