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Best Song

Rachel & Quinn – I Feel Pretty And Unpretty

Rin says: Okay. I still can’t 100% process this. But. I have never been more excited for a Glee song, and I made sure to stay unspoiled for what they were going to sing, and JFC. I didn’t expect such a fucking gorgeous mash-up and performance and and and the two of their voices together are just sublime. I just said sublime.

It’s taken them 2 years to get a song together and gawd it was worth the wait. This might be my favourite song Glee has ever done. I don’t know. Where am I. What is fandom?

I haven’t stopped listening to it for 4 days. ;)) And I’ve rewatched the scene at least 10 times, and I still don’t know where to start.

Ok. My first reactions: When the music started I had to pause and prepare myself. I knew this had to be it and I didn’t want to have high expectations ’cause the last thing I wanted was to be disappointed by a Rachel & Quinn duet… as soon as Quinn started singing that went out the window. Second thing I noticed was the EDITING. I was kind of in awe of it, with the slow-motion and how the taking pictures was woven in and out, and then the close-ups of Rachel’s face as the nurse drew on the lines. GORGEOUS.

Then we see them in Glee club singing together in front of everyone wearing matching-but-not-matching outfits, and they’re adorable. And Rachel’s really emotional about it and almost in tears, whilst Quinn looks on. AND THEN!! THE MOST ‘HAHAHAHAHA’ MOMENT. Quinn walking down the hall and Rachel looking on singing ‘oh so prettttyyyy’ =)) I JUST =)) I LAUGH EVERY TIME BECAUSE IT’S JUST SO.. TEENAGER WHO’S LOOKING AT THE GIRL THEY REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO ASK TO THE PROM.

THE MIRRORS! And how it’s mirrored but not with their two completely different approaches to their use of a mirror. The splitscreen was also pretty awesome, something about the way it wasn’t directly down the centre and how it framed both scenes perfectly.

AND THEN THEY’RE SITTING NEXT TO EACH OTHER IN CLASS, YOU GUYS. You guys. You guys. They’re also mirroring some more with how their sitting, with their right arm out and their left arm on top. Srsly. Part of me wants to believe that they’re playing footsie under the table too..

And then their shared look at the end <33 Rachel is full of uncertainty as she looks at Quinn and Quinn is full of understanding as she looks at Rachel. OH YOU TWO SNUGGLE BUNNIES.

Now we can talk about the singing? This was easily Dianna’s best performance, and whilst I’ve always loved her voice anyway, this song/arrangement was perfect for showing her off. She has such lovely, delicate tones which I adore and her Oh oh oh’s are so precious. Lea obviously has never taken a wrong step in terms of singing, but something about this duet just brought out another shade of her voice. Something we hadn’t heard before which was really nice to hear, especially because she’s already recorded so much previously.

The song itself was wonderfully appropriate without being LOLOBVIOUS, and never in a million years did I ever expect Glee to do a TLC song. They’re such a nostalgia-inducing band to me, I used to go around singing Waterfalls with my brother and my best friend. I used to be Left-Eye and do the rap part. Yes, really. I’ve never seen West Side Story, but who doesn’t know I Feel Pretty. I was surprised when I heard the change of lyrics.. from ‘gay’ to ‘brave’ … and as a good Skins fan, that just made it even gayer. But honestly, why did they change it? Rofl. Maybe because they knew of the shitstorm it would create. I know I would have gone off the walls :)

Am I a Faberry shipper? Yes. Do I really think they’ll ~get together? No. But saying this from an objective standpoint, these two do have a relationship that is unparalleled in the Glee-verse. They’re the unlikely friendship-but-still-not-really-a-friendship-ship. And I love them for it. And let’s be honest, they have a total Mini/Franky vibe. :)

Okay. I think I’ve written more than I’ve ever written for any recap ever. But this is probably the first and last time we’ll ever get such a lovely Faberry moment, so there was no reason to not go all out! Now I invite you to, along with me, scroll back up and look at each cap and slowly put your head in your hands. They’re gorgeous. 8-.

Sophy says: Okay, so. This is something Rophy have been waiting for for a long time. Basically, to us, Rachel/Quinn is one of the most important relationships on the show – platonically speaking, okay, we’re not that delusional. I guess what I’m trying to say is that their funny little unfriendly friendship used to be such a big deal, and it’s nice to see the writers acknowledging that again lately.

I too was completely unspoiled for this. Normally I don’t really care about being spoiled for Glee, but since this is probably the biggest Faberry thing we’re going to get for a while – or possibly, ever – I wanted to make it ~special. And boy was it special. Seriously, the only bone I have to pick with it is that it came too early in the episode and everything that came after seemed like poo in comparison. :)

I was quite stunned by how great Lea and Dianna sounded together. I mean, not that I expected them to sound crap, but I didn’t think it would be that… sublime. I like Dianna’s tone, but I haven’t really enjoyed any of her Glee performances that much for whatever reason. This was the first song she’s been given where I’ve just been completely lost in it and head-in-hands. And Lea… despite her powerful voice, she really brought a vulnerability and a girlishness in this duet. I think both girls did a great job not just singing, but singing as Rachel and Quinn. Rachel was an emotional mess, because that’s who Rachel is – teary-eyed and hurting and hoping and hearts on a sleeve. And Quinn came off as more of a woman – composed, cool, but not hard, not quite – more sad. I think they both did an amazing job in getting across who their characters are in the way they moved and the way they sang.

