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Best Song

New Directions – Keep Holding On

Sophy says: Okay, the first thing that struck me about this, beyond the fact that Rachel is turning around and shamelessly singing to Quinn about how she should keep holding on and they’ll make it through and Quinn is practically crying about it… QUINN ALWAYS CRIES.

Um. The first thing that struck me about this was how fucking Big Love it gets at the end there. Really, this is one of those times when it would have been appropriate for there to have been a different formation when the hand-holding starts, because seriously, the sight of Finn squeezing in there between the girl he (thinks he) knocked up and the girl he was making out with the other day and taking both their hands is SO FUCKING WRONG AND SO FUCKING HILARIOUS THAT I CAN’T EVEN PROCESS IT.

I mean. Couldn’t he have just held Quinn’s hand? Or if he really needed to make it a threesome maybe it could have been someone who doesn’t make him happy in his pants? Like, say, Mike. Mike could have held his other hand. That would have been nice.


Other things I love about this include but are not limited to the way Quinn looks at Rachel, Kurt and Quinn’s insane adorableness dancing together that makes me so sad the only real interactions they’ve had on the show have made me want to rip Kurt’s head off. I LOVE KURT’S HEAD YOU GUYS. I LOVE IT ON HIS BODY?

Um. Also, Tina’s outfit. Also Heather’s ass. I’m sorry but it is just special. The way Quinn looks at Rachel. And her face at the end there. Really, that grand, tearful exhalation Dianna does is a sign of things to come, in that by season three she’s going to be blowing us away with her acting, and also in that Quinn really, really has miles to go before she gets to be happy and at Yale and Rachel’s girlfriend.





I remember when I first watched this performance, I was a little moved by how heart warming it was. And I wasn’t even in the Faberry place yet. But when you see these kids band together for Quinn, someone who isn’t exactly sunshine and puppy dogs, and is barely friends with half of them and most likely wouldn’t return the favour.. it becomes a really nice gesture. The reason they do it is because she’s a part of Glee, and they take care of their own — which is the spirit of the club and the spirit of the show.

And I adore that. Here’s a show that yes, has conflict and all of the bitchyness you expect in a television show with teenagers, but it also has these incredible moments where it shows teens to be capable of a lot more than that. And I have a lot of respect for shows that respect their young characters. Skins did it best. Glee does it well.

And while we’re on the subject of being a lot more than that… is this song Faberry? Absolutely.

How can it be anything but Faberry, when the scene that leads into the song is Rachel looking on at Finn holding a crying Quinn. Maybe wishing that she had tried harder to make sure the story was never leaked, cause then she wouldn’t have to be standing there across the hallway, watching Quinn look so incredibly small and broken.

And then the song starts playing, and we fade into Rachel staring at Quinn. And this is the way Rachel makes it better. I have no doubts in my mind that Rachel orchestrated the whole thing, a performance dedicated to Quinn to show how they’ll support her and they’ll make it through. And you know, last episode Rachel was all about telling Quinn how she’s going to need friends that can relate, and how they’re going to be the only thing she has left. And in this episode, this is her proving it.

One of the big things about Faberry is that they’ll never stop being there for each other when it matters most.

And the exhale at the end is one of my favourite ways a Glee episode has ended.


Biggest LOL




This is why I wish they hadn’t committed so damn doggedly to Finn being one half of an OTP. It seriously impedes his ability to be hilariously stupid and amazing like this. I’m not going to say that Finn/Quinn was in any way a functional or desirable relationship, but Finn sure was a lot more fun when he was in it.

Rin says: The fucking football as the dot for the i kills me. It’s so LAME and STUPID and I just 8-.

Cory has such an adorable and mushy face. I love it.

Dianna has the greatest face that has ever existed. I will love it forever.

One of my favourite things is also what follows this scene. Where Brittany just TAKES Quinn’s test to copy from and Quinn is all angry and takes it back. AND BRITTANY, ‘I just don’t understand anything.’ ‘That’s not my problem!’

Oh man. And I think that’s the most Quinn and Brittany ever talk to each other without Santana. For the entire show. lols.

Sophy says: OMG YES, THAT MOMENT. Adorable. Still not random enough yet though, sorry Britt.

Terri’s sister.

Sophy says: I fucking love her, I’m sorry. She’s just vile and spectacular. CLOSE UP THEIR LEGS AND WALK ON OVER TO DR CHIN. And “I hate you, Will,” is probably the greatest moment in the show’s history, AND I’M NOT EVEN THAT MUCH OF A WILL-HATER MOST DAYS.

