109 – Wheels

Best Song

Rachel and Kurt – Defying Gravity

Sophy says: Hummelberry. It begins. This is the first of many show-stopping duets, and the perfect partner to their New York number from the same musical. By the time they’re singing on that Broadway stage, they have become friends – will become, and I quote, “soulmates: – they have been changed, because they knew each other. 


At this stage, however, there’s still a certain amount of rivalry there, and also a certain amount of Everybody Hates Rachel. But mutual respect is emerging, gradually, and I really think that while Kurt was watching Rachel sing that wistful look on his face said “Okay. Alright. You really are the best.” That’s actually what I thought I was seeing when I first watched the episode: Kurt realizing that for all he shouldn’t be barred from getting the part because he’s a boy, Rachel shouldn’t be barred from getting it because she’s an ambitious little feather-ruffler everybody’s desperate to take down a peg. I thought I saw on Kurt’s face a melancholy acknowledgment that gender was no longer the issue – sheer ability was the issue – and on that issue Rachel Berry was winning, hands down. I thought he missed the high note because he was feeling emotional and didn’t have the drive to make it up there in the moment. Because he knew, whether he hit it or not, he’d already lost.

Of course all of the above turned out to be moot, because when Kurt talks to Burt we’re informed that he threw the note on purpose, because he realized, while sitting there, that singing the song in front of everybody would bring more abuse and harassment down on his dad than he could handle. And that’s nice. That’s lovely, actually. Lovely and sad and wrong and right. And the scene that ensues between Kurt and his dad is just beautiful. But I still think my conclusions whilst watching the two of them sing were more obvious than the actual conclusions.

Okay, I’m a rabid Rachel stan. Yes, that is what this is about. And I understand that this plotline wasn’t supposed to be about Rachel – it was Kurt’s. I get that. But the bottom line is that Rachel sang the song better than Kurt. Much, much better. This is not me dissing Chris Colfer. I love Chris Colfer. I think he has a beautiful voice. But with this particular song? Lea’s was just smoother, stronger and more nuanced, from start to finish. It sounded to me as though Kurt was reaching for the high notes, whereas Rachel was landing gracefully on top of them. She performed with an ease and an assurance that should have left the whole group speechless – that should have had Will in teacherly raptures.

But no. Everybody’s just disappointed that Kurt didn’t hit that high note, as though they would all have been ready to choose him as the winner if he had, as though they were all so damn disappointed that they couldn’t pick him over Rachel.

Rachel was right: it was a popularity contest. And whilst it’s natural to be bummed for your friend when they don’t perform well, it would have been nice to see the kids, or at least Will, give some joy to the girl who just sang her heart out?

Or, you know, maybe while he was talking to Burt, Kurt could have shrugged and said “Rachel was better than me anyway. And if I’d hit that high note, there’s no way she would have won.” With a wry smile: “I guess it’s good to know I’m popular.”

Chris Colfer’s little face is the most darling thing. It’s funny, because he’s grown into this handsome lean-cheeked lad in series 4 and when I look back at these caps I just… HIS DARLING LITTLE FACE.

Rin says: Oh my god, I LOVED THIS so much. And yeah, it’s so great to have the two Wicked songs be like bookends for the Hummelberry relationship. Wicked is one of my favourite musicals, and I think these two have done in justice both times, and it’s such an appropriate musical for the two of them. (It’s also really appropriate for two other people I know.)

I also read on the credible source, wikipedia, that this storyline was taken from Chris Colfer’s real life when he wanted to sing Defying Gravity in high school, but the teachers wouldn’t let him. (AND THEN HIS GRANDMA LET HIM SING IT IN HER CHURCH.) So while I totally agree that Rachel would have gotten the solo based on merit, and there probably needed to be more emphasis on that rather than the blown note, I do really love that they held the audition in the first place.

And why have we gotten two Rachel/Brody duets in season 4, and no Rachel/Kurt duets? What the fuck is wrong with Glee’s priorities?

Sophy says: I am so angry about this. Like, I reflect on my anger about this daily.

