101 – Pilot

Best Song

The New Directions – Don’t Stop Believin’

Rin says: I’m not even going to lie. Watching this back after all this time put a tear in my eye, because this is where it all started. And I feel like there’s never going to be a time when I don’t feel goosebump-y because of it. This performance in essence is what I have always loved about Glee, and why I fell in love with it in the first place — it just makes me happy.

Sophy says: The classic. The only thing that will ever make me think twice about declaring Pretty/Unpretty the greatest musical moment on this show.

Because it’s Journey, you know? It’s the new directions. It’s Don’t Stop Believin’ and hope starts here.

I love the simplicity of the red shirts and blue jeans – back when Glee actually pretended these kids were real and budgets are not just something Brittany would try feed crackers to. It takes me right back to my own highschool days, when a costume meant rummaging around in your closet till you found the right colour, and rushing out to K-Mart in the morning if you didn’t.

I love the earnestness of Rachel’s face as she belts out her lines. I love the tears in Will’s eyes and his dopey smile when he realizes he can do this and he’s damn well going to. I love the derpy smile on Finn’s face when he holds out his hand. I love Tina and Artie. I love Kurt. I love Mercedes. I love the cheesy goodness of Puck in the doorway, and Sue with her cheerios up top. But probably more than anything I love the way Rachel’s face is small and hopeful and challenging when she looks up at Mr Schue after that performance.

I love the way that she’s saying “So?” and he’s saying Yes.


Biggest LOL

Rachel fondling her way to Finn.

Sophy says: Look at her, thrusting all over the place! Rachel Berry is such a Sophia. Which…


Rin says: Bahaha, she is the Sophia of Glee. A little lonely, a little stalkerish, a lot obsessed with the girl with the blonde hair.

Looking back on these, I really have to wonder why they didn’t go down the Rachel/Tina route. Rachel just FONDLES Tina’s chest, and then afterwards Tina is looking at Rachel all  :smug: Like??

Also? I really fucking love Rachel Berry.

And this might have to be put in here, because.

I fucking, cannot. Every time I think I can deal with this, I look at it again and start uncontrollably flailing. How is this not everywhere? ALL THE TIME?


And you know, everyone’s all Brittana! Faberry! Where is Tina Cohen-Chang’s rightful bite of the homosexual pie?

Further to that…

Way better than the season 3 version to be honest.

Rin says: I love how they didn’t mention or even pay homage to the fact that Tina sung this when they performed it again in ‘I Kissed A Girl’. They should have had her do her .. what do they call that move? The crotch-slap? Idek. But she should have done that in the recent performance, and it would have been so glorious.

And I have to agree this was better. Except for the possessive-faberry-hold.

Sophy says: She definitely should have crotch-slapped.

This little moment reminded me how underused Jenna has been in terms of comedy. And, well, everything.


Best Scene

“Being a part of something special makes you special, right?”

Rin says: I adore this scene so much, because it’s Rachel and because it’s Rachel/Will. I have to say, I really miss this dynamic because I always felt like they had this level of understanding and mutual respect. It’s all very slayer-watcher, and I love that. Will is a mentor to her, not just another teacher, and I really miss that in s3.

AND RACHEL. I think we sometimes overlook the fact that Rachel was constantly bullied mostly at the hands of her future soulmate-for-life-type-thing — and it wasn’t because of any of the reasons we’re usually up in arms over. Rachel is the ordinary girl — I mean, yes she has an extraordinary voice and there’s no way she’s not ending up on Broadway — but instead of that being something to be celebrated, it’s used against her because she doesn’t fit in that box we all try to fit into during high school. And I’m sure we’ve all felt like that at one point or another and we conformed, we fit into the box. But Rachel Berry? No. She fucking makes her own box. And I know I’ve said box way too many times, but you guys.

“Everybody hates me.”
“And you think Glee Club is going to change that?”
“Being great at something is going to change it. Being a part of something special makes you special, right?”

And that’s why Rachel is THE BEST. She thinks everyone hates her, and her only solution is to excel more at being herself.

And the line about being a part of something special making you special? Yeah. Upon rewatch that was the part where Sophy and I both keyboard mashed ourselves through the Earth and into China.

Sophy says: I’m just going to tenderly stroke the Faberry elephant in the room before I even start on this scene okay? This is Rachel’s big moment of truth. This is the moment in which she peels back the layers of ridiculousness that swaddle her and shows that she is human, that she does hurt and that most of all, she hopes – for so much. AND WHO OR WHAT IS SHE GAZING AT WHEN THIS TAKES PLACE? WHO OR WHAT, LADIES AND  GENTLEMEN?

Quinn Fucking Fabray, that’s who or what.

Like. Rachel Berry’s introspective private time is spent gazing at the Cheerios training. And okay, I know that that’s all about the being a part of something special aspect of this scene, but it’s also about the birth of Faberry, and all the ways these girls struggled from day one to define themselves in terms of each other.



