220 — Prom Queen

Best Song

Rachel & Jesse – Rolling In The Deep

Rin says: Thank you Glee! THAT is how you do justice to Adele, as well as making it your own. The fact that they did it a capella just made it even more soothing on the ears, and christ that Groff boy can sing. I definitely felt like I’d missed his presence and wouldn’t mind if he stuck around for a bit longer to sing some more. Cause seriously. And I like how angsty Rachel looked throughout the song. :)

Sophy says: Can you say ‘breath of fresh air’? So can I! I bet I can say it faster! Let’s race!

Um. I was so happy to see Jesse back, because sweet Faberry dreams aside, I’m glad he’s in the mix for Rachel, rather than just all Finn all the time. At least Jesse and Rachel have real chemistry, proving that being sexually incompatible does not prevent actors from having awesome sexual chemistry onscreen. And boy do they sound amazing singing together. Like… the two of them? It’s a whole ‘In another league, on another level’ kind of deal. And meanwhile the Warbler-esque backing vocals from the stage crew were great too.

So yeah, Glee really rocked Rolling In The Deep unlike Gossip Girl which smothered it cruelly with a montage of Chuck and Blair crashing a bar mitzvah and pretending not to be disgusting together.


Biggest LOL

“I’m bailing to live in a lesbian colony. Or Tribeca.”


or Tribeca.

Sophy says: Either/or. Oh Santana 8-.

Also, I was all confused when I was looking at the first cap, until Rin reminded me of the split-screen action they had going on, and then she said she didn’t mind having a bit of Quinn in there and I was all I know.

Um. How pretty is that second cap with the green and the red? Oh Brittana. You went to prom as Christmas! :X


Best Scene

“You’re a very pretty girl Quinn. You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever met but…you’re a lot more than that.”

Sophy says: They are ridiculous. And you know Quinn is the boy, cos she’s in the blue.

Um. Honestly I loved this scene and not just for the raging homoeroticism of it all. Regardless of subtext, I always love it when they bring the strange little ugly-beautiful friendship between Quinn and Rachel to the fore. Because it is a friendship, even as it is a rivalry. These girls envy each other something fierce – as in deep down there are ways in which they desperately want to be each other – which means there are things about each other than they seriously love, enough to want, enough to wish so hard they were. And I think their journeys are so very much about each other. And so very much not about Finn Hudson. And that was never more obvious than in this scene, where Finn is revealed as a mere pawn in the ‘Conquer Rachel Berry’ game for Quinn. And for Rachel? Well, I sure thought it was interesting that when she found out Finn was with Quinn again, her main concern was that it be acknowledged by Quinn that last time she was chosen over her.

Honestly, it’s all about Quinn for Rachel and it’s all about Rachel for Quinn. Because they are each other’s mirrors, they are the different-same selves in which they see the people they truly want to be… in which they see the parts of themselves they have yet to discover.

And that’s why Quinn slaps Rachel when she hates herself. And that’s why it’s so important when Rachel, of all people, tells her she’s so much more.

And yeah, um. Prettiest girl you’ve ever met? You didn’t need to go that far, okay, Rachel? But thanks.

Rin says: You know what I really loved? How the slap didn’t separate them, but brought them closer than ever. I have to say I was a bit :( with ‘Rumours’ when they didn’t carry on with the development of these two after their epic duet from ‘Born This Way.’ I was all about ready to be all, ‘Lol, Glee…of course.’ Then they went and gave us this. At this point it isn’t even about wishful thinking and la di da, for me it’s about the realest thing Glee has going for it. There’s nothing wrong with all the fun, I understand Glee isn’t supposed to be something like Skins, but I feel like it needs relationships like this to ground it in reality. With all the theatrics, slap included, what happens after is so completely normal and relatable.

And yes. Prettiest girl you’ve ever met. ROFL. I can’t. Didn’t Finn say that to Quinn just a moment ago? Rachel is such a boyfriend without knowing it.

Also, you guys. I was freaking out this entire episode because a while ago I read this fanfic (which I hardly read, but the author is so fantastic I couldn’t say no?) and it was all about how Quinn and Rachel go to prom together, and there were just SO many moments where I was like, ‘LOL I THINK THEY READ THIS FANFIC AND COPIED IT, CAUSE SERIOUSLY.’ Anyway, this is the fic. :) And just remember it was written OCTOBER 2010. I think the author is a prophet.

