106 – Vitamin D

Best Song

The Boys – It’s My Life/Confessions

Sophy says: I loved this so much. I’m a bit of a Bon Jovi stan, so this was always going to have the edge for me. But it’s not just that. It’s Mike’s epic moves – and the fact that thingy’s moves were pretty awesome too. (Does anyone else miss thingy??? Like, enough to care about him but not enough to look up his name???) It’s the fact that this is the first time Kurt has been ~one of the guys AND THE LEVELS OF ADORABLE HE BRINGS TO THE ROLE ARE BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS. THAT LAST CAP. I just. And more than anything… it’s Finn’s face.

Finn makes me pretty fucking angry sometimes, but there are times, especially early in the series, when Cory is just so cute as a button that you just can’t help choosing categories based on his face. LOOK AT IT? IT’S SO GLORIOUSLY MANIC. CHRIST.

Lea Michele is the comedic star of this show for me, but the other kids do all have their moments – and this is one of Cory’s best.

Rin says: Poor Matt. Poor mustard. I’m still wondering why he was treated as such a null and void character. BUT WHATEVER. ONWARD.

When I first watched this episode I remember just being a ball of squee over how awesome it was. BECAUSE THESE MASH UPS WERE THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD? YES? And they were on drugs that made them super crazy and energetic and my cast are the best cast, just look how big their smiles are?

I totally still listen to this song every now and again whenever I’m in a Glee mood, because it’s just one of those memorable performances, and it brings me right back to these guys jumping around like mad men.

Cory is good at manic. I think that moment when he walks into the choir room absolutely buzzed and commenting on how it’s a beautiful day will always be a favourite Cory moment for me.

Sophy says: See, I hate mash-ups. I think I’m even pretty much quoting myself there. As in, I think I have said in one of these Glee recaps “I hate mash-ups.” Which is not to say they make me want to burn down buildings or throw big things at small things – it’s just that I feel like nine times out of ten the original two were better in every way than the cobbled together one. But just? JUST?


PS. Pretty Unpretty was is and ever will be the only exception. Thank you.

The Girls – Halo/Walkin’ On Sunshine

Sophy says: Okay, I was on the verge of not including this, because strictly speaking I do think the boys’ had the winner. But then I thought ‘Oh you can just make a couple of caps for Quinn’s sake :-j’ and then suddenly it was a tie. Because.

I don’t know how Lea Michele did it but she managed to do ‘Manic Rachel’. I wouldn’t have thought there was a ceiling to break there. But there was.

And awwww, our kids. So cute. SO CUTE. This is one of the most adorable performances the girls have ever done, and yes, we did need two caps of Quinn smiling at the end there, we really did – if you’re upset that there weren’t three, don’t worry, Rin will be quinning the moment in the comments.


Rin says: I WOULD NEVER HAVE ALLOWED YOU TO NOT INCLUDE THIS PERFORMANCE. IT’S TOO SPECTACULAR TO NOT BE INCLUDED.  And just, Rachel, and their yellow dresses and RACHEL’S INTRO TO THE SONG. Honestly. I just think about this performance and smile.

PLUS. Walking on Sunshine.

Come on.

And Faberry halo.

And that last note Rachel hits.

And when she hugs Will.

Just rewatching this performance for Quinning purposes and JESUS CHRIST. IT’S JUST. THE MOST HILARIOUS NUMBER I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE.

Also, Jenna. Right here. Is the best thing ever.

In fact, I demand everyone go rewatch right now and just keep your eye on Jenna. SHE’S THE BEST FUCKING THING IN THIS PERFORMANCE.


Sophy says: OH JENNA. JENNA JENNA JENNA. 8-. I heard her character is going to get an actual arc in S4. Trust no one. But I am excited.


Biggest LOL

“Hello Terri this is Howard Bamboo.”
Yeah, I know that Howard.”

Sophy says: AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OH GOD. This was just perfect. Terri is such an over the top character, but sometimes it’s the subtlety of Jessalyn’s delivery that makes the moment. And Howard Bamboo. GOD I MISS HOWARD BAMBOO.

To be honest, this show was so much better when it had an array of whacky side characters, as opposed to, you know, a slew of blonde big names who don’t know how to be funny.

I would take Howard Bamboo over Gwyneth any day. In every sense of the word.

Rin says: HOWARD BAMBOO may be the greatest name ever.

And you’re so right. I love it when Glee used to rely on actual characters like Howard and Sandy, rather than a slew of ‘big names’ who don’t really bring anything to the table. At all. HONESTLY, GLEE. NO ONE IS SITTING AROUND GOING, ‘OMG?!?! KATE HUDSON IS GOING TO BE ON GLEE?!!? I BETTER WATCH!!!!!!!!!’


Also, I need to give a shoutout for another Terri moment that happens later with Quinn.

“I need to talk to you…about the baby.”
“Is everything okay? Wait! You’re not having it right now are you?”
“What? No! Aren’t you supposed to be a nurse?” 

You’re not having it right now are you?

Fucking Terri. 8-.

Sophy says: AHAHAHAHAHAAH SHE WAS THE GREATEST. She needs to come back. For any reason. Immediately.



Best Scene

“That was me, actually.”

Sophy says: Here we go. HERE WE GO.



Actual Faberry scene, coming through. It’s amazing how much Rin and I can talk about Faberry even in episodes where they don’t actually exchange words or even glances. But we do prefer it when we have a legitimate reason to do so.


