221 — Funeral

Best Song

Glee Club – Pure Imagination

Rin says: I was pleasantly surprised they used a Willy Wonka song and theme – I thought it was both really fitting and really FLAIL WORTHY because it’s Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. How did everyone not have that on VHS as a kid and watch it over and over again? (And also know the exact place to fast forward past ‘Cheer Up Charlie’) What I enjoyed about it was that it wasn’t an over-the-top sapfest. I also think what made the whole thing work was Jane Lynch. It is so rare that Sue isn’t the evil villain, and some of the loveliest moments on the show have been between Sue and her sister. I’m going to miss that.

The song itself was glorious and so so so nostalgic. Which I guess was the point.

I really loved Mercedes performance of ‘Tenderness’ too.. it was between this and that.

Sophy says: Rin, I think Glee has seriously skewed your perspective on what constitutes an over-the-top sapfest… BUT WHATEVER OKAY I CRIED OR SOMETHING I DON’T EVEN KNOW IT WAS BEAUTIFUL???

Although I’m fairly confident that I’ve never seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. That may or may not be because I was a Dahl purist by the time I knew stick VHS tapes other places than my mouth, and the change in the title offended me. May or may not be.

Oh god, I will miss Sue’s relationship with her sister so much. Sue/Becky is cute and all but it’s not the same. :((


Biggest LOL

“Panda…make it so.”


Sophy says: YES. Also Sue/Animal nicknames forever. My dearest wish is for Sue Sylvester to give me an animal nickname. Yes, I know she isn’t real. I’m going to die unfulfilled. Whatever.


Best Scene

“Is… Are you wearing one of my old vests?”
“Yeah, I didn’t have the heart to throw it away.”

Rin says: I still have so much hope for Will and Emma. They were getting dragged through the mud a bit during a whole lot of s2, but scenes like these make me think that things are looking up. They’re less muddy and showering themselves off.

I really loved the whole thing with the vest, how Emma was caught off guard when Will told her it was the vest he wore the first time they met, but she still manages to tell him to get rid of it. Almost like a test to see what he does. And he throws it away like a douche :((


Oh Will/Emma 8-.

Sophy says: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. EMMA YOU ARE THE SWEETEST THING. I have high hopes for Will/Emma, I really do. I mean, it’s not that hard to write Will as a nice guy. They did it before, and I’m sure if they really tried, they could do it again.

Another contender for best scene for me was the Finn/Quinn break-up scene. I was actually open-mouthed when it was done, because I was so surprised at how mature it was. And I don’t so much mean from a character perspective as from a writing perspective. They’d been dicking us around with this Finn/Quinn rubbish for so long that I’d kind of begun to think it would go on forever, and then bam. Done. And in really quite a brilliant and brutal fashion. I was relieved. I was even impressed.

And then the finale happened and I realized that whilst Sue’s sister’s death was supposed to be a wake-up call for Finn, for the writers it was really a matter of ‘Season’s nearly over, revert to Finchel’. Which. Boo.

So the scene in itself, was really nicely done… but the follow-up kind of soured it for me.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“Jesse, maybe you can come on Fondue for Two and judge my Cat.”

Rin says: I kind of wish we got to see Lord Tubbington perform.

Sophy says: If Glee doesn’t make that happen next season I’ll be surprised and vexed.


Rophy Says No!

“If I quit Glee Club, my big plans for New York would have been ruined.”
“What plans?”
“You’ll see.”

Rin says: Worst ~plot device ever? Especially because there was basically NO follow through, and they made such a huge deal about it. I mean they closed the episode on it! Quinn has some half-hearted attempt at ~destroying their chances, but not really because in every other scene she’s all :D :D New York 8-. 8-. Rachel 8-. :X :smug:


Every time I think they’re going somewhere interesting with Quinn they seem to back out, and it’s getting really frustrating.

Plus okay I just wanted the whole finale to be about Faberry, I’ll admit. :-.


Head In Hands

“She may be difficult, but boy, can she sing. Bravo!”

Rin says: RACHEL/KURT are so adorable. I just love how often they’re seen applauding each other and supporting each other etc. They have a really cute friendship despite how ‘non-friends’ they’re supposed to be. I’m glad it gets carried through to the finale when they have one of the best scenes ever in the history of Glee.



Most Rophy

“Although this is deeply personal, try not to take it personally.”


So Rophy.

Sophy says: I’m also rather enamored of Jesse’s face in those caps. It’s times like these that I really fucking ship those two. Because they match, you know? And okay it’s probably in that way where they bring out the Rophy worst in each other, but whatever. It’s just more entertaining that way.


Quinn Glory Shot

“Is this me feeling enough for you?”

Rin says: Oh Quinn. Oh old Quinn hair.