In terms of the song itself, I’ve always had a fondness for that TLC song and whilst I’m normally not a mash-up kind of girl I thought this one worked exceptionally well. Great job all around.

The way it was shot was just ;LKSJD;LKSDJ. The Rent-esque photoshoot with Quinn, the close-ups of Lea’s face, them in class together and the mirrors and sitting side by side on those stools, looking at each other with fear and hurt and tenderness and envy and sadness and not a Gwyneth in sight!!! It was perfection 8-.

Can I also just say that Dianna was in top comedic form in this episode. Her delivery of “I’m surprised more girls haven’t asked me, my nose is awesome!” was A+.




Rophy says: We are aware that the above may make us come off as crazy people. We’re at peace with that.


Biggest LOL

“Look, maybe Rachel’s fine with having an enormous beak. Maybe she needs it to crack hard seeds.”

Rin says: Oh my god, her whole speech was epic as she ripped into everyone. I particularly enjoyed the use of the word ‘deslanting’ in reference to Tina’s eyes. Win.


I also love how Glee is more ready to make racist jokes than fat jokes.

Oh wait no. I don’t love that :-?

I MEAN. I don’t have a problem at all with the jokes. It’s just interesting that Santana never says a word about weight and wow, since when did it become more inappropriate to comment on someone’s weight than their ethnicity? Skewed much?

Sophy says: Santana Lopez, are you trying to win yourself a regular section in the Rophycaps? Because damn, girl, you are on fire these days. I was giggling and squealing throughout this entire little speech and seriously, whoever wrote beak/hard seeds deserves some kind of trip for two to the Caribbean.

Also Santana’s outfit could not be more amazing.


Best Scene

“I just feel, um…I feel so ashamed.”

Rin says: I’m thrilled that they’re continuing to address Emma’s OCD issues, and that she didn’t have the OCD shirt at first. I love that they show how much she’s struggling with it, and Jayma’s acting during the therapy session was amazing. I also liked that Will addressed that in the past her OCD has been thought of as cute (like we’ve all been thinking), but we’ve never put much thought into how serious of a problem it really was.

And we’re getting back to the Will/Emma that we all love. <3

Sophy says: OH JAYMA. She is such an asset to this show. Honestly I loved her whole plotline in this episode. Will was a champ in the scene where he confronted her about her OCD. I know he came across as somewhat harsh, but honestly sometimes you have to be if you love somebody – cruel to be kind, all that. And it worked. She sought help. I really hope this is the start of happy times for Emma, because the poor little love really deserves some happiness and freedom from this illness that has plagued her basically all her life.

I nearly cried when she broke down in the psychiatrist’s office and said she was ashamed. Jayma for president?


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“It’s perfect.”
“I know.”

Rin says: Amazing and adorable.

Sophy says: So fucking cute, I just cannot.


Rophy Says No!

All of this fuckery.

Rin says: I can’t talk about this yet. Too upsetting.

Sophy says: WHAT THE FUCKING FUCKERY HELL. Okay, first things first. Lauren does not have a ‘bad attitude’ okay show? She’s a bitch and a bully and just generally unpleasant 99% of the time. Also, let’s be frank. Why does her shirt not say ‘Obesity’? Why does Mercedes’ shirt not say ‘Obesity’ for that matter? Especially seeing as how she has gorgeous hair? So like, what the ever-loving fuck???

Let’s be clear, I am not saying that any human being should be loved any less or admired any less or love themselves any less or admire themselves any less based on what they weigh. But the coy non-mention of the issue here? It’s political correctness gone mad and I find it nauseating.

The shirt is one thing though. Quinn’s little speech to Lauren about how she’s the true role model because she managed to be a bitch whilst staying obsese? I was just… in bewildered awe. And not the good kind.

I’d also like to say a quick no to Kurt’s return. It was way, way, way overblown as far as I’m concerned and I was pretty much cringeing my way through it. And this is coming from someone who goes straight into head-in-hands mode whenever Chris Colfer comes on screen. But seriously. It was like he’d come back from world war three or something and I just kept thinking ‘Are we there yet, are we there yet.’

It might have worked better if Kurt had actually been gone from the Glee kids’ lives and gone from our screens, and it might also have worked better if Kurt’s reasons for returning to McKinley were actually about missing the kids and the hallways and whatever it was they smell of, I don’t even know. The bottom line is that Kurt wanted to come back to McKinley because he wants to go to Nationals. End of story. Is anyone naive enough to think he would have come back if they’d lost and the Warblers were off to New York? Please. So enough with the schmaltz, show.

And another thing. I normally worship the ground Burt Hummel walks on, but I thought he was ridiculous in this episode. He wouldn’t stop yelling. Like. I think he even yelled at Karofsky for not being a bully anymore at some point??? LOL. WHAT. I don’t even. I actually kept rolling my eyes and wishing I could reach into the TV and smack him. It was strange and unsettling.

Rin says: Yeah, bad attitude and no weave was the biggest bullshit. If the writers actually wanted to be brave and send a good message they would have had ‘obese’ or ‘weight’ or whatever on their shirts. Because wasn’t that the whole point? Taking something you’re not exactly tippity-flicking-boo over about yourself, but then turning that on its head and not being afraid of it. Owning it. I honestly would have gained some respect for Lauren and the writers if they had done something to that effect. Oh well. She has ‘bad attitude’ which IS PLAIN FUCKING STUPID BECAUSE IT’S NOT SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN’T HELP OR SOMETHING TO BE CELEBRATED. It’s one of the most unappealing qualities a human being can have. Period.

