110 – Ballad

Best Song

New Directions – Lean On Me

Rin says: Okay, so I just had to rewatch this episode again because it really is one of my favourites from season 1. And this was one of the scenes that made me tear up, because it’s just so sweet and kind for the Glee kids to sing a song to Finn and Quinn to let them know that they’re here for them. This is what Glee is all about — these kids being true friends to each other, and scenes like this, where it is apparent that they have made a little family for themselves, really warm my heart.

It’s also heart-achingly nostalgic, that when watching this performance you know that it’s very unlikely that we’ll ever get anything like this again. Although I’m still holding out for whenever this show of ours comes to an end, and the final performance will be the ‘original’ Glee kids (Blaine and Sam can come too) singing something together and yeah, goodbye world I will not be able to cope.

And you know what one of the more awesome things Glee has gotten right is? Quinn’s character and, “I really do like to perform.” I still think it’s one of the better character developments Glee has ever done, cause it’s always been there. Quinn doesn’t really get the chance to smile a whole lot and enjoy herself, but whenever you see her perform it’s clearly evident that she DOES love it, and it allows her to be free. I don’t know, I think it’s cool that after everything that we know now, and looking back on her… you can see it. Quinn will always be a bit of a mystery because she holds her cards so tightly to her chest, but it’s also one of the things that makes her so intriguing. I’d love Glee to not just discard everything they’ve built with her, and reduce her to a ‘LOOK IT’S QUINN FOR AN EPISODE’ role. There’s still so much there to be unravelled.

And I know just the character who wouldn’t mind doing some of that unravelling. :smug:


Yeah okay.

There are so many things I love about this performance, but two things, above all.

First, I LOVE how it pretty much sums up everything Glee is about – or at least, everything Glee was about in those first glorious 13. Lean on me, when you’re not strong. In its finest moments, this show is all about the ways people carry each other home, all about how even the people we hate can love us when the chips are down, all about how people can change – how lives can change – how our little lives can change the whole world. The message gets lost sometimes in all the crazy, and then it often gets artificially dredged up, to the point where it’s started to lose some of its charm. But back in the good old days?

It was clear as a bell and woven expertly into the seams of each episode. And then, you know, sometimes an episode would end like this – on a note of pure hope and inspiration such that you were left clutching your chest and grinning and feeling tearful intermittently for the rest of the day without knowing why.

So that’s one reason to love this performance. It sells the message like nobody’s business.

The second big reason? All the little things. Like Will and Artie high-fiving. Like Quinn’s shoulder-shrugging sigh. Like the beginnings of her tears. Like Brittany cuddle-pouncing Rachel. Like Brittany lifting Quinn up. Like Quinn gazing admiringly at Mercedes while she belts a note out. Like the kids making call-me signs like the losers they are. Like Rachel pushing past Kurt and Mike to get to Quinn, because yes, her earlier gaze at Finn notwithstanding, that is the person she’s making a bee-line for, that is the person she sings to, she is the person who makes Quinn laugh like that.

The last time Glee had a performance like this was ‘We Are Young’ in 308 – and we’ll probably never get one again, because there are limited opportunities to get all the kids together like this from here on out without it seeming forced.

Having said that, I’d buy that they’ll gather for some kind of ceremony the day that Rachel decides to start being Rachel again. It’d be the end of the journey, you know? Everyone who dissed her for her Rachelness back in season 1 could officially acknowledge that her Rachelness is what makes her awesome. And then they’d start a petition to have Brody be put in jail, and Quinn would be like, ‘Don’t bother guys :-j, I already ripped his penis off :-j’ and everyone would cheer and name her May Queen, and then they would put garlands of flowers on Rachel and Quinn’s heads and carry them on their shoulders to their matrimonial bed.

I’m going to go and lie down.


Biggest LOL

This whole thing. All of it.

Rin says: Oh my fucking god you guys, this is easily one of the funniest things Glee has ever done. I’M NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING. It’s just, ‘Suzy Pepper’ is the most insane, hilarious thing. And the fact that Rachel was basically being just as insane was so on point, and in character.

One of the highlights of the episode HAS to be when Suzy calls Will’s place at night, and she’s just BREATHING ON THE PHONE. =)) And then Terri grabs the phone off Will and says, “Listen, you little psycho, this is Will’s wife. And if I don’t get enough sleep, my anti-depressants won’t work, and then I’ll go crazy and I’ll kill you.” JUST. ‘I’ll kill you.’ =)) =)) Oh my god, Glee. And again I say, I miss Terri!

Endless Love was amazing, both Matt and Lea pulled some spectacular faces, and the way Rachel stalked Will around the piano was perfection. Rachel’s smitten face is the greatest thing, and her big beautiful eyes! AH! How I’ve missed them.

“Yes. It means I’m very young, and it’s hard for you to stand close to me.” 

Oh my god. When Emma joined in on the fangirling when Will was singing to them? I COULD DIE. Especially when there’s that slow motion shot of them watching in awe, and Emma blinking with her mouth open. Christ. AND THEN THEIR JOINT APPLAUSE AT THE END. Pure magic.

But of course the real winner has to be Rachel showing up at Will’s apartment and cooking him dinner (VENISON) and CLEANING THEIR BATHROOM. =)) Oh my god Rachel Berry, you really were the most incredibly character. I sincerely hope we haven’t completely lost you during S4, and maybe things will go back to normal soon? And by normal, I mean crazy-insane-dishwashing-gloves Rachel Berry. Also, I really hope you guys rewatch this episode, for the moment she comes into the kitchen asking for more Ajax, and JUST LOOK AT THE WAY SHE DARTS HER EYES BACK AND FORTH TO LOOK AT WILL.