Rin says: I loved Terri’s sister. Not enough to stress my brain to try and remember her name, but enough to look back fondly and reminisce about how wonderfully not-PC she was.


Best Scene

Quinn’s got a lot she needs to express.

Sophy says: This. This was. This was the most ridiculous thing that has ever happened. Bar nothing. The guy without thumbs eating a thumb. Brittany trying to make her cat poo candy. Artie’s magic legs. Sue marrying herself. Finn wanting to be an actor. Rachel sending Sunshine to a crack den, the Bieber episode, Figgins believing in vampires.




I’m sorry to be so blunt, but this is the most homosexual thing I’ve ever seen a supposedly heterosexual female do.

She had a fantasy in which she turned her fellow cheerleaders into jocks.


And then she danced around them and rubbed up against things with her mouth open.





Okay, I’m trying to calm down. But really, looking back this is one of those times when I’m sure that she was meant to be in the closet early on. Perhaps it was just an idea – just a sketch for a possible future Quinn – maybe it’s nothing more than something they were keeping the door open on and then they decided to close it for whatever reason. It’s too weird having the pregnant girl be a lesbian? It’s too weird having two head cheerleaders in a row be lesbians and another one be bisexual? I don’t know. All I know is that if you look at Quinn’s narrative for the first block of 13 episodes it paints a completely coherent picture of a young girl who is majorly confused about her sexuality and majorly repressing that confusion.

And you know, Rachel’s the catalyst for it all to come tumbling out a bit, because isn’t Rachel always the catalyst for Quinn?

This? All of this – from the moment Quinn slams the locker and says “Listen up, treasure trail,” to that final shot of her standing out on the pitch alone, hot, bothered and out of breath… this is one of Faberry’s greatest hits. And I am just crazy about it in retrospect. I am just crazy about Quinn storming up to Rachel and getting as close as she possibly can to her face, which is pretty close, because she’s so angry, and isn’t that a convenient excuse to relieve the tension between them that Quinn can’t shake? And she calls her treasure trail, which, of course, Quinn is always sexualizing and masculinizing Rachel, sure, but this one goes one step further, because treasure trail, really? What struck me about her using that expression was that a treasure trail is something a lot of girls actually have. It’s just a matter of how visible it is, and I would hazard a guess that Quinn would hazard a guess that Rachel, being Jewish and a brunette, would indeed have the kind of treasure trail that you can see up close.

And I just. I’m going to this really gay and really adorable place where when Quinn tries to insult Rachel she actually just ends up paying unusual levels of attention to her vagina.

And then she looks at Rachel and she literally bursts into song.



Okay just. This scene is why I find it stunning that some people don’t’ understand Faberry – that they don’t see why it’s more passionately shipped than many mainstream couples. I really shouldn’t have to explain myself. It’s all there. I mean, let’s look at the way this episode has been framed and count the ways it’s all about Faberry. Here, Quinn is singing with brittle panic that somebody doesn’t really love her and is just keeping her hanging on. I say somebody because it’s unclear who Quinn’s referring to here, if it’s a specific person at all. You might think the natural interpretation is that she’s referring to Finn, who’s horsing around with Rachel all the time while she’s carrying his baby – for all intents and purposes – but really her focus isn’t on him for very long, and even when it is it’s still very much on Rachel too. The other person she watches while she pours her heart out is Sue, as in her notably butch Cheer coach whose favour may be slipping from her grasp. Other than that it’s pretty much just a big butch free-for-all.

But you know what’s so amazing? The fact that Quinn sings so angrily, to Rachel, because of Rachel, about how nobody really loves her and they all just keep her hanging on… and then at the end of the episode Rachel sings to Quinn, because of Quinn, about how she’ll be by her side and she’ll hold her hand and she needs to keep holding on and you guys. YOU GUYS???

This episode, in a Faberry nutshell, is Quinn feeling insecure and lonely and misunderstood and guilty and small and lost and unloved… and lashing out at Rachel about it… who assures her earnestly that she is none of those things. It’s kind of going to be a theme with them, don’t you know? It’s kind of going to be how Quinn ends up at Yale and Rachel is the one person she wants to take with her.

And finally, I must note that Santana and Quinn look like a couple of fierce gay cheerleading amazon women in their closeup.


Rin says: I have no idea how to follow any of this. But there were a lot of images that Sophy has conjured up in my head, and I’m not exactly certain what they are, but I’m also not hating them.

And there was a part where I ended up literally screaming nonsense at my monitor because I couldn’t handle it. Sophy’s whole end bit where Quinn is angry and insecure and lashes out, but in the end Rachel turns around and quells all of that.

