112 – Mattress

Best Song

New Directions – Smile

Rin says: This was the perfect way to end the episode with all of its bittersweet gooeyness. Following on from that scene with Will where he tells them he can’t take them to sectionals, and then tells the kids they’re good…they’re really good. My god, my heart fucking melts. AND THEN HE TELLS THEM TO GO TAKE THE GLEE CLUB PHOTO WITH PRIDE.

And then this song starts.

And they’re all helping each other to get ready for this photo that no one except Rachel wanted to take in the first place. AND RACHEL IS BRUSHING HER TEETH FOR GODS SAKE. Vintage Rachel. I also really love how Quinn comes out of the stall with her Cheerios uniform hanging up, and is wearing one of her quintessential Quinn dresses. Baby bump out for all to see.

And then it ends on the jerks defacing their yearbook page but IT DOESN’T MATTER. It really doesn’t matter because the point of the thing is that they’re proud to be part of the team. It doesn’t matter if people draw on them and think they’re lame, BECAUSE THEY HAVE EACH OTHER GUYS. THEY HAVE EACH OTHER. And no amount of sharpie is going to take that away from them.

Sophy says: This is one of my favourite old songs and the Glee version is actually really beautiful. I love the softness of Lea’s voice as she leads us in and the way all the others come in and mingle so gently with each other is really gorgeous. And it kind of symbolizes the group coming together as a team, you know? With Rachel as the leader. Which is entirely appropriate.

This is really one of those sequences that makes you remember how special Glee was once upon a time – how heartfelt and how real, even as it was ridiculous and larger than life.

This was back when I believed that Will Schuester really loved these kids. Back when his pain was my pain, you know? Because there is something terribly arresting about the idea that this poor man had all of his own dreams of having a baby with his childhood sweetheart ripped away from him in a second, and now, because he came to the one place he still felt like he mattered and allowed himself the most basic comfort of a mattress for a night… that’s taken away from him too. He loses Terri and the baby. And he loses Glee club.

Except he doesn’t, not really. And that’s the beautiful thing. Because Will was the kind of salt of the earth everyman you really believed in back in the front half of season 1. Will was the kind of guy you knew found joy in other people’s joy – the kind of teacher who really did believe himself to be irrelevant except in so far as he can help the kids on their way. So just the fact that they can go on and do this without him is enough for Will. It’s enough to know that their dreams are not going to be trampled on even if his have been.

He wants to see smiles on all of their faces. That’s all. And they give it to him, gladly. All these kids who have been so weak and whiny about the school photo suddenly pull together and face their fear. Because maybe they realized that no matter how many penises people draw on your head, the only way you can really be embarrassed is if you’re not proud. And Will is so proud of them, right? He wants them to be so proud of themselves.

So they do it for him. For themselves. And for each other.



Biggest LOL

Go ahead and jump!

Rin says: I’m sorry but this is probably one of the most adorable things that has happened on Glee. The song is amazing. CORY’S AHHHHHHHHH IS AMAZING. The choreography is phenomenal. I love everything about this. Especially Artie with his little ‘JUMP’ sign. Oh Glee.

All of them had such ridiculous FACES during this routine and I really miss these kids.

Also the 4 faberry caps.

Also Harry and Hemo and their flips.

AND THE PYJAMAS. Everything is better in pyjamas.

Sophy says: This was really fun to cap before Cory died. And really hard to come back and look at after Cory died. It still makes me really sad to see how joyful and hilarious he was and know we’ll never see him again. And then, having lost Glee as well, it makes me sad to look back and see all the kids we spent so many years loving and remember how special they were.

BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL SO FUNNY AND CUTE. Seriously. All of them. And I miss them, terribly, I do.

Also, did anyone find it really tear-jerkingly adorable that the kids got Artie out of his chair and jumped him up and down on the bed? That’s just… it’s so freaking Glee, right? Leave no man behind.



Best Scene

“Think about it and turn around and go find your pocket square. Please?”

Rin says: This is ultimately going to be one of the more memorable scenes from Glee for me. More than anything I remember being completely shocked and taken aback by how intense it got. Let’s be honest, Glee is a show mainly aimed at teens, but god damn they proved in this moment that it could completely be for adults too. There was a level of maturity here that we hadn’t seen before… these weren’t just adults in a teens perspective, they were adults being adults.

