111 — Hairography

Best Song

New Directions – True Colors

Sophy says: THIS IS SO CUTE. I really, really love this song and always have – I seem to remember a certain amount of baton-twirling choreography that went on with my best friend when we were 11 and thank GOD digital video cameras didn’t exist back then or I would never live it down.

But seriously, it’s a gorgeous song. Totally straight-up, genuine and sweet, with a really important message that basically boils down to: Be you, because you are better than anything you could pretend to be.

And you guys, Tina got to sing it???!!!??!! Back then I didn’t realize just how rare a pleasure it was going to be to have her front and centre, so I think it’s more special to me looking back. And she really does sound fantastic. Jenna can do a lot with her voice in terms of imbuing it with a completely different mood to suit whatever she’s singing. This? This was very sweet and very shy and very her, as she was in S1, in all her fake-stuttery glory.

And I loved the simple costuming of the different coloured shirts, and the rainbow lights.


Rachel is totally looking at Quinn. And Quinn is totally looking at Rachel even though she’s facing the other way. She has skills.

Rin says: Quinn is basically an owl when it comes to Rachel.

GOD. Looking at stuff like this, it’s kind of rage-inducing how much Tina/Jenna can hold her own in terms of carrying a number. BECAUSE GUYS, she really fucking can and why doesn’t Glee take advantage of that? It’s all kinds of wrong that even after all this time, having more than earned her keep — she still gets shafted. I GUESS WE GOTTA JUST ENJOY THE FLEETING MOMENTS AS MUCH AS WE CAN.

Their coloured shirts are the best, and I love when they used to have the more humble beginnings Glee club.. they really had that home-made feel back in the day and I miss that! And it almost goes without saying that I really love it whenever these bunch of kids get together as a complete group and trade smiles and sing their hearts out and and :(

The good old days.



Biggest LOL

New Directions – Crazy In Love

Sophy says: LOL THEY ARE SO RIDICULOUS. LOOK AT THEM. “They look absolutely crazy,” is right. And I love them.

Also, the amount of caps of Quinn flipping her hair was disappointing. There should have been more.

Rin says: This performance is HYSTERICAL because they’re all acting like complete nutters and it’s always amusing when they try to be sexual with one another. QUINN WAS BOUNCING ON KURT FTLOG, WITH HER PREGNANT BELLY. I just.

I TRIED TO CAP AS MUCH QUINN HAIR PORN AS POSSIBLE, OKAY? BELIEVE ME. I would never actively try to reduce the amount of Quinn caps that I could grab. They didn’t SHOW enough! It really was glorious though… sometimes I like to consider Quinn’s hair as a character of its own.

I love it whenever the “choreography” calls for Quinn and Rachel to be beside each other. Seriously girls, be careful. Some people might start thinking you don’t actually hate each other or anything of the like.

Sophy says: Quinn wishes she could choreograph herself under Rachel’s skirt.

“I’d like my magazine back, please.”

Rin says: CLASSIC SUE SYLVESTER. She really is at her best when she’s being overly obnoxious and demanding.



Best Scene

Haverbrook School – Imagine

Sophy says: Feel free to call me a treacle-brained softie loser… but I cried. Like, I cried just now when I was watching it to write the commentary. I cried when I was watching it way back when we did our season 1 rewatch. And I cried the first time I watched it way back in 2009.

It’s just that tear-jerky, you guys. And I know. I know it’s out to get me. I know abject blubbering is exactly what it’s aiming for. But I can’t help it. Because John Lennon was a massive hippie douchebag to be honest, but no one can deny that he wrote some top notch songs. And I think the show really got the balance right with this episode, in that part of the reason this hit home was because it made such a contrast to the OTT ridiculousness and the general movement and noise that was going on all through the episode. When Haverbrook took to the stage… it didn’t matter that they weren’t really singing in the way that, say, our Glee kids sing. Ordinarily the cynic in me would have been scoffing all over the place and saying how if you can’t hear you can’t sing, and if you can’t sing something you should do is not form a Glee club with other people who can’t sing, and it’s ludicrous to have these kids even being entered at sectionals with what can perhaps be described as a niche form of interpretative dance, there are no two ways about it, this is politically correct minority-pandering at its most pointless, I’ll watch the Lifetime channel if I want to be ~inspired. And so on and so forth.