Artie – Dancing With Myself

Rin says: Oh my god, this was the absolute best. BEST. I actually just rewatched it to make sure that it was in fact the best, and yep, it is. I even feel a bit teary about it? I don’t know? But this follows directly after the rest of the Glee Club act like a bunch of asses and can’t be bothered to raise the money for Artie to be able to ride on the bus with them. And he’s obviously upset, but doesn’t want to make an issue out of it — instead he asks Mr Schue if he can use the auditorium to practice and .. and.. DANCES WITH HIMSELF. I JUST. DANCES. And the scene where he’s rolling down the hallway pulling all of his wheelchair moves is the greatest.

AND THEN THE SLOW-MO in the cafeteria when he’s singing about your empty eyes seem to pass my by and he’s looking on at Tina. OH MY GOD. It’s one of those moments that remind me of how BADLY Glee dealt with Tina/Artie and there really was a lot more to be explored between these two. I’m hoping we get at least some of them this season, that’d be nice, please and thank you.

I also love that Will watching Artie perform on stage was the push he needed to force the rest of the Glee Club to be good teammates and raise the money for Artie.

Sophy says: When I did my rewatch and this started happening I realized I’d mostly forgotten about it and I was just blown away all over again and remembered that there was a time when I really, really liked Artie.

I mean, I love Artie now, in the way where I love all of my Glee kids, but back in the front 13 of season one? I was a lot more attached to him than I am now. And I think that’s simply because the show used to let him have some plot.

Tina/Artie was really interesting, and Jenna and Kevin had lovely chemistry together. I can’t say I was heavily invested in it, but I was still annoyed when the whole relationship was just dropped between seasons, and now looking at those caps of him watching Tina laugh… I’m getting some actual feelings happening. I’m really hoping the writers will choose to redeem themselves this season by revisiting this ship and giving it the closure it deserved way back in series 2. I know, I know. I am being ridiculous. If they gave Tina and Artie any screentime, there wouldn’t be enough for Jake and Marley!

Be right back, bashing my head against a wall till what Jake and Marley look and sound like falls out.

But yeah, this performance was so beautifully done. Kevin sounded fantastic, his wheelchair moves were awesome, and there was such a sweet sadness to the whole thing. As someone who spent most of her high school life feeling curiously lonely even amongst friends, the sentiment here really captured my heart.


Biggest LOL

“The doctor said the shark fractured my spinal cord.”

Rin says: HAHAH, his fake crying is so amazing. And the fact that he actually SPIKED the brownies. Oh old Glee, so perfect.




Rin says: I just, where do you even find….


Sophy says: Does he do private parties???



Best Scene

Will doesn’t know the first thing about Sue Sylvester.

Rin says: Oh my god. So I doubt there has ever been a Sue/Jean scene that hasn’t made my heart swell. I MEAN, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOOK AT THEIR SMILING FACES AND NOT JUST ADORE THEM BOTH? It was definitely an unexpected twist, but a very welcomed one. Even the most cynical of minds couldn’t fault Glee for trying to use Jean as a cheap ploy to humanise Sue’s character, because they never played it like that. It was just the way things were, you know?

And I’m sure we’ve said it in the past, but we really do have to applaud Glee for being as inclusive as it has been. Jean and Becky have been VALUABLE additions to the cast, and we’re so lucky that Becky is still in S4, even though we have no idea what year she’s in. Personally I’m find if they never even talk about it, and she just stays on the show forever. :-??

And I honestly can’t with Jane Lynch in this scene. Especially when she starts to read Little Red Riding Hood to Jean, just christ on a bike. Lately they really haven’t given Sue anything outside of her usual snarky self, and it’d be nice if they gave her something of more substance. If only to see Jane Lynch in all of her glory, because yes she is hilarious and amazing, but she’s also seriously underrated as a dramatic actress.

Sophy says: Way to punch me in the feelings, show.

This is without doubt one of the best scenes in Glee’s history and one of the best TV reveals. Unless you were spoiled, I very much doubt anyone saw this coming, and yet when it did it made perfect sense. It certainly didn’t feel awkward or shoe-horned, or like some kind of artificial attempt to humanize Sue. It just felt like a hitherto undisclosed part of who she is – a part of her that Will – that we – know nothing about.

And I think a lot of that is down to how well Jane acted it. She was completely natural and just brimming with a sudden love, such I bought the two of them as sisters immediately. In fact, the chemistry between the two actresses was so sweet and so real that I remember wondering whether the two of them were family in real life, and thinking they must at least like each other very much.