To start with the fake pregnancy storyline was absurd and it was pretty ridiculous that Will didn’t know. How oblivious can a person be? But given the circumstances I can see how it’s entirely possible that he would fall under the spell and not want to see things that might tip him off. He wants a family so bad, and to some extent I’m sure he thinks that it’ll fix things between him and Terri just like Terri thinks it will.

Having said that. Ah Terri. You psycho. I love Terri. But she is batshit insane. And yet…can fully sympathise with her. Terri was one of those incredibly eccentric characters that are more characters than people, but sometimes when you look beneath the surface you can see remnants of who this person actually is. Or who they used to be. And do you know who Terri is? Terri is Quinn Fabray if she didn’t have a Rachel Berry.

HONEST TO GOD. That’s who she is.

Terri’s best years and achievements were all done in high school. And no one ever told her she was a lot more than that, so she didn’t try for things. And when you’re forever looking back you don’t have time to actually look forward. Will is her last tangible thing for something she did right, or at least something that reminds her of better times. So when it comes time that she might lose Will? Well, insane Terri.

SIGH. I do miss Terri. I remember when she showed up for the christmas episode and it was the best return ever.

Full props to both Jessalyn and Matthew in this scene. It really is one of my favourites.

Sophy says: This is actually one of the best scenes in all of Glee and it’s the lack of this kind of stuff in later seasons that kind of made the show dwindle to what it is now. Actual character development. Tough moments. Shit getting real. Glee wound up milking emotion on a regular basis from This Terrible Thing That Happened To That Character, and though the big scenes were well acted and sometimes even well written, they never felt earned like this one does.

What happens here between Will and Terri is totally organic and totally shocking at the same time. We’ve been building up to Will finding out Terri isn’t really pregnant ever since we knew, but the show rather artfully distracted us along the way not from what was coming but from just how bad it would be.

See Terri is a joke character. Will/Terri is a joke relationship. She doesn’t matter. They don’t matter. Except suddenly they do. Suddenly Terri’s implausible fake baby plot that has been replete with hilarity and ridiculousness and absolutely never treated seriously… suddenly it’s a real thing that happened. Will knowing about it makes it real and his reaction makes Terri real too.

And it’s a hell of a reaction. Will hasn’t exactly been the kind of joke Terri is up to this point, in that he’s believable as an actual person in the world. But he has been corny and adorable and the kind of person you’d expect to turn the other cheek about just about anything. What you don’t expect is for him to respond like a husband might in the real world – to feel betrayed, disillusioned and angry and to let it show. When Terri tries to paper over her big lie with another little one about how Kendra stole her the pregnancy pad so she could see if she’d fit into her old maternity clothes, and Will lifts the pad up by his head as she approaches… it’s a brilliant image of violence just barely restrained. And a second later, when he throws the pad past her head and says “Pick. Up. Your shirt.”


And then suddenly Terri is real and sympathetic, despite everything, and actually almost heartbreaking. When she asks him to turn around and go find his pocket square I almost want him to myself. I almost want the two of them to go back to being the ridiculous, toxic, ill-suited couple that they are just because of how much it will hurt them to change, no matter how good that change will be.

When she whispers “Please,” I get it. I really, really get it. Because as crazy as Terri’s plan was I’ve seen enough Dr Phil to know that these kinds of things do actually happen every now and then. People do lie about things that are huge and life-altering – things they know they’ll never get away with. They do it because they can’t help hoping that everything will work out okay in the end – because that hope becomes an addiction they can’t let go of.

Terri is a horrible person. What she did to Will was horrible. How she treats Will more generally is horrible. But I understood her in this moment. And I felt terribly sorry for her as I did.

“Who are we kidding Will? This marriage works because you don’t feel good about yourself.”

That’s a hell of a line. And Jessalyn delivered it in a way that really hit home. She didn’t try to make it funny, because as much as it could have been… it’s really not. It’s the truth about who they are for each other. It’s the truth about how they stay connected.

A Will Schuester who has self-love and self-respect, who is in touch with his dreams and his ideals, is not going to be interested in a Terri Schuester who is what she is. The fake baby was Terri’s way of trying to forge a new connection to Will as the old, oh so familiar one was breaking.

