212 – Silly Love Songs

Best Song

Katy Perry – Firework

Rin says: I kind of hate Katy Perry. I think ‘Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?’ is one of the stupidest lyrics I’ve ever heard. This episode didn’t have much to choose from though, so it came down to Rachel Berry and her wonderful self. And just look at her in every single cap, adorable.

And I like sparklers. :*)


The fact that I’ve chosen this as best song really just shows how utterly crumby all of the others were. Because my first thought when this started up was ‘Katy Perry? AFUCKINGAIN?’ And then I went like this: X-(

So yeah… I was not thrilled with this song choice… but Rachel Berry was singing a love-song to herself, you know? Into her hairbrush? With sparkles? Exactly how am I supposed to resist that? Especially when other options include Tina fake-crying for no good reason and a number that made me remember what a horrid songwriter Paul McCartney can be.


Biggest LOL

“Maybe try rocking back and forth. People do that in movies.”

Rin says: Needs more Brittana scenes, just because they do have a really cute chemistry.

Sophy says: HAHAHAHA I LOOOOVED THIS. The way Brittany was stroking her, while she explained that she just tries to be honest with people about their suck. 8-.


Best Scene

Kurt: Okay, can I ask you something? Because we’ve always been completely honest with each other. You and I? We hang out. We sing flirty duets together. You know my coffee order. Was I supposed to think that that was nothing?
Blaine: What do you mean?
Kurt: I thought the guy that you wanted to ask out on Valentine’s Day was me.
Blaine: Oh, wow. I really am clueless. Look, Kurt… I don’t know what I’m doing. I pretend like I do. And I know how to act it out in song, but the truth is… I’ve never really been anyone’s boyfriend.
Kurt: Me, neither.
Blaine: Let me be really clear about something. really, really care about you. But as you and about twenty mortified shoppers saw, I’m not very good at romance. I don’t want to screw this up.
Kurt: So it’s just like When Harry Met Sally, but I get to play Meg Ryan.
Blaine: Deal. Don’t they, uh, get together in the end?
Kurt: Could I get a nonfat mocha, and a medium drip for my friend Billy Crystal?
Blaine: Ah, you know my coffee order.

Rin says: These two have the potential to be one of the better parts of Glee, because I like that they didn’t go there immediately and that Blaine isn’t the completely put-together guy that he appears to be. And the dialogue was a lot better than what Glee has done in the past. Also the When Harry Met Sally reference was cute.

Sophy says: I really enjoyed these two in this episode. I mean, the whole thing with Kurt assuming he was the valentine was a bit of a stupid cliche but… Chris Colfer kind of has a knack for making shit shine. I did like how their stories mirrored one another, and how it showed that as high as that pedestal Kurt has Blaine on may be, in reality he’s just as clueless a kid about all this as he is – because they both do exactly the same thing, don’t they? Just Kurt is a little more subtle/less scary about it.


But I think the main reason I choo-choo-choose this scene is that I liked the fact that Kurt just told the truth – he just laid it all out there, from his feelings, to his misguided expectations, to the whole what do we mean aspect – and Blaine, in return, gave him the most honest and straightforward answer he could manage.

It was all very Emily Fitch. :X


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

Brittany was off her game this episode. But Rophy can be random too.

Rin says: I could stare forever.

In fact, don’t mind if I do. 8-.

Sophy says: YOU’VE GOT TO GOT TO BOUNCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rophy Says No!

Lauren. And Puck. And Lauren.

Rin says: I really really really hate Lauren. She’s totally up there with my most hated characters, and I only have about 3 of them. I think what they’re trying to ‘say’ and ‘do’ with Lauren is just ridiculous, and not just with the shit they’re trying to pull with Lauren/Puck. There is absolutely nothing likeable about the character, and yet we’re supposed to think she’s omgawesome!!! …?

She’s mean spirited. A bully. She has no right being in the Glee club on accountability of not being able to sing or dance.

And the whole thing just stinks of ‘see! being large doesn’t mean you can’t get the hot guy in school!’ — just. No. The whole thing in of itself is insulting, if they wanted to try and make this story happen then you treat the characters just like any other character and not include all these lines of dialogue about how Puck LOVES CURVES! And how she’s a WHOLE LOTTA WOMAN! And have her eat IN EVERY SCENE.

Sophy says: Ugh, ugh, ugh. If they were going to do this storyline then they should have done it with Mercedes. I have my issues with that character from time to time, but at least she’s actually kind-hearted and talented and you could see why someone would fall in love with her. I mean. Puck is in love with Lauren because she’s a rude bully and that turns him on? Really show? REALLY?

Just about everything that could be wrong with the Puck/Lauren storyline is, but I think what I hate most about it is that it’s a fat joke pretending to be uplifting. I mean… it’s all about how she eats all the time, and trades dates for muffins, and throws the little people into lockers, and Puck’s not “ready for this jelly,” and Santana can’t budge her because you guys, she’s fat, and in case you didn’t get it here’s a musical number.

So on the one hand it’s offensive… and then on the other it’s political correctness gone nutso with the Obesity! Yay! Like. No, okay. You do not look like America looks, Lauren. You look like some of America looks. And Puck is not “kinda scrawny” okay? He’s healthy.

I also hated the obvious attempt at manipulating the audience into liking Lauren by having her tell off Santana. Please, show. They’re both bitches, stop trying to pretend otherwise. And at least Santana is a funny bitch who occasionally makes out with Brittany.

Rin says: Truth.

Also, this bullshit.

How dare they. HOW DARE THEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sophy says: They’re not even being discreet about it.

Also, this bullshit.

