205 — A Hen In The Wolf House


Epic hair flip, Bobbi.

Rin says: WHAT IS HAPPENING is correct Miss Simmons. Although I was kind of spoiled about Mockingbird beforehand, it was still an awesome introduction to the character. I especially loved that they were running for their lives but Simmons couldn’t help but be chatty. 8-.

Sophy says: See I don’t know anything about Mockingbird so even if I was spoiled it wouldn’t have meant anything to me but EPIC HAIR FLIP, BOBBI.

And yes, Simmons basically trying to have a meet and greet while they were fleeing for their lives was pretty special. I bet when they jumped onto the invisible plane she was asking Bobbi what her favourite colour was and whether she likes pickles in her sandwiches.


Rin says: There is no reason to not have pickles in your sandwich. If you don’t like pickles you’re Hydra.

Sophy says: I’m pretty sure Simmons agrees but would still leave the pickles out of the sandwich if Bobbi asked.

Rin says: So whipped.




Rin says: This was totally an Aladdin DO YOU TRUST ME? THEN JUMP! moment.

A part of me wishes they stayed on the roof and soared, tumbled and freewheeled through an endless diamond sky.

Sophy says: A WHOLE NEWWWWW WOOOOOOOOORLD DON’T YOU DARE CLOSE YOUR EEEEEEEYES. I feel like Shield needs to have a musical episode. Or at least a karaoke bar that’s integral to getting shit done. I feel like Simmons would be the most fabulously awkward singer and/or dancer in the world. Apart from maybe Fitz. The two of them together.

And yeah, this was so pretty. But now you’re making me want to ruin it by manipping turbans onto them.


Best Reminder that Joss is back :’)

“Coulson has a plan.”

Rin says: Okay. You know how in the previous episode I was being all-knowing and saying how I couldn’t wait for Raina to have to join our Shield kids, well I didn’t at all expect that this is the way it would go down. As soon as she threatened the life of one of our babies, LET ALONE SIMMONS, I was done hoping that Raina would become one of the unconventional good guys. I was ready to let her into the gang last week, but now she has some serious penance to pay before I can believe she won’t hurt our little family. I always saw Raina as someone who was way more talk than action, and as someone who never really got their flower dresses dirty, which led me to believe she was never really that evil. BUT SHE IS. Sure she was desperate and scared for her life, but that is no excuse for what she did. I underestimated her for sure, NEVER AGAIN.

I loved Skye for being such a Skye and ready to give herself up in order to save Simmons. She would have done it if it had nothing to do with her father, she would have also done it for any other member of their team, SHE WOULD HAVE DONE IT FOR A PUPPY. That’s just the kind of person Skye is, and then there’s May being May — the one who will have faith in Coulson until the very end and trusts his judgement above all others. He would never so casually gamble with the lives of his team, and if Coulson wasn’t so cold with Skye this season she would have probably had more faith in him like May. But I love how fierce May gets when it comes to protecting those she cares about, she’s such a mama bear. Can we have a scene where she carries Skye around by the back of her neck.

Sophy says: Of course Coulson has a plan. And yet there I was squealing about how I can’t believe he would ever do that Simmons because I know Skye is important to him and Shield is important to him but it’s SIMMONS and she’s on a mission for HIM and how could he let her be the one to take the fall for all of them without even TRYING to negotiate here… and then he had a plan. And there was no need to negotiate. Which is probably a really good thing, because you probably negotiate with Rainas about as much as you negotiate with terrorists.

And I think I actually kind of have the opposite feelings about Raina that Rin does, because I didn’t underestimate her. I definitely believed that she had this in her and worse. She’d shoot any of those Shield kids in the head if she needed to to get herself out of a tight spot. Or at least that’s how I saw her before this scene. Because you know, we saw her humanity in this scene. She wasn’t happy about doing what she did. And sure, you could definitely argue that the reason for her dismay and distress at Coulson letting the email get sent was that he didn’t take her deal and now she had no further leverage. But I also think she was a bit horrified at the idea that she’d done this to Simmons for nothing. I actually think she was a bit horrified, too, at the idea that Coulson had actually let her go through with it, because he’s better than that – because she expects better than that from someone like him – because she almost admires him.