In fact, it legitimizes. We may not have known it at the time, but cut us some slack, okay, Rin was young and foolish and I was slightly less elderly – and foolish – and hindsight is 20/20 and maybe TV has taught us a thing or two about life since then. Whatever. We may not have known it at the time, but if Faberry is canon today – and it is IT DAMN WELL IS – then this is the scene with which it became so.

If all the posturing and glowering and bursting into super gay song was climbing up on the Faberry starting blocks, this is where we actually jump in. This is where we realise Quinn’s feelings for Rachel – or maybe just about Rachel at this point – cannot simply be reduced to mean girl bitching or jealousy over Finn.

It’s on a whole other level when you’re drawing pornographic pictures of someone on bathroom walls.










Quite apart from Quinn’s sheepish “That was me, actually,” being so cute it was actually lambish, you just simply do not draw pornographic pictures of people who do not interest you sexually on any level. You just don’t. Okay, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is an actual thing that profoundly heterosexual girls do in America, just to be mean to other heterosexual girls. But I have never seen or heard of or experienced such a thing in my life. To me it just screams gay and secretly crushing. Very secretly crushing. You know, crushing in the way where you absolutely cannot be crushing.

(You make me feel things I absolutely cannot feel.)

I think that’s why there’s this preoccupation with Rachel as a peculiarly sexual being – the pornographic pictures, as well as the frequent references to her in masculine terms mentioned in previous recaps. Basically every time Quinn snickers in the stall over how she imagines Rachel’s boobs might look, she’s trying to pretend they’re nothing but funny to her and she thinks about them so much because she’s some kind of boob comedian.


But regardless of Quinn’s obvious sex feelings for Rachel, this scene is a huge one for their relationship and for her character more generally. We got our first real taste of what Quinn was made of – or rather, what Rachel made of her – back in episode 3 when she stood up to Sue about Glee club. But this is where we really start to see the kind of person she is – how she is so much less of a cut and dried bitch than we thought she was – how she knows things about herself that cut and dried bitches don’t know. People who are truly abandoned to the worst sides of themselves generally aren’t aware of it. What makes them so horrible – what allows them to do such horrible things – is that they no longer have any insight into themselves or any empathy for others.

Quinn has insight, and the empathy part she gets from Rachel. I’m not saying she didn’t have the capacity for it herself already. Quinn’s not some kind of psychopath, and she does have positive interactions with other people that have nothing to do with Rachel eg. Mercedes over the whole tater tots debacle. But she is very closed emotionally. She is very careful not to feel the wrong things. Quinn at this point is an anxious, insecure girl – as so many Queen Bees are – one who is terrified of the looming reality of losing everything she’s fought to get for herself. You know, all those things a tiara means that she still thinks matter so much at this point. AT THIS POINT.




I’m back. Um. She has to do everything she can to pretend to herself that nothing’s going to change – and feelings – empathy – caring about other people – that’s all about change.

And you know what, Quinn? Change can be so good.

Rachel does that for Quinn. Rachel makes her see. And now more than ever I’m in awe of the beauty of Faberry’s final scene in season 3. Because that’s it, right there. Quinn isn’t scared to change anymore – because change brought Rachel into her life. Now it’s Rachel who’s afraid, and Quinn who’s saying Don’t be. This girl – this girl whose body  is about to be contorted – whose soul is about to be put through the ringer – she doesn’t get it yet. But it starts here. And I honestly think that if Rachel hadn’t made this gesture, Quinn might have wound up on the scrapheap of life.

And what is this gesture? What is Rachel doing? It’s simple really. She’s telling Quinn it’s okay to be who she is – no matter what. She’s telling her she is valued. She is wanted. Basically she reaches over the moat Quinn has built around herself and she does it by simply refusing to be afraid of her. She does it by simply insisting on loving her. And it’s so fucking Beauty and the Beast that I can’t.

LOL QUINN IS THE BEAST. It’s so wrong and yet it’s so right.

But yes. Rachel refuses to be afraid of Quinn, and suddenly Quinn doesn’t know how to play her role – she’s lost, utterly. And there is nothing to be but real. So she tells Rachel the truth – she would have tortured her, she drew the pictures on the fabathroom wall. She acknowledges implicitly that all of it is a game – a behaviour she’s chosen for reasons other than actually disliking Rachel – a behaviour that she regrets.

And that’s the thing – it’s all about behaviour. It’s all about the ways Faberry behave their way to success. I think of it like how a toddler might be mortally terrified of dogs, and a parent might hold their hand and guide them to pet one, and once they realised that all bark aside, the dog had no actual intention of ripping their innards out, they’d realise they liked petting the dog – and it would start sleeping on the end of their bed at night and cuddling up to them when they’re sad.

That’s sort of what happened with Faberry.

Rachel refuses to be afraid of Quinn – she pretends that they are friends. That’s what they are, ultimately – and that’s why. It starts as pretending and chugs along, the little engine that could – and would – and one day did – because one day it was real. One day We would never have been friends, is said with a smile.

I’ve said it before, I think – Quinn is a Damon. Quinn/Rachel is a Damon/Elena. This has never been more apparent to me than it is now. Please bear in mind: I’m aware that Glee and The Vampire Diaries are very, very different shows. I’m also aware that both ships are unique in their own ways – any ship worth shipping is its own beautiful thing – nobody loves a do-over. But there are certain similarities in the construction of the relationships. In fact, it’d be interesting for me to look at my shipping history and work out why I love the things I love – Quinn/Rachel mirrors so many elements of other ships I have obsessed over in my time, after all.