Faberry have storylines that are purposely constructed to show all of their push and pulls, and contradictions. And that’s why they read so ‘otp’ to me, because they’re written like one. You don’t pay as much attention to a relationship if it’s not important, if it’s not meant to all mean something. Every scene, every piece of dialogue, every action.. everything with Faberry is meaningful and none of it is a throwaway. And that’s why Faberry are so important to us, because they’re important to each other.

OKAY THE SCENE BEFORE THE SONG. THE SMACKDOWN. For as much as I love the mushy parts of Faberry, I would just love to BATHE in the angry, frustrated Faberry forever. BECAUSE LOOK AT THEM. They’re all up in each others business, and when Rachel tries to walk away the first time, Quinn grabs her arm and spins her around. You know, the way people sometimes do when they’re about to dramatically kiss? And then when Rachel walks off the second time Quinn follows, all stomping and angry amused. AND THEN. MY FAVOURITE BIT IS WHEN SHE TWIRLS AROUND HER, AND THEY HAVE THEIR BEAUTY AND THE BEAST MOMENT AND JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. THE UST.

It’s palpable.

And then Rachel says something about ripping Quinn’s uniform off with her bare hands. Or says that about Sue doing so. Or something. Either way, Rachel has thought about it.


I really fucking love this song. It’s so cute from Dianna. Because she sings so much higher than she does now, and her voice feels smaller. It’s just adorable, okay? Especially when there’s that break in the song and she says, ‘And there aint nothing I can do about it!’ =)) OMG. BE CUTER =)) =)) =))

And yes, gayest thing I’ve ever seen on tv.

This is Quinn’s head. THIS IS QUINN FABRAY’S FANTASY. Hot girls in skimpy footballer uniforms, pelvic thrusting all over the place, while she pushes herself up against stuff. I just. How did this even make it on free-to-air television?

I’m a bit upset they weren’t all dressed in argyle, but whatever.

Sophy says: ‘Fantasy in argyle.’ I’m sure that one’s played in Quinn’s head plenty.

Also, may I bags the gif that is cap 7 to cap 8 when the Quinning begins? Many thanks.


Most Retrospectively Ironic Moment

Kurt thinks they sing too many showtunes.

Sophy says: And he likes Mercedes better than Rachel. Lol, stop living a lie Kurt.


Rin says: Even Mike is smiling in disbelief at Kurt. “Lol, yeah right Kurt” he’s saying.


Rophy Says No!


Sophy says: I love how people call Rachel selfish and yet Mercedes was ready to sell Will and those darned whities out for Sue Sylvester of all people and with that look on her face because she thought it was going to be “great”.  At least the other kids had the decency to have some reservations about it.

Again, I wouldn’t even notice something like this if it weren’t in such close proximity to Mercedes judging Rachel for being a selfish-ass diva, and if it weren’t for the fact that fandom goes around treating ‘Rachel is a selfish-ass diva’ as a fact and there is no such equivalent fact-bandying with respect to Mercedes.

Rin says: Yeah, that’s probably why we feel the need to take Mercedes down a peg or two. Because the fandom never really does. Mercedes is just as culpable for being everything that fandom uses against Rachel, but she never takes any of the heat. We like to level out that playing field, just a little.

Well okay, she may be getting a few more No’s in the future.


But in the greater scheme of things, this is all nitpicking, and more about the injustices of fandom.

Sophy says: Yeah. Honestly, when Glee is so good that you have to get up in Mercedes’ face all the time just to find a ‘No,’ you know you’re watching some pretty flawless TV.


Head In Hands

Rachel’s knickers. Etcetera.

Sophy says: Okay, okay, I know how the dominant reading of the text goes. And it is sweet and lovely and I love it, I do. Rachel sells Jacob Israel her undies in order to save Finn from humiliation and trouble. That’s nice. But the resistant reading is even nicer: Rachel sells Jacob Israel her undies in order to save Quinn from humiliation and trouble. And really, is it such a resistant reading? I mean, Quinn’s the one who’s really going to suffer if news of the pregnancy gets out, we see that very clearly in due course. There are no consequences for Finn – or for Puck once he’s found to be the actual daddy – but Quinn? She gets all the fucking consequences. The consequences where her dad watches her cry and plead for his love and walks away. The consequences where she gets abruptly kicked out of her home. The consequences where she gets abruptly kicked out of the Cheerios by the coach who once prized her. The way I see it, Rachel’s trying to do her bit to help save her from that, or at least to let her deal with it on her own terms in her own time. I mean, let’s just call it even. She does what she does with her knickers for Finn and Quinn. And you can’t tell me it’s just Quinn-because-of-Finn, not when she’s going to turn around and look Quinn square in the eyes and sing her feelings to her at her at the end of the episode.