Will contradicts her. He tells her that their marriage works because he loves her. But it’s only partly true. As Terri says, he loves the girl he met in high school, but I think even as she says it she knows that’s not quite right either. Will is a good man. He’s a kind man. He’s an honourable man. He married that girl he met in high school and he’s not going to quit on her when she changes. So he does love her – he insists upon loving her, no matter what.

Or almost no matter what.

Terri runs after him pleading in the same way she normally badgers. But Will leaves, just like that. He’s gone. And the lingering shot of Terri as she assimilates the new emptiness of this house is excellent.

Ah, this show. It was such straight up good TV back in these days.

AND RIN I MISS TERRI SO MUCH TOO. And yes she is absolutely Quinn if Quinn didn’t have Rachel Glee. It’s hard to fathom, right? It’s hard to imagine that our glorious Quinn Fabray could really wind up a shrivelled harpy obsessed with her craft room and scheming and manipulating and browbeating and generally being weak and petty and hopeless and small.

HOW COULD THAT EVER HAPPEN? But it could have. BBecause once upon a time Quinn was mean and hard and cloistered within herself. Once upon a time all she ever saw for herself was Finn, the high school boyfriend she lied to about a baby, a career in real estate and Lima forever. And because once upon a time Terri was beautiful. Terri had soft hair and shining eyes. Terri really believed she loved Will and always would.


“I don’t wanna be on a team where I only appear to belong.”

Rin says: I feel like I need to make it clear that Sophy made the caps for this episode. And I couldn’t be prouder. The student has become the master etc. etc.



But seriously.

Do you know. DO YOU KNOW what this scene is? Because I’m sorry, no one wanted a yearbook photo except for Rachel Berry. NO. ONE. No one. Because this is before they have that talk with Will and find out he won’t be their coach for Sectionals. The last we heard about the photo page was that everyone was avoiding Rachel like the plague, even Finn, because they didn’t even want to sit beside her to be in the small two-person photo. (IF ONLY RACHEL HAD ASKED QUINN, BECAUSE QUINN NEVER SAYS NO TO RACHEL) And yet here we go, Quinn taking it upon herself to blackmail Sue into giving up one of the Cheerios pages for Glee Club, and then telling Sue to go fuck herself that she doesn’t want to be part of a team where she only appears to belong and she’d rather be part of a team that is proud to have her. :(( :(( :(( Our little baby is growing up and it’s beautiful.

Yes sure, it was for the whole club. But you can’t even pretend that a little of it was about Rachel too. And the way Rachel so deeply cares about and believes in Glee Club. The rest of the club are lame and embarrassed to be open about how much they truly love Glee. IT’S THE BEST PART OF THEIR DAYS. But they don’t want to be in the photo because they’ll get picked on. Fair enough whatever. BUT RACHEL DOESN’T CARE. Rachel is never ashamed of what she loves, never. And she will take all the defacing and slushying that the rest of the school will give her, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to love Glee or the people in Glee any less. And that’s what she wants to celebrate.

Quinn learns from that example.

She fucking learns and throws caution to the wind.

Yes I love Glee Club. I don’t care what you say.

Sigh. These two. Always.

Sophy says: Okay, so. First of all, you know how I mentioned above that when the kids had their pep talk from Will at the end of the episode, they all pulled their socks up and stopped being whiny and weak and smiled for the camera, right? You know how I said that? Well, as Rin points out, that’s not exactly how it went down when it came to one Quinn Fabray.

Because out of everyone in that club. OUT OF EVERYONE IN THAT CLUB. Quinn was the first to get it. She was the first to follow Rachel’s lead. She was the first to stick her neck out for what matters. And let’s think about how hard this was for her. Because out of everyone in that club she’s the one who’s just been humiliated in the worst possible way. She’s pregnant and scared and been stripped of her status and kicked out of the Cheerios, which, up to now, had been her primary source of self-esteem and social power. It’s all gone. And so she goes to Sue and plays hardball with her – and oh my god her little face when Sue compliments her on her ruthlessness HOLY MOTHER OF GOD IT’S SO CUTE – I’m back. Okay. So she goes to Sue and plays hardball with her and Sue offers to give it all back. Well, not all of it. She’ll never be Captain. She’ll never be at the top of the pyramid. And the moment her baby bump does become a problem she’ll be mocked and bullied and left out. But I doubt Quinn is really seeing that far ahead in the moment. All she knows is that being a Cheerio again would mean clawing back as much of who she was pre-pregnancy as possible. All she knows is that that uniform made her feel safe.