So this was Sue’s softer side. And I think it worked perfectly. I’ve known people like this: people you just think are the worst bastards in the world… people who are the worst bastards in the world, for all intents and purposes… and yet 90% of the time they have someone they love. 90% of the time there’s someone with whom they are different – someone they trust enough to be vulnerable with – someone who makes them want to be kind.

Jean was that person for Sue. She lit her up.



Most Retrospectively Ironic Moment



If Glee based Blaine’s entire character on that one line, I would have an all new found respect for them.

Sophy says: When I made this category I was sighing and giggling because it was so fucking cute… now it’s kind of just miserable. :(




Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“I find… recipes confusing.”

Rin says: OH MY GOD. RANDOM BRITTANY. Welcome!! WELCOME!! 8-.

God I love her face as she says that line. This really was the start of a brand new era for Brittany. To this day, some of her deliveries are just classic. THANK GOD Glee realised the potential of Brittany.

Sophy says: She has arrived. SHE HAS ARRIVED.

This is the first time, in my opinion, that Brittany was really random. Prior to this moment she was really just written as stupid, but here, the fact that it’s recipes and the fact that she’s announcing it with that trademark Brittany flatness to the group? It’s really her.



Rophy Says No!

“You’re irritating most of the time, but don’t take that personally.”

Rin says: I knew we were probably showing Artie too much love earlier when he got a Best Song award.

And now we resume to your regular program of, GTFO ARTIE. How dare you. If you showed up in New York right now and called out Rachel, I WOULD HAVE NO PROBLEMS WITH IT. BUT NOW? Way back when she was the most precious and adorable thing? You can just go fuck yourself Artie. AND FIND YOUR OWN WAY TO SECTIONALS. =; =; =;



Sophy says: I take it all back. I never liked Artie. I hope he asks Tina out in season 4 and she stabs his face off.




Head In Hands

The only way to travel.

Rin says: Sigh, is this just reminding everyone else about how badly we wanted Quinn to give Rachel a lift like this to class back in Season 3?

Sophy says: That was surely the whole point of doing the ‘Quinn’s in a wheelchair’ plotline. THEY MISSED IT.

Who needs context?


Maybe Quinn was just really bummed that Finn got to Rachel first to tell him he was rooting for her. She’d been planning what to say all last night whilst falling asleep!

Sophy says: Honestly though, fluttery little smiles are not the appropriate response when your boyfriend has a moment with another girl. Unless of course you couldn’t really give a toss about the boyfriend and are busy admiring the girl’s pretty eyes and shiny hair or something.

Literally. 8-.

Rin says: With my eyes on the prize… and my mind on you…



Most Rophy

Please tell me you’re not serious.

Sophy says: They were serious, Sue :(

Rin says: Thank god we’ve already done S2 and never have to revisit any of that Lauren and Lauren/Puck stuff. *shudders*


Quinn Glory Shot

She’s baking.

Rin says: I have never been on board with Quick in a romantic sense, but this was pretty damn adorable.

JUST LOOK AT THE FLOUR AND COCOA ALL OVER HER. Like, no human being should look that cute covered in baking ingredients, but apparently that’s what’s happening. AND THEN THE WAY SHE’S SAYS, “WE’RE BAKING! :D” Oh my god.

Quinn Fabray.

Come back to me.

Sophy says: Quick never really worked for me either for some reason, but damn they are cute when they’re baking.

Oh Quinn. Rophy are up on the roof. Singing ‘Who needs the Quinnie-mart. We do.’


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  1. LexyW
    LexyW at · Reply

    I always felt that Rachel got a raw deal in this episode and i’m damn well glad you guys agree. I’ve always felt that Glee missed a massive trick with the whole ”everybody hates me”/Glee club using Rachel and treating her like crap situation.
    I get that she’s strong and knows where she’s heading regardless [because we bleach season 3 minus all things faberry from memory] but she’s a young girl being constantly knocked back by the only people she calls friends. Artie blatantly cutting her down and not getting called out on it? NO ME GUSTA. Rachel is ambitious and can, and often does, make decisions that leave me shaking my head in disbelief but she *is* an inherently good person, she means no real harm she’s just often short sighted in her choices.