Rin says: Do you guys think Rachel bought those undies as a secret present for Quinn? To match her eyes.


I am completely on board with Sophy’s rationalisation of Rachel’s motives. Are we surprised at all? Nope? Neither.

Also Lea kills me. Scroll up and look at that 3rd cap! That scrunched up face while pointing is the greatest. It reminds me of one of my other favourite faces of all time, Leslie Knope when she’s looking on from behind the glass at Greg Pikitis. Seriously.


I just really like the idea that Rachel’s knickers might need, for whatever reason, to match Quinn’s eyes.


Sophy says: A classic.


I really need more ridiculous Jane Lynch, and less ridiculous pregnancy.

Also, Mike is once again, putting in his best background acting foot forward.

Sophy says: Mike really is a lot more special in the background than I gave him credit for the first time around.


Most Rophy

We like to think of rophydoes as a rainbow tent that protects you from racism.



So Britt’s not strictly allowed to be random yet, but she’s still adorable as hell sitting there being all befuddled but totally intrigued about a tent made of big gay love. And the following was just unbearably wrong and funny: “I know the Dutch are famous for being a cold people, but that’s no excuse for treating you like some half-price hooker in Amsterdam’s famous red light district.” This is the pitch-black comedy that used to balance out Glee’s after school special side. The racism angle this episode takes as a whole and the fearlessness with which Jane Lynch goes to the ‘teen prostitution is funny’ place. It makes me sad that as the show has grown it’s lost a lot of that early irreverence.

Glee cops a lot of flack in fandom for being (I believe) inadvertently offensive with respect to just about everything in the book, from race issues to to women’s lib to gay rights to suicide to “rich white girl problems” to trashing the straight, white male, to exalting the straight white male… I’ve participated in the bitching plenty, and I do feel it’s important to keep TV on its toes by noticing these things. But at the same time, I feel like we should all acknowledge more often how hard Glee tries. Because it really does try, more than most shows, to send a message of love and acceptance for all people. I feel like in recent times they’ve caved to the pressure a bit and tried harder and harder to be politically correct, when really the, shall we say, disrespectful gags were never the problem in the first place. In fact they were necessary. Glee is at its best when it’s a special mix of cynical and sweet, hilariously sharp-tongued and gorgeously naive. With season 4 fast approaching I’d love to see a little more bite in the show. And no, Kate Hudson lying rudely about being a good dancer is not going to cut it.

Just so we’re clear.

Rin says: But Sophy! We’re the most bigoted people in ALL THE LANDS! Haven’t you been paying attention to our comments? 8-.

Right there with you in trying to make a better effort in acknowledging the best in Glee, rather than the worst.

There has never been a prime-time show that has had as much diversity as Glee has.

And you know what I kind of hate, and feel like is becoming more common everyday? The fact that fandom has turned into one big parents television council.

SERIOUSLY. Every fucking day I read shit about people getting offended on behalf of others. And just? When did everyone get so fucking sensitive and righteous? I am right there with Sophy, if something is super wrong I will be the first to call them out on it. But also remember that this is television and its primary purpose is to entertain you.

Something I have always felt strongly about is that television does not have a duty to teach us things about the way we should behave as human beings. So many people have the attitude that tv is supposed to serve them, when I completely feel like it’s supposed to be the other way around. Like, ‘oh my god, this tv show is showing a lesbian sleeping with a guy! NOT ALL LESBIANS SLEEP WITH GUYS!’ … well. Some do. And some don’t. The point is that, it’s a character that these people have created. They have the right to make the character do whatever they please, it’s their creation, and most likely they didn’t create the character for you.

People want to see themselves represented fairly on screen, I get that. But like.. okay. Example time! Let’s delve into something about how Glee is racist because its ‘minority’ characters are never front and centre. First of all, Asians aren’t a minority. There’s over a billion of us. And if Tina was front and centre, what exactly do you think that would prove? That Asians exist? Well, yes, they do. You probably know some! Tina isn’t front and centre, because Tina isn’t a well-rounded out character. This may change, and I hope it does, but because I want to know about Tina, not because I need a strong Asian role model. I have my mum for that, thank you very much. And anyway, the character I relate to most on Glee is Quinn, and we don’t share any of the same experiences. At all. There is very little we share in fact, but I still feel the most for her. All the time, always.

