203 — Grilled Cheesus

Best Song

The Beatles – I Want To Hold Your Hand

Rin says: This was a no-brainer. Nothing else in the episode even came close to how amazing this rendition was. And when the beat kicks in and it cuts to a flashback, oh my god. Just perfect. And mini-Kurt, oh my god. I want him to be a regular.

Sophy says: What else could we possibly choose? The song is wonderful, the sweet little father-son twist on it is wonderful, Chris Colfer’s voice was divine, the flashbacks were so Wonder Years-y I wanted to cry in the best possible way. And yeah, honestly, that kid could not be more perfect for a young Kurt. Love. The whole episode was worth this.


Biggest LOL

“I made him a card that said heart attacks are just from loving too much.”

Rin says: HAHAHA. She can literally make anything funny.

Sophy says: HAHAHAHA. Santana. Quietly appreciative.


Best Scene

“I win. Nah, I cheated. I can’t do that.”

Sophy says: I may be a sucker, but every time the show gives us a scene with these two I come over all warm and fuzzy. Their dynamic is just lovely, and honestly, Glee sucks at characters a lot of the time, but I feel they handle the softer side of Sue extremely well. And a lot of that is down to Jane Lynch and her range. I mean, look at that smile in that first cap. Lynch does hilariously bitter hard-assed bitch so well, but she is not limited to hilariously bitter hard-assed bitch. That’s why this works.

Rin says: I’m right there with you. I just can’t help but LOVE their scenes. I just curl up into a bawl and 8-.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ moment

“I mean I see God every time I make out with a new chick.”

Rophy says: We’ll remove this from the ‘random’ category and put it in a class of its own the day Brittany S Pierce officially comes out.


Rophy Says No

Grilled Cheesus

Rin says: Seriously. Just get out.

Sophy says: Okay so I totally wanted to throw up when Mercedes was all “I realized I don’t want to say it, I want to sing it,” but… the fail of Grilled Cheesus was just too overwhelming to be denied.




Head in Hands

And when I touch you i feel happy, inside
It’s such a feeling
That my love
I can’t hide

Rin says: I don’t know if there has been a more wonderful scene on Glee to date.

Sophy says: Exquisite.


Most Rophy Moment

“This country is not a monarchy William, trust me I’ve tried.”

Rophy says: So have we Sue. So have we. :-.


Quinn Is Magic

Rin says: I think she can apparate.

Sophy says: She did apparate Rin. INTO OUR HEARTS.

Rin says:

Sophy says: :*)

Rin says: Get out.

Sophy says: :O

Rin says: Out.

Sophy says: :-.

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  1. Marisa
    Marisa at · Reply

    If you look closely Quinn is standing behind Finn

    1. R
      R at · Reply

      Huh? No, Brittany is behind Finn.

      Brittany is in a white tank and a black skirt (notice the appropriate placement of a zipper). Quinn is in the white t-shirt and black pants. Quinn is just standing where Brittany was standing so really Brittany is the one who can “apparate”.

      1. Sophy
        Sophy at · Reply

        NO. Quinn is magic. The others are just Muggles who fell victim to Glee’s continuity-fail. This is the word of the Rophy.

  2. Logan
    Logan at · Reply

    You guys, when I finished watching this 203, Chromed Bird anounced in his awsome way that your recap was up.
    Couldn’t agree more with Mini-Kurt (isn’t he a freaking clone or what??) + Kurt’s dad scene. I mean. Exquisite, yes. Just like drinking tea with the pinkie finger pointing at the sunny sky.

    Jane Lynch can has my heart. Always. She just great in every single way.

    And why isn’t there any recap about Quinn’s cute and sulky little face when Finn was singing “Losing my religion”? She was head in hands all the way and I honestly though that you were doing a little cap about it, like this.

    Did anyone notice HeMo magic dancing fingers at minute 05.30? Win.

  3. Kortney
    Kortney at · Reply

    I am in love with your Glee recaps now.

    Really, really in love.

  4. Jactance
    Jactance at · Reply

    Oh. My. God. This episode makes my heart hurt. I don’t think I’ve ever cried/laughed so much in the space of an hour. If I were the god of Glee, I would probably get rid of every scene with Finn (so that Faberry can finally come into existence like it was always meant to be) and MOAR MINI KURT + Sue and her sister. Seriously. That kid is so awesome (esp. the tea party. I LOVED the tea party. I would have a million tea parties with that kid). Paired with the amazing singing by Chris Colfer, the whole father-son sequence was magic. Finn eating the week-old sandwich was gross and Finn making out with Rachel was gross. Eugh.

    And Sue and her sister were absolutely amazing. This is like about the only time that the human being Sue comes out of the closet, as the rest of the time she’s the queen of snarkiness. The ending sequence in the auditorium with Sue was great and really touching. I also loved the scene with Emma and Sue. Screw it. I love every scene with Sue in it. I will glue my face to the TV this weekend when SNL comes on since it’s about the closest I can get to actually touching her.

    HeMo was again awesome. Just the right amount of simplistic, slightly inappropriate remarks were inserted into this episode. “Is God an evil dwarf?” Her expression was priceless. Too bad there wasn’t a lot of Brittana interaction, but I think we got spoiled last episode.