(Buffy/Spike, Dan/Blair, Naomi/Emily, Veronica/Logan, Jacob/Bella, Daisy/Mason, House/Cameron, to name a few.)

Above, when I mentioned that Quinn was the beast, I was struck by how hilarious it was to call someone played by Dianna Agron the beast, and my mind immediately connected that up with the time Nina Dobrev told Ian Somerhalder he was too pretty to be Beast to her Belle. And yet he is – as Damon – he absolutely is the Beast to her Belle.

But you know, so many ships are constructed that way, and there are so many unreasonably attractive people on telly. The connection was light and fleeting. It was only when I was writing about pretending and being real that I saw why the ships are kindred in my eyes. Damon pretends – it’s who he is – it’s what he does. He really does like to perform. He puts on a show for anyone and everyone he meets – right down to his own brother – especially his own brother. But Elena by-passed it all. I think it’s the third episode of the first season when she pins him down – figuratively, not literally – they haven’t gone there yet. (I can’t wait for them to go there.) They’re doing the dishes after a theatre of dinner with friends, and Damon is a monster who is fucking with her Caroline’s head – with Caroline’s body – he is a vampire, but more importantly, he is a mean, mean person who is out to get you all – and especially Elena (because especially Stefan). He’s catches a glass – quick and easy – he’s playing with her – a game – not who he is – a chosen behaviour – one that he will regret. And Elena stomps politely all over it. She tells him something real about himself. That he loved Katherine too. She says she’s sorry, and he is lost, utterly.

And when she hugs him in the woods outside the tomb when he has done nothing to deserve it – when he has recently pinned her to his body and shoved his blood down her throat – when he has threatened to kill her to get what he’s just been denied – when he has by anyone’s standards tortured her… when she hugs him after that – when she is there just because he needs her to be…

That’s when he starts to find himself. His real self. Perhaps for the first time ever. I wanted it to be real. It will be – for them both.

See I feel like I’ve just written a couple of paragraphs about Faberry there. Because how beautifully does “You would’ve liked me.” “I like you now – just the way you are,” wed itself to “I don’t hate you.” “Why not?”

“You’re going to be the one to save him from himself.” “You’re a lot better than you know.”

“You’re a lot more than that.” “Why don’t you let people see the good in you?”

“It’s because I love you that I can’t be selfish with you.” And Rachel is voted prom queen by very secret ballot.

Call me sappy. I seem to like relationships that are all about inspiration. All about being a better self because of the other. Bigger, stronger, more. That’s what love is to me.

And that’s what happening here. The moment Rachel chooses to care about Quinn is the moment the balance tips. Quinn will never go back to being the mean girl – not in our eyes and not in her own. She cares now. because Rachel cared for her.

And my feelings are dead on the floor.

And this brings me to something I was discussing with Rin a little too late to put into the Bridesmaids Scene recap, but which can just as easily be discussed here. Rachel cares and it makes Quinn care and that’s when she starts to get happy. I’m thinking of how at the end of season 2 Quinn says “I just want somebody to love me,” and how ironic that is because the one girl who infuriates her more than anything – You’re so frustrating – would – would happily – already does – even when Quinn does everything not to let her. Of course that kind of love isn’t what Quinn’s thinking of. She’s looking for a man to sweep her off her feet. She’s looking for someone to replace Finn who replaced Sam who replaced Finn. She’s looking for more of what has never worked.

Quinn says she wants somebody to love her, but what she really needs is somebody to love.

(Can anybody find her…?)

That’s how Quinn gets it right. By turning her craving inside out. By adoring somebody instead of waiting to be adored herself. It doesn’t work the first time, with Beth. Not exactly. Because in the end the best way she can love Beth is to be out of her life. And I think that’s why it hurts so much when Rachel says she doesn’t want her to come to the wedding – the best way you can be my friend is to not be there on my big day. Quinn doesn’t want it to be that way. So she compromises – she caves – whatever it takes – anything to hold onto the this person she’s found to love. Anything to get to keep loving her up close.

I’ve talked so much about what this scene means for Quinn I’ve forgotten to express how amazing it is for Rachel. People can say what they like about Rachel Berry. The show can intermittently paint her as a narcissistic headcase. Nothing will erase the pure kindness of this. She reaches out to someone who, based on all collected data, she might have been sure would slap her hand away. She invites someone who has hurt her into her sanctuary. She puts Quinn first. And she’s so proud of it. Rachel’s face when she walks away from Quinn in this scene is one of my favourite Rachel faces ever. She’s just… lifted up. Buoyed. Her head held high because she knows she’s made a difference.

“Don’t you want to leave this place having made a difference.”




LOOK OKAY. Faberry are just amazing. They are easily the best thing about Glee, and Rin and I love a lot of things about Glee, so that’s not a glib statement. They are above and beyond because their story is so layered and so coherent. Like, you know, as though someone’s actually sat down and thought about where they’ve been and where they’re going every time a scene has been written. And they’re also above and beyond because they’re so fucking good – through and through. I’m not saying Quinn and Rachel never hurt each other. But when they do it makes sense. It’s a relevant and warranted part of their journey, and it’s also something that’s acknowledged as a bad thing, not just swept under the carpet like so many of the uglier parts of Finchel have been.