And I get the other side of the coin too, where why oh why aren’t there are Asian leads in any show ever? Well, there probably are some in China. Maybe a few. But in the western world? Not so much. I fully believe there should be more lead roles (that aren’t stereotypes) for non-Caucasians. And I’m not even going to try and pretend to know the first thing about how to make that happen, but it might be something along the lines of, the right script, the right actors and a network with enough balls to take a chance.

Anyhoo, I’m way off-base at this point. The base is a dot to me.

I just have a lot of feelings sometimes.


Sophy says: The jury’s out for me as to whether there’s a causal link between fake violence and real violence, but I’m totally with you overall. I would never want to say that you can’t learn things from TV – small things like how not to wear florals, as well as big things, like what the point of love really is. TV has been one of my greatest teachers. But the bottom line is that it isn’t supposed to be a handbook on how to live your life, and when it tries to be it’s almost always fucking trite and boring. I think Spike said it best when he said “I’m not good, but I’m okay.” TV characters shouldn’t have to be created or portrayed in ways that are unerringly appropriate or slavishly dedicated to changing the world for the better. They should, first and foremost, be interesting.

But you know, it is a balance. I’d never want to preach to people about being chilled out about TV, because that would make me the most jumbo-sized hypocrite on this earth. I want everyone to rant their little hearts out, just like I do, whenever they feel it’s warranted, and even sometimes when they know it’s probably not but they’re too fired up to help themselves. But I do think that we sometimes we need to step back and appreciate that a show is overall a force for good in the world, and overall damn entertaining. And that’s Glee.

Also, I want more Asian people on television.


Quinn Glory Shot

Just don’t do it with her.

Sophy says: JUST. DON’T. DO. IT. WITH. HER.

Because that’s the whole fucking point right there isn’t it.

Rachel is the whole point for Quinn.

Rin says: This whole thing, I die for this whole thing.

The thing where Quinn is basically saying she would understand if Finn cheated on her with anyone but Rachel. Because what is up with that exactly? It’s Quinn, on some level, confirming that her feelings for Finn and the reasons for dating him aren’t exactly pure. And her feelings for Rachel aren’t as simple as ‘Me: Queen, Rachel: Loser’ and it’s a lot more complicated and messy than she’d like to admit.

There’s also the bit Quinn says just before,  “You think she did that for me? Just to be a good teammate?” It’s half, Oh Finn please, you naive sophisticated newborn baby. And it’s half Quinn not even allowing herself to think for a second that Rachel could possibly have done it a bit for her too. She wants to make Rachel the villain, because last time Rachel was nice to her it made things confusing and she found herself turning around and watching Rachel leave.

Quinn isn’t telling Finn not to cheat altogether, just don’t do it with her. She doesn’t want Finn all to herself, he wants him to stay away from Rachel. And yes, it’s because she feels threatened by Rachel and Finn, and their connection. But shouldn’t she be worried about that too if Finn was to cheat on her with someone else? Isn’t that the entire point of, if it happened, Finn cheating — would be because he liked another girl. So that logic is kind of flawed.

It’s just the fact that Quinn will spend the next three seasons trying to keep Rachel and Finn apart. And it’s not because she wants Finn for herself.

So what other possible reason could it be?

Because it’s a major constant with Quinn. Um, as in, Rachel is a constant with Quinn.

Just don’t do it with her.
No more songs with her.
Because of Rachel? Because you still love her?
She has love.

Maybe it’s because she doesn’t want Rachel to be happy. Maybe it’s because she wants to send Rachel on her way.

Maybe it’s because a part of Quinn has always felt like she’s tethered to Rachel.



Look, there’s this thing I remember talking about in a Skins recap, with respect to Freddie/Effy/Cook, called, if I remember correctly, ‘Triangulation of desire,’ and I think that’s what’s going on here. Triangulation of desire is basically when one person has romantic or sexual or emotional interactions with one person primarily because they are close to another person. Basically it’s a situation where a whole relationship one person has with another is in fact all about another relationship that person wishes they could have with that third person. I may have my theories about how Rachel is so damn fixated on Finn as an essential part of her success and happiness, partly as an extension of a much more serious fixation on Quinn and all the ways she represents success and happiness to her. Those are just theories, and I can understand people pooh-poohing them. But things on Quinn’s end? They’re a lot more in your face.

This moment makes it completely obvious that Finn is romantically and emotioanlly irrelevant for Quinn except insofar as he relates to Rachel.

I wonder if he’s sexually irrelevant to her except insofar as he relates to Rachel too?


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  1. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    Ohohoho. Outstanding. I haven’t watched this episode all through in a long time, just certain scenes, so I’d more or less forgotten about Drizzle. And fun Britt. And Quendra Terri’s sister.