And then she fucking waves with one of her gloved hands as she leaves the room and I CANNOT. Again, where are all the awards for Miss Lea Michele? She needs them.

Also just seeing the Fabathroom again shoots a pain through my heart. :( I do like that scene though, and not just for the way Rachel simply calls Suzy Pepper, ‘PEPPER!’ all the time, but what Suzy Pepper was saying actually makes a lot of sense.

“You need to find some self-respect, Rachel.” 


And then Rachel goes and buys some adorable PINK :( ‘Sorry I’ve been acting crazy!’ flowers for Will and heAEHEAHHEHAAE. Oh Rachel, darling. Listen to Will.

“And I know that there are some things about yourself that you think you’d like to change. But you should know that there is some boy out there who’s going to like you for everything you are. Including those parts of you that even you don’t like. Those are going to be the things he likes the most.”

Except, obviously, it’s not some boy.

It’s a girl.

And her name is Quinn Fabray.

And the thing she admires most about you is that you are a girl who has never apologised for your ambition.

She also thinks you’re the shining star of all of you.

Feelings, guys. We need a feelings group hug.

Sophy says: Okay obviously every little thing about this was hilarious. I mean all-the-awards-including-Best-Drama hilarious.

But probably the main reason I love this episode so much is because it brought Rachel and Will together, in a way that diverged from their usual interaction. Their relationship up until this point had pretty much been defined by Will finding Rachel irritating and, I believe, on some level, something of a threat, and I feel her crazy-crush really helped him put things in perspective. It reminded him that although she is a larger than life, Rachel is also just a kid. She’s not someone it’s fair to be irritated by or find threatening, not if he’s going to be a good teacher – not if he’s going to be a good man. Rachel Berry, for all her talent and all her ambition, is not a diva. She’s just as lonely and insecure and unsure of herself as anybody else, and I was glad he responded appropriately in the end. Okay, it was Pepper who gave Rachel the wake-up call, but Will also did a nice job of wrapping things up emotionally without letting Rachel feel too humiliated.

And yeah, Will telling Rachel someone will love her for who she is, even the parts she doesn’t like, and they’ll be the parts they like the most… in the context of ~The New Rachel, that is just about the most depressing line of dialogue ever. And yet, it’s managing to give me what is undoubtedly false hope: surely the same team who produced that line can’t be intending us to read all the changes Rachel has made as a good thing. Right? Surely they know how much we love Rachel Berry and therefore want us to be sitting there scratching our heads and saying “But she didn’t need to change!”

They probably don’t want us to scratch their eyes out though. In which case they should return the original Rachel to us forthwith.

And with that, I’m going to stop infecting this recap with season fouritis. Let me just say that I loved everything about this. Rubber Gloves Rachel is the change I want to see in the world. Lea and Matt’s faces during endless love are how everybody’s faces should be, on a daily basis, for my entertainment. Emma’s inadvertent fangirling is the sweetest thing. Will’s message-via-mashup approach was hilarious and idiotic and perfect and 100% Will Schuester. Susie Pepper is basically April Tuna reborn in Lima, Ohio and I don’t resent her one little bit because she is every bit as brilliant. Terri needs to come back and never leave me again. “Can you ask her to dust the blinds in the craft room first?!” and, you know, every other little thing she said, should be emblazoned on t-shirts in every colour of the rainbow.

Also, Finn, Quinn knows you’re staring at Rachel’s butt because she followed the line back to your eyes.

Other asian.

Rin says: Sophy sometimes wishes she was ‘other asian’.

BUT ALSO, DIDN’T WILL PUT ALL THE NAMES IN THE HAT?! I didn’t know Will was such a Sue.

Sophy says: I am ‘other asian’ :( You said I could be :(

And I just think Will is easily led. Like, he probably overheard and assumed all the cool kids were into mild racism these days.

And I’m just now realizing that we never got to see all the other ballads: Puck/Mercedes, Quinn/Artie, Britt/Santana, Mike/Tina. It’s not fair! I demand outtakes!


Best Scene

Furt. It all started out so beautifully.

Rin says: Oh my god, when Kurt’s telling the story about how he sometimes goes into his parents bedroom and opens all the chest drawers just to smell his mum… my heart :(( AND FINN WHEN HE SAYS THAT IT’S NOT STUPID. Oh gosh, these two. And yes, this is a better example of how these two have great chemistry and a great bond, and I’m glad they continue to use that this series.

We just have to get past the really rocky shonky part of Kurt being in love with Finn and going crazy. That’s going to be a rough patch, you guys. Let’s just put that out there now.

But for now?

Finn putting the helmet on Kurt is the cutest.

Sophy says: Let me get this out of the way: the resolution to this plotline made me very angry. I sometimes think I cut Finn more slack than I otherwise would, because I’m still not over the beating his character took in service of the ‘Be more like Lady Gaga!’ story. I mean, it pissed me off to the extent that I actually had to blog about it on rophydoes, and you know, I think that’s part of what led us to start doing Glee recaps for season 2. So maybe I should be grateful?

But regardless of how shitty I think the resolution was, the set-up for the Kurt/Finn plot was simply gorgeous. Before Kurt went crazy and then Finn spouted a hateful word so we could all pretend Kurt never went crazy… the crush he had on Finn was actually rather sweet – and bittersweet. I mean, sure, it was delusional as hell, but it was no more delusional, I guess, than, say, Mercedes having a crush on Kurt. Or Quinn lying awake at night dreaming of getting the girl.

But yeah, on a serious note, I love that Kurt’s attraction to Finn ran deeper than just seeing him as the hot quarterback. The two of them bonded over a love of music and a parent-shaped loss. And you know, they shared with each other, and it was very tender and very natural.