But she turns it down.


Because you guys she is already on her way and there is no turning back. ;LSKAFJ;LDKFJ;ALDKJF.

Quinn has already started learning from Rachel – she has already started being inspired by her – and now suddenly she knows that wearing a uniform isn’t enough. She wants to really belong. She wants to own who she is and what she loves – to be proud of her friends and what they can do together. And yes, I am crediting Rachel with this as opposed to Glee, I don’t even care. Because Rachel was the Glee club in this episode – she was the Glee club the whole time Quinn was falling in love with it and what it meant to her and for her.

So she decides she’d rather have a photo for Glee than her spot back on the Cheerios. And since she knows full well she has enough leverage to get her both, she’s really making a statement when she picks one over the other.

This is what matters to her now: Glee, friendship, and what Rachel Berry wants.


In a couple of seasons’ time Quinn will be secretly crowning Rachel. But she started with her cloak and dagger chivalry right here. She used her power not just for good but for Rachel.

And apart from the dizzying Faberry of it all, it’s just so poetic that it’s Rachel, because Rachel is the one who’s brave. That’s one of the first things Quinn loves about her – one of the first things that makes her afraid and curious and inspired. Rachel’s bravery. And of course it’s eating away at Quinn all the time that she’s lying to Finn – to everyone. She wants to be brave enough to tell the truth about her baby and take the consequences on the chin, but she just can’t. She’s lost too much already – Sue, her dad, even her mum, and Puck has proven himself to be fickle and useless. Finn is the one thing she’s been able to keep.

So she can’t be brave when it comes to the baby. But she can be brave about the Glee club photo, right? Baby steps, Miss Fabray. Soon you’ll be lecturing Rachel herself about letting go and starting her future.




Most Retrospectively Ironic Moment

Rachel’s trusty lieutenant?

Sophy says: I found it pretty hilarious that Rachel’s first pick for co-captain was Mercedes. And that Mercedes wasn’t interested. I mean, I know the idea was that all the kids were afraid of being bullied if they stood up for Glee club, but given how much Mercedes has and will complain about Rachel getting everything and being a diva and stuff… Yeah.

Rin says: Rachel always does the hard yards, and everyone else just wants a free pass.

This is why we said No to Mercedes a lot in Season 3 with all of her diva shit. Yes you have made some really amazing performances happen Mercedes, and no one can deny your talent. But have you ever really worked for it the way Rachel has? No. And it’s as simple as that. People really needed to see that when we said all of that stuff and try not to boil it down to us being racist or fatophobes. Lol.

A + B = Quinn is gay as a window.

Sophy says: So Karofsky giddily draws pornographic, gender-bending graffiti on Kurt and later turns out to be gay and secretly crushing on him. He didn’t even need to draw hearts about it…

That was me.

Rin says: It’s interesting how much of Karofsky’s storyline and to an extent Santana’s, feels like it was meant for Quinn. Or that it very easily could have been. The drawing of pornographic pictures, the very deliberate scribbling of her while they’re just sitting around in the choir room, for recreational reasons and not because she was bored out of her mind in class. These things matter, okay? Not to mention the hearts which will never make sense.

Also I find it funny that Karofsky drew an arrow basically pointing at Rachel’s vagina and has labelled it lame. Sure it was probably aimed at her whole being, but it’s something that Quinn would probably do. SHE WOULD LABEL RACHEL’S VAGINA LAME.



Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“Yes it will. I’ll be the one doing it.”

Rin says: I really could have done with a lot more Rachel/Brittany than we ever got.

They would have made a really great comical duo.

Sophy says: They would have! Each totally ridiculous in totally different ways.


Rophy Says No!

Rophy would sit proudly beside you, Rachel Berry.

Rin says: You mean like this?


I would never stop being your best friend Rachel. Never. Let’s make a blood pact.


