219 — Rumours

Best Song

Santana – Songbird

Rin says: Easily the best song of the episode for me, and maybe Naya’s finest performance? It was BEAUTIFUL and to be honest I only knew this song from Love Actually so I didn’t know it was a Fleetwood Mac song. I love Naya’s voice and I loved the arrangement of the song, just the piano and her. Simple but damn effective. And her performance as Santana singing it to Brittany was spot on too. HER FACE AT THE END. I CAN’T. Glorious. Getting to see more of Santana and Naya’s amazingness is the best thing about Brittana?

Sophy says: Fun fact: This is the second Glee song that I have ever actually put on my ipod. The first was Pretty/Unpretty, so I’d say they’re on a roll?

Watching this I was struck by how beautiful Naya’s voice is, and how she is probably the most suited out of the cast to a career as, well, the type of singer I would want to put on my ipod. That’s not to say that I don’t love Lea’s voice, because oh my god I do… but it’s so big, isn’t it? It’s so Broadway. Whereas Naya’s voice has more of a warm, earthy sweetness to it. It’s kind of like a small fire – it’s like a crackly little fire in the woods at night. And I think this is the first time we’ve heard her do something that has really showcased that side of it – something completely emotional and without fanfare – something that doesn’t fit into the sexy/feisty category.

What’s that? I’ve repressed all memory of Gwyneth songs? What? Hello? Where are we? What is?

Anyway. ‘Songbird’ just had a certain purity to it that I really loved, and okay let’s just take a moment for the look on her face. Who knew Naya was so talented, not just vocally, but as an actress as well? (Yes, yes, stop putting your hands up smarty-pantses..es…es.)

And I agree with Rin entirely, the best thing about Brittana so far has been getting to find out more about who Santana is – because it’s meant getting to see just how impressive Naya Rivera can be. She used to be nothing but bit of background lols to me, but with this storyline she has evolved into so much more. 8-.


Biggest LOL

“What prom queen candidate is spending a lot of time in her closet?”

Rin says: HAHAAH I CAN’T. How dare you Glee. This was so carrot-string/dangling.

Sophy says: HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA. If it’s not Achele trolling us, it’s Faberry. And we love it.


Best Scene

“You all saved my life. Got me out of a terrible marriage. You helped me find my passion again.”

Rin says: I adored this scene, a lot. Mostly because you could see how sincere Will was being, that he really does love these kids and how through them he found his passion again. I love that.

And Will/Emma! Emma being inspired by Will to take control of her life is a beautiful thing, and then in turn by showing him that she’s taken some steps — he can do it too. I also liked the end, how Will said he doesn’t want to lose them, but he really wants to go. I think it’s important we get to see that side of Will, and how chasing dreams doesn’t have to mean abandoning something else equally as important. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!! /Liz Lemon

Sophy says: I don’t even care, okay? I LOVE THESE TWO. And I honestly love Will Schuester, so there. I know everybody forever-hates him, because the Glee writers fucked up and wrote him as a smarmy douchebag for a while… well. That’s what the Glee writers do. They fuck up and write their characters all wrong, and you kind of have to be willing to forgive and forget, with an emphasis on the forget.

(I’m working on repressing Brittany/Santa/Stork, Brittana. I’m working on it.)

And just… Will is the heart of the show. Or he should be. One of the hearts, at least. And yes, they lost that along the way, but I really feel that they’re getting back to it with moments like this.

And I love that they’re getting back to Will/Emma, because every other romance Will has had has just made him gross. And Emma is the best forever and ever and I’m so proud of her for working on being the best Emma she can be and for being such a great friend?


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“You know, just because we’re doing this interview doesn’t mean I’m still not mad at you. ‘Cause I know you started smoking again.”


This had the potential to be Most Rophy too. I’d be Brittany, Sophy would be the smoking cat.


Also, once I’d recovered from my giggles, all I could think of was this…


Rophy Says No!

Just because two boys are seen together it doesn’t mean they’re having an affair.


I thought this whole charade made Rachel and Finn look like morons, and really, given both their relationships with Kurt, they should know better.

Plus the whole thing of trying to make it seem like something it was not was a bit pointless ’cause a) none of us bought it b) there were no real consequences because of these rumours.

Sophy says: I don’t even. What was this? It just came across as a) nonsensical and b) mildly homophobic. Because I mean, if a gay guy smiles at and/or touches another guy they must be making with the sex, yes? NO.

No, Glee. Just. No.

Also, the Brittany/Artie breakup was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. But then… Brittany/Artie was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen, so. Makes sense.


Head In Hands

Quinn’s angry dancing and her shakey shakey!
Faberry dancing with their Faberry son.

Rin says: I keep saying this to Sophy, where it’s almost at the point where it feels a bit redundant if I keep saying it. BUT I don’t think I’ve said it here yet (though I probably have), so: I LOVE IT WHEN QUINN DANCES. I think she’s the cutest dancer in the entire world. Pair that with her dancing all angry-like and MY HEART. IT FLUTTERS. And then she did the shakey thing from offscreen and I nearly died. I really nearly did because it made me think of scrapey shakey and if she wanted we’d let her join the trio.

And then there was this little gem from the final song, where Quinn danced with the little boy, and then later Rachel does. And then there’s this shot of just them dancing like a little family and oh my god this is the future. Cutest.

And I have to include this. JUST BECAUSE I DO, OKAY?

I burst out laughing because I pretty much watch Glee with Faberry goggles these days (and for all days to come?) and this is the kind of stuff that makes me think I’ll never stop watching this show.