I think one of the reasons I was so upset about the resolution being Finn learning a lesson about homophobia is that he was pleasingly unhomophobic up until all that shit went down. Like, I’m sure Finn getting upset early on when Kurt wants him to sing his feelings to him is supposed to be presaging him snapping and using the F-word when Kurt wants them to live in a Burlesque house together, but to me it just highlights how out of character that slur was for Finn. This part, especially:

“Your lashing out at me is fantastically compelling and inappropriate.”
“Dude, I’m sorry. Kurt, you’re awesome.”

I’m not going to say he was 100% comfortable with all things gay, but that, to me, is not the same as being homophobic. I guess what I’m saying is I thought it was quite lovely that Finn was so willing to bond with Kurt – to become his friend – to open up to him emotionally – to ask him for help, and generally let him in – to think he’s awesome and to tell him that to his face. I’m not sure if Kurt had officially come out at this point, but it was pretty obvious he was gay as a window. And it didn’t affect the way Finn felt about him at all. And I maintain that if the writers hadn’t had Kurt go a little crazy, Finn wouldn’t have gone a little crazy. And that’s the crux of the problem. They tried to turn it into a story about homophobia, when it wasn’t a story about homophobia. And it just plain sucked.

But yeah. Loved Kurt being supportive and pining subtly away. And okay, his advice wasn’t the best (more on that later), but I loved that Finn called Kurt in the middle of the dinner. And the delivery of “I have to go or they’ll think I’m pooping,” and Kurt’s face in the reaction shot were both priceless.



Most Retrospectively Ironic Moment

Rich white girl problems? I think not.

Rin says: Where do I even begin?

I guess I should start by saying that I really, really, love this scene. And everything it does to reveal more about Quinn, and her upbringing. Way more than that time they tried to retcon everything by inventing Lucy Caboosey, but let’s not even go there. We’re side-eyeing that storyline for eternity, okay?

It makes me wish we saw a lot more of the Fabrays than we did, because they’re such a dysfunctional family who are strongly focused on appearances rather than the way things are. And I enjoy watching that kind of dynamic, it makes for some compelling tv. So yeah, as much as Russell kind of is a drunk asshole, I do wish they hadn’t just written him off as having a cliche affair with a younger woman with ~tattoos, and actually explored them just a littttle bit further. I get it, Glee is about the kids, but when they bringing in the families it usually tends to round off the picture a lot better than when they don’t. Although, they kind of dropped the ball massively on that one with Rachel and her dads…we won’t go into it.

But I loved how they introduced Quinn’s parents in this episode because they did all of these lovely little subtle things that just let you know exactly what kind of parents they are. That first scene where Judy is fitting Quinn into her dress for the Chastity Ball is a great scene.. there’s the drinking, there’s Judy hinting at the fact that Quinn shouldn’t have quit the Cheerios, and that now all she does is ‘spend all your free time sitting on a stool in the dark singing show tunes’, there’s the way Russell goes directly from the subject of marriage into asking about Finn, her boy, and then the real kicker — Judy telling Russell that she’s his wife and she doesn’t want him having to ‘lift a finger for me.’ I especially love the dig at the Glee Club, the one thing that Quinn actually likes. It’s such a good scene, and pretty much sums everything up. You know these people, and now you understand Quinn a lot more than you did before.

More than anything I understand where Quinn’s pursuit of perfection comes from, and how her own ideals of who she should be have been greatly shaped by her parents. If not, entirely. She’s been taught that the measure of a person is to be done by their achievements and their titles…that everyone can be whittled down to a list of things. When Russell makes the toast at the table, he is proud of his first daughter because she ‘married a wonderful Christian man who owns his own chain of UPS stores,’ and Quinn gets reduced to being Captain of the Cheerios and President of the Celibacy Club. Even when he starts to welcome Finn, he mentions that he’s a quarterback. It’s no wonder that Quinn wants these titles, when it’s clear that these are the only things that should matter as far as her parents are concerned. I also find it interesting that Russell lists Captain of the Cheerios, when she isn’t any more. I get the feeling that Quinn only ever told her mum, and Judy never relayed the information back to Russell because it wouldn’t have gone down to well. It’s probably another reason she tried to encourage Quinn to rejoin the Cheerios, so Russell will never have to find out.

And then we get to this scene and I cry, but like I said earlier, I really love it.

For me it’s one of Glee’s best moments because they got the balance just right. They didn’t try to overdo it, which made it much more realistic and way more heartbreaking.

I love how Russell interrupts the conversation and starts telling the story of when he took Quinn and Frannie to a ball game when they were young. It’s actually an incredibly sweet story, and it speaks of a time where maybe things weren’t always as bad as they are now. Russell scares me, there’s just something about him that seems extremely volatile, and it must be from the way Judy is afraid of him that contributes to me feeling this way. But when he starts talking about how his two girls were enough for him, and he held Quinn in his lap while she slept and didn’t want anything exciting to happen so the crowd wouldn’t get too loud? Surely when they were younger at least, there was a time when he was a better father. It was also a nice touch for them to have Quinn call him ‘daddy’ because yes it shows her youth, but it also shows that Quinn does have a real affection for her dad — despite it all.

Another thing I love, and it’s small, but it’s when Russell tells Finn to leave and Quinn comes to his defence.

“Finn is a good guy. He loves me.”