And please Lauren. Never put your arm around Quinn again? Thank you.


Head In Hands

“They’re less Hebraic, and more Fabrayic.”

Rin says: Um. She might as well have said Faberry, you all know that’s what they were going for. And hahahahah how much did this immediately remind everyone of that Achele baby that Lea accidentally tweeted? :)


Sophy says: I think there’s another piece of Quinn she’d like on her face.

Rin says: If blogs had ratings, this page would be NC-17 right now.


Most Rophy

Sometimes we wish people would break into spontaneous dance for us at malls.

Rin says: I usually kind of hate this song, because I think it’s stupid, but the dancing was pretty damn cute. Even if they kind of ripped from the Joss Whedon episode. BUT THEY WERE ALL DANCING FOR RACHEL SO, I CAN DEAL WITH IT.

That second cap is kind of magic. And a bit creepy. 8-.

Sophy says: Someday, Rin. Some Rophy Day.


Quinn Glory Shot

“Shot” can mean many things….

Rin says: Oh Quinn, stop being so Becoming Pt1. Or you know, don’t. 8-.

I thought the music during it was PERFECT and I loved the slow motion (…Quinn in slow-motion should be a thing from now on), and her crazed expressions as she ripped down the poster and ran off. Oh Dianna :X:X:X


Sophy says: I’m guessing. I’m guessing good.

Also yeah okay Quinn’s sudden backstory was a bit hokey. But everything on Glee is a bit hokey, so… at least she got something vaguely interesting to do? This is the first time I’ve actually been interested in Quinn for a long time. So as far as I’m concerned it’s a plus.


75 Responses

  1. Jay
    Jay at · Reply

    Oh my god, just, this episode. Beyond the Faberry duet we’ve all been eagerly hanging off the very edge of our seats while getting rugburn anticipating, everything kind of fell apart just a little bit.

    but then the rest of the episode couldn’t compare to it at all.

    And Lucy Caboosey just needs to get out. Lazy backstory much, Glee?

    Also, yes. Two clearly unconventionally beautiful girls and all they give them is ‘no weave’ and ‘bad attitude’? Mercedes has been here for how many episodes and… and that’s all she’s given? Ugh.

    Just… Faberry. That is all. Thank you for the IFP/U capspam. I read this recap while listening to the song for the 451th time. Excuse me while I sob.

  2. zeta
    zeta at · Reply

    loved this ep. another big lol was “i think you are an expert at deflection” / “is that a new shirt?”. love emma sfm. also rachel’s face when she said “but… barbra!”.
    classroom scene was such classic santana too, love how she is actually trying to be nice to rachel by calling everyone out on their hypocrisy yet still manages to insult everyone. i liked her storyline in this ep too. thought going the brittana route might soften her up too much but she’s just as badass and the vulnerability adds to her awesomeness without taking anything away.
    the shirts were a bit fail, just brit and will not letting santana and emma get away with bitch and ginger cos they’re not their biggest insecurities but everyone else was allowed lame ones. like i doubt will’s butt chin stops him sleeping at night.

  3. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    I was really looking forward to you guys recapping this one and I still like it and all but seriously? Not even a single mention of Brittana development? I know you guys are major Faberry shippers but come on, more than half of the recap was just pretty/unpretty and I’m fine with it but at least mention other ships, characters and scenes that were awesome that aren’t limited to Rachel and Quinn.

    -The whole Santana/Karofsky talk was pure gold, how could you not care for it?
    -Nobody likes the warblers but “Somewhere only we know” was really good.
    -Santana’s voice-over and Sam’s Sean Connery impression.
    – Kurt/Karofsky interaction.
    -Brittany got angry for real for the first time in ever.
    -Kurt’s transformation from bullied and insecure to sexy BAMF.

    I expected a longer recap because it was a longer episode and because it was full of awesomeness and character development and most of the writting wasn’t mediocre but the recap was long because 60% of it was just Faberry caps and the rest of the characters were ignored.

    This is 100% constructive criticism, please don’t shun/ban me.
    I’m just saying, maybe you should aim the recaps at a wider audience? Not just Faberry shippers? Even though I kinda am a Faberry shipper. Still, you get what I mean.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Rophy doesn’t aim, baby! Rophy just does.

      Rest assured though, we thought Santana rocked in this episode, as she did in the last. I wasn’t so keen on Brittany getting angry though, it didn’t make much sense to me. Kurt/Karofsky does nothing for me either, and I didn’t see Kurt as having a transformation in this episode, to be honest. To me he’s always just been Kurt, and I felt the bullying storyline was kind of lazy and shoe-horned from the get-go.

      1. folkpants
        folkpants at · Reply

        “Rophy doesn’t aim, baby! Rophy just does.”

        Best. Ever.

      2. merric
        merric at · Reply

        I wasn’t exactly in love with Brittany’s, “I love you, so you come out while I sit comfortably with my boyfriend.” How does she even know Santana is “lebanese,” and why is she pressuring Santana when she was the one who wanted to sing “Come to My Window” in the first place? idk, something just feels unbalanced.

  4. Sanji
    Sanji at · Reply

    After months of lurking I’ve finally decided to write something! I was waiting for Alo’s but since I haven’t enjoyed an episode of Glee this much from the premiere – or just enjoyed, sometimes I wonder why do I even bother watching it and then Lea Michele shows up – I though I’d say something.