But seriously this was so upsetting. I can’t say that I wanted to stab Finn’s eyes out about it or anything, because I get that he was scared and he’s just a kid and sometimes we’re all less brave than we’d like to be. And I know that the only reason he literally left her sitting there with no one rather than coming and telling her he couldn’t participate was for dramatic effect… but still. As much as I forgive Finn for this it doesn’t make it any less horrible.

My heart BROKE for Rachel here. I mean I can’t even look at the caps without wanting to cry. And then at the same time feeling really proud and worshipful? Because she’s Rachel Berry and she soldiered the fuck on and how many teenage girls would do that? NOT MANY.

Plus Lea is really beautiful in those caps. Like. She’s just so… beautiful. Sigh.


Head In Hands

“You’re a lot to lose, Will.”

Rin says: These are the kind of moments that made us fall in love with Will/Emma in the first place. The times when she would be more supportive of him than anyone else.

But also the fact that Emma makes Will see the human in Terri. To help him understand her crazy, despite everyone knowing full well that she’s a little bit in love with Will herself and this would be the perfect opportunity to jump in. But she doesn’t. Emma is a lot more awesome than people realise, and it has nothing to do with her pamphlets.

Sophy says: REMEMBER WHEN WILL/EMMA MADE YOUR HEART FLUTTER? This was one of those times. I loved Emma in this scene. Jayma’s delivery on ‘You’re a lot to lose, Will’ was to die for, basically. And I loved that she started the scene assuming he would divorce Terri and then as soon as he indicated that he wasn’t ready for that step she backtracked and started basically CHEERLEADING FOR TERRI.

We all know how much Emma would like it if Will wasn’t married, right? But she’s not going to break up something that matters to him. She’s going to try to patch it up instead, by pointing out that though what Terri did was wrong it wasn’t coming from a terrible place. And I just. I love that she’s a friend to him first, you know?

Oh Wemma. If only you’d stayed this great.

We will never stop wanting this girl back.

Rin says: Rachel’s over the top bad acting is funny. Quinn’s reluctance to even look in Rachel’s direction is hilarious.

But this category is correct. We will never stop wanting this Rachel Berry back. This Rachel was a goof, an outsider, somebody who didn’t really fit into a box, but most importantly she was someone that would never apologise for being so. She was different, and maybe at times she hated that…but when push comes to shove she knew that difference was something to be celebrated and that eventually it would be the thing that makes her a star.

Her drive, her ambition, her pure enthusiasm — these are all things that everyone put her down for. Yet aren’t those the exact qualities anyone needs to get anywhere in life? If I had an ounce of what Rachel Berry had I kind of feel like I’d have achieved a lot more of my dreams by now. Which is kind of depressing, but at the same time is one of the things I loved most about Rachel as a character. It was so refreshing to see a young girl never have to apologise for what she wants in life.

I just wished we didn’t basically lose her overnight, because apparently that kind of character isn’t sexy or appealing to the masses.

Go fuck yourself Glee.

Sophy says: I love Rachel Berry so much. I LOVE RACHEL BERRY SO MUCH.


You guys, seriously. This girl. Her enthusiasm. Her brilliance. Her bravery. Her resilience. Her ridiculous little face.

She is everything. And I so agree with Rin. This blog would probably have Oscars by now if we were a pair of Rachel Berrys. Alas.


Most Rophy

“Will, you’re blocking the TV.”






Um, but seriously. He’s blocking the TV. Oh Terri, you were so special AND RIGHT.


Quinn Glory Shot

Vintage Emo-Quinn.

Rin says: She is so beautiful. So so beautiful.

It hurts to look at her because it brings back painful memories of everything that was right with this show. And how Quinn was a lot of the time at the centre of it all.

It was a simpler time.

You never really know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Single tear.

Creamy cheek.

No wait, more accurately it’s literally like a monsoon on my face.


She is so perfect. And I think my favourite thing about these caps isn’t even so much the way she looks as the way she… looks. What I mean is, Dianna’s expression during this scene is so honestly downright soulful that you can’t help feeling what Quinn is feeling and take it seriously even when she’s quipping about her bastard child and making everything about being a cheerleader or not. With Dianna playing Quinn she never really could be as shallow as she was sometimes written.

Dianna’s a good actress and all but I suspect she might be incapable of playing a character that really is shallow without kind of ruining it with herself.