Oh and. This is all I saw when the slap went down.

Sophy says: So. Apt.

And if anything Quinn looks more heartbroken than Angel after the slap.



Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“I’m just going to dance and then all your dates are gonna ignore you and come dance with me so…your dates are really my dates.”

Rin says: There wasn’t toooo much to choose from for Brittany this week, but I think this was her best one. Stealing dates :X:X And she keeps doing these random hand movements which I’ve come to appreciate.

Sophy says: STEAL THOSE DATES, BRITTANY. I wouldn’t put it past her to show up with a plate of these babies and a victorious grin on her face.



Rophy Says No!

Waste of time.

Rin says: Really Glee? Did we have to go there? I don’t care if it’s for a bit of fun, there are plenty of other songs, real songs, that are a lot more fun and a lot more worthy of our time.

These two are our guitar boys too, wouldn’t it make sense to have them bust those babies out and do a better song? No?

Sophy says: There are no words for how much I hated this. It actually made me feel a bit physically sick.


Head In Hands

“Girls like Quinn…you don’t want to do anything that’s going to distract from their face so ask for a gardenia with a light green ribbon wrapped around it to match her eyes.”
“The ribbon matches my eyes.”
Um, who asked you two to look at each other in a smouldering manner? Inappropriate.
Blaine is a hero.



Okay first and foremost, seriously, stop it Glee. Stop fucking teasing us with the epic Faberry subtext. EXCEPT DON’T EVER STOP TEASING US WITH THE EPIC FABERRY SUBTEXT :(( I mean really, don’t you know that the angsty over-the-shoulder-of-the-pointless-lump-between-you eye contact is just the most romantic thing ever??? DON’T THEY KNOW HOW STUPID IT MAKES FINN LOOK? DON’T THEY CARE? I DON’T EITHER? THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT?

And the corsage thing. Okay. I just cannot. I can’t. Who gets Quinn? Rachel gets Quinn. Who cares what colour her prettiest-girl-I’ve-ever-met eyes are? Rachel does. Whose thought and effort and loveliness makes Quinn smile on her big night? That’s right. Rachel’s.

In other news, could Blaine and Kurt be sweeter? I loved this whole deal, from Kurt being maliciously voted Prom Queen, to him crying in the hall, to him squaring his shoulders and going back in there and holding his awesome head awesomely high.

And really, how can you not swoon a little at the way Blaine asks if he can have this dance??? And Kurt’s little face when he says yes??? And the adorable awkward way Blaine see-sawed him around the floor, and how they seemed to become happier and more at ease and more themselves with every movement? AND HIS CROWN? I cannot.

Also, Mercedes and Santana were flawless doing Dancing Queen and it would so totally have gotten best song if Rolling In The Deep hadn’t stomped all over everything earlier. Loved it.

And on that note, this overloaded head in hands would not be complete without the following:


Rin says: Um. How did you know I really wanted a gif of that moment? (Maybe it was all those times I said I wished I was Santana in that moment?)




The corsage thing was the best.

The look across the dance floor was even better. Especially with Quinn looking like she has a fire starting in her pants.

Blaine asking Kurt to dance in front of everybody was heroic.

Also, any Faberry shippers should do this right now. Put on Adele – One And Only and look at the caps of Rachel singing, and Quinn dancing and imagine Rachel is singing this song instead. So gay. So right. So Faberry.


Most Rophy

“I mean just because I hate everybody doesn’t mean they have to hate me too.”

Rin says: This is the kind of logic that we live and die by.

Sophy says: Totally. Also ‘Most Rin’ would be ‘DO I SMELL LIKE A GOLF COURSE?’ :)

Rin says: I’m such a smellygolfer. :(


Quinn Glory Shot

They should make a new Disney movie based on her.

Rin says: I’m finding it harder and harder to come up with new ways to say, ‘unf’ .. and there’s so many of her. This is such a head explode-y moment.


I’m gonna rent that movie and be really disappointed when I don’t see that it’s just not all about Quinn/Dianna.

Sophy says: How is she so perfect? I think Disney actually made her.

Rin says: I really appreciate all of the mirrors… it really lets you appreciate all the different angles of her face 8-.



Rin says: I’m at peace with the situation.

Sophy says: You’re at pieces. Zing.