    LOVED the Faberry duet. I ship it. I know they’re never going to get together or even like girls, but their friendship is still the most interesting thing in the show and they’ve neglecting a lot lately to show Kurt off (or Chris Colfer, I’m not sure) that it was just ridiculous. The mash up is the best song Glee has ever made, and I loved Dianna’s performance. Her voice is so sweet and delicate it’s hard to find the right song for her, I feel like it’s the first time they’ve given her something appropriate.

    I’m glad we’re done with the Warblers (not that I cared that much, I’ve been skipping everything regarding Kurt, Blaine or Dave since “Furt”), but I’m afraid Santana is slowly becoming like Kurt. Her one-liners are still great, but her general attitude has changed since “Sexy”, and for the worse. Not to mention her whole arc just doesn’t make sense. I used to love her, but while Brittany since the promotion to regular has become even more awesome, I feel like they’re ruining Santana. I don’t want to skip here scenes too :(

    I’ve written a lot so I’m going to stop, but since you mentioned Brittany’s shirt I need to mention Puck’s. I loved their matching shirts!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Omg, I disagree. I feel like I’m really starting to warm to Santana now. Her arc makes sense to me, it’s Brittany’s that is hard for me to relate to. Still, each to their own. Here’s hoping the writers can work it out, either way, and Brittana winds up being as glorious as I know it can be.

      1. Sanji
        Sanji at · Reply

        It’s the opposite thing for me. It was weird hearing Santana referring to herself as a closeted lesbian. Since when is it a secret that she and Brittany were intimate? We’ve known that since season one and they sure weren’t secretive about that, I thought the whole school new. It seems to me that Santana is making a big deal out of it when it’s really not. The big change inside Santana is not that she only likes girls now, but that she’s fallen in love with someone – I’d rather they focus on that rather than the gay part, we’ve had enough of it and it’d be just a reahash of Kurt’s.
        As much as I don’t like Artie/Brittany, he really has no given her reasons to break up, so why would she? I loved Brittany when she told Santana she loved both but couldn’t leave Artie for her just because she wanted to. Idk, to me it’s that simple.

  5. MichelleS
    MichelleS at · Reply

    lol the recap is full of Faberry, as expected ;)

    Personally I am more of a Brittana person so my favourite moments were:

    – Santana’s voice over , Santana’s voice overs are the best. The one in SLS was hilarious to
    – Santana blackmailing Karofsky to win Prom queen so Brittany will go out with her <3
    – Santana's one liners and her ripping of everyone – So Santana, I am glad they didn't change her bitchy attitude, because I love it.
    – The end Brittana scene

    I am so glad that Santana finally is gettnig the attention she deserves. And that she is getting some serious development. Also Naya is an amazing Singer/Actress. Also glad that Brittany finally got some development this episode. Although I would really like to know what are her thought. but I am pretty sure that will come. Bartie needs to break up, Now :'(

    Also loved other scenes like the Quin/ Rachel duet. It was super beautiful. Emma's development, all music numbers, and everyone dancing for rachel. I am glad she didn't go through with her suergery. She is pretty enough without it.

    Looking forward lots to later episodes. I think it is going to be great.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I gotta admit, we can’t cover everything, but Santana’s voiceover was ace. And I agree, Naya is a goldmine. I hope they keep putting her in the spotlight.

      And Bartie is the worst. Apart from Lauren and Gwyneth.

  6. Civa
    Civa at · Reply

    Not that I’m siding with the crazy over PC-ness that is glee. But wasn’t the idea of the tshirt ‘exercise’ to pick something that you were born with and couldn’t change about yourself? Obesity isn’t something you can’t change. So idk maybe that’s what they were going for?

    On topic. Love the recap. MORE QUINN PLEASE. She’s even more amazing in still frames ♥
    There should be a Faberry duet in every episode :[ Their voices just meld together so well.. EVEN IF THEY CHANGE LYRICS.
    I did hope for more Santana love tho :P

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Nah, Emma could change her OCD and wasn’t born with it, Lauren could change her “bad attitude” – and said she was born with a thyroid condition that contributed to her obesity by the way. And obviously Mercedes could change ~not having a weave. For god’s sake.

  7. Char
    Char at · Reply

    I STILL don’t understand what ‘No weave’ even means? Anyone?

    Also, Lucy Caboosey can suck it. My Quinn head canon is totally screwed now. The writers have had SO MUCH to work with in regards to Quinn – giving up her baby, the strict religious upbringing, her obvious lack of self worth and enthusiasm for her future – but they continue to ignore what they’ve already built for her and make up ridiculous crazy shit like this instead (or just toss her from boy to boy/use her as a stumbling block for Rachel and Finn). Her storyline has become an absolute mess and I really think RIM have no idea what to do with her anymore.

    But, you know. ‘Lucy’ will probably never mentioned on the show ever again, let’s be real, so how ’bout we all pretend it never happened.

    P.S. Will’s shirt should have read ‘Bad rapper’.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I think it should have read ‘Holly Holiday Sympathizer’ personally. 8-)

    2. sansa
      sansa at · Reply

      I’m so with you on Lucy Caboosey. Favorite bits of head canon, totally fucking gone. Unholy Trinity is ruined. It is unacceptable.