Stupid. Stupid, stupid, STUPID. As is the entire Finn/Quinn plotline most especially the fireworks oh my god, and the whole thing about Santana giving them mono.

Also when Finn was all hesitant and creeped about kissing Becky and wound up going for the cheek? That was one of those times I drafted an angry letter in my head, then realized fictional characters don’t have addresses.


Head In Hands

Kurt/Rachel being adorable.

Rin says: Still loving these two, and want moar. Less of Mercedes though, thanks.

Sophy says: Kurt/Rachel is the best!!! And yeah, butt out of my platonic OTP please Mercedes. Although you did give them some pretty awesome advice this episode, so we’re cool… for now.


Most Rophy

“Oh my god, I made the whole thing up in my head didn’t I?”

Rin says: I have no idea why Sophy told me to make this Most Rophy. I don’t make up stories in my head.


Sophy says: Rin/Minky.

Rin says: It’s a thing asshole.


Quinn Glory Shot

She still looks amazing with mono.

Rin says: I’d risk it.

Sophy says: I wouldn’t even use a tongue condom.


Rin says: That’s the most disgusting thing you have ever said.

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  1. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    OMG…I can’t even. Just, I love you guys so flippin much! Thank you for being OMGAwesome!

  2. Jessamyn
    Jessamyn at · Reply

    So completely agree about Lauren. And worst of all, most people seem to be eating that shit up. Lauren is crude, stupid, and not funny. First episode of her being in Glee club, she insulted it, and was an eating joke for the rest of the time. Oh, wow, I’m so endeared. =| And she hasn’t gotten any better if you ask me. Make a bully, with no humor value, who is constantly talking about how awesome she is, and then mix obesity in to make her a role model? NO. We’re supposed to pretend she’s not a pretentious bitch? And when she called Puck ‘scrawny’ I wanted to throw up. Noo. x_x

  3. Amber
    Amber at · Reply

    Totally agree with you on the Zizes front. The whole puck/lauren storyline is utter bullshit, and harder to watch every week. She’s got no redeeming qualities thus far… she’s just a bitch. Santana is a BAMF, Lauran is just a MF.

  4. Janae
    Janae at · Reply

    I liked the Mercedes-Kurt-Rachel sleepover. I thought it was cute.

  5. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    I always wonder what the actors/actresses feel like when they play the “ugly” or “fat” one, I mean.. don’t their feelings get hurt at all?
    It’s like the directors went “lol, you’re gonna be stuffing your face like a pig in this scene cause you’re so so fat and america thinks that’s funny”.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Totally. They’re using that poor girl to make a joke out of her weight and it’s horrible. Oh well. At least she’s getting plenty of cash out of it, no doubt!

  6. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    It’s nice that you guys despise the shitty Lauren story too. My only hope is next week is Regionals, so that means we’ll probably get Kurt and Blaine in New Directions, which brings the total to 14, and since the writers seem to love “Oh no,not enough members!!”, maybe we’ll be spared from Lauren? It’s super mean for the actress though if they just give her that crap and then chuck her out,but it has to be done. WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO PUCK?!? God it’s awful! Also, I just want to get real slap-happy over the double standard of the lockers thing, when it happens to Kurt it’s the scariest, worst thing ever, but when it happens to Santana it’s suppose to be funny?!?!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!

    Also, the song at the end made me sad, because from like the very beginning I always thought it would be really lovely if the Glee kids did the medley from Moulin Rouge, and EVERYONE got a line. Why the fuck does Blaine get to sing every line of every Warblers song?? If you think you can join ND and start stealing stuff from Rachel I swear to FUCKING JESUS I WILL CUT YOU DARREN CRISS. Reality/TV fuck it, the rage will blur it all into one.
    Finn, is a stupid fucking dick, can you die from Mono? Because I wish he would!! And stop infecting Quinn with your disgusting behaviour, she has to reach her full potential in order for her to be good enough for Rachel when she realises how incredibly gay she is!!

    I don’t know what just happened. I originally read this post and thought I’d just say that I enjoyed it more than the 206-210 disaster of awful, but apparently I had some sort of rage-blackout once I started typing. There isn’t even any “OH GOD RACHEL I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! <<<3333" in there! And did you see her face when she spouts the line about starring in Willow while Santana works a pole?!? JFC RACH. The love has overwhelmed me, no more rage, everything is great, I'll happily put up with all that shit as long as I get to have Rachel stuff. And at least the Lauren fat jokes mean we don't have to have Mercedes fat jokes, I usually hate that character, but she's a lot better written when they're taking they're misogynistic anorexic issues out on Lauren.
    Rachels' faces when Puck "serenades" Lauren and during the sleepover are the best things about this episode, that fireworks song is SHIT, Lea does a great job with poor material, but it wont be going in my favourites any time soon.

  7. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    This, I can’t.. what?! WHAT IS THIS?! I just watched the best episode in glee history. Srsly. My creyes. omg. I can’t deal! I CAN’T!
    You guys. Srsly. You guys. Just skip every other episode and just recap that one. Omg. I am in shock, like.. I never thought Glee would be like that, like so awesome. Shiiiit. It’s 7:30 am and I haven’t gone to sleep yet because I was watching it and looking at the stuff on tumblr and I got school in like an hour but it’s okay. IT’S OKAY. OMG. I can’t deal! Everyone is gay and nothing hurts. I’m gonna start watching glee where I left it in like 1×14 or something. Brittana omg my bbs<3 D': OTP OTP OTP! *Squeeeel*

  8. Andrea
    Andrea at · Reply

    Awesome Ralph Wiggum reference. I heartily approve!

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