Okay now that that’s out of the way. This episode had so many great Rachel quotes, including one that came just before this – “There is nothing ironic about show choir!” – but I think this is her quote of the episode. “Being a part of something special makes you special.” I think it’s the quote of the episode. In fact, it might even be the quote of the show, in the sense that it aptly and poignantly sums up everything that Glee is all about.

And I have to agree with Rin: Rachel and Will’s bond was special, and it makes me sad that it was pretty much shrugged off in favour of Finn and Will’s bond, and then, you know, that bond was kind of shrugged off in favour of Will not being allowed to talk to either of them about the teen wedding issue. And just.

I do hope the show returns in some way to the ways in which these two are mirrors of each other by the time the show ends – and in a thoughtful way, not in a cheap, make-’em-cry way.

Rin says: Holy fuck. I hope you’re forever stroking the Faberry elephant. Forever tenderly stroking.

“Being a part of that… in that moment… I knew who I was in the world.”

Rin says: And this is such a parallel with the scene we just mentioned. Will knows exactly what Rachel means, because this was when he felt special, when he performed in Glee, he knew who he was in the world. And GOD this show, excuse me while I fall in love with you all over again.

Sophy says: SPEAKING OF RACHEL AND WILL BEING MIRRORS OF EACH OTHER. Parallels like this are a sure sign you’re watching quality television.

You know, these days people tell me how shit Glee is and always has been so often that a part of me had started to believe it till Rin and I embarked on this rewatch. But the fact is that though it’s had its wobbles and its crashes – most significantly in season 2 – the show really was special when it started out. And there are times, in season 3, when it feels special again. I do hope they can end that season and the next as well as they ended season 1. It would mean a lot to me to be able to say No, hater, overall it was a damn good show.

Also can we just look at Emma’s darling face and how openly and painfully in love she is? And not just ~in love. She’s in the kind of love where she admires Will. She’s in the kind of love where she cares about the long line of his life – all of it. Will/Emma was special when the show started too. Will was special. I mean really, you guys, watching this episode, I remembered when I loved Will Schuster, in a wholehearted and kind of aching way. Because I actually related to him, you know? And his face when he watched his teenage dreams flickering to life again on the screen just about broke my heart.

I don’t think they’ll ever be able to undo what they’ve done. I don’t think they’ll ever get me feeling quite that way about Will again. But they damn well ought to try, because for better or worse, he is at the core of the show as much as Rachel Berry is.



Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment


Sophy says: Oh Brit. Look at the screen.

Rin says: She gets just about as much screen time these days too.

Rophy says: In all seriousness though, even when she does appear, Brittany isn’t going to be being random for a few eps, so. We decided a new category might be in order for the time being…


Most Retrospectively Ironic Moment

Worry about your own loins, Quinn.

Rin says: And you know the insult she actually types herself, “If I were your parents I’d sell you back,” with everything that has happened with her own adoption. I just. This show. The development and Quinn and Quinn and development and Quinn.

And seriously, worry about your own loins Quinn.


Seriously though. Rachel’s loins are none of your concern, Quinn. Whereas yours.



Rophy Says No!


Rin says: Hahaha I didn’t know what this was from until I realised it was one of the cut scenes from the Pilot. AND I CANNOT.

ROPHY SAYS NO, FOREVER. Thank god they cut this.

Sophy says: I love that the only thing we could find to say no to is something the editors actually said no to as well.



Head In Hands

“New Directions!”

Sophy says: It begins. 8-.

Rin says: His face. Such a dork.

Sophy says: The dork of his face is everything.


Most Rophy

Rophydoes would probably be a better website if we were Rachel Berry.

Sophy says: I’m not entirely sure whether we’re Rachel or Quinn in this scenario. Nor am I sure which is more awesome.

Rin says: Either way they’re both pretty enthusiastic with a computer. Quinn even brought hers to school just so she could watch Rachel’s video.

Something about there being only 1 view on Rachel’s video, and it being Quinn just gets me. IT ALWAYS GETS ME.

And this is Quinn’s first scene on the show, and what is she doing? Torturing Rachel.

And that’s why, right from the start.

p.s. I’m so excited that we get to take a closer look at the evolution of Faberry through season one, especially with all that we know now.


I love that all the other Cheerios are just lolsing, but Quinn is making all these ‘aw’ and ‘ooh’ faces. The girl can’t help it.


Quinn Glory Shot

“Cheerleader Quinn Fabray???!!!”

Rin says: I find myself saying this out aloud way too many times than I’d care to admit. Just.. the way they used to always say CHEERLEADER QUINN FABRAY. Like, Cheerleader was her first name and Quinn was her middle name. Which.. it is. But. Um.


Sophy says: HAHAHAHAAHAH The way Rachel turns to Finn and earnestly checks that it’s CHEERLEADER QUINN FABRAY he’s dating. She was CHEERLEADER QUINN FABRAY long before she was Finn’s girlfriend and I think that says a lot about all the ways Rachel and Quinn’s relationship was never just about a boy.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Rachel, having more in common than they think since the pilot:

Rin says: Made for each other.