Sophy says: Whenever Quinn tries to be sexy I always just find it ridiculously adorable. It turns out I find angry-sexy even more ridiculously adorable on her.

And just so we’re clear, I took this whole song as being about Quinn and Rachel, with Finn as a faceless backup musician. The above gif agrees with me. It agrees with me hard.

I WONDER WHOSE NOSE THE FABERRY SON GOT. Oh wait. :-j Getting ahead of myself. Or… behind myself. I don’t know. All I can think of now is prom.


Most Rophy

“She texted about an hour ago, and it just said, “I can’t.””

Rin says: I CAN’T.

Sophy says: I CANNOT.


Quinn Glory Shot

Rin says: …I don’t know if I brought this upon myself by us having this category, but I’m turning into such a Quinn/Dianna fangirl.

SHE’S JUST SO ADORABLE. And let’s saviour these few moments we have left with her long luscious locks.

A minute’s silence, if you will.


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  1. Snicky / ixke
    Snicky / ixke at · Reply

    I want a Brittany glory shot too !

  2. Jaime
    Jaime at · Reply

    I love your description of Naya’s voice. I really really love it, and especially in that song. Lea’s voice is the type to give you goosebumps, but I don’t want to listen to it all day. That’s partly why I love Dianna’s voice too – it’s not big and belty, but it has a real sweetness that I like. And that .gif, LOL. I rewound Quinn’s angry singing shimmy like 10 times. I have a serious love/hate thing about Quinn though – I don’t really like her character (I think they write her really inconsistently), but I think Dianna is adorable, so sometimes I find myself swooning over her and I don’t know why!
    Oh and Buffy – ‘Mice that were smoking?’ ROFL. LOVE.

  3. Char
    Char at · Reply

    I liked Songbird too, a lot, but for me nothing was better than Lea singing ‘Go Your Own Way’. Hnnnngggg perfect storm of hotness.

    Also I thought it was OK they thought Sam was hooking up with Kurt as they suspected Quinn too? And the non-deal about Kurt/Sam was kinda cool I thought. It wasn’t ~ZOMG Sam is gay?! but ~ZOMG Kurt is cheating on Blaine? Also, they were coming out of a SEX MOTEL. I don’t know?

  4. Char
    Char at · Reply

    P.S. Quinn 8->

  5. heather anne hogan
    heather anne hogan at · Reply

    Sophy, your turns of phrase make me swoon like nothing else on earth. (That’s not to say that I don’t love Lea’s voice, because oh my god I do… but it’s so big, isn’t it? It’s so Broadway. Whereas Naya’s voice has more of a warm, earthy sweetness to it. It’s kind of like a small fire – it’s like a crackly little fire in the woods at night.)

    Have you guys talked about Dianna’s new hair? I don’t remember reading about it.

    1. Char
      Char at · Reply

      Gay hair! Yeah what do you guys think of it? I do like, but miss her long mane of golden locks already. LION QUINN.

  6. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    Aww, you’re doing recaps again, awesome!

    Loved the Brittana storyline continuing in a slow-paced, emotional way! They’re setting them up really well here. (And of course, in true Glee tradition, everything else has to be abandoned at some point, here it’s the finale, to see Rachel obsess over dumb, boring Finn again. So they can get back together, for the 500th time. Even though nobody cares.)

    The best moment of the episode (at least for me) was when Rachel was being all shrill and obsessive towards Kurt – as usual – when she cornered him by the lockers. He didn’t even bother to listen to her insanity, it was glorious!

  7. syn
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  8. Jes
    Jes at · Reply
  9. Robyn
    Robyn at · Reply

    Oh my God, I love how Brittany has a plushie…OF HERSELF. Oh, the lulz. <3

    1. Simone
      Simone at · Reply

      Isnt that the same doll from when Sue got her to say that Beiste touched her boobs?

      1. Robyn
        Robyn at · Reply

        Oh lawd, I do believe it is. Oops! Memory isn’t really my thing…

  10. R.
    R. at · Reply

    I don’t know about the Sam thing. They also thought he was screwing Quinn simply because they were seen together at a motel. I thought the reason they suspected him of cheating was the motel factor, not the “two boys together” factor…plus, in high school, when everyone assumes heterosexuality, it’s usually even more common that “a boy and a girl who are super close = must be kissing/must WANT to be kissing each other”

    I also figured the fact that Kurt was one of the two people who showed up at the hotel was just a reference to the fact that the Sam character was originally intended as Kurt’s boyfriend, and the fact that some fans still attest that there is “evidence” that he is actually gay/bisexual. There is a whole page on the Glee wiki dedicated to debating Sam’s sexual orientation, despite the fact that he has only been seen dating/having interest in girls in-canon.

  11. Patamon
    Patamon at · Reply

    Woow when they are all arguing in the class about who did what (Sam/Finn/Quinn/Rachel thingy), I love how Santana blames Rachel: “I blame Sam for all of this. And Rachel, too, I blame her. I’m sure you did something.”
    And you know guys, Santana is absolutely right. Rachel is just a douche for not noticing how Quinn loves HER and not any of the guys. Yup yup! I’m pretty sure Santana has noticed that because she has an awesome gay radar lol.

  12. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Scrapey shakey trio!! Returneth!! (Is that even a word, oh who cares)


    Oh my gosh, I’m calm, I’m calm…lol I’m having a random moment myself here, sorry 😁😁

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