211 – The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

Best Song

Thriller / Heads Will Roll

Rin says: I can’t say I loved any of the songs from this ep, but I guess the production of it was too good to pass up. Very cool makeup and costumes. Even if they didn’t do thriller justice.

Sophy says: It was fine, but it was… boring. Predictable. Eh. I’m so bored with Glee musically these days. But at least this one wasn’t woeful like Karofsky’s warm-up, straight off the radio like the Puck/Rachel duet, or completely random like The Warblers’ number.

(And wow, Dalton Academy really is an absurd Utopian haven for gay boys isn’t it? Because, yes, straight dudes can dig show tunes and all that, I’m with them there… but damn that rendition of Bills, Bills, Bills was camp beyond the telling of it. The kids at that school aren’t just accepting, they’re almost Stepfordish in their complete approval and embracing of the gay. And that kind of makes the whole Dalton plotline less inspiring and more cartoonish.)


Biggest LOL

“Oh and Brittany here’s a note for you, handwritten and in crayon from the Human Cannon saying how much it misses you.”

Rin says: Oh my god, the drawing =)) It’s things like this that make me wish Glee wasn’t experiencing such a lull in quality because they do actually have great comedic moments. I used to find myself loll-ing every episode, but nowadays it’s literally only at Brittany, Sue or Rachel.

Sophy says: Oh god, sometimes this show is so hilarious. I really wish it would get back to being sharp and comedic on a more regular basis. It was so much more fun back in the day.

And seriously… two little baby twin cannons back at home, and one more on the way. I CAN’T.


Best Scene

The girls on the sideline in their Zombie makeup jumping up and down.


I’m only suggesting the girls (sans Lauren) being cute on the sidelines with their zombie makeup and cheering.

Sophy says: Yeah um. We were really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Rin, I’m surprised you didn’t manip Lauren out for me. Surprised and disappointed.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“How many M’s are there in the letter R?”
“Make an X.”

Rin says: JESUS =)) M’S IN THE LETTER R. Genius.

Seriously. I would probably discontinue watching if it wasn’t for these two and Rachel.

Sophy says: This line. Absolute genius.


Rophy Says No!

Karofsky getting to join in / BRAINSSSS

Rin says: I don’t know if I hate Karofsky more than Lauren. I think I hate them equally. They’re both just AWFUL, but Karofsky getting to join in with the Glee team only after he sees that everyone is cheering them on was so WEAK. WEAK!!

And the way the football team had to win was stupid too. THEY COULD HAVE JUST WON STRAIGHT UP, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE.

Sophy says: I hate Lauren more. I really, really do. More on that in the next Gleecap.

But yeah, the Karofsky plotline is just… 8-). Karofsky is a douchebag who should have been expelled. And I don’t like the actor. And I don’t like that they went there with ‘He’s a homophobe! So he’s gay!’ and then went one step further, indulging in the cliche of having him be ~totally awesome at Glee club, don’t you know.


I want to punch Will Schuester a lot these days, but my fingers actually made fists when he did that *sadface* AWESOME! reaction after the bullshit warm-up piece. I just. Go away Will. Forever.





Head In Hands

Rachel Berry in a gridiron uniform.

Rin says: Seriously, is there anything cuter? IS THERE? LOOK AT HER FACE IN ALL THE CAPS. Also, the way she went to kneel down with her one leg sticking out like a dancer =)) Perfect.

Sophy says: OH MY GOD. HER SMILE. SHE IS AMAZING AND WONDERFUL. Everyone who says she ruins the show can fuck off. She makes the show. Seriously if the show was just her, Sue Sylvester, Brittany, and Kurt, the world would be a better place. Maybe Emma and John Stamos could stop by occasionally. Because they are awesome.


Most Rophy

Rachel and Tina lying down on the floor. Tina picking up the ball and running.

Rin says: This is what Rophy would be like playing football. Sophy would stay down, always, but if I saw an opportunity, I would damn well grab that ball and make a run for it.

And I’m asian and stuff.

Sophy says: So asian.

I think my favourite thing though, was that the lying down was heralded. As in it was actually the plan. God, I love you Rachel Berry. I really, really do.

Rin loves Tina. Because she’s asian.


Quinn Glory Shot


Rin says: HEADBANDS. (More on that in 214.)


Sophy says: She is the loveliest of lovely.

Although really, Rophy would like to take this opportunity to say a final NO to this Finn/Quinn bullshit. I can’t even deal with the stupid of this kiss. I just. It’s like a big tidal wave of stupid and we’re just these poor little baby cannon twins bobbing hopelessly in its midst.

And there’s another one on the way.


16 Responses

  1. Jactance
    Jactance at · Reply

    Headbands. I lol’ed. And I’m also torn on whether I hate Lauren or Karofsky more.

  2. Anna
    Anna at · Reply

    Rachel Berry in a gridiron uniform is the greatest thing I have seen in a long while. Her facial expressions! Her bright little smile whilst everyone else is so serious and glare-y! The gold stars on her helmet! The “LET’S KICK SOME ASS!”! Epic.

  3. Jess
    Jess at · Reply

    This episode was highly underwhelming for me but that’s usually the case when they don’t focus on the ladies and give the guys these elaborate storylines that are meant to make us sympathize with them more but really its just irritating. I.e Karofsky who is a peripheral character but somehow is allowed more character development and background than practically any of the female characters.