Rin says: Faberralogues was honestly one of the moments that inspired ‘Welcome Home.’


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  1. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    I remember this show! I liked this show!

    Mostly when I remember Mattress, I think about the yearbook photo, and how Quinn’s been knocked so far off-kilter that she’ll even try something Rachelish. Not exactly intentionally, Rachel’s imparted her “being a part of something special makes you special” lesson to the others, even to Quinn, especially to Quinn. And that lesson ties these 13 episodes together, and Mattress is as good a finale to that run as Sectionals is, really.

    I’d forgotten quite how believable Will could be. He’s a teacher and an adult and both of those of things and plausible and relevant! I’d forgotten what that was like. And Sue too. She’s the grit in the oyster, and Quinn hoists her by her own petard, which is great. She’s just a character who happens to be wrong, in the show’s Rachelish view, not a cartoon character, or a breaker of the fourth wall, or a meta-commentator, or a confused political statement, or a walking hypocrisy generator. Just a character who’s wrong. I missed her too.

    “Jump” is so adorkable. I bet Karofsky paused the commercial and sharpied his tv good.

    Wemma. :((

    Original recipe, 101% over-committed-to-everything Rachel. So much yes. Rachel’s salute. 8->

    Faberralogues! =))

    1. Ned
      Ned at · Reply

      If Quinning were to happen, if you were to Quinn me… an angelic Quinn in the library would be lovely. Or a confused-aroused-Faberry Quinn. Or an adorkable laughing pyjama-clad Quinn. All Quinns are good Quinns.

      1. Rin
        Rin at · Reply

        I’m almost sorry.

        …..she is really beautiful.

        1. Rin
          Rin at · Reply


  2. Willo
    Willo at · Reply

    Hi guys, I’m new to this blog. Discovered it last week and have gotten absolutely nothing done since because i’ve been obsessively reading all glee recaps ^^. YOU ARE REALLY AWESOME!! and i’m so happy to have found a place where it’s not weird to be overly emotional when it comes to glee/faberry/dianna :) haha. Really love that you guys are continuing the retro caps =D GOD this one gave me so many feeling :'( please quinn me :) dianna is an angle <3

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      OH MY GOD WELCOME WILLO! Glad to have you and so happy to see you have enjoyed reading our Gleecaps :D I love having new people!

      We’re in a constant state of being overemotional when it comes to Glee, Faberry, Dianna and Lea. It’s a way of life, so you should feel right at home.

      You never forget your first Quinn…. Enjoy :)

      1. Willo
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        I GOT PATCHES!?!?!?! :D awesome!

  3. Besp85
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    Ok, so I must have had a premonition because this morning I woke up feeling very, very energetic – bursting with excitement because of, you know, seeing cannonballs flying all over the place – and suddenly “Jump” started playing inside my head: weird.

    Anyway, thank you guys for starting retrocapping Glee S1, “Mattress” is one of my favourite Glee episodes for so many reasons (Head Blackmailer Quinn Fabray & being able to cry on demand & the War of the Schuesters among others) and I’ve been waiting for this.

    Looking forward to reading your take on speeches about being brave now… and of course, on the bajillion-heart-framed Rachel Berry fanart!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      I can’t wait to finish season 1 too. There are SO many great moments that warm my heart and make me laugh and cry. God this show.

      Blackmailing Quinn Fabray is one of my favourites.

  4. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    Man, I read this last night and it gave me alllll the feels, but I couldn’t comment because of studying for stupid finals :(

    Now that school is over with all I can really say is that, no matter its flaws, I will always love this show for it’s brilliant cast, and episodes just like this. Rachel Berry is one of the greatest characters that has ever been, and I seriously will never understand how she caught so much shit and was constantly referred to as an annoying diva those first few seasons. She’s a fucking gold star, and I really, REALLY love that you guys seem to be one of the few recappers on the internet who get that.

    I’ve also got to say that seeing those caps of Cory stung a bit, and I can imagine it was difficult for you guys to continue working on this after he passed away. I was actually surprised by how truly sad I was to learn of his death when it happened, because obviously I never knew him, but I don’t know. This cast had a way of just worming itself into your heart, and seeing his beautiful, goofy face in this recap made me realize again how much he’ll be missed, and how tragic it is that he left this world way before he should’ve.