    I really, really enjoy Rachel’s face in cap 6 of the fabargument. Also all the ones where she’s towering over Quinn on the stairs. (Each and every Quinn popping up in the comments will be enjoyable too.)

    Is the Finchel motivation really supposed to be the main reading of the Jacob/unmentionables fiasco? I wasn’t shipping Faberry like a magnate at the time, but I always thought it was about Rachel trying to reach out to Quinn (albeit for bad surface reasons). And so Quinn’s “you think she did that for me?” isn’t Glee being champion of obvious dialogue, but Quinn being her angry pressed lemon self.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Ned :X

      I picked a Quinn I thought you’d appreciate the most.

      Librarian Quinn.

      1. Ned
        Ned at · Reply

        I appreciated this for three full minutes before I remembered what I was doing. So… yeah. :)

        And now I have this awkward image of Quinn shushing Rachel in an inappropriate situation.

  2. Juliett
    Juliett at · Reply

    Oh Quinn. You beautiful repressed cheerleader, you. 8->
    I’m still not over (and doubt I’ll eve be) the amount of sexual tension in the Fabargument because really? Do you have to be so close to someone when you argue? Do you really have to chase after all the way through the stairs? …Yeah, that’s right.

    And that’s also one of the scenes that makes me wonder why people don’t understand the Faberry and why we talk about ‘chemistry’. I mean, seriously, do you have eyes? This scene is like 4 years old and I can still feel the chemistry jump off my screen and all over the room.

    Not having ever watched Glee in the right order (or more like in totally random orders), I remember though that the first 10 episode of S1 were the one I probably watched the most religiously when it was airing on TV. And even back then, I can remember that I always thought the connection between Rachel and Quinn was very much past Finn, and I hoped that we would see more of that.
    (Little did I know that 3 years later I would be crying over them ‘keeping in touch’ )

    And Drizzle! Made me miss the times when Finn could actually be a well-rounded nice, funny, jock characters instead of the patronizing ass he became. Oh Glee why.

    I have so much more Faberry feels but I wouldn’t even know how to word them half as good as you guys do so thanks for this lovely recap~

    (SET ME FREE WHY DONT YOU BABY. – This is my alarm ringtone, I have no shame to wake up thinking about Quinn Fabray surrounded by girls!jocks)

    PS: I realized that I hardly comment on this recaps even though I’m all excited and giggling when I see there’s a new one. Uhm. I’ll have to work on that and annoy you guys more ;)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Juliett! We would love for you to ‘annoy’ us forever <3333

  3. Lexy
    Lexy at · Reply

    I always thought it interesting that Rachel and Quinn both went so far out of their way to connect to the other, their need to be so involved in each others lives any way they can smacks of some form of buried desire. You don’t get that involved in somebody else’s business unless you care about them. Fact.
    And ,speaking from experience,it’s a lot easier to try to hate someone you shouldn’t love than it is to be their friend and ignore those feelings….And Quin ”hates” Rachel alot…

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  4. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    I stand by my early, early assumption that Quinn was written as the repressed cheerleader. I believe with all my heart that was the plan with Quinn Fabray. Then they saw the chemistry with Santana and Brittany and we just cannot have 3 gay ass cheerleaders. Gay quota reached. Limit defined.

    I think that’s why her character has been so traumatized and abused in the later seasons. They just didn’t know what to do with all the groundwork they laid out. So they turned her into some teenage psychopath. UGH! Frustration! Keep Holding On is still one of my favorite performances. And the GAYEST cheerleading dance EVER! I have no words.

    1. Mayon
      Mayon at · Reply

      That could actually be true.
      The fans’ response to Brittana was so strong when the writers didn’t even think about it being a real thing that they had to make it happen. I never truly believed that “Brittana was always on”.

    2. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      1. Whymz
        Whymz at · Reply

        Oh Rin! I want to hug you with my legs in friendship!!!!!!

  5. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    You guys made me rewatch Season 1 during my vacation time. And it was awesome. It reminded me how good it was. And now, I love it even more. I (almost) forgot that I can hate it sometimes.

    I miss this dorky Drizzle!Finn. He was fun! I liked him! Not the sneaking around and kissing Rachel part of him, but Drizzle!Finn.

    Rachel’ scrunchy face shushing Jacob is the best face ever. It needs awards. I love every face Rachel/Lea can come up with but I have a special part in my heart for this one. You can almost see Lea trying so bad to stay serious. It’s adorable.

    Keep holding on is one of my favorite perfomances. It’s all about Faberry. And Rachel wanting to be here for Quinn. Telling her to keep holding on. And everything that Rachel does is for Quinn and I’m gonna cry in my corner for a while now.