To me it reiterates everything about the Finn/Quinn relationship. We know she never truly loved him, even though she thought she did (but by the time the snow falls…). It was always more about the fact that Finn was a good guy, a decent guy who would try to do right by Quinn. And he loves her. And for Quinn, that’s enough. For the longest time that’s been her M.O., because Quinn Fabray, settles. It’s why she didn’t bother to find out what she really likes until pretty late in the game, because it wouldn’t matter anyway. As far as she’s concerned, she’s a big fish in a very small pond and that’s just going to be her life. And this is why Rachel means so very much to Quinn. (THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY.) And why I ship Faberry so very damn hard. Because look. There is literally no other person who could have gotten Quinn to where she wanted to go, other than Rachel and the way she inspired her. This is why Faberry have such a strong fandom, because we’ve seen everything. Like, we know where Rachel and Quinn have both come from as individuals, and the separate obstacles they’ve had to overcome. And yet somehow, some fucking how, they come together and make it work, they make sense. I honestly don’t think there are any two other characters on the show who understand each other better than they do. I don’t even know how I started talking about Faberry, when I was talking about Finn and Quinn, but they’re just all so closely linked that it’s hard not too.

Okay, it’s hard for me to talk about Quinn and not mention Rachel. THEY GO HAND IN HAND, SOMETIMES LITERALLY, OKAY?

“…you just pushed it aside like we do every bad feeling in this house. If you don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist.”

This is also another huge flag as to why Quinn is the way she is. Yes, she always fucking cries, but it’s really rare that she actually reveals anything about herself and what she’s truly feeling. She’s been taught to suppress her feelings, and that it’s much easier to live in denial. And you know, when Quinn says stuff like that, it’s not that hard to make a case for her being repressed and unable to deal with feelings she’s not supposed to have for a certain songstress. :)

And finally, kudos to Dianna for her acting in this scene. And also to the actors playing her parents, who really felt like the perfect people to play the Fabrays. I know early on Dianna wasn’t the best out of the cast, but she really brought it in this scene. My heart refuses to can when she says “I’m your daughter who loves you…”

Oh baby-faced Quinn Fabray. Things really aren’t going to get better for you for a long time to come.

Sophy says: This hurts. This really hurts. When I watched this for Rophy’s season 1 rewatch in preparation to putting these recaps together, I was kind of floored by just how awful things got for Quinn. I wasn’t all that invested in Quinn early on, and so I guess I wasn’t paying all that much attention to her plight, and boy was it a lot worse than I remembered. And that was back when we were putting these pages together. Now that I’m coming back to write commentary, I rewatched the scene again and found that, well, it was even worse this time around.

I mean, this shit was just brutal. And rather intriguing too. Since I started writing ASWD I’ve done a lot of thinking about Quinn and her home life and history, who her parents are, who her sister is, in short, where she came from. And most of what I have to go on is this. And you know what? It’s pretty damn depressing.

This household appears to run on tension, pretense, and consequences. And a whole lot of whiskey. When you see the kind of environment Quinn has grown up in, the kind of pressure her parents put on her, and the fallibility of their love for her, it’s kind of hard to see why she didn’t go a little crazier than she did. And, moreover, as Rin pointed out, as manifestly dysfunctional as Quinn’s home life has been, the father’s story about the baseball game and not wanting it to get exciting so that the crowd wouldn’t wake up his little girl (superb, writing by the way) showed that on some level she did have his love… and in this moment it has been ripped away. Just like that.

And, you know, Quinn’s mum finally steps up and chooses to rebuild her relationship with her daughter, but let’s take a moment to reflect on the fact that we have no evidence that her father ever did the same. This right here, him telling her to get out, and walking away when she cries and pleads for his love? This is the last word on Quinn’s relationship with her father. In that context it’s little wonder she went back to Finn in season 2. It’s little wonder she tried to scheme her way back to having Beth for herself. It’s surprising she didn’t actually go out and get herself pregnant again, actually. Because everything Quinn was doing in seasons 2 and a good part of season 3 was looking for love in all the wrong places, trying to claw back something that was gone forever: safety, certainty, being daddy’s little girl.

You guys, no wonder she was a mess. Anyone who thinks Quinn’s crazy was disproportionate to her experience needs to go back and watch this scene and try to imagine what it would be like if their parent simply opted out of their life the very first time they failed to live up to the standard that had been set for them since birth. In an instant, in her father’s eyes, Quinn went from someone who made him proud to someone he can’t stand the sight of.

Did I already say this was devastating above? Because it was DEVASTATING.

And this is why I think Quinn is such a terrific character. Out of all of this, she has emerged stronger than ever before. This is a girl who can get pregnant, lose her boyfriend, her status, her home, her mother and father, then give the baby up, get dumped again, try to get the baby back, find that the biological father is sleeping with the adoptive mother, somehow screw up the courage to do the decent thing and let the baby go, again, GET HIT BY A FUCKING TRUCK… and after all that she’s stronger, more honest, more kind, more hopeful than ever. I think that’s kind of amazing, and it’s especially amazing when you look at where she came from.

Quinn’s mother is weak. She may have finally stood up to her husband and been there for Quinn, but the fact remains that Quinn will have spent her whole life watching her mother be fearful and subservient. She will have watched her put the right thing second to what her husband wants, even when it comes to the well-being of her children. How’s that for a role model? And, you know, Quinn’s father is weak too. He may be a bully, but he’s not a strong man. A strong man does not let his world collapse when his daughter makes one bad choice. A strong man has the courage to act out of love, and help carry his family through hard times. Basically Mr Fabray is a big, fat baby, so there’s another great role model. And the two of them together have engendered an environment in which the truth is off limits, independence is no virtue, and change is something to be avoided at all costs.

Somehow Quinn has managed to drag herself out of that mess. Somehow she’s not repeating her parents’ mistakes. The Quinn we’ve come to know and love is strong, straightforward, and determined to make it on her own, ready to stare down any all obstacles that may stand in her way. I mean, heck, she even hooked her name onto the word ‘independence’, you guys!



