217 — A Night Of Neglect

Best Song

Mercedes – ‘Aint No Way

Rin says: I loved the lead-up to this moment, the Rachel/Mercedes scene in the car. It was lovely and their whole conversation about why she never gets to be in the light. AND THEN WHEN SHE’S SINGING RACHEL IS LOOKING ON FROM THE WING. I JUST. LOVELY.

And Mercedes, brilliant. I love that last cap, she looks so cute with her feather hair accessory <3


Sophy says: This was awesome. I loved seeing Mercedes get a chance to shine, and I loved that despite her walking-gold-star tendencies, Rachel kind of loved it too. The second last cap is awesome – she’s posing like a super diva <3


Biggest LOL

“In my hour of need, honey badger, I turn to you.”

Rin says: Just the delivery and the term ‘honey badger.’ So good.

Also I only realised till I watched last week’s 30 Rock that that guy is from 30 Rock. Yeah. :)

Sophy says: OH MY GOD I LAUGHED SO MUCH. I’m hoping for lots more Terri/Sue action, because obviously Sue is the best but also Terri is the best? 8-.


Best Scene

“Oh, and also, I have razorblades hidden in my hair. Mm-hmm. Tons. Just all up in there.”

Rin says: Santana is getting more BAMF by the episode, and honestly, she’s seriously starting to outshine her counter-part Brittany. First of all, she looks dead-sexy nearly always, and she stood up to Karofsky for Kurt/Blaine. And like, there was never the impression that she was doing it because of her newfound-gayness. It was just Santana protecting her friends. Love.

AND THE RAZORBLADES LINE AND JUST, I like how she can be a total bitch but you never hate her for it. Unlike say, Lauren. Fiesty (but loving) >>>>>>>> Bad Attitude. Every time.

Sophy says: Oh my god. Santana used her epic powers of bitchdom for good and it was glorious.

I get what Rin’s saying, in that it wasn’t just a ‘We’re all gay, let’s be the gay mafia!’ moment, but at the same time… I think being a part of Glee club, having that unconditional acceptance, has probably helped Santana to be at peace with her sexuality. And then I think being at peace with her sexuality has helped her to understand what Kurt has been through. So it’s kind of a circle. A circle of feisty, badass love. 8-.

As for the Lauren comparison, the issue there is that whilst some fans give Santana a free pass on all her shit on account of being so fine and so funny, the show never has. Whereas with Lauren? They pretty much celebrate her douchery.

‘Bad attitude’. Please 8-) (More on that next time.)

Rin says: I’m totally going to town on that one. (The next time.)


Why Rachel Berry is the Queen of the World

“Can you define what you mean by ‘neglected artist’?”
“Um, someone whose brilliance isn’t always appreciated.”
“Oh, so you mean like me.”

Rin says: You might be slightly confused as to where the ‘RANDOM BRITTANY’ moment is this week, unfortunately Brittany just didn’t have it in here this week. So in the meantime you’ll humour us by loving Rachel Berry accordingly.

Seriously. She had a lot to choose from in this ep, but I think this was my favourite. Close followed by her wanting to sing MY HEART WILL GO ON, which I really want to see by the way. It would have been spectacular.

Sophy says: Brittany needs to go to the random station and fill up the tank!

Meanwhile, Rachel Berry is never anything but flawless. Say it, Rophites. Say it. :-w

I seriously wish those assholes had let her sing her Dion. And they could have built the helm of a ship and Rachel could have stood at it, with her arms out, and then they could have had a montage of Leo and Kate for her to smile fondly at. 8-. I should write this show. 8-.


Rophy Says No!

Christ on a bike.

Rin says: Um. I can’t stress enough by how over Holly Holiday I am. I don’t know if I hate her more than Lauren..it’s hard to tell. At least Holly had the decency to remove herself from the show, I guess.

It’s so embarrassing how ‘artsy’ they tried to make the filming of her song. You guys know me, I’ll usually sell my soul for a pants-dropping scene, but a huge world of NO to it here. It was so. freaking. obvious. that they were trying to dress this up because they knew Gywneth’s singing just wasn’t enough. And honestly, are they crazy trying to give her an ADELE song? One of the most unique and beautiful singers today, and they think Gwyneth can pull it off? Oh world.