Rophy says: And one last thing. We decided we really needed a special one-off category for this episode…


The precise moment Rophy fell in love with Rachel Berry

“You might laugh because every time I sign my name, I put a gold star after it. But it’s a metaphor, and metaphors are important. My gold stars are a metaphor for me being a star.”

Rin says: It’s moments like these that I need to remember when I’m threatening to punch Rachel’s nose because of her recent behaviour.

A star. Being a metaphor for her being a star.

Just. Special.

Although, I have to say it worked. I can’t look at a star without it reminding me of Rachel Berry.

And how she’s a star.

Sophy says: These levels of epic can never be made small, not even by teen weddings.

From her gratingly earnest yet undeniably soulful rendition of ‘On My Own’, to the smile on her face right before she’s slushied, to the gold stars after her name, to her little balled up fists as she powers down the hall to make psychotic cry-faces and falsely accuse a man of molesting her, all in the name of solos…

It’s Rachel Berry for Rophy. Always.

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  1. Char
    Char at · Reply

    OH MY GOD. You two. I’m so excited.

    Also the other day I commented on a blog and didn’t even get quinned. So disappointing.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Also the other day I commented on a blog and didn’t even get quinned. So disappointing.

      I literally screamed out ‘WHAT?!?!’… and then realised that you must have meant another blog.

      I thought I had missed you! Ofc not :-j

      I’m just as excited as you are about these.

      1. Valerie "PunkyStarshine"
        Valerie "PunkyStarshine" at · Reply

        Is it me or is Santana totally checking Q out in this Quinn? “Wow, she looks really good in that–SHIT I’m supposed to be making a sassy face GO.”

        1. Rin
          Rin at · Reply

          HAha, I did notice Santana, but if anything she’s making faces at Rachel. Which is way more inappropriate in Quinn’s eyes.

  2. mandorla
    mandorla at · Reply

    I may have never whatched season 1. And I mean I haven’t.
    I may have a reason to whatch it now. And I mean I have.

    Soo…. Se you in a couple of days for a comment.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      This time I screamed out, ‘HOLY SHIT WHAT? SEASON 1 IS THE BEST!!!!!!’ No, but for real. Season 1 is spectacular.

      I don’t even know if I should Quinn, given that it would be a spoiler. I’ll give you the least telling one.. lol.

    2. mandorla
      mandorla at · Reply

      well seeing how Quinn just checks Rachel out with THAT face, I think the gif is actually quite telling… ;-P

      favourite episode moment:
      probably “don’t stop belivin”. because. iconic.

      favourite rophycap moment:
      Brittany is random. You guys. You made a Brittany is random moment in the pilot… I’m sorry, ’cause you said a lot of significant things, but then you made a Brittany is random moment in the pilot… I love you for that.

  3. Anna
    Anna at · Reply

    There might have been a slight squeak when I saw that you were recapping Season 1. SLIGHT squeak. Just… yes.

    Also, your little mention about “Cheerleader Quinn Fabray” reminded me that when I first watched the Pilot (and by “pilot”, I mean “at least the first 3-4 episodes of the season”), I was convinced that Quinn’s name was actually Quinnifer Bray.



    Anyway. Recaps! Hurrah!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply


      Ahhhhhhhhhahahah oh man. That’s amazing.

    2. Mayon
      Mayon at · Reply

      I remember thinking “Quinnifer Bray is a weiiird name”.

      1. Anna
        Anna at · Reply

        Yay! I wasn’t the only one. :)

    3. NiQky
      NiQky at · Reply

      ‘Quinnifer Bray’ is cracking me up like nothing has cracked me up this year :D :D :D LOLOLOLOL!!!

  4. Anna
    Anna at · Reply

    PS. …so, in the future, will there be a segment entitled “The precise moment Rophy fell in love with Quinn Fabray”?

  5. cecilia
    cecilia at · Reply

    I started my own rewatch of season 1 a month ago and all the while I kept thinking that the world would be a better place if there were Rophy recaps for it. So. Have you guys read my mind perchance? I want to believe we have some kind of mental connection, or something like that.

    This episode is so precious. I remember watching it and thinking it really wasn’t my cup of tea (because honestly Glee isn’t the kind of tv show I usually would watch), yet getting to the end and being surprised at finding a tear in my eye as the kids sang “Don’t stop believin'”. This was before everything turned glorious, but it is somehow special.

    Cheerleader Quinn Fabray and her still un-named right hand <3 <3 <3
    And Rachel Berry being Glee's Sophia?? BWAHAHAHAHAH! Even Finn is a bit scared. Keep an eye on your rubbish, boy.

    Thank you, Rophy. :)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Cecilia! .:D.

      We obviously just did these recaps for you.

  6. Ruben
    Ruben at · Reply

    Sooo…maybe I just stumbled with your web after watching OMW and needing to see more people cheer on Faberry. And maybe read ALL of the recaps of glee you did.
    And maybe I started reading your recaps on the Harry Potter books.