I think Rin has already done a really good job of Quinnscoping all the details here, but I’ll just say that “I’m your daughter who loves you,” is just… :-.

As for Finn/Quinn and Rachel/Quinn being so closely linked, well, yeah. If Quinn’s feelings for Finn had any depth, the depths were Rachel. I’m just saying. And on that note I need to point out that even though they barely interacted, Rachel and Quinn shared this episode. Rachel’s story is light-weight, comical, but still leaves her in unexpectedly real tears that are about so much more than the silly crush she develops on Will. Quinn’s story, for all she is a pregnant teen, is light and funny too, up until the crushing end to that dinner party, when she too is in tears that are painfully real. Both of them are craving love and acceptance, both of them are rejected by older males, both of them look small and bereft, and in the end both of them are smiling and leaning on each other when they’re not strong… they just don’t realize how heavily they will lean in years to come – how specifically they will lean – how much they will need one another’s advice – how much they will make each other who they’re going to be.

As Rin outlined above, Quinn is the one who’s going to love Rachel just the way she is. She’s the one whose favourite part of Rachel is going to be Rachel. And, in perfect reciprocation, Rachel is the one who even now is inspiring Quinn to become the woman she’s going to be. And she’ll be there, when Quinn needs her the most. She’ll be there to carry her home.

Rin says: Oh my god. Yes to everything. I felt teary reading your last bits. HER FAVOURITE PART OF RACHEL IS RACHEL.

Honestly, anyone who doesn’t love Quinn should be de-born.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“I bet the duck is in the hat.”

Rin says: Classic Brittany. Absolutely.

“What’s a ballad?”
“A male duck.”



Sophy says: One of the greats.


Rophy Says No!

Because Puck has no rights and no feelings. Nice work, Mercedes.

Rin says: Poor Mercedes. Poor, poor, Mercedes. You hardly ever catch a break, do you? I think we need another pie-chart showing how many times Mercedes and Artie are in our NO’s! They have got to be pretty even.


You took all of two seconds in learning that Puck is the father, to telling Puck to back off because Quinn chose Finn. I get that she was trying to defend Quinn or something, but it’s not like Puck is some random outsider who no one cares about. He’s a part of the club! There should have been way more discussion, and less attacking. Mercedes makes it sound like Quinn had no say in the manner when she decided to sleep with Puck, and trying to make out like Puck should just zip his mouth and stay put.

Sophy says: This is one of the most ridiculous things that has ever happened. It’s not like I wanted to pick Mercedes for the No again, but I was frankly just disgusted by her attitude.

Puck is the baby’s father. And you know what, Mercedes? That in fact does mean the same thing as being the baby’s daddy. Puck is not perfect, but he is also not on the Maury Povich stage screaming about how he only ever slept with Quinn one time so she can kiss his ass. It matters to him that the baby is his, and it’s allowed to matter to him. And you know what? Finn has a right to not go through all this shit when it’s not even his kid – but Mercedes doesn’t appear to even consider that.

This is the most juvenile, intellectually degraded “feminism” on parade. It’s all about the woman’s choice. And why? Why does Quinn get to lie to everybody? Why does she get to call all the shots? Because the baby’s in her body? Because it’s all Puck’s fault that it got there?

Ugh ugh ugh.


Rin says: Jesus christ. In what world, Finn Hudson. IN WHAT WORLD DID THIS EVER SEEM LIKE A GOOD IDEA TO YOU? But wait, we need to bring someone else into this discussion.



This was incredibly insensitive and idiot of Finn, to take away Quinn’s choice of when she would tell her parents about her pregnancy. And what makes it worse, is that the entire episode is kind of framed around Finn’s feelings, and his need to express them. All of it really has nothing to do with Quinn or how she’s feeling, or what’s best for her. It’s about him. AND I JUST CANNOT. I get that he thinks this is happening to him too, but it’s not his decision to decide for the both of them when the Fabrays should be told, ESPECIALLY because he knows they wouldn’t take the news well. Quinn has been pretty clear about that.

The whole thing is just a massive face palm.

Sophy says: I’m torn. On the one hand this was one of the funniest things the show has ever done. All of their faces were priceless throughout and the song was the grossest, most wonderful thing in the world. In the world.

On the other hand it was devastating.

If I were Quinn I probably would have tried to kick holes in Finn’s shins once I realized what he was doing. Because it is just not on. I mean, maybe Quinn had to tell them sometime. Maybe the secret was better out than in. But I still feel it should have been Quinn’s choice to tell her parents in her own time in her own way. I’m not saying Finn should have indulged her in lying to them to the point where she walks around everywhere with a large clipboard file over her stomach like CC from The Nanny… but I do think he should at least have covered himself by saying ‘If you don’t tell them in x days, I will,’ instead of just ambushing Quinn like this.

I guess I find this hard to take because I’ve been in this position before – or a remotely similar position. I had a secret that I didn’t want to tell, and I trusted someone who really didn’t understand what it would mean for me to have it out in the open. And you know looking back I was being an idiot. Looking back, it was better out than in. But that doesn’t alter the fact that to this day I feel violated.


Head In Hands


Rin says: So. Freaking. Cute.


And then look again at Santana’s face in that first cap. Jesus Christ Naya. Adorable.


I loved this little snippet of early Brittana. Just the way Santana smiled like she’d won the fucking lottery. And then the gasping. And the clapping. And the sly look. Good grief.


Most Rophy


Sophy says: We all get a little crazy sometimes.

Rin says: Braid.




Quinn Glory Shot

Usually she’s the groom, but whatever.

Rin says: Where am I supposed to be looking? That adorable PPLD smile or… that beautiful back….

…and you’re like, ‘Who’s that?”

Sophy says: LOLOLOLOL.

