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Best Song

Emma – I Could Have Danced All Night

Sophy says: Oh man. Remember these days, you guys? When the Wemma was soft and sweet, and all you wanted was for Will to run down a darkened corridor to the strains of My Life Would Suck Without You, and kiss Emma like she was the only one in the world for him?

What’s that? You don’t? You never really liked Wemma anyway? They were always kind of just ~there, for you?


Seriously though, everyone in the world loved this just a little bit didn’t they? It was so adorable, and I’m pretty sure it’s also the first time we heard Jayma sing. And she was perfect. They were both perfect. And why couldn’t we have had some of this action all up in the Finchel wedding preparations? RACHEL COULD HAVE DANCED ALL NIGHT WITH QUINN AND STILL HAVE BEGGED FOR MORE, JUST SAYING.

And although this was the clear winner for this episode, we did also love Bust A Move, even if it was probably the most inappropriate song Will could have sung to a group of high school students, but whatever.  And check out this random adorableness, you guys:

Rin says: Oh my god, Emma. :X

This was so gorgeous and adorable and tugs at my heart for all the ways in which old Glee will always be really special to me. And everyone just seems so young and full of joy and :(( Rofl, fuck, now I’m just seeing Quinn done up in a dress shirt with a tie, dancing around the room with Rachel. It’s definitely the best scenario I’ve ever seen play out in my head. Especially the part where we get a close-up of their face as they’re twirling and singing. Best.

Also, I’m just going to come out and say it. I’ve always loved Will’s rapping, I DON’T EVEN CARE. I find it hilariously tragic and awesome at the same time. I love Matt Morrison, and I love that he gets to be ridiculous like this, and break dance and all of that. So yeah, I loved Bust A Move. AND HOW CAN YOU NOT WHEN HE PICKS UP A RELUCTANT QUINN AND FORCES HER TO JOIN IN AND DANCE AND ENJOY HERSELF? Especially because Will knows about the pregnancy, and wants her to enjoy however much of her youth she has left. Plus, he spins her, which is just… ANYONE WHO SPINS QUINN IS ALRIGHT IN MY BOOKS. And smooshing her cheeks. THE BABY FACED QUINN FABRAY CHEEKS. AHHHHH. Oh Glee.

And yeah, whilst I absolutely adore that little Will/Quinn moment, I have to say the highlight of the performance was this little bit here:



Biggest LOL

“You sunk it hard.”

“Further embarrassed.”

Sophy says: Jane Lynch was on fire in this episode. I sort of want to dress up as Swing!Sue for Halloween. Or just for Christmas. That could work too.

Rin says: AHHHH, well back then Jane Lynch was pretty much permanently on fire, like some kind of weird circus trick. I was always floored by the things that would come out her mouth, but these moments were definitely some of the classics. WHEN SHE MAKES THE EXPLOSION SOUND WHILST PLAYING BATTLESHIP. I DIED. And the fact that they’re even playing battleship at all, so absurd, so best.



Best Scene

“I want everything too much.”

Sophy says: This was a no-brainer. This scene is one of the most classic Rachel scenes of all time, containing one of the most classic Rachel lines of all time, namely “I want everything too much.” Really, that right there is the key to everything Rachel is. She. Wants. It’s why she’s going to be a star. And it’s also why she’s always going to have difficulty negotiating romantic relationships. Everything about Rachel is overdrive, and nine out of ten people are going to find that exhausting – intimidating – overwhelming. It’s nice to feel wanted. It’s a little terrifying to feel wanted the way Rachel Berry wants.

What I love so much about this scene is how naked Rachel is – emotionally, lol. Puck was a really interesting foil for her, precisely because he’s so guarded. Almost nothing he says in this scene is honest, almost everything is designed to drive her away. Rachel, in contrast, is an open book. And given how knotted up she got in season three, denialling the hell out of everything to hold onto her relationship with Finn – to cleave unto childish things… it’s kind of interesting to see how much insight Rachel has about herself here.