And yes. There was a plan. But I need to talk about the fact that the plan was extremely risky. Simmons was very, very risked by Coulson, no matter how ass-kicky and hair-flippy Bobbi is. The fact that Coulson could take that risk with Simmons’ life in such a steely, unflinching way speaks volumes about how much things around here have changed. And they had to, when you think about it. These guys aren’t Shield agents collecting intergalactic weaponry for safekeeping anymore. They’re soldiers at war.

Everything is at stake now. That’s why people like Simmons have to be.

But yeah, Skye hasn’t changed in the way where she wants to save her friend’s life at all costs – or, anyone’s life. But what has changed is her relationship with May which has just become that much more intense and personal than it ever was. Because sure, May is toeing Coulson’s line in preventing Skye from dashing off to save the day and see her father, but she’s also trying to keep her baby cub safe, okay? Like Rin says, when it’s time for Skye to face her father, May will carry her to him by the scruff of her neck. And stay. And snarl a lot.

“You’re having one hell of a day, huh?”


I don’t think there could have been a clearer depiction of Coulson being the father Skye has always been searching for, despite not actually being the father she has always been searching for. Here they are standing amidst the destruction her father has left behind, and leave it to Coulson to know exactly what to say and do. As much as he wants and has to be The Director, I think he’s beginning to understand that that doesn’t necessarily mean having to shut people out, or ~protect them for their own good. Sometimes the strongest leadership comes from having a very open and transparent approach so it’s much for those that you lead to trust you. It was why Skye wasn’t ready to trust Coulson to have a plan that meant no harm would come to Simmons, but all of that is going to change and be like it was before.

That’s more Coulson anyway and I’m glad that he’s not going to shut Skye out any longer, cause as much as he doesn’t understand what’s going to happen to him and how he didn’t want to let Skye find out, I think he realises that this is something he can’t just leave between him and May. It’s the kind of secret that could actually hurt them all in the long run, even though it’s the very reason he’s trying to keep it from everyone. Plus, Skye is a good agent! She can help. As much as May is the ruler of the universe and everyone would be stupid not to entrust her with their life, there are things Skye can do that May can’t. I’m almost certain Skye will find some intel that will be the key to cracking the code, and then there’ll be an epic montage of our kids working together to save Coulson and IT’LL BE THE BEST AND THE MUSIC WILL SWELL AND OUR EYES WILL WELL. God I look forward to that montage.

Sophy says: We all love a good montage.


Seriously, it’s like how if your grandmother had a fur stole and she lost it at canasta so maybe you never got to inherit it but then someone gave you this awesome fake fur stole and you realised you don’t care about the real one because the real one is kind of shabby and old wherever it is and has all these gross connotations of maiming and slaughter. FAKE FUR DAD FOR THE WIN, BASICALLY.

And I just love how easily these two fall back into the pattern of being close even when they’ve been all awkward and distant for so long now. “You’re having a hell of a day,” isn’t something you say to a member of your team and certainly not in that affectionate, ironic, almost condescending tone that is reserved for parents with their children when everything is going wrong but they still hope they can get a smile. And Skye moves toward him for the hug so easily because she knows – she really knows – that no matter how much he’s being The Director on her these days, when these big moments come he’s going to be there for her.

And as much as we don’t know enough about Skye’s father and why the hell he is the way he is, I did actually feel pretty sad when we saw him watching them and knowing that Skye would think he was a monster when she saw what he’d done – speaking the word with her because it was the only conclusion to come to and probably something he’s called himself since she was born. Obviously he’s not a good guy. Obviously he’s a murderer and a psychological trainwreck. But he loves her in his own way. Or he wishes he could. And it must be sheer agony to watch his daughter have with someone else what he never gave her then and could never ever give her now.



Rin says: I had to google “fur stole” .. at first glance I thought your grandma stole a fur, and then you were sad that you didn’t get to inherit said stolen fur. And then you just stole someone else’s. I was confused for quite a while.

Sophy says: Okay well. We haven’t had a ‘Sophy is old’ moment in a while. So I guess that’s fine.


Best Reminder that Joss is LOL

“Fish Tacos.”

Rin says:THE WAY SHE SAID FISH TACOS AT THE END WAS BRILLIANT. And I love how it connects the dots with her last conversation with Coulson about their dead drops being fast food orientated.

Tbh that’d be my dream job. Having to eat fast food for work purposes. 8-.