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  1. Sanji
    Sanji at · Reply

    One of the worst episode of the series. Apart from the scene in the bathroom and Jesse’s return (I love his characters and I love his voice, but I didn’t like Rolling in the Deep :( ), everything else was horrible. I’m sick of Kurt and I’m starting to hate Santana too. She still has awesome one-liners, but she’s getting worse every episode.

    1. Mia
      Mia at · Reply

      Are we even watching the same show? This episode was good, the finale sucked huge 6 million dollar balls though.

      1. Sanji
        Sanji at · Reply

        We are, but I’ve had enough of Kurt’s pointless drama and that’s all Glee has been about this year. Everyone else just got kicked in the face to give Kurt more screentime, and it wouldn’t be such a bad thing (actually is still would be, but it wouldn’t be such a pain to watch) if the character or the story was any good.

        1. Mia
          Mia at · Reply

          The only ones that I can think of that haven’t had enough screentime this season are Tina, Mercedes and Mike Chang. Finn, Rachel, Santana, Brittany, Artie, Kurt, Blaine and Sam have had plenty. Oh, and also the adults but No1currr about them, except for Sue.

          1. Sophy
            Sophy at · Reply

            ROPHY CURR!!!!!!!!! I care about Will and Emma a whole fucking lot more than I care about Artie, lol.

  2. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    Awesome recap as always and.. Mother of god, I thought the fandom was gonna break the internet when Dianna put on the “Likes girls” Shirt.

  3. MichelleS
    MichelleS at · Reply

    great recap for a really good episode. One of my favourites of the season.

    And this recap made me see the Faberry. They do have some really good chemistry together and during the episode I never actually thought of the fact that Rachel had actually picked the ribbon for Quin. I should start to learn to notice these things :p

    I also thought it was really cool that they include the Faberry scene in a combination with Brittana and Klaine ^^

    I also really love that Santanas one liners keep being awesome and Brittany is getting smarter and getting some good development (which she desperately needed).

    As for rolling in the deep. It took me a while to get used to this version, but now it is one of my favourites of Glee and I wish Jesse would have a bigger role on the show, because I think he is the best male vocalist on the show.

  4. TB
    TB at · Reply

    So just out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on Dianna’s epic shirt switch up?

  5. A
    A at · Reply

    Awesome recap! I agree with everything you said. XD

    Also, I like how Santana came up with these ridiculous kind of stereotypes about being a lesbian – because it is indeed how someone like her would perceive this community. She’s new to this, and I think she’s a bit uncomfortable with the box-less place she’s in. Before, Santana was the heartless sexy bitch, which was a very uncomplicated box to live in. But now, realizing she likes girls, she can’t just move to the box ~lesbian, because she doesn’t fit the stereotypes that she has in mind.
    Does that make sense? :p

    (I’m now in this phase where I try to defend everything that happens in Glee, with weird psychological logic in my head (not at all canon probably), because I don’t want to be irritated by certain inconsistencies… I just want to like it so bad, you know?)

    And yes, Rolling in the Deep was so amazing. Finally Glee wavered from the overproduced karaoke-like auto-tuned path. Lea and Jon sound so good together, I was totally ravelling in Spring Awakening nostalgia all over again. :)

  6. A
    A at · Reply

    Oh, and for those who are interested, Dianna explained the t-shirt thing on her tumblr:

  7. digga
    digga at · Reply

    I’m not a Faberry shipper like alotta loons out there, but this was def a ‘Quinn is Awesome” ep. Your Quinn glory shot is tots Rophy QGS of the season, and I really don’t know why she worries about about getting old and ugly, because she has the kind of bone structure that just gets better with age.
    That song about friday makes me concerned about the demon spawn of pop culture and the internet, but then I watch a twirly dancing Quinn gif and the universe balances itself out again.
    Last decent episode of the season – glad you liked it too.

  8. JuneBug
    JuneBug at · Reply

    I just read that tumblr post that A so thoughtfully provided, and Oh My God…she is perfect.

    How can one human being be so wonderful, lovable and beautiful in every possible way?!!<3

    You guys did a FANTASTIC job on this recap. Loved the whole psychoanalysis of Quinn and Rachel's relationship.