    3. tapette
      tapette at · Reply

      Yes to that shirt. It also could have read ‘imitation Michael Bublé’

  8. Ruth
    Ruth at · Reply

    There are many things to talk about wrt this episode but really the only thing i can focus on is…

  9. Quinchberry
    Quinchberry at · Reply

    I actually thought Will’s shirt should have said ‘Slut’. It would have shown that he was willing to do what he was dragging Emma into and it would have been a nice little continuity nod to Ekma’s speech.

  10. CarissaObscura
    CarissaObscura at · Reply

    I was getting super pissed about the changing of ‘gay’ to ‘brave’ (I haven’t seen West Side Story, either, Rin!), especially already knowing they were editing Born This Way… buuutttttt then I was enlightened by my much more well-informed-about-musicals girlfriend, who told me that there’s a verse in the song that ends in brave, and another one that ends in gay. So I guess they just chose that one.

    In other news, gawd I love your recaps.

  11. Syncyes
    Syncyes at · Reply

    I don’t hardcore ship Faberry, but that duet was PERFECT <3


    Yeah, I've always like Santana a bit more than Brittany, and Naya a little more than HeMo, so I kind of fangirl over her more LOL.

    And the fact that Naya is nominated for a Best Comedy Supporting Actress Emmy? FJlskjfklsa PLEASE WIN <3333

    Also. Have you guys heard Songbird yet. O_____O SO BEAUTIFUL. SO BRITTANA. So…fucking…good!


    1. Syncyes
      Syncyes at · Reply

      Oh and HeMo is nominated too <333333 If either of them wins I will be DEAD.

      (Tbh though, I think Naya deserves it more :P)

      1. Katie
        Katie at · Reply

        As much as I wish this was true, neither of them are nominated for an emmy.
        Emmy nominations dont come out until July or something.
        They both just submitted themselves to be considered to be nominated. :)

        1. syn
          syn at · Reply


          At least it’s the first step :D

  12. kmh
    kmh at · Reply

    I loved this episode, it was so good. I thought all of the performances were amazing, especially the sunset boulevard number kurt performed. However, the Unpretty/I feel pretty number was definitely the best.

    While I am not sure about this, I think that the reason Mercedes and Lauren didn’t put obesity on their shirts was because they may not have a problem with it. The lesson was about accepting something about yourself that you have struggled with it the past and still haven’t accepted. I think both of them may have already previously accepted their weight (Mercedes delt with it in the episode where she sung Christina Aguliera’s “Beautiful” and Lauren is always saying she is hot). I think the weave thing was perfect for Mercedes because she always covers up her natural hair and tends to use weaves to make her hair look more “normal”. A lot of people feel they need to cover their hair to fit in better and I think it is an important issue to broach. I know from experience.

    Sorry about the rant. This was a good recap as always.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I totally get that the show is telling us they don’t have a problem with being obese. And I find that to be political correctness gone mad. As Rin pointed out, if Tina can be self-conscious about her race then surely one of the two obese girls on the show can be self-conscious about that – or at least wish it wasn’t the case, if only because unlike being an asshat or not wearing a weave it could seriously shorten their lives!

      The whole point of the teeshirts was pointing out something that you feel bad or ashamed about and putting it out there – whether to accept it or to vow to yourself to try and change it or a bit of both – the idea was to be honest and get rid of the shame and shout your insecurities from the rooftop. They really ballsed it up where Mercedes and Lauren are concerned, because they want to pretend that obesity isn’t an issue. In fact, they want to pretend it’s something to be specifically proud of according to the Quinn/Lauren scene. It’s just cowardly writing, IMO – presenting a glib image of empowerment and ignoring any of the tricky stuff.

      1. tapette
        tapette at · Reply

        But Tina’s shirt said ‘brown eyes’, so they didn’t address her issues with being Asian aside from having Santana make the slanty eyed remark. They don’t want Lauren to wear a shirt that says obese, yet her character was basically introduced as a Grimace figure with an unappeasable appetite. Nevermind political correctness, the writers don’t understand consistency. I’m surprised they can put their pants on in the morning.

        1. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

          Isn’t the ‘brown eyes’ shirt addressing her issue with being Asian? It’s saying she shouldn’t be ashamed of having brown eyes, regardless of whether she chooses to wear blue lenses for fashion?

          I honestly wouldn’t mind if Lauren’s shirt didn’t say obese, or Mercedes’ shirt for that matter, if it wasn’t for the fact that what both their shirts did say was so ridiculous. If they’d both revealed that they other genuine embarrassments or worries about themselves that weren’t connected to weight, that would have been fine.

          IDK, you’re right though. Glee is hopeless with its messages, because it appears not to value continuity in the slightest.

  13. Soofdope
    Soofdope at · Reply

    Damn you, Rophy. I reached the last line of the recap, so I figured it would be safe to take a sip of my drink again AND THEN I SPENT FIVE MINUTES CLEANING THE LIQUID OFF MY LAPTOP.

    1. uber
      uber at · Reply

      lmao 8->

  14. C
    C at · Reply

    A compilation of Rachel Berry being epic:


    Saw this and thought you all had to watch it :)

  15. Simone
    Simone at · Reply

    I adore Faberry and was so excited to see some development around their friendship/nonship this episode. I think they have one of the most interesting dynamics on the show and it’s such a shame it’s not explored more. alas.

    The t-shirt issue. I was also really surprised that Lauren’s shirt did not reference her weight. I wonder if it was another attempt by the writers to say ‘see, she really is ok with her body!! see?? SEE?!!’. I just don’t understand why they think her unpleasantness is empowering at all.