BUT. For the duration of the performance the cynic in me was silenced. And I think a lot of it was just how quiet these kids were, and how confident. They were so sure that what they were doing was important and beautiful and beyond a grab for attention, and that meant that it was. And it just redoubled the impact when you saw the Glee kids taking it in and getting it and being moved and abandoning their inner cynics too – all of them, even Puck, even Santana.


And then the Haverbrook kids were teaching the McKinley kids to sign and they all came together to create this super-sappy megaperformance. And it was just the best to be honest.

Rin says: GUH. Definitely one of the most memorable performances Glee has done to date. And I think what I really love about it is that yes the scene is out to get you, but it’s not like they were trying to rub anything in our faces. The message wasn’t directed at us, it was at the New Directions. And that’s why it’s so effective and works, because we’re not being ‘preached’ to, which differs from some of the more infuriating things Glee has done more recently. We feel moved because you see our babies getting moved — when they cry, we cry basically.

And it’s so hilarious how this is a lesson they learnt way back here.. that hairography WASN’T an option because they were better than that. MUCH BETTER THAN THAT. And yet, look at all of the performances during Rachel’s dance class and all they are is hairography. It’s a huge opportunity missed, because it would have been WONDERFUL to see them develop Rachel’s dancing skills in a real way. I’m pretty sure if they took it seriously, they could have pushed Rachel/Lea to improve on that front and it would have been pretty admirable.


….wow, Rophy Says No season 4’s are even infiltrating cross-season. Such is their power. :(

p.s. I know this is a serious heart warming moment and all, and I hate to bring the level down but… find the hilarious Santana action and laugh forever.


Most Retrospectively Ironic Moment

Rachel gets a makeover.

Sophy says: As foot/mouth as Finn’s reaction was, it was still better than Brody’s. At least he didn’t say how sexy she was and how they should sexy-dance and then have sex after he’s had sex with his sexy-dancing teacher because she’s also sexy.


But yeah. It’s pretty damn ironic that way back in the front 13 that are the glory days of Glee… Rachel got a makeover and it was temporary because it was selling the exact opposite message. The message was: Rachel doesn’t need to change. She is indisputably wonderful just the way she is. And it was brilliant how it harked back to the last episode, in which Will told Rachel she’d meet a boy who’d like all the things about her that she doesn’t – and those would be the things he’d like the most. And here’s Finn, swiftly fulfilling that prophecy albeit in the clumsiest, least suave way ever.

“I’m going to say this as nicely as I can… but you look like a sad clown hooker.”

To be honest, that’s pretty much what she looks like now. So. Irony.

But let’s back up a moment. Let’s just back up one fucking second. Quinn Fabray made this happen. QUINN. FABRAY. MADE. THIS. HAPPEN. And you guys I just can’t get over the fact that she’s always there behind the Rachel scenes, pulling her strings and pretending it’s for all sorts of other reasons than that she’s tragically obsessed with her and soon we’ll be calling it love.

Seriously, though. This whole episode illustrated two things. First of all it illustrated just how little interest Quinn really ever had in Finn. Because I’m sorry, but if you want to distract your boyfriend while you test-drive another guy, that’s a sign you don’t like your boyfriend that much. If, moreover, you decide to distract him by giving the girl he’s clearly into a makeover and thrusting them together? That’s not just a sign you don’t like your boyfriend that much. That’s a sign you’re a lunatic. Or you just have an unnatural interest in this other girl, and can’t help imagining what she’d look like with a certain shade of lipstick ALL OVER YOUR BODY, and you really, really want to see said body-kisser parading around the school in spandex and can’t believe Finn ruined it all.

Seriously though. A part of me believes that whilst Quinn was immature and selfish enough to trick Finn into being a father to her baby… a part of her already didn’t want to be. I think when she organizes for Rachel to be beautified while she does her best to settle for her Lima loser one night stand, what she’s really trying to do is push Finn towards Rachel, without having to have the guts to actually tell him out loud: ‘I cheated on you. It’s not your baby.’ And it’s hard to blame her for not having the guts to do that. I mean, I can’t actually imagine just how terrified I would be in her situation. 16, pregnant, with neither of your parents willing to stand by you, no real friends and a boyfriend you shouldn’t be letting yourself rely on? So Quinn tries, you know. She tries with Puck, because it’s the right thing to do – because he’s the person she should be relying on about all of this. But you know what? He’s fucking useless. And this is what I will never understand about Quick shippers. I like Puck. I do. He amuses me and I do think he has a lot of heart and I think in his own childish, fucking useless way, he did love Quinn. But who the fuck sexts with another girl while they’re getting their big chance to woo the one who’s pregnant with their baby? Just. No.

