208 – Furt

Best Song

Glee Cast – Just The Way You Are

Rin says: I DUNNO. SONG CHOICES WERE HARD THIS WEEK. It’s like, barrel scrapings. But they were all so cute together, dancing and having a good time and LOOK AT QUINN GO.

Sophy says: I didn’t like any of the musical numbers this week. I mean, this was a fun number, because the kids were adorbs and it was full of Quinn glory, but I sort of rolled my eyes when it started because it feels like all Glee gives me these days are show tunes or songs  the radio drills into my unwilling brain every freaking day. And honestly, could they not have cut out the ‘girl’ from the lyrics, at least while Finn is dancing with Kurt?

(Which, by the way, could they have been more heavy-handed with the speeches? There was only so much awwing I could do before I started to retch.)

Schuester as Buble made me lol, but mostly because it made me remember this:


Biggest LOL

“She’s a perfectly okay child, she’ll grow into her looks. And you know what? I believe you still might.”

Rin says: Oh god, just the way she said it. I died. Sue’s mum was kind of perfect although…what was the point again?

Sophy says: Yeah, idk. I think the point was so Sue could tell her what a bully she was and it would tie in ever so subtly with Kurt’s plotline. I was rolling my eyes heavenward as I typed that FYI.



Best Scene

Kurt tells the club he’s transferring to Dalton Academy.

Rin says: Apart from Chis Colfer being amazing yet again, I kind of like how this scene brought everyone together. And then RACHEL, being the amazingly inappropriate girl that she is asks if this means Kurt will be competing against them at sectionals. Oh Rachel 8-. And then Santana’s reaction to Rachel was incredible too. I love Rachel/Santana.

Sophy says: Okay so we all saw this coming a mile off, because let’s face it, the whole heavy-as-lead bullying plotline was a means to this end. It’s poor writing, it really is, but. Colfer is wonderful and makes cheap things seem really pricey. And I don’t even care how simultaneously contrived and obvious this little development is, I’m squealing at the thought of Kurt and the Warblers getting their acapella on. Squealing.

AND RACHEL. I love that her first thought is ‘Oh shit, I don’t want to compete against the only other person in this group with an epic voice.’ And I love that she basically SAYS THAT THOUGHT OUT LOUD. Gotta hand it to her, the girl has focus.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“..a certain young wedding planner who shall remain nameless was afraid that some in attendance may fall asleep.”

Rin says: Sleeping whilst standing! I’ve done that once. On a bus.

Sophy says: =)) HER FACE. Heather Morris is such a comedy star in the making.


Rophy Says No!

Mr Hummel pretty much holds Finn responsible for Karofsky.

Rin says: I love Mr Hummel for most of the time, he’s probably one of the most realistic characters, but this moment was way too WHOA WHAT. I’m not some Finn-stan but come on, do we really have to show how ~flawed he is every time something happens revolving around Kurts sexuality? Finn doesn’t have to be the bad guy every single time.

Sophy says: Honestly, I was so angry during this scene. It was such an unwelcome return to the Finn/Kurt arc of s1 – not in the way where Kurt is creepy and invasive – thank heavens that appears to have been put to bed – but in the way where Finn is pretty much demonized so he can learn to conform to nonconformity and we can all ~grow with him and what the fuck, show, there’s responsible television and then there’s after school special. You are currently well and truly in the latter category and Finn is bearing the brunt of it. Don’t get me wrong, okay, I don’t even like Finn. And I do like Kurt. And I hate to be anti anything involving Burt Hummel, because 99% of the time he is the most epic TV dad since Keith Mars, but really, this was a ridiculous overreaction and an example of horrible step-parenting. I get that it’s good to stand up for your friends, but things aren’t necessarily easy for Finn to deal with either – he may look 30, but he’s still supposed to be a kid, and as such it is not his responsibility to fix Kurt’s life and it is not appropriate for him to be treated with disgust when he fails to do so. But I guess the thing that grated most was the lack of logic in the dialogue. Kurt’s dad just assumes that Finn has been being a neglectful, homophobic pussy about things and immediately lashes out at him? Not making sense. When he used the F-word, sure, that was something Burt witnessed and it was not okay, regardless of the circumstances. But in this scene Burt has nowhere near enough information to make sense of or justify his reaction to Finn. Dumb.