    Instead of shoving in our faces how ‘ok’ she is with herself, I feel like a deeper story could be told. For example, we rarely see Puck/Lauren be affectionate. We rarely see Lauren show any vulnerability and we rarely see what she does have self doubt about. All of these are used to humanize the other characters, but, perhapsin an effort to make Lauren seem invincible or completely accepting of herself, they have removed our ability to like or connect to her as a character. Again, such a shame! There are few plus size, or as Tyra Banks like to say ‘fiercely real’, actors on tv and it’s a real missed opportunity to show an authentic story.

    whew. thanks for letting me process all that :)

  16. TB
    TB at · Reply

    Well, technically the lyrics aren’t changed for I Feel Pretty. The original Broadway cast recording, and really just about every other recording of the staged musical, uses “pretty witty and bright, and I pity any girl who isn’t me tonight” because in the play the song takes place at night before Maria meets Tony at the party. So when the movie moved the song to the day after the party, they changed the lyrics to rhyme “gay” with “day”. Lol so for once there’s an actual method to Glee’s madness.

    1. Valerie Anne
      Valerie Anne at · Reply

      Yeah, definitely wasn’t a change, just a careful selection of version.

      However, I held my breath for a moment right before that part, knowing that Faberry fans worldwide would keel over if they both said they felt gay.

      I don’t ship or not ship Faberry, because there’s no room in my lil fangirl heart with all the Brittana-ness going on in there, but I got so excited for the members of our sister fandom during that scene!

  17. Heidi
    Heidi at · Reply

    I enjoy reading your recaps for Glee. ^-^ Faberry duet was AWESOME! Oh and I love Brittana oh so much. <333

    That is all. ;]

  18. uber
    uber at · Reply

    This episode was the first time I felt the sort of bursty-heart OMGHOWAREYOUSOAMAZING ILOVEYOU ASDJNIDSFE that I get about Rachel on a regular basis for Santana. Her voice over was … there are no words. It was vintage Glee, and oh how I do really love some parts of this show. And then Faberry was the only other part of this episode that worked and every fucking other thing was a trainwreck of “lalala I’m obviously better off focusing on solitaire than paying attention to this scene” and

    Watching this show is so weird these days because there are all these heights and nadirs separated by literally MINUTES and like I don’t know what to do with it? There’s only so much rubbish that can be tuned out :(


    Er. I mean what, Lauren was in the BTW performance? *had genuinely edited her out of my memory until I read this recap*

    PS I’m so glad the show has actually been uncharacteristically consistent about Kurt/Rachel lately because I love them together so much

    Also was I the only one strongly reminded of Emily Fitch’s cry-face during Emma’s scene in therapy? (ffs, even their hair is similar, and those Eyes and just… yeah)


  19. D
    D at · Reply

    I don’t think I’ve posted here since your Skins recaps, so hi :)
    Great recap (unpopular opinion, I not a fan of Brittana, so I’m glad you focused on the Faberry :)).

    Faberry completely owns my heart, is slightly frightening.
    You can still sort of view Quinn the same, she picks on Rachel because she’s envious of her (& totally gay for her), she became a bitch in the Unholy Trinity to protect herself, she picks on others because she’s insecure..you just have to tweak it a little :( Stupid, I’m just going to pretend it never happened.

    I despise what they’re doing to Quinn. She (and Faberry) have so much potential already set-up & they chose some completely ridiculous story, which has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve witnessed.
    Also, apparently you can’t be pretty & have insecurities. That’s one of the things that irritated me the most about the storyline. Insecurity & loneliness are pretty universal feelings that people have, even if you look as stunning as Dianna Agron, & you don’t need to have had a traumatic experience (or been ugly) to feel them. It cheapens it a bit to me.
    The whole point of the song is that even beautiful people feel unpretty sometimes. Gah!
    Onto the song, it’s amazing! I’ve had it on constantly since it was released (I didn’t have your guys restraint), it’s just stunning, & the scene itself was surprisingly good.
    But seriously, the song is wonderful all round, from their voices, to the arrangement, to the mash-up, just beautiful.
    And number 3 on itunes, nice :) I’m sort of proud it beat BTW, who would have guessed?

  20. etasheta
    etasheta at · Reply

    Wow, I love how you’re totally fine with Quinn’s behavior (specifically towards Rachel) in the past, but Lauren’s a bully and an unpleasant person for her behavior in one episode. Which, yes, was deplorable, but which she also apologized for and didn’t get rewarded for either. But your fatphobia really does explain it. Apparently you can be as awful as you want as long as you’re thin and conventionally pretty. No behavior is too horrible then. As full of fail as Glee can be, it was nice to see that they’re at least more enlightened than either one of you when it comes to acknowledging that just because someone’s not a regulation TV pretty size, their weight isn’t all they think about.

    1. Sanji
      Sanji at · Reply

      She’s been rewarded with Puck. I’d say that’s a damn fine reward.