    So is no surprise that I have a massive grin on my face seeing that you’re gonna review season 1, because, seriously, it needed to be done, and there is too much time left for the next episode.
    I started shipping Faberry after watching them sing I feel Pretty/Unpretty (and I started watching Glee when sexy aired, so…), because… I mean, come on!! that song was SO gay!! And the looks Quinn kept thowing at her?? Subtle…
    Anyway, I enjoyed re-watching the Pilot, and I’ll be waiting for the review/recap on the next one.

    Now, please, I need to get quinned. It will be my first time, so make it GOOD!^^

    PS:Sorry if my english is not so good, I’m from Spain, and it’s not really my frist language, just apologizing in advance for butchering it.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Yay, a newbie! We love new people, welcome!

      Don’t apologise, your english is great! Better than mine, and it’s the only language I know.

      Quinn doesn’t look at Finn when she leaves, she looks at Rachel.

      1. Ruben
        Ruben at · Reply

        Of course she does, I mean, woudn’t you??
        Who would rather look at Finn in that moment?? Even Santana is looking at her! (I may ship Pezberry in a one-night-stand-kind-of-way).

        1. Char
          Char at · Reply


      2. Ruben
        Ruben at · Reply

        BTW, just found a blog explaining all the repress-lesbian-scenes that Quinn has up until 2×10.
        Check it out! It would convince anyone that Quinn is at least gay, if not gay for Berry.


  7. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    I didn’t think it was possible to love you guys more. For reals. Oh the joy I have at this moment…helping us get through this insane hiatus. You guys win ALL the awards!

    I remember being so excited for this show. I could NOT wait I was a part of choir in school. We did competitions and everything. For me, seeing Rachel singing during Don’t Stop Believing, was THE moment. I fell and I fell HARD. This show crawled into my heart, set up camp and has never left.

    Sure, I maybe could be Sophys grandmother, but that’s not even the point. Glee is about opening yourself up to joy! lol

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      PSCH. Sophy is a billion and one. I think you’re safe.

  8. Juliett
    Juliett at · Reply

    Ughhhh. At the beginning, I was a bit disappointed to see that you’re recapping Glee again because you still owe us quite a lot of Skins recaps..
    But then, it’s Glee season 1 and FEELINGS EVERYWHERE.
    To be honest Season 1 is the only one that I’ve fully watched of the 3 seasons. And with this recap I remember why.

    Because obv it’s still Glee, but it was the time when I had no problem with the fact that I watched Glee because it was cool and great and sweet. And then Season 2 happened and I stopped watching it. I’m getting back to it though because France is only airing season 2 now so I can catch up *coughsLATEcoughs*

    But this episode was a bit magic for me, as are often ‘Pilot’ episodes, and even if later it lost a bit of its awesomeness and sincerity, your recaps remind me why I watched it in the first place :))))))


    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Haha I knew people would be upset with us, but just trust us to have a fairly loose and flimsy, schedule in place.

      I do hope you continue to watch. It may be patchy, but overall it’s still good-watching.

  9. Mayon
    Mayon at · Reply

    You guys! You’re spoiling us! But keep doing it. Cause we love it.
    Glee! The Pilot!
    I remember watching it before it aired, like in the spring? Is that even possible? Idk.
    And it gave me sooo many feelings. Like Skins feelings. Not just “yeah I’ll watch you if I have time” feelings. But I remember thinking that this could be a very good show about a lot more than just show choir.
    And Lea Michele is so good. She can be loud and over the top one minute then subtle and tearing at my heartstrings the next. I fell in love with Rachel at that moment too, and can’t never look at stars without thinking about her now. Rachel Berry was the main reason I decided to watch Glee. Her and “Don’t Stop believing”.
    That performance gave me real butterflies. There’s not a lot of shows that can do that.
    How I miss season one.
    I was thinking that maybe we needed a “Rachel’s Quote of the Episode” category but then realized it could be damn near impossible to choose. Season 1’s Rachel Berry spoke too much gold by episode.

    I look forward to the Fabolution. It’s gonna be epic.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      I think you’re the first person to ever think that we’re spoiling you guys.

      Yeah, they aired the pilot early to get people interested in the show. And it was huge!

      Lea Michele is excellent. I will never believe she has received enough awards for how amazing she is.


  10. Snicky / ixke
    Snicky / ixke at · Reply

    O.MG. !!! You guys !!!! …….. YOU GUYS !!!!!
    Season 1 recaps!



    *kisses Rophy!*

    although I do not appreciate the lack of Brittana in the first episode (like: NONE) and the fact that Brittany might actually still be born at this point AND Naya is only hired the first couple of episodes to be beautiful and bitchy (which she does with so much talent) I have to admit: I love this episode too …

    It took me an episode or 3 to completely fall in Love with Glee the first time around – but as soon as I did : man, did I FALL !
    I re-watched all the episodes 6 months ago and these first episodes were so important … Everything that happens today in the storylines, is still a result of these first Glee minutes!
    BRING IT ON, Rophy!