    Rachel always resonated with me but if i had seen her turn around and confront the glee club & will in their treatment of her then it could have been one of those truly great glee moments that we look back on and just say ”damn”. But they didn’t, and that is a shame.
    So yeah, Artie can join the rest of the Gleeks in this episode on my hit list – yeah the ep was Kurt-centric but i’m glad that you see the secondary story underneath too – i knew i could rely on Rophy for that.

    Quinn as always is the bright splash of sunshine wrapped in pressed-lemon awesomeness; and i refuse to believe that she didn’t take her baking skills post-episode and make Rachel a large batch of vegan chocolate brownies to cheer her up because of how kinda sad she looked when getting crap from Artie. In fact in my head it’s canon and they just don’t speak about it because it’s a moment for just the two of them to share…

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      BAKING :(( :((

  2. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    Those were the days, guys … Re-watching these episodes always shows me how un-Glee Glee has become …
    Like, season 1 will forever be the best season.

    I caught myself in some weird Glee-depression today, wondering why I’m not as enthusiastic about it anymore like I used to be. The whole season 4 thing screwed it up for me, really. I didn’t really expect much, I always try to get to a certain level of expectation that is minimal so that the actual episode will never disappoint me enough to break my heart … but still.
    Like, yesterday, I saw a scene with Santana in it, in her beloved (can’t imagine I used to beg the writers to put her in street clothes) Cheerios uniform, and seriously, I almost started crying. Like, we’ll never get that back, no matter how hard they try to let her visit McKinley and switch from Lima to NY for Kurt & Rachel (/Lea).

    We’ll never get back to that intimate moment where Artie dances all alone in his wheelchair. Back in season 1, I didn’t really appreciate Artie. He was sort of like a character that was filling up the space. He got a lot more swag over the years and I always like that about him, because – really, he’s so sure he’s the boss, even though he’s in a wheelchair and that SHOULD make him the more silent and humble one. But no, he’s just as though as the rest of them. I really love his character now, even though we once had a hate-relationship going on back when Bartie was actually a thing. But now that I know for a fact that Brittany can’t even remember dating him, I’ve accepted him back into my life … So glad, because the kid’s got an amazing voice. And he’s best friends with Naya Rivera in real life, so that’s never a problem to me ;)

    We’ll never get back to the Rachel we all wanted to punch in the face, even though we secretly adored her. She was amazing back then. Never afraid to be selfish and rude. Never the one to let anyone else have the solo. Rachel BADASS , not Rachel ‘I fell in love with a loser quarterback that shoots himself in the foot’.

    We’ll never get back to Kurt and Rachel being rivals. I love the fact that they are best friends now, but come on : the BIGGEST diva’s of the show (sorry Mercedes) fighting over solo’s and singing musical songs … That was just the best.

    But thank God we’ll never get back to Brittany being just stupid – even though the writers sometimes forget about that too and give her a line that really doesn’t work at all … Well, I guess it’s better than being a mute in S3.
    I loved her recipes comment. When I re-watched the episodes a while ago, I was like: yes, thank the Brittany S. Pierce Gods, this is HER! This was indeed her very first random moment and I loved how everyone around her was just as blaaaaah about it as they are now. They just listen to it, roll their eyes and continue with what they are doing … They still do that now. And Santana’s not even judging her, which: continuity on Glee? WTF – it actually exists?
    ALSO … My lovely Rophy, what about the “Brittany, you’re supposed to be in your wheelchair!” “I lost it.” interaction between Brittana? She was on fire that day :D And then she bought Becky a cookie/muffing/whatever. NEVER GETTING OVER THAT !! This is the side of her personality that I’ve always loved. Even though she accidentally insults someone, she never means to harm anyone. She’s just the person that really loves other people, you know. And they always stayed true to that, just like they always stayed true to Santana being a bitch and Finn being a douchebag. But sadly, Rachel transformed into Lea and I guess we should thank the writers. We asked them to stop turning Glee into the Rachel & Finn series and they listened and now turned it into the Lea & Finn series … *bravo*

    It’s cute to remember how I actually liked Puck/Quinn back then. Puck kinda tried hard to be a better guy for her. He tried to take care of her. He even baked freaking cookies and saved the day. I loved that. Just like a couple of other people, he didn’t really get a decent storyline the next couple of seasons. He still doesn’t have one. But hey, join the ‘I’m not Rachel, Finn or Kurt’-club….