Have one of these 8-. and one of these :X

Sophy says: IT TASTES LIKE PINK. Now I’m just seeing Rachel eating Quinn’s hair next season. And coughing up a big pink furball. And commiserating with Lord Tubbington?

I don’t know.

Quinn is pretty.

Rin says: Your next fanfic, “Big Pink Furballs.” :)

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  1. folkpants
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  2. TB
    TB at · Reply

    Idk. Quinn drawing pornographic pictures of Rachel is pretty hard to top gayest race wise. Only Sophia ventured that far into lady love lol.

  3. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    ASDFAHJSHGFDHKGFHGKL…. Quinn glory shot is glorious!
    Glee is such a funny thing, I really love it, but I seem to cry every time I watch it, because I love what it could be but what it clearly isn’t. I kind of forget when it’s not on but even reading the recap made me sad and frustrated. It doesn’t make any sense. I don’t know how we’re supposed to see Quinn especially, I have clear set ideas about what kind of person she is but any time any of the writers talk about her or I venture into the fandom people vehemently disagree with me. Is she actually meant to be a bitch? Because she’s not. She’s just not. It can’t just be Dianna trying to morph the character into what she wants because there are writers and directors there, I just don’t understand. WHAT was that Finn & Quinn thing? Seriously? Are we supposed to actually like Finn? Where is the Finn who moaned on and on about escaping Lima in the pilot and then acted like a manipulative little bitch to get Rachel to rejoin Glee in The Rhodes Not Taken? If he’s grown past that (evolving in the wrong direction but whatevs) surely he should see the parallel to the way Quinn is acting now? Oh wait, he gets dumber every episode right? I don’t get it. He treats Rachel like crap a lot of the time, but he usually at least lays off Quinn, and yes she was being annoying but whatever, and he suddenly decides it’s ok to forgive Rachel because someone dies and he can’t be bothered with Quinn any more. LOOK AT HER DAMN FACE HOW DO YOU EVER LOSE INTEREST IN THAT?!?? Clearly Glee should be going for another one of their famous controversial sickly-patronising stories, where Finn decides he can’t chose so they all hook up (and then the girls push him out of the equation, obviously)

    Jesse being a condescending dick to Will was probably my favourite part of this episode, his face while he pats Will on the back and says
    “Good job!” is hands worthy! I wish he’d stay for longer, I really hope he pops up again next year.

    I can’t wait to see where they go with Sue’s character next year because I can’t see her still being so adversarial with the Glee club, and Jane Lynch is clearly fed up of it too, but every time you think something is going to change on Glee it doesn’t and they resort back to what it was before the storyline started. (Will and Emma started off as a nice story-line so it should revert back to them being in gooey love while he’s actually managed to knock up Terri and is trying to be there for her any day now)

    As for Quinn’s “plot” lets remember they some how filmed the finale for TWO FREAKING DAYS without a script, Quinn always falls through the cracks, Heather got her monologue script two hours before she had to film it, they were completely unprepared, and having seen a couple of the tweeted writers room pics they don’t seem to have any kind of storyline board or anything to keep track of what they’re doing with each character. I guess we should be grateful they remember to even start story lines for Quinn.

    Of course new writers and Ryan and Brad being busy with AAHS means I’m super optimistic for season three and I’m sure we’ll get lots of new interesting story lines that get followed through to the end and they’ll surely be able to deal with some of the old thrown away ones like Beth too :)

    1. JuneBug
      JuneBug at · Reply

      I so GET what you mean. I always get excited about Glee and build every up in my head with my Faberry goggles on. But then I watch an actual episode and ALWAYS feel disappointed. Not because there’s not enough Faberry (there will never be enough Faberry!) but because nothing makes any actual sense.

      The sad thing is that they have this amazing cast of incredibly talented people (except Montieth and that 30 year-old guy). So there’s so much POTENTIAL. But they’re just letting it all go to waste.

      I’m glad that they will be focusing on Rachel’s storyline this season and (hopefully) bringing Idina Menzel back. But some sort of storyline for Quinn might be too much to hope for. Which again sucks cuz Quinn has the potential to be a really conflicted, nuanced (gay) character. If the writers choose to deal with that. But again they’d probably focus on Butt-face Hudson. And bring in god-awful celebrity guest stars who can’t sing or dance. I’m looking at you Paltrow!

      Am I thinking about this too much?? I’ll just go stare at the Quin glory shot until my brain turn to mush…

  4. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    “Although this is deeply personal, try not to take it personally.” >>> “No offense, but you basically represent everything I despise in the world” Lol, gotta love it.

    I cried like a baby over Jean, like an actual baby. And then they sang Pure Imagination and I cried even more, because it was so childlike and perfect and sad and awful all at once (I mean the song choice perfect)

    I”ll really miss Jean and Sue’s interaction’s too (I’m still rewatching)

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