Because she hits the nail on the head when she says she wants everything too much. Not just Finn, you guys. Everything. Early on Rachel recognized her fierce devotion to Finn as a product of her own personality, rather than a sure sign of True Love. And I do think Finn is special to Rachel, and I think he always will be. But he’s special first and foremost because she chose him to be, and once Rachel has chosen you, you can’t be anything other than special.

And right now she wants to make Puck special. Maybe not as her boyfriend, because that position is already filled – the want-clock has been started and cannot be stopped. But as a friend. As someone she can relate to. I find it adorable how Rachel tries to reach out to Puck in this scene and find companionship in him. And he’s just not having a bar of it, because he has too many secrets, and wanting Quinn to want him the way Rachel wants everything? That isn’t the half of it.

Oh yeah, and Rachel sees Puck watching Quinn while she watches Finn? LOOKS LIKE SHE’S EASILY DISTRACTED.

Rin says: Wow. Flashbacks to this Rachel is like being a willing participant to having acid thrown into your eyes. IT JUST HURTS. Why oh why has this Rachel disappeared from our lives? I adore this scene to pieces, because like Sophy said, “I want everything too much,” is pretty much what Rachel’s character is built upon. Everything she is, stems from that single confession.

And you know what I love about what this brief, yet very satisfying, foray of Puckleberry brought about? The parallels. Puck wants Quinn, and is jealous of Finn because he’s with her. But in a way, he also wants to be Finn. Puck’s the ‘bad boy’ and he probably wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world, but he still wants to be liked. And Finn has that.. everyone likes Finn, HOLD YOUR HORSES, everyone at McKinley likes Finn. He’s ‘THE GUY’ you know? And Puck would just love to have that. And this is one of those rare insights we get into Puck, and unfortunately we don’t get many of them. But yeah, it’s very much in his character to want to feel worthy, when everything else in his life makes him feel worthless.

And god, I’ve never really even thought about Puck that much, but now I’m starting to really want a whole lot more Puck in my life.

So yes. Puck would love to be Finn, or at least wants to be the idea of Finn. And on the flip side? Rachel wants to be Quinn. We don’t really need to talk about that though, because THAT topic has a well-documented history.

AND HAHAHAH. RACHEL. SERIOUSLY. You might want to look into why whenever you’re looking/thinking/talking about Finn, you tend to focus on Quinn 200% more than Finn. Just in this conversation she talks about Quinn more than Finn. HI, I’M RACHEL BERRY, I OPEN MY MOUTH AND OUT FALLS A QUINN!

And ahhaha Sophy, I love how practically everything you said was laced with Faberry undertones.

Nine out of ten people, you guys. Nine out of ten.

Sophy says: ………………….

Faberry is just like that french fairytale where the girl is like, super nice to this old crone, and so she makes diamonds and pearls fall out of her mouth whenever she talks.

Schmiamonds and schmearls.



Most Retrospectively Ironic Moment

Rachel and Puck are Jewish and amazing.


Really, Rachel appearing at Puck’s window in the white nightie with the star of David round her neck will never not make me die of lols. And “We’re a couple of good-looking Jews. It’s natural.” JUST.

I’m a Faberry shipper, always, at the expense of anything and everything… but I really did love Puckleberry back in the day, long before I’d tuned into the amazingness of Faberry, and I remember being extremely surprised the writers canned the relationship. I’m not saying the two of them were ever going to be endgame, but they could have kept it going for more than one glorious episode. Lea and Mark had bags of chemistry and on top of that the characters had chemistry. By which I don’t mean that they were any better suited to one another than Rachel and Finn – almost certainly less so – but they were definitely more entertaining to me, such that even at this stage, only eight episodes into the show, this whole development felt like a breath of fresh air. And this was back when Finchel were actually kind of adorable and only intermittently extremely problematic.

Puck/Rachel was funny. Really funny. And actually rather sweet. I mean…

“Have you seen my guns?”