    1. Mayon
      Mayon at · Reply

      Everything that happens today in the storylines, is still a result of these first Glee minutes!
      That’s soooo true!

    2. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Oh Snicky… there isn’t going to be much Brittana in S1.. you know this!!

      Can’t wait for these recaps, I’m so happy that a lot of others seemed to have rewatched S1 recently too!


      1. Snicky / ixke
        Snicky / ixke at · Reply

        “Oh Snicky… there isn’t going to be much Brittana in S1.. you know this!!”

        please, do not remind me of it *tear*

  11. Sanji
    Sanji at · Reply

    I’m so excited I don’t even know what to say. I’ve said before and I haven’t changed my mind: Glee is shit, and has been for 2 years, and when haters say “Glee is shit” I can’t help but nod in agreement because it’s the truth, but I always, ALWAYS, add “not the first 13 episodes though” because this right here is quality television and I won’t let anyone tell me otherwise. The reason I’m still watching the show is Rachel Berry putting a star on her signature and I’ve sticked to that till now and probably will until Rachel Berry leaves, and they couldn’t have made me love her so much if there weren’t any quality. So yeah, the pilot was awesome. That’s all. I miss this show :(

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply


      I just. I don’t think Glee is shit whatsoever. It has its faults, like any show, but ultimately it’s still one of my favourite shows. And I refuse to be embarrassed about it, or make apologies for it. I stand by that it’s a great show.

      1. Nemesis
        Nemesis at · Reply

        She’s so cute! In a bitchy way. She’s a little bit like Freya Mavor, you can see the insecurity behind her bitchiness.

  12. julie
    julie at · Reply

    “You might laugh because every time I sign my name, I put a gold star after it. But it’s a metaphor, and metaphors are important. My gold stars are a metaphor for me being a star.”
    and that´s why I put a golden star when i signed up for college , ¡Thanks Rachel Berry! -it taste like pink-
    oh ! those moments back in season one , I now get realized that i have a love-hate relationship with Glee; it never made , or It will never make any sense. If you look back at the pilot I would never though that this could end up with Darren Chris singing the 60 % of the songs.
    Is a good memory , i miss that Glee.
    Also missed the caps :)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Ahhaha Darren does get a lot of solos these days. Yes, he’s amazing and I love him completely (and Blaine), but I would like to see my original babies sometimes too? Yes?

  13. Kayla
    Kayla at · Reply

    I started watching Glee because of your recaps and I just finished the first season a few days ago. Perfect timing, Rophy.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Oh my gosh, really? That’s amazing!! So glad that you’re enjoying the show and our recaps.

  14. zeta
    zeta at · Reply

    will had chest hair?! crazy days
    aw man i am looking forward to these recaps. may have to rewatch season 1 now…

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Yes! I strongly encourage a rewatch. There will be tears. They’re just all so YOUNG.

  15. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    Oh wow. So, I might have also recently re-watched season 1 (and season 2, but…whatever). And I, like so many others, was thinking it would be great to hear Rophy’s perspective on season one. In particular, as I watched each episode I was SO curious about what your favorite song was. I dunno why, unless it’s just the singer in me always wanting to hear about people’s opinion on music. But, anyway, I’m so excited you’re doing this! Especially for the Faberry of it all. That was one of the great parts about re-watching season 1. I got to see it all through the Faberry goggles you two gifted me with.

    I remember being intrigued when I heard about this new show, Glee. I was interested because I was in show choir back when I was in high school (we won’t talk about when that was…). Here in the U.S. they actually aired the pilot in the May of 2009, to get people interested before the premier in the fall. (Did they do that in other countries too?) I watched with great interest, found it hilarious and wonderful and something I would really like to watch. And then. Don’t Stop Believin’ came on, Rachel Berry stepped out and sang her first line, and oh my god. I could not rip my eyes from the screen, and I was instantly enamored. I wanted to know who this beautiful girl was who’s voice nestled into my very soul. (And then I might have gotten immediately on the internet to see how old she was because, yeah. I’m a high school teacher. I didn’t want to feel creepy. Ew. Thank goodness for the U.S.’s quirk of having high school students played by people in their 20’s.) And that’s when Glee became my favorite show (that’s on right now…still not sure how I would rate it compared to Buffy. Oh god, decisions.)

    But, yes, this pilot episode was wonderful. Because of the sweetness of it all, and the sense of family it was just beginning to bring to light. And it had these characters that you just didn’t see ANYWHERE else. Characters that you could fall in love with.

    Thanks Rophy, as always, for taking the time to share a piece of yourself and your writing with us, so we can all enjoy it. I look forward to your other season 1 recaps. :)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Love this comment! …except for you not being able to rate it against Buffy. BUFFY IS THE GREATEST SHOW THERE EVER HAS BEEN AND EVER WILL BE. End.

      I feel so happy and thrilled that we gave you faberry goggles. Isn’t is just the best?