People often ask me how I can ship Damon/Elena and decry Chuck/Blair, because they both contain abuse. And I honestly don’t know how they can miss the glaring difference, which is simply that Gossip Girl pretends Chuck/Blair is a fairytale. Gossip Girl is the husband who beats his wife up and then buys her a new dress. The Vampire Diaries, on the other hand, understands and acknowledges the ugly bits of Damon/Elena. It does not blindly exalt them as a perfect couple. They are not even a couple. And most importantly, at no time does Elena run after Damon and vow to “fight” to be “enough” for him.


Okay, let’s stop talking about the Gossip Girl finale, before I have some kind of rage blackout. Look, I’m not going to say that Finchel is remotely comparable to Chuck/Blair in terms of The Horror. But then Faberry aren’t remotely comparable to Damon/Elena in terms of the horrible things done either. It’s just that it’s so much easier to forgive Faberry when they hurt each other, because they actually apologise. Because it’s actually a part of them learning to love each other better. When Finn calls Rachel annoying, selfish, crazy… he doesn’t apologise. We just don’t speak of it again. And Rachel sings a song all about how without Finn she is blind, vain, lost, paralyzed, and taking the blame. And that’s okay. That’s OTP. That’s something to get married about.

Finn and Rachel don’t teach each other anything. Quinn and Rachel have taught each other some of the things they’re proudest of.

And can we just talk briefly about the lingering look over the shoulder as someone walks away, or should I say Lingering Look Over Shoulder As Someone Walks Away or LLOSASWA as is its unwieldy acronym or ‘The OTP shot’ as it is commonly known in fandom circles or ought to be. Seriously, you don’t give two characters a shot like this unless you want people to ship it.

Rin says: You’ve touched on a lot of amazing things just then, and I will certainly add to the discussion in a second, but first:

I feel like Glee should probably get sued or something for copyright infringement.

HONESTLY. JUST LOOK. We couldn’t have manipped it any better than what it is. Oh Quinn, forever doomed to be the dude in all cross-parallels.




Rin says: This scene is one of those scenes where Faberry show signs of why they ended up where they are today.

I mean, for the past 10 minutes I’ve been trying to think of ways to write about it, but all I’ve been doing is curling into a ball, fake-sobbing, and keyboard mashing at Sophy in a hysterical rampage.

Because that’s what Faberry do to me. They make me uncontrollably emotional.

But only because they’re the ones who have this whole backlog of intense scenes filled to the brim with emotion. When I think about how this was the perfect opportunity for Rachel to take advantage of the absence of Quinn, so she could spend more time with Finn, and instead chooses the complete opposite of that and takes this as an opportunity to show Quinn all the ways in which she can be a real friend to her. It makes my insides tingle. Because as Sophy said, none of this is about Finn. It may come to be about Finn later, when Rachel tells the truth about Puck being the father, but even after that — Rachel doesn’t run after Finn. She runs after Quinn. And apologises to her because their non-friendship still means more to her than ‘getting’ Finn.

And it amazes me how much Rachel values Quinn this early on.

“I know everyone expects us to be enemies and be in competition, but I don’t hate you.”
“Why not? I’ve been awful to you.” 

Really, Rachel. WHY NOT?! Because this endless desire to be Quinn’s friend and not-hating her didn’t just drum up the moment you learnt Quinn was pregnant. That would have been pretty creepy, actually. It’s been that way since the moment you first met. When Quinn was everything you wanted to be. The only thing that has really changed is that Quinn is letting Rachel have a real conversation with her. And perhaps this is the moment when Quinn will look back and wonder how Rachel nestled her way into her life — the moment she stopped walking away from Rachel and listened to what she had to say. That she doesn’t need to feel embarrassed and that no one at Glee will judge her. And could Rachel really be any more sensitive about this whole thing towards Quinn? No. The answer is no.

And the way Quinn asks, ‘why not?’ is just so… okay. Look. Do you really go around asking people what they think of you? Why would Quinn even care why Rachel didn’t hate her, if she didn’t care what Rachel thinks of her? And this is where I think about what Sophy has said in the past, how every thought and feeling Rachel has had about Quinn, Quinn has felt them right back about Rachel. And this is something I think Quinn thinks about a lot more than she lets on, right up to the middle of season 3. ‘Why the hell does Rachel Berry care about me?’ ESPECIALLY when she’s completely aware of the way she treats Rachel. And honestly, I think it scares Quinn, the way that Rachel can get through to her so easily. Quinn is guarded, okay? When she wakes up in the morning she probably spends around 20 minutes building up her fort and reinforcing the stone walls. She doesn’t go around inviting just any old person in. (Is this turning into a Beauty and the Beast metaphor again?!?) Yet 2 seconds of Rachel being nice to Quinn and here she is tearing up and preparing a room for Rachel to stay in.

This is just the way they are. They understand each other, and they don’t play games. They’re straight (HAR HAR) and thoughtful with each other. They’re constantly telling each other truths, truths about themselves, and I don’t know if any other two characters on this show have learnt more about themselves through each other than these two right here.

And this is where the show clearly links them.

“How can you relate to what I’m going through?”

<Insert endless amount of Faberry parallels. YOU ALREADY KNOW THEM. I MADE AN EDUCATIONAL VIDEO ABOUT IT FFS.>

Sophy says: For anyone who has not watched it already. Go forth.