“Your arms are lovely.”


And I mean, I could watch half an episode of them walking down halls like this alone:


Rin says: This is easily one of the better things Glee has done.

“It was more than a dream– it was a message from god. Rachel was a hot jew, and the good lord wanted me to get into her pants.”


I adore Puckleberry, and really wish they had explored it further outside of this episode. Further cheating-kissage doesn’t count you guys. They have a really interesting dynamic and their lives are more intertwined than you’d originally think. I would have loved to have seen a Rachel/Puck scene during the whole Puck/Shelby thing. I find it hard to believe that Rachel wouldn’t have confronted Puck about it, and called him out on how gross and wrong it was. First, Puck sleeps with Quinn, gets her pregnant. Then he and Rachel have a thing. Then Puck sleeps with Shelby, who is Rachel’s BIOLOGICAL mother, and Beth’s mother. I JUST. It’s gross, okay? But it could have been a really great thing to see unfold, rather than them sweeping it under the rug where most of Glee’s unfinished stories go to die.

And I love the scene where Rachel cleans Puck up. It’s so sweet. And pink.

Rophy says: It’s also kind of ironic how even at their least gay, Faberry are still, well… Faberry.


Rophy Says No!


Sophy says: This was just… brutal. And I’d be saying that even if it wasn’t my DARLING QUINN. AND BABY QUINN. WITH HER BABY FACE. AND HER LITTLE FEET IN HER LITTLE SNEAKERS. OH GOD.

What I loved – IN THE VOMITTY STOMACH ACHEY NOOOOOO WAY – about this scene was how subtle it was. Jane Lynch, certainly at this point, was the show’s number one source of bizarre and over the top. But they didn’t mine her for that here. They let her be straight-forward and real in the way she dismissed Quinn from the Cheerios and that made it all the more shocking and hurtful. We felt how Quinn felt – how Sue felt too, actually. As though we’d just been yanked down to earth with an almighty thud. Some realities are harsh and Sue will be just as harsh as them. And then the real kicker is the group of girls giggling past Quinn in their red and white just after Sue has delivered the news, to hammer home what Quinn has lost: status, fun, belonging, and more than anything else, her innocence.

Her MO since she found out she was pregnant has been a very typical one for teenagers: to simply pretend everything is going to be able to go on as usual. As long as it’s not happening now, it’s not happening at all. Well she’s just been cut off from that denial life line. And it hurts to see her standing there, all of a sudden, all alone.



This is actually kind of disgusting from Sue. I know Sue is 80% of the time not to be taken seriously, but here she was being seriously harsh in the way she kicked Quinn off the Cheerios.

I don’t think the thing that Quinn immediately tears up over is being thrown off the squad. It’s probably the way Sue, out in the open, calls Quinn a ‘disgrace’.

I MEAN, WOW. HARSH. Here’s a 16 year old girl, who is pregnant and afraid of losing everything, and her mentor — the one who has treasured her above all others, comes right out and disowns her in a blink of an eye. And she knows it’s only a taste of things to come, that most people in school will be just as cruel, but most of all this was a look into what possibly might happen when her parents find out.

Sophy says: What are you talking about Rin, it wasn’t that harsh. Quinn only had rich white girl problems, didn’t you know? SHE COULDN’T POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND LONELINESS OR DESPAIR?

PS. It’s a testament to the crazy excellence of this episode that we had to resort to something that hurt rather than something that made us angry for our No.


Head In Hands

Kurt slushies himself.


His face. And his raincoat. And the girls rushing him off to the ladies’.

Vintage Glee.

Rin says: All of them walking around school in raincoats was incredible.


Most Rophy

Someday we shall reenact this. Frame for frame.

Sophy says: After the next Rophystock, expect a very special video.

Rin says: My absolute favourite is when Sue is clinging onto Will’s back and being dragged along.

That’ll be me on Sophy’s back, except my feet would be dangling a centimetre off the floor.