Rin imagine if someone paid us to eat fast food whilst watching TV. And then someone fed us more fast food while we wrote about the TV. So we wouldn’t get greasy fingers on our keyboards.

It will always be the dream.

“Is she hitting on him?”
“That’s what she does.”

Rin says: I love how matter of factly Skye and May confirmed that this is what Raina does and there’s something cute about them both noticing that she always hits on everybody, and they like laugh about it together behind closed doors as they braid each other’s hair.

Sophy says: May and Skye are becoming so Fitzsimmonsy with their rapid matching responses to questions. And if either of them ever has a braid in future we will know what happened. Especially if May is the one who has the braid. Because there is no way that wouldn’t be Skye’s fault.

“Tiny violin’s playing, but no one’s listening, sweetheart.”

Rin says: I actually laughed out loud and almost remembered his name.

I don’t know if my favourite part is Raina’s face or Coulsons.

Sophy says: I ALMOST REMEMBERED HIS NAME TOO!! Progress. And yes, all the faces are priceless. Sulky Spike Raina getting mocked by the team is my new favourite thing, just as I expected it to be. I sort of want them to have her run around in a blanket during daylight hours just for old times’ sake.

WHAT? SHE PROBABLY IS A VAMPIRE. And she just has the gem of Amara.


Rin says: Oh my god that episode.



Cutest of the Scoobies

Simmons Fangirling. :*)

Rin says: Oh my god did anyone else almost feel uncomfortable with all of the fangirling she was doing? AT SOME POINTS IT FELT LIKE SIMMONS WAS UNDRESSING BOBBI WITH HER EYES. IT WAS SO AWKWARD.

Seriously, she was all.

You certainly know how to make a first impression.  :smug:

I like you. :smug:

Bobbi, right. :smug:

She’s amazing. :smug:

I hope this isn’t the end of their adventures together, THEY’LL BE SO CUTE AND HAVE MANY ANTICS. Antics you guys. I imagine they have shippers already and honestly I can’t blame you guys, a few more episodes of this and I’ll be on board. That’s kind of the awesomeness of a well written show though, EQUAL OPPORTUNITY SHIPPING. ALL SHIPS ARE VALID AND NONE SHALL BE SQUASHED.

Sophy says: If I didn’t know Simmons wasn’t gay on account of how much totally earnest ogling she does of the male physique I would totally think she was gay, gay, gay. As it is I think she’s just an equal opportunity ogler when it comes down to it, and really, isn’t that the best way to be?

I could ship this. Right now I mostly just ship Simmons’ face with itself. But I could definitely ship it. I love how pathetically admiring she is and how basically she just can’t stop gazing at her and sometimes you get the feeling like she wants to curtsy. And the way she said “Bobbi, right…” I laughed so hard. In a squealy piglet way. It was just so cute.

And the whispered She’s amazing. ;dfkja;ldfjl;adjf.

Although I was mildly offended on May’s behalf. Like, what is she now, chopped amazing????????? LAST WEEK SHE BEAT HERSELF UP SIMMONS? IN HER UNDERWEAR??? DON’T YOU EVEN CARE ANYMORE???


Rin says: Haha totally. That was basically me at first, like, what we don’t need another badass kickass female we have a MELINDA MAY. And then I realised there is no limit to the number of badass kickass females and the more the merrier and this is a Whedon show goddamnit we built this city on rock and roll =;

Plus I can’t wait for May/Bobbi scenes. We’re going to need people to close our mouths for us. PUT AN AD IN THE PAPER!


Please sir, we’d like some more

Worst Dad Ever.

Rin says: This show really enjoys making surgeons into evil want-to-destroy-the-world bastards, eh? And now the dodgy black market surgeon is teaming up with the nazi surgeon and one of them is SKYE’S DAD and is the death that follows Skye around. :((

Can we please get all the info on Raina, where she came from, why this guy took her in from the streets, what his freaking deal is — is he alien? And what Raina’s deal is! She’s always like ~searching for something, but what?! And has she been working for worst dad ever all along and that’s why she followed all of those people last season in order to get the obelisk? But I like how in a way she is another version of Ward, because she was taken in and led down all the wrong paths. I’d be interested to see in what capacity her relationship with Ward is also, since they had a conversation about Skye at some point that couldn’t have just been a passing comment. Maybe they have a past?