Rin says: :*)

One of the things I love about the way Rachel tells Quinn to come back to practice, is the way she plays it up. ‘It’s fun! Boys vs Girls!’ Because it’s like Rachel doesn’t think she’s enough of a reason for Quinn to come back (she is, yes Quinn is that easy) and it’s also as if she is giving Quinn a reason other than ‘Rachel asked me to come back’ — this way Quinn can pretend she’s mostly going back because it is fun to sing and dance, and it’s not because Rachel is right. That she needs friends who won’t judge her and will accept her for who she is. I also like that Glee is something Quinn never really wanted to give up, as she later confesses to Terri that she really does like Glee. It’s just a nice little bonus that Rachel was the one who reached out to Quinn while everyone else didn’t care whether Quinn was there or not. Afterall, this lead to I really do like to perform

SPEAKING OF. I never really noticed this till a few weeks ago, but when Rachel says, “We can certainly use your voice right now and, you’re actually a good singer Quinn.”

QUINN LOOKS DOWN. BECAUSE SHE CAN’T TAKE THE COMPLIMENT. I JUST. It says two things for me. One, that Quinn is very self conscious. And two, that Rachel’s praise means a lot.

And my head and heart explode. THEY EXPLODE YOU GUYS.



Just get a shovel and bury me right here, because I cannot. I CANNOT. THE FUCKING MUSIC SWELLS, AND QUINN HAS TEARS IN HER EYES. And she confesses an ugly truth to RACHEL BERRY. I JUST.

I’M STARTING TO FROTH AT THE MOUTH BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PROCESS ALL OF THIS IN A CALM MANNER. Quinn’s moved by Rachel’s kindness, and she’s upset by her own realisation that she wouldn’t have shown the same amount of decency to Rachel had she been in her shoes. And just by Quinn realising these kinds of things about her, and about Rachel, is why she starts to change. Like Sophy said. AND THIS IS IT YOU GUYS. THIS IS WHEN THE COGS START TO MOVE, AND WE GET TO SEE WHY CHANGE CAN BE SO GOOD.


And Rachel’s little, “I know,” said in a way where she doesn’t even care that that would be the case. SHE’S GOING TO BE NICE TO YOU FOREVER QUINN FABRAY, AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. Literally, nothing. So she smiles shyly, and it’s like they’ve both uncovered another piece to the puzzle and Rachel thinks about how she’s done a good thing, and how maybe one day they can be real friends.

AND THEN QUINN TURNS AROUND. And thinks the same thing.

That maybe one day they can be real friends.

And. It’s honestly one of my favourite shots/things/moments in Glee history.

Yes. It really is.

And also.

No straight girl draws pornographic pictures of another straight girl that they talk to and see in real life. Okay? It’s not a thing. Unless you’re in love with them. And have thought about what they look like naked.

You guys, the president of the celibacy club, drew pornographic pictures of a girl in the bathroom.

In what universe, is that not perversely gay?

Sophy says: There is probably a world in which it’s not. But like, in the same way where there’s a world without shrimp and a world with nothing but shrimp. So.

And oh my god, yes. This was Rachel’s perfect opportunity to get closer to Finn and get some insurance on her solos, and she forwent both in favour of Quinn.


How am I supposed to deal with that? HOW?


In other shocking news, I agree, whilst also frothing at the mouth, with everything Rin has said. But the froth got especially out of control when she talked about how Rachel made herself vulnerable with Quinn, and asked Quinn to be vulnerable with her, and was therefore making them both a little safer with the you should come back for the singing and the dancing and the group and all of that jiving around.

We know, Rachel. We know you wanted her back. And Quinn, the whole world knows. Just give it up.

Lastly, I’m going to have to quote you Rin. I’m going to have to quote you and respond with pictures. Because.

This endless desire to be Quinn’s friend… didn’t just drum up the moment you learnt Quinn was pregnant. That would have been pretty creepy, actually.

I have nothing to add.

Rin says: Sophy made me get these caps. I was very angry and upset about it.

Sophy says: :( Friends don’t make friends get Mini/Franky/Alo’s Baby caps.


Most Retrospectively Ironic Moment

“What’s a mashup?” Lol.

Sophy says: Oh Puck. By the time you graduate? You will know what a mash-up is.

Rin says: LOLOLLOOL.

Just wait for the Season 4 mashup-palooza.


Rophy Says No!

“Where’s Quinn?”
“Probably down at the mall looking for elastic-waist pants.”

Sophy says: Teething problems. This sort of comment feels way off for the Britt we know and love today. Brittany is not a mean girl! She’s a random girl. There is a difference. [-(

Rin says: You’re right. But Glee really didn’t know the gold mine they were sitting on with Brittany at the time, but I’m glad they eventually caught on and were able to mould her into the fluffy genius she is today.

Having said that.

Brits. Make another snipe about Quinn and you’re out.





Sophy says: FLUFFY GENIUS. So apt. 8-.

And Rachel lol.

Seriously, Mercedes, go fuck yourself already.

Sophy says: Ugh Mercedes. Look. I love her. In the grand scheme of things. I do. And we all make mistakes. Everyone in this club has made mistakes at one point or another. And taking credit for Rachel’s contributions – dismissing her concerns – being Miss Bossy Pants… in a neutral context it wouldn’t be worthy of any real ire. But in the context of the attitude she gave Rachel in just the last episode and, you know, is still busy giving her in season 3, it really rankles.

And to everyone who says the ‘Mercedes is a slacker’ plot was majorly OOC? I’m not saying it was coherently written, but there was basis for it in previous canon. “I say we wing it.” Uh huh. You go girl.


Rin says: Not that I don’t adore each and every one of Rachel’s outfits that she wears these days, I miss these old getups. LOOK! SHE’S WEARING A PUFFY PINK SKI VEST THING. Best.