Head In Hands

FaBerry sitting next to each other at the table. Straw Grasping. We did it.

Rin says: ONE DAY. Just you wait.

Sophy says: Here, Rin, have a straw: Quinn may appear to be dancing and/or clapping, but in reality she is reaching out to give Rachel a neckrub. Rachel knows this and that is why she is smiling so hard (It has nothing to do with Finn or the wedding).

Rin says: *Collects straw*


Most Rophy Moment

Santana shimmies.

Rin says: I’m not entirely sure how this is ‘Most Rophy’ because I certainly can’t shimmy (unless extremely drunk).. but all the same. It brings us this:

Okay, okay, Rin. I know that on the rare occasion that a certain half of Rophy has shimmied it has not ended well. But maybe I’m not saying Rophy likes to shimmy with this. Maybe I’m just saying Rophy appreciates a good shimmy in others.

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


Quinn Glory Shot


Rin says: Oh my my my Quinn.

Sophy says:


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  1. Whymz
    Whymz at · Reply

    Mmmm…..I love Quinn. LOVE.

    Ok, yes to everything you said. NO MORE Barfie! I barf, barf, barf. Artie has turned into such a slimeball jackhole I just….no. an eternity of no.

    More Faberry yes pls. Throwing straws.

  2. Rebeccapedia
    Rebeccapedia at · Reply

    This episode, I just can’t…..
    The only thing I will say is, it was really nice to see everyone (PARTICULARLY MY BELOVED RACHEL!!!) stand up for Kurt, and even though I have so many problems with the honeymoon/school money, Finns dumb speech, everyone making their speeches about Kurt, dancing down the aisle like they’re been filmed for fucking youtube, no Faberry interaction, a load of shit songs, creepy weird Will, Sam & Quinn and their RIDICULOUS beard/promise-ring relationship, Sue marrying herself (so incredibly not funny, way too pathetic for someone as awesome as Sue!) and not enough Rachel, the thing that bothered me most for some reason was that Kurt would go and join the competing team the week before the competition. He really couldn’t wait a week and just cheer for his friends in ND until after Sectionals?! The team went out of their way to support him, it just seems like a big selfish slap in the face! That ending made me sad, but it did not make me feel for Kurt.

    Sue and her mom were great though. As was Rachel (duh!)

  3. Vidya
    Vidya at · Reply

    I agree with the poster above on Kurt’s timing. Also, the weird bonding-competition Finn/Sam thing? No. Just. What is that. Put that away. Too confusing and unnecessary.

    Also, Quinn totally held off a while on accepting the promise ring so that she could check with Rachel exactly how she wouldn’t be breaking any promise ring conditions by continuing to get her FaBerry on. Just saying.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I like your thinking.

  4. anita
    anita at · Reply


    I believe that Glee and Skins should forever be wedded. Beautiful moments.

  5. Tess
    Tess at · Reply

    I thought Sue euthanised her mother……?

  6. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Your recap was priceless as always.

    I also loled so hard at that biggest lol moment.

    Brittany in the first two caps! Love her! (Sorry to respond out of order)

    The innapropriate Rachel, lol she’s brilliant!

    I agreed with you on the Rophy says no, I was watching today and just thinking, come on, how is it all Finn’s fault?

    I genuinely thought Quinn was reaching for Rachel’s shoulder in the last cap until I read your comment. It really looks as though she forgot for a second that she’s meant to hate her and she’s reaching out to touch her in a happy moment. (Oh it wasn’t the last cap actually)

    I used to fall asleep standing up at a bus stop every morning while I was away on a course for a few months. Because we all stayed together we’d stay up late singing and stuff. It wasn’t a Glee course, sadly though.

    Santana’s shimmy…omg that could be the whole episode every episode and I would be happy 😆😆

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