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224 Responses

  1. dani
    dani at · Reply

    hi girls long time no see (tho I’m reading your mmfd recaps obvs) BUT I wanted to say that recently (2 days ago) I started reading a spoonful won’t do AND OMFGFGGG it’s soooo good I fond myself at work reading it :/ lol so I wanted to say congratulations sophyy normally I hate glee fics but yours I love.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      OH DANI. ♥

  2. Anna
    Anna at · Reply

    How come you never finished Skins? You never did Emily and Cook’s episodes in season 4. Could you possibly finish them at sometime. Your recaps were amazing and I can’t believe you didn’t do Emily’s.

  3. Christina
    Christina at · Reply

    I know you guys are done with skins forever ( :( ) but you should recap Kat Prescott’s new show, Finding Carter.

  4. k!
    k! at · Reply

    Thorne alert!!!
    Jack Thorne has a new show: Glue. Just watched the first episode and it is amazing. Gujnsdncjs hhb!

  5. Vatalia
    Vatalia at · Reply

    Hi! :)
    I would like to recomend a BBC mini series (you probaly have heard) “The Honourable wife”.
    The story is very good with exquisite acting!!! :)

  6. Meg
    Meg at · Reply

    I visit your page religiously specifically for your Skins recaps (which I loooooooooove). Is there any timeline AT ALL for any more or shall I reluctantly give up hope?

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      I am going to crack the whip so hard on Rin as soon as she is done with her current job.

      1. Meg
        Meg at · Reply

        !!!!!! Well that’s the best news ever!! Can’t wait :)))

  7. Leo
    Leo at · Reply

    Hey guys,
    I just finished the second series of Last tango in Halifax- it seems like it would be right up your alley if you haven’t come across it already. Can’t wait for the rest of the skins recaps they’re bound to be amazing as usual.

    1. Sophy
      Sophy at · Reply

      It’s already on our list to rec ;) Have you watched Happy Valley, Leo? Spoiler alert, that is also on our list to rec.

  8. Leo
    Leo at · Reply

    Happy Valley is a masterpiece- Sarah Lancashire kind of reminds me of middle aged Lily Loveless, she’s just extraordinary in both roles. Anyway look forward to hearing your views on Halifax- it took me to a Naoemily place which is always beautiful and painful

  9. Juliet
    Juliet at · Reply

    Hi! I was wondering if you two would be open to doing recaps for The Flash on CW? :)

  10. gabirol
    gabirol at · Reply

    I am maybe trolling a little. Here. Have some “Katja”:

  11. Alena
    Alena at · Reply

    I’ve always wondered why you didn’t do any reviews (or whatever you want to call them) on Gen 1 of Skins. Why is that?

  12. lovejoydiver
    lovejoydiver at · Reply

    I’ve been wondering if you have ever watched Eurovision Song Contest. There is this stereotype “Australians love Eurovision” (along with “Gay people love Eurovision”, of course). :) If so, how do you feel about Australia’s participation this year?

  13. stacey
    stacey at · Reply

    Hi Sophy,
    Just wanted to tell you that I’m a newbie fan of of TVD. I binged watched the whole series over the summer, and found your recaps, which I absolutely adore.
    So, please tell me why stopped recapping them. It’s such a shame because you understand this show so well, and your insight is second to none.
    Please recap the rest of S6, pleeeeeease!
    Best wishes, Stacey.

  14. Skins Fan
    Skins Fan at · Reply

    I just wanted to leave a comment to inform you both of how much I LOVE your Skins recaps. Your wit, your intelligence and your insight is so refreshing and fun to read. Your snark gives me life. I’m so bummed you haven’t recapped Gen 1 – my favourite of all generations! – and I do hope you find the time to get around to it eventually. Please don’t desert this site! Your readers miss you!!! x

  15. Skins Fan
    Skins Fan at · Reply

    I also wanted to give you guys a TV recommendation! The show was called Sugar Rush, it was an E4 show that finished one year before Skins began and I think it “paved the way” for a lot of the things that Skins would become iconic for. It’s about a 15 year old teenage girl who is in love with her best friend and trying to come to terms with being a lesbian. It only lasted two series, but it’s funny as hell AND gay as hell. Win/win! You guys should definitely check it out when you have the time. ;)

  16. TVD Fan
    TVD Fan at · Reply

    Hey. I was just curious if the recaps for The Vampire Diaries will be put back on your website?

    1. Melony
      Melony at · Reply

      I was wondering about this too. Wish they’d put it back up again.

  17. Caroline
    Caroline at · Reply

    Just curious if you guys have seen the new Dianna Agron movie Bare. If not, you should. I think you’ll like it. Even if only for her face.

  18. Mir
    Mir at · Reply

    Hey Sophy and Rin! Is there any chance that you will ever do recaps of Skins Gen 1? I’m dying for your thoughts on every single one of S1-2 .. Since it’s been years since I started reading your recaps (beginning with skins gen 2, and yes, i’ve read them more than once, some episodes especially because your insight into these characters and your commentary have me in awe!) I’m guessing you have already considered it but I thought it’d be worth asking if it could ever happen. Thank you for all your hard work, keep it up xx

  19. andrew cole
    andrew cole at · Reply

    got a great show for you to watch, part sci-fi part drama, WAYWARD PINES. One of my favs, season 2 just started, but season 1 is a must see. I think you would like it. Thanks for doing PERSON OF INTEREST, your the only one I found doing it, it was a great show, there for a while I thought it was going to lead into the TERMINATOR movies, with John being a REESE, like Kyle Reese in terminator 1, and the artificial intelligence, like skywatch from terminator, but they went a different path. Love your channel, keep up the good work. CHARCO1E.

  20. Sophia
    Sophia at · Reply

    Hi Rophy,

    I came back to your website out of nostalgia and I was wondering where all the TVD recaps went? I understand why you don’t recap them anymore, but I would have to loved to reread the existing ones. Are they gone forever? Please tell me they’re not. Your insight is masterful!


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