    About the gayest scene ever of the gayest show ever… I remember watching it the first time around and thinking “Do they want to tell us that Quinn’s gay? Cause that should do it.” I love that scene so much. And it comes with the most wonderful Fabargument of all time and… That’s why we love Faberry.

    Awesome recap guys. I love the way you can express everything that is Faberry so beautifully. The Walk down the Epicness of the Fabolution might kill me though. So many feelings.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      1. Mayon
        Mayon at · Reply


  6. KC
    KC at · Reply

    Quinn. In short pants. And Converse. (I can see her ankles!)

    Also, if I remember correctly, this was the first time we saw her with her hair down and dressed in something other than her Cheerios uniform.

    Seriously, how can she be that cute while being so forlorn? Can I hug her? I just want to give her a hug.

    Quinn flailing aside, this was an awesome episode because it was the perfect balance of outrageous hilarity and subtle drama (I can’t believe I’m writing that now in relation to Glee, because, you know, continuity issues,………. and Gwyneth). Honestly, everyone in the cast has such great comedic timing and farcical facial expressions, and can also do the dramatic stuff just as well. It’s such a shame that now it’s either one or the other for each episode. One week it’s an over-the-top, unbelievable-even-for-Glee, “funny” episode. The next week it’s a PSA on why you shouldn’t make fun of pygmy Wookies, or something.

    I have my fingers crossed for season 4 with hopes that they’ll get back to form, but I’m not holding my breath.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply


  7. Cat
    Cat at · Reply

    While there’s a general OTT political correctness going around (especially in tumblr) Glee gets called out so fiercely because the show started to take itself seriously. They can’t make a big deal of Kurt’s bullying and the next second expect us to laugh at Rachel crying for being slushied or whatever. The show used to be a smart dark comedy that messed with all the characters equally, now it’s… well I don’t think even they now what it is but the preaching, the (often wrong) messages, the misguided teaching/lessons make a lot of people react.

    Now, for the important stuff… OMG fighting UST filled faberry, I miss it so much. I was shipping them already by this episode but I know after this I went online in search of all the fanfiction I knew it existed. The gay from Quinn’s performance pretty much slapped me in the face

    Sue when she was still funny, and Jacob when he was just mildly creepy, Kendra! Also, Drizzle is one of the best lols of the show.

    If it’s not too much trouble, could I have sexy face Quinn (cap 53), please?

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply


  8. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    You guys. Oh my gosh, two days! I’m so excited! But, here’s irony at its best for you. I will be missing Glee every week when it airs because I will be at my OWN damn choir rehearsal. Thank goodness for DVR’s. :)

    Rachel and Quinn. So many feelings. When I watched this episode originally on its air date, I took it for face value. I, sadly, am easily manipulated by television writers. Oh, you want me to want Rachel with Finn? Okay! Sounds good. Once I had come to terms with the fact that I couldn’t have Lea Michele for myself, I became a Finchel person. And I tend to cave like this with most situations. (Until I really attach to a character. Now I don’t care who they throw at me, Rachel should be with Quinn!) However, I now have Rophy as my guide on how to actually process these characters. Here goes.

    I’m actually kinda pissed now that Rachel went after Finn. (It actually hurts me a bit to say that because I love Rachel so much.) It flies in the face of her always wanting to be friends with Cheerleader Quinn Fabray. You don’t go after the boyfriend of a friend. It makes sense though, especially given all the new information we have after the Finn wedding disaster. Rachel, for all her confidence, is one of the most insecure characters on this show. Can we blame her for falling back on what society says a girl supposed to have in order to feel good about herself? Everywhere she looks, she gets told she needs to have a boyfriend to prove her worth.

    This insecurity that Rachel has really becomes interesting when you look at how she interacts with Quinn. That argument! Rachel stands up to Quinn, holds her ground with Quinn, more than she does anyone else. Certainly much more than she does with Finn. So which one of them makes her a better person? How can the writers have really intended us to want Rachel with the boy who quashes her identity, rather than the girl who always challenges her to be better? They couldn’t have. Therefore, the writers are Faberry shippers. I’ve decided.

    Keep Holding On. So amazing. Upon first watch, I adored how Rachel was singing her little heart out to Quinn. Now I can’t believe how I didn’t read into that at the time. (slow learner) It’s one of my favorite performances. (And thanks for not including a cap of Finn holding both of their hands. I agree with Sophy, SO creepy.)

    Great job as always Rophy! Thanks for sharing your inner thoughts on this. Much appreciated.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      I totally shipped Finchel in the beginning. :) It’s not a crime, I wouldn’t worry.