    2. zeta
      zeta at · Reply

      i don’t think it’s ‘fatphobia’ i think it’s just a case of glee being a bit overly PC when it comes to weight issues. they obviously need to spread the message that being fat isn’t something to hate on someone for, but it possibly goes a bit too far. many people might be fine with being fat but it is unhealthy and it is a growing cultural problem in places like the US. they ignore the complexities by celebrating it. if you say someone shouldn’t smoke that’s common sense but if you say they shouldn’t shove crap in their bodies and might want to exercise once in a while it’s ‘fatphobia’. i’m no doctor and i’m sure some people’s weight problems are genetic or glandular or whatever, but growing obesity rates are a cultural issue and maybe glee could deal with it in some way other than patting people on the back for being unhealthy.
      sorry for rambling, and just my opinion please don’t lynch me…
      oh and quinn and santana are allowed to be a bitches cos they’re awesome and lauren is not because she’s heinous, nothing to do with weight or attractiveness lol

    3. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Your comments do not relate in any way to anything either of us has said.

      1. Rebeccapedia
        Rebeccapedia at · Reply

        I picture you saying this like you’re the Buffy bot with a pleasant and friendly but slightly confused smile on your face! :D

        1. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

          That’s about perfect. ♥

  21. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    For me this episode is a perfect showcase of exactly how I feel about Glee, for one part it’s this FUCKING MAGICAL AMAZING gay gay gay awesome show, that duet was literally one of the best things ever, then Puck/Kurt teaming up for Rachel stuff, that Gaga song and the kids faces (especially Kurt and Quinn!!!) the little bits of Skins-iness when Dianna ran down the corridor to that music, the Rachel/Kurt conversation about Barbra being in a mall in Ohio and then he said she was one in a million. HEAD IN HANDS.

    BUT THEN… The biggest problem I have with the Lucy Caboosey story surprisingly isn’t how stupid and unnecessary and lazy it is, it was that Puck was involved in it. Some people are defending him and say it was all Lauren, but he full on set out to help her destroy Quinn, something he inadvertently did last year too, and then when Lauren and Quinn are in the classroom she doesn’t even know the Lucy Caboosey thing on the poster, so it really seems to me like Lauren distracted her while Puck printed them out and stuck them up. How is that the same boy that loves Rachel enough to dance and sing in the middle of the mall and repeatedly tell her she’s great the way she is. I feel so sorry for the Quick shippers, it’s funny when you don’t care that pretty much the last things they said to each other where about Puck loving her, it’s just stupid. Lauren is a straight up cunt, the same way Finn is an asshole, they both think they’re great and full on refuse to acknowledge any of their douchebag chicanery or accept responsibility for any of their crap, unlike Puck who yes can be an ass, but most of the time knows he’s being an ass and does want to be better.
    ALSO Quinn is not that awful to Rachel, she does whatever Rachel asks her too, and Rachel did basically try and steal Finn at the beginning. The thing that annoys me as well is that I don’t feel the Lucy story even fits into their scene in doctors office. If it does, then the way it works for me is that having surgery made life better for Quinn, and she wants that for Rachel too which just goes completely against the message of the episode. WHY OH WHY do we not get to see more interaction between these two?? The writers basically seem to be implying they do have some sort of secret friendship, please please please can we see it??? PLEASE?
    I’m such a loser, but the whole ridiculous serenading thing really worked for me. I cried. I DONT CARE THAT THERE WAS A RANDOM PIANO THERE! I usually find Blaine so smarmy, but that was nice.

    ALSO are we supposed to buy for one second that Sue AND Santana wouldn’t have managed to find out about this whole Lucy debacle?!? REALLY?!? Ridiculous.
    Santana was pretty awesome, but I didn’t love beak comment, Rachel was so sad, and Lea’s made so many comments about feeling like that, in theory it’s funny, but NO, look at her little face :(

    I wish they’d brought up the whole “you can hit me if you want, just try and avoid my nose” thing too. Unpretty would have fit better at the end, I HATE that we didn’t get any Rachel/Quinn interaction in the second half, stupid Lucy/Lauren storyline is stupid!!

    Also I laughed so hard when I read somewhere how really, although Dianna is like 99.99% perfect they could maybe have addressed her itty bitty titty committee, and all I could think of was Lea writing it after her little outburst after Grilled Cheesus about how her boobs definitely weren’t the smallest ones!

    Also Emma/Will, while I LOVE the Hallway run-and-kiss, I do NOT want some storyline where Emma has to be saved by Will, OCD is something she needs to deal with because she wants to, not because Will is like
    “Oh hey! We’re both single now, so sort your shit out so we can have sex already! I’ll try and not cheat this time! Great, thanks, bye!” I HATE this construct of a knight in shining armour they keep trying to force on Will and Finn, it sucks.

    Holy orbs of nezzlakhan this a long ass comment, sorry!

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I hope the Will/Emma storyline won’t be like that, but this is Glee so who knows. Alas.

      I love, love, love that Will inspired her to get help – but ultimately she needs to do the work for herself and enjoy her newfound freedom for herself before they do any hooking up. I’d like to see them be just friends for a good while. That’s what I’d hope for, anyway.

      And yeah, Puck gets treated like absolute crap by the writers and Lauren’s influence only makes him more disposable and juvenile. I mean, for the love of god, that’s the mother of his child.

  22. NDB
    NDB at · Reply

    As a hardcore West Side Story fan I have to come out of my lurking and set things straight. They didn’t change the lyrics from “gay” to “brave”. They aren’t even saying “brave”. It’s “bright” which are the original lyrics for the stage version because it rhymes with “tonight”. They switched the order of “I Feel Pretty” for the theatrical version and the scene ended up happening during the day, so they changed the lyrics to “gay” so it would rhyme with “today”.