Quinn Glory Shot

Out of uniform!

Sophy says: ANNNND this is the first time we’ve seen Quinn out of uniform! (Costumes don’t count.) This is the first of many adorably demure little dresses and cardigans, and we shall glory in them all.

Also I just adore how she is sitting slightly apart from the others. Her little feet. HER LITTLE FEET.








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  1. Ned
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    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      This is one of my new favourite gifs. Ever.

      Can’t imagine why.

  2. Annie
    Annie at · Reply

    Oh Rachel, Rachelling all over the place is heartwarming.
    Sad Quinn in blue is heart wrenching, but I can’t stop looking at her with googly “You’re beautiful” eyes?? Oh Quinn, if only you knew what plot horrors were ahead of you.

    And to Rin & Sophy:


    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Ahahha Rachelling.


      All in good time.

  3. Char
    Char at · Reply

    No love for Sweet Caroline? :(

    1. Char
      Char at · Reply

      I will hasten to add that you just reminded me of how much I loved Rachel and Puck, and Rachel/bleachers, and Rachel/forehead, and for that I am grateful.

      Quinn, THOSE EYELASHES ARE INSANE. LY GORGEOUS. Did she stop wearing falsies in later seasons? They seem so noticeable here. She looks so young.

      And Rachel.

      SO YOUNG.


    2. Rin
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      1. Char
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        This is an excellent reply

    3. Rin
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  4. KC
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    “now I’m just seeing Quinn done up in a dress shirt with a tie”

    You just KNOW that Quinn Fabray could rock a mean tuxedo, and swagger into the room making that face she makes sometimes (you know the one….don’t you?). Pants would just fall off.

    Jane Lynch in that zoot suit was just the best thing. However, I was ever so slightly disappointed when she didn’t break into song with Janet Jackson’s ‘Alright’, or something by Cab Calloway, or something equally sassy.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Girl’s got swagger.

  5. LauryeMal
    LauryeMal at · Reply

    You guys…you made me scream at my screen in all caps!
    Vintage Glee is so painful to remember after the messy 4th season we are experiencing. :'(

    Look at them all cute and teenage appropriate.
    Look at little Rachel!! Look at Rachel’s forehead minus the bangs…I miss her so much.!
    Look at her eyes all free from all that racoonish makeup!

    Please, if there’s someone who don’t find the Puckelberry Jewbromance a little bit adorable, you can line up on the same queque for Wimma-haters, thanks.

    Should we discuss the incoming return of Quinn? Is there a suppport group for it? I want it so bad but I don’t know if I’m ready if they mess her up as well.

    Rin I hope you are getting ready and prepped to screencap the hell out of every frame she will be in!

    I will ship Quinn/blue Quinn/cardigans and Quinn/little dresses till the end of days. There, I said it.

    And it just occurred to me:
    Rachel: she wants everything too much
    Quinn: she’s used to have everything she wants
    I think that’s Faberry in a nutshell

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply


      Should we discuss the incoming return of Quinn?

      It’s literally make or break. I have no idea where they’re going to take Quinn, and I’m both excited and terrified at the same time. I don’t want to think too much about it… Since Rachel is heading down the path of no return at this point, I don’t know if I could take them ruining Quinn as well. I foolishly still have some faith left in them though, that they’re not totally going to ruin Quinn… or Faberry. I don’t know why. I keep taking them back, time after time.

      Abusive relationship.

      In all seriousness though, I am intrigued. Soph and I talk about it constantly, and it always leads to lots of capslocking. I think there’s a possibility of Faberry in NY, if Rachel/Kurt etc. aren’t going back to Lima. And Quinn swings by NY to pay them a visit. Because there has to be SOME Faberry, right???? RYAN MURPHY SAID SO!!! YOU CAN’T TAKE IT BACK, RYAN. YOU CAN’T. YOU SAID FABERRY HEAVEN, AND I AM FULLY EXPECTING A FABERRY SCENE, AND A FABERRY DUET. I DON’T EVEN CARE. I HAVE THESE HOPES, AND YOU WILL CRUSH THEM, AND I WILL PROBABLY KEEP ON WATCHING. JUST WITH A VERY BROKEN HEART.