Quinn can’t rely on Puck. At worst he’s a douche, at best he’s a child. And she realizes that when Santana confronts her with the truth: he’s just not that into her. And then in the end, when she thinks maybe she can just give the baby to Terri and it will have Will for a father and she will have absolved her responsibility and given it a good life she can look in on secretly from time to time, she thinks maybe she’ll just be able to pretend none of this happened, and she can just go back to being Quinn Fabray, Captain of the Cheerios, the quarterback’s girlfriend and the kind of person who laughs at the Rachel Berrys of this world and is very good at pretending not to be terrified of them AND IN LOVE WITH THEM.


And I’m sorry but is her face for real in those last few caps?

TBH we could also have chosen hairography in general as most retrospectively ironic thing. Because as Rin mentions above that’s basically what Lea Michele and Kate Hudson engage in at NYADA.


I may never with the way she says that. SHE’S SO ADORABLE, I CAN’T?! Plus seeing them do this, and then thinking about ‘You’re The One That I Want’ 2.0 makes my heart flutter. Honestly, if things had played out a little differently I would be right there on the Finchel ship, ready to set sail. Because there ARE a lot of wonderful heart-achey things that could have happened between them, and when seen in the light of Brody are infinitely better than you originally think. WAIT? Should I be saying all of this stuff? I don’t want to be called out for having Finchel-biased recaps again. =))



No, but really. Can Quinn Fabray ever go an inner-monologue without it ever ending up being about Rachel? Her outer monologue is already 80% about Rachel, but it just gets sad when it turns out that’s all she ever thinks about internally too. Poor lovelorn Quinn. :( BUT WHEN SHE’S ALL, ‘NO WAY SHE LOOKS LIKE A 5 YEAR OLD……STILL, MAYBE WITH A LITTLE MAKEUP? :)’ SHE’S BASICALLY FANTASISING WHAT RACHEL WOULD LOOK LIKE WITH A LITTLE MAKEUP. AND LIKE, IF SHE GOT THE CHANCE TO MAKEOVER RACHEL. I JUST. FIRST YOU DRAW THE PORNOGRAPHIC PICTURES ON THE BATHROOM WALLS (where all of the female students would see them), AND THEN YOU GO AND ORGANISE A MAKEOVER FOR HER BEHIND THE SCENES?

This isn’t normal behaviour. It’s not. It’d honestly be more worrying if it turns out Quinn wasn’t in love with Rachel.

And yeh, scroll up again and look at those caps of Quinn looking at Rachel. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR FACE? YOUR FACE IS WRONG IF YOU’RE NOT TRYING TO EMOTE FULL ON ADORATION.

We need to start doing a tally of how many times Faberry secretly do things for each other.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

Brittany the spy.


Rin says: Due to recent events, I kind of wished Brittany was still this one-liner Brittany instead of, world is ending let’s get married Brittany. :(


Rophy Says No!

“Kurt, why did you volunteer to give me a new look?”
“One, I’m a sucker for makeovers, and two, you need something to distract from your horrible personality. Most of the time, I find it hard to be in the same room with you.”

Sophy says: I know it was, like, a thing to be brutally unkind to Rachel for no good reason back in the day, but it still sucks and we are never going to stop saying no to it.

Plus, giving Rachel this makeover and basically actively seeking to humiliate the fuck out of her in front of the boy she likes was just cruel. Honestly, I feel like Kurt got off pretty damn lightly here. I mean, for instance, Rachel had the decency to not humiliate him right back by telling Finn he planned the whole thing in a misguided attempt to get into his pants.


Rin says: Oh Kurt. Look at your own shirt.


Head In Hands

“A girl really needs a good father.”

Sophy says: Um. I’m sorry but. People without tear-ducts would cry.

I know everybody hates Will now, and honestly I can see why to a certain extent, but he was a pretty decent guy back in the day, and so as ridiculous and childish a decision as it was to try to secretly farm the baby off to Terri… the sentiment behind it was still terribly sweet. You know, Quinn realized that as it stood, Puck was the only father her baby was going to have. The kind of guy who’s fun to play with, but who isn’t really 100% there for you when it counts. And she knew that what she-who-will-be-Beth needed was pretty much the opposite of that – someone pretty dorky, pretty dopey, but overall good and solid and always and no matter what.

