202 — Britney Brittany

Heather Morris for President.
I did not know she had ALL of that in her. She killed it and I want all future episodes to be filled to the brim with HeMo.

Best Song

New Directions – Toxic

Rin says: I love this rendition so. fucking. much. And the hats and the suspenders and vests and hnnnng. I’m just so happy that their group songs actually feel more like actual group songs now. Not just Rachel and Mercedes trying to out-diva each other.

And let’s hope this is the last time we see Will trying too hard and trying to be anything other than Mr. Schu. ‘Cause it bums me out when he is trying to be cool to woo Emma. It really does.

Look at Kurt/Mercedes omg they’re insane.

Sophy says: Epic, epic, epic. I loved how they did the violin sounds with their voices.

If Will Schuester were real he would be a tragedy.


Biggest LOL

“I’m more talented than all of you, I see that clearly now. It’s Brittany….bitch.”

Rin says: Yes Brittany! You should have all the solos! *throws them at her*

The way she added in the ‘bitch’ at the end caught me completely off guard. It was perfection.

HeMo, I hope you continue to be in the spotlight. You might just be the best thing about Glee right now. You can come too Santana.

Just because:

Sophy says: IT’S THE WAY SHE SAYS EVERYTHING SO QUIETLY. Brittany would never use caps on the interwebs. Never.


Best Scene

It’s happening. (aka Me Against The Music)

Rin says: Um.

This is a fine example of a show giving the fans what they want. And now I want more. MOAR! Lots more.

I loved how freaking spot on they were with the recreation of this music video. And just, I could not think of a more perfect song for these two to do together. It was crazy good.

It was really cute ending the song with Britney Spears. Unfortunately she hasn’t grown from her ~stellar performance in Crossroads.


Sophy says: I hated this song and this clip. SO MUCH. The original, I mean. This version was awesome, because it didn’t feature Madonna being creepy.

Loved the real Britney’s appearance at the end and she’s way too adorable for me to care whether she can act or not.

Speaking of adorable, those matching smiles in those last two caps……….. ;SKLDJFKJ.


Best ‘Brittany is random’ moment

“Can I have a blue toothbrush?”
“I’ll give you a hundred toothbrushes.”
“Are you a cat?”

Sophy says: I know we’re kind of doubling up, since the biggest lol was Brittany too. BUT CAN YOU BLAME US?


Rophy Says No

Artie you cannot play football. Please, everybody, stop pretending that he can.


Head in Hands

“He shot me down. So congrats. Looks like he really loves you.”

Rin says: 8-.

SOAR MY ACHELE HEART, SOAR! Be freeeeee! And that last cap? Looks like Quinn has taken a leaf out of Naomi’s book.

I’m wondering why on earth Quinn would ever do a favour for Rachel? The only answer that springs to mind is a burgeoning desire to become her special lady-friend.

Sophy says: As soon as I saw Quinn trying it on with Finn I was like FFFFFF SHE’S DOING IT FOR RACHEL BRB MELTING.

As if Quinn would want Finn back. It’s hard enough believing Rachel still wants him ftlog.


Most Rophy Moment

“I love that look of instant panic each time I try to change your routine.”

Rophy says: Seriously, John Stamos. Don’t ever try to change our routine.


Quinn Glory Shot

Rin says: Thrust like you have never thrusted before! I’m sure someone out there has already made a gif to move Rachel right behind Quinn, right? Link me asap plzkthx.

Sophy says: Not the kind of thrust Sophia normally goes in for, but I still think she’d be dazzled.


She Has A Fucking Snake

Rophy says: For reals.


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  1. Lauren
    Lauren at · Reply

    Rophy capping Achele/Faberry at this time of the morning? Today is gonna be a good day.
    Please do MOAR.
    Brittany fucking owns :D HeMo ftw!