    And yeah, Sue Sylvester. Sue bloody Sylvester with her underrated love for her sister / Becky. It all starts there, the Becky/Sue relationship. God, how that’s one of my favorite ships. They’ve come so far … <3

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      1. Lauren
        Lauren at · Reply

        it kind of looks like the hand behind Santana is petting her and moved away right when she moves her head

        1. Rin
          Rin at · Reply


  3. Mad
    Mad at · Reply


    UGH so often you can tell how gross a ship is from its name. HOW UGLY OF A WORD IS JARLEY? SO, SO UGLY. IT IS UGLYYYYY. Remember GIZZIE on Grey’s Anatomy? IT SOUNDS LIKE GIZZARD. THAT SHOULD TIP YOU OFF. Sandy Ryerson would say about Jarley “THIS LOOKS LIKE BARF.”


    Puck come back to me. And Quinn.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Jarley is disgusting.

  4. dani
    dani at · Reply

    jesusfc with Quinn’s Glory Shot, it’s upsetting dianna agron upsets me with her beauty. Dancing with myself is one of my favorite performances ever, I kinda ship artie with tina sometimes is weird.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Dianna upsets me with her beauty too. Like… can she just, not?

      Nope, she’s incapable of not looking beautiful.

  5. proud faberry fan
    proud faberry fan at · Reply

    from the 3rd cap i started hugging myself because really s1 reachel was, is and will be the most adorable little thing ever created for a tv show. she sings and she is happy and she glows and hhhhuuuuggg!

    then i got to the head in hands part, i tried to double hug myself for the cuteness overload i felt, but i failed.

    last but surely not least the quinn glory shot. i now prepare a sigh “free hugs” and i will go for a walk just when i finish this comment.

    just rachel me!

    (oh, and welcome brittany, this show now needs you more than ever!)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply


  6. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    i just shouldnt even comment right now it’s so late…lol. Never enough Quinn. The adorableness of Quinn and Rachel at the end? Priceless. Defying Gravity was soooooooooo good. I loved it. Sue and Jean? OMG….I actually cried like a giant baby. How I miss this group from season one. These shiny faced kids with all their quirks. I miss the ease with which they were together and we were in love with them…..Sigh……

    You guys keep me sane with all the craziness going on. thank you.

    Quinn me Rin!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      1. Whymz
        Whymz at · Reply

        hahahahahaha omg this gif and Rachels face….hahahahah oh you are the BEST rin!

  7. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    Rachel Berry is the most adorable, wonderful creature ever! (Pre pod-person abduction, of course.) I was so gloriously infatuated with her in season 1. Well, I still am, but it was all sparkly and shiny and new then. *sigh* Anyways, I loved Defying Gravity. Truthfully I loved For Good even more. And I loved Happy Days Are Here Again / Get Happy most of all (it’s actually my #1 favorite Rachel performance of all, so good choice in your list of 5 Sophy!). But Kurt/Rachel duets pretty much always punch me right in the heart. For this one, I remember feeling rather annoyed with the other kids. How can they not see her talent?!?! I love Kurt (and Chris Colfer) but there was absolutely no contest here.

    This was such a good episode. I keep getting tempted to go back and rewatch old Glee eps even though I really don’t have time. But your recaps make me REALLY wanna do it, sleep be damned. :D

    Thanks for filling the hiatus void again. It’s nice to know there are others out there who are simultaneously really ready for it to be back and scared about when it comes back.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      For Good is my favourite hummelberry <3333

  8. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    Fun recap, thank you Rophy! I’d forgotten Crab-Boy altogether, shame on me.

    The cupcakes thing was surprisingly good; it’s hardly the first time someone’s spiked baked goods on a tv show, but Puck was fun. (And he’s always trying to spike Sue’s punch, so, continuity or something.) Maybe Mark Salling should be on a comedy show?

    And oh look, Finn’s shoulder being gazed over in dramatic fashion. They should totally reuse that later in the series! Mmm.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      And oh look, Finn’s shoulder being gazed over in dramatic fashion. They should totally reuse that later in the series! Mmm.

      Oh my fucking god. OMFG.

      OH MY GOD.

      Maybe that needs to be gifset.