AT ANY RATE, I love all of the mystery surrounding this season, that has basically just amped up since last season. It’s nice when a series can continue to surprise you, while adding on more and more layers at the same time and still making it feel like its natural progression. The pace of this season has been excellent and there’s a part of me that is waiting for them to drop the ball and then I have to remind myself that these guys are basically the team of creatives who invented NOT DROPPING THE BALL EVER. 8-.

Sophy says: Surgeons are always evil unless they are Dr Cameron and she was an immunologist so surgeons are always evil.

You guys I felt the biggest jolt of sympathy for Raina in this episode, I don’t even know how to explain to you how much it changed my perspective on her. It’s not that she’s any more of a good guy than Ward is – they are both assholes – ruthless, delusional assholes – no question about it. But they are both so damaged. Raina wasn’t born swishing around in flower dresses exploiting people. She was pushed to it every bit as much as Ward was. She was a starving child. And orphan begging in the street with nobody and nothing. And this man, Skye’s demented father, is totally her Garrett. He picked her up and promised to make her fairytales her grandmother left her with come true. And then he used her and abused her. He took pride in making her afraid. And ultimately he discarded her “after all these years,” when she was of no further use to him. Raina was built by her experiences with this man. And that makes me hope that there are pieces of her that are still worth salvaging to try to build a new self out of at the end of the day.

Seriously, if you want me to hate someone enough to see them as a villain never ever let me imagine them as The Little Match Girl. There is no going back from there.

Rin says: Aren’t I The Little Match Girl? :-?

“Hey, Hunter. Nice suit.”

Rin says: Is his name Hunter?! He totally looks like a Hunter, and I still won’t remember it.

I giggled at this review and was immediately excited for all the shenanigans that was bound to occur between these two. I can see already see myself warming a lot more to Hunter as he skulks around Bobbi like the scorned ex lover he is.

I liked the WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR moment because at first I was like, lol. And then I googled Mockingbird because it’s fun to see how they adapt characters from the comic books and she’s originally blonde, which makes the reference to Hunter liking her better blonde all the more cuter from the writers.

Sophy says: We officially know his name. Hunter. It’s a thing I know. Never ever shall he be referred to as ‘British Guy’ again. I’m kind of sad about it in a way.

But yes, this was hilarious. He is definitely way more fun when he is pathetic than when he is badass or snarky. But that’s kind of a running theme with Rophy. We definitely like lame in a TV character.

I kind of think this show has a thing against blondes. Really, there are no blondes on it. Ever. Let alone anybody with actual yellow hair.


Rin says: If they start mysteriously hating on waffles we’ll know this show is anti-Knope and that is when we go our separate ways.


Head In Hands

“Yeah, but I miss you. I mean, I still… miss her.”
“But she left and moved on. Maybe it’s time you do the same.”

Rin says: There hasn’t been a single Fitzsimmons scene since the finale last season that hasn’t broken my heart, imaginary Simmons included, wait especially imaginary Simmons since this is actually our first legit Fitzsimmons scene this season. Imaginary Simmons telling Fitz that he should move on from Simmons is some serious heartbreaking Simception shit, especially when she grabs his shoulder and then watches as his hand reaches for hers. WHY IS SUBCONSIMMONS SO GOOD AT BEING SIMMONS, even the Simmons that Fitz thinks doesn’t return his feelings. And again the whole Simmons as his subconscious is the Harry/Hermione thing for me. Hermione was always the voice of reason in Harry’s head, much like Rachel is the voice of reason in Quinn’s head. And heart. And pants.

And trust this fucking show to tell Fitz to move on in the vERY SAME EPISODE THAT SHE RETURNS. Assholes.

They looked at each other from across the room though you guys and you could feel the tension and the nerves and everything inbetween. This is the moment that we’ve been building towards and it turns out it’s almost not a moment at all. And I think that’s the best thing they could have done because honestly nothing would have done it justice so they let it play out in the most realistic way as possible. There were no cries of happiness or running towards each other in a field and embracing. This is how I imagine things were before Simmons left and even though they have both changed as individuals in their time apart, nothing has changed between them. There is nothing easy about them anymore, and that breaks my fucking heart. They never had an awkward moment, they never had a silence, everything was always simple and straightforward, THEY WERE EACH OTHER’S PERSON. And now they don’t know how to be around each other because that’s what happens when you tell someone you love them and almost die for them, and now you have a spot of brain damage and there isn’t a single word that does justice to the amount of guilt Simmons feels.

