216 — Original Song

Best Song

Rachel Berry – Get It Right

Rin says: What I loved about this was that it was totally something Rachel Berry would write/sing. A pretty straight-forward nothing too fancy power ballad. So I loved it, and I love Rachel and her little face and everyone else pales in comparison?

Also, what can I say? I love that it was pretty much inspired by Quinn Fabray. Gay.

Sophy says: Yes to the above. It was completely Rachelly, both in terms of the power ballad structure and also in terms of the content. Rachel is one of the few characters who still has a solid arc on this show – I still feel her eagerness to prove herself, her fear of not being everything that she can be… I feel her loneliness and her passion. A lot of that is down to the fact that her character is used and abused far less often by the writers than many of the others. But a lot of it is down to Lea Michele, too. She always knows how to tug at my heartstrings with her performance – both on the stage and off.

Plus, her voice sounded simply glorious.

As much as this is the clear winner for me, I’d like to give a shout-out to ‘Loser Like Me’, which was all kinds of cute, as well as to ‘Trouty Mouth’ because it was hilarious and Naya is guh.

Rin says: Oh yeah, I really liked ‘Loser Like Me’, too. I thought it was really reminiscent of that kind of all-together happy-joy-joy-triumph that ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ was.


Biggest LOL

“What are you doing?”
“Throwing sticks at your head.”

Rin says: Oh my god I thought this was so genius, I laughed so hard. JUST. THROWING STICKS. AND. THE WAY THEY GOT CAUGHT IN MERCEDES HAIR. And Mercedes was so hilarious too with her reaction. Oh 8-.

Sophy says: I actually bounced in my seat with sudden laughter. Like. It was a whole pffslkdj;l. situation. For that reason it wins, hands down. Although I also loved this line from the stripper nun…

“That Dalton Academy, is that a gay school or just a school that appears gay?”

Oh Stripper Nun 8-.


Best Scene

“Rachel, if you keep looking for that happy ending, then you are never going to get it right.”
“All I’ve ever wanted was to feel special and to feel chosen, and I just, um…I wanted to thank you guys so much for giving me that.”

Rin says: Sometimes I like to rewrite the first scene in my head by having Rachel being really upset over Quinn as she walks away crying. That’s what it looks like and that’s how it goes.

I thought it was nice that they finally acknowledged the whole Quinn gave her baby to Rachel’s mum ordeal. And how that was the lead into, ‘SO WE CAN BE HONEST WITH EACH OTHER RIGHT??!’ I also really adored Quinn’s story of how her and Finn’s life goes, it was really quite sad, and I thought it was a nice counterbalance to Quinn’s ridiculous obsession to be prom queen.

AND THE END SCENE YOU GUYS. My little heart. Rachel Berry’s little heart. AWWWWW. I just, she’s so glorious. And for me a big part of how all she’s ever wanted to feel was special and chosen is because of how she was given up by Idina (What was the character’s name again?) and aw aw aw. Rachel <3

Sophy says: I tell you, it was so damn satisfying to get some proper interaction between Quinn and Rachel, and it really made me feel just how long it’s been since their strange little non-friendship has been in the spotlight. I loved Rachel in this scene – her insistence that she was chosen once, even if she’s not chosen now. And Lea’s little face as she walked away :((

I also loved the way Quinn’s fervour hinted that there might be some truth to this – that maybe it’s not all just about manipulating Rachel out of the way of her crown… Sure, Quinn wants Finn, but I got the impression she also genuinely wants Rachel to know something. Something along the lines of: ‘You’re special, and I see it. You’re bigger than me – bigger, better, brighter. I won’t let you let him hold you down.

AND. I CAN’T EVEN. I LOVED THIS EPISODE SO MUCH BECAUSE OF THAT LAST SCENE. I JUST. The way she started to cry :(( And Lea’s big laugh :(( And just everybody hugging and loving and being beautiful and shiny :(( Scenes like that are why I watch this show, perhaps even moreso than the actual music. So, thank you Glee, for the return to genuine, down to earth, heart-warming form. I appreciate it.

And I can’t even say how much I love, love, loved Quinn’s sad little knowing smile when Rachel said she felt like the girl who never gets the brass ring. I just can’t.

(I think it was ‘Shelby’?)


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“What’s your favourite song of all time?”
“My Headband.”

“Okay, and what are all those songs about?”

Rin says: Seriously. These kinds of throwbacks are amazing.

Sophy says: Oh Brittany. You are a woman of great taste. Apart from that Artie thing. “Stubbles McCripple Pants.” Oh Santana. 8-.


Rophy Says No!

Puck’s song. Lauren.

Rin says: I just. Stupid stupid stupid gross song. And stupid stupid stupid head in hands reaction from Lauren. I just. NO. IT WASN’T A NICE SONG.

Sophy says: I don’t even… I just… this song is so, so, so much more offensive than Fat-Bottomed Girls??? And yet Lauren is suddenly all 8-. ???? I DON’T GET IT?????? LAUREN, YOU MAKE NO SENSE GET OFF MY SCREEN. PUCK YOU’RE GROSS AND HAVE NO RELEVANCE ANYMORE GET OFF MY SCREEN TOO.

Also, I think I only just realised how stupid his hair looks. Huh.

I’d also like to say a big no to the Holly Holiday mention. Did we really need to be reminded of her existence? I was so very much enjoying that this episode contained none of her fuckery and then bam. There she is. Splattered on my brain walls.

(And meanwhile it should be Emma who sends her congratulations to the club. 8-))

A final no goes to Kathy Griffin. Worn-out, cheap, heavy-handed… not in the least bit funny.

