214 – Blame It On The Alcohol

Best Song

Blaine and Rachel – Don’t You Want Me

Rin says: Oh my god, they were both really cute during this performance and SO GOOD. I was hoping they’d sing together sometime because they’re both so freaking amazing vocally, and ahhh. IT WORKED. IT WORKED WONDERS.

And like, Rachel jumping. Always.

Sophy says: I really loved these two together. And okay Blaine is 100% gay and Kurt’s gonna-be-boy and that is fine and as it should be, but I hope that doesn’t preclude him singing with Rachel again someday, because there’s no denying their chemistry as performers. And BOY can Rachel jump. This guy would be proud 8-.

Also it helps that this song was so refreshingly not of the last five minutes, and also happens to be one of my karaoke classics. 8-.

Meanwhile, in terms of audience participation, Mercedes was pretty cute sitting on the floor with her legs splayed out, mouthing along happily with her cup o’ booze…

OH AND SANTANA YOU BIG GAY. Of course you want her, baby. 8-.


Biggest LOL

Pretty much everything Rachel did.

Rin says: That body shot cap may/maynothave been thrown in just because.

I seriously couldn’t handle Rachel at the party. I was laughing the entire time because she was just so fucking funny, and probably somehow single handedly saved Glee for me. HER NIGHT GOWN FOR PETE’S SAKE. It’s the best thing I have ever seen in my life, as well as her TICKETS FOR DRINKS. WINE COOLERS, WHICH IS THEIR SPECIALITY.

Her rules about no sitting on things. Her IT TASTES LIKE PINK!!!

Everything about her was amazing, which isn’t nothing new, but this took it to a whole ‘nother level. I am in awe.

Sophy says: The best part is I don’t even think it’s a nightgown. I think she’s just trying to channel her 1970s songstress and oh my god the pale green and lace and puff of it all. Exquisite.

Drunk Rachel is the absolute best. EVEN HER BURPING WAS SPECIAL. Shame on you Finn for trying to pigeon hole her as the clingy drunk when she is clearly so much more.


And… “Your face… tastes awesome.”

8-. In my dreams, Rachel Berry says that to me. 8-.



Best Scene

Rachel – My Headband

Rin says: This scene honestly could have gone in so many of the other categories too because it’s everything. Biggest LOL, Best Song, Head in Hands.. EVERYTHING. I adore My Headband, and how she was singing as serious as any other ballad she’s performed in the past. Oh god, so good. And Finn was really good too with his reaction.

“Is this a song about your headband?”
“Yes. It’s called ‘My Headband.'”

Utter perfection.

Sophy says: HAHAHAAH. As much as I have issues with the way Finn is written at times, his reaction shots are priceless, particularly when interacting with the magnificent Miss Berry.

And jesus, Rachel’s delivery of “It’s called ‘My Headband'” was comic gold.



Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

Quinn: There’s a fair amount of the pot calling the kettle black right now.
Brittany: That is so racist.

Rin says: AHHAHA. THE WAY SHE WHISPERED IT AND LOOKED AT MERCEDES. And Mercedes’ reaction. Haahahhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaahahahha.

Sophy says: AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Oh kettle. Don’t let the bastards get you down. Brittany’s got your back.

Although on a serious note, no, Quinn, there is no pot/kettle action here. Will was not performing, he was not at school, he is not a child. I hated that Will kind of okayed her bullshit with his vow not to party. He should have just told her to stop talking nonsense and kiss Rachel already, which…


Rophy Says No!

How did the bottle not land on Quinn? Fuck you Glee.

Rin says: I’m so pissed off I don’t think I can even talk about it =;

Like =;

Just =;


Sophy says: I know right. Just. Wrong.

And meanwhile it’s not like the whole ‘Omg I’m bisexual, no wait I’m not’ plotline that ensued from Rachel/Blaine kissing was any less gratuitous or empty than a bit of random girl on girl action.