    Oh, and the Buffy/Angel slap juxtaposed with Quinn/Rachel slap made me LOL

    *sigh* perfect OTPs are perfect…

  9. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Loved this episode, and i loved your recap! Blaine is the perfect boyfriend, Brittany is perfection – but I have to say, my “Hell no” moment was Quinn, whining yet again about being the poor pretty girl. Boo-hoo! You just slapped someone, because your dull boyfriend was an ass, you’re attractive, artistic and smart, and popular with the boys, even though you just had a baby, girl! There are lonely single girls, closeted gay girls, handicapped girls, and kids in wheel chairs around you – Get over yourself, already! I expected this level of selfishness from Santana, but Quinn? Wow, way to not step up for Kurt, who was your loyal friend when you were pregnant in high school, last year, remember? And as much as I dislike Rachel sometimes, this was unjustified and mean. But right, we should pity her for being gorgeous. Didn’t she JUST gloat about being the model for Rachel’s almost nose-job and say how she loved her life because she was pretty?
    Don’t get me wrong, I like them as friends, but they always make it about Finn, Finn, Finn, who is the dullest guy around, and not even good looking or charming or anything. Yet those two are somehow obsessed with him as if they made the mistake of reading “Twilight” too often. As a result, I’m kind of annoyed by them, in turns. This episode it was Quinn who annoyed me.

  10. Anna
    Anna at · Reply

    Your random inserts of the “Likes Girls” gifs in the above comments are making me smile. True facts.

  11. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    HAHAHHA Disney Made Dianna! Epic. Love it. So true! Agreed!

  12. uber
    uber at · Reply

    “Sophy says: Totally. Also ‘Most Rin’ would be ‘DO I SMELL LIKE A GOLF COURSE?”

    omg i had to pause it there i was smiling so hard imagining Rin’s reaction to that line <333

  13. X-Acto
    X-Acto at · Reply

    Wow, that fic actually does parallel Rachel and Quinn so well! Amazing.

    You what I think? That that author should make another one because it’s been too long since I read a great fic anywhere. JS.

    Also great recap. I love, love, love, the way you summarized the Rachel and Quinn dynamic here because you guys actually see what’s going on; I wish more people had your level of analyzing because I need more of it in my life. I even forced my sister to read it because this whole thing are the facts of Glee.

    Also, can you read this for me: http://inkyxfingers.livejournal.com/33219.html
    because I think it really fits in with your thought process. :D

  14. eagle eyes
    eagle eyes at · Reply

    Is it just me or is Quinn signing “I love you” to Rachel during the prom dance, in which Quinn is dancing with Finn?

  15. Patamon
    Patamon at · Reply


  16. christina
    christina at · Reply

    okay so i find myself having to comment on all the amazing things about this. #1 when rachel tells finn to get her gardenia to match her eyes, like REALLY!? if i was a faberry shipper when i first saw it i would’ve squealed. because rachel DOES get quinn better then finn, better then anyone. that’s why after quinn slaps her, she lets her walls down a little more and lets rachel clean her makeup. and don’t even get me started with that because i CANNOT! that would’ve been the perfect moment for a first kiss. and i did notice the colors of blue and pink. these “glee” writers love playing with subtext. i had a question about what scene that was with buffy and angel because well, i love them and i loved how it paralleled with the faberry scene. it looked like the episode in “angel” but i don’t think it was because i think buffy had straight hair then.

    also, OMG! DO YOU SEE QUINN’S HAND ON FINN’S SHOULDER WHILE RACHEL IS SINGING!? THAT IS THE SIGN LANGUAGE SYMBOL FOR LOVE! i CANNOT believe i never noticed that before. and i GUARANTEE it was an achele moment, but OMG how beautifully did it blend with faberry. OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE! and the mention of this quote: “DO I SMELL LIKE A GOLF COURSE,” to me that’s probably the funniest thing santana ever said. like i think it’s my favorite santana quote of all time besides when she goes bat shit in the the finale of the second season about how she’s from “LIMA HEIGHT ADJACENT!” but omg. thank you for this recap. i can’t believe i never realized that hand on finn’s shoulder. the look alone was enough, but that!? THAT’S ALL!


  17. christina
    christina at · Reply

    oh and pps- i agree sophy, quinn should be property of disney, except disney wouldn’t promote a pressed lemon. but she would be the most beloved princess in all the land.

  18. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Oh my gosh, so much Faberry!! Love your recaps and the comments and yeah calm calm!!

    Btw I did the instruction for Faberry shippers and awww. And then the corsage and the sign language for love, whyyyyy are they not just a thing! !

  19. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    The Elsa dress! I’m wearing an Elsa necklace right now.

    I swear I did not go through a huge Idina Menzel obsession years ago….ok I totally did, like how could I not?!!

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