They should have made a poster out of that cap. I’m sure it would have gotten more people watching than, say, Marley’s bland-ass face.

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  1. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    Things I love about “Lean on Me”: the trombonist. And, definitely, Brittany cuddle-pouncing Rachel. I adore the occasional Britt/Rachel interactions in group numbers, they’re always silly-funny.

    Also, Sophy, re group numbers: “we’ll probably never get one again, because there are limited opportunities to get all the kids together like this from here on out without it seeming forced”? Hahahaha. Glee won’t do it because it’ll seem forced? Hahahaha.

    I read somewhere that they kept Cory and Dianna away from rehearsals for this, and tried to get their first take reactions, which makes sense. Quinn’s little sunshine-framed face!

    Things I love about “Endless Love”: Will’s eyes when they get to “your eyes”. And the way it’s shot is so FUCK SUBTLETY. It makes me laugh every. single. time. Rachel’s “super, super cute” voiceover too. And they go and do it again with Emma’s reactions in the mashup! Amazing.

    Some of Rachel’s outfits in this episode are kind of awful. Intentionally, I think, to make Rachel/Will look suitably wrong.

    I like Terri in this episode. I don’t say that much!

    That Furt scene is, like, Skins pretty. The light through the window, the mirror bit…

    And I wonder about the Mercedes/Puck scene. If I’m feeling charitable, Mercedes is a convenient character to dump this on, because it seems to me the point is to find a quick way to maintain the draaamaaa for another couple of episodes, not to define Mercedes’ character. (Obviously it does affect Mercedes’ character, because it’s onscreen, but I want to believe that’s sloppy writing rather than Mercedes being a jerk.) It’s not an isolated incident, though, is it? Sigh.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      I read somewhere that they kept Cory and Dianna away from rehearsals for this, and tried to get their first take reactions, which makes sense. Quinn’s little sunshine-framed face!

      I haven’t had time to make Quinns yet (I know, I know!) but JFC if this is true. I can’t. That would be too cute and my heart and I love our kids. I. Love. Them.

      Although I can’t believe that Dianna was able to hold back the tears, if that was the case.

      1. Char
        Char at · Reply

        It is true! I’ve read that a number of times. ARGH. So cute. Dianna. Her face. All the awards.

      2. Char
        Char at · Reply

        Thank you for calling out Finn on his selfish and fucking ridiculous behaviour re: outing Quinn to her parents via song at the dinner table. The show never did and it made me so angry.

        Rachel was pure gold this episode. Just . . . everything. Especially this: http://belleanima.tumblr.com/post/31889523363

        HAHAHAHAHA Puck’s face.

        May I please request laughing sunshine-faced/Rachel-besotted Quinn?

    2. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Also, you should probably watch Endless Love again, because Quinn never takes her eyes off of Rachel. Never. Even in the background.


      1. Ned
        Ned at · Reply

        Quinn is way ahead of Finn on that score. On so many scores. Thanks for the Quinn!

  2. Anna
    Anna at · Reply

    Ask and ye shall receive?


    To be fair, it turns out Rophy says no to a lot of things. So that chart only shows people who scored 2 “no”s or more. Other items of “no” included (in no particular order):

    Burt, Karofsky, Santana, Sam, Blaine, Emma, Cooter, the Warblers, Marley, Kate Hudson, Lucy Fabray, braids, Justin Bieber, Friday, Ryan from So You Think You Can Dance, unexplained absences of Quinn and moments that would have been perfect for Faberry but were not Faberry.

    1. Anna
      Anna at · Reply

      …And for the record: yes, Mercedes and Artie were exactly even. Seven “no”s each.

    2. Ned
      Ned at · Reply


      In terms of no’s per episode in which they appeared…boy, it’s not looking good for Gwyneth.

      1. Anna
        Anna at · Reply

        Pretty sure Holly was the no for every single episode she was in. Just like Bartie was the no for every single episode they were together. Also the Troubletones.


    3. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      AMAZING. .:D.

      I’m really worried about Brody having the same number as Quinn, and less than Rachel. I don’t care that he’s only been in a few episodes. Like, I almost want to go back and just insert him as no to every single recap.

  3. Patamon
    Patamon at · Reply
    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Hahah cutest!

      I know someone who wished she got to choose a name and got Rachel.

  4. Juliett
    Juliett at · Reply


    I’ve finally watched fully the S1 just last week (my watching of Glee is so scattered I don’t know which episode I’ve seen and which one I still haven’t :() and IH MY GOD MY FEELS. The glorious 13 were perfect. Made me cry, laugh (genuinely, not bitterly at the nonsense of the script or storylines) and just FEEL. And I think that’s what I miss the most in the recent Glee (not the S4 -I’m still not watching that UGH) Because, when I watch S3, apart from a very few moments (read: Faberry ones) I just don’t feel anything. I’m staying stone faced at the screen, and even doing other thing while I watch tbh. So yeah, it hurts to re watch how perfect was Glee back then.

    My poor bb Quinn. I don’t even want to start talking about it. She’s precious and I just want to make a blanket fort for her and keep her safe, idk.

    The whole Rachel/Will thing was probably one of the best, comedy speaking, things that Glee ever did. I genuinely facepalmed at Rachel, and laugh at Will’s scared face more than one time. And Terri. Oh Terri.

    But yeah, this episode is definitely one of my favorites, and this recap made me wish that I could just get back to this time and wan Ryan Murphy and Co. to not screw it up. But, alas.

    Anyway, perfect recap for a perfect episode, Rophy, brought tears to my eyes (in the best way)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Juliett!! :X

      God, I know. Baby-faced Quinn Fabray just kills me in this episode.