AND WILL. SERIOUSLY?! WILL/HOLLY was never going to be anything but a ‘LOL NEVER GOING TO WORK’ simply because a) Gwyneth — not a regular (THANK BABY CHEESES) and b) Neither party every showed real emotions for one another. AND WE DIDN’T EVEN INCLUDE THEIR FINAL SCENE TOGETHER. CHRIST.

And I cringe at the episode you know they’re already planning to bring her back again. It’ll probably involve having Holly walk-in on a Will/Emma moment and cause ~confusion. Can’t. Even.

Sophy says: I cannot even with this shit. I was half cringeing half laughing at their sad attempt to turn Holly/Will into this epic romance. Just. Ugh.

And meanwhile I nearly threw things at the screen during their ~bittersweet goodbye, when Holly/the show tried to retcon the fuckery she pulled with Emma into her helping the two of them on their path. Please. GAG ME WITH A SPOON.

There’s a lot of choice for worst Holly scene, since all scenes involving Holly are the worst, but I think I’ll have to give it to the ‘Holly becomes Gwyneth’ scene. Funny how I’ve seen a whole bunch of articles lately asking the question ‘Why does American hate Gwyneth Paltrow?’ and then lo and behold, Gwyneth Holly asks why people are so meanypants to each other, and answers her question with a little anecdote about how this one time she wrote poison pen letters to a celebrity, and then she realized that it was just because that celebrity was actually so wonderful and adored.

Basically that whole scene was Gwyneth saying to the world ‘UR JUST JEALUS!!!!!!!’

And yeah, okay, I’m jealous of her – on account of all that cash she has. But that has nothing to do with why I think she’s a crumby actress and singer, and comes across as prissy and obnoxious in interviews and on her blog.

Seriously, Paltrow. You might be a very nice person in your day to day life, but this shit isn’t going to do your public image any favours.

Rin says: OH MY GOD YES. I NEARLY WALKED AWAY AT THAT PART, HONESTLY. It was basically some kind of PSA to ‘LEAVE GWYNETH ALONE :(( ‘ like..really. It was so transparent and that just makes me feel really awkward as a viewer. And both of us wholly agree with the message too, that people are generally too cruel and unkind on the internet — but URGH, this was just so wrong and ‘AND NOW A WORD FROM OUR CELEBRITY…. :D

Sophy says: Cruel and unkind doesn’t count when it’s JJ, right?


Head In Hands

“This your lunch?”


This is the Will/Emma I fell in love with during the first season. Remember that time you almost cried with Glee when he ran out to kiss her during My Life Would Suck Without You? Yeah, I’m starting to remember too, ’cause of scenes like this.

And Jayma is such a wonderful actress and severely underused in this show. (Although it looks like she’s getting some proper development!)

Sophy says: This scene. My heart. Will/Emma was one of the primary reasons I loved the show back in season 1 and it’s nice to see them getting back to it – the way it should be.

Speaking of JJ, check out Holly Holliday, following in his footsteps. 8-)


Most Rophy

“Also, I’m really short. So even when I’m in a group of people, it feels like I’m wandering alone through a forest.”

Rin says: This is especially true at festivals. Or standing on the bus. All I see is torso.

Sophy says: I’d offer to put you on my shoulders, but really we’d just be a chipmunk and a slightly larger chipmunk.

Rin says: And no one ever made a tshirt out of a chipmunk and a slightly larger chipmunk.


Quinn Glory Shot

Two again this week. Just because you can’t make us choose.


Sometimes I dream of a Glee episode that is nothing but close-ups of Quinn.

Sophy says: That’s why god invented photoshoots. 8-.

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  1. PunkyStarshine
    PunkyStarshine at · Reply

    You know…I came here ready to defend Holly Holiday and all her hilarity, but I agree with the Adele fail and the epic romance fail and by the time I got to the Quinn glory shots I forgot what I was going to say because I was reminded that my unconditional Rophy love with always overshadow my gratitude to Holly for helping Santana out of the closet. Well, kind of.

    Also, I kind of want a t-shirt of a chipmunk and a slightly larger chipmunk now.

  2. Hannah
    Hannah at · Reply

    I wish the entire episode of glee was one giant Quinn glory shot.

    I can’t wait for Rophy to go off on “BAD ATTITUDE” I already did. Pffft

    1. Nemesis
      Nemesis at · Reply

      On the upisde, all the other T-Shirts were brilliant! Except for “Nose” since it was just an insecurity invented for this episode, but Rachel was super cute presenting it!