      And I remember watching the Pilot episode earlier, and yeah, fell in love with it. And then the gruelling long wait for the show to actually start! …Much like we’re feeling right now!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment! And sharing your Gleexperience with us. :)

      1. Whymz
        Whymz at · Reply

        Ok, I stared at that gif WAYYYYY tooo long!!!

        1. Rin
          Rin at · Reply

          She’s the Energizer bunny.

  16. Let
    Let at · Reply


    But especially getting Quinned. I’ll probably comment EVERYTIME just for the sake of it.

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      That’s the way!

      Unfortunately all the Quinn’s from the episode have been taken.. so I hope you’re not disappointed in Promo Quinn!

    2. mandorla
      mandorla at · Reply

      Doing anything to get Quinned…. don’t we all, Let, don’t we all.

  17. Elaine
    Elaine at · Reply

    I finally realized why the beginning of season 1 was so confusing for me…I’ve never seen this episode! I somehow was under the impression that the episode with Push It was the pilot and that the writers just did a really poor job of introducing characters…oops. I think this means it’s time for a re-watch!

    Yay for season 1 recaps! Glee may have a ridiculous hiatus, but at least I can still get Quinned!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      BAHAHAH Elaine! Oh dear lord.. you better hurry and watch it quickly! It’s an amazing episode.

      I mean…. DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’!!!

  18. NiQky
    NiQky at · Reply

    Well! Finally something ‘Glee’ that I can actually go, “Oh! I know what they’re talking about” to :D

    “Rachel Berry is such a Sophia” — I.Laughed.Out.Loud. So much joy ^__^ Rophy! You give me joy =D

    “And that’s why Rachel is THE BEST. She thinks everyone hates her, and her only solution is to excel more at being herself” — hmmm…

    Yes. About Will… “FIX IT, GLEE.”

    Hmm… Still not much to say about Glee… :P

    BUT! Joy, Rophy ^^… joy… that is what you give me. Thank you for sharing your LOLs and what-nots :)
    Till the next time…
    Cheerio! ;D

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Haha it’s so pleasing to hear that we give you joy!

  19. Rhian
    Rhian at · Reply

    I also started watching Glee because of your recaps. I never really cared about it but I sat down watched the pilot and I actually enjoyed it, no, I LOVED IT. I love how it can be satirical and have a dark humor yet there’s those little poignant moments that tugs my cold heart. I still haven’t finished the 1st season (still in 1×17), so far I’m already shipping those cute lil Cheerios in the background. Ah Brittana! They’re just so giddy and cute together, like puppies!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Another one we got to watch Glee?! Ahhh! Success!

      Glad that you’re enjoying S1 so far.. Just be wary that there is going to be a dip in Season 2. But there are still some amazing scenes to look forward to. :)

      1. Char
        Char at · Reply

        This gif. Faberry was a thing from the very beginning and nobody will tell me otherwise. It’s all about Rachel for Quinn.

  20. Ruth
    Ruth at · Reply

    OMG! I am so happy right now! I can’t believe you’re doing Season 1 recaps. Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy! I must admit I definitely loved the show much more back then but I also thought most of the music choices were waaaaaaaaaay better in series 1. I think in seasons 2/3 they have had some really great songs surrounded by a lot of forgettable performances. It seems like they are too focused on doing really current songs now. Le sigh.

    Also, (I’m going for full on rant) you know the old saying that you don’t really like Star Wars unless you hate it? Well I reckon you don’t really HATE Glee unless you actually love it.
    Like, all the people that dismiss it and call it shit? Their dislike for Glee can’t BEGIN to match the burning hatred of someone that truly loves the show.
    Because every Glee fan lives with the knowledge of everything it could be. I mean, the potential of this pilot… GAAAAAAAAAHHH. And the fact that it still manages to give us flashes of everything that’s so great about the concept and…. GAAAAAAHHHHH (I think some of this is residual On My Own RAAAGE). I hate Glee because of this pilot. Because now everything is very much NOT this pilot.
    And because I cried when they sang Don’t Stop Believin’

    And cleansing breath…

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  21. Farah
    Farah at · Reply

    THIS. YES!! I’m so excited Rophy are doing this!

    This was when Glee was one of the best shows on television.

    And this was when Rachel Berry was the most Rachel Berry.

    Also, REALLY looking forward to the FABOLUTION!!

    Great recap, you guys!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  22. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Just rewatched this. Thanks for reminding me how much I loved it! And with such pretty pictures!

    Oh, and my irrational hate for Tery is back. Gawd! She was the WORST! I rooted so hard for Emma/will even though he had a fake-pregnant wife and I felt kinda weird because of it.

    The weird part is, I loved Quinn from the beginning. Even though she was a bullying bitch. It’s Dianna, I think.