I just need to take a moment to say no to that too. Yes, Darren and Lea have awesome chemistry. Yes, a plotline in which Blaine discovers he’s bisexual and we see how that affects the evolution of his relationship with Kurt is a pretty cool idea. Unfortunately it wasn’t a plotline, it was just a gimmick and a mildly insulting one at that.

Everyone involved came off badly. Rachel gets a side-eye for not giving a crap about Kurt in the matter – yes, I know he’d probably do the same to her, I know the whole point of their friendship is that they’ve bonded over their talent and ambition, not over being each other’s teddy bear… but nonetheless “Who cares about you, buddy,” was a bridge too far. Because you, Rachel, that’s who cares. The boy poured his heart out to you about Blaine in the last episode for god’s sake! And on the flipside, Kurt’s taunting of Rachel was an unpleasant reminder of his behaviour to her over the whole Finn thing. Do not want.

More importantly though, Kurt came off as kind of bigoted with regard to bisexuality, and regardless of whether Blaine called him on it in the moment, the fact is that the show validated Kurt at the end – because yes, it was just the alcohol, yes, of course Blaine is 100% gay. I know that Blaine is only one boy and so it’s not strictly backing up Kurt’s idea that bisexuality doesn’t exist, but it’s not doing a whole lot to contradict it either.

And last but not least Blaine. To be honest, whilst Rachel was callous and Kurt was jealous and acting out because of it… it’s Blaine who came off as the biggest prick. Kurt admitted his feelings to him. They had the talk. And now he’s just breezily telling him he might be into one of his friends? And if possible his treatment of Rachel was even worse. I know it’s supposed to be funny, and I know that Rachel happened to conveniently not care at all about it, but the way he kissed her and then thanked her for showing him how gay he was?

Since when was Blaine supposed to be a totally self-absorbed insensitive dicksplash??? I mean, he’s always been a little vain. But come on.


Head In Hands

“…with your little plastic gloves,and they crinkle and make the cutest sound I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Rin says: I’m not giving up on the possibility that they could possibly fix these two. I can’t after remembering how I felt after ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ … I was so damn happy and filled with JOY at that point. So they’ll always be a reminder for that — and what they could be.


Sophy says: Oh! I used to love these two so much and… I couldn’t help it… as douchily as Will has been written lately, and as awesome as John Stamos the dentist is… I still felt a flutter. With your little plastic gloves. :X

Please, show, Rophy would like these two back?


Most Rophy

“I might get a new boyfriend out of this, who can keep up with me vocally, and in the future, give me vaguely Eurasian-looking children.”

Rin says: Everyday we’re looking for a way to make a Rophy baby just because we both want Eurasian kids. Maybe one day :-.

Sophy says: I’ve started hormone therapy. The doctors say it won’t work. :-.


Quinn Glory Shot


Rin says: I. Could. Have. Died.

Sophy says: I think Quinn could have died too. Or, you know, kissed her. :-w

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  1. ddutchie88
    ddutchie88 at · Reply

    I LOVED THIS EPISODE! For all the reasons you just mentioned. And it reminded me why I love Rachel friggin Berry so much <3
    That dress was epic, as was 'My Headhband', and her ruuuulesss, and her drunk faces and how she totally hit on Quinn and made Santana want her.
    And I also agree how they made look Blaine like a total prick in this episode. I'm not sure if he deserves someone as awesome as Kurt.. He redeemed himself a little in Original Song though (squee) but still..

  2. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    No comments on Santana not wanting Sam and Brittany to kiss?

  3. julie
    julie at · Reply

    I loved rachel on this ep ! – let´s be clear , I don´t like her most of the time, cuz she is kind of a bitch to everyone sometimes – , but this was magnificent !oh ! and finn was also very cute , but he´s kind of lost his way sence last season , he´s not that good anymore …
    also how are you doing to recap all this shows !? if I didn´t love your recaps that much , I would feel sorry for you and all the work that you´re doing without getting a penny !
    Love your recaps , and love u !