Basically she wanted her child to have a better father than she had and she was going to make sure it happened, even if it hurt her to do it. It didn’t end up working out that way, because realistically come on, how could it? But that doesn’t change the fact that Quinn experienced some serious character growth in this episode.

You guys, she is on her way.

Rin says: This is one of those scenes that doesn’t immediately jump out at you as being overly heartwarming or tear-jerky… but then you rewatch it and think and it kind of hits you like a tonne of bricks. Pretty much for all the reasons Sophy says above. Sometimes I forget how hard it must be for a young girl to be trying to make decisions like this. Quinn makes an incredibly mature choice, if a little shady, but this is the only out she saw that would be best for her baby. Will WOULD be a great father, and she knows it.

And just.

“A girl really needs a good father.”

STINGS LIKE NO TOMORROW after what we just witnessed in 110.


Most Rophy

“You need to relax and drink more.”

Sophy says: I say this loudly to myself every night.

Rin says: And every morning.


Quinn Glory Shot


Rin says: Reason #1631601345103 why Quinn Fabray is my favourite dancer of all time. She’s ridiculously adorable. WHY DIDN’T I EVER HAVE A BABYSITTER LIKE THIS? We’d have an epic age gap, but that wouldn’t stop our love :((



And I’ll just leave this here.



Also I can’t believe you just basically condoned pedophilia if Quinn was involved. New lows.

Or highs, depending on how you look at it.

No, wait. Lows.

Rin says: HIGHS :D

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  1. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    Absolutely crazy – I thought Teen Jesus was there for a moment, but it’s just Matt in a wig. Puck in a wig is always good too. Brittany/cellphones. Quinn’s daddy issues – whoa, it’s like they sat down and plotted out a character arc! In advance! Amazing. Brad/hands. Santana/fingers (wtf). Faberry. I had completely forgotten Rachel’s blue suit! (I bet Quinn hasn’t.) And it’s a slightly crazy episode when Finn can say “sad clown hooker” and not be Rachel’s worst friend.

    I am incoherent today. Thank you for the recap, as always. (Three to go!!!) Quinn please?

    1. Ned
      Ned at · Reply

      Two to go, even. Innumerate as well as incoherent.

  2. Char
    Char at · Reply


    Lol jk.

    I’ve mostly forgotten everything that happens in these early episodes, and can’t make myself rewatch because the quality contrast between these and the current rot they’re churning out is too depressing. Like, this is goofy and funny and heartwarming and cute and GOOD. Sigh. Anyway, I do remember sobbing during True Colours and being head-in-hands at Papa Don’t Preach and giggling a lot at Sue/crazy Terri/crazy Terri’s crazy sister. Most Rophy is amazing/a solid life lesson/

    And yeah…Quinn hair porn.


  3. LauryeMal
    LauryeMal at · Reply

    OMG..QUINN HAIRPORN.. I.CAN’T. you know the best part? I can’t even decide if I like more Long.Haired.Quinn, Short.Haired.Quinn, PonyTail.Quinn or PinkHair.Quinn…
    So Much to Love… so little time. :-x

    Am I hopeless if in the “Head In Hands” caps all I though about was “SHE HAS AN HEADBAND…and HEADBANDS means RACHEL”

    I think you will understand..

    What do I expect for 2013?
    In no particular order…

    – A new comedy show with amazing female characters that would get me invested for more that 3 episodes
    – NAOMILY returns which will bring peace to the world
    – Every Marvel/DC Comics based movie opening in 2013
    – Finally Quinn gettin’ some from Rachel in A Spoonful Won’t Do (aka greatest fanfic ever) ;;)
    – Rophers 2013 award ceremony via Google Hangouts (formal attire required :P)

  4. Caroline
    Caroline at · Reply

    Omg this episode…where do I even start? And this episode in the context of today’s episodes? Oh dear.