    That being said, I’m really happy you guys are continuing to recap season 1! You have some pretty amazing moments left to get to, and I’m excited to read your thoughts on them, and on all the ways Faberry happened before I knew it was even happening!

    PS- “On My Way”???? I mean, I try not to indulge in fandom conspiracies, but come on! How is that just coincidence?

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Rachel Berry is one of the greatest characters that has ever been! We are definitely trying to finish off the rest of season 1. Still so many great moments ahead.. and the next one is the BIG one!

      I can’t even with ON MY WAY. And to think we might have to wait until MARCH? What the fuck man. We can’t wait that long!

  5. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    Rophy on the stool next to Rachel Berry is the Best. Thing. Ever. Seriously. She shouldn’t be alone, but who should be with her? In the absence of Quinn, two people who fully understand the gloriousness that is Rachel Berry. Sit there with pride, Rophy!

    Love this. I’m later to the party in terms of falling out of love with Glee. Sure, there were significant story lines in S4 that riled me up (mainly having to do with fucking up Rachel Berry’s character) but I still loved all these kids and so gave them quite a bit of benefit of the doubt. As S5 progress, I’m finding that I just can’t get past some things anymore. I guess it’s because they seem to no longer know who their characters are, and so the story lines have little impact now.

    Anyway. The reason any of that is relevant to THIS recap is because this is when they knew their characters! They wrote for them. It’s crazy that in episode 12 they had a firm grasp on these people, and now in episode 80 or 90 whatever, they no longer know. It makes me sad to finally be falling out of love with Glee like everyone else already has. (Slow to fall out of love is typical problem for me! :) ) It makes my heart ache. And I long for these days.

    Faberry. Faberry. FABERRY. That is all.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      WE WILL PROUDLY SIT BY HER SIDE FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES. We may need turkey of some kind.

      You held on for quite a while, I am impressed. But it sucks that the fog is clearing and now you have to come and join the rest of us who just sit in the rubble of the aftermath and try to figure out where it all went wrong. :(

      We will always have Faberry though.

  6. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Oh Rophy….. I torture myself on the daily. Pining over what was. The potential of this show. The sheer joy and silliness. The aching heartful moments. And Quinn fucking Fabray. The loss 9f whwt she could and should have been…. no one understandd but you.


    Quin. Me pls.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      We will never understand what they did to our girl. We will never forget.

      1. Willo
        Willo at · Reply

        Oh my god, this quinn kicks me right in the heart….. Jesus, she makes me wanna cry :””(

  7. miscatal
    miscatal at · Reply

    Oh my god, it’s like an early Christmas. A Rophy Gleecap!!

    I miss this show so much, and honestly, I miss your shamelessly, gloriously Faberry-lensed recaps as much as I miss the show. This was AWESOME to read.

    Also: “Terri is Quinn Fabray if she didn’t have a Rachel Berry.”

    Ouch. Yeah. Especially given the Will = Finn setup, I suppose. Though I feel like Quinn’s bright enough that she’d have gotten deeply bored with Finn pretty quickly and schemed an “upgrade” or two by the time she was in her early 30s. And been batshit crazy and miserable regardless, so yeah. But Yale, and letting go to start her future!

    I’d forgotten that all of these things happened in this episode. I might have to go watch S1 again. I remember being shocked at the gravitas of the Fake Pregnancy Reveal scene, and heartbroken for Rachel when she had to get her photo taken alone. But also impressed that she did it. I think I felt heartbroken for and impressed by Rachel for the majority of S1. Original Rachel was amazing in a lot of ways, and I wish she’d never gone away.

    My brain will not quit Faberry, despite time and my (mostly cooled) rage over the direction S4 took the characters. Bless you guys for still loving them. Faberry on.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      HEHEHE. It’s a christmas miracle!

      YALE. Every time I hear about Yale now I just get sad. And try to squish Quinn into the role and whoever is their love interest is Rachel. Every single time.

      YOU SHOULD REWATCH S1. EVERYTHING IS SO GREAT. Especially when you have your Faberry goggles on. It’s very revealing and you wonder how you didn’t see it the first time.

      1. miscatal
        miscatal at · Reply


        Sometimes I forget how pretty she is, and then I see a gif, and think “oh. right.” Why they ever thought they could re-create this cast with the new kids is beyond me. They were one of a kind.