I love his hands. I love her balled up fists and she gingerly walks closer.

I love that she asks how he’s been as if they were normal people. I love that he just looks at her in disbelief that she is even asking that question.

This ship. I think it’s started…you know that slow burn that happens for ages and before you realise you’re neck-deep in feels and you’re wondering where it all came from and how YOU NEVER ASKED FOR ANY OF IT. That is what Fitzsimmons is doing.

Sophy says: This was probably the clearest example so far on this show of giving an audience what they need, not what they want. Because I did not want this. This is not even distantly related in a non-illegal way to things that I wanted from the Fitzsimmons reunion. But it works. It works so incredibly well that it left me just wanting more Fitzsimmons and not in a way where I felt like I hadn’t had my fair share of Fitzsimmons, but more in a way where I wanted all the shares immediately and I don’t care if it’s fair.

Because it’s like Rin says. Suddenly they are normal people. Suddenly they weren’t even characters anymore – no snappy banter for them – no heartfelt moments of insight. They are useless and tongue-tied and human. They say things like “How’ve you been?”

And there’s no answer to that for Fitz. There’s no answer he could give that wouldn’t be as pointless and as empty as the question was in the first place. That’s why we cut away. Because what would be the point in staying with these two anymore? They aren’t the Fitzsimmons we came to know and love over 22 episodes last year. They aren’t even the Fitzsimmons that was all in Fitz’s head. And that’s when you really see how damaged their relationship is, whether by Fitz’s brain injury or by the reason he insisted on incurring it: because her life mattered more, because he loves her – yes, like that.

Imaginary Simmons was more real to Fitz than this woman is. This woman with bouncy hair and no collars or ties – literal, metaphorical. She’s the one he has to check is who she seems to be because she is so far removed from that person who was the other half of his mind – the other half of his heart, too, whether she liked it or not. And it’s not just a matter of appearances. Imaginary Simmons has spent the season so far supporting and encouraging Fitz – knowing exactly what to say when something needed saying. She has spent the season so far understanding and knowing him. But the real Simmons standing before him now has nothing to offer him but tiny fists and tears in her eyes. And he has no more declarations for her.

I think the pang of sadness I experienced when Fitz touched the hand that wasn’t there on his shoulder again is because I knew it would be the last time he did that. Because I knew that the real Simmons coming back would take his dream of her away. It’s like she was never really, truly lost to him until she was standing right in front of him being there and not meaning the same things she used to.

This is the part that kills me. The lack of recognition between them. The lack of connection. They seem like parts of this human machine that are no longer powered up. There is no spark.

And of course we all know that this is just the beginning for these two. We all know that there will be plenty of sparking down the track, because you don’t set up a relationship like this and then beat it to a bloody pulp unless you’re going to take the time to heal it. But for now Fitzsimmons are as strange to each other as if one of them had been the betrayer in the basement. They betray each other, every moment of this scene, and you can practically feel how desperate they both are to get away from each other so they can actually breathe again.

There was a time when they couldn’t breathe easy without one another. There was a time when the safest place to be was together – the happiest – the most comfortable – the most at home.

Now I’m pretty sure Fitz is the only reason Simmons isn’t completely happy to be back. I’m pretty sure he’s the only person on the ship who makes her feel like she doesn’t belong anymore and she never really could again.

But this is the beginning of the healing process. And maybe the beginning of more than that. Because maybe the first step towards falling for someone is seeing them for who they are. And maybe if you’re always up too close sometimes you never quite do.

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    Ugh, I go on Tumblr after episodes of my favorite shows and I’m like “Yes, I agree with this one little thing that you say” but “No, I absolutely do not agree with the other 85% of your interpretation, why would you think that, are you even watching the same show as me?!” And then I come on here and feel validated by every word you guys write :) Don’t ever stop, please.

    Also, have you seen 2×06 yet? I don’t think I can handle how utterly heartbreaking this show is becoming . . . .

  2. Emily
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    I absolutely loved this episode. I feel like it finally started moving the show forward (I was getting frustrated with how standalone the first four seemed). Can’t wait to see what you guys think of the next episode. I have so many feelings about it.

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