      1. proud faberry fan
        proud faberry fan at · Reply

        oh duck! YES GIFSET THE FUCK OUT OF IT!!!

        it’s in the same category like the “where you singing that for finn and only finn”/ jesse asking rachel for whom the song is and the “people attacted to rachel face” with brody and quinn.

  9. KC
    KC at · Reply

    Y’all are on a roll with the recaps. It’s awesome.

    Is it just me or were there a lot of awkward, shy smiles in this episode? The one where you kind of look down and draw up your shoulders so nobody can really see it. We have Sue, with her sister. Rachel and Quinn, with each other. I’m not complaining though. It’s cute, and it should happen more often.

    Also, the new layout is lookin’ sharp.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      I don’t know if there were a lot more shy smiles this episode, but Dianna had her hand up in her hair more than I’ve seen her do it before.

      Woo! Glad you like the new layout!

  10. LauryeMal
    LauryeMal at · Reply

    These Retro Gleecap are making me so emotional… as always amazing recappig work you two! ^:)^
    Those were the times when I looked at Glee with wonder and great expectation being a musical nerd myself.

    Hummelberry ruled from day 1..the best friendships are those based of the fiercest competitions and clash of talents. Get Happy/Happy times is my Hummelberry fav.

    Can you believe that since being in NY Kurt and Rachel DIDN’T GO YET TO ANY BROADWAY SHOW TOGETHER?? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?
    Post-hiatus Glee better take care of that… :-w

    Jane Lynch ability to display the widest range of emotion in the smallest amount of screen time is amazing.. she’s one of the best scene stealers.

    But most of all… OMFG I had almost forgot how much I shipped Quinn/long hair >:D<

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Lol, I know right. I find it hard to believe Rachel hasn’t already seen all the broadway shows. Like, there should have been a montage for it. Her big smiling face sitting in the audience. Best. Oh wait, I don’t think this New Rachel even likes Broadway.

      And hahaha, I actually really miss short hair Quinn. I feel like we didn’t have enough time together….

      Though Dianna can have any hair and I’ll still adore her. :-.

  11. LauryeMal
    LauryeMal at · Reply

    Quinning and bakinng <3<3

  12. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    That last Quinn glory shot is the most beautiful she’s ever been! Cutest bake fight ever!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      lol I can’t even.

  13. Anna
    Anna at · Reply

    What was written:
    “Sophy says: Does he do private parties???”

    What I read:
    “Sophy says: Does he have private parts???”

    …My bad.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Sounds like something Sophy would say.

  14. Emily
    Emily at · Reply

    No mention of Rachel’s storm out in the wheel chair?! Probably one of my favorite moments of the season!


    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      AHhhh, that was one of my favourite parts. IDK. FABERRY KIND OF OVERTOOK THE HEAD IN HANDS CATEGORY… it can’t be helped.

  15. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    Through the magic of your retro recaps, you actually made me appreciate Artie’s performance as the kid on the outside looking in. I still don’t forgive him. He’s always seemed a little misogynistic to me, but I think most of that was how poorly his relationship with Tina was ultimately written? I don’t know.

    Even more than Faberry, I ship Rachel/singing. I just don’t get it with the Glee club and how wrongly mean and unappreciative they were of her talents back then. So much head canon angst! Well, and angst on the show. But never as much as I thought there should be. I mean, Quinn is dealing with some other things emotionally, like unacknowledged feelings for another girl, pregnancy, etc. you know. But surely someone else could actually admit right now when it’s obvious that she’s the shining star of all of us. Because if they don’t, Rachel is going to tone down her personality. And I agree: probably not even care about Broadway. She could work in an office or something. It’s just a job. She has karaoke and Brody. When Quinn visits with her new boyfriend they can all double date in New York.

    Whew. I digress! Sorry. I do love Kurt and Rachel. Even though she was superior, I enjoyed his rendition. I enjoyed his scenes wiTh his father. And I loved the Judy Garland/Barbra Streisand duet they covered. It really suited them, and is a prominent part of my most-played playlists.

    My favorite thing is reading these recaps, and seeing their little faces. Thank you so much!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Rachel/Singing is the greatest. WHERE HAS IT BEEN THIS SEASON? :(

      And yes, their little faces make everything worth it.