        I have this lovely vague headcannon re: Quinn at Yale, being slightly ridiculous but figuring it out. And, y’know, fandom-cannon. And ASWD. It’s working out. Especially if more ASWD appears :D :D :D

        1. Rin
          Rin at · Reply

          ASWD!!! I’ve been promised more ASWD for Xmas, so we’ll all have to make sure we hold Sophy to that.

          1. Josephine
            Josephine at · Reply

            Yes! That would be a fantastic Christmas present! Go Sophy!

  8. miscatal
    miscatal at · Reply

    I think I have to go re-read all of your Gleecaps now. NOSTALGIA WINS.

  9. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    When I think Mattress, I think Glee Yearbook photo and Quinn risking everything for Rachel.
    One act of Faberry love after another.

    I miss them so much.
    Thank you Rophy.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      I will never stop missing them. EVER. They are too… urgh. Can’t even talk about it.

  10. Caroline
    Caroline at · Reply

    Oh my God!! I missed these recaps. Y’all are the best. So so so grateful right now. :) <3

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      I missed doing them too. The next recap might just be a lovefest. I’m a bit scared.

  11. Karen
    Karen at · Reply

    Okay, so the story of me is that I love your recaps. So much so that every once in a while I come back here to re-read them all. All of them. It’s a full Saturday for me. And when you wrote the recap for The Episode That Shall Not Be Named and declared that you were done with the show, my heart broke a little, even though I completely understood. The Episode That Shall Not Be Named was the last episode I watched myself, for all of the reasons that you covered in that oh-so-painful recap. And when I read that you were no longer going to be recapping the show, I desperately wanted to ask you if you would consider just finishing Season 1. Because it was wonderful back then. Because we all loved it back then.

    But then I thought to myself, “Self, that is a terribly selfish thing for you to ask. They are broken by the show. They have burned all the pictures of the show and Rophy together. They have thrown away that sweater that the show left draped over the back of the Rophy chair. The last thing they want is to reminisce about the show. You must let this go, self, and just come back and read the recaps they have already completed whenever you need your Rophy-Faberry fix.”

    All of this is just to say that when I visited the site today to re-read all the recaps, my heart nearly beat out of my chest when I saw this. Thank you so much for revisiting Season 1. It is truly a balm to my soul. Much love, Rophy. Much love.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      I love your story :) I think we always said we were going to finish the retro ones because we could never hold future Glee against original Glee… but we were just hurt so much by what happened that it took a while to get back into the swing of things.

      We never tore up the Rophy/Faberry pictures. We could never.

      A+++++++++++++ to this comment. It’s a favourite.

  12. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    I didn’t even realize. I too visit periodically to read over your recaps and remember and relive the gloriousness of Faberry. Thank you so much for continuing your retro recaps. And also for the ASWD!

    All this talk of Terri being Quinn without Rachel made me ponder the reverse. What if some of what we miss about new Rachel vs old Rachel is her lacking the grounding Quinn gave her? (Sure, it’s easy, and not wrong, to blame the writers for losing the thread of their own characters and resorting to the throwing spaghetti against the wall characterization, haphazardly writing what sticks in their brains…but we can also seqrch for deeper meaning). Can it be merely coincidence that in the nude scene episode, the appearance of Quinn Fabray coincided with the reappearance of old Rachel, in an animal sweater, doing a duet with herself? Is there something about Quinn that drives Rachel to strive to be unapologetic and the best, because if that much perfection can exist, then so can Rahel Berry?

    I love all the Quinn’s to. Great job capping, Sophy.

  13. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    I have been unable to fall out of love with Glee and still sit around and watch it with one of my best friends. Sure, all of the scenes back in Ohio are god awful, but many a times something will happen – mostly between Rachel and Santana – and I’ll say to myself, “Man, Rophy would have loved that little moment.”

    I know you’ll never go back, but man, don’t you want to see how it all ends?!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      No, I don’t really need to know how it ends. Because it did end. Almost 2 years ago.

      And I can safely say that we wouldn’t enjoy any Rachel and Santana scenes that may have happened after we stopped watching. It angers me just thinking about it.

  14. Lexi
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    Will you still continue to do Glee Caps?

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