Head In Hands

Ken Tanaka and his bumbag.

Sophy says: I JUST. I CAN’T. I DON’T.




Rin says: lol fannypack. No.

BUMBAG. Okay? It’s a bum. bag.

AND HE FUCKING STORED THE ENGAGEMENT RING IN IT. I miss Ken. A lot. Another Glee character that slipped through the cracks. Although, if Ken was still here, we wouldn’t have Bieste and I ADORE BIESTE, so..maybe I should just shutup. LOLJK, They should use more Bieste instead of these ~special guests. I MEAN. DOT-MARIE WAS BASICALLY THE ONLY ONE WHO GOT AN EMMY NOD FOR THE SHOW THIS YEAR. SO?


The whole Emma/Ken thing was actually pretty interesting. I mean, in 30 years this could be me.

And I, just like Emma, would insist we still live in different parts of town.


Rophy live in different cities. What does that say?

“Oh and Ellen that blouse is just ridiculous.”

Sophy says: We could not overlook this. Vintage Sue.

Rin says: VINTAGE.

As much as I adore and love Emma, I miss the days when Sue would make fun of her.


OH. I just want both, can’t I have both?



Most Rophy

This is how we wake up.

Sophy says: The problem is that our poster just says ‘TV’.

Rin says: I see this and I think of…

No regrets.

And I can’t say that this is a truthful representation of Most Rin, because I definitely don’t wake up all wide-eyed at 6am ready to take on the world. And I definitely don’t jump straight onto the elliptical.

I’m more of a Terri.

“I’m not built to work five days a week.”


Sophy says: Sometimes you get out of bed like that, Rin. Back when Skins S4 was airing, you were quite the violent early bird. Catching the Naomily worm. And such.

Rin says: Oh my god, so true. I would wake up in the middle of the night, with my tinhat burning, and there would be something new to squee over. I think there was a solid month just before S4 where that kept happening. Those were some magnificent times. /farawaydreamysigh


Quinn Glory Shot

The look of love?


What did Finn even do to earn this look? Did he even do anything? Does it matter?


Rin says: Fuinn. Clearly made for each other.



Sophy says: Mike.

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  1. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    Finn’s manic face is so good! And then Rachel tops him. Of course.

    I too am excited for Tina’s S4 arc. I predict she finally realises her dream of joining the Cheerios, causing Blaine to fall head over heels for her, leading to a series of heartfelt duets! (Yes, I’m kind of nervous about S4.)

    That Brittany line is just horrible; I actually hit mute for it the last time I watched this ep. I think Brittana have settled by the time Sectionals roll around, but this is definitely a messy moment. I even dislike the way she looks in the background sometimes, like “I can’t believe I have to be here”, when it should be “did I leave the oven on? what’s an oven? why do good girls go to oven?” etc.

    Oh god the locker scene. Sophy’s “FUCKING JESUS FUCKING CHRIST FUCK” is a good summary of my feelings. Thinking about how important this conversation is, I wondered about Quinn’s “I’m the one with balls to say it” in the Bridesmaids scene. It works as “I’m braver than Mercedes”, sure, but maybe it’s also “hey Rachel, I’m going to the Faberry place, what about you?” Which would fit nicely with her “when you were singing that song…” coaxing later on.

    Do you have any quinns available? I’m partial to yellow but I’ll take anything. :)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Ned. You’re the best one.


  2. Char
    Char at · Reply

    Oh my god I love Rachel’s insane speech before the girls’ song. ‘AND ALSO, ANGELS.’ Lol lol lol.

    Love Terri/Howard. You’re so right that these original supporting characters were a million times better than the OTT big guest stars. Gwyneth, ugh.

    And I love how Sue always has a new nickname for Emma. My favourite is ‘Erma’. Because. Is that even a name??


    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      My fucking heart. 85% of the time, they’re too much for me.

      I just want them to be happy, you know???!!! :(( :(( :((

      1. Char
        Char at · Reply

        Curly ponytail. Head. In. Hands.

  3. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Ok, so, yes Tina’s face when Rachel is babbling before their song. DEAD. I laughed then and again when I saw your .gif. Also in one of the caps Jenna looks like she’s got terrible gas and it’s hilarious! yes, I am an adolescent boy when it comes to farts.

    Faberry. Beginning and making our hearts melty and all subtexty. Pornographic pictures?!?!? C’mon Quinn…. capitol G gay! lol.

    I LOVE your recaps and I just want to hug this one with my legs in friendship!

    Quinn ME!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Jenna <33333

      SOPHY! ‘Dianna Agron’s knees’ .. New interest?! 8-.

      1. Whymz
        Whymz at · Reply

        Oh Rin, you SPOILT me!

  4. Spain
    Spain at · Reply

    Great recap, as always, with lots and lots of Faberry goodness! So, SO true that Faberry “are above and beyond because their story is so layered and so coherent. Like, you know, as though someone’s actually sat down and thought about where they’ve been and where they’re going every time a scene has been written.”

    Sophy, I’m impressed that you still have the ability to appreciate Finn’s face. My own loathing for Finn has reached the point where I actually kind of resent Cory for resembling him too much. Unreasonable and unfair, but true!

    Rin, I hope our sailing showdown won’t discourage you from Quinning me with the most fabulous dancing Quinn available! :-)


    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      There’s one match left for the gold!! So close!!!!

      Depending on the result I may have another gif for you.