  5. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    Oh early Glee. You perfect, perfect thing. I remember being initially skeptical that a television show about a choir could work (and I’m a singer! Who was in show choir in high school!!), but then that pilot episode stole my heart away forever. And this show was so gloriously cheesy in the beginning, and they’ve recaptured that in the McKinley scenes in S4 which is wonderful. Stalker!Rachel is so freaking amazing I have no words for it. And Suzy Pepper! (Props for the April Tuna reference!)

    And the way you know Glee was doing it right in the beginning is that, even amongst all the cheese, they can insert a storyline that is actually pretty serious and it feels natural and hits you emotionally. Lately anything serious they try and put in feels so utterly forced (Karofsky, On My Way ep. anyone?), but they used to have nice balance. And you’re so right about Quinn’s overall storyline. It’s easy, amongst the inappropriate hilariousness of Finn being a moron and outing her pregnancy by serenading her to overlook the real depth that is a 16 year old kid getting kicked out by her parents. That’s why this ep. needs to be watched again to get the real magnitude. We didn’t know Quinn yet, so we couldn’t really sympathize. NOW though, it is utterly heartbreaking.

    I actually have been disowned. Not as a teenager, I was very much an adult when it happened. And I’m really much better off without the emotional warfare my mother brought to my life. But mine is a rare case of it turning out to be a good thing. The idea of a parent opting out of their child’s life, as if that child wasn’t the most important part of the parent’s world, is nauseating in reality. I read a lot of Faberry fanfic (ahem…I just really can’t help it, okay!) and it’s evident to me that a good chunk of it is written by people much younger than me. But so many of them seem to focus on Quinn and her relationship with her parents. Kids are so afraid of this happening to them. So, in all this cheesiness, in all of our gripes about Ryan Murphy and company, they really did bring a storyline here that could impact a lot of people and allow them to express their own fears, or relate their own stories to something they see on television. And I think that’s the ultimate goal of entertainment.

    One last thing, about the Finn/Kurt storyline. The scene between Kurt, Burt, and Finn in Kurt’s room never fails to make me cry when I watch it. It was the first time I remember seeing a parent stand up so whole-heartedly for their gay child (I’m sure it’s happened before, but this one just made an impact on me). I see your point though about it not being fair to Finn’s character and him being turned into a scapegoat. But I’ve always seen that scene a little differently. I have really NEVER put Finn’s use of that word down to homophobia. As I was watching that story, I felt that Finn’s character was so stressed about all the change going on in his life, and so worried about what it meant for Burt and his mom to be together, that he was coming apart at the seems. He did not want Burt to replace his father in his life, or his mother’s. So when the change was happening too fast, and Kurt just seemed so okay with it all, Finn lashed out at him. Now, Finn being a teenage boy, he made a horrible choice by attacking Kurt for his sexuality. But he’s immature and emotional, and so very far from perfect. I know this is a different interpretation than most have for that scene, but it’s always been my truth. Because you’re right, Finn isn’t homophobic, just a bit naive.

    (I can’t believe I just defended Finn Hudson.)

    I MISS overzealous, manic, oddly dressed Rachel Berry so, so much!! Thanks for the recap you guys.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Just you saying ‘On My Way’ gave me feelings. I may not be over that episode just yet…

      I’m sorry to hear that you were disowned, but glad to hear that it actually worked out for the better for you. .:D.

      There’s nothing wrong with defending Finn when he deserves it. We’ll be going into that scene way more when it comes up.

      But yeah, when it comes to that scene I think most people tend to side with Kurt and are all like..

  6. Char
    Char at · Reply

    Thank you for calling out Finn on his selfish and fucking ridiculous behaviour re: outing Quinn to her parents via song at the dinner table. The show never did and it made me so angry.

    Rachel was pure gold this episode. Just . . . everything. Especially this: http://belleanima.tumblr.com/post/31889523363

    HAHAHAHAHA Puck’s face.

    May I please request laughing sunshine-faced/Rachel-besotted Quinn?

    P.S. I accidentally wrote this comment in reply to something else! Which is the opposite of what I wanted to happen!

    1. Ned
      Ned at · Reply

      You won’t get two Quinns that way, you know. I’ve tried.

    2. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Yes. Yes, you may.

  7. proud faberry fan
    proud faberry fan at · Reply

    hey guys again! (i will probably leave a comment on every s1 recap, just so you know)

    – 1rst: i just want to point out the way rachel easily gets interested in guys (the rachel/will plotline). even if it was just for the laughs and to get rachel out of the finn/quinn plotline just for a little becaue they needed to kick quinn out of her house. first finn, puck, mr. shue, jesse later, all in s1. so excuss me if i can not believe that the rachel/finn relationship is something serious. i never took it as one. never in all the 3 seasons. finn was the first person who was kind to her, she just wanted a friend.

    – Will and the evolution of his character. backwards. he is a douche to me, sorry. i can’t change my mind. i’m with rachel in this one, he is trying to ruin her career.