    Though, as for Rachel… it’s ironic that you fell in love with her right before she got a teacher fired and on a sex offender’s list, probably even in legal danger with made-up rape charges. All with the “I’m not homophobic” claim. She isn’t, she’s worse in this instance, way worse.
    It’s also ironic that they introduce movie star gorgoeus Lea Michele as the awesome, dorky underdog. While styling her hair and putting her in perfect make-up. I’m aware all tv shows do this, it just doesn’t help any insecure girl when comparing herself to Rachel&co.

    The music was different back then. I remember skipping over half the songs because of second hand embarrassment. The irony is that the competition songs used to be magical and now almost all the episode songs are A+ but I’m not impressed by any competition songs anymore.

    1. Nemesis
      Nemesis at · Reply

      Wait, did Rachel push Tina away by grabbing her boob? LMAO There wasn’t even a reaction!

    2. Nemesis
      Nemesis at · Reply

      The funniest moment to me was the “Wait! Let’s pray.” from Quinn. I think this is why I loved her… she was so over-the-top American girl, like a mischieveous parody.

      I really shouldn’t comment WHILE watching this *lol* It just keeps adding on – sorry about that.

    3. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      1. Ruth
        Ruth at · Reply

        lol to the fact that Mercedes is LITERALLY in Rachel’s shadow in this photo. I love them both, why couldn’t they just stand next to each other :(

        1. Rin
          Rin at · Reply

          HAaha I hadn’t noticed! Even Tina is laughing at her!!!

  23. Lisa
    Lisa at · Reply

    Ah! This will be fun. In December, during finals, I rewatched the first half of season one to restore my faith in humanity. It worked reasonably well.

    Also, angels!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply



  24. Annie H
    Annie H at · Reply

    Fabolution. I needs it.

    This is so freaking cool of you to recap the previous seasons, its like you knew exactly what i wanted and gave it to me :D


    Glee season 1 is sublime, looking forward to the recaps so much!

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

  25. Sophie
    Sophie at · Reply

    Will there be a “The precise moment we started shipping Faberry” segment at some point soon? :P

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Hmmmm who knows?

      Let’s pray. ;)

      1. Mad
        Mad at · Reply

        LET’S PRAY IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE GLEE THINGS. That and “Who’s Josh Groban? KILL YOURSELF!” And Run Joey Run with Rachel’s winky face at the end.

  26. Mad
    Mad at · Reply


    Last summer rewatched Glee before S3 started and I cried a lot, and remembered the days when I would cry with sheer happiness and JOY (like in Don’t Start Believin’) instead of in sadness and frustration. Though there have definitely been moments like that in S3, yes.

    “You know, these days people tell me how shit Glee is and always has been so often that a part of me had started to believe it till Rin and I embarked on this rewatch. But the fact is that though it’s had its wobbles and its crashes – most significantly in season 2 – the show really was special when it started out. And there are times, in season 3, when it feels special again. I do hope they can end that season and the next as well as they ended season 1. It would mean a lot to me to be able to say No, hater, overall it was a damn good show”.

    THIS EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also have you guys seen this quote. It is perfect.

    “Here’s what I can say about “Glee.” What it does well it does so achingly well you want to catch it in a jar and put it on your nightstand and watch it slowly dance before you as you gently drift into slumber. But what it does badly or, even worse – heavy handedly, it does so badly you want to throw said jar against the nearest wall and watch it crash into a million little pieces, each of which represents an infinitely frustrating missed opportunity.”

    (from here: http://dorothysurrenders.blogspot.com/2012/02/what-doesnt-glee-you.html )

    It’s so true. So many times I’m like “Glee, out of all the awesome storylines or characters that could have interacted (like, why Will never was like FINCHEL DO YOU REMEMBER TERRI, DON’T BE ME AND TERRI PLEASE), you picked THESE ONES. REALLY.”

    You KNOW that Quinn had secret cries over Rachel’s MySpace. Lovingly petting the screen.

    HA remember when the editors cut out things that SHOULD be cut out?

    From what I can remember from my rewatch, you guys are in for some awesome Fabolution.

    ALSO remember when her face like, goes up in flames at the gold star part? XD HER CRAZY FACES

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      :D :D :D

  27. Ashley
    Ashley at · Reply

    Oh my gosh! I’m SO happy you guys are doing Season 1 recaps! It was, by far, the best of the three. Remember when Will and Emma were this cute all the time? I miss those days.

    Now you’ve motivated me to have a rewatch as well. Yay! I can’t wait to look back on the earlier episodes with my Faberry goggles on. (btw, kudos to you. I never really shipped Faberry until I found this website. Now I ship them, and I ship them HARD.)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      WE GAVE YOU GOGGLES? Oh happy day 8-.

  28. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    I was disgustingly obsessed with this show from the moment I downloaded the pilot (which I did because I LOVE(d??) Ryan Murphy) and I made EVERYONE watch it and I kept talking about, my Dad was like “shut up. Stop. No. Shhh. Ok, fine I give in, put it on while I read my book then…. OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS SHOW I MUST TELL ALL MY FRIENDS!” (And my Dad is like the biggest conservative, mans-man, his past times are shooting and fishing, he doesn’t like TV if it isn’t some guy surviving in the wild or catching giant crazy fish.) And for the whole first season he would be more excited about the fact that we we’re going to watch a couple of new episodes than seeing me (I think I went home once during the massive hiatus after Christmas, not missed at all!) It was so nice, it was the only time my family would actually all sit around and watch TV together and not fight over the remote or sit in different rooms of the house.