    This show was so GOOD because you laughed so hard you wet yourself AND you wept for everything humans are capable of being…ALL DURING ONE EPISODE!!! You got to listen to amazing singers (Artie, Mercedes, Rachel, and Tina ALL had solos in this episode…when was the last time that happened?), watch these kids you love do ridiculous things (Brittany was on fire this episode with her cell phone and the “Take what away?”) like dance insanely to Crazy In Love. The bouncing on each other was fantastic. Also, I kind of love Quinn+Kurt??? I think they’re interactions are always…sweet? Even when they’re both being bitchy?? Idk. Maybe it’s just ’cause I desperately want to pet both of their faces cuz they’re so damn symmetrical and smooth and glowy…

    In response to the Rophy Says No part, Rachel does kinda get Kurt back cuz she slams him a little bit in the hallway after she realizes why he fucked up her makeover. He likes Finn, she realizes it, and she’s all “I’m lightyears ahead of you in the running for Finn ’cause I have a VAGINA, Kurt!!!!” So…Rachel ends on top, really. :)

    The Imagine scene…I’m with Sophy. And everyone else with a soul, I think. I was getting lost on Glee youtube videos one day and I ran across the Imagine clip and I just BAWLED right there at my computer. And then of course I had to go back and watch the whole damn episode and watching the scene in the context of the whole episode…oh God. I was dehydrated afterwards. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m67s7nU5uF1qhsceco1_500.gif

    Just…all the things that our kids can beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Them learning sign language so *cough* quickly!!! They’re so smart!! And yes, Rachel crying almost immediately. And how Kurt is the only one not looking at Mercedes when they’re still sitting and she starts singing…’cause his heart is just melting all over his face. LOOK AT HIM!!! He’s crying too, it’s just harder to tell. And that screencap where both Rachel and Mercedes have their eyes closed and Rachel’s smiling and Mercedes is singing and…oh God. I’m rocking back and forth in the corner now. And the screencap right before that one where the Haverbrook lead is looking at Mercedes with that face like “Yeah, you get it, girl.” Is it just me or do him and Mercedes seem to have some mad chemistry throughout that whole song? They way they’re looking at each other and…I mean, he’s hot. And when Mercedes sang around him he could FEEL her voice and…I’ve lost my mind. Dear lord.

    Papa Don’t Preach…back when I liked Ryan Murphy ’cause he was being a good gay and pushing Madonna in EVERYWHERE (sorry, I don’t think you guys don’t like her…but I’m totally with RM on this one). And I really love when Quinn sings Madonna songs, actually. I think it suits her voice well. And Quinn+dancing is definitely its own ship. I think it’s how her hands are always kinda…pointing?…that just makes it so so so precious and girly and cute.

    And the scene where Quinn hugs Will? And her eyebrow is doing that ADORABLE little raised up thing? Like she’s questioning everything she’s doing and everything you’re doing and EVERYTHING ELSE? But she still forges ahead through uncertainty!!!! Rachel taught her how to do that. :D

    Could I request the Quinn in the sixth screencap under Most Retrospectively Ironic Moment? You know, the one where she’s trying not to drool over Rachel’s little beaming face?

    P.S. I’m halfway through season 2 Skins. Told you I would watch it. ;)

  5. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Sigh….I was so in love with this show. But oh how I loved those rainbow shirts and their true colors. And the side of Faberry, and the Quinn…..oh the Quinn!!! Hello Papa son’t preach and the dancing of Quinn and her precious face.

    Also I didn’t hate Will or Finn and I just used to look so forward to every episode….and then rewatch it as soon as it was over. So I could look at their beautiful little faces. We were so innocent and naive then.

    I cried when they did Imagine and the sign language. I am not ashamed! I laughed at Kurt and preggers Quinn during that ridiculous song. I loved all the hair flipping. Why did they start taking themselves so seriously?!?! What happened to my show?!?!?!

  6. Ruben
    Ruben at · Reply

    It’s good seeing glee chapters where Quinn was a main character, and making Rachel go through a make over was a bad thing… I mean, I know this show doesn’t understand the meaning of continuity, but how and why would you contradict yourself so many times?? And in the process destroy the best characters you have… mysteries of glee I supose…

    Quinn me??^^

  7. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    oh God, I ADORE this episode.

    Best song/scene/Glee performance EVER is that Imagine one. I swear to God, the Olympics got their inspiration from this this year …
    AND IN FACT , as a very active Tumblr’er (-er-er-er?), I spotted that wonderful Santana movement BEFORE I read your line about it .. I actually saw it coming, since you put so many caps of them in it :D haha …
    ( http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lj991hAFiL1qda680o1_500.gif )

    Most random Brittany moment:
    “So, Brittany: take it away”
    -“Take what away?” was such a runner up for the spying with her phone thingy … Brittany is absolutely the cutest. And so talented. Why waste it on a ridiculous storyline? I rather have her stop talking again instead of this ridiculousness … (I wrote mockery, but that sounded too English.)

    anyway, the more I watch the old Glee episodes, the more I CRAVE for them to come back … I heard lots of rumors about S5 being set in NY and ditching the entire McKinley scene .. Let’s hope that – if that’s the way to save our beloved characters – it turns out this way …

    GREAT recap, guys!