    – the “i needed my mom” was the heartbreaking point for me. it’s easier to be closer with your mon than your dad while you grow up, you ask for her advice, you go out together and everythinh else. and she just lost everything in this ep. really lost everything. (rachel was always there reassuring her that glee will never judge her of course)

    – i don’t think finn really gave any thoughts about quinn feelings. (it’s the way they write the male characters in glee, damm you writers!!!) he was singing to a sonogram instead to quinn who clearly needed it. it’s not that i didn’t find it sweet or serious, because finn is also a child, a 16 year old boy who was raised without a father and he is not ready to do this. he needed to realise that it was true and was willing to stand by his child. then he just told quinn’s parents that SHE is pregnant. not even gave her the time to emotionally prepared for that blow.

    generally i hate how quinn never has any control on the baby matter: got drunk with puck, puck said he has protection and he didn’t, quinn didn’t break his balls. finn telling quinn’s parents about quinn’s pregnancy, quinn didn’t yell at him at all. rachel telling about puck being the father, quinn didn’t slap her. i don’t condone violence but i remember being generally confused why quinn was letting everything happen to her without any reaction. her parents always telling her what to do, what to feel, no wonder why she snapped later. finally getting control of her own actions (THANK YOU RACHEL, not for telling quinn what to believe -even if that is yale- but to make her believe in herself and let take her own decisions, not making one for her).

    i’m really proud of our girls and how they grow into being an inspiration to each other. they did have bad moments, they hurt each other, a lot of times, but that’s was all about, growning and be better a person just so you can inspire others to be better for themselves and you back. hesiod said “repay love with love, help whoever helps you. give whoever gives you ” (this is my own translation from greek) and that’s exactly what they do!

    Feeling group hug you said? please can i have one? may be you can rachel me too?

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply


      Quinn only slaps people when they’re in the fabathroom alone together.

      And then is really really really sorry about it.

      1. Ned
        Ned at · Reply

        HOW DOES SHE DO THAT SO FAST? Rin, did you fiddle with the video?

        1. Rin
          Rin at · Reply

          HAhhaah the gif is a little quick.. but only by a fraction. Lea’s just insane.

          1. proud faberry fan
            proud faberry fan at · Reply

            i do plan World Domination just to give Lea all the awards she deserves.

  8. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    Oh, Rophy. I read these recaps as much for the in-depth character analysis of Quinn, Rachel and even the other Gleeks as I do for you making me love the show on a whole other “these kids are cute and love each other: look at their faces!” level. Truly, you’ve helped me appreciate the show on a lighter, fun-loving level, because mostly what drew me to the show were those intense moments of Feelings. You have made me appreciate the fun as well.

    Poor Baby Quinn! I to this day can’t imagine what possessed Finn. You put a decent spin on it. And while it cements him in my head as a rather dim bulb (don’t settle, Rachel!), it’s true that he’s just a kid.

    Also, thank you for pointing out the Faberry parallels here. You guys are the experts. I bow at your feet. Thank you for continuing the retro-action. It is so poignant to go back now that we know how a lot of this turns out. Also, Sam needs to watch this episode and get over his classism. Haha.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Aw, I’m so glad we make you appreciate Glee more :X:X:X

      Faberry parallels have become our bread and butter these days. We see them in things, even when we probably shouldn’t.

  9. LauryeMal
    LauryeMal at · Reply

    Honestly, anyone who doesn’t love Quinn should be de-born.
    I bow to such wiseness


    After your recap I had to rewatch the episode and I have to say it does not help the dislike and disappointment I’m channelling towards this new season.
    Rachel/yellow plastic gloves needs to go to New York and scrub the eyeliner out of New Rachel’s face (also bleach away every spot Brody has been in the apartment)

    I always wondered why the only two characters we saw deeply interacts with their parents were Kurt and Quinn (Finn’s mom and Rachel dads were always marginal…). I cannot stop thinking about the vivid juxtaposition on how Burt Hummel reacted and always supported Kurt enabling him to fully blossom as a proud gay teen, pushing him to follow his heart and dreams while the Fabrays on the other hand were the cause of Quinn’s bitchiness (and lets face it…making her a clear closet case as well..) and therefore almost forcing her to settle down to what people aspect her to be and not reach her full potential (until, you know, she met Rachel who, by risking to do the same, made her realize how much more she can achieve).
    What if Quinn had more supportive parents’ à-la Burt Hummel? She would have won the Gayest Race since season 1? Probably she would…

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      scrub out the eyeliner =))

      If Quinn had caring parents… I don’t even know. She’d probably be president of the world or something.

  10. whymz
    whymz at · Reply

    Great googleymoogley! Babyfaced Quinn and shiney hi el. I need the group Faberry hug of feelings. Lean on me was awesome. Sigh. I need some Faberry love today.

    Quinn WOULD loveall ofRa chel.

    Need a Quinn, Rin…..

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      …..are you a bit drunk, Whymz?

  11. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    Oh, man. Seriously one of the best episodes of Glee….probably ever. Just, Rachel’s crazy faces??? Pepper??? Kurt’s general adorableness?!?!?!? And baby Quinn! This was sort of the first time I remember being kind of impressed with Dianna as an actress. Something about the way she says “I needed my mom” just breaks my heart every single time.

    I also remember really enjoying Finn’s performance of “I’ll Stand By You” and the subsequent interaction with his mom. I think Cory did a great job, and the mom was just lovely in those few moments, both from an acting standpoint, and just in how you’d hope a mom would react. I mean, she was sad/upset of course, because what parent wouldn’t be, but she wasn’t upset WITH her son. There wasn’t even a second when she wavered in her support and/or love for him. Contrast that with Quinn’s parents and it’s just heartbreaking. You realize how fragile and conditional so much of the love in her life actually was :(

    Now I’m just going to have to go re-watch the episode, and laugh and cry, and long for the days when Finn was actually pretty lovable and Rachel was Rachel, and everything was right with this show.

  12. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    “What’s a ballad?”
    “A male duck.”


    “I bet the duck’s in the hat.”



    Perfection ……. That’s all <3

  13. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    I’m too heartbroken over the Quinn scene to say much right now.

    All I had copied was this “she (Rachel) didn’t need to change!” which, yes exactly!

    And this which is my new favourite quote ever “And if I don’t get enough sleep, my anti-depressants won’t work, and then I’ll go crazy and I’ll kill you.” LOL.😁 I know the feeling too…

    Ps. Just watching extras from season 1 voulme 1 now! (Sorry again if I’m just annoying)

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