  16. Jess
    Jess at · Reply


    Great to get another retrocap, seeing the kids when they were youngins is always adorable :)

    And the head in hands completely made me day! Especially when I realised that in the third one of Quinn smiling at Rachel, yeah, they’re wearing yellow. YELLOW. THE COLOUR OF FABERRY.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply


      1. Mia
        Mia at · Reply

        Look at the Brittana in that gif! I’m dying.

  17. David
    David at · Reply

    I’m so happy to have discovered these recaps :’) I usually have so much to say, but you guys put it all so well that I can only nod in agreement, my Faberry goggles on and a happy expression on my face :) One of the many things I love about season 1 is that it shows, in the little moments like when Quick are baking or when everyone hugs Quinn, how Quinn can be happy without the Cheerios uniform, without the popularity and without having to be everything that’s expected of her. Sadly that gets thrown out of the window in S2 and it takes until halfway through S3 until she sees that she doesn’t need to conform to anything or anyone to be happy, but it does give reason to love S1 even more.

    Up next episode, Finn’s absolute emotional immaturity… I will honestly never understand why he sang to a screen instead of his pregnant girlfriend, who desperately needed someone to hold her hand and comfort her then (headcanon: Rachel did so in a sweet moment on the bleachers before Quinn got scared her gay was showing and fled, & because she knows Quinn wouldn’t be able to talk about it, Rachel never mentioned it again), then disregarded the message of the song anyway a few episodes later. Sorry; I’ll Stand By You really pushes my anti-Finn buttons lol

    Have I any chance of getting Quinned on my first comment? ;D Love these recaps guys, thank you so much for them :)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Welcome David! I assume you’re the same David from twitter :D

      I totally agree with what you’re saying about Quinn being able to be happy out of her uniform. I do think they really dropped the ball with Quinn in S2, but also I think it kind of worked that she regressed to her former life.. especially after being so lost after giving up Beth. They definitely could have handled that better though, cause I doubt that was even their intention — and they only really found the sweet spot with Quinn in S3. AND THEN PUT HER IN A WHEELCHAIR =)) Oh man, Glee. Bastards.

      OF COURSE YOU GET A QUINN!! If you had come here and said you hated everything about us, you’d still get a Quinn!

      Thanks for commenting, and hope to see you around more!

      1. Lakesha
        Lakesha at · Reply

        What’s it take to become a sublime exopdnuer of prose like yourself?

  18. CinderProp
    CinderProp at · Reply

    Oh hi rophy! Just wanted to let you know how you’ve made my night. Basically, I’m at an airport, having some pre-flight dinner, and charging my computer, and I had this horrible dilemma. I like to be constantly entertained, particularly while dining, and the computer means I can read something while eating! Win! But – challenge – I’m about to rip into this amazingly sloppy cheeseburger that requires 2 hands and will probably drip grease and ketchup and onions during consumption, so obviously, I can’t read anything that involves a lot of scrolling. I can’t read something I’ll finish in 2 minutes and have to to type in something else. Plus I’ve already read the shit out of the news today. So I thought to myself, what is the perfect thing to read right now? Something entertaining and interesting and text-rich and lengthy enough to get me through this glorious cheeseburger without ruining my computer? ROPHY. And you delivered guys. Totally delivered. Thanks buds.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      This is an amazing story. Lots of people say we’re a good airport read! :D

      And now I really want a cheeseburger.

  19. Char
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    1. Rin
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      1. Char
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        I’m the worst. It won’t happen again.

  20. Sophie
    Sophie at · Reply

    As much as I loved this episode the whole Will/Sue/Becky debacle annoys me and pulls me out of Glee-land every time. I just?? He’s such a hypocrite when the whole episode he’s been trying to teach the kids to be inclusive and not treat anyone differently because they’re less able than you or anything, then automatically assumes that Sue putting Becky on the Cheerios and pushing her /just as hard as everyone else/ is some evil scheme. Like, I know Will is just going from Sue’s track record but he’s assuming that just because Becky has Down’s Syndrome, Sue is going to treat her completely differently to everyone else. Bleugh.

  21. Caroline
    Caroline at · Reply

    Hmmm alright, so in the spirit of remembering why I fell in love with Glee and why I’ve stayed in such an epically abusive relationship with it for so long, I went back and watched a few first season episodes and came back to see what you guys had written about them. And oh my God. This. Episode.