    2. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  5. Spain
    Spain at · Reply

    Sorry we couldn’t both have gold medals, Rin, but ultimately I think the Quinns shine at least as brightly. :-)

  6. Elysse
    Elysse at · Reply

    Aww look at all the girls so cute in yellow!

    Also, I almost screamed out loud when you put in those caps of Franky. So creepy…*cries*

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  7. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    Beautifully written as always ladies. My reveling in the Faberry fandom in the last year and a half has made me wish I was more creative. I so love reading what others write about these two, and I just want to join in! But alas, we all have different talents, so I will stick with my non-Faberry related ones (which happen to be teaching chemistry…which I now think is hilarious because if anyone has chemistry, it’s Faberry). But I do love how you two express all the Faberry feels. Thanks.

    Rin I watched your video again and it was even better this time around, especially as I was not trapped in an airport overnight. :) How can the writers have NOT intended all those connections?

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      heheeeheheheheeh :*)

  8. Ruben
    Ruben at · Reply

    Just read, and I’ll have to read it again (and I’ll comment it no worries, because it’s 4 am here, so I don’t think I have the mental capacity to do this now… plus I’m a bit wasted right now.
    But on the plus side, I’m gonna go to sleep with all this Quinn captions. Life is good.^^

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply


      1. Ruben
        Ruben at · Reply

        Well, I’m here again, and I’ve assimilated it, and I have to say that the comparation between Damon/Elena and Quinn/Rachel is really spot on (even though Damon is pretty more evil…), And you just gave me another reason to ship them even more, because Delena is one of the firsts ships that I’ve shipped and again… how is it that Quinn is always the guy in this simils/metaphors/parallels/comparations???

        BTW: Thanks for the gif!!(I think she’s trying to convince Quinn, that she’s in love with her or something, right?^^)

  9. Ashley
    Ashley at · Reply

    FABERRY <3 It's so canon, it's not even debatable.

    Also, I'm pretty sure this was my favorite Finn episode. Season 1 Finn wasn't too bad, overall, but I know it's all downhill from here.

    ON A SEPARATE NOTE. BUM BAGS. AHAHAHA, is that really what you call them? I've only known them as fanny packs. And yes, I have rocked them a time or two.

    And I've never seen Vampire Diaries, but this review made me really, really want to.


    And the Faberry/ Beauty and the Beast picture may be my favorite thing in the history of ever <3

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply


  10. A
    A at · Reply

    Hahaha! Another perfect recap, perfect Quinns and jokes about farts and vagina’s in the comment? What a perfect sunday!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply


  11. KC
    KC at · Reply

    I remember watching this episode when it first aired, and thinking “holy crap, this is a really great show”. It started with ‘The Rhodes Not Taken’, but this was the episode that made me really excited about Glee.

    While I’m not a fan of the mash-ups (excluding Pretty/Unpretty, which doesn’t count because it’s in a league of its own) I really liked both performances. They worked because they fit with the story. Had they not been jacked-up on caffeine, those songs wouldn’t have worked as well as they did. Now, they just do mash-ups for the sake of doing mash-ups and because of the popularity of the song, which is unfortunate.

    Although now I think It’s My Life/Confessions is definitely the better of the two, I really liked Halo/Walkin’ on Sunshine at the time simply for that end note that Lea Michele hit because it reminds me of Julie Andrews at the end of the Do-Re-Me performance in The Sound of Music, and my love for Julie Andrews knows no bounds…………I think is was 4.

    1. KC
      KC at · Reply

      *I think I was 4.

      Damn typos.

    2. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Although now I think It’s My Life/Confessions is definitely the better of the two

      1. KC
        KC at · Reply

        Oh, my word. I think this is the most glorious Quinn I’ve ever received. It’s just………I don’t…………single tear.

        This made my week. And it’s only Monday!
        Much appreciated.

  12. Snicky
    Snicky at · Reply

    God, I can’t get over how cute they all were while on Vitamin D … Wait, is that me glorifying any kind of (legal) sort of drugs? I DON’T CARE – they were soooo cute! GIVE THEM ALL THE XTC IN THE WORLD IF THEY END UP STARING SO HAPPY DURING SEASON 4 ! Those smiles, I mean : their faces must have hurt after filming those mashups!

    Second thing: the actual Faberry DID start in this episode … The strange looks, the meaningful conversations, the HALO !? It never ended after this. Every Faberry scene in the future seems to be … based on this FIRST important conversation. Like: Rachel allows herself to be her old sweet and kind self again, praising Quinn and letting her see she’s more than just a bitchy cheerleader (even though she doesn’t always deserve to be treated that good after all the things she did to Rachel) but the funny thing is, Dianna is actually a good enough actress to make us see that Quinn is touched by Rachel’s kind comments and encouragements . Yeah, it’s a sweet thing.

    Plus, I get where you’re going with Finn here – this was the exact point where I used to like him too – many many careless years ago. Another few episodes and that feeling was gone for good …

    And here’s a shocker: you know me, I’m the biggest – BIGGEST – Brittana shipper & I ADORE Brittany Susan Pierce, but that line of her was indeed something that sounded NOT like her. I saw that episode again a couple of weeks ago and I was like: what? No, this is bullshit. It kind of sounded a bit like Santana … And it is in fact a writer’s mistake. She was just an add on at that point – a meaningless extra, like ‘what’s his name that disappeared after season 1 ‘? (Oh, yeah, Matt!?)
    Halfway season 1, she gets a personality, a sweet personality that lasted throughout the other seasons and she would never say things like that again. It’s just nothing like her. It’s something Santana would say and at this exact point, the writers tried to make her too similar to vicious Santana …

    Glad they changed that.

