205 — The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Best Song

Carl – Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?

Rin says: I thought this was a really fun song, and it got all of the cast dancing (except for no-fun Will) — oh and! Bonus Brittana dancing :X

Sophy says: The faces Will was making during this made me want to bitch-slap him. What is he five???



OH YEAH. And I thought it was fantastically random when Other Asian just got up and starting dancing with Stamos.

Almost as fantastically random as ‘omg Other Asian is going to sing a lead role wtf!!!!!’

‘lol wait no.’


Biggest LOL


Rin says: I just love Sue and how she blows her own horn. Crafty too.

Sophy says: She just believes in herself, Rin. To the point of substituting her own image for those of mythological creatures from hell.


Best Scene

New Directions – Time Warp

Rin says: This was well choreographed and all of the costumes were great. Kurt is kind of horrifying. And there was like, lots of Quinn, which fffffffffff. Finally. More please.

Sophy says: I probably would have enjoyed this more, as well as this whole episode, if I were more of a Rocky Horror fan. It’s not that I’m not familiar with it – I saw it the requisite six or seven times in my teens and all but… eh. It just doesn’t do all that much for me musically.

STILL, THIS WAS FUN. And I thought it was sweet how they actually did double up on Columbia and Magenta. It gave the whole thing more of a, well, high school musical feeling, and I think Glee is at its best when it remembers to give a nod to its reality.

Meanwhile I always enjoy watching Dianna Agron trying to be raunchy. Because it always, always comes off as adorable. STOP FIGHTING IT, DIANNA. No wait, don’t, the fighting makes it even cuter.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“What are you going as to Halloween?”
“I’m going as a peanut allergy.”

Rin says: Of course you are Brittany, of course you are.

Sophy says: I LOVE HOW SHE SAYS IT SO BASHFULLY. “Peanut allergy :*)


Rophy Says No

Will, and like, everything he does.

Rin says: What are they doing to Will, and consequently Will/Emma? In the first half of season one I was rooting for them 100% and they were the best couple on the show. I was so happy when they had their moment during ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ and it was perfect. But now I just…urgh. Every episode it’s harder and harder to find things I like about Will, and I used to love him! This is a former-self/shell kind of deal.

Sophy says: I’m with you, Rin. I actually liked him to begin with. He was cute and lame and full of cute, lame hope. And I was so behind Will/Emma, but it seems they decided to go down the ‘kick it around till nobody cares’ route, and actually managed to make Will so gross that ‘nobody cares’ is more ‘everybody hates it.’ Seriously, Will just came off as skeevy and smarmy in this episode, particularly in the above scene.

I mean really, what a Mandeh.

And then towards the end I was sort of hopeful that at least he was realizing how fail he’d been and would now cease failing but. Even when he’s apologizing to Emma he’s declaring his ~love, and basically pointing out how ~noble he’s being in ~letting her be with Stamos ~for a while so Stamos can ~cure her for him and just no. Being a gentleman. You’re doing it wrong.

I’d like to say a special thank you to Brittany and Santana for getting me through ‘Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me’. I couldn’t have done it without you, girls.

And I love how they’re watching these teachers getting hot and heavy and it’s completely hilarious and ripe with blackmail possibilities but they just leave because, well, there’s a fine line between funny and scarred-for-life.

(And they have better things to do like each other.)


Head in Hands

Becky dresses up as Sue for Halloween and Sue hands her her megaphone to, ‘Go yell at some fatties.’

Rin says: YELL AT SOME FATTIES. Oh Sue. A girl after Rophy’s own heart.

Sophy says: OH GOSH! Look at her. Planting the seeds of bitter, bigotted hate in Becky’s little heart. Bless.


Most Rophy Moment

Kurt said Rent.

Rin says: Referencing the play Rent was both wonderful and both cruel. Wonderful because.. well.. RENT. And cruel because if they were going to focus on any musical, it should be RENT. Ffs. And now it’s just less likely that they will ever do Rent and it makes me sad. SAD!

Sophy says: Seriously, mentioning it was like a knife in my heart. Although, at least Kurt cares. *high fives Kurt forlornly*


Quinn Glory Shot

Rin says: Quinn ;;)

Sophy says: ;;)

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  1. Indigo
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  2. tapette
    tapette at · Reply

    It must be said: Will looks like a Just For Men model. And I get the feeling that he fantasizes about being Justin Timberlake. Ugh.

  3. Juliett
    Juliett at · Reply

    “I mean really, what a Mandeh.” ROFL , Think I’m gonna use this quote in my converrsations now ;)

    Love you xx

  4. lol
    lol at · Reply

    I love these recaps, hahah. You guys seriously need to go back and recap all through the first season :D. after you’re done with Skins, of course.

  5. Kat
    Kat at · Reply

    I had such mixed feelings about the Will/Emma song/scene (which is hilarious because as I’m writing this I just turned on Rocky Horror and that’s a bit of the movie that we’re at). I was like, dnw shirtless Will, but at the same time I was like, woooah Emma and laughing at Brittana. It was also quite awkward watching it with my mother.

  6. Smasheh
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    Delayed, BUT OMG WHEN DID ROPHY START DOING GLEE-CAPS. And how did I not know D:

    I lol’d so bad at what a Mandeh. So true. Will you disgust me.

  7. uber
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    Meng. I’d been wanting Emma singing “Toucha Touch Me” since I met her (or at least since her first solo). I never really liked Will much and I’ve pretty much loathed/despised him for a long while, but I used to be ok-ish with the idea of Will/Emma / thought they were kinda sweet, but yeah no, Will. It’s not really ok any more grow the fuck up. Growf. (loved “what a Mandeh”. You guys make everything better)

    Lovelovelove that the group numbers are so ‘group-y’ lately, and omg Quinn (and Kurt) were killing me dead during “Dammit, Janet” – SHE’S SO OVER IT <3

  8. ohwowlovely
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    I love Rocky Horror. And I’m sorry, I do love Glee (mostly) but it’s not worthy of having a Rent episode. Then again, who is?

    I love that you gave a random Brittany category. I could just go through every recap to read that part alone lol. She is adorable.

  9. ohwowlovely
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    I’ve changed my mind, I want a Rent episode. Mostly because Rophy have reintroduced my love for a Glee (which never actually stopped but I hadn’t planned to watch it again/catch up for ages, so that’s your fault lol)

    “What a Mandeh” lol 😁

    Only I bet they’d cast Finn as Roger and he’s not awesome enough to be Roger. Hmm, idk. And now I feel sad because that could never happen anyway. Ugh I’d be happy foe it if it could bring Cory back…ok not gonna get sad.

    Yes, Kurt was terrifying! And omg, “The Wit of Brittany” extra on the dvd 😁 I watched it twice, I could just watch that every day lol.

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