  4. Norma
    Norma at · Reply

    HA! A Gleecap dedicated to me! I just. Life = now complete. Thank you, lovely Sophy. Although you linked to my embarrassing and newly made fangirl twitter which was created solely to be a creepy fangirl without letting any of my real life friends know what a creepy fangirl I am. So I guess we can never be real life friends now. :(

    From what I remember, I didn’t love this episode despite the abundance of my beloved Rachel Berry. It just felt a bit meh and disjointed and preachy. And FINN and he is SUCH A JERK to Rachel and he only listed FEMALE drunk stereotypes.

    But…I secretly love that song ‘Like a G6’ even though I don’t understand any of the lyrics or what a G6 even is? And the party scene was straight out of fanfiction (where the kids actually behave like real teenagers and you know get wasted and have sex and stuff). So I was baffled why Quinn and Rachel weren’t upstairs in Rachel’s room making out already? And then I read Heather Hogan’s comment about the Glee fandom being one giant orgy and I was like OMG so true. And they’re teenagers and UNDERAGE and stuff. Sick.

    But for real, Faberry are so canon in my head now to the point where actual episodes just confuse me.

    P.S. Are we *ever* going to meet Rachel’s dads? COME ON, RYAN MURPHY.

  5. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Brittany? Ke-dollar sign-Ha? “Everyone drink responsibly!? HOT! Just Hemo as white trashy girl from trailer park was awesome! And the big 80’s hair? lol.

    Can’t wait for ya’ll to recap the NEXT one. Dying…

  6. l-ORah
    l-ORah at · Reply

    OMG ! I laughed soo much during this episode !
    Rachel is so friggin’ prefect & her duet with blaine was perfect :)
    I want Quinn/Rachel though ! Or, Lea/Dianna did you know those two are living together ? :O This is awesome ! I wish they were lesbians lOL
    ( btw I’ve read all your recaps & i’m totally in love with you two ahah Thanks for everything you do Rophy <3 )

    Sorry If my english is bad, I'm only a french fan ;)

    1. sansa
      sansa at · Reply

      Actually they’re not living together anymore. They separated a few months after the show first started, and Lea got custody of their cats. :( But on the plus side… umm, what’s the spoiler policy here? I guess I won’t say anything, but I’ll give you a link to the cutest Dianna gif ever:


  7. Jess
    Jess at · Reply

    IT TASTES LIKE PIIIINNK! has been becoming quite a regular saying out of my mouth since I watched this episode

    (*Sad about lack of Brittney “stripper drunk” cap.)

  8. J
    J at · Reply

    Someone said Rachel is pretty much a bitch to everyone. Um that is not Rachel that is Quinn and/or Santana.

    Rachel isn’t bitchy. That person must be watching a different show. If she thinks Rachel is bitchy what are Quinn and Santana than.

    1. Mia
      Mia at · Reply

      I think Quinn is a bitch in a “queen bee” kinda way, Rachel is a bitch because she doesn’t care about anyone but her self and doesn’t do nice things for anyone unless there’s something in it for her (but that’s a big part of her character, she’s the star, etc etc.), and Santana is a bitch because… well, if you saw “Sexy” you know why she’s a bitch.

  9. tapette
    tapette at · Reply

    Yes to Ke dollar sign Ha.
    Yes to drunk Rachel, she should make out with drunk Emily Fields and they can collectively take down anyone trying to help them into a car.
    Yes to Rachel’s nightgown.
    Yes to Brittana body shots.
    No to Kurt’s biphobia and Blaine being 100 percent gay.
    No to everyone’s behavior in that bi storyline.
    No to Finn calling Rachel clingy and forgetting drunk male behaviors.
    No to Will Schuester forever. He is like Michael Bublé but even creepier and I hate that they keep trying to play him off as sexy. I’d rather see Emma end up with Figgins.

    1. Mia
      Mia at · Reply

      Will Schuester is fucking hot. He’s creepy and annoying but hot.

  10. Anon
    Anon at · Reply

    This episode was garbage but I had a good laugh at “vaguely Eruasian looking children”.

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