    You ladies, as usual, pointed out a lot of the awesomeness that is in here. But even so…sometimes it deserves to be repeated. Sue was amazing this episode and her and Jean omg BAWLING. Bawling like Blaine in all of Season 4. But, just as emotional for me at least, was Artie’s “Dancing With Myself” performance. He’s so precious and a small person as it is, then he’s in a wheelchair so that doesn’t exactly enlarge him, but HOLY FREAKING COW the amount of heart and soul that Kevin puts into Artie in this episode (and really all of Season 1) just… :'(. So good. And, in all fairness, the comment to Rachel came after the whole damn Glee club was dismissive and then Rachel said “We didn’t think you’d take it personally.” Not that it excuses Artie’s response, but I can understand the desire to lash out at the nearest target.

    All of the GORGEOUS Quinn in this episode…Season 4 fails without Dianna. Period. Screw everywhere else that it sucks, Rophy you guys are so right to worship this girl. Quinn. Always. In every scene. And in every shot with Rachel. For. Ev. Er.

    And, just because I have to, HOW precious was Brittany in this episode? The scene in the cafeteria where she’s walking arm-in-arm with Becky, then gives her a dollar so she can buy a cupcake? THAT’S the Brittany I fell in love with. THAT’S when you can throw out a line like “love is love” because the way she’s behaving right then? It’s beautiful. But oh yeah, you don’t need the line BECAUSE THE ACTION SPEAKS FOR ITSELF!!! LIKE ANY GOOD SHOW/WRITING/ACTING SHOULD!!!! And Santana’s. Little. Face. while she’s watching her?!?! She’s trying to dole out equal-opportunity-snark…but she just can’t. Brittana and Faberry have both been on for forever. Truly. The little moment in the choir room where Kurt makes them all raise their right hand but Brittany raises her left so Santana has to tell her which one her right hand is???? Sorry. Just…I’ll wipe my face with my sleeve. Nbd. And Brittany high-fiving Arite after the auditorium scene where he’s teaching them how to spin?? Brittany, I miss you. Real Brittany. Brittany’s who’s friends with everyone because she just genuinely loves everyone.

    I could go on about Mercedes and Kurt love, and PUCK and that baking fight…oh my lord. Sexual tension much?? And QUINN BITING HER LIP!!!!!! I know there’s a gif of it up there but damn. Just. Damn. The world is a better place because of that face.

  22. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Ok I’ve been quiet to be less annoying and I’m also too wowed (is that a word? It is now) to comment, but now I have to say, Quinn me!

    Point 1. How have I read this far without mentioning the awesomeness that is Sue Sylvester/Jane Lynch? I guess I didn’t even have to as it’s pretty much a given (I had the same situation with Pandora Moon/Lisa Backwell when reading the Skins recaps) It’s true what you said here, it can be easy to forget that “tough” people have feelings too. Everyone has, even if they deny and try to hide them. Which is something I still remember learning way back when Popular first aired.

    Point 2. I still don’t understand why everyone was so mean to Rachel? I’m glad you seem as puzzled and disgusted as I am. There’s just no reason for it. She can’t have done something terrible or it would have been mentioned somewhere in six seasons. She’s different and ambitious and talented. Perhaps they all felt threatened, I don’t even know. But whatever it is, they all seriously need to grow up and get over it. She can’t help that she’s special. Can I just bitchslap the whole school please?

    FIND YOUR OWN WAY TO SECTIONALS. This, I know I shouldn’t laugh, but I really am! 😁

    Finally, I had a thought looking at the third last cap (I think)
    ?) So I know the show is over so it’s too late, but I’m imagining Quinn bursting into a rehearsal or something and confessing her love for Rachel (since the first time she saw her, when she was 12 maybe?) Let me dream ok!!

  23. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Oh and random Brittany has arrived!! Yay!

    I should also mention that Kurt was always my favourite. At least until Brittana happened and they kind of stole my affections 😊 I’m so glad I’m reading your recaps now and you’ve introduced me to Faberry. *squeals* cos there are no words!

    I think I mentioned before how I missed lots of several seasons episodes, now I’m excited though slightly scared to catch up. I’m actually going to order more of the dvds today.

    Your recaps are making me emotional too “making me feel things I can’t possibly feel” sorry I forget the exact quote. Though Anna now has me wondering if crab-boy has private parts. Oops lol. Incidently, I knew frog-boy…

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