  23. Darmys
    Darmys at · Reply

    so I thought that the idea behind the t-shirt was something about yourself that you don’t like, but are now willing to own, and accept and even celebrate.

    So what you’re all saying is that Mercedes and Lauren should celebrate that they are obese?

    I’m sorry but no

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Not necessarily. There is no way Emma was celebrating her OCD, for instance. I think the shirts were supposed to be about acknowledging something you’re insecure or ashamed about, or have been laughed at by other people about or whatever, and putting it out there for the world to see, whether you planned to celebrate it or accept it or change it.

      I would have been quite happy with Mercedes and/or Lauren wearing a shirt signifying their acceptance of their weight, like Rachel was accepting her nose and Brittany was accepting her limited intellect. I also would have been cool with them wearing a shirt that signified they hoped to change their weight, like Emma wanted to change her OCD.

      What I have a problem with is coyly ignoring the issue altogether and pretending that whether Mercedes wears a weave or not is more important. And I have even more of a problem with Lauren’s shirt celebrating her ‘bad attitude’, a) because let’s call a spade a spade, like Quinn and Santana before her, she’s just bitchy, and b) Lauren’s bitchiness, so far as we have seen, has been nothing but praised and celebrated by the people around her. It’s what got her a hot boyfriend, and just in this episode, it’s what got her Quinn’s ~respect. It does not qualify as something she’s embarrassed or ashamed about or has been laughed at by others about. It’s just ridiculous.

  24. mad
    mad at · Reply

    Santana has made weight jokes! She’s made a few right to Lauren’s face. But yeah, there are definitely more racist than fat ones.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      True, I do seem to remember some weight jokes. I think Rin was really just talking about this episode specifically and how they seemed to be so careful to leave weight out of it, whilst happily playing the race card.

  25. Lisa
    Lisa at · Reply



    If that isn’t best song next week, I will be forced to kill someone :(

  26. Valerie Anne
    Valerie Anne at · Reply

    I was so excited for Faberry shippers this episode! Being a hardcore Brittana shipper, I was glad both ships got plenty of air time in this ep.

    Also, I support Santana getting her own permanent category! :)

    You guys made me giggle, as always. And I agree with never wanting Zizes to touch Quinn again. I was so afraid she was going to break her.

  27. ediddy
    ediddy at · Reply

    no rophy love for the santana lebanese t-shirt scene? epic recap otherwise…

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      haha, Rin loved that! I just… didn’t get it, I guess? I was like ‘what… how did she get that wrong… it’s two completely different words… I don’t… is it supposed to be funny?’ And Rin was like ‘Uh… yes?’

      I’m old, you guys.

      1. Mia
        Mia at · Reply

        The lebanese joke is a really really old gay joke.
        I think Ellen told it on Rosie O’ Donnell’s show a while back

        1. Sophy
          Sophy at · Reply

          Ohhhhhhhhhhh. I needs to study mah lesbian history.

          1. Caroline
            Caroline at · Reply


            (I’m trying to comment less so this will be my last thing for like…24 hrs I promise. But lebanese history is important ;) )

  28. sansa
    sansa at · Reply

    I don’t know if you’ve heard this yet, but:


    Pretty/Unpretty acapella version. It is kind of awesome. It was described to me as “Lea/Dianna having song sex.” Which is accurate.

  29. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    I ran across this and I thought you guys might really enjoy it.


  30. Kate
    Kate at · Reply

    asdj;lksd;sghj amazing recap is amazing.
    FABERRY ♥__♥

  31. Sophie
    Sophie at · Reply

    I agree with you on most of this. I think they have an excuse for the overly-political-correctness, though, because I think the idea was that what you write on your shirt is something you were born with, otherwise Artie might’ve put ‘Can’t walk’ or something on his shirt instead of ‘four-eyes’. I doubt Lauren or Mercedes were born with obesity, although I guess it is possible. I think you’re right that they were being too politically correct, but more by making a loophole than just ignoring the obvious.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Well I very much doubt anyone would want to say that you can be born with a ‘Bad attitude’. There’s certainly more evidence linking obesity to genetics than there is being a jerk.

  32. Sophie
    Sophie at · Reply

    That’s true. Bad attitudes are just bad. Not particularily charming or endearing.

  33. Patamon
    Patamon at · Reply

    WHAT THE. I DON’T EVEN. I think the writers didn’t think twice about adding Lucy Caboosey to Quinn’s storyline. Considering what her parents are like,.. I just don’t think that’s possible? That Quinn was like what she was like? And Quinn has to be heck of a girl for being able to change that much. Wow. Really.

    I don’t have trouble with Quinn’s name being actually Lucy and such but… really?? And because this is Glee, the whole thing has never been mentioned again.. this was just unnecessary. Fine but not needed. :P

    FFFFF I’ve seen this episode so many times and every time Santana is such a blast~! ♥

  34. christina
    christina at · Reply

    k i simply had to comment on the “becoming pt. 1” comment. that scene and quote that follows is one of my all-time favorite “buffy” moments. and i’m reading all your glee recaps and am so happy that you both have put down in words why faberry is so OTP. and how lovely life is while they’re in the world. that’s all. oh and “i feel pretty/unpretty,” best song by a LONG shot! i only hope the song they do in episode 12 has some depth. and that their interaction does as well…otherwise? all the progress the faberrians have made will seem like it’s been in vane. i still believe whatever happened between achele has a lot to do with the lack of dianna this season, which only makes me sadder.

  35. Elva
    Elva at · Reply

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