  2. chocoblue
    chocoblue at · Reply

    YES! YES! a thousand times YES! brittana/santittany hhhhhhnnnngggg
    i can’t wait to see this episode (Glee airs a day late in our country. so unfair but whatevs). MOAR HeMo please ktnxbye!

    1. Logan
      Logan at · Reply

      Hey, I don’t live the U.S either, so I don’t know… Just in case you want to have the episodes like few hours later, here: http://eztv.it
      Torrents for everyone! It works really great (:

  3. blondie
    blondie at · Reply

    This episode kicked ass. I don’t even really watch Glee, but Brittany OWNED this! Plus – “Brittany S. Pierce”? Laughed so hard.

  4. Aida
    Aida at · Reply

    what’s that? faberry thrusting??
    here http://inamidnighttalk.tumblr.com/post/1208143200

  5. Holly
    Holly at · Reply

    I didn’t know you were doing Glee recaps!! *dies with happiness*

    This was def my fav ep in a long time, (if not ever). I can’t get over how amazing HeMo was, DAMN.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      This episode restored my faith in Glee.

  6. beth
    beth at · Reply

    no matter how awesome the me against the music scene was, i still can’t help but be reminded of this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PD0rbiePhBc

  7. Lauren
    Lauren at · Reply

    Loving this idea of just picking out the best bits btw. Please continue :D:D

  8. Goose
    Goose at · Reply

    Rachel/Quinn/Faberry/etc. = <33333.
    and HeMo! I've been hoping there'd be a Glee recap on this site :D.
    now just need more Skins aha

  9. Em
    Em at · Reply

    Just stumbled across this after reading this recap strangely enough…


    Near enough Rin?

    1. anat
      anat at · Reply

      :-D And another one!!! this is the best place in the whole web, the way we take care of each other’s special needs ;) hahaha

  10. 123
    123 at · Reply

    As soon as I saw it, I just knew Brittany’s fist pump was going to become a gif.

  11. Logan
    Logan at · Reply

    Am I the only one having fantasies about vodka body shots on HeMo fucking amazing belly?

    I believe (and agree with Holly up there) this is the best episode I’ve ever seen. I was, literally, at the edge of my sit and when “Me against the music” started I almost fell. “Toxic” number? OMFG, srsly. But it would’ve been beyond stellar epicness without Will “J.T. Complex” Schuster trying to impress Emma. Don’t get me wrong, Will can has a piece of my heart for bringing Glee together, but stop the madness, like you said: he’s perfect just as Mr. Schu.

  12. SmileyIri
    SmileyIri at · Reply

    Finn can fly?
    I love Brittany S Pierce (=
    and Rophy for recaping glee

  13. OhKayKatOh
    OhKayKatOh at · Reply

    Ugh! So glad you guys are doing Glee-hee recap! Heather Hogan was doing some awesome recapping, but she’s no longer doing it anymore and I dont want to read no boring scene-by-scene recapping. This is awesome!
    Anyway, I still dont understand why no one noticed or commented on this: http://twitpic.com/2t2dlj

    1. anat
      anat at · Reply

      of course ppl NOTICED her – how can we not?!? that body is A-MAzing!

  14. Snicky / ixke
    Snicky / ixke at · Reply

    Epic how the first line in this recap is : Heather Morris for president !

    because, well … Britany became president :D

  15. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Oh Britney Spears, my first every girlcrush (I blame it all on her)

    Brittany S. Pierce doing Britney songs and being Brittany…bitch. Love it!

  16. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    Oh look I commented already, not surprising. I meant to say first ever girlcrush, but first every girlcrush works too. Kind of.

    I am still dead from watching this again. Even though that was hours ago. So…

    “I’m more talented than all of you, I see that clearly now. It’s Brittany….bitch.”

    Lol yes!

    She Has A Fucking Snake

    HELL yes, I wanna see that! Oh, you meant an actual snake, ok..well I like those too.

    Sorry, so sorry. I want MOAR too! And I have another Britney episode in series 4 to handle…oh my!!

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