  9. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    I just discovered this blog like two days ago, and guess what’s been filling all my free time since? You guys are great! We may not always see eye to eye (I kind of like Gwyneth–sorry!), but that decreases my enjoyment of your wit and incisive analysis not one bit. In fact, you’ve changed my mind about some episodes.

    Meanwhile, I love the faberry goggles. It’s the only way to watch this show. I have to admit, I kind of gave up on glee early in the 3rd season. Episode 5, I believe? I needed room on my DVR! What brought me wholeheartedly back into the fandom? Faberry. I feel like I’ve been born again.

    As far as this recap, I couldn’t LOL any more than I did with how gay that fantasy scene was. I kind of agree that they planned pressed lemon Quinn from the beginning, and then Britanna accidentally took off. I just don’t see why there must be a quota, but I’m gratified by the strong Faberry web presence as well. You guys are fighting he good fight, and refreshingly without sinking other ships…mostly.

    Finally, I miss this early Dorky!Finn too. I hate hero complex!Finn. The casual way he demeans and dismisses Rachel, the best character in all my land? Atrocious. I hate her dialing back her personality when with him. Though she disappeared a bit with Jesse initially too. Hm. I love the analysis here that for all her confidence about her talent, she’s still looking for social acceptance, and thus latches on to suitable heteronormative mate. Hey, you experiment in your youth. ;)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Hey! Yay! So glad you found us! :) I’m glad that you still enjoy the recaps, even if we don’t see eye to eye on everything. That makes me very happy.

      Now please, enjoy a Quinn spin. On the house.

  10. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    Ps I feel like I should clarify that I rejoined the fandom at 3.15. I don’t know why I must clarify, but there it is.

  11. A
    A at · Reply

    Oh my lord! Gay cheerleader Quinn Fabray for the win! Have they (Lea & Dianna I mean) ever been asked about this episode and the meaning of these “fights” *cough foreplay*? And how is it possible to dance angrily and be adorable at the same time? If there was a course for that (angrydancingwhilstbeingadorable101), I’d take it!
    Great recap!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      She’s the most ridiculous thing.

  12. Ruben
    Ruben at · Reply

    I would have commented before, but I was distracted by Quinn spinning, and spinning beautifully, and spin…. what was I saying??

    Anyway, I just wanted ro congratulate you guys for yet another awesometacular recap.=D
    I enjoy faberry as much as anyone, but with you guys at least I know I’m not the only one.^^ (There are not a lot of people that I know that ship them…ignorants with lives…)

    Other than that, I don’t really know if I’ll watch Glee friday (I have to wait to see it…I live in Spain), I mean, if Quinn is not in it, what’s the point?? I haven’t even sen him and I already hate this Brody guy and Kate Hudson’s character and I don’t know why… I mean I understand that they want to put some more challanges to Rachel, but can we all agree that she has one of the best voices out there?? She is incredible talented, so, why this storyline that “she only thinks she’s good because she comes from a small town, and she was big there”?? She can kick the ass of everyone in that freacking school!!

    I’m calm…so that’s all, because I see that I’m starting to ramble, and when that happens I tend to not make sense of what I write in the end… So I’ll end as I always do; QUINN ME PLEASE!!^^

    EDIT: I saw in imdb.com, that Quinn is suppose to appeare in the episode, so I’ll watch it…but I think is just so they can have more audience…Miss Agron has that gift…*sigh*

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      I’m definitely watching tomorrow, but I have the LOWEST of LOW expectations. Which includes no Quinn at all in the first episode…in fact, I’m only expecting to see her pop up in the fourth. I would really like them to surprise me though.

      …oh Quinn Fabray… how could anyone let you go?

      1. Cat
        Cat at · Reply

        When you say “I would really like them to surprise me though” you mean her showing up sooner rather than later or that you don’t want to know. Because we already know when we can expect her.

        1. Rin
          Rin at · Reply

          Showing up sooner rather than later. :)

          If she’s COMPLETELY ignored for the first 3 episodes, I’m not going to be a very happy camper. I at least need a mention, and that they give Quinn the respect she deserves as a character.

  13. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    Terri’s sister was Kendra I think? KENDRA WAS THE GREATEST OH MY GOD I MISS HER


    Keep Holding On has so much Faberry that it is actually blinding.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest face in the world.

  14. Leo
    Leo at · Reply

    glee is one of my texts at uni, specifically this episode oh Christ I miss vintage glee. I kind of love how Chris Colfer plays against Kurt’s canonical disdain of Quinn in this ep- I mean those two could have been an epic pair and had lots of scenes of them dancing together crying but oh well.

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