      Always leads to capslocking.

      Oh and,

      Look at her eyes all free from all that racoonish makeup!

      is something we’ve actually discussed. Like, one of the most expressive parts of Lea’s face is her eyes!! And these days all they do is cover them up. 8-) FAIL.

      1. LauryeMal
        LauryeMal at · Reply

        Oh that Quinn’s gif…shivers

        I don’t want to project too much on Quinn’s return either… but I do. There are so many ways in which they could make it great for EVERYONE and yet there’s that worrisome sensation in the pit of my stomach that makes me feel like they are going to fuck it up badly and I’m not sure that I can take it.

        you are right.. it always leads to capslocking

        (to other commenters/readers: I know, I’m shamelessly pimping ASWD in my comment… sue me – better.. go read that great fanfic and then sue me, I don’t care =; )

        I will stay positive and trust (sigh!) Ryan Murphy to not screw us over again…I mean he’s a nice guy after all…he just made some honest mistakes along the way. Maybe he was just stressed from work. Maybe it’s my fault in the first place to put so much pressure on him

        Abusive relationship indeed :-(

  6. Patamon
    Patamon at · Reply

    When Rachel was washing Puck’s head in the bathroom, all I could think of was how Rachel said “…luckier than me and Quinn”. Like seriously. Did she mean that they wash each other’s heads? I just. AWWWW! And why did she mention Quinn and not any of the other girls? Quinn, who “hates” her?

    Oh and Rophy, I’m all Faberry now, just because of you. I didn’t ship them before. I’d heard that they were quite popular, but they just didn’t click for me. But now that I’ve watched Rin’s Faberry YT video and read these, I can do nothing but love them. ♥

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Oh my god. Great spot! HAhaha oh Rachel, never really straying too far from the Quinn ball, is she?

      Oh Patamon! You are too sweet! And my favourite thing in the world is converting people to Faberry. I think you’re a new commenter here? So, welcome!! Hope to see you around more often. You get more Quinnage that way. :)

      1. Patamon
        Patamon at · Reply

        Oh Rachel :)

        Aw thank you Rin!! I found this blog through NAOMILY (♥) and when I saw that you make Glee recaps too, I was like LE WHAT OMG MY TWO FAVOURITE SHOWS EVER!! ♥ I really, truly admire you guys!

  7. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    Oh gosh, that Quinn glory shot. It’s no wonder every other thing out of Rachel’s mouth when she’s talking to Quinn is how beautiful Quinn is. Christ.

    Vintage Rachel, how I love you. Your little face is so hopeful and insecure in one scene, and then manic in the next, and then bursting with overwhelming confidence in pride in a third. I miss my Rachel roller coaster. The sad thing about season 4 is I actually really like what they are doing. It feels like old Glee sometimes. Unfortunately the times it doesn’t feel like old Glee are all the things they are doing with Rachel, and that’s not okay. :(

    Thanks ladies for helping fill the hiatus! The Puckelberry stuff was great. And I do remember a time when I loved Wemma, and giggled and cried just a little bit during the gloriousness that was My Life Would Suck Without You.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      I know exactly how you feel about S4. I am loving a lot of the things they’re doing, but where it really falls short is their complete ~makeover of Rachel. Which is kind of a huge chunk of everything that Glee is to me, so it’s been really frustrating. I JUST WANT TO LOVE YOU SHOW, WHY CAN’T YOU EVER JUST LET ME LOVE YOU????

  8. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    I find it hard to express more than 8-. but here goes. It’s a great episode anyway – Sweet Caroline, like Char said, has plenty of plays in my iTunes; and I think this is the one with “I will buy you a kitty cat…” Recap-wise, I really really agree with everything, somehow even more than when I usually say that! I look forward to the next five retro recaps (and the next 86 chapters of Sophy’s fic) so much more than the new so-called canon.