    I think I fell in love with Rachel storming down the corridor, that walk and those facial expressions, or possibly it was when she opened her mouth and those glorious, perfect, amazing first lines of On My Own came pouring out. For some crazy reason though, I can pin-point the moment I knew I was hooked FOREVER, when Rachel Berry became my favourite character ever, that I could even get past the teen-wedding, Bella Swan, anti-Rachel she’s become, and that didn’t come until the first season finale, that moment where New Directions lose, and she turns her head slightly and exhales through pursed lips. PERFECTION LEA.

    Also I miss this Finn so so much. This guy was optimistic and hopeful, and wanted to make something of himself and made plans, he actually did stuff. Whenever I re-watch the pilot I get so upset about the fact that I really did love original Finn, and he has had the worst character assassination in the history of television as far as I’m concerned.

    ALSO, remember how crazy gushy and loving Lea & Dianna were when this all started??? Like seriously, some scenes where they shoot filthies at each other, to LETS LIVE TOGETHER and talk about our cake baking and wear matching outfits and swap clothes and just be the two most perfect people to ever exist TOGETHER. :D :D :D :D :D :D

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Lea and Dianna are still the same.. they just became better at hiding it.

      I feel a bit awkward using these last gifs.. Quinn is usually not so ~intimate.

      1. Whymz
        Whymz at · Reply

        OMG! Finn GET your hands OFF of her!!!! UGH!

  29. anne
    anne at · Reply

    AAAhhh! How did I miss this recap?!?!? So much joy!
    I always wanted to have your point of view on s1 of glee and now I know that I’ll have it. I’m just so happy right now. :D
    And I feel that, with everything that we know now, it’s even more interesting, from the “Most Retrospectively Ironic Moment” to the fabolution. And look at those baby faces, they’re so young!
    I know I fell in love with Rachel Berry when we saw her through the flames of her gold star. I think I fell in love with Lea Michele at the same time. I mean, the crazy acting, the amazing singing…
    I began to really pay attention to the faberry interactions when I began watching s2 so I’m just astounded to realize the amount of faberry that was already there in the early s1! I mean, first of all, how didn’t I see that? And secondly, I’m seriously wondering if they didn’t want to go there from the beginning but decided against it later on.
    Anyway, thanks for recapping the early glee, the one I fell in love with. :)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      I fell for Lea Michele straightaway too. I mean, how could you not??

  30. Dani
    Dani at · Reply

    Season 1 caps :D Aww you guys! Mwahahaha CHEERLEADER QUINN FABRAY, I died!! :) I wish they had continued calling her this for the rest of her time on the cheerios, epic lols would have been had! The gold stars and power-strutting, too cute for words. “Rachel fondling her way to Finn.” This sounds like a description of season 1 :P

    You’ve taken everything that made me love glee in the first place and made it so much better right here :D Love it :)

    1. Rin
      Rin at · Reply

      Oh my god, in 3×14 Rachel should have greeted Quinn with a, ‘Oh my! It’s CHEERLEADER QUINN FABRAY!!!’

  31. A
    A at · Reply

    When do we get the next recap?? Pretty please?

  32. emily
    emily at · Reply

    i too have been rewatching series one of glee, having been thoroughly disheartened by season 3 (flames pretty much come out of my nostrils as soon as i even *think* about IKAG),
    and i have rediscovered why i loved it so much in the first place.
    season 1 was pure gold… most of the time. but like, its flaws didn’t matter, because at the time, it was this shiny new musical comedy that combined a lot of the things i love (except scifi-, but i guess that’s why i watch One More, With Feeling so much :P) (but even then Joss Whedon directed a glee episode :D)
    Gosh, the celibacy club makes me laugh SO HARD, and I’m actually not the biggest Rachel fan, but god, her comedy moments in this episode are GOLD.
    AND ALSO TINA HARD LINES! *head in hands*.
    The only thing missing really for me is Brittany, because she was definitely one of my favourite characters as soon as she started talking :3
    But anyway
    I love the pilot
    i love season 1
    and i love that you’re recapping them :)

  33. Norwestorm
    Norwestorm at · Reply

    I’ve been pondering rewatching. Honestly, there are episodes of season 3 I haven’t even seen, except through your eyes (because I’ve read the recaps).

    One thing: I always thought Rachel turned in Sandy for catching him fondling that other boy. The one we never saw again (because presumably he transferred to avoid fallout from the scandal, which suits Rachel…if she didn’t put the idea into his head, because less competition for solos I guess). That’s why she made it such a point to say she wasn’t homophobic. And technically Sandy did caress his stomach…so she was just stretching the truth, not outright lying.

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