OH AND. KURT. LOL. LIKE. I CAN’T. “Oh my god, they’re doing original songs!” BECAUSE WHAT, YOU KNOW EVERY SONG EVER IN THE WORLD? I JUST. LOL.


Head In Hands

Will watching from the wings during Loser Like Me
Kurt/Blaine mirroring Kurt/Burt

Rin says: Remember when Will was kind of a beautiful human being and everything was about these kids and the importance of the arts? Yeah. This was totally a reflection of that Will. I miss him. It’d be nice to have him back now, please?

And the burying of the bird was a beautiful mirror of Kurt’s mums funeral. I mean, that’s the kind of shit Skins pulls, so well done Glee. Slow clap for you.

Sophy says: Oh Will Schuester. This is the you I used to know and love! Back in the day Will was as much the heart of the show for me as Rachel was. I squealed at this glimpse of the sweet, home-spun little ray of hope he used to be. Needs moar.

Rin is so right – this Kurt/Blaine moment was almost Skinsian in its beauty and emotional weight, and that’s why it had to beat out their actual kiss for head-in-hands. I did love the kiss though, despite finding the suddenness of it all somewhat disappointing. I suppose I would have preferred Kurt/Blaine to be more of a slow, throbbing, natural progression, partly because Blaine kind of scares me with his dramatic realizations. “I’m in love with the boy at GAP I’ve barely talked to! I’m bisexual and Rachel is my ladeh!”

I’d hate to see “Kurt sang a sad song about a bird! He is my destiny!” be another one of those.

Nevertheless, both Darren and Chris played the scene so beautifully that I couldn’t help but be charmed. Blaine’s shy-bold thing he had going on was really sweet, as was Kurt’s look of sheer ‘Is this seriously happening? DREAMS = REALITY? SERIOUSLY???



Most Rophy

Will rolling his eyes at Puck’s song.

Rin says: I like this Will too. :)

Very Rophy. This is practically the way we watch most of the episodes.


I also appreciated the hint of disdain in Kurt’s voice when talking about Blaine and his love of Pink. Dear God that ‘Raise Your Glass’ business was the very most of obvious and worst.


Quinn Glory Shot

Two this week. For obvious reasons.

Rin says: I can’t at the first cap. And then I really can’t at the second.

Sophy says: I just cannot.

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  1. Karin
    Karin at · Reply

    I am really glad to see that you guys saw the scene between Rachel and Quinn the way I did. I have heard a lot of people saying Quinn was just being really bitchy, but I didn’t think it was that at all. There was a serious pain in her voice as she described her life with Finn. It was clear she doesn’t really see him as a “prize” that she will win over Rachel, but simply the reality of the paths their lives will take. Rachel will do, and be, much much more.

  2. Anna
    Anna at · Reply

    “OH AND. KURT. LOL. LIKE. I CAN’T. “Oh my god, they’re doing original songs!” BECAUSE WHAT, YOU KNOW EVERY SONG EVER IN THE WORLD? I JUST. LOL.”

    My. Reaction. Exactly. Kurt’s brain must be the most comprehensive music list in the world. It will soon take over iTunes. As soon as we can download the content from his head.

  3. Hannah
    Hannah at · Reply

    I would just like to say…. I HATE LAUREN, can she go die now?
    That is all.

  4. Laura
    Laura at · Reply

    I was watching Glee with a friend who doesn’t usually watch it the other day and when she saw Puck she said “Why does he have a rug on his head?” And now that’s all I can think whenever I see him.

  5. kay
    kay at · Reply

    So many good brittany is random points in this ep!
    Brittany’s comment about the dirt in the locker… ‘I don’t remember putting that there’ (or something like that!)
    Was Hilaaarr..

  6. Katie
    Katie at · Reply

    I laugh out loud with everything you guys write, but seriously your glee recaps are hysterical. You hit everything right on the mark.
    I can only imagine what it would be like to watch this with you guys in person… i feel like some serious rewinding would have to take place.

  7. Effybean
    Effybean at · Reply

    ok ok I’ve read y’alls recaps for quite some time now and just got the glee ones, and while I agree that Lauren was so…just…UGH

    I’m incredibly insecure about my weight and history of eating disorders and I won’t lie to you, the Lauren hate kind of triggered me. She’s not a great character but the weight comments are getting upsetting?

    Don’t get me wrong. Rophy is forever my OTP and your recaps are fantastically fantastic. I just feel kind of sad about the hint of fat hate. Even if I don’t know if I’m fat, it’s just…I don’t know. Triggering, like I said.

    Beyond that, however, Quinn glory x 2 made me very very very happy

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Oh Effybean! We’d never want to make you feel upset that way! Least of all me, as I understand too well what it’s like to have body image issues.

      I honestly don’t remember us making derogatory comments about Lauren’s weight. I do remember us discussing the issue of her weight, but that’s kind of inevitable since the show made it an issue repeatedly. Rin and I were actually just discussing the other day how they got it right with Mercedes/Sam, because her weight has got absolutely nothing to do with their story. She’s sweet, pretty, grounded and talented… and Sam thinks she’s amazing. End of. No serenades about diabetes.

      Anyway, I can promise you that Ashley’s weight is not one of the reasons we disliked Lauren. And I can sincerely say that we love people of all shapes and sizes, on TV and in our real lives :)

      1. Effybean
        Effybean at · Reply

        awww ok I think I was just having a very bad body image day, too. Sometimes I get a bit snarky when I’m feeling down =( I still love you guys though! <3

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