  3. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    I liked this episode, even if it wasn’t as brilliant as this weeks epic episode of epicness – but then last week had a Lebanese HBIC takedown with razor-blade hair.

  4. Carmen
    Carmen at · Reply

    You guys are going to have a difficult time choosing the Quinn Glory Shot for the next episode.

  5. Jardley
    Jardley at · Reply

    One of my favorite quotes from Rachel was something like “Then I’m going on after cause…I’m well me…”

    1. Jardley
      Jardley at · Reply

      also how do you put an icon like Hannah did?

      1. Rebeccapedia
        Rebeccapedia at · Reply

        You need to get a gravatar http://en.gravatar.com/ :)

        1. Jardley
          Jardley at · Reply

          Ah thinks a lot. Would never have known.

  6. TB
    TB at · Reply

    I would give my left arm for a show that was just Rachel, Santana, and Quinn. Look at those Quinn Glory Shots. Any second they spend shooting someone else’s face is a flat out wasted second unless Santana or Rachel are there. Then its a gigglefest with a hefty dish of attractiveness on the side.

  7. X-Acto
    X-Acto at · Reply

    None of my friends who watch Glee can understand the awesomeness that is Rachel Berry. She is so fabulous when she isn’t pinning after Finn. Rachel, your brillance is severely unappreciated. But it is kind of hard to defend her because some people see her as extremely annoying but fuck them. They don’t know Rachel like we do.

    Santana is golden. Geez, she is getting fiercer and better every episode. Except Glee totally made a freaking lesbian when she doesn’t even have to label herself as anything. She could just be in love with someone who happens to be a girl. But it’s Glee so whatever.

    Yay! So recap this week’s episode because Faberry duet!!

    Also, I love you guys!! C:

  8. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    WHY RACHEL BERRY IS QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE. <3 <3 <3 That's the best thing I've ever read in my whole entire life.
    This episode was so bad though, it's hilarious. FIRSTLY, if it's about neglect what are you doing sticking that super A-List lady and the little annoying troll in the episode? ADELE??? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? ADELE AS A NEGLECTED ARTIST?!? Holly the whole concept was your idea and this is what you pick?? I DON'T UNDERSTAND!
    Santana was super awesome, but WTF was Blaine's problem, he totally would have got his ass kicked if she hadn't stepped in! I love where they're going with the Santana storyline, she's fast becoming comfortable and proud of who she is, even if she's not ready to share it with the world.
    The fact that Rachel didn't get to sing kind of ruined this episode for me. I loved the little chat they had in the car, but seriously, I just kept shouting at the TV
    "CAS SHE'S BETTER THAN YOU!!!" Amber is good, but Lea's just perfect.
    Holly's speech about bullying actually made me want to vomit. WHAT?! Glee when you try to straight up preach you fail so hard!
    Also Rophy, I kind of want to slap you for putting the stupid troll as most Rophy. Testing my love there!

    On a totally unrelated note, THE WEDDING KIDS ARE SO CUTE!!! I am disgusted at myself for loving this as much as I do, started crying when Kate got out of the car until Rin brought the funnies with her
    "It's obviously cold. IM JUST SAYING." HAHAHAHA I love you two

  9. zeta
    zeta at · Reply

    this episode was the most filler-y of the whole season so far. pretty rubbish really. why pick a theme and then completely ignore it? none of the songs fit. normally when the songs don’t fit the theme the reasons behind it are funny but this time i just didn’t get it. just a mess.
    also several of the cast have mentioned being fans of adele and they give her song to holly? ffs!! not usually a holly hater but she just served no purpose in this episode.

  10. Olive
    Olive at · Reply

    Why does WHY RACHEL BERRY IS QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE have to sub in for BRITTANY RANDOM moments? I say add them both each Rophycap. PLEASE!

  11. Snicky / ixke
    Snicky / ixke at · Reply

    Catching up on Glee … Like – 3 eps a day ;)

    most fun of the day is: watching ep X – go to Rophy to compare ideas on ‘head in hands’, ‘Random Brittany moment’, etc … !!!
    I wish it’d never end!

    By The way, Rophy, tomorrow, I’ll have reached 2×18. After that one, we might have a problem !

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