    The only thing saving me from turning Glee off for good is the adorableness of Rachel Berry, Brittany as always and the emergence of Santana as comic gold…seriously Naya has turned it up to 11 the last few episodes.

    I love your recaps, btw!!! Their presence automatically elevates my day.

  4. Lisa
    Lisa at · Reply

    You…you guys don’t care about Santana???

    *runs off and cries in a corner*

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      Ehhhh, I guess she can stay. So can Blaine come to think of it.

  5. Lanu
    Lanu at · Reply

    eeeeh!! … you like Rachel Berry… O_O …
    :P well! to each his/her own i guess. she kinda annoys me with her excessive movements and over-dramatics. i like Blaine :D he’s fun!
    and touche on Brittany and Sue! they’re the funnest on the show! Glee would be Glum without them.

    oh i have to say how much Mr. Schuester annoys the crap outta me. ………..i can’t even explain how and why….. *fumbles for words*…….. ………..*still fumbling, with hand movements*…………… i can’t explain…. *thumps hands down in resignation*

  6. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    RACHEL BERRY IS THE BEST THING EVER IN THE WHOLE HISTORY OF THE WORLD AND IT’S BEST THINGS! No seriously, everything about her, she’s my favourite (just thought I start with that in case you guys didn’t know) The uniform, the leg pop, the facial expressions, everything everything, just perfect!

    I only have so much room for hatred and although Will used to consume most of it, I hate him less and less as I need to hate Finn more, like SERIOUSLY?!? He’s the one who convinces the cheerios?!? JUST FUCK RIGHT OFF. Puck is also beginning to show up on the radar, and Lauren is so stupid and pointless, it’s tough, because I do not have enough to go round for all of them!

    I’m not majorly in the Blaine fan-club just yet, he has too much gel in his hair, which is a clever visual aid, because he comes off as a bit greasy to me. I do like him, I like his singing, but I think people are just super-obsessed with him because they want Kurt to be happy.
    Also, thank you so much for noticing and being annoyed at the stupid football ending!
    This episode was definitely a step in the right direction, it was better than that stupid Christmas ep (which I think is second in the race for pure AWFULNESS to 2×06!) and I think the recent eps have been slightly better too.

    Quinn, you big pressed lemon, just stop. You are clearly kissing Sam because he looks like a lesbian, and the Finn thing is just wanting to kiss Rachel and being confused about it. It’s a good thing Dianna is so completely adorable, because Quinn is at the beginning of her not-so-great run. (That picture Dianna posted on Twitter of Lea making “us” dinner, JFC, I just want to stare at it forever, it’s just a photo of her cooking, how is it so intimate and lovely, HOW???)

  7. Nemesis
    Nemesis at · Reply

    THANK YOU! I’ve been waiting for this, almost losing my hope for the entire Skins fandom’s sanity. FINALLY someone who doesn’t worship Karofsky and passionately ship him with Kurt and wish for him to be in every single episode… I could really do without homophobe brutal bullies who look 30 years old and still go to high school. Where they molest teenage boys. Because that’s not ok, not even if you’re the most cliched character in the universe with the most cliched homophobic=secretly gay storyline – which he is.
    Srsly, I can’t look at one more passionate defense / love letter for Karofskin. What is it with glorifying abusive assholes these days in fandom? Is it a Twihard thing? Because I don’t get it, I really don’t!

  8. Gabby
    Gabby at · Reply

    I hate Lauren so much! And I wish the writers of Glee would get their acts together and have this little thing called continuity! According the them it’s not okay for Kurt to be slammed against lockers (which I agree but it should be a rule for EVERYBODY not just Kurt) but completely okay for Santana to be tossed around like a rag doll by someone twice her size because she’s ‘a bitch and deserves it’. GLEE WRITERS IT’S NEVER OKAY FOR ANYBODY TO TOSSED AROUND LIKE THAT NO MATTER WHAT! Also, Blame it on the Alcohol is my fav episode so far right now./end rant

  9. anne
    anne at · Reply

    Hahaha! Love those Glee recaps! Even more when you erase Lauren from it :D So thanks.

  10. Mia
    Mia at · Reply

    I’ve never told anyone this cos it makes me feel stupid but I feel like saying it here:

    I met a girl like 4 months ago, she was very nice to me and I can’t even remember what we talked about, it was kind of an underground gig type of thing with very few people and we stood next to each other for hours. It was Heather Morris, at least I’m pretty sure it was her but I didn’t wanna look like a douche asking her like “Hey, are you Brittany from glee?” :/ Maybe she thought it was nice just meeting someone and not have them go “OMFG AKJSJKSNJF AFAFJ!!!!!!!!” I don’t even know.

  11. L.
    L. at · Reply

    Gosh, Lauren is adorable and I enjoy every scene with her. What’s to hate about her? However, I’ll get rid of Will, like, now.

    Quinn <3

  12. Veerle
    Veerle at · Reply

    srry, just catching up on all the glee caps but,
    what about the zombie double rainbow? and just basically the entire scene in the girls’ bathroom with sue’s ninja poops? I rewatched that scene like 5 times before continuing watching the rest of the episode ^-^

  13. Sasha
    Sasha at · Reply

    I loved in the beginning of the episode how after Puck and Rachel sang and they called Puck a girl, Sam had to literally pick Rachel up to hold her back while she’s screaming she’ll kick all their asses. That my friends, was hilarious.

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