201 — Audition

Best Song

Sunshine and Rachel – Telephone


Rin says: I’m sure there’s already a lot of talk about this scene already, but oh my god. I felt uncomfortable watching this scene because of how blatantly gay it was. I can’t even. RACHEL BERRY, LEA MICHELE, WHOEVER IT WAS. You were being SO gay with Sunshine/Charice. I can’t even. Like, christ. I had to look away at parts — it was basically soft porn. And I’m pretty sure Glee is a family show.

I loved this song, it was hot. And awesome. And well sung. And and…energetic. Sue coming in at the end telling them to ‘SHUTUP!’ was ace.

And then I thought, why the fuck was this with Sunshine and not Quinn?

And then my final thought was….why do I like another GaGa song? :((

Sophy says: Please note: that last sentence about liking the actual song was in no way contributed to by Sophy of Rophy.

Please also note how chuffed Sunshine looks about the Rachel-porn. Understandable.



Biggest LOL

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

Rin says: Sue is back! And the biggest laugh I had wasn’t via the norm of Sylvester’s wit, no no, it was her simple and repeated reaction to Beist. ‘That doesn’t make any sense.’ I just love Jane Lynch, her deliveries are always spot on and something about the way she was just completely put off by Beist made me laugh. She had no other response except for one of confusion.

Sophy says: I sometimes think Lynch’s delivery makes this show.



Best Scene

“Show us on the doll where Ms Beist touched you.”


Rin says: Brittany. She is the best one. Seriously. I don’t know how Heather Morris (HeMo) does it week in and week out, but she is freaking amazing. And finally she gets to sing in the next episode, for which I am ridiculously excited about.

“I wanted to touch her boobs.”

Oh Brittany. Never change.

Sophy says: The other day I saw someone casually saying that Brittany was overrated. I wanted to CASUALLY PUNCH THEM.

I think my favourite part was how quickly she confessed.

PS. Schuester’s expression in that last cap is priceless.



Best ‘Brittany is random’ Moment

“Stop the violence…”

Sophy says: Brittany. Successfully distracting me from catfights between hot cheerleaders since 2010.

Rin says: Barely. If it had been Rachel instead of Santana…



Rophy Says No

What did you do for love Rachel?


Rophy says: Rachel sent someone to a crack den for love. We think this might be an excuse to end with Lea Michele and a ballad.



Head in Hands



Rin says: 8-.

Sophy says: Sometimes Rin wishes the asian community was tighter.



Most Rophy moment

“There is a new student at this school named Sunshine who is a Filipino and is shorter than me, which I didn’t think was possible, and is very unnerving.”





Quinn Glory Shot


Rin says: This season better have more Quinn than last season. And ya know, Faberry.

Faberry. HeMo. I’m down with all the lingo guys.

Sophy says: Unf.

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  1. Jade
    Jade at · Reply

    Rophy is my recap gods. Thanks for making TV better.
    Rin, I can totally relate to feeling helpless to the powers of a Gaga song.
    I’m getting old so decided to give in and just go with it and admit I like Gaga.
    That Rachel/ Sunshine scene is one of the most awkward scenes I’ve ever watched.
    Why was Rachel trying so desperately to have hate sex with Sunshine?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I remain convinced that at the end of the episode, Rachel is singing about Sunshine. She’s a very confused young woman.

  2. Jana
    Jana at · Reply

    I’m sure glee is a very good show and you are very busy people but a Skins recap would be pretty amazing right about now…

    1. dig
      dig at · Reply

      mmmm…passive aggressive….my kind of girl ;P

  3. seram
    seram at · Reply

    wow Glee Recap. This is awesome!
    I hope we have more Faberry scenes…

    weee for episode 2!!

  4. pao
    pao at · Reply

    it’s Charice, you guys. spelled with an A, yeah?
    now i’ve told you~ etc.

    but yeah, along with @hhoagie, you guys are still the ultimate recappers.

  5. Lauren
    Lauren at · Reply

    Guys guys! Come on. No mention/capping of the cat fight. It was awesome!
    ‘You have a surgery when you get your appendix out. You. Got. A. Boob. Job.’
    ‘Yup. Sure did *slap*’
    Fucking owns.
    <3 Dianna Agron <3

  6. Federica
    Federica at · Reply

    What would be my favourite shows without rophy’s recaps?

  7. Pospola
    Pospola at · Reply

    Omg I just watched Telephone again.. And its reeeeally there!! Before I was like.. Why the hell is Rachel so close, thats weird… But now after reading this recap I see it VERY differently :D :D :D Thanks for fixing my eyes :D ;-) :-) And keep it up with the recaps ;-) :-) I LOOOOVE THEM

  8. Lauren
    Lauren at · Reply

    Oooh you updated it!<3<3<3

  9. anat
    anat at · Reply

    “And then I thought, why the fuck was this with Sunshine and not Quinn?”
    So i just thought u girls might like this:

  10. uber
    uber at · Reply

    So I just decided to catch up on Glee (and I’ve been posting about it on imdb because there’s a secret board for the non-insane regulars, apparently, and they’re fun to talk to). I got to that Telephone scene and immediately posted “HOLYSOGAY” I CAN’T EVEN SO GAY. And now I just remembered that Rophydoes Glee *head in hands* and it’s lovely to be able to come here and see Rin talking about how incredibly, blatantly gay that was. And like, the Telephone video is of course REALLY gay, so yes Glee was being true to the orig, but I also am pretty sure Lea Michelle just really likes injecting sex into any scene where she can get away with it. like. It’s just who she is. <3

  11. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

    “I wanted to touch her boobs.”

    Oh Brittany. Never change.

    Lol Brittany 👏😂

    Sophy says: The other day I saw someone casually saying that Brittany was overrated. I wanted to CASUALLY PUNCH THEM.

    Not if I punch them first.

    And (if this works) being the weekend it is, just for Rophy

  12. ohwowlovely
    ohwowlovely at · Reply

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