  5. Federica
    Federica at · Reply

    Even though I liked the Grilled Cheesus because of Finn’s faces,I agree with the rest…Kurt’s flashbacks were directed gorgeously and seriously,it is something I’m not used to see on Glee.So,I was so surprised to see them.
    And plus I also loved Puck’s singing Billy Joel (L).

    Thanks for these!

  6. whymz
    whymz at · Reply

    Oh Quinn, you are magic. I am so in love with the Quinn bounce.
    Yes I love it! Your recaps are total awesome.

    Win. Win. Mini Kurt, yes. Kurt singing, mmm.

    Grilled Cheesus, fail.

    Sue and her sister, wait….I got something in my eye.

    Britney = more pls!

  7. hepalien
    hepalien at · Reply

    I thought this was a great episode, although that may have been influenced by the fact I was expecting it to be utterly horrible, I’m so happy they didn’t make Kurt believe in God at the end! BUT I HATE Finn. He’s a stupid jerk. The only positive thing to come out of this is more people will realize what a total douche he is! And at the end all I could think was “Bet you anything Burt’s heart-attack wont be brought up again!” (Unless Ryan decides so really embrace that darkness that’s already kind of there and kill him)
    FABERRY, FABERRY, FABERRY!!!!! Quinn, Mercedes and Rachel got together and decided they’d go pray for Burt, together. Quinn and Rachel are definitely heading towards friendship territory, if only this show had an ounce of consistency,but it probably wont come up again until the next time they have a random overly-friendly interaction. (Which will hopefully be that ridiculous spoiler that leaked on twitter from some supposed extra! Ok, I know it’s not true, just leave me to my delusions!)
    I’m also now 100% convinced Quinn is gay. So much so that when someone on E! argued about gay people having faith and why couldn’t Glee show that, all I could think was well duh, Quinn is super gay and she loves Jesus!! Seriously, did you see Puck in this episode?!? Quinn clearly only wants to be friends with him, definite pressed lemonitis!! I don’t understand why Quinn didn’t go to church with Mercedes and Kurt, doesn’t she still live with Mercedes? Even if she doesn’t I really think she’d have gone. Also, Rachels gayness can be seen poking it’s head out this episode too. She had that whole spiel about how horny girls are, she seriously considered sleeping with Jesse, even telling Finn she did, but she’s not having sex with Finn, who’s supposed to be the love of her life, yet she’s not having sex until they’re 25. Combine that with the fact she’s been shown to be severely paranoid about Finn breaking up with her, I’m pretty sure it adds up to gay for Fabray. True Fact. Also she let Finn touch the sides of her boobs because she was jealous of Puck serenading Quinn. Or because she felt guilty about how gay for Quinn was. Take your pick, but there’s no way either of them actually enjoyed that awkward, weird make-out scene. I love Rachel, like love love love her and want to smack people who even look the wrong way at her or dare to suggest she shouldn’t get so many solos and scenes, and I loved her singing Papa can you hear me? but even I found it a bit weird that she was singing to Burt. Also did you see her face when Finn said he was religious? “Oh crap, does that mean we can’t be friends when I start hooking up with the love of my life/your ex-girlfriend cas you’re going to be all homophobic now?!” (Ok, I might be stretching it a bit now!)
    Sue was just awesome in this episode. I like the way she stood up for Kurt. I don’t believe in any of that God crap, and although I’d happily pray for someone if they asked me too, and pretend like I’m all into it, if I was Kurt and all my friends wanted to do was sing to me or lecture me about God I’d be really pissed. The interaction with her sister was great.
    I love sweet Santana and Brittany. My favourite Brit bit was when she gave Kurt the book report for the doctors, but Santana’s compassion was lovely, I caught that look you guys capped and it did make me swoon a bit!
    ALSO HOW DISGUSTING IS FINN FOR EATING A WEEK OLD TOASTED CHEESE SANDWICH!? Throw it out! Minger. Emily needs to spend some time with Rachel, she’d really help her embrace her inner gay and see Finn for what he really is. (Which is an egotistical jerk,in case you missed my earlier ranting) Also she wouldn’t need to touch Rachels boobs to know they’re really awesome. :) And they could hang out while Naomi and Quinn went to feminist equality marches and protests.

  8. anat
    anat at · Reply

    What a gorgeous episode, and what a great recap! But we all know the the only real magic is ROPHY magic! We are all mere muggles beneath your fast fingers (fast for writing, nothing else)..
    I just don’t get why on earth they even put Fin in the episode?!?! with such a great storyline why did they have to make me want to hurl every other scene (that involved him), oh why????? it doesn’t make any sense, there must have been another way to insert the whole “god” issue in! And Kurt’s and Sue’s reactions (to god) are what makes me love Glee even with all the stupidity, cuz besides all the Fin and Schue’ ridiculousness, there’s usually really great commentary about current issues in our society.]

    And little Kurt made me cry :’)

  9. Lauren
    Lauren at · Reply

    Seeing Finn pray to be able to touch Rachels boobs made me want to stab my eyes out with a biro
    Someone did a funny gif of the shot of him trying to lie down with her. It was totally pedobearish :P

  10. uber
    uber at · Reply

    I will never be over how EXACTLY like my little brother (who I completely idolize) miniKurt is! Especially with the tea party and the little finger! and the suit! and my little brother has been that kid since he was 4 years old (he turns 14 next month) and BAWL BAWL BAWL

    Plus it was just an achingly beautiful scene

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