    It’s beautiful to see Jayma all dolled up. Maybe her voice isn’t the best of the cast, but it’s a lovely step along the way to that moment in the hallway in 113. And I too miss Will’s raps; yeah, maybe it’s inappropriate for him to wish he could sex Quinn, but it’s a fun performance. And Rachel wanting everything too much is so iconic for the character. And Puckleberry isn’t perfect, but like any Glee relationship with little screen time, they didn’t have time to ruin it. Aww.

    I like how you found Faberry everywhere, as usual. As soon as you said “nine out of ten people,” I’d named the tenth person in my mind. :) The Rachel-and-her-Quinns take on Perrault’s Les Fées is perfect. Good old Rachel. She’s funny-looking back then, though. She could totally use a makeover. *waves sarcasm flag*

    Oh, and the framing of that last shot. Guitar and Puck and quarterback!Finn to one side, piano and Quinn staring at Rachel’s ass and Rachel to the other. Nicely done.

  9. Kayla
    Kayla at · Reply

    i dont understand why no one likes will’s rapping! i find it to be the most hilarious thing out of anything ever.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      I would have no objections to Will rapping again.

      Especially if it brings about more dancing like this.

  10. dani
    dani at · Reply

    would you guys ever consider doing a faberry timeline?!

    puckelberry.. I used to ship them, is amazing how I never ever liked Finn, is not like I’m proud or anything, just a fact lol

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      A Faberry timeline, huh? Hmmm.

      Aren’t we already kind of doing that by talking about the fabolution? 8-.

      1. dani
        dani at · Reply

        I’m greedy n_n sorry

  11. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    I’m so happy to have another retro recap while I stew about the direction they’ve taken Rachel and worry about what they’re going to do to Quinn.

    Their little faces!!! I’m sorry for shouting a little. It’s the part that always gets me now in the last new episode: the contrast with their little, hopeful, innocent faces. I love Rachel/bleachers in the first season. So great. With Will in the pilot. Now here with Puck. Jewbromance!

    I’ve always been amused by Puckleberry. I do wish it had gotten more than one episode of play.

    I don’t know that I heart Will’s rapping as much as you, but now I heart you guys getting all excited over it, so I guess it’s all good in one way or another. ;) And you make an excellent point about all the cuteness it spawned.

    Oh, my Quinn. She’s so alone. They will make her go through so much. The scene with Sue is so heart wrenching. Then leads to such beautiful Quinn/blue. Sigh. I’ll just live in the past a little longer. I just want to pinch all their little cheeks.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  12. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    WILL’S RAPPING ALWAYS MAKES ME LOL. It’s enjoyably bad and yes, tragic. Wow Quinn WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING BACK AT, HMMM??

    SUE IN HER ZOOT SUIT OH MY GOD. Also I need more Rod Remington. He is so ridiculous.


    I remember the hurt of that! BABY QUINN :'(


    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  13. laurenmadis0n
    laurenmadis0n at · Reply

    i’m in the middle of midterms and projects and totally stressed out and then found this and. rachel berry. singing emma. quinn in blue. huckleberry ridiculousness. quinn in blue. <3
    rophy is my sunshine and apple pie.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      AW LAUREN!!! :(( I hope all of your exams and stuff go alright. I’m glad we can be your sunshine and apple pie! :D

  14. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Oh my goodness….. how I loved Wemma. How I once loved Will. Sigh. Baby Glee you were such a joy to behold. PuckleBerry you were adorable and Grand but you will never be Faberry.

    Tiny, Quinn and her sad, broken sad face…. my heart. I have loved her from the beginning. I don’t know how to quit you!!!

    Quinn me Rin!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      She’s the best.

  15. Royai
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    Speaking of Faberry, I recently heard that there was going to be a FaberryCon on the U.S. West coast sometime next summer.

    1. Rin
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