  8. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    I’ve been so busy the last few days I haven’t had time to read this! Glad I finally did because it’s as amazing as always. I was also very worried that I had missed the rounds of Quinning, and I was so upset with myself for taking too long. Such are the important things in life, you know? ;)

    I was so very in love with Rachel Berry in the beginning. And I still think I am, but it’s tainted now. It’s a bit heartbreaking, really. I don’t think I’ve ever had a character I loved as much as Rachel become so frustrating to me. I keep trying to rationalize season 4 to myself. I know it’s very different from how it used to be, but it kind of has to be, doesn’t it? At the very core of this show is the characters, and who they are. And if you start with characters that are in high school, and then follow them as they grow up, things HAVE to change. It would’t be real if they didn’t. And so, yeah, these kids are not the kids we met back in the first 13 episodes. And honestly, if they still were, we would all be screaming at the top of our lungs at Glee having no character development.

    It’s how they’ve done it though. I mean, at the end of Season 7 of BtVS, Buffy was certainly not the same girl we met in the pilot. It would have been infuriating if she had been after watching her go through everything she did in those 7 years. But at her core, Buffy WAS still the same girl. She was loyal, she believed in good, she was passionate about helping other people, she was witty, and ever so slightly naive. That’s what I want from Rachel Berry. I want a girl who has grown up, and used her experiences in life to shape her. But I still want the girl who is obnoxiously in your face about what she believes and feels, who is completely self centered and yet has the biggest heart you will ever find, the girl who doesn’t give in to what society wants her to be because she believes that being an original is the only way to be true to yourself. The mini Barbra Streisand.

    And…all I meant to say in this comment was how much I enjoyed your recap, and then I got sucked down a Rachel Berry vortex. So, I’ll end with saying how completely adorable Finn looks in all of your caps. He’s so baby-faced! How is he the one who appears to have aged the most, when I think he was one of the oldest to begin with? **disclaimer, this is not a Finchel biased comment. Faberry shipper all the way. :)

    Thanks ladies. I look forward to the new TVD and Glee recaps in the coming weeks. And that Skins recap you keep hinting at on Twitter…

    1. Caroline
      Caroline at · Reply

      “But I still want the girl who is obnoxiously in your face about what she believes and feels, who is completely self centered and yet has the biggest heart you will ever find, the girl who doesn’t give in to what society wants her to be because she believes that being an original is the only way to be true to yourself.”

      I like you.

  9. Mad
    Mad at · Reply


    She DOES look like a sad clown hooker these days! Oh Ryan Murphy, I wish you would just remember what has happened on your OWN DAMN SHOW. (According to Lea Michele, he is the one responsible for her makeover.) Maybe the fact that he had a baby recently is making him insane and he doesn’t even know what time of day it is most of the time. Except last season was pretty insane as well so probably not.

    Crazy in Love is still one of the most excellent things of all. They really are precious when they’re trying to be all sexy. And yes omg the NYADA dance scenes are filled with hairography. And YES about Imagine! Something like that has the potential to make you want to barf and roll your eyes but it totally worked in this case.

    Also….oh my god, I don’t know if you guys watch the New Normal, but there is a scene that has pretty much confirmed that Ryan Murphy hates Dianna Agron. On the show, Andrew Rannell’s character, Bryan, is a producer for a show called Sing! and the characters/actors on the show all have similar names to the real ones, and “Brynn” (Quinn) comes up and is like “my character would never do this” and then Nene Leakes’ character (who is Bryan’s assistant) shoots her down by threatenining to have her character mutilated by a mad scientist and have her face swapped with Demi Lovato’s (aka replace her with Demi Lovato) and “Brynn” is like “….OK never mind” and it’s kind of…horrible, actually. Like I would probably want to get the hell off of that show if I was treated like that. Makes me wonder if it’s Dianna’s decision not to appear in very many episodes this season, honestly. I mean there’s always been rumours and stuff like “Dianna’s leaving Glee because she hates Ryan Murphy” etc. etc. but like…wow Ryan actually put this on his own show. And Jane Lynch as well as other actors on the show have said “you can always tell who Ryan is mad at during an episode” (like with Quinn’s car accident).

  10. 42Alfonso
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