    Glad this episode exists ! :D

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      While it took me about 5 times to actually see it, ’cause I was too busy looking at Quinn I will always be too busy looking at Quinn, there’s some cute Brittana for ya!

      1. Cat
        Cat at · Reply

        Quinn is always having neck problems. I give great massages, she should call me.

      2. Snicky
        Snicky at · Reply

        Rin, you are too kind for me … Not only do you give me a secret Brittana/HeYa moment, it’s an Unholy Trinity moment as well ;)

  13. Nicky
    Nicky at · Reply

    Hahaha best. These recaps remind me why I watch this show (because somewhere in s3, my interest waned and sort of died) but the first series remains my favourite because of episodes like this one. I mean, that was some good television. & I MISS TERRY AND KEN AND HOWARD. Howard Bamboo was the fucking best.

    also, Rin. that video. effing brilliant. ALL THE FABERRY FEELS.

    are there any Quinns left?

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply


      AND YOU MISS TERRI/KEN/HOWARD INSTEAD?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      Uh…. I mean, hi. Thanks for commenting.

    2. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      “It’s now or never..”

  14. DD
    DD at · Reply

    Sorry but Brittany is actually quite a mean girl, who hides behind the random. How she handled the prom committee for example and she did say that she hates Rachel at the beginning of S3 when she was still talking. She might not be insulting people as often as Santana but she is one of the mean girls.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      I see what you’re saying.. but in my opinion, if your criteria for what makes someone mean is if they insult people or not, then everybody on the show is mean. (And like.. the entire world.) But I wouldn’t really label any of the kids as being mean.

      None of them are quite Regina George is what I’m trying to say. And that elastic-pants comment felt really off.. and the way Heather delivered it wasn’t really even in Brittany’s voice. Brittany today is more like, Quinn can fly and breathe fire. etc.

  15. Sapphire
    Sapphire at · Reply

    It’s true that a person does not draw pornographic pictures of someone else unless they do feel at least sexual feelings, or perhaps more….

    I’m not proud to admit that at some point i was a bully and part of the things i did was to draw pornographic pictures of the person i bullied…. and yes i did have feelings for that person….

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Oh my god…QUINN? Is that you?!?

  16. Mad
    Mad at · Reply

    YES about Mash-Ups. Usually I cringe at mash-ups in general, like really it is not that impressive to make a mash-up, but obviously Unpretty/Pretty and the ones in this episode are just made of win because ANGELS and GOSH IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY. For real about Cory. Honestly if the cast on this show weren’t all such perfect angels I might have given up on Glee so long ago. BUT THEY ARE PERFECT ANGELS ;__;

    And yes, I miss the hilariousness of those characters in season 1. I DON’T CARE ABOUT KATE HUDSON OR SJP SORRY. ENOUGH WITH THE POINTLESS STUNT CASTING.


    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply


      This. Forever.

  17. Lauren
    Lauren at · Reply

    Quinn’s glory shot is a glory shot of everybody in that cap

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  18. Brandy
    Brandy at · Reply

    The Faberry scene analysis was brilliant. It really was the marker of where the two of them ended up, especially if you think back to Promasaurus where Rachel states that her friendship with Quinn was an achievement, accomplishment, like something she’s won. This is where you see Rachel begin that climb to that point. It makes you wonder how long Rachel had dreamed they would have some sort of relationship, how unsure of it she was it would come true, and how baffled she is that it actually happened. I get caught up sometimes in Quinn’s repression related affections, and forget it was actually Rachel who rigorously pursued Quinn. Oh god faberry. too many feels

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      They’re forever rigorously pursuing each other. :((

  19. Scattered letters
    Scattered letters at · Reply

    Great recap, as always!!! Let me just add that I thought this Faberry scene was the start of “you are much more than that.” Usually, when you see this type of scene in movies or TV, the idea is that the popular kid is humbled and gets a taste of loserdome so they start to see the “losers” differently. This scene doesn’t come off like that for me because a) Rachel Berry never really thought of herself as a loser and b) I don’t really think Quinn thought herself as much of a winner. It seemed even then that she thought of herself as another Lima loser and probably targeted Rachel because she knew that she was getting out of there. When Rachel says to her, “now you know what it feels like to be me” it felt like Rachel saw Quinn as somebody like her, completely amazing and headed for big things but struggling with being misunderstood and put down by the small-minded, superficial status quo. Hearing Rachel say that she was like her must have been such a 180 for Quinn’s self concept because she’s always thought (secretly then but much more openly now) that Rachel was the “brightest star out of all of us” and the idea that she is like her, that she has that same “shine” to her must have been mind-blowing. I must say, if Quinn had even just a little bit of a crush on Rachel (it was huge) then probably took it to a different plane of existence. I know I would be absolutely swooning if I was her.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  20. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    This is one of my favorite recaps. I just revisit it every once in awhile and bask in the Faberry. Particularly that Beauty and the Beast cap. It’s one of my favorite fandom moments ever.

    And if anyone ever questioned to themselves whether Quinn Fabray genuinely likes performing, his episode should put that to rest for good. She’s there, in yellow, keeping up with the same manic intensity…all while not high like the rest of he kids. She took folic acid you guys. Not uppers. But no one asking her why she’s lagging, or less energetic. Because Quinn Fabray generates that amount of energy just